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NFL Week 4: The Overreaction Monday Podcast with Rich Eisen & Chris Brockman –

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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October 2, 2023 4:51 pm

NFL Week 4: The Overreaction Monday Podcast with Rich Eisen & Chris Brockman –

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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October 2, 2023 4:51 pm

A weekly staple on ‘The Rich Eisen Show’ for years, ‘Overreaction Monday’ is now also an extended podcast with Rich and Chris Brockman debating the latest in the NFL. Today’s topics:

1:30 Jets would be 4-0 with Aaron Rodgers

3:45 Matt Eberflus won’t last the season as Bears head coach

5:45 Christian McCaffrey as NFL MVP 

8:10 Mac Jones is not the Patriots’ answer at QB

10:45 Bengals should shut down Joe Burrow

14:30 The AFC North is the Ravens division to lose

17:50 The Falcons should trade for Kirk Cousins

20:15 Steelers need to clean house on the offensive side of the ball

23:15 CJ Stroud and the Texans will win the AFC South

25:05 Cooper Kupp’s return will keep the Rams in the playoff hunt

27:00 Baker Mayfield was the best offseason QB acquisition

31:30 NFL Week 4 headline predictions

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Oh yes, the dulcet tones of the overreaction Monday theme music. We are a quarter into the National Football League season.

If there were 16 regular season games, you just don't want to do the math foreign to 17. We're more verbal. Rich Eyes and Chris Brockman, good to see you sir. What's up baby, let's do it. I'm ready to overreact or not. Welcome to today's episode everybody of overreaction Monday presented by our friends at game time.

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Last minute tickets, lowest price guaranteed. I can't believe we're already in October. What the heck is happening? It's flying by like it does every single year Rich, but you know, things are starting to kind of take shape and take form when you look across the standings.

Unless they haven't, which is what overreaction Monday is all about. What's real, what's not. What's hot, what's not.

What in the world do we have today? It is time to play this week four into week five edition of overreaction Monday. Hit it. That was terrible. That was crap. That was garbage.

This place sucks. Overreaction Monday. All right, Christopher, what do you have cooked up? All right, let's start. I got the list. I know you were inspired last night watching Sunday night football, Rich. So I'm just going to throw this out to you right now.

The jets would be four and O with Aaron Rogers. What a great way to start. No, I'll say that's an overreaction. I will say it is an overreaction.

I will sit here and say that there is some way, shape or form. The Jets would have been tripped up by Belicheck or at home or score. I don't know what to say other than the fact that I do love the way that this team is constructed. I do love the fact that Zach Wilson did look good. I mean, it wasn't decent. It was good. It was exactly the type of performance I have been looking for. The rest of Jets Nation have been looking for where there's actual visual, easy to see and comprehend improvement. And so, yes, that was a winnable game on Sunday night football.

Yes, I do like the way that the defense was buzzing around and the way that everyone was playing inspired football and that, yes, you would think that Aaron Rogers would have had that happening for the Jets in weeks two, three and four. I will just push back and say, I can't sit here and go. Absolutely. They'd have been four. No, absolutely.

They would be the only undefeated team in the AFC right now. Absolutely. I'm just, I can't do it. I won't do it. I think I am inspired by what happened, but I can't believe you're actually throwing that out there.

What do you mean? Of course, Zach Wilson had a couple of back shoulder throws. He looked like Aaron Rogers yesterday and he did miss two of them. If you listen to Chris Collinsworth, he was the ghost of Aaron Rogers took over his body. Well, Collinsworth said that the two throws into the end zone that he missed, one to Garrett Wilson and another one to, I believe it was his tight end, one of his tight ends, you know, sliding across the turf that hit him in the hands, but it was too low of a throw.

Them being 4-0 with Aaron Rogers is too much of an overreaction. I appreciate you trying to bait me into that to start this show. You had me at hello, but I'll still push back. All right. All right. All right. Here's one that I don't think you're you're going to push back on. Okay, Matt Eberflus isn't going to make it the whole year as the Bears head coach.

I think this is a good proper thought here. I'll say you're right. I'll say they're 0-4 right now as we are recording this on the Monday after the 21-point lead that they blew at home to the equally winless at the time. Denver Broncos that they are getting set to fly to Washington DC for a short week road game, which is tough when you're 4-0, not when you're 0-4 as well. And so they also after this game against the commanders who damn near beat the Eagles and can put points on the board up and can confound you on defense as they did to Jalen Hurts, the MVP runner up from last year. After this game, they have that mini by, as you say, before they wind up home for Minnesota home for Vegas at the Chargers on a Sunday night for the whole country to see that game might be flexed out.

Who knows? They're at New Orleans home for Carolina on on a Thursday night themselves. So they got two Thursday night games in advance of Thanksgiving prior to which they visit Detroit.

So things can go south in a hurry and I'll say right now as much as I hope that he doesn't get the axe that this is a proper reaction. I think right now, as I said last week, the loser of that Broncos Bears game was really the winner because then you're in great. I know certainly driver's seat for Caleb Williams and Chicago has Carolina's draft choice and first overall pick or first round draft choice. And they're also the other remaining winless team and they can have the double dip of getting Caleb Williams and Marvin Harrison Jr.

Which is kind of wild. So I'll say you're one for two right now. You're betting 500 to kick off overreaction.

Rich on the big show. You said San Francisco is still the best team in the NFL and you were making the case for Brock Purdy for MVP. But I'm going to say Christian McCaffrey needs to be in the MVP discussion. He scored for the 800 straight game. It felt like over the weekend about him 40 days. He's played 18 games as a 49er. He's scored 18 touchdowns. He just broke Jerry Rice's record for most consecutive games with a touchdown. He's too shy of that Mark all-time Mark held by John Riggins and OJ Simpson scoring a touchdown in 15 straight games.

He is truly remarkable and showing off exactly why the Niners made all those moves to go get him and giving all those draft choices up to Carolina. And he is in the MVP conversation. Is he not? I mean at this point in time. Well he's seventh in the Vegas odds. Which is one but you said he's 20 to 1 which is. He's better than Brock Purdy.

Better than Brock Purdy's odds. Last running back obviously Adrian Peterson to win MVP. But as you know on teams that win like the 49ers and win as consistently as the 49ers are and the quarterback is somebody who came out of nowhere.

You know, you know what I'm saying? And then they have a great defense and they have terrific players one game. It'll be McCaffrey or all games. It's McCaffrey, but one game.

It really was a McCaffrey game. Last week Iook was out and Deebo did it. Last game Deebo looked like he was a decoy out there and Iook comes back and he does it. One game it's going to be Kittle doing it. Another game it's going to be the defense doing it.

One game they're going to put it all together and blow somebody out. So it's always tough to identify who is the MVP. I asked that of Chris Long on Monday's show and he's like great question.

He chose Fred Warner. So at this point in time you're right. He does need to be in the MVP conversation, but he's not a quarterback. So that's why I picked him for being the offensive player of the year before the season.

Seems like he's got that tied up right now. Well I mean it's Tyreek Hill. Let's not forget. Let's not forget there's Tyreek Hill who's balling out.

Not yesterday. Well obviously he's not going to do it every week and I imagine McCaffrey is going to have a clunker every now and then. Although he's on my fantasy team in the one league I need to win because I have to.

Because it's the one I want to. That's always good. So right now I'll say that's good. I'll accept it.

Alright. Watching the Afternoons games yesterday settling in for Cowboys-Patriots I was broken. I'm not sure which play broke me. I'm not sure if it was the sack fumble that he didn't see coming from behind. Or the Farveian throw across the field for a pick six. But Mac Jones is clearly not the answer as the Patriots franchise quarterback.

I don't know man. It's still too soon. Dude his first year he looked ready. He looked the part. He looked the guy.

I mean I saw it with my own two eyes on a Halloween in SoFi against the Chargers and Justin Herbert. He had it. He had it. What he did with Brady in the house too and Tom's return for the Bucks? He just doesn't have it anymore?

Is that what it is? Or just last year broke him? I can't sit here and say he's clearly not the answer right now.

I don't know. They can't score any points. They can't move the ball. There's no one that scares you on offense. But the quarterback is supposed to make all these other guys better.

I don't think he makes anyone better. It's amazing. It's like that 80s movie where they switch bodies. Did he and Zach Wilson switch bodies in week three and they went out the door? Your brother-in-law tweeted me yesterday of like... Fellow Patriot fan Scott Schuster. Zach Wilson for Mac Jones. Who says no? And I was like stop it.

But now I think the Jets say no. Which is like when did this happen? I know.

It's like one of those body switching movies. But it's the NFL, which is my point about how things can change quickly. Which is why I'll push back on this. It's just four games in. Well I came on here week one and said Bill Bryan fixed it. It's all fixed.

Now it's broken. New England's schedule, home for New Orleans. It gets worse. And Max Crosby can roost in that backfield and create problems. Home for Buffalo at Miami. Brutal. Where are the wins coming from?

I don't know. Certainly with Matt Judon hurt. But the fact that he doesn't have the weapons to scare anybody and the running game to scare anybody. But that's on the GM. I know. Who's the head coach. Right. For how much longer? I'll just push back right now and just say that it's still too soon.

Still too soon. He's got it in him, man. He's got it in him. I need you to talk me off the couch, I guess. Rich Eisen here. If you love football as much as we do here and want to be in the game every day, there's something the guys on my show have been enjoying. Prizepix Daily Fantasy Sports. The number one daily fantasy sports app. Brockman, tell us about Prizepix and your strategy this season. Rich, it's so fun and so easy. You know I love this stuff. You pick two or more players based on their stats and place their entry.

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Get the podcast wherever you listen. All right, let's move on. I think I nailed this one before the season in the preview show. I said Bengals not going to make the playoffs. And I heard from Cincinnati. But I got to say, Rich, they need to shut down Joe Burrow until he's until he's 100 percent healthy. It's funny. Today, Zach Taylor was asked if Joe Burrow was going to start this Sunday at Arizona. And he basically said, of course. And then, quote unquote, that's a strange question.

So you're not even in the AC of the CIA and we're watching is not thinking this at all. And the answer is no shot. Are they going to put in any backup quarterback? Jake Browning, anybody that they've signed to their practice squad. It ain't happening.

And that 60, 70 percent of Burrow is still better than anybody else that they're put in. I don't know. And I know Jamar Chase. Let's let's fire that one up. Jamar Chase soundbite of the weekend. It is a soundbite of the weekend. And it does sound like when you just take it, you know, just a few seconds, the the magic seconds that it sounds like he's carping on Joe Burrow. But I did see the entirety of the soundbite and it just sounds like he is basically saying, you know, that he's there at the ready as he's always has been throughout this entire struggle of the first month of the season.

We'll play the soundbite and I will interpret this as best I can hit it in four games this season. Do you feel like you've had less time to get open and create space for yourself? No, I'm open.

I'm always open. Excuse my profanity. I'm sorry.

Now, that sounds like, you know, Burrow's not finding him. And I think the frustration isn't just one and three. And the fact that they they're they're a hard one in three. The one win is against an NFC team in the Rams that they had to really fight for.

But he also had a damn near 150 yards. They're all in three in conference. They've lost two division games. They're all in two in division, including one at home to the Ravens, who's the team that they're going to have to chase down if they want to win another division championship. I think Chase is frustrated because he said the time to sit him was the first month of the season.

And I bet you he's sitting there thinking, I'm always effing open. We could have gone one in three with the guys I was telling you to play. And then we'd have Burrow coming back.

And now we're ready to go from here on out. I told you all to sit him the first six weeks of the season. And now they played him.

They're one in three with him. And he's not healthy after this one in three. He's not getting better after that one win.

He actually looked just he looked worse against the Titans team that couldn't put a point on the board in Cleveland the week before. So I think that's what the frustration is. They are not going to shut him down.

So in the world of reality ain't happening. And in the world of overreaction Monday, I still think that's an overreaction. They got to play him. That's where they're at. This season might have just started circling the drain the minute that that calf gave way in late July. And that may be something we're talking about in October. Since Cincinnati's schedule over the next month or so.

Does he have time to even heal? He does have a bye week on the horizon at Arizona. And what we thought was a winnable game coming into the season that may not home for Seattle. Then there's the bye. OK. Then there's the bye. Let's just say they win their next two. They're three and three going into the bye and then they come out. They better be ready to roll because they're at San Francisco and then home for Buffalo. She's they better win at least one of those games.

What else is next two weeks? Let's stay in the AFC North. Rich, I liked what I saw. I liked them coming into this year, but it got off to a slow start. But I liked what I saw yesterday out of the Ravens. The AFC North is the Ravens division to lose. I agree.

I agree. The Ravens are three and one in the same way that I keep mentioning what teams records are with also so far in conference and in division. The Baltimore Ravens loan loss was against Indianapolis. OK, but they they beat Houston. They won at Cincinnati and they won at Cleveland. And if they win this game on Sunday at Pittsburgh, they will not only be four and one overall, but also four and one in conference and also three and oh in division. All three wins on the road.

Wow. So they'll have everyone else coming home to Baltimore to try and face them. And with Pittsburgh having Mitchell Trubisky out there and Cincinnati having half a borough, as it appears out there. And Cleveland, you know, currently playing DTR because of despite being cleared. Deshaun Watson medically clear the doctors are like, looks good to us.

He's like, I don't feel right. And Kevin's defense is like, all right, we're not playing you against the Ravens. That's for damn sure. So you bet this is the division for the Ravens to lose right now. You bet on that front.

So that is a proper reaction. You are spot on, pal. On that one through four weeks. So that is have we reached halftime? It's halftime.

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Lowest price guaranteed. Second half. Second half. Here we go. Overreaction Monday presented by game time. Hit it, Chris. What else? We're going to start with the London game. Did you see what happened? It was terrible. The Falcons offense stinks.

Or other than Bijan Robinson. I know where you're going. Can I guess what you're saying? Sure. It's time for Taylor Honeke. Close.

Okay. Last week I said teams should start calling the Vikings about Cousins and Justin Jefferson. The Falcons need to be the ones to call the Vikings for Kirk Cousins. It's not happening. It's not happening. Vikings aren't doing it.

The Vikings just won. The Vikings season is not over. They are definitely not trading Justin Jefferson.

Which was a report on game day morning from Tom Pellicero. He's definitely not getting traded. But Cousins ain't going anywhere either. And certainly not right now. And certainly not to Minnesota. I mean not to Atlanta.

You know what? Arthur Smith stuck with Desmond Ritter in the second half of that game. And he was shocked.

I couldn't believe it. He was rewarded with a pretty damn nice half opening touchdown drive. After that though. The answer for the Falcons this season. And I don't know when they're going to push this button.

They can hit people with the Honeke. How many times has that guy come off the bench and breathed life into a franchise? He must be Tom Brady in the playoffs. Correct. For the Washington at the time football team. And then he did it for the Washington commanders.

Right? So he has proven he can do this. And he's not just one of those guys.

I'll just get you the two to three games and four games. In order to keep the ship afloat by the time the starter gets back from injury. He's the guy that they would have to hand the reins to for the rest of the season. And also indicate Desmond Ritter ain't the guy at least for this season.

And then figure out how to rehabilitate him at all. That is Arthur Smith's conundrum right now. And they are now 2 and 2 after starting 2 and 0. The division is absolutely there for the taking. With the Saints looking the way that they did. Carolina is already 0 and 4 kind of out of it.

Baker Mayfield in Tampa. That is not a bad way to start. 3 and 1. So they're in this thing. They're not totally out of it. They're home for Houston. Home for Washington. Let's see how the kid does here before they visit Tampa.

Because that's the one where you're going to go, okay, kids overmatched. He's not doing it. We're 2 and 4. And guess what we're going to need to do? We're going to go hit Tampa with the Heinecke. And then you're going to do it for the rest of the season.

So that to me is the future thought process. Let's see how the next two weeks play out for the moment. This is an overreaction.

What else do you have? You know who did not look good yesterday? The Pittsburgh Steelers.

That's not an overreaction. Mike Tomlin, he promised changes are coming. The Steelers have the pieces to compete for the division. They need wholesale changes on offense. Well what you're saying is firing the offensive coordinator and getting someone else in there. That's what you're saying.

Matt, Canada. I'm saying that. I'm saying bye bye to Canada. I'm saying let's change the scheme. Let's change the way we're lining up. Let's change the way people are used. Maybe Trubisky can insert some life into this offense as it looks like he will be starting for the next couple weeks.

I think this is it. I think this is what you've got to do. To change the scheme and change, you've got to change the guy. You've got to change Matt Canada. Will he pull the trigger? I don't think so. I don't think he's going to change coaches in the middle of the season. Just four games in.

That doesn't seem like a Tomlin maneuver. He's got to go to the OC and say, what can we do to change? I want on my desk by nightfall a new scheme that we can teach Trubisky and that we can run with these guys that is not going to screw with their heads so much that we're going to totally change everything around. Give me some ideas.

I want it on my desk by nightfall. And that's the way to go about it. Spiro Didis was doing the game on CBS. This has been making rounds all day amongst the Steeler faithful and message boards and all of that stuff where when you do a broadcast, you chat with the coaches. You chat with the coordinators. You chat with players. That stuff when you're in a meeting room is on the record.

And it's also for you to use as background information as a broadcaster. I'm about to meet with the Jaguars and the Bills in London in a few days from now. So he said, and paraphrasing, I'm assuming correctly and accurately, Matt Canada saying that the team was not built currently to come from behind deep from from way down. They're not built to come. And so Steeler fans heard that and go, wait a minute, like, how are we not built to come from behind with big play guys all over the field? Right.

So it must be you and your attitude and your scheme. It's just anything that could be done with Matt Canada right now. They are going to be. Yeah, they all want him out. And the question and Tomlin must know this again.

The phrase that we're using on on the Rich Eisen show every day is it's the South Park theme. Blame Canada. Right. So but there's a reason why everyone was so high on the Steelers coming into the season. I mean, I thought they were the vision. They played the preseason.

They were insane. Every single highlight, every single play picket had a touchdown drive every drive he was in. So he's out for the next couple of weeks. Let's see if Trubisky being in there will actually spark the changes that Steelers fans are looking for.

I don't believe you're going to see a changing of the coordinator just four weeks into a season. I just think that is a Mike Tomlin reaction that doesn't exist. Susie Schuster and Amy Trask present offbeat conversations and expert sports commentary as they ask, what the football? When my family found out how long it took me to figure out why Charles Woodson named his wine intercept, they said there's a reason that you had trouble in school. You know, not everyone knows, you know, what I think about intercept. They don't know that I play football. Well, what I've learned is a smooth defensive back can make smooth wine. That's what it's all about. The football with Susie Schuster and Amy Trask.

The podcast is available Tuesdays wherever you listen. What else do you have over there? Well, let's talk about the team that beat them. The Texans are winning the AFC South. C.J. Stroud, offensive rookie of the year. I will say offensive rookie of the year for C.J. Stroud is not an overreaction that you look at the first four weeks and you see what he has done.

And even though it is a marathon and a longtime slog and and also rookie walls, but he's one of those kids, you know, with Ohio State, pardon me, the Ohio State, where, you know, he he he played damn near a professional football schedule for as many games. Right. So I don't think that's an overreaction to call him offensive rookie of the year right now if he stays healthy. Clearly, he's been great. Right. He has been terrific. He's been 75 yards and two touchdowns and three straight games. Right.

And it's really delicious for me to see that his main threat is a Michigan Wolverine and Nico Collins. But it's neither here nor there. Winning the division. That's an overreaction right now.

That one, I'll just say I'm not saying I'm not saying it's impossible. Would you concede that they're playing the best of any AFC South team at the moment? And I will say that the team that we thought that they were going to lose to in the division is the one that they've beaten on the road. So they already have a win at Jacksonville. They have that tiebreak. They have an opportunity to sweep Jacksonville, which would be an amazing leg up if that actually happens.

I have that in week 12. Jacksonville is at Houston. And so let's see what happens over the next 10 weeks. Right. Or eight weeks, obviously, between now and then. Their next game, Houston is playing in Atlanta, as we've just discussed. So, yes, not an overreaction to say he's going to be offensive rookie of the year.

They're winning the AFC South right now. I'll just push back on that one. I'll split it. Okay. Well, that's a fun one, though. They're kind of a plucky, fun team. They are. No doubt about it.

All right. A couple more, Rich. I like what the Rams have been doing. Me too. I wasn't high on them coming into this year, but Puka Nakua had the walk-off touchdown yesterday. Matt Stafford threw for 300 yards, although he was a little bit banged up.

I think with Cooper Cupp returning, the Rams' offense will be dangerous and keep them in the playoff run. Bingo, pal. Bingo. I'm glad to see you kind of doing a 180. 360 is where you turned completely around. 360, I went completely around. 180. I might go 140, maybe. I'm almost there. The 140 that you're saying, you should be making the 180. I'm not the full 180. I might go 180.

I'm almost there. Because you were saying this entire time that when Cooper Cupp comes back, Puka Nakua is going to go poof. Well, I just thought he would maybe not turn into a complete pumpkin, maybe like a half pumpkin.

He's just not going to get the looks. He's not going to get 20 targets a game. No, because that belongs to Cupp, but if you go and give Cupp his attention, this kid Nakua. Puka Nakua is Samoan for catches everything. Samoan for wide open and he scores touchdowns. He scores touchdowns. He catches everything. He's another Cooper Cupp. Let me say that again. He looks like another Cooper Cupp.

Always open, catches everything. So you've got two of them with Tutu Atwell and Van Jefferson. And Kyron Williams is like the second coming of Todd Gurley all in terms of production.

Higbee's got five catches every game. So yeah, man. They are in the playoff hunt and Aaron Donald with his health going on. I'm with it. What a big week five game that is.

Eagles at Rams. And we're going to talk about that a little bit more. That's part of my future overreaction prediction that we always end our show with.

I'm already teasing different parts of overreaction Monday podcast. Alright, last one, Rich. You love this man like your third son. Baker Mayfield was the best quarterback acquisition of this past offseason. Wow. Wow. I started hot. I'm finishing hot.

You are because and involving the Jets, because I'll still say Rogers was the best quarterback acquisition of the offseason. I'll still say for a while, like for 40 seconds. How do we know that it was still for 40 seconds? How do we know?

How do we know? Now, who are you comparing him with right now? Derek Carr? All the quarterback acquisitions, all of the rookies, the free agents, everybody. Baker Mayfield is the only one that's three and one.

And I didn't think this was going to work either. If you're comparing him to those guys. Yes. But Rogers, you still you can't sit here and say that Rogers is a bad acquisition, especially since I'm just saying it wasn't Hold on a second. Deep down. Let me just manifest this. Aaron Rogers comes back. The team.

Hold on a second. He comes back to the team. He shows up at a team meeting. He surprises everyone. He's like, no finger pointing.

We're done finger pointing. We're all going to rally around. We're going to rally around this quarterback and he's going to play well. And then all of a sudden, Zach Wilson has the best game of his career against the defending Super Bowl champion. Chiefs with Taylor friggin Swift in the house and everybody seeing the first quarter going down the tubes down the crapper.

It looked like two thousand twenty two all over again. And then all of a sudden Zach Wilson plays the best game of his life. And then after the game says, it's my fault that we lost a fumble is what caused us to lose. Same guy that stepped to a podium in New England last year. When he's asked, like, you feel like you're letting the team that is like, no, like, like zero self-awareness. Now he's is now he's aware of himself like he's been through darkness therapy is like hopped up on ayahuasca. And if this kid plays like this and gets the Jets and playoff contention, Aaron Rogers deserves his fifth MVP award. Despite having only five snaps. How's that for an overreaction?

Excuse me. What's the name of this podcast? The name of this podcast. OK, so Rogers says he wants to play again this year about next year, too. By the way, he's walking around like I don't know what exactly what the hell did Ella Trost putting that leg. Zach Wilson takes his team to the playoffs. What are you going to just bench him for Aaron Rogers? Oh, I don't care. It's a first class problem.

I have no I have no problem going down that road. Wolverine was at the game last night. Did they put adamantium? Jackman was sitting in the booth in the suite with with Taylor and Sansa Stark.

Yes, they're all in there. So let me push back and say I do like Baker. Like he's he's my third son, my fourth child. You know, I love Baker Mayfield. And what he is doing with this opportunity right now is exactly why we love the NFL.

Exactly why we love people who have second and third and fourth chances and then make the most of it. He's he's again, he is he is stiff arm and flag plant Baker Mayfield. He is the one who's going into the Superdome and doing stuff that not even Brady could do sometimes. OK. When he was with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this week.

Hold on a second. They're on a bike and Baker is going to rule that week, too. He's going to crush the bye week, too. But all said and done, the best quarterback acquisition of this past offseason was Aaron Rodgers by the Jets because it energized the building.

It absolutely is still energizing the building. We do not know what's going to happen next year either. I don't care. I just I'm saying right now, this is still an overreaction. But if you're just removing Rodgers from the equation, he was an acquisition.

And OK. And so, you know, for twenty, twenty three, is it the best acquisition for twenty, twenty three? You're talking about C.J. Stroud could win for for a decade in Houston. But I'm talking about right now, witnessing the turn of a franchise right now. That's true. Which is another potential overreaction. So, you know, yeah, I'll push back.

Say that's an overreaction. Baker is still my third son and my fourth child, you know, planting flags in Columbus, Ohio. But Baker, you had daddy at hello on that one. I just referred to myself in the third person who's officially adopted.

So it's exactly what I put in my papers to adopt Baker eyes. And we saw him at the Rose Bowl. So, yes, we did see him at the Rose Bowl, too.

And I loved him there, too. So that's my last push back to you. Good one.

All right. What a great start. What a great finish.

We first started to finish out. And as always, we finish up this overreaction Monday podcast by predicting what we're going to overreact to the following week. My prediction on last week's show is the Ravens are in trouble. I was wrong about that, but I also thought Deshaun Watson was going to play. Yes, say me, too. So that's that was mine. So I don't believe we've gotten any of these right yet.

Chris. No, I said something about the Cowboys last week. Yeah. You thought the Cowboys were going to be host. I thought they might. Right.

So you go and let's see if we get one right up there, because I got to be honest, I forgot what I wrote. This is on TV today. The Rams are going to win the NFC East or West. Sorry, West.

Yes. The Rams can win the NFC West. That's my prediction, because I think here's what I think. I think Seattle. I think Dallas beat San Francisco. And I think the Rams win next week against Philly.

Yes. Shocking everyone. And the Rams already have beaten. They'll have a tiebreaker over Seattle.

I just think it's going to break their way. I think the Rams after next week, we're going to be talking about a little higher register. But you still think so. You think that's not believable then still they've lost to San Francisco. They've lost to San Francisco, but they've beaten Seattle. But San Francisco is going to lose to Dallas and we're going to be a little higher registry. But I think they can win the NFC West.

Meaning you need to talk up here in order to believe that sort of stuff. I'm staying with the same game, but taking the different approach. I believe the Rams do win this game too. Look at us.

Yes. And I believe that everyone's going to be saying that the Eagles are still having a team with too many flaws. And even if they lose this game and even if the Rams don't pull it out at the end and have one of those where they're close like they had in Cincinnati. Too many red zone problems. Settling for too many field goals. Don't score enough points. And the Eagles win.

People are still... I've never seen a 4-0 team with a number one quarterback and a number one wide receiver playing like this. And then a 1A like Devante Smith who personally whipped the Minnesota Vikings on a Monday night.

Right? On a Thursday night that was. And then you've got DeAndre Swift two years in a row. How he's hit with a draft weekend trade.

A.J. Brown in the Vegas draft and then last year's draft. He goes and he gets DeAndre Swift in the Kansas City draft. And he's been dominating. And the defensive line in the up front.

He gets Jalen Carter dropping him. And we're all wondering what's wrong with the Eagles because they don't look incredibly crisp at 4-0. They don't look like the 4-0 49ers where they're boat racing people or winning close games on the road in division. We're wondering why aren't they looking so great? They're less than. And I believe that's going to continue on after next week's game against the Rams.

And everyone's going to be wrong. Has a sideline dust up ever worked better for anyone other than A.J. Brown? He's certainly getting the ball. I mean in the two games since it. They're looking for him now. They're throwing deep to him in the end zone.

He's that good. I know. I know. Which is why the Eagles. You think the Rams are going to win. I think they're going to win too. I think even if it's close we're still going to have this as an overreaction Monday topic. I will be zooming in for this show from London next week.

Right. The Eagles and Jaguars. I'll be calling that game from London and then sticking around in London because I've got the Ravens and the Titans the following week. We'll have fun. But we'll still be doing overreaction Monday not only for this podcast but on the Rich Eisen Show.

I'll be zooming in for that. Suzy Schuster and Amy Trask on What the Football every single Tuesday. So download this podcast after you download all three hours of the Rich Eisen Show. And then of course What the Football is in your RSS feed every single Tuesday or it should be. Give it a little follow.

Suzy Schuster and Amy Trask all from Rich Eisen Podcast. That'll wrap it up for Reaction Monday. Good stuff Chris Brockman. Great stuff. All right. We will chat again next Monday. Final Four. Overreaction Monday. The podcast. Wherever you listen.
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