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REShow: Gerald McCoy - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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October 3, 2023 3:20 pm

REShow: Gerald McCoy - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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October 3, 2023 3:20 pm

NFL Network analyst Gerald McCoy joins Rich in-studio to discuss Baker Mayfield’s impact on the 3-1 Tampa Bay Buccaneers, why drafting and developing a good starting QB in the NFL is such a crapshoot, says if quarterbacks like the Dolphins’ Tua Tagovailoa and the 49ers’ Brock Purdy are “elite” or not, and says which NFL pass rushers deserve the “elite” tag as well.

Rich and the guys break down the top moments from this week’s NBA Media Day including Damian Lillard’s Bucks debut, Jimmy Butler’s new “emo” hairdo, James Harden’s beefs with the 76ers, and more.

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This is the Rich Eisen Show. Please welcome Rich Eisen.

Owen Forbears, go figure that. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. What the hell is happening in Chicago?

And if Justin Fields wants to stay in Chicago, he better keep winning because Caleb Williams is coming. The Rich Eisen Show. Earlier on the show, Packers head coach Matt Lefler, comedian Lewis Flack. Coming up, NFL Network analyst Gerald McCoy. Plus your phone calls, latest news and more. And now it's Rich Eisen. That's a fact.

These are facts and there's the proof. I just showed up on the Roku Channel stream. You know, it's an odd way to start an hour, I understand. But just the way I roll right here on the Roku Channel stream, we're live on Sirius XM Odyssey. This Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio affiliates smart enough to have us. We appreciate anybody who calls in an 844-204-rich number to dial. We will take your phone calls later on in this middle of this hour.

The association is, as the kids say, lit. James Harden is apparently on his way to work out with the Sixers. That's happening. Yes, yes, yes.

Yes, so it's possible he lied to China. I don't know, but that's that's that's a larger geopolitical question, which we'll handle later on in this hour, because right here in studio to kick off our third hour of the show, my colleague, my compadre from NFL Game Day Morning, NFL Network, wearing the hat of my favorite baseball team, the Yankees, Gerald McCoy, longtime Tampa Bay Buccaneer, and so much more good to see you, sir. How are you? It's great to be a colleague. Hey, listen, I believe. Yes, sir. The last time we spoke, we talked about that. Yes, we did.

We did. You were on the phone and I'm like, you know, you because you had just done the broadcast boot camp, I think. Right.

Or you're about to do it. I had done it a little bit prior, a few months before, a month before. OK, here you go. Mm hmm.

Yeah. And now and now look at us. And we was like, you know, I told you I'm going to try and keep playing.

But after if it doesn't work out, then and you told me we will welcome you. And now here and now and now look at it. I know it is great. And, you know, it's great to to have you on the show, because obviously we need somebody with a defensive point of view.

And I need somebody who picks games worse than me. So it's great to have you on the show, Gerald. I am having a hard time. That's how this is not called hazing. This is not this. I would say it to Irv.

I'd say it to Kurt. And listen, it's early guys. I've been with a dozen years. I don't listen. I don't pick games bad. So, OK, some games are picking my heart. Like, to be honest, I picked the Raiders games all year with my heart. I will be honest, I didn't I didn't do my due diligence with analyst work. I just said Raiders.

Yes, Raiders. Now the Bucks look, I don't care how anybody feels about it. I've only been wrong once.

That's by the way, when you say when you said in week one game day morning, Tampa at Minnesota, you're like, I'm going to pick the Bucks every game this year, every game this year. Kurt, Mooch, Irv and I all shared a look, you know, and we're like, OK, welcome, welcome to the show, Gerald. Now look at you. Look at you.

You've got a 75 percent hit rate. One month in. Not only that, a month in and our game got flexed. How about that? Did you see that?

The Lions and the Bucks week five got flexed into the late window on Fox. Motown is coming to the bay. Hell yeah. Yeah.

What what what is clicking? Do you think that didn't is it is it all Baker? Is it Baker? I think that Baker and I know this is Brady last year. So what I believe is I believe that the roster is still talented. Prior to Brady, the roster was talented when Brady was there. Obviously, it's Brady.

He gives you a boost. But I think that Baker has a point to prove, and I think he's a lot better than what was shown because of what was around him. He had talent in Cleveland. I'm not talking about the talent, but people forget that Baker did go through an injury.

And it's hard to work through an injury as a quarterback. As much as you want to, you may see something. But if you can't get your body to do it, that's why a lot of people retire. Our eyes and our mind might see it happening. But even like take Ali. He said there was a time where I could see the punches coming.

I couldn't get my body to move to get out the way of the punch. And Baker was at a point to where he was injured. He couldn't make the. But if you look at how he's operating his offense. I mean, he's doing it. The defense has always been good since, you know, coach has been there. But I just think they click it right now. Now, it's early. I remember I think it was 2015, maybe 2016. Atlanta started 5-0, and then they won one game the rest of the year. So it's early. But right now, looks great. Well, I think, you know, Brockman, you can attest to the fact that I am a big Baker Mayfield fan on our overreaction Monday podcast.

That is where all podcasts can be acquired. You said he was like my third son, your third son. Right. And I know you're an Oklahoma Baker Mayfield. I know you're an Oklahoma Soomer.

You're in Oklahoma sooner at heart. But did you just compare him to Muhammad Ali? Did I just do that? I did not. I could hear. I mean, I could hear just not being able to get your body. Yes. To do what your mind sees coming. You know, sometimes our bodies are like, yeah, screw you, mind.

I'm not doing it. But Baker Baker has shown up like the flag plant and stiff arm and not shaking. He got so much hard stuff. When people count Baker out, you know, he had the struggles he had at Cleveland. But people forget often because we're in the NFL story now. It was a walk on who became a Heisman Trophy winner. So when we talk about his heart and his fight and what makes him his and the chip he has on his shoulder, that that hasn't left. So he plays the game that way. And that's what they needed in Tampa, because it was a point to where everybody will Brady's gone.

Now what? Well, let's not forget the talent that was there. And we have somebody that believes and he's shown with his belief is carried throughout the locker room. Now they believe in him and they believe, hey, we got a guy that we can believe in. We don't have to worry about him. We'll do our part.

He's going to handle his business. Joe McCoy here on The Rich Eisen Show. So I'll ask you the question we've been asking each other for years and in particular, you know, over the first four weeks and then certainly coming off of of last night's game where Daniel Jones is now in year five, year six.

He looked like the way that he looked. Gino Smith, as we all know, was the reigning comeback player of the year. And I think one of the first comeback player of the year where he's not coming back from injury just because he's not coming back from injury. Just being benched. He's coming back from lack of opportunities. So why is it so tough to find 32 starting quarterbacks in the National Football League?

Gerald McCoy, what do you think? You know, this game is extremely, extremely, extremely difficult. And it will humble you. It doesn't matter how good you've been your entire life. At the highest level, you can't just out athlete everybody. And a lot of quarterbacks come in with the mindset of, oh, oh, I've always been good.

I can just do a hop in doing it. And that's not how it works in this league. If they say you have to be the smartest guy in the room, that's the quarterback.

That is without a doubt. You have to you have to know everybody's assignment. You have to put in the work. And sometimes you see people be in practice and it's like, oh, we got us a guy. But when those lights come on and those live bullets are flying and you know, somebody can hurt you, you know, it gets in people's heads. And that game moves a lot faster.

I always tell the college guys coming in, your national championship is our preseason. That's how fast the game moves. So when a guy comes in and is playing like C.J.

Stroud is playing, it's like, well, Jesus, that guys. He's got some, you know, but this game is so difficult and is always evolving. You have to learn to evolve with the game and you have to.

Warren Sapp told me I made my first provo, he said, OK, now that you've made one, you have to start stacking them. The only way to stack them is you can't be the same person every year and be successful because people start to figure out this is the best players, the best minds at this sport. So every year you have to evolve. And some people don't know how to evolve or when the lights come on, it's just too much for. And then, of course, there's the pressure.

There's the opportunity as well. Again, not just, you know, Smith, I'm just take a look at, say, somebody like Jared Goff. Right. First overall pick.

Second team when he was traded to the Lions by the Rams, the offensive guru genius of Sean McVeigh is turning you down like you. Absolutely. You help get to a Super Bowl. Absolutely. Right.

And obviously there are many reasons team game why you get to a Super Bowl. But when Goff got traded to the Lions, just like, OK, he's been banished essentially by an offensive guru. He must be no good. Right. Now look at him.

Year eight. He is efficient. He is dangerous. He is confident. His team is too.

Right. And so it's it's just an age old question because you see running backs come out of college. You see defensive ends come out of college. You see wide receivers come out of college, although not so much the class so far for the first four weeks this year. And now all these great quarterbacks in the Pac-12 just alone. You're sitting here thinking, OK, the future is bright in the NFL, but it's 12, 15 guys every year. It's just the same thing every year. And that's why I forget.

I'd love to ask somebody on the other side of the ball who can see that fear and taste it, who who's played a position like, say, Aaron Donald, making Geno Smith scream, oh, my God. You know, that was fun. So, you know what I mean? Like, I figured out I'm wondering where this is.

What's what's even tweeted yesterday? I said Zach Wilson has all the skills and talent to be a really good quarterback in this league. But his his decision making and confidence is the problem. And when pressure hits you, like you said, sometimes. That can make or break a person. And when I think about the pressure that a quarterback has to has to face, I look at it like a combat sports or boxing MMA. When you go into the fight, you know, you're going to get hit. But what makes the fighters great is knowing they're going to get hit, but not being phased by it. This is what I signed up for.

I'm going to get hit, but I'm good, too. So when these quarterbacks go into these games and they start to that pressure starts to hit them, they have to say, OK, this is just a part of it. I welcome that. But then sometimes guys systems make the player like every quarterback, just because you have a certain skill set or your skill doesn't mean every system fits you. That is not that is not true. You can't just take every quarterback and put them in any scheme and say, hey, he's skilled. I'm going to put him in this game because he's skilled.

No, no, no. Your scheme does not fit his skill system. Quarterback Gerald McCoy is like that's that's that's like an insult. Call somebody a system quarterback.

Right. And technically, isn't Tom Brady a system quarterback? It's just the system he's happy to run because he knows it. Manning ran it. Manning ran a system that no other quarterback could, which is why when he went out with a neck injury, you know, the Colts lost a ton of games. But Rogers's system coming in to this year is something that I've heard for four straight broadcasts. Every single quarterback or analyst that's in the booth, former quarterback or analyst, that former player in the booth say they had to switch from Rogers's system because he runs it a certain way. Pre snap post snap in the huddle. Zach's trying to figure that out.

You know what I mean? So, well, I mean, the quarterback, you could create a system that a quarterback is used to. And what makes them example being Brady, I think we can all agree is the greatest to ever do what he's done. When he first got to Tampa, there was a lot of ups and downs. Oh, yeah, it's going to work.

There were 500. I said on an interview then in order for this thing to turn around, they have to do what Brady loves to do. Run the ball, play action screens and then everything open up. And sure enough, they went played Atlanta. They had the bye week. Yes, they did. They had to buy after losing to the Chiefs.

Yep. And they came back and the whole offense was different. And they didn't lose the rest of you because they said, hey, listen, we've been trying to make the greatest of all time play in this scheme instead of letting him do what fits him. And they started doing what fits him. And there's nobody could stop them. Why can't you just. Yeah.

And there's nothing wrong with it there. And suddenly he's throwing trophies on a boat. You know, Gerald McCoy here on the Rich Eisen show. So who who are your elite quarterbacks? Name the elite quarterbacks. Elite. Yes. You would consider elite quarterbacks in the NFL. To is to elite in your mind.

Now, yeah. Why? Because in order for me to consider you elite, I got to see it more than once. And we've seen it for three games, not even last year when he before he got hurt. No, it's not enough. No, I mean, in order to be elite, you have to have a full season and then I have to see it twice.

Two full seasons. So Hertz is not elite yet in your mind yet. Hertz is not elite, not elite. He's really good. Is Dak elite? No.

Why not? I mean, well, we question Dax ability to protect the football every year. Elite quarterbacks.

We don't have that question every single year. Josh Allen is elite. Yes.

Obviously, Mahomes is elite. Yes. Is Herbert elite? No.

Why? What have we seen Herbert do this elite? He's been really good. But in the playoffs, have we seen Herbert be elite? They had a historic game and he was on the wrong end of that last year in the playoffs. Is Lamar elite? Yes.

Why? He's an MVP. And he's if you look at what he's done with the system, he's been put in his win to loss ratio with all the injuries and everything he's dealt with. And they still come out winning every year. That's the elite quarterback. But he hasn't won. You know, we haven't seen him in an AFC Championship game yet.

Yeah, but I mean, in order to win Super Bowl, a lot has to go your way. But that doesn't make you not an elite quarterback. OK, let's keep going with this. Burroughs elite. Yes. OK. Yes. All right.

This is a good one. Brock Purdy, is he elite? No. Come on, man. Why would you even laugh?

Why would you laugh while saying no? Brock Purdy is not an elite man. Come on now. Brock Purdy is playing well. He is. But Jesus Christ, man, that roster is incredible.

Well, hold on a second. Roster's incredible. There's so many other rosters that are incredible. Listen, he's playing well and he's better. Here's what I say about Brock Purdy. He's more than what we gave him credit for. Brock Purdy is not just not losing the games anymore. He's actually winning games. And in order to take the next step as a quarterback, you have to go win games.

You can't just not lose them. And I think we can agree that with his run he's been on. Yeah, he's legit elite. No, it takes a lot to be elite. I mean, one guy's elite.

He's just going to get to play, play for snaps. You know, you know what I'm talking about. I mean, you have some very involved who you're referring to. Yeah.

Yes. I know what you're talking about is a lot of terms we use to loosely and we give it to people to easily, you know, like I worked hard to be an elite defensive tackle in this league. It took a lot for me to be considered elite because I did it on a team that wasn't winning and I still was able to produce playing from behind and I don't think people understand how hard it is. Like that's why TJ what I put him where I put him because week one, they were losing badly to say Fran. He still had three sacks. Do you know how hard it is to get three sacks when you're playing from behind?

They're not passing the ball, right? So in order to still be a guy in a small market that people don't see you and still be considered. That's that's very difficult. I don't I don't pass the word elite very easily.

It's dope. It's tough to get sacks on a team that's quarterback by an elite quarterback like Brock Purdy. See, here's where I'm going on this. Here's where I'm going on this.

Here's what I'm going on. This, okay, is that he might not be considered elite, right? But he's playing elite. Quarterback at a very high level. He's playing a elite level. He's playing it like, okay, Arizona Cardinals are coming in.

They want to put our pelt on the wall. I'm going to go 2021. I know 20 of 21 make fun all you want. You got to beat the teams in front of you. You got to ask ask the man in the in the corner about the Arizona Cardinals and how they couldn't beat the Dallas Cowboys. I'm not done. I'm not done. I'll let you finish.

Okay, if you notice this, there's not a producer in our ears saying go to break like there is on Sunday. Yes. Okay. All right. So so here here's what I'm also saying is that his play has removed the whole conversation of what happened with Trey Lance from the table gone.

That's gone. Okay, his play with the contract that he has allows them to pay Bosa and a whole bunch of other people are going to get theirs because of what he's doing playing elite quarterback at the rate that he is being paid. Okay, put it all together. Yes, and the fact that he's not losing games for them and I understand we haven't seen them down seven three and a half to go. Can Brock Purdy goes 80 yards with only one time out?

We haven't seen that yet and I totally pick up what you're putting down right there. But the way that he's playing and what he means for this team and how this team is playing around him. He's an elite quarterback. Okay. Can I ask a couple questions?

Yes, you're now the floor is yours sir. Yes. Does he have a top 10 player every positional offense? Deebo Samuel is not top 10 when Deebo says hold on a second.

I'm going to answer your question. Deebo Samuel top 10 Christian McCaffrey top 10. Okay, Trent Williams. Okay.

Okay, George Kittle. Okay. What about his fullback? He's top 10. Okay.

Yeah. Does he have defensive player of the year on this team? Okay, so you're saying because they're all that good. Does he have the best number two in football right now? So you're saying Brady had a bunch of guys with name tags.

Peyton Manning would, you know, did it with Dominique Rhodes and stuff like that. Is that what you're saying? Brock Purdy's a front runner.

No, I understand what you're saying. I said, you know, what I said was is he's not elite. I've said Brock Purdy is legit. But Brock Purdy is top. Brock Purdy.

Elite? Hold on a second. Let's keep going here.

This is too good. Brock Purdy right now is top 10 in the league in quarterbacking. Yeah, he is. He's a top 10 player himself.

This doesn't make you elite. Okay, good. He's good. He's playing hell. He's playing really good football. That doesn't make you 10 games, 11 games.

That's what I'm saying. That doesn't make you elite. But he's playing elite quarterbacking, right? Like he's he is. He's playing really good. He's not elite. It's not elite. He has five touchdowns.

He's playing really good. He's not elite. If he was playing elite, he'd have 12 touchdowns. I have nothing bad to say about Brock Purdy.

But the question is, is he elite? No, he's not. Okay. I have zero bad to say about Brock Purdy.

That dude has proved that everybody wrong has said that he was just a guy. We were talking. Yeah, be careful. We were talking before. Who's a more sensitive fan group?

49er fans or Swifties? That's what we were saying before. At any rate, what else before I let you go? People killed me because I said that that wasn't a hold on Jermaine Johnson. That wasn't a hold on Jermaine Johnson? They're not calling it. What does that mean? But Joe, okay, listen, his arm like it's a fair catch. Okay.

Did you mean answer me this? Did Jermaine Johnson look like he was trying to really get off the block? He couldn't. That's because the office alignment had him here. I don't care if the jersey is, you may see the jersey being pulled. You've never seen the office alignment's hands do this.

His hands never extended. Not once. If I shift like this and my arms never extend, they're not calling holding. So was it a defensive holding call on Saus Gardner? No.

Okay. I don't think that should have been called either. Guess what? The third and twenty-two wouldn't have happened if the ball was picked off.

If the ball was picked off, whatever. Look at him. This guy, three and one. Behind his sooner bake. I just know like, you know, what we're doing in Tampa.

That's what I do now. Okay, Max Crosby's elite. Oh, there's no question about that. I just want to throw that out there.

Okay, let's do this real quick and I'll send you throughout the day. Matt Crosby's elite. Elite. TJ Watt. Absolutely. Nick Bosa. Absolutely.

Joey Bosa. Yes. Okay.

He's elite. Okay, Quinnen Williams. Hmm. Think about it. Okay. No, I don't want to say he's not. Because he, yeah, I want to say yes.

Okay. Obviously, obviously Micah Parsons is elite. Obviously, Aaron Donald is elite. Who else? Who am I missing here? How about the mutant that's in Cleveland? Yeah.

How could I forget him? We've talked about this on game day morning. Two tight ends traveling. That's, I've never seen that before. He is a mutant in Cleveland. I'm sorry I forgot Miles Garrett. He's a mutant. He is a mutant. Yeah.

You are correct. He is. Chris Jones. Chris Jones as well. These are all elite. How about this?

Matt Milano. He is elite. Sure. What does that mean? Sure. I mean, if you say so. Okay. This is your show.

I can't tell you what's on your show. Is Aiden Hutchinson, is my guy from Michigan elite? Is Aiden Hutchinson? No, he's not elite. He ain't done it yet. He hasn't done it yet. Ask Aaron Rodgers and Jordan Love if he's done it yet. Okay. Everybody else we name has been a first team All-Pro.

Am I lying? Pretty much. Has your guy from Michigan even made a Pro Bowl yet? It's his second year in the league.

It's his second year in the league. Give me some time. Alright. Okay. Okay. Now I'm tired of this.

Now I'm tired of this conversation. Does he have an elite trajectory? How about Jalen Carter? Yes. Is he elite? No. Okay. Fletcher Cox is? Yes.

Okay. Yes. Yeah, Fletcher's, I mean, if you want to, once you have an elite tag, you are.

Fletcher's an all decade player. Oh, once you get elite, you can't lose it? Is that what it is? I mean, you can lose it. It's like a Marine? Once you're one, you're always one?

You can lose it, but I mean, Fletcher's Fletch. So I'm never going to say he's not elite. He is. Well, enjoy your next two Sundays off while I'm in London. I won't be off. I will be up extremely early.

Where are you going? Are you coming? Oh, you're doing the pregame, right? Yeah, I'll be up at 2.30 a.m. Yeah.

Yes. Well, I'll say hello. I'm going to enjoy it. I'm going to enjoy it before you're going to enjoy coffee too. Kurt and I will FaceTime you from the field.

Yes. Oh, man. Gerald, it's great to have you here.

Let's ask more often. Wonderful being here. This is incredible. Anybody who doesn't get to see this in person, you're missing out. This is great. I've done the phone.

It doesn't do the interview justice. This is incredible. I love having you here in person. I had a blast.

This was great. Good to see you. It's great to have you on game day morning.

And we'll chat again soon. Yes, sir. Okay, it's Joe McCoy right here on the Rich Eisen Show. Latest from the association and your phone calls in a moment. Rich Eisen here. If you love football as much as we do here and want to be in the game every day, there's something that guys on my show have been enjoying. PrizePix Daily Fantasy Sports, the number one daily fantasy sports app. Brockman, tell us about PrizePix and your strategy this season. Rich, it's so fun and so easy. You know, I love this stuff. You pick two or more players based on their stats and place their entry.

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The podcast is available Tuesdays, wherever you listen. So you guys, so you guys don't have unique names. What do you mean you guys?

What do you mean by that? I'm not saying that. There's no one saying, oh, Tom Brady won the Super Bowl. I'm gonna name my baby Tom.

That's not how, time is too simple. Shaquille, Alshon, these are unique names that people will name their kids. I promise you, Steve, am I right? Steve, am I right?

Steve is not laughing, he's not looking at you and he's leaning his guard on the microphone. Steve is a regular name. Well, that's not Steve. Steve is a regular name. Steve is my, the name that folks can pronounce. Oh, see, now Steve got another name.

Wow. Steve, what's your other name? My real name, which is three people called me, my mom and my grandma, and my wife, is actually Stevone. Now, S-T-E-V-O-N-N-E. Now, Stevone, Stevone, had you used that name, had you used that name, right? You're the legend, you're the legend you are. Had you used that name, do you know what would have happened? And he said, are you playing him? Everybody who had a baby would have named their baby Stevone. You know what would happen, you know what's up? I don't care what city you played in, Carolina, Baltimore, whatever city you played in, that city would have had babies with that name.

Santa Monica. Every time you score a touchdown, they're gonna be like, I'm naming my baby Stevone. Right, you doing right? Well, Steve, Stevone, thanks for coming on, Stevone. Thanks for coming on, Stevone. You gotta reach him. Hey, he been mentioning that name right now.

A few light bulbs went off. This baby due tomorrow is perfect. This baby due tomorrow is perfect. Y'all some dirt, man. Oh, my gosh, that's fun stuff. All of JB Smoove and Steve Smith's appearances are on our YouTube page. Welcome back to The Rich Eyes and Show Radio Network. Sitting at The Rich Eyes and Show desk, furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger has the right product for you.

Call or just stop by. It was fun stuff with Gerald McCoy, huh? Very good, very good. Some great Geraldini here. Terzo and I has been hanging on forever and a day.

All rise. What's up, Terzo? How are you, sir? Well, I've been doing better, but you guys are just calling my fan base entirely sensitive. You are not representative.

I'm a Swiftie, too. You are not rep- So I'm kind of getting a double blast in here. Yeah, I get it. I get it.

So, but you are not representative. I'm telling you, man, the number of people that I got at me because I was saying that I heard that Trey Lance was basically losing the quarterback battle and looked too choppy in preseason play that I was concerned he was not gonna, you know, be even the backup. Oh, gosh, I got so much full blast of like, I guess that what the the Lanceys, right? And you get Swifties and then there were the Lanceys, you know, and and and now and now everybody like, where are the Lanceys now?

They're all like, who cares? Brock Purdy's 4-0. He's amazing. You know, there's one there's one there's one on the on the set with you TJ over there.

But he's a Lancey. You got more pressing problems coming up Sunday night. What do we got? What do we got?

Yeah, a guy who once gave you a ticket to- I'll bet TJ. I ain't got no issues this weekend. All right, none.

He's no, you're not scared. You know, it's going to be a tough one. Yeah. I mean, look, look, we as I've said, we have not proven we can clear that hurdle. So until it happens, I'm not expecting Dallas. That's it. They got to beat them first. What's what else what else on your monitor?

Is there anything anything else? Well, at this at this point, I am super excited because I didn't get to talk to you guys at the end of last week, but I am extremely excited for Dame Lillard to be in Milwaukee. And I know I think like two years ago. I was trying to get him there saying that they should trade just about everything to do it. But I'm happy that he's there now because this is going to be a fun NBA season. Well, the Portland Trailblazers certainly put their stamp on the Eastern Conference.

Thanks for the call, Terzo. They certainly did sending Lillard to Milwaukee and not Miami and then in turn flipping Drew Holiday, who they got from Milwaukee to Boston. To put Drew Holiday and Marcus smart spot with Brown and with Tatum and with Porzingis, who they got in trading away Marcus smart. What a yeah, buddy.

What a Houdini act that was love it. And so this was Damian Lillard in his arrival in Milwaukee. Obviously, I'm a pick and roll player. I've played a lot of pick and roll in my career. And when I think about playing with him, I just I'll just try to figure out how do you defend it?

You know, I haven't played against a lot of coverages where teams aren't at the level of the screen whether it's showing trapping or just being there. It's where I got to get the ball up and I just I can't imagine him wanting him to have the ball, you know at the free-throw line coming downhill with an advantage and Chris on the wing and Brooke, you know, you got really good players out there. So I've definitely thought about it and I just don't know how you you know, how you handle that and I think it's going to be something that that teams have to put up with and try to figure out but I'm excited.

You know, I think it's going to be a lot of opportunity for me out there because of who he is and vice versa. It's I mean, what a complete coup from Milwaukee within two weeks of Giannis saying, I don't know what's going on here. I need to see some winning. It's one of the was that one of the first times he's basically fired a significant. I might not like full Magic Johnson.

I might not be here type of shot across the bow. I mean, he's kind of hinted at it but never like flat-out like I need to see something. And so Giannis has got to be over the moon as well. And this is going to be tough to stop and just seeing him there too. Here's Giannis on playing with Lillard.

You got that? Yeah, obviously, you know big trade have a name here is definitely we add on the levels to our team and we you know, as you said top 75 one of those guys that can score 60 70 in any given night or NBA All-Star, you know MVP caliber player, but at the end of the day like Drew was a big part of who we were and even withdrew we had a chance to win, you know, but I still I still understand like now we have them on the team and Dave is a great player and I'm looking forward to play with him and he's hungry. As I said, he's you know, he's out there. He's hungry. He wants to win his first championship. So I'm excited that he's on the team and definitely I feel like the team of showed like, you know, they showed that they're committed to win a championship. So I'm happy and I can't wait to see Lillard in his first instance. Again, I didn't watch him in college too much.

I'm just assuming he was in this role that he was in in Portland of it's all him and only him. He doesn't have to do it himself. So what if he only takes 10 shots one night when Giannis scores, you know, triple doubles on top of everybody else? It's going to be fun.

Just seeing Lillard play that free the without any of the pressures of it's all you man number zero. It's all on you. I found something you on the said to be interesting though at the end of that interview. He said at the end of the day. I want to be a Milwaukee buck for the rest of my career. Come on, why not as long as we are winning so that still kind of leaves it out.

Like if something's not they don't get a title this year. He could still talk his way out of town that that as long as we are winning just kind of stood out to me. Well, he's flexing his muscle because he's Giannis and he's got a lot of muscle. Did you see him right there? So many muscles and his muscles have muscle.

He was swole right there. So let's talk a little bit of muscling. As you know James Harden wants to muscle his way out of town. Yeah, and he told all of China twice that I'm never playing for a Daryl Morey General Managed coach team again, and he said let me repeat that which is why you're referring to twice. Yeah, so what does Daryl Morey have to say about that? He is not spoken publicly since all of that. Oh, here's Daryl Morey on that subject matter.

Yeah, I would say it was hard. I mean, I think there are many people who've worked with him for some time, but I've been, you know, right there with anyone else and look I think he's a heck of a basketball player. I like him as a person, you know, it's hard. I think that he felt like that was the right course of action for him at that point. You know, what else can I say?

I think I think he's a tremendous player that will help us if he chooses to be here and you know right now that's not that's not where he wants to be. Well, it does appear he's since that soundbodies had either a change of heart or he realizes there's no other options for him than to report Woj tweeting out that Harden didn't practice at Colorado State University on Tuesday where the Sixers are but he's expected to arrive in Colorado as soon as today to join training camp. So there's that. Awkward. I mean the Sixers lead the league and having guys who don't want to be there working out with them, right?

Yeah, at some point. Is he going to have a cell phone in his pocket or the rest of the media will think it's a cell phone in his pocket. It's really not a cell phone in his pocket. Some beats got to be like every year. Like you said, it's something I got some teammate who doesn't want to be here other than that. I'm much longer till he says I don't want to be here. That's what I'm worried about. Well, that's the whole point is that if if if that man is not going to get a ton of Robins like the ones in Milwaukee and Boston.

And how far behind are you right? I mean didn't Allen Dallas say before big giant fan like hey, it's Nick season like okay great. Let's go with that plucky team one more time to hopefully get that for or hopefully get the three the three seed right with the Celtics and the Bucks or either one or two right there. Let's hope to get the three seed win our first round series and then take on one of those two teams like that's it. That's that's basically your best path to the basket unless of course, you're the Miami Heat and it doesn't matter Bob and it's got hurt last year and Jimmy Butler showed up as we all know is what emo evo.

What was emo emo? Yeah, thank you and had this to say about doing heat things once again Jimmy for you at this point. Is it just about a championship?

Yeah, it's always been about a championship for me and it will always be about that nothing else. And this is our year. This is the one. And this one's gonna feel real good. By the way, this one is gone. This was no hurt. This one's gonna hurt.

I mean, they were barely a playoff team last year and they didn't get any better. So I don't know what he expects to happen. What he expects to happen is everybody thinks it's either Milwaukee or Boston's world that we're paying rent in. And it's tough to make a point with TJ on screen with his hair in that wig right now, but well done. What is your get that wig emo Jefferson? He probably had it. Yeah.

Do you have that at home? That's what it is. Turn the mic on. Hold on. You got turn your mic on. I guess I'm sorry.

You know, I got some things at home, you know, I mean TJ you definitely have I don't want to know what you're doing at home. Well, I mean two things he's basically saying it's going to hurt. Nobody's talking about the heat now the Portland Trailblazers decided not to make a trade with the heat. Although like we said yesterday can't imagine they've gotten the haul that they got through the straight up. No, three team trade for Lillard and then the straight-up trade for you know holiday.

Just by going straight up with the heat, you know, I'd be tough to think that but that's what he's saying. Like don't forget us. Oh, yeah, I like it Golden State Clippers Lakers, right? We haven't even heard from Golden State. Sacramento Phoenix Denver, the West is so stacked. We're in the East. It's like a top-heavy break through Milwaukee and Boston.

I'll leave Philadelphia hard and comes back and is engaged. I don't know. Yeah, you can't count the south of coach chips in the plucky the plucky Vegas Spheres.

I don't know. He looked skinny James Harden at the MOS cup during the other day. I mean if James Harden shows up and wants to play basketball for the Sixers and win a championship for Daryl Morey, even though we told him it'd be largest nation on earth. He would never do it. Most populous nation on earth. And that's a lot of people that he told Daryl Morey. He would never play for you.

Atlanta is still there, Orlando is going to be better. Did you notice one thing about all of these interviews that you see pretty much? Why do NBA players grab the microphones?

I don't know every other sport. Most athletes show up to these press conferences with the microphones in a stand and they just leave it there and they talk into it. The NBA players.

They're just they're grabbing the mics. I noticed that with Dirk years and years ago, right? That he was right the first one that I've seen LeBron did it. Yeah, I like it.

It's more personal. Isaiah, you know manual quickly. Look at this. Yeah, Austin Reeves, the original him.

Why don't they just grab the mics? Look at Durant. It's like he's having a TED talk. There's LeBron right in the middle saying he's not the face of the Lakers anymore. It's it's Anthony Davis. At first I was thinking because there wasn't a table in front of any of those guys on the Bucks. Well, the Bucks he likes to put him in a chair and then they give him the mic.

But I think NBA players like just hold it and holding it. It's that one's should we do that around here? We can't write Mike. Sorry Mike. Sorry.

I've tried to pull this out a few times. This won't work. You cannot grab the microphone. What if I just like do this? I'm just like no that you're going to break the microphone and I'm gonna have to walk around with it. Like well, here's the thing is we can't hold microphones like NBA players, but we can go full emo like NBA players for sure. And let's see if you can tell who's who sorry radio audience.

We've got we got a Roku channel feed. Oh, sorry. There you go. You got TJ can't tell if it's you or Jimmy Butler over there simply can't tell I think I need a new name. All right.

All right. Let's take a break right here on the Rich Eisen show 844 at 204 rich number to dial right here on the program. We'll finish up with your phone calls on a fun Tuesday show. Millions of listeners and thousands of five-star reviews rave about the hit podcast series in the red clay the unbelievable story of Billy Sunday Burt the most dangerous man in Georgia history. He was a whiskey man bank robber hit man. He was a murderer.

He's also my father seasons 1 & 2 are available to binge right now and bonus episodes are coming soon imperative entertainment presents in the red clay get the podcast wherever you listen. Who is the person in the NBA front office who had to show emo to Adam Silver? What do you think probably my man Tim Frank?

So does Tim Frank? Yeah, I don't know. Yeah, somebody. Hey Commissioner here.

Let me show you on my phone. Here's what? So that's basically whenever he's showing up on TNT or whatever that type of graphic.

That's the headshot for the rest of the year. Yeah. Oh, wow. There it is.

It's almost lifelike. Can't tell the difference. DJ, you could take out your braids right and straighten your long hair. Is that no these these are dreadlock their locks and get them out of the cut them.

Let's cut them. No kidding me. I'm like Samson. So then how did he do this? That's not is that a wig? He grew his hair out and then he straightened it. He's looking like a pimp named slipback by the way. That is an incredible part as well.

I am that is that is an outstanding hair part. He had like fake rings in his lips and his eyebrows and his eyebrows. I mean, it's commitment. He painted his nails black. I mean, he went all in. You think he really got three lip piercings hundred percent just for a bit for one day.

You can get fake ones. Oh, yeah. I didn't get it really done. Maybe he didn't really pierce his eyebrow. Maybe he did. Maybe he did. He might be a method actor. That's a commitment. Exactly. Well, that's a that's committing to the bit right there, man. I mean, if you're going to go go, but he definitely had to have gotten his hair done full on makeup, Vardis, the whole thing. That had to be like an hour and a half in the chair before.

Don't you think? Well, people are laughing yesterday and he was just like, come on guys. Stop making me laugh. I'm like, I'm trying to get those things would fall out of his mouth.

He walked out and everyone in Miami was laughing and he's like, come on guys. I'm trying to like be serious. I've been here. I love it. All right.

Well done. Back here on the Rich Eisen show later on. We've got the latest. What the football podcast, Suzy Schuster, Amy Trask. They're getting ready to come out here and record it for you to download wherever you get your podcast. There's our YouTube page. You can watch it.

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So, you know, you're getting a great deal without hidden fees. So take the guesswork out of buying tickets with game time do what we did download the game time app create an account use the code rich for $20 off your first purchase restrictions apply visit came for terms again would create your account redeem the code rich for $20 off download game time today last-minute tickets lowest price guaranteed Alana has been hanging on in New York City for two and a half hours. What's up Alana? Thanks for hanging in there. Hi, how are you guys? We're great.

What's going on? So I would say I'm pretty happy with the two sport. I was happy the two sports I follow being coached by Mike McDaniel and Buck Showalter, but I was very surprised when he was fired and I was wondering if you guys were also surprised TJ. You're the Met fam. Were you surprised sir?

This whole season was a surprise to me. I had such high hopes and then we lose our reliever and for the season even starts and then it all went how's it Bucks fault? Well, you know, that's how it always happens. You're the manager.

You're the head of the top. But how's it his fault? Max Scherzer, you know shot basically Verlander, you know, isn't isn't I think that isn't it the fault of the guy who gets the the two guys pushing 40 to be your starting pitchers. I mean, you know that could be but you know, there was a lot of shit.

I don't know. It just did not work out. Did it surprise you surprise you on all right? Is the Met fans at the whole fan base Alana. So it was a hard season. It really was how bad would it be for you? Just become a Yankee fan Alana.

Um, my brother is and I remember when he switched he decided one day he was like I wanted to be different but when I was little my cousin got me a Yankee jersey and my dad threw it out in front of her. Thank you. That's the story. I was trying to elicit. Thank you, Alana. Well done Roger in York, Pennsylvania. You're here on The Rich Eisen Show. What's up, Roger? Not not much Greg love the bracelets by the way, I want to take you back to January Lincoln Financial Field the San Francisco 49ers are winning that game three nothing and I can't remember where it was exactly out on the field but pass play Eagles. Yeah, the son Raddick ruin the night.

Yes on Reddit got in there and ruin the day ruin the game wrecked it. That's what he wrecked. I keep telling people that Brock Purdy is the MVP in my opinion of the NFL. He is a brilliant. He's a scholarly smart quarterback. He is the elite. Good God look back at his days at Iowa State. The man has been incredible the last the last four years of his life. And if you if you take that penalty or that that that bad botched non call away in Philadelphia, you you turn that game fully around. I think we have a totally different Super Bowl champ. Well, Roger, let's be I mean if you want to hit the way back machine, I appreciate the call, you know, if you want to hit the way back machine Kyle Shanahan not challenging that pass to Devante Smith in the first quarter on fourth down.

I mean if he if he had challenged that it would have been incomplete and they wouldn't got the ball. I'm trying to talk to him Mike. So stop talking to Brockman while I'm trying to engage him on there. What are you watching? What are you watching?

What's going on over there? I'm sorry. That's okay. Play baseball star fantastic. So great. Sorry. No, I just definitely got to talk about them Rangers and raise. I'm trying to listen in all in all seriousness though. Like if if if Shanahan had challenged that play a win that challenge and maybe Purdy is in a different position and you're not throwing it and Hassan Redick broke that, you know, wreck the game.

Here's the neat thing. This is the beautiful thing about the NFL usually more often than not they're going to play again. Yes, sir. Week 13. Yeah week 13. And then this coming weekend week 5 those are the games I circled entering the NFC season week 5 San Francisco Dallas rematch of the divisional playoff game. Let's see if there's a different result week 13 at Philadelphia NFC Championship game rematch.

Let's see if there's a different result. That's it and we'll see who else can join the party. The Lions are attempting to the Buccaneers are attempting to the Seahawks are attempting to the Rams are raising their hands saying look at us, you know, we'll see if there's another team that can make a run over the next month, but that's the beautiful thing about it.

But you can sit here. Look Purdy's been great. You know how I've been singing his praises.

But the reason why you call defensive ends game Wreckers is because Hassan Redick can wreck a game like he did by wrecking Purdy's elbow and wreck the game game was over legitimately wrecked the game for the 49ers. Man, I can't wait for that. And I appreciate today's program a lot of fun with Lewis Black and Gerald McCoy in studio and then Matt LaFleur of the Green Bay Packers on this program tomorrow David Spade sitting in the guest chair. I'm heading to London after tomorrow show you can't get rid of me fast enough.

I appreciate that again. What the football with Suzy and Amy Tresk soon as we are done and your ear gates and on YouTube are wrapped to wrap this up on the Roku Channel in a sec every Monday Rich Eisen and Chris Brockman react to what's happening in the world of football on overreaction Monday Dolphins final four AFC team. Oh, that is not an overreaction at all. I'm with you. You're in I am in the other three final four teams. If you ask me to call my shot, this is the overreaction limit podcast. Call your shot entertainment purposes only unless I'm right. Yeah Chiefs Dolphins bills Ravens Ravens final four over reaction Monday the podcast wherever you listen.
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