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REShow: Mina Kimes - Hour 3

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September 1, 2023 3:33 pm

REShow: Mina Kimes - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 1, 2023 3:33 pm

ESPN’s Mina Kimes tells Rich why Aaron Rodgers and the Jets is the biggest storyline heading into the 2023 NFL season, the Bills’ chances to win the AFC, if new Denver Broncos Head Coach Sean Payton can revive Russell Wilson’s career after a disastrous 2022 season, what fatal flaw could keep Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs from repeating as Super Bowl champions, if the Steelers in the AFC and Packers in the NFC could be legit contenders, and does a game-by-game win-loss prediction for her beloved Seattle Seahawks.

Rich and the guys discuss the head-scratching approach to motivational speaking by new Arizona Cardinals Head Coach Jonathan Gannon, and take a call from a viewer he has a very optimistic prediction for the Indianapolis Colts.

TJ reacts to seeing a poster of Bill Belichick saying, “do your job” that’s now hanging above the toilet in the studio, and the guys react to fans of the New Orleans Saints and New York Giants playing the “Win-Loss Game.” 

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Y'all remember this? Check this out. This is the Rich Eisen Show. Let me just get this off my chest too.

Check this out. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. I can't believe it. What's your perspective on I guess the big 18 right now? The Rich Eisen Show.

You know pretty much now I think what you can do with college football is take tradition and take geography kind of throw it out the window. Earlier on the show, co-host of Good Morning Football, Kyle Brandt, Raiders defensive end, Alex Crosby. Coming up, NFL analyst Mina Kimes. And now, it's Rich Eisen.

That's a fact. Hour number three of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. Great chat with Kyle Brandt in hour number one and then we did our what's more likely Friday usual.

Chopped up a whole bunch of college football and last night's remarkable baseball game and Dodger Stadium between two MVP players, two terrific players and Ronald Acuna Jr. and Mookie Betts. If you missed any of that including all the phone calls, 844-204-Rich being the number to dial, you can check out the show once we end our third hour right here on the Roku channel because we re-air and we'll re-air all weekend long including Labor Day and it'll be a lot of fun as well for you to check us out on our podcast. The Rich Eisen Show all three hours available. Hour number three also for you.

Phone lines are lit. Everybody wants to play the win-loss game where I go down the schedule game by game for your team. And see just how out of your mind you are with hope. And so that's coming up in hour number three of the show. But kind enough to zoom into this program live here on the Rich Eisen Show to kick off the final hour of this show. Heading into Labor Day weekend for a big NFL season to kick off next week from the worldwide leader in sports.

Many different shows and podcasts. Mina Kimes right here. How you doing Mina?

I'm doing great. I was actually at the Dodgers Braves game last night. What a game. What a ticket. What a moment between those two MVP candidates.

So it was really fun to be there in person. Biggest story line entering the 2023 season for the NFL? Oh man. The biggest story line entering the 2023 season. I think it's got to be the Jets right? I hate to say that because I know this entire summer if you're not a Jets fan you're probably really sick of hearing about the Jets. And I work at a network where we talk about the Jets a lot.

I understand that. There's been Jets. There were hard knocks. Some people might have been the Jets. I might call it Jets propaganda out there right now. But it is the best or the most interesting story in football Rich to me because it feels like the variance for the potential for variance is so high. I mean this is a team that either could be a like a legitimate Super Bowl contender or it could go completely off the rails given how difficult the start of their schedule is. Well I mean the start of their schedule and it's Rogers' health. Because if the whole point of this was to make sure a team that had matured faster than expected had the steady hand at quarterback that's required in order to win games with a defense that does appear to be championship ready and a bunch of young players that appear to be big time playmakers from Garrett Wilson to hopefully Breece Hall being healthy. And that's the question. It's Rogers' health and as long as he stays healthy the first six games of the season will tell the tale.

That's for sure. I think the moment how much Rogers will bounce back from what we saw last year was not only a down year for him but he was statistically one of the bottom 10 quarterbacks in the NFL by most metrics and I think you can pin that a lot of things right receivers injuries his injuries but for him to come back this season to get anywhere close to how he's playing in 2020 2021. There are very few examples in NFL history of quarterbacks at that age playing well which is to say pushing 40 or after 40 you know Tom Brady is the exception obviously but when you look at quarterbacks like Drew Brees for example near the end of his career Peyton Manning they tend to hit a cliff at a certain point with age. So I think you know there's a lot of questions about Aaron Rodgers and one of which is of course and this is your point about the defense he doesn't have to be great for this team to be good and I think that makes it sets a bit of a floor perhaps for his potential. And obviously you'll be talking quite a bit about it the first Monday night of the season on the worldwide leader and the family of networks is Bills and Jets so how do you think the Bills are going to fair this year I chose them to still win this division. Do you have any players to win or lose your thoughts on that.

I agree with you. I weirdly feel like they're being underrated, which I they're probably division favorites so I don't want to play that game and like straw man it, but it does feel to me or seem that there's some boredom with the bills perhaps fatigue of the season as not just division favorites but Super Bowl favorites of contenders and flamed out but when I look at this roster when I look at both offense and the defense it's still extremely stacked the absence of on Miller the first three weeks does concern me because I thought that pass rush. Especially the four man rush really dropped off without him in the second half of the season, but I don't have any reason to doubt that Josh Allen and this offense can pick up right where they left off. Even when he was hurt at the end of last year.

Let's talk about Russ because that's an underrated story. That may be in the AFC we just hit Jets, Bills we could hit on every team in the AFC East. The AFC North is fascinating soup to nuts top to bottom then of course we're living in Mahomes' world what's going to happen with Herbert now that he's been pizayed and then the Raiders have a significant fan base as we all know. Sean Payton and Russell Wilson the marriage will look like what in year one do you think? I would say a minimization of the role of the quarterback whenever possible would be my guess. Everything the Broncos did this offseason in terms of personnel that they brought in suggests that Sean Payton plans to run the football a great deal. You know the offensive lineman and the running backs and tight ends that they added and when I look at Russ last year and where he struggled and also some of his inconsistencies in the previous two years in Seattle. I think my biggest takeaway is this is not a quarterback where you want to put a lot on his shoulders. You do want to have a very rush heavy offensive game plan. Hopefully you can still hit a few those deep balls off of play action but his mobility has declined a bit doesn't really throw to the middle of the field so you're somewhat limited in what you can do offensively. Wait a minute so let Russ game manage that's a terrible hashtag Mina. I like that. I mean yeah I think it's good.

Will it work? I mean because it does appear to me that last year he was better doing the improvisational throwing while on the run. That was the Russ cooking. You don't think that he's able to do that anymore? I think it's very inconsistent at this point and hopefully if your run game is so dominant that defenses actually key in on it a bit more there will be some opportunities for him to get explosives. What I don't see what I struggle to see when I watch him is okay what is the vision for that sort of efficient underneath offense that we associated with Peyton in his final years at Drew Brees. They're wildly different quarterbacks. I don't really see that. I think you see you know a lot of tight ends on the field.

They're already battling the injury bug with their wide receivers and I really think let Russ game manage is a pretty good slogan for the Broncos 2023 season. Mina comes from ESPN here on the Rich Eisen Show. I'm going to put a sports talk construct on the question I'm about to ask you Mina. You may not say Chris Jones is holdout.

That's the answer. You may not say that the main issue that gives you concern for the Chiefs to repeat is what? The offensive line changes is the second answer that I would give. The this is an offensive line that has some change with Donovan Smith coming over left tackle from Tampa struggled last year.

I think he was the most penalized left tackle in football. If I remember correctly very different stylistically from playing with Tom Brady where that ball was coming out quickly. You got a pass protect longer obviously with Patrick Mahomes now, I will say there are things that will help him. I think the interior of the Chiefs offensive line is one of the best in the NFL and Mahomes does not take a lot of sacks despite holding on to the football so he could have a bounce back year.

But as you know all too well, the only thing we have seen slow Patrick Mahomes throughout the course of his NFL career has been a lack of pass protection famously in the Super Bowl. So if I had to pick one thing I don't frankly I don't really care who's catching the football in Kansas City. All I care is that the offensive line doesn't take a big step back. Yeah, I'm done with that that whole thing if they remove Tyreek Hill and they win a Super Bowl and in the offense doesn't seem to skip a beat in the passing game. I'm out on that. I'm done. I'm not going to I'm not taking any cheese looking at their wide receiver depth chart anymore. Certainly if Kelsey is still active and helpful and helping and all of that stuff.

So I'm out on that front. I'm just and this is what we do Mina and I'm sure you're going through this. I'm sure your colleagues at ESPN are going through this right now. It's like are we really going to go on the air and predict them to win again because it hasn't happened since NFL Network first started. The first two years we existed was the last time that we were back to back Super Bowl champions and we're turning 20.

So I don't know it's tough. Every year ESPN PR asks us the NFL analysts for like our picks not just for the Super Bowl but for who's going to be in Super Bowl on both sides. It was so hard for me Rich not to do Eagles Chiefs.

I kept trying to come up with different iterations. Oh, I think the Cowboys are really stacked on defense and oh, they're like the Jets the Dolphins the Bills whatever. And ultimately I do just think they're the best two teams in football. I mean you talk about how hard it is for Super Bowl teams to repeat. It's very rare that Super Bowl losers make it back there. I think in the last 20 years maybe like one or two.

It's few and far between. But when I look at the NFC the Eagles are the best team. I really believe that the best team. I think that offense is continuity will serve them well.

So I tried so hard to not pick those two teams and it was really impossible for me at the end to come up with a different answer. Well, but I guess Purdy should knock on wood for him 17 games show don't you think he should show the consistency in the same knack that he had in the last six when everything was running hot and the crucible was as tight as it was back at the end of last season? I think it'll be fine. I think it largely doesn't matter frankly for Brock Purdy. I don't think you know, you know, obviously covering this team how how high the floor is shall we say for quarterbacks.

It's a little bit like bumper bowling out there. I think my one concern with San Francisco who of course has their own talented defensive player on the field. We'll see how that plays out. It's not about the defense with the offense. I do think they're very good.

They're very talented. There were arguably the best offensive football after the Christian McCaffrey trade. However, they're a little bit shallow and a little bit fragile. I think the offensive line especially at the tackle position. If Colton McKivitt's struggle or right tackle Trent Williams get hurt.

I know those are big ifs. They are not deep. They are not deep behind George Kittle. They are the I think Christian McCaffrey obviously is a player who's been hurt a lot. So there are a team where if they stay healthy around Brock Purdy, I think are absolutely Super Bowl contenders, but I have some concerns about injuries. All right, so give me two teams one in each conference that we're not talking about enough because you know, and I know we are as attuned to what everybody's talking about since we're the ones, you know in the midst of doing the talking.

Okay, I'll go AFC. I'm really high on the Steelers and and this is a take I had before Kenny Pickett put up a perfect preseason. Yes, but when I went back and watched some of his starts during the offseason, I was really impressed with his playmaking and I think what you've seen from him in the preseason in terms of his pocket poise, which was an issue last year. The improvements they made on the offensive line. The fact that he is attacking the middle of the field throwing deep and that Deontay Johnson and George Pickens might by the end of this year be viewed as one of the best one two punches at wide receiver in the entire NFL. I really like that offense pass rush is a nightmare right now.

They're also at it. They're so deep again like the guys like Nick Herbig who came out of nowhere this preseason looks unbelievable. So that division or the AFC North is a hellscape to be blunt. I don't even think they're going to win it, but I think they're going to be a team to be reckoned with in the AFC and the NFC the one that we're not talking about enough is which one? I like the Packers. Is that a good? Well you went higher register which year on the Rich Eisen show we always note because people need to go higher register frequently to believe their their thoughts.

So all right, I'll give you the floor. Well I'm trying to be like a little bold. I don't want to give you like a really obvious team and I think the Packers certainly fit the bill. I mean this is a team that during the offseason people were asking are they rebuilding?

They were all insulted by it. A couple things you know this is a difference that is not played to its talent level for a couple years now. I did have a lot of injuries last season and I think they should be so much better than they are.

So we'll see about that. But I not only like what I saw from Jordan Love this preseason. He played quite a bit of football. I watching him I realized man he is really being put in a good position to succeed. One of the best steepest offensive lines in the NFL. Talented young skill players. A play caller in Matt Lafleur who I think is tremendous. And now he has a quarterback where I think he can really scheme up some easy opportunities for him take advantage of his mobility.

So I would not be surprised if they if they have more wins than people expect. All right before I let you go on your Friday and your Labor Day weekend Mina. So you said Chiefs and Eagles. So lame.

No, no it's fine. Who did you choose to win the whole shooting match? Oh man.

Did you go repeat? I am bravely choosing the Kansas City Chiefs Rich. The Chris Jones thing worries me though. I'm with you. I'm with you because that might cost them a seed.

Yes. Right or two. It might you know potentially make things tighter in the AFC West than they're usually they're used to. But you know Mahomes can win a playoff game on the road. Mahomes in Cincinnati in an AFC Championship game would be must watch television. Everything would be obviously involving him. But okay so that's that's one thing and then before I let you go if you don't mind indulging us we have been playing a win-loss game with our callers and listeners and viewers.

Where we ask them to choose game by game win by win or loss by loss what the final record of a team is going to be. And I'd love for you to do that for the Seattle Seahawks if you don't mind. Oh my gosh. Okay. Okay.

Take off my homer hat. That's okay. It's all right. Just understand people get lost in it.

Jake Tapper had the Eagles go 16 and 1 and said what the hell just happened. I'm not that guy. Okay.

I don't know. Here we go. Oh yeah.

Kyle Brandt came on in our number one and he had the Bears go 13 and 4 with Justin Fields winning MVP, Iberflus Coach of the Year and what Darnell Wright being the Rookie of the Year. So just be careful. You make me feel good. We counsel you.

We just counsel you to be careful. All right. And we give some inspiration. Here we go.

Mina Kimes. Here we go. There's the music for inspiration Seattle Seahawks win-loss game with Mina Kimes of the worldwide leader home for the Rams win at the Detroit Lions. When 2-0 against the Carolina Panthers at home win. Oh, no at the New York Giants on a Monday night.

This is actually my due date. So I'll say a loss for the Seahawks and a win for me. Okay, but that's called that's called even if you lose you win.

That's that's a LeVar ball right there. Okay, very good. That's what we call that here on the Rich Eisen show at the Cincinnati Bengals coming off of a bye with a newborn at three and one loss. Okay, three and two home for the Cardinals. Okay, I don't know. I guess are they taking the bus or they driving themselves?

They got fire in their guts Rich. That's a win. I don't know what that was about. Home for the Cleveland Browns. Four and two. Win. Five and two at the Ravens.

Boss. Five and three home for the commanders. Win. Six and three at the Rams. Win. Seven and three Thanksgiving night home against the Niners. Loss. Sam Darnold.

It's going to ruin my Thanksgiving. Wow, she won Sam Darnold. How about that? That's quite the call. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven and four at the Cowboys the following Thursday. Loss. Seven and five at the Niners. Win.

I'll split it. Okay, eight and five home for the Eagles. Loss. Eight and six at the Titans. Win. Nine and six home for the Steelers.

Mmm. Feels like an annoying loss. Nine and seven at the Cardinals. Win.

Ten and seven. Reasonable. Reasonable. And by the way, very reasonable Mina.

I like those people. So is it, so are you going to, is the birth of the child going to be on the Manning cast? What's happening? Mina, what's the plan? Omar?

That bad boy might get induced if he puts us too close to game time. I'll say that. Is it a boy? Is it a boy? It is a boy, yeah, and he's got to learn, you know, what the priorities are in my house. Understood. Yes, my wife and I, Susie and I, induced, so our daughter just turned 10 was around for the season kickoff years ago, believe it or not.

That actually happened. That's our lives, Mina. That's our lives. Don't shy away from it. Have a great last month as you're ready for your child, your boy to arrive. And thanks for the time here. Greatly appreciate it. Thanks for having me. Always blessed. You bet.

Mina Kimes, follow her on all social media. Kind enough to zoom in here Friday before Labor Day weekend right here on the Rich Eisen Show. It's 10 and 7. Very reasonable. For the Seahawks. I like that.

That's a playoff team, yeah. When you lose, I win. There it is.

That's going to be mean. By the way, October 2nd, my father made his rest in peace. That was his birthday. So there you go. Mr. Joel. There you go. All right, let's take a break. Break phone calls, 844-204-RICH, number to dial. And let's talk about that Arizona Cardinals snippet that Schefter put out there for everyone to consume on his feed. 844-204-RICH, number to dial here on the program.

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Eligibility and deposit restrictions apply. Whenever they have a shot of a head coat, the cutaway, the cutaway. We like to guess what that individual is like as a stepfather. Brockman, who's up first? Who do we have up first here? First up, Alabama head coach, Nick Saban. Take me a look at Nick Saban. Nick Saban is the kind of stepfather that, regardless of how different he may seem to you, in every single Christmas card photo, his hair has been the exact same since he married your mother. He's also the kind of stepfather that wears dress pants and then a white tank top undershirt all the time unless he leaves the house and then he puts on the dress shirt.

Former 49er head coach, current Michigan head coach, Jim Harbaugh. Be gentle here. You'd be having a conversation with him. You think it's going really great and then he just all of a sudden gets a look on his face and he goes, what was that?

Your heart just goes into your throat and you think you've said something horribly wrong and you instantly start thinking about all the things that you could possibly be getting in trouble for. Sure. Do we have Tom Sula? Do we have Tom? Yeah, we have a bonus one. You got Tom Sula? I've got this one.

What about your current runner head coach? He is the kind of guy that we will be having a conversation with you and he'll never be looking at you and he'll be going, how was your day? You got a good day and you start telling him how your day was.

And then he'll always go, hey honey, what's for dinner? No matter what you're talking about, you'd be bearing your soul. Can we try?

Yeah, you'd be bearing your soul. Yeah. So hold on a minute. So I'll be, I'll be your stepson. Okay.

Yeah. Richie, how was the day? That was great. Dad, let me tell you about what was going on. Hey honey, have you seen the clicker? Where's the clicker?

Where's the clicker? We're calling back to do this. It's been eight years. Yeah. We got to do it. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show, that was a lot of fun with Metacons right there. And we're excited to have our Zoom up and running here on our program.

That's a game changer Rich. Well, you know what? We're just trying to change the game. We don't hate it.

We just try to change it. Right here on the Rich Eisen Show radio network, sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk, furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger is the right product for you.

Call or just stop by. I got to ring up my buddy Schefter. I guess he was doing the Cardinals a solid by tweeting out a clip to a behind the scenes sort of like every team does its own hard knocks now, right? I voiced one over for the Jets. The Jets do their own hard knocks.

Everybody has their... Because it's content. Everybody wants to know what's going on behind the scenes, what the coach sounds like, what the players are doing behind the scenes, right? He tweeted out a clip from the Cardinals version of this and Jonathan Gannon, the new head coach of the Cardinals, who is under a lot of scrutiny, certainly because another behind the scenes video came out just after he got hired and his interaction with Rondell Moore, who's a very explosive player, and he made explosive noises just walking up to him like bew, bew, bew, and it was really weird.

There's no other way to put it. It was just really weird and you're just looking at the player's reactions and your first thought is like, are they going to buy what he's selling? That's the question because you've got to do a lot of buying in Arizona right now and you've got to really sell the players when DeAndre Hopkins is cut and Kyler Murray is hurt, and you just cut the veteran who everybody assumed was going to start and you knew Kyler Murray wasn't starting the season to begin with, so your plan all along was to just see how it was working with Colt or maybe the plan was definitely going with Colt and they had the unfortunate circumstance of him just no longer being able to do it and it was exposed by their training camp. That could be it and they're like, we can't do it, so let's get Josh Dobbs in here. That's the emergency break glass quarterback of teams that need somebody. That's what happened with the Titans last year. Okay, Tannehill's not walking through that door and Malik Willis is not ready and we got to beat the Jaguars to make the playoffs. We got to get somebody in here and they got Dobbs in there early enough or maybe they've seen Clayton Toon, the fifth round selection out of Houston with very purdy like college numbers. I don't know, but there's this cell job that this coach has got to do and the video was, there's no other way to put it and it's just weird where he asks the players in a meeting setting where you're ready for a rah rah speech, peel the paint off the wall or you don't have to do that.

You could say something inspiring. I mean, Tony Dungy never really peeled the paint off the wall, but he asked the players if who drove themselves to work today, raise your hands. And then who took the bus? What bus? Like, and again, this is out of context where they somewhere where they added, where they bused the players from a hotel in or I don't know.

And he, he used that as, it seems again, this is the way it was edited, like a metaphor for one person. If you took the bus, it was better for you. They're here to win or you drove yourself. You took the initial. I've watched it so many times and I, I, I actually tweeted out on Schefter's feed, like somebody, like I don't, I don't get the bus or drive yourself analogy. I didn't.

The fire in your gut. I think what struck me when I, and I've watched it a half a dozen times now, just kind of the blank stares on the players. But again, that's the editing. Right. And we don't know how that's taken or are really sitting there going, who the hell is this guy?

And I will counsel this again, just to be completely fair and balanced. Do you remember when Nick Sirianni had his press conference about watering and gardening and all that, and we're, and his first press conference as head coach of the Eagles. And he looked like, you know, in over his head, Adam Gase without the move in his eyes around, but he looked wide eyed and it looked like, what did the Eagles just do? And now he's the one who's just like effing everybody from the sidelines of a team that was terrific last year. And he has gotten credit for getting to a spot that we all believe, Mina Combs, we just ended our zoom meeting with her.

And she's like, this is the clear class of the NFC. And Sirianni was the guy who hired Jonathan Gannon. And Sirianni, we all thought this guy is toast. They're not buying what he's selling and he doesn't know what he's doing. And boy is Philadelphia going to chew him up and spit him out. But right now going into the season, the general sense is like this team is tanking. Even though there are some, when the shots of the, of the faces in the room, it was Hollywood Brown, Buddha Baker.

Okay. Like that guy isn't tanking for anyone. Buddha banker tanks for no man or draft choice.

What if they, James Connor was another face in the room. He's not tanking for anybody. Are you kidding me? What he's come back from in his career, what he's done with his career, he's tanking.

Get out of here. What if they beat Washington? Exactly.

Which is entirely possible. And Clayton Toon's the next, I don't know, where Josh Dobbs finally gets, well not finally, finally starts gaining some traction with the opportunity that he has because he gets opportunities. Nice thing about this though, we had the exact same kind of thought when Dan Campbell came and we were talking about Biden kneecaps and I remember Brock when you were like, are they going to buy into this? And now we're talking about Detroit is winning the division and you know, so look, look man, it happens. And Dan Campbell now is getting ready to bring the Detroit Lions to Kansas City.

I mean the way that they bought what he sold, certainly from jump we assume, took root and I guess he watered right and fertilized, that's what it was, watered and fertilizing. And we saw what the Lions became last year at the end of the season, which was a wrecking crew that you don't want to face. But we definitely weren't sure when he was starting.

Of course not. And so now here he is getting ready to bring them into Kansas City and he spoke today about taking on Patrick Mahomes as he's banner raising in front of the whole country next Thursday. In basketball, the cliche is make him go left when you want to stop a guy.

Is there an equivalent with Mahomes? Is there a make him go left strategy that you want to enforce to, I guess, weaken what he can do? Make him go backwards and never turn around where he can throw back that way, just that way.

That would be about the best way to sum it up. Yeah, look, this guy is, he's tough, you know, and that's the easy answer to all this. He is a highly competitive, highly instinctive, aware player and it all, he is the engine in this offense. Everything runs through him.

He makes it go. No, he's as good as they come. He's as tough as they are to play.

He's a great player. What else can you say? And again, the same people, I bet you if that's one circle that we just discussed about Jonathan Gannon and what everybody thinks the Cardinals are going to do this year and we had another circle of the people who think the Lions are going to be the cannon fodder for the Chiefs and you push them together like a Venn diagram, I bet you the middle of that, those two circles would be filled up with the same fan base. But I bet you if what's more likely, the Lions shock people next Thursday or the Cardinals shock people all season long, you choose the Lions. You choose the Lions. I guess, just based on roster and talent. But the way they finished is significant.

Those things matter and they got better. This kid Sam Laporta that they're going to send out there at tight end, they got rid of Hawkinson last year. Another Iowa kid's coming out, he's really good. You know who would probably know how to make tight ends better?

The coach. And also, I'm telling everybody, did Jameer Gibbs take a snap in the preseason? Did he play?

I didn't see a single highlight from it. I didn't watch every Detroit Lions game in the preseason. And what are they going to do with Jamal Williams gone? He scored 17 times last year. Jamison Williams is out for the first six.

I get it. I'm telling everybody. This Jameer Gibbs kid, when he got drafted 12th overall, a lot of us fans were like, what? But some folks in the know in the NFL were saying the Lions beat teams to the punch to get him. You played a little bit. Where they got him. You played a little bit in the preseason.

Okay. And if you watched. I bet you they kept him under wraps. They're ready. They're going to unload him in Kansas City. And if they don't have Chris Jones and they don't get to golf, you know, this kid is going to be a matchup problem and they're just counseling everybody that thinks that they're going to be steamrolled. Well, they're not going to walk in there and just be all wide-eyed and say, wow, we're the Detroit Lions. We're not ready for prime time.

Not by your kneecaps. You guys saw the Lions draft they covered, Brad Holmes looked like he won the Powerball. I know. But, you know, again, they wanted this game. They got plans for him.

They moved out. They got Jameer Gibbs. They got Jack Campbell, who a lot of folks, another Iowa Hawkeye. He was one of our glue guys. Yeah.

That's right. He can hit. He can play.

It's just nobody had a first round grade on him. Cody in Indianapolis. Let's take your phone call here on the Rich Isaac show that's line six. What's up, Cody? Hey, not much.

How you doing Rich? What's going on? What's up? Cody. Oh, not much.

Just excited to talk to you guys and got off work early, so I thought I'd give you a call and play the win-loss game for the Indianapolis Colts. Okay. All right. You're on the physically able to perform list, sir. Well done. Here we go.

Let's give them some music. The Indianapolis, we have yet to do this. Indianapolis Colts home against the Jaguars.

What do you have? I think we break our losing streak on opening day and win that game. All right. At the Houston Texans, first to meet up of the two rookie quarterbacks. I think we win that one as well. Two and O at the Baltimore Ravens. I think we lose that one.

By the way, Anthony Richardson and Lamar on the same field, it's going to be fun. Two and one at home against the Rams. I think this one's close, but I think the Colts got it in a sweeper. Three and one home against the Titans. Four and one at the Jaguars. Four and one at the Jaguars, Cody. I think we lose in Jackson. Four and two home against the Browns. I think we beat the Browns. Five and two home for the Saints.

I think we're taking L here. Five and three at the Panthers. Richardson versus Bryce Young. I think Richardson against the best of them this time. Six and three in Germany against the Patriots. I think we're taking L in Germany, unfortunately. Six and four off the bye, home for the Bucks.

I think we got the best of Baker. Seven and four at the Titans. I think we lose in Tennessee. Seven and six at the Bengals. Seven and five at the Bengals. Seven and six home for the Steelers. I think that's another L. Seven and seven at the Falcons. I think we win in Atlanta. Eight and seven home for the Raiders. I think this is another competitive game, close, but the Raiders squeaked it out. Eight and eight against the Texans at home. I think we sweep the Texans. Nine and eight, Cody in Indianapolis.

That would be quite a surprise. Thank you for the call. Appreciate that.

Nine and eight would be, do you think Chris Ballard would sign for that right now, a signer? Oh my gosh. So how about this, by the way? Yes.

Just going through it. I really haven't gone through the cold schedule game by game like that. Richardson will be taking on both rookie quarterbacks that were chosen above him.

That's fun. He will be taking on Lamar and Deshaun Watson, who I think have blazed a path for Anthony Richardson. Would you not agree?

Yeah, I agree with that. And then Joe Burrow. Trevor Lawrence twice. Trevor Lawrence twice. We know that.

Desmond Ritter. It's fun. Yeah. Another similar type player. It is fun.

Some fun games there. November 26th, he said take care of Baker. Do you think they take care of Baker or Kyle Trask? Is Jonathan Taylor playing?

Jonathan Taylor's playing for the Colts this year. You think so? What's more likely Friday? Doesn't Paul Le'Veon sit out? No way. He might.

By the way, I would counsel him greatly against that. How'd that work out for Le'Veon? Le'Veon Bell was not the same after that decision. Ever.

Again, hoops at LA Finals. He lost the money he could have made and it was toast. He was toast. What a terrible decision that was. Terrible.

Hey, worked out for James Conner. 9 and 8. Colts win total 6 and a half.

I would say 6 and 11, 5 and 12. Let's take a break. We'll play some more of that and set up the weekend. 844-204-rich number to dial here on the Rich Eisen Show. NFL Sunday Ticket is now on YouTube and YouTube TV, which means that you can stay close to your team even if you don't live in their town.

Like maybe you're a raven who married a seahawk who got a job in the land of the Falcons. With NFL Sunday Ticket, you can watch your team's out-of-market Sunday afternoon games no matter where you live because you shouldn't have to change teams even if you change towns. NFL Sunday Ticket, now on YouTube and YouTube TV. Go to slash presale to get $50 off. Terms and embargoes apply.

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All services provided by Evolve member FDIC. Okay back here on the show, we've made a lot of changes to our set. You know, we've cleaned a few things up. We have a podcast set off to the side. This is all stuff that's not on camera here, but it's neat stuff and are we have a new green room? I mean, the reason why I bring this up is I'm told there's something that we've added here that has caught your eye, TJ Jefferson.

Yeah. You know, we made a lot of changes and everything's different and it looks great. And I haven't really used the bathroom in the studio much lately in the last couple of weeks. We just go right outside to the hallway.

It's a lot quicker. Really letting people know how the sausage gets made. So I happened to go into the bathroom here during an hour break and you saw my, my addition to the, my own personal, you've got to keep your head on the swivel because I walk in the bathroom, I had my head down and I looked up and this was staring at me do your job right when I'm trying to do my business. I got Bill Belichick right above the toilet like staring at me and it made it hard to do my job.

I got to be honest with you. Oh wow. Oh.

Belichick stage fright. Now you know what it's like to be a Patriot. I guess so. I was like, wait, where did this come from? I think it's amazing.

I smile every time. You've seen this? How am I not seeing this? I don't know. Part of our set redesign that we've had or clean up, we used to have a lot of stuff on the floor. Yeah. You know, we used to have a lot of stuff on the floor and one of the things we used to have was a Belichick cardboard cutout.

Yeah. And I was like, what are we going to do with this? And I just decided, I spoke to the set redesigners, I'm like, what if we took this and you put it in the bathroom and have a sign underneath it say, do your job.

I have no explanation for what I'm doing. And now instead of the cardboard cutout being so janky, I think what they did is fantastic. Oh, it's phenomenal. I don't know how much this cost on our budget, but it was worth every penny. Worth every penny.

Like I said, it shocked me. Framed up, looks great. I can feel it. There you go. So, to future guests of the Rich Eisen Show. Be prepared. Be prepared. And do your job. Do your job. And flush, please. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show, 844-204-RICH being the number to dial here. All right.

We haven't done, people have been waiting a while. What are we doing here? David in California will take this call. What's up, David? How are you, sir? How are you doing, Rich Eisen and fellas? What's going on? What's up, Dave?

How are you? Welcome to Who That Nation. Okay. Now, you're here in California. I could kind of hear it in your voice. Where are you from originally, David?

Louisiana, down in the deep south. Okay. That is good.

We're in California. He passes, right? He passes, right? Easy pass.

Okay, very good. Jason Feller, we need your undivided, sir. Here we go. Hit it, please. The New Orleans Saints, this is the first one we've had here.

This kind of fills a need that we have here on the program. First up, home for the Tennessee Titans, David. That's going to be a tough opener, but we get the W. At the Carolina Panthers on a Monday night. That's a win. Win at the Green Bay Packers, 2-0.

I've been going back and forth. I'm going to say a loss. 2-1 at home against the Bucks.

AK41 comes back from suspension. That is a big W. That's 3-1 at the Patriots. That is a W. 4-1 at the Texans.

W. Holy Gulf South, Batman. 5-1 against the Jaguars at home on a Thursday night. That's another toss up. I'm going to say a loss because it's a Thursday night. 5-2 at the Colts.

A win. 6-2 home against the Bears. That's a W. 7-2 at the Vikings. Oh, goodness, another toss up game.

I'm going to say a loss. 7-3 off the bye at the Falcons. Oh, that's a W. 8-3 home for the Lions.

Another toss up. Tough game. I'm going to say we take it. 9-3 home for the Panthers. W. Yeah, welcome back to the Superdome.

Bryce Young. 10-3 home for the Giants. We take a loss. 10-4 at the Rams on a Thursday night. 11-4 at the Bucks. W. 12-4 home against the Falcons. That's a loss. Okay, 12-5, bam, kicked that one up a notch from David in California on his New Orleans Saints. Nice. What do you think?

Well done, David. What do you think right there, Christopher, TJ, another fan that got caught up in the smoke? A little bit, but it's not a difficult schedule, and I think they could be a playoff team. And that defense is great. And playing in New Orleans is hard. It just comes down to Derek Carr.

Let me ask you this question. On Monday night, in front of the whole country, week two, how do you think our friend Cameron Jordan is going to feel about going against a rookie quarterback in front of the whole country? Three and a half sacks for Cam Jordan.

What do you think about that? It's been a while since Cam's called. I don't know. By the way, how great is that game on a Thursday night, the Jaguars and the Superdome? He called that a loss for the Saints. Folks, I have a short week. Who cares?

Let me tell you something. Short week on the road, you don't want it. In the Superdome, you give New Orleans a full day to prepare for a game. And by New Orleans, I don't mean the Saints.

I mean the people of New Orleans. You give them a full day to prepare for a football game. The swing oil and the beads will be flowing. I've been there.

Swing oil and beads. That is quite a combination. Boy, they got two Thursday night games, huh? That's weird. 12 and five. Okay. Let's go to Michael in New Jersey. He's been hanging on for two and a half hours for the right to hear his name. What's up, Michael?

Hey, Rich. How's it going? Where in New Jersey are you from? I'm originally from Tons River, New Jersey, but I currently reside in Bloomfield. Very good. Two New Jersey addresses means you are legit.

You want to talk about who? What do you got for me? So I am actually at home. I'm recovering from Lasik surgery.

So I can see very clearly more than ever and every sense of the word. So I'd like to do a win or loss with the other New York team, the New York Football Giants. Okay. Very good. Uh, very good.

Greatly appreciate that. I am mandated to talk for Western New Yorkers and Buffalo. There's really only one team in New York, but that said, let's hit it.

All right. First up home for the Cowboys. I think we're going to see big balls, Brian out like we did last week, uh, so I say when sorry at the Cardinals, when two and two and Oh at the Niners on a Thursday night, uh, Niners or two guys lost home for the Seahawks on a Monday night, uh, when three and one at the dolphins, um, when four and one at the bills. I think stable is gonna, uh, shows the teacher who's, um, are going to put Josh around this place, you know, former teacher, you know, uh, so I'm going to say when for the giant five and one home for the commanders when six and one against the other New York team, as you referred to them, the jets, I'm going to say six and two at the Raiders Raiders at the win seven and two at the Cowboys at the Cowboys ten and three at the commanders. That's the win in house very long by then eight and three against the old bill Belicheck at home. Uh, Brockman, I think he has 40 million reasons to beat, uh, Belicheck, so I'm going to say when nine and three coming off the buy home for the Packers home for the Packers at home. I'll say when ten and three at the saints. That's the win 11 and three at the Eagles Eagles on Christmas day, man. It takes the Eagles to ruin Christmas.

Doesn't it? I'm going to have to go with a loss. I think they're too good.

All right. Home for the Rams with just four losses. I'll say when 12 and four home for the Eagles. Uh, that's the last game of the season, right? Yep. I'm going to hope that the Eagles arrest their starters, we'll call that a win. Oh my goodness. 13 and four boy.

I think, I think Daniel Jones is going to play up to his contract. Brockman. All right.

I think the right. And then everybody and TJ thinks the laser went straight through to your brain. Dr. Vinnie boom, botch your laser. There you go. Very good.

Leave him alone. He's recovering, recovering for the call. I think every caller that's done this game, their team starts six and one. And every caller beats the Raiders, unless they visit the 49ers or have the chiefs on the schedule at all.

That's a loss. Right? It's the only team they lose to. When the Eagles, unless they're sitting there, everyone knows the NFL. It's weird, right? Weird stuff happens every single year. Teams go from where it's the first half the playoff teams get, get swapped in and out.

What was my friend's name right there by the way? Six to eight coaches, Michael and me, get fired every single year. Weird things happen.

Yeah. We've had three, three callers for the Giants next week, folks. No one's done the commanders yet. No one's done the Titans, Texans. No one's done the Chargers. No one's done the Chiefs. Every team that's called is a playoff team. No one's done the Jets yet.

I will. Win the division playoffs. I want to thank everybody for Mina Combs and Kyle Brandt. We're coming out Tuesday. Andy Reid's our first guest. Our third guest is Hall of Famer Demarcus Waring in between Al Michaels and studio. That's how we're rolling with our first show of an NFL week.

We'll wrap up this show on the Roku channel to take you to Labor Day in a moment. For over three decades, nobody has had a wrestling career like Arn Anderson. Conrad Thompson gets all the stories with Arn.

Thanks for watching AEW's Double or Nothing. Amy wants to know, what does dinosaur taste like? It ain't chicken. It's like biting into a scented charcoal briquette, but chewy, like your own. Oh, that's disgusting. It sure is. And check out Arn every week, wherever you listen.
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