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REShow: Vic Tafur - Hour 2

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August 18, 2023 3:25 pm

REShow: Vic Tafur - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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August 18, 2023 3:25 pm

The Athletic’s Vic Tafur tells Rich why he expects holdout RB Josh Jacobs to be back with the Raiders by Week 1, how Davante Adams fits in with Las Vegas’ long term plans, why the Derek Carr/Josh McDaniels marriage didn’t work out, what Jimmy Garoppolo brings to McDaniels’ offense, why Maxx Crosby and the Raiders’ defensive line gives Vegas reason for hope this season, and why former head coach Jon Gruden is out for blood in his lawsuit against the NFL.

Rich and the guys preview the Raiders’ season and how their early-season schedule can make or break their year, react to the Washington Commanders naming 2nd-year QB Sam Howell their starting quarterback, and weigh in on the New York Giants’ 2023 season outlook.

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Ladies. This is the Rich Eisen Show. I don't feel we have carved on Trey Lance national live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles.

I don't think we are part of the national media that has been critical of Trey Lance. We've been one of the few shows who is pro the Rich Eisen Show because we just want to see him play earlier on the show Seahawks wide receiver Tyler Lockett still to come senior writer for the athletic Vic Taper, UCLA athletic director Martin Jarman and now it's Rich Eisen. Our number two of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. Great chat with Tyler Lockett last hour.

Martin Jarman, the athletic director of UCLA athletics will be joining us in studio in hour number three. He's making the drive down the 405 which is really it's a big ask here in LA. Nobody picks people up at the airport here. It's just ridiculous. Don't ask me. Don't don't even ask. I mean, it's amazing. Del Tufo will offer to drop people off the air. Yeah, the drop off and pick up. It's very different. But anyway, long story short is we're happy.

844-204rich is the number to dial. What's more likely coming up? Our usual Friday fun. And last year, again, Chiefs fans are still in my grill over my stance last year that it was time for them to finally not win the AFC West since Patrick Mahomes was there and I chose the Raiders.

Couldn't have been more disappointed. But I'm I'm I'm I'm still a believer in a lot of the talent on this roster. And a lot of questions surrounding Josh Jacobs and what's going on there. So pleased to have here on the Rich Eisen Show the senior writer from the athletic who covers the Raiders in the NFL and the host of State of the Nation podcast Vic Tafer here on the program. How you doing, Vic? I'm doing good, man. How you doing?

I am doing just fine. Let's just jump right into it. What is the latest with Josh Jacobs and the Raiders?

The latest? Okay, sorry to cut you off. But I think my guess is he'll be back for the first game of the season. He's not happy.

Clearly, I mean, but kind of you we need to see the run the state of running backs this week. It's not a lot of leverage for him. I think to walk away from $10.1 million which you get on the franchise tag.

I thought to ask him no matter how mad you are. That's a big stand to take. I'm not sure he's gonna be able to do that. So my expectations will be back before the first game. Any threat that the Raiders might rescind the tag and just say we'll split up your $10 million amongst other running backs and go that way? No, they want him back. I think they're confident once he gets back, it will be okay.

I think they are clearly. Whether they've been watching last year, he's very talented. They think $10.1 million is a good price apparently. And so they are happy to pay that price when he shows up. So obviously the Raiders are in this situation because they didn't pick up his 50-year option when they could have.

And then he goes and leads the league in rushing. Why didn't they pick up his 50-year option, Vic? Well, I feel they weren't that sure how good he was.

I think they watched the tape and it was good. But not really that caliber of guy. Not a guy who can really build around long term for the future. So I think they're willing to go ahead and let him play off the contract and probably not bring him back in the following year.

And I think he went ahead and ruined that plan by running for a billion yards and playing every play and breaking every tackle. So I think he obviously was better than I thought he was. And he's a very important member of the team as far as locker room goes and the guy players look up to. And the guy definitely wears, you know, his heart in the sleeve and every plays everything you have.

So the guy you want in your locker room. So I think they realized that and they brought him back up with a tag. Do you think that that's playing out?

The fact that they didn't pick up his 50-year option and made him prove it is something that is still stuck in his craw, Vic? Oh, for sure. I think we hear like the whole of the prove it here thing.

If you're him, you're like, okay, I love the league in rushing. So obviously I proved it. But we see it from the way it works. If it was running back from the NFL, you can prove it all you want. That's kind of an improvement.

You can plug guys in and kind of get by with it. So it's tough with the top running backs, guys like him and Saquon Barkley. So I think there's not a lot of leverage, not a lot of locker room unfortunately. So pretty much he has no choice really, but to come back and play under the tag. Well, I mean, the other choices is to say, how about you give me at least what you gave the Giants gave Saquon, which is a little bit of a sprinkle of difficult to achieve incentives. Are the Raiders putting that on the table?

Best of your knowledge? Well, it's tough because he had the league in rushing last year. So I'm not sure what's more you can incentivize.

How can you improve on last year? And the Saquon thing was weird. I didn't really understand how that clean came to guard so quickly because he was really upset. They had the Zoom call, apparently the worst Zoom call among all Zoom calls because a day later he flips and signs for like an extra $900,000. So I'm not sure there's like a handshake agreement. It's kind of wink, wink. But to me, that made no sense. And clearly, I think they probably view Saquon as a bigger part of the future than the Raiders do Josh. I mean, that's fair to say. So I think it's a little different in terms of what they're willing to do. But I think when they were negotiating, I think for Josh, you know, starting point was, okay, give me at least two years for 22 million, that's two tags back to back combined, $22 million. That's the starting point. But they never got to that point.

So for him, it was really a no brainer, not to find. Well, I guess what they could do is, say, lead the league in rushing again, you get a certain amount of money, you can also put an incentive on touchdowns, you could put an incentive on receptions, you could put an incentive on snaps, right? I mean, there are ways to do this. The question is, are the Raiders doing anything other than just saying, sign the tag, come back and let's play football based on your knowledge? Yeah, you're right.

There are different ways to do it. And then they might still be able to nudge a little bit. I think there was a video clip from the game last week where some fan was yelling at Dave Zicker about Josh Jacobs. He was like, hey, give him some incentives. And Dave was like, yeah, we might do that. So apparently that fan's involved in the negotiations.

He knows what's going to happen. But at some point, they realized that giving back a little sooner made a little happier, might be the way to go. I could see them maybe doing a little more than I have. But I'm not really sure they have a lot of basically back. So in their mind, why would you really pay more if you turn back anyway?

Again, it's not really, I think, clearly a part of your long term plan. Vic Taffer from the Athletic Raiders Insider here on the Rich Eisen Show. What's up with Devante Adams? What's the latest with him? He's good. He got a little nicked up in practice last week.

He's out here on this week of practice against the Rams. He looks fine. He's in good spirits for now.

I think he had a little thing in the off season where he said he wasn't quite seen eye to eye with the new regime. But things are fine right now. But I'd be a little concerned. If they have a slow start, it's a really tough schedule. If they have a slow start, I'm not sure he'll be as happy come week five or week six.

So good spirits. What do you think? Clearly, it's in there, right? Clearly something was up. What was he, do you think deep down upset about Derek Carr, and the treatment of him?

Anything like that? Like, what can you give me some big picture? I think he came last year as a big trade, you know, they came with two picks, and they talk to Super Bowl and they have like a bring a challenge Jones and they're making all these moves, an ultra aggressive thing. Okay, we're gonna try and win now. Clearly the season went off the rails and it kind of, you know, they benched his buddy Derek and Derek's gone and not really aggressive this offseason, not really a team. He's like, oh, they made a lot of moves, they're really trying to win. They're kind of in the weird middle ground. We're like, you know, they may try and win, we may try and see if we're going to rebuild long term, we'll see how it goes. So if you're going to the Adams, you're the best receiver in the league.

And not young, but not old, but definitely getting to that point where you want to get down to business. So I'm not sure he's confident in what exactly is happening as far as, you know, the drive to win now, which if you're him, that's all you really care about. So let's just say, as you point out the schedule, not easy. At Denver, at Buffalo, home for Pittsburgh, at Chargers, home for Green Bay to start. And obviously if Devontae and the Raiders go into that game against his former team on a Monday night in Vegas, let's just say under 500 or treading water or the issues from last year, big leads unprotected, happen and come home to roost, right?

I mean, in what form would his displeasure take in your mind? I don't want to put words in his mouth, but I could see maybe inquiring upon a possible move, possible trade. If you really are going to, at that point, I think the Raiders are like, okay, we are going to take a long term approach. We are going to try and get young quarterback here next year and build from the draft picks and stuff. And so maybe, I don't know, if there's a lot of money on the contract in terms of cap hits, so I'm not sure how feasible it is, but I could definitely see Devontae saying, hey, maybe this is not the perfect marriage that we all thought it was going to be.

Maybe I should go somewhere else where they're trying to win right now. Vic Tafer, the Athletic Raiders insider, State of the Nation podcast, host right here on the Rich Eisen Show. Why didn't it work with Derek Carr and Josh McDaniels last year, all said and done? That's a great question.

I don't know. I mean, I clearly like, sometimes people get married and would know right away, the honeymoon, you're like, oh, this is not it. I made a mistake. I think that was kind of the case. Those two guys think they thought they could, you know, I'll see Derek as a coach's, you know, kid knows how, you know, both how to, we offenses know he studies the game since he was like, you know, eight years old, knows all about them, X's and O's. I thought he and Josh would be able to kind of figure it out and kind of blend the analogies together, but never on the same page, different languages, as far as the offense goes, never really comfortable. I think that became more and more clear as the year went on.

Just, just a bad marriage, just personality-wise, I just think it doesn't click. So I think now Josh went and got Jimmy G, who knows the system from New England and they know each other really well. So the hope is that, you know, a familiarity and kind of a comfortable Mr. Giller will help the offensive better than it was last year. Well, I mean, and Jimmy G first came to the fore, obviously, in New England and had those moments of success when Brady was out that caused so many people to have Jimmy G on their radar screen.

We all understand why he wound up on the West Coast to begin with. All that said, is this just going to be that marriage all over again? How is his foot going into this season? Best you can tell, Vic. Yeah, I mean, so far, so good.

He's definitely, you know, he's a very popular guy. He was with the Mariners a lot from his year. People like his easygoing personality, kind of, he talks trash along the field and he's kind of different, different guy than Derek is, I think, in terms of, and the offense, I think we'll see, not the arm strength Derek had, but maybe better in the red zone, maybe in terms of weeding things a little better in tight coverages. And we'll see. I mean, definitely it's, uh, we'll see if Joshua Daniels can also adapt a little bit and kind of bring him back.

And I guess we're gonna try and use the stuff that Jimmy used with Kyle Shanahan and we'll see how that works. But no one really knows right now. I mean, training camp is just people kind of, you know, we're watching and trying to guess what's going to happen, but this is practice.

So you really don't know it. So, you know, the ball's flying for real. So I couldn't help but notice when I was watching, uh, Aiden O'Connell, uh, perform very well, by the way, against the 49ers in preseason.

I'm like, what, what just is jumping off at the screen at me other than how well he's playing? Oh, that's right. Number four, they gave him Derek Carr's number, Vic? Really? Right like that? Yeah, that was kind of funny. I think, uh, I think Derek got a laugh out of it. We heard about that. I think it's, uh, you know, it's funny because when it first happened, fans were friends.

Wow. How can this guy, his kid asked for Derek Carr's jersey and he had nothing to do with it. They, uh, they found the number.

He had nothing to do with number four. And it is kind of a weird number to give someone. I mean, Derek didn't, you know, he's the all time passing leader, not, you know, whatever, a legend, whatever, but still a little respect, maybe a little bit of a, you know, off, but I think it was clearly a sign by the regime.

They want to move on quickly and, you know, it's, it is what it is. I mean, it can be, you can call it a petty move if you want, or just not a big deal, but it's interesting. Definitely. It's definitely not, uh, not an accident.

Well, at least Vic, you know, um, the coach and everybody, uh, that comes from the organization that the coach came from, um, they just, they, they, they don't do anything, um, you know, without thinking about it. You know, I mean, of course something, you know what I mean? It's, it's, of course, this was a conscious decision, right, Vic?

It had to have been a conscious decision. Yeah, for sure. I mean, it's, it's, uh, it's, uh, we go in, I hate when I ever use the word, the phrase, preacher's way, but clearly everything here is kind of the preacher's way.

And that definitely is the same kind of deal. It's kind of like, uh, maybe it's a signal to the rest of the team, like, Hey man, he's gone, but you know, we, we moved on, you forget about him and this is a different team. So I'm sure there's a lot of layers to it psychologically. I'm not that smart, but, uh, whatever they did it and, uh, and here we are. Well, and then, you know, one last thing on Carr here, uh, Vic, that, um, last year, I think it was after that mind blowing loss to Jeff Saturday's Colts, where I think Matt Ryan is still the iron deer in the front lawn running down the field there, um, in Vegas, that Carr was crying, like in tears, um, at the podium talking about other guys in the locker room, maybe not, um, being as serious as him.

And he knows where he stands and things like that. What was that about? And has it been fixed in that locker room?

Do you think, Vic? Yeah, that game definitely was a low point. I definitely recall Matt Ryan running out of bounds and wait, he turned back in bounds to get more yards.

I love that so much, but that made a difference last year. But, um, yeah, Derek definitely broke down. I think at that point, he probably sensed what was coming. He probably sensed, this is not working. He was very excited about playing with Devontae. He's very excited about, you know, winning. I mean, they haven't won much in his nine years here. So I think he really was looking forward to last year, kind of being a turning point and there definitely wasn't.

So I think he sensed what was coming. So, the locker room was kind of a mess last year. I think it was, uh, they brought in a lot of guys from the Patriots, you know, and a lot of young guys and there was definitely a mix of, you know, some Gribbons guys still there.

So it just didn't ever click. I think you'll see, you saw this year, a huge roster turnover this year. So a lot more different guys, a lot more younger guys trying to get their own personality on this thing. So I think last year, the whole thing just fell apart and there were some really, really ugly, not just that one, but some really ugly losses last year which showed the team wasn't on the same page. So then I guess in wrapping up this conversation, how are things going to be different other than Jimmy G?

That's the obvious. Give me some other aspects of what you're seeing in camp, what you're hearing about, maybe in the locker room. How are things going to be different for the Raiders this year?

Well, the biggest reason for optimism is that the defensive line. They got Max Crosby, Kelly Jones had up and down here last year. He's in a little better shape this year. They brought in Tyree Wilson, the first round pick that just got to camp a couple days ago.

He was in a nursing foot injury, but he's back now. So they got some other guys on the depth charts. They're pretty good so far in camp. So the hope is that that trio and that pass rush and the interior push, Jerry Tillery's been great since coming from the Chargers last year. He's had a good camp. The hope is that defensive line is so good and gives so much pressure that it makes the job for the other guys behind them, which are really a bunch of no-names with the linebacker spot in the secondary, makes those guys better. So the hope is that the defensive line can push and make the defense a lot better than it was last year. Okay, so you believe we will see Josh Jacobs back in camp when? My guess is the weekend before the first game of the season.

I just don't and yeah, you're right. If they wanted to give him a little more money, it could be a little sooner than that, but I think at this point, they're kind of both people are kind of setting their ways and I think that's just the way it's going to go. I think he realizes he can't say no to $10 million and they want him back. But enough to get him, do you think, on the field? He will be week one. He's starting like Jimmy G's first hand off of the season is to Josh Jacobs?

I do. I think he's, I haven't talked to him in a little bit, but once I talk to him, he's in great shape. He worked hard all season. He definitely, he's got something to prove just to them, but I think the rest of the league and so yeah, I think he's ready to go. I think he'll be fine. He's a veteran guy, knows what to do and takes care of his body.

So I really have no other really great options. I mean, his rare wife is okay. He's the young guy behind him and they got Emre Abdul and Brian Bolden, but yeah, when Josh Jacobs walks back in the building, he's the guy.

All right. And now here's the last one for you, Vic. I had the investigative reporter from ESPN, Don Van Natta here yesterday and he said the lawsuit that is currently working its way through the Nevada Supreme Court from John Gruden is maybe the number one item on all of the owner's radar screen of concern. Is the specter of Gruden there anymore still in Vegas, Vic? Not so much.

It's in New Orleans, right? He's been showing up and helping out Derek with the offensive. But yeah, I think his shadow will always be here the way it ended and I think but and people are definitely aware of where he stands. I think he's in a good spot where he has so much money. He doesn't need to settle. There's really no number they can throw at him where he's like, okay, I'll settle because he's so rich and he's so upset about how this went down.

So I definitely believe he'll make a drag out and he wants blood. Why is it funny that he's helping Carr with an offense, Vic? Why is it funny to you? Just because of you know because of you know Derek left here and people try to turn the page but here's the old greatest coach help out the Raiders quarterback in New Orleans with, by the way, former Raiders head coach Dan Sallen there also. So it's all the Raiders fans are definitely watching with their with our eyebrows raised. Oh, I just thought it's because Gruden was never happy with any quarterback he's ever had anywhere without Nate Peterman around pretty much.

I thought that's what you meant. It's funny because he definitely when he first got to, you know, to the Raiders, he was not loving Derek Carr but I think Derek definitely grew on him and definitely yeah. He worked hard and Derek's a guy who wants to please his coaches, you know, at any end.

It's kind of ironic to work out with Josh but he and John got obviously got tighter and by the end, they were pretty close. Vic, I appreciate the time. Thanks again. We'll have you back on throughout the season and certainly keep an eye on things as as the Raiders play football. Always interesting. Thank you. Alright, bud.

Take care. You got it. That's Vic Taffer of the Athletic talking about the team that is going to be the host city for the Super Bowl. I'm ready for that week. That's going to be a little bit of fun probably. Just a little bit.

So, what do you, what do you, what do you make of all that? Josh Jacobs will be in. Davante Adams is, you know, in good spirits. Right now. Right now but if things don't start well, maybe he'll say trade.

Want to get me out of here? Do we have the Raider schedule? Can we throw that out?

Yeah, sure. We've absolutely we have it. Absolutely we have the Raider schedule and I just mentioned, how about that start? Three of the first four are on the road at Denver at Buffalo. Home for Pittsburgh. On a Sunday night.

The whole the whole country right? At Chargers. They're going to be 0 and four.

That's entirely possible. Then Monday night could if they're 0 and four and Matt Lafleur and Jordan Lover coming back into town, you know, maybe three and one, two and two feeling good about themselves and Davante's there going, you know. That's going to be a packer home game in Vegas, man. Home for New England. How about Jimmy G versus Patriots home game McDaniel's V Bellach in Vegas. You're going to go to that one.

I plan on it. Yeah. At Chicago at Detroit, home for the Giants, home for the Jets on Sunday night. Rogers. The trade deadline is what the thirty-first? Davante Adams is going to be asking for a trade. Well, I don't know if Mark Davis has Breer's phone, but I'm sure it'll be an exclamation point about not trading Davante Adams now or in October.

I mean, what week does Tom Brady come back? That ain't happening either. It's not happening. It's not happening. Hey, let's let's let's spin it. Let's spin it a little positive here.

Okay. Do you remember like hey if if McDaniel's and Carr were gear grinding as Vic Tafer was just saying and we all sensed it, although on the zoom prior to the Christmas Eve game against the Steelers, they both were singing each other's praises. I'm telling you they were singing each other's praises on the zoom call. It wasn't just like okay between us things aren't great here right, which some guys you know off the record, you know a couple of things we're dealing with here quarterback to quarterback Derek to Kurt Warner.

Hey, you know remember a couple of things you know we're like there's also ways of saying on the record a few things to say there's a few red flags here. We're dealing with they were all dealing with like hey, we're starting great. These games are going well. We could have been like if we held on to one of these leads, two of these leads were in the playoff race right now. That's true and they were in the playoff chase still for that final seventh playoffs, but that was a big Christmas Eve night game in Pittsburgh for both teams and when the Raiders lost it, they had one of those partridge in a pear tree playoff paths to the seventh seed this team needed to win that team needed to have a strength of schedule tie break and all that stuff. It was still alive, but they're like we're pulling the plug Derek's being sent home for Christmas. His wife's crying.

It's now time for. A page turn and so if they were gear grinding who runs McDaniel's offense in the manner and when he wants it run. This guy who got that big moment when Brady was what deflated right now when he got his run and didn't he get hurt Jimmy G during that run and Jacoby Brissett had to come in correct and he looked good correct. It looked well enough that the Niners are like we'll take him for that too that Bill is allegedly reportedly being forced to accept to get him out. Who's the guy who was coordinating the offense back in that day, Christopher? Yeah, it was Josh.

Josh is a great offensive coordinator who wants the offense the way he wants it that guy who can run it the way he wants it that guy who can be the Welker Edelman in this role on to rent from who can be the big tall receiver who is so dominant in this offense. You see what I'm going who can stay healthy enough to do all of these things. Sometimes Jimmy G has problems doing that. Yeah, so the guy in the owner's suite can't so I'm saying there's some there there. Don't do it. I don't know.

I'm not no no I care about you, but I don't think you could deny even though I just went higher register. I would be shocked if the Raiders made the playoffs dude at Denver. I'd be shocked is so tough. Bills right after like if we had to sit here and look at every team's I know what if I would like we maybe we should do this endeavor next week as we're twiddling our thumbs in the third preseason week waiting for the season to begin toughest. Maybe I'll do a top five list of toughest first two weeks. Toughest September September is just three games this year because the first Sunday of the season is October 1st. I mean the first Sunday of the week for Sunday is the first day of October got it first two weeks because everyone's talking oh and two oh and two the first two weeks are you two and oh you see your chance of making the playoffs two. I think you're like 15% to make the playoffs that was way back in the day.

Those conversations when there was just sixteen mere regular season games, but it's still very important tracks. I know 844204 Rich number to dial here on the program. Our number three Martin Jarman, the athletic director at UCLA is making his way down here when we come back.

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It was part of the run up promoting the film. We both played along well and the coaching we've gotten from Johnny Chan and Phil Hellmuth and a lot of these other guys stood us in good stead and II got some good cards and and won a few hands and everything we both had very like dramatic exits. II actually played a Johnny Chan tip. I played pocket nines when I was on the button and ended up with kind of I bet it as though it was an ace king or something like that. I got a middle flop.

I got a nine and a ten and then I got a second ten. So I had I had a pretty much unreadable full house. Yes, and I got beat by four tens get out of here by a guy named sir and are saying he quadded tens against tens against an unreadable full house and when I called and I had more chips than him when I flipped the boat the whole table exploded.

They were like he's going to take sir and I sing out of the tournament. Yeah and he flipped quad tens. Unbelievable.

Yup. It was it was incredible. I was going to say do you remember the hand that you went out with but how could you not remember the details of it too, but but he said to me later he goes he goes on 99 out of 100 times. He goes you would have not he could say it's I had no idea that you had that hand. I I'm blown away.

That makes it worse though doesn't it get worse. I still as we're talking about it, we're talking about it and I'm having the Saving Private Ryan moment where everything goes silent again and you know I was trying to play it off, but I just even a gut shot when they talk about being gut shot. I was gut shot.

That is the definition. Happy 54th birthday to Edward Norton. He's a cheerleader too at 54 back here on the Rich Eyes and Show Radio Network sitting at the Rich Eyes and Show Desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger has the right product for you.

Call or just stop by. Look at our phone lines. It's it's a friggin Christmas tree. I love it. Alright.

Where are we going here? A lot of win-loss game. I know people want to play win-loss game. Alright. It's it's Terzo gets he gets the he gets the front of the line right. It's like priority check-in. Right. Is that what it is? R-E-S-T-S-A.

R-E-S-T-S-A. Yeah. He's pre checked and clear. Terzo pre-checked. Alright. Terzo and I are back here in the Rich Eyes. What's up Terzo? Hey, what's up guys? Hey, we just probably better inform Nick just because it's legal in California to smoke pot.

You can't still can't be doing it while you're driving. Dude. It's like twelve and five look a lot better. It's the start of the start of it. Terza, you should have just said seventeen and oh man.

Seventeen and oh man. Oh, I'm I could I but I just I still have to be realistic. You know, you still have to you still have to try and play the game but first thing though, Brockman, I gotta come at you real quick. Leave my coach alone.

He does not have the most pressure on him just because you want to get rid of your future hall of fame. Go. Attaboy. Attaboy. Head coach. Leave my Kyle Shanahan alone, man.

Leave him alone. There's no pressure. Well done. Well done. Well done, counselor. Well done, counselor. Time to back up off the future.

Well done, counselor. Always but hey, I got one more thing for you, Rich. Yes. I do believe that the Browns are going to be sneaky good. Yeah. And I have a big feeling because I'm keeping Deshaun Watson in the fifteenth round in the fifteenth round of our one keeper league in our fantasy for Carl's. Okay. And I'm going to ride that. I'm going to ride that pony and if if he's the top five quarterback, I get huge value. Okay.

If not, I might be at the bottom of the league. Okay. Very good.

That sounds good to me. Hey, Terzo, guess where I was this weekend. Oh, don't tell me. I was. You were in Iowa?

I was in Iowa. Well, you didn't hit me up, my dude. Oh, man. Oh, bro. Did you go to the fair?

Nah, I was like 2 hours away from Des Moines so I I couldn't holler at you. Hold on. Okay. Thanks for the call, Terzo.

Terzo, I'm sorry. We're going to have to let you go because we have some business to conduct here on the program. It's Friday, right? Is it Friday? Today's Friday. Okay.

It's Friday, right? Yeah. You're going to do what's more likely shortly. Maybe I'll take one more phone call and we'll take it. Maybe we'll do that right. Yeah.

Yeah. But it's Friday, right? It's Friday. We've been here 5 days this week.

This is the Jay. You haven't been because you know it's here for a couple of days now. You're here, right?

Two or three. Wednesday. We spend a lot of time with each other, right?

We spend Friday is still the fifth day of the week, right? We spend a lot of time with each other. We're here on the air. Off the air.

Off the air. I mean, grand total of time that we've spent with each other. Probably.

Add it all up. Have you spent more time with us or say your kid? Oh, for sure, you guys. Okay. Alright.

So, just want to make sure because you know, your child might be just like many Los Angeles-based children. Overscheduled. Okay. So, you went where last weekend?

I was in Iowa last weekend. You know, here's the problem. Here's the problem. Yeah. We've known each other for a long time. We sure have. We're we're good friends. I would agree.

Feller, you know, we went to Dallas together and slept in the same hotel room. Didn't know that. Weird group. Didn't know that. We're good friends. Didn't know that.

Didn't have to. We're not good friends with TJ because because if you're good friends with someone, you know, when they've been to Iowa, you you know when they've been to Iowa because nobody goes there. Look, man, you know, from Los Angeles. I mean, from Los Angeles.

That's what I mean. Everyone like every every political is in Iowa right now. You know, caucuses are coming. There's certain people from Florida who don't live in Florida anymore. They're in Iowa.

What were you doing in Iowa? Oh, wait a minute. Do you smell an Ashton story? Yes, but it's also kind of a sad Ashton story. Not not not an Ashton story.

Just a I went a friend of mine passed away from Iowa. So, I didn't know that. Why didn't you? Why didn't you tell me this? It wasn't like a pleasant trip.

It was. Well, that's but that's how you share these things. Yeah, but I didn't want to grieve through sharing. I didn't want to put it out there.

First of all, my condolences. Didn't know that but you know, you could even come to me off the air and go, you know, you give me crap for never leaving my house. I was in Iowa this weekend and then you drop it with Terzo because Terzo lives in Iowa. That's my man and I know I'm big. That's your man. You didn't want to go to a concert with him. I also want to push back. That was a six-hour drive, man.

I want to push back. If I was in say Corona recently, I would have told Nick and Corona. Hey, where are you right now pulled over the side of the road? You would have been clearly high. What are you smoking bro? Give me some.

Fifteen and two. The Broncos in the win loss game. You could have been pulled Bruce Arians. Alright, Pete in Hilton Head, South Carolina. Let's take your call. What's up, Pete?

Just I was thinking about kind of a dumb comparison. Back in March, all the sports shows are talking about the Mets, Mets, Mets. They have Verlander. They have Scherzer, Pete Alonso. Yeah, they win 115 games.

They're the greatest. Now, here's five months later and they suck. So now in New York paper, people are going back. Well, we got we got Rogers. We got Dalvin Cook. We still got Sals Gardner. Maybe they're going to suck too. All this over-hype about getting these players.

They may not mesh. You know, Verlander and Scherzer and they're going on the road. I don't know how he's doing. He's hit a lot of home runs, buddy. Who knows Rogers, Cook, and Gardner.

You've been in the same world. Yeah, you're also forgetting Quinnen Williams and and Garrett Wilson. By the way, you know, you know, you're you're forgetting Breeze Hall. You're forgetting, you know, I could keep going on. I could go on and on but alright, you're by the way, another county heard from.

I appreciate that, Pete. We should do a new segment called maybe you're maybe you're going to suck too. That's a new show. They sucked. They sucked. Maybe you're going to suck too.

You're going to suck. Hold on a second though and and obviously. Pete Alonzo has thirty-seven home runs. I just want to point that out. Nobody on base. Uh sucking. So, I don't know.

Are you still on this trip? No, I think the Jets are more prepared to win than say the Mets. I think they're more set up would be the way to put it.

Who's the who's the Edwin Diaz on the Jets? Now, that's. And then you lose him and then you tell me how set up you are.

There is no. That's what I mean. Like that kind of really derailed kind of the best season right from the get-go. Right from the jump. Don't you think?

Don't you? Verlander didn't start pitching until the season was close. Verlander took a while to come back. Having no closer in baseball is like the runny nose, right? Like you just you can't stop the cold and it causes your whole body to feel like you're tired, you're achy.

It affects the entire organism. What's worse worse having no closer or two quarterbacks? I don't know. You should be you should ask that. You're the one with two quarterbacks.

You should answer that yourself. You have the second overall pick. I don't think down Roger's neck. But nobody in MetLife stadiums. Did you say? No, no, nobody hold on a second. Nobody in MetLife's ever chanted for Zach Wilson while the starters out there hurt playing hurt on national television. It's a good point. You know, we haven't done that one. Jones had a broken ankle last year, bro. All I know is play the tape back.

Play the tape back against the Bears. We want Zappi. We want Zappi with a chowder. Zappi rhymes with Quincy. Show cousin from Boston.

Zappi's not even as good as Malik Cunningham. I'm enjoying too much of these phone calls. Mets wind up sucking your team. Maybe your team will suck too.

New segment on the Rich Eisen Show. I hope the Browns are good this year. I hope the Browns are good this year.

Or maybe they might suck too. Right. Right. See how we're we're we're creating this segment. Oh yeah because Jay got that tattoo.

So that's why I got eyes on the elf back to the elf. On your butt. I don't need to know.

You know about it. I don't want to live stream. We live stream live stream from the tattoo.

You actually get you signed off on it. Not not proud of that content. Not proud of it.

I'm usually proud of much content. Not that one. We'll take a break. What's more likely coming up right here on the show? You know what we're going to do? We're going to do what's more likely top of our three. Great. That's what we're going to do.

You can do that. That's more more calls. Let's take more calls. Let's play win-loss game. Oh, by the way, Ron Rivera's made a call. We gotta talk about that too.

That's next on the Rich Eisen Show. Between the kids being home and hosting, everything in our house gets used up in summer. With Instacart, I can save money by stocking up on all my favorite summer brands. I saved time by getting everything delivered in as fast as an hour. And I saved myself a sink full of dirty dishes by stocking up on paper plates for the annual summer cookout. Save more on summer essentials?

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Rest in peace, Stitcher. And thanks for 15 years of service to the podcast community. So, switch to another podcast app and follow this show there.

Apple, Spotify, or wherever you listen. Alright, the League's Cup Championship match this weekend. Boom. Inter Miami will be taking on Nashville for the League's Cup.

That's fun. Do you know who plays for Inter Miami? Just quick guess.

We know Messi. Yeah. You didn't let him guess.

Oh. Oh yeah, he does. Nine goals.

Oh, you think I was gonna say someone other than Messi? Nine goals. Six games.

And he's amazing. Matches. Matches.

My bad. I think. It's like, it's too easy for him. Well, and everybody's awestruck, starstruck.

It's like me playing in Coop's Little League. Or it's like Kramer going to that dojo, right? Yeah, exactly. That's what it looks like right now.

I mean, it's like, it's amazing, but he should be doing that against this level of talent. It'd be like if LeBron went over and played in... I guess. I don't know. I mean, I'm sure the MLS players would push back, but.

No, Rich, they couldn't. Messi's level of talent. No. He just, they just bounced the, or he had one, and by the way, I believe, let me get this right.

Nine goals, four outside eighteen. Yeah. And so, they just bounced the Philadelphia Union and the Hungarian player, Danielle Gosdag went up to him and I guess chatted with him after the match.

And this went viral. Gosdag's wife wrote, he's never looked at me like that. Wow.

That's awesome. I mean, he is like, he is making love to Messi right there with his eyes. But in his defense, Chris, he sees his wife every day. And his wife's like. He doesn't see Messi every day? Oh, yeah.

He's never looked at me like that. That's so funny. So, it's a big setup for the big final on Saturday night. On Apple. Let's go. There you go. Yes. Which you can see right here on Roku.

Back here on our show, 844-204 Rich number two. So, Ron Rivera played Coy the other day when asked about who the starting quarterback is for the Washington commanders. Do we have that soundbite? Do we have that?

I think we do. From the other day. Yeah. Yeah.

I think we have that from the other day. My bad. Cuz we're all wondering, you know, how, how, you know, Sam Howell is kinda like a rookie quarterback.

Desmond Ritter is definitely the guy. He's a second year guy. Pick it. There's no question, right?

I mean, he's got it. Like, what are we really? We're gonna, we're we're gonna try Jacoby Brissette when you got this kid. You snagged him in the fifth round and the reason why he dropped to the fifth round from North Carolina. Mac Brown, his his coach at Carolina told us this going into the draft when he, when we had him on the show. Hey, look, we didn't do him any favors.

All of our good kids or I shouldn't say that. He's like our best foot that we had forward for him was 2 years ago. This past year, we didn't do, he didn't, he didn't have the best setup here but he's he's great. You should draft him and Washington, you're gonna try him on for size? You're gonna just see if Jacoby Brissette can start again.

So, kind of like, what gives with this answer from Ron? Well, again, I said, I gotta sit down with with with both Eric and Sam, our ex Eric and Davida and really evaluate it and and make sure, you know, he's doing the things that we need him to do and and and yesterday, he had a really good day. We're really pleased with it after having to watch the tape and we'll see how it is after we get a chance to watch this tape together. You know, we're we're traveling today so we'll sit down tomorrow and and and go through it and and talk about Sam and and and and really just evaluate that and evaluate Jacoby as well.

I mean, Jacoby did some really good things too. So, we feel really comfortable at the quarterback room right now. Well, I must have sat down, sit down, happened between that soundbite and today's tweet that came from the commander's website and the Twitter account and all that business part, ex account.

Stop. Sam Howell is the starting quarterback of the Washington commanders. When they start week one, it's going to be him against the Arizona Cardinals and one would think a nice soft open.

Colt McCoy has entered the chat. There is. Who knows? No surprise here.

Zero surprise. I mean, this is it. You got to see what you got with him. Yeah.

See what you got with him. I honestly, I kind of think that's the mantra of the entire Washington commanders season for with everybody. Open audition for the new owners. When I say, I mean, everybody, you could even put Rivera on that clock. No doubt.

And that has nothing to do with him or anything other than the fact that it's always a frightening thing when there's new management in town. Yeah. Just ask everybody that you're here on this campus or with us, right?

Happened to me. Always. Always.

You want to come and put some people in? Let's see what you got with this guy. Eric Bienemie. Let's see what you got with this guy. Sam Howell. Kind of know what you got with Terry McClory. Yeah.

Throw it deep to that guy. Nice swag. That's it.

Jahan. Terry Howell's got the weapons and that's my other shrug emoji team of 2023 from the NFC. I told you the Browns were the AFC. Washington commanders. You tell me.

They could they could make some hay man. If this kid comes out of the box like one of those rookie quarters. Let's just throw it out here. Just you know. If he comes out of the box like some of these really good rookie quarterbacks in the previous days and you can see or go, whatever, Rich. Fine.

You never know in this league. Take it away. Here's Sam Howell. Ron was saying that the approach he kind of took was it was your job to lose and so what was it like, you know, knowing that you kind of had to live up to those expectations day after day and just kind of putting that out of sight. Yeah, I mean, honestly, I didn't really think about it. You know, I just tried to do everything I could to come out here each and every day and just, you know, try to be the best player I could be. I wasn't really worried about anyone else's expectations except for my own.

You know, I have a very high standards for myself and so I just came out here every single day trying to be the best that I could and if I make a mistake, just try to learn from it and so from a mindset standpoint coming into this, it really wasn't anything different than what I'm what I used to. There you go. Here we go.

Let's go. I'm just going to throw it out here. What if he comes out of the box like Justin Herbert? He's five inches shorter. She's not the same height weight. Okay. I'm not comparing like his. I'm just talking about results. Not all the wins, but it's just like, oh, okay. I get it. This is why he's the starting quarterback of the Washington commanders in the same way that Justin Herbert when he came out of the box, it was apparent to everyone except apparently Anthony Lynn for like 3 weeks that he's the guy right.

Okay. What if he does that? What if he does that and Chase Young comes back and he's looking healthy and the defense looks like the team that can really put the bang thing on you and this team looks like the team that handed the Eagles their first loss of the season. This is the team that looks like the team that handed if I'm not mistaken the Steelers their first loss of the season a couple of years ago. One of those teams that can not prevent you from yards after the catch on defense because they can really buzz around and I'm just naming only a handful of people here.

I'm giving you the the outskirts of. What could be a really successful season or they're terrible and we're throwing Jacoby Brissett and they're hoping they keep losing games because Josh Harris and the rest of the ownership group Magic Johnson's like look I live in Los Angeles. There's this quarterback out there. Let me tell you about him and he's and he'll he'll he'll tweet it out like this Caleb Williams guy just went twenty-two of twenty-five for 403 yards and four touchdowns. I think he might be the Heisman Trophy winner again. He better not do that because it could be one of those like what I'm about to say is a positive because I've said a lot of not whoa whoa whoa you hear that you just say it. You don't don't don't say I'm going to be positive and then be just say it.

Well, I'm going to be this is a positive because I've said a lot of bad things about this person recently. Okay, Sam Howell ceiling for his first year is a Baker Mayfield type rookie season. Remember Baker in twenty-eighteen. Yes, set the rookie touchdown record. He had twenty-seven touchdowns. He was second in offensive rookie of the year. I think that is best case scenario for Sam Howell and best case scenario is that he proves you drafted wisely.

Don't worry about quarterbacks from going out. You got the guy exactly at least till next year, right and hopefully you can take Eric the enemy's mean words. He got in my face and yelled. He's mean. What a big old meanie offensive coordinator with his X's and O's and all the expletives and O's. He ear holed me. Eric B.M. he said the Eric B.M. will be your best friend. Oh my goodness.

He's expletives and oh my goodness. Alright, Mike in North Carolina. Let's take his call to be fair and balanced and let's go. Let's go.

Let's go. Mike, how are you? I'm doing fine. How you guys?

I am doing fine. Alright, Mike. We have what's known in the radio business as a hard out. I've got 3 minutes for you. I think I know what you want to do.

Tell us what you want to do. Uh win-loss jets. Win-loss. Sorry, not giants. Giants. Giants.

Okay. Win-loss Giants. Let's do Giants.

Cuz we just sang the praises of the possibility possible praises of the Washington commanders. I need NFL films music. Here we go. This is Mike in North Carolina.

Interesting spot to be a giant fan. Here we go. First up Mike home for the Dallas Cowboys.

What do you got? That's a win. I heard that at the Arizona Cardinals win at the 49ers on a Thursday night loss home for the Seahawks on a Monday night win three and one at the Miami Dolphins win two will be hurt four and one. Oh my gosh. Wow. That's some salty. That's a salty to a comment there at the Buffalo Bills loss.

Oh man. Oh Dayballs homecoming's a loss. Alright, home for the Washington commanders win.

Heck with your good talk of the commanders. Rich five and two home for the Jets loss. I'm on Jets. Alright, five and three at the Raiders win six and three at the Cowboys. Also, I'll give the balance because they're at home. Six and four at the commanders win. Seven and four home for the Patriots win. Eight and four after the bye week home for the Packers win. Nine and four at the New Orleans Saints win. Oh, ten and four at the Philadelphia Eagles on a Monday night loss. Ten and five home for the Rams win. Eleven and five home for the Eagles loss. Eleven and six. Stay with her.

Stay healthy. Philadelphia is going to be hard to beat. Alright, there you go. Thanks for the call. Mike in North Carolina, everybody. Eleven and six right down.

Mike from North. I'll take the NC. By the way, how about this giant schedule? Forget the NFC East. We know that's coming. Yeah.

How about this one? They're at the 49ers tough. How about home for the Jets? Dude, that might break WFAN.

Oh, that week. Yes. If both teams are really good and need it, right? Or both teams are desperate and really need or you know, it doesn't matter what they are. It's going to be huge. It really doesn't matter. Yeah.

Unless they're both like two and two and five, two and six and then it's just like who cares. That would be a nightmare. Dude, at the Raiders, how about Belichick and the Giants? Home for the Patriots. Giants Patriots back in the old day, man.

It's Bill. Going for an undefeated. Bill homecoming. Right? A Bill homecoming and a day ball homecoming at the Bills.

That's another tough. Yeah, baby. Huh? Day ball saying, okay, I love you Josh Allen but I got my own Josh Allen and Daniel Jones.

Wow. I want to see his face. If you could only have seen his face. That's the face right there. That's the face. God bless fans. Cuz they don't know anything and they're so delusional.

I mean, that's just. You're one of them. What are you talking about? God bless fans.

You're one of them. I am realistic. Oh, oh. By the way, you're not going to hear me.

You're not going to hear me come on this show and say the Pats are going to fifteen and two. No, that's true. You know what I mean? No, that's fanatic. You're a fan. Those are fanatic. I'm a fanatic but I was pretty, I said eleven and six.

That's more likely than the Giants going eleven and six. You know what? You know what?

You are fanatic. You know why? Cuz you're on that website for eleven different hats and jerseys.

That is a photoshop. That don't mean nothing. You need gear. It don't mean. You know, if you work for eleven teams, you need gear.

You need a lot of gear. Everyone talks about Russell Wilson's ten. I talked about it in hour one with who knew? Real estate magnet.

A tire locket. I said, you know, I said, did you, were you the one who sold Russ that ten bath house? No. And you know, if you have ten bathrooms, you need like ten or you know, you need ten. Big word alert.

It's like a, it's, you know, like a what? No, it's shelving. You need shelving. Got it.

Oh, okay. You know, you need ten plungers. You need ten. I mean, towels. Yeah. It's a lot. A lot of toilet paper.

Same thing with him. You got all those teams. You need hats.

Shirts. Look, this is football season. I only root for one football team. That's it.

Okay. That's the Dallas Cowboys. Penn State. Florida State. Florida State.

We're talking pro. There you are. Florida State. You gotta put Colorado on there. Georgetown must have a team.

I'll accept Colorado being up there. I will actually. For over three decades, nobody has had a wrestling career like Arn Anderson.

Conrad Thompson gets all the stories with Arn. After watching AEW's Double or Nothing, Amy wants to know, what does dinosaur taste like? Um it ain't chicken. It's like biting into a sinewy charcoal briquette. Ah. But chewy. Oh my god. That's disgusting. It sure is. Check out Arn every week, wherever you listen.
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