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REShow: Quincy Isaiah - Hour 3

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August 16, 2023 3:43 pm

REShow: Quincy Isaiah - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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August 16, 2023 3:43 pm

Rich and the guys react to the latest “Salty Tua” sighting where the Dolphins QB had a pointed exchange with the Miami media.

‘Grassland’ actor Quincy Isaiah joins Rich in-studio where he explains why he’s cautiously optimistic about his beloved Lions this season and predicts Detroit’s game-by-game season results, says why he rooted for Shaq and the Lakers over his hometown Pistons in the 2004 NBA Finals, reveals that he actually played college football instead of basketball, and more.

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This is the Rich Eisen Show. Rich Eisen here on the Rich Eisen Show.

Welcome. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Thanks for joining us here on the Rich Eisen Show at 11.59 as we move into our third hour coming to you live in studio on the Rich Eisen Roku channel or if you're listening on YouTube or any of our terrestrial radio outlets. Earlier on the show, co-host of the Around the NFL podcast, Dan Hancis, pro football Hall of Famer, Kurt Warner. Coming up, actor Quincy Isaiah. And now 12 o'clock noon here live in studio on the Rich Eisen Roku channel. It's Rich Eisen. Yes, it is our number three of the Rich Eisen Show on the air.

Quincy Isaiah, one of our favorites on TV and in the film world. The actor is coming in studio and he's a diehard Lions fan. It'll be great conversation with him here on this program.

844-204-rich is the number to dial right here as well. Our number one, a great chat we had with Dan Hancis of NFL network, NFL media group. He is co-hosting with Colleen Wolf, a weekly podcast, the only one that's official from NFL films and HBO about hard knocks. And then our two great chat with Kurt Warner, Chris Brockman and I just had a spirited conversation about who is under the most pressure at the quarterback position this year entering 2023. He said, it's Aaron Rodgers.

I said, it's Russell Wilson. Obviously Rodgers has huge expectations placed upon him, certainly in New York and the metropolitan area. And also for so many that believe he's going to pretend, you know, have a chance to win a Super Bowl this year with the Jets, a team that normally, let me just look it up, does not win the Super Bowl. So we'll see that this year.

I say it's Russell Wilson because to me, Russ is proven out based on last year to not be the same guy that we saw in Seattle. And if it doesn't work out for him in Denver, where the hell is he going after this? If it doesn't work out for him in Denver, where they set everything up the way that he wanted to last year, and then this year bringing in Sean Payton to so-called fix him and Sean Payton's unable to do it. And your point, Travis, is like, that's pressure for Sean Payton. Don't you think that if it doesn't work in Denver, it'll be Russ's fault, not Sean's, if you're utilizing your way of looking at pressure, which is what everyone thinks and is talking about? I think Denver is under very few expectations this year. I think people see them in the bottom of the division, maybe to be a 500 team. But those are the teams that fire people and make changes.

That's the pressure. I'm not going to fire either of these guys. They're not going to fire Sean. They're not firing Sean, but Russ has one more year left of can't trade him.

And then after that, see ya. If all he has to do though, is be better than last year, even if that's still average, it's still better than Russell Wilson in the last year. So that that'll be enough runway to buy him 2024.

That's kind of my point. And one quarterback I put on my list of most under pressure this year at the very bottom, number five was Tua Tungovailoa. Again, he had his fifth year option picked up. So if he stays healthy, he's going to be Miami's guy next year. The Dolphins, if you want to just say under the radar changes, the fact that they brought in Vic Fangio to be their defensive coordinator, him coming out of his, I guess we would call it sabbatical after he was fired by the Broncos as the HC there leading to Nathaniel Hackett, which led to Sean Payton.

That is a huge difference. I mean, and I know Jalen Ramsey unfortunately got hurt and we hope to see him back in December, but if the Dolphins can just slice off seven points per game allowed off their average, well, I gave it one fewer touchdown. So let's just say that they forced someone to settle for a field goal instead of a touchdown. So they'll slice up four points. You'd have to think if Tua stays healthy and we're not trying to see Mike White or Skylar Thompson again, the Dolphins have a true shot to be the team as a third team in.

Again, this is just the conventional wisdom of the way the AFC East is going to work. So they could shock, they could shock, they could awe, they could really be a factor to win this division. And we're going to see it right off the bat. Miami taking on the Chargers and then Miami taking on the Patriots on Sunday Night Football before the aforementioned Denver Broncos visits Miami for their home opener in week three. And then they're at Buffalo.

Boy, do they start rough. Three of the first four games are on the road for them. So that's why I'm saying Tua's got to come out of the box and the first quarterback he's facing is the one that he was drafted in front of who is now currently, I imagine when Justin Herbert takes the field in his home opener against the Dolphins, he will be the second highest paid quarterback in the league because Joe Burrow is going to get paid. That's why I'm saying the pressure. If we can only get salty Tua 17 games, 18 weeks this year, that is the answer. And I do believe Tua is showing up chipping on the shoulder, full on salt. This is his response to a question because this has been an issue or a subject of conversation about him processing play calls. He was asked, and this is in the past, last year though, Tua won healthy. He was showing you he had some MVP type play. He was nice, right?

Oh yeah. So this was him being asked about getting the play call in and out in a timely fashion today. I do believe this is our latest salty Tua soundbite of the day. I don't know about you, but that looked like money.

It's salty Tua. I would say the thing is we, like for us in the quarterback room, there's some times where you just have to memorize the play where when it's coming in, you're like, okay, you're saying it while he's like not even finishing it. From this year to last year, have you gotten to that point where you hear it and you know, and you don't have to?

Well, I would say yes, yes and no. It's a little tough. I can give you guys a play and then if you guys want to repeat it after me, as if you guys were in the huddle, you guys can. Alright, should I go once or twice saying it? Once?

Alright, we got North right clamp South Fox H top pass 38 top Gumby XP sweat. Let's go. Anyone?

Sounds like a pre snap penalty to me. Oh my gosh. Oh my goodness.

Just to run this and this. Yeah. I don't know about you, but that looked like money.

Salty Tua. He's saying it with a smile, saying it with a smile. You smile the whole time. That's his disposition.

You could read his eyes. He's pissed, but he said yes and no. It's just like, I agree. I but I don't plan.

It's just like we're talking about play calling still like my processing and getting it in and getting it out. God, I hope I just hope he stays healthy. We don't need any more of what we saw last year with tour.

Let's just hope he falls well and he stays with his eggs properly unscrambled. Let's go to use. I believe a phrase that did emanate from Miami.

So let's go. Salty Tua. Fully ready to roast with Tyree Cale and Jalen Waddle. Best quarterback, the best wide receiver tandem in the NFL.

Yeah, your name. Oh, AJ Brown and Devante Smith. T Higgins and Jamar Chase. Keenan Allen and Mike Williams. Well, I mean, Mike Williams is just he's just not available. Both of those guys weren't available last year. I know, but at their at their peak. OK, OK, right. OK, what else we got that can put against those two?

I think that's right. Waddle and Hill. Pretty good.

Pretty good. Because yesterday we said both of them like Tyreek might not get 2000 because Jalen Waddle might get fifteen hundred himself. And just you think that would just come at the expense of somebody's going to get two thousand. All right, that's what I'm saying, just let's stay healthy. Yeah.

Also, also these reporters, I mean, do they want Ray Lucas and Cleo Lemon back like Matt Moore, Josh Rose? I think I mean, I don't think Fiedler like, come on. I don't know. I don't think they were questioning to it that you're saying, hey. You know, last year, it was the first year in your offense with Mike McDaniel. And I looked like the MVP.

And and now, hey, like now, do you think you're you're you're more well versed and everybody's more well versed on the play call, I guess. But nobody's asking that of. Well, no one's going to ask the Rogers because he got the OC. From.

His MVP seasons, I don't know. Tyler Thigpen. Don't lose it to. Don't lose it. And again, you know, he's been saltier.

He's been saltier. But I do like that exchange. That's funny. Also, right. Play call.

Sounds great to me. It would be a false start for me to ready break. I'm one of those people like, I mean, but then again, I'm 54. You know, if one of those codes pops up on your phone and it doesn't actually. You know, auto enter it on your phone. The number of times I got to go back and forth just for that six digit code. I couldn't do this.

Three, eight, nine. No, just. OK, whatever. OK, what was that again? I got to go back.

Yeah. Dolphins are going to the Dolphins schedule, please. They're going to be good. They're going to score a lot of Florida people.

South Florida. Can we show up to what do you think? It's going to be hot.

It's going to be hot. So September game at the Chargers, at the Patriots to start home for Denver at Buffalo home for the Giants. That could be one in three home for the Giants.

And by the way, you know, if they don't show up, you know, who's going to show up? Even the Yankees stinking on ice right now. And they played the Miami Marlins. You couldn't tell. Florida Marlins. You couldn't tell.

You couldn't tell who is the home team and who was not. They're going to show up. A lot of retired New Yorkers down there. Battle of Alabama alums. And then Jalen Hurts welcomes them in to Sunday Night Football. New England.

And then I don't know, man. I know the Chiefs. I know. I know the Chiefs.

I know five and four. I know the Chiefs, you know, volunteered for a an international game. What I mean. Kyrie kill going back to Arrowhead is not happening because they're playing it in Frankfurt, Germany. That's a bummer on NFL Network. But that game will be nuts. Yes, it will.

Yes, it will. By week, by the way, if I wind up calling that game, it'll be the first game. By the way, it would be very welcome. As you know, I love calling games on NFL Network and you get the big pretzel. Well, I mean, there's that too. There's that, too. But it would be welcome on so many fronts because the last one of the last games I called last year was Ravens and Browns. And there was one touchdown.

Yes, there'll be a lot of touch. So I put some I've put some in the bank. You know. Five and fourth by. I don't know, man.

Who the hell knows? Aaron Rodgers has spoken today. We'll get to that hopefully before we get out of Dodge, because and that'll be interesting to me to hear how he responds to the questions about his offensive line, because quarterbacks, as you know, can legislate from the podium. Their opinions.

Through the media and the question is. How that how's that going to go? But this is not Rogers first rodeo. It is in New York where everybody's going to say, hey, man, you got two more sacks during during your practice today. Hey, man.

You weren't protected last time in Carolina. What's going on? So let's get to Quincy Isaiah, one of our favorites in studio next right here on the Rich Eisen Show. Hey, everybody, with the busy fall season just around the corner, you might be just like me looking for wholesome, convenient meals for jam packed days factor. America's number one ready to eat meal kit can help you fuel up fast with chef prepared dietitian approved ready to eat meals delivered straight to your door. You'll save time, eat well and stay on track with your lifestyle. Refresh your healthy habits right now without missing a beat. Choose from thirty four or more weekly flavored packed dietitian approved meals ready to eat in two minutes. Level up with gourmet plus options prepared to perfection by chefs and ready to eat in record time. So go to factor meals dot com slash eyes and 50 right now and use the code eyes and 50 to get 50 percent off.

That's code eyes and 50 at factor meals dot com slash eyes and 50 to get 50 percent off. Are you currently enjoying the show on the Stitcher app? Then you need to know Stitcher is going away on August 29th.

Yep. Going away as in kaput gone dead. Rest in peace, Stitcher. And thanks for 15 years of service to the podcast community. So switch to another podcast app and follow this show there.

Apple, Spotify or wherever you listen. Good to see you, Shaquille. How are you, sir? Before we get started. Yes. If I take this home, will I get arrested? The Vince Lombardi trophy is just a rule. That's the real one. That's a real Vince Lombardi trophy.

I don't know if that's the one that's going to be given to the Rams or the Patriots this weekend, but that is a real. You want to you want to lift it? Well, if I lift it, I want to take it home now. Well, then I think we're then I think we're at a crossroads here.

Actually, we're not at a crossroads. Let me tell you why. OK, sure. I'm not a lawyer, but I watch a lot of law shows. OK.

I got about 50 witnesses that say me hit my head on your set. Oh, so if you just give me this, I'll let bygone be bygone. So it's a liability issue for me. Yeah. That turns into an even worse liability issue. I don't want to have to call it the Shaq Eisen show. I know I know that.

I know that. Just give me this and I'll put it next to mine. This is beautiful. I'm doing the math in my head as to how much you be suing me for personal liability as to how much this trophy costs, which I've been told is around twenty two thousand dollars. Well, I'll be suing you for twenty three. You want to lift it? No, I won't touch. OK, you sure you don't want to touch that? Look, bad luck for you for no to touch the trophy when you are like that. My father is always are you serious?

He always used to because, you know, like when you're a kid, you get the trophy from the local local trophy shop. Sure. You be like, if you listen to me, guys, you get this. You want to touch it. Don't touch it.

It's bad luck. You got to earn it. Right.

So that's why that's why I like, you know, like an NBA when you win the Eastern Conference, the Western Conference, they give you those little trophies. I never touched it. Never. I never touch it. And I never said I remember Phil did that too. Right. You like when you guys won the Western Conference finals of one of the many times you did. Yeah, I never touched. I never, never looked at it.

Never celebrate. This is beautiful. It's a beautiful it's a beautiful trophy. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show and we are thrilled to have here in person. I love this man's work.

His film Grassland is coming soon. It is great to see and chop it up with Quincy Isaiah. Great to see you, Quincy. How are you? I'm good. I'm happy to be here.

It's it's it's been a while. I've been wanting you to come here for a while. And I am thrilled that you are here in person. I'm like we made it happen. Fantastic.

Thank you for doing that. So let's just jump right into a little bit of sports talk with you. Where are you from? Originally from Michigan. West Michigan to be exact.

So Detroit. Where? Where?

Where? Western Michigan. Muskegon. OK. From Muskegon. Two, three, one. OK. Two, three, one.

I'm you know, I went to the University of. So I know, you know, you're supposed to, you know, you hold that mitten up. You hold. Yeah. So you're right there. Yeah. That's where you are. Yeah.

In the hand. Yeah. OK.

If you if you know, you know, it's one of those. Exactly. Yeah. And you've got to put your hand up and then you point because this is like the state of Michigan. And I never understood like how do you if you're from the Upper Peninsula, what do you use your other arm about the U.P.? We don't talk about the Minnesota.

It's like Wisconsin. Right. And all that. OK. Somewhere somewhere up there.

OK. No, they know. The Yupers. The Yupers. By the way, Mariucci refers to himself as a Yuper. As a matter of fact, he put me Steve Mariucci, who I work with on NFL Network, longtime coach of the Lions and the Niners.

We don't talk about him either. Oh, yes. All right. We'll get to the car.

We'll get to the current state of the Lions in a second. You know, he put his phone. He put his no, I don't know. He did. He did this. He referred like his name is obviously Steve Mariucci in the phone.

He wrote Yuper, Y-O-O-P-E-R on my phone for himself. So anyway, so you're you're from you're from right there. Yes. OK.

Very good. Yeah. See, I learned that when I went to Michigan, when I because I'm from New York City.

Gotcha. And so when I went to the University of Michigan and I'm like, you know, I need a soda, you know, I'm going to put on my sneakers and go grab a soda. And they're like, you mean your pop and tennis shoes, gym shoes, right? So it's not sneakers. I know that.

And then and also I would have it was wild for me. The thing that just blew my mind is that when you as a pedestrian set foot in the street, yeah, car stop. Yeah. And we might even give a little jog to get across the street. Yeah, exactly.

Yeah, exactly. Car stop. Then I would go home to New York City and I'd set foot in the street and somebody had to pull me back because I was going to basically kill myself. Yeah, because cars don't stop.

No, no. The cars don't stop for other cars in New York City. I was like, people drive like they expect the other person to hit them like a roller derby cannonball run. I was I had so much anxiety driving in New York. OK.

It was scary out there. It's the wild, wild east. So the king of the the the kid from Muskegon, Quincy, Isaiah, is here on the Rich Eisen Show. So you are a Lions fan by nature, like through and through. Like, I'm not a fan of many sports, like sports teams. OK.

The Lions is my I'm a diehard. So it hasn't been beaten out of you is what you're saying. I think it's kind of one of those things where I'm like, we don't have our day in the sun eventually.

And it's going to feel so much sweeter because we went through the years of pain. I'm like, I mean, I'm I'm a Dan Campbell believer, man. So I'm like, I think we can get a playoff win. I'm telling you, like right now, the hype on the Detroit Lions. I know I don't like it. Why? Because we don't do good with expectations. And it's scary, man.

I'm not going to lie. It's a little scary, but I don't know. The culture seems a lot different this year and last year, too. Like, I was even scared at the beginning of the season, but like, I think it was after the Packers win. I was like, ah, whatever. And then we won another game and I was like, OK, all right, we might actually be turning the tide.

And then that Carolina loss, I was like, I kind of had a feeling we was going to lose that game. Right. Because that was like a trap game a little bit.

Right. Against a team that had already fired their coach. And you were it was that's what you're saying about expectations. You're expected to win that one.

And the Lions dropped that. But it's all part of a process. Yeah. And they are really good.

No. And the first game, I mean, the NFL put them right on TV to start the year against the Chiefs. So I know I feel good. But you should feel good about that based on your philosophy that there's the expectation is going to get their asses handed to them. That's true. That's true.

You know, like we might actually sneak out a win. Entirely possible. But what about Dan Campbell speaks to you? Oh, what about Dan? I think just a grit in like the because even when things are going well, he's still figuring out ways to get better. And I think that's something like he never rest on his laurels. And you can tell that. And I think the team buys into that.

And we need that in a culture setter. And I think he's really good with doing it like with just keeping everybody focused. You know, what did you think of his introductory press conference that I'm sure he's he's now way past? I was scared. I was really scared because, like, you know, from what's his name? He used to coach at the Colts.

Caldwell, OK, when he had a good few years and then they fired him. And I was like, yo, what are we doing? And then Matt Patricia came over and then, you know, that happened. And then from there to Dan Campbell, it was like, all right, what are we getting ourselves into now? You know, and when he did the kneecaps, I was like.

OK, this is where we're at again. And you could tell, though, that that team was fighting even when I think we won, what, two, three games a year. But like they were scrappy. And I think that showed and I think I could get behind it as long as like we in games and we're like fighting, because I think the lion, the very lion's thing to do is like be close in games and then lose on like a penalty or like a last minute heave or something like that.

I feel like we were we weren't losing the games, but the teams were just better than us that year. Quincy Isaiah here on The Rich Eisen Show talking about his Detroit Lions, which is I was saying the other day that the bandwagon for the Lions is so oversold. They're looking for people to get off for future bandwagons to try and it's sold.

The tickets are sold. It's over. And there is a reason why, because of the way they finished last year.

And they have some really, really good players. And and the guy look, I'm again, I mentioned to you, I went to University of Michigan. So obviously, I'm very partial to Aiden Hutchinson. I think he is all of that. He is like Defensive Player of the Year candidate type dog.

Correct. But I love Amon Ra St. Brown. I love him because I think he is, you know, in a way, you know, I believe Hutchinson and and Dan Campbell have a similar id where, you know, they hit you in the mouth by your kneecap type stuff.

But the the the nobody believes in us, but we're can we're really good. I think Amon Ra St. Brown is that guy because nobody he's a guy everybody picks up in fantasy, but isn't going to be thrown out there with Davante Adams or DeAndre Hopkins or Jamar Chase or Justin Jefferson. And I think he's he's got I should have included him on the on the chip on the shoulder list for 2023. I think he's got one of them. Yeah. And like hot take. OK, I think Jared Goff might be an MVP candidate. OK, now you're you're new to our program, which, by the way, it's just one of many as far as I'm concerned of you being here.

We have something called higher register that if your voice goes higher register and you don't really believe it or you have to go higher register to believe it. I just heard that about Jared Goff. Yeah.

You know, you're like, hey, Jared, it could be careful. Is this you know, I think it's more my hope that he's that good. Yes. And I think he has the ability to be an MVP candidate. I don't think he's going to be an MVP candidate. OK.

But I think he has he has the ability to have a season that could put him in that conversation. OK. Are you a Pistons fan as well or not so much? I'm trying to be.

I like the young class that we got right now with Cade and Duren and Ivy. It's just tough. I was I was a Shaq fan, so I rooted against the Pistons in 04 and they destroyed us. The Rip Hamilton Pistons.

Yeah. Tayshaun, Ben Wallace. I couldn't stand them because I love Shaq and they was a they were a good team and they I felt like they stole one away from Shaq. So I was never enough. No, I wanted him to be the GOAT. I was a Shaq fan. Have you ever met Shaq? No. OK, we should make that happen. Should we FaceTime Shaq right now?

We could actually do that. It's probably watching Susie Susie. I know my wife, my wife. OK. All right. So so you're too young for the bad boys. Pistons is a little bit a little bit. Yes. When I was in college there to date myself, you know, that was when the bad boys were beaten up.

Jordan. Yeah. That's when it was going down.

And I hated them because I was diehard Nick fan at the time. Oh, yeah. And trying to get Ewing where he needed to go.

And they're standing in the way was Zeke and and Lampier and Mahorn. I hated Bill Lampier with a passion. Yeah.

OK. So Dumars was my dad's favorite player. Now, he was he was one of those guys. Unhateable.

You could not hate Joe Dumars. Yeah. So he was your dad's favorite player.

Yeah. He my dad and my mom told me this story like my dad. He wasn't starstruck at all. But when he saw Joe Dumars in Detroit, that was the one time where he went like, yo, I got to go say something that this man and like what happened? He went up. I think he just was like, hey, I'm a big fan.

Love your work. And then I walked away. But like, I think he was like floating the rest of that. Because like even now, Joe, like seeing him in he's one of the people that make me want to be a Pistons fan and like going back and watching the bad boys and all that. It's just like I love Isaiah Thomas and the way he be talking about people.

Just that chip on his shoulder. Sure. I'm trying. That's why I'm like I'm a born again Pistons fan is this. I'm still in that process of like becoming a full Pistons fan. Did you play sports as a kid? Yeah, I played football through college and basketball, like pick up college ball. Kalamazoo College is a D3 school on the west side. Yeah. In western Michigan. Yeah, it was right across the street from Western Michigan. Okay.

Kalamazoo. Yeah. All right. So what was your what was your game? I played offensive line. I know. Offensive line. Yeah. Guard tackle center.

What everywhere. Oh, so in high school, I played tackle my first two years and then center my last two. And then in college, they put me at guard. I started at guard my freshman year.

Yes. And then my sophomore year, I think I might've moved out to tackle. And then my junior year I played everywhere in college. Yeah. So did you play against anybody that turned out to go somewhere at all?

Not that I can remember. But like, I know Tron, they sent some people to the league. I think I definitely like it was some people on my team that went and played D1 like my high school team. So when you play pick up ball basketball, you never you never tried playing basketball in high school or anything like that. I was playing basketball up until sixth grade and I was in this advanced math program and I wasn't doing that well. So my mom wouldn't let me play basketball that year. And from there, it was just hard to get on the team. I always blame my mom. It was probably I wasn't that good. But like, I'd be blaming her.

Like, well, that's what kids do is they got to say my pride a little bit. I understand. Quincy Isaiah here on The Rich Eisen Show.

Tell me about Grassland that's coming up. Yeah, it's it's this independent film that I just finished shooting over the summer. It's about this single mom who's growing marijuana out of her house in order to like, you know, take care of a child. And then a police officer moves in a down on his luck. Police officer moves in next door with his grandson and his grandson and her son become friends. And as the family get close, you get to see like how the mom and the cops relationship starts to get closer in a way that's interesting for the viewers to watch. Okay.

And that's coming soon. How did you get into acting? It was something I always wanted to do. I think it was a it was a play that I went and saw with my mom, my grandma at like seven that I think opened my eyes to it. And I don't think I had the vocabulary at the time to express that I wanted to do it. And then in high school, I was able to do a musical called Thoroughly Modern Millie, where I played the character Ching Ho. We had a colorblind cast. It was it was a fun thing to do, but I don't think I have found a passion for it until college where I was able to take classes and like really understand the craft behind acting and do a few shows. I did Raisin in the Sun.

That was the one that really got me. Sure. Would you play in Raisin in the Sun? Watch a lead. Okay. Yeah, the lead. All right. Yeah.

And going through that process, I think of just like diving into a character and then also having people receive that character the way they did. And it really bupped me. It was really validating.

Sure. In a way. And it made me want to go to acting classes out in L.A. or acting school. And I got into the acting school, but the tuition was too high. So I was just like, all right, I'm just going to move to L.A. and try this, try this path out. And lucky for me, I'm sitting here talking to you. Well, it's worked out. I would proffer to say and again, this is this is no offense that acting would be a way to get to Los Angeles. And thank you for including our show as a place that you'd want to be rather than being an offensive lineman at Division three Kalamazoo.

What is it called again? Kalamazoo. I'm just throwing that out there. You probably made the right choice. I agree. So here's what we do on this program. And I'm going to throw it in your direction.

And I hope you will accept. Yes, we have. We did this with Jake Tapper of CNN the other day with the Philadelphia Eagles. We go game by game. OK, for the season. OK. And you give a win or a loss and we find out how you think your team is going to do. OK. And obviously we're going to do it for your Detroit Lions.

I'm going to apologize ahead of time. Here we go. And we're going to give it for inspiration. Here we go. Play the music, please. A little bit more, a little bit more.

Give us a little bit more inspiring music that you've got over there. There we go. I kind of take this one. Oh, that was nice.

There you go, Mikey. Quincy Isaiah. Here we go for his Detroit Lions. The win loss game, as we call it, for the twenty twenty three season right here on the Rich Eisen Show. And we start with the Thursday night opener at Kansas City win loss.

Quincy Isaiah. Yeah, I say a well, hard fought loss. OK, I'm just sorry.

I don't think it's going to be a lot. And nonetheless, Chris, can you put an asterisk next to that? A hard, hard loss. Yeah, that's OK. Back and forth.

That's the thing, though. I feel like we going we winning the next like six games. OK, so let's go one at a time here. Home for Seattle. That's a win. It's a win. Home for the Falcons. This one here at the Green Bay Packers on a short week Thursday night.

I think the difference between a two and two starter, three and one start Quincy Isaiah. Is that Green Bay? No, we've taken that.

That's right. You send Aaron Rogers to the Jets, for crying out loud in that building. OK, three and one home for the Carolina Panthers. Yeah, we've taken that. You teach Bryce Young a lesson. That's a win at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Yeah, I don't trust them. That's a win. That's a win.

And then at the Baltimore Ravens, we might drop that. OK, that's a loss. OK, that's fine. So let's say is it. And by the way, there's no moral victories anymore. It's either win loss.

I gave you the first moral victory right now. Five and two now is home for the Raiders on a Monday night. Whole country watching on ESPN. That's a dove.

That's a dove. And they go to the bye week at six and two coming out. Are you going to go to this game at the Los Angeles Chargers to try to get some time? It's over. We'll send you Henry Winkler there for last year.

We don't send Quincy Isaiah. Oh, yeah. Well, I would love to. Oh, we got you hooked up.

This is what happens. You come on the show. OK. Yes, you do see me and I see you at the Los Angeles Chargers.

What do you got? It's coming off a bar. We might drop that one. OK, so now I can go through the Chargers for those tickets. OK, very good. Home for the Chicago Bears. That's a dove.

That's a dove. All right. Home for the Packers on Thanksgiving Day. This is the first in a few years, a long time. We don't get a win on Thanksgiving. You've got it. OK, so now we've got one, two, three, four, five, six, eight and three going into New Orleans. Yes.

Nine and three at the Chicago Bears going home for the season sweep. Yes, that's a win. Home for the Broncos. Yes. Wow. At the Vikings.

Yes. At the Dallas Cowboys. Home for the Vikings. We might drop that. OK, because you're pulling your starters. You only have three losses. We might drop that.

That is a 13 and four Detroit Lions season, according to Quincy Isaiah. That's all right. I'm like. You got caught up in the flow.

I did. I did know that first Green Bay game. It might be, I think, a lot of emotions because you got to let those those divisional games.

They're tough. So I'm like, we might drop that first one. But you might. And then and so it's still 13 and four, because if you're going to change that one, I've got to change the game that you're physically at to a win. You're not going to show up for a loss. That's what I'm thinking.

You can't do that. I feel like I feel like the Chargers got some stuff to prove. They do.

And they might they might be a little tough this year. All right. It's 13 and four. We're sticking with it. Or 12, four and one with the one being a moral victory.

I thought a hard fought loss contested hard fought loss. But you're not I'd like that because you're like we you are included. We not going to go on national television when the NFL thinks you can give Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs a game for our viewing pleasure when they put their banner up in Kansas City and think that you're showing up and getting the doors blown off. That is not happening. It's not it's not otherwise a kneecap or might get bit. And that's where I'm saying is not going.

I just don't believe that. I think it's going to be a tough game. OK, it's going to be a fun game to watch. Well, it is a thrill to have you here. I'm a huge fan of your work.

And then Grassland is coming out soon. And then you come back here when we can talk more hard, OK, more than just what we've been talking about before that Cowboys Lions game to see if he wants to change his. Oh, yes, the Cowboys sign over in the corner.

No, no. You trust them. Great question. Oh, hold on a second. I want to know, by the way, a great question. And I love the way you Quincy Isaiah just set that up. Great question, because that is the crux of the Dallas Cowboy conundrum.

Is it annually? Do you trust them? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh, I do.

All right. I mean, do you trust them the tune of Dallas to win lost game for the Cowboys? I actually picked Dallas to lose that game. Hold on.

Hold on. No, you had them winning that game. OK, but you had them 11 and six. You had them losing to the Jets because you're smart. Come on. You had them losing at San Francisco at Philadelphia, home for the Seahawks.

Yeah, that's one of those games. OK, well, you don't trust them to answer Quincy's question. You got him losing at the bills and then losing at the commanders in the last game because you think they're just going to pull people.

Yeah, you will be a rat by then. Great question, Quincy. Yeah, great question. Cause like every year. Y'all going to the Super Bowl, right? Y'all going this year, too?

Yeah, I don't see why not. OK. Yeah. Every year, Quincy. When was the last time you all want to play?

I mean, you probably weren't even born. No, they want to. They want to playoff game recently. Oh, yeah. Last year to the Super Bowl. Oh, Super Bowl is a different question.

That's the that's the do you trust? But I can't talk too much because y'all been to the Super Bowl. I mean, Quincy, I have a tear system. Oh, man.

Do we bring that up before the club to actually be able to talk football with because I think you would respect these rules, actually. I understand. Can you put them up before we send Quincy out?

This is too much fun. Quincy's my man. So we're introducing Quincy to our experience here.

And the first of what I said, many, many visits to this program. T.J. is a diehard cowboy fan, despite being from Altoona, Pennsylvania. OK, OK. All right. OK, here's T.J.'s rules to put up on the screen.

These are the ways in which you can argue with him about football. If you have three or more Super Bowl wins, you can talk. You're in the V.I. you're in the VIP. If you have one or two Super Bowl wins, you're in the club. No Super Bowl wins wait in line. If you've never even been to the Super Bowl, Quincy, you've got to stay at home. Cancel, cancel your Uber.

Just, you know, return that that new you bought from the mall. You're not allowed to argue. So OK, he violated rule tier four. I like Quincy. That's my man. So I'll allow him to.

And I feel good about his line. You're giving him tier two status. Put up one more time because he's never been to the first of all. Clearly he's not at home. He's he's here. All right.

And and clearly he's he's you're giving him tier two status in the club. I'll let him in. You know, I'll give him one of the free drink tickets. No, actually, I'll chill in line. I'll talk. I'll talk my my junk in line.

OK, it might be cold out. No, I respect it. I respect it.

We haven't made a Super Bowl appearance. I'll chill out. No lie. All right. But I'm a summer man to come out and get you for the night. Oh, yeah, we come. I'm coming inside. Oh, wait a minute. Let's figure that out.

I'm coming inside. Next time. Let's hope. OK, hold on. Oh, yeah. By December 30th, we'll have you on top of the next year. I'm just saying, let's do it. All right. At the very least, if not before, Quincy Isaiah right here at Quincy Isaiah on Instagram. Follow him. It'll be a fun time next time you come in.

And Grassland is coming soon. Great to see you. Appreciate you.

Anytime. Quincy Isaiah right here on the Rich Isaac Show. It's time for kickoff and the Believe Podcast will get you ready for the new season. How do you live through this as a different sports fan? Believe has podcasts covering all 32 professional teams and many of your favorite college teams to solidify your defense. You got better sideline to sideline, end zone to end zone. If you don't do those things, then you're not even trying your hardest to win at football. And I don't know what we're doing.

There was a lot of great players on those teams that I was fortunate to be part of. Search BLEAV podcast wherever you listen. So we're about to hear from Aaron Rodgers. And, you know, I spend a lot of the commercial breaks saying about a guest or listening and preparing for the next segment, trying to focus. And the only thing that can sometimes break my focus is Mike Del Tufo bending Brockman's ear about Jimmy Hoffa. What are you talking about? We were talking about JFK. No, he went to the fight in Dallas and I went to Dili Plaza for the first time. Oh, I've been there too.

When you go to Dili Plaza for the first time, did you go to the grassy knoll behind the fence? We did. We went to meet.

Feller and I went. Right. It's quite something. It's quite something.

It's pretty surreal, to be honest. I know. Yeah.

And they have exes in the street. So then why is Jimmy Hoffa being broke? Because we were talking about the mom. How he could have got away with it. Yeah.

It was a coup d'etat. Well, we got to call the Lions and tell them Quincy Isaiah wants to go to that Chargers game, right? Yeah.

So does Quincy Isaiah. Let's get let's get him the Henry Winkler treatment. I think so.

Every year. Do we do we adopt a celebrity? I love this idea. To go to go with Chargers. I love this idea. Adopt a celebrity.

To go to the Chargers game. I love it. Right.

You can see the opponent. Exactly. Yeah. That's you know, we can work on that. We can work on that.

Adopt a celebrity. The person who's going to ruin the party is CJ Okoye, Rich Eisen show favorite. New favorite. Yeah.

That was what a fun chat that was yesterday, right? That was cool. All right. So never found Jimmy Hoffa. That was what we got. Oh, OK. We never found him. This just in? This just in. Wasn't another Giants stadium. By the way, I when I hosted the first ever shovel into the dirt for MetLife Stadium, I made a joke of, you know, we're going to hope in the next couple of seconds, maybe find Jimmy Hoffa. Nobody on the podium left. Nobody. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show radio network, I'm sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk, furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry.

Grainger has the right product for you. Call or just stop by Nick in Orange County, California. Let's take Nick's call. What's up, Nick? Hey, Rich, things are having me on again. I'm a Packers fan, even though I'm from Orange County, because there's no football teams up here. And I saw him on TV as a kid and stop prep bar was cool.

It's hard. Knox is covering the Jets and Aaron Rodgers. It is so painful to watch because he's doing everything he wouldn't do.

And he didn't do in Green Bay. He took a pay cut. He's mentoring. He's talking to young receivers. He's having a good time. He's being friendly to everyone and being a package fan, sitting here going like, well, why now?

Why couldn't you do that with us? It's painful. I feel like, you know, a couple, one of them is being so bad and wouldn't do anything with you.

And then once they break up, they find the next person and do all the things they said they would never do with you. Well, again, there's obviously a ton of water underneath the Green Bay Bridge with with Rogers. And things obviously changed when he's sitting at home in the pandemic and they traded up to draft his replacement. And he's kind of like, what's up with that?

You know, and and I think it all just obviously devolved. And and thanks for the call and a little bit of pushback. I mean, we've had Aaron Jones on multiple times. And Aaron was saying that that Rogers would pull him aside and that he does. And it's not like he was just flipping off receivers. You heard a lot of stories, though, last year that he just wasn't happy.

It's as he resigned. Davante Adams not returning kind of threw a wrench into everything. Yeah, that had to have been very tough. And there's a lot of behind the scenes material in Green Bay. It'll be a great 30 for 30 one day. That's for sure.

One day, one thing quickly that I've really enjoyed watching hard knocks and you kind of get a glimpse at. I think Rogers would be a great coach. He looks really natural wearing a headset and getting into the guys on the sideline and kind of coaching up Zach Wilson.

He knows he knows he knows the offense and he knows where to go with it. And again, that's that neck up stuff for a veteran that Zach didn't bring in the equation and what the Jets are kind of relieved about. You have to worry about that this year. The only thing you have to worry about is protecting Rogers.

And on that front the other day, you know, when Zeke Elliott went to the Patriots and Dalvin Cook went to the Jets, I went to Cooper, my 12 year old patriot loving son. I walked up like good news or bad news. What do you want first? And he said he wanted the he wanted the good news first. Good news first. And I thought to myself, I'm a bad news first guy. Coop's a good news.

I want the palate cleanser at the end. So in that regards, we've got two sound bites. Rogers on Dalvin Cook, but I want to hear his two cents on the offensive line woes being reported. What did Coop say about Zeke? He's fired up. A level of concern on the protection that he is not receiving in the preseason scrimmages.

Here's Rogers. Pretty low. Yeah, I don't. I don't not. I don't have a lot of stress, a lot of concern about things. Uh, there's some things that are totally out of my control. Some things I have an input on who's playing left and right tackle every day.

I don't have input on at this point. Don't have control. So I'm just trying to be consistent with those guys with holding accountable and testing them every single day with cadence with calls with adjustments and just the normal stuff we're gonna be doing. Guys that can handle it are gonna be in there. Guys that can't aren't. But I have no control over who's gonna be out there with me on a day to day basis. I was as surprised as I think Connor was to start practice yesterday with Joe in there. So whoever's in there will make it work.

But at some point we're gonna have to figure out who those five are and give us at least a week to get used to each other. Do you catch the three words? The magic words at this point? On input? Yeah.

Boy, there's rumors everywhere that Bach Diari, the Jets might just pull the trigger and bring his one last BFF who's sitting there in Green Bay. What does that cost you? I don't know. Who cares? It's only money. But that's a great answer.

Doesn't create any more of a fire. We're chill. I'm chill. We'll find it out.

Because if he's just like, Oh, yeah, I've got concern. Now here is on Dalvin Cook arriving. Dalvin's done it for a long time at a really high level.

Unfortunately, running backs are not valued anywhere near where they were when I got in the league, maybe not even five years ago, which is a shame because you've got to run the ball to win in this league. When a team becomes one dimensional, that's when defenses usually have the upper hand. So we need multiple guys to get it done. Dalvin's got it done for a long time at a high level. He's motivated. He wants to win a championship. Obviously, he made it well known to me during the process. He wanted to play with me and play here in Jersey.

So we're excited to have him. All right. All answers.

Great answers. It's also New York, too. It's okay. All good.

The stadium's in New Jersey. I understand. I get it. I get it. I get it. I get it. Sorry, sorry, sorry.

He's nailing every note. Just bubble wrap that man. Bubble wrap that man. Did I say to bubble wrap that man? He did. Bubble wrap that man.

Wrap him up. It ain't chicken. It's like biting into a sinewy charcoal briquette, but chewy. Oh, wow. That's disgusting. It sure is. Check out ARN every week, wherever you listen.
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