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REShow: Robert Griffin III - Hour 2

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August 25, 2023 3:34 pm

REShow: Robert Griffin III - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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August 25, 2023 3:34 pm

ESPN’s Robert Griffin III and Rich discuss Sam Darnold winning the 49ers’ backup QB job over Trey Lance, if Commanders QB Sam Howell is the real deal, how Lamar Jackson will look in the Baltimore Ravens new-look offense, which rookie QB is poised to have the best season, Jonathan Taylor’s standoff with the Colts, and if a Chiefs vs Eagles Super Bowl rematch is likely.

A caller from Minnesota plays the ‘Win-Loss’ game for the Vikings which leads to a TJ rant.

In ‘What’s More Likely’ Rich weighs in on Jonathan Taylor, Trey Lance, Josh Allen, Justin Fields, Dak Prescott, Jimmy Garoppolo, Matthew Stafford, Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers, Travis Kelce, the Patriots, Titans, Packers, Browns, Seahawks, Giants and more.

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This is the Rich Eisen show. So what's the latest on love? The Rich Eisen show.

The first two preseason games for me enough that I need to see. Live from the Rich Eisen show studio in Los Angeles. I saw the clip that your show account tweeted the other day and I responded to it with the gift from my favorite Christmas movie I'm Polar Express with a conductor of Polar Express saying all aboard. Today's guests from the Fantasy Footballers Podcast, Mike Wright and Jason Moore. ESPN college football and NFL analyst Robert Griffin III. And now it's Rich Eisen.

Yes it is. Hour number one of the show is great. Filled with fantasy football conversation with two of the hosts of the most popular podcast in sports at present. The Fantasy Footballers Podcast with Jason Moore and Mike Wright. We're here on the show. If you missed it we re-air on the Roku channel at the end of the show.

Two more hours still to go. There's our podcast version of our own. Please check it out. All three hours every single day hit the subscribe button on the RSS feed. The Rich Eisen Podcast Network home to this show all three days. Over Reaction Monday, Chris Brockman and I bring in that popular segment to you in podcast form every single Monday during the season.

Brockman is out in Kansas City for the day for his fantasy draft. Susie Schuster is in his spot right there. Susie and Amy Trask will be hosting the new podcast on the Rich Eisen Podcast Network called What the Football every single Tuesday.

So that's the way we roll here on this show. Mike Del Tufo is in his spot. Good to see you over there sir. TJ Jefferson in his spot as always and you where you are 844-204-RICH number to dial here on the show. We will take your calls.

What's more likely coming up in this hour as well? Chris Brockman has left those behind for Susie to administrate here on this program but we turn to the phone lines right now and welcome in one of my favorites the great Robert Griffin III from the worldwide leader in sports. How are you RG3? I'm doing good Rich and I as always appreciate you having me on brother.

Anytime. I love chopping it up with you talking ball and you know you always shoot it straight and you popped a tweet out just I think a few days ago and man you didn't tell any lies in your mind for sure and I want to know what you think here. The 49ers were done with Trey Lance the second they brought in Sam Darnold and made it an open competition for the backup job. I give you the floor on what you meant by that Robert. Yeah Rich I heard that you don't agree with that statement and there's a reason there's a reason I worded it the way that I did. I don't believe that the 49ers were done with Trey Lance when they brought Sam Donald in but the second it became or was proclaimed that it was an open competition and that these guys were competing to be the backup essentially that's when I felt like it was over. I don't understand how a guy like Trey Lance who you traded the farm for to go up and get also he was your starter going into week one last year and he gets hurt all of a sudden now turns around in year three and he's competing to be QB two with Sam Darnold who's been on multiple teams now. That doesn't make much sense to me so what it seems like is that what they saw from Trey Lance whether it be in practice or in the games the limited game action that he got over the past two years they said you know what he's either going to figure it out or we got to give up on this guy and Rich you said it a lot of people have said it this normally does not happen when you trade up so much to go get a quarterback and your head coach and your GM are safe but because they fell into a guy like Brock Purdy the last pick in the draft they're able to kind of skirt by even though they made a colossal mistake in trading up so much simply to Trey Lance now that he's their QB. Well and that that's why and I appreciate you you know hearing what I had to say and I did say I would bring it up with you when you came on the show and that's why I got right to it with you Robert is you know when they got Darnold Brock Purdy's right throwing elbow had just been surgically repaired so if Lance wasn't going to be ready to go himself they needed another option and they brought Darnold in. I thought they brought Darnold in as Purdy insurance to begin with and he wound up beating out Lance so I just don't know if I took your tweet to mean that you just didn't think Lance had it in him is why I wanted to bring that up you just didn't think Lance is the minute you bring in a guy with 55 career starts and Darnold into the system Lance was toast and the Niners knew it and they just wanted to see it play out to confirm it is that what you're saying or am I misreading? No not what I'm saying at all I think this is what I believe no one in the league will tell you that Sam Darnold doesn't throw a pretty ball he I mean he's got a howitzer on him right he can make every single throw on the football field but the 55 starts that he's had in the league no one would also say man you bring that guy in and whoever's in front of him he's toast they wouldn't say that either so that's why I worded the tweet the way that I did because I don't believe that Kyle Shanahan 49ers believe in Trey Lance I don't believe that so because of that them bringing in Sam Donald wasn't the problem it was the fact that they brought in Sam Donald and then they leaked it out to all of their inside NFL insiders and information people that Sam Donald has an opportunity to potentially start for the 49ers if Brock Purdy is not ready to go that to me is where it became a problem and that happened almost immediately when Sam Donald got there it was everywhere Donald's killing it Donald's doing this Donald's doing that and to me I just feel like with Trey Lance in that situation he would just wasn't really given a true opportunity to go out and prove it what would you counsel Trey Lance to do right now Robert well you know Rich I listen to your show and I because I like you and I think you guys do a phenomenal job thank you thank you but I'm going to echo what what some other people have said um that are in the know there in San Francisco and Trey Lance needs to stay in San Francisco the coach that drafted him the GM that drafted him although they don't have pie in their face right now because they found Brock Purdy they're going to be more loyal to him than any other team will because at the end of the day if things don't work out with Brock Purdy they don't work out with Sam Donald and somehow some way Trey Lance gets an opportunity and he shines in San Fran it's just going to be even more praise that goes on top of the GM and the head coach because they stuck with him but they have I don't want to say an obligation but they're more willing to give him time to develop than a new organization will be and I just would hate to see Trey Lance bounce around the league to three four five teams and be out of the league in a couple years because other teams weren't willing to give him enough time to develop I think the Niners still will do that if everything that they said to the press is the truth and that they still believe in Trey and they want him to be there so and it would make sense for them to hold on to him because if any team knows that you need a fourth quarterback it's them right so he would be the third going in but I understand if he has hard feelings difficult feelings right now that he he'd have to get over for the lack of a better phrase which team however Robert Griffin the third would you counsel to go get Trey Lance which one would you say should go get him right now if he's available wow I mean that's a tough one you know Rich because with a guy like Trey Lance the bottom line is he needs to play you outlined it yesterday perfectly about just how he hasn't been able to really catch a break at any point it feels like since his last year in college you know you talk about him only playing one game because of COVID then he comes in and as a rookie he's got JBG there you know he comes in you know he comes in he plays decently early when he's playing a couple spot duty type of things but Jimmy G takes over he gets hurt comes back the next year gets hurt I just don't know if teams out there will give him the opportunity to truly go out there and ride the roller coaster of what it can be like sometimes with a young quarterback so it's hard to give a team you know to be quite honest with you Rich I don't know a team that that needs a starter right now but doesn't that's going to have time to wait on a guy like that that's a tough ask you know you just saw Baker Mayfield win the job in Tampa would that be a decent spot for Trey Lance to go yeah it would because he's got great weapons around him but that's a team that's also trying to win right now so are they going to give him the the grace period that he's going to need for seven eight games to try to figure it out I don't know Robert but there are very many teams in the league that do a great job of developing quarterbacks right now and you know he's he's basically going to become the new Sam Donald when it comes to being a reclamation project and some coaches will be willing to take that on for sure Robert Griffin the third getting set to be out there on Monday night football on ESPN before kickoff every single Monday on the worldwide leader in sports right here on the Rich Eisen show what'd you glean from uh Ravens versus Washington at all Robert what'd you get there what'd you get out of that well we we talked about this rich with uh with the Ravens on Monday night countdown that they are the only ones that truly care about the record you know that pre-season record so I I know Washington sure looked like they cared about it Robert they said all week they didn't and then they you know they were grittying in the end zone and they were celebrating at the end I mean sure looked like they enjoyed breaking that up to me watching that game yes you know a little battle of beltway there going on between the Ravens and the commanders uh Sam Cosby you know doing the grittiest thing in the end zone I thought was funny I also heard that you know or witnessed them play uh their starters well well into uh you know the throughout the first half to try to secure that but at the end of the day I know a lot of people think that that record doesn't matter I for one having been a Baltimore Raven and and been coached by coach Harbaugh I know that for a fact they absolutely care about the record uh they believe the shows off great coaching depth of the roster and all those things and and how you do one thing is how you do everything so they're always trying to win but for sure Rich I agree with you after Cosby's comments about taking the record the commanders definitely came uh showing up to that preseason game like it was a real game okay and so two things Sam Howell looks like he has it Robert what do you think what do you think yes I'm uh I am in on swinging Sammy Howell uh I'm telling you guys I watched the guy in college in North Carolina uh beautiful deep ball I think people underestimate his athleticism and his ability to use his legs he's a great runner in high school he's a great runner his last year there in North Carolina and at the end of the day I know scary Terry uh with his turf toe injury might not be available for the first game or earlier in the year but these guys they've got so many weapons on the offensive side of the ball that it's gonna make it a little bit easier for Sam to kind of go out there and make plays the one touchdown throw he had I believe two weeks ago to Jahab Dotson on like a sale route uh it wasn't a perfect ball but Dotson made a a great catch and then ran it in for a touchdown it's plays like that or as I like to call them rich HBO type of plays help a brother out he's gonna have those all over the place with the weapons that they have on offense and then Eric the enemy I think is going to be big for him as well I haven't worked with Mahomes for so many years I'm just a believer in Sam Howe's ability and what he's shown in the preseason gives me no doubt that he can go out there and be QB one for the commanders well and with Odell and on the other side of the field with the Ravens Odell's a flowers there could be some more HBO plays for I guess Lamar if if this offense looks anything like we're assuming it to be what did you glean at all from the preseason from what you've heard from who you talk to what is the Ravens offense going to look like one of the biggest mysteries going into the season in my book yeah you're 100 accurate uh and right about the HBO help a brother out type of plays for Lamar Jackson with the Ravens or as I like to say it the Ravens stopped using Splenda decided to get that original brown sugar for their offense they they have been relying on Lamar Jackson to do everything for them for the past four or five years and now he's going to have an opportunity to have guys like OBJ to have guys like Dave Flowers who has been the rave of camp you get back with shot Bateman healthy you got Mark Andrews one of the best tight ends in the entire NFL who continues to produce year after year after year JK Dobbins is back Gus Edwards, Justice Hill I know all these guys because a lot of them are my teammates when I was there in Baltimore but I also went to practice last week and was able to watch those guys up close and personal and what you're going to see from this offense is just a whole lot more control of it at the line of scrimmage from Lamar Jackson with Greg Roman he would go to line with two two play calls can system everyone that's in NFL circles knows what that is but now he's going to have an opportunity to go the line of scrimmage and basically have the entire playbook at his disposal so he can play the game based off how he sees it and Todd Monken has trusted him to do that something that he hasn't been trusted to do in Baltimore before but now he is and talking to Lamar he's super excited about that because it allows him to play the game a little bit more free which if you watch him play he loves to play it free few more minutes left with one of my favorites from Monday Night Countdown and ESPN we've got Robert Griffin the third here on the Rich Eisen show the rookie quarterback who will have the best season is oh the rookie that have the best season I think it'll be Bryce Young I think the the support system he has around him with the coaches is phenomenal you know Josh McCown being his quarterback coach one of my former teammates I just think there's not a better guy that he could have got as a quarterback coach to start this thing out and then the way they built the roster around him giving him experience guys like you know Adam Seon and for you know Miles Sanders coming there running back and Bryce's ability like you haven't really been able to see it I feel like in the preseason because they've been a little rocky for them but once the season gets going and they start game planning for these defenses I think you're going to see his true special qualities come out but I think it's just the situation he's in is going to allow him to have the best season because of what what your team around him looks like right now what if the Colts somehow solve what's going on with Jonathan Taylor and get him on the field for Anthony Richardson what do you think yeah I think Rich what you're going to see out of Anthony Richardson is a little bit of what you saw his last year in college right he's going to have games I called his game against Texas A&M last year and he was on fire I think he threw for 200 ran for 100 you know had two throwing touchdowns a couple rushing and he hit all the easy plays made him look easy and then the spectacular plays he made him look spectacular but then you're also going to have some games like you did last year against Missouri when when you know receivers are dropping passes he's a little off rhythm and I think that's the role of culture the Colts are going to be on but to really answer your question I have no clue Rich why they are trying to trade Jonathan Taylor if I if I am Anthony Richardson I have said what are we doing people this guy's been our best offensive player for the for the past uh well four you know three years three four years through the quarterback carousels of all the starting quarterbacks why not keep this guy here because he's going to make my job easier as a quarterback if I'm Anthony Richardson he can't say anything obviously because he's a rookie but I'm like sending you know you know making a blocked phone call to Jim Urshey saying come on man don't get rid of this guy he's the bread and butter of our offense and I think he makes everybody's job easier not just the quarterback and again this is no uh insider information when I say this Robert Griffin III um I'm just this this looks to me like Chris Ballard and and Jim Urshey saying to Jonathan Taylor look man we love you you're not happy here you want to go somewhere else we will pay you you know we'll talk about the contract after the season but not now that's just the way we're going to do it and if you don't like it you say you want to be traded well there's the door and when you know and I totally understand that you say you know why would they trade him don't trade him the the the compensation they're asking back for him is kind of indicating to everyone they don't intend to trade him because who is going to trade uh Christian McCaffrey type return and pay a guy who um two weeks before the season and just totally change all of their plans at running back for this year and salary cap for years in advance I mean who's going to just do that on the fly it is possible but it's it's it's not likely you know and so that's what I think is at play right now if I had to guess that's what's at play right now yeah Richard and you've been around for a long time so you understand you know just how the thought process goes for these executives and they know they have all the leverage with Jonathan Taylor right now because it's so close to the season everything that you mentioned it plays a part for sure because everybody else in the league seems to be pretty much set at the running back position we were having conversations off air on Monday night countdown and we're like well what are the best teams for Jonathan Taylor to go to that really would you know would warrant that type of Christian McCaffrey return and it was hard to find one that you know man they just really need a running back and that'll put them over the over the top yes Jonathan Taylor is one of the best running backs in the league and he would be an upgrade for a lot of teams but is he a necessary upgrade for the amount of draft capital you're going to have to give up I don't really see that for its team right now but yes he's in a bad spot he can either you know continue to request the trade and maybe it does happen maybe it doesn't but when you look at the Colts as a team you've got this young quarterback in there why would you want to have this much controversy and this much of media firestorm around something when you're trying to develop this young quarterback I don't think that that is a smart business plan and maybe that's what Jonathan Taylor and his agent are looking at to say hey we need to start off this relationship with Anthony Richardson on a positive note or negative note it's your call and I think they're both just trying to call each other's block and obviously the the entire dynamic we just chopped up could change if there's a significant injury at that position for a team that is Super Bowl ready over the weekend a la say you know Teddy Bridgewater not to speak anything into existence like that but that may be what is the last step to see what happens from there on out which you know is a leads me to my final question for you anything can obviously change over this weekend in the next 13 days but I don't know if I'm going to get you back on before the beginning of the season so I will ask you you're the first I'm asking this your Super Bowl prediction for this upcoming season Robert Griffin the third what do you have for me right now my Super Bowl prediction yes sir I know I know you're going to be asked this by every producer in your life over the next 13 days and you're gonna have to say it but I figured I'd get you all I got you you know no you you're 100% right I would give it a couple contingencies obviously the Ravens stay healthy I believe the Baltimore Ravens will win the Super Bowl this year I just think Lamar Jackson with those weapons if he stays healthy the entire season he now has the Jimmys and the Joes to help him in the playoffs X's and O's has always got them there and his obviously unique ability but now he's got the Jimmys and the Joes that can make some plays when you need them late in the playoffs like we've seen from all the other you know Super Bowl winning teams out there if the Chiefs get Chris Jones back and and that doesn't become something that goes late into the season that's a very popular pick I think they they win it and and they they build that dynasty they become a dynasty from that standpoint it's hard to do this business you know that rich because everyone wants to pick the off-the-wall pick sure that that's going to win so they can come back later and say I told you so so I don't play by those rules I just go by what I see I know what the Ravens have I know what they can do and the Kansas City Chiefs have Patrick Mahomes and they've done an amazing job retooling everything around him and that defense will be much better as long as they get Chris Jones and and if your NFC team that you believe those teams would beat in Vegas is was your NFC team you got to choose both come on now that's a tough one too but I'm gonna go I'm gonna go with the Philadelphia Eagles I think Jalen Hurts is going to come into the year even more confident than he was last year if he was at all not confident he went out and performed like one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL and outplayed Patrick Mahomes in the Super Bowl so I don't know how the Eagles did it rich but they went into the off season they lost more talent than any top team in the league and still found a way to get better I don't know how they did it on defense with Jalen Carter and bringing in Nolan Smith from Georgia retooling basically Georgia's national championship defense and I think on offense they'll be even more in rhythm Jalen will now have his quarterback coach calling plays for him I think they're gonna they're gonna be the team of the NFC you're the man Robert I truly love watching you as you know go about your career and you're on Monday night countdown with a whole new cast you know Scott Van Pelt and the crew I look forward to seeing it and look for more of my calls and texts as always thank you for the time hey appreciate you rich right back right back at you Robert Griffin the third I adore my chats with him his appearance is here in our friendship right here on the Rich Eisen show let me tell you if it is Philadelphia versus the Ravens in the Super Bowl brought to you by the Acela Amtrak service and Wawa Supermarkets hand out free aughts potato chips is that what they're gonna do we just had a full-on discussion about Wawa yesterday that's a Philly versus Ballmer right okay let's take a break 844-204-H number down Chris Brockman has left Susie with a great list of issues for me to decide what's more likely that's still to come right here in our number two are you currently enjoying the show on the stitcher app then you need to know stitcher is going away on august 29th yep going away as in kaput gone dead rest in peace stitcher and thanks for 15 years of service to the podcast community so switch to another podcast app and follow this show there apple spotify or wherever you listen it's time for kickoff and the believe podcast will get you ready for the new season how do you live through this as a new sports fan believe has podcasts covering all 32 professional teams and many of your favorite college teams too you solidify your defense you got better sideline to sideline end zone to end zone if you don't do those things then you're not even trying your hardest to win at football and i don't know what we're doing there was a lot of great players on those teams that i was fortunate to be part of search bleav podcasts wherever you listen here's the scoop folks you've got to check out right here on the roku channel the documentary the nfl draft the pick is in nfl films and the roku originals together for a terrific behind the scenes glimpse as to what happened at the draft this year here's a snippet this is it get the hankies out chris vaughan is a scout for the cowboys who drafted his son after his son deuce vaughan dropped in the draft check it out hello hey buddy how's it going it's going good this is dad my phone wasn't working look at here man you want to come to work with me next week i wouldn't mind that i got somebody want to speak to you i got somebody want to speak to you we sure do yes i'll tell you what steven get him on here listen i don't know when i've been speaking for everybody that's in here and everybody that's really in the heart of the dallas cowboys is tan here with a tear in our eye and we're so happy to have you on the dallas cowboys and i you well what i really want to say you earned every ounce of me being able to make this call every ounce and i'm so excited there's just something magical about this moment that may be bigger than we even realize here talking to you on the phone but you is now a dallas cowboy your daddy just hand the card in right here it's got him congratulations i just got to tell you that moment is just a culmination of about a 10-minute long scene leading up to that and that the card there is no card you know you call the pick in jerry wrote down the pick on a napkin to create a memento for chris vaughan so he could that is so beautiful that is so cool i'm telling you you've got to watch this documentary it's just a small part of it and it's on the roku channel i can't wait back here on the rich eisen show radio network i'm sitting at the rich eisen show desk furnished by granger with supplies and solutions for every industry granger is the right product for you call click or just stop by we just saw a pretty neat snippet a clip from the documentary nfl draft the pick is in um it's great beautifully done beautifully done yeah just sort of this snippet of deuce fawn being drafted chris fawn is the scout um and again i don't want to give too much away you've got to see it but we just saw the moment where the cowboys drafted him and his dad was the one who called up his son you want to come to work with me next week and you even went oh i'm getting tears right remember i came in the other day i'm like i saw the documentary i'm like and i've never had jerry jones bring bring me to tears that was what he did he was crying too not yet no no i was crying you know it was it was that's just an awesome really was something and you know to have jerry say welcome to the cowboys like i think i told you with that time i got to spend and hang out with him like when i left his suite after the super bowl he shook my hand he looked me in the eye and he said i want to thank you for being a fan of the dallas cowboys and it's just like how could i ever leave at this point i'm like that's not familiar right mike you know what i mean we're family you know i kissed the ring at that point rich well you also see chris fawn go through like he does get on the phone with his son as his son's dropping and you hear the the eavesdropping on the conversation because chris is mic'd up and uh when it was time for them to draft deuce he was out of the room when they were having the conversation oh he left or he was talking to his son and then he was just doing work he's just you imagine no our kid being up for up for grabs and he's dropping and you you have to go to work and it's your job to actually be in that business i'm so glad glad that they did this because i don't think people appreciate the emotionality of the draft and just when you get to know these kids when you cover them in college football and you get to know their parents and their families and when you watch them draft dropping the draft it's it's heartbreaking because you know everyone's gathered these events of people's houses what have you yeah and you'll never forget it rogers i'm sure still has that little bit of a chip on his shoulder tom brady after he had won the championships that he had won and was living the life that he was living remember in the brady six documentary he was crying about remembering how his mother felt while he was dropping in the draft he had to walk around the block had to leave the house no this roku doc i look at totally differently now from a mom's perspective yeah it's it's heartbreaking and you know you think of all those games that you drove your kids to and how many practices and when you're sitting there drafting them it's pretty incredible to watch this documentary on roku and just know the emotionality behind it every mom out there you should watch this talk it's really sensational yeah and it's right right here on the roku channel right now and um it's debuting tonight there's some other great moments as well we talked about it with ian rapoport the other day they're embedded in the draft room with carolina jacksonville as well as indianapolis um they're embedded in the draft room of the dallas cowboys obviously and um ian rapoport again was on the other day they they followed me around with with a camera as well and um there's a moment you know speaking of family moments i think you're you'd be somewhat familiar with sues uh when i'm hungry oh no this is when it became a drama yeah check it out anybody out there in contact with anybody who might have any idea have any idea about lunch if it exists on the planet for us there you go that's another isn't that a wonderful moment wow you must be so proud of that there's a reason why you didn't tell me about this until right now isn't there mance was angry what you want that's so funny oh my god i didn't i was just having fun i was just having fun i didn't even know you're doing this usually you would call me to tell me that there's a camera following you around all our real housewives of the nfl draft real pick lives which by the way maybe that's a new episode the real housewives of the nfl that's a good idea that's a killer idea nfl that's a killer idea i'm available to host all right let's take some phone calls and then we'll do what's more likely here on the program uh andrew in minneapolis has been holding on for a long time he wants to play the win-loss game i guess i i know which team you want to do it for andrew right do i get it right on that front in minneapolis you there yeah it's pretty pretty easy to guess okay so you want to do the minnesota vikings the schedule is on the screen mike del tufo i appreciate the uh the accompaniment uh andrew and minneapolis let me write this down so we'll know later on whose pick this is all right here we go andrew first up home for the buccaneers what do you think your vikings do that's a win all right uh at the philadelphia eagles short week remember what happened last year sorry to bring that up when you had that game in philly what happens this time around yeah that's also going to be a lot okay got it home for the chargers home for the chargers yes sir that's going to be a sneaky little win for us sneaky little win by the way that's a great uh song who who sang sneaky little win is that uh at lannis morrisette sneaky little all right uh at calin okay very good at cal i guess we come from different musical interests at carolina two and one you do what at carolina that that's gonna be a win three and one going home to kansas for kansas city yeah we're yeah all right all right three and two at the chicago bears that's gonna be one four and two home for the 49ers on a monday night yikes uh uh at home i'm gonna say one all right hey kurt cousins under the light win right there one two five and two at the green bay packers that's a win six and two at the falcons that's a win seven and two home for the saints that's a win eight and two at the broncos i think that might be a sneaky lot all right eight and three home for the bears on a monday night that's a win nine and three coming out of the buy at the raiders uh i'll call it a win ten and three at the bangles at bangles no yeah that's a lot ten and four home for the lions home for the lions that's a win eleven and four home for the packers on a sunday night on new year's eve the ball drops or not what do you got oh it's dropping real hard for us that's a win that's a win oh my goodness and then at the detroit lions we're gonna end the year on a sour note and uh that's gonna be a lot twelve and five minnesota vikings according to the starters not going to be playing that game okay okay understood yeah what do you have to play that for i totally get it all right thank you for the call andrea minneapolis 12 and five for the vikings tj i give you the floor i just find it amazing that for all the crap that the cowboys fans get susie i gave the cowboys less wins than any caller who has called in and played this game like we've got jake tappers saying the eagles are 16 and one i was the only one who was realistic quincy isaiah has the the lions 13 and four four i had cowboys 11 to 6 i want to read i want to do it nobody beats nick and corona's 15 and two prediction for his denver broncos i mean what are we doing the broncos really i mean corbin in texas had the ravens going 13 and four bruce ariens has a has a response what are you smoking bro give me thank you very much tj had the cowboys going 11 and 6 yeah i would have changed my turns on iowa had the 49ers going 12 and 5 mike in north carolina had the giants going in 11 and 6 and so did our our friend al oh okay so the john said nfc east at least we're realistic yeah except for jake i don't know 16 and one for the eagles right i mean what it could happen what do we do all right let's take a break when we come back what's more likely right here on the rich eisen show susie's got it and then marca bali of the athletic to talk about the steelers who have just had a stellar preseason uh let's take one more and then get ready for what's more likely okay let's take one more call uh justin in maryland you're here on the rich eisen show what's up justin hey guys how are you today i am fine i am told you would like to play the win-loss game as well uh your team of choice is the jaguars oh we have not had one uh win-loss for the jaguars okay duval county represents okay duval let's see if justin gets lost in the madness as well right here uh do we have do we have music for justin let me guess 13 and 4 no no stop don't don't put wins in his mouth first up at the indianapolis cults i saw yesterday that's w okay uh home for the chiefs that's a no that's a loss okay uh home for the texans w uh w two and one uh in one w against the falcons that's a w that's our home turf okay and then we're going cross town we're taking the tube to tautenham and playing the bills in week five that's a w that's four and one home for the cults back in america that's a w oh my gosh five and one at the saints on a thursday night short week that's a loss five and two at the steelers that's also a lot five and three coming off a buy home for the niners w i like the way he said it too like i'm crazy for even thinking it would be anything else what's wrong with you oh my gosh six and three home for the titans w seven and three at the texans w eight and three home for the bengals on a monday night that is a lot no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no nine and four at the brown uh pardon me i gave you a win right eight and four at the browns no you were right no you were right you were right okay well now you're nine and four coming out of the browns i guess uh home for the ravens that is also a w you always do me right okay uh ten and four at the buccaneers win win win eleven and four eleven and four at the uh home for the panthers that's a w sir twelve and four at the titans i think you can guess that's the w sir thirteen and four jacksonville jaguar season you justin and maryland you gave tj the prophecy there you go okay there you go thirteen and four i mean at this rate the cowboys are gonna finish in last place apparently you might not even you know you might not even finish the season does justin and uh i guess we're drafting marvin harrison jr next year because we're gonna the first three justin and maryland may have shorted the jaguars too does he not remember blake bortles going in and blowing the doors off the steelers in a playoff game he might not all right 13 and four well done i mean he did pick them to beat the titans though right at the end okay let's get to it it is our usual friday fair uh sitting in for chris brockman susie shooster here with what's more likely hit it please what what's more likely never say never but never all right susie go for it on this everybody's making the playoffs version of what's more likely thank you all right who's more likely to be traded before week one jonathan taylor or trey lance reds oh my gosh what is more likely what's more likely is it's lance uh you don't have to pay lance a wreck a you know position possibly breaking contract you don't you don't have to set a market you know you just you're just flipping a late day draft choice one would think or a collection of draft choices that that aren't in the top three rounds maybe for trey lance so just that alone you don't have to get cut up a new contract and you don't have to pay a a lot in draft choices that alone is what's counting against taylor so i'll say trey lance but i'm gonna say neither i'm gonna say both start the season where they are respectively yeah and it sounds like everybody that you've had on says that it's better for trillions to stay put anyway that's right and i appreciate you saying i've had them on personally i think we've had them on wow thanks honey you're welcome sharing the spotlight you're welcome do appreciate that all right what's more likely rich patriots and titans we're talking about who's more likely to play the spoiler in their division you know this guy titans come on i think the pads right i mean what a mass hole thumb on the scale question right there come on play sport let's go i'll say the titans and i would say that directly to brockman's face come on man the boss played in uh foxboro last night by the way did he really yeah i'm glad that he's first to three sets there you go he did it for my brother he did it for my brother for his birthday okay did your brother go to the boss on his birthday yeah complained about the set list okay that sounds a lot like your brother yep all due respect uh i'll say the titans though because there's one team to play spoiler two and if you beat them both times potentially because derek henry's running down the jaguar's throats as he's always done with the exception last year um so the other way around you got to play spoiler on three teams that have better rosters than yours with all due respect so i'll say the titans but i like chris a little wink and a nod from kansas city and abstentia and also rich that's why i asked about the titans and jaguars with their last color it seems he's forgotten derek henry usually has a 99 yard touchdown every time he plays them understood also we all know what happens when rich says with all due respect right we all know i can be disrespectful as i'd like what's next what else all right bills and bears which quarterback's more likely to rush for more touchdowns this season rich josh allen or justin fields i'll say justin fields because i think josh allen's got himself some uh running backs who can pop that thing in there from five yards out single terrian moss out and damian harris and latavius murray in and i think he's gonna have dalton concave help him i'm just gonna be consistent i've been seeing this for weeks i think he's got more red zone options than just him plowing in there and i'll just say justin fields is gonna have to score more um so yeah that's the way i'll go and i i i read somewhere that uh there's some talk in chicago that uh foreman might be a surprise cut on tuesday because of rashaun johnson being uh the rookie fourth rounder that they chose at the running back spot having a nice preseason but we'll see how that goes i'll say justin fields what else sus all right who's more likely to catch more touchdowns this year travis kelsey or any two grounds receivers that's a good one um i'm gonna go kelsey i'm gonna go travis kelsey you know so with all the respect to my fellow wolverine peoples jones you know and donovan and amari cooper that's a good one that's funny i think watson's gonna have a season so you do i do you do i've got some insider info from the browns oh my god your boy your boy nate segura is talking him up he's hyping them up a little bit to me all right and by the way if i have nathan do the win-loss game can we have him calling on next week to do the win-loss game on behalf of the browns will he go 13 and four will he go will he just will he get caught up in it no he's an employee he probably should have him going 17 and 0 to be honest with you but i'll find out all right sues what's next over there what's more likely guys which team is more likely to win their division the seahawks or the packers and i would i'm gonna guess packers for you yeah love jordan love well i just think that they're again you you you have to say that they have an easier path than the 49ers in front i like the lions though a lot i'm gonna i'm gonna say the packers for the moment and and talk a little bit more about the seahawks in the third hour of the program i but i made a mental note to make a mental note okay so i'm gonna mentally note that i want to remove the pin in this in the third hour um and say just again just that the fact that the niners are there and i know that i just said earlier i'm taking the titans because they just have to get past one team in order to succeed um in jacksonville and that i'm saying the same it's just that the 49ers are pretty damn stout um so i'll just say that the packers have a uh are more likely to win their division than seattle all right chris left me with some but with a parenthetical here skewing positive this is his intent right skewing positive direction i like that um which quarterback is more likely to throw less interceptions this season jimmy g or dak i'll go dak i think he's gonna fix it he and jimmy g just he just throws it in between the numbers just like he's just throwing one guy and there's not a bunch of defenders around his one guy he does that frequently i'll go dak have fewer interceptions this year that's what i'm gonna do hope you're right because i believe in dak i still have the cape on for dak and i'll let you know when i take it off well you won't you're telling me that he's not going to cause me to like i said so maybe i won't say a word about it this year but i'm still caping for dak right six of the 15 picks last year went off receiver's hands there you go eliminate that that's nine we're not even having this discussion oh yeah they'll catch everything thrown his way there won't be a single tip ball based on uh what we saw last year we're gonna understand just see even with just even cut that by half right brandon right and as mike huskins pointed out chris rarely skews positive so we should maybe make a mental note to make a mental note thank you so much ever he's never all right rams and broncos which quarterback has just come in the booth are there any more parentheses or where parentheses he's free uh free for the rest of oh i don't think he's giving me any more direction okay sounds good but there's always time text you know emails understood uh which quarterback you more likely to have more faith into return to potential hall of fame for matthew stafford or russell wilson stafford i said it oh rich you hit the table you said it was your chest that's emphatic that was emphatic chest set it together i think i think stafford has uh good weaponry how about that i think cup i like van jefferson i'm zigging i'm zigging i'm zigging i'm zigging everyone's zagging come on i think it's gonna take a little bit more time for us i do think russ eventually returns to better form yeah but hall of fame for him i don't know i i don't know i i i can't i can't wait to see what this looks like i hope i'm wrong last year i said i need to see it to believe it i'm gonna go there again hopefully jerry judy comes back before october right based on what you heard yesterday and being cartoned off with a hamstring injury oh my gosh well you know stafford has his number one guy back i know from his hamstring so you got one more over there sus you got one more yeah hold on mike's gonna team me up on this okay yeah yeah go for it and so i i need i need drama i need melodrama maybe something dark mikey give me something go from happy nfl films music to something melodramatic a minute before the heart out in the radio are asking mike to do something bigger new york disappointment in 2023 rich all right all right all right all right or the giants rich giants sues negative baby giants giants skewing is he skewing again are we skewing without the parentheses a little whisper in my ear to go negative get out of here you know get out of here mikey what's more likely and by the way by the way you ain't got no haters you ain't popping thank you coach salah factual yes by the way yes it is more likely and that's not just waving a pom-pom or cheerily it's more likely that the giants will be disappointing based on last year than the expectations for the jets this year the sweat is coming it is not no no there's no sweat i'm sweat free that's in what's more likely great job sues skewing i'm skewing positive nice job thank you thank you because you got to give me a little prep for that i mean mark kabali of the athletic talking steelers hour three she's accusing me of sweating and she's turning to mike del tufo i mean and asking for specific tone of music with the time counting down depressing you're saying i'm sweating the horrible comment i said i really miss brockman i don't give me some music mike susie i wanted to go dark and depressing to say we plan for that you can't there's no dark yeah it's like oh no no there's nfl films dark and depressing music there is oh yeah i used to have to comb through it in bristol to find something dark and depressing when you're writing a script about an injury i thought you were just looking out the window for dark and depressing for where here in bristol connecticut oh it was so dark and depressing oh god oh my god look out i'm already i'm already counted the minutes so i could get in the car bristol in the rearview mirror oh careful well that's how keith once got suspended right he talked to me they don't want me i don't worry about it he talked poorly about bristol on killborn she did was ko got suspended for that can you believe that i drove past bristol once and you kept going hey i will say this though sues you and i met in bristol our three children may not exist if we hadn't met that's true think about it that's true yeah we we we know i got stories no you don't we're out of time suzy we're out of time as a matter of fact we're going to cancel the third hour of the show we are so out of time on that subject matter no we're not canceling it mark kabali of the athletic yeah for over three decades nobody has had a wrestling career like arn anderson conrad thompson gets all the stories with ours after watching aew's double or nothing amy wants to know what does dinosaur taste like um it ain't chicken it's like biting into a sinewy charcoal briquette but chewy oh that's disgusting yes sure is check out arn every week wherever you listen
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