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REShow: Mark Kaboly - Hour 3

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August 25, 2023 3:37 pm

REShow: Mark Kaboly - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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August 25, 2023 3:37 pm

The Athletic’s Senior Writer Mark Kaboly and Rich discuss how Steelers QB Kenny Pickett looks like a star in the making, the growth of WR George Pickens, veteran WR Allen Robinson’s trade from the Rams, expectations for mammoth rookie TE Darnell Washington, and the chances Mike Tomlin can lead Pittsburgh back to the Super Bowl in the next two seasons.

Rich and the gang react to actor/comedian Kevin Hart ending up in a wheelchair after attempting a 40-yard dash race, and what the return of Jamal Adams means for the Seahawks’ 2023 outlook.

TJ reveals his annual ‘College Football All-Name Team’ revealing the best names you’ll hear on the NCAA gridiron this fall.

Rich reacts to Aaron Rodgers playing in the Jets’ preseason finale with some suggestions for the New York QB.

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This is the Rich Eisen show. So what's the latest on love? The Rich Eisen show.

The first two preseason games for me, enough that I need to see. Live from the Rich Eisen show studio in Los Angeles. I saw the clip that your show account tweeted the other day and I responded to it with the gift from my favorite Christmas movie. I'm Polar Express with the conductor of Polar Express saying all aboard today's guests from the fantasy footballers podcast, Mike Wright and Jason Moore, ESPN college football and NFL analyst Robert Griffin the third. And now it's Rich Eisen. Our number three of the Rich Eisen show is on the air. Some great conversations over the first two hours, real and fantasy football. Robert Griffin the third with the real, the fantasy footballers from the fantasy football podcast. My friends Jason Moore and Mike Wright were here in studio.

If you missed it, we re-air right here on the Roku channel as soon as this hour is over and we've got a lot of fun over this next hour as well. TJ Jefferson, you're going to get us ready for the college football season. It's only you know how. Handing out name, image and likeness deals to the top names in college football.

And they're not top names because of their play, just their names. Oh, their parents did a wonderful job. Understood.

And how about these guys get some money, Rich? Let's do it. Let's do it. Very good.

We'll hand that out. TJ Jefferson along Susie Schuster, who is sitting in for Chris Brockman. That's more likely we just had right here on the show. If you missed that, Mike Del Tufo is here as well. Check us out on our podcast as well, where all podcasts can be acquired on the Cumulus Podcast Network, our YouTube page as well, slash Rich Eisen show. We had Matt Schneiderman of the Athletic on yesterday because I'm fascinated by the Jordan Love subject matter and that is lurking out there is a sneaky headline for the 2023 season.

And the same thing for me with the Pittsburgh Steelers and that is why part and parcel we are having Mark Cabali of the Athletic calling to the show kind enough to do so after the Steelers took care of business in Atlanta last night. How are you, Mark? Pretty good, Rich. How you been?

I'm doing great. You tell me, I mean, you've been around this team for over 20 years now. What's the optimism level and in terms of the reality of the optimism?

Well, the optimism if you're talking about outside the organization in the fan base, you probably go as high as you can possibly go and go another mile or two above it. I mean, it's just Kenny Pickett mania here in Pittsburgh fan wise after this preseason. He's put on it. It's been a flawless preseason, not only in numbers, just how he's been able to able to get better each and every week. And he looks like a totally different guy from last year as for the Steelers. They have to be a little bit surprised to the quickness of his development. I mean, we saw inkling of it. We saw a little pieces of it late last year against the Raiders and the Ravens when he was able to leave last minute drives.

I mean, it gave you a little peek into what he was able to do. Steelers really didn't ask him to do a lot last year. So this year has been a little bit different so far. It's been a little bit different. It's been a little bit different.

You know, the off season, I'm getting better, and he's just been spectacular. It's with everything rich. I mean, it's with the throws. It's with the decision.

It's with the locker room stuff. It's just he looks like an absolute beast of a quarterback right now that can lead this team to the playoffs and a lot of people might not notice that from the outside, but if you're around the organization, you saw this coming. Gradually and gradually of him just looking better and better.

And you know, it's been a lot of fun. I think the sky's the limit for him right now. He's just been unbelievable. Yeah, five drives in the preseason, five touchdowns, three targets for George Pickens, all first downs and a touchdown as well. Pickens we had on the show last week.

It was a fun conversation with him and he does look the part for sure. Mark, what about what you've seen in practice in the locker room and things of that nature? He's talking about training camp. It's a ball anywhere near him. He's making the catch. There is not a ball that you get thrown to him and say, yeah, he's not going to be able to make that catch. He's somehow makes it in at first.

You thought maybe okay, maybe it's a little bit of a fluke. He's a guy that you don't know much about now, but it's just he's been getting better and better. What's really, really people like about him now with the Steelers is that he's been able to expand his route.

Three. He's just not a go deep guy, even though you saw that yesterday with the catch he had in Atlanta. He's a guy that's able to go across the middle now. He's a guy's able to, you know, catch and run. That's what they were really looking out for it for him to do this year. If you look last year, he kind of petered off late in the last late in the season last year.

Didn't get a ton of reps, didn't get a lot of catches because he was, I mean, for lack of better terms, he was just a one trick pony type of guy. He's changed his game into a guy that can do a little bit of everything. And like I said, the ball is anywhere near him. He's going to catch it. He got absolute fabulous hands. I mean, we see OBJ making those catches.

What was that? Eight, nine, ten years ago. He can make every catch that a small speedy receiver makes. And he's what?

Six, three, two, ten, something like that. He's just a freak of nature. Yeah, you know, that was kind of a sneaky one by Omar Khan, the GM. He snuck in, able to acquire him from the Rams for basically nothing. The Rams just were trying to get rid of him. Steelers were looking for a slot receiver. Robinson played a little bit of mostly outside, which is a little bit outside. Where he was successful in, I believe, Jacksonville, Chicago, and even last year with the Rams, they moving him inside. They just wanted to have a veteran presence.

And he's a guy, I think he just turned 29. They haven't really overused him much in camp or preseason, trying to get him back fully healthy from the foot injury. But he's going to be significant as well because, like I said, they needed a slot guy. They wanted a guy who could be a veteran in that spot. To be able to pick up third down, be a red zone type of guy. Even though you haven't heard a ton from him so far, I think they're expecting big things from him.

And you look across the board, Rich. I mean, that's just the receivers you're talking about right there. You throw a Friar Muth in there. You throw Najee Harris in there. You throw Jalen Warren in there.

Thornell Washington, Kenny Pickett. All of a sudden, he's got a ton of weapons for Kenny Pickett to throw to or hand off to. It's an exciting time in Pittsburgh after a couple down years. They really think that it's not going to be the 16, 17 points a game.

That they can put up 23, 24, 25 points a game and play right there with teams like the best in the AFC, the Bills, the Chiefs, and teams like that. Well, what about Darnell Washington? He stands out in a crowd.

Let's put it that way, right? And then when I saw him at the Combine off of his terrific career in Georgia, certainly his final year there, where he wasn't even, according to everybody and anyone with a set of eyes in next year's draft, we'll find out as well, the top tight end there in Georgia. But when he threw the sled around at the Combine like it was made of paper mache, I turned to Daniel Jeremiah in the booth.

I'm like, holy smokes. And there was some injury questions about him as to why he dropped. What's the scoop with him? What's going to happen with him?

Best you can tell. He is an absolute. He is an absolutely massive human. I mean, he goes six, seven, all six, seven, six, eight.

If he's not pushing three bills, he's darn close to it. And what makes him so unique is he prefers the block. You know, it tight ends nowadays. They want to be the kiddos.

They want to be the Kelsey's and guys like that. Darnell Washington wants to knock somebody's head off first, then catch a pass later. He struggled a little bit early in OTAs, but he's got a lot better since then. And what makes him almost unwatchable, uncoverable is that size in the red zone where he knows how to use that body. He's like, it reminds me of somebody like, you know, Charles Barkley.

I had six, six and can box people out and get rebounds. That's how he approaches red zone targets. So it's going to be tough to find a place for him to fit in that, because like I said, they got prior moves and even a Connor Hayward, who's a very good football player that they got in the sixth round last year. But you're just going to have to find a place for him. But that's a guy's unique. I don't know how he waited. I think what, third, late third, early fourth round to be able to find a monster like that is very unique. And if you see, I can understand how you say you could throw the sweater out because one of the first OTAs, he just picks them up and throws them around like it's nothing.

So he's a, he's a, he's a massive human. Mark Cabali of the Athletic covers the Steelers right here on the Rich Eisen Show defensively. I mean, look, again, it's just preseason, but the alternative would be they don't look as good. I mean, TJ Watts explosive list last night.

It's like, okay, check that box. He's ready to go. You know, Cam Hayward's back and Nick Herbig looks like they hit on him. Minka Fitzpatrick in the secondary. Patrick Peterson and Kian O'Neill are second stringers on the depth chart right now.

I mean, they look ready to roll two to me, Mark. You named off what, six, seven people? Yeah. And you left off Alex Highsmith at 14 and a half sacks last year, right?

Unreal. They got a lot of talent. They got a lot of talent on that side of the ball as well. What, what they needed to do and what they think they did do was upgrade the inside linebacker position in the off season with Omar Khan and Andy White will bring it in total revamping the whole inside guys. They brought in the Landon Roberts. They brought in Cole Holcomb. They somehow got Quan Alexander to agree to come in midway through training camp. So they like where they're at right there. They're a little light in the secondary, the cornerbacks.

So you have to keep an eye on there. I think they'd like what they have with Levi Wallace, Patrick Peterson, but and even Joey Porter first round. Well, second round, he was 32nd overall, but they could be an injury away from, you know, struggling at that position to find people. But Nick Herbig is another one.

You're absolutely right. This is a guy that, you know, undersized to 20 for an edge rusher, you know, get out of town, but no, he's been doing this from the day one. He stepped on campus. He is just running through people, running around people. The only problem is with him is I don't know where you find a spot for him because they got Marcus Golden too as a number three, number four edge rusher as well.

Where do you find snaps for Herbig? You know, more than eight or 10 a game. I mean, Waton, Highsmith are going to play 90 some percent of the snaps. So you look at defensive coordinator Terrell Austin and his work cut out for him just to get some of those guys on the team. And I'd be remiss not to mention something about Omar Khan and Andy Wiedel just putting together a depth team right here. I mean, every single position other than maybe cornerback, they got depth and that was by design. They got depth in competition. So, I mean, I know it's only preseason.

We're probably over hyping all of this because it is the NFL and anything can happen. But boy, they look like they're in the going on the right direction to me. They sure do.

It's just too bad they don't have a coach. You can put it all together. Wait a minute. I mean, he must be out of his mind. Tom, I'll see.

Right now. That is the dumbest storyline out there, honestly. And I keep saying it, you know, any Steeler fan that says this.

They have Tomlin fatigue is out of their skulls. He would truly he would truly have another job within five minutes, you know, and not and not the Rob Ryan style, like for real in five minutes. It's unbelievable, Richard. Just watch him. He's 17 years in.

I believe he's 5253. He has more energy than 22 year olds out there every single day leading those guys on the practice field. It's just totally amazing. I get tired sometimes just watching him coach and you talk about lack of fatigue. This is a guy that he loves what he does.

And when you love what you do, you don't work a day in your life, right? And that's how Tomlin is. And I think I honestly people in Pittsburgh probably not going to like it, but I think they're spoiled.

I honestly do. Why would they like it, Mark? I know people don't like being called spoiled, but put more meat on that bone, Mark. Well, well, they're spoiled because they have had a coach and a team that's been so successful over the past. They haven't had a more obviously losing season that that rubs people the wrong way because we say Mike Thomas never had a losing season.

The next thing out of people's mouths are. Yeah, but when was the last time you won a playoff game? That was 2016.

I do believe so. I think expectations are so high that when you do have three or four years without being successful, that people try to take swipes at you and want to move on and think it's better on the other side, you know? And it's not I mean, this guy is now has gone through two separate total rebuilds. He's never had a losing season through a total rebuild. Not to mention those rebuilds have only taken about two years.

That's unheard of. And, you know, unless you're Bill Belichick, right? I mean, so I think they're just used to winning. And if they don't continuously win division titles and then continuously play for AFC Championship games, people considered a failure.

And that failure would be then like, yeah, the division weekend of 2016 season, beating the Kansas City Chiefs to make the conference championship game, losing to Brady and the Patriots. That was the last time. Look, man, and I understand it. I'm a Yankee fan.

I think it might be something similar here. It's just like it's not about just 90 win seasons. Like you got to make the World Series. And I totally get it. But I also know Tomlin's the man and and I see what he does in practice.

Having having broadcast meetings with him, like you want to run through a wall, you know? And and and so I guess my last question for you, Mark Kabaly of The Athletic. So what? Why not the Steelers this year?

Why not the Steelers this year? And I know it's not your job to cheerlead here or at all. Like you you you tell it like it is.

Why not, Mark? I always look for the kinks in the armor, so to speak. You know, looking for being the negative person here. And it's hard to find stuff right now. The only thing I look at right now is an extremely hard division. I mean, the Bengals should be good. The Ravens should be good. The Browns should be a lot better. Extremely difficult conference, you know, eight, nine, ten deep. This can can can potentially, you know, make the playoffs. That's it. And I just need to see it in game action. They've crossed, checked everything off so far, you know, the OTAs, the minicamps, the preseason, the preseason games.

Everything is look good. The only thing we haven't seen from them is consistency throughout the games. Once you get into the season, you get 49ers right off the bat at Acre Shore Stadium.

That should give you a more read into it. But this is the NFL man. It's crazier things have happened. Didn't the Eagles go from like nine and eight to win it at all within a year?

So it's not totally out of the realm of possibility myself. I just need to see more of it because we have an absolutely perfect preseason and offseason like the Steelers have. I want to say that, well, it just can't be like this. Something has to rear its ugly head and, you know, knock them down a peg here with injuries or whatever it could possibly be.

I'm just like that at heart. So maybe, maybe not. I just think big time is this tough division, tough conference, and a lot of young people, a lot of new people. I truly believe, and I've been saying this for a while, this is the year before the year. I think they'll be good this year.

Next year, I think, is the year where you're talking very possible, a Super Bowl appearance. I don't know, maybe they arrive early and the glass is half full, Mark, because if I'm not mistaken, I just heard you say the word acro-shire without biting it off. Isn't that what you're supposed to do in Pittsburgh right now? You're supposed to bite that word off, as you said? I think people still just call it Heinz Phil around here. Hey, Los Angeles people still call it Staples around here.

You know, they just can't get past it. Thanks for the call, Mark. Look for more of my calls throughout the season. Greatly appreciate it. All right. All right. Thanks, Rich.

That's the finale of The Athletic. And again, I know that's his first foray here on the show. He just strikes me.

You just hear him. Doesn't strike me as a guy that's just going to, you know, talk about sunshine and rays and things like that. But I see what they've done, being at the Combine, being at the draft, throughout the whole process of the draft, and then the training camp season, the preseason. I don't know, man. Why not them?

He had a very good point, though. Steelers fans, and I know because I grew up amongst them all, they are, they're spoiled. They enjoyed a very high level of success, as you know, most Super Bowl, tied for the most Super Bowl championships.

They have a coach and they've done a great job, Rich. As you've said before, you're 54. The Steelers have had three coaches your entire life. That's correct. Three.

The year I was born was Chuck Knoll's first year. That's it. So the stability at the top of this organization is unparalleled, unmatched. But Steeler fans, and I do know this, they do kind of complain about Tom. And they say, well, yeah, we haven't had a losing season, but we haven't won.

The problem with the Steelers is much like Karl Malone and Charles Barkley and Patrick Ewing is they just happen to be around in the age of Belichick and Brady. And they shut down a lot of teams. And they popped through. And they did pop through. With Big Ben twice.

Yeah. But yeah, I Steeler fans, when I go home, I hear it. I wish I had those problems with my team. And they want to win. And you love Tomlin, but NFL fans are fickle, as you know. And oh, by the way, I was thinking when he said he's out there running out with this team and the energy level at 52, Pete Carroll is 20 years older. Slinging the rock out there. Throwing passes. I know.

By the way, did you see, totally non sequitur, but why not? Did you see that Kevin Hart pulled several muscles running the 40? Apparently he ran the 40 against Steven Ridley.

I have no idea what he did. And I want to give you props, Rich. You have pulled a hamstring, knock on wood, over the last how many years? Yeah. In a suit.

18 years. Sometimes with wing tips. Sometimes. And Kevin Hart's like 140 in and he's hurt? I don't know. Kevin, I saw on his Instagram feed complaining about hearing from so many different people in his life about apparently tore an abdominal muscle.

He's in a wheelchair. And he heard it from people and he said he was sick and tired of hearing it from people. And all I would say to Kevin is just reach out to me. I'll give you all the tips you need about prepping for a 40. Yeah.

And then running the 40, surviving and surviving. Thanks, Suzy. It's the first thing I thought when I was watching Kevin's video and he's he's in the wheelchair. He's like, I tore my abductors.

I don't know what that is, but I tore them. And I'm like, man, Rich is like for as many years you've been doing this. Thank you.

You've made it pretty unscathed. I'm just saying. And DJ, I was just thinking, why isn't Kevin crediting Rich saying, Rich, I got the idea to run the 40? No, no, I don't need any credit. I don't need any credit.

Well, Rich's credit, Suzy, comes when all the money rolls in the St. Jude's and all those checks. I appreciate everybody bringing this up. But not everybody can just get through it unscathed. And I want it multiple times. As you see, I run it multiple times, much to your chagrin. Now, Suze, that being said, that being said, for next year, we just should have you on deck just in case his abductor tears. Oh, she did it this year.

You know, we just got to have you on deck in case he blows something out. You finally ran it this year. I did. I did. You did it for our kids so they could see Mom running, too. So they could see that I did it. Yes.

Yes. And you got upset with your time. And I'm like, welcome to my world. But we got through it in one piece, unlike apparently Kevin Hart. I think you should record something for Kevin and post it and say, hey, Kevin. Just saying, I did. I did post on his site, you know, put a video out. Let's do a video. OK, let's get it out there. Let's do it.

Let's do it. Understood. And I did stand up in college.

So I have many lanes. Oh, I went to one show. No, no, no. Really? Did you really?

Yeah. But this was years later after college. I hadn't done it in years.

And I was on ESPN, so I couldn't really do my whole bunch of like SportsCenter anchors and me. Not funny. Were you dating at that point?

No. As a matter of fact, our children became further away from being possible. So after that night, just laid out, the Polaroid faded.

He told Suze. Is that it? It was all cringy. Now we're taking a break. We don't have to.

No, we do phone calls. And then there's your segment. And then I do want to take the pin out of the Seattle Seahawks talk. That's still to come right here.

TJ on college football. Previous Only We Can. Coming up. So switch to another podcast app and follow this show there.

Apple, Spotify or wherever you listen. We have a game that we play here called Start Bench Cut. OK.

Sort of like the you know what? Marry kill game. OK, where you keep it clean. We try and we'll start bench.

Well, we make the of that, you know, the marry part is the benchmark. OK. OK. So we give you three. Here we go. Start. Now, sit down and be quiet or cut. All right. Start bench cut here with Kevin Hart. Here are your three choices to play basketball.

It happens a teammate. OK. The Rock Cube or Will Ferrell. You have to start one of them. All right. Well, I'm one or if you've been in movies with all of these guys.

Yeah, I have. I'm a start. Will Ferrell. You start with Jackie Moon gets to start.

Jackie Moon gets to start just because I know he's got the passion behind the game. OK. His spirit is always high. I'm a cut the rock. I'm cutting out. Wow. He's out. Why? His attitude.

I don't like that, too. And you're going to bench. You're going to bring cube off the bench cube off the bench. I'm bringing cube off the bench because cube cube is too cool to play the whole game. So there's going to be moments with cube. Look at his sneaks. Anyway, I just realized I'm missing these. I'm right here.

I can sit down for a second and get you a new pair of sneaks. You got to keep him. You got to keep him calm.

You know, you don't want him giving you. Yeah. Yeah. You like just getting upset. I got to make sure that tomorrow's going to be enough sunglasses on.

It's too dark. Yeah. And plus, it's a smart move here with wills. The tallest of them all makes inside out game with you. Yeah, man. Well, man, we're going to dominate.

I got to start. Well, but the rock's out here. Kevin Hart, I just saw his video of running.

He ran it on pavement. Oh, my gosh. Help me help you, Kevin. Help me help you run in a 40 yard dash on pavement. My goodness gracious.

Get well soon, Kevin. Obviously, the Rich Eisen Show radio network back on the air with our Roku channel live stream. I'm sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grange with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger is the right product for you.

Call click Grainger dot com or just stop by Jimmy in San Antonio. Let's take his phone call here on the road. What's up, Jimmy? Como estamos? Yeah. What's up?

Hola, Susita. Sorry, I'm a Trevino, not a Garoppolo. That's OK, Jimmy. I'm glad you called in regardless.

Well, I have just got I'm a Trevino, not a Garoppolo. That's fantastic. You make me laugh. Question for Susie. But I want to say this.

So it's on tape. Hey, Brockman. F. Skew. Wow. That was rude.

What he did to you, Rich. It's OK. Appreciate it. It was funny.

Appreciate that. What's on your mind? What do you what questions you have? OK. You want you first or Susie? It's your show. Ladies.

Ladies first. Jimmy. Is it Jimmy? Susie, what the football, yo, I was your first ever caller with you and my crush, Amy Trask.

And now we have a new name. Well, we thought after the show, we're like, how can we make Jimmy happy? We said, let's start a podcast just for Jimmy. So what the football came around to me and we're starting on the 12th. We can't wait. And we're excited to do something a little different. Just take our chemistry.

You know, it's not going to be your downs and distance and heavy legged waist benders. It's going to be just a normal conversation about football and the stories. And there'll be ice cream involved. I'm just saying. All right. I'll provide my own mimosas.

I'm cool. There you go. Well done, Jimmy.

But you know, I will bring mimosas when I sit in for rich in the other chair. My question is about the NFC East. Yes, sir. With the emergence of Sam Howell and Isaiah Simmons going to the Giants, it's becoming one of the toughest divisions in the NFL. I still think if I had to choose tougher Eastern divisions, I'd take the AFC.

But let's see if Sam Howell makes it a four pack and let's just see if the Giants can keep it going from last year. And and yeah, I'm I'm with you on that front. You take a look at the hole there. Right. I know.

Absolutely. Isaiah Simmons is a sneak. I mean, I remember when Isaiah Simmons was coming out.

Thanks to call Jimmy and maybe Al from Dallas, when he calls back in, we'll confirm it. When when Isaiah Simmons was in the draft, Giants fans were like, go get him. They want him. And now they got him for a seventh. Seven. Yeah.

He was the number eight pick in the draft. I guess he wasn't just fitting it in the Gannon defense and just saying, show him the door. And and they're they're also pruning the tree just in case it falls flat for Caleb Williams. I'm serious, man.

I meant to ask you that earlier. Is this an indication that the the towel is being thrown? No, they're not. You don't throw in towels in the NFL. There's grown ass men who want to win football games on every roster.

And they want to eat and they want their own contracts and they want their jobs. And there is no that you do not take. There is no tank in the NFL. What you do is you prune that you prune the tree. But there is a script, though. There is a script that they have to follow in order to get through the season.

But you prune the tree. And and what they've done with showing DeAndre Hopkins the door and other matters, they with with with they did get Josh Dobbs, who I think is a a a nice player. You know, a good backup. And he he he could end up starting and I'd love to see it.

And he it makes sense. He fits in like if you're running an offense for Kyler Murray, you should have a backup that runs an offense that Kyler Murray could run instead of Colt McCoy. I know you want a veteran hand, but, you know, I just one other thing about the AFC the NFC West more on the subject matter. There was a move the Seattle Seahawks made yesterday and it just like, OK. Now, Jackson Smith and Jigba getting hurt. I don't know how significant it is. And of course, they're not going to come out and say, you know, several weeks or four to six, six to eight, whatever.

Or it could be less than that. I hope it is because the kid is insanely talented and you add him to, you know, an offense that has the I guess the author of the what? Absra abracadabra catch that we just saw in the NFL.

Abracadabra grab you. I wonder how many Keegan-Michael Key takes that to D.K. Metcalf and Tyler Lockett. And, you know, those young running backs, the young tackles up front, they're ready to roll. Yeah, Jackson Smith and Jigba and look out. The kid Bobo from UCLA might be making plays. Look out. OK, they can really play some offense, put some points on the board, and then defensively, they add Bobby Wagner back to the mix to show everyone if they need it the way it's done here.

The president returned from the publicist. That's your guy, right? Jamal Adams is going to be playing football for the Seattle Seahawks. Healthy, it appears in 2023.

And that is another guy on that deep. You already have those young, talented corners back there, too. And I know, you know, Susie Brockman left for the both of you to put me in a spot saying who is more likely to win their division? The Packers, the Seahawks. And I chose the Packers because I you know, it seems to be a more winnable division in the NFC North just in general. And the Seahawks and the Niners are just going to play some brutal paint swap and affairs.

And even if they split, we got to see what Seattle can do, I guess, but they can absolutely win this division as well. Jamal Adams is a terrific player that Pete and defensively they can employ all over the map. He's in places he shouldn't be, but gets away with because he's incredibly talented, just like Paul Amala used to do. Like, what's he doing there? He shouldn't be there. And then you hear from analysts who do all 22 saying he shouldn't be there because he wasn't supposed to be there, but he's there making plays.

When I saw that yesterday, I'm like, OK, he's back, too. So who knows what Seattle and San Francisco, it's on Gino to see if he can just keep moving his career forward and take another step up. If he's able to do that, they're going to be in great shape if Brockman is correct. And last year was a fluke.

I don't think so. But they've got a chance to prove it right away in division against the Rams, a so-called lesser opponent at home. Go out there with the 12s, beat them up if you want, and then at Detroit for them to go out there. And last year, that was, I think, a game that had maybe what, 80 points combined. And it's going to be awesome again. And everybody thinks Detroit is much better.

I'm one of them. Let's see what Seattle can do there. That is Detroit's home opener after they'll have an extra weekend off because they're taking on the Chiefs. Carolina at home at the Giants and then a bye. We'll see what happens. But Jamal Adams being back, that's one of those. Oh, yeah, that's right.

That's right. All right, T.J., you want to do it? You know my motto. What are you doing right now? What are you doing right now?

What am I going to do? Well, I took college football's all name team. OK. And decided to help them pad their pockets a little and presented them maybe some NIL deals that could be worked out. All right. Let's give some music. There it is.

T.J. Jefferson. How many names do you have over there? We got 20, so we're going to go. Oh, my gosh. Jeez. All right. Yeah. OK, go for it.

All right. So starting off, guys, we have Kool-Aid McKinstry of Alabama. I mean, obviously Kool-Aid's the easy one. But I like to think differently. I'm saying if you're Sonny D, you need to contact Kool-Aid and get him on your team.

Because think about it. I'm Kool-Aid. I drink Sonny D. It just makes sense. These are these are real names.

Aren't they real names? Storms, duck, duck. OK, out of Louisville, Aflac. When you think of a duck, you think of Aflac and you got, you know, the storm duck. Oh, my God. Major Burns out of LSU, Neosporin, Aloe Vera.

You know, Hawaiian tropic, anything that's going to keep you from burning up. OK, I think major birds and out dude person. That's dude wipes. That's easy. We have the coldest Crawford. Well, he does.

He does have a local deal, right? But I'm saying Frigidaire. Let's hook the coldest up.

Like, let's get him some extra money. The coldest Crawford has pockets. Then you got memorable fact on Duke out of Duke. OK, and with memorable factor, I figured when you have something, Susie, that a memory you want to keep, what do you do? You take a picture of it.

So Canon Camera. Suze, do you think do you think he's got a brother or father named Max? That's fact.

These are fantastic. OK. No, that's not a real name. There's no mobility.

He's from North Texas is a d-back. I believe his first name is Mohammed, but he goes by mobility. I'm thinking any wireless carrier should want to have a guy named mobility because you're mobile. You know, you're going to get service wherever you go. I think T-Mobile would be obvious.

But again, any wireless carrier should hook up mobility. This is my favorite thing you've ever done. Thank you. Then we got Tiger Shanks. When you think Tiger, you think Tiger Woods and golf. That's good. But when you think Shanks and golf, that's bad.

That's bad. The PGA Superstore is a perfect place for Tiger Shanks to be a representative of. In my opinion, Tiger Shanks Shanks and he got general booty out of Oklahoma. This was just too easy. This was the general insurance. I almost didn't want to put that on there because it was too easy to general general pirates. Right. That would be good. Pirate booty, pirate booty. Yeah, that could be it, too.

Then we got Pig Cage. That's his name. He's out of UTSA. He's a linebacker. Definitely not kosher.

What was his mom thinking? Jimmy Dean Sausage. I have a feeling Pig is a nickname. Pig is his nickname.

Yeah, I hope so. I figure, you know, pigs, sausage, bacon. Jimmy Dean, Pig Cage. All right.

Makes sense to me. That's half of the list. That's half the list. What else you got? Fish McWilliams. Some tuna. What's the best tuna? What's the best tuna?

Chicken of the sea. We can have that or Bass Pro Shops. I figure Bass Pro Shops.

Hey, I'm Fish McWilliams for Bass Pro Shops. Come on. That's a realist. Clark got my favorite one. The realist Clark, because he's the realist.

And Susie, if you want to make sure that people know that you're real, not only real, that you're the realist. That's lifelock. All right. Identity theft software.

OK, lifelock system, mother's identity theft, the use of personal information and credit score changes. I'm the realist and I'm here for lifelock. Come on. OK, you got squirrel white. What's a squirrel on a nut? That means planners, planners, nuts. The squirrel finds a Nazi should be down with planners. OK, this is obvious.

I don't know why nobody's thinking of this. You've got rowdy beers. OK, well, if you're thinking of a beer and rowdy, what better than Stone Cold Steve Austin? Yeah, that's the bottom line. That's the bottom line, because Stone Cold said so. Give me a little hell. Yeah. So rowdy beers.

I want you to hook up with Austin three sixteen. Get yourself paid my G. Power echos. His name's power like snap door cell battery. It gives you power power echos for door cell.

That makes sense to me, though, too. I got juice swells Junior South Carolina's got some good ones. If your name's Juice Tropicana or Welch's should be reaching out to you. Like, man, come on.

What are you doing here? Oh, juice swells for Tropicana. Well, just great. Got it.

All right. Hot Rod Fitten. My man's name is Hot Rod Fitten. So if your name is Hot Rod, you've got to get in the zone auto zone.

OK, OK. That's a place for Hot Rod Fitten to make some extra cash. Now, by the way, Teresa from Westwood one sitting here saying, don't stop giving away the milk for free. Hi, Teresa. We're almost done. Then we got my man, Kavashi, a smoke. I mean, that's amazing. That's the best. Oh, yeah. Or a big green egg.

You want to like Traeger Grill, something like that. Somebody called Jane Muskrat or can pet control. You got must scratch. You got pets. You got rodents.

You want a cup or get your pets under control. And then you got boogie night. Adam and Eve. It just made sense.

You don't know Adam and Eve go to the website. You can find what I'm talking about for boogie night. What school is boogie night?

Boogie night goes to Louisiana Monroe. I was going to say West Valley. It's about to say Van Nuys. Does Van Nuys ever play football team?

Oh, God. He's always played to Burbank. He's from he's from Torrance. He's a star. He's from Torrance. He's a star.

He's a bright shining star. And I was ready to shoot the scene. Yo, guys, I just want to make hopefully make these young cats some extra. And that's it.

You know, and I want to do something real quick, man. In the wrestling world, since I got the time, one of our greats passed away yesterday, Wendy Rotunda, OK, Bry, Bray Wyatt wearing a shirt. Just want to say condolences to everyone out in the wrestling and the WWE for losing that guy. But yeah, that's it. Thank you, T.J. Jefferson. Well, that was so good. All right.

Boogie night. I mean, those names are fantastic. That falls into the you can't make that up. Yeah. Cavassier smoke.

Cavassier smoke is a good one. Pasta. I mean, that's well done. But, you know, we had Fish McHenry with the Fish McWilliams was last year. And we were saying last time it was like we're just it's like somebody it's like something you call somebody like in a derogatory manner. OK, Fish McWilliams.

Got it. Didn't you do a scam with Fish McHenry once? Fish McHenry.

I don't know. Sunday morning sports. Fish McHenry.

I think I did a U.S. Open with Fish McHenry. The realist. The realist is another great one.

The realist is better than the fakest. There's a drop. Best dad ever. Jokes for days. We'll take a break and wrap up the show in a moment. We'll talk about the preseason week to come. You know what's going to happen tomorrow night. All right.

So Derek Jeter tweeted this out. Did you see this one? Anybody? I didn't. Here it is.

The sixth birthday party. Oh, my goodness. Looks like Derek's a girl dad as well. Just like. Look at that. Derek's in Mexico. It looks very nice.

He looks standing through. Yeah, we have a we have a picture of the cake, as a matter of fact. So there it is. I knew you were sorry. That's a rods cake that J.

Lo brought him. Nobody, nobody touched. That cake looks kind of good in Fenway Park. Look, the forks are still there. The plates are still there.

Nobody touched a rods cake. Is that really what that is? That's what it was. Remember when J.

Lo brought. They probably went to a Shometz last second. Right. OK, a Shometz a bank. OK, what is it?

What is it? The Shaw's. The Shaw's. OK. They probably went to a bank.

Yeah. To get some money back. They went to a shop and shop, right? Shop and shop.

Shop and shop on the way in. On the way into Fenway. Yeah. They didn't they didn't even put, you know, Alex. Alex didn't even do it.

No. And then and then nobody ate it. Could you imagine you presented it to him on air?

How dislike must you be to have nobody or people are afraid of you? If nobody on a television crew eats cake. Let me tell you something, Rich. That cake got tore up after that. You think so? I don't know.

You know how many crews I've been on? We're eating that cake. Do you know where I'm going after this? To buy cake?

Carvel. Oh, yeah. Speaking of Go Dad, what's going down tonight? What are we doing tonight? So this is not great. Hold on a minute.

We're coming back on the radio audience in short order here. I mean, let me that's what you're going to tell you. This is suspense coming up of what's going to happen in this afternoon.

Girl, dad wise. Oh, yeah. I kind of don't know what I'm what my role in all this is going to be. It's not going to be good. And you're not going to sleep.

I'm unaware of what my role is in all the sleep. I knew where you're going to. All right. Here we go. We're back here. Back on the Rich Eisen show radio network, part of our live Roku channel stream. Let me tell you what's going on this weekend. Nothing good.

Well, no, no, no. There's there's two there's two different emotions going on this weekend. First up tonight, what is happening tonight in our household?

Susie Schuster. So what's happening tonight? So we've got five little girls sleeping over for Taylor's double digit birthday.

That's right. She's turning 10. Take a next week.

Happy birthday. But tonight will be a L.B.K. pizza in the house.

Oh, there will be a purple Carville ice cream cake. Very good. And with a Kit Kat moat around the outside because her friend Emily had a Kit Kat Kit Kat moat around the outside. And, you know, whatever Emily, you does is great. Yes. Great mom.

Much better than the other Susie. Yeah. What we like. Yeah. Yeah.

And so that's Kit Kat moat. OK, so and then what happens? And then what are we doing? Five little girls sleeping over our house tonight post laser tag. Oh, my God.

It's a nightmare. Rich. Laser laser. I need a tag with frickin lasers. Is there a movie? Oh, yeah. There are there are movies.

There's a third Barbie. There are six tents being set up. No, Oppenheimer. We're getting a special screening of Oppenheimer for the 10 year old. There are six tents that we're setting up and you're going to have to navigate around.

Oh, yeah. Tents outside. They sit outside in the in the den. How do we fit 10, six tents? We fit. We fit.

Remember that 10 percent I talked about? That'll be tonight. I'll be fine. It's going to be a sleepless night in Los Angeles. Well, that's great. It's going to be great.

And I was hoping to get some rest for Saturday's sleepless night when Aaron Rodgers takes the field for the New York Jets in a preseason game that means nothing in the grand scheme of things. And yet means everything. Let me just say this. I can feel it. I can feel it. Let me just say this. I want to see Aaron Rodgers walking out slowly. Yeah, sure.

Why not? He's going to jog. I get it.

And the fans are going to go. Aaron Rodgers. Just understand, if you spell his name, New York, there's two A's in it. Double A-ron. And let me just say, I want to see two handoffs in a row. And once and I want to see one bubble screen. And if he gets a first down. I want to see two more handoffs. And a slam. And a deep throw. Oh, yeah, you got to have him throw a yard. Deep throw that he can throw quickly out of bounds. Aaron, I want your head on a swivel.

I want you fully hydrated. And I don't want to see Zach Wilson on the first Monday night of the season because you didn't do what I've just said. Look at Kevin Hart. That's all I'm saying. Look to Kevin Hart.

Another 40. Kevin thought he was fine out there on the streets of the mean streets of Los Angeles running 40 yard dashes against Steven Ridley. What are you doing, Kevin?

That's what I'm saying. Talk to me first. If you're Aaron Rodgers or Kevin Hart, I'm just saying I can help.

R-E-S consultant. I am not going to rest Saturday. Will the young ladies be gone Saturday night around four o'clock in the afternoon so I can sit down and just be alone with my thoughts and my remote and watching this game? It's funny because somebody just texted me about having dinner on Saturday night.

I think the answer now is no. Well, I mean, I don't know. I might be getting drunk.

You might be driving and I might need a few drinks. It also depends on who's asking. Greg and Amanda for Saturday night. Oh, I like those people. Those people. There are so many others that he doesn't.

I like those people. Honestly, I only have a couple of Saturday nights left where I can stay out past eight o'clock at night. These are very, very important times we live in.

His next five months are booked. This reminds me of a Seinfeld episode, but I'm not sure I can say which one. I think you know what I'm talking about. Times running out is what I'm saying.

What's the episode? Don't worry about it. Times running out. You know what I mean, right? Oh, I don't even want to ask.

It's not the press. So tonight, so tonight, like what? Honestly, what are the what are we going to do with the boys? They're going to be like wandering around the house saying, what the hell's happening? Xander's going out to dinner with Jake. OK, that's good. And then what?

Somewhere. And then what's Coop doing? Cooper is... Am I taking him to the movies? Playing the role of the middle older brother. Very good.

And then you're going to the movies or doing something else with Cooper. Oh, I don't know. Look, all I know is... We didn't even do my AFC showdown. Oh, that's what we got to do. No, we don't have time. We don't have time.

We don't have time. AFC South preview. Let's go. Thank you.

Thank you. AFC South preview. Let's hit it. Hang on.

Do I have a graphic? There we go. Jaguars, Titans, Colts, Texans. There you go.

He thinks it's the way it is. I'm Jaguars, Titans, Colts, Texans. Suzy Schuster. Let's see, Suzy. Hot change. Thank you. She puts the hot in hot change.

Jaguars, Titans, Colts and Texans. Really bad headshot. Come on, you guys.

And then finally, what's wrong with the headshot? I don't like that one. Oh. Oh.

Oh, little wrinkle. TJ. Texans over the Colts, huh? Is that a Derrick Henry thing? What is it?

Well, look, if they're going to be playing around with JT and he'll get him in the camp and they trade him, the Colts could be in trouble. That's just how I look. All right. Very well done.

Great AFC South preview. I'm not going to sleep all weekend. We can go home now. Thank you.

Thank you. Hey, Suzy, you remember that stuff that, I don't know what it was called, but you put on baby's thumbs so they wouldn't suck it? It's called hot sauce. We won't sit there and bite his nails on Sunday, just Saturday. Oh, this whole season with Michigan on Saturday and Aaron Rodgers on Sunday, it's awful. No, it's both Michigan and Aaron Rodgers on Saturday.

Suzy, record it, please. No, I'm saying this season. Oh, next year. I'm projecting. Oh, next week. Oh, I see what you're saying. Yeah. This Saturday, it's just Aaron Rodgers.

That's a memorable factor right there. It's going to be great. I'm not going to suck my thumb. No, I said bite your nails. I won't do that either. See, I would. I would ping him. No, okay.

Peg him with something. Thank you. Happy birthday, Scott. Thank you very much, Suze. Happy birthday, Scott.

From us and Tiger Shakes. I also want to thank Mark Cabali, RG3, and the Fantasy Footballers for joining us on this program. We'll wrap up on Roku in a moment.

We'll chat Monday about a healthy Aaron Rodgers. For over three decades, nobody has had a wrestling career like Arn Anderson. Conrad Thompson gets all the stories with Arn.

Thanks for watching AEW's Double or Nothing. Amy wants to know, what's this dinosaur taste like? It ain't chicken. It's like biting into a scented charcoal briquette, but chewy. Oh, that's disgusting. It sure is. And check out Arn every week, wherever you listen.
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