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REShow: Steve Young - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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August 23, 2023 5:49 pm

REShow: Steve Young - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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August 23, 2023 5:49 pm

Rich breaks down which teams make the most sense to trade for disgruntled Colts RB Jonathan Taylor including the Dolphins, Rams, Bears, Cowboys, and Broncos.

Hall of Fame QB Steve Young and Rich discuss how the 49ers depth chart could shake out with Brock Purdy, Trey Lance and Sam Darnold, if Darnold has a future in the NFL as a starting QB, what situation would allow Lance to develop into a starter, why he’s “bullish” on Green Bay Packers QB Jordan Love, and Aaron Rodgers embracing his role as a mentor with the Jets.

Rich chides Rams season ticket holders Mike Del Tufo and Brockman for actually NOT attending very many Rams games at SoFi Stadium.

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Meanwhile, back at the Jets' Ranch. This is the Rich Eisen Show. Robert Sala confirming Aaron Rodgers will indeed get his first pre-season action. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Do you think they're going to put him in a position that something bad is going to happen?

Anything can happen. Today's guests, Pro Football Hall of Famer Steve Young. Texans linebacker Will Anderson. NFL Network insider Ian Rappaport. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Well hey, what's going on everybody? Welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show.

Live on the Roku channel in this terrestrial radio affiliate, Sirius XM, Odyssey and more. We say good Wednesday to everybody listening, watching, greatly appreciate your viewership. As always, with the NFL season beginning two weeks from tomorrow, we've got a lot of football to discuss. Not just because we love talking ball here, but I don't follow baseball anymore.

I don't know what that sport is any longer. Do you need me to tell you what happened last night? 9th straight loss for the Yankees.

They lost 2-1. 8th straight win for the Mariners, huh? Correct, yeah. J-Rod on fire. Okay. You can watch that. Well, hey, we just talked some baseball. Let's turn the page then. Verlander cursed at Alex Cora, that's all. Verlander, vintage performance last night. He was back. That's a shock.

Yeah, I know. Well, at any rate, 844-204-Rich is the number to dial here on this program. We've got a big time holdout in Kansas City to discuss. Aaron Rodgers has discussed with the media his decision to play football this coming weekend.

And as I mentioned, 844-204-Rich number to dial here. He heard from Brockman and Del Tufo a good Wednesday to you. TJ Jefferson, your thoughts on Justin Verlander looking as good as he looked? It's no surprise, really.

I mean, he did nothing while he was with us and all of a sudden he becomes vintage Justin Verlander. By the way, I like the cap matching the shoes today. I noticed the color scheme right here. It's pink. On Wednesdays we wear pink. I like it. It's a good Wednesday then.

Well, I guess. Ian Rappaport is going to join us in the third hour of this program. My colleague from the NFL Media Group. He also had NFL Films cameras just like they followed me around at the draft in Kansas City. And the results are coming right here to the Roku Channel on Friday with an NFL Films documentary called NFL Draft.

The pick is in. I saw it last night at the NFL Network at a screening. It is dynamite.

It is fantastic. Ian is going to be joining us in hour number three, not only to help promote this fabulous documentary you should all seek on the Roku Channel, but also there's a lot popping in the NFL. There is a great sequence in this documentary about the Houston Texans doing what they were doing in the draft, drafting CJ Stroud and then shocking everybody by trading back into the third overall pick in the draft to take Will Anderson. And then we saw what the Colts did in taking Anthony Richardson.

That sequence of events, drafting Stroud, then trading back to draft Will Anderson, and then letting Anthony Richardson drop to the Colts might play out over the next 15 years in the AFC South for both of these teams taking on one another with Stroud versus Richardson going to go point for point and Will Anderson trying to put Richardson horizontal. And Will Anderson is going to join us in hour number two. Steve Young, a Hall of Famer, joining us in about 15 minutes time. We'll be on time for Steve, best we can.

844-204, Richie, and the number to dial. Jonathan Taylor still waiting or trying to see what his agent is cooking up because his representation is probably in that 24-7 mode right now with the Colts and Jaguars getting set to face off two weeks from Sunday. In week number one, and we've been on record quite a bit here on this show about how I feel about the running back market.

So I'm going to spend some time here to kick off this program. Which teams should trade for Jonathan Taylor? And it's not a top five, although I do have five teams here in front of me because I kind of want to spend a little bit of time on all of them. Because again, you got to be willing to pay him and you got to be willing to give up the draft capital for the right to pay him. And you've got to be willing to tell everyone in your running back room at this late stage of the game, we're going to take some carries away from you. And we're going to bring somebody in who's got nothing to do with the organization, hasn't put in any blood, sweat, and tears here, even though he has a sterling reputation. He's still in the NFL when somebody comes in, is someone that's going to be taking carries away and maybe food off the table. So this is quite a scenario and what you kind of need to find is either a team that's needing that major last boost to go for it, or is in need of having somebody because they're hurt, they're banged up in that room, or just to give a breath of fresh air to that room right into a playing season to let everyone know, go get them.

Again, that's an expensive go get them in terms of draft capital and in terms of money. And so I haven't sat here and looked at everybody's draft capital for 2024, nor have I gone through the capology of it, but I've identified these five teams. One of them is Miami, okay, because they didn't get Dalvin Cook and they didn't get Zeke.

I don't think they were on the Zeke trail, they might have been, but they were definitely on the Dalvin trail, or at least Dalvin was on their trail. And you look at their room and they got two guys on their depth chart with the dreaded red letter Q next to them. Miami is opening the season right here in Los Angeles, just down the 105 speed freeway from this studio at SoFi Stadium. Miami's opening up at the Chargers. Jeff Wilson Jr. and Devin A-Chain are questionable as of right now. Again, two weeks, but A-Chain is week to week with a shoulder injury, yikes. Raheem Mostert is there, Salman Ahmed is there as well.

Ahmed, we've seen him run, we've seen him play. You want to get Jonathan Taylor? You see what's going on with the Jets? You see what the Bills have done and are doing?

Do you want to get him? That sure seems to me would be a major move by the Dolphins right at the outset of the season to say, we are going to win this division, we just need to keep the point total where it is. And if you are going to try and stop the track meet at wide receiver, here comes Jonathan Taylor at you. And then Vic Fangio, our new defensive coordinator, is going to slice a touchdown per game off of our points given up total. And if you're Jonathan Taylor, you look at Mike McDaniel and the Kyle Shanahan and the whole Shanahan zone run scheme, that's a place you should want to go.

Man, no state taxes. That's a 2,000 yard season incoming. Another one is Denver. Would Denver do this? When you're in this division and we know the defending Super Bowl champs are in this division, we know you need to control a game in this division to keep number 15 on the sideline getting antsy.

Then you need to make sure that the Chargers don't go on some sort of track meet with you, and you want to balance things for Russ. What did Russ have in Seattle? A running game that I think led to the whole let Russ Cook situation. Now they have Javonte Williams back coming off of a knee injury, and the Jets decided to say, hey, we'll get Dalvin Cook to make sure Breece Hall doesn't have the whole load on him.

Samajay Piran there is there, though. And you know, Bengals fans will let you know. Last couple of years, he had some nice runs, some nice run when Mixon wasn't in. Tyler Batty and Tony Jones Jr. is there as well. Chicago. Do the Bears go for it? Did they go for it? They sure have the draft capital.

We know that. And it would be ironic, again, that the Bears take the draft capital that they got from Carolina, and Carolina had a lot of that draft capital because San Francisco gave it to them for McCaffrey. And so eventually the second generation of these picks from McCaffrey winds up bringing Jonathan Taylor to Chicago and a contract to Jonathan Taylor that he wants. Bears fans would adore him. He would be the toast of that town. And however.

They've got. Khalil Herbert, who we saw go on a nice run after catch, he's pretty darn good. How about Dante Foreman? He was nice at the end of last year.

He was. Rashawn Johnson, Travis Homer as well. They just want to go with that and keep building. Don't make some bold, big move right now. On the outset of the season.

I've got one for you. I don't think they have the picks or the desire to do this. But what about the Los Angeles Rams saying, let's bring Jonathan Taylor here just when you think interesting. We have run out of picks and we don't want to make this move.

Money wise, and I don't think I don't know if they have the desire for it again. I'm just saying Cam Akers, Kyron Williams, Zach Evans. Ronnie Rivers. How about let's go Jonathan Taylor. For Matthew Stafford. And Cooper Cup, Van Jefferson. Let's see what's going on there.

Again, I don't know if they're going to do it. But this wouldn't be a bad spot for Jonathan Taylor to come and say, OK, everybody thinks it's a Seattle, San Francisco division. Sean McVeigh, do you want to dial up plays for Jonathan Taylor?

You want to give him 20, 25 carries? Remember what it looked like with Gurley? It looked real good. Remember what it looked like? It was a Hall of Fame trajectory for a minute.

It wanted to be a fantasy title. You know, they had a couple of running backs in their Super Bowl run, right? As well. Malcolm Brown was in there.

Well, they had they had Sony, Michelle making some runs as well. What about Dallas? I was waiting for this one. No brainer. I don't know, because I'm sure Jerry's looking at that cap and going, we got Zeke's contract.

Hot EOS. We're finally through that, and everyone points to the Zeke contract as the contract kind of set things in the that set things into turmoil on the running back front. Well, it was Gurley's, too. It was Gurley then Zeke back to back back. You know, it kind of broke the bank for running backs.

It caused all these teams to kind of pause and wonder if this is the best course of action. By the way, I forgot to mention C.J. Anderson for the Rams.

That's what I was thinking about. Tony Pollard, Rico Dowdle is currently second on the depth chart at Dallas Cowboys dot com. And with the Rico Malik Davis, Ronald Jones is suspended. Deuce Vaughn, Deuce Vaughn. I mean, you know, and again, he's in this. His drafting is an incredible part of this Roku Channel documentary. The pick is in.

Oh, yeah, that's awesome. But you know, the one team. That could use Jonathan Taylor the most. Hmm.

It's simple. The cult. It's the team that currently employs them. Zach Moss has got the dreaded cue next to his name. Deon Jackson. Evan Hall, who they drafted. And there is an interesting part about Deuce Vaughn's. Drafting in this documentary, the pick is in on the Roku Channel on Friday is, you know, the Colts drafted Evan Hall in front of him. And you watched how that affected his his dad, Chris, who's a scout for the Cowboys.

It's really incredible. But. The Colts could use Jonathan Taylor the most. He's already in the building. He's been in their program.

The number 28 jerseys have been flying off the shelves, I'm sure. They need him. Anthony Richardson needs this guy. The mesh point with these two studs in the backfield.

You will not know who's got it. And if Anthony Richardson has it and he finds Pittman and Alec Pierce and those seven foot tall tight ends that they have. This is what Richardson needs.

This is what Shane Steichen needs. This is what he can bring to the table from Philadelphia. Now, you can also sit here and say Philadelphia had 15 running backs who would score. You know, but I don't know if Boston Scott and Kenneth Gainwell are walking through that door. You know, I don't know. Can Zach Moss do it? I mean, Bills fans might be able to answer that question.

Deon Jackson? Really? We're going to go into the season because you're making a stand.

How about finding out later? Because I believe and I don't have. I mean, Chris Ballard, we try to get him on this program to help promote the documentary because he's. The Colts are widely featured in this documentary, but. Understandably, he's not going to make calls and do media right now. Some other issues, because, you know, any sort of statement or nonstatement or. You know, denial or nonconfirmation can change the dynamic here, but I believe this has reached the point of man, we love you. Man, we're going to do a contract after this year with you. But not before is just that's just not going to happen. We love you, but it's just not going to happen.

And. I'm sure they've laid out their reasons why. But this just has the feel to me of we love you if you want out.

There's the door for you to go find it. And if you find the spot that's willing to pay you, we'll talk compensation with them. And we're already hearing in Ian Rappaport will join us in hour three. What is the compensation?

Is it so. High and or potentially onerous to another team that they won't make the trade. How will that. Leave Jonathan Taylor feeling, maybe just maybe they. Sprinkle a little or say dollars on top and make find the number that has him. Ready to take himself off the physically unwilling to perform list.

Move off the physically unwilling to pay list a little bit, because, man, I honestly I looked at all this. Two weeks before the season for all of these teams that might he might be a fit for. It's not one that just jumps out at you where they can win a Super Bowl and they're running back.

Just went down Teddy Bridgewater style like that doesn't exist. Perhaps it will after this final preseason weekend. And I'm not rooting for that at all. And I'm sure Jonathan Taylor isn't either. But that might change the dynamic. That might change the dynamic. But right now there's one team where it jumps off the page.

Needs Jonathan Taylor. It's the one that has him. When do you have to change his mailing address? I'm telling you.

You have to change the GPS settings in your car. Eight four four two or four rich number to dial Steve Young when we come back. What does he think of what's going on in his old digs? Kyle Shannon said, why can't Sam Darnold be the next Steve Young? We'll ask the actual Steve Young that and so much more on The Rich Eisen Show.

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Subscription auto renews. Shower in the morning. You walk in here unshowered every day. I showered before I went to bed. And then how dirty did I get?

I don't know. I mean, just same sleeping. OK, so you shower at night, right? Not two showers a day. You don't do two showers a day. What's the purpose of keeping yourself clean?

How dirty did I get sleeping? I don't know. I don't know. Just wondering.

We had this talk a couple months ago, so I'm glad you guys are discussing this. So, OK, let me get my popcorn real quick. My sheets are clean because I'm going to bed clean.

OK, so how dirty did I get? I don't know. You can have night sweats.

You can have something. I don't know. What am I, Del Tufo?

Mike, do you have night sweats? He's just not even paying attention. What were you doing? What were you doing?

What were you doing in this very important conversation while we were going to bring his TV on? Also, are you growing the goatee back? Yeah, goatees coming back. Oh, I can't see from over there.

You're closer because I'm with the goatees coming back. What do you guys seriously? What do you talk to a Mike talk to him? Mike, Mike, we're fascinated by you and with you.

Yes. You're a fascinating person. I'm fascinated.

But that's not an idiot. I'm just a moron. I post too much. I'm just in it.

I mean, well, that's true, but I like it. My people like Mike, you just your people, the people that you paid for. Oh, wow. I paid for five. This is I really got off the rails to see this guy. You have a Hall of Famer on hold. I get attacked.

I get attacked. Good content back on the Rich Eisen Show radio network. I'm sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grange with supplies and solutions for every industry. Granger is the right product for you.

Call click ranger dot com or just stop by. Always great to have the Hall of Famer Steve Young on the Rich Eisen Show and he is back. How are you, Steve? Rich, rationally, you have to be a night shower guy because all day you get sweaty and gross and then you'd shower at night.

Yeah, I'm with you. What is it? What's the rationale for a morning shower?

I don't know. That's a day late and a night late. Well, I worked out. I worked out before coming to work, Steve, because I'm changing my life and my lifestyle. Then you got to go to day night.

It's a day night shower header is basically what is OK. Very good. OK, Steve. You and Steve Young are simpatico. I did talk his ear off of the Super Bowl. Remember that, Steve? Every minute. Oh, man. Oh, boy. All right.

So what is your what's your two cents on the Niners quarterback scenario that appears to be pretty. And then and then and then the rest. Yeah, we got to look out of the landscape. Right. Because remember, real quickly, the game has changed five years ago to change the rules.

You can't launch bodies from the defense. So there's so much more space. The space is more college like. And that's why we got the big vicissitudes at the end of games. The number of games that were more more than 10 point swings at the end of games was the greatest by far in 2022 than ever in the NFL.

So you're getting these big finishes by these big names, by these guys that are, you know, Jalen Hurts and Mahomes and Allen and Herbert. And like these guys are the kings of football. And so you think about the 49ers. They have the best roster in football. They do.

They come out of the out of the tunnel. They're the best roster in football. They need a quarterback that can match those guys.

And so they get three guys. And I would say that what Carl Shanahan loves the most is rational thought like guile and processing like he doesn't necessarily. He would love Jalen Hurts. He would love Josh Allen and love Patrick Mahomes. But until he gets that, he's going to go for a guy that can he can call plays and gets a rational result.

Something he can really trust. And that's what came out of last year was Brock Purdy is that guy. He doesn't have the size and the kind of presence of some of those big names and big, big bodies that can go get all those yards with their legs at the end of games. But he can Kyle can call any play and he gets what he kind of expects, which he loves. And he's drawn to. That's why he kept talking about Kirk Cousins. Like, I need somebody.

Bring me somebody that can that can do that. So Brock came out of nowhere and is that guy. And then I get Brock credit through the off season of his torn ligament coming back from surgery, way ahead of schedule, ready to play and has taken control of the huddle again. Everyone in that team knows that Brock Purdy is the starter. They've declared him the starter. Not that the coaches didn't declare him the starter. The team did. And so onward. Now you say, well, what do we know about Brock Purdy?

Well, well, we're going to find out more. Then you've got Trey. Trey's been the high drought choice.

You get that and all the expectations. Trey was a project from the beginning. I give Trey tremendous credit, Rich. He was willing to go in this off season and work on the things that he wasn't very good at.

And he humbled himself and he got better. And we've seen elements of that. But we also see that there's just this this. I say the force.

I call the Star Wars force where it's hard to describe, but it's not all there yet. And and he's developing. He's like Padawan, right? He's he's trying to try to get there, but he's not getting the opportunity because Brock's the guy gets them, gets the reps. And Sam Darnold has come in and really impressed Kyle. He likes him. He's drawn to Sam.

He's drawn to the potential of Sam and who Sam can become, despite all the scars and and and trouble that he's had with the Jets and Carolina. So Trey squeezed. He doesn't get a throw in it. So every throw, Rich, is a referendum on whether I'm good or not. Every throw that Trey got drops back. He's like, am I good or not?

And that's just no way to play. So he needs the space to kind of grow. Hopefully he gets that second that backup job where he can continue to grow behind Brock.

But if he doesn't, then I don't know what happens. So that's the full measure. It's a long answer, but it's a complicated situation with the 49ers because it's just it's odd. The last guy in the draft is now your guy and the first guy in the draft or essentially the first guy in the draft is not. It's a little you know, you got to take some time to explain it.

It's a great answer. I have a lot of follow up questions. Steve Young Hall of Famer here on the Rich Eisen Show. And first, first and foremost question, based on your Star Wars analogy, does that make Shanahan Yoda in this? Is he Yoda in this thing?

Mike, his dad, his dad is Yoda. OK. And he's more Luke Skywalker. OK, good. Good enough. Good enough.

OK. And then so one at a time. And Purdy, you you have few reservations that he is not going to take the next step. You think he's going to take a next step and be the guy?

And if if healthy, start all 17 and and and actually improve based on last year's remarkable. He's already improved this summer. So he is he's the kind of guy that makes a mistake.

And he's probably not going to make the same mistake again. He's kind of every time he takes a shovel of dirt, it gets it's pretty full in that way. There's limitations to Brock. He wasn't the last guy drafted because for no reason, like there's things that, you know, size and strength and his ability to kind of that, you know, look at Jalen Hurston, what he brings to the table. And now as he expands in his excellence in his passing game, what he can do with his legs.

And it's just like at the end of games, it makes the difference. And so that's not ever going to be Brock. But Brock's a guy that you're going to, that just has that guile that he gets it.

And so I think that what you're going to get is every bit of him. And I think with this roster, I think that's enough. Now, I would say that most in the NFL today for, you know, more than ever because defense, you can't get a great defense today. It used to be the Ravens and the Broncos did for a year and other teams, the Bears through the years got great defenses. They went to win a Super Bowl.

That's not the case anymore. You cannot do that because of what happens at the end of the fourth quarter with these big names. You can't, the defense can't hang in there. They lose in the big ball games.

And so you got to have one of those guys. Brock might be an exception because of the roster that they have. And that the innovative mind that Kyle is and that Brock is not much guile.

So, yes, I think that Brock can get that done. And then Sam Darnold, I think you heard Kyle Shanahan saying, why can't he be the next Steve Young? And I think his analogy there is it did take you many chances to get the opportunity you got in San Francisco. What he's saying, Rich, is that he sucked and that he could be really good. No, I don't think he said that. I don't think he said that, you know.

He didn't suck for that long, but yeah, he did suck earlier. No, I think it was his saying that, you know, it took. Yeah, I know. I get it.

I get it. And I think it's what it says. Kyle and I are good friends and what he's saying as a real, I think a compliment to what he believes Sam can be. And why I think that Trey is squeezed because I think that Kyle has fallen for Sam as a developmental project to be something great as well. And Sam has that size and strength and arm strength and end of fourth quarter kind of can go up against Jalen Hurts and Patrick and Josh and those championship games, Super Bowl games and kind of do stuff. So theoretically, right now, I think that's why Trey is so squeezed. Okay, so what did you think of Darnold?

And let me rephrase that. Darnold was brought in initially as Purdy Insurance or Lantz Insurance, do you think, Steve? I think Sam came in because Sam was smart and realized I am getting killed out here. I am not showing who I could possibly be because I'm not in a place where they take care of quarterbacks. And there used to be three or four places that took care of quarterbacks back 20, 30 years ago.

Now there's 10 or 15. There's a lot of great spots for quarterbacks, but there's still some terrible spots. And so Sam realized if I'm going to go somewhere, then my next stop is a place that takes care of the quarterback and gives me the opportunity to see how good I can get instead of how bad I can get. And so he went to the 49ers and said, look, what is it?

I don't care what you pay me. I'm coming here. And so Sam chose this.

The 49ers weren't going to pay up for Sam Darnold. So Sam made that happen. And so Sam realized if I'm going to be great, I got to go someplace that can help me be great. And he found it.

And I think Kyle really admires that. And that's how it happened. He wasn't brought in. Sam kind of made it happen.

And I think the 49ers are the beneficiaries of it. And that's why, again, Trey is in this spot where he's hurt. He's trying to get back. He's trying to get opportunity. He's trying to develop.

He's trying to show that he can. And then here comes Sam Darnold to take those reps away in summer camp. And that's the conundrum with Trey Lance, isn't it, Steve, is that Lance, the general consensus, and I think it's wise, is that he just needs reps. He just didn't have the time in his last year in college and then didn't have the time in his first two years as a pro for various reasons out of his own control. And now he's not going to have the time when he's healthy or is as focused on his craft as he's ever been. And so you said he's worked on the stuff he wasn't good at.

What are those? And what advice do you have for him at this junction? Yeah. My advice is claw your way to stay here because, again, there's a lot of places that he would go that he's not going to he's not going to find out those answers. And he's going to flail because he doesn't have the opportunity. And so just get figure out a way to stay here so he can continue to develop in a place or find where if it is somewhere else.

You know, just pray that it's one of those, you know, half a dozen or a dozen teams that can take care of quarterbacks. But but what he did, what he was not good at, he could process. I have no problem with his ability to process. His arm couldn't do the things that his mind was saying to do. And so he was he was it was haywire. And there was a lot of talk about changing his motion. And he went through that process and tried to change it.

And then they realized, you can't know it. I don't know why these quarterback gurus think they can take a throwing motion. Okay, we don't like that. We're going to have you do it like Dan Marino.

And I went through that same thing. It's like, finally, it's like, no, let let him cook. I remember the first time I saw Joe Montana throw the football in the big windmill thing. I'm like, wait, I don't have to beat Dan Marino. It's like, no, I mean, when Super Bowls with the window, I'm like, Oh, and then you can start to throw like you throw. So Trey went through this weird thing where they tried to change his motion and tried to fix what they thought was wrong. And Trey will never be the the most elite thrower of the football. But I think he's trying to develop into a good enough throw over the football that his presence and his skill level and his processing can kind of match up and and really be a good to great quarterback. And so that's the that's what he's going through. And you've seen even in the preseason games, there's some throws you're like, whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on.

And then there's some great throws, throws that are intuitive and and just the flick of a wrist. And that's what keeps you coming back. And so I think Trey has worked on finally putting behind him all this people are trying to fix him and try to embrace who he kind of fundamentally is and then extend on that. And I think that's what's happened this offseason.

I think it's been very profitable. And at little windows, I can see that improvement I can see and I can actually see him starting to gain a little confidence. Trey is somebody that doesn't come in and is like, oh, I'm overconfident.

I know what I'm doing. He comes in. He's he's a humble dude. And so he's more realistic about it. And you sense that, like, I'm not that confident. I think he's he's every game, he's kind of every practice, kind of like, you know what?

I think I can do this. So I hope that he somewhere can kind of find out the full measure of who he is. So do you think the final week of the preseason changes anything or, you know, week one? I mean, obviously Purdie is going to be the week one guy, Steve. And the question is, is should should he have anything close to like, I guess, Pennsylvania jinx because they're going to be in Pittsburgh? You know, what do you don't don't you think Kyle will feel more comfortable with Darnold than Lance right now? And that is not a knock.

It is just the one thing I will do. I one thing I give John Lynch, the GM and Kyle Shannon head coach credit is they they can move and shake. They are not locked in.

Right. That's how they've managed Jimmy G and with Trey and and all the rest of it. They've done, you know, they've figured out a way to make it happen. And they've gotten close to Super Bowls every year. And they've got the most out of Jimmy. They get looking at the most out of Brock. And I think they still can get the most out of Trey. So I think Trey has it. Let's say Trey has another kind of developing game where you see something like, wow, that was special. Or that was because the last couple of drives last week, like, let's do that more. And that was that was awesome. And so I think it's possible that he could have a big game.

And then you know what? We're going to continue to develop. Let's just let's let's let's do it.

Let's put him at number two. I doubt it because I think there's something about Sam that Kyle has really taken to. That's why if you listen to Kyle closely, Rich, he tells you exactly what he's going to do. Not not not not openly and like out front.

But if you listen close. Yes. You know, Brock is the real deal. Brock is starting. Brock is the guy. Right. You know, Sam can be this transit, you know, transformational quarterback.

He has the potential for a Hall of Fame career. Oh, that's pretty much like them. You know, I mean, so I think long answer to your straightforward question is, I think Trey's in a tough spot. But do they keep us number three on the rookie contract and kind of keep trying? I don't know.

I would. Steve Young here on the Rich Isaac show. A few more minutes left with the Hall of Famer.

The Steve Young podcast is available where all podcasts can be acquired as well. Let's let's linger on Jordan Love a little bit. What do you think in his first foray here?

Better than you people are given credit. What's your two cents on that subject matter? You know, replacing legends. I kind of know some about that. I remember going through that with Aaron Rodgers back about 2007 or eight.

You know, chatting about, you know, some of the realities of it all and give them, you know, what, you know, I had my scar tissue I could go through for him. And so, you know, the hardest thing is that when somebody who's a legend leaves fan base and the media, all they don't remember any negative things like Aaron Rodgers never threw an incomplete pass to the fans. Never an interception. Oh, never. And losing a game.

No, Aaron Rodgers never lost a game. And so that's that's the image. That's what you go into. Yes. And so Jordan has got this place where there's no winning.

There's no place to kind of, you know, kind of get the families go. Oh, my gosh. But yet he has shown the summer that he didn't like, he didn't fall on his face. He's not cowering from the from the risk of it all. I think he's been there. He's watched it.

There's some benefit even in today's game to just watch and see what it's supposed to look like. And so there's elements of what I've seen this preseason for him. It's like, hey, he because to me, if you can handle all of that, how am I supposed to be Aaron Rodgers? I'm supposed to be myself. Am I supposed to be a combination of Brett Farb and Aaron Rodgers?

And how do I do that? The fans are 30 years have had, you know, these great quarterbacks. And how do I if that gets in your head, it really does kind of run you into the ground. But if you can kind of overcome it and really show the full measure of who you are. And I think I I think Matt the floor is one of these guys that can take care of course, one of those places where I want to be.

And I think you get the most out of them. So I I'm bullish on Jordan Love. And, you know, but I know there's going to be there's going to be some heartache.

There's me some tough things. And there's going to that's just that's just how it runs with with replacing somebody like Aaron Rodgers. But everything I'm feeling and seeing and see the conditions of the what he's working with and the and the ingredients feels like, you know, great offensive line. A defense will hand the ball back. He can make some mistakes and it's not going to be the end of the world.

I don't know. Could be so be a surprise to the upside. Oh, that's good to hear for for love, obviously in Packer fans. And what is your last one for you? Thoughts on Rodgers with the Jets? It does appear that he's rejuvenated, if that's something you can say about somebody who's got two MVPs. But go ahead.

What do you got? Yeah, no, he he was he wasn't miserable. But, you know, you stay so long, you build up so much acrimony and you filled up so many relationships that are stressed and strained. And and, you know, you remember what happened to you when you replaced Brett and how who chose who.

And you just have a long history. You could see that last year. You just wasn't happy. He wasn't he wasn't thriving. He wasn't he doesn't want you could see that it was he's worn out of the people, not the fans, but just the building, the building you're in every day.

And so this change. Well, I thought he would retire. That's what I really thought he was going to do.

And I think he was thinking very seriously about it. But Robert Salas, a head coach of the Jets, fun. Like he's straightforward, you know, defensive guy.

So it's not, you know, not much of a threat from a quarterback spot. And and they talked about, you know, kind of finding, you know, saw the talent that he had on the team and what he could be. And then he's got used to the New York thing.

And he kind of I think it's I think it's fun at 40 years old to to re not only recharge, but almost to reinvent yourself. I've watched him be the mentor. He's like Yoda, like he's a guy.

He is Obi Wan. Like he is coming in and he's been able to like his teammates just like, you know, Aaron Rodgers, the best guy in the world. And Rodgers is mentoring. Mary Rodgers is teaching. Aaron Rodgers is leading.

Aaron Rodgers has no look passes. He's he's amazing. He takes guys out for dinner. It's like he's he is and everyone's responding.

And I think there's something really cool happening. And I think he's loving it. He's loving on hard knocks. He's he's a superstar. You know, he knows the cameras there. He knows how to how to how to work it. He knows how to, you know, give people what they want without giving them too much.

Like he's he's the master right now. Rich and I, I got to believe that, you know, in in game time scenarios with that defense and that talent level as it starts to gel that all the expectations are real. Like, why would we not? And even in the AFC, you go up against Josh on the same division.

You go up against patch bulbs at some point. And Joe Burrow, why not? Everything and the Jets that usually rich jets, any kind of expectations from the Jets is really full of gold. In the end, usually that's not the case here. This feels like very substantive. I think he's going to be there a couple of years. Even yesterday, he said something about Zach Wilson. Like, I'm here to make sure that Zach thrives. My plan is to see Zach be the great quarterback. Can he be when I'm done here? So it's all he's kind of positioning himself to do it for a couple three years, win some Super Bowls and move on. And I think it's I'm not I'm on board for it. You clearly are. So it's it when you say expectation rule, you think he can pull a Brady new spot win a Super Bowl?

That's possible. This one that Tom to me was a miracle to take the box and I made a lot of talent. I mean, but to pull it all together with that coach and everything else going on is like I tip my I tip my cat to Tom Brady so many times my hand hurts.

But but Aaron Rod, this one from the start, from the jump, it feels like is built for doing what Tom did, but maybe more so. Wow. Steve, you're the best man. I could talk to you for hours. You're the greatest. I mean, any time. Thank you, Rich.

You want to you want to chat about football? I love it. Careful, careful. I'm OK with you.

We go way back like a car seat. Absolutely. Thank you very much, Steve Young. You're the best man. All right. Right back at you.

Hall of Famer Steve Young, everybody. And Rogers, he called him Yoda, Obi Wan, right? His Instagram.

I believe that's that's his Instagram. Yeah. Avatar for a while is a Jedi Knight. The force is strong with this one. Oh, baby. Steve Young is like he's right.

Normally it's fool's gold, but this time around. Oh, God, I don't please embrace it, baby. I need to take a break. Take a break.

Aaron Rodgers did chime in on playing this weekend. When we come back, though, we'll get you set for Will Anderson to the Texans in your calls. Between the kids being home and hosting, everything in our house gets used up in summer. With Instacart, I can save money by stocking up on all my favorite summer brands. I save time by getting everything delivered in as fast as an hour. And I save myself a sink full of dirty dishes by stocking up on paper plates for the annual summer cookout. Save more on summer essentials. Spend more time enjoying summer.

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Minimum ten dollars per order. Additional terms apply. Are you currently enjoying the show on the Stitcher app? Then you need to know Stitcher is going away on August 29th. Yep. Going away. As in kaput. Gone. Dead.

Rest in peace, Stitcher. And thanks for 15 years of service to the podcast community. So switch to another podcast app and follow this show there.

Apple, Spotify or wherever you listen. It's kind of difficult to describe to people who were unfamiliar with it, as you might have been. Patrick Holmes. I have. Yes, I have met Patrick Holmes. He's one of my heroes. Oh, is that right? That's true. I root for that team, even though I've never lived there. Yes.

I think he is just phenomenal to watch. Apropos of... Nothing. I was going to talk about the season finale of Barry and you were talking about the season finale.

And I was hoping Patrick was in it. Next time you come on. Yes. We'll make sure Mahomes is on the phone.

We'll do that. Truly? You like him that much. I think that his ability is such a cut above. He is so passionate in the way he plays.

Yes. He is so improvisorial in the way he plays. He is so sure.

I just think it is instinctually great, actually. OK. Well, he now knows that and we will make sure that we'll make this happen. Yeah. It would be my honor. Does he listen? Yes. Patrick, hi. He does.

How are you? Can I just say, no, if Patrick is listening, I'd like to, you know, we make a great chicken stuffed with ricotta and spinach with an unbelievable reduction. It can be yours if you're here in L.A. Well, the Chiefs come play the Chargers, right? The Chiefs play the Chargers.

We'll make this happen. Those guys are good, too. I mean, they're good quarterbacks. Yeah, they are. They are not Mahomes.

That is correct. And of course, we did send Henry Winkler to that game, Chiefs and Chargers, and he met Patrick Mahomes. We just make dreams come true. It's basically what I'm saying here.

That's how that's how we roll here on this. We make dreams come true for the Fonz and everyone else. Back here on our radio network, Cooper Cup just returned to practice for the Los Angeles Rams.

Just in time. Come on now. You're a season ticket holder. Where are you? I'm going to games house. I went to the game, Mike. Have you been to any preseason games?

Preseason. What did you do? And he took a child with him.

He took a child with him. I was working both days. No, you weren't. You sold your ticket, Mike. I sold them. I was working. Yeah, right.

I did USA basketball and baseball. By the way, you know what? I've been giving you a lot of crap, Chris.

I've been giving you a lot of crap. I went to a preseason game. I went to a preseason football game.

By the way, with Raider fans. With a baby. With a baby. With a child. Let's not bury that leaf. He took his child.

No Sarah, no mom. I took a three year old to an event where there were thousands of Raider fans. God bless you. Okay. I've been to those games.

And I bet he wasn't dressed in Raiders gear either. When they said. That's commitment. Thank you. To excellence. Oh.

Now we're told it'll be the last game he attends all season. Oh. Okay. Hold on a minute. Put the Rams schedule up. Let's go.

Let's do. Instead of a win loss game. Will we go or not? Tickets. Tickets being sold.

Secondary ticket market. Winner loss. Are you ready? All right.

Giving films music. Home for San Francisco week two. Pass.

Sold. Are you going? He ain't going. Is it a win for those looking for tickets or a loss? Looking for those looking for tickets.

Looking for tickets. That's a win. That's a win.

Okay. Home for Philadelphia. A big win. Big win. A lot of Philly fans.

Okay. Home for Arizona. You going to the game? You might as well.

Winners are at a loss. You're going to go to that game? Ain't nobody buying that ticket. Don't you want to show. You don't want to. You want to show.

Here's the thing. My mom is going to be in town. Okay.

Week seven. Oh. So I think I'm going to take her to see the Steelers. Oh, that's what your mom wants to do? Wow.

I mean, that's commitment. That might be the most valuable ticket on the secondary market. Eagles is more. Eagles.

Eagles. Oh, you sure about that? Yeah.

You sure about that? You're selling week two, week five. Week six, you may be going to. Week seven, you're definitely going to. Week six is probably not, so I'm going to go week seven. Home for the Seahawks in week 11.

Those are money-making games, Rich. That's a win. Home for the Browns.

The Sunday of December, first of December. Big following Cleveland. T.J. and I have Nick Chubb, I'm going to have to give him a pep talk before the game. But by means you're helping that you're. Hey, this is our fantasy. You're not wrong.

Look at this. I mean, home for Washington, home for New Orleans. I mean, you're going to go to two of the Rams eight home games? I'm going to New Orleans.

You know how hard it is to be in and out of SoFi? Wait a minute. You mean to tell me Miss Mary Brockman's coming the whole way from Maine to see you and most importantly, you're going to hurt her daughter-in-law and her grandchild and you're a drag her to SoFi to watch the Steeler game?

He had to watch Kenny Pickett. Oh, you sure that's what she wants? Miss Mary, go ahead and tweet us.

Let us know. My mom is having knee replacement next week. She wants to walk around.

So they have escalators and elevators. Oh, my God. I mean, she's getting her knee replaced next week.

Yeah. Oh, she's going to be like the bionic woman. And she'll you know. OK, she'll be out there getting. There you go.

She's going to be here for like six days, man. I mean, we got to go do something. True. True. I'm going to two games.

But this is pathetic. You're a D-season ticket holder. I can't. I work, Rich. You work too much. Mike, what are you working? Because earlier this week, you're like, I'm not going to work Sundays. I'm going to go to games this year.

You have said it. I'll have seasons, Mike. I didn't say Sundays.

Plural. I said some Sundays. But I'm going to go to two games.

I have a couple people that want to go. Are you still doing the what are you doing on Sundays? I do my morning show.

Then I do game breaks. What's your morning show? The kickoff show.

Before. On what? On the network? I do big Fox. Big Fox. Big Fox.

Yes. Big Fox. I do FS1 now. I've moved up. I'm like, you guys shine shoes.

The number of times, the number of times if anybody who watches this show on Pico Boulevard works for Fox Sports one, I wouldn't talk to you in the hallway because I am past you. I embrace both. You make fun of it, Mike.

I make fun of it actually for myself because you guys make fun of it. I say big. I always put in parentheses. Just let me know. Just let me know if you're going to be the one to take the seat across from Skip. We would lose you because, you know, I don't think you could do both shows. I'd love to see you take that. Take that thing. I wouldn't let him talk.

That's right. Well, I mean, you would start screaming that it's his turn. You've seen him like throw like I couldn't do that. Like it's my turn.

It's my turn. I couldn't. You know me.

I don't know. Mike controls the audio. So you definitely could not let him talk.

Let me mix out there. Mike doesn't want to. Great segment. It's no, no, don't don't apologize.

This is why the people love us. We just know that Brockman Brockman will go to double the number of regular season games as preseason games. He's attending from the Rams to allegedly preseason.

You're a real fan. Go see Cooper Cup. Go see Cooper Cup. The Rams have Cooper Cup back on the field. Will Anderson, our two coming up, go to the preseason game, by the way, our best ball draft that Jola Trulia came out on Monday, it's still going. So it's now a full week. But we are now hold on a minute. We are now we still have eight, seven rounds right now. Round 13. We are now in round 13 out of 20. And I believe somebody finally just, just, just took Matthew Stafford seconds ago.

So now there's eight hours. Everybody just think he's just lost it. He's over and done with. And so are the Rams. That is it. That is one of the wildest, widely held beliefs coast to coast that Matthew Stafford is done. And so are the Rams.

That is it. Matthew Stafford just went. Nobody has seen him play. Thirteenth round. He was the 20th quarterback.

Nobody has seen him play in over a year. I was about to take him, by the way, but you took no, I was. I had the last choice I had was Tyler Boyd. Well, you're up. You're up next. I am up next. I need a running back. You're on time.

You have eight hours to make up your mind. I mean, that's serious. But again, Matthew Stafford, nobody, nobody believes in nobody.

I wouldn't say that. We just nobody. No, seriously. Nobody. Nobody.

Nobody believes in him. We got to get him on. We got to kick the tires on that Georgia Bulldog, our number two coming up. For over three decades, nobody has had a wrestling career like Arn Anderson.

Conrad Thompson gets all the stories with Arn. After watching AEW's Double or Nothing, Amy wants to know, what's this dinosaur taste like? It ain't chicken. It's like biting into a sinewy charcoal briquette, but chewy. Oh, wow. That's disgusting. It sure is. And check out Arn every week, wherever you listen.
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