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REShow: Jason McCourty - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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August 11, 2023 4:29 pm

REShow: Jason McCourty - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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August 11, 2023 4:29 pm

‘Good Morning Football’ co-host Jason McCourty and Rich discuss Bill Belichick’s job security with the New England Patriots, the Washington Commanders’ Eric Bieniemy controversy, reveals his top sleeper teams in the NFL this season, and says what the Packers can expect out of Jordan Love as he replaces Aaron Rodgers is the starting QB in Green Bay.

Chris Brockman weighs in on the Patriots’ pre-season opener vs the Houston Texans, and Rich previews the top storylines for the NFL’s remaining preseason games this weekend.

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The one and only The Rich Eisen Show.

Now Stroud hanging in, throws it to the veneer side, picked it up. Live from The Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. One mistake on national television is it blows it all up, but like it's cool.

I just keep growing and keep learning, man. The Rich Eisen Show. What can you tell in preseason?

What you see in preseason is everything. Earlier on the show, senior writer for the MMQB, Albert Breer, author and CNN host Jake Tapper. Coming up, co-host of Good Morning Football, Jason McCordie. And now it's Rich Eisen. Our number three of The Rich Eisen Show is on the air. If you missed our number one with Albert Breer, who is at the Patriots hosting the Texans last night and gave us his two cents on what we saw out of Stroud, what we're going to expect to see out of the 49ers when they take on the Raiders on NFL Network, by the way, on Sunday.

That's for Eastern Time. That's going to be a fascinating game to watch because, you know, sometimes, you know, when the starting quarterback doesn't start and you're like, OK, like last night, Bailey Zappi. Well, you know, I know that he was the he's a favorite son of all the Patriot fans who thought the quick games, you know, stunk like like Mac Jones thought last year. But we all know it's Mac Jones is going to be starting. And then, you know, Malik Cunningham comes in and we all know, all right, well, it'd be nice if he does something for the Patriots at some point in time. But that's not what's supposed to happen this year. 49ers, if Purdie doesn't go and he won't, Donald, how many reps does he get?

Lance, how many reps does he get? And, you know, Brandon Allen may be in the Malik Cunningham spot, but that'll be a fascinating game to see. Albert talked about that.

Joe Burrows readiness, the running back market, Jonathan Taylor and all. And our one, if you missed it, we rear right away after this third hour is over. And there's our podcast as well, where all podcasts can be acquired. Jake Tapper, fun conversation with him, the author and CNN anchor talking about Philadelphia sports.

That's where he's from. He said the Eagles are going to go 16 and one this year. We went game by game with him.

And again, that was a fun conversation right there. Later on in this hour, I will preview the rest of the preseason weekend. But right now, we turn to one of my colleagues from the NFL media group from Good Morning Football.

He and his brother, Devin, were part of something called a twin cast last night for the Patriots and locally there in the metropolitan area around Boston. He's here back on the Rich Eisen Show. How are you, Jason? I'm doing well. Thanks for having me.

Rich, excited to get a chance to talk to you. How was that twin cast last night with your bro? It was a lot of fun. I like the way you talked about something called a twin cast.

That's exactly how I went into it. Didn't know what the hell me and Dev were doing. But it was cool sharing some stories of our days as Patriots and just laughing and enjoying. We had James White, Rod Minkovich join in the one and only Robert Kraft. R.K.K.

even joined on to the cast. Oh, wow. OK, fantastic. So how are you going to do that more often or there's just kind of a one off for you guys? Oh, well, we're going to do it for the two remaining preseason games for 91. So Green Bay and Tennessee will be doing the same thing. It's coming live from my basement, Devin and myself, and we'll get some more former Patriots and guests on there. Maybe some fans of the past as well.

OK, that'll be a lot of fun. OK. And so what did you take from last night's game? Anything that you can take out of that that that can be germane for the regular season, Jason?

A lot of it. I think it was fun to get a chance to watch C.J. Stroud on the other side from Houston, his first game action. I thought it was interesting hearing him talk after the game. Well, that's what the preseason is for.

You make mistakes, you learn from them. And he talked about the offense having a really good night. Everybody except him. I think that kind of humility, that type of ability to be able to move past it right away for a quarterback young in this league, I think is going to be a big part of it. Jalen Mills for the Patriots was fun to watch out there. A lot of energy made an interception was really good against the run. Obviously, my brother retiring who's been there.

I think we did the math. The last game New England played where Devin McCourty wasn't on a roster was in January of 2010. So they're going to be looking for guys to step up. And Jalen Mills made some plays last night. A lot of starters weren't out there on the field, but still you get a chance to go out there and make a play. So what was it like for your brother to be sitting there watching?

Was that weird for you? The realization that he can't do it anymore. So he was able to enjoy and have fun because he knew if he was out there on the field, it probably wouldn't be a good thing for New England at this point. But I think he's getting used to that that feeling as a former.

It changes a lot. You're watching guys and the realization that football moves on without you. So he's enjoying, I think, the second chapter will be on NBC this year as well. So he's having a lot of fun with it.

Yeah, pretty cool, man. No doubt about that. So obviously, you're well versed in the Belichick world, Jason.

What's your best guess? What he's doing today and what he thought of last night and is thinking about the upcoming season right now? I think he's probably given it to the guys as far as from a production standpoint, only scoring three points for the majority of the game. Then obviously Cunningham comes in and makes a few plays. The defense played well. I think for offense, a matter of just getting things going. You don't expect to go out there and play a flawless game. There's not a lot of game plan going on, but you want to see guys just executing. I think for him, it was probably exciting to see Taequann Thornton make a catch down the field. He's had a slow start to training camp for what everybody's saying. So Bill is going to be stoic and he's going to be even killed no matter what. So if they would have put up 50 points, he would have been the same exact way.

So I can imagine he came in and another day at work, guys, I just keep stacking them on top. What is your opinion of the notion, Jason? And it is a it is a widespread one that Bill Belichick is actually coaching for his job this year.

Jason, that is very hard to believe. I know obviously in this league is what have you done for me lately? But I think when you're considered arguably one of the best coaches to ever have done it, and I know they haven't had a ton of success since Tom has left, they went to the playoffs since then one time. But obviously that game wasn't great against Buffalo. But I just can't imagine RKK saying, you know what, Bill? Like we had a great run, won six Super Bowls, but it's time for you to get out the way. And let's just escort Jeron Mayland to the driver's seat. I think there's going to be a little bit more leniency with Bill to be able to get things right. Obviously, last year, the offensive side of the ball, not having Bill O'Brien. I think he's I don't think he's coaching for his job this season.

I think he'll have the the longitude to be able to coach until he's done. Well, as you know, nothing really sets off, I guess, the Patriots quite like the Jets may be succeeding, you know, and and and the Bills are clearly now in the Patriot position, which is it's their division to to win or lose. And the Dolphins appear to be more improved. So where do you see the Patriots landing this year in the AFC East in general? How do you see it playing out right now?

Oh, right now, I'm looking at this. The Patriots are fourth in that division and just the improvement that everybody has made around the New England last year. They finished third and behind Miami. And then obviously Buffalo was the kind of prize of the division. The Jets going out to get Aaron Rodgers is a huge deal. And you can say, all right, they haven't played in games together.

Who knows what it's going to be? Aaron Rodgers has been pretty darn good in the NFL for me to assume that the Jets are going to be a pretty good football team. You talked about, obviously, Miami and Buffalo. So on paper, I'm looking at it right now in New England has a lot of question marks with Mac Jones, obviously, as rookie year was really successful last year.

Wasn't you can come up with a million excuses why that wasn't the case. But I'm looking at it to look really good last year when he was healthy. Josh Allen is Josh Allen and Aaron Rodgers, the former league MVP. So New England from a quarterback position and roster standpoint, they're the fourth best team as a matter of how much ground can they make. And it's a matter of how much ground can they make up when it comes to coaching and scheme and game plan on any given Sunday to be able to compete with the other three, Jason McCourty here on the Rich Eisen show from Good Morning Football.

And so much more. What's your take on the Eric Bienemy coaching style conversation that's come to the floor all week long? Jason, man, it's it's been incredible the past two weeks.

You think about it. Some of our most experienced head coaches that we love and champagne around Rivera, whether it was Pan's article, Rivera's comments about the enemy, you don't expect that to come from the experience, guys, that it didn't seem as though any players were complaining publicly about Eric Bienemy. So for Rivera to bring that issue to the forefront was very weird to me.

And then he obviously read a statement retracted. But as I look at it, the Washington commanders haven't had any success and I don't know how long really since I've been alive. I don't remember the Washington team being a good football team. And now you have a guy, Eric Bienemy, and you can say, all right, Andy Reid's been the head coach there is not his success. He's been a part of teams that have won Super Bowls within the last five years for Washington. He comes in, if I'm a player on that team, maybe I just shut up and listen for a little while, see where this guy can take my game personally and where he can take our team to see how much we can build on and try to replicate some of the success he's had. And obviously it's a new age and tough coaching and being upfront and honest may not always go over well. But let's see what Bienemy can do if he can change this thing around, because Washington hasn't had a time successfully.

Yeah, I mean, Mahomes came out today and said, you know, what Tyreek Hill said and Jamal Charles said, which is just like, you know, hey, he's tough, but, you know, he's good. So it is weird. The whole thing is weird because when you hire Eric Bienemy, you know, you're hiring, not hiring a wallflower, you know.

No doubt about it. So to say that I thought the statement Rivera read after that was more worse than the original statement, because he's talking about one of his own. It's not like there was an incident where you have to get all the details right and watch what you say. He's just talking about one of his guys that he shares a staff room with and he was still reading a statement. So it seems like Washington just can't get out of weird times.

There's always something that's going on. Jason McCordie here on the Rich Eisen Show. So what are you give me give me a team that's your sleeper for this year, didn't make the playoffs last year.

Obviously, the Lions are not asleep or they're starting the season on on a Thursday night in Kansas City. So just as a for instance, who are we not talking about? Who are maybe you're sitting around the breakfast table every day on Good Morning Football saying, you know, we need to talk about this team a little bit more.

You got one for me, Jason? Yeah, I've been talking I've been talking about this team kind of throughout the off season, the Cleveland Browns. They're a team for Deshaun Watson. Last year, we didn't talk about the Cleveland Browns because of him. And now there's a team where he's had a year where he was rusty last year. Missed games because of his suspension, because of what he did at his time between Houston and Cleveland.

And now he'll be back playing football throughout an entire off season that one of the best running backs in the NFL, Miles Garrett and then as the Darius Smith. I think this is a team in a really good division with Baltimore, with Cincinnati that can surprise a few people. And it's just like, wow, I didn't really realize that Cleveland was going to be in the thick of everything to be in the playoffs and make a run. They're a team that I'm like, I have my finger on to watch how they come out, how they start the season and see how far they can grow from last year. Because the fans, you talk about coaching and everything that's going on since he's been there, you get to the playoffs, have a good year right away.

And it hasn't really been the same thing. So he added Jim Schwartz on the defensive side of the ball. I think they're going to need to make great strides for him and his job security there.

But I just think they have a ton of talent and they can be a little scary this year in the league. So let's see how far you think they can go. Chris asked Jason McCourty our poll question that we threw up last hour based on the fact that a handful of teams that have never made a Super Bowl are looking, you know, as good as they have in quite some time.

What do you got over there, Chris? Yeah, Jason, which team that's never made the Super Bowl most likely to win it this season? Jaguars, Browns, Lions, Texans. I'm going to go I think a lot of people are going to say the Lions. I'm going to go to Jacksonville Jaguars. I think Trevor Lawrence, the way he ended up last season, winning that playoff game against the Chargers, competing their butt off in Kansas City against the Chiefs. If he can make another leap and have maybe an MVP type of season with everybody in Duval County is hoping for. I think Jacksonville can be the first one. Yeah, I mean, they they did finish strong. The bandwagon is full on both the Lions and the Jaguars right now. I think, you know, I think they're both completely full. OK, so who do you who do you like to go back to the Super Bowl then writ large?

What do you got for me on that? A team that I think would be fun to see if they can make it back to the Super Bowl from a few years ago would be the 49ers. Last year they just seemed like a team where they get Christian McCaffrey and they are just absolutely rolling. And as Trey Lance goes down, Jimmy G goes down, Rob Purdy comes into sensation, then he gets hurt. So it was cool to hear that they might have actually went with Philip Rivers that had to head to the Super Bowl, but I think they're a team that they have a chance that Brock Purdy can come out and be healthy if they say he's on track to do so, that would be a fun team to get back in the Super Bowl.

And obviously they probably need both of the shots to help them get back there as well. Well, it looks like you're having a blast on Good Morning Football, Jason. It's been great seeing you take over the role there.

Yeah, it's been a lot of fun. Whenever you have Kyle, Peter and Jamie, we're just on their lap and constantly talking football and just hanging out with your friends every morning. What's the general sense of Jordan Love? I know you talked about him significantly today because that's the first game up on the net tonight.

Packers versus Bengals. What's your sense on how he's going to look in his first opportunity he's been waiting three years for, Jason? For Jordan Love, there's not going to be like, hey, let's let him ease into it.

But he's been waiting here for three years and it's his time. I'm excited for Jordan Love. I think he's a little bit of a mystery.

We have no idea who he is, what he's going to bring to the table. I don't expect him to come out and look like the Aaron Rodgers that we've seen, that we remember where he was winning MVPs. You got to probably go all the way back to see what Aaron Rodgers looked like when he first got under center, taking over from Brett Favre. But I have high hopes for Jordan Love. I look at the Green Bay Packers as an organization a few years ago. When you traded up in the first round to draft Jordan Love, you did it with the thought process of sooner or later, Aaron Rodgers is not going to be the quarterback of our team and we need to be prepared. And they've had three years to get Jordan Love prepared.

So, LaFleur, hey, this was your pig, this was your guy. He better go out there and play well. If I had told you when you were patrolling the campus in Piscataway, New Jersey, that Rutgers at Oregon would be a Big Ten game one day, what would you have said to me, Jason? Yeah, we must be playing NCAA and you can change divisions and put them wherever the heck you want. It's insane going on college, West Coast, East Coast. I would have never thought that that would be a conference game. Big Ten Conference. How about that?

Coast to coast, up and down the country. Unbelievable. It is that. Take care of yourself, Jason. Let's do this more often. We'll chat again soon. Thank you. Good to talk to you, Rich.

Right back at you. That's Jason McCourty. Check him out on Good Morning Football every single day around the breakfast table on NFL Network. And then a couple more twin casts. I think he's doing some Westwood one games as well for us. So that's pretty cool. Nice.

That's pretty cool. All right, Chris, you ready? Did you have something? You got something you want to chime in on? Yeah, I got something, Rich.

What do you got for me? I got a top five. From one of the top five. Observations from watching the Pats last night.

Top five Patriots preseason opener. OK, observation. You want to jump in that right now? Let's do it right now. OK, you ready? Let's just bang it out. Oh, thanks, Mike.

Number five. OK, man, that new scoreboard is enormous. OK, you see this thing?

Twenty two thousand square feet. It makes the one that Jerry Jones put up. I look like childs, but 13 incher. Look at the size of that.

Wow, that's awesome. Bailey Zappi is going to look great on that thing. I hate you guys. Live and in living color.

Don't you think it's gigantic? Zappi vision. Oh, Zappi. Hashtag. You guys are the worst Zappi plus. Number four. Speaking of Zappi vision. He was in a lot of trouble last night.

The offensive line needs some work. All right. I know it's just strange. Wasn't even in there. Strange.

No, Trevor. I get it. OK, I get it. OK, still. All right. Still, the reports from camp this year is that the line has been an issue.

OK, I know it was the first game, just like the Jets. Going to need some work. OK, the quick game needs some protection. OK, yeah.

Number three. Bill Belichick, elite NFL drafter back. He's so back. Christian Gonzalez and Keyon White. Did you see those guys last night? Steals. Gonzalez should have been a top ten pick. Got him at 17. Yeah. White should have been a first rounder.

Got him at forty six overall. Yeah. Big things coming from both those guys.

Yes, indeed. Smell of Pro Bowl. Again, that you got Gonzalez at 17 and were able to let the Steelers jump the Jets in line to solidify their offensive line.

And still got Gonzalez. Correct. They both look like players. White was all over Stroud last night. Yes.

Very excited. Defense. I said top five last week. Top three. Top three defense. OK, Chris, get ready.

Number two. We need someone at running back. OK, number two running back. We've got Ramondre Stevenson. He's going to be a beast. He's going to score double touchdowns, probably a thousand yards, which is anybody at number two. Do we have Lombardi, Lenny or Zeke on speed dial yet? Like, I know these guys don't want to go to camp, but can we just like get them and then they can hang out for a little bit and then play?

Like you're hitting on something like somebody. The rubber is soon going to have to hit the road. Kareem Hunt went to New Orleans and Indianapolis didn't sign. Dalvin Cook went to the Jets, didn't sign. Zeke went to New England and then who knows who else he's zooming with.

Haven't signed at some point between now. One month from today is the Monday nighter between the Bills and the Jets. The finale of week one's a month from today.

This is going to have to pop soon. So what else? What's your what's just somebody to play running? What's your finale here?

It's a big finish. With all due respect to the Checkdown King Bailey Zappi. Yes, Malik Cunningham should be the backup. Did you see this kid last night? He was electrifying. He looked like a former Louisville quarterback who won the Heisman Trophy and the MVP in the National Football League.

All right. Didn't he look like baby Lamar out there? He was running and dashing. He had a dime throw on the run in the back of the end zone. Wide receiver dropped. Well, I think he's definitely scores a rushing touchdown. This kid's dynamic and guess what? Not even playing quarterback full time. He's spending a majority of the camp time playing wide receiver. Let's get this kid under center. Mac Jones insurance. He should be the number two.

Let's go. I think he's definitely earning himself a spot on this fifty three. That's for sure, because that's, you know, the way that Bill looks at it. He should be the number two quarterback ship Zappi out of town.

Look at him ship Zappi out of town. The Checkdown King, his air yards yesterday might have been three point two. Dude, he's the one who threw one, though, Thornton up in the air. One one great throw and it was a bad throw.

Thornton made a great catch. He overthrew him. All right. Overreaction Friday has come to. But no, actually, you know what? Who knows? Who knows? I just doubt it because I think it would just be a different playbook.

If Mac goes down, you want this, you want Zappi in there. But I think, again, this kid's going to make the team. As Daniel Jeremiah told me, it was truck drivers and bartenders. Oh, God, yeah, because he was on the set with Colleen and I was just like cutting him back up. He goes, calm down. Eight four four two oh four. Rich number two here on the Rich Eisen Show. We'll take your calls and I will preview the rest of your preseason weekend, baby.

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So call click Grainger dot com or just stop by Bryce in Michigan. You're on the Rich Eisen Show. What's up, Bryce?

Hey there, Rich. Thanks for taking my call. Hey, I'm just calling to respond to that Twitter poll you guys put out there.

I just want to let you know that, you know, I'm a little young here in Michigan. I'm 27, but I've never seen this state so excited for a lion season. The hype is there. Man, Campbell is taking us to the Super Bowl. It's real.

It's real. Rich man, Campbell, I don't blame you. He finished so well last year and they're clearly gobbling up what he's selling and the team looks really good. And I tell you what, Rich, Jared Goff, I mean, I'm sold on this guy.

He's our quarterback for the next three to four years. I swear to you. All right.

Thank you for the call, Bryce. What's the poll question results as they currently stand right now? Chris, you threw the Texans in there anyway, huh?

I did throw the Texans. I was wondering if they'd get any votes and we have almost fifteen hundred. They have point seven percent. OK, so so not great. I'll hit this with a retweet.

I haven't hit. That's a pretty good number. Well, I think Jaguars fans are out because they're at seventy one percent.

So Lions fans, where are you? Twenty four percent. You Browns five.

I just did it with a retweet. Browns are what percent? Five.

All right. Yeah, the Jags fans showed out for this poll. Yeah, Jags. OK, Jags fans are out. Lions preseason game against the Giants in Ford Field. There are six. Let me get this right.

Oh, my goodness. Eight NFL Network games this weekend. Yeah. Double header tonight. Double header tonight. You've got Green Bay at Cincinnati tonight, Denver, Arizona tonight. And this is some fun action as I preview a little bit of preseason action for you and doing what I think we're going to do, Chris, when we bring overreaction Monday to a weekly podcast every single week.

Boom. So everybody look for overreaction Monday wherever you can get podcasts and hit a subscribe button. Just kind of previewing what the overreaction is going to be this coming Monday. And in terms of that, nothing will be able to beat the first game of the NFL Network doubleheader tonight and the back end of the NFL Network doubleheader on Sunday. Tonight, Green Bay at Cincinnati, whatever Jordan Love does, any direction in which he may twitch pre snap with the ball in his hands on the sideline, it is all eyes on him and it's going to be on and cracking. And a great preview for the opener, Green Bay at Chicago.

Oh, my gosh. Is that going to be lit? Because the Bears have got Justin Fields out there and Jordan Love versus Justin Fields may be just a whole new 21st century way of. Quarterbacking this.

Great rivalry, but just starting tonight, any last thing that he does will be overexposed and overreacted to. And I'll tell you what, if Trevor if Trevor Simeon, is he even going to play tonight for Cincinnati, I would bubble wrap his ass immediately because third guy, you know, Joe Burrow. And I'm keen to see, is he going to be standing on the sideline? Will he be on the sideline at all?

Because just the way he's moving around and looking will be a great indication of how several is several. Well, according to the Bengals dot com depth chart, Joe Burrow is the third quarterback tonight with the Reed Senate. Yeah, Trevor Simeon, Jake Browning, you're back up. Yep. So. And if this offense doesn't look anything remote, like it doesn't matter, it really doesn't matter.

They just got to break a sweat and stay healthy. Denver tonight, just seeing Sean Payton in orange is going to be something else, Atlanta at Miami will be a fun one. That's not on NFL Network. But just seeing what both of these teams look like. And again, I'm just supposing you're going to see some quarterback play. Sean Payton did say Russell Wilson will be out.

I know. Pittsburgh at Tampa, exactly what you're talking about. Baker is going to start. He throws an interception against Pittsburgh. What doesn't perform well, Washington versus Cleveland. Let's just see a little bit of this offense and just how mean Eric B enemy is going to be calling plays. But just seeing his demeanor on the sideline.

Based on what has happened this week, and these are honestly these are these these are the true assessments of what we're going to be looking for, because again, last night just showed you. You can't say this team's great or terrible based on preseason action, this player is great or terrible, I mean, Ted Dell making some nice plays, it's one of those file that away for your fantasy draft type stuff is a good rookie receiver night. Then on Saturday, Indianapolis at Buffalo, Anthony Richardson will get some run, but that's not on NFL Network, here's your NFL Network quadruple header on Saturday, Tennessee at Chicago, Will Levis is going to play in that game.

New York and Carolina. Jets at Panthers, Bryce Young. I'm imagining we're not going to see Aaron Rodgers at all. Can't run the risk, just simply can't get Zach Wilson more reps, maybe I'm wrong, I don't know.

Jacksonville and Dallas, that's not on NFL Network. But obviously we'll see what sort of reps you heard. Trent Balkey say yesterday, the GM that it's still being discussed if Trevor Lawrence is going to get any action. Don't don't do it. Just don't do it. Not worth it, especially if Micah Parsons is on the field, do it. Well, I mean, he ain't playing, is he? I don't know.

I mean, you look at him and you tell him and say you can't. Not very long, but you can tell him to tell him the game's on Monday. The third game of the NFL Network quadruple header, Philadelphia at Baltimore. Now, I have no idea how much Baltimore is going to show anybody in the preseason, but one of the biggest mysteries, I've said it for weeks and months. What does this Ravens offense look like?

Will we get any indication how different it is from the Greg Roman era? Did you see Marquis Brown in Arizona say when he was asked about the run oriented offense that we assume Jonathan Gannon, a defensive minded head coach coming from Philadelphia, you know, they're going to run the ball. They're going to want to run the ball.

They're going to commit to the run and then keep running. I imagine Gannon liked a defensive minded head coaches love grounding it out. The grounded pound of Rex Rhine. Name any defensive head coach that's in the NFL with the exception, I guess, of Sean McTermott, you know, but when you got Josh Allen. But Marquis Brown was saying he can he can do well in this and he's used to it. He's like, I'm from Baltimore. I played in Baltimore. And and again, this is what I think the Ravens are going to attempt this year to blow up the sense that, you know, we don't we don't we don't throw it here. We're not a big play offense.

And it's amazing, and Marquis Brown was the one who would take the top of the defense off in Lamar's MVP season, right? At any rate, he said that, so I don't know how much we're going to see that from the Ravens, and I'm imagining we're not going to see Jalen Hurts in that one at all, and then the final game of the quadruple header Saturday night, Los Angeles at Los Angeles. You guys have sold your tickets for that one already, I imagine? Yeah, no, no comment. Spencer Bennett, will we see him out there back in SoFi Stadium for the first time since blowing the doors off of TCU?

That would be great. Mike's a fan. He's not selling tickets. That's right. They're your favorite team. By the way, again, it is the Rams home game.

So this is the one you're selling. It's a Rams home game. Then there's a doubleheader on Sunday on NFL Network, one Eastern and four Eastern Kansas City at New Orleans. I think Derek Carr is getting some run. Why not? Well, he said he didn't remember the last time he played in the preseason. That's funny.

That's what he said. I saw a picture of him. He looks rocked up. That guy's got a chip on his shoulder.

So they do a top five list of the top five largest shoulder chips in the NFL. Absolutely. Rock that down.

I'll do that. Absolutely. Then, of course, there's the last game of the weekend and the one that we will absolutely be talking about on Monday. When we come on the air on Monday, I guarantee you your overreactions will be like Jordan Love stinks or is great. Yep. The Bengals have no shot without without Joe Burrow. I think you could say that right now.

I said that anyway. Right. Something about the Bucks.

And then something Vegas related. OK, they signed Damian Williams of Chiefs Super Bowl fame. Wrong running back. They need to be giving and then it'll be like, you know, they need Josh Jacobs or not, and I can guarantee you this Niners defense is just lights out.

It's lights out. And if there's any remotely close to the number of stuff, I bet you their second stringers would would would give you a heck of a game. Might be something Bryce Young, Anthony Richardson related. But then, of course, it's just how does Shanahan chop up the snaps and playing time on Sunday amongst his quarterbacks? What if Sam Darnold's like twelve for twelve hundred and does it matter? What if what if Max Crosby standing there in sweats? So what's you going throwing against a Raiders defense without the Condor coming down your throat?

Come on. I mean, if Darnold's winging it, man, I mean, come on. He was MVP last year. And Trey Lance is going to get his time. He's going to break Trey Lance's. Here's the headline. Trey Lance breaks a sweat on an NFL field in a game.

I mean, at least it's a sweat, not a bone. What's a good one? Can I give you a wild thing that I came up with watching this game? D.J. Jefferson, this based just solely upon what I saw yesterday. This might sound weird, but I think Drew Lock's going to be a starting quarterback in the NFL next season somewhere.

Is there expansion? Is there four more teams guy over there? Just saying he looked I mean, obviously, you're judging this based upon what they're going against.

It's training camp squad. Don't forget he was he was fighting to make the team. But I thought he made some really good throws.

I thought he looked really good. Don't forget, if he didn't get covered in the middle of last year's training camp, he might have actually gotten a week one start instead of Gino because Gino got the time in preseason that Lock couldn't take. And that was the end of that. Like, you're not going to have somebody who doesn't play in pre-season coming back from Covid, maybe with a weight loss or whatever, and throw them in a week one game, not going to do that. So.

And then Gino took it all the way to the comeback player of the year podium. That's something to keep in mind, right? Random thought. And again, that's what preseason is about.

Like, what can you make of it? And these coaches know what to make of it because they can tell what to do, what the film says, and they can know what the study time says and the habits say. You remember the last time I made such a declaration during a preseason game, Rich, it was Ramondre. So, ah, there you go.

Yeah, Drew Lock ain't Ramondre's students. 844-204 Rich, number to dial. Let's go back to the state of mission. Ed and Wes Bloomfield, you're on Rich Isinger. What's up, Ed? Hey, Rich, long time listener and, you know, love, love your work. Thank you.

And the crew you've got assembled. But I just wanted to talk about solid now, you know, maybe call back to your youth. But do you remember the show called Mod Squad? OK. Yep.

Sure. It was in the late 60s. One of the characters was Link Hayes, played by Clarence Williams III. May he rest in peace? Very often in the course of the show, he would say solid. And what he did, he put a fist up. And when he did that, it was a sign of agreement, approval. It was very positive.

Well, and I understand that. And I'm like, you know, first of all, that could be maybe if you want to find like the birthplace of using the word solid as a positive phrase as opposed to the actual description of the sturdiness of something and an object that may be where it's from, Ed. But again, you know, hey, if if I if Chris said something to me or TJ said something to me or Del Tufa said something to me and I went solid, like that's one thing, but just to basically say, you know, Ed, this is a solid phone call from you.

What do you think about that? You know what I mean? Like, that's a solid. You're a solid fan of this program. You're solid.

You know what I mean? I think I think your tone has a lot to do with it. OK, I like the tone. He's like my tone.

It's a less than solid tone. All right, Ed. I appreciate that. If you say it like you mean it, then I don't. Yeah, you're solid.

Ed, this has been an excellent phone call. See what I mean? You see what I mean?

Like there's better words that you're emphasizing. Excellent. Yeah. Ed, this has been a solid phone call.

See what I mean? I'm loving every minute of it. All right. Thanks for calling.

Call back. Long time listener. You say solid enthusiastically. Yeah, you're solid. It's a tone issue.

The tone issue. It's a it's a it's like he's solid. Yeah, it's a solid. It's a solid shirt you have on.

I mean, no, it means it's not it's not as good as you could say. Like I could have there are there are shirts that might be better than this one. There's a lot of buttons on that shirt. Yeah, you think yeah, I thought about that. That's it's a it's a five button.

I got a phone. I mean, I got five buttons on this thing. Yeah. Yeah.

It's like Arthur Smith's mustache. It's a lifestyle choice. That's true. I mean, people were mad.

They thought we were we were dogging Arthur or the Falcons. We really like him. He comes on a lot. Right. But, you know, it's a choice. That mustache is soft.

It's not for everybody. I just want to see the body cam footage. Atlanta nine one one. Seriously, I just put shades on him. And he's he's he's put on these aviators. Yeah.

He's hanging out with Thomas Lennon. That's right on the little Reno nine one one Atlanta Vice. Look at that, by the way. Perfect. Is that a is that a perfect fit for a Miami with the blue blockers?

He's in Miami. By the way, the initials, the personalized on this scene, somebody walks up to and says, as what? I got a baby. No, it's Arthur Smith. That's a little strange.

I've seen Belichick do that. What? BB on the sweatshirt. Yeah. Somebody's got to do B squared. Yeah. B squared. Yeah. B squared.

Why not? That's a that's a big monogram. Yeah. So, Mike, put the aviators back on the back. Oh, you got it.

I wear these all the time. We got let me see. Oh, of course. Yeah. I mean, that's that's your Instagram look. Oh, yeah. I got the big open mouth smile. Hey, somebody said, I don't care what the guy say. Keep posting those selfies for you. I paid for this every day in the fall.

Once the football do it every day in the fall. What do we care? You guys already had me blocked.

And what do we care? No, we don't have you blocked. Blocked by the way, you were constantly seeing what he's the king of. You were the king of posting at your haters. Who hates you?

A lot of people. Mike, I know nobody hates you. I don't know anybody.

He's laughing because nobody hates you. Honestly, you're talking to the nobody. Mike, Mike, I speak to a lot of great. And we're both like, I speak to a lot of people to talk about you behind your back.

A lot of people. OK, and I know that's a negative connotation. It's all it's all like, you know, I mean, I opened up to TJ. But, you know, there are things about how, you know, you think you talk about yourself in the third person, you talk about your abilities in a way that are, you know, a lot of people like, yeah, I know a lot of people are good about it. And you don't have to talk about it that way.

Like those are the very slight, slight criticisms. I've never met anyone who hates you. Never. No one's ever begrudges your success.

Nobody. So who are you who are you talking about? I've always felt like that. I told TJ I didn't leave rooms because I thought people were to talk about talking about me behind my back. Mike's like Jordan.

He's got to make up the hate to fuel himself. There was a bunch of LaFonzo Ellis. That's right. Is that who you know? Bradford, Bradford Smith. OK, there's a lot of the Bradford Smiths out there.

He's got to keep himself motivated. That's actually that's actually true. That's what Mike does. That's true.

All the haters out there. You can't talk and smack. You can't just buy boats without motivation.

That's right. Maybe you should grow multiple cars, but I can't. My my my facial hair. Have you ever tried to grow a mustache?

Yeah. When I was kind of goatee forever, I can't. I'm losing the facial hair.

I might bring back the mustache and then you got to die at black. Arthur Smith's mustache makes him look like he owns a pair of chaps. That's very Burt Reynolds. Wow.

Burt Reynolds. There it is. Very good. Very strong guy. He's looking for the Duke.

Son, do you know why I stopped you for? He's trying to he's trying to he's trying to bring the Duke to Los Angeles, right? Duke, you know, it's a midnight run, a midnight run.

All right. We got to get Arthur Smith on the show. That's that's a look when someone tells you to only talk to only talk about the mustache, no questions about the team. That's that's a newsmaker. The National Football League. That's the coach of the Atlanta Falcons, baby.

Walk us through the process. Your dear, your kids, your kids like it. I know for a fact.

I'm sure I shouldn't say that Taylor came back from camp. First thing she wants me to do is shave the beard. Well, she she's always hated the beard. Yeah, like it. No, no, no, no. That's like the beard.

Rich, you've seen the old clips, baby face. No, we like we like that. Let's take a break.

I mean, it's not quite a beard, but roll your break. It's time for kickoff and the Believe podcast will get you ready for the new season. How do you live through this as a different sports fan? Believe has podcast covering all 32 professional teams and many of your favorite college teams to be solidified your defense. You got better sideline to sideline end zone to end zone. If you don't do those things, then you're not even trying your hardest to win at football.

And I don't know what we're doing. There was a lot of great players on those teams that I was fortunate to be part of search BLEV podcasts wherever you listen. So I'm wondering, why is Fernando Valenzuela trending? You know why I don't his number 34 is being retired by the Dodgers tonight. Wouldn't you have assumed that that was already retired? Yeah. Yeah. Wow. I will never forget 1981. I was let me do this math in my hand.

Twelve years old. Yeah. And Fernando Mania, Yankees, Dodgers.

I think it can you look this up? I think it was Fernando versus Dave Righetti in a World Series game because we're getting before we're getting was a closer. He was a Yankee starter. And it was Valenzuela versus Righetti, who were just two spectacular young players. I think they were rookies. Was that Valenzuela's rookie season? Was that 1981?

Eighty one. Game three. Game.

Yeah, right. They won that. They won that World Series. And then I remember crying myself to sleep because I knew Reggie Jackson was going to be done and gone after that. And that was when Winfield was called Mr. May by George M. Steinbrenner, the third, because he did not perform well in October in that World Series. Righetti got knocked around, only pitched two innings, five hits, three runs.

What did Fernando do that night? Complete game. Yeah. Wow.

Six K's. Yeah. And then I think Bob Welch struck out Reggie multiple times in that World Series. That was all she wrote. So that's another reason why I won't be watching the Dodgers tonight.

No, I'm just kidding. Fernando's numbers mean retired thirty four. Yankees are up 2-0 in that series. And then and then the series shifted to Los Angeles, and that was that was it. Yeah, well, Fernando is the one I mean, in game three, right?

What a stopper. Dodgers throw your son the to the sky. I switched to the Mets for a little while. Yankees had a lead.

They were up 4-3 in the third. I was like, yeah, back here on the Rich Eisen Show, wait for four to four. Rich is the number to dial on the program. So fun show, man.

Jake Tapper talking about Trey Turner. All you need is a hug. How about Philadelphia hugging it out right now?

City of brotherly love for sure. They cheer him. And he turns it around like Sour Patch Kids.

And I have these numbers here since he was since he got the standing ovation. First they're sour, then they're sweet. Wait a minute. These Philly fans going soft. What are we doing? Hold on a minute. Fan base since since getting an ovation, he's had an extra base hit in five of the five or six games, two homers, four doubles, eight runs driven in. He's on fire. Yeah.

By the way, I love the old uniforms, the Larry Boa, Mike Schmidt uniforms, the Wiese kids uniforms. Hey, hey, hey, maybe that you just hugged it, hugged, giving a hug to Ben Simmons. Like Jake said, I don't think that was the thing that was going to make much of a difference. What do you think? Should you just hug it out with with the beard?

It's too late now. Why be gone? He said he's in dirty Jersey playing. We washed our hands of the Ben Simmons. No, I'm talking about the beard.

Oh, how could I watch it? I'll get out with the beard. I don't know what's going on there, man. Everything's quiet right now in the NBA right now, except for Anthony Davis getting his last week. We didn't talk about that.

That's the stupidest thing ever. Well, you got to sign him. You're not going to not sign him. Oh, I'll tell you. Oh, I'll tell you Anthony Edwards. He got fined. Oh, no, Anthony Davis Davis. Sorry. Yeah.

Still a lot of money for Anthony Davis. Game time, just chilling out wherever he is. That thing's going to come to a head soon, too. Yeah, like what is happening? They don't have to do anything. It's exactly what happened with the Packers and the Jets.

They could just have to do anything. Hold on. Be strong. Except for the Packers and the Jets. You knew the Packers weren't going to go into the season with Aaron Rodgers. The Blazers can absolutely go into the season with Damian, which I think is what's going to happen. And they issued the league issued that memo like, hey, yeah, you got to knock that off. Stop doing all of this, even though you already said everything about only wanting to play for Miami, so dumb. Yeah.

I dream of a world where Dame and Embiid are playing side by side. Inside Source tells me Giannis is walking around Santa Monica right now. Is that right?

Yeah. Inside Source, Mike, you want to go pick him up, bring him in here? I don't live in Santa Monica. Rondo, did you have red hair by chance? I can tell you I'll go.

I'll get him. So somebody thought maybe less Leslie might have seen him floating around. Somebody's Giannis is walking around. Apparently it's tough for him to, you know, blend in, blend in. Right. Yeah. They're walking around the beach, the beach, although down at Venice Beach, you know, he's probably the most normal looking thing walking around.

I was going to say right now, let's be honest, just like plays in those pickup games on the Venice Beach. Oh, could you imagine owning everybody? Well, that's what would happen. Supposedly rehabbing.

That's why he's not playing for Greece in the World Cup. Oh, is that right? Yeah.

OK, fun show. I want to thank today's guests, Jake Tapper and Albert Breer and then Jason McCourty preseason football, baby. It's going down. I can't wait for the week two. The week two is a real thing. And then week three is just like nobody get hurt. We'll figure out who gets cut.

And then and then we just take a Labor Day weekend off and off we go. So very excited. I have no idea who's on Monday show. All I know is it's going to be a great one. Check us out on on the Roku channel every single day, 12 to three Eastern. This rich eyes and show terrestrial radio affiliate Sirius XM Odyssey and more is it next week, a five day week for you, Mike? No.

OK, thank you. But check out his Instagram for him selfing and driving. For over three decades, nobody has had a wrestling career like Arn Anderson.

Conrad Thompson gets all the stories with our after watching AEW's Devil or Nothing. Amy wants to know what this dinosaur tastes like. It ain't chicken. It's like biting into a scented charcoal briquette, but chewy. Disgusting. It sure is. Check out Arn every week, wherever you listen.
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