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REShow: DK Metcalf - Hour 3

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October 2, 2023 3:47 pm

REShow: DK Metcalf - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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October 2, 2023 3:47 pm

Rich weighs in on the Bears falling to 0-4 and offers up some advice for Chicago QB Justin Fields, reacts to the Carolina Panthers also remaining winless with struggling rookie QB Bryce Young, discusses USC quarterback Caleb Williams doing nothing to harm his NFL Draft stock, and says what Deion Sanders and Colorado proved in their valiant 2nd-half comeback against the Trojans.

Seahawks WR DK Metcalf and Rich discuss facing the New York Giants on Monday Night Football, how the return of Bobby Wagner has impacted Seattle’s locker room and reveals the surprising reason why he’s learning American Sign Language and confirms the rumors that he eats candy constantly.

Rich makes the case for 49ers QB Brock Purdy to get more consideration in NFL MVP conversations.

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Y'all remember this? Check this out. This is The Rich Eisen Show. Let me just get this off my chest too.

Check this out. Live from The Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. And one thing that I'm not here for is let's do it to prove Joe Namath wrong.

That is not a rallying cry. The Rich Eisen Show. Zach Rosen breaks the plane. The Jets score two. Earlier on the show, two-time Super Bowl champion and host of the Greenlight podcast, Chris Long.

Coming up, Seahawks wide receiver DK Metcalf. Plus, overreaction Monday and more. And now, it's Rich Eisen. That's right, hour number three. The Rich Eisen Show is on the air. If you missed Chris Long an hour or two or overreaction Monday an hour or two or all of our football conversations with you at 844204rich number to dial here on the program. It re-ears on the Roku channel as soon as we're done. Channel 210 is how you can catch us for free on the Roku channel which is on Roku devices and select Samsung smart TVs and also Amazon Fire TV.

We're also free on the Roku app and the Roku As soon as this show is over, Chris Brockman and I stay after class to put together another edition of overreaction Monday, the podcast version of it. You can get that as well as all three hours of this show when you can listen on demand through the Cumulus Podcast Network, The Rich Eisen Podcast Network. We're one happy family. Coming up on Tuesday, get it, wherever you want to fill your ear gate with terrific conversations.

844204rich number to dial here on the program. Chris Brockman and Mike Del Tufo in their usual spots. TJ Jefferson and the Dallas Cowboys all together as one happy family in his spot right here on the program. 0-4 Bears. 0-4 Carolina Panthers.

Go figure that. On draft night, when we saw the Panthers cash in the first overall pick for Bryce Young, courtesy of the Chicago Bears saying we're sticking with Justin Fields and we're taking DJ Moore from Carolina to give to the Chicago Bears offense and make sure that Justin Fields knows he is our future and foundation and he hasn't won a game and it's now October. And the Bears led 28-7 at home against a Broncos team staring an 0-4 start for their Super Bowl winning head coach Sean Payton right in the face.

Staring Nat in the face down 21. They gave up 28 to the Bears after giving up 70 to the Dolphins and just when you thought they would wrap it up they come back and win that game. DJ Moore scored for the first time too in that 28 to 7 lead.

Nice pitching catch too. And these two teams are staring at the worst record in the NFL right now. Both of them are 0-4. Problem for Carolina is their first round draft choice belongs to the Bears. I've done this now, football only thing, as you know it's the 20th season for the NFL Network. Never have I seen an opportunity like the one that the Bears have in front of them.

What do you mean by opportunity Rich? Brockman you were on it last week. When you own the worst record in the NFL and the first round draft choice of the other team that has the same record as you, I don't recall anybody having the opportunity to go 1-2 in an NFL draft entering October with that possibility being no question in the ether and a quarterback and wide receiver tandem available to take at the top two picks in the draft worthy of being those two picks.

Yeah buddy. I almost tweeted out during the Bears Broncos game that the Broncos were playing like they watched Caleb Williams play football this year but I don't want to do that because I know Sean Payton and I know Russ Wilson and I know neither of them are in any way shape or form up for the idea of tanking because their legacies is a tough word to throw out there certainly since Sean Payton is back in his in a head coaching position for the first time you know in two years and his legacy in New Orleans is cemented forever he will never need a reservation in a restaurant there the rest of his life he could just stroll right in and take whatever table he wants and Russ can do the same thing I think in most spots in Seattle right but he needs to win now and they're not tanking and they just showed that they're they didn't I mean they pulled that one out but the Bears helped as well three minutes left to go in this game unbelievable sequence it's a tie game 28 apiece again the Bears after blowing this lead have an opportunity to win this game it is as I said let's get the exact time I 252 to go in the game and they are on the Denver 18 and I'm thinking they're definitely gonna kick a field goal but in this day and age there are these analytics and they definitely rule the day and I'm not saying that they're insignificant or not to be listened to but somebody must have gotten in Maddie Bruce's headset and goes it the analytics say we go for it here and we win but as my colleague Cynthia Freeland on NFL game day morning mentioned on Sunday because we had a segment about these decisions that we're seeing coaches attempt and it's amazing how the football gods always place this in Brandon Staley's lap it seems weekend and week out and he takes the cheese every time that these analytics say yeah if you go for it you now have an X number of percent chance better to win then if you kick a field goal but the analytics don't choose the play call and sometimes the play call ain't right and Khalil Herbert on fourth and one that wasn't working and sure enough the Broncos stop and Ibra Flus decides to go for it fourth and short doesn't work in a tie game the Bears by the way tried to get the Broncos to jump first they didn't they called timeout thinking all right now they're gonna go for the field goal they didn't turn down the 35 yard field goal they don't get it then right away give up a 47 yard pass and then a field goal and then they lose because Justin Fields throws an interception at the end and just when you think they're gonna win and they're gonna walk out with Justin Fields feeling good about himself and sending Denver home 0-4 to face a Jets team that cannot wait to Savage Sean Payton for his comments about Nathaniel Hackett despite his apologies instead Justin Fields throws an interception to seal the loss Russell Wilson heads home with a win and we're all wondering what the hell is happening in Chicago and Justin Fields has got to be sitting in there thinking well whatever I'm thinking I'm not telling the media damn thing and this is all sitting inside that spot as they get ready for an early week Thursday night football kickoff in front of the whole nation in Washington where Sam Howell looks way better than Justin Fields has looked all season long or parts of last season screw fantasy football fantasy football doesn't mean Jack it's about playing the position in a way yes I'll say it like Zach Wilson played it last night you play it fast and you play it quickly and you play it efficiently and you play it winning and you take the layups and you move on and they know it's not doing it right now they're gonna get spanked at Washington unless Justin Fields can just take the game over in a way that we only saw it for what like a half home for Minnesota home for Vegas at the charge I mean and if Justin Fields wants to say in Chicago he better keep winning because Caleb Williams is coming to the National Football League oh yeah and Carolina let me just say this before I move on to Caleb Chris sometimes your overreaction Mondays feels like you have a crystal ball was it two weeks ago you said CJ Stroud that the Panthers made a mistake last week yeah yeah last week TJ we were talking about it for the show too Stroud looks nice looks more than nice but I when we came back from the combine I'm like okay Bryce Young didn't spin it but you know who did Richardson and Stroud and you know Stroud looks superb I mean he looks like offensive rookie of the year he looks like he's getting it and by the way for a defensive head coach who hands I imagine the offense off to Bobby Sloake their their offensive coordinator D'Amico Ryan's is just making he's making a case right now for great hire defensive head coaches can certainly have good offenses by handing it off to somebody in a way that Ebert flus is not showing in Chicago right now with Justin Fields Stroud looks really really good the Texans are two and two this kid looks like the light is on not making rookie mistakes and of course as I reminded my Ohio State friends this very morning he has a breakout Michigan receiver to throw to Nico Collins tank Dell coming out party okay they are looking really good in Houston yeah and then Anthony Richardson comes back from his concussion and damn near beat the Rams from 20 points down that was a fun game to watch damn near beats the Rams from 20 points down throwing it around when he gets ahead of steam going that's a business decision standing in front of him too and so with Richardson looking the way that he has looked when healthy and guess what he actually finished the game healthy for the first time in his young NFL career and Indianapolis is taking on Tennessee that is gonna be a fun week five game gents Jonathan Taylor coming back what's going on with me I I cannot imagine they're gonna do what like healthy scratch him he's gonna play unless he wants to like sit out and hold out why would he play for a team that he wants to be traded because he's got to play he's got to show everyone I'm healthy come get me or guess what he could be the running back on an AFC sent south almost said central a contending team which by the way the Colts are we're the kid who is really dynamic so you could just play it out and hope that by the end of this month you do get traded if if if that happens you just got to play a day by day look at this division two and two and two and two and two and two I think I said that right meanwhile Carolina's own four and they don't have a first-round pick and Bryce young looks lost lost he looks like a ragdoll getting thrown around and this is a week after Andy Dalton showed this is how it's done yeah DJ shark is here and Adam feelings here and so the one thing that Bryce Young is fortunate about for sure outside of the fact that I love Frank Reich and I think they've got the coaching staff to figure this thing out personally but the one thing that at least put it this way that he's lucky to have that Justin Fields doesn't have is the fact that his team doesn't have a first-round pick they used it to go get him the Bears have one in their back pocket and we might be sitting here next January saying do you get Marvin Harrison for Justin Fields and then you trade the pick to go for someone else to get Caleb Williams and then use all that to build around DJ Moore and Justin Fields and Marvin Harrison jr. and the answer to that I can tell you right now will be most emphatically nah they are not gonna earn the number one overall pick again with Justin Fields and have Caleb Williams staring in the face and say we will stick with Justin Fields trade that pick for a bounty and then use the second overall pick that we get from Carolina on a receiver for Justin Fields that ain't happening and Eber flus has got to know that too because he won't be around either if this happens because of what Caleb Williams looks like let me spend a few minutes on this so of course I'm watching USC versus Colorado because I'm rooting like crazy for prime and it is the first game I'm watching from start to finish this year of USC football I've seen the highlights I've seen enough of the highlights to come on the air I think it was week one right the one where Caleb Williams dropped the snap and picked it up like it had a handle on it like a suitcase yeah and then he runs around and then finds his receiver in stride for touchdown and I said then this kid's winning back-to-back Heisman's and then you guys push back hasn't happened since Archie Griffin it's not a thing that normally happens but yeah right yeah and there's a ton of other talented kids including you know my quarterback at Michigan should get some run for this conversation I think he should show up in Manhattan the way that JJ McCarthy's playing if he finishes the season in this manner as well a lot of other kids that deserve spots in Manhattan but this kid is winning it again period end of story and the number of times that I've heard the comparison I gotta say he does look like Patrick Mahomes I mean he looks like him physically he looks like him you know improvisationally he looks like he's got the legs and man the arm angles the way that he's throwing it the way that he's flipping it out there to people just like Mahomes just like Mahomes on Sunday night I'm telling you it's not fair to say this about that kid when you're talking about somebody as special and unicorn like in Mahomes but holy cow six touchdowns one interception the interception was bad he even was smiling about it knowing he made a terrible throw and it helped Colorado keep in the game and prime I don't know what your OC was doing calling three straight run plays when you needed the ball multiple times no timeouts left three straight run plays like you know a walk in the park like there was another quarter to be played and certainly with this kid I don't know how you were gonna get the ball back I guess you know onside kick it which they attempted to do and it didn't work this kid's the number one overall pick in the draft period end story I mean it's not even close to five games that was his first pick of the year he has 21 touchdowns at five games 1,600 yards 75% completion percentage and I'll tell you what if Justin Fields wants out of Chicago this is the perfect way to do it but why wouldn't they do a TJ said earlier is get ahead of it if you're the Bears and try to try to shop fields right now maybe maybe and I know you're saying Atlanta would be the spot you would send him to I mean that's just one spot by the way bro I'll take him Arthur Smith said today that it's still Desmond Ritter's job you didn't think about pulling him in London after two terrible back-to-back throws for interceptions one is a pick six crazy it looked and all I keep thinking of it with that situation is boy with Taylor Honeke be able to win some games there and maybe even win the division this year with the current roster that they have and how special Bijan Robinson is as Arthur Smith referred to Bijan as Allen Iverson with the ball well did you see him dude put that dude on skates he's he's he's really special yeah and they take him out sometimes like you know they take him out what a favor you're doing to the up for the other team but again you know I don't know I'm not standing on the sideline I don't know scheme and I don't know if he needs you know it is gassed I have no idea but Honeke is not the long-term answer I have no idea if Fields is either that would be a particularly provocative move for Atlanta to go midseason go ahead and get this kid I don't think that is that's happening but man is Caleb Williams all that and a basket that is a fact and he's better in college than Mahomes was at Texas Tech that's a fact too not that I watched a ton of Texas Tech games but I think you know he's speaking and it's NFL scout they'll tell you the same thing yeah so what a wild first four weeks I thought like the reason why Caleb Williams is saying he's he's sticking around is because he's telling Arizona don't you dare think about picking me because Cliff Kingsbury is sitting in that locker room in his quarterback room whispering you have no idea how crazy it is there but right now this you know Arizona Arizona looks like world beaters compared to the Bears right now they're about to go a hard 0-5 with a big Lulu of a step after that damn you know they haven't even played the Lions yet what do you think they're gonna do it David monk with the monk Montgomery when they go to Chicago they can run him 40 times what do you think how many times I get a little bit of love how many times that gonna happen they'll run 40 times you know Detroit's going to Chicago they had Chicago in their house week 11 and then they're at Chicago week 14 oh my goodness and then for Colorado though just to finish up that thought too I thought their second half against USC I know this sounds crazy that might have been one of their best halves of the season and I know they beat TCU and I know what they did against Nebraska in the second half and I know obviously what happened against Colorado State but that's one of those things that where they became a team and they realized that you know without Travis Hunter they could still hang with people like USC and and and prime found some guys I think prime found some guys and he also know which guys are gonna absolutely find Louis Vuitton luggage he knows it right now that's why he says you better get us now and we're not as good you know so he knows it he gets it I can't wait to see how the rest of this season goes that was a good half of football for them they damn near pulled it off it was a fun game it was a fun game and it looked like this was gonna be Oregon all over again and just get steamrolled but no I I think he found some guys and I think he found some guys who wanted it and I bet you he delivered that message in the locker room at halftime you guys want to play well you better show it to me in the second half and I think a lot of them did they definitely did a lot of they could have just packed it up right she could have packed those little bags up and went like all right next week this kids never well anybody who wants to pack up their Louis bags right now and say next week I think we'll find themselves off campus it's actually you know he's taking names he's seeing he sees everything so eight four four two oh four rich number two dial DK Metcalf still to come and why in the world does Brock Purdy still get no love I don't get it he gets love from Niner nation but outside of it everyone's like oh okay you're just rolling out the footballs for him rich eyes in here if you love football as much as we do here and want to be in the game every day there's something the guys on my show have been enjoying prize picks daily fantasy sports the number one daily fantasy sports app Brockman tell us about prize picks and your strategy this season rich it's so fun and so easy you know I love this stuff you pick two or more players based on their stats in place or entry it takes less than 60 seconds and just a few taps you make your picks boom you're part of the action and they have weekly promotions that can lead to big prizes I love prize picks because it adds to my game time experience I'm more invested in the outcome and I get real-time updates like this weekend you know if I'm thinking about a certain Indianapolis quarterback going over as rushing yards or maybe a Pittsburgh receiver getting more than is a lot of catches there I am boom I love it I love prize picks you should too if you're eager to test your knowledge and skills play the game enjoyed by millions and join the prize picks community of more than 7 million football fans who have already signed up visit prize slash pigskin and use code pigskin that's code pigskin at prize slash pigskin prize picks daily fantasy made easy must be present in certain states visit prize for restrictions and details. Susie Schuster and Amy Trask present offbeat conversations and expert sports commentary as they ask what the football? When my family found out how long it took me to figure out why Charles Woodson named his line intercept they said there's a reason that you had trouble in school you know not everyone knows you know what I think about intercept they don't know that I play football well what I've learned is a smooth defensive back can make smooth wine that's what it's all about what the football with Susie Schuster and Amy Trask the podcast is available Tuesdays wherever you listen. Went to Coldplay Saturday night in the Rose Bowl unbelievable you guys ever seen a concert in the Rose Bowl ever seen no music in Rose Bowl yes would you see there you too and how to be incredible it was amazing the claw the big show oh yeah you know I see that I saw the video from the sphere on Friday night in Vegas going next week are you really excited okay it looks amazing it looks pretty cool yeah it that looks unreal yeah I'm gonna have to mask up and go in there yeah yeah should I be worried that I'm part of the yeah I mean yeah you should you should mask up by the way there's nothing to do with the you know COVID yeah it's got it with the facial recognition in the Rich Eisen show you by proxy of me oh yeah your owner like James Dolan is that phase five or you don't want to get face you know any face five face five yeah right there's a Kevin there the Vegas Kevin it's Kevin doesn't want to tap you on the shoulder he will drag nothing nothing is like the Rose Rose I mean obviously I am so biased having you know covered games there in college and then been there oh my goodness gracious it's just beautiful it's the mountains over the when the Sun Goes Down over the edge oh my gosh yeah and it's just again Cole plays a me and they're really good live well Chris Martin is just I I mean I just got cardio watching him run around and you just feel the love that he has for for the fans and whatever it's it's just great it's awesome so that was great the only thing wasn't great was the getting home around quarter twelve and then the game day morning a lot going off at four oh man I was a zombie last night yeah oh yeah to stay out of dad's way at home last night so I might just walk into a wall you know but it was worth it it's worth it we brought all kids oh gosh I don't know we talked about this with Susie that meanness the scientist is great we just love Vita love all of it it's great all of its great troubles great Oh fix you that says you fix you is amazing I had all the kids there too so makes me sad back here on the rich eyes and show radio network I'm sitting at the rich eyes and show desk furnished by Grange with supplies and solutions for every industry Granger has the right product for you call click Granger calm or just stop by 49ers as I say look like they're the best team in football and then the Rams sitting there at two and two and the Rams have already beaten this team so this is a big game tonight for the Seattle Seahawks at two and one and the Giants don't want to go you don't go one and three with your own four and O team sitting at the top of your division so lots on the line on Monday Night Football I'll be at the Westwood one studio radio mic for Monday Night Football with Kevin Harlan and Kurt Warner calling Seattle vs. New York and one of the best in the business joining us here on the rich eyes and show wide receiver DK Metcalf how you been DK I'm doing pretty good are you well I'm great better to see you first time we're zooming with you normally you're on the phone I'm hearing your teammates running around you know Pete cows on a scooter or whatever you know it's all sorts of holy heck breaking loose now it's just us you know right now I'd like it and also I wanted to talk with somebody who has the script for the season what happens Monday what happens in the script told me when they told me uh I mean when they gave me the script they made me sign an NDA so I can't see legal ramifications is that what you're giving me right here hey they called me early so they knew we weren't gonna say anything so okay but all I know is I saw your acting chops and your acting classes and skills on display DK that was pretty cool right I appreciate it yes sir I took a lot of pride in doing it okay right and Keegan Michael cage you get any guinea pickup from him you pick anything from healthy they had us all there separately so they did a lot of stand-ins yes so there was nothing there was no one else there from the commercial when you shot your thing you know it was just me it was my time so you and so you that's no that's your acting skills right there yes sir okay a lot of visualization without being there you don't have to drop acting terms on me DK I know you're an actor already okay that was acting class terminology I can pick that stuff up I see that okay you were you were visualizing you were you were channeling your inner self right is that what you were doing I had to bring DK out okay I like it you're channeling you're visualizing I love it it was great to see in that spot you deserve it man you deserve that how's everything going so far this year what do you got for me on that I mean we started out pretty good football wise everything's going pretty good you know we need to keep this winning streak alive like you mentioned Monday night off the field things have been very well I've made a couple of investments on in some tech companies uh here coming up so looking forward to you know that the next coming few years but other than that man just I'll take ASL now on my off days what's that American Sign Language okay what what what what caused you to do that I mean I kept getting flags for my mouthing so that's what I got to do to keep myself busy but don't I mean okay what happens if you get an official that knows what ASL is and you know I just I'll just be talking to him on the on the side oh my gosh it's somebody else to talk to you are one of a kind DK Metcalf you are one of one oh man okay so that's what you're up to and so walk me through what happened end of the first hand of the game in week one when you hardly gained a yard against the Rams and then all of a sudden you shut up in Detroit and handed the Lions their only loss of the season what was that about DK I mean we just say those are two different two different teams we had one bad half of football this whole year so you know out of the first three games I will say this three times four to twelve so ten quarters we we put together you know some some pretty good football but those last two quarters in the first and week one were just not us uncharacteristic play you know from I think everybody across the board effort wise no playmaking wise it just wasn't there so I mean just a good wake-up call that it happened week one so you know we can reign in everything and just get back to you know zero and we can go from there what was that flight to Detroit like for you I mean I slept the whole flight so yeah I fall asleep pretty easy on flights yeah not my thing I cannot fall asleep on a plane DK I simply cannot give me a pill and I'm out are you serious just a pill how tall are you how tall are you how time for so you can just fold yourself in a plane seat with a pillow and that's it yes sir all I need is the lay down lay down chairs that we got in first class okay so there wasn't any sort of visualizing or affirmation or anything like that on this flight your own one you come off of that awful half and now you're going to Detroit they had just beaten Kansas City I know you guys had a you know a big game there last year but there there was none of that huh on your team yeah no we knew the task at hand and we knew we had to do Bobby actually brought us up Wednesday or Thursday of that week's practice and was like a last week's over time to change our focus to Detroit let's get out here and compete and work our butts off just so we can go over there you know hand them their first sale so Wagner called who together who do you call we're about to stretch and then he called everybody up he felt like the team the energy was low so he called us up gave us pep talking and you got right the whole team whole team does he tell Pete hey I want to talk or he just does it no I just have not the blue because we were literally in our stretch lines and Ivan our string coach was about to blow the whistle and Bobby just said hold on hold on everybody come up everybody come up man I was gonna even ask you what's it like having Bobby Wagner back but I guess you answered that question DK I mean we to dub just having to be wags back so I think without his leadership you know it would have been a way tougher game but you know just having him a player's coach on the other side of the ball and in the locker room thing is good for me and a lot of young players and so what do you think people pick up from him DK I'd be a professional he's always here always watching film he's never like just killing his time doing nothing he's always being productive you know with this time whether that's watching film or talking to the coaches or you know eating the right food or working out he's just always doing something productive to where he's never gonna stay the same and is that where you're also picking up stuff where you you mentioned at the top of this chat you're investing in tech companies and things like that you're picking up the queue from Bobby on that too yes sir well Bobby and Russ were two big people who I saw you know take their business to the next level off outside of football just with their investments and you know their business savvy mindset it's something I picked up from both of them you know my my first three four years here okay and now that's what you're up to right now and Gino Smith I just seeing you know I was watching inside the NFL and I saw him go up I believe to Jackson Smith and Jigba and just talk to him and say that you know we need you because it looked like the kid was getting down on himself DK what what what does Gino provide on that front that you you get maybe either from him or you witness yourself I mean it's just another aspect especially from you know the starting quarterback coming up to you and you're a rookie and you know you're not having the production that you think you should be having just another voice to hear from and another person in his corner just to tell him that you know he's the best in the world at what he does he's great at playing receiver catching the ball running after the catch so no just be him you're gonna have games like that that's where you know you may not get a catch or you may get one or two catches but no the team wins then you know we can move on and correct you know the little stuff later what is I guess going on and with him that you can share because again he's one of the most talented again you know I'm a Wolverine so I was very pleased to see him leave college he's one of the most talented kids I've seen at the position and we've I don't even know if he scratched the surface yet DK what can you tell me about that yeah and that's just a good thing you know he hasn't even scratched the surface of his potential of what he's gonna do in this league and you know we're winning right now so just adding him more into the mix and you know into the play calls and when he catches the ball and he gets to display who he is I think is gonna just open up our offense open up our playbook that much more but you know the step one is just getting him the ball DK Metcalf few minutes left with him right here on the Rich Eisen show what does it mean to play on Monday night for you I mean just growing up watching Monday Night Football especially you know going to the Giants you know a very good football team a great franchise I mean you know it's gonna be great just playing on Monday night you know in the NFL and it's gonna be the only game on not we're done with these double headers you know when see off did you not like those double headers to two games at once I I didn't like flipping back and forth like it's Monday it should be one game on the TV okay that's your two cents on that you know because I was told you know like more football for the fans is better if one game's bad there's another one you don't like that is what you're saying give me two teams and let them duke it out okay so I'm just looking down the schedule here you got your bye week after this one right you got any plans for that no I'm not yet okay and then you're at Cincinnati you're home for Arizona and then you're home for Cleveland yes sir you know do you know who's the defensive coordinator for Cleveland DK no sir he once told you you reminded you of Calvin Johnson Schwartz yeah yeah yeah do you want him to walk up to you and say that to you again DK before the I mean probably be the same result but I don't think he's gonna talk to you personally no I wouldn't talk to me neither I don't like talking with people or the opposing team before the game is that right yes sir nobody should approach you nobody no we're in it right now okay that's the way I look at Baltimore down the line then you got Thanksgiving at Dallas you got a few coming up that the whole country is watching so yes sir all right very good I'm looking forward to that um I know I've asked you this before but now I get to actually see your face when you respond is it true you eat candy every day is that true you eat candy yes sir I eat some form of candy you can come on you know what do you mean every day every day what do you do what so give me like what's what's the candy that you eat today DK what is it it's morning I like five hot shoes and meetings and then the peach the peach rings peach rings that's your choice like if you had to choose all right I walked into the meeting room and they were just laying on the table like a free-for-all I'm just gonna taste it out see how the candy tastes today all right top five candies if you could choose the candies for you to walk in a meeting room and it's their top five DK Metcalf candies go Skittles gummies the purple bag then we're gonna go octopus by trolley and we're gonna go all-stars by trolley and then we may swing it back around and let's go I found this new candy called Chuckles called Chuckles yeah gummy yeah like dots DK I had that when I was a kid Chuckles it comes in like it comes in like this rectangle pack that's covered with cellophane yeah yeah it's like in some sort of cardboard like little slots right yeah so yeah that's number five four okay number five I'm gonna round it out oh baby baby Ruth baby Ruth Halloween is coming up okay all right yeah I was wondering if it you but but you're partial to the the simple sugars is what you're saying yeah if I could just have one fifth of your metabolism that would be unbelievable I would just not yeah say it again you got it okay I'll take it just hand it off to me okay go out and eat candy one day oh you and I get come down to LA we'll go hang out with some candy and then we'll do some we'll do some running to work it off and then you'll just pick me up and you'll take me to the hospital hey listen DK thank you very much for this time I look forward to seeing you on Monday Night Football always love our chats let's do this down the line and and you know if that NDA runs out tell me how the script works at the end of the year okay DK Metcalf of the Seattle Seahawks gonna go pick up spare candy sitting around right here on the Rich Eisen show Chuckles you had those right Mike back at a kid remember Chuckles Chuckles were big those are great those were great oh my gosh you imagine having Chuckles and these candies and you look like DK Metcalf no honestly I would look like Chuckles not that Chuck I'd look like Jiminy Glick I just told these guys rich if I was built like DK Metcalf my entire life would be different you think don't you think oh yeah everything would have been different yeah you'd be playing Monday night you wouldn't be sitting here though oh I might be too old right like okay that's true you'd be retired by now let us take a break and I want to talk about the 49ers going out the door how about them apples phone calls eight four four two oh four rich number two Tom right here on the Rich Eisen show on a busy Monday millions of listeners and thousands of five-star reviews rave about the hit podcast series in the red clay the unbelievable story of Billy Sunday Burt the most dangerous man in Georgia history he was a whiskey man night robber hit man he was a murderer he's also my father seasons 1 & 2 are available to binge right now and bonus episodes are coming soon imperative entertainment presents in the red clay get the podcast wherever you listen very rarely do I use this of time on the air to talk about future shows and what we should do you know an overreaction Monday topic should be me doing the jet schedule of Zach Wilson keeps playing like this when lost I mean he did make the play that lost the game though well yes no it didn't lose the game and lost possession the play that lost the game was the official calling holding on sauce okay but don't you think I just play better than the refs ref I know hmm so I never liked that saying by the way that's from Chuck no I know but it's like what the refs are truly awful we should have Rod Woodson back on every game just to say did anybody pose that question to Chuck no wonder we tell you when he would tell the futures he said again that story was when he got to the league and there were still all those Hall of Famers from the Steelers in the locker room and he would tell the guys hey play better than the refs ref they're gonna they're gonna screw something up today so just don't give them the opportunity to have it change the game and hey Ron did anybody ever pipe up and say but but they're terrible coach so much we can do yeah I thought you'd like that idea of like if Zach plays well in Denver next weekend I got over action Monday I'll be in London you'll be here but we're still gonna do it where I'll do the win-loss game I'm into that idea based on how Zach is playing how about this Chargers have a by this week should I pick up Zach for fantasy that's a tall order pal who else begins a beginning I mean the Broncos beginning smoked by quarterbacks that's true this year yeah go ahead do it great segment all great back here on the Rich Eisen show folks if you are looking for tickets to a sporting event or a concert or anything that's in your air comedy theater events game time tickets is your spot they are partners of our program and we all have game time accounts we all see how easy it is to use takes the guesswork out of buying tickets last-minute tickets flash deals they got zone deals all in prices they show your total up front so you know you're getting a great deal without hidden feeds you can buy tickets in seconds with two taps we know how you know three taps three tap tickets absolutely not it's so easy again I'm currently circling monitoring scissor tickets here in Los Angeles California for for Zan and I'm seeing every single day what the prices are they all in pricing and how it's different from the day before download the game time app create an account use the code rich for $20 off your first purchase restrictions apply visit for terms again create an account redeem the code rich for $20 off take the guesswork out of buying tickets with game time download game time today last-minute tickets lowest price guaranteed Jeremiah in Alaska let's take your phone call it your old spot your old haunting ground Chris I know seven where we're in Alaska calling him from Jeremiah oh I think he's staring at Russia from his house that's what he's not doing all right let's go to Tony in Oregon your take your phone call what's up Tony Tony hey call you guys I I have two flags that fly in front of my house one is undefeated and one is winlets we'll start with the winlets Chicago Bears going into that this is the first time I bought the NFL ticket because I thought this was the upside year for this team obviously it's not I mean that first half was looking so good put up for shut up for Justin Fields he was putting up 16 consecutive passes set the record for the Bears not really much I guess we probably really haven't had much of a quarterback I love you Jim McMahon hey Caleb Williams Michael Pennix Bo Nix I take any of those guys over Justin right now I just don't think he's got it I think it was just a fact of the the Broncos just being that bad let me guess let me guess the other flag let me guess the other flag the other flag you fly for winning not clicks is that true that is very true okay got it figured it out yeah uh-huh we're calling it from I just wonder what do you guys feel about that game both teams going into that game on a bye week I think it's gonna be a hell of a matchup I'm actually really worried about Washington I watched them play against Arizona that offense is very fundamental with mentally sound and it's very creative and oh yeah got me a little worried you should but I you know you've got a heck of a team too man you know and I can't wait to see this all play out Oregon USC Washington just in this time zone alone obviously UCLA and Utah Oregon State also in your state that you're calling in from Washington State this is just unbelievable and thanks for the call Tony that the pac-12 is must see TV two years too late two years too late if this was 2020 2019 then the pac-12 wouldn't have broken up I think you can safely say that right if everyone's in 2019 2020 saying this is we got to get it we got to see it I can't wait to see it if Dion was in Colorado in 2019 2020 but timings everything in life in it Chris Brockman hey rich you the other day when I came on this show two Fridays ago saying hey this team that just beat the crap out of the New York football Giants in San Francisco they got this kid at quarterback playing like he's a most valuable player but he will not be named as such and I also included as part of Brock Purdie's value the fact that he is on a rookie contract born out of being the last pick in a draft so you have a room to run if you are John Lynch and sign all your other studs and win now because Brock Purdie's playing like he's a first overall pick but he is the most relevant mr. irrelevant ever he is playing to the point where you may we you know and I love the folks behind this how are you gonna call anybody mr. irrelevant ever again he is he is busting up that nickname because of the way he is playing and at the time and I mentioned MVP and and how valuable he is for this team at this point because the way he is playing the words Trey and Lance aren't uttered anywhere anywhere forget about Sam Darnold hey let's get Sam out there because he's struggling like Desmond Ritter's struggling in year two his fellow draft classmate in London throwing picks on back-to-back possessions to the point where they got to get Taylor Heinecke in there I'd say a legitimate conversation in Atlanta that Arthur Smith addressed today Sam Darnold is sitting there another former number three overall quarterback sitting there and his name's not even mentioned not even a whisper of it and then the coach and the general manager who were behind the selection of Trey Lance by trading a whole ton of draft capital to go get him they are rewarded with contract extensions as opposed to shown the door like most coaches and general managers who are part of a failed venture as explosive as that would normally be and the reason why is because of the way Brock Bertie is playing another piece of his value Chris you said to me last week his odds of being MVP were 18 to 1 at that point in time if I'm not mistaken what are his odds right now Chris 25 to 1 what in the hell is happening in the town where Mo Green does not have a plaque or a signpost despite him founding it so that's eighth best in the NFL right now how have they gone down do you want to guess the players in front of I don't because I don't care oh that's a little harsh Christian McCaffrey is 20 to 1 Justin Herbert playing really well 18 to 1 Lamar Jackson 11 to 1 Jalen Hurts 7 to 1 Patrick Mahomes 11 to 2 to a 5 to 1 Josh Allen 4 to 1 and all in all seriousness I was just joking before they are worthy of being in this conversation and part of the reason why Purdie's numbers may have gone down is because McCaffrey's have gone up because he scored four times and Christian McCaffrey had an opportunity to score a fifth time in the Sunday win and his his his performance is unbelievable 177 yards from scrimmage he broke Jerry Wright's his franchise record by scoring a touchdown in his 13th straight game including the playoffs he also has an all-time record in his sights he has the opportunity to score a touchdown in a record 15 straight games which would tie the record since the merger held by John Riggins and OJ Simpson those are Hall of Famers and McCaffrey is in clearly a great spot and he is terrific earlier on in this program I asked Chris Long who's the MVP of this team he named Fred Warner but let me just keep making a case for this kid who set a record for completion percentage in the history of the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday he missed one of his 21 passes I'll say it again 20 of 21 Brock Purdie in this year football game that is a record by the way 49ers I just haven't looked it up they've had some pretty good quarterbacks I think he's not missing he's not missing and he's not making the mistakes at times in games when say a team like the Cardinals creeps close and then he provides more fuel for their fire with the gasoline in the form of a giveaway he doesn't do it and here come the Dallas Cowboys disprove all of what I've just said inoperative and they have the tools to do it I cannot wait for Sunday Brock Purdie is that guy and the sooner we realize it's not a system and it's not the guys around him it is part of it but he's part of them and the question is can he do it anymore and did they make the right move moot questions moot my two cents on that subject matter I want to thank today's guests DK Metcalf and I want to thank as well Chris Long we are looking to reschedule Devante Adams we also have Matt Lafleur on the program tomorrow with in-studio guests Gerald McCoy of NFL game day morning Lewis Black's gonna be here tomorrow gents I've never met him I'm a huge fan of his I cannot wait to meet him and have him here David Spade on Wednesday as well that's how we're rolling into Monday Night Football right here on many of these stations I'll be at the microphone in the studio with Kevin Harlan and Kurt Warner with the call of Seahawks and Giants that wraps up this Monday edition of the Rich Eisen Show every Monday Rich Eisen and Chris Brockman react to what's happening in the world of football on overreaction Monday dolphins final for AFC team oh that is not an overreaction at all I'm with you you're in I am in the other three final four teams if you ask me to call my shot this is the overreaction podcast entertainment purposes only unless I'm right yeah Chiefs Dolphins bills Ravens Ravens final four overreaction Monday the podcast wherever you listen
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