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REShow: Kyle Brandt - Hour 1

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September 1, 2023 3:00 pm

REShow: Kyle Brandt - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 1, 2023 3:00 pm

Jets fan Rich and Patriots fan Brockman debate their predictions on how the AFC East will shake out among New England, New York, the Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills.

‘Good Morning Football’ co-host Kyle Brandt tells Rich why he likes the Detroit Lions to win the NFC North, if the Steelers can get back to the playoffs this season, why Sean McVay and the Rams will surprise everyone with a return to the postseason and plays the “Win-Loss Game” for his beloved Chicago Bears.   

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Y'all remember this? Check this out. This is The Rich Eisen Show. Let me just get this off my chest too.

Check this out. Live from The Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. I can't believe it. What's your perspective on I guess the big 18 right now? The Rich Eisen Show.

You know pretty much now I think what you can do with college football is take tradition and take geography, kind of throw it out the window. Today's guest, co-host of Good Morning Football, Kyle Brandt, Saints punter Lou Hedley. Raiders defensive end Max Crosby. ESPN NFL analyst Mina Kimes. And now it's Rich Eisen.

Yes it is. Welcome to this Friday edition of The Rich Eisen Show right before Labor Day weekend. College football season fully underway.

As of one week from today the NFL season will be underway. So much to discuss amongst all of us right here in studio as well as with you. Whether you're watching on the Roku channel or listening on Terrestrial Radio, Sirius XM, Odyssey or more, we say hello to our podcast listeners whenever they darn well please to listen. That is your right after today's program here on this show in this very studio. From this very studio Chris Brockman and I will record the first edition of Overreaction Monday, the podcast version.

It will come out on Monday so stay tuned for all of that. The Rich Eisen podcast network if you will is going to be up and running. Susie Schuster and Amy Trask are doing a podcast every single Tuesday during the season called What the Football.

That's the cadence. Rich Eisen Show, Overreaction Monday, What the Football and you whenever you want to connect with us through our social media platforms as well at Rich Eisen Show on pretty much every single platform there is. Good to see you over there Chris Brockman. How are you sir?

Rich man I'm great. Was at Dodger's Braves last night. I'm so jacked up.

Just everything. Playoff baseball, the football season's coming. Let's go.

We'll discuss that game with an MVP showcase that many people on the East Coast perhaps outside of Atlanta did not see because you know we're on the old West Coast. Good to see you over there Jason Feller. How are you? Hey thanks for having me on. Thank you very much. Appreciate it.

You telescoped me right off the bat. How are you TJ Jefferson? Good to see you over there. Not good Rich. We predicted the NFC East yesterday or YouTube. I had a lot of Cowboys fans.

Saying I was a fake Cowboy fan. Are you serious? For those people I got two words for you. Honestly you got that? You got that?

Oh yeah there was a few. This guy's a fake fan. Two things, two things, two things, two things, two things. What? What are you doing reading the YouTube comments? Why wouldn't I read the comments? Why would you take it personal? Because you spend 10 minutes a day telling people to go to the YouTube page.

I figure it's only right that someone here sees what's going on on the YouTube page. Now here's your conundrum. Here's your conundrum. Here's your conundrum. You have fellow Cowboys fans clapping back at you and yet let's just say your rules about clapping back at you from the club started in 1996.

They don't have any right to come at you. I mean that's true technically. But you're not also in the club either are you? Well yeah I got three.

Okay no I'm talking about from 1996. But in all seriousness though I mean you you're only saying what you're believing in your heart which is what you do on this program standby which you've done expertly for years. Don't worry about this.

Sometimes I say stuff I don't know if I believe in. Because guess what? We're going to start this program with our final division prediction. We're kicking off like that? Well it's because how many times have we started in all seriousness think about it since um May how many times have we started this program discussing the Jets and Aaron Rodgers or the Bills with Josh Allen and Don Diggs relationship right? That was a hot minute conversation in June.

It might still be who knows. Well I mean and again two Mondays from now that's going to be a front and center conversation. How how much time do you think ESPN is going to spend there on their pregame show about it? They've already started. So so this we saved the most scrutinized division for last.

We have been previewing divisions every day aka daily on this program for a week and a half. So it is now time to get to the AFC East and start our program with who's winning this division. Because the Dolphins are improved.

The New England Patriots are improved. You've got Ezekiel Elliott at running back. You've got Bill O'Brien at offensive coordinator. You've got Matt Corral at backup quarterback. With Bailey Zappi now on the practice squad. I like that Corral.

Oh yeah. Especially because the Patriots traded out of that spot so Carolina could trade into it. They amassed more draft choices which drives you nuts I know during the draft. And then the Patriots wind up with Matt Corral.

Is that good in the preseason? And I'm just wondering is there some like uh Lexington or Concord Golden Corral that's all excited to get some sort of deal working here? We can only hope. You know what I mean?

We can only hope Rich. Take that legal seafood. So Matt Corral is the Patriot.

They're improved. Hey. Bailey Zappi's on the practice squad. Malik Cunningham's running routes. Love it. Getting ready for a slash roll. Great player. Doing his job.

That's what I'm talking about. So Jason Feller I need some of music. I need to get in the mood. Phone lines are lit. People want to talk football.

They want to talk about the win-loss game. Let's get some music going here. Some NFL films music please. Chris Brockman you're first up. Hey Rich I was just thinking not the NFL. Maybe I should go first and let you two since this is your division kind of like. I think our control room can handle such a thing.

That's great. Okay you're up first T.J. All right let's just knock this out man. Bills, Jets, Dolphins, Patriots.

No offense Brockman. I just feel like you guys are the fourth best team in the league. I don't want to you know get on the Rich Eisenheim train but I know what I'm seeing. Aaron Rogers makes throws that no one else can make and Garrett Wilson's really good at catching throws so when you put those two together I think the Jets are going to turn things around but right now until somebody knocks the Bills off I got them one in the division and the Dolphins I don't think the Dolphins are going to be bad by any stretch of the imagination but we had to put them in some type of order. There's mine. Bills, Jets, Dolphins, Pats. I can't wait to see what you guys have. Christopher.

Rich. I'm gonna give the people what they want. It's the Bills division. I can understand that. Okay Josh Allen is awesome.

One of the favorites for MVP. Maybe they finally get off the hump over the hump and go to the Super Bowl. I don't know. The Jets and Dolphins stink. Okay here's the deal. Two is not going to stay healthy. None of the running backs have a great injury history either. Okay I don't care how great Vic Fangio is at coordinating a defense. He's not out there playing defense. Jalen Ramsey's not going to be back till December and by then it's going to be way too late.

Okay Christian Wilkins is already threatening a holdout contract issue. There's something going on there. The Dolphins are fourth in this division. The Jets are the Jets.

They're improved, yes, but they've been losers for 50 years. I'm not sold on the act Robert Salah is giving in Hard Knocks. Okay it's like he went to Broadway. They're talking about Broadway on Hard Knocks a lot and going to all these plays. They're asking Zach Wilson. His favorite play is Wicked.

This is the greatest performance of Robert Salah's life. Okay he is pretending to be a badass hard ass coach and I don't buy it. I don't buy that the line is going to protect Rogers for a whole year. The Patriots have actually improved better than any team in this division with a new offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien who's a great coach and knows how to lead a quarterback. Mac Jones is going to be much improved. The wide receiver room is really really good. Add in Mike Kisecki to go with Hunter Henry who's a red zone beast. Add in Bill Belichick knocking out the draft this year.

The Patriots are going to be a playoff team but they're still going to be second to the Bills because Josh Allen owns New England right now. I cede the floor to you. Okay my only question for you is when you say you're giving the people what they want who are those people that you just that you just serviced? My people.

Oh okay. I am a mouthpiece for the New England fan Rich. Just wondering who those people are.

Sometimes I peruse in the comments and I see what you guys all say. I don't know those people. I'm giving you what they want.

I don't know those people honestly. Bills, Pats, moving on just like the old days. This is why I went first. I didn't want to follow this. Here we go. Here's my AFC East prediction. You know how I feel this is the Jets time but not yet to win the division.

I've said it over and over again this summer and I am going to repeat it. Reverse jinx. This is no it's not a reverse jinx.

I have been saying it all summer and despite how excited I am and the Jets fan base is excited as a we are this is the Bills division to win or lose and the first game out is a crucial one because the Jets need to win home games in their division and they may well win this first one but the rest of the crucible that's to come I believe the Bills it is their division to win or lose and I believe they will wind up winning it and the Jets will make the playoffs and have to do it from a position on the road unless others six and seven seed go ahead and win maybe the when maybe the Jets will get a home game then in the playoffs should they advance. The Dolphins are a mystery. I keep saying how they are offensively terrific and I think that's not much of a mystery. Tua is the mystery of whether his jiu-jitsu and falling and learning how to fall will actually help. You know him throwing his head into a tackle of to prevent a preseason pick six wasn't the best idea but maybe that was a jiu-jitsu move.

He learned how to get his head out and just use his body for the tackle. I'm being facetious when I say I'm scared for him. You know I love Salty too. I want to see it and I'd love to see him out there. Defensively is the mystery of just how good they're going to be with Vic Fangio coordinating them so they can make the playoffs potentially but I still think they're third in this division and as much as you are homering for the Patriots right there to give the people what they want Chris you yourself say Bella checks on the hot seat this season and so I believe that's going to be a conversation in the middle.

I don't think he should be. I don't think he will be but when it all comes down to it I think New England will be in it in December and wind up finishing in last place in a terrific division like this which by the way could be an above 500 record. So put it all together I think the Jets are the second best team in this division when it is all said and done whether they're the team the last longest I hope I'm right when I say the Jets might go further than the Bills but we will see as of right now Bills, Jets, Dolphins, Patriots. So I was very professional despite Chris Brockman saying the Jets are just going to be the Jets.

Like I got along same intensity I got a lot of evidence intensity in week three pal same intensity in week three hats could easily be 0 and 4. I know which means they're not finishing in second place in this division. So could the Jets I mean the NFC, AFC East has a really hard schedule. I mean the Buffalo Bills start off against the Jets and then they are home against Vegas at Washington home from Miami and then they have a visit to London taking on Jacksonville and and that's a tough game for various reasons and the obvious being it's two division winners taking on one another but the Bills are the first ever London team okay to be taking on a team that it's already played a game in London the week before Jackson will will be fully fully acclimated to the time zone and everything else there that's a huge advantage and but that's a Bills home game believe it or not I mean so I know that but they're coughing up a game in western New York against a division rival to go to London and be to go to London and be the home team against a team that's already been feeling well at home yeah before they come back right away and welcome in Brian Debel back to their mix before they visit New England so again I think it's still an easier you put that first six weeks up against the Jets first six weeks I mean it's not even you can't compare the two it's a much I don't want to use the word easier but a leg up for the Bills from the schedule makers as opposed to you know taking on Hurts, Mahomes, Dak, Belichick you know and all you need is you know Mac Jones to have one of those high ankle sprains and you're Matt Corralling in the first six seven weeks of the season not only talking about Bill having a hot seat but to keep Mac out because you want Caleb Williams don't don't don't chuckle don't chuckle pal you could have that conversation by the middle of October Mr second place Jets are going to be the Jets what's more likely is if what's more likely Friday here on the program but so will you concede that the Jets could also start two and six of course they can concede that okay and you're also would be in the same boat oh well we're not talking about Caleb Williams why not because my quarterbacks why would they need Caleb Williams Caleb Williams that ain't happening all of a sudden the one-year watchers commitment turns into well if we could because the Jets because the Jets are the Jets have a much better much better roster they're not gonna lose it they're not gonna lose all those games they're not gonna lose all those games again it's you know this is the time of the year where we can just same intensity we three speculate three things you two did not disappoint me Kyle well again we found one of the people you uh you helped and serviced you gave one person what they wanted and yourself what you wanted and everybody else not so much I didn't appreciate it same intensity eight four four two oh four rich number to dial phone lines being lit delights me Kyle Brandt of Good Morning Football is first up Max Crosby the Condor will be on this program and Mina Kimes will add her two considerable cents in our number three but when we come back let's check in with Kyle Brandt of the NFL Network's Good Morning Football Hey everybody with the 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app now and use code field goal to sign up gambling problem call 1-800-GAMBLER 21 plus age varies by jurisdiction Boyden Ontario see slash football for eligibility terms and responsible gaming resources bonus bets expire seven days after issuance eligibility and deposit restrictions apply back here on the program Carl Brant will be joining us in just a couple of minutes time Max Crosby of the Raiders you got to say it like Berman just get in there no Raider gear today it's a shock no got two NFL Network zooms after the show today to my next week's shows Tuesday kickoff Tuesday kickoff Wednesday we're on NBC oh yeah give us an hour whoa yeah yeah so should I should I talk about that like Del Tufo talks about FOX and then turn NFL Network into FS1 you should do that baby net baby net call it the baby net is that where he is is he at the baby net today or big where is he today I think he's at the big one today oh big doing what whoa well probably getting ready for next month that's what I'm saying getting set for FOX big Friday where are they where is the big noon making sure urban sounds great as he skates on that Netflix documentary like nothing like such BS like nothing happened negative at Florida I was so how many people has TCU of Colorado oh oh so he's getting set for that yeah that's tomorrow Saturday yeah tomorrow so he's getting ready do you know how many people when they saw the that Netflix doc preview we're all like yes yes this is gonna be great and then and then you watch it 30 minutes in it's just like wait a minute it's an urban Meyer pss what is this I gave it three episodes and by the three episodes you gave it I gave it like 30 minutes I was like okay first episode we're just gonna establish something it's not a bad guy in the second episode I kind of like him maybe third it's like no this is not there is no tight end guy in there there's no cam newton mentioned there's no tight end guy tight end guy there's no pouncy mention there's the harvin the pouncy mention of a text message sent to a girlfriend you know like the uh what is it the pouncy twins yeah no riley cooper no nothing back here on the rich eisen show radio network I'm sitting at the rich eisen show desk furnished by Granger with supplies and solutions for every industry Granger has the right product for you call click or just stop by Kyle Brown of Good Morning Football about to call in all phone lines are lit 844-204-rich being the number to dial I love how many fans want to play the win-loss game you know win-loss how's your team gonna do next week Chris you've got to do it for New England and I will do it for the Jets I'm ready you know there's a handful of teams that people have not done it for as well Raiders 17-0 we have had the Raiders call for should we have Max Crosby do it we could have Kyle do the Bears like literally right now have we had anybody do the Bears yet no we're gonna have Adam do the Bears okay Adam's gonna do the Bears Adam and Kyle went to the same high school so that's totally fine what high school did you go to Kyle Bryan Stevenson high school in Lincoln Shower Illinois the alma mater of Rob Ryan Rex Ryan Jaylen Brunson and many others ah and Adam Chudwin our call screener okay so and so wait a minute is there is there like a Rob Ryan sort of shrine in this high school somewhere Kyle is there sir yeah I think it's a I think it's a can full of old-style cans and a boombox that used to play taking care of business a lot that's what Rob did when he came in he spent a residency for one weekend on NFL game day morning we had to provide him with a tie and uh closed toe shoes that's a fact the only guy Mandel yeah he has like a Kenny Chesney has the barefoot lifestyle that Rob Ryan has the open toed lifestyle he's a man I love we were like the 21 club you know like sir do you have a coat and some shoes that don't show off your toes you know that's what it was uh but let's be honest here do you still do you hold the rushing record in your high school car rich I would never want to sit here and tell you all these years later about what records I have there I'd be Uncle Rico or anybody else but if you were to google it you might see that I have the career Russian record not be petty uh below the fold yearly Russian record this career the expansive career as the Stevenson Patriots and the most notable Patriots in football I like it wow so Ramon I bet the Stevenson Patriots win more games than those ones in New England this fall I'll tell you that Kyle Brandt I'll take that bet oh my gosh I love it I'll take that Kyle Brandt holds the all-time rushing record for the Ramondres, Stevenson Patriots I just gave your high school a Burman nickname okay fantastic all right so you want to take that bet Chris is that what you're saying I'll take that bet and I think the Patriots double up the Bears oh my gosh Chris what are you talking about are you starting drinking already on a Friday I know it's happy hour here but 12 23 for me that's funny he keeps saying it's liberty weekend he's being a patriot hunk and he keeps saying that he's giving the people what they want and I keep asking him who are those people I don't know those people great question you know what I will tell you this yes I sit across the table for 15 hours a week someone named Jason McCoury who won a Super Bowl with the Patriots whose brother is one of the greatest Patriots of all time and I'm like Jason you're feeling the Patriots this year right he's like no even last year rich Jason McCourty's rookie season he's been on television for 20 minutes and you know how it goes you bring an ex-player they always hype their old team they always pick their old team to do anything we get to the playoff prediction week which is 52 weeks ago now and he didn't pick the Patriots to even sniff the wild card this is fresh out of the league so Jason knows where the bodies are buried he knows how that organization is run and he's like not feeling it at all so how could I then he's being a pro about it he didn't go like he didn't go all tiki on eli the minute the tiki hit nbc remember that back in the day yeah I remember vividly soon as tiki put a lot of mic on his lapel the first thing he did is he went right after eli like oh okay that's where we're gonna go rich I hate to break into the eli I thought important breaking news here this room I was remiss to not mention a Stevenson Patriot alum um Raiders quarterback Aidan O'Connell with the mustache the rook he's a Stevenson Patriot so we're everywhere Kyle can you Kyle can you believe the Raiders gave him Derek Carr's number right off the bat that's pretty cold didn't even think about it you know there's so much attention rich about Rogers and the Packers it's really underrated Carr and the Raiders really underrated I was there at the pro bowl when Carr had already been disavowed and excommunicated and they burned his locker whatever the hell they did Carr shows up in the facility an active Raider still not wearing any Raiders gear showing up throwing the ball around as a pro bowler but not a Raider it was really really weird and Rogers has got a ton to prove and that's all great I think Derek Carr has got something to go on for him this year years ago Kyle I was doing by the way calling the play-by-play of the senior bowl for our network with Trent Dilfer the coach of the senior bowl was Lane Kiffin who was still the Raiders head coach but had just gotten into a major you know set to with Al Davis and he showed up uh wearing a black tracksuit with no Raiders logo on it that's the that's the only analogy I can have to what you just told me about Derek Carr like when you're in the commercial and you don't get the Raiders permission it's not licensed the piece of the place that you're telling you have just a black jersey on it all those were times I Rich do you remember the straw that broke the camel's back to get Lane Kiffin fired he tried and sent the best in Kenikowski out for a 73 yard field goal in the game which I think in my point was just like go ahead and fire me Al and then he did after the game what a time kick deep baby Kyle Branham good morning football here on the Rich Eisen show all right so I will give you uh the floor on the NFC North how do you see it playing out one week from today we'll either be having the overreaction of sea we told you the Lions didn't deserve to be on Thursday night or hey the Lions are are the team that we think they could be uh what do you what do you think about the NFC North writ large Kyle well it's my two favorite games of week one Lions chiefs obviously but Packers Bears at Soldier Field I am dubbing it the Xanax bowl it is the double anxiety bowl for the Chicago Bears fans because Jordan Love just can't be great you can't it's not possible don't do it meanwhile Justin Fields has to be great it is going to be such a spectator sport Rich to watch this game Soldier Field it's going to take one drive if Jordan Love comes out and let's say the the Bears win the toss and defer and Love comes out first and time for the 25 and they go down the field and score a touchdown it's already on the terror will start the city will melt there's so much anxiety about Jordan Love being really really good I'll tell you this Rich back in the day uh my I I'm very close with my father I know you were too and it's a very important relationship in sports the the father and son relationship um when I went to college my dad used to do the Sunday night call where he'd call his son and we'd talk about the games and he would want to talk about the Bears my dad Bob Brandt lifelong Bears fan he would call me and I would I hadn't even answered the phone yet and he'd be like God they bleep and Packers and bleep and far he just kills us every bleep and time that bastard and his take was always like I'll tell you this when Farve finally leaves finally have a chance to beat those Packers we'll get them when Farve leaves and then 20 seconds later the fifth Lord from Chico comes in he's even better than Farve so now now I'm talking to Bob and he's like now that Rogers is gone and I'm like I don't know if we will or not it's the Jordan Love thing is here's the craziest perspective Rich we were talking about this in Good Morning Football this week so the time that Love has sat and he's marinated and learned and improved imagine right now if Anthony Richardson on the Colts or Bryce Young on the Panthers imagine if their first start to the season was in 2026 like they're just gonna sit there for three years and meanwhile imagine if Peyton is still with the Colts and he's learning under him it's an amazing thing that Love has gone through and he comes on Soldier Field and starts chucking around and turns it into Lambeau South again it's going to be the great Chicago Fire part two and people are terrified of it but is it the Lions division still what do you think Kyle or orders Kirk and his new Johnny Cakes mustache you know what's what do you think there first of all Johnny Cakes reference is amazing thank you when when Johnny Cakes when he wants to cook for Johnny Cakes and he says uh uh Italian sausage with vinegar peppers no click uh I love that storyline I love those actors and I listen I love this mustache on Kirk but Rich I'm choosing to believe in the Detroit Lions I'm choosing to believe not only am I excited about them yeah I'm protective of them because in this industry when we're content makers you are as I am I think it's very convenient dare I say lazy to every time the Lions come up should they have any success you immediately say wow it's been so many years and they were so terrible for so long enough with that I liken the Lions right now to a guy I call Uncle Lenny Uncle Lenny is a family member of ours we've been with him for years he often shows up in a lot of trouble he doesn't look good he's got his car repossessed he was part of the sting uh he showed up every year on Thanksgiving and you're always worried how Lenny's gonna show up you love Lenny but his life has been a disaster well last year Uncle Lenny showed up in a suit with a date he was shaven he is in shape and you don't sit down with Uncle Lenny and say you know Lenny you look great now and I'm really excited about what you're doing but you've looked terrible for 30 years you don't do that you just be excited for Lenny I think Lenny is in charge of this division I think Lenny has turned his life around I don't we don't need to revel in all the past and discrepancies he's had and discretion I think Lenny is gonna run this thing I believe in him I believe in Dan Campbell and I love Uncle Lenny I hope everyone else does too well the Norths are fascinating uh NFC North AFC North usually it's the Easts and the Wests that get the most attention and they are getting a lot of attention the Souths again are are not rising in our in our uh you know opinionating which is the exact opposite of college football um I know but at any rate uh what do you think Kyle Brandt of uh good morning football here on the Rich Eisen Show of the AFC North and how that plays out this year it's I mean I think it's it's the low-hanging fruit is the choice for the best division um and I'm gonna I'm gonna zag a little bit on you Rich I think you have your your varsity and your junior varsity with Cincinnati certainly being the captain of the team and then Baltimore with what they've done I'm fascinated by the junior varsity which is an insult to them to both the Steelers and the Browns but they're the teams I have my eye on um the Steelers I I'm not good at picking playoff teams Rich I'm just not very difficult pick the damn Steelers just pick them every year it's going to be scary I know they didn't make it last year they've been in the playoffs seven of the last 10 years they don't have losing seasons they have their best player back in CJ Watts if you believe in Pickett but he's an ascending player I do if you have trouble if you have trouble picking playoff teams pick the head coach the more fascinating one is Cleveland now Cleveland is a strange deal because their last year was bizarre the conversation topic of their quarterback is complicated at best undesirable at worst but they may have one of the best quarterbacks in the league if he does anything like he did two years ago they may have the best pass rusher in the league they may have the best running back in the league they have a guy with the coach of the year who's won in the playoffs Cleveland is going to matter this year I am not just going to roll over and say oh and burrow will just mow everybody down and Lamar will Lamar I like Cleveland and Pittsburgh a lot maybe even enough to put them both in the playoffs how does the jet season play out tell me how my uh how my uh emotions are going to be toyed with or finally met in a happy way what do you got for me well what was it that the Khaleesi used to say Rich Drakaris I think it's going to work I believe in Rogers uh I think he's going to be the story of the year and I know that listen people people are they're calling us and tweeting up on the show we're saying they're throwing up they're vomiting and all the jet talk and the Rogers like I couldn't care less it is an incredible story and the games haven't even started yet I believe in him I think he is in the best shape he's been in in years he's glowing and waxing Philadelphia how happy he is and he did this monologue this week about how thrilled he is and how he feels like he's living inside of a dream now I don't know how much of that is just posturing for the Packers probably about 50% but I think he is so happy and he was so miserable last year he is a four-time MVP who is going to be in contention for a fifth I believe I know a lot of people say it's going to explode I do not think it's going to I think they're going to be big time and I I don't understand and I know they're they're they're people might have Rogers fatigue right or not might they a lot of people do but you just compared the lines if I'm not mistaken earlier in this conversation Kyle Brent to Uncle Lenny showing up and looking great and just be happy for Uncle Lenny right why aren't the Jets Uncle Lenny you know what I mean like the difference between the Jets Uncle Lenny and the Lions Uncle Lenny is the Jets have won Super Bowl but it was the one that broke up star and Lombardi's streak right to start this whole thing and also the difference is the Lions Uncle Lenny never on Thanksgiving showed up to the family dinner and ran his face into the ass of his offensive lineman you know what I mean like that so so that's what what's with the Jets why can't the Jets have this one I don't I don't I don't I don't get it why not and don't tell me don't tell me it's hard knocks because Uncle Lenny did hard knock last year don't tell me it's because they have a big strong proud muscular head coach because they both got those things I there is a uh listen Rich you you probably literally wrote the book on this there's the Jets hatred and what are they they call it schadenfreude that they like to see them down and there's a sin that's sick a bloodlust amongst NFL fans that likes the teams that are down to stay down we can make fun of them there are jokes there are memes there are gifts I hate it I think it's completely stupid and holding the team's past where the players weren't there and the coaches weren't there has nothing to do with it I'll give you another one yeah I people are just saying charger is gonna charger if you want to say the brand daily choke if you want to say that anybody on team is in big time fine don't start bringing up comparisons of the charges from the Marty Schottenheimer era or the Philip River there it's it's a different generation it is the laziest content if you think this team is going to be bad fine but don't because they were bad 20 years ago and lost to the Patriots I hate that Kyle Brandt Good Morning Football few minutes left with him right here on the Rich Eisen show all right Kyle so who's your Super Bowl prediction I'm gonna have to do this on Tuesday's show because it's the preseason preview what do you got for me Kyle listen I am bound by my obligation to my Good Morning Football platform to keep that in the Ernst & Young suitcase until next week I cannot give you a Super Bowl prediction I will tell you let me give you something tasty Rich okay I already kind of danced around the Browns and Steelers getting into the playoffs thing okay um there's a team that I'm tempted to put in the playoffs against all logic all logic everything is saying run from this team okay I think we're going to have a fascinating year from the LA Rams and Sean McVay all right I know that they're they're everyone if you can haul it you can have it and they're dilapidated car on the side of the road I think Sean McVay is going to coach his ass off this year I think this is a legacy year for him and I know they're paying the piper for that Super Bowl I don't care I love what the Rams are doing I'm going to pick the Rams to be in the playoffs and everyone's going to insinuate that I'm smoking narcotics I'm not I like what the Rams are going to do this year I'm telling you we see you on screen and and and how you you eat well uh we don't believe that you're on any sort of um medication or anything like that Kyle but I mean Cooper Cupp just had a setback you know what I mean and and they have I believe the third youngest roster in the NFL what how about Matthew Stafford's wife on her pod saying you know Matthew's saying everybody's in their phones they look right on their phones right after practice there's no conversation with anybody because they're they're young and he needed like a Facebook like a lookabook to know who's who which I don't by the way I do not at all think that that's wrong for Matthew to come home and just say to his wife like what gives you know what I mean yeah I but that it that is a window in it into everything no and the way you lay it out it's terrifying my my counter would be I believe in coaches as much as anybody does and if a few years ago we were saying that oh sure the roster was great of course they won the Super Bowl if we were saying Sean McVay is the next great great coach and he's in the air and following Belichick or Lombardi whatever you want to say I don't abandon that I think the coaches matter I don't think he's mailing it in to get some media job if he wanted that he could have already taken it I think McVay will get them home I believe in McVay and too we could go up and down the roster and the depth chart I get it he will find a way to win enough games I mean we had Odell on the show the other day called in and talking about the Ravens he said McVay made him love football again is what he said I think there's going to be some of that by the way Rich yes I I put one of the first conversations you and I ever had was that is the best book show I have ever heard I mean that you just bring him in and churn him out Odell doesn't do a lot of written he does not do a lot of call-ins let alone that so I listened to the entire thing fascinated by what he had to say about Cleveland fascinated by what he had to say about Harbs as he calls them in Baltimore and I mean it was an incredible get and I think what he said about McVay is exactly what I'm talking about thanks Kyle appreciate that Kyle Brand of Good Morning Football before I let you go since I didn't get and I I respect I hate that I can't tell you no I get it there there there is an I in uh my name but I understand that um you know it's still a team game and NFL network is all about the team so I am going to ask you to do the win-loss game that ever our phone lines are lit where you let's go are going to do the win-loss game for the Chicago Bears 2023 season Kyle Brand of Good Morning Football let's give him the inspo the inspiration here we go first up that game that you called the Xanax game because it's it's it's the double anxiety game home against Green Bay what happens that's a win it's high scoring it's it's a rock it's a rock show it's like Coachella okay 38 to 20 bears at Tampa win bears at the Chiefs lost home for the Browns uh Broncos pardon me home for the Broncos a big win Gilligan hats all around at the Washington commanders for Thursday night football nationally televised bears blowout blowout so Justin on the delivery net he he teaches Sam Howell a lesson with Al calling a game and okay very good finally someone can shut up Sam Howell four and one at home against the Vikings uh Kirk Cousins Chicago guys from Arlington Heights he has not had great success at soldier field he loves Portillo's but he's going to get that hot dog to go because he's going to lose take that Johnny cakes five and one home against the Raiders go get out of here Jimmy Garoppolo also from Arlington Heights an eastern Illinois guy he comes home and takes the lock let's go six and one at the Chargers that's it Chargers oh come on we're gonna go into so far you know what they're gonna lose that game that's a setback the Bears feeling themselves a little bit uh Justin Herbert throws it around the Bears secondary a little bit up and down I'm gonna take a loss six and two at the Saints win in overtime seven and two home for the Panthers they are now the story of the league of Panthers that's practically a buy I love Frank Reich I like that wow they're gonna eat them alive there's when take that Bryce young eight and two at the Lions oh no not on the Lenny oh my gosh there was a time in the Matinega era the only team that could beat is the Lions you know what this one they're gonna lose they lose to Detroit and Uncle Lenny makes a great toast eight and three at the Vikings but it's on a Monday night Kirk Cousins under the lights just sweep them start the Justin Fields MVP talk win one two three four five six seven eight nine and three going into the buy coming out against the Lions at home start the DJ Moore offensive player 10 and three at the Browns at the Brown start the Darnell Wright rookie of the year talk 11 and three home for the Cardinals and Clayton tune heart the Edmonds would have got for main drive against which Edmonds they have defensive player of the year talk take the bus or drive yourself taking the win over the Cardinals right there what are we what's the record right now 12 and 3 home for the Falcons well home for the Falcons a slip-up game looking ahead to the playoffs a slip-up game they lose to the Falcons 12 and 4 at Lambeau to wrap it up the flute is loose to Matt Ebert who's coach of the year performance dunking on the mat look more packers to steal the regular season Kyle Brandt says the Chicago Bears go 13 and 5 in 2023 we are gonna make some money Kyle you got caught up in that and then the clean sweep flutes for coach of the year fields for MVP and Darnell Wright for rookie of the year well done I forgot to add Ryan polls for front office of the year this Virginia McCaskey for owner of the you're gonna keep going Kyle you're the best thanks for the time we'll chat soon you're the best thanks at Kyle Brandt Instagram and Twitter whatever bears to win the NFC is 30 to 1 so I think we know what we're doing after the show like I said Marvin Harrison Jr is going to be a Dallas Cowboy next year because apparently we're gonna have the worst record in football so I guess well you just need the third worst record in football to get him I believe yeah well I mean we got Dax and we'll need Caleb though you know what I'm saying that's what I'm saying just need the third worst you keep that despite having the third worst record first pick then trade down you know stock up some picks well it's cool because I said the pats would double up the bear so the pats are going 26 and oh yeah Belichick's gonna catch Shula this year this year we'll take a break phone calls 8 4 4 2 0 4 rich number to dial right here on the program that was fun NFL Sunday Ticket is now on YouTube and YouTube TV which means that you can stay close to your team even if you don't live in their town like maybe you're a raven who married a seahawk who got a job in the land of the falcons with NFL Sunday Ticket you can watch your teams out of market Sunday afternoon games no matter where you live because you shouldn't have to change teams even if you change towns NFL Sunday Ticket now on YouTube and YouTube TV go to presale to get $50 off terms and embargoes apply offer ends 9 19 no refund subscription auto renews this episode is brought to you by Dave a banking app that's leveling the financial playing field because when you download Dave you could get up to $500 in five minutes or less no credit check no late fees it's part of Dave's extra cash account advance the money you need with no interest and then settle up later download Dave today at slash spotify for terms and conditions go to slash legal eligibility criteria and instant transfer fees apply banking services provided by evolve member fdic i did not approve this but uh you know that's that's part of me delegating to you our social media grand maester you put out on instagram a photograph it says breaking bears trading for russell wilson and and what's today's date what's today's it is april 1st rich and that is what it is april fool's day so um it's five minutes to air my phone's on the desk and it's buzzing and yeah and i i i see it is uh you know it's it's uh uh it's jeff garland is the caller there is the caller there on the rich guy jeff from chicago what's funny about it nothing's funny about it nothing is funny about it our friend doug robinson texts me yes capital russell wilson he says you know rich doesn't usually get the scoops adam jester should be on this well that should have made me suspicious yeah but no i have so much respect for the rich eisen show that i know that they have connections that nobody else has that's true well you know what rich i'm not gonna swear but i gotta tell you you're a little social media boy he's gonna get his oh my god tj do you have anything to say to jeff garland yeah uh happy and what all right hey tj you don't know what you've brought down on yourself you don't even have a clue i'm ready for the power that i have especially in practical jokes and i'm gonna nail you so hard pause you know what i hope you enjoy your testicles right now because they're gonna disappear no but i need them and now if you ask him would you rather have russell wilson or justin fields you know what jeff garland would say justin field i think so i can probably confirm that for everybody back here on the rich eisen show radio network sitting at the rich eisen show desk furnished by granger with supplies and solutions for every industry granger has the right product for you call click or just stop by i think kyle brandt got caught up in the win loss game it can happen it happens if you call in and you want to play the win loss game be careful we just ask you to be careful you can get caught up in it like quincy isaiah he went full quincy i think he had the bears 13 and 4 right 13 and 4 and that's what kyle branches did amazing uh let's go to terzo and i'll all rise the uh the great terzo is back on the program how are you sir oh man i am i'm cracking up what have we created with this win-loss game man like people going 13 and 4 12 and 5 like holy schmoly hold a minute hold on a minute you did let me get this right you had 12 and 5 yeah 12 and 5 for the niners that's not bad well that i believe that was reasonable and i did that at the start of the season before all of the hype from the off season really hit you know i i went into it with the clear mind so you know i i might i didn't get i didn't get caught up in it like everybody else seems to be yeah i'm with you so what's on your mind today hey rich i gotta make a pivot i want to i want to kind of put urban myer on blast here because i've watched all four episodes of that god-awful untold story for whatever reason but like urban sits there and he wants to say oh you know i couldn't sleep at night i had to take ambient you know it went from one ambient to another ambient the reason you couldn't sleep is you knew you had all of these players they were doing god knows what like you know where all the bodies were hit that's why you couldn't sleep man so terribly told terribly told appreciate the call terzo thank you um hey i mean i'm never gonna put in anybody's minds that somebody's not telling the truth about their own personal health or the reason why i i honestly don't know but i just find i i was disappointed i was looking forward to seeing like the the whole warts and all on the florida program and i'm like wow urban actually sat down for that now and then you watch it and you understand why urban sat down for it because it was like a big love letter to a crazy time every boy was that crazy but they didn't actually cover the crazy the craziest parts the craziest part you know and um isn't that interesting just in time for a florida season that everyone kind of knows is not going to go floor his way just in time for him to sit there on the fox set and everyone can say maybe just maybe he can come back and can come home to gainesville again they got there they got uh waxed they did by utah i know the final score doesn't look that way but that thing that wasn't even close it was not close utah with a third string quarterback going up top on their first place from scrimmage in florida yeah 70 piece right off the bat having uh brandon murst they they have wisconsin's quarterback luke fickle comes in and he tells most offensive players like deon grab your louis vuitton luggage you know so that was that was something else right there 844-204 rich number to dial here on the program andrew minneapolis let's take your phone call what's up andrew hey rich boys how we doing how are you what's on your mind what's up man um well quickly i wanted to say that i heard you on fantasy footballers and i am lockstep i think jamir gibbs is going to uh win people some leads this year but um we'll see i was wondering if i could propose a what's more likely to you oh it is a what's more likely friday that's coming up next hour so chris you want to take out a pen here maybe uh andrew minneapolis is gonna provide some inspo what are you going okay well pj hockinson very rich man now justin jefferson going to be a very rich man i think uh kristin d'arussa is going to be a very rich man what's more likely uh god kurt cousin yes is the next 49ers quarterback or the currently employed quarterbacks so kurt cousin is going to be either the next 49er quarterback or what for the uh currently employed 49ers quarterbacks for nexis oh it's the currently employed 49er quarterbacks for next season yeah i mean i i know you know everyone has their fun and we do too about shanahan loving cousins and would go for him but i mean oh i probably gonna pay you look man brock purty and thanks for the call and you appreciate it i mean everybody wake up brock purty's gonna have a terrific football season and he might not need to go for 300 yards every game because he doesn't we established the only 300 yard game of his career was the playoff game in seattle right yeah and and he knows what he's got to do and so does kyle shanahan they may lose their opening game at pittsburgh but they've got the rams at home the giants you know uh pardon me the rams here in la then the giants at home on a short week cardinals and cowboys browns vikings bangles there is some winnable games although the bangles i think are going to be terrific again that might be that might be a super bowl preview in week eight for them i mean these are some winnable games coming out and brock purty's going to look good and we're not going to talk about that i don't know where cousins winds up because as he points out you know justin jefferson's going to get paid a bunch of other players he just mentioned are going to get paid and cousins making 45 50 million which is probably what he's going to get if daniel jones gets 40 maybe they'll move on which is why a lot of people thought train lance would wind up there and they've been kicking tires on quarterbacks over the last several drafts but one thing's for sure in order to get caleb williams or drake may in next next year's draft you're going to have to earn it on the playing field this fall because you're not trading in no two three wins max because if whoever is first or second overall on the clock most likely i mean the bears were kind of an outlier and even then with bryce young people are wondering do they jettison their kid justin fields for him so whoever's first and second is going to most likely 98 of the time need a quarterback they're not going to trade you their picks no matter how much you're throwing at them so that'll be an interesting question but in the meantime cousins is the qb they're our two coming up so i i i i think the north's are fascinating divisions this year normally they're just second thoughts because the browns aren't usually expected to perform well the steelers were in the end of the big ben era transitioning at quarterback despite how many times they didn't have a losing record they were kind of out of the mix because the ravens had lamar doing mvp type stuff and then the bangles get joe burrow and as long as he's healthy they have a window now the afc north is highly competitive in people's minds and then the nfc north we all know who was the king of it he's now staring at the new york skyline going into the lincoln tunnel and being caught in its beauty was cool and hard knocks this week where they did like a sopranos open that was pretty neat yeah but almost shot for shot it's been fun which is pretty cool with rogers right it was solid solid that's right it was cool yeah i hadn't seen it i'd heard about it that's pretty cool that part was cool no cigar though in his mouth right no cigar right did he take the ticket yeah on the turnpike yeah they drove through they drove through ix they drove through ix they still have they still have they still have the ticket you can still take a ticket i think that's cool the best part of the whole episode chris was rogers chirping with the giants defensemen yes which by the way has been a huge point of contention this week uh the giants player said that it was weirdly edited to make rogers look better all right you ain't got no haters you ain't popping our two we'll talk more about them obviously in a moment for over three decades nobody has had a wrestling career like arn anderson conrad thompson gets all the stories with our after watching aew's double or nothing amy wants to know what does dinosaur taste like um it ain't chicken it's like biting into a charcoal briquette but chewy oh that's disgusting yes sure is check out arn every week wherever you go you
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