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REShow: Albert Breer - Hour 1

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August 11, 2023 4:25 pm

REShow: Albert Breer - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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August 11, 2023 4:25 pm

Rich and the guys recap the NFL pre-season games between the Patriots and Texans that included some the referees working out some kinks and weighs in on the 49ers confirming that Philip Rivers was part of their QB contingency plans if they had beaten the Eagles in the NFC Championship Game to reach the Super Bowl.

The MMQB’ Albert Breer and Rich discuss C.J. Stroud’s less-than-impressive debut for the Houston Texans against Bill Belichick’s New England Patriots, what the Green Bay Packers are expecting out of Jordan Love as he takes the QB helm after the Aaron Rodgers trade, the timeline for Joe Burrow to return to the Cincinnati Bengals, how the 49ers’ QB depth chart will shake out, the Niner’s backup plan to sign Philip Rivers if they’d reach the Super Bowl last season, when we can expect free agent RBs like Ezekiel Elliott and Dalvin Cook to sign, and if some high-profile NFL holdouts could extend into the regular season.

Rich and the guys weigh in on Rory McIlroy’s top rope comments on Phil Mickelson’s Ryder Cup gambling allegations.

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The one and only The Rich Eisen Show.

Now Stroud hanging in, throws it to the near side, picked up. Live from The Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. One mistake on national television is it blows it all up.

But like it's cool, I just keep growing and keep learning man. The Rich Eisen Show. What can you tell in pre-season?

What you see in pre-season is everything. Today's guests. Senior writer for the MMQB, Albert Breer, author and CNN host Jake Tapper. Co-host of Good Morning Football, Jason McCordie. And now, it's Rich Eisen.

Yes it is. Welcome to this edition of The Rich Eisen Show. Live on the Roku channel.

844204 Rich is the number to dial. I'm sitting here at the desk on Sirius XM Odyssey. And of course this Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio affiliate is smart enough to have us. We've got NFL pre-season football in the bank from last night. And we have, hold on, let me get this right. I think I know it off the top of my head, but I just want to be accurate.

I don't just say things into this microphone. Six games tonight, six of them. Six pre-season games tonight.

Six on Saturday, two on Sunday. As a goat once said, LFJ. Football's back. Albert Breer is about to call us in about 18 minutes time. He was in Gillette last night watching Houston versus New England. He's not missing up a chance to watch CJ Stroud play football and he can actually get a press pass for it. And go ahead and expense things to Sports Illustrated watching CJ Stroud.

Jason McCordie of Good Morning Football along with Devon McCordie had a Twins cast last night of that game. He'll join us in hour number three. That was great. And then in hour number two, Jake Tapper of CNN, one of my good friends, the anchor of the lead with Jake Tapper and the author. I don't know how he has time to do this, quite frankly, of all the demons are here. He's joining us in the middle of this program.

What's more likely in the middle of this program as well? So much going on. We've got Phil News everywhere. Mickelson, Rivers, what the hell's going on? Your name's Phil, you have your head on a swivel, your name's in a headline. 844-204-Riches, the number to tell them.

What the hell's going on? Good to see you over there, Chris Brockman, how are you? Rich Poopybutt, shout out my son Cage.

And I'm just wondering when I can get my Malik Cunningham jersey. What was that? He wanted me to say Poopybutt. Good to see you, DJ Mikey Ds and Ds Nuts, what's going on?

I don't have Poopybutt, but good morning Rich. TJ Jefferson, don't say those words please, you've already heard it twice. I won't, but Phil McGraw, Phil Jackson, Phillip Lamar, they should be... I like it, I like it. Malik Cunningham, when can I get that jersey? I was about to say, I mean look, this is the beauty of National Football League preseason action.

Everybody thinks that they have a shot to win the Super Bowl. And there's a new Hall of Famer in New England, his name is Malik Cunningham. Congratulations, you've got yourself a winner right there. Thanks Rich. As long as he's going against a bunch of guys who aren't going to be playing in the NFL, it's going to be great.

I texted a high level analyst friend of ours, who may frequent this show often, and I wrote, Malik Cunningham should be the backup, he wrote, pre-season, stop, he's playing against bartenders and truck drivers. There you go ladies and gentlemen. Ladies and gentlemen. Disrespect. Disrespect is real.

Disrespect is real. But you know what, here's what he's doing, he's trying to get a gig with the New England Patriots, come heck or high water. He's playing wide receiver too. He's doing two things. And so, I mean, he's, do your job. There's more you can do.

Absolutely. And I'm sure the Patriots are looking at him and fans of the Patriots are looking at him and saying, that sure looks better than everything else we saw tonight. You know, and Matt Jones suited up, God bless him. Does that guy love football or what?

He loves football, but I just, again, these are the observations I have. So you come out of this saying the Patriots offense stinks and so does CJ Stroud. You take a look at what the Vikings and the Seahawks did last night on NFL Network.

And honestly, you got to get these kids reps. People have to break sweats. They got to get back in the swing of things. Play calling is not easy to do when it's the first time for a bunch of players receiving the play and cadence and things of that nature.

It looks easy to us. We're just getting ready for our fantasy football drafts and getting upset about, you know, our positioning in that and trying to look at what players might be available and where, you know. Meanwhile, the rest of the National Football League is going about their business.

But congratulations, Chris, where where where there is sometimes no hope. Come some undrafted cave out of Louisville. Just lighten it up. So a little bit of running it, running in a touchdown in the fourth quarter, only touchdown of the night for the New England Patriots.

But it's like, why? Why can't the Patriots just, you know, let Mac Jones cook? No, not cook. Just it's like he suits up and then doesn't play in a preseason game like he actually suited up. Well, he was never going to play as ESPN. I know.

So put a headset on him and let him call plays and have fun like everybody else does with their starting quarterback. No, no, no, no. That's not them.

No, no, no. Kirk had no pads, but had a helmet on. What's the point of that?

That's even stupider. Not having full pads and knowing you're not going to play. Not only having the helmet on, the helmet was strapped tight. It wasn't just like it was like, no, he had it strapped up. But just just to bring it all full circle, it's like a three and a half year old. I'm sure Cage had his helmet on last night, was running around the house.

He was ready to go. You know what I'm saying? It's just great to see. It's great to see. It's very exciting. And and, you know, honestly, I don't know what to glean out of any of that. Not a lot.

Not a lot. You're just breaking sweats and getting it going. And it's interesting.

It was good to see Bill O'Brien back on the sideline. And Bill, you're holding officials. Well, let me get into it. Let me just do it. Let me do it.

Let me do it. It is it is pre-season for the officials, too. Yeah, but a great mid-season. They're in mid-season form last night. There was a roughing the passer penalty on the second series of C.J. Stroud's second and final series of C.J. Stroud's night last night. Patriots got called for third in law.

I mean, it's perfect. It wasn't like a first down or a second down. It's it's a third down. Patriots getting off the field.

They completed their their mission on defense. No, like right from the passer. And then you look at the replay and it's just like, OK, the left arm of the defender did make contact with the helmet, but it wasn't swung hard. And it wasn't the the way he got the quarterback down. It was incidental contact on an otherwise excellent defensive play. Out comes the flag and it's just like, can we just please not do this anymore? Yeah, not do this anymore.

I can't do another season. And it was a perfect mid-season call. And I'm sure the league would push back and say an arm made contact with the helmet.

And it's just like there's no common sense. And I'll just say it again, please, please use replay. Use it.

You've got it. They no doubt have the ability while they're just when flag is thrown. Go and huddle up with your fellow officials, you know, talk about honestly, no, no, not even this, not even the it. You can talk the play out, maybe do the full on Bull Durham, like talk about candlesticks and wedding registries. Make it look like you're talking about the play while they're looking at the actual play and getting in your ear and saying, pick the flag up. Again, these plays don't happen on first and 10.

It's always third and you know, and long and and bailing teams out. I feel like it literally took six snaps for me to snap sitting on my couch. I was in mid-season form. So, speaking of what's old is new again, what did I tell you coming back from the combine of my top rumors? That Tom Brady was going to come back?

That was the number one. He's thinking about it. Or keep an eye on it. Keep an eye. Keep an ear.

All right. We're still we're still keeping eyes out and he's Instagramming out cats and zebras. Amazing safari. Remarkable. Geez. And then earlier on in the winter, he's a new cat. That's right. Yeah. Remember that? Cat dead.

Cats in the winter, zebras in the summer. He's owning Vegas teams. Living the life. Yeah, baby. Another one was Philip Rivers being contacted. Right? And I guess Philly Rives said something on a podcast that he was going to play for the 49ers in the Super Bowl if they had made it.

Like what? I'm telling you, I heard that Philip Rivers was in the mix last year. And the Niners and Kyle Shanahan. He confirmed it. He confirmed it. I think we have that soundbite. Roll it. He was prepared to.

Yeah. Now, the stuff we talked about throughout the whole year, you know, we would have had seen how that was for the Super Bowl. But that was the plan most of the year. It would have been.

It would have been the whole year. So here's the thing, because the story, it makes it sound like during the middle of the NFC Championship game, Kyle Shanahan had an epiphany. If we get out of this alive somehow, if we come back on these Eagles with Josh Johnson, or we come back on these Eagles with Christian McCaffrey doing Wildcat stuff and Brock Purdy, one on Brock Purdy, OK? If we somehow get out of this alive, Philip Rivers, we got to call him down in Alabama. And somebody called him during the game, say, hey, Phil, if we get out of this alive, are you up for it?

Listen up. But this was, again, Trey Lance goes and gets carted off. Jimmy Garoppolo does his thing. And the backup to Jimmy Garoppolo is a kid who's the last pick in the draft.

The entire time, they were probably calling up Alabama, talking to the high school coach Phillip saying, hey, Phil, how you feeling? You want to stay healthy? Want to stay in this mix? Let's keep having conversation, because if Jimmy goes down, we've got to start this kid. We love him, but we've got to start this kid.

Maybe we need you. And as you know, Phillip is one of those guys, he's not just going to leave his high school team in the lurch. He's got to finish that season, which meant like December, and they were talking to him.

And then Purdy started winning games. And they're like, all right, let's run with this plan. That's what this sounds like to me. And the interesting thing is, you might be sitting here going, really? They reach out to Phillip Rivers and throw him in a game that is the most important game of the year, like the Super Bowl, like really?

Well, their reasoning behind having Phillip there in case of emergency, you break the Phillip Rivers glass, proved out in the NFC Championship game, did it not? Let me ask you a question. When you were watching that NFC Championship game, and you're seeing Josh Johnson get lit up, and you're seeing Christian McCaffrey running offensive plays from the Benny Friedman era, okay? And you're, by the way, he's an old school. Benny Friedman is a pro football hall of famer, was one of the creators of the modern pass class, and he went to the University of Michigan, don't you know?

Born in 1905. Nice reference. Yes. Running plays from those old school days, and then let's see if Purdy with one arm can come in there and noodle a pass every now and then. Do you think they could have used Phillip Rivers in that game?

Phillip Rivers, having not played in a long time, Phillip Rivers, who as we saw in his final game as a Colt, needing to throw a Hail Mary, needed an actual legit Hail Mary to be answered for the ball to reach the end zone. Would you have chosen that Phillip Rivers in that instance over what they needed in the NFC Championship game? Yes. Hell yes.

You would have? Yes, yes, yes, yes. Would they have beaten the Cowboys? And again, just the latest example, I'll just say this too, and I'm sure they're not the only team to think this way, but they are, this is their MO, latest example of how there are no wrong answers. Only good questions. Hey, do you think Phillip, you think we need Phillip, like, like, like the minute Lance went down, it could have been maybe even in training camp.

I don't know. I'd love to know when the genesis, the germ was planted of let's keep Phillip on the, on the hook here. And the latest example of, you know, let's keep thinking outside of the box for the San Francisco 49ers. Let's let's, let's get Brock Purdy ready. Let's play Brock Purdy. Let's start Brock Purdy again.

Okay. Let's get Sam Darnold. Let's get him ready. Let's keep Trey Lance.

Let's see what he can do. Last year, it was Trey Lance's start and come Hecker high water. Now this time it's like, let's keep Trey Lance, cause you never know when you might need him and who knows, maybe he takes them to the super bowl anyway, cause this team can win it. It's just, I love this story.

It just fascinates me completely. That would have been incredible, but Phillip Rivers would have been one of the greatest interviews in the history of super bowl media night. He would have had more people around his podium than maybe Brock Purdy. Yeah. Old man rivers coming out of retirement, high school coach.

I mean, that is a, that's a movie, you know, you're right. Take your headset off coach. Come on in, play in the super bowl, winging around and beat Patrick Mahomes. God, that would have been amazing. You imagine if that had happened, I really can't. And again, it would have happened for sure that Rivers would have been there. Not that he would have beaten Mahomes, but would have been there had the Niners somehow gotten out of Philadelphia alive on that day. And I think had they beaten Philly had somehow some way, I believe it was Hassan Redick who blew it up and hit Purdy in the arm that changed the entire game.

There it is. Cause if I'm not mistaken, Purdy, I think did he have Ayuk open? He had somebody open.

I think it might've been a touchdown too, if he hits him. And instead Redick got there in the nick of time and more than nicked up Purdy. But if I'll go full Deebo here, had Purdy stayed healthy Niners win, Phillip would have been signed for the super bowl cause Jimmy G wasn't going to go. You know, Jimmy G wasn't going to go. They had to delay a press conference in Vegas cause Jimmy G's health was in question when he signed a contract with his new team because his foot required surgery. Phillip would have been in the super bowl man and his Dodd gummets and all of that stuff. Getting out there and getting in the face and you know, he would have found Jay Cutler somewhere I'm sure, even though Jay wasn't anywhere in Arizona. I love that story. It's so fascinating to me. Latest example, Niners are always thinking outside the box, B you never know.

844-204 Rich, number to dial on this program. Let's take a break. Albert Breer will be joining us after watching last night's pre-season opener in New England and getting us ready for the rest of the weekend. Who's playing, who's not? Jordan Love getting it going for sure for Green Bay, it looks like.

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Take ownership of your health right now. Check it out, slash Eisen. Are you currently enjoying the show on the Stitcher app? Then you need to know Stitcher is going away on August 29th.

Yep, going away as in kaput, gone, dead. Rest in peace Stitcher and thanks for 15 years of service to the podcast community. So switch to another podcast app and follow this show there.

Apple, Spotify, or wherever you listen. I just want to get personal for a second here. You know, it took me a while hosting this show to know and Suzy kept on hammering at me saying you know sometimes you have to put yourself out there and you know book your own guest if you need or you know ask things of people a favor to come on and do stuff and it was tough to figure that out and part of the reason why I put myself out there is when you ask for something and the person doesn't come through for you, it really puts you in a bind like how do you handle something like that like for instance if you ask somebody to shoot a video for you and they don't it might call in a question say the friendship bracelet they made you at two in the morning with Ryan Fitzpatrick and we asked Andrew Whitworth when you go to the Taylor Swift finale here in Los Angeles on Wednesday night will you shoot a video of you screaming out lyrics on a selfie because that's what all NFL players do we've seen Aiden Hutchinson did it we saw Aaron Rodgers do it and if you were for an NFL person becoming a Swifty you need to do that video he said he would do it and he did. Thank goodness. When you're gone, we always leave this alone He's fine, he's got a watermelon in it through it's fine. The thought that counts.

Absolutely. His kids or his you know again I asked him what he would sing he said cool summer I had to say it's cruel summer you know he's he's still he's still learning how to become a Swifty but the kids are enjoying it and so is Whit and and he tagged us and everything as promised he's a man of his word he's a Walter Payton man of his word that's funny well done Whit see I still got your friendship bracelet on too. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show radio network with the Roku channel live stream all at once I'm sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry Grainger has the right product for you call or just stop by of course he's going to use whatever he can do professionally to go see CJ Stroud play a football game of course he's going to get a press pass so when I heard Albert's like I'm on my way to Gillette to go watch CJ Stroud's premiere I'm like of course he is and he's joining us here on the Rich Eisen Show how are you Albert how you doing it's too easy for me it was right down the street I'm not saying I would have traveled for it but it might have been poor for him if I hadn't shown up with it right down the street you would have you would have paid Sports Illustrated to do this last night it's one of those moments right for you Albert no comment it's one of those moments for you yeah it was a cool it was a little rough it was a little rough wasn't wasn't what wasn't I I don't think it's what we're going to see on a CJ Stroud long term but of course you know it's a good example of it's a good example of what these preseason games have become and you know sort of the risk that you take I mean there's a reason why you know Bill Belichick didn't put Mac Jones out there you know and I think part of it is they only had I believe and whether that guy's a starter is debatable and the same with CJ Stroud both attack both the starting tackles weren't there their veteran starting guard wasn't there they had two starters that were in the lineup on the offensive line and one of them's a rookie you know and she was Scruggs out of Penn State so I think you know you sort of you know expect some of this and you know I don't think it's a mistake that D'Amico Ryan's got him out of there pretty quickly but yeah and I'm with you Albert not a lot to chew on there of course of course I'm with you and plus you know he at least learned to find his Michigan man first in Nico Collins so he's got that for him but in all seriousness though he's got he can't put on a Texans helmet and uniform and play a game for the Texans for the first time at Baltimore in week one like going against Belichick without starting tackles and without is kind of like throwing him in a very deep end of the pool and learning how to swim and he handled it I think he handled it very well after the game too I mean you got to do it this is what when you're drafting second overall quarterback this is what you got to do end of story and then they won the game which has got to feel good about you know the entire unit getting on a plane to fly back home so I get you totally that's the way it works you know yeah and I think I mean it's it's going to be interesting to see the way it goes with all the rookie quarterbacks I do know you know this really goes back to 2008 when Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco had all the success that they had as rookies where even like not even about like what's best for those guys you know like I just I don't know like I was having an interesting conversation with Matt LaFleur about sitting Jordan Love and you know he said to me I said so you know you feel good about the decision to set him for three years then and his answer to me was I think every quarterback could use this it's like because it's so hard out there for rookies to succeed and all of these guys get in the situation get thrown in situations where they're on bad teams and I don't know if that's necessarily the case with the three guys this year but uh they lose confidence if they do and put them on hold there well hard to get that confidence back are you there are you around but you're cutting in and out I don't know if you're in that part if you're in that part of Massachusetts that's a problem I don't know um which is I'm here can you hear me yes I can hear you so yeah so um you just mentioned how um you know you spoke to Matt LaFleur about you know sitting Jordan Love and that that that was a no-brainer right I mean so and Aaron Rodgers winning two MVPs uh while you're sitting your quarterback and waiting is is exactly the type of stuff that you'd like to do and the question is is what about Jordan Love now and you're hearing the Bengals in their practices uh just loving Jordan Love and seeing what they saw out of him and having no problem praising him uh what do you expect out of this weekend with Jordan Love Albert well when I asked Matt about it he um he said I said to him I'm like you know so you want him to see more and that was the big thing was like because he hasn't been in games like there's still experiences that he has to go through and so I thought logically when I was talking to Matt about it you know logically okay like then wouldn't it make sense to kind of try to check as many of those boxes as you can in the preseason games and his answer to me was yes but we have to balance that against who else we're putting out there you know which which starters are going to be out there so you you want to be able to protect them and there's the injury risk and then um you know he said the other part of it was like let's see how the joint practices go and I think that that's sort of the piece of um preseason that people a lot of the the more casual fans might miss is like a big reason why you're seeing fewer and fewer starters in the games is because you're seeing more and more joint practices and a lot of coaches feel like we can get the work we would get in the preseason games in joint practices and if we can get good work there in a controlled environment where the quarterbacks aren't getting hit where you know we can you know generate the situations we want to see well then the preseason games become even less necessary and so you know I know going into this Matt was I like I know his intention was to um kind of go on feel here and you know if he felt like they got enough good work and the joint practices with the Bengals maybe they would scale back what they would do with them in the game so I think that's a decision he's he was planning on taking right up to today and trying to figure out whether or not you know it was really necessary to get a ton of work for Jordan out there or just get his feet wet a little bit so what's the general sense about him I mean he's he you want to talk about a quarterback to of the moment um it certainly is him what's the general sense that you're hearing about Jordan Love it's a big we'll see um you know I I think everybody's aware of where the bar is in Green Bay you know and when you have 30 years of quarterback stability with two Hall of Famers um you know I I think it's obvious what you know what's going to be expected by the general public there and what it's going to be like living you know in that fish bowl um if you're Jordan Love and you know I I think that's why like you know one of the things that both he and and LaFleur said to me that was so um interesting was like what Aaron Rodgers text to Jordan was right before camp you know it be yourself and you know the way Jordan took that was I gotta go run my own race and I gotta go play the way I know I can play I gotta you know just go out there run the offense and do what's being asked of me and not try to you know live up to this impossible standard that's been set over the last 30 years and yeah you want to get there but you know the key is being able to do what he's been groomed to do what he's been taught to do what he's you know sat the last three years to do and so um I I'd expect like that you know at least early on Matt LaFleur's going to lean on his defense in his run game and that's still a talented team and you know I think Jordan Love's going to be the bus driver early on and I think that's the right way to do it you know and that's what the expectation should be um you know for him not to care if you and people forget like through Aaron Rodgers first year and a half starting the Packers were 10 and 14 you know and then they really took off so um I would say you know like there's a really good team around Jordan Love there and you know he's lucky in that way and um early on at least you know the idea is that he's going to be the bus driver of sorts and just try to keep the train on the tracks and um and then the hope is that he grows into being more than that. And then it's uh Packers at at uh Bengals tonight on NFL Network at 7 Eastern Time are we going to see Burrow on the sidelines stand in or not at all seeing what is a boot or there's because uh that we'll get the idea of uh if it's been several weeks more from now or just uh it's been a only a couple weeks since the several weeks as Zach Taylor went very cryptic on an update from Burrow are we going to just visually see Joe tonight do you think?

What's your two cents on that? I'm I'm not sure about that I know that they've like kept him off his feet some they kept him off his feet a lot early and then it was I think I want to say it was four or five days he was back on his feet again so like where they tried to keep him like a little bit more hey let's be careful with this let's not tweak it it was pretty quick that they were able to get him back up on his feet um he was now in practice a ton I know he'd like to be but I know he was spending that time inside rehabbing and he did that in order to not miss any meetings or any of the other team stuff that would go on when they weren't out on the practice field so he could sort of you know do his work when the team was doing its work um you know I I my my sense of it is there wasn't a huge level of concern that he was going to miss week one now I you know obviously like Jamar Chase's comments did get my attention like everybody else um but you know I I think the plan has been to be careful with him and um and look he's typically a fast healer but this is a different thing than the ACL or the appendicitis and generally I know their feeling was with most other players a sort of injury he suffered this a four to six week injury which you know put them close to the opener um from when he heard it um but if he is you know on his normal track where he does feel heal fast um you know there is a pretty good chance that that will put him on track to start week one so again it's like sort of like this tricky thing but I know the Bengals want to err on the on the on the on the side of caution and I know the other thing about it is he's proven he hasn't had a full off season as a pro which is mind blowing when you think about how advanced he is as a player um and while you while that sucks it also gives you something to lean on if you're the Bengals where you can you know actually have evidence to say he doesn't really need the it's risking it until it's absolutely necessary to have him out there in the practice field. Albert Breier Sports Illustrated here on the Rich Eisen Show let's talk about the final game of the preseason weekend something you can also see on NFL Network at 4 Eastern Time San Francisco at Las Vegas how do you think we will see the quarterback situation for the 49ers play out this weekend Albert? Um I think I think Brock won't play um that'd be my guess um and I think that they're trying to be careful in ramping him back up and they've been very deliberate about putting him in I would say intense situations you know um they were taking him up step by step through the process when it comes to velocity and distance of throw and all of that and my understanding is the plan was um potentially to take the reins off fully this coming week so the reins are still on to some degree so that's why I think he won't play on Sunday and then after that I think the reins start to come off and you start to see more fully what you know they're planning to do with him um and they've got great confidence in him you know like I I would say there's um and I'm doing a big story on this on Monday but you know just being there the other day and talking to John and talking to Kyle about what they think of him um Kyle actually said to me like you know for the seven full games that he played in last year he played about as well as a quarterback of play for what we were asking him to do and you know Kyle was very clear he's our starter and um so they're planning on you know they're getting him ready for week one they're getting him ready to be starter at the same time you and I both know that you know Kyle has um Kyle is as open minded as anybody when it comes to playing guys that might be in the lineup right now or considering other options like he isn't he doesn't tie himself to one thing so certainly I think you know again as we've talked about the whole offseason there's that little narrow path there where you know maybe Sam Darnold or Trey Lance could create a situation for themselves where it's like okay like if Brock gets hurt for two or three weeks I you know Kyle will want to see them and maybe the same scenario plays out that played out last year I wouldn't completely rule that out but they're really happy with Brock while I think they said you know they've said to me like this was this was um this has been Trey's best camp and obviously Sam you can see the talent that made him the third overall pick in the first place so oh my gosh so Brock yes and then and then who right I mean um yeah and I think it's wide open I mean that's my interpretation of it okay yeah I think it's I don't think I don't think Trey's necessarily the number two and you know obviously if he's not the number two that opens up other questions as well sure does like what go for it like I mean if somebody's willing to give them a draft do you do it you know and do the Niners who really like like Trey as a person um do they want to afford the opportunity to get a fresh start somewhere else with the acknowledgement with what they think of Brock Purdy that the opportunity might not be there for him you know I mean this is as it is for all quarterbacks year three is a big one you know because that's when the decision gets made on your fifth year option you become an L you become eligible for an extension afterwards and all that like big decisions are made on quarterbacks after year three um so you know like if you know you're pretty resolute the trail land isn't going to get the opportunity there do you see if somebody's going to flip a draft pick for him and it might be tough to get a draft pick for him and that's not that he can't play but I mean the contract makes it a little difficult to trade him just because the next two years are guaranteed and while it's not big money he was the third overall pick in the draft so it's not nothing either you know and so like that's something like that and you know I think it's one of those like you know for the Niners we'll cross that road when he gets when we get to a type of situations but if Sam beats him out to be the backup then you know it's certainly something they would consider. Albert Brier here on the Rich Eisen show um I can't wait to see this play out there's no doubt plus also you know you could trade Trey Lance if you can bring in Philip Rivers as your third stringer right Albert like what's up with that?

Yeah they got him on speed dial now I guess right? Yeah just so so give me the uh the the origins of this when did they first reach out to Philip that you know and for damn sure if they'd gotten out of Philadelphia alive he would have been signed for the Super Bowl I'm I believe that would have happened a million percent Albert. Yeah and I don't know if you saw I don't know if you saw what um what Jimmy said to our our mutual friend Mike Silver did you see that?

Go for it. So so Jimmy said Jimmy said to Mike um that he 100 percent would have been ready for the Super Bowl so I guess then Philip probably would have been backing up Jimmy in the Super Bowl it's a it's a fascinating situation I mean I it was funny because I was with um I was with some one of my buddies last night we were talking about um you know we were talking about like is there ever been a situation quite like this and the closest thing I could come up with was Weddle right like when you hear a veteran just joins a team I think I think Weddle would be the closest thing and Weddle wasn't just a super I mean Weddle was the whole playoffs you know so there was at least some build up to that and uh I mean build up obviously as you know is you know as football smart as they come um but the idea that a guy would just join a team like uh you know a couple weeks before the Super Bowl is really wild to think about. Now how could Jimmy have been ready for the Super Bowl if he wasn't even ready for his own press conference in Las Vegas due to the foot um Albert and I know surgery happened but come on I mean really he would have been ready for playing the Super Bowl. So that was the whole idea though Rich like that was the thing like so when they made the decision not to do the surgery in December my understanding of it was like we want to keep the most doors open right and so there were really two reasons why they put off they they said we're not doing the surgery now and there was a chance he wasn't gonna need the surgery at all but they all knew it was a possibility right um the first the first thing was to leave open that possibility that he could come back and potentially play in the conference title game or a Super Bowl so that was part of it um and then the second piece of it was Jimmy himself wanted to leave open the possibility that if he didn't need the surgery that he could go to a new team and then he'd have a full off-season program with that new team. So you know obviously they kept that hope alive all the way up until he signed with the Raiders then he goes and does the physical and they're like no no no like we want you to have the surgery now let's not mess around with this but that was but that was the idea the idea was all right I want to leave open the possibility for myself that I'm going to go to a new team and I'm not going to need the surgery and then I'm going to get a chance to assimilate over April and May and June and get all the work I need in and you know again like obviously the Raiders made the decision that and the Raiders doctors made the decision that that wasn't the right way to go and so Jimmy was limited to kind of the mental work and he did a lot of stuff with Devante Adams and everything else to get himself up to speed mentally but that you know was the decision the Raiders made that he was better off having the surgery than getting the physical work in in the spring. Okay in the few minutes I have left with you here let's talk about the running backs Jacobs obviously won't be playing in this weekend he's not even signing his tender and Dalvin Cook is putting out some videos of him looking really spry and Zeke is still sitting at home and Kareem Hunt left Indianapolis he's now left two places where he kicked tires and didn't sign a contract and Leonard Fournette sitting out there you know when is rubber going to meet the road I mean the NFL is coming and I know these guys don't want to be in training camp they might be waiting to see injuries what do you got for me on this front I was going to say right it seems like some people like they're some of the running backs and the Edgers out there are executing the old Walter Jones plan do you remember that yes I hear you franchise him every year and he would exactly okay I'm not signing that until training camps over right exactly so and then and then by the way I'm even mentioned Jonathan Taylor who leaves the team to rehab on his own like what's that about yeah come on I think that that shows you how ugly that situation has gotten and obviously I think you know what exacerbated that situation is obviously what happened right there at the franchise tag tag deadline with all of those with all of the with all of the the tag guys with Jacobs and Barkley and and well not so much Pollard but Pollard was one of the guys who was tagged I think it's a little like the edge rusher situation where I believe Jonathan Gokhale was the first one to sign and then after in Gokhale signs you start to see things spring loose a little bit with you know guys like Justin Houston and you see Clowney going and doing visits now I think it's going to take one guy to jump and I think part of the problem is you know these guys are used to making more money than they're being offered now so they want to make sure they don't shortchange themselves and like you know guys like Cook and Zeke are used to making big money you know like eight figures a year and a lot of times it's tough for veteran players to reckon with the idea of making a fraction of that and so they want to keep keep the idea alive well maybe somebody has an injury somewhere something happens and I think you know as the weeks pass it winds up becoming a game of musical chairs and I think that's what's playing out here is once one of them signs you'll start to see those dominoes fall but it takes one for that to happen and obviously that hasn't happened yet okay Zach Martin Chris Jones are they just going to have to eat it because it certainly seems like management's telling them to right now it's I think those are two separate situations but I think in both cases it's wild how much money those guys are giving up to make their point I'm really I'm blown away and I guess you can respect the principal I you know I think they're both over a million dollars in fines now which is crazy you know I think Zach Martin that eventually gets done with some sort of adjustment to his deal Chris Jones is a little bit more difficult because it's a new deal and the Chris Jones situation there's a very specific problem here there's an Aaron Donald problem okay and on one end you have what Aaron Donald got when he was leveraging retirement against the Rams which was a complete outlier of a contract right way above what any defensive tackle had gotten and then you have like where the rest of the market is and you see what you know what Jeffrey Simmons got from the Titans and what Quinn and Williams got from the Jets and so basically where the divide there is you got the Chiefs willing to pay him at that market rate like we'll give you a bump over what Quinn and Williams and and Jeff Simmons got right and he's like no no no I'm like Aaron Donald I'm over here and because he's already gotten a second contract he's got the financial wherewithal to say I'm willing to sit out to make you do it and that because of that that's become a little bit of a staring contest a little bit like and a lot of listeners won't remember this but you know almost 10 years ago now like the Calvin Johnson contract was a complete outlier receiver and it wound up making negotiations for players like Dez Bryant and Damarius Thomas really really difficult I think we're in the same sort of situation with Chris Jones right now and you know I don't know what's good gonna give but it's hard to doubt the resolve of a man who's wanting to walk away from seven figures to make his point Albert greatly appreciate the time greatly drive safe and we'll chat again soon thanks brother must follow out Albert Breer on on Twitter go check him out right there Jonathan Taylor shows you how ugly it is hey first Monday night of the season one month from today this stuff's gonna have to get answered soon like this whole business of us talking about it not getting answers is about to be over eight four four two oh four rich number two Dow that's next this is the rich eyes and show it's time for kickoff and the believe podcast will get you ready for the new season how do you live through this as a different sports fan believe has podcast covering all 32 professional teams and many of your favorite college teams to solidify your defense you got better sideline to sideline end zone to end zone you don't do those things then you're not even trying your hardest to win at football and I don't know what we're doing there was a lot of great players on those teams that I was fortunate to be part of search BLEAV podcasts wherever you listen we're here in Kansas City in support of the big slick charity weekend thank you for doing this this is amazing that you brought your whole show here whole show is here in Kansas City in support of big slick I want to describe for the radio audience or would you care to Jake Tapper what is on your feet Eagles Super Bowl commemorative sneakers with big screaming Eagles I'm not really sure what the texture of the material is okay I have a more subtle reference to my team this is the silver of the silver and black Oakland Raiders Jean Lamont longtime baseball man sweet sweet sweet Jean Lamont made the sorry mistake of standing in front of us the name Lamont is so fun to scream hey Lamont see that just rolls and you go this is Bush League Lamont when he used to come out we used to sing like the the Death Star March like the Darth Vader we go Jean Lamont Jean Lamont oh Jean Lamont Jean Lamont Jean Lamont I know how seriously you take your Kansas City food yeah he's sending me videos all the time different different stuff to try and text exchange between me and him and some of his other offensive linemen is hilarious like I texted Mitchell Schwartz in the middle of the night about a brisket like what I responded I was up at that exact time athletes like pitch perfect a lot I'm not kidding I know Bill Belichick knows all the songs he's always singing yeah now Brett when you saw that we had the 2015 World Series I'm a big fan of that one but I know where's that other one that that the old guy the 1985 we will replace the 2015 one with the night look at this look at that just just the best my dad had some tickets to game seven but had given them away so I didn't get to go to game seven and instead I had to work at a grocery store I'd come up I'd say what happened he goes Daryl Motley just hit a home run go rearrange the milk fun stuff we gotta go back with the show has to that's a that's a life goal okay back here on the Rich Eisen show along with our Roku channel stream Terzo and I will all rise let's take his phone call as always here on a Friday what's up Terzo hey what's up Rich hey guys Rich first I want to get to I want to get to Phil Mickelson here in a second because I got a funny story for you but I want to go back to you kind of ripping out my heart talking about that NFC championship game if they would have just called or threw the challenge flag when Devante Smith did not catch that ball yeah I believe that game would have played out completely different because I don't think Purdy would have been in that situation to get his arm hurt how about that you're really you're really digging deep I do remember that I was I was mystified why there was no challenge call I mean I you just don't want to use one so early on in a game but that that struck me as turnover on downs or not let's roll and that was a big moment big moment I agree with you what do you got for me on the Phil front what do you think all right so I'm kind of like Brockman I like to you know I like to place a couple bets here and there but in law school studying for the bar just grinding grinding and I'm about ready to break and I'm sitting there with my buddy Rob and I go up to the whiteboard and I write out all 14 MLB games for the day I placed $100 on each of the games over under just to get my mind off of studying for the bar one of the goofiest moments I ever had went nine and five which was nice so it kind of changed my mind but to think of the amount of money that Phil was going with it is insane and it just gives me anxiety because it makes me think of uncut gems with Adam Sandler that movie was just so intense it just has to be that feeling for him well I appreciate the culture so didn't you say before the show Chris that uh somebody who had Phil's annual uh revenue of 60 million maybe for for playing golf and everything uh endorsement endorsements everything that this was this would be the equivalent of somebody making a hundred thousand dollars betting what 150 per bet all right so not outrageous but you know enough to make you nervous well I guess you know would Terzo have bet on himself to like if somebody took a wager on him passing the bar or like during a case winning a case yeah kind of what that's again Phil tweeted out yesterday you know in response to everything going on with the Billy Walters book saying that I never bet on the Ryder Cup even though Walter said he was going to but got talked out by Walters in doing so while it's well known that I always enjoy a friendly wager on the course I would never undermine the integrity of the game I've also been very open about my gambling addiction I have previously conveyed my remorse took responsibility I've gotten help I've been fully committed to therapy that has positively impacted me and I feel good about where I am now it's good for him obviously hey that's his life it's his bank account it's his life it's whatever you know but you know clearly you can lose your head in the heat of the moment like say uh hit a ball while it's still moving because you can't make a putt in the US Open you know honestly you know like you can yep that happened also Phil talks about gotten help it's under control no I know that video came out three days ago of him talking to DeChambeau about like five G's on a practice round but if he can afford it I guess to salute and that's what people are saying so what's the big deal if you bet on yourself I don't know I just think to myself like you you play in the Ryder Cup because it's a privilege and you're doing it for your country and that's if that's not enough of a toast of an action you got to make money off of it also reportedly that's why 400,000 that's why I called it an illness and in terms of you know it's I guess his colleagues his uh fellow players like if they have any sympathy or whatever from uh let's check on what Rory McIlroy has to think about this story the talk of the golf world is this book excerpt that came out uh about Phil Mickelson I'm curious what the your reaction what the reaction in there was when you read about it um I mean at least he can bet on the Ryder Cup this year because he won't be a part of it so Rory locked and loaded top rope Rory top rope Rory Richard the King Petty that's at the top that's that's Richard the King Petty right there yeah so good does Rory hate the live tour yes or no should we put that on a twitter on our twitter account for a poll question does he hate Phil and the live tour damn yo but that is that is an A-plus comment well done Jake Tapper coming up next on the Rich Eisen Show but yeah man whoa huh hey but honestly you're hearing the conversation of like what does it matter I saw you know responses to my opinion on it which is it's an illness and uh if he wants to deal with it or not in the manner that he says he has dealt with it that he's in a good place you know what you could also say he's probably in a good place because the Saudis dug him out of a hole financially unless he didn't have to you're saying he made all this money that he was betting what do you how much money did you lose 100 million right he bet a billion and lost 100 million yeah so does you know you're in the hole I mean you're losing could you imagine though just like betting that much money on stuff that's nuts no and then you keep on chasing it right yep I mean that that's what it is oh I'm gonna get it back I'm gonna get it back and then you bet more you bet more you have a bad Sunday yeah we got a Monday night game well things then you start doing things that you might not ordinarily do to keep chasing it uh that's that was a whole sopranos episode I know I just saw that it is you know I'm watching the final season of the sopranos right now the whole episode you know he goes up to calm his wife and asks her to use the proceeds of the house that she finally sold to bet on the jets against the charges because it was a short thing you get crazy things are happening yeah just don't ask Rory Phil the bridge loan whoa Rory Petty yeah Rory Petty well done for over three decades nobody has had a wrestling career like Arn Anderson Conrad Thompson gets all the stories with Arn after watching AEW's double or nothing Amy wants to know what this dinosaur tastes like um it ain't chicken it's like biting into a scented charcoal briquette but chewy oh wow that's disgusting it sure is check out Arn every week wherever you listen.
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