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REShow: Eric Braeden - Hour 3

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August 10, 2023 4:04 pm

REShow: Eric Braeden - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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August 10, 2023 4:04 pm

Rich weighs in on the Yankees continued struggles and Shohei Ohtani’s continued greatness as the Angels cling to their shrinking playoff hopes.

Soap opera star Eric Braeden joins Rich in-studio to discuss the 50th anniversary of ‘The Young & the Restless,’ talks 007 James Bond, ‘Titanic’ and more in a round of ‘Celebrity True or False,’ and gives is his Victor Newman versions of famous sports press conferences including Terrell Owens’ crying “that’s my quarterback,” Rick Pitino’s “Larry Bird ain’t walkin’ through that door,” and Oklahoma State head football coach Mike Gundy’s “I’m a man!!! I’m 40!!!” rant.

Rich reacts to Brock Purdy’s first comments from 49ers’ training camp about his readiness for the upcoming NFL season.

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Ladies and gentlemen, Rich Eisen. Voice of God.

Voice of God. Live from the Rich Eisen Show Studio in Los Angeles. I still can't believe Aaron Rodgers is a New York Jet. The Rich Eisen Show.

Which is really weird for me because most quarterbacks of the New York Jets want to get the hell out of there. Earlier on the show, NFL network analyst Steve Mariucci, Jaguars General Manager Trent Baalke. Coming up from CBS's Young and the Restless, actor Eric Braden. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Facts.

Factual. It is Rich Eisen. And I'll stop referring to myself in the third person. Hour number three of this program, Trent Baalke, the Jaguars. Hour two, hour number one. Had a great chat with Steve Mariucci in advance of tonight's doubleheader live on NFL network between the Texans and Patriots kicking off the preseason writ large. Hall of Fame game notwithstanding, it starts tonight with a doubleheader that also culminates between the Vikings and the Seattle Seahawks this evening. Both games live on NFL network. There's also a big announcement involving NFL Plus and NFL Network and the Red Zone Channel coming up in about an hour from now.

I'll be zooming on that. Oh. Yes. I'll be part of that big announcement. You don't want to break news? I kind of just laid a bunch of breadcrumbs down.

It'll soon make a loaf. Yeah. If you missed any of the last two hours, don't worry. We re-air as soon as this is over after this hour is complete. Eric Braden, the man who has portrayed Victor Newman for decades on Young and the Restless is here in studio.

Yes. First time in four years he's back and we are going to have him once again give a dramatic soap opera soap operatic portrayal of three sports rants from back in the day. And my gosh, that's your music. So I want to prep you. Well, I appreciate you Mike doing that. He's about to come out here. Speaking of prepping, TJ Jefferson has left the set. He's left the set. He is back with Eric Braden. Nice. He's a segment producer right now.

He's producing him on the three, the three sports moments that he's going to have to give dramatic renderings on. It's coming up. Let's go. I wouldn't miss it if I were you. Well, you're going to be here, so.

No, no, no. I'm not going to miss it. You don't want to miss it. Back in the day when Victor Newman first came to be, when Eric Braden first gave this character this self-made business magnet some life on television, you would say don't touch that dial.

That's true. Don't touch that dial. But right now it would be don't touch that Roku remote. Yes.

That's what it would be right now. Keep on streaming. Speaking of which, we talked about the urinals with Jacksonville's general manager and our number two of this program. What are you working on over there, Christopher? What do you, what do you, what do you, what do you got going on over there? I don't know. I just, okay. Locked in.

Okay. You are locked in. Did you just make a bet? Is that what you did? I'm probably, I'm just trying to put my Rams tickets for the season. Are you seriously, are you doing that right now while we're talking? Well, Mike and I were talking about it in the break and then I was going through and I was like, oh, let me just check it in.

Cause I haven't done it yet. We were talking about, well, it's a free season. We're not going to be able to make it. I got prior engagements. I get it. Rich, I'm going to go to more games this year. I don't care. I've made a commitment. I don't care.

See, that's basically like what you're saying to me. If you're spending time on the air right now, like trying to sell your tickets when we're trying to talk with each other, I was engaging. We talked about Alliance, Jaguar, super bowl, and this is just in case Phil Mickelson's listening. Oh gosh. 179 to one.

Oh wow. The odds on that. So are the chiefs and the Eagles the worst odds right now? Yeah.

Everybody thinks it's going to be a rematch of a super bowl, even though that hasn't happened in decades. Yeah. Chiefs are Eagles are plus two 50 to make it and chiefs are plus three 50.

So you're getting about 15 to one. So the chiefs have worse odds to make it than the Eagles to win their conference. Yeah.

Because they feel it's a tougher conference. Is that where you're is that, is that the way to read this thing? Yeah.

100%. So Eagles niners are second four to one Cowboys six to one. Those are your three best in the NFC. Lions 11 to one saints, 12 to one. Where are the giants? 25 to one.

25 to one behind Seattle and the Vikings. Damn the giants. You know what? You know what that is. You know what that is.

That's a Daniel Jones thing. Yeah. Yeah. That's a DJ promise. Of course.

That's a DJ. Wouldn't you say all the quarterbacks are, are better than him ahead? Jalen Hurts, Brock Purdy, Dak Prescott, Jared Goff, Derek Carr, Geno Smith.

Say the name, say it, say the names. There you go. I mean, I think Kirk Cousins is better than Brock Purdy, but the Niners have a better team. Kirk Cousins got one and done by Daniel Jones, who was the superlative quarterback that day. It's just one day.

Hands on. It's the most important day. True.

That's true. It's the most important day when they're playing each other in an elimination game. When the chips are down. Oh, everyone keeps talking about when his Kirk Cousins is going to win under the lights on a Monday and a Saturday and on a Thursday, Sunday night. I think he cares too much. He's really good. He's really good.

Daniel Jones slander, but nothing is more slanderous than what Dak is receiving right now. We talked about it last week. We talked about it last week. Significantly so. So we got preseason games tonight.

Yep. Well, the jets are jets are jets are 10 to one to win the AFC. So what are the AFC odds? The chiefs hold on.

Let me, let me guess. Sure. Chiefs. Yep. Plus three 50.

The bills. Yep. Plus four 50.

The Bengals plus five 50. Then come, hold on a minute. Hold on a minute.

Then come the jets. Yep. 10 to one. They're tied with the Ravens. Also 10 to one.

Okay. Then comes the Jaguars. Jaguars are a couple back. Dolphins, dolphins, 12 to one. Chargers 13 to one. Jaguars 14 to one. What's more slanderous the Jaguars having a better odds to make, to win the super bowl than the chargers. Just to make the super bowl, right? To make the super bowl than the chargers, who they dispatched in historic fashion. I mean, honestly, or Daniel J or Daniel Jones having less of a shot to make it back, adding Darren Waller, then the Vikings who lost Dalvin cook, honestly, the Giants. That's really good value on the Giants at 25 to one. Jacksonville should probably be about the same as the Jets. Maybe a little bit less. If you want to take super long shots, a Cardinals Texan super bowl is, man, I can't even do the math.

There's so many zeros. Let's say 10,000 to one. Well, let's talk about a sure thing here, shall we? Well, I like it.

I speak my language. The only question is, does his future salary, that is nine figures, begin with a six or a seven. I'm going to say seven. Really? The back doesn't scare you back. My, this is like the fourth, third and every start. He's had some sort of issue, whether it was blister or back. Got it. He's taken swings before where he winces. Afterwards. I see it. Not that the least bit concerning 29. I would, I would appreciate your Red Sox going medical when the rest of Major League Baseball goes financial.

You go medical. You zag like that, pal. I'm just throwing out a possibility. Got it.

Got it. Last night, once again, I understand back this blister. That is Winston, dude. You know who also Winston anybody in the batter's box against this guy. It's unbelievable what he's doing.

Six innings, one earn, one unearned run last night. And it's just, it's, it's remarkable because again, I went Monday night when he was the designated hitter and the stadium is just filled with 17 jerseys with, with Ohtani in the back, either in English or Japanese. The place goes nuts for him. He is so incredibly talented and to see him in person, there's nothing like it.

There really isn't. I, I, I, I, I mean, seeing judge is exhilarating. Who else you got? I haven't seen Acuna play in person. I haven't seen that, but who's going to, who's going to get somebody to come out to the stadium. And I know these days attendance is up because I think the pitch clock and the shift, I think the rule changes that baseball endeavored this year. And the one that should come next is, you know, some, um, help for the umpires, you know, the Hawkeye system that is going down in the minors right now, the challenge situation. Absolutely.

I like that. That's a great, absolutely where the human beings are calling balls and strikes, but there's, there's an ability for somebody to tap their helmet and say, I'm challenging. And they turn around and they see like, uh, uh, uh, a computer rendering of whether the ball hit the strike zone, similar to whether a ball is in or out in tennis that you've seen in those broadcasts, it's the same system.

Let's go. Cause it's getting completely out of hand. And certainly there are all these apps now and there's now these umpire Twitter accounts that are everything is seen. So it's time for baseball to get on and they're already on it.

That's a daily report card. So I'm not sitting here and saying that there's, you know, an attendance problem in baseball. I'm just saying, who are you? Who's going to get you? Oh, they're in town. You're showing up.

There's not, I think I saw attendance is up 9%. No, I know that. That's what I'm saying here.

Yeah. But Ohtani is just the difference maker pal. Oh, if you haven't seen him play in person, you have to, and to see him pitch to, uh, I haven't seen that yet, but just watching him, it's just, it's just, again, when he pitches next, just watch. And the thing that the, how I watch him when he pitches is this guy is in the home run chase too, and a triple crown chase. And you forget that when he's pitching, you just forget it.

You forget it. Unfortunately though, um, even though they came up with the win and took the series from the giants, which is good for them. That's two in a row. I mean, we're on a run here. I know that doesn't wipe out the standings. It's just, it's just right. They're just slipping. Yeah. And the Orioles have lost two in a row since, uh, the news came out that they suspended their announcer.

So there's that lookout. The Astros are going to win. The Astros are going to win the con the, the, the, uh, the league again.

You think so? They're going to, I think they're going to catch everybody. It seems like they're going to catch everybody. So it's going to be a rematch from a couple of years ago. Astros Braves, maybe, maybe the Dodgers somehow breakthrough.

I don't know. Another rematch. So I like seeing new blood in baseball and baseball every year.

It just seems like, eh, there's only about eight teams that really have a chance to win. Cause they spend the most and I need to see a 30 for 30 and what the hell happened to Louis Severino. You see the Yankees started an opener last night, just figuring that he has a problem in the first inning. And then, then we found out it's not just the first inning. It's just the batter first batters he faces.

He couldn't do it again. He just, I don't know the guy threw 100 and then just was dominant. And he's now truly on pace for having one of the worst stretches in the history of major league baseball pitching ever. I don't know what the hell happened to him. You know that weird thing that happened with Rizzo where it's like, is he in a two month long slump? No, he's actually suffering from concussion after the whole Yankee season. It just makes no sense. Really? It took two months to figure out he's got a concussion.

What is your solution to just clean house? Yes. Like Boone and Cashman both. I like Aaron Boone a lot.

I just don't know if I can't figure out not to go full Jimmy Trainor here though, but he's about it. But Brian Cashman has had a long time here. Yeah, it's been a long, long time here.

And maybe a new set of eyes would be helpful on that front. Because what's happening, right? They just lost two or three to the Chicago friggin' White Sox. Derek Cole lost. Easily one of the worst teams in Major League Baseball. Honestly. They started the second half of the season losing in Colorado, getting swept by the Angels.

Now they've lost to the, they lost the series to the Chicago White Sox. Honestly, George M. Steinbrenner III would have literally blown it the F up a long time ago. But Hal just sits back and saying maybe we can play like we're playing in May. And I don't know what it would accomplish right now to doing anything right now. Nothing would be accomplished but doing anything right now. Nothing.

Because, you know, I don't know. I've talked about the Yankees way too much for a team that's going nowhere. But it's my team, you know? Yeah, man.

It affects you. We'll take a break right here on the Rich Eisen Show. Let's get TJ back out here.

The brilliant Eric Braden who plays Victor Newman on Young and the Restless and has been for decades. He's coming out here next. It'll be a fun chat. Don't go anywhere. Let's talk about AG1, people.

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Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, wherever you listen. You are an accomplished water skiing enthusiast. Yes I am. You once worked as a water skiing instructor. Yes I am. When the happy days riders found out, they wrote it into the script.

Yes. That's how Jump the Shark was born. Okay, my father said to me, tell Gary Marshall you water ski. I said, I'm not telling him I water ski. Tell him you water ski. So he told me enough times I went to Gary.

I said, I'm just going to say this. My father wants you to know I'm a water skier and I was a counselor in camp as a water skier. All of a sudden I'm water skiing. I pull up on the beach. I let go of the rope.

I pull up on the beach. I stepped out of the skis and I go, Hey, look at that. And I'm smiling. If you watch the scene, half of that smile is the phones going, Hey, I did it. And the other half is Henry going, Oh, I can't believe you did it.

True. And you, you are aware of the phrase, jump the shark. It's meaning within the pop culture. I am a young man, John, John Haim, Michigan guy, Michigan guy in his dorm room with his roommate. Don't know his name. They came up with the phrase, jump the shark because of that episode. And I've, I met him years later.

Now this is America. He comes up with a phrase. There's a book. There's a, there's a game.

He's on the radio on the Howard Stern network. Now people say, how did you feel? Well, you know, that this phrase, jump the shark every time they mentioned it. And it was in the newspaper. They had a picture of me, water ski. At that time I had great legs. So I didn't care for one minute.

We were number one for five years after that. What did I care that there was a phrase? That's true.

That's true. All of Henry Winkler's remarkably fun appearances are on our YouTube page, slash rich eyes and show back here on the rich eyes and show radio network, along with our live stream on the Roku channel, I'm sitting at the rich eyes and show desk furnished by grange with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger has the right product for you.

Call click or just stop by. It's been four years since this gentleman last stopped by and it's been, it's, it's been too long, quite frankly, the legend himself, the man who plays Victor Newman from young and the restless and so much more in his legendary career, just celebrated his 43rd anniversary on the number one rated soap season 50 of young and the restless airs weekdays on CBS, the great Eric Braden here on the rich eyes and show. How are you, sir?

Good to see you. Yes, I didn't realize it was four years ago. It's been that long. Time flies, doesn't it?

Eric? Oh, you're looking young and strong and restless. Hey, take for granted. Thank you.

Sitting on that chair behind the desk makes you restless. Thank you, sir. Trust me. Greatly appreciate it.

What is the best best ever? It says, yes, that's what I've got going on right here. I'm trying to clean up my, my stuff so you can see it. I just had dinner with my granddaughter last night. Oh, great. Terrific.

She's 19. Okay. Yeah. So you picked up the check.

I picked up the check. Very good. Understood. Uh, so what, what sports are you watching these days?

Eric, what are you, what are you, what are you checking out? I just, I'm missing football a lot. Okay. It's coming back.

I miss that a lot. Yes. Obviously, uh, watch the NBA playoffs. Um, you watched the women's world cup, the women's world cup. I've watched yours because you're a soccer guy. You played, I played and won the U S champions over 1973. Yes.

I, let me ask you exactly here in Los Angeles, California. Right. Okay. We won the final against the team from Cleveland, the Cleveland Italians. Anyway, the women's soccer. Yes. It all started the most extraordinary story in sports history in America is the birth and the evolution of the AYSO American Youth Soccer Association.

I'm very well aware of it. My children have played all three of my kids have played AYSO soccer. Yeah. In 1964, a German American fellow called Hans Stiele who lived in Torrance. He and his wife had four kids, two boys, two girls.

Yes. He was soccer crazy. He said, I want my girls to play as well. So he came to us as we were playing at Dorsey high school, Jackie Robinson stadium. There was a great Los Angeles soccer league. We're warming up and we knew him and he said, you know, I'm going to start an organization called the American Youth Soccer Association, AYSO.

Both boys and girls will play. And we said, well, good luck. We laughed. Yes.

Very condescending about girls play soccer is nonsense. So lo and behold, my oldest friend in LA, Dan Tanner from Dan Tanner's restaurant. Yes. Gave the seed money to this fellow Hans Stiele. I had no idea.

Six, seven, 10,000 bucks to buy uniforms and all that. Yeah. That's how the AYSO started.

That is why we have had the women's team in America win three world championships. All born from that day. All born from that day, right here in Torrance. I had no idea. I thought, and I think you guys can back me up. I thought Dan Tanner's greatest gift to life was the chicken Parmesan. Yes. And the chocolate salad.

I think we're all, I think we're all, I think we're all in a hundred percent. But it really was, he, he helped seed the money for the AYSO soccer. Because I played for a team at the time. Yes. Owned by Jean Leon who owned La Scala, which was the restaurant in Beverly Hills. Another great establishment here in Los Angeles, California. And Dan Tanner was a maitre d' at La Scala. Okay. But he managed the soccer team that Jean Leon owned on the side.

So he went from La Scala to Dan Tanner's in the same way that Craig went from Dan Tanner's to Craig's. Precisely. Exactly. It's all coming together and the women are Women World Cups. Wow.

And the chicken prom's great at Craig's too. Okay. Precisely. Exactly.

And the chops out. So is it true, again, let's, let's get to this here. Victor Newman was the finest in the form of Eric Braden here on the Rich Eisen Show. Let's, so are you, is it true that you scored a World, a National Challenge Cup, 1973, you talked about it. You scored a penalty kick in the championship game to win it all. The first goal was the first goal of the match. We won it all together, I think three to two, but I scored the first goal. I was very good at kicking penalties. When I see them nowadays, the American women's national team lost in the penalty kick. Yes, I saw that. And I see them try all kinds of fancy stuff. Very simple.

I didn't miss in five years. The way I did it is run at it hard and put slice on it. I will tell the goalie that corner, if you hit it hard enough and put slice, the ball goes away from the goalkeeper. He may touch it, maybe not, but it's the best way to kick penalty. So none of this tiptoeing, none of this.

Just run at it and boom. All right, so that's true. We have some, we've got Eric Braden here on the Rich Eisen Show. I have, I mean, we just chose four facts from your life's work and being Eric Braden, that we need to know if it's true or false. If we haven't played celebrity true or false in quite some time. So it's good to have Eric Braden here. Hit it, please.

We have some great production value as well. Celebrity true or false. You can't handle the truth. All right, celebrity true or false with Eric Braden here.

True or false, your young and the restless character, Victor Newman, was originally set for a 26 week run, but became so popular after you imprisoned your wife's lover and you're, you became a regular on the show. Is that the true story? After I imprisoned my wife's lover, they thought it was just the right thing to do. Good example to American menhood.

You find your wife wandering around, you lock them in the basement. So, so that sounds like Beauty and the Beast almost. Um, not to go full Disney here, but in all seriousness though, that you originally only set for half a year. That was it? Three months. Three months.

So that's the 12 week run. It was just a, you know, I didn't even know what a soap was. I had to watch television during the day except for the Rick Eisen show. Thank you, sir. Appreciate it. And, um, Dabney Coleman, you know Dabney? Of course. Dabney Coleman, he and I, you would play tennis together.

He was a very good tennis player. And I said, they asked me to see some people who run a soap. What's a soap? He says, do it. You love it. And upon that recommendation, did I even go to the interview?

And the rest is a 43 year long history. And so it was a tennis game with Dabney Coleman that led to you agreeing to go very much. And I respected his opinion.

He says, dude, you love it. And I hated it for the first year. Oh really? Hated it. I couldn't stand it.

It was too limiting. It is too, too, the pace is extraordinary. When a nighttime television show shoots between eight and 12 pages a day, a film two or three pages a day, we shoot a hundred pages a day. That's a lot of pages. That's a lot of pages. You know what that means as far as learning dialogue is concerned.

The most I've ever done were 62 pages in one day. And that was, we didn't think I could do it, but I did it. And you just, you cram. You just go up, you go right up and kick it like a penalty kick, right? Yeah, exactly. Boom.

By the way, that's a very good example. A lot of my success in acting had to do with sports. Sports, you do it. You may feel nerves. When I did Broadway, for example, with Geraldine Page, 1965, opening night was frightening. Frightening. You go back and you say, you will not intimidate me. As in sports, you will not.

Every athlete is nervous for an important game. Yeah, sure. So that sports in that sense helped a great deal. Eric Braden here on the Rich Eisen Show is continuing celebrity. True or false? True or false? Eric Braden, you were offered the role of 007 James Bond in the early 1970s.

Yay or nay? I've done a film at Universal Studios called Colossus, The Foreman Project, which would be a very good film for people to see now because it was about supercomputers. Okay. And I developed the American supercomputer and the Russian, the equivalent on Russia's side. And Cabbie Broccoli, who produced James Bond films, saw that film and asked me to have lunch with him and my agent. And they thought at the time that I might be from the British Commonwealth somewhere. And he said, do you still have a British passport? I said, I have a German passport. And the curtain went down. That's it?

He says they would have a revolution in England if a German played James Bond. You know? Sure. Yeah, that was it. Exactly. That was the end of it. So if you were a Brit, you would have been able to do it?

I would have probably been doing it, yeah. Brit or someone who was a member of the Commonwealth. Well, sure, right. I mean, obviously Sean Connery wasn't a Brit. He was Scottish, exactly. Right. Ladies and me was an Aussie. New Zealand, Canada.

No, not even Canada. So that was the end of that? That was the end of that. Okay. True or false, Eric Braden, the scene in which your character John Jacob Astor IV drowned in Titanic was one of the scariest moments in your career, true or false? True. What happened?

I was, done a lot of stunts, rap patrol, combat, all the action films I ever did. And this one, they came to me the night before and said, James asked if you want to do it. I said, what does it entail? Well, water will come in from all sides.

And then at a certain point when you go up the stairs and turn, it will be the cue to unleash 150 tons to the ceiling. Whoa. I said, really? I said, yeah. I said, hmm. Have you rehearsed it? He says, we can't.

It's all computerized. I said, huh. I said, okay, let's do it. But you give me as many rehearsals as I want until I feel safe.

Yes. So we had dry rehearsals, about five or six. And thank God we did. They had, I think, nine cameras.

All the camera people were in a diving suit, an oxygen tank. And I said, well, what the hell is it for me? So you just walk from here and then as the water comes in, I said, yeah, but how far does it? Well, we don't quite know. Okay. So uh huh.

So we drive, rehearsed a few times and I said, okay. Do you mean at this point I turn? Yes. I said, and you give the cue to the guy who unleashes the waters? Yep. I said, we have never rehearsed that. No.

All right. This was just before Christmas. I remember that suddenly action and the water starts coming in on the sides. What they hadn't reckoned with is that all the furniture started floating. Where you are sitting now that started floating.

Tables, everything. Whoa, holy. So I am going up the stairs and I think this may be my last Christmas or before Christmas. You really thought that.

I really thought so. And then the water comes crashing in. So then it gets higher and higher and higher. And the camera people disappear, but they have oxygen tanks on. And I said, so I'm walking up the stairs and suddenly, boom, glass ceiling broke and all the water comes down. And I must say, I done a lot of stunts, a lot of dangerous situations in my life, but that scared the data outside of me.

And we barely made it. And afterwards they told me, well, you know, we had a diver up there, a professional diver, who would have gone into the water to save you. Anyway, yes.

That's true. That was scary. Wow. Eric Braden here on the Rich Eisen Show. Last one for you.

And then we're going to put you to work as well with reading some of our favorite sports moments from podiums. True or false, one of your close friends is Ed O'Neill and you're also buddies with Stephen A. Smith. Yes, sir.

These are true. Yep. How do you know Ed O'Neill? Ed is the one who introduced my son to Brazilian jujitsu.

Okay. And he knew that I'd been boxing and all that. And we always met at the same restaurant. And he convinced Christian Goudegas, who was my son, who wrote Den of Thieves and directed Den of Thieves.

Yes, sir. And just finished doing the sequel. And my son had been in soccer and boxing. I took him to the ghetto gym, 70th and Hoover, 108th and Broadway in the 70s and 80s. That's why I used to box. And Ed waxed poetic about Brazilian jujitsu.

And so my son has done it ever since. Now he's a black belt. And so Ed is just very knowledgeable about boxing, huge boxing, MMA, UFC, martial arts, huge about it.

Yes, he does. And how do you know Stephen A? Stephen A, my son said, you got to be on the show. Mm hmm. So somehow I think my PR guy arranged and we started talking and it turns out that he or friends of his and relatives of his have been watching Y&R for years.

That's how that came about. But he but he he won't. Does he watch the competition?

Is that true? Well, he does. He works in the competition.

I'd forget the show's name. And I said, you know, you're in the wrong show, man. So but no, but he's one of the brightest guys I know. He is so quick. He's so fast.

Oh, yeah. And he is. He sometimes works on General Hospital.

That's when I forgive him. But yeah, well, that's Celebrity True or False with Eric Braden that I knew that would be dynamite. So if you don't mind, once again, we're going to ask you to put on your Victor Newman finest and your mind and your heart and bring one of the great characters in the history of television to the Rich Eisen show in the form of reading.

We have printed out for you three of the best sports soliloquies that we could come up with. And if you don't mind, we'd like you to give us your best Victor Newman interpretation of these moments. Eric Braden, is that cool with you once again? That's cool.

OK. We actually have music to help inspire you. First up, Eric Braden reading the moment on March 1st, 2000, in the bowels of the old Boston Garden when Rick Pitino told us who is not walking through that door, as once again portrayed by Eric Braden as Victor Newman. Please. Larry Bird's not walking through the door fans. Kevin McHale is not walking through the door.

Robert Paris is not walking through the door. If you expect them to walk through the door, they're going to be gray and old. What we are is young, exciting, hardworking, going to improve. People don't realize that, man.

And as soon as they realize that those three guys are not coming through the door, the better this time will be for all of us. Chris, relive that moment. It's very painful.

Very, very painful. I hate Rick Pitino with the fury of a thousand suns. Well, but so was that that was that was that engendered the same anger. Well done. Well done, Eric.

Next up, Eric Braden as Victor Newman recounting the moment on September 22nd, 2007, when Oklahoma State's Mike Gundy reminded everyone how old he is with this soliloquy. That's why I don't read the damn newspaper. It's garbage. The editor that let it come out is garbage. Attacking an amateur athlete for doing everything right. And then you want to write articles about guys that don't do things right.

And Dan Gray is the one that do make plays. Are you kidding me? Well, we are added in the society, man. Come on. Come after me. I'm a man. I made it two years old. I'm not a kid. That's all I got to say. Makes me want to puke. I appreciate you putting your own personal twist on it, Eric.

Yes. Last one. Now, this is this one is this one, I think, is directly up the soap alley, if you will be saying from January 13th, 2008, Terrell Owens upset at the criticism of Tony Ramone, reminding everyone who is his quarterback, Eric Braden as Victor Newman, please. This is not about Tony, man. You guys can point the finger at him. You can talk about the vacation.

We had a great time down there. You know, if you do that, it's really unfair. It's really, really unfair. It's my teammate, you know, Tony.

Tony Ramone was my quarterback. If you guys do that, man, it's unfair. We lost as a team. We lost as a team, man. Come on. Not Tony's fault.

Shit, man. Ladies and gentlemen, the great Eric Braden. You are one of one, sir. I always appreciate you coming on the show. Thank you very much. I appreciate you and what you're doing.

Thank you, sir. Man, I love sports. What a job you have.

You taught by sports all day. I'm lucky. We're all lucky to be here. We're all lucky to be here. I still want to see you and Stephen A.

Appreciate it. Do a sprint. Oh, the 40? I would have Stephen A. Smith out doing the 40 yard dash in a heartbeat. No, but he's injured. And he does a lot of boxing now. And he trains too hard. I said, you can't get in shape in seven days. It doesn't work.

Got to take your time with it. But he goes and works very hard. He looks great. He looks like he's lost weight.

He definitely has. You can see that. And all what we should all do. Yes, sir. You take me as a European, as a soccer player. We shoot baskets. Okay. The three of us. Let's do it for money. I didn't expect that.

That little extra juice and action. I didn't expect that coming from you. Okay.

I'm ready. How are you feeling? You feeling good? I'm feeling fantastic. You look great, sir. Thanks, man.

You look good to you. Eric Braden at E. Braden on Twitter at Eric Braden. Good to cost right on Instagram. Check him out right here on the Rich Eisen show again. Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS. Back to wrap up this show in a moment. It's time for kickoff and the Believe podcast will get you ready for the new season.

How do you live through this? Believe has podcasts covering all 32 professional teams and many of your favorite college teams to solidify your defense. You got better sideline to sideline, end zone to end zone. If you don't do those things, then you're not even trying your hardest to win at football.

And I don't know what we're doing. There was a lot of great players on those teams and I was fortunate to be part of search BLEAV podcasts wherever you listen. What was the big break for you? Was it married with children essentially? Well, I went to New York from Youngstown and I was doing a lot of theater and I did Broadway, off Broadway, regional theaters and so forth. And I was doing a play at Hartford Stage called Mice and Men, which is not a comedy, by the way.

And I was I was playing Lenny. OK. And then a casting director from L.A. was visiting his aunt and went to the show and then liked the play, liked me. And then a year later they're casting married with children and they can't get the Bundy guy. And this guy's name was Hirschfeld. And he said, you know, this, you know, guys, you're going to think I'm nuts.

But I saw an actor a year ago in a drama that I think he could do this. And they they almost fired him. And I happened to be out there at the time for a failed pilot. And they called me and I was playing Hamball at the Hollywood Y. And I showed up with my glove with the bag, you know, my bag with the gloves hanging off of me was Levitt Moyer.

What the hell is that? And so we we started talking in the office and then they had me audition. They said, would you mind reading?

And I said, no, that's what I do all the time. And I saw the guy as as my uncle, one of my uncles, Al Bundy. Yeah, he was like and the guy was a judge, but he reminded me of this. And what I mean is, I guess apparently most of the guys that read for it were doing it like Jackie Gleason and the honeymooners, you know, yelling and mad. Well, my uncle was like resigned. You know, life was going to be bad.

I love it. So, you know, we'd be like he'd get home from work and he'd come in the house and my aunt, his wife would say, Joe, I ran over the dog in the driveway today's dead. And Joe would say, what's for dinner? It was sort of like that, right? That's how I read it. And they had not heard that tact, you know, the interpretation.

No, they had not heard that. And they went, well, that's kind of funny. Just hearing him just slip back in Al Bundy and go, so what's for dinner? I love that. I love that. Back here in the rich eyes, Joe. Great, great stuff with Eric Braden for our radio affiliates that might not be on a delay.

Certainly our new radio affiliates. Apologize for some of the S bombs there. He's 82 and he's out of, you know, wants to hear. Good job, TJ. Good, good producing right there. That was funny.

You understand, man? Like I've been watching that man like since I was a kid, my family, all of us, my grandmother, our channel never left CBS from like noon till four. And so I'm back there kind of producing him in it. And it's pretty cool. I mean, I'm like, I'm producing Victor Newman right now.

This is my life is weird. I've had moments like that in my career, too, man, where it's just like, this is wild. Like, you know, interviewing Reggie Jackson or, yeah, being involved in the Hall of Fame. I mean, you have the emcee of the Hall of Fame the year that Carl Peterson was inducting Peterson, Derek Thomas. And I went backstage to talk about how, you know, long Carl was talking because, you know, we're supposed to go five minutes to introduce somebody who was no longer with us posthumously into introducing. And, you know, I went back on stage and saw a guy who had gone five minutes exactly the length of time he was supposed to go when he introduced Bullet Bob Hayes.

I've never told this story on the air. But he went to the five minutes he was supposed to go and he was kind of a little bit rankled that somebody else had gone over when he could have spoken longer about Bullet Bob Hayes. That guy was Roger Staubach.

Oh, really? And I went back to the stage and Roger standing right in front of me. And he's, you know, asking me hard questions about the moment and how he would have gone longer if he'd known he could go longer. And I thought to myself two things. One, the kid in the basement, watching the Dallas Cowboys back in the day on CBS with Summerall and Brookshire in the booth, and the Landry Cowboys offensive lineman would get up and set, you know, my favorite thing. And I thought to myself, that kid right now is freaking out. And then my current self getting read the riot act by Roger Staubach freaking out.

This is Roger Staubach. Captain America. Upset at me.

What am I going to do? I've had those moments. You understand how I was feeling a few minutes ago. Freshman year college. I had a part a poster of Marshall Falk on my wall. And then at two a.m. we would gather my buddy's room and he had a 13 inch TV with the built in VCR. And we watched the two a.m. Sports Center with Rich Eisen and Stuart Scott. Look at that. And look at us now.

Look at us now. And twenty five years ago. And you were Marshall's segment producer for how many years on game one?

Two? For 2013 season, which we were nominated for an Emmy for that year. And I mean, being Marshall Falk segment producer, you must have learned more football.

That's I say this all the time. I before that point, I thought I knew a lot about football. I played obviously. I was a quarterback in my high school football team. I coached for a year. I thought I knew a lot about the game and how to watch it and how to take in what I saw and interpret it and then turn that into knowledge. I knew nothing compared to what I wear that year from just he is he is a savant. He's a football savant.

Some of the questions is, have you forgotten all that? When you come here and you want everyone fired, you want everyone fired, you want everybody gone. You know, that's the reaction. That's getting to him. That's getting to know Dion over the years. If watching Dion screaming at people who don't who didn't play good football and he would scream, cut him. I would cut that player by the time he got back to the sideline. That was his line.

He would sit out and he would scream when somebody made a bad move. Cut him. Cut him.

Yeah. Because when you see Peyton Manning on the Manning cast, get rankled by bad football. That's Dion watching football games. It hurts bad football.

And he would scream and he would scream. Cut him. If I was coaching him, cut him going to the sidelines. And if I had come up to you saying that's going to be the coach and I'm older of men of no way, you know, a big time college football program. No, I'd be like, no chance. No chance.

We'll find out if Colorado buffaloes get sent home. Wow. Oh, right away.

They open with TCU. Oh my gosh. Wow. Yeah. Bring it on. Brock Purdy has spoken. Oh, let's hear it.

Brock Purdy asked to say about his readiness. Oh, baby, hit it. Yeah. Yeah. In terms of my arm and yeah, my arm feels great. You know, just still building back to back days and, you know, trying to gain all the strength that I can back from obviously just the rehab process of things.

And, and I feel really confident. Dude, saw him at the fanatics party in Phoenix with Super Bowl. And I don't know if he had a bag. I think he had a bag with him there or whatever. And he had like, it seemed like a knapsack on. He looks like a backpack.

Pardon me. I know as my kids give me so much grief when I say where's your knapsack? Well, there's a they don't know what it's like.

When I first said that, they looked at me like, what are you talking about? I think he's either there or another time I saw him. He looked like he was going to, you know, Econ 101. It's like Shia LaBeouf and Transformers. Like, can we get him a beard?

There's a guy who needs an Arthur mustache, mustache, stubble something like that. He just needs he needs help. I can't wait to see what he does. He's got he's on a he is on a launching pad. Yeah, he is on the launching pad.

Now, the question is, is what happens when the countdown hits hits one? Like, let's go. But he's on it. I mean, the team is ready for him.

And if he performs well, if he performs over 17 regular season healthy regular season weeks in the manner in which he did the last six weeks of the season, and he's only going to get better, he clearly has a bright head on his shoulders and a and, you know, some Iowa State gumption. Look out and a coach that knows how to dial it up and tell him just do what I just do. Just do what I'm I'm envisioning for you. And this play and you will be successful. That's all you got to do. Stay healthy. Follow along.

And don't turn it over. You take him in fantasy. Brock Purdy?

Yes, sir. Look at it. Look at his stat lines. Oh, I'm not taking Brock Purdy in fantasy. Look at his stat lines last year. He runs he runs some into you think he's a top 12 quarterback?

I don't know about that. That's your fantasy starter top 12. Or you put him in you put him on you stash him, you draft him late. And then you might be really, really, really happy. Really happy. I mean, look, give me Kirk Cousins 10 out of 10.

Which is by the way, which is by the way, what Kyle Shanahan might say at the end of the day anyway, according to many. Fun show everybody. Great show. For over three decades, nobody has had a wrestling career like Arne Anderson.

Conrad Thompson gets all the stories with Arne. After watching AEW's Double or Nothing, Amy wants to know what this dinosaur tastes like. It ain't chicken. It's like biting into a sinewy charcoal briquette. But chewy. Disgusting. Yes, sure is. Check out Arne every week, wherever you listen.
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