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REShow: Dan Campbell - Hour 1

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September 6, 2023 4:11 pm

REShow: Dan Campbell - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 6, 2023 4:11 pm

Rich reacts to Travis Kelce’s hyperextended knee and says what his absence (along with Chris Jones’ holdout) means for the Chiefs in their season opener vs the Detroit Lions on Thursday Night Football.

Lions Head Coach Dan Campbell and Rich discuss Detroit facing Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 1, the burgeoning expectations to win from Detroit fans after years of losing a LOT of games, the team’s expectations for rookie RB Jahmyr Gibbs and Pro Bowl WR Amon-Ra St. Brown, and reveals if he really asked NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell if they could have an actual lion mascot on the sideline during home games.

Longtime listener Jeff in Detroit plays the “Win-Loss” game for his beloved Lions, Rich and the guys react to Bryant Gumbel calling it a day after 30 years of hosting ‘Real Sports,’ and weigh in on the huge NIL payday for Deion Sanders’ QB son Shedeur following Colorado’s stunning season opening upset of TCU.

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One, two, three. I told everybody here that Deion Sanders was going to show up with the Colorado buffaloes. Show everybody that he means business. This is the Rich Eisen Show. 86 new players.

86. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. I don't understand why people think that he's just doing this just for him. He is a coach. Today's guests. Lions Head Coach Dan Campbell, Fox Sports College Football Analyst Bruce Feldman, Jets General Manager Joe Douglas.

And now, it's Rich Eisen. Yes. Can confirm. Can confirm it is me and so does myself being on TV.

Just confirms it. It's a lot of me. I'll be honest.

I mean, your name and image is everywhere. Oh, it's a three-hour program. It is the NFL season upon us. The college football season is lit, as the kids might say. And we are so excited that you are here with us for this three-hour program.

844-204-RICH is the number to dial. Phone lines are already lit. It's football season. People want to play the win-loss game. I don't blame you because hope is everywhere right now. And everybody feels that their team has a shot.

I think it's outstanding that people feel that the team has a shot. And let me just tell you this. Later on in this program, I'm going to play the win-loss game for the New York Jets. And I'm going to do it after Joe Douglas, the General Manager of the New York Jets, calls this program in hour number three.

So I will be influenced. So why don't you do it before he comes here? I will be pulled over for picking under the influence in hour number three. Don't worry. Don't worry, folks. I will take an Uber afterwards. It's fine.

Can you take an Uber? I can. OK. That's hour three. I have my first power rankings of the season.

Power rankings. That's coming up on this program in hour number two. That's coming up. We've got Dan Campbell of the Detroit Lions coming up on this program in just less than 20 minutes time.

Yeah. We also have Bruce Velbin stopping by. He was in TCU, part of the Fox coverage of the Deon Palooza of the Sanders, pardon me, Sanders Palooza. Sanders Palooza. Sanders Palooza. Sanders everywhere. Even on TCU, they had a Sanders again.

Yes. You've got a Sanders. I know.

He had a couple of tuds. So he's on this program. So he's on this program. And then there's you.

Like I said, 844-204-Rich numbered a doll here on the show. How are you over there, Christopher? Can you feel it? Can you feel the NFL season coming? Can you feel it? I can feel it.

I can. Like I said, I'm in so many pools. I have no idea what's happening.

What do you mean? You swimming? Swimming. I'm swimming in football pools right now.

You're swimming. I've got so many things happening. What's up, Mikey? How are you, DJ Mikey D?

Rich, I'm excited for football, except for one thing. What? And you probably agree with getting up at the... You know what, Mike?

Somebody's got to make the donuts like this. Are you really complaining? Complain some more.

Are you really complaining? I'm not going to lie, there's going to be a day when I don't have to wake up. Of anybody here that doesn't have to work anymore, as much as they work, it's you. Chris says that to me all the time.

I've known you for over a dozen years, and you've talked about retiring every single year. You could be on a boat, but no, you've got to set up for that Oakland A's white socks FS1 neuter. I got a big game. I got Oregon this week.

Two days prior. I got Oregon, Texas Tech. That's a big top 15 ranked team.

Is it really? Yeah. We'll ask Bruce Felberty if he can confirm that. Mike, name one player on Oregon. Just... Joey Harrington. Bo Nix.

Bo Nix? There you go, yeah! All right. How are you, TJ? What's going on, TJ Jefferson? I'm great, man.

Just fellas, September the 6th, 1999. What happened? Everything I owned in a minivan. Is that really what happened?

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I drove down Sycamore Street on Mount Washington, and I thought to myself, what are you doing? And 24 years later, man. 24 years ago today. We're still here. Thank goodness you made that decision. To those people in Pittsburgh that said, oh, he'll be back. Diamond Dave, I see you.

I'm still here, daddy. I wonder what was on SportsCenter 24 years ago today, because I was on that. Whatever that was on September 6th.

Isn't there like a site, right? That follows what the day was in SportsCenter? I don't know. That's where I was 24 years ago.

But I'm glad that you made that decision. Is this September 6th ESPN's anniversary? Oh, maybe so.

Yeah, I was probably not invited to whatever they were celebrating that day, even though it was on the... They're just getting ready for the next 20 years. Hey. Hey. What's up with Travis Kelsey's knee? That's all I want to know. Seriously. What's up with Travis Kelsey's knee, because look, I don't know what to make of it for two reasons. One, we have no idea what's up with Travis Kelsey's knee.

Thus my question. And then outside of that, it's just any sense that this is the finger in the Kansas City Chiefs dike that pulls out and the water comes out and it's going to break and it's finally all over and the Chiefs Kingdom world is going to come tumbling down means you don't believe Patrick Mahomes can make up for it. That whoever comes in is clearly not going to be Travis Kelsey, but will be good enough for Mahomes to make chicken salad against the Detroit Lions on Thursday night. Problem is, on top of it, it's Chris Jones holding out, because that is one big hole in the Chiefs defense.

So how many pieces can you remove? Tyreek Hill removed? OK, we'll just win it all. And you know, I'll just set a record for, you know, all purpose yards passing and whatever he did with his legs when he didn't have a high ankle sprain that created a lot of hand ringing. We had ankle watch for three weeks during January, because we're all over the most important stories here on the Rich Eisen Show every day. Wait, is he limping? He's not limping.

That's what was. And then what happened? He curb stomped everybody with that ankle like he apparently couldn't run on, including in the Super Bowl when he ran for half of the field. He was fine.

With the game on the line. He was fine. He was fine. You know, that's what you have to sit here and think about Travis Kelsey as well. Thankfully, there is a source named Kelsey, not named Travis, who can give some information. Donna?

And that's one WIP radio in Philadelphia. Jason Kelsey, who's going to the same hall in their home state of Ohio when they're all done as Travis, had this to say about his brother's knee. How about this?

We're going to the brother for the service like this is new heights all of a sudden. Roll it. I talked to him yesterday and I've done the same thing. You know, you just plant or, you know, you do something and your knee hypersense. Actually, I mean, I'm being truthful.

The last time I did this, I was making a bonfire outside. I thought I was strong enough to kick a piece of wood in half and I had burst into my knee and did the same thing. Yeah, Trev, this was out on the field.

He did. I know he's got some swelling going on, but it sounds like as long as they can get that down, you know, he's going to have a chance to go. The ligaments and everything are intact structurally from what we know right now, his knee's fine. So really, it's about getting that swelling down and then seeing how bruised that bone is, because, you know, if you guys have ever had those, they can be pretty painful, especially if it's in a spot that's rubbing all the time and that can kind of shut down your muscles and do other things. But I think he's going to be good to go. I really do.

Good to go GTG, and all I have to say is this. I had the same thing happen to me when I was building a bonfire. So I didn't know I could use that. I could draw upon that experience of my own until just now. So, I mean, for anybody who didn't hyperextend their knee while building a bonfire, you cast the first stone, if you think Travis can't come back from this. Are the Kelsey's one of one or what?

God bless these individuals, all of them, mom, dad, and the brothers. Is he saying the Kelsey's have weak knee ligaments? I don't know.

Well, certainly just the genetic trait. Bottom line is brace up when you're building a bonfire. Or just don't kick the wood. That's true. Yeah, to try to break it. That seems safe.

It's not going to work. That's definitely seems like something Jason Kelsey would try to do, though, right? Isn't that in his contract? You think Howie Roseman somewhere is listening to the radio going, somebody pull the Kelsey contract. You're not allowed to kick wood in your own time.

We're going to add that as an addendum to the contract. Kelsey's kicking wood on the next New Heights podcast. Well, look, let's hope he can brace up and get the sweat. Look, if there's anybody can get the swelling down, it's this staff. Do you think the people on the medical staff in Kansas City are like, really? Again, we know we know the players are always in playoff form. I guess we got to be too. If you watch quarterbacks, you saw what the training staff did with Mahomes ankle.

And yeah, I got it. After watching that, I have no doubt that Kelsey is going to be ready. I think he'll be ready to go. But the bottom line is like that is outside of Mahomes. I mean, Chris Jones has already removed himself from the situation. And unless between now and kickoff, I mean, could he could he sign on the dotted line and get out there and give some snaps? I think he can. But maybe as of truly right now, the whole question of will Chris Jones play in the opener? The answer is no. Will Kelsey play in the opener? The question the answer is shrug emoji.

And without those two guys, is it possible that the Chiefs are beatable? Higher register? I don't know. Vegas thinks so. The line was six and a half. And then the news came out of Kelsey.

It's four and a half, so it moved two points. Well, last night on the NFL Game Day season preview, when we were asked to choose this game, I chose the Lions with the caveat if Kelsey doesn't play because I'm assuming Chris Jones doesn't play. And Jameer Gibbs and David Montgomery fresh off of the Bears running back depth chart now in Detroit, they're going to run straight through the the non Chris Jones spots. Now they can still hunt. The question is, can they stop the run on the way to hunting towards Jared Goff? We're going to find out, because if there's somebody who's going to pad up, bow up, it's Dan Campbell in the Lions. Oh, my goodness. Talk about storylines you did not see coming. Travis Kelsey. I mean, this is this was a practice two days before game.

You're not doing anything strenuous. It literally popped yesterday. Well, the story, not his knee, you know, in the middle near the end of the show yesterday. It was just Andy Reid said Travis Kelsey hyper extended his knee. What? Yeah, I know.

But the bro with the information says they're good to go. What do you guys think? It's I mean, it's a long season. It's just week one.

Do you just sit him out precautionary? Hell no. You got a long season ahead of you.

Hell no. You know, on season, non divisional, non conference game, Kelsey's 34 years old. Remember, by 34, Gronk had already retired twice. So Kelsey hasn't missed a game in 10 years because of injury, right?

He's been as durable as any player in the NFL, right? What's the rush to bring him back? You know what?

Kelsey's only done once before open a season in a banner in the stadium. There's no reason to not be there. You don't have to play in the game. You want to tell him? You tell him. You tell him that. Long season, man.

You tell him that. No chance. No chance.

He's going. If I had to sit here without knowing, haven't seen the film. Haven't looked at the MRI.

Having heard that it's similar to kicking wood when you're building a bonfire. Genetic kneecap deficiencies. I'm just saying if that swelling is anywhere remotely close to fine. Brace up, put something on it. What's the words for Dr. Needle?

Visit Dr. Needle and go. He's going to do it. Oh, my goodness.

But could you and by the way, one last thing. And I know this is completely off the rails to say this, but I will. This is why in my fantasy league with my guys here in Los Angeles, we don't draft until the game is on the air on Thursday night to kick off the season. That's wild. Period. End of story.

We do not want anything. Now, obviously, if something happens Friday, two days before a Sunday game, just like two days before this game, now we're on your own. You know, the whole business. Can you imagine somebody drafted Jonathan Taylor four weeks ago? You know what I mean?

That's the sort of thing. Four weeks ago is a lot. Or two weeks ago. Or last week. Last week. You have a draft the day that Jonathan Taylor gets put on the pup list.

No, thanks. Well, we had people come on and say, you know, buyer beware. We do it on game night. Tonight's our 23rd year of my draft.

And we always we've gotten to the point now where. The day the year after you arrived in Los Angeles, the Wednesday before the first Thursday game, that's when we do the draft for the same reason that you just mentioned. You don't want any of these injuries that were only drafted two weeks prior. So we wait till the I think Kelsey's going to be fine. The fact that the ligaments are intact and there's inflammation right now. I think he'll be fine.

I think his status is in doubt. You're going to turn on NBC tomorrow night. And you're going to see him out there in his uniform, warming up, and he's going to go. By the way, before that, you could turn on NBC tonight at 9 Eastern Time.

You'll see me. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Doing what? Oh, yeah. There's a whole big.

NFL kickoff celebration on NBC tonight that I'm hosting from NFL Network. Hey, yes. You do so much TV.

We can't even keep track of all the things. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And the lead in is America's Got Talent.

Hey, yeah. So Simon Cowell is the second best lead in for me today. The best lead in for me today is myself on the Roku Channel.

And the three of us. No, no, you're not the lead in. You're not the lead in.

Mike, you're with us. The lead in. The lead in. Actually, we're all the lead in.

That's true. When you're here. Tomorrow, not here.

What's the name of the show? I'm here tomorrow. Oh, that's great. Then you're allowed to say that. Yeah. But at any rate, in advance. This is the Rich Eisen show.

Yeah, thank you. With Mike Del Tufo. And you at 844-204-rich, number to Tom. OK, Dan Campbell is going to join us next. I chatted with him over the Labor Day weekend.

So this is way before Travis Kelce was doubtful for the game. But it's a great conversation. And I do ask the head coach of the Detroit Lions if he in fact did petition the National Football League to see if it would be allowable to have a live lion on the sideline for mascot inspiration in Detroit. His answer is terrific.

Or it's one that will, I think, surprise you. Dan Campbell is next. Bruce Feldman of Fox Sports in the athletic and studio.

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Take ownership of your health right now. Check it out. slash Eisen.

Wherever you listen. Going to be in interesting. I popped the balloon of the jets. No, that bucks and put in the Falcons.

Yeah, I'm kidding. Mooch popped the dolphins and put in the jets. Kurt popped the Vikings balloon and forgot. I forgot who he put in. I think he put in the he put in the lines. I forget who I forget. I think Cynthia popped the Cowboys balloon up.

See you. TJ, I'm with you, man. Cowboys are going to be good. Let me explain to Cynthia. I've got a model and it says that the Cowboys are not going to not make the playoffs. I was settled down just a little bit. Thanks.

Yeah. The Cowboys are making the playoffs 100%. Hey, if the Cowboys don't make the playoffs this year, it might be time for me to exit stage left. The Cowboys are making the playoffs, winning a playoff game, and Trey Lance is not playing.

I like your style there. That's Dak MVP 18 to one. TJ, I'm still saying Trey Lance might see the field. There might be a little goal line package for him.

Mix it up. That's so dumb. I hate when teams take their franchise quarterback off the field. But Dak is the guy who can do it, though. It's Dak's style of play is to run it in himself.

You don't need to do that. I think Drew Brees was cool coming off the field for Taysom Hill. Zero chance. Zero chance.

Yeah, well, Taysom Hill was much more poetic than Drew Brees, though. Zero point zero. If you wanted that, it should be sweet.

Zero point zero. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show radio network, I'm sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger has the right product for you.

Call or just stop by. I will be at the microphone for Westwood One's coverage of the kickoff of the NFL 2023 season on Thursday night. Chiefs versus Lions. We had Andy Reid on the program yesterday.

We're fair and balanced. I had a chat with Dan Campbell prior to the Travis Kelce injury over the weekend. And here's our conversation with the Lions HC. Joining me now is the head coach of the Detroit Lions in advance of a huge Thursday night kickoff in Kansas City. Dan Campbell, how are you, coach? I'm doing well, Rich.

Thanks for having me on. What's going through your head right now? What's going on? Honestly, just, you know, like any other week, trying to make sure that everything is set up the way it should be set up. You know, the practice is the way that we want them. The game plan looks right. I think it's no different than any other week.

Like, how do we play this game, you know, offense, defense, special teams. So really, just like any other week, honestly, it's just the first one. And have you at all addressed the significance potentially of this game about a tone setter, about the season setter for your team that has some expectations outside the building?

No, honestly, I have not done that. I very much treated this as, you know, this is the first one. And that's why it's the most important game of the season right now, because this is the first one out of the gate. Look, they all know that we're playing the champs.

And so that in itself brings something unique to it. But as far as, man, the way we talk, the way we prepare, nothing's going to be different. I mean, we understand, you know, we have to put together a good game plan here. We got to play the game a certain way. We got to play clean. We got to take care of the football. We got to find a way to get takeaways.

And that's honestly the message to the team. Have you in, well, I guess let me ask you the point blank straight up. What excites you about this team, coach? Man, there's a number of things that excites me. I, you know, look, I think, you know, I feel like every year we have added, we've added a new group of guys on top of the ones that have been here that are very much, you know, they're just, they're wired the way that we want them wired, man. They're our type of guys. They believe in what we believe in. They love the game, the way they play the game, the way they think of the game.

They bring a certain type of energy. And, you know, and so we just continue to add on top of that type of attitude here. And with that, our talent level is getting better, you know? And so when you're able to add guys like, you know, John C. Gardner and, you know, Eman and Cam Sutton, you know, we draft Branch. I like this Gibbs, you know, David Montgomery. And that's on top of the guys that have been here.

You know, Ragnow, we got Hutch, we got Sewell, we got Saint. So I feel like we're just, we continue to add and our level of talent goes up, but our attitude is continuing to stay consistent and the same on the way that we go about our business. It's all about creating identity, keeping the identity and really never going away from that, man. Don't ever lose that. That to me is our most, that's the most important thing we have is our identity and we have to stay true to that.

How would you describe your identity? I think just that I think we're a tough, smart, physical, resilient team. I think this is a team that's built to overcome adversity, you know? And this season, in any season, the NFL is very much about that. There's injuries, there's losses, there's wins, there's controversy, there's all of it, man. There's early picks in the draft that aren't producing to whatever standard somebody say they're supposed to be the head coaches or whatever, you know, he's this, he's that.

And then all of a sudden, no, he is pretty good. So there's these ebbs and flows of the season. And if you ride that roller coaster, you're always going to be an up and down team. But if you just stay true to what it is and live in the gray, not the black and white and take the reality of the situation, not the perception, man, that's where, that's when you can really grow and develop as a team. And so I think this team is built that way. I think this is the team when we hit some hard times, we're not going to be pointing fingers. I think we got guys that are going to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. And that to me is, that's how you win games in this league.

Dan Campbell with the Detroit Lions here on the Rich Eisen Show. So listen, out of everybody you just said, if you don't mind, let me tell you what excites me about your team. That kid, Jamir Gibbs, excites me about your team because I don't know if people quite understand what a matchup nightmare he could be. That said, how do you plan to use him? What can you let us know about your plans for the kid that you drafted when you drafted him? Yeah, well, I think we're going to get him to football, Rich. I think the key is that we don't give it to him too much to where we break him. But certainly, we got some things in mind on how we want to use him. We think he does have versatility. He's had a really good camp. But I'd also say this, this is his first one. This will be his first real true NFL game, not preseason. And it's on the road.

It's at Arrowhead. So we're going to be real mindful of making sure that we get him comfortable, but yet we don't overload him. And look, this is very much part of the process for these guys.

And it's what I constantly tell myself. Don't lose sight of the fact we do have some young players. And this is part of the growth. This is game one. And really, for them, the objective for these young guys, these rookies is, man, you need to be a lot better by game 17 than you are game one. And there's going to be growth and development. It's going to take place. And this is step one of it is Kansas City.

And then Amman Ross St. Brown's another. I just love what he's becoming. And I know you referred to yourself moments ago of maybe a lot of folks are wondering if he can be any good.

And yeah, he is that good. I think your star wide receiver, if I can call him that, is that, too, if I'm not mistaken from your first draft there in Detroit and what he is becoming. I'm wondering, do you have conversations with him about taking that one mantle and showing it to the world starting Thursday, coach? Yeah, look, he is very much a core piece of our foundation. And he has the same aspirations we do. And he knows, look, I think we talk all the time about, man, let's create a legacy here. And he's one of those guys that we talk about. And he very much wants that. He wants to be a part of something special, as really all these guys do.

And we have an opportunity to do that here, different than a lot of teams, honestly, because it hadn't been done here. And so that excites everybody. But look, St. Brown is, there's not a coach in this world that wouldn't die to have St. Brown on their team. I mean, this guy is everything that you're looking for. He's a pros pro. The way he works, the way he prepares, all these things that maybe people said his talent level wasn't.

He makes up for all of it in his play speed and preparation and his competitiveness. And man, when you have that in this game, you're going to have to be a part of it. In this game, you're going to succeed. And so, listen, I'm glad he's ours. And also exciting, having spent time in the state of Michigan myself, having gone to school in Ann Arbor, coach, I just know the fans there. And I know the fans. When I was in school, again, it's not like nothing has happened since I was in school there in the late 80s.

But I went to a game in the Silverdome and was told, choose any seat, take any seat you want. And it's been a long time since fans have entered a season with the amount of hope that they currently have. What do you say to that fan base right now?

It's kind of like what I said when I first got here. I just, man, I want them. I want us to be a team that they can be proud of, something that they can really hold their head up high and that they can take hold of and say, man, that's my team. And I'm proud of my team.

I'm proud of the way they play and I'm proud of the way they compete. And I think this season is no different. I know there's expectations. We're not going to run away from those. We're not going to hide from those because we hold ourselves to high standards here. But I very much want this for the fan base, too, because I know it's been a long time here.

It's been decades and decades. And so, man, I want them to be proud. I want them to take hold of us and enjoy this. Man, I don't want to let them down in a few minutes.

I have left with you here. I just want to talk about the opposition briefly in advance of this Thursday night and the Chiefs. He plays the position you played. What do you think of when you see Kelsey, Travis Kelsey on film? Yeah, he's rich. I mean, I think it's all been said.

I'm not going to say anything different than anybody else has said. He's a rare talent, and his ability to... It's twofold. Number one, I knew this from the time that he was coming out of Cincinnati in college. I remember we had him in that interview room at the combine, and I was like, man, this kid is... He's got it. He's a football guy. He understands it.

He knows it. He's a high level thinker, and he can solve problems on the field. And that was before he even entered the league. So what you see now is just, man, he's taken that to another level. He's grown. He's always been an aware, instinctive player, highly competitive, tough. And then, man, you put that with Mahomes, and those two on the same page, it's organized backyard ball.

So, hey, I could be one in the progression. He's going to find a way to win. He just does. He's crafty, savvy, and he's physical enough to beat any type of defender. And then all of a sudden, the play breaks down.

These two are on the same page, and it becomes literally organized backyard ball. And so the minute he gets in break space, wherever he's at, the ball is in the air, and that's tough to defend. So I think a lot of this player, I do. I got a lot of respect for him.

He's done it for a long time. And as his career has progressed and you get a little bit older, maybe some of the things athletically begin to decline just a little bit. Man, the mental awareness, the little nuances of the game have to sharpen, and that's what he's done with his game. And that's why he's still playing at a very high level. And his game is not dipped at all. And that's the sign of a true professional.

And of course, when they're on a roll, they're tough to beat. But your quarterback did that on a 54-51 Monday night when he was with the Rams a few years ago. And I just want to give you the floor on Jared Goff, because in this sport, you know it. Without the quarterback, without somebody who might have that experience at a Super Bowl and the experience about knowing how to get there, you've got that. So I'd love to give you the floor on Goff and how you think he's ready for this challenge.

Yeah. Goff, there again, I'm glad that he's running the ship here, you know, that he's the captain of this ship on offense. He's had a heck of a camp. And what I love about Goff is, man, and never lose sight, we're out of your practice yesterday.

And we're going through basically our in-season Wednesday, if you will, first, second down, getting ready for the Chiefs. I'm watching him. Man, I'm watching him go through the checks. He's on it. He understands what the look is.

I know what I need to get to. And then watching him throw the football, I mean, it was good. It was just good to see. And it's a reminder of he just, this guy will sit in the pocket. He finds the throw. He's an accurate passer. And he's not scared of anything. And I appreciate that about him. And so all this guy has got to do is just play good, consistent football, take care of the football, which he is more than capable of. He did that for us last year. And then, man, everybody around has got to do their job.

And we do that, we're going to be just fine, like we did last year towards the end of the year. All right, coach, last one for you. I've been wanting to ask this question of you for weeks since I heard about it. Is it true you asked the NFL to get a live lion on the sideline for you? Is that true? Well, actually, that was a joke. But but but so it's not true. It's not true. You never never did that. Yeah, I never called.

That was actually just that was a joke. OK, all right. But I'm pretty sure they wouldn't allow it. Yeah, sure. You know, I guess until I call, I won't know for sure. So maybe I should.

So it is an idea, though, is what you're saying. There is some stop in it. There is some I think I better just stop there, Rich. Coach, appreciate the time. Have a great one. Take care. Thanks very much. And we'll chat during the season.

Sounds good. Thank you, Rich. You bet that Stan Campbell.

Thank you. Head coach of the Detroit Lions before the big, huge Thursday night opener in Kansas City. Level of disappointment that he never called the league to find out about the live line on the sideline. High, very high, eight point five. You heard me scream when he said it. I was very upset.

Very high. He didn't call. He could have called Siegfried, Roy, Carol Baskin, Joe Exotic. He could have called any of those people.

Well, those are Tigers. Oh, that's true. Never mind.

I am GM. But at least we got some great content out of it. We did. We did. Man, that's such a bummer. Like two days we got it.

He never did. It's too bad. I would want a recording in that call sort of like behind the scenes.

Like a draft documentary here on the Roku Channel. Hey, Roger, this is Dan Campbell. Can I have a lion on the sideline? Excuse me.

What in a live, like a live, real lion with a big mane and everything. Cool. Okay, cool. No, actually, let's play this out.

Go ahead. You want to be Roger Goodell? I'm Roger Goodell because I do have some experience in getting to know the man and having conversations with him.

True. So and you're Dan Campbell. I'm Roger Goodell. This is how I think the conversation would have gone had it happened.

Go. Hey, Roger, it's Dan Campbell. Can I have a lion on the sideline? First of all, do you have something in your throat? This is how I talk.

Okay, you asked me what? Can I have a real lion on the sideline for games? You know, like Denver, they have like the Bronco running around.

I've seen, you know, Colorado has a Buffalo and there's a there's a steer in Texas. I want a lion on the sideline. So two things. New phone. Who dis? It's Dan Campbell. Oh, okay. And secondly, absolutely not.

What do you mean? And scene, ladies and gentlemen. All right, let's give ourselves a round of applause.

I thought we were going to go a little further. Jeff and Detroit. Jeff and Detroit wants to play the win-loss game for the Detroit Lions. This has been done before by only one individual, the man who plays Magic Johnson on winning time. Quincy Isaiah was in studio for that. Jeff and Detroit, sir.

How are you? Oh, listen, I kid you not. I just happen to be driving and let me call into the show. Did not know Dan Campbell was going to be on.

That was a pleasant treat. Listen here. That guy is the mayor. He's the man around here. And you know what?

Real quick. And I know you know where Sweetwater wings and how good they are. Jared Goff was in Sweetwater Tavern getting rings, getting wings, and kicking it with the fans, man. Downtown Detroit. And that's when I knew he is a D guy. Okay, here we go.

Most definitely. Jeff and Detroit, the music is on. You were just inspired by listening to your coach. It's now time for the win-loss game of the Detroit Lions. What's going to happen tomorrow night, Jeff? Well, the Lions have a chance to do something.

And I honestly believe that they're going to shock people. I'm going to try to keep it real. Win. I got them for a win tomorrow. Home for the Seahawks. Win. Home for the Falcons. Win. At the Packers on a Thursday night. For some reason, I just see that.

I don't know why I think they're going to get tripped up by them, but I believe that will be a loss. Three and one. Home for the Panthers. Loss.

Ooh. At the Buccaneers, three and two. Win.

Four and two at the Ravens. Loss. Four and three, home for the Raiders on a Monday night. Win.

Five and three off the bye here in Los Angeles against the Chargers. Loss. Five and four, home for the Bears.

Win. Six and four, home for the Packers on Thanksgiving. That's a win. Seven and four at the Saints. That's a win.

Oh. Eight and four at the Bears. That's going to be a win. Nine and four, home for the Broncos.

Oh, loss. Nine and five at the Vikings. Win. 10 and five at the Cowboys on a Saturday night. Ooh, that's going to be a win. 11 and five, home for the Vikings.

That's going to be, I think that's going to be a win. 12 and five, Jeff and Detroit. He got caught up. Why'd I have to go so early in this game?

I don't even understand it. Thank you, Jeff. You be well.

Enjoy tomorrow night. That's Jeff and Detroit. Jeff.

12 and five. Good to see you, brother. You got caught in it. Jeff got caught in it. Jeff got caught up in it.

I thought when he gave him a loss at home to the Panthers. I was like, whoa, here we go. Oh, okay. Going the other way.

All right. That was an O. Henry-like twist at the beginning, not at the end. Apparently these ain't your dad's lines. Hey, he's got them winning seven of their final eight, just like last year. It's like last year happened last year. Let's take a break. Big television sports news to break when we come back here. And I'm not talking about my bold prediction from last night's show. Did you any of you see that NFL Network's season?

I was asleep. Don't miss that. That's next. This is the Rich Eisen Show before Bruce Feldman joins us on the latest in Colorado. It could be information to change your life forever. Or the Something You Should Know podcast could just be something interesting. My guest is Kim Zuckman.

She is author of the book There's No Cream in Cream Soda. I don't think I've ever really known the story of why they're called hot dogs. There is so many legends about the name of the hot dog. When the Germans immigrants came over and they brought all their sausages, they also brought their dachshunds.

It really is because they kind of look like dachshunds. Something You Should Know, wherever you listen. Okay, back here on the program. Last we saw Warren Sapp. He was in Colorado with Dion talking to the team and then at TCU with the team watching Colorado shock the world minus anybody there.

He was head to toe Buffs gear too. With the Sanders crew. No one shocked there in Dion's world, right?

But at any rate, what is Warren Sapp doing now? You might ask. Oh, did you see? Is this what? Oh yeah, this is what it is. Oh yeah, this is what I just showed you, TJ. What is he doing? And also, where is he, Mike? I don't know, but that's something flying.

It's a beautiful butterfly of some sort flying. And then look out. Oh my God, head first.

The East German judges are going to give that a two. I mean, that's like a one point follow. Look at that follow right there.

Too much splash. I don't think he's trying for style points, guys. Where is he? Hashtag Sapp not fishing.

Because he was on a plane head to toe Buffs gear the other day. There has to be some sort of, I guess, butterfly expert. Who can tell us what that's native to? Yes. Can you just text right now?

Hey, where are you? Look at this. That's beautiful. Look at that. See that creature flying in the foreground. First I thought that was something that fell out of his pocket the first time I saw it.

That's Mothra, TJ. And then again, splashdown. Big splash.

Well done. Just ask him where he is. That looks like Sapp not fishing right now. Sapp, where are you not fishing right now? That's the hashtag. I literally just showed TJ that in the commercial break.

That's the hashtag he used, by the way. Sapp not fishing. Where are you now?

I think that's Asia somewhere. Great backflip. We just showed your... That's just my guess. Brett Favre commented on it.

He said face buster. TV here. Brett Favre commented on the first comment. Where are you now? We just showed your backflip on TV here. Wow. Sapp living the life, man.

Okay, I'll let you know. We update as conditions, Warren. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show, everybody.

Hey, I just turned a phrase. Sports TV news. Brian Gumbel just announced that after this season of Real Sports, it's over? Really? Yeah, it's over.

Deadline Hollywood out here had an article about an hour ago or so. Brian Gumbel stepping away after 29 seasons, nearly 30 years. That just said it's time. He said it's time? He just said it's time, man. That's his quote. That is... So he's gonna do a full 30?

Is that what it is? No, he's gonna finish this season. I don't know if it's currently filming or if it started airing yet. I'm proud of the imprint we've made and I'm ready to turn the page. Although goodbyes are never easy, I've decided now's the time to move on. You know, I mean, Suzy's done a lot in her career. Been places and done a lot of things. 300 episodes.

I would say, and again, next time she sits here, you can ask her. I would just bet her time producing Real Sports pieces and stories is number one on her list of things that she did, even though she wasn't on air for it. I mean, that's one of the peak jobs in our business. The story she told about going to Europe with Frank DeFord to do a piece on Juan Antonio Samaranch and the IOC and I mean, because Real Sports was the 60 minutes of sports and has been.

And I know, obviously ESPN followed up with E60 and we have NFL 360 on the NFL network. But I mean, Real Sports is the gold standard. But of course, Max is just not gonna find somebody to do it.

Not gonna spend the money on it. Is that what it is? Just like everything else in this world?

It seems like Armacatayan would be kind of a logical person to take over there. There's a lot of stories to be told still, and I hope they could keep it going. Unless Brian's just like... They're like, we'll end it with you.

That's what I'm saying, though. The stories, they're never-ending. They can't just end this show, I'm sorry. I know. Like, there is a... John Frankel, Mary Carrillo, the list of correspondents on that show is... Me, Del Tufo, and Brockman.

We'll stipend for Brian, we'll host them. I mean, I can take fake glasses off. It's not fake. Write in a notepad. They're real.

I can do that. They're real. The notepad's real, too.

I got notepads and glasses. They should, in the last show, just flip around his notepad, and he's just been drawing a middle finger the entire time for 30 years. He's like playing Sudoku by himself. I'm telling you, man. I'll tell this story about Brian Gumbel. He called, as you know, the first NFL network.

There's two seasons of Thursday Night Football. It was him and Collinsworth. He was on the game for the Brady perfection, right? Yes, he was. Yeah. He did. He made that. He was on the call.

Right. And traveling the country with him was a treat beyond a treat. And we used to do two games, one on a Thursday, one on a Saturday. And the flight from Thursday to Saturday was it was frequently a rough one because we're bored in the charter at 1 30 in the morning.

It's the whole crew. So it's the it was like a 737 filled with all of us. And one I'll never forget. He brought on this red duffel bag one night with his notes, and he turned on his light to look at the notes for the next game. And and I was trying to get some shut eye, but the light was on.

I'm like wondering, what's Brian up to? And he he's doing his notes and he looks at me, he goes, you want you want you want something to drink? And I'm like, you know what? The flight attendant is going to come by on it. He unzips his red duffel bag and pulls out a fifth of vodka.

Let's go, baby. And and and I'm like, sure, like if Brian Gumbel is offering me a drink from his own fifth of vodka that he brought, you know, and he just took a little sip and, you know, capped it up and then did his work. You know, having a little pop after calling a game, and I totally just I'm like, this is one of the greatest moments of my off air on air career. And Suzy tells stories about his greatness and warmth as well.

I mean, we were there at the end of this year. He was honored a lifetime award. And it's one of those like, wait a minute.

He hasn't gotten one. Yeah. I mean, so legend, because, you know, when Musburger was doing the NFL today, he was doing a pregame show on NBC as well before the Today show. Everyone knows what Brian's done. And so, wow, I hope somehow, some way Max can just kick over a rock and find the money to keep that going. Right. Unless Brian's like, I don't want it done anymore.

I can't imagine that's the case. There's stories to be told. Yeah. So absolutely. There's word on all that.

Well, Rich, you know, you've got many jobs. I mean, what's one more, right? You know, so Colorado guys, Colorado, as we know, you know, was on big noon Fox last week. They're going to be on it again. The home opener.

And I don't know. I mean, even Joel Klatt, who calls these games, will tell you, hasn't been a lot of clamoring. Like, what's Colorado up to? I mean, we can get Colorado in front of the largest audience we have here at Fox.

Can we do that? Well, there's a reason why we all know it's Dion. And I'm all in on him. And as you know, I believe anybody who doesn't and thinks that again, Dion's doing it just for style and sizzle and is just going to rely on talent. And you're sadly mistaken, and they're not resting on any laurels just because Dion's talking about a Heisman's for Travis Hunter and his son. So many coaches will say, well, we're not going to fill our kids heads with that sort of stuff. He talked about a Heisman for Travis Hunter not being chilled at the crib at present at halftime of the first game, because Hunter missed on two pass plays. Long story short. He's just going to keep amassing.

And the reason why is because prime is prime. And one of the aspects that Dion will tell a kid is your I will treat you like one of my own, because look how I treat my own and look how my own flourishes here. You see, Chidoor Sanders put up this piece of information I saw on Twitter today from a site called NFL Rookie Watch saying that since Chidoor Sanders popped up 510 yards on TCU, he's gained two and a half million dollars in NIL money. He's now making three point eight million, which is two million more than DAX base salary this year. Three million more than Burroughs base salary.

Again, base salary, you know, is just accounting. But it's still jarring to see. And yeah, you know, obviously being Dion's son bawling out helps, but bottom line is Dion can go to a bunch of kids and say, your name here, your name here, come to Colorado, your name here. And again, we saw that young man from TCU talking to Dion after the game and Dion doing what many coaches do is go up to the opposition and say, great game or whatever. If I'm an opposing coach, there is one coach you are not allowed to talk to.

I'm serious. You give them the matombo after the game, Rich? Right to the locker room. Right to the locker room, do not talk to Dion. If you want to have a conversation with Dion, watch his YouTube video when he was high stepping as a falcon. Watch his YouTube video when he was batting 533 in the World Series for the Braves.

People forget that. Watch his SNL YouTube video. There's a lot of YouTube videos for you to connect with Dion.

You are not allowed to talk to him. A lot of prime out there. I talk about all of this stuff in hour number two with Bruce Feldman in studio from Fox Sports and the Athletic.

And then my power rankings first of the season coming up. Got another NIL deal, Rich, for Chidor. It just hit me. A cologne. Chidor by Dior. Dior? I like it. Okay. He's with the Brady brand.

Tom Brady had signed Chidor to his label much before the season started. I'm telling you. It's obviously the Sanders name matters. But this is what this world is now about. The next coach who openly talks about you come here, you will win Heisman's. And I will talk you up for it. And I'm not going to sit here and go, well, I'm filling my kid's head.

I'm not going to fill my kid's head, you know, with that sort of stuff. The same site, Rich, NFL Rookie Watch reporting. Travis Hunter is now up to 1.8 this year in NIL money. Up 400k from the game on Saturday. A million dollars more than Sauce Gardner and Patrick Sertanes. And it's going to go up.

It's going to go up. Like I said, if Nebraska shows up struggling on offense and turning the ball over like they did in Minnesota and they show up with that team in Colorado, they're going to turn back the clock on Nebraska to the Homestead Act. That's how far back it goes. Honestly, Brockman, I text you half an hour into that game. Travis Hunter for the Heisman.

I was like, whoa. Well, and again, I know it's total, you know, you could say it's an overreaction. It's fun. It's one game. It's nice to have fun. It's been a fun. And then it's Colorado State after that, right?

So they could be three. You know, get ready. Get ready for that hype train in the top 15 before they play Oregon. I know any game, you know, is ready for that hype train. Oh, Deion. Deion Sanders. It is what the football with Suzy Schuster and Amy Trask wherever you listen.
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