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RE Show: Reactions to NFL Week 3 - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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September 25, 2023 1:33 pm

RE Show: Reactions to NFL Week 3 - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 25, 2023 1:33 pm

Rich reacts to the unstoppable Miami Dolphins offense that hung a eye-popping 70 points on the Broncos in their Week 3 matchup and how/if Denver Head Coach Sean Payton can right the ship after a disastrous 0-3 start to the season. 

Rich breaks down the Arizona Cardinals’ shocking Week 3 win over the previously rolling Dallas Cowboys, and weighs in on yet another Jets’ loss due to the poor quarterback play from former 2nd overall draft pick Zach Wilson and holds out hope that the Minnesota Vikings put Kirk Cousins on the trade block. 

Rich Eisen weighs in on Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills’ Week 3 domination of the Washington Commanders and looks ahead to a highly-anticipated AFC East Week 4 matchup against the Miami Dolphins.

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This, this, this, this is The Rich Eisen Show.

I got all the love in the world. Cameras will be trained all over the stadium just to see is Taylor Swift going to be in Arrowhead. From The Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Touched it! Thanks Travis Kelsey.

I think he wanted to get in the end zone just as much as all the Swifties wanted him to. Today's guests, two-time Super Bowl champion and Greenlight podcast host Chris Long, Rams head coach Sean McVay, plus your phone calls, overreaction Monday and more. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Oh my goodness, it's one of those shows where, you know what, we could do this for six hours and it's not just because there's so much stuff going on in the sports world. We are the only show on the air and on the radio that not only does this for clicks, but we do this for winning. We do both at the same time. And that's how we roll right here on The Rich Eisen Show.

And we'd love to have a chat with you at 844204rich being the number to dial. So much to discuss here after we saw this football weekend just go off the hook. We're going to have overreaction Monday, our segment in the middle of the show. Overreaction Monday, our podcast, just in time for another double dip of football games on a Monday night. Two 2-0 teams have an addict, the Bucks and the Eagles. And then, of course, you've got the Rams and the Bengals wrapping things up. We are keeping an eye on whether Joe Burrow will play in that game tonight. Lots of talk coming out of Cincinnati that he will, in fact, suit up tonight and play and take on the Rams to avoid the 0-3 start that has befallen four other teams. And we also are going to have Sean McVay on this show in hour number three.

And you threw out, again, 844204rich being the number to dial. Good to see you over there, Chris Brockman. How are you, sir? I'm great. What's happening? DJ Mikey Diaz and Deez Nuts is back where he is.

And TJ Jefferson, good to see you over there, sir. What's going on? Well, how about them Cowboys? Well, it's one of those days. It's one of those days. And I know, I know. Listen, straight up.

I know someone in this position that I'm in right now in this chair on that show like this, against the shows that we go against every single day. I am mandated to start with the Dallas Cowboys and them losing to the Miami Dolphins. You're not really doing well. No, pardon me. I'm mandated to start with the Cowboys and losing the Arizona Cardinals.

Pardon me. And I know I'm supposed to start with maybe Deion and what happened getting curb stomped for the first time in his first loss to Oregon. I know I'm supposed to start with either the Dallas Cowboys or Deion Sanders. But I'm going to zig when everybody's zagging. I'm going to zag when everybody's zigging. No, I'm going to do that because there is a story in the National Football League and I'm not just talking about Taylor Swift finally showing up for Kelsey in Arrowhead.

I'm not just going to say any of that stuff. There is a story in the National Football League through three weeks and they are the Miami Dolphins. They have shown up in 2023 in breathtaking fashion when we are talking about Aaron Rodgers and the Jets all the way up until his fourth snap of the 2023 season in the Buffalo Bills and the Kansas City Chiefs defending their title and how deep the AFC West is and the AFC North and Lamar Jackson getting his contract.

And then of course we all know Joe Burrow getting his contract. And the rookie quarterbacks, two of them showing up in the AFC South. That's all we're talking about in this non-playing season and the entire time Mike McDaniel was in the lab being a mad scientist and this team coming out of the gates and just hitting everyone in the mouth in a way that proves very difficult to stop. Very difficult to stop and defend. And all they got to do is basically hold you to four touchdowns maybe and they're going to win. If they hold you to three touchdowns look out and if you can't put more than two touchdowns together against the Miami Dolphins you are going to lose and you're going to go down hard. And they are just scheming like crazy and they are just putting points up like crazy and they scored 70.

How many? On the Denver Broncos yesterday. They put a 70 burger on Denver. The first 70 point game we have seen since 1966. Last time we saw a 60 point game in this league is in 2011 when the Indianapolis Colts were in the middle of their patentless season and a coach named Sean Payton put it on the Colts with the New Orleans Saints and Sean Payton was on the business end of this one on Sunday and boy howdy was he. 726 yards of offense.

Do not adjust your set. And they've got some professionals on that defensive side of the ball. Patrick Sertan's kid is one of the best in the business and the Broncos defense was supposed to take care of Tyreek Hill because that's what they've done habitually over the last four times they faced him going back to his days in Kansas City and they did hold him to just only 150 some odd yards and a touchdown without defending him on the first series of the game. Devin Aitchey. We're sitting here in the summer talking about how the Dolphins needed Dalvin Cook and they're apparently saying we got this kid we just drafted Devin Aitchey and then he didn't answer the bell with his I guess soft tissue intact and then they unwrapped him yesterday. He had yet to score touchdown in the league and then he scored four of them. He had 233 yards from scrimmage on Sunday.

What does that mean for a rookie? It means a lot and as a matter of fact he did it on just 22 touches. Only two other rookies have had 200 or more scrimmage yards and four touchdowns and fewer than 25 touches since 1950.

They are named Clinton Portis and guys in the hall of fame named Gale Sayers. So they added Gale Sayers to the mix and Raheem Mostert who ran all over the Patriots on Sunday night had four touchdowns of his own. Again the yards of offense that I mentioned 726 were split thusly 376 in the air 350 on the ground. They damn near split it in half and Mike McDaniel turned down three more at the end of the game and took a knee because he said they're not there to run up the score essentially. After scoring 70. But if you watch the game the Broncos kept making mistakes.

Courtland Sutton put it on the ground a couple of times. It's just funny to hear that we didn't run up the score and they scored 70. The 70 points the Dolphins scored yesterday more than 15 NFL teams have had through their first three games in 2023.

15 teams and if the Bucks don't score 23 tonight and the Rams don't score 17 tonight and the Eagles don't score 11 tonight and the Bengals don't score 43 tonight they'll be added to that mix too. 3-0 in back-to-back seasons for the first time in Miami since they did it three straight seasons in a row in the mid 90s. Mike friggin McDaniel one of the most self-aware dudes that are out there is taking notes on how you play defense and knows how to attack you and then just keep attacking you. What is the most remarkable phrase of the day from yesterday? They went over 70 points when Mike White hit Robbie Chosen for a touchdown.

Those are words that are factual and dude I could go on and on and on. How about this Tua Tungovailoa he was 23 of 26 for 309 yards. Started the game by hitting 17 straight passes. He's now beaten 10 Super Bowl winning head coaches in a row and yeah Salty Tua is showing up not for himself.

Not for himself. Salty Tua is showing up for his teammates as the Dolphins are 3-0 right now in the AFC. The only such team in the AFC the supposed deepest end of the NFL pool has Miami emerging as the only undefeated team through three weeks and Tua had this to say about the fact that he is staying clean in the pocket which as we all know is the most important thing. As I said last week the four words that describe the Miami Dolphins chances to win the Super Bowl this season are if Tua stays healthy. This is what Tua had to say after waxing the Broncos by 50. I don't know about you but that looked like money.

Salty Tua. We were pretty clean today at zero rushes. Was there an effort to stay away from the run for you and avoiding any hits? I would say with what we had installed this week with our plays I mean our plays allow me to be able to find the open read quick and distribute the ball. You know it throws off the timing of the rushers and it also helps our guys up front but like that that's just also a tremendous effort from our guys up front you know being sacked really only once in three games and everyone's been saying we need this on our o-line we need that on our o-line we need better this we need better that like that's just a big middle finger to everyone that's been saying that from our o-line so that's awesome yeah he's number one all right wow Tua Tungovailoa next up for them are the buffalo bills oh baby game of the week because the bills looked fantastic in Washington on Sunday and then at Philadelphia the matchup between the quarterback who won the national championship and then the quarterback who was benched in the national championship and then had to go elsewhere to make a super bowl before Tua and the dolphins and the eagles are going to be lit because who has a better shot of keeping Tua off the field than a team that can run like Philadelphia and maybe control the line of scrimmage and then week nine I can't wait you're calling that right to call that game in Frankfurt Germany on NFL network I will be at the microphone right now Susie and I are lighting candles in our house for the health of everybody I don't know if Taylor Swift is got a gig in Germany on that weekend but this is going to be lit as the kids say over the next month and a half because the dolphins have shown up in a way that I think defensive coordinators are gonna be spinning their wheels to try and keep up with Rod Woodson always says he told this to me one of the first weeks I got to work with him he said he said that the most adaptive creature on the planet is a national football league defense they keep adapting they keep looking at what you're doing and adapt to it this team however is really tough because one last thing to say about trying to adapt to this team repeating they scored 70 they put up 726 yards of offense they had not one but two running backs score four touchdowns in the same game they are fast field Yates put this one up on twitter today you take a look at their next gen stats in a game this season the top six fastest speed ball carriers in the league are all dolphins Tyreek Hills on the list three times including yesterday A-Chain's now on the list twice from yesterday and Raheem Mostert I'm assuming that touchdown he ran in on the Patriots is sitting there they are fast and they did all of this on Sunday without their thousand yard receiver Jalen Waddle playing and he could be the number one receiver on maybe half the teams in the league they did it without Waddle they weren't even full strength in this any given Sunday or Monday or country because they're going to Germany league anything can happen I get it and they are one snap away from this maybe changing but I have to start the show with this you have to you have to talk about this team in South Florida right now because in this conference where we're talking about everybody and the NFC and the Niners and I know the Cowboys didn't look as good as they possibly can I think they're spinning their wheels on that digs injury from Friday we'll see if that was a little bit of a hangover we'll talk about that still to come on the program the Eagles are playing tonight maybe the Bucks are really who we don't think that they are but putting it all together the Dolphins are 1,000 percent super bowl worthy this year and you better I don't know how I don't know you just keep the offense off the field by running it against him you just run people at Tua I think he's going to slice you up so have to start the show with that and now we also just have to finish the segment to lead this show with the team that the Dolphins just curb stomped the Denver Broncos the Denver Broncos came close to winning in week one against the Raiders and then they have fallen further and further away from having a season that everyone was expecting Denver to have because Sean Payton was essentially showing up and will show Russ the way tell him to stop kissing babies and get out there and start hurting some people on the field the Washington commanders it looked like they had them in their midst I said they were playing like the Raiders from last year blowing leads they had an 18-point lead and then Sam Howell showed up in a way that the Buffalo Bills were having none of yesterday and Sean Payton I think he can he will look at the film and he deep down knows this right away and I think some of the Broncos players know this too players quit they quit on that field in Miami National Football League teams aren't supposed to give up these many points and you're not supposed to lose by 50 and you're supposed to tackle people I know these kids are fast that they're running downhill at you in Miami but at some point you've got to put somebody on the turf and they didn't do it they didn't do it and Sean left Russ out there the whole day like it was kind of like you know the kids you are going to have to eat your broccoli you are going to have to eat this sandwich you don't like it I feel in the very long run it's good for you to be out there I guess I don't know what he was he had to sit there and think to himself what is Glazer up to right now because I was hanging with him last year on the Fox set he's not going to quit he's not going to give up he will change the hell out of this roster if that's what's going to end up having to be done and that includes the quarterback if he feels it's not the case because he's got the long contract and he's got the ring and the trophy in the case but right now I don't know how to solve this thing for him this is what he had to say after the game losing by 50 giving up a 70 burger the first in the league I mean since Lyndon Johnson was president you know you know we knew we were playing a real good offense um but but we got a little closely what we were doing and you know when someone runs the ball up and down the field like those guys did and throw it up and down the field you know it's not acceptable you know we we can't um well we just got to get to the tape next question three weeks is this kind of a crisis listen this this season's full of those type of moments you know and this one obviously is difficult to be sitting here on three talking to you guys um there'll be more I know that you said it's embarrassing but this is kind of an historic game I'm aware third time the team has scored 70 points over seven what's the question what's the question I just finished telling you historically next question I don't blame him for saying like what's the question there wasn't one the guys no no no I understand you know we in the media sometimes keep digging because that's when you get the great sound bite and we did play that right there you know I'm wondering if the Dolphins were playing in their locker room at any point in time um Sean from Fox last year talking about how Bridgewater should be playing instead of Tua have a running back by committee quarterback by committee Tua was going to get benched hey man um and in that respect too everybody saw what Tua looked like when he first came out of the box and talking about Justin Herbert and all of that business and Mike McDaniel is a genius I think we have decided decidedly seen that and and he keeps doing this it it'll be tough to beat him certainly with Tua playing this way but I don't know what the Broncos answer is right now but thankfully for them the answer may come in the form of next week's opponent they're playing the Bears next and that right there is quite something because this is tied for the most points allowed in the previous week by opposing teams in NFL history the Broncos just gave up 70 the Bears 41 that's a rarity only two other matchups in the National Football League have come off two blowout losses like the ones that we just saw so and then the Jets who are one million percent beatable right now so uh it's a shocker on Tuesday's show I'm gonna have a uh my top five list of most disappointing teams after three weeks which is now a new tradition here spoiler alert I might have mentioned two of them right now good one and they ain't the Miami Dolphins Raheem Mostert is also just uh confirmed for tomorrow's program hey very nice is it too early for us to coin Miami the greatest show on surf and turf I like it show on surf and turf I like it okay nice I like it because yesterday they were serving both meals passing and running 376 and 350 so that's surf and that's turf jumbo prawns Mike I mean seriously hey look and you're on a roll pal because Puka Donch is just playing tonight let's take a break here on the Rich Eisen show we will talk about your Cowboys my Jets Chris Brockman's Patriots we'll talk with you as well at eight four four two oh four rich number two dial we'll talk Taylor Swift and Deon Sanders and more we're oh we're playing all the greatest hits wait are you gaming on a Chromebook yeah it's got a high-res 120 hertz display plus this killer RGB keyboard and I can access thousands of games anytime anywhere stop playing what get out of here huh yeah I want you to stop playing and get out of here so I can game on that Chromebook got it discover the ultimate cloud gaming machine a new kind of Chromebook on October 5th Loki is back in a brand new season reunite it that's right the countdown is on I've been waiting don't miss the return of Marvel's most watched Disney plus show Loki Loki Loki all over the top don't you think I thought it was spot on his time is running out Marvel Studios Loki season two new episode streaming October 5th only on Disney plus so look um my team lost your team lost his team won congratulations to you sir yeah hey it's one of us man I wish I'd just you know I've got to just become a Patriots fan when you're no no no no well it's a it's funny Cooper just loves to get on on on me when the Jets doesn't mean that you get loose to the Patriots yeah but it's it's it's it's all cool I kind of dig that I kind of dig that I kind of dig that you know like Taylor asked him at one point uh yesterday like who won the Jets the Patriots and started laughing Cooper said Patriots of course like in that voice and I'm like okay I like it is that why he's number three on your list no just heaven forbid you say something like that get out of here man I like that you act like you're above ranking your kids that's kind of offensive well that's what Dion said you know like again like everybody would do it and there are some kids that you would not give the credit card to and I agree with that and there are some other kids that you wouldn't do this or that for but I'm not gonna take care of you when you get a rank kids it's just absurd it's absurd again acting like you're above it that's not defensive yeah but you you are acting like you you know wouldn't do it if I had multiple kids okay well when you have them if you're you know we're knocking on wood if you wish to have them you know you will I mean you know Gage is ahead of the dog I know that I mean you know what I mean well last week the Mavericks had a cage that's what I mean that's what I'm saying you never know I mean if you rank humans in my house depends if you rank humans in my house Suzy would put all three kids in the same line and then the two dogs in the same line above me because she considers them humans that's a whole other conversation I understand that which is why you're not on what the football and he is you know what I mean well he's got his own podcast though I understand that where there's enough to go around huh where's mine you got to show up to work every day oh wow week three that's just week three that was unnecessary oh my god week three back here on the Rich Eisen Show radio network firing shots on the Roku channel feed that we're now one happy family we are uh sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Granger with supplies and solutions for every industry Granger has the right product for you call click or just stop by we had Mike McCarthy on Friday's program and you could tell they were still in just a shock that Trevon Diggs had just blown out his knee in practice out of nowhere out of nowhere the stat that says everything you need to know about his value to the Dallas Cowboys and I had an NFL research look it up and this is a factual the passer rating in his direction over the first two weeks of the season quarterbacks who dared to target anybody that Trevon Diggs was covering which is Daniel Jones and Zach Wilson and I understand you could sit here and say that speaks volumes in itself as to how low this number is but it's very rare to see a cornerback with a passer rating against number of one it was one and by the way quarterbacks when they dirt the ball to avoid a sack legally you get a passer rating of almost 40 so like the SATs like just sign your name right like 300 points one Trevon Diggs is one so to me you could sit here and say you know it's excuse making but that had to be quite the blow to get on the plane and you saw C.D. Lamb had the number seven on his eye black underneath I believe it was was he right eye was it a right eye his right eye okay not left eye that's taken pull one out all right so long story short it's clearly this team misses him and are playing for him and then what frequently befalls the Cowboys in past years that we did not see in the first two weeks is that they have problems punching down the people punching up at them normally land a blow in a significant fashion that causes the Cowboys to lose games that they quote unquote should win now then the Arizona Cardinals have proven I think through the first three weeks that they are most certainly not tanking they're not watching USC games nope and Kyler Murray's on the sideline you know psyching everyone up so the Cardinals have some players and Josh Dobbs I love this kid I love what he stands for I love that he's getting an opportunity in a row not just hey Josh we need to sign you off someone else's practice squad and throw you right in the midst of a must do or die win game like say the Titans did last year against the Jaguars who were rampaging in the second half of the season no he's getting a shot he's he's getting better James Connor is running the ball like always and they made some nice plays early on to avoid Micah Parsons and and some wide open receivers and then the Dallas Cowboys I think found out yesterday that they have some red zone problems one of five in the red zone yesterday for a touchdown couple field goals and interception and turnover on downs the dreaded turnover on downs and that's the way you lose games on the road and another issue I see from the Dallas offense that we were talking about on game day morning even when they were winning and I know I did come on this show and say this could be their year and it still could be I mean come on it's just one game but everybody else's but I get it that's that's that's this is not called the everybody else show what's it called we know it the rich eyes so bottom line is they have some issues if you are gonna take CeeDee Lamb out of the game who's gonna beat you is it Brandy Cooks I mean Gallop had some nice catches is Rico Dowdle gonna you know scare you he did score yesterday Pollard did get over 100 yards they did have over 400 yards of offense they did move it they just couldn't put it in the end zone and then the one time when they actually did go for it and not settle for the field goal Dak threw the pick and it was a bad one it was just one of those ones that you can't pin on someone else whether drop ball or tip ball or it was just a place you shouldn't have put it and um and threw the pick this was Dak after the loss when he was told that everyone in the media had put them on a pedestal and they are Super Bowl worthy still but this was Dak's response to that y'all put us on top of the world um we knew we know who we are um and in that same sense I'm sure the media got what they wanted uh for us um it hadn't been but one undefeated team in this league um ever ever so uh yeah it sucks it's humbling um but to say it's a wake-up call we knew we had a lot of adversity um and we just just didn't get it done and I think it just goes back to myself the offense and the red zone so I mean we get better there we win this game but uh we've we've got to fix that area period that's it that's it and so who's gonna who's gonna do you throw them 50 50 up to cd I mean I don't know I mean um can the tight ends step up I mean what what what can be done in the red zone in this instance they didn't have any answers execution I guess so just play play better that's what Mooch said sometimes and it kind of drives me nuts that's what coaches say just play better just just keep doing what you do and but here's the thing is that everybody I think over the first two weeks thought that Dallas's first loss would come to against a team of the caliber of the Niners or the Eagles or the commanders in their car and their division and instead it comes against a team that everybody thought is going to be first overall on the clock because they're going to have to tank because Kyler Murray's hurt and Josh Dobbs is in the dirt and Josh Dobbs and all that and and the Cardinals are you know are are definitely a team that you best not sleep on I mean this is the first time they had a they want to get the first time they won a game this year they had to lead at halftime all all three games this is the first time and look at Jonathan Gannon over there look at Jonathan Gannon over there one thing that the Dallas Cowboys need to their offense that's what made me the need wow we have it because Rondell Moore who was the recipient of those weird video game noises ran right up the Dallas defense didn't he yeah I thought you said you need to take the bus there but I'm serious though like who like Pollard needs to be that home run hitter and he did have over 100 yards rushing I know you know what I mean and and CD Lamb needs to be that big number one guy and if he's out and and Pollard's getting his yards in the ground but not breaking away who's gonna who's gonna flip the field like Brandon Cooks that's what he's there for take the top of the defense off and make big plays like say the the ones that that Pickett made last night in Vegas to Austin right oh yeah Calvin Austin kind of flipped it flipped every like the Cowboys need need some of that in games like this and we will see next up is New England so Dak's gonna have a very frustrating afternoon because that's what Bill does to quarterbacks confuses them and that's what's coming up for Dallas before they visit San Francisco on a Sunday night look out and then a visit here to the Chargers next three weeks very interesting for the Dallas Cowboys again we all thought one of the losses would come against San Francisco or Philadelphia one of the two they play Miami in December on Christmas Eve should we go to that game next week TJ in New England no it's in Dallas Dallas man oh it is go for it let's do it so let's also talk about the Jets and the Patriots do you want to I do oh okay yeah I do I do the stars of that game in MetLife on Sunday were the supposed hot seat head coach who one million percent knows how to torment confuse and rally and the offensive line of the New England Patriots were absolute complete studs and I know this might not be saying a lot but Mac Jones 100% right now is the second best quarterback of that first round draft class even though Trevor Lawrence lost another one yesterday but Mac just doesn't what's not on that sheet of the INTs they're not there they're not there is he great is he going to light up the universe is he going to beat Tua in this offense I don't think so is he going to beat Josh Allen in that offense and defense I don't think so either but on this day 15 points was enough because Belichick's like I got the kid in green number two in my backpack I got his ass in my briefcase this thing is done don't worry about that just don't make the mistakes make some plays let's get some field goals and let's get out of here because we're not 0-3 not to that team not to that team and that quarterback as for Zach Wilson look every single minute of that week one win up until the very end when we just as Jets fans lost our minds because the Jets won that game every single minute of that win over the Bills was filled with dread knowing that the kid who was so unready last year was going to have to be ready this year and Rogers was brought in to make sure we weren't in this position ever again that by the time Zach Wilson would become the full-time starter of the Jets he would have learned so much from sensei he would be painting fences and waxing cars and doing all that sort of stuff until he made that winning kick to take home the trophy that's the way we were looking at it and that as soon as the fact that this achilles heel went kabooie in front of the entire football world we knew he was most likely unready and he would have to be ready and once again once again he was not ready we were seeing things like open receivers and he just wasn't pulling the trigger there was one moment where it was a dirty pocket as they say in the nfl but there was still a pocket there was some fireworks around him and he essentially sat down sacked himself saw that one that was early on in the game and then in the fourth quarter i don't know what the hell happened and this is why the jets are saying he's still their best chance to win he put together a drive to make this a game and i thought to myself really like where did this come from and romo's like well it's what happens when jim when you when you when you throw on uh running downs and you run on passing downs here comes another one right and and then and then the next drive poof he went back into the pumpkin again i got one drive of a carriage against belicheck one carriage ride i got one carriage ride kind of like prom night where uh my prom date before she vomited off the side of the staten island ferry said okay i'll take a carriage ride with you yes and that's what happened by the end of the day i got the vomiting off the side of the staten island ferry because we all feel that way we're done watching this young kid try and get the controls of the position and we're just wondering are the jets feeling the same way in the front office and we got that answer from the head coach of the new york jets after yet another loss to the new england patriots and i feel for this coach hit it i can get into a long dissertation about what we're seeing obviously i think um you know obviously his pocket presence to us has been so much more improved uh um his accuracy is much improved his decision making is much improved um like i said you know new england's got a hell of a defense over there they do and uh obviously it just wasn't good enough today has uh has zach shown you enough to keep him as the starter yeah he's fine right now zach is the best player on the in the um he's who gives us the best chance to win and um you know so that's basically that that would be the cleanest answer i give you all right you got a mic for me you got it what were they really thinking boy did that sigh at the beginning of his sound bite say it all can you believe we're in this situation again because i can't you know i got michael carter the running back barking at his running backs coach already on the sideline can only imagine what's going on in that line and he's going to be the best coach imagine what's going on in that locker room is the defense gave up 15 and we lose and they however defenses doesn't have uh if you dust for prince yesterday the defense's prints are on that one too they couldn't touch mac jones and gave up too many runs but again how can you blame a team that only gives up 15 how could you blame that side of the football if they gave up 15 and you know this is what he's really thinking he's like what am i going to do am i going to put in tim boyle against the chiefs on sunday night football when nbc comes in and shows this dreck i don't think he'd use that world to the rest of the world i'm gonna put oh tim boyle that's the answer it isn't so what we need from this kid is more of that one drive whatever that was whatever that was boy they should just dissect it unfortunately so is steve spagnolo of the chief's defensive side of the football but it's just he's not ready and we're in this position again and it's nobody's fault they've made all the proper plans and if the football gods just decided to kick him in the nards again so here's the plan i don't know jet fans before sunday night football maybe you take the chris russo plan you know half papagummy or whatever to get through it because it's going to be ugly it's going to be ugly certainly if taylor swift is in town because everyone's just it's going to be a circus now now now now the whole media is going to be focused on what the kansas city chiefs do so it's going to be in front of everybody and then these are the teams you root for you root for carolina then the chiefs again somehow you root for the bears and then you root for the 49ers why am i saying that those are the next four opponents of the minnesota vikings who fell to oh and three and maybe just maybe if they lose those games they just stare at their own abyss and say we are seeing the quarterbacks in the next draft and we are already doing the hard work to get a third of the way there and we don't intend to pay kirk cousins another dime and we know the jets are desperate and maybe kirk cousins becomes available because he's owing three right now and i know justin jefferson who's on the screen would say no thank you but guess what the nfl things can change really fast because i don't see zack wilson suddenly having an epiphany and figuring things out because the chief's defense ain't easy and i know they go to denver and we just saw what miami did and then the philadelphia eagles you're staring if you're lucky two and four in the face before coming off of your bye week against the giants say what you will laugh all you want but the giants would beat this jets team right now i think the way that zack is playing you think wink martindale is going to be just like staying up at night staring at the ceiling oh what's zack going to do to us the chargers you might go to bed early chargers 400 yards out of justin herbert it's circling and the jets have to know that so root for the teams playing the vikings so sad that that's what we're at right now because i don't know where aa ron is right now where is aa ron right now we're not gonna apologize for winning so we need to go ahead whoa sorry and figure out how to get zack through the next day or two or three and figure out how to get zack through the next day to figure out how to get through one or two or three drives against the chiefs if somehow the jets defense is able to hold down the homes in front of the whole country i feel for salah and the rest of that team man and for zack because i said again like i said last week he's not ready let's take a break 844-204 rich number dial your phone calls and uh and so much more chris we'll be right back with a look at the green light pod and inside the nfl comes up top of our two it could be information to change your life forever or the something you should know podcast could just be something interesting my guest is kim zachman she is author of the book there's no cream and cream soda i don't think i've ever really known the story of why they're called hot dogs there is so many legends about the name of the hot dog when the germans immigrants came over and they brought all their sausages they also brought their dachshunds it really is because it's something you should know wherever you listen hey it's rich eisen you want an exciting and fast paced podcast based on one of the most popular segments in the history of the rich eisen show well you got it overreaction monday hosted by me rich eisen and my compadre chris brockman and every monday we're going to dive into the headlines from pro and college football and overreact are you ready chris brockman yay or nay yes rich no holding back buddy i'm coming for you absolutely what you need to hear overreaction monday every single wait for it monday wherever you listen well i mean and that's why i'm wondering why you would go by the name of maddie ice mac that's why i'm i mean that's a beer infused nickname and it doesn't fit anymore would you agree it doesn't fit anymore matt are you is the natural coming back or are we making a push for the natural here no i'm i'm well i'm pointing out that certain nickname that you've had for a long time just just it i like beer uh just growing up there i do like beer right so when it comes to it though you just you're not you're not slamming them back right is what you're saying no i'm i guess i'm drinking responsibly okay something that would be uh a natural light of some sort matt are you what are you drinking what are you drinking it's been a long time see you keep making my point why won't you take the natural for me just why won't you do it i mean how many times do i have to ask how many times do i have to ask there's just nobody else wants it um are you aware i offered it to stafford your buddy is that right yes he didn't take it either well i mean he that's a no matt um excuse me hold on he i gave him full disclosure that it was a retread and that you had rejected it because i know you guys talk i know you guys you guys are tight right he forgot to mention it to me the last time i saw him i can't believe that wasn't top of mind for him okay so just just on behalf of all my loved ones who are cringing right now just tell me to move on matt and i'll move on just tell me to move on rich you gotta move on you gotta move on i love you but you gotta move on thank you matt thank you so much even if i gave you a t-shirt or anything all right matt i can take a hint after nine years or so oh yes our entire archive is available for you be careful make sure you have time because you can go on our wormhole back here on our rich eyes and show radio and roku channel feed together just had a fun sound bite from back in the day with matt ryan who i think if you watch the bills commanders game yesterday on cbs you could see that uh matt is a a natural talent at uh calling games in the booth gosh he's really good you know it's also good what i picked up what i picked up from that game josh allen's good at football yeah yeah uh-huh are you gonna try to give him a nickname now i already did he's the mandalorian quarterback okay look i'm not saying they're all you know home runs some of them are just you know you just hit the pitch where you see it you're like hoping to find some grass like david xtine though there's no home runs that's okay wow it's okay every now and then i might pop one out he said no homers they don't even reach defense man by the way the whole sense of like oh josh allen is just garbage because of what we saw oh my goodness gracious the overreactions in this league it's non-stop you know he stepped up in the pocket he found gabe davis he's he he he he ran one in when it was necessary to run one in and he teardropped it in front of everybody at fedex and teardropped it in front of magic johnson that's pretty cool and and you know stefan digs fed him as you know stefan's from that area former maryland terrapin and then oh speaking of terror um the defense they they told sam howl uh nice two weeks kid uh but this is the national football league and um uh we play defense and there's a guy named matt malano and there's mica hide and there's the rest of the team and they just they just put it on the commanders 37 to 3 see ya and next up are the dolphins in western new york here we go joker jiff here we go yeah let's go because i was leading this show by saying the dolphins are the the best story and the biggest story in the nfl right now um tj coined it they're the greatest show on surf and turf and they are serving it up let's see what the buffalo bills do this time last time they played it was a snowstorm it was terrific it was basically to his last great game of the season last year and now tua is the mvp candidate front runner front runner not josh allen and the buffalo bills are coming in off of two very nice back-to-back wins curb stomping the raiders and commanders handing each of them their first losses of the season not concerned even if the bills lose this one too and they're now gonna be even how how do they lose how how do the bills lose like if they lose like what's the score oh it doesn't matter what the score it absolutely does i don't believe it does it they get absolutely worked it's a it's the end of the first month of the season they're two and two let's just see and then and then and then if they lose the division because they've lost their home game to the miami dolphins let's just see how the dolphins can do this this track meet stuff when it gets cold let's see what the dolphins can do later on in the season and let's see let's see what it looks like in december and january let's see what it looks like in the middle of january and the buffalo bills are that five seed coming to the four seed and let's see what it looks again if that's the way it goes you just got to look we're marathoning we're not sprinting but what if miami scores 50 then they score 50 and then what happens like honestly what if it's like 52 21 chris it doesn't matter that no that really does matter how does it matter because you saw the way that they the dolphins did the ravens last year and what the dolphins did early on in the season in december hits two is not healthy and they're not even the same team so it doesn't matter what the score is right now it means nothing what it means is it's still a win that could count as some sort of a tie break in december that causes buffalo to go on the road as opposed to having people come to western new york which might be a difference but it is a big game i'm very excited about it and if they beat the dolphins well then that would be quite something now you're talking about them being not only in the mix for the division but being the one seed in this conference that appears to be wide open for the taken you know it appears to be with some big games to come when the chiefs start coming to town or and they go to the chiefs and the the dolphins play the chiefs in germany everybody's playing each other see what happens certainly if the chargers are putting up you know the you know and justin herbert's throwing the ball vertically maybe they can make a run here who knows still really early same thing with our uh with our show 844-204 rich is the number to dial we'll take your phone calls over reaction monday coming up in the next hour and then our podcast version of it later on today before two nfl games tonight chris long is going to be joining us to give us his two cents on all these subject matters we haven't even hit on deon and ryan day taking down the irish and lou halts in one fell swoop that's all still to come that was proposed oh yeah man he he almost took on the the he almost took on rudy as well now now he would have had me i'll tell you what vince vaughan was there at game day i saw going after him too i saw vince vince there it was pretty cool to see him love the phone lines being lit too i mean we haven't even hit on have the texans looking the way they're looking right the jaguars are one and two the jaguars are in last place looking up at the colts gartner menshew winning on a road well he got some help from the zebras guess what man everything guess what man they were really bad in that game yeah i know i saw that also rich chris and i were talking pre-show the arizona cardinals could very well be three and oh this season i know nobody's thinking that way no one's the jets could easily be three and oh if aaron rogers achilles didn't pop or before snaps in that's a lot more ifs than what no no no no it's just one it's just one speed bridge away from being three and oh okay dude i'm gonna do this all season long i mean it's just what could have been what could have been and what is now roosting again i mean this could be the richest kofak show dude every that's correct every plan every plan the jets made this off season we got to scrap them was to check a box was to check a box to make sure this wouldn't happen damn it weekly guests that you won't find anywhere else it is what the football with susie schuster and amy trask wherever you listen
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