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REShow: Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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September 1, 2023 3:01 pm

REShow: Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 1, 2023 3:01 pm

Rich recaps the opening Thursday night in College Football, and the guys react to the Braves and Dodgers epic opener of their 4-game series which leads to a debate: has Mookie Betts or Mike Trout had the better career to this point?

In ‘What’s More Likely’ Rich weighs in on the Seattle Seahawks, Miami Dolphins, Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, Joe Burrow, Jalen Hurts, the AFC and NFC South, the AFC and NFC East, Nick Bosa’s 49ers holdout, Aaron Rodgers and the Jets, Jordan Love and the Packers, Shohei Ohtani’s free agency, Caleb Williams’ Heisman repeat chances, and the Georgia Bulldogs three-peat odds.

Rich’s pal Murph calls in (after a long ban for cursing on the show) and explains why he and many other Packers fans consider Aaron Rodgers winning just one Super Bowl in Green Bay a disappointment.

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Y'all remember this? Check this out. This is the Rich Eisen Show. Let me just get this off my chest too.

Check this out. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. I can't believe it. What's your perspective on I guess the big 18 right now? The Rich Eisen Show.

You know pretty much now I think what you can do with college football is take tradition and take geography kind of throw it out the window. Earlier on the show co-host of Good Morning Football, Kyle Brandt. Coming up Raiders defense event Max Crosby.

NFL analyst Mina Kimes. And now it's Rich Eisen. Hour number two of the Rich Eisen Show on the air. 844-204 Rich is the number to dial. What's more likely in the middle of this hour?

Your phone calls throughout it. We've got Mina Kimes top of hour number three on this program. For those who are hoping to chat, hear our chat with Max Crosby this hour of the Las Vegas Raiders.

He had a postpone last minute. We love Max Crosby. Hope we get him on at some point soon. But we're trying.

844-204 Rich has been the number to dial here on this program and we'll take it. Chris Brockman and Jason Feller in their spots. TJ Jefferson in his spot to kick off hour number two here on this busy Friday. College football began last night and as the ACC presidents are voting today to add Stanford Cal and SMU to their mix and fortify their conference right at the outset of a another playing season that has been jumbled by a summer of realignment. This is the last this is the last season of Pac-12 football. Tomorrow Deion Sanders in Colorado will have at it on big noon Fox Saturday.

That's why Mike Tultufo is not on big 9 a.m. Rich Eisen Show Friday. So there's that and it'll be Colorado's last season opener as the Pac-12 and soon we'll see Deion and his cowboy hat taken on TCU every year in the what big 14-16. I can't keep track anymore. The ACC 16 is coming. The big 18 is starting last night with Minnesota and the last season of the big 10 and being the big 14 started last night with Minnesota and Nebraska. I mean it just it's so tough to keep track of right now but it's going to be a fascinating season for the Pac-12 because they've got some kick-ass teams and some kick-ass players in it. You know I feel we had Bruce Feldman on in his first of Wednesday of his residency here during the college football season. Every Wednesday he came on Fox Sports and Athletic said you know a lot of horses on Caleb Williams winning back-to-back Heisman trophies.

My horses are already running. I think it's his. Honestly every weekend we're going to see Caleb Williams do some eye-popping stuff that's going to be Mahomes like and that's the name you're going to hear associated with him and it's unfortunate for for him because there's only one of those. But Utah last night just showed Florida how it works and without their starting quarterback. Cam Rising was out there in his street clothes and Utah took it to him and the Pac-12 you're going to have like Oregon State every game Oregon State plays they are going to be lit to prove to everyone you're taking one of the wrong teams out of here. Anytime they take on Arizona or Arizona State or Washington any of them they want to prove it and I can't I'm here for it and I think we saw the beginning of it last night and then Nebraska and Minnesota this is all I'll have to say on this front. If you're like Utah fans and you're or you're fans of some of these Pac-12 teams that are left behind and then you see oh okay the Big 10 is that that's what the Big 10 is all about you're laughing with all due respect to Matt Ruhle and his first foray as Nebraska head coach it wasn't pretty it's it's week one for these kids it's not pretty and obviously they're not the elite of the Big 10 but I all I will say is this is Taylor Lewan should feel very confident that the Bussin Trophy is staying right where it is on the campus of the University of Michigan.

Oh my goodness. Welfare check on Compton is what I tweeted out last night while you were out there watching Dodgers and Braves and in Dodger Stadium, Christopher. The guy sitting in the row in front of me was watching Minnesota. Did you see Nebraska's only touchdown of the game? Nebraska's only touchdown of the game that it did seem that they were going to ride to victory because Minnesota couldn't get a first down for its life was a dipsy do play running back runs to his right flips it back to the quarterback who let it drop on the ground picked it up and threw it to a wide open tight end in the end zone. They were lucky to get that and then four turnovers by Nebraska did them in including a fumble as they're trying to run out the clock they gave up a touchdown to Minnesota with a great Nate Burleson toe drag swag to tie the game and then an interception as they're driving as they're trying to run out the clock to tie the game and then an interception as they're dry as they're right there on on field goal range it was a terrible throw. UConn came close against North Carolina State. Did you see Jim Morris' team looked pretty darn good? Our friend could coach.

And then of course there's Deon. Get ready for tomorrow and I said it yesterday and I'll say it again today just you watch. I can't wait to see Prime out there with his cowboy hat and again it may not be pretty but you will see what he's about. It is a coach.

This is not flash. This is not he's not doing this just because you know it makes him you know more famous. I think he's good.

Honestly good on the this guy could be fishing somewhere but he's not. He'll be out there on the sidelines and I can't he'll be out there on the sidelines and I can't wait for everyone to see how serious this guy is and he's going to be serious you know and it's going to be a fun watch watching Colorado and Prime. I forgot to ask him when I last spoke with him is the cowboy hat like the thing he's going to be wearing on the sideline like is he going to full-on bum Phillips this thing? Is he going to wear a headset underneath it?

Like how do we do this? Prime Phillips. You know Prime Phillips. Is that it? There it is. There it is.

He wears a headset behind it. I guess this is what it's going to be. Wow. Here we go. I like it. I like it. That's Deon Sanders. Cannot wait for that tomorrow.

844-204-RICH is the number to dial here on the program. Last night you were in Dodger Stadium Christopher correct? I was. And baseball's greats were on that field last night. And baseballs were flying out of Dodger Stadium. Ronald Acuna Jr. ladies and gentlemen tomahawked a Lancelin challenge fastball straight out of the park. It didn't leave the grandstand but it was a no doubt about her a grand slam and with Spencer Strider on the mound last night in his handlebar barbershop quartet mustache it looked like that was a wrap when Acuna Jr. hit a grand slam home run to put the Braves up 6-1 in Dodger Stadium and make history. The first ever 30-60 player. That is nuts. 30 home runs 60 steals. By the way he came with his 61st steal later in the game and he almost had the biggest steal of the night when Mookie Betts who he's battling for the MVP this year I know Falcons Braves fans think that there is no competition but Mookie Betts in the month of August placed himself front and center he came up last night with two home runs one of which I think ticked Acuna's glove in right field a three-run shot that put the Dodgers back in the game he had a solo shot that kept the Dodgers close Max Muncy made it a one-run game later on and then Betts stepped to the plate in the ninth inning as the tying run and he hit one to Acuna Jr. again to the warning track again it was so exciting and Acuna Jr. came up with again with his sixth he's still base last night he is unbelievable and what did he do during the day yesterday Acuna had himself a day because of a visa issue with his longtime girlfriend they have two children together they got married yesterday afternoon in Los Angeles or else she was going to have to return to her home country for three months and they were going to be apart during the stretch playoff stretch run here and the playoffs so they got married made it legal in LA yesterday and then Acuna sets the 30-60 mark in the second inning it was unbelievable so when Snitker was making a pitching change last night was he coming out there asking about do we get him candlesticks like do we get candlesticks what do we get them yeah wow amazing day for Ronald and I honestly please know this I honestly do not bring this up to troll you I don't I don't no it's totally fine I don't I don't be angry about it until the day I die how in the world did the Red Sox willingly let this guy go now I know they got players back but they gave 70 million to Nathan Evaldi because he pitched nine innings in relief you know in all seriousness though and I I do not bring this up for that I know I've already said that but I felt feeling he did say it again was it just they didn't think he's he was really a superstar or no he was slight build I don't think that's it at all 300 million at the time what a bargain what an MVP won a world series so he wasn't sustainable homegrown what was it no the reports that you know coming out at the time is that he wanted to be paid like Mike Trout and they didn't think he was as good as Mike Trout that's what I'm saying in 2018 you know I guess you could make an argument even though he beat Mike Trout for an MVP one year Trout beat him another for a year he's without question and I say this without reservation he's got a better career than Mike Trout right now oh yes he does yes he does I don't care about the numbers because you you talk about w's you talk about trophies you talk about what you and I understand Trout hasn't had that much help come on he just said his 51st hit in the month of August which is second all time on this vaunted franchise bookie bets come on now what he does and he's has he missed time I mean how much time is this guy on second base turning double plays last night that's what I'm saying yeah no he may be one of the best athletes in America oh he's multiple 300 perfect games the guy's incredible at bowling at bowling right yeah I mean seriously what and the fact that's again I really don't want to go into Freeman bats behind him John Henry Red Sox ownership I get it I know I know that but I can't believe it and I can I don't know where we can sign for right now Dodgers Braves if that game wasn't an LCS game and countries watching this last night playoff energy so much fun last night multiply the Braves fans were chatting MVP for Acuna bets would come up Dodgers fans chatting MVP it was just electric scale of one to ten seratiano watching that grand slam go out the yard was uh was it was it spinal tap 11 or what what's even better is that we had a father-son brace fan sitting next to us uh during that inning yeah the kid was about 10 years old uh just turns to me and goes all right Lopez is going to walk in front of Acuna to walk in a run and then Acuna is going to set the record with a grand slam not two minutes later it happens we're going nuts his dad is filming and then we're just like yo you got any lottery numbers you want the super bowl what do we got kid that pitch from Lancelin it was was that like an off-speed spinner that he threw out of the zone to right down the middle no no no no the off-seed spinner to uh Lopez oh yeah yeah it's just like having Lopez on the ropes bro bro challenge just throw it down the middle yeah make him because you know who's coming up next dude no doubt no doubt about her that was amazing that was a fun game to watch soup to nuts Dodgers made it a game again I thought they were toast you know but Mookie Betts isn't that's an I don't know how the hell that happened but I'm glad because he was wearing the Yankees out and I didn't have to see him 18 times a year anymore and three more I mean that's this is the rare four game series you know three more it'll be fun it'll be fun and and you know I I would profit to say Acuna is the MVP like do you or do you think this series can do you think tj this series will decide it or what you know right now I'm just going back and forth after what you said and I'm just comparing stats between trout and and Mookie okay yeah so I've just been kind of caught up ever since you said that I'm like I I guess I see your point when it does and not to veer off of what you just said no that's okay but Mookie has the two rings two rings but that is I've never really heard that comparison before so that just kind of when it's all said and done trout is the first ballot hall of famer when it's all said and done so is Mookie Betts yeah so so the question is is you know the fact that the Red Sox looked at Mookie Betts despite home growing him and seeing what he meant to the fan base there said let's send him to Los Angeles let them pay him it's not that it's not that simple okay but because he didn't want to stay there were like he has recently said that he wanted to stay but that was not the impression at the time in 2018 that he wanted to stay what a god send out here and he wanted the 400 million dollars they weren't willing to give it to him despite having more money than god the the Fenway ownership it's really frustrating on many levels and I don't want to go to a dark place go back to the question I'm not intending to put you there that's not my intention it's a legitimate question I know it is cool that like I I can watch him anytime I want here sure in Los Angeles my son can appreciate him but that's not really the point he should be wearing Boston across his chest it's not to say so you could end up going 40 and 70 for the season he could if he has a great September there's no question why he can't it's starting today starting today yeah they're neck and neck rich the Vegas odds a month ago uh Acuna was a massive MVP favorite you could have got anyone else that's just had an August and the August and bets had combined with the Dodgers really surging you can make a case for the best they're better than the Braves right now despite last night I really think this series what they both they do head-to-head Acuna hits a grandson like Acuna's MVP and then he just misses robbing bets of a home run bets his two dingers last night it's gonna be an incredible race it was great it's so much fun and this is for home field it's so great possibly it really is yes it's a neat way to start September and get and have Labor Day weekend hit uh you know before we take a break um before Cooper left for school today he asked me an interesting question Julio Rodriguez how many times has the rookie of the year than one MVP his second year oh and he's like did Oh Tani do it and I'm like I I don't know but I thought by the way it's happened this is the same individual who asked me after Brock Purdy won his first two starts can he win comeback player of the year so he was rookie of the year and MVP in the same year so was Fred Lynn okay so that has happened but I don't know about the back to back those are the only two who've done that but just you're rookie of the year and then next year you're the most valuable player of the NFL of the uh maybe Dustin Pedroia did that Petey now I don't him I don't like uh Petey did do that he actually Petey did do that he actually Ricky the year in 07 MVP in 08 okay was he the last to do it or did Oh Tani do that so I'm imagining Oh Tani was rookie of the year Oh Tani let's see I don't know did not do it okay rookie of the year in 18 MVP in 21 okay there you have it maybe Mike Trout did it because Seattle is just no Chris can remember you know Trout didn't actually get the MVP for a few years oh no actually Trout was rookie of the year in 12 second in MVP in 13 1 MVP in 14 okay Julio Rodriguez is going to win MVP in the American League right I mean this year yeah over no no no that's true well Mariners win the division why not he might yeah right I mean this guy's doing is it's insane Seattle Seattle is gonna want Seattle is gonna let's check Vegas could Seattle wind up with the best record in baseball when it's all said and done and they can they overtake the Braves I think they already have haven't done oh really oh wow I don't check the standings as much as I should oh they're oh there's seven behind the Orioles so of course although look out now I've just strolled into the hatred of the Orioles fans are gonna Orioles fans are gonna oh they're just they're feeling it right now the way the Mariners are playing they could catch him you know my team's in last place oh your team's thing so is mine so I I mean Yankees won three in a row in Detroit making me think hey if they win every game in September maybe they got a shot dumb and dumber rich Garret Cole is the favorite for Cy Young so great let's raise that banner Brock remember last year star insurance would love that remember halfway through the season last year I told you if the Mets didn't do it this year it was going to be the braise for like the foreseeable future I mean it's it's braising Dodgers for like the next five years and then just and then just let's let's hit that on that a little bit and then we'll take a break here what's more likely coming up more phone calls 844-204 rich number to dial um Freddy Freeman is here behind Mookie bets maybe the best one-two combination to lead off in in major league baseball right you that's a great combination right here I would say without question okay and then and then um Matt Olsen they haven't skipped they haven't lost a thing with Matt Olsen right let Freddy walk put Matt Olsen in there I mean Matt Olsen was challenging Acuna for MVP they're better they're better they have actually improved would you say this team yeah currently is better than the one that won the world series I think so with the addition of this case Michael Harris Jr the way he's come on yeah he homered last night last night Ozzy Albies is a superstar superstar and Sean Murphy getting him from Oakland as well and he's one of the best defensive catchers in baseball and also hits bombs sorry guys this makes me not even care about baseball more because my team is for the foreseeable future is never going to win not even mentioning I think MVP runner-up last year Austin Riley so they're a really good team let's take a break 844-204 rich nobody look at us talking baseball for 10 minutes September is going to be awesome it's fun and attendance is up the rules have worked and by the way the rules have worked we argued about the beginning of the season stolen bases up 32 percent I knew it you're right I knew it bigger bases and you can't throw over and we're moving we're moving and we're shaking also you ALMVP is off the board you can't even bet it which means it's still tiny okay we'll take a break 844-204 rich number to dial here on the program what's more 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instantly when you bet just five bucks on any nfl game download the draft king sportsbook app now and use code field goal to sign up gambling problem call 1-800-GAMBLER 21-plus age varies by jurisdiction boyden ontario see football for eligibility terms and responsible gaming resources bonus bets expire seven days after issuance eligibility and deposit restrictions apply we're back here on the program um i did not say anything about the passing of bob barker earlier this week and i just needed to say this i truly loved watching that man not just because i'm a game show nut which i am and i deep down have a significant desire to add game show host to the shows that i currently host i would love to do one you were put on this earth to give away cash i tell that to everybody and susie's not a big fan of me saying that to people but i do believe i was put on this earth to give away a cash and a prize because hosting a show like that you have to make every moment be as big as it is for the contestant it's the same way of calling a game i've got to make you at home feel like the play you're just seeing is the greatest this game you're watching is interesting and should be of interest to you and bob barker did that better than most as or all and and let everybody who came on contestants row feel at home and i had an opportunity at a dog rescue event that susie and i attended had to be about 15 years ago i saw him he was being honored that night and i went up to him and i told him i'm like i host a show for NFL network he he he had no idea who i was but i told him i'm a host of NFL network and and i i feel this in my heart that when i interview players rookies veterans hall of famers free agents from all different walks of life i try to make them feel as welcome as you do to everybody you welcome on contestants row and he looked at me i looked at him and we paused and he says to me do you want to hug it out and i'm like yes yes i do and i hugged the man it's cool he was funny and he was just the greatest and uh i you know it gutted me when i saw that he passed away rest in peace bob barker at the age of 99 back here on the rich isin show 844 204 rich is the number to dial i'm at the rich isin show desk furnished by granger with supplies and solutions for every industry granger has the right product for you call or just simply stop by uh we have had i believe one caller want to play the win-loss game for the miami dolphins but they were in hot springs arkansas and said they weren't really a fan of the dolphins it's kind of weird which has caused us all to vet any person that calls in you know we don't need any manchurian candidates sneaking through here so just finish that movie already chris it's been sitting on finish for six years it's terrible so let's go to straight to miami florida menachem in miami you're here on the rich isin show did i get that right perfect yes thank you how are you i am well so you are a legitimate dolphin fan correct yes sir i'm calling them on my life rooting for them on my life how old are you menachem 26 26 okay so you were just a baby when j feedler was taking on the rest of the afc east here we go 844 204 rich number to doll menachem has just done that to play the win-loss game for the miami dolphins give him some music please at the los angeles chargers is the opener uh that's a lot at the patriots that's the win one and one against the broncos in a home opener that's a win at the buffalo bills two and one that's a lot two and two home for the giants that's a win home for the panthers at three and two that's the win as well four and two at the eagles lost four and three home for the patriots going back and forth on this but i'm gonna go clean sweep that's the win that is now a five oh one two three four five and three record at the chiefs in germany that's a loss okay five and four coming off the buy for the raiders at home for the raiders at home that is a win six and four at the jets on the friday after thanksgiving that's going to be a lot six and five at the commanders uh see a little bit trap game like sam howell then give them the w commander's win six and six home for the titans on monday night that's the win seven and six home for the jets that's the win eight and six home for the cowboys that is a win nine and six at the ravens that's a lot nine and seven home against the bills and finish off the season with the win ten and seven hopefully it gets us in the playoffs thank you very much manakam greatly appreciate it there you go ten and seven interestingly enough kevin and hot springs who is not a dolphin fan had them win 10 games lose seven same record and as a matter of fact had the same exact win loss with our dolphin friend up until the commander's game after thanksgiving they were had perp the same exact guessing manakam said with loss kevin and hot springs said win there they also flopped on the jets and uh the ravens and the bills at the end they kind of mixed it up but they got to the same destination different uh pews but the same church ten and seven how about that eight four four two oh four which being the number to dial it's a friday it's time for what's more likely with chris brockman and tj and i chopping it up together with what's more likely hit it please what what's more likely never say never but never all right first things up before you get to it chris what's more likely it's complete happenstance or somebody on the staff here keeps trolling me by putting their equipment to clean up behind us directly in the one foot by one foot square that can be seen behind my shoulder on the roku channel that's funny i love when that happens i mean honestly he is the nicest guy though should we like put like like should we tape off like a square square do not put your trash bin or your yellow yeah all right i'll just back off he's the coolest cat man he's the nicest guy in the morning who was the teacher that for aria to teaching her how to sword fight in our early game of thrones oh right what was he reminds me of that guy all right so when i tell him you know when you're when you're doing your hard work which we appreciate here because keeping everything clean is important just not today not today what do we say to the god of death just to say not today all right i forgot to say what's up on monday and people were pointing it out is that right yeah what's up i want an apology great tradition speaking of the dolphins okay last year's seven seed who's more likely last year's seven seed to make the playoffs this year seahawks are dolphins seahawks pal although jamal adams was just announced by pete carroll he will not be ready for the week one opener for the seahawks they want to give his quad injury more time to heal i am all about i like seattle i like him i think he's more likely to make the playoffs or miss oh make make seattle yeah oh yeah oh i thought you said dolphins no seattle seattle babe oh okay seattle oh yeah man he made it seem like it wasn't even close here we go seattle that's it well yeah i mean come on man because you realize chris they are young and good and they got they are young good jackson smith and jigba return to practice let's go man those two tackles that group like we're grown ass men coming straight out of college they they're they're now gonna be second year players kenny skywalker let's go zach charbonnet on top of everything let's go okay did you see bobo made the team from ucla yeah i did undrafted there we go i like it all right bobby wagner's back what's next chris what's next all right uh these are kind of some overreaching season arc uh storyline so what's more likely mahomes wins his third super bowl yes or alan burrow hurts win their first um wow i mean what's more likely is obviously alan burrow and hurts wins their first because there's three of them is it and three it's the magic number they have to beat i i i i just keep on because i'm going back and forth about my super bowl prediction i i remember what these people did to you last year i i i go back and forth about it and and part of it just my my my my spidey sense is we're living in a special time again though what's more a special time we're living in a special time we lived in a special brady time so i know that we're just moving right into the i think we might we might be doing that we move from coby to lebron but if you're asking me what's more likely i will choose three stellar young quarterbacks you want to give me three shots at it or one shot at it just the odds are most what's more likely is one of the three will win their first what's next all right the touchdown leader last year was did i have my soup that eats like a meal there or what it was you made a meal out of that thank you all right last year's touchdown leader is jamal williams he's a running back who's more likely to lead the nfl in touchdowns this year a running back or a wide receiver oh nice one damante adams was your wide receiver leader last year with 14 this is uh i'll go running back because these guys want they want they want it this is gonna be a good season for running backs a running back renaissance i'm rooting for them wow so i'll go i'll go more likely i'll go more likely um so who did lead them was it out who jamal williams led last year that's right yeah um how about how about this um this is not part of the game of what's more likely what about a quarterback waiting leading running backs in rushing touchdowns so we know where you're going with you'd have to have a quarterback rush for about 14 or 15 anthony richardson justin fields justin fields hurts hurts leading all leading all well they're gonna run right i think so you heard that from o'dell on wednesday you would allow that interesting wait did you say herbert no oh no okay i thought what's next you guys said who's the herbert to have more rushing touchdowns justin or calil there you go justin who's more likely justin uh what's the more likely division winner to have less than 10 wins afc south they're nfc south nfc south come on don't don't don't don't disrespect duval county like that sir come on they had nine last year i'm aware of how many they had last year and the bucks won the south last year with eight i will go the nfc south is more likely to have a single digit win leader a nine and eight team win the division than the afc south i mean did i stutter i don't know okay so i believe you've got two teams in the afc south once again that are the top tier and then you've got two teams that are starting rookie quarterbacks that are going to struggle because of that and jacksonville should win this division they should prevail with a nice uptick which is like 11 wins or even 12 what's next the division more likely to win more playoff games this year the afc east or the nfc afc east because you're gonna have more teams in it than the nfc wow more teams how many teams make it from the afc i think uh well didn't oh shoot i said three are making it from the uh yeah okay all right i'll take that back i i want to be consistent yeah just talk because as you know when i i i show up here i don't just throw things against the wall and don't pay attention to things that i said were either a wrong or b not consistent with what i'm saying that's my job that's what no no no that's the mosh pit in which we reside every day when we sit in the show and this time slot in the same town i understand this if anything you hold on to your missus a little too long right a little longer than maybe i do maybe i do and as you know also here uh i try i try to connect dots or weave a tapestry yeah i tapestry weave when i sit in this chair all right so now i've i've delayed long enough to actually give you an answer afc east get out of here the disrespect is real it's not disrespect it's it's real christ are you gonna pick the jessica the super bowl he has to i don't have to excuse me you have to wait a minute wait a minute hold on a minute let me look is there a rule book what do you mean i have to where's the crystal ball where's the crystal honestly bring the crystal ball over here i got one too big i need a smaller one that's a little more portable honestly even jerome bettas would want to put you'd want to drill the holes in that thing and roll it down the lane hey hey there's no there's no there's no i don't have to i mean i don't have to if we're going to march pit like the other shows i just chose the bills to win the division to open today's program that's fine yeah that's fine i picked the let's move on all right rich you gotta talk about disrespect you gotta move on yeah who's the more likely uh defensive star holdout to finish with more sacks this year nick boza chris jones boza because i think boza's gonna sign him in it lee and i don't know about chris jones i've been hearing that for three weeks i know you have but boza hasn't tweeted out you know he hasn't exed out i i i'm sitting out eight weeks you'll see me week eight stop saying and then and then and then and then when somebody says that's gonna be a hefty fine bill and he's like i can afford it is what chris jones responded millions i can afford it it's come a long way since his combine 40 when he right now he's just figuratively putting it out on the table listen what is happening i just wanted to get tj friday off the rail i think bozo's gonna sign and i think bozo's gonna be i think bozo's gonna be chasing kenny pickett down and bozo had the NFL and sacks last year 18 and a half and chris jones 15 you guys are very certain bozo's showing up he's showing up one time they're gonna get that done wow what's next what i was gonna make a bozo joke but i'm not don't more serious people thank you true true more likely to win their division cowboys erin rogers new team or old team stop it get out of here the old team obviously it's old team because you've already picked the new team no but this is likely i might be likely wrong you already picked you i know that i know that i know that so just say though say the old team i know that i don't wanna there's just no idea what to think this team's never had this much promise i don't wanna because i know what you're trying to get me to just to win the division then come on but it's it's it's likelier that they win their division i think you think no i don't know i don't know we're a week away we don't know anything just let me have just take a guess the week throw anything we can't let you all right it's more likely that the packers win their division because it's i believe more wide open for them to win all right last one uh what's more likely georgia three pizzas champs no caleb williams repeats i've already what do you come on man i already told you one i've already told you in 50 years i've told you like jet super bowl i've told you right and we might see uh we might see a lot snap caleb williams is gonna win the Heisman again get out of here guys i mean you know here's how it's gonna work let me tell you how the Heisman voting is gonna work caleb williams is gonna just dice up a lot of the usc non-conference opponents and then a lot of the pac-12 opponents i believe all right i know zack i know i know zack in uh in uh zack in the valley right now is uh rooting against oklahoma's uh former coach he was texting me last night calling utah his team okay so you know that sooner that's living out here in southern california is rooting against usc but i think usc is gonna have a good season and i think that kid is gonna be dynamite and then there'll be just some other ones and you'll hear college game day start talking those guys up the horse race will commence williams might drop a game in the pac-12 and then suddenly he's not all that he's definitely he's the first overall pick in the draft and he's gonna win the Heisman in back-to-back season wow that would be yeah hmm you got one more marvin harrison jr i guess they must we'll get one more yes well marvin marvin you want to know it'll be drake may caleb williams marvin harrison jr and jj mccarthy four seats in new york city i just gave you the four-seater hmm i just told you no quinn viewers jayden all right all good uh what's more likely uh rich you would go to that bar in milwaukee after the jets lose or otani resigns with the angels um i'll go to the bar in milwaukee i think that's a wise choice i'll go to the bar in milwaukee and you know what i'll do i will go to the bar in milwaukee pick up the tab and i will order i will go to the bar in milwaukee and i will buy everything under the sun and i will make that owner go baroque let me tell you something here we go i once had an argument i once had an apartment in new york city on the upper west side above a bar okay i played music till two in the morning and it was terrible it was awful it was just absolutely brutal i asked the bar owner do me a favor just turn just turn down the base do me a favor take the speakers off because my floor um was um the same as the bar's ceiling okay okay and the bar went in to what used to be the old uh entryway the foyer of the of the apartment building you know decades before so it wasn't built for a bar it went in after i had bought it and i asked nicely over and over again the bar owner you know shined me off i didn't like it so i pulled a string or two got the new york city department of environmental protection which for some reason was in charge of audio issues i got them to come on a friday around six seven o'clock at night to test for the noise and i invited all of my friends to show up i got beer i got everything i got whole thing 20 people as soon as the city person showed up and rang the bell i sent all my friends down to the bar and make as much noise as possible wow i did that really yes then of course the city said you know what uh it's fine we don't we our equipment doesn't test for a base unfortunately so i passed the inspection i was livid bottom line is i'm gonna go take this place out we call it a karen and i'm gonna show up you know what i don't care that is uh richard the king i don't care i'm gonna take this bar straight out and what happened bar's still there oh no it's it's i i sold the place i got out yeah oh tony's not coming back i agree with you i agree but i'll show up like one a minute let me see i know i'm not supposed to play the win-loss game yet but and i won't until next week jets where am i going uh i'm gonna call my shot let me go uh jets are playing what's the most winnable game i will show up um oh my goodness gracious oh texans december 10th all due respect i'll go out there in oh yeah we'll do the show milwaukee on friday i'll go to the bar let's go i'll be like norm walking in the cheers i will just be like every who wants what we'll have you on this come as a guest yeah yes you know i'll walk in i will walk in there you go look at that setup beautiful i will i will honestly i will buy everybody up right on it's over bankrupt all right let's take a break 844-204-rich number did all great what's more likely chris thank you great stuff thank you nfl sunday ticket is now on youtube and youtube tv which means that you can stay close to your team even if you don't live in their town like maybe you're a raven who married a seahawk who got a job in the land of the falcons with nfl sunday ticket you can watch your team's out of market sunday afternoon games no matter where you live because you shouldn't have to change teams even if you change towns nfl sunday ticket now on youtube and youtube tv go to pre-sale to get 50 off terms and embargo supply offer ends 9 19 no refund subscription auto renews this episode is brought to you by dave a banking app that's leveling the financial playing field because when you download dave you could get up to 500 in five minutes or less no credit check no late fees it's part of dave's extra cash account advance the money you need with no interest and then settle up later download dave today at slash spotify for terms and conditions go to slash legal eligibility criteria and instant transfer fees apply banking services provided by evolve member fdic mentioned before about bob barker spoke from the heart about how much he meant to me watching him on tv for all those years and the price is right passed away at the age of 99 my love for him and the price is right caused me to buy something on etsy for the first time what do i mean by that i'm about to explain to you my buddy paul who i grew up with sent me a link to something on etsy saying do you have this you should and i agreed oh it is oh that's a mini what what mini wheel and it wow it sure does spin that is dope i need that i don't know how we're gonna it's now part of the studio how are we gonna make this into a segment i don't know we can let's figure it out but the only one who's actually spun the wheel you know you have indeed you're the only one who has in fact spun the wheel you've been on the set though rich did you spin the wheel it is really tough to spin it's big it's heavy it's it it's not as heavy as you think but it's heavier than you you know what i mean look at this thing right that is really awesome how good is this amazing and then does the price pop up in the little window there uh no it's not electronic but so what did you just get there you go i got a 65 are you gonna go 65 are you gonna go you're gonna stay or you spin uh i'll spin all right let's go don't go over this is the best isn't it this is called content drama here we go 25. oh yeah i am totally in the uh the showcase right i'm like i haven't watched the episode i was on i think i told you guys i ever recorded i recorded pretty sure i got a 65 i think that's 65 and 25 i had either 89 or 90 when i when i was spinning is that right remember like i said i haven't why no you spun first because you lost your pricing game no you had master key which by the way was not fair it wasn't fair not fair did get hosed by the way there you go look at this that is amazing rich there it is back here on the rich eisen show we have a new uh a new item on our set which is our dare i ask what you paid for that um what did you spend on this oh i'm gonna say 44 dollars 44. jay do you want to chime in on what i spent on this by the way it's a mini showcase showdown uh wheel here from the price is right let's say 19.99 no you are both uh who what'd you guess 54 unless you win you're close as well going over this is 130 dollars whoa wow it's a one i think it's one of a kind come on that's what handmade it feels like it's what i do oh it's on the it's on it's on the show oh i didn't pay for it while i'm on the subject matter of giving you what you want yes this is big because you know i said yesterday or two days ago chris you said you wanted to hear you think aaron rogers packer's career was disappointing because he only won once because we talked about that milwaukee bar right absolutely that's rooting against rogers paying for people's tabs if they open it 15 minutes before a game that the packers aren't playing the jets are playing you come in you pay open your tab 15 minutes before jets and rogers loses on the house on the arm and i and you said but don't you think his career because i pushed back i'm like that's pathetic because hey he did something in green bay it's not only he did nothing and you're like the only one once it's a disappointed fan should consider his career disappointed and i said i would love to hear from packers fans i only know one and he's banned from calling into the show i mentioned this during poker last night murph is back on the program finally it has been lifted murph you be careful free murph for you look at that murph you cursed the last time it's been years you said you wanted to call in you have the floor on the subject matter murph good morning rich and gang this is amazing what up bro murph i've wanted you to be freed for years and years now this is this is this is incredible i appreciate that i actually talked to the rules committee and the authorities and they both said i'm ready to go so that's why i called all right murph you know the rules we're on terrestrial radio okay so you're a die-hard packer fan so what what do you consider roger's career disappointment there yes oh 36 years well it's a big it's bigger than that you know and i know i don't have an hour to go into it because i could talk about it for an hour but um 36 years as a as two hall of fame quarterbacks first ballot which is the hardest position in football and we've been to three super bowls and one two so i think that's under the achievement i do okay um so i it wasn't all rogers but he if you look at his games in the nfc in the playoffs he didn't play as well in the playoffs on average than he did during the regular season so um but it's not only him so i i definitely agree i'm frustrated i i wish more packer fans were as frustrated as i was but um you know the the rallying cry around mccarthy was well we've been to the playoffs for seven or eight years in a row well yeah that's true but we were pretty low seeded in most of them and it's like to me that's not a winner and then we were i think we were one in six in the nfc championship games so then so then in the minute plus that i have left here murph uh as a follow-up question removing me from the equation because again good friends want to see other good friends miserable remove me from the equation are you rooting against rogers this year do you want him to flop i don't i don't hold anything ill against them i mean i hope he does well um i i i do just want to caution you because three years ago you remember the rallying cry around the broncos which is they were a quarterback shy of going to the super bowl and you know in the first year that didn't work out so well and he's obviously a great talent and that the the jets have lots of pieces around him the question is you know he's you know he's he's kind of uh egomaniac and can his ego fit inside of what they need him to do in order to be a winner i don't know i don't know the answer to that but one thing i want to ask you is do you guys go back uh like nine months from now or you know later in the year like rich's prediction of the four people are going to be in the uh in new york yeah we'll do that do you guys go back we'll do that well no no no murph don't you don't don't forget about accountability for me and my show that's that's done all we have to do is this thank you for calling in you're now free because you followed the rules here murph thank you for calling in take care of yourself that's murph happy super day weekend and uh i'll see you soon rich that's john k murphy aka murphy has now been free murph is back because he got through a potty mouth free segment i gotta be honest with you part of me kind of wanted murph to no no no no because that's out of character for him it's just out of character so there you go that is the that is a packer fan it's one of the few packer fans i know here in los angeles california so did that satisfy you chris that a packer fan called roger's career disappointing and he added farv on a boat poor murph only three super bowls in 36 years i have one in 54 and i was i don't even remember mine when you poor murph poor packer fans you should go to milwaukee and root against them and get free beer if he wins what you've never had a quarterback win mvp between the two of them they had seven mvps you think that would translate to some sort of super bowl wins i get more than two i understand okay so they have a right to be disappointed but again like i said if it was a one-on-one basketball game sure there's a lot of moving parts that goes into winning a super bowl and you can't just put it all on but he's the most important player and he oh it's a quarterback driven league i totally understand what you're saying but if your left tackle sucks or your d-backs suck i will i walk around you're not gonna win mvp if your left tackle sucks you know what i mean so again i walk around the hall of fame and i see a bunch of no ring one win one super bowl ring quarterbacks that are in the ultimate spot which is where aaron rogers is going to be and of course i hope he gets that second one my god that would be an incredible occurrence especially since i can look at murph and say you got one from him so did i also someone sent me the link for the where you bought that wheel we need to get all of the games on here okay let's do that in the commercial break fantastic for over three decades nobody has had a wrestling career like aaron anderson conrad thompson gets all the stories with aaron after watching aew's devil or nothing ame wants to know what does dinosaur taste like um it ain't chicken it's like biting into a sinewy charcoal briquette but chewy oh that's disgusting yes sure is check out arn every week wherever you wherever you listen
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