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RE Show: NFL Pleasant Surprises - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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September 11, 2023 3:35 pm

RE Show: NFL Pleasant Surprises - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 11, 2023 3:35 pm

Rich and the guys react to LeBron James’ making his intentions know to return to Team USA for the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Rich lists his top pleasant surprises from the NFL’s Week 1 including the Rams, Cardinals, Tua Tagovailoa, Baker Mayfield, 49ers WR Brandon Aiyuk, and the Dallas Cowboys, weighs in on the Browns’ season outlook with Myles Garrett leading a stout defense, explains why the rest of the NFL should fear the Miami Dolphins’ offense led by a healthy Tua Tagovailoa, and reacts to the very first Bill Belichick press conference moment of the new NFL season. 

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This is the Rich Eisen Show.

Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. What have you learned about Bijan Robinson? He's one of the most mature players I've ever dealt with with this much hype that has been taken. They're gonna throw it to Bijan out in space and he made the first guy miss.

He'll get to the five and score. Holy smokes. Today's guests, two-time Super Bowl champion and Green Light Podcast host Chris Long. Plus your phone calls, Over Reaction Monday and more. And now it's Rich Eisen.

Yes it is. Hour number three of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air as soon as this show is over. Chris Brockman and I stay after class to record the first in-season edition of Over Reaction Monday the podcast, Over Reaction Monday the segment. We just did an hour number two. Hour one, Chris Long our friend from Green Light Pod fame and now of Inside the NFL on the CW.

He joined us. If you missed any of that we re-air right away on the Roku channel, channel 210. Every single day we're on the air from 12 to 3 Eastern Live. It's our second year on that platform today.

Starts today. So happy anniversary to you Chris Brockman and Mike Del Tufo. Same to you TJ Jefferson who's still giddy of her last night's Sunday Night Victory. As he should be.

As he should be. The Dallas Cowboys came out of the box throwing hands. And tonight Monday Night Football between the Bills and the Jets. What an entertaining week one it has been.

844-204-rich number to Dallas. Always a pleasure to look down at our six phone lines and see them all lit. That means we want to talk with you and you with us and that's that's why we're here. It's very exciting and lots to talk about. There's actually some baseball news to hit later on in this hour and some NBA I guess some Olympic news to talk about in this hour. You know what screw it let's talk about that here. According to Joe Vardon of the Athletic, LeBron must have watched some of the what FIBA tournament that just went down. The World Cup.

The World Cup. And said yeah we're not doing that anymore. Apparently he and by the way NBC would second this emotion I believe. That he wants to play in next year's Paris Olympics and and he's getting the band together. He's apparently calling up Durant.

Avengers Assemble. Right. And he's calling up Steph Curry.

Yeah. And he's calling up the A-listers to say enough's enough. Anthony Davis. Devin Booker. Jason Tatum.

Let's go. Noah Lyles really upset a lot of NBA players and now now we're gonna go so we're the best. And again your point is Noah Lyles who's the fastest man on earth saying why would the NBA call themselves the winners of the NBA finals call themselves world's champs because you're just playing America and Canada and I'm actually going against people from Finland and going against people from around the planet. Finnish guys can't take us. So I'm a world champion.

Who are these guys? I don't know if that's what it is. It could just be Lebron thinking this is my... It became a big thing. No I know it became a big thing but maybe you know part of what you when you're in a position like mine on this show in this chair in this time slot against the competition that we have you have to be in the world of reading Lebron's mind. That's what you have to do. Yeah. Okay. Some of us in this industry just want to trash Lebron for clicks. We skip past those people. Nicely done.

Hey. But and he's not the only one. He's not the only one.

But if I know I don't know. I mean I have a contrarian take if you want it. But no I honestly think it's Lebron looking at the end game and trying to bring back the dream team type feel like he did the Jordan thing for you know his Bugs Bunny movie. He did the same thing for many other instances where he wants to have this generation's mantle and mantra of being the Jordan of this generation. Let's get the dream team together one more time and do it on the Olympic stage in Paris because you shouldn't be losing to the Germans. I mean the Germans shouldn't have bombed the basketball Pearl Harbor you know. I mean so it's just the World Cup it's not you know I don't take it as seriously as the Olympics obviously that team is not going to be the Olympic team it's you don't think it's a little bit of a god savior complex. No I think he I don't know how do you get this question no no no no and and I just do only I can save USA basketball I must play in the Olympics how about this how about this really you guys you guys didn't think that I know how you inform yourself on on Lebron and I think you've also informed yourself on other athletes that way and then when you get to meet him you feel differently I don't know this could be Lebron's complex I don't know I just I don't know if I could take my family to Paris for three weeks and play and do what I do for a living I'd do it you know and if I could and if I could decide that for myself I would I mean you know go to Paris anytime but not play basketball in the Olympics and and and then say this is my last NBA season trips to Saudi and talking about playing basketball over there I for one will just call it the way I see it and also say I would appreciate that that would be a blast I'd like to see them go ahead and beat people 120 to 60 let's go because the alternative kind of stunk I'm not saying it wouldn't be fun I'm just saying you know it just it immediately it seemed to me like only I can say is it possible he's the best player in the world he's calling up Durant and Curry yeah he's calling other guys he's not the best player in the world that's the thing um the best player in the world plays for the Greece national team the best player in the world plays for Slovenia and uh Serbia like you know what I mean that's fine though it's fine that he's not the best player in the world okay that's true that's a contrarian point of view I will just say I hope he I hope he does it by the way so does NBC who during who during the 40 to nothing destruction last night turned to the turn the page to let's talk about the Paris Olympics Toriko is like it's 23 weeks from now oh by the way look at Dak's tattoo oh that's a very nice shot of the Staten Island ferry I mean that that's what they were doing in the third quarter last night's game I know that it was awesome especially considering when the picture came out people and you said that people just love to trash that for I just don't understand it so people looked at his leg in the comments were like what a stupid tattoo and then you hear the story behind it it's like oh it's an incredible story stupid now I used it as a shorthand people to describe tattoos on their arm shut up I I I used that as a a um a shorthand for just how much of a blowout it was because if it was if it was 20 to 20 going into the fourth quarter you know what we wouldn't have heard about last night yeah none of that they still probably would have brought the tattoo though no they wouldn't have probably they would have brought up the Olympics 844-204-rich number to dial um let's uh let's uh let's do my uh my top five list right here what do we got what you got man I decided oh look oh yeah there it is we got the we got the whole setup right here yeah well done from smitch there's my uh my my kind of my national lampoon setup right here um my top five pleasant surprises of week one okay pleasant pleasant surprises now obviously if it's pleasant to me it might not be pleasant to the team against which the pleasantness happened I understand it's not pleasant for everybody uh number five on this list I'll tell you what man hey this is a pleasant surprise the Arizona Cardinals are not tanking a bad weekend for the Arizona Cardinals are tanking set because they went to Washington and gave the commanders all they could handle and had this game in their hands too and they they told Sam Howell what it was like to be a national football league quarterback there was a a fumble return for a touchdown that the cardinals put on the board as Sam Howell was doing the proverbial too much deep in his own end I don't know if it was the bus or they certainly drove themselves yesterday and and they looked Jonathan Gannon had a week one win in his midst right there and Washington pulled it out and I'll tell you what as well because it didn't look particularly clean on offense and if the Washington commander players thought Eric B enemy was too tough coming in look out coming out of week one it's going to be a long week from Eric B enemy I believe as Washington gets set to go visit Denver to try and go to and oh but the Arizona Cardinals are not no but the Arizona Cardinals are not tanking but next up for them are the Giants is that now suddenly winnable game I'm just saying all I'm saying is what I'm just saying it was for the Arizona Cardinals are tanking set bad weekend pleasant surprise for me number four the San Francisco 49ers doing what they did obviously it's not a surprise to see what they did when I've taken them to go to the Super Bowl I was pleasantly surprised by them performing well in an early window on the east coast in a week one game I didn't see that one coming and with McCaffrey doing what he's doing and with what the defense did what it's done and also Purdy looking the way he did how about A-plus Ayuk how about Brandon Ayuk this guy two years ago remember we were thinking he's in the doghouse and Kyle Shannon is going to get rid of him and it's Deebo's world and if only Ayuk could do a b and c how does eight catches for 129 yards and two touchdowns hit you that'll play they basically didn't have Deebo doing too much yesterday so if they could keep him fresh and Ayuk could go off like that man that is a pleasant surprise number three on this list it is not surprising to me that when healthy Tua Tungovailoa is elite and fun to watch and this offense is elite and fun to watch when Tua is healthy but how about Tua Jitsu might be working out how about that that Taran Armstead is out and Joey Bose is coming at you and Khalil Max coming at you and Tua is not sacked once is it possible that the offense the way it is schemed is it possible the way that Tua can get rid of the football is it possible that his Tua Jitsu he took in the non-playing season might just work out for him and the Dolphins because I thought uh-oh you don't have Taran Armstead and you got this charge of defense coming at you in week one look out zero sacks so kudos to the line in front of them and then I guess the Tua Jitsu by the way I should trademark that number two on this list of the most pleasant surprises of week number one is the return of Baker Mayfield oh yeah the numbers aren't incredibly impressive they were not they were not 21 of 34 173 yards and two scores but one of them was to Mike Evans who by the way with the GOAT the greatest of all time last year had an 11 game streak with no touchdowns and Baker's first game as a starter for the Bucks he found Evans and then he found Godwin on a beautiful must-have to win the game and not give the ball back type throw on third down in the final 10 play 39 yard drive of three minutes and 52 seconds to end the game that also featured one of your typical Baker Mayfield type moments running around and making throws and then of course him scrambling right on third and three at the Minnesota 43 with 339 to go just after they had gotten a field goal thanks to Baker Mayfield going 10 plays in 38 yards to give them a 2017 lead and the defense gets Kirk Cousins to go three and out you get the ball back it's third and three if you have to punt it back you're giving Cousins and the Vikings yet another chance to win at the end of the game which by the way was their trademark last year Baker around the end scrambles for four yards on third and three including one of those moments where he gets he takes the hit he goes for the sticks and gets up and he does the Baker Mayfield type stuff that can only be a shot in the arm for the rest of the team the return of Baker Mayfield for one week it was great to see a total pleasant surprise but number one on this list this is a no-brainer the most pleasant surprise of week number one with all due respect to the 12s in Seattle was the Cooper Couplers Los Angeles Rams no Cooper Cup nobody thought this was going to happen but here comes the double barrel action of Tutu Atwell and Puka Nakua these are real words I just said into a microphone and meant every word of it both of those receivers 119 yards receiving Tutu Atwell who had six catches for 119 yards second round choice out of Louisville in 2021 Puka Nakua fifth round choice in this year's draft out of BYU and interestingly enough he's not 28 years old like all rookies from BYU he's just 23 from Provo Utah and he had 10 catches for 119 yards on 15 targets that was the craziest thing to me so he must not be one of those guys with the phone in his face because Stafford recognized him 334 yards passing for Stafford yeah he had no touchdowns but he was winging it around with abandon with a will finding his receivers Kyron Williams two on the ground and how about Cam Akers on the ground remember last year cam was essentially fired sent home yep like and that relationship was reclaimed and is now significantly important Sean McVay can coach Matthew Stafford can throw less need can draft these are your Los Angeles Rams and next weekend whose house is it Rams with conviction because the Niners are coming and they're going to need you guys to keep your damn tickets all right I work because the Niner fans are going to go snap them up I work and I'm honestly I'm not on the payroll the Rams have earned your attendance that's I mean that's true they just earned your attendance true next weekend with that performance three total rock wins and yards for the Seahawks prior to their last drive that meant nothing just 12 yards of offense for Seattle in the second half Aaron Donald caused Geno Smith to say the words oh my god as he's throwing a pass in the NFL that was funny the most pleasant surprise with all due respect to Seattle do you think we need one more week number one okay and again as I said at the top as I said at the top my pleasant surprise may not be your pleasant surprise this one however is your pleasant surprise and my severe disappointment Chris we are one game away from the finish of week one and so far no sign of Einstein not a single sign of Einstein so maybe his cell reception has been fixed brilliant no sign of Einstein just one week in now he did appear in the last month of the season and then was everywhere during the playoffs so we got to pace ourselves all right here's my here's my one more oh you have a real one more it may not be your pleasant surprise and I know it's not your guy's pleasant surprise it's definitely is the Cowboys might be really good in all three phases okay I told you honestly settle down just a little bit if the defense and the special teams didn't do what they did last night then maybe we'll talk about a couple throws Dak missed and a couple drops the tight ends had oh my gosh oh my god by the way he hit the tight ends right in the hands he could have had multiple touchdown passes of course he's not going to say that I'll say it but the Cowboys I I mean I might have to upgrade good they might be great in all three phases the only one who's good is because I'm just saying I'm just saying look out this takes a nice chunk out of the past those are the pleasant surprises of week number one playing the hits I gotta just play a couple I like that I mean we're gonna find out soon yeah and we'll see what the Jets look like tonight but next week's Cowboys Jets game oh baby the Jets should look good tonight honestly they should look good tonight they should they've got an MVP quarterback with weapons all over the lot the Bills are bringing in a defense that apparently is going to sit to Mar Hamlin tonight it's a healthy scratch so so I I the you know this is a terrific opponent coming in but the Jets should hold their own I can feel it they shouldn't look like the Seahawks in the second half that's for sure you'd think not they shouldn't look like the Bears against Green Bay or the Bengals name any of the massively disappointing shocking like didn't couldn't move the ball worth a lick type losers for the lock people who lost I shouldn't say that in week one I mean this should be you know 24-23 27-24 something like that tonight yeah yeah because the Jets defense last year look at what they did against the Buffalo Bills last year with Zach Wilson who's been against the Buffalo Bills last year with Zach Wilson yeah so and that has only improved that side of the ball eight four four two oh four rich numbered adult phone calls and the baseball news that's out there and so much more getting you set for Monday Night Football in a moment wait are you gaming on a Chromebook yeah it's got a high-res 120 Hertz display plus this killer RGB keyboard and I can access thousands of games anytime anywhere stop playing what get out of here huh yeah I want you to stop playing and get out of here so I can game on that Chromebook got it discover the ultimate cloud gaming machine a new kind of Chromebook on October 5th Loki is back in a brand new season reunited that's right the countdown is on I've been waiting don't miss the return of Marvel's most watched Disney Plus show over the top don't you think I thought it was spot-on his time is running out Marvel Studios Loki season 2 new episode streaming October 5th only on Disney Plus we're still here this is great because we have to be and we're happy to be and so the fact that we get to say that we're still here it's great and for those on Roku if you're noticing some of the video that we're rolling going to break that's a that's our our set our new refurbished set looks great you know what we what you see on camera here if you take Chris and TJ Chris and Mikey over there you could see a little bit you could check out a little bit of our new set with the bats hanging on the wall over Mike's right shoulder and I said and chief yeah the guys in Jersey signed by my homes that's the Chiefs confetti and confetti yeah from their Super Bowl just this past year then TJ's setup I mean can't really see much no you can see much you could see you TJ you want us to widen out so you could what shoes you just talk about your shoes what shoes hold them up like Dion hold them up hold up your shoes I'm sorry but we want to show you TJ we want to show you underrated Paris Robinson a pair of Jordan 13 cowboy's colors I had to wear them today are you ready go pretty much wearing the same got the one low golf on today there you go okay that very good my tan legs I'm wearing my Birkenstocks today here my bird not one year anniversary today because a couple weeks ago well I was going through deleting photos reeked out because I wear open-toed shoes with with pants like it shouldn't do that it's a bad look I mean even I went away from those stupid things I was wearing remember the kawaii shoes by the way I can't remember which one of the stupid things you wore that you're referring to the cargo oh the cargo shorts went up on the rafters because they were so ripped remember that those are great days great days back here on the Rich Eisen show sitting at the Rich Eisen show desk on the Rich Eisen show radio network the desk is furnished by Granger with supplies and solutions for every industry Granger has the right product for you call click Ranger calm or just stop by so let's talk about this and we'll take some phone calls which one talk about rich I want to talk about where is it I had it up here according to Yahoo Sports Japan oh wait what yes the Japanese version of Yahoo Sports is talking about Yoshinobu Yamamoto yeah let's go come to Boston baby you've heard about him right I have it's going to the mint but he pitches correct he's not he's a pitcher he's not he doesn't hit but he's a great pitcher pitcher yeah an MLB official has told Yahoo Sports Japan that the Savior Yamamoto is the Savior in their mind of the New York Yankees oh really who by the way Jason Dominguez the Martian an incredible start for him only to be cut short by a UCL injury for a non pitcher and he's apparently out for the next like half year or nine months or something but we all know the most famous UCL tear in baseball belongs to Oh Tani right and in this story about Yamamoto that the Yankees are moving to acquire him quote the best proof is that GM cashman meaning Yankees general manager Brian Cashman personally went to Japan on Yamamoto's scheduled pitching date the team also fears the risk of luxury taxes first of all let me just say this about the luxury taxes two words for you star insurance okay you put a damn patch on one of the most vaunted pieces of clothing in all the sports use it or lose it get it off if you're not gonna use it number one number two it's an expensive offer and all that sort of stuff more expensive than Tanaka was for the Yankees blah blah blah blah blah he also started according to this story about the Yankees it's taught it started talking about acquiring Oh Tani from the Angels however there is information circulating among MLB scouts that quote Oh Tani likes the West Coast and is not considering East Coast teams as a transfer target in the first place oh oh no he's gonna be a Seattle mirror or Dodger Dodger one place he's not staying it appears is here cuz if you heard the Angels according to reports are thinking they could trade trout too well the report I saw was that if trout wants it they are open to trading him I mean he's going back to the Phillies right well it means I don't know if he wants to be the modern-day Mickey Mantle we'll take him from there yeah he's a modern-day Mickey Mantle why doesn't he actually go play where Mickey Mantle played which is you know not the parking lot across the street I'm talking about Yankee State the old could you imagine they lose one in free agency in and trade the other because the other one says I want out get out here just sell the team if you did that happen just get out just sell it he was already thinking about selling the team could there be any worse they could be the Mets Wow Wow we're fighting it's too bad the Yankees good he got tripped up by the Brewers they were on such a role there was such a role there we're we might pass you understand expel I apologize TJ that was me man we'll talk I think it's all for it's a big four game set great for what if we win every game from here on out we have a we have a dumb are you gonna watch any of the games what Yankees Red Sox yeah well I mean it's called multiple televisions in the house those games literally don't matter for anything I am going to be locked in on Monday Night Football tonight if that's your question as you should and as a matter of fact I've got work to do tonight stream the NFL on Westwood one for free sponsored by AutoZone all season long you can listen to every Westwood one broadcast of the NFL live on the NFL app by asking Alexa to open Westwood one sports or on your Westwood one affiliate stations digital platforms Kevin Harlan and Kurt Warner with the call I'm in the studio all season long for free and get in the zone with AutoZone the free AutoZone fix finder service can help you find a fix for free get in the zone AutoZone restrictions apply um let's take some phone calls here Brian and San Bernardino you're here on the rich eyes and show what's up Brian what's up good morning what's going on so I just got back like three hours ago from Seattle to see the game oh I was so impressed with what the Rams did yesterday man very happy you should be right so you went all the way to see how quiet was it in that building it got real quiet and real empty real fast can you believe the Rams did that to the Seahawks and the 12s can you believe that that happened yesterday football is an amazing sport it really really is thanks for the call Brian now then the Niners fans are gonna go crazy they're coming here they're here when's the time is the game it's not the night game it's definitely not the night game Brockman's Patriots of the night game against the team that just torch the turf 105 105 dolphins 105 but I may go Chris Rams have earned your participation yes I have a child care issue oh you do and he's model so I've got to make some moves and figure that out you know I mean get a pair of headphones and bring your boy no okay that is that isn't that was an option that is a non-starter is that an overreact is that overreacted I went to a preseason game tough does tough to stay focused right and in our seat and especially there weren't as many people there you know I got to imagine Sunday I think you should repack but you should enjoy the moment with your son that you can flip side of it today driving Xander to school on the way down here he was late a few minutes late he was gonna make me late a few things in this world upsets me than being made late even by my own flesh and blood who I'm sure trying to teach to have some sense of time and timing and clients a teenager yeah we're trying we're trying we're trying I still so I was getting upset mmm coordinating producer Mike Hoskins had the unfortunate moment of me calling him in the middle of all this I think Mike you heard some of these exchanges so we were despite all that and a quick stop at Starbucks on the way to school is that why you were late no okay he was late because he was taking his own time on my time I'm mr. hon like he wasn't ordering a pizza but Xander time so at any rate as we were getting to Starbucks realizing how quick it would be in there because we pre-ordered and that we would then get to school early he says to me the following talk about overreaction Monday overreaction Monday and he's like mom would like that line right I even said to him like even though I was like I'm like very good I appreciate that good hold on take your son when you can before he starts zinging you is what I'm saying whose house Chris whose house answer the question whose house Benjamin Franklin who pays the most house secondary ticket house what's up Shane hey Rich how's it going what's going on hey man I just wanted to say there was a play with the Cleveland Browns that yesterday I don't know if you saw it at miles Garrett playing basketball go for it so I've never seen anything like it in my life on a football field miles Garrett lines up over the center of the Bengals and start to dribble in an invisible basketball through his legs and then just rips right up the center it's all over social you can find that dude I highly recommend you guys he's just an insane insanely talented individual and we just we just need him to stay healthy for a while because he's I think he's on a path to go into Canton do you think yeah absolutely I like that he's a game wrecker he's a game wrecker of the a plus plus variety just ask a bangle fan just ask Joe burrow holy cow and he is that good he is better than that good and thanks for the call Shane and my god it's five straight years double digit sack no question he's I you know had one yesterday 75 and a half no doubt and we're talking about you know just starting your seven no do and and he clearly by that basketball move proves that in his mind some of this is child's play hmm and for some reason Jamar chase would call him an elf like it's an elf he's an elf I mean that's a hell of an elf that is he makes a hell of a cookie oh my god it's like it's if he's an elf but he's an elf like Will Ferrell right right right grown-ass man on Bob Newhart's life yeah but Joe burrow is Bob Newhart you know and so I guess Mr. Garrett would be the James Caan of all that I don't know but that's a hell of an elf here's Jamar chase after the game because we know there's Brownie the elf that uh sure that's in a mascot from the 50s way back way back in the day and the Browns fans love it the rest of the NFL world is like okay if you love it that sounds good but it's an elf um and it's it's heresy to make fun of Brownie the elf heresy Jay Feli has an elf tattoo that's true right so that's his own doing it's an eyes in the elf maybe that's what Jamar chase was referring to but this was Jamar after getting pounded by the Browns defense yesterday it's frustrating because I called elves and we just lost some elves so I'm pissed on my part I'm not I'm pissed on Alan adding um like I said man we got missed opportunities we didn't capitalize on that and we lost that's how we love they lost to some elves week 18 is the rematch of elves versus Bengals it was a week one and then all the way to week 18 yeah yeah wild lots of football between that could be for something you know you never know who knows but Brownie looks pretty damn mean and he looked pretty mean yesterday if they can just basically get what they got on the ground and Deshaun Watson ran one in he didn't look that great throwing the ball no but I know but guys it doesn't matter if the defense is balling out and if they can play ground control and they can play defense they're gonna win more than not in the NFL this year that is a great way to win is it a way to win championships in this day and age when you got other teams having 466 yards passing and 215 yards receiving just from one combination that's not the way you win at all in the league this year but if you can start putting points on the board significantly maybe or can your defense go and hold that offense like the Dolphins like you just did Burrow because Burrow is Burrow and the receivers they just held down Michael Irvin on game day morning yesterday confirmed in his mind Higgins Chase and Boyd are the best troika at the receiver position in the NFL and they just held that team to three and Mixon was doing good stuff by the way so maybe just maybe next up for Cleveland you want to talk about really mattering in week two the Monday night finale at Pittsburgh oh wow Pittsburgh home for Tennessee home for Baltimore then a bye but when San Francisco comes into your house and if the San Francisco team that comes into your house is going to that comes into your house is the one that came into Pittsburgh's house you need to do a little bit more than what you saw yesterday I think but for the moment the elves stood pretty damn tall and you got to give them credit for that because they want to know and so are the Ravens and the rest of that division is not play him as you see him and man they did it again how do you call Miles Garrett an elf I don't think he specifically call yeah the D-backs rose I think that's what I don't think he was like excuse me Mr. Garrett yeah you're an elf you know what I mean this just reminds me again of that Marshall Fox story you know that he was going against the Arizona Cardinals who had Mean Joe Green as a coach at the time and Arizona was yapping at the Rams and he clapped back by yapping back after a big huge gain on the Cardinals and just went right back up just went right down the sideline and he realized in the middle of his losing it that Mean Joe Green was on a receiving end of a little bit of his clap back and he went back as not you Mr. Green my bad so maybe Jamar Chase can go you're all elves but it's not you Mr. Garrett sorry not you Miles let's take a break more phone calls and we'll talk a little bit more about the Dolphins and Tua one of my favorite subjects that's next this is the Rich Isaac show it could be information to change your life forever or the something you should know podcast could just be something interesting my guest is Kim Zachman she is author of the book there's no cream and cream soda I don't think I've ever really known the story of why they're called hot dogs there is so many legends about the name of the hot dog when the Germans immigrants came over and they brought all their sausages they also brought their dachshunds it really is because they kind of look like dachshunds something you should know wherever you listen hey it's rich eisen you want an exciting and fast-paced podcast based on one of the most popular segments in the history of the rich eisen show well you got it over reaction monday hosted by me rich eisen and my compadre chris brockman and every monday we're going to dive into the headlines from pro and college football and overreact are you ready chris brockman yay or nay yes rich no holding back buddy i'm coming for you absolutely what you need to hear over reaction monday every single wait for it monday wherever you listen one game we haven't talked about uh the saints beating the titans oh i know it wasn't it wasn't a scintillating game but as you know the titans play can you know take your heart pills and buckle up tight games and tana hill had that game potentially won multiple times and just didn't look very good but you have to give the saints a little bit of tip of the cap that defense is very good derek carr made the plays he needed to and he won he won his home debut 300 yards passing this video of him coming out of the super dome tunnel is neat stuff how cool is this wow that's awesome and what a moment for him right cool what a moment for him because again um when he when he and the raiders hit christmas day he had to sit there and wonder what's going on what's next will i have a moment will i have this will i have that and that's the moment you get goosebumps don't you yeah i know i did that was really awesome it gives you a perspective too of what these guys are looking at at a stadium like that no wonder they're hyped man marshall once told me when he came out i think it was no it was in atlanta for the super bowl that they won that um he came out so hyped he he almost passed out he had to catch his butt like he almost like fainted oh i believe it that you get out of the super bowl and you just look up at the stands you're just like wait a minute i got to catch him i got to sit down for a minute cool then you got to go out and pick on the tennessee titans take your heart pills and buckle up next up for the saints is a monday nighter at carolina as well back here on the rich isin show 844-204 rich number to dial here on the program k jack and long beach we chatted with him last week to play the chargers win-loss game uh show us your lightning bolt k jack what's going on brother man i've been i've been i'm a lifelong charger span and i keep on seeing these charging things happening what it is rich is it is it is it brandon staley or is it charges like things like what it is i don't know i i don't know um the running game looked terrific let's put it that way i mean it's not a total loss i know it's a loss in the column the running game looked terrific um they they might have a problem sacking the quarterback um and then it's just always one of the mistakes some mistakes for some teams don't don't come home to roost like jacksonville made a mistake by you know not realizing a play was not over and then they they it cost them six points and it didn't matter um and then a mistake that cost them three points at the end of the half that jc jackson just shoving was that jaylen waddle it was in the route somebody was in the route he just shoved somebody was clearly being overthrown with two seconds left on the clock like what are you doing and it gave them a spot foul and an opportunity to put three points on the board and they lost by two so uh i i don't know and thanks for the call k jack i mean that's the thing with the chargers is do you just sit there and go they've done charger things again and brandon staley is to blame and what's going on and kellen moore didn't throw it deep enough they had enough time to to win the game and you kick a field goal they gave up two bad sacks and suddenly it's third and 30 what are you supposed to do or we'll find out that what the dolphins did to the chargers they're about to do against more than most just air it out speed speed speed i don't know watching the dolphins offense yesterday i felt like i was watching an 11 year old hopped up on a bag of skittles play madden that's what it looked like to me a video game is tyrique hill the most the most uncoverable player in the game right now the answer is yes the answer is yes with all due respect to justin jefferson he got shut down in the second half yesterday tampa took took him out um and who else jamar chase can name any other receiver this guy is uncoverable the last guy i saw like this was antonio brown if i must say where it's just like okay you can't guard him or the last guy i saw like this was tyrique hill on kansas city yeah he's more uncoverable now than he was there or maybe there was just more an option they were going to go with kelsey more or i i i don't know but you know i i do remember he'll put up what 200 yards in the first quarter against tampa a couple years ago yep in a game that wound up being a rematch for later on and tampa won that one that was the one with romo at the end of game i don't know jim we might see him here and they we did you know so but the the trigger man that's the question is he this good and one game in to this season the answer has to be has to be yes tua is this good because what he did yesterday not just how he did it it's the against whom he did it because i'm not just talking about boza and mack and jc jackson and derwin james i'm talking about the guy who was drafted behind him everybody has spent every single day between that day and this one or yesterday saying the dolphins took the wrong guy some highly knowledgeable knowledgeable and well-known evaluators are like how in the world can you just i test tua looking the way he looks and herbert looking the way he looks height weight speed all of it and say two is the one to take in professional football over justin herbert heard that multiple times and with herbert in the building he wings it for the fourth most passing yards in the history of week one football 466 yards 215 of them to tyree kill two after the game about doing against justin herbert had this to say i don't look at it as hey i'm competing to be better than better than uh this person better than that person my job is plain and simple and it's to help our guys win a football game and help our guys or help lead our team to what we where we want to go to you and that's the super bowl so um i i don't look at it you know in in that sense and i don't look at it as uh this guy's doing this this guy's doing that we're all different uh players joe plays different than the way i play uh j herb he plays different than the way i play and so you you take it for what it is and you're not playing against them you're playing against their defense he just he just won't be salty he just won't be salty i told you all the way i told you i don't about you but that looked like money right can't go all the way because it looked like money it looked like money that herbert got but i only got a fifth year option that's all i got he could do about you but that looked like money he could do that it'd be great but it's maybe it's not in him so maybe i should just rely maybe i should rely on the guy who clearly knows him pretty damn well because he's the one who face timed him on a plane ride on air ross after he was hired and everybody thinks well he's gonna get rid of this guy because he knows quarterbacks and he knows the system from shanahan and he'll know that this guy is less than he's gonna have to get a different guy he's not gonna go with tua and he has mike mcdaniel on coaching tua and what he tells him to do after the game literally it's the easiest most layup coaching point of all time continue to do what you're doing but honestly that's where that's where he's at where he is not um he he is tough-minded enough and accountable enough that he puts probably even more than he should on his own shoulders has very high standards for himself um and wants to continue to grow and get better so with that relentless approach and that consistent understanding of who you have to be on a day-to-day basis if you want to be a big-time quarterback on a big-time team which i know is the way he looks at it then the cost is real and i want him to keep um paying uh that cost at whatever comes comes across this plate he's he's as coachable as any player that i've ever been around in my life so i want to keep doing that so i want to keep doing that and then one last myth that he's busted up and he should be busted up is that boy oh boy is tyreek hill gonna be missing patrick mahomes he's he's made a he made a big mistake forcing his way and i know you're already you're already shaking your head like maybe i'm an overreaction no no no no no i i think it's the other way around i think mahomes went to bed last night thinking where's he is i really i really need that i know didn't happen last year though one weekend maybe he's sitting there thinking that this year yeah but as cadarius tony is apparently trolling giants fans like hey it's like you didn't just have the worst wide receiver game ever you can read sir but in all seriousness here's tyree kill after the game yesterday talking about tua bro too was a baller bro i've been i've been saying this since last year you know um i've been an advocate you know for him um and like he definitely showed it today you know even during halftime you know he was able to come in you know get guys going a little bit and even on the sideline with me he's like hey cheetah let's get it baby um big time moment big time players made big time plays so he he kind of you know leaned on me a little bit towards the end and you know i i mean that just means more targets for me though and i kind of enjoy that so the throw he threw to hill for the touchdown was that over jc jackson right i mean just where you couldn't see hill behind the defender and the ball was just it just kept going and so accurate so beautiful next up is new england which as you know does in pay in in jalet it can confuse people and you're that's where offenses go to die and i i can't wait that the vaunted bella check takes away the one thing you do best good well we got a triple team to tyreek i can't wait to see how they handle it got a good defense got a good pressure got to move them off the spot got to do what we did to hurt yesterday keep them moving to see it because in this copycat league everyone's going to be eyes on him because eyes on chargers no one's copycat net man 466 in the air 215 for one guy alone who is unguardable unstoppable period end of story and the run game has got lanes for days to run him and they didn't have devin a-chain their kid that they drafted that apparently they like so much they didn't pay dalvin cook to join the group what a performance guys in the history of the nfl three times the receiver has had 10 plus catches 200 plus yards and two touchdowns in the game tyreek hill has done it all three times how about them apples only one great show everybody fun times monday night football tonight i think we'll talk about it tomorrow yeah yeah i know what i'm doing tonight i'll be on the microphone for westwood one radio i want to thank chris long of joining this show and you for calling in for those who didn't get to please call back tomorrow we'll chat tuesday on the rich eyes and show we'll finish on roku in a sec hey guys it's susie schuster and i am so excited for my new podcast coming out this fall it is called what the football with susie schuster and the princess of darkness amy trask if you're looking for a new podcast to listen to about jargon heavy legged waist benders this is not for you we're gonna have big girl conversations we're going super deep to bring you weekly guests that you won't find anywhere else it is what the football with susie schuster and amy trask wherever you listen
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