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REShow: Bruce Feldman & Odell Beckham Jr. - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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August 30, 2023 4:13 pm

REShow: Bruce Feldman & Odell Beckham Jr. - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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August 30, 2023 4:13 pm

FOX Sports/The Athletic’s Bruce Feldman and Rich discuss what to expect out of the Colorado Buffaloes in their first season with new head coach Deion Sanders, which players will compete with USC QB Caleb Williams for the Heisman Trophy this season, why Florida State could be a sleeper team to watch this season, if this could be the year Jim Harbaugh wins a national championship at Michigan, and more.

Ravens WR Odell Beckham Jr. tells Rich what it was like missing an entire season of football after tearing his ACL in the Super Bowl with the Rams, why he chose to sign with the Baltimore Ravens, his connection with former NFL MVP Lamar Jackson, how LeBron James has helped him mature as a person, and which WRs are the best in the NFL.

Longtime caller Cathi in Philly calls in to troll Rich’s Staten Island roots, and the guys react to the Indianapolis Colts asking for Jaylen Waddle in a potential trade for Jonathan Taylor.

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This is the Rich Eisen Show Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. What was it like running on the field after Lewis hit that home run?

Go for it Colton. It was pretty cool because I think we all knew as soon as he hit it, it was gone. Earlier on the show, NFL Network insider Tom Pelissero. Coming up, Fox Sports college football analyst Bruce Feldman.

Ravens wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. Equalizer 3 director Antoine Fuqua. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Hour number two of the Rich Eisen Show is on.

The earphone lines are lit. 844204 Rich. Number to dial.

There is one line if you want to get in. We'll chat with you this hour. Trust me, we will do that. Odell Beckham Jr. joins us in 20 minutes time from Baltimore, Maryland. The director Antoine Fuqua is going to be joining his studio in hour number three. His fifth movie with Denzel Washington is coming out this weekend.

The Equalizer 3. Obviously, we'll talk training day with him. That's in hour number three as well.

But we turn to our right to start hour number two. Every single Wednesday during the college football season. Kind enough to join us in studio as he's doing right now from Fox Sports and The Athletic. Our friend Bruce Feldman back here in the program. How are you, sir?

I'm great. I'm excited. I go to Dallas tomorrow. We got an interesting game on Fox on Saturday with TCU hosting Dion, your old buddy. I'm so excited.

I really am so excited to see this. What would you say is, what would be a successful foray for Dion going into this game against TCU? Into this game? I think if they can keep it competitive, the spread is 20 and a half. If they can, I don't think he's going to go in and say, guys, let's keep it under 20. Yes, I know that.

I think that would be, don't get blown out of the building. Because, you know, TCU is doing a little bit of a rebuild. They lost Max Duggan, who was the runner up for the Heisman last year.

Quinton Johnson, whose first round pick of the Chargers, lost some other really good players. It's not like their preseason pick to win the Big 12. But they're still a really good team. It's a, you know, it's not an easy trip to make. They're going to play.

It's going to be hot in Fort Worth. But I think if they can be competitive and show that they're a legit Power Five team, and hang with them, and where it's competitive in the second half, I know that's not something Dion's going to want to sell, but I think that would be something like, okay, they're not going to get embarrassed this year. Right. And clearly, I mean, what an off-season, if you will, for Dion to move to Colorado, his physical problems himself, what he was going through with that, with surgeries.

He will never talk about that sort of stuff. He just, he looks great. He looks ready to roll.

I mean, and he's, his son is a legit player in college football, as well as some other players that he has brought in. You know, those that were handed their Louis Vuitton luggage, they're out. And those are now in. So what is your sense of the Colorado season going in? I think they were horrible last year.

Let's get that straight. They were a one-win team last year. They were the worst Power Five team. They were getting blown out almost in every game. So I think if they can somehow get to four wins, I know four and eight doesn't sound great, but that's a big improvement. And we're looking at their schedule. I think what's going to be challenging for them, if they can somehow get to two and one, I think because after this game, they have Nebraska comes in there and then Colorado State, which is probably the most favorable matchup they have all season. If they can at least win one, if not two of those three games, then I was like, okay, they have, I think they have a chance to get some momentum going. Because after that, you know, you got Oregon, you got USC, it's not going to be easy.

And I think what's going to hurt them is depth-wise, I don't know how deep they are. Like, like Shadore Sanders, Deion's son, who's the quarterback, he's definitely got ability and he's got some really talented receivers. Jimmy Horn came from USF. He's a big time guy. Travis Hunter was former number one recruit in the country. He's a two-way player who plays cornerback, will help at receiver. The issue for them is the offensive line, I think is going to be a big problem because, as you know, that's a position that's a cohesion position.

You need time to gel. Really, none of those guys were there together for spring football. They all are kind of coming together after spring football.

So it's going to be a massive work in progress. And I don't know how much talent then they really have in that room. They have a couple of linemen who started in the MAAC for Sean Lewis, who was the head coach at Kent State, who's now Deion's offensive coordinator.

I think those guys would be the best players up front. I, again, I'm very curious. Everybody around college football is really curious to see what they're going to get. You know, I think cautiously optimistic would be about as much as you can hope. But if they can get to four wins, I think that's a successful season. Well, it's obvious that, you know, Deion in Colorado has people's attention.

You're going there. Fox big game, big noon game is going there to start the season. The first two weeks we got them. We got them next week in Boulder for Deion's home opener, which is going to be wild when Nebraska comes in. Yeah, so obviously mission accomplished for Colorado right there.

And we'll see what they can do. And also mission accomplished for Colorado. They were the first domino, if I'm not mistaken, of the Pac-12 to be pulled outside of obviously USC and UCLA this year. They were the ones who just bolted and then the Arizona teams went. And then obviously the Pacific Northwest fell apart for the exception of Oregon State and Washington State. What is the latest on that going into week one of the college football season with the ACC and the two teams that are sitting there in the Bay Area?

What do you got for me? Yeah, I mean, I think those are things that we think along with SMU, the two Bay Area schools could end up in some version of what is going to be the ACC. I don't know how stable that's all going to feel. Because you've had Florida State being extremely vocal about trying to get out and not happy with the deal. I think what we've seen now are TV deals and the revenue some schools are taking is not what it typically has been where it's equal shares.

So I think that all has been shaken up. I just think there's a wild level of instability for what is left of the Pac-12. I talked to somebody around Washington State recently this past week and it was like that is going to be a big game changer if they're relegated to be a Mountain West program. I don't know what other options if you're Washington State and Oregon you have coming up because it doesn't look like there's any interest from the ACC to go get them. Now they could go to the AAC, but geographically that's a nightmare in terms of how do you put schedules together for those other sports.

So, I mean, again, I'm glad we have games coming up because I think this is going to be a really special year in the Pac-12 in the last go round of it, but everything else is a mess. Well, I mean, the back-to-back Heisman winner is residing right here in the final season of the Pac-12 and I'm giving it to Caleb Williams already the way he picked up a football like it had a handle on it against San Jose State. What would even be the competition for Caleb Williams? Give me some names. For the Heisman?

Yes, sir. You know, I think there's a bunch of guys who are this is a good quarterback group. Drake May, the North Carolina quarterback put up huge numbers last year. I mean, he's got a big game this weekend with South Carolina.

I think he's somebody that people are very intrigued by certainly as an NFL prospect. Different offense. They were in an air raid offense last year with Phil Longo. Now he's up in Wisconsin trying to get the Badgers to be a lot more multidimensional.

Yes. I think Jayden Daniels, the LSU quarterback, had a really good first season in the SEC transfer from ASU. That was a mess at ASU. He got in there, has done well. I think they have a chance to be a playoff team. Everything I've heard out of Baton Rouge is that he has really taken another step forward in terms of how comfortable he is in the offense, in terms of how quickly he's processing what he's seeing. They're really excited about him. You have Marvin Harrison Jr., maybe the most talented player in all of college football, prolific receiver at Ohio State.

They have a new quarterback. It's going to be Kyle McCord who's got the start for this game at least coming up against Indiana. I think he's a special player. I think he will definitely be in the mix.

You have a bunch of other guys who I think can come up in the wildcards. Joe Milton at Tennessee, huge arm, just the biggest arm in college football. Now he goes into the Tennessee offense where Hendon Hooker lit it up. Maybe Josh Heupel can, I don't want to say have back-to-back explosive offenses that really shock people, but I think he's one that could be a dark horse candidate to keep an eye on.

Bruce Feldman of Fox Sports and the Athletic beginning his weekly residency here on the Rich Eisen Show here before the wild weekend we expect for Labor Day. You mentioned LSU, Baton Rouge, and Florida State. That is the marquee game of the first college football weekend writ large. Sunday night they play each other. We've got Mike Norvell on first up tomorrow. What's Florida State's future here instead of going about this game here?

But what moves do they have? You've got them. You've got Miami. You've got some serious power sitting there in the ACC. There's Clemson. What are they thinking as everything is restructuring? I'm sure they would love to be in the SEC. For a long time it was like, hey, Florida is not going to want FSU there.

I think they want to keep that advantage to themselves. But obviously Texas A&M probably would have had similar feelings about Texas coming into the SEC. Florida State has not been happy about carrying the load for some of these other basketball schools when it comes to football in the ACC. They all agreed to this Grant-O-Rights deal that was a massive pact essentially with ESPN and the ACC. And it still runs for more than another dozen years. Can they get out of it? Depending on which lawyers you talk to, will there be some kind of sovereign immunity clause that they can wiggle its way out of it for Florida State?

I don't know the answer to that. I know this. Mike Norvell has done a really terrific job turning around a program that had backslid towards the end of Jimbo Fisher's tenure. They were horrible in the offensive line. I think those guys have really built it up and gradually built it up to the point where this team has a legit chance to make the playoff. Jordan Travis is a really good quarterback.

They added transfer portal guys last year. They got Johnny Wilson, who's like a tight end size guy who was playing in the Pac-12, who had a big year last year. They added Keon Coleman from Michigan State. They added a terrific tight end from South Carolina. They've added a bunch of really good players on the defense.

It's not quite back to what Bobby Bowden had rolling 20 years ago, but it's way better than it's been in a long time. He's also done a really good job adding good assistant coaches that a lot of people didn't know who those guys were. Alex Atkins was the offensive line guy who was in the OC. Adam Fuller is the defensive coordinator. He's from Sacred Heart. As a Northeast guy, you've probably heard of that. These are not big, big school guys who I think have come in and really come together and done a really good job there in Tallahassee. A few minutes left here with Bruce Feldman from Fox Sports and The Athletic. Final year of four college football playoff teams, right? This is it. Who makes it?

What do you got for me? I think Georgia. I don't think they're going to three-peat, but I do think they're going to make the playoff. I think their schedule is really cushy going in.

Ultimately, that could come back to bite them when they get into the playoff. I think USC, I know they were shaky on defense last year. Obviously, they got a lot of stuff to get worked out on the defense side of the ball, but Caleb's phenomenal, as you said. I think LSU will be a playoff team. I think they will come out of the SEC West, and I think they will come out of the SEC ultimately. And your alma mater, this is the year I think that Jim Harbaugh can win a national title, and I think he will. I think J.J. McCarthy takes the next big step forward.

They got all those leaders back. Jim Harbaugh told me when I saw him a couple weeks ago, he said, I think we're going to break Georgia's draft record with the most players drafted. He thinks they're going to have 20. You'll see Chris Jenkins take a huge step forward. I think you have Blake Corum healthy. You have an incredibly deep offensive line. Loveland is a difference maker outside.

I think that is a dimension that they really haven't had. There's probably four guys at Ohio State who could start at Michigan at receiver, but I think now you have some playmakers. Donovan Edwards is a wild card guy who can obviously be an explosive running back, but I think they can get him the ball in other ways.

I just think you're going to see J.J. McCarthy really flourish this year. So what the hell is going on with the three games sit down? Michigan is the one that imposed it, right?

Self-imposition? Self-imposed because the NCAA is not happy with Michigan. I think you also have a case, to be quite honest, where Jim Harbaugh has flirted with the NFL. Last year certainly with the Broncos.

I think he wins the national title and rides off into the sunset and some NFL team grabs him and then he's just like, see ya, NCAA. I don't care what you do. Because he just basically flipped them the bird when they asked questions about what happened with hamburgers being bought and the Zoom and stuff like that? Yeah, and they pushed back.

They were like, this isn't about you. For the NCAA to actually call out in the middle of a process like they did publicly is very unusual, very rare. I think this is super contentious. Is that Charlie Baker flexing his muscles?

Well, it's the people under him certainly are. And I think, look, you also have a little bit of friction, or maybe even more than a little, with Jim Harbaugh and Ward Manuel with the A.D. I mean, there's a lot of stuff going on. I think you will see, especially as Jim Harbaugh and Michigan keeps winning and keeps ascending this year, I think you will see Jim Harbaugh be very vocal and step on a lot of toes.

And it'll be interesting to see how they keep the train on the tracks here. Him basically saying, let's share money with the collegiate players this past week? Yeah, he spoke out. We've had some coaches.

I mean, Chip Kelly's another one who's spoken up about that. And I've had conversations with him talking about revenue sharing. I think you will see that conversation keep getting advanced. I think a lot of people are uncomfortable with it.

I don't think they like how the economics work out. But that's one of the things that's headed in that direction. Well, I'll tell you, if Michigan wins it all and the Jets go to the Super Bowl, I'll just stop following sports. I mean, it won't get any better than that.

That'll be it, right? You would take one out of two, would you not? Which would you pick? You would take Michigan over the Jets. What do you guys think?

What do you guys think? You're longer suffering with the Jets. Michigan has at least had success.

Yeah, Michigan's been successful in your lifetime. And as you say, you've never seen the Jets. You would take Jets. Is anybody letting you lead the Jets out onto the field? No, no, I'm not that.

I'm not that. A greenie would, I think, slit my throat first, you know? You'd also slit your Achilles if there was one media person going to be leading the Jets out on the field. Oh yeah, it would be that.

But you'd be wrong. Michigan? Yeah, I need to see this. I've got to shut up all these people that are in my ear. No one is in my ear about the Jets. There you go, see? Get out of here. You guys should know him better than me. Anyone?

Seriously. But you've seen a... No, no, no. You saw a halftime. Which one is closer to halftime? We'll get into this conversation.

Michigan is closer than the Jets. Don't drag this man into a mosh pit. This man is too classy. Don't do it. Don't do it.

I'm not that classy. Thank you again for doing this every Wednesday. It means a lot to me, us, everybody here.

It's good to be here. And have a great trip. Say hi to Dion for me.

I will. We're looking forward to seeing him. I'm so excited to watch this. I'm so excited. And clearly, knowing what happened last time TCU played against Michigan.

And my feelings for Dion. Honestly, I might buy a Buffalo and run it around my neighborhood prior to Saturday's game. You think that would set off some flags?

I'd get arrested. Yeah. Thanks for stopping by. I greatly appreciate it.

My pleasure. Bruce Feldman is here every single Wednesday during the season. Let's take a break. We'll be right back. We'll be right back. We'll be right back.

We'll be right back. We'll be right back. We'll be right back. We'll be right back. We'll be right back. We'll be right back. We'll be right back.

We'll be right back. We'll be right back. We'll be right back. We'll be right back. We'll be right back. We'll be right back. We'll be right back. We'll be right back. We'll be right back. We'll be right back. We'll be right back. We'll be right back. We'll be right back. We'll be right back. We'll be right back. We'll be right back. We'll be right back. We'll be right back. We'll be right back.

We'll be right back. Okay, Odell Beckham Jr. here a couple more minutes left with him Noticed you're wearing number three Odell last time was college. Is that the last time you were number three on a field?

Right, all right, that's the Super Bowl as well. So number three, okay, and I guess All my life, you know, Allen Iverson was one of my biggest Influences growing up. He was the reason I wore number three.

I really wanted to wear number seven It just kind of was obviously, you know, the biblical man The holy number of seven but Rashad is wearing seven here. And yeah, no three was three was what I had to go with Okay, and so you said a couple times before I let you go here a couple more minutes left with Odell Beckham Jr You've said a couple times in this interview Odell that you're a different person now that you're in a different part of your life Now, what do you mean by that? I Think for one it's definitely that gratitude state Obviously, you know having an 18 month old boy like opens your eyes and just the things that I've been through in life You know when people look back and they're like, oh what would you give advice to your 21 year old self and I'm like At 25 everyone has that answer. It's like oh I would do this that the third and but at 30 I feel like my answer is you're gonna have to go through Your own challenges and adversity and things in life you're gonna have to mess up and That's the only way that you're gonna be able to learn from your mistakes because each person's journey is their own You know, I can't I could go and ask a LeBron or Randy Moore all these guys about how would you handle this that but? We're all in different Situations everybody's we're all individuals.

Each person is completely different than the other so Hey, bro, that's man. I'm just grateful to even be able to walk the football field and run routes. I'm grateful to You know It's just a funny experience. It's a small story, but in Baltimore where I'm living at I have to walk the trashcan It's like a good easy walk and it's uphill because the trashcan doesn't come down here And it's like instead of being in the place where like you might complain about first world problems or I'll catch myself complaining because I Got my gas is low and I got to stop before meetings like I found myself Trying my very hardest not to complain About these opportunities because someone else would love to have these opportunities or my life could be way worse so again I think I'm just in a place of peace and and In gratitude don't get me wrong. That's that that that person that's in there that had that passion that we always seen I was fiery on the field II I don't think I'll ever be able to just lose him completely But I could definitely say that I've grown up a lot man, and it's just um It's refreshing when you know you get to see this me and not you know to me When I was younger who just was you know a little more little less patience Well, I hate to tell you the reason why the the trashcan gets heavier each time is Josh Norman's putting more trash in your can Every single day without you know Had to be something right are you willing to share what LeBron talks about with you?

What do you what do you guys chop it up about if you have that occasion? He's just someone who obviously Um LeBron is probably my biggest influence. I watched Most growing up, and it doesn't seem like football wasn't even you know me He doesn't play football so it's different when when I'm watching him, but the way that he's carried himself the way that He approaches the game the way that he never cheated the workout regimens. You know just kind of all of those tips and advice and Whenever I got a moment if we could just sit down like just to be able to hear experiences from him You know again not to go into like the personal personal, but he's just been a very positive Impactful They'll figure in my life, and I think us as man You know we usually don't sit there, and I ask you know another man for advice or or Just a trick for anything like that, so he just really helped me in my career on and off the field Approach to the game the love for the game and and aspire to be great You know especially through you know my failures or whatever was you know that would probably be the biggest thing that you know what?

I asked him about in what moment or what play was it that you remember that you wish you could have back or what you? know Well Odell look man, I really appreciate you you joining me here If you don't mind in the in the last couple minutes Uh you want you want to give me the top who are the top five wide receivers in the NFL according to you Odell? I'm gonna go with Justin obviously Okay, I need it. I need a devotee mm-hmm, okay? Um this is the thing it's such a hard argument for me right because my thing is when you say top five I think about Eight to nine people who any given Sunday Monday or Thursday, maybe the number one in the world you know what I mean So it's such a hard debate.

I've never really enjoyed a lot. It was like over the top box I think you know back in the day when it was Julio a be myself. It's like any given day He could go for 180 or didn't go for 60 or he can go for you know what I mean, but I'd say you know Justin Devante I think a Cooper Cubs Sorry If I'm keep going you know that's fine That's fun But I think the biggest one to watch it for this Theory creeping everyone's top. I'm gonna be they flowers you the day flowers right?

That's for sure, huh? Just keep Okay or NFL Network you understand Listen Odell I Really appreciate it. I know you don't do this too often for too many spots So I thank you greatly for this and I'd love to chop it up more with you When when you're when you're willing, and it's good to see you back, man You know anything for you, so I appreciate the time I appreciate you saying that Odell.

Thanks again. You'd be well Have a great season with Baltimore, and I guess last hit last one for you before I let you go walk me through You know I? Imagine Baltimore will introduce the offense first since it's Lamar's first game back when everybody thought he would never play there again But that means you get to come out of the smoke like Ray Lewis in Baltimore what's that going to be like for you if you want to envision that for a second week one I have a crazy visual vision skill pretty much all my life, and I'm sure I can As you said it like my chest kind of killed it up because it's such a like it's been really hard for me Really hard for me you know Getting the potential like I'd be emotional like speaking on it, and I just know that emotions are definitely going to be running through me Me looking up in the sky just thinking man another opportunity just to step up on the field you know After the school I was like I'm literally Busting my ass and work to get back, and I don't care if it was to catch one pass like this is not how I'm finishing my career And that's just how my mind works man, and now that it's finally here like I'm just so excited. I'm sobering And I don't know I don't know what it would be like man you might see it's here to roll down But we'll see I look forward to it Odell and enjoy it love every second of it And I can't wait to see what you do in your new spot send my best everybody there. Thanks for the time That's uh the great Odell Beckham jr.. Right here on the Rich Eisen show well That was awesome, dude Okay, I might have to for later on in this program rearrange my AFC North order Yeah, yeah, are we buying a flower stock now, I don't know he sees it oh My goodness gracious, I'm writing down some notes here. We're on the clock in the fence. No you know what what the hell?

Tell him wait. I was talking Odell Beckham jr.. Is that a flex? Kind of okay We'll take a break phone lines are lit We'll take him eight four four two oh four rich number to dial Antoine Fuqua the director of the Equalizer three and his fifth Denzel movie will be in studio hour three Are you currently enjoying the show on the stitcher app then you need to know stitcher is going away on August 29th yep going away as in kaput gone dead Rest in peace stitcher And thanks for 15 years of service to the podcast community so switch to another podcast app and follow this show there Apple Spotify or wherever you listen It's time for kickoff and the believe podcast will get you ready for the new season How do you live through this as a new sports fan believe has podcast covering all 32 professional teams and many of your favorite College teams to be solidified your defense you got better sideline to sideline end zone to end zone You don't do those things then you're not even trying your hardest to win at football And I don't know what we're doing there was a lot of great players on those teams And I was fortunate to be part of search BLE a V podcast wherever you listen I Want to play a celebrity true or false with you Terry Crews with some stuff from some previous interviews Of yours and then on IMDB pages and stuff. I want to know what's true What's not true or false Terry Crews your first job was as a sketch artist for a local news station in the 80s true or false That is true. I started sketching for the station, and they put me on the worst murder case in Flint, Michigan history I was in the courtroom.

I did the courtroom sketches Did you see the sketch artist that from the deflate gate case with the Tom Brady? Yeah, oh yeah. Oh my god.

No come on now. Well. He probably was hungry You know he was hangry another one you worked on the set as a bodyguard for cube before he cast you on Friday after next That's true story now. That's true, but the bodyguard sounds sexy Okay, it was security guard like I had a t-shirt with a flashlight Bodyguard sounds like suits and all that no no no it was no like I was like watching cubes car He's like hey man make sure my car stays there. I'm like yes, sir And I have my batteries, but this thing I made sure all my little like polo shirts were really tied up good All medium shirts, and they were like oh, I look so amazing and then he cast you then he put you in and then he put me In Friday after the next what was your role in training day? Oh, I was a Uncredited gang member that was it. I was walked on the set to wash Denzel work and the director Antoine Fuqua said hey, man You know what I don't put you in this movie you down. I was like okay, okay, so he said take your shirt off I took my shirt off, and I was the guy on the roof I was uh flipping pigeons and the whole thing is Denzel came down I just walked on the set to see Denzel work I had a friend who was like a location guy doing security yeah, and he was like me you wanna watch Denzel tonight I was like yep, see this is the thing a lot of your success just comes from proximity See this is the thing a lot of your success just comes from proximity. You know I mean you can be broke anywhere I decided to be broke in LA How great that we have an opportunity Coming up next hour to ask Antoine Fuqua about his perspective back here on the rich eyes and show Radio network sitting at the rich eyes and show desk furnished by Granger with supplies and solutions for every industry Granger is the right product for you call click ranger calm or just stop by Man, we're gonna predict the AFC North later on in the third hour, and I might just have you just got swayed I don't know.

I might have you know like it's the last thing. I heard from the jury in the jury box and You know they called recess Ravens are well coached and and he's talking about I see what it's like around here How about him saying Sean McVeigh made him love football again? I? Can see that it's pretty cool Well, just considering where he was kind of mentally and the death no no similarities between Eli and Lamar other than the fact that they play Quarterback and they're fast and they're fast. I like it. You know I'm more quick-witted.

I think then food afoot. I I like it Just great catching up with Odell Beckham great great guy Now the media future when is I doubt that I think he's gonna go Be a dad and fly off to like you know the south of France right on a boat He could be good at it. You know shouldn't say I shouldn't have mentioned You know boats with him right remember that back in the day I mean that was that was when he first started going south in New York is the last Giants playoff win until Till last year right then he goes to Cleveland and now he's totally back in the NFL after blowing out his knee in the Super Bowl All right Kathy in Philadelphia. I believe I've been told Kathy first and first up and is now Graphic worthy right here on the program. How are you Kathy in Philadelphia? Great look at you. Oh, yeah, look at me. You're shooting arrows into a bull's-eye of me of the target, okay? There you go. How you been Kathy? I've been well. I unlike most of you callers. I'm not calling in to do the win-loss game Okay, because as I'm sure Hoskins will agree the bills are going 29, and oh Yes, they won't be losing until halfway through next season nice Okay, I actually wanted to talk to Brockman with the proposal And I have to specify Brockman because I can't say Chris because some crazy Chris's call into your show But So after the success of the Rich Eisen show March Madness tournament I Was I would like to propose not a fantasy football league Because with Chris's rules we would have to start drafting now to be finished by next season What about a rich eyes in pickle movie So it's it's easier to maintain and more people can get involved.

What is what is that? It's a great idea Just pick them just just winners. Oh I do that every week on game day morning. I'm happy to I'll set it up right now, okay? Let's do it right well done Kathy and and congrats on the on the on the graphic And and I wanted you to notice the subtle Salute to New York City in the background. I do see that I do see it in the background over your over your I see the Statue of Liberty, and I see the Brooklyn Bridge. I see it.

Okay. I'm sure you familiar with the skyline looking out from Jersey where you grew up Bye Kathy Snuck one in My job like that one words Matt and Denver you were here on the rich eyes and show what's your what's on your mind Matt? Hey rich yesterday when you're asking if there's any Packers fans that wanted to jump ship with Aaron Rodgers, and I'm I think I'm one of them Oh, okay, what's on your mind? So I really think they kind of did him dirty with the whole drafting of Sort of love so the first year that Matt Lecourere was here. He was trying to run a system he just completely handcuffed Aaron Rodgers as much as he could and didn't let him do the normal stuff that he's great at and That's when they decided to go ahead and trade up to draft Jordan love and instead of trading up to draft Jordan love they just could have waited a little bit Actually, give him the weapon that he always wanted and drafted T Higgins instead That's one way to look at it Matt, and I appreciate the call that's Matt in Denver.

I mean, that's a unique narrative there. I I Saw Rodgers and Matt Leflore at the NFL Honors when Rodgers was getting ready to accept his second consecutive MVP award And everyone's wondering is he gonna stay there in Denver. They they look tight. They looked like they liked they liked each other You know I think again. He was happy that McCarthy was out and somebody else is coming in We were all wondering can this you know leopard change his spots, and he did and then they won 13 games first year and then they get Jordan love it's just a communication with Gouda quinston Rogers stunk we know that it appears How about the Packers going for Jonathan Taylor on the eve of the season how about that one One talk about going outside your lane with a you got AJ Dylan you got Aaron Jones And you're gonna go throw Jonathan Taylor in that mix too, and you know obviously probably had to send the football fans I don't know. I have no idea what the compensation package was for that because I mean You know Wisconsin fans would have loved to have Jonathan Taylor back in their state I think the The mix of if there was a Venn diagram one circle is Packers fans one circle is badger fans I think there'd be a big mesh point there and there's between those two circles But based on all the reporting coming out of Miami they they may have asked for You know bhakti ari and you know Aaron Jones and You know maybe the Lombardi statue out front. Yeah, right all the cheddar cheese Yeah All the all the free cheese cheese for life for Jim Irsay sharp because according to multiple reports coming out of South, Florida The Colts asked the Dolphins for Jalen waddle like What though like I guess you're going Yolo Why not there that dude in your fantasy league who's like if you're Jonathan Taylor, and you're like okay? Here's the door Here's the door I'm gonna go see seek my new partners, and you're sitting there thinking it's possible I can come to Miami because they're talking terms and dollars for me Then you find out that they're asking for Jalen waddle back Get out of here I Guess we're giving you our young Turk. Let's get your young Turk who by the way was a top six pick in the draft who's bowling out Oh, so of course the Dolphins are gonna say yeah, we're not breaking up. Maybe the best wide receiver tandem in the league for a running back that we would love to have but we kind of don't need to pay what he wants Jalen waddle. That's a that's a I mean you the phones hung up before the second syllable of Jalen's out of their mouth Cuz it's either we're like Jalen waddle, or it's Ramsey which Jalen you want doesn't matter Hello, goodbye.

Hello. I hear Jay Jay Jay look Before Jalen's finished Get out of here That is a bad fantasy offer Cooper's in a league with a bunch of 12 year olds It's just like I'll give you five players for your one And they're all four of them are injured and you know not nearly remotely close to this But it's volume the volume should make you want to take the trade And then Cooper sometimes look at me. Should I do it? I'm like get out of here. Give me that phone I'll hit reject for you. Don't even give an answer Cooper's too nice. And I'm doing that on a 12 year old. I'm dunking on an 11 year old. See That's nuts Man and you're sitting there and you're Jonathan Taylor saying I thought I could go to Miami and they they wanted what for me I Guess it's a compliment.

But in the end it's called a non and a starter. Yeah hour three coming up Wow, I That's nutty. Yeah, that's nutty. All right per Kathy's request. I have created a pick-em-league Alright on ESPN.

I'm gonna tweet out the link. It's free to join Alright, we'll figure out the stakes, you know top five get a mug or something. I don't know. What do you want to do?

I don't know prize. Let's let's let's hold off on this for a second. Okay Let's hold off. Let's let's do this offline. All right. I mean have this conversation offline.

I took care of it I appreciate you doing that but we'll have this conversation offline Right now we're online On TV on the TV. Yes on the road channel where we're you know, let's make the sausage off line It's what I'm saying copy Wow, I mean they want bark stars, you know stats to what do they want? Get out of here weren't that the stats weren't great for stars, you know, please. Sorry Miami now, I want jail and waddle.

I want a cheeseburger You hit nothing at all. Yes, Chris Ballard good for you man. You go on with your bad self I'll take jail and waddle give man to me Richardson it turning in a oh My god, that's crazy.

There's healthy though. Is that a fair trade kind of The tail is not healthy and everybody knows it. I'm saying it with these healthy Taylor for waddle straight up That's kind of a good trade. Do you do that?

If you're the Miami Dolphins? Hell no, you got to uh, you're you're gonna get in here and they're running bags now. So what you don't need them. I Don't think That's a luxury. Not a mess.

Not a necessity for Over three decades. Nobody has had a wrestling career like Arn Anderson Conrad Thompson gets all the stories with our after watching AEW's double or nothing. Amy wants to know what does dinosaur taste like? It ain't chicken it's like biting into a sinner we charcoal briquette But chewy My disgusting yes sure is check out on every week wherever you listen
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