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RE Show: Sean McVay - Hour 3

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September 25, 2023 3:11 pm

RE Show: Sean McVay - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 25, 2023 3:11 pm

Rich reacts to Deion Sanders’ Colorado Buffaloes getting walloped on the road against the Oregon Ducks 42-6, and weighs in on Ohio State’s last-second win on the road in South Bend over Notre Dame that featured a thrilling finish after a controversial decision by Fighting Irish Head Coach Marcus Freeman.

Rams Head Coach Sean McVay and Rich discuss the emergence of rookie sensation Puka Nacua, the timeline for the return of All-Pro WR Cooper Kupp, how Matthew Stafford has bounced back from a disastrous 2022 season, his preparation to face former OC Zac Taylor and the Bengals (possibly without Joe Burrow) on Monday Night Football, parting ways with RB Cam Akers, why he regrets nearly giving up coaching for a career as a TV commentator, and his impending fatherhood. 

Rich comments on Jordan Love leading the Packers to a Week 3 comeback win over the New Orleans Saints, and explains why he’s not concerned about the 1-2 Las Vegas Raiders…yet.

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This this is the Rich Eisen Show.

I got all the love in the world. Cameras will be trained all over the stadium just to see is Taylor Swift gonna be in Arrowhead. From the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Touchdown! Finds Travis Kelce.

I think he wanted to get in the end zone just as much as all the Swifties wanted him to. Earlier on the show, two-time Super Bowl champion and Greenlight Podcast host Chris Long. Coming up, Rams head coach Sean McVay.

Plus your phone calls, overreaction Monday and more. And now it's Rich Eisen. Hour number three of the Rich Eisen Show on the air on the Roku channel. This Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio affiliate Sirius XM Odyssey our podcast and more.

If you missed the first couple hours of this year program at 844-204-rich. If you missed anything, you missed fireworks everywhere. That was so weird. It's a winning, it's coming off a win over the Dallas Cowboys. Exactly. By the way, I mean that is a, I don't know what's what's more on brand the Jets doing what they did against the Patriots or the Cowboys losing to the Cardinals when you don't expect them to. I'm sorry. There's a lot of things like Chris Long said missing three o-linemen. I mean I'm not making excuses but these are things that come into play. Oh come on man.

Any team that finds out. At least you're lucky. At least you're lucky because the entire the entire off season when I'm talking about Aaron Rodgers and the Jets fan base for putting all eggs in his basket and it's just like this is going to be awesome only to have an axe in the chest like the shining as soon as you arrive on the scene, you know, the same time where we're making we're making light of Jonathan Gannon from jump the entire time he was lurking as the first loss of the Dallas Cowboys in week three. Then they lost by 12. Like that's insane. Again I think you feel like you're Sean Payton like okay so what's the question? What's your question?

If you're gonna like overlook that that just gave you then cool. Again I still I still think that they're they're shocked by what happened with Trevon Diggs which is why it's still insane that Jets won that game on the Monday night where they lost Rodgers like that. All right Rich I just appreciate you not starting this show out with the Cowboys when you had the Dolphins out there because all these other shows this morning were acting like the season's over after three weeks. Because the Dolphins are the story of the 2023 season at present. They are 100 percent the story. And they should have been the lead on all these shows except you know. Well that doesn't matter we are just we are who we are and what we do here on the Rich Eisen show is we we're here for clicks and winning. So let's turn the page now because as I just said that the Dolphins are the story of the 2023 NFL season with so many other stories to talk about. Yeah. The Colorado Buffaloes are the story of college football through in the 2023 season even with a whole bunch of other programs that have as we sense the entire time a better chance to win the national championship and are winning in their own campuses but we're not paying attention because it's Dion doing Dion things and it's a fascinating watch to watch this team do what they are doing and Dion do it in the manner in which he is doing it and doing it well. And along come the Oregon Ducks to basically say we're out here in our Hamlet and Eugene and we're pretty damn good and we are going to lay it on thick as thick as we possibly can lay it on we are gonna we are gonna show everybody how we do it out here nobody's paying attention to Bo Nix and the rest of this team that can win the Natty and we're gonna show everybody that's here and Dan Lanning showed up the head coach of the Oregon Ducks with that don't lose that intensity same intensity type attitude and what ended up playing out was what I think Dion deep down knew was possible and what we all despite talking about Colorado knew would be possible when the Buffaloes faced a team like Oregon that can show up in the trenches much bigger than Colorado and shove them around and then when they're stumbling shove them even more and when you're actually you know maybe say punting shove them even more by faking it deep in your own end and just jam it down their throats until they are crying for less and that's what Dan Lanning did and in the middle of the curb stomping the ABC broadcast popped on to the screen Lanning talking to the team before the contest and this is how he got the Ducks riled up for play rooted in substance not flash rooted in substance today we talk with our pads you're talking right every moment the Cinderella story is over man right they're fighting for clicks we're fighting for wins you know there's a difference right there's a difference right this game ain't gonna be played in Hollywood it's gonna be played on the grass let's go I gotta tell you I have no problem with that pregame speech that was epic in terms of fighting the way you fight and on occasion looking over and seeing who everyone else is paying attention to while you're doing it your way and your competition gets more attention for doing it their way and you feel the way you do it should get more attention and more kudos coming your way I've got to tell you I feel that way every day sitting in this chair going against the competition we go against all the time and when we do get somebody saying hey we appreciate you it's great to hear but sometimes you lose out to people who are doing their business in a way that causes more attention to be paid so I get it Dan Lanning I totally get it my only pushback would be Deion Sanders clicks that he's supposedly playing for are done so he can win the clicks are not to make him more famous he's already super famous it's not about the clicks alone I don't know how many times I can say this it's not about the clicks alone and when you see cameras on him phones and handheld cameras and whatever it's for a documentary that he's putting together and I can't wait to see coach prime season two about this weekend and about last weekend when he lost Travis Hunter in that Donnybrook against Colorado State and man did they need Travis Hunter on Saturday what a bummer that that kid wasn't out there I don't know if it would have made much of a difference because he doesn't play in the trenches which is where Deion also knows he's light he's light in the trenches and he knows it and so the clicks that are there are clicking in a way where the kids are going to show and Oregon's doing it their way and Deion knows the way that he does it is going to get coaches like Dan Lanning with programs like the one that Dan Lanning's running and with kids in the locker room that Dan Lanning has bigger than his they're going to play that up and on Saturdays like this one it's going to be used against him effectively this is what Deion had to say after the beat down he said they played like hot garbage which by the way how many times have we heard him use that phrase on the air and behind the scenes about teams that get stomped on this is what Deion had to say it translate in practice it is I don't say stuff just to say it for a click you know I'm contrary to what some may say but uh yeah I keep receipts uh but I'm serious I analyze and I understand what we're up against and what we have and what we need one thing I can say honestly honestly and candidly you better get me right now this is the worst we're gonna be you better get me right now yeah because the clicks he's he's he's the clicks that he's getting is so he can start winning faster by getting the kids and 100 you better believe he knows exactly what they needed on Saturday what they need for this common Saturday against USC it could be just as long of an afternoon in front of his home folks he knows exactly what they need and I don't think there's any doubt in my mind or yours wherever you're taking in the show or listening that he's gonna get it he's gonna get it but what a what a weekend man it was it was a rough one and I do and I do have to say this as well just because Dion doesn't need my help either uh but I found this tweet interesting I wound up in my timeline from uh some uh Danny O'Neil I don't know uh he's a writer I guess he wrote uh in terms of the fighting for clicks we're fighting for wins he wrote now let's go run out there in their 4346 uniform combination and show them why we're do above doing things strictly for attention that's right which was an interesting way of doing it but but what Dan Lanning's not doing is is having documentaries and and and things of that nature and that's the way Dion does it because what's the best selling point for a one win program saying we need more kids coming in and we're flipping our roster around who's who's the number one selling point him and at one point he knows the best selling point is a winning program more than anything else but to get to the winning program he's selling himself not just because he wants to be famous because he's smart enough to know what's the best selling point there is so there's that from college football another game in college football to talk about I said going into this weekend with Ohio State playing pardon me the Ohio State playing Notre Dame is it possible both teams can lose this game is it possible and I gotta be honest with you kind of feel like a damn no came close to that shouldn't have lost damn damn near close to that with play calling uh hanky play calling by Ryan Day booty um and Notre Dame having 10 guys on defense when the game was on the line twice and and then and then the reasoning behind it this is this is coach Freeman uh after the game explaining why was there only 10 men on the field in the last play of the game when it's on the goal line and you're up 14 10 and you're out of timeouts how do you not run an 11th guy out there this is what he had to say Marcus the film shows that on that last play there were only 10 people on the field just curious what happened yeah we were trying to get a fourth d-lineman on the field and I told him just stay off because we can't we can't afford a penalty I didn't have any timeouts right so we couldn't afford a penalty there um you know and yeah that's that's on us it's gotta be better you know to me it was like hey don't give them another opportunity to get settled and to try to make a different call right hey guys like stay off the field let's not give them a freebie from a half-yard line and um let's try to stop them you know and I thought maybe they would do the same thing they did this night before they didn't they end up running the ball um so I gotta watch the play and see where the ball hit but um yeah that's why I made that decision uh you know you know I like the his his predecessor and Brian Kelly despite being in the Notre Dame head coach I like him too but that just makes no sense isn't the freebie isn't the freebie allowing them to try and run a play against 10 men even if it's an offsides penalty coming on the field or whatever you can move a half right move it right half I'd rather have 11 from the half yard line and you run them out there to the point where they blow the they blow the play dead or something because you're off I mean offside it's not a pre-snap penalty I I I don't know what you do you have maybe one of your guys jump offsides to just blow the play dead before it happens and I'd rather have 11 from the half yard line than not or but you'd also don't expect to just have 10 guys out there it was so wild that explanation he knew it and then told the guy to stay they literally ran the play where are the other defensive linemen would have been lined up why wouldn't you like why wouldn't you even just you know Omaha that thing when yeah you're just got a wide open space really weird explanation and then but it you know Ohio State what a what a big time win on the road when you win in Notre Dame I mean that is huge certainly since again my school has yet to go on the road and I know many have been very critical of my school's schedule and we you know Mike you know whatever I know you'll whatever I mean that's the way things are done for most schedule for most for most teams in in in college football right now so you have to give credit where it is due Ohio State is 4-0 right now they won in Notre Dame they won a tough game on the road my gosh is that a tough spot against the top 10 team give it up and so certainly their head coach after the game is going to basically say we won on the road it's very you know give kudos to to the other team and uh you know our team's really tough and we're moving on and we're 4-0 and wait a minute I'm told Ryan Day was actually quite unhinged about something Lou Holtz said yeah on McAfee show bizarre what Lou Holtz talking about how Ohio State isn't tough as he said it to one of McAfee's guys wearing an old man mask dressed as Lou Holtz in a comedy segment that kind of talked about football a little bit because the whole point was a gag about how great of an imitation Pat's guy has doing Lou Holtz it was weird and you're going to actually take something out of it it's as if it's serious this is nuts this is Ryan Day going like full Richard Sherman on Aaron Andrews after the game coach you knew this one wasn't going to be easy but it came down to the wire and what can you say about the performance from your quarterback Kyle McCord to finish that drive toughness toughness that's it physicality across the board finish it off having guts you know like I like to know where Lou Holtz is right now what he said about our team what he said about our team I cannot believe this is a tough team right here we're proud to be from Ohio and it's always been Ohio against the world it'll continue to be Ohio against the world but I'll tell you what I love those kids we got a tough team I mean how more unhinged can you be he sounds like Howard Dean dude where's Lou Holtz right now odds are around midnight on Saturday asleep yeah probably go full sleep full mad dog tj I don't know he was out there part of a comedy bit of course he's going to talk up Notre Dame he would talk up rice taking on Notre Dame back in the day because you can't you can't you can't overlook rice I mean you are you kidding me that was unbelievable now now if he had gone and just gone after everybody like everybody you know the ghosts of Notre Dame gone after gone after gone and well no I mean gone after Rudy now now now you got me in your corner Ohio against the world by the way I thought that's supposed to be the that's supposed to be an insult is when Michigan says we're playing Ohio this weekend he's referring himself Ohio like is everybody in Ohio or is it the Ohio oh my god I gotta tell you um the the rest of my Michigan fan friends hearing that we're like he's this is he's on tilt and we're not even in September out of September yet he's honestly you're you like who cares what Lou Holtz is saying you just won an incredible game on the road just say this is wild we're growing as a team thank you how do you know you know yeah I'd love to know where Lou Holtz is right now where's the ghost of Arab Parsegh and I want to punch him out what and we're gonna go to Ohio and Michigan honestly what is happening okay that was nuts oh my gosh that's really from that video so there's that and Notre Dame had 10 men on defense at the end of the game I wanted both to lose this close so close this close I kind of feel like they did I'll tell you you're gonna beat Ohio State rich dude I don't even want to say come on man that great either Michigan we we had issues against uh Rutgers as we always do before you know he's had a seven nothing lead in that game it's the busing bowl this weekend Nebraska's gonna be lit there's it's just it's too long of a season and that's why you should take the wins when you get them and have 10 men on defense you you figure out a way to get an 11th and then you you just let Lou Holtz say whatever he wants talk about punching down who cares who literally cares what Lou Holtz said on McAfee's show he's 86 years old he said it to a guy dressed like Johnny Knoxville and a Notre Dame hat on by the way and his imitation is fantastic what a brilliant idea to have that as a comedy bit that's awesome okay my day bit huh 8 4 4 2 0 4 rich number to dial Sean McVay coming up next and then your phone calls to wrap up this show stay on hold we'll get to you Sean McVay when we return wait are you gaming on a Chromebook yeah it's got a high res 120 hertz display plus this killer RGB keyboard and I can access thousands of games anytime anywhere stop playing what get out of here huh yeah I want you to stop playing and get out of here so I can game on that Chromebook got it discover the ultimate cloud gaming machine a new kind of Chromebook on October 5th Loki is back in a brand new season reunite it that's right the countdown is on I've been waiting don't miss the return of Marvel's most watched Disney Plus show over the top don't you think I thought it was spot on his time is running out Marvel Studios Loki season 2 new episode streaming October 5th only on Disney Plus and another thing where's Charlie Weiss yeah he's still getting paid probably probably actually where's Rick Meyer I want to punch him out Ron Paulus said something bad about my line Dan Devine where's this Joe Montana at hey look this Rudy guy I know I have a glass house and I'm throwing stones with the way coaches talk in front of microphones okay but my honestly you don't what what do you what do you think coming in from from what do I said from with no with no with no all right rich to quote you yes I tweeted this out after when it happened I said it's always been Ohio against the world is one of the more insane things said this college football season and that's saying something well but I mean always been Ohio against what what is he talking about what it's talking about is even you I did see I didn't see that tweet I saw another one or no you texted me the minute that Ohio State scored you wanted I mean you're not rooting for Ohio State right no I want it well I had bet Notre Dame oh I see what you're saying I know I I think that they you know they're look the Buckeye fan base they're everywhere and when they by the way when when when the Big Ten finally does come together and they come up with a schedule because they stopped expanding there's gonna be a lot of scarlet and gray in these stadiums here in Los Angeles oh yeah I mean they're everywhere they got a rabbit fan base they are 50,000 students each year but I mean how many people are just like yeah I'm kind of a casual fan I like the Buckeyes I'm rooting for him nobody well unless you're LeBron but no but he's from Ohio that's a different thing I'm sure he grew up a Buckeye fan yeah group of Yankees and Cowboys fan too no I don't know if he did but now he is he is now he got smart he wised up and another thing come on come with me oh my goodness back here on the Rich Eisen show hey guys we have a new partner right here on the Rich Eisen show game time because you know how frustrating it can be to find the perfect tickets for the game or concert 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to get the best price if you find tickets in the same section and roll for less game time will credit you 110 percent of the difference 110 percent take the guesswork out of buying tickets with game time download the game time app like we did create an account like we did and use code rich for 20 off your first purchase restrictions apply visit game for terms again create an account and redeem the code rich r-i-c-h for 20 off download game time today last minute tickets lowest price guaranteed 844-204 rich is the number to dial stay on hold while you listen to my conversation I had over the weekend with the head coach of the Los Angeles Rams Sean McVay he is the head coach of the Los Angeles Rams getting set to take on the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday night football he is none other than Sean McVay how you doing Sean doing good how you doing rich good the radio audience can't see but behind you it says urgent enjoyment what does that mean what does that mean you know what that's something I've had up for a couple years there's been times when I've had that and times that I haven't but we want to be consistent rich and so I think we want to have a good urgency but never lose sight of enjoying this you know it's a blessing to be able to do what we do and I really have loved working with this group this year so it's it's enabled us to have an urgent enjoyment through the first couple weeks even though we haven't always gotten the results we wanted but I've really loved this team and excited about the opp on Monday night against the Bengals yeah I bet I bet so let's talk about this team a little bit boy there there's a bunch of guys that that we're learning about um let me just jump in with Puka Nakua man I mean what what a revelation he is he looks like when did when did you first see him when did you first lay eyes on him I can remember even just watching his tape at BYU and then you you talk to people that have been around him he's a mentally tough guy obviously physically tough got great aggressive hands but once you get around him and you get him in the building he was mature beyond his years he's got a great way about himself now I will tell you this rich until we started playing games didn't know the edge and the toughness you know you always thought it could come to life but that's but seeing it in person and just watching how much fun and his competitiveness and his game day demeanor he's a special guy he certainly is a rookie that's mature beyond his years and he's got a great rapport with Matthew Stafford and that's a good thing uh if you're a Rams receiver yeah and where where did that come from it I mean 20 targets Sean but that's insane I mean yeah I mean is Cooper Cup looking at this saying you know you know I'm a little jealous of all the targets that that that Matt's given him I think uh you know I think the ball has had a way of finding him these last couple weeks and and he's made his plays he's maximized his opportunities there were some situations towards the latter part of the game the other day where he did get a heavier volume based on you know what we were doing uh be behind a couple points and things like that and so he is uh he's a stud I've been really pleased with him he certainly is a physically tough competitor and uh and we're really grateful to have him on our team what's his role going to be moving forward do you think is this is it what do you got yeah I mean I think we want to continue to take it a week at a time but I've been really pleased with him I think Tutu Atwell has also done a great job through the first couple weeks and you know Van Jefferson is a capable player uh who's had a lot of production over the last couple years in our offense Tyler Higby I've been pleased with some of the things from our backs but uh we'll be excited when we get Cooper back but but Puka is certainly establishing a a really strong hold on a on a big time role and I think the more guys you can get involved the better but I've been really happy to see what he's done over these first couple weeks weeks you expect Cooper Cup back once the first minute he he can that's the hope you know when we put him on IR Rich we were hoping that it would give him some time to be able to take a step back get himself right feeling like the Cooper that we all know and love and um and hopefully he's able to return in week five uh certainly are not going to rush that process but that'll that'll represent the first availability for him to come back off of IR and that's kind of always been the goal but uh we'll see how he's doing when that time comes but I am hoping for that a lot of discussion about the turnover for your team this past you know non-playing season less need and you and the roster turnover and getting to know these guys there was a little bit of a conversation coming out oddly enough of Matthew Stafford's wife's podcast about him not really getting to know the guys as fast as he would want because guys faces were in phones and things of that nature is that it was did you find a similar issue as well you know what I didn't and I and I think that Kelly was more joking about the old man more than uh than saying in regards to Matthew has really connected with these guys Rich I think you've seen that over the first couple weeks he loves his teammates they love him that's why he was a unanimously voted captain but they've been great I think there's been a consistent energy there's an enthusiasm there's an attention and a work ethic that these guys bring every single day I just like the vibe that they bring I like the vibe that Matthew and Aaron Donald have brought you know and Rob Avonstein and Tyler Higby and some of our veteran leaders that have been here Ernest Jones is a young up-and-coming player who's who's you know been here and kind of seen what it looks like but I've loved the way that a lot of the rookies and the second year players have come in and they're just continuing to earn everything that they get and they love competing Rich and that's the one thing that I think when we're at our best we're loving what we're doing we're loving the opportunity and the challenges and and these guys have taken these things head on and that's what you want to be able to see John McVay getting ready for Monday night uh right here on Westwood One and the Rich Eisen Show so let's talk about your relationship with Stafford how has it grown since you know Cabo when you guys first connected and then won a Super Bowl together yeah I think it's been great you know I think both last year was was challenging for both of us him because I don't think anybody really understood that he wasn't I think that nobody appreciates how much he was pushing through that elbow last year he's a competitor he's a warrior but when he's feeling good he's as good as it gets he loves a game he's one of those guys Rich that as you know he elevates everybody that's around him and I love Matthew as a person I love what he brings to our team as a player and I think the more that you're around him the more you appreciate you know just what a special human being he is and oh by the way he's a damn good quarterback too he sure is so can you give me an example of how he's an extension of your brain on the field well he's a lot smarter than me rich so I think we want to be able to maximize the things that he can do but it's just the command I mean the things that we're able to do the way that he's able to handle uh you know getting everything communicated to his other 10 teammates um you look at it really the first couple weeks we've been on our silent cadence he's getting in and out of different checks and things like that he's getting us in and out of the right plays within the timing of the play clock whether it be on a 40 second clock or 25 seconds it's just his overall ownership and he truly is an extension of us and he has a huge ownership in a lot of the things that we're doing because hey if he likes it you know then that means that we like it as well okay so um you've got Zach Taylor on the other sideline um I spoke to him about how he first met you I'm wondering what your perspective of that story is how I was pushy about making him commit to wanting to be on the uh staff he said that you called him gave him 24 hours to make a choice and then one hour later asked him if he made up his mind hey when you're putting the staff together as he now knows you know the hey the urgency there's no enjoyment it's just urgent is all we're hunting up but I'll tell you I had always respected him from afar I remember when he was a big 12 player of the year at Nebraska he got into coaching I thought he handled the interim offensive coordinator role with the Dolphins when Dan Campbell was the head coach incredibly well rich um and I just that that always struck a chord with me and then you say you got an opportunity to be able to get a great guy like this in your building um what a great person really smart coach got a great ownership of really all 22 but also his background as a player especially at the quarterback position he had a great rapport with Jared and and uh it was a short two years but it was a really enjoyable two years until he left me for the Bengals yeah I know and and and as I spoke to him I'm sure you you went over all this ground prior to the Super Bowl in the week leading up to that um but here we are again obviously with you guys uh facing off against each other and and he and I did rectify his time at Nebraska because he threw multiple touchdown passes against my Wolverines to win the 2005 Alamo Bowl I remember that oh yeah so you know we we were able to get past that but obviously you know knowing him and uh him knowing you how does that factor into a Monday night do you think well I think uh they've done a great job there's been continuity you know with with them on offense on defense and on team since he got there in 19 they've done a great job rich so there is a level of familiarity but you also appreciate that they've done a great job of evolving and adapting and so I think Lou does a great job on defense Zach and uh Brian do an excellent job on offense and uh Darren does a great job on special teams so there's great challenges they've got great players and there's a reason why they've been in two conference championships each of the last couple years and then a Super Bowl a couple years ago against us one of the reasons why is because of the quarterback too I mean I'm clearly you're monitoring what's going on with his calf and it's as you and I are talking right now up in the air and you've got maybe one of the greatest testers of calf's endurance in 99 um Sean I mean do you go up to Aaron and say hey if this guy's playing you know go hunt did you ever do that sort of thing you know I think I think Aaron's gonna go hunt no matter what so you and I both I don't have to hype him up anymore but I hope you know we've got to prepare for him he's one of the best uh there's a reason why he's done as well as he has leading that team over the last few years I hope he's you know able to get healthy but you want to be able to compete against great players and uh we've got to prepare to be able to see him if not Browning is a very capable player that you know can operate their offense at a high level behind him got Sean McVay here for a few more minutes in advance of Monday night football um I'll give you the floor and what happened with Cam Akers view and the organization yeah you know really I appreciate what cam did over the last couple years but we just felt like it was in the best interest to be able to allow him to explore another opportunity allow our team to be able to move forward and I know Kevin O'Connell's excited about adding him to their roster but felt good about Kyron Williams Ronnie Rivers you know we've got Zach Evans and Royce Freeman also on our roster and then on the practice squad with Royce and just felt like it was in the best interest to be able to kind of make that move and uh sometimes it's it's not always the easy decisions but I ultimately have to be able to do what I think is best and that was what we felt like was best all right let's talk about you a little bit here you you needed some time to think about returning to coaching do you uh look back at that and say worthwhile it seems it you know what uh last year was a really humbling year for me Rich and a year that I lost a lot of perspective but it was really beneficial for me I've been so fortunate to be a part of this organization going on my seventh year and you know you don't take for granted how much of a blessing it is to be able to do this and I love this and for whatever reason you get whether you get caught up a little bit too much in your own ego or you lose your values and principles that have guided why you love this so much you get a little bit too caught up in the results instead of loving you know the people in the process and um it seems so silly and I'm so grateful that I had people around me to help kind of gain that perspective to really be able to reflect and get humbled in a way that forces you to say like all right it's one thing to read books about it's another thing to go through it and say man this isn't the leader this isn't the person you want to be um and you have an opportunity to be able to rectify that and um I can't even believe that was a thought but it was something that I can be a stubborn guy rich um and I think going through last year while it was not the most enjoyable it was very necessary to continue to grow to mature to try to be more the man that I want to be whether that be as a coach a husband or a friend or hopefully sooner than later a father as we know so um I'm loving this uh I love this sport I love coaching this sport I love working with players and coaches and um you know love working with Les and Kevin and Tony and Mr. Kroenke and uh I laugh it's it's almost funny to ever think that was a consideration but it was something that when you go through some challenging times um you can learn a lot and I do feel like that was what uh what occurred for me were you just taking the losses too hard you just I think so you know and and I think sometimes here you're internalizing it and it and again you know as embarrassing as it to admit you know you tie up your identity or your self-worth in those things and you realize like hey who the heck have I become as a result of this chase instead of pouring into the guys doing the best that you can loving the opportunity to compete but it was almost like as a result of so many things going well you just lose total perspective and you think anything less than winning it again or doing certain things that you've been fortunate enough to do this doesn't make it even worth it god is that silly but at the time you know you just lose perspective and you lose your way and fortunately I feel very confident that because of the people that I'm around and some of the things that you just have to be able to dive into and be honest with yourself I feel uh I feel a lot more like being uh I feel like I'm a lot closer to to being the man that the people that I love and care about deserve to be around I'm going to take a shot I don't know the answer to this question and normally as a as a paid professional that I am Sean I like to know the answers or at least assume before asking but did you ever have a conversation with John Madden about coaching did you ever pick his brain because you know what I wish I did I I'm very familiar with coach Madden's background I've always been a huge fan of of what he brought to this game he represented and um I I certainly wish I did uh I didn't get a chance to but I have heard many stories whether it was through my grandfather or through other people right so I I wish I I wish I did though rich about you know starting and being a head coach at a young age and then getting success at a very young part of your career and then and then after a while just he he would say some of the things that you're you're saying right now to be quite honest with you Sean you know like that's what it sounds like yeah and you know Dick Vermeil has been a great sounding board for me um you know he he had some similar experiences and then so did coach Walsh you know coach Walsh went through a very similar I think there's there can be sometimes a beautiful torment but it's all about the perspective um not losing that and I felt like I did and and ultimately um not fun but it was a necessary thing and I'm really grateful for those things that I learned because I know I learned a whole lot more last year and a lot of the reflection that it forced than what I did in any of those first few years even if they were a lot uh better seasons in terms of the results okay and let's finish up with the news again that uh you just alluded to moments ago you're gonna be a dad when when's the due date here the due date is uh later in October that's some scary stuff if he's anything like his dad rich he's gonna wear his mom out but he is he's an active little guy in his mom's tummy I mean he's kicking and moving and um I wouldn't expect it any other way but it's been a really smooth pregnancy Veronica's been awesome um yeah exactly what a blessing that's been and so was able to go to the doctor yesterday and we're we're really excited to to meet our little man here in about a month it's uh it still hasn't hit me she's got the nursery set up she's ready to go and okay sometimes I sit there and look at it and think oh this is some scary awesome stuff just get out of the way man you can't do anything you can't do any honestly you can't do anything you just have to be supportive there's you know that's my two cents I've had three of three kids Sean you know you didn't ask but I'll give my my my my help to you just get out of the way you know just but you know obviously be there and be supportive what what week of the season is it what game is it you know you know what I I don't know that I'm one week at a time but I do know that this guy is around October 24th rich okay I like it you you're taking it one week at a time professionally and personally I love it man that coach speak for you okay and you're registered you should and and you should tell people you're registered at Tiffany's because that's where the Lombardi trophy is also made that's a good line for you touche I'll give that for you uh thanks for the time Sean greatly appreciate it congrats on um on everything going on in your life personally and uh good luck Monday night I appreciate it always good talking to you rich right back at you Sean McVay the head coach of the Los Angeles Rams well it looks like the Rams um the Rams in week seven which is when the baby would be due are home for Pittsburgh okay so they could swallow that thing in a in a in a terrible town if necessary um and then the next week if the baby's a little bit later at Dallas you know just saying just putting it out there these are just things that you need to look at um or how about this how about this if it's born in Pittsburgh um you guys could uh celebrate by selling your tickets to a students fan I already gave mine away and take the money and get them something nice on the registry what do you think about that I mean I'm probably gonna do that not minus the registry part understood let's take a break phone calls Josh McDaniel spoke today about his decision to kick a field goal after he got a fresh set of downs after he kicked the field goal when he needed a touchdown that's next this is the rich eisen show hey it's rich eisen you want an exciting and fast-paced podcast based on one of the most popular segments in the history of the rich eisen show well you got it over reaction monday hosted by me rich eisen and my compadre chris brockman and every monday we're going to dive into the headlines from pro and college football and overreact are you ready chris brockman yay or nay yes rich no holding back buddy i'm coming for you absolutely what you need to hear over reaction monday every single wait for it monday wherever you listen it could be information to change your life forever or the something you should know podcast could just be something interesting my guest is kim zachman she is author of the book there's no cream and cream soda i don't think i've ever really known the story of why they're called hot dogs there is so many legends about the name of the hot dog when the germans immigrants came over and they brought all their sausages they also brought their toxins it really is because they kind of look like toxins something you should know wherever you listen what a weekend huh i mean honestly we we could have done six hours today yeah can we try that one are we done um no we're not done yet i mean we have 13 more minutes to go and then you and i stay after class what do you guys do we got overreaction monday coming up cha-ching and you do too mike you stay after class actually today i won't be your fellow fella's doing it today i'm doing a baseball game my final one of the year what's your final one of the year it's terrible what is it san francisco san diego it's not gonna be well are are they either one of them still in it or what i think it's technically still a lot of san diego made a run dude they were they had one eight in a row right what baseball's still going on yeah it is yeah yeah wild card standings where somebody's gonna be left without a seat in the american league so san diego is over really good five back with uh they're six to go yeah you're right make it sound good though mike be a pro i always do be a pro that's what i get my had a good game on saturday well seattle and houston are battling for the final spot dude baseball's so tough when your team isn't good man and then same chicago and miami are one game separating there you go well the reds aren't involved the reds are two and a half back they could go they could finish strong but man i just want to see the young kids in votto that's what i want yeah if i could if i could choose anyone you know well miami's fun because they've just been openly tanking for years and now they're in the mix right so there you go baseball baseball man stands alone at the plate it's time for what individual achievement but in the field what you are is aaron judge wants to by the way whatever he wants to say about what's going on in the front office speak sold speak that'd be great but he said that he will he will not uh make it public he's going to keep it in house oh come on well hopefully he's telling whoever to get rid of people i i would love to know what his opinion is we'll talk about that on tuesday show how about them apples yeah back here on the rich eisen show on the rich eisen show radio network sitting at the rich eisen show desk furnished by grange with supplies and solutions for every industry granger has the right product for you call click or just stop by jordan love man pulled one out in his home opener it looked pretty bleak 17 nothing down to the saints who were putting the bang thing on him and that offense that didn't have aaron jones didn't have christian watson didn't have uh david bachjari they didn't have gyre alexander on defense and once again i hopped off the pick in the packers last second on game day morning why why do you do that i did it again i did it again but jordan love got it done did he not did he not and how about la floor he's going for two when you're thinking why is he going for two so all you have to do is you know score another touchdown you're in front which is exactly what happened and then the saints missed a kick and boy did they miss derek carr or what when it all came down to it jamis um and the saints stopped scoring points so the question is what will be next for the new orleans saints when they face the tampa bay buccaneers at home next sunday will derek carr be available this is dennis allen moments ago eric's got a sprained ac joint um you know we'll evaluate him as he goes throughout the week this week um i think we we we dodged a bullet there in terms of anything of real um you know significance um i think we're kind of saying week to week you know but again he felt better today than he did you know yesterday so we're not we're not making any decisions today we're not ruling anything out um we'll see where he's at as the week goes on now again uh i suffered this injury at the pro bowl back in 2005 when i was going through a tackling dummy uh when ray lewis was teaching me how to tackle and rod woodson let the tackling dummy go like it was lucy with the football and i to this day um blame rod woodson for my sprained ac joint i had to go to my left hand with the microphone the rest of the week because i'm a because i'm a gamer um and i think derek carr should be able to get through this at least it's not a collarbone that's what i was thinking when that happened i thought it was a concussion well because they took his helmet away but they were saying and he looked kind of i know because he was probably just saying damn it yeah i know exactly what this is i just hope it's nothing worse darn it i don't think he curses maybe so an interesting moment right there that could be a wild card tie break moment later on in the season but both of these teams have a chance to win their division yep how great is this thursday night coming up for al and the gang on amazon prime lions packers for the right to rule the north roost just four weeks in nice one to start lines with a big win over the falcons so there's that one rich also said to sit jordan love this week for fantasy advice and for about 52 minutes it looked like a great pick and yeah now i was upset with your adison choice but then he had 50 yards in the span of like four plays in the fourth quarter and then kj osborne kind of stole a touchdown stream the nfl and westwood one for free sponsored by autozone all season long you can listen to every westwood one broadcast of the nfl live on the nfl app by asking alexa to open westwood one sports or on your westwood one affiliate stations digital platforms kevin harland kurt warner and me all season long including tonight for the bangles and rams for free and get in the zone with autozone autozones free battery testing and charging is available for free at your local autozone restrictions apply get in the zone autozone josh mcdaniels down by a score and a two-point conversion with a few minutes left in the game last night decides to kick a field goal to make it a five-point game and just as the ball splits the uprights you're wondering did he make the right decision the steelers give him a fresh set of downs what does he do with it it goes three and out takes more time off the clock when you think there's three timeouts left if you don't get the touchdown right here or the two-point conversion you use those timeouts and kick a field goal and win this damn thing instead he kicks the field goal instead why josh why this is his answer you know i thought we um you know you have two choices here you know you try to make it a five-point game where you have an opportunity to win it with the touchdown if you get the ball back you know or you try to you know go for it there and then if you hope if you if you happen to convert then you got to make the two-point conversion all the rest of it so um you know just as the decisions you got to make you know i thought we did a decent job of putting ourselves in third down there the next series with the defense to try to have a play to get off the field and we just we didn't handle that play very well well the the issue is is too many turnovers from garoppolo a couple of uh jump balls yep got to give it up for mcdaniels on fourth in an in an index card throwing a touchdown pass to devante adams early on that was a dime and and and you know garoppolo for this turnovers 13 catches for 172 yards for adams 20 targets that's what you're looking for didn't get that enough last year the issue is is uh with jacoby myers also 85 yards of receiving josh jacobs is running at three yards a clip that's the problem can't run the ball i'm not worried about the raiders just yet no no it's still early devante adams seemed a little uh you know grumbled of course he's grumbled because he wants to start winning games he's not used to this struggling stuff he's got four weeks before it's uh you know but then we will see what happens trade talk their next game is at home uh against the chargers by that i mean so far come on hey i'm i'm spitting facts is what i spit here your facts i went to the raiders rams preseason game and it was 80 raiders dude they could bugle all they want and siren on the third downs all they want but that's silver and black coming up they better silent snap it with justin herbert in practice this week so yeah we'll see i'm not worried about it and no mike williams and then they're home for green bay so that's the one if they lose if they lose that one with devante adams then he's going to really grumble with the packers in the house with jordan love you should win that one that'll wrap it up for this monday show we'll be fixing it all together on roku in a moment hey guys it's susie schuster and i am so excited for my new podcast coming out this fall it is called what the football with susie schuster and the princess of darkness amy trask if you're looking for a new podcast to listen to about jargon heavy-legged waist benders this is not for you we're gonna have big girl conversations when we are going super deep to bring you weekly guests that you won't find anywhere else it is what the football with susie schuster and amy trask wherever you listen
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