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REShow: Josh Allen - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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September 8, 2023 4:37 pm

REShow: Josh Allen - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 8, 2023 4:37 pm

Rich recaps the Lions’ impressive season opening win on the road in Kansas City against Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs.

Bills QB Josh Allen and Rich discuss facing “old guy” Aaron Rodgers and the Jets on Monday Night Football in Week 1 and handling Buffalo’s big expectations, how they plan to fix the red zone issues that plagued them last season, if he and All-Pro WR Stefon Diggs have mended fences, Damar Hamlin’s return to the team after his on-field cardiac arrest, and more.

Rich explains why he’s not concerned about the Chiefs after losing their home opener to the Lions.

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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

This is the Rich Eisen Show.

The best part about the NFL is competition. Mahomes back throws it in. Picked off by the Lions. Live from the Rich Eisen Show Studio in Los Angeles.

Lions will take over on down snow flags. It's unusual for us to drop that many passes. The Rich Eisen Show, today's gasps. Bill's quarterback Josh Allen, prime video TNF analyst Richard Sherman. Falcons head coach Arthur Smith. Three-time Super Bowl champion Julian Edelman. And now it's Rich Eisen.

Yes it is. Welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show on the first football Friday of the 2023 National Football League season calendar. We're thrilled that you're with us.

Boy do we have a great four-wide guest list. We have none other than Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills getting set to zoom into this program in just 15 minutes time. We already saw the kickoff of the season between the Lions and the Chiefs. And week one ends with the Bills visiting the Jets as the Jets unwrap Aaron Rodgers for the very first time in a game that counts in the standings. Richard Sherman, future Hall of Famer, kicking off our number two. Arthur Smith and his mustache will appear on your zoom screen in our number two.

And then in studio in our number three, not one, not two, but three times Super Bowl champion Julian Edelman will be here. Which means I am the second most handsome Jewish man to be sitting in our makeup chair today on the Rich Eisen Show set. I said makeup chair Jay.

You didn't get makeup today did you Jay Felly? Okay good to see you. How are you Chris Brockman? Good to see you over there. My wallet's lighter after last night Rich. 844204 Rich number to dial. How are you over there TJ Jefferson? How are you sir? It's time.

That's all I can say Rich, it's time. All right very good. The Dallas Cowboys are playing Sunday night for anybody who didn't see what he was doing up on on the screen. On the Roku channel for those listening where you are. Terrestrial, Sirius XM and Odyssey. We welcome you. We welcome everybody listening on a podcast later on whenever you darn well please. That is your God given right in the United States and wherever you can get a podcast to listen to us whenever you want.

844204 Rich number to dial. I'm going to start this way. I know everybody's freaking out about the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs losing last night in their banner raising night.

But I'm going the opposite way. I'm going to go how about those Detroit Lions? How about the Detroit Lions showing up last night in a spot that when most everyone learned they would be playing in that spot thought what is the National Football League thinking? What are the schedule makers thinking when they had an opportunity to put Buffalo in Kansas City? Cincinnati in Kansas City? The Eagles are on the Chiefs home schedule for Kansas City. We could have had that piece of filet mignon right off the bat. A Super Bowl rematch in night number one.

Instead let's send the Detroit Lions there essentially sending Detroit to the figurative Lions in Kansas City raising a banner. Patrick Mahomes doing his thing which he did do last night albeit without Travis Kelce. And what did the Lions do last night?

They showed up. They went three and out to start the game. They held defensively. Got the ball back and then went three and out again except they didn't go out. They went out on fourth down. Dan Campbell called for a fake punt from his own 17 yard line in the second drive of the season.

Let's go. Biting kneecaps off right off the bat is what Dan Campbell was doing and the Lions followed suit after getting that first down on that fake punt. 10 plays 80 yards touchdown and then absorbed Mahomes doing Mahomes things like say staring down a third and 17 from his own 30 something yard line right before a halftime of a tie game. And then just when you thought the Lions would get the ball back right before a halftime to take a lead which they had to do because the Chiefs get the ball first in the second half Mahomes three plays later from third and 17 in the middle of his own territory touchdown and then the Lions held in the second half and got a pick six. Not Mahomes's fault by the way the first season opening interception Mahomes has thrown in his life is life and we'll get to that in a moment and it was a pick six. Yeah the Lions did what they needed to do and had to do and even with the lead and two minutes to go getting the ball back after holding Mahomes when you all thought the Lions were giving the ball to Kansas City to Kansas City despite having the lead in the fourth quarter you knew Mahomes was going to be making that call from within the house for another house call and the Lions held defensively forced to punt got the ball back and went for it on fourth down instead of trying to pin Mahomes and giving the ball back they went for it saying we're not going to give the ball back to Mahomes didn't quite like their play call at all and then even though they got the ball and didn't convert on fourth down and went for it they held Mahomes down and once again showed the grit and determination that they needed to show and what the Lions have done in the last two games is they ended Aaron Rodgers Packer's career by sending him packing from Lambeau Field and out of the playoffs in a game that they already knew didn't matter for their playoff hopes they were already out they showed up in a so-called meaningless game and played meaningful football having Rogers put his arm around Randall Cobb and essentially say to him let's go to the Jets and then open up the season getting that assignment and staring right at the Chiefs and Chiefs Kingdom and saying we're going to ruin your banner raising night in back-to-back games that's what the Lions have done and they're coming they're coming they've now won nine of their last 11 games dating back to last season and handed Patrick Mahomes the first loss in the season opener of his life prior to last prior to last night 5-0 as a chief starter on opening night 2-0 as a Texas Tech starter on opening day and 2-0 as the quarterback of the White House high school team in White House Texas that was his first ever season opening loss last night and what did Dan Campbell have to say did he go ahead and say I told you so no this is what he had to say I didn't learn anything I got verification on what I already knew and this is a resilient team it already was a resilient team and we added pieces to that resilient team so we're built to handle some some stuff and we did that today against a very good opponent I think there again we expected to win this game you know we came in here and we knew what we needed to do and and we knew it wasn't going to be easy and we did that and really what it means is that's one that's one that's it Aman Ra Saint-Brown looked pretty darn good how about Jared Goff hasn't thrown an interception in 360 plus attempts that's the third longest such streak in the history of the National Football League he made he threw a dime on third and long as well last night in a crucial spot David Montgomery running over people Jamir Gibbs made some nice plays at 60 total yards and Aiden Hutchinson was held down because the Chiefs were jumping snaps and not lining up properly and allowed to do so shout out Terry McCauley for actually calling that out during the broadcast they ran that in the third quarter they're like hey look he is not lining up properly his head is not even with the back side of the center this is illegal and he's doing it this is illegal and he's jumping before the snap illegal finally they called him for it and I'll just say this as well I know my buddy Mike Torrico said that the win had an asterisk on it because Chris Jones had held out despite still showing up to the game as an attendee and Travis Kelce was hurt 100% but in the National Football League you can only control what you can control and the opposite for the Detroit Lions in the past would be to lose a game where they show up and they're playing good football about 90 percent of the time without making mistakes themselves like a red zone turnover a handful of penalties that crush them normally the Lions would lose a game like this instead of coming out with the win like they did and they cannot do anything but play the guys in front of them and might they by the end of the year look back and say we were lucky that Chris Jones was holding out and Travis Kelce had some sort of what appears to be freak accident two days before the game sure sure but they had to play the game last night and they got it done so I don't believe there's an asterisk on it at all they took care of business in a very tight spot and most of the people when we heard they were going to show up in Kansas City on opening night for that assignment thought they were going to get the doors blown off them and if anybody's out there sitting there saying well Chris Jones wasn't there wouldn't happen if Chris Jones was there wouldn't happen if Travis Kelce was there doesn't matter you play the games when you're supposed to play them and if you're supposed to win those games because those guys aren't there and you do win them I'm not going to give you less credit I'm looking in the standings today it says one and oh it doesn't say three quarters you know or half an oh with an asterisk next to it it's one and oh Detroit and oh and one Kansas City and we'll talk about why Kansas City what they should think moving forward after we speak with Josh Allen who's about to sit down in western New York for us Richard Sherman our two Arthur Smith and his stash our two Julian Edelman in studio hour three what's more likely your phone calls throughout eight four four two oh four rich week one is underway and it will end on Monday night with this man on center stage on the worldwide leader in sports Josh Allen when we come back hey it's rich eisen you want an exciting and fast-paced podcast based on one of the most popular segments in the history of the rich eisen show well you got it over reaction monday hosted by me rich eisen and my compadre chris brockman and every monday we're going to dive into the headlines from pro and college football and overreact are you ready chris brockman yay or nay yes rich no holding back buddy I'm coming for you absolutely what you need to hear over reaction monday every single wait for it monday wherever you listen it could be information to change your life forever or the something you should know podcast could just be something interesting my guest is kim zachman she is author of the book there's no cream and cream soda i don't think i've ever really known the story of why they're called hot dogs there is so many legends about the name of the hot dog when the germans immigrants came over and they brought all their sausages they also brought their toxins it really is because they kind of look like toxins something you should know wherever you listen back here on the rich eisen show josh allen's about to join us in about a minute's time we should have a countdown clock that's how important to person he is in the national football league the buffalo bills oh my gosh our coordinating producer mike hoskins back in our back i guess area control room control room all right hoskins i don't know how are you able to control yourself as a diehard buffalo bill fan while i'm about to interview a man who's so important in your life he said very difficult quote he's got a huge smile on his face i mean how can you show like camera wise how excited he is i think he's eating wings in the back did you check brockman that's the way you're showing that's how that you're taking everybody look at everybody mouthpiece he cannot control his fingers and you guys know like josh allen when we first did we did draft coverage from dallas yes josh allen gave me when you first brought me on the show he gave me my first interview is that right as you know all the remember if we were in atnt stadium all the rookies were doing some type of home of your cowboys seminar and you told me go see what you can get and walking josh allen and durwin james were the first two guys who stopped and like i said hey i'm with rich isin show like okay it was the night oh did he say that yeah very important oh how did you say it you know i have a fragile ego be very careful i will post the video on our instagram during this interview okay a young josh allen fresh out of college the night before the draft the night before he's like oh rich isin show is it just like oh really rich i'm pretty sure well people sometimes have a tendency to be happy to see me so i think he was a little like everybody is happy to see you tj you put smiles on faces so that's why i have josh allen man i even if he doesn't play for my team he's always going to be one of my favorite players i mean ashton's not bffs with everybody i mean that's a good point too you know you know and me you say the same for me that's true absolutely back on the rich isin show radio network i'm sitting at the rich isin show desk furnished by grange with supplies and solutions for every industry granger has the right product for you call click or just stop by monday night football i'll be at the uh the microphone for the pregame and halftime of westwood one's coverage of the finale of week number one the highly anticipated game between the bills and the jets and the quarterback of the buffalo bills the perennial pro bowler all-pro quarterback entering his sixth year in the national football league josh allen joining us here on the rich isin show how are you josh allen i'm doing good rich how you doing when i was checking you in during commercial break i promised you about my great looking shirt um now that you're seeing it what do you think josh let's get into it what do you think i love it it's uh buffalo blue it is like that yeah it is it kind of does matches that was just purely unintentional purely unintentional but if it makes you feel comfortable for this conversation i am i'm i'm i'm happy to provide that um what's going through your mind before this big weekend here big week uh you know we're just trying to trying to lock in these last last minute details i had a quick little walk through today obviously monday night and week one you get an extra day everybody plays before you so you kind of see some things early on in the season it's some fundamental things tackling tackling blocking catching but uh you know we got to do uh well week one two three and four i think the first four weeks guys are just trying to get back into that rhythm um so we got to be valid in for that okay and so when you first saw what your week one game was going to be your thought was what well an indivision game that uh they've played us pretty well last couple years uh we got to find a way to to beat these guys and i think you know adding erin rogers the first ballot hall of famer um it's always tough to go against those type of guys but uh we're gonna we're gonna be as prepared as we can be and be ready to go monday night i'm assuming you have taken on green bay right at least once in your career that's happened before we played them last year again erin's one of those guys that i grew up watching and wanting to emulate on the football field and i got so much admiration respect for not just his game but him as a person and how he's handled himself um over the last whatever years he's played in lee he's he's an old guy now so um it's cool but we have a we have a pretty good friendship and uh you get to call him and text with him sometimes and play golf with him a few times so yes you have we're pretty friendly yes you have josh you have very competitively you've played golf before if i'm not mistaken josh right just a little bit just a little bit okay so um but growing up as you said and again you know og not old guy is what you kind of meant for him right just want to make sure of course okay okay you can use that acronym however you'd like okay very good and so what what what were you always looking at rogers and how has you know informed your game in a way growing well you know you see his arm um his release it's very quick he kind of incorporates a little foot pop into his mechanics which i've tried to do after watching and watching him um throwing off platform i think he's one of the greatest throwers if not the greatest thrower of the football to ever play the game so you could take a lot from him i still watch him and trying to kind of steal something from him so uh he's he's pretty dang good he is indeed and so are you josh allen at josh allen qb right here on the rich eisen show prior to monday night football all right josh i'd like to throw some media narratives your way and get your reaction to them not just because it's a way to just in the few minutes i have with you hit everything that people are talking about the buffalo bills or have been but also be honest it uh it kind of validates of media types to when they when we talk you know to see if it's true or not if you don't mind josh allen okay first one first that um red zone last year you put too much on your shoulders and that was something that was rectified with some of the roster moves and draft moves this past few months josh allen i say true okay i think last year trying to do too much maybe holding on to the ball a little too long i think this year um we really i really like our plan going in the red zone this year in terms of concepts that we we've got in the players that are running these concepts so it's definitely a point of emphasis that we need to get better at and i need to get better at and uh we're looking forward to seeing how much better we've done what what was the form of in which doing too much uh took place in your mind last year josh well getting down there you always want to walk away with points uh you'd rather have six than three but understanding that sometimes it's okay to throw the ball away it's okay to take a sack down there and not ball in harm's way um i think i did too much of that last year just you know throwing a couple interceptions uh in in the end zone which is never fun to do it takes away points from your team and it really hurts what you can do and uh how has dalton concade fit in so far he was a touchdown he's a red zone touchdown machine in college and this is not a fantasy question it is not it is truly a reality question as we've established how how do you think he is fitting in and going to fit in over the next few weeks well he's he's a rookie let's let's cap it there right he's going to have some growing pains and just making sure that we're talking communicating i don't want to give him this huge pedal so yeah but he's going to be pretty pretty dang good for us and the way that he moves he's very fluid he's got a knack catch the ball and get up field so um however that plays out is going to play out and like i guess we'll find out in the first couple weeks of how we're really going to utilize him but he's a smart kid finds windows and zones and i think he's a he's a massive nightmare for smaller dbs and bigger linebackers another media narrative for you josh allen is last year everything that happened off the field uh the tragedy that happened at the outset of the season in western new york uh with gun violence and then the snowstorm and then obviously what happened with damar hamlin um took a ton out of your team that came home to roost in the playoffs no excuses but this is the reality and i'm wondering if that is the case in your mind josh yeah i mean i'd be lying to say that it didn't take a lot out of us um now do i think it took too much where we couldn't go out and execute you know gets the bangles at home uh no i don't and i think going back and watching that game just some of the dumb decisions that i made and understanding that we weren't ready to go and that's that's largely on my part in the captain's here of not making sure that throughout that week of practice we were completely dialed in and i think that's something that we we've addressed as a captain squad and we're looking forward to how some of the things that we've talked about come to fruition this year and we're looking forward to getting back on the on the field and trying to watch that case out of our mouth what can you share about that captain's conversation josh yeah i mean i think uh just just doing more going the extra effort that's that's in the film room that's in the weight room that's and walk through that's on the field straining that much more and and trying to elevate everybody um in this building to be the best that they can be and uh final narrative for you josh allen um stefan digs and you needed to have a hug out this past summer after a spring in which you guys didn't really communicate with each other what do you say there josh we hugged it out you hugged it out you did hug it out you needed oh yeah okay you hugged it out and this thing is too bad whatever what whatever the thing was was there a thing josh there was there was but it's whatever it was whatever the media made it it's way back there well i'll be honest i'm part of that media um and i felt you know um when when the coach said there was uh he was concerned when he actually said that into a microphone during the june uh otas that's what raised my level of concern by discussing it here josh just so you were aware but the keyword june otas that's the key word so digs you and digs we're we're same page reading from the same book everything is cool is what you're saying we're reading the same word right now okay wow stuff that that's definitely on the same page i like it same letter same letter let's just say the same letter we're pronouncing it at the same exact time what is the word you're reading then what's the word you're reading together when when we're just we're trying to we're trying to win and that's that's our our main goal is to win football games it starts monday night against the jets and they're going to be fired up it's monday night to start the season on 9 11 in new jersey like that's we understand that that's a big game um but we're just trying to take it one game at a time making sure that we're staying staying here not here not here but staying kind of in the middle trying to go out there and execute the best that we can i noticed you said new jersey that's a very western new york point to make there josh when you called when you called it new jersey you know that's a very buffalo bill thing to say we're going to new jersey you're not going to new york right you're going to new jersey right josh right right you've learned you've learned look at you man six years in that's the language you're talking the language of the bills fan right there brother that is for sure how is damar hamlin how is he doing josh he's doing great i mean every time we see him in this in this locker room i know that i do um what inspiration he is to it's our team um our staff here western new york and really the country for that matter and i think just just having his presence here i mean i you've gotten to see him grow as a man too and do some really cool things for community here in pittsburgh and communities around the country that are implementing cpr and aeds into their facilities i think that the benefits of that situation um obviously barring how tragic it was and how so much good came out that i think the long lasting benefits are going to be fantastic for this country yeah i saw his press conference during the summer josh and i'll be honest with you i totally get that he wants to turn the page and not talk about that night however he is so open about facing fears in front of the whole world i love that message i wonder how that resonates with you your teammates the locker room writ large josh yeah and again we we know what he went through um obviously as teammates the things that we felt and things that we saw and we heard that night we can only imagine what he felt and what he was he's still feeling from that and you know to go back out there helmet back on and be ready to go and hit somebody's heart and do your 111th you know on a defense like that's that's got to be tough we understand that so obviously we're there for him whatever he needs we're gonna do um but he's uh he decided to get back on the football field and play with his brothers okay uh before i let you go sir uh and i just want to talk about last night did you watch the thursday night kickoff josh i did okay i did what what's your impression now if you don't mind me turning you into the paparazzi here like you remember the media um but what did what's your the josh allen opinion of what we saw between the lions and the chiefs last night if you don't mind yeah i mean again i think fundamentals you talk about tackling blocking catching i think um that's something that just kind of goes and shows in the first couple weeks of what teams are prepared maybe uh better than others and i think the lions did a good job of capitalizing on a couple of those mistakes and they were able to hold on football and run the clock out and um but anytime pat mahal has a chance to win the game you gotta be on the edge you can see um i've been there a few times you know on the wrong end of it and i've been there a couple times on the right end of it but uh he's he's such a special player a special talent that you know he's down his best best receiver um and travis kelsey and obviously they were missing chris jones there in the middle um but still giving it giving this team a chance to win it again well again but you've also been there in terms of you know making spectacular plays of your own i'm wondering what it's like for josh allen to watch patrick mahomes do that sort of stuff what goes through your mind is you're sitting on the couch i mean i i it's definitely different way than me watching it i'm sure yeah i still watch it as a fan like i still watch it and i try to put myself in those situations and understand like hey we got a two-minute drill here like what can i what would i be doing in this situation and just trying to still mental reps from the game but then as a fan just like loving football and loving how it's coming down thursday night defending super bowl champs are playing a hungry team the detroit lions with the head coach that's got the respect that his locker room and um they went out there they played hard and they won the football game and then of course you're also been in the shoes of being the the road team to just quiet the crowd when they've raised a banner you did that last year how do you think that's going to if one last paparazzi type question help the lions josh what do you think here i mean you talked about confidence i think that helps um but at the same time it's one game and there's 16 others that they got to play there's you know we got to take it one game at the time that's that's our our goal over here okay all right last one for you uh bills fans are excited again you're a major reason why bills fans are excited again uh when you're in that tunnel coming out for monday night football what do you think it's gonna feel like for you knowing that the season's in front of you in another high expectation season is a foot josh a lot of emotions a lot of a lot of excitement a lot of energy a lot of juice expecting to hear quite a bit of booze from their their crowd um you know again it's monday night 9 11. i know that that itself is a big game and going against a team that they're pro hall of fame quarterback it's the first time he's taking snaps for them so those crowds are in the that crowd's going to be juiced up um it's going to be our job to try to try to quiet them and go up to the next team and try to win a football game and your message for bills fans going into this season is what josh allen go bills okay do you have any questions for me um is tj in there he is tj's right there go for it i think night before draft i had an interview with i think i gave him like his first interview on your show okay very true josh allen very true brother how you doing man is that is that right that is right you did it was uh we were leaving that we were leaving atnt stadium i caught you i asked could i talk to you you were like sure we took a little short walk to the bus that's the most important part of this story tj what is that i said i'm from the rich eisen show can i talk to you i was like of course sure rich eisen i was like i'm in i said is that is that running the 40-yard dad okay so we had that quick talk and and i and i got back up and i was like man i don't care who this guy gets drafted by even if it's the philly philadelphia eagles i'm the cheer for this dude and i i used running the 40-yard dash loosely okay yes and you could do the air quotes you're on camera right now you could do it running loosely and i totally get that and i greatly appreciate you responding positively upon hearing my name uh before you were a professional josh i don't take i always will i don't take i don't take that for granted whatsoever uh thanks for the time brother thank you enjoy monday night and the rest of the season look for more of my calls you be well well sounds good thank you one and only josh allen of the buffalo bills right here on the rich eisen show prior to monday night he confirmed it see well there's also video to confirm it i'm glad he remembers i don't know why he's being so nice to you guys i'm the one that picked the bills to make the super bowl well no i picked the bills to to make the super bowl but lose to the cowboys so you both did yeah come on they're so set up man i wouldn't you know i wouldn't even care if they won the super bowl i like josh allen from the same word the word is winning great love it win it's very rocky that's very philadelphia win win i mean very adrian from from the hospital bed you know he also said there was something going on which we all saw with our two eyes yeah but they hugged it out hey brothers fight man we know you and del tufo me and you we get into it every now and then but at the end that's not here right he's not he's the worst you could stream the nfl on westwood one for free sponsored by auto zone all season long listen to every westwood one broadcast of the nfl live on the nfl app by asking alexa to open westwood one sports on your or or on your westwood one affiliate stations digital platforms kevin harling kurt warner and me all season long for free and get in the zone with auto zone auto zones free battery testing and charging is available for free at your local auto zone auto zone restrictions apply get in the zone auto zone what a way to set up matt and enid oklahoma he has been listening to us talk about the bills for weeks he heard some jamoke who wasn't even a bills fan calling play the win-loss game at nine and eight i saw your angry tweet matt i saw it i saw it i just been sitting back listening to you spat all this rainbows about your jets you don't get a reality check on monday night but i got josh holland you need to they need to put up or shut up i'm so tired of hearing about aaron rogers god shut up give him the music give him the music give him the music come on matt here we go matt it's time for you to put up let's go i'm gonna put up here we go home for the at the new york jets i know what that is what is that that's our win with estimation points it still just counts as one i don't care home for the raiders win at the commanders win home for the dolphins win in london against the jaguars who already have been in london for a week uh we're gonna step on her a little bit there and lose that one okay step on i don't know what exactly i think what he's saying is they're gonna take the tube to the game home for the giants and brian day ball coming home that's a win uh-huh five and one at the patriots six and one home against the bucks on a thursday night oh that's a win seven and one at the bangles we got a little something for the bangles that's a win eight and one a home for the broncos on a monday night oh that's a win nine and one home for the jets that's a win ten and one at the eagles that's a loss oh you gave them ten and two out of the buy at the chiefs um well we always be kissing the regular season so that's a win eleven and two home for the cowboys oh that's that's a win twelve and two at the chargers on a saturday night um we might lose that one well it's either a win or a loss a loss twelve and three home for the patriots now that's a joke win 13 and three at the dolphins disrespect is real um that that was going to be a win he's got something for them too 14 and three buffalo bills that's a one seed it's certainly having beaten both the chiefs and the and the bangles yeah that's a one seed i got i got one more thing to say rich yes my brother's a lifelong detroit linespan as long as i've been a bills fan and jeff and detroit they've been miserable for a lot of years so they need to enjoy this and quit listening to all the whiny chief fans with their excuses and their travis kelsey excuses that guy's half the time outside in the backfield just tell the chief's parents to suck it and enjoy it lions fans there you go matt in oklahoma everybody speaking of jeff and detroit you knew he'd be here and we got to get him on the rich eisen show week a day after that way jeffrey the week one has opened up jeffrey jeffrey you have the floor sir what's on your mind oh man this is so weird man it really is first of all i like to thank you guys i like to thank everybody that's rooting for the detroit lines because they're easy to root for we gave the nation a great game to start off the nfl season and people are talking about the asterisk no kelsey number 74 was in the backfield all night man messing up and i couldn't understand that they did not throw penalty flags but let's get to the good man let's get to the good jared gloss like you said 360 no ints you got a running game that is wonderful and i have to tell you i was worried and what did you tell me jeff just calm down everything will be all right and it's it's looking all right huh it's looking all right yes sir i told you and of course you know there'll be ups and downs and there'll be some more downs to come but i think there's going to be more ups and downs and we saw it last night uh i i kind of i kind of dug what i saw that's a tough nails road w jeff and we know you know usually this is the type of game that the lions would have lost in the past but that defense stuck in there got patrick mahomes off the field they got a defensive stop when they had to exactly like you said that they needed to wonderful man wonderful thank you jess i'm weird because i'm feeling good baby it's on impossible absolutely it's on and pop that's what's up that's what's up can i push back a little bit on it being a great game i think the result was great obviously for detroit fans the lions kind of announced their presence with authority that they're real authority um but it was very very sloppy i mean not particularly highly skilled played you know too many drops a lot of guys who didn't play in the preseason and it was nice to have football back but in terms of being that like it's always like spectacular super great game i think we were all hoping for it just kind of well that's by the way that's fell flat that's why the i mean last year's game was a total blowout total blowout the bills looked great and that was when everybody was choosing them to win the super bowl not just go um that's a rarity it's just that simple as a rarity and week one is always full of choppy play but there's going to be one or two really good games and later on in the program i've got a top five most intriguing week one matchups and it's not the night games not the night games not your game not my game not the varsity game is what you oh my gosh yes we're the jv because the monday nights well thank you very much sunday all right uh let's take a break and i will hit my opinion on the chiefs i'm gonna zag when everybody's zigging oh yeah or zigging when everybody's zagging i don't know which is which it's either the bus or drive myself i don't know which is good or bad well either way you're gonna get that's next this is the rich eisen show what is the furthest you've ever thrown a football josh it was in wyoming so i did get a little assistance from the elevation but it was right around 83 yards right right around 83 yeah are we rounding up or are we rounding down to the 83 josh we were probably rounding up just a little bit but uh yeah 83 was uh that was the number so i don't know i'm looking up to see if you're playing in denver at all so you can play you can get a little bit of uh some altitude can you do that in an nfl game you think i mean there was one game i think it was my rookie year against the dolphins um i i threw a ball getting near as hard as i can and i my receiver was 60 70 yards downfield and i overthrew him just by a little bit i did and that that was just one of those like i didn't i didn't feel like i threw it as hard as i could but my hip fired so hot and it just came out of my hand extremely well and it was spinning and um it was a little warm in miami so it might have flown a little farther but it's just one of those it just kind of even uh blew me off guard so uh something i've toned down a little bit though and i feel like i've got a little more control on my my ball right now understood no accuracy is is something that you definitely have improved on as we have seen so let's just walk me through this at some point during a game in your career let's just say it could even happen this this weekend against new england where you have to throw a hail mary to win it uh at what yardage do you say to your coach i still got this give it to me your own what your own what we're like i know i can get the ball in the air um and get it probably get four or five yards even in i'm probably around the 35 your own 35 yeah okay because you know you're probably gonna have to avoid a rush a little bit even if they're coming at you with coming at you with three man you're gonna have to roll out a little bit so right around your own 30 something yard line you can you can get it in there you think so yeah i think so unbelievable proof that we've had delightful conversations with josh allen for years including the one that we just uh had right here on our program back on the rich eisen show let's just say this headline kansas city i am unconcerned i think you're the only one i know i am i am unconcerned in the same way that i said it is not an asterisk for the lions to have won a game against the chiefs in kansas city because there was no chris jones there was no travis kelsey i will say throw this one out because there was no chris jones or travis kelsey for the chiefs what i did see from the chiefs last night that i liked mahomes doing mahomes like things and i also saw a defense that balled out that defense was making plays coming up with a red zone turnover getting in golf's face when they needed to you know special teams look good i mean if andy reid if i'm andy reid i'm like uh they're not going to just drop passes all over the place there's obviously one concerning aspect of it we all saw it is that if there is no kelsey well the run game's not going to get him through despite how terrific that offensive line is they're still showing up and getting away with penalties trying to block aden hutchinson but uh i don't know who scares you outside of kelsey catching a pass the young kids or the no names as andy reid essentially referred to them when i brought up the inner in the interview with andy reid earlier this week about who's going to catch the pass who's going to catch passes from mahomes at the receiver position they're going to have to step up and there's several more games in which to step up 16 of them the chiefs will walk on the field as the better team more often than not this season maybe even two-thirds of the time this season and kelsey's clearly got to be healthy which he's not right now and i know you know it doesn't help to have kadarius tony show up like kadarius scissorhands four drops kid didn't play in the pre-season he's hurt he was hurt and he came back apparently he was good to go clearly he was not good to go that's concerning who's going to be circled from the receiver position that would be the challenge i would make if i'm andy reid matt negi all of them walk in the receiver room and go hey who's going to step up with juju in new england and tyreke in miami last year they got through it didn't they this year week one it didn't look good at all and kelsey wasn't there so i will just say that if i'm chris jones i'm i'm wondering um how the defense looked without him i mean they had they they i thought they played well the lions had 120 yards rushing i know but i still thought they played well i know there were some big dashes no pressure on golf last night that's not true at all carl oftas jumped in and damn near caught caught a pass out of the year pick six before the first half they put pressure on him they put pressure on him one sack in the game the line's offensive line is really good pal you know of course they need chris jones but i thought the defense acquitted themselves very well and just in without chris jones yeah mahomes had this to say when it was brought up about all the drops last night i have trust in kt um he missed a lot of training camp um obviously he wanted to play and thought rehab hard so he could play um and and stuff's not always gonna go your way obviously um he would want to catch a few of those in the game but i've trusted he's gonna be that guy that i go to in those crucial moments and he's gonna make the catch and and and and win us some seasons like he did last year so we're gonna continue to work him in get him more and more reps and i'm sure that those drops will kind of disappear i mean you could put that in the category of what else is he going to say you know but i'll just say it's just one game let's get kelsey back chris jones got to come in and not be how about the fact that he showed up last night he was a spectator i think they knew that right yeah they know that the chiefs were cool with it and like okay come on in because they know at some point they're going to be a family again until they're not i don't know i i think the chiefs need to think about trading for mike evans right now that's not happening mike evans is in a contract dispute with tampa i mean he's out there for the taking september 9th is the last day that uh and guess what today is the day before it tomorrow is the last day and even if he doesn't have a contract then the bucks are going to use him what are they going to just bucks aren't just going to flip mike evans to the kansas city chiefs right now they're going to go through the season you think okay that's it that's the business of it what do you think the way you talk think about it you think the sky is as blue as your shirt no it's very pretty i think it's a long season it seasons are long but i also think you can glean stuff from week one that will carry throughout the year okay and that is what i think i think they're they need to make some changes you can't go the rest of this year with this wide receiver group as bad as they looked last night you can't have patrick mahomes running for his life what do you have 50 rushing yards i saw rishi i saw rishi rice make some nice plays and um you know justin watson these are guys who aren't gonna scare you tony's just got to make these plays that's their and sky more disappeared he didn't get a target until four minutes to go in the game disappeared so it's just i'm gonna go it's just one week for the chiefs and i'll go i i like what the lines have done because they won eight of their last ten and they've had some stones wins like saying goodbye to aaron rogers in green bay in lambeau field in a game that it didn't mean anything to them from the playoffs and then showing up in kansas city like they did last night i don't want to overreact on a friday but i kind of agree with you chris in the sense that if there's no one there to scare the defense if there's no one there that they got a circle and make sure that person's accounted for it's going to make mahomes job a lot mahomes is running for his life last night their offensive line did not do a good job in my opinion which makes you wonder like why the d-hop thing why wouldn't he want to go to kansas city to play with that they didn't show him the money i thought my home said i don't know i don't know i guess we watched different games i mean running for his life he he he had all kinds of time last night on occasion i mean guys are going to get rushed and and and run around i i again my thought is if if they don't have kelsey and the receivers aren't scaring anybody and they're um dropping passes then you know let's get pacheco more than eight carries i know he got dinged up but claud edwards elaire i mean let's let's go that offensive line up front you got crete humphrey you got some really good guys that's a great offensive line go go impose your will but that's they don't have the will and position there they they they have mahomes and and sometimes when it just doesn't work certainly if you drop all those passes my goodness gracious tony just looked it shouldn't have been out there well i mean the pick six went off his hands i mean mahomes threw a perfect yeah pass now mahomes knows how dak filled out last year balls just uh okay wait hey it's the same thing right that's true what's the difference i mean that pick honestly should go on tony stats well that's the way can we fix that yeah i can't this guy more one carry for four yards yeah i mean that fourth down play where they they they ran a trick what was it i don't know that's the thing that kansas city does time and time again and they've gotten away with it in the past they're just too cute for their own good sometimes one game you look at kansas city's schedule it's hard it is hard you look at their schedule moving on they're next up at jacksonville and jacksonville would love to make a moment too home for chicago at the jets at minnesota home for denver on a thursday night short week and then come the the the division games where we're assuming kelsey's healthy if kelsey's healthy for the chargers chargers fans know he's coming for him and they can cover him with 13 guys and he'll still score three touchdowns what if things go really south and they're three and six um then we'll be talking about this not being a dynastic and we're aren't we aren't living in my home's world but again their defense in my mind played some really good football against some really good offensive players man and they they they were in i don't know why andy reid didn't punt with and went for it on fourth and twenty five and by the way that ball hit sky more in the hands i don't know if it was tipped or not overthrown well i mean he's running he's running for his life because it's fourth down yeah and sky more is 5 10 like how about justin ross over there who's 6 4 and that's a first down well again i i imagine the play had blown up by that point in time you know we we we always look at plays as results you know not knowing what was going into i haven't seen the film essentially is what you hear all the time what does richard sherman have to say on this subject matter what does julian edelman have to say on the subject matter richard sherman on zoom coming up julian edelman in studio in hour number three and then arthur smith on zoom because we have to see if the stash is real and there what's more likely as well what what's more likely to be a bigger disappointment that we see arthur smith and the stash is gone or dan campbell telling us he really did not call about the lion well dan campbell saying he did not call about the lion and he was just joking was a gut punch i'm not gonna lie yeah disappointed but he's the type of guy that would really call about a lion i don't believe arthur smith is showing up clean shaven i just don't but what i'm saying like what if where that would be above the campbell of course of course it is is it obvious i really wanted that lion man i did too i really wanted the lion the lion's never possible it was never it wasn't happening it was not happening why because it's a lion chris has a hawk there's a real buffalo there's good dion is gonna walk out on tomorrow and there's gonna be a 1200 pound buffalo and tiamo rerouting it look that would not surprise me a grandma's boy had a lion and then it controlled the neighborhood like a lion because it's possible yes they should have one it's not possible pro line but it is possible for a grown man to grow a mustache that's true and keep it and place registration and place the banana in the nfc south tailpipe honestly can we do 12 minutes about the mustache with him no football questions only mustache imagine he's calling in two days before this big game only must only i must ask you a question no no i must ask you a question a mustache hey guys it's susie schuster and i am so excited for my new podcast coming out this fall it is called what the football with susie schuster and the princess of darkness amy trask if you're looking for a new podcast to listen to about jargon heavy-legged waste benders this is not for you we're gonna have big girl conversations when we are going super deep to bring you weekly guests that you won't find anywhere else it is what the football with susie schuster and amy trask wherever you listen you
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