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RE Show: Rich Eisen in London - Hour 2

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October 6, 2023 2:29 pm

RE Show: Rich Eisen in London - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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October 6, 2023 2:29 pm

Rich zooms in from London, England where he and guest host Andrew Siciliano discuss the Chicago Bears’ Thursday Night Football win over the Washington Commanders, reveals the most intriguing NFL Week 5 matchups, reflects back on his fondest memories of Chicago Bears legend Dick Butkus who passed away yesterday, and in ‘What’s More Likely’ weighs in on Bills vs Jaguars, Rams vs Eagles, Ravens vs Steelers, Cowboys vs 49ers, CJ Stroud, Anthony Richardson, Mac Jones, Daniel Jones, and more.  

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That's slash gift guide. This is the Rich Eisen Show with guest host, Anthony Siciliano, Andrew Siciliano. I'm a man crush on one Andrew Siciliano. Hey, hi. Hope you're doing well today. The Rich Eisen Show live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. You know what? I love you.

Go. Thank you. Earlier on the show, NFL Network insider Tom Pellicero. Coming up, Westwood One Sports NFL analyst, Ross Tucker.

Plus, your phone calls, latest news, and more. And now, sitting in for Rich, it's Andrew Siciliano. You yell Andy at me, I will not respond. You may as well be calling me Bob. I do not hear you yell Andy. Did you ever go by Andy as a kid?

No, that's my point. I've never been Andy. Hi, Chris. Hey. Hi, Jason.

I have never been Andy. Those actually are fighting words, buddy. Because when I was born, my mother, if you're watching, hi, mom, watching the Roku channel. I'm glad you figured it out on the TV in the bedroom there on the Samsung. You got it. It's all good. Thank you. My mom told everyone who walked into the hospital or came to the house in lovely Springfield, Virginia back then that, nope, his name is not Andy. Get out of the house.

Basically, never will be. I do not answer to, like honest to God, I don't hear it. Like somebody could be standing behind me going, Andy, I won't turn around.

I don't, it doesn't process that you're calling to me. Love it. Yeah. Regardless. Like, what a jerk.

Regardless. Hey, everybody, it's Friday. A happy football Friday to you and yours. I am sitting in for Rich today, who's about to join us coming up shortly. Rich is in London. Oh, I'm told he's ready. I'm told he's ready.

There is an eight hour time difference. This is a pre-dinner conversation. Let's everyone pour a cocktail as Rich gets ready for the Jaguars and the Bills. And he joins us now on the Rich Eisen show live from London. Hi, Rich.

What's going on? Hey, Richie. Were you ever Richie? He was Dickie. I was Richie.

Oh, definitely. There are still some people who call me Richie from high school. I'm sure they call me Dick, but that's behind my back. Okay. So, you know, but other than that, yeah, all good here in London.

Good times. People don't call you Andy, do they? Really, they do? Well, you know, there is, again, something that kind of Andy goes with Siciliano, like Italian last name. Some people do, but no, if you've known me for more than five seconds, you know that you would never call me Andy. So there's an eight hour time difference. How's it going? I'm okay. It's all good? We're all good, baby. Were you able to watch the game?

Oh, no, absolutely not. It kicked off at one o'clock. I was long since gone.

Woke up today, did my first thing. It's kind of weird because, you know, I had Brian Robinson Jr. in fantasy football. So I could have easily just gone to my fantasy page, but I didn't do that. I thought it would be just too jarring if he had a poor performance.

We just see his numbers. So I went and looked at the old ESPN app first, and I saw the final score and I literally had to rub my eyes and then looked at the box score and saw that they got curb stomped and they got curb stomped by halftime. And then I've spent the last several hours, you know, just reading stuff over.

We have got the game pass, so I watched some of the game back because I'm a lead pipe building professional, knowing that I will be coming on today to talk about it. And I don't know if this is what you guys said at the top, but it is the latest example. Certainly, Chris, you and I do the overreaction Monday deal all the time on Monday, how this is a week to week league, man. And things can change really fast.

You can go from the top of the heap to the outhouse, or you can go from the outhouse to the winning column. And the Bears just they were not who we thought they were coming into that game. That's for sure. I thought this would be an easy commander's victory. And then, you know, after seeing what I saw, it was very simple that basically the commanders played with no intensity or fire. They didn't compete in the first half. They got down 27 to three heading into halftime, and it just turned out to be too big a hole to climb out.

And that's why we ended up losing 40 to 20. Oh, wait a minute. I'm reading Magic Johnson's tweet. My bad. My bad.

My bad. That was another way for me to learn what happened on Magic's feed. Once again, telling us the straight stuff with the scores and everything.

He's like the most decorated, I guess, what would you say? Remember back in the day, you'd call, what is it, 976-1313 to get the scores, get all your scores? Right. I grew up in Washington. It was the George Michael sports machine.

It was 202-362-4444. That was it? Like, Urban's the modern day, most decorated version of that. So put it all together, and you've got a Chicago Bears team that can, in fact, put it all together. And Matt Eberfluss gets off the griddle. And then when you see Magic Johnson tweeting out how his team that he's part owner of now played with no intensity or fire, and they didn't compete in the first half. Then suddenly you're sitting here wondering about Ron Rivera's gig, because any time that there's new owners that come in, you've got to sit here and say, everybody's taking stock.

Everything's on the table. And, you know, Riverboat Ron, you know, who I adore, getting the nickname Riverboat Ron back in the day when going for it on the opponent's 30 yard line on fourth and short was something that was really wild. Now nobody kicks field goals anymore. And so it's amazing how our team can go from damn near beating the defending NFC champs and taking them to overtime in their house on Sunday and on Thursday being down 27-3 to an 0-4 team that was a complete fire of the dumpster just off of blowing a 21 point lead at their own house. I mean, this is the ultimate shrug emoji. You have no idea from week to week. And, you know, I can't believe what I, you know, wound up seeing, obviously not on live TV, but it must have been pretty jarring for you guys to watch it.

It was, especially considering the looks. Magic's right. They were dead and Magic does own 4%.

So let's always remember when Magic is tweeting, he's doing so as a member of Commander's ownership here. They were dead walking off the field at halftime. Like they were the first couple of drives obviously flat and Justin Fields got him in the end zone and DJ Moore.

Yay. This is what we traded for. Justin Fields, DJ Moore. This is what we had envisioned from day one when we made that trade back in March, but the Commander's faces going to the locker room, Chase Young with like a 10 mile stare and Sam Howell 10 mile stare. And I mean, they just look like a dead team walking. And you knew because we had seen it with the Broncos last week that maybe the Commander's have a chance here to make a run. Bears fell asleep at the wheel last week at halftime. And then the Broncos came back and won at Soldier Field. And then the opening drive of the third quarter, Sam Howell marches him right down the field.

Here we go. They go for two. He dives into the end zone for the two. Bam. We got some momentum.

We've seen this movie before. Then they get in the end zone again. But Justin Fields to his credit, unlike last week, they made plays late. DJ Moore with a long touchdown late and they were able to put that game away.

And Sam Howell had 388 empty calorie yards there and got me 30 in fantasy and they padded the stats at the end. But you never felt as if they were in the game. And I thought, Rich, I don't know if you saw this. It was telling what Ron Rivera said to Kaylee Hartung coming out of the tunnel to start the third quarter. She said, what did you say to your team? And he gave the old, I didn't say much. I let them talk to each other, right?

I let them. Well, I don't blame him for doing that. I don't blame him for doing that.

I don't blame him. Like, what are you going to say to a team, you know, to a bunch of pros? And he's also one of those guys who's supposed to be known as a player's coach. Like, you guys figure this damn thing out because we gave you a game plan and it totally went up in smoke. And then Eric the enemy starts calling plays like he's still coordinating for Patrick Mahomes. They didn't run the b- and this is not a fantasy thing about Brian Robinson Jr. When you're down 27 to 3, I mean, talk about abandoning the run. They didn't call a single traditional run play.

We're handed to a running back, Gibson or anybody else, from the 8-minute mark of the second quarter to the rest of the game. The Bears came in and pumped the commanders in front of a sellout crowd. And this is now what their ownership is expecting, that they're selling out. There are a bunch of fans of this team who are so excited that Dan Snyder is gone. But you have to give it up to Chicago Bears.

I mean, I could have- I think all of us agreeing that on Friday, right now, here at dinner time in London, and also where you are, wherever you're taking in the show in the domestic United States, we would be talking about Iberflus maybe being gone and what are the Bears going to do on their mini-pie week. And the conversation that's being- was having had nationally is his coaching staff is so inexperienced that there really was nobody on the staff to hand the job to when they would inevitably have to tell Iberflus, you know, 14-game losing streak, now 15 games, 0-5, you're out. And now Fields looks like that for a second straight game, quite frankly, because he did put 28 up before. Eight touchdowns in two weeks. And he- so now clearly, you know, the Bears are a team who might take you out. And that was really impressive, very important for them, and a tremendous relief for Justin Fields.

And now Chase Klepoles and Miami Dolphin. So, again, things that you can't predict week to week coming into the season, that was something else, man, last night by the Bears. As we are speaking, Ron Rivera is on the podium in Ashburn, day after. He says, no surprise here, no immediate staff changes coming. I don't know what anyone expected. Maybe some fans there thought maybe Jack Del Rio would be out. That's not going to happen. So no immediate staff changes. Ron Rivera says, and he said it after the game, this is on me. I got to get them better ready.

They can't come out flat like this. But with new ownership and new ownership that clearly was shown repeatedly on camera, not as many times as Taylor Swift, but there are a lot of cutaways last night to Josh Harris, smiling at times in the booth as he was entertaining people there. You never know what's going to happen.

He's sitting back and watching and the Dan Snyder isn't here. Love and boost can only take you so far. You got to win some games. Rich, are you ready for a Friday tradition of looking ahead to Sunday and your most intriguing games? Yeah, I'm here from London. By the way, I haven't spoken to TJ yet. How are you doing, TJ? You good? Say hi, TJ. What's going on?

What's going on? You excited? You excited for the varsity to take on the 49ers in front of the whole country? You ready for varsity football? Always excited. Always excited to silence the naysayers.

I'm excited to get over that hurdle that we've not been able to go over the last few years. And how are the fish and chips over in London? I haven't had them yet, quite frankly.

I haven't had them yet. We're going to a staff dinner as soon as I'm done with this second hour. I'm hanging out with you for the whole hour here on this Friday show from London. But one of the many reasons why I've wanted to say hello to you, TJ. Oh, Feli, good to see you too.

Hey, what's up? It's Friday. You know what time it is.

By the way, notice I didn't say hi to Del Tufo. I knew he wasn't there. But one of the reasons why is because, TJ, I know.

I know. I can feel it. I sense it when I'm sitting in the chair.

I sense it to my right, all the way from your spot in the Rich Eisen Show studio. Every single time that I have a list, you feel the Cowboys are not properly placed on the list. Whether it's a power ranking, whether it's an intriguing matchup, any of my lists. So this one, TJ Jefferson, my most intriguing matchups for week number five.

This one's for you. Let's go. High five. One, two, three, four, five.

Rich's Top Five. All right, well, we start off. Give me the music. I want to hear it all the way over across the pond.

I need to hear the music. Thank you so much. Thank you. This one, however, to start off is for me.

It's not just for me. It's for those in the locker room who want to do something for their offensive coordinator who seemed to somehow, for the first time in his career, unlock the concept of coordinating an offense for a quarterback named Wilson. This is Nathaniel Hackett going back to where he went one and done or not really one and done, about two thirds and done.

This is the revenge game, if you will. Nathaniel Hackett going to Denver. Sean Payton has already addressed what he said about Hackett's gig and the way he handled it.

He's already been asked and answered. He's not even talking about it this week. I'm wondering if Aaron Rodgers is going to show up in a Gilligan hat and sit in Woody Johnson's suite in Denver to watch this one.

No snap limits on Breeze Hall. This is where he also blew out his knee last year and Elijah Veritucker blew out his pec as well. This is where the Jets season kind of took an awful turn last year. Let's see if they can take a turn and keep the Zach Wilson trajectory upward. I don't recall the last time there were two games in a row for Zach Wilson on an upward trajectory. And of course, there's the Broncos who avoided the dreaded 0-4 start themselves in a comeback win in Chicago.

Can they come out and beat the Jets and send Zach Wilson on a spiral and Nathaniel Hackett back into the griddle in New York? This one is a late window or a third window on the four windows of football on Sunday. That's number five on my list. Number four. It's a paint-swapping affair. Every single time the Pittsburgh Steelers take on the Baltimore Ravens.

This one should be no different. Kenny Pickett. Everybody thought he was going to miss some time. But no, he turned Mitchell Trubisky into Brock Osweiler watching Peyton Manning run out on the field.

He's playing. And Lamar Jackson and the Ravens thought they were going to have a game in division on the road for the second straight week and see a backup quarterback. That's not happening. What's going to happen when Kenny Pickett in front of all the terrible towels waving in Acresher Stadium? Baltimore sends Lamar Jackson into this stadium. What will happen when the Ravens and Steelers take on each other? And if the Steelers win this one, they're back above 500. If not, obviously they're under 500 and the Ravens will be four and one striding atop this division like a colossus. By that I mean they will have won three of their four games all in division, all on the road. They already have wins at Cincinnati and at Cleveland in their back pocket. Can they punch their ticket with an at Steelers win as well before coming over here? I'm calling their week six game here in London at Tottenham.

Ravens versus Titans. That's number four on the list. Number three.

There is an eye in Rich and Eisen. Number three on the list is the game I'm calling. It's the game I'm calling and I'm not hyping this up just because David Spade, he considers London games, let me tune in for the last 15 seconds of Jaguars football. That's what he said the other day.

This one, however, is extremely compelling. It is Jacksonville versus Buffalo as Trevor Lawrence returns to the site of his first career win. Yes, it was in 2021 with Urban Meyer, the week after Urban didn't go home with the team from Cincinnati out here in London winning a game in Tottenham Hotspur Stadium where this takes place. It is Josh Allen's first career trip to London in his life. He said the only time he's ever been in Europe before was at the 2019 Monaco Grand Prix. So you TJ and Josh Allen have something in common hanging in Monaco together with some fancy people and the Bills come into this game.

One of the most red hot teams in the history of football. What do I mean by that? Just to show you off.

I've been doing some research on my down. I'm telling you, let me hold on. I've got my board here just to show off that we could notes and I got we have a CC Dale's whiteboard.

What do we have? Oh, that's my board right here in sports. I got you want to read the stat. I'm going to read the stat. I've written it down. I'm ready to throw it out during the game.

Here we go. They are just the 16 in National Football League history with 135 or more points and fewer than 60 allowed in their first four games. The Buffalo Bills are that 16 the previous five teams all went to the Super Bowl the last team to do it where the 16 in a regular season 2007 New England Patriots. That's how hot the Buffalo Bills have started despite obviously having lost the first game to the Jets. I'm looking forward to Jaguars who are the first ever team to play back-to-back games in London. The Bills arrived just this morning at 7 a.m. They might be jet-lagged.

This is the way they handled it. Jacksonville has been here all week. I can't wait to see game number two because I'm calling it with Kurt Warner and Jamie Rudolph at 9 30 Eastern Time on NFL Network. Number two is just up the road from you guys. You betcha. You betcha the Eagles and Rams are fascinating to me.

Yes, they are number two on this list. Can the Eagles go on the road all the way across the country and take on a Rams team that may be having Cooper Cup back out there puka nakua fresh off his first career touchdown on a walk-off fashion in Indianapolis. This Eagles defense has been susceptible to the pass Matthew Stafford and the Rams look to be coming up with the old chunk play after chunk play with the pass Aaron Donald is going to be the one human being that will end this brotherly shove nonsense by himself. Go ahead and try and shove Jalen hurts it towards Aaron Donald. I can't wait to see that play alone.

That's number two on this list and the number one TJ Jefferson. It is that game Cowboys 49ers. I mean, that's basically that all needs to be said, but we all know the 49ers are tops on my power rankings list. They are atop many other such lists Brock Purdy versus Dak Prescott.

Yes. Looking forward to seeing that match up even though they're out on the field together Micah Parsons versus obviously Brock Purdy and Christian McCaffrey and the rest of that offense. And then let's see what Nick Bosa can affect with the rest of his defense against Dak coming off of that big game embarrassing New England. This is a game that is a measuring stick for Dallas.

Is this year going to be different or not? What a tie break this would have for the Cowboys to have in their back pocket against the 49ers for the rest of this season. It would be huge.

It would put Dallas on a different pedestal just five weeks in or the 49ers will just basically crush their hopes. That's my most intriguing game of week number five. Okay, I hear it. I hear George. I think you get one more. This is this is it. This is one more.

I got one more. Let's go. Chiefs Vikings now then.

Hear me out. Not Saints Patriots. Like what do we know? You know where we're going. Yes Vikings are one and three. They need it. Can they shot the Chiefs right here?

Can they beat the Chiefs and the Chiefs coming to Minnesota? Just want to keep on keeping on. But I think Chris this one's for you. I know how you feel about the Telsey relationship. I know how you feel about Travis.

How you feel about Taylor Swift. If she shows up to Minnesota, this thing's real. This thing's real. This thing is real.

Okay, the first one. She went to see Travis in his house. She went to go see what Travis is like in his Kansas City digs. Travis said come on out to Arrowhead. I've seen you perform in Arrowhead. You should see me perform in Arrowhead.

I haven't spoken into existence. The New York one's a no-brainer. She's probably got a place there in New York. I think she does. She lives in New York. It's on Cornelius Street. That's what I'm saying.

Now that's creepy. Makes sense. She's in New York. And again, to your point, Chris, she's got a movie coming out. It's great for her to be seen in New York, the media capital of the world. I get it.

He shows up to Minnesota. This thing's real. I think she could do it. She could do a whole Prince tie-in. She could go to Paisley Park.

You've been there at US Bank. There's all that great Prince artwork in the suite level. I think there's a play.

Let me just say this. If she doesn't show up, that doesn't mean it's not real. But if she shows up, it's real.

That's my most intriguing games for a weak number five. I think she can get there. She flies private. Like I said during the break, I told Chris, it's not like she's waiting for her boarding group to get called on Delta. She can wake up Sunday morning and hop on the plane and she could be there. And why wouldn't you want to be there to support your boyfriend? It's called love.

It's called true love. And don't you doubt it. Don't you doubt it. Coming up, we're going to play what's more likely?

What's more likely? Taylor Swift showing up in Minnesota or I don't know if that's on the card, but we'll make it a guaranteed Taylor Swift free edition of What's More Likely. Rich stays with us. Brockman's done. Brockman's done. Brockman's out on the Taylor Swift.

You're overreacting and all of America's overreacting. I'll give my two cents on that later. But Rich stays with us from London the entire hour.

It's The Rich Eisen Show. Don't go away. The God of Mischief is back and better than ever. Mind-bending adventure. Spectacularly cinematic.

I've been waiting for a moment like this. It surpasses all expectations. A little over the top, don't you think? I thought it was spot on. Low-key season two.

Now streaming only on Disney+. Suzy Schuster and Amy Trask present offbeat conversations and expert sports commentary as they ask, what the football? When my family found out how long it took me to figure out why Charles Woodson named his wine intercept, they said, there's a reason that you had trouble in school. You know, not everyone knows, you know, when they think about intercepting, they don't know that I play football.

Well, what I've learned is a smooth defensive back can make smooth wine. That's what it's all about. What the football with Suzy Schuster and Amy Trask.

The podcast is available Tuesdays, wherever you listen. This is what I love about fandom, football fandom. You're a sweet person. You are known generally as just a sweet, nice person who likes meeting people and just likes human life.

Yes, you would love making people's lives better through either your music or your words or your essence. I understand. And when it comes to the Kansas City Chiefs to hell with everybody. Exactly. That's the way it is. Did I say it right?

By the way, I don't mean to tell you like, you know, an all time great lyricist how to speak or communicate. But I'm the one that I will wear the, I have a Kansas City Chiefs guitar strap and when I play Oakland or Denver or Boston, I will wear, I will come out and I will start, believe me, there's not, my audience will love, especially in New England. My audience will love me, love me. They're cheering and I'll go, and I'll see you in the playoffs.

And then it's all of a sudden booze. It's horrible. It's just, it will ruin a show. My wife says, don't talk football. I can't help it. But you got to do it.

You got the passion for it. Who was your chief growing up? Who was your, who was the person that you're like, okay, this is making me fall in love with football? Oh, it was my father.

Okay. And it was, you know, it was Lenny Dawson and Hank Stram in the 1969, 1970 Chiefs. I watched the Super Bowl.

I saw my hometown and everyone go crazy. And it just, it, it, of course, as last time we were in the Super Bowl, but you know, you, since then, every year, you're like, we could do that again. I mean, it never goes away.

That never goes away. I know. You know, the draft is coming in a couple of years too, to Kansas City.

I don't know if you're aware of that. I'm really excited. I was so excited because it's such a, Kansas City is a beautiful city. That whole area is, is they love their chiefs. They are chiefs. They, they are, it's a beautiful city that's grown and has so much to offer. And I love that they've got that and people can actually see them. Melissa Etheridge is amazing and a huge fan of the old Red Zone channel on DirecTV. Totally supportive and amazing Chiefs fan. Great to see her in the studio.

No, it's not the only time she's been to the studio. Hi, it's Andrew, by the way, sitting in for Rich. This is the Rich Eisen Show desk, furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry.

Grainger is the right product for you. Call or click Grainger. Or just stop by. Rich is with us the entire hour here, live from London. Before we get to what's more likely, Rich, we got a phone call. Should we go to the phones? Let's do it. Oh yeah, let's go to the phone lines. 844-204 Rich number to dial. There we go. It's a trunk call.

What do you got? We got Ben in Ohio. Ben, you're on the Rich Eisen Show. Hey, Andrew. Hey, Rich and the rest of the team. Go Bears, Go Black, Boston, Go Blue.

Oh, look at this. Now, Ben, Ben, Ben, how tough is it to say those words in the state of Ohio? Let's be honest.

How tough? I've called in before and you asked where I was from that I'm in Ohio and I'm rootin' blue. I'm from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. These days it's a lot easier to say, let me tell you. That's great. I love it. What's on your mind? Anyway, first, Andrew, thank you so much for the kind words about Dick Butkus.

The man passed, but his legacy is immortal. I'm calling in today because my team's quarterback, Justin Fields, has been the focus of a lot of criticism this season. He responded it by slinging it with confidence for 60 minutes last night. Last night's win was exciting.

I'm this close to singin' the dang fight song. Congrats, Justin Fields. Bears fans, be patient, stay excited. Fields worked so hard and it showed up last night in hostile territory. Fields deserves every chance to succeed that this fandom gave guys like Jay Cutler and Rex Grossman, so keep cheering and bear down. Bear down.

Thank you, Ben. What fight song is he talking about? Bear down, Chicago Bears. I thought he was saying Ohio State.

They gave every play, cleared the way to victory. Rich, do you want to share some Dick Butkus memories from your time with him? Oh gosh, sure. Chris, you remember the time when he came in to our radio show studio. We interviewed him at the first draft in Chicago and to have a guy who personified the style of play for the team he played for and personified the city and state that he's from. With his style of play.

I mean, that was a great moment for us. Look at that picture there with him and his hat. And he was so cool, right? When he walked in the door, it's just one of those few players that you sit there and you see like, my God, that's Dick Butkus. And again, you just see the footage of his play and the way he hit and the way he patrolled and the way he just was bigger than everyone else there on the field and then larger in life once you saw him off the field as well. He's truly one of the all time greats and one of the all time great humans as well. He came on the show multiple times since that time in Chicago to talk about your health and having a heart conscious life and a man that was full of heart. Being the carrier of such a message made so much sense because he almost died. And I was still so shocked to hear that he passed away at the age of 80 up there in Malibu.

And I do remember one time when I was up there with my family and, you know, how to go running out because Zan, who's 15 now, was probably about three at the time, and I had to go running out for some sort of a, you know, some milk or something. And I ran to a local, you know, supermarket there in Malibu and I'm walking down the dairy aisle and I just hear this gruff rich and I turn around and it was Dick Butkus standing there, you know, like shopping for eggs. And I didn't know what the hell to say. I'm like, Oh my God, like, this is Dick Butkus. And he was so sweet and fun and just talked football and just wanted to just, and I'm like thinking to myself, Oh my God, I'm talking football with Dick Butkus in a dairy aisle of a supermarket. Like what the hell is going on in the world?

That sounds like a mad lib. It really was unbelievable, but he was just so personable. And then, you know, obviously you thought he wouldn't be because he just tore everyone's head off. And then you saw, you know, what he was, what he was doing, you know, with Bubba Smith and commercials, you know, growing up and how he was just a full of life and just full of everything that was great about the sport that we love. And I, again, I, I just sit here and I, I, I spent a minute just, you know, praying for him and his family yesterday thinking about him because it was so stunning to me at age 80. He, he, he, he left us and, you know, and, and you got to think, I thought to myself, I know a lot of these, all the players currently on the Bears were never alive watching Dick, Dick Butkus, and I'm sure they've seen some videos if they took the time. But I thought to myself, man, the Bears, Bears might not lose that game last night when I woke up this morning and I saw the final score 40 to 20.

I thought to myself, well, maybe, you know, Dick in his first, first moments up there in heaven, sitting up there watching the game with, you know, Papa Bear, Alice and the rest of the all-time greats of the Chicago Bears, you know, having a nice cold one watching the Bears win their first this year. I thought it was all, you know, kismet and I just say rest in peace. So thanks for bringing that up.

Yeah, well done. I love that guy. And as you said, he, I don't think anyone personified a city and a team and a franchise in any town and played at that level better than that guy.

He's a top 10 player of all time, who's born and raised there on the south side, went to high school there, went to college, as you said, at Illinois, then came back home was a first round pick for that team. And then was the poster child of that franchise and the style. I mean, you see the videos like riches, almost to the point where when we ran some of the old footage last night, whether it was on NFL Network before the game or on Prime in their pregame, like you cringe to the point where, like, can we still show this video? Like, it was such a different style of play, right?

Right. And there was, I think, there was, I think, a play of summer. What was it? It may have been, you know, I think it was like either fake field goal or something where caught the ball in the end zone, right? He caught the ball in the end zone and kind of it was the first kind of shrug like Jordan, you know, shrugged when he made all those threes and he shrugged after catching the ball and then handed the ball to his opponent.

And I'm like, now that's 15 yards today. Also, you know, like, hey, you know, hey, there you go. And he was so good on TV and in movies. And you mentioned the commercial with with Bubba. I remember an old commercial and I think I might have been watching it in college and maybe we had GN where he sold this like hibachi that you took to the beach.

She was like an infomercial where you burn newspapers and you cook your food. And he was in this infomercial on North Avenue Beach in Chicago, like burning newspapers and making making brats on the beach in Chicago. He like had this this personality as a pitchman, but yet he was still that grumpy old man tweeting during games and mad at management and mad at coaching like he wore everything on his sleeve. But damn it, he loved the Bears, you know? Yeah, I'm 100% and it made sense that they they came up with their first win and snap to 15 or snap to 14 game losing streak on Thursday night, you know, on the on the day that he passed.

Justin Fields says he learned of it on the jumbotron while warming up at FedEx and said this one here is for Dick Butkus. And clearly they went out there and they won. All right. We've gone long here. So stay there. We're going to do what's more likely when we come back. Cool. Please. Short break.

That's great. Rich Eisen in London. This one's for the great Dick Butkus.

And what's more likely with Brockman coming up next? Millions of listeners and thousands of five star reviews rave about the hit podcast series In the Red Clay. The unbelievable story of Billy Sunday Burt, the most dangerous man in Georgia history. He was a whiskey man, bank robber, hit man. He was a murderer.

He's also my father. Seasons one and two are available to binge right now. And bonus episodes are coming soon. Imperative Entertainment presents In the Red Clay.

Get the podcast wherever you listen. All right, we're back. I'm Andrew. Rich is in London. Rich is with us for this entire hour here doing the the grand tour. You haven't done like the the the tourism stuff yet, have you? No, no, no. I got here.

I got here Thursday morning. We had meetings. We we zoomed with the Bills last night. Josh Allen is a delight. Matt Milano is is a guy just loves he loves football. That's what he want to talk about. Anything that we got personal with him. He was kind of like like this doesn't compute. I just want to go hit somebody.

And then today, I actually got outside for the first time and went for a jog in Hyde Park. Yeah. Yeah.

Can we point out as well? You have the old school NFL Network hat on. By the way, that's a 20 year old hat on my head right there. When I first put that hat on my head, I had more hair underneath it than I currently have and it's beautiful, but it's supposed to be 80 degrees on Sunday in the afternoon for for this game. So it's it's going to be unseasonably balmy weather here in London at Tottenham Hotspur and Gabe Davis chatted with him last night. He was a delight too. Does he feel like scoring a touchdown?

By the way, again, because I've done research because I'm a professional. It's the third time in his career he scored a touchdown in three straight. He has never scored a touchdown in four straight in his career.

So you might be at max capacity right here. Did Josh Allen, was he was he tired? Because Stefan Diggs this morning in the podium referred to Josh Allen as Mr. Sleepyhead. Is that right? Yeah. Sleepyhead.

Well, dude, I don't know, man. They I left L.A. at three forty Los Angeles time and landed here around 10. They landed seven in the morning, so they they they just wanted everyone to sleep on a plane. And I don't know how much rest they got, but they're they're they had them. They took them straight to the practice facility and had them practice and go through everything and meet with the media.

And I guess they're just going to burn them straight all the way to bedtime and have them go to sleep. That's that's your jet lag update here for the London game. It's the Rich Eisen Show. We're back on the radio audience here.

That's Rich in London. Hi, I'm Andrew in L.A. and a friendly reminder here to stream the NFL and Westwood One for free, sponsored by AutoZone. All season long, you can listen to every Westwood One broadcast of the NFL live on the NFL app or by asking Alexa to open the WWE Sports or on your Westwood One affiliate stations digital platforms. You can stream Kevin Harlan, Kurt Warner and Rich all season long for free and get in the zone of AutoZone for free battery testing, free battery charging and replacement batteries that fit your needs. That's what makes AutoZone America's number one battery destination. Get in the zone, Rich. AutoZone.

AutoZone. You guys practice that? Yeah, I seem you're ready for that. All right. Time for What's More Likely. Shall we do this? Let's do it. What's more likely? Let's do it. What's more likely?

Never say never, but never. OK, Rich, Andrew, you can chime in as well if you have a thought about these. Rich, breaking news. You're in London right now for a fantastic football game, Bills, Jags. The Bills, did you know they've scored?

You probably know because you've done your research and you've told us about it seven times already. The Bills have scored 37 points in three straight games, at least 37. Did you also know, Rich, Trevor Lawrence hasn't thrown for 300 since December 18th last year against the Cowboys. What's more likely? The Bills score 37 plus or T-Law throws for 300 plus. I'll go to the Bills score 37 plus.

That is more likely. Let me read you some more numbers. The Buffalo Bills defense currently leads the National Football League in fewest penalties, 14. Most takeaways, 11. Most interceptions, 8. Most quarterback hits, 34.

Most quarterbacks, sacks, 16. And in terms of best percentage in the NFL giving up a score in the red zone, just 63 percent of the time, offenses have scored in the red zone against them. And 26 percent of the offenses going against the Bills, 26 percent of their drives have ended in a takeaway. That's how the Buffalo Bills are playing. They don't have Greg Rousseau, but they do have Von Miller. So I will say it's more likely that the Bills offense goes off.

And I would say the same. I would say that the Bill, how about this one? The Bills have won, not scored, but won three straight games by at least 28. Longest streak in the NFL since they did it three years ago. So if it's score 37, I would say yes, more likely they score 37. Yes, we have numbers.

I did not know that. All right, Rich, how about this one? How about a quarterback named Wilson to throw for 250 plus in two tuddies and get their second win, Zach or Russell? Oh, I'm going Zach, baby. Here we go.

I am all in. You've talked yourself in. You've done what, you're 720 on this team. Third quarter did it for you. One quarter.

I saw Zach. No, no, no. Hike down Browns fan.

Hike down Browns fan. Listen, this is it. We have finally turned a corner.

The light is not just flickering, it is on. We saw what this kid can do. He went to a press conference this week and he's like, I'm not waiting until third downs to pick up first downs. How about we pick up first downs on first downs? And I'm like, yeah, what a great idea. You should do that. You should do that. I know you've got that drop ready, you know, Felly.

I got it. You should do that. That's what I thought when I heard Zach Wilson say that. That's right.

You should do that. So yes, I'm going Zach against this defense. Everybody looks like a Hall of Famer against this defense right now. Let's go. That's what's more likely. Zach. Wow. Fun.

Fun. All right, how about this? Who is more likely to take out an undefeated team on Sunday? Whose house? Or the Cowboys' varsity? Oh, I'll go Rams house. Wouldn't you, Cecilia? Yeah, I would go Rams house.

I'll be at that one. I do think, I do think it is the Rams, but there's something odd about that Cowboys. It almost has an NBA feel to it. Like the Cowboys Niners.

Richard Sherman made a point last night. It's like, hey, this is the biggest game of the year. This is the Super Bowl for the Cowboys. They needed the whole existence and aura.

Everything about themselves is on it. And for the Niners, it is merely the next game. And that feels like, oh, when someone comes in to play Kobe and the Lakers, right? It's the biggest game on their calendar. And for the Lakers, eh, it's a game.

We'll see them this summer in the playoffs. I get it, but I'm also, I get it, but I'm also seeing, you know, it's just week five. Even if Dallas loses this one, you know, they still have 12 more games, right TJ? You still got 12 more games. As soon as it's over, you need to throw in a towel. Fire McCarthy.

Get Marvin to throw it in. It's over. It is a measuring, it is a measuring stick and clearly we're, you know, that's be the first subject matter for Monday show. But I, I think the Rams have what they, what it takes to hand the Eagles their first loss of the season. Will it happen?

I don't know. But, you know, if Cooper Cup comes back and, you know, Nakua is like a mini Cup. You know what I mean? Like, this is, this would be great to see if he gets back out there on Sunday as potentially expected.

So, I'll go Rams. Are you saying he's a Dixie Cup? Oh, he's a Dixie Cup.

He's a Dixie Cup. Look at you. Look at you.

All the way from London. I, I think the biggest issue in this game is the Rams stopping the run and I think that is a major concern. If they can stop the run, they keep themselves in this game of the fourth quarter. Yeah, Matthew Stafford's playing lights out. They should have beaten the Bengals.

They did. Alright, Slobberdocker come in Ravens, Steelers. We know last year in two games the Ravens averaged 165 yards on the ground. We know the Steelers offense, no 400 yard total offense games in two plus years. What's more likely, 165 plus on the ground for Baltimore or the Steelers finally get 400 plus yards of offense?

Ah. Say that one again. 165 plus on the ground. The Ravens have a huge day on the ground. The Steelers finally have a complete offensive game. That the offense is the Matt Canada burner. This one's easy for me.

Rich, what do you think? Ah. Screw it. I'll go Steelers.

Oh. I knew what, because I figured you'd go Ravens. No, I'll go Steelers. I'll go Steelers. Yeah, I'm going Ravens. I don't think you can understate how bad the Steelers offense has been and I don't think Matt Canada's on a burner. Look what happened Thursday night.

I get it. Like anything can change. Anything can happen. Pickett's coming back.

I don't know. I just think the Ravens are one of those teams that look good one week and look terrific. Trust me, I hope they come into London at four and one.

It would be great for the game that I'm covering. And, you know, I just think it's so tough to win three division road games in four weeks like that. And crazy things happen when the Steelers and Ravens face each other. And what's the craziest thing on that screen? Craziest thing on that screen is they get 400 yards of offense, so I'll say that. What else you got over there, Chris?

Yeah. AFC South has been one of the surprising divisions this year. Every team a 2-2. How about AFC South rookie quarterback to combine for 300 plus yards and two touchdowns in a win. CJ Stroud at Atlanta or Anthony Richardson.

Hmm. 300 and two scores and win. You know, CJ Stroud has three straight games with 275 and two touchdowns.

Yeah, I know. You got to go with him. He is the hottest quarterback. He is the hottest quarterback, period, right now in that division. I mean, he's the one with a road win in Jacksonville. You know, I mean, he's the one that's been killing it. Him and Nikko Collins and Tank Dell and, you know, now Damian Pierce is running.

By the way, behind an offensive line that is beyond banged up. No Laramie Tunsil and he's doing this. So I'll go Stroud just because he has looked the best. I hope Jonathan Taylor plays.

It looks like he's trending. That should help Richardson, but I'll go with Stroud. I'm going to go with CJ Stroud as well.

You got to give it up. All the pre-draft CJ Stroud slander, how does that look now in retrospect? Dude, when he was throwing at the combine, when he was throwing at the combine, he was the best that was there. I mean, Richardson was was more wow because of his size and and everything else. But Stroud just looked smooth and terrific.

And so this makes sense. A plus teammate. He's getting all like all those flowers as well.

No one said a bad word. It's a good thing he's got a Michigan guy to throw to. What else Chris? Of course, of course.

OK, how about this, guys? Quarterback named Jones to show any proof of life and glimmer of hope to salvage this season and prevent the fan base from a complete revolt. Mac. Mac or Daniel?

I'll go Mac. What, Daniel's going to go to Miami and start killing it? I mean, that would be.

Oh, yeah. And the Bears are going to go on the road and blow out the commanders. Dude, I was about to say that's that's that's even crazier than Bears blowing out the commanders the way that the Giants couldn't protect. And now here comes Bradley Chubb and this defense that wants to prove that the previous week in western New York was definitely not it.

And I mean, that's as bad a game as Mac Jones is going to play all year. How does that sound? I think so. I think you're right.

I mean, how does that sound? By the way, I don't know if either one is going to come up with the win, but, you know, Mac's home. Daniel's not. The Dolphins are the Dolphins. And the Saints didn't look all that great the last week against Baker.

So I'll go I'll go Mac right there. I think the Saints offense is the most under the radar, how bad it's been like with or without Alvin Kamara. I don't care the most under the radar story in the league right now.

I also think Mac Jones gets benched at halftime in this game. Oh, my goodness. I think Bailey's zappy. I think zappy hour.

It's zappy hour by two thirty Eastern. By the way, I will run into the streets of London and have a pint if that happens on Monday show. All right. Two more one and three home dog to pull off an upset Cardinals or Vikings.

Hmm. I'll I'll I'll just tell you this. I think both lose. I think the Chiefs lose and I think the Bengals show up and start looking like the Bengals that we know. I think Cincinnati is going to come in and everything that you hear is Burroughs feeling good and looking good.

And things are but he's not even on the injury report right now. I would be concerned for both home teams right now. So that's the way I'll go that that I don't think it's it's likelier that both lose by two scores at home than the other way.

How does that sound? I agree with you on that. Earlier in the week, I thought the Cardinals were going to win this game later in the week when Joe says he feels as good as he has all year. I think that's a bad sign. Higgins likely doesn't play the Vikings at home are fun.

I think they make this game fun regardless. I think it is a game in the fourth quarter, so I would say Vikings. All right. Last one varsity TJ. The superstar duo with more combined yards and touchdowns, Tony Pollard, C.D. Lamb, Christian McCaffrey, Deebo, Samuel. Come on.

McCaffrey and Deebo. I mean, I'll just leave it at that out of respect to my friend. Disrespect across the aisle. Come on, come on.

OK, I would think what like more combined yards? How about this? I'll go it's it's one and a half to one. Oh, you know. Yeah. Oh, wow.

That's that's the way it would be. So you a Niner blowout? I don't think Niner blowout. I just think that the Niners weaponry will have their night. The question is, will Dallas? That's what I think.

Love the phrase weaponry. That's what I mean. Yeah. Yeah. That's the way I'll go here. I'm with you.

I'm taking the Niners there. Yeah, definitely. And I smell a Kittle game final. Oh, that's what I smell, too.

I smell coming up on fifty five twenty. So we're going to have to like do the radio break thing. Enjoy your dinner. Thanks, bud. Yeah, you got it. But you can stick around for the final segment there for the last two minutes. All right. So that's rich.

That's in London. Rich, you should watch the Jaguars and the Bills, everyone. Coming up with Game Day kickoff at 7 Eastern on NFL Network at NFL Plus on Sunday. Yeah, that's coming. We're doing it. We're doing it.

Rich is calling that game. You have to say 15 seconds to go. Welcome in, David Spade. You have to do it. Welcome in, David Spade.

How do I do that? Because he calls London games. Let me tune into the last 15 seconds. You've already called the whole game.

You've had a great cast. The game is awesome. That was my question. What if the game's on the line?

What if it's the final play of the game? This is it. Thank you. Welcome, David Spade. Here's the final. Welcome, David Spade.

You should do that. All right, real quick. I want to play Stefan Diggs' soundbite from this morning on the podium. Let's go. I don't know a word that's like a good word. Give me a good word. Huh? Oh, dope.

That's not cool enough. I don't know. I know when I was over here somebody told me I had a cheeky smile. I don't know what that means, but hopefully it's a cheeky connection.

It's good, right? Rich, this morning Stefan Diggs asked to describe his connection with Josh Allen. He said it's a cheeky connection. Could you work cheeky connection into the show? Of course. Certainly if there's a brotherly shove, that'll be good.

That'll be easy if I do that. There's your cheeky connection. What is a brotherly shove other than cheeky connection called in like British vernacular?

Have you thought about that? No, no, no. A bum push. It's a bum push. A bruv. A bruv shove. A bruv. A bruv bump.

A bruv bump is pretty good. Okay, we got you. I have my marching orders. We'll see you soon. Say hi. Good night everybody. Rich in London. We got an hour left. Don't go anywhere. That's Australia. Final Four.
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