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REShow: Steve Mariucci - Hour 1

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August 10, 2023 4:02 pm

REShow: Steve Mariucci - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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August 10, 2023 4:02 pm

Rich and the guys get pumped up for NFL pre-season games between the Texans and Patriots, and Vikings and Seahawks, and weigh in on allegations of Phil Mickelson betting $1 Billion over the course of 30 years.

NFL Network analyst Steve Mariucci and Rich discuss the 49ers’ QB competition between Brock Purdy, Trey Lance and Sam Darnold, if the Buffalo Bills or Kansas City Chiefs should be the favorite in the AFC, the Sean Payton/Nathaniel Hackett controversy, and what advice he’d give Commanders HC Ron Rivera after multiple Washington players complained about the intensity of new Offensive Coordinator Eric Bieniemy. 

Rich weighs in the Colts QB depth chart and explains why rookie Anthony Richardson should be the team’s Week 1 starter over veteran Gardner Minshew.

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Ladies and gentlemen, Rich Eisen.

Voice of God. Live from the Rich Eisen Show Studio in Los Angeles. I still can't believe Aaron Rodgers is a New York Jet. The Rich Eisen Show.

Which is really weird for me because most quarterbacks of the New York Jets want to get the hell out of there. Today's guest, NFL Network Analyst Steve Mariucci, Jaguars General Manager Trent Baalke. From CBS's Young and the Restless, actor Eric Braden. And now, it's Rich Eisen.

Ah, yes. Hey everybody. Welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show. Live from our Roku channel set. Right here on the Rich Eisen Show in Los Angeles, California.

Good to see everybody out there. 844204 Rich is the number to dial. We've got Steve Mariucci calling us in about 20 minutes time.

The great Victor Newman from Young and the Restless. Eric Braden is coming in studio in hour number 3. He's been here before. It's always fun when he stops by to visit.

We're going to have some fun with him again in hour number 3. And Trent Baalke, the General Manager of the Jaguars will call in. Which means, he was not the guy in Jacksonville who won Mega Millions this week. I'm assuming, unless he loves his job that much.

Ah, man. I would stay Rich. If you're an NFL GM, you would stay? No, on this show.

I would stay on the show 100%. Rich, you've never seen me again, I'm sorry. You probably might not show up that morning. I get it. Good to see you over there T.J. Jefferson, how are you?

Look, I'm staying until the checks start to clear. Good job T.J. You know what, because it can't be Trent Baalke who's hit the Mega Millions in Jacksonville. That person's name is Doug Peterson. He hit the Mega Millions. Again, Trevor Lawrence? Well, Urban Meyer ripped up his winning ticket. Urban Meyer had a winning ticket. He had a winning ticket and he just torched it himself. He was like, I don't need this. And Doug Peterson was just like, you know what, I'll bide my time. Oh, you want me to coach Trevor Lawrence in Jacksonville, Florida for Shaad Khan's team. Is that what you want me to do?

OK, the team that is the owner who is who is spending money to keep the team in Jacksonville with an international flavor to it. And it's spending all this money on a new facility that tests. Do I ask do I ask Trent Baalke about the new urinals that they supposedly put in there that tests?

I think you have to. What does it test? It just tests how hydrated you are. Yeah.

And if you're dehydrated, I think it'll come up red. OK, there you go. Very impressive.

Very impressive. So drink your water. All I know is we all know just not to go too deep into this thing. I just need space. That's all I need when you're at that spot. That's why I never understood when you go into a bathroom, like in Vegas or a hotel or something, and there's an even number of urinals.

It needs to be odd so you can go every other one. What are we doing? 844-204-RICH is the number to dial if you want to chime in on any of these subjects. Football's tonight folks.

NFL Network has both games. Mac Jones! Baby Zappi! That's the one I'm looking for. Stop it. I'm looking for the quick game tonight. Tonight we see the quick game. Tonight's the night we see the quick game.

Bill O'Brien. It's going to be great. Mac's going to be awesome. I'm pretty pumped.

He'll play like what? One series and out? One and out? One and done? Who cares?

What do you mean? Play the whole first quarter. This guy needs reps. CJ Stroud.

Now that's what I'm talking about. Seeing ghosts. Will he start seeing ghosts tonight? No, he's going to be good. He's a good player.

He's going against Bill Belichick. See folks, everybody's wondering, what can you tell in preseason? Nothing. Excuse me. Excuse me.

This is 2023. What you see in preseason is everything. Because what you see in OTAs is everything. What you see in the draft is everything.

What you see in the combine is everything. Oh my god, this guy at the combine, he just ran a 440. If my team doesn't get him, we stink. Oh my god, we just chose this guy in the sixth round. I saw him play one time against Midwest Valley State.

He was awesome. We're going to win a Super Bowl. Oh my god, we lost out on this free agent. We suck. We'll never be good. Oh my god, this coach just said this about this player. He doesn't know what he's talking about. We stink. 7 on 7 drills. Oh, this video.

Okay. Did you see that catch? This video of the wobbly pass from 2-0 means he stinks and Tyreek Hill is going to be lamenting leaving Kansas City. Why would he leave my home?

And then all of a sudden 2-0 when he's healthy and Tyreek Hill are one of the best combinations in football. He might be lamenting. Everything. We read into everything. 2,000 yards.

For instance, hard knocks. Trophy in the case. Looking lonely.

Trophy in the case. Now of course I didn't come on here and say that. I just, I was a little bit more nuanced saying I see a happy warrior in Aaron Rodgers and I see a bunch of coaches and players who are following his lead already. You end up wondering how is he fitting in? He's fitting in great.

He is comfortable. Feels like he's been there for a long time is what it looked like, right? Yeah, I mean, team is loving. It looks like Aaron Rodgers has been a Jet all his life. Except for the fact if he was a Jet all his life, he wouldn't be so happy. And we know that as Jets fans. So cut to.

Don't project. Hey, the first practice against another team. Yesterday we even had a caller call in. Boots on the ground.

Boots on the ground. Rich Eisen Show inside training camp. R-E-S-I-T-C. Rich Eisen Show inside training camp.

I'm mixing the metaphors and the acronyms of our show and my other shop at a film network. We got a guy calling in saying, hey, Aaron Rodgers just went three and out. Zach Wilson just threw an interception. And all the conversation coming out of yesterday. Just look at the New York newspapers today. Look at them all. Look at them all.

Look at them all. Rich Cimini who I quote here quite a bit. He writes for He's a Jets reporter. He's going to be busy all year. I hope Rich is going to have his nice suits ready because he's going to be zooming.

He's going to be on TV a lot for ESPN. Headline Jets sense frustration from Aaron Rodgers, offense after spotty practice. They couldn't protect him. The offensive line. And that's what everybody's talking about with the New York Jets this year. Can Rodgers be protected? Do they really have his back? Figuratively, boy, Hard Knocks is a 60 minute infomercial on the Jets having Aaron Rodgers back and Aaron being thrilled to be in New York.

Will he be just staring at the ceiling at some point this season saying where in the F is David Bakhtiari? So, when you say what do you read in? Everything. Everything.

You read in every damn last thing. So tonight. Enjoy the quick game tonight, Rich. Tonight, the quick game. The quick game. The quick game. Tonight's about the quick game. And then Vikings Seahawks.

Oh my goodness. Seahawks. Who's going to run the football for them? The whole season down the tubes.

Everybody's hurt. Vikings Seahawks. Which, by the way, be a pretty damn good playoff game. Last year. What about this year? Don't sleep on the Seattle Seahawks. Maybe I was just a year early on. The Seahawks were a top 5 pick.

You were correct. The Seahawks were a top 5 pick. You just didn't think it would be Denver's first pick. You didn't think it would be coming from Denver and Russell Wilson.

That's the other thing, too. Be careful what you read in. Remember the Bears played the Seahawks last year in the preseason? That might have been your overreaction or your what's more likely. I battled for the first pick. I just had the wrong team. You had the wrong team. Bears and Texans. And the Seahawks made the playoffs with Geno Smith, who wins the Comeback Player of the Year award. First ever won by somebody not coming back from injury but from mediocrity.

Or lack of opportunities. Let's be nice to Geno. He's nice to this program. Vikings tonight.

What do we got going on here, huh? We already saw Kellen Mond in Cleveland. I want to see the rookies, though. I want to see Jordan Addison. I want to see... How's Kirk look after... Jackson Smith and Jigba.

Yeah, let's do it. Again, like you said, who's running the ball for Seattle? I want to see Pete Carroll chew gum. He'll be chomping.

I'm just pumped. Two games tonight, Rich. Man, are we taking the overs? What do you think?

Pre-season overs? He doesn't know what you're talking about, Chris. I know what he's talking about. What do we got, Rich?

Sometimes you know and sometimes you don't. Here's what I've got to say on this. Easy there, Phil Mickelson. I read that Phil story this morning and I was like, I've got to step my game up.

I'm a lightweight. Easy. Did you wind up betting on the Hall of Fame game? No.

Good for you. Tell me this Phil Mickelson story. Oh my gosh.

Go for it. So there is a new book coming out by one of the most famous sports game where it's this guy named Billy Walters. Him and Phil became friends in the early 2010s. And just the reports, he kept detailed records of him and Phil's relationships and the bets they would share together. And basically Phil bet about a billion dollars worth in five years. Over the course of about a five year period. Over a thousand bets of $110,000 to win $100,000.

Another $800 more of $220,000. Reportedly, this guy Billy Walters talked Phil out of betting on himself in the Ryder Cup in 2012. A match which the Europeans won because in famous fashion called the Maricopa Medina. Partly because Phil lost his match on Sunday to Justin Rose. A $400K bet that he reportedly talked Phil out of. Yeah, Phil's a maniac. And this is way more and way bigger than we thought of the gambling issues that Phil had that was detailed in the Alan Shipnut book. And you know, three things. Number one, he's got a sickness. I can't imagine, he must live his life where he's got to have action on literally everything. And I can't imagine that it just goes away.

Like suddenly you don't have to have action on everything. And we just saw him, a video of him with Bryson DeChambeau about to play a practice round. A nine hole practice round at the recent live event. Phil's talking about betting $1,000, $2,000 on the practice round.

So that's number one. Number two is maybe he had to go to the live tour. Did the live tour get him whole? I mean that's been the speculation kind of the whole time. I mean is that what it is? Did the Saudis basically get him out of debt? Gambling debt? Who knows?

We will never know. And then number three is I asked the thief among us, figuratively, to see if this is dishonor amongst thieves. Writing about this stuff? Well, Billy Walters has a little bit of beef with Phil. Clearly. Well this guy went to prison for five years for the insider trading thing a while back. And he claims that Phil could have avoided his prison sentence by merely quote telling the truth. And so by not doing that, he's now telling the truth about Phil in a book. Go buy his book. Correct. Talking about how Phil just has to have action on everything. Among other things, just and also his life, he's in his 70s, his life as a sports gambler and a famous sports gambler.

And you know there's a chapter or two about Phil and their relationship. That's sick, man. And I'm not saying sick like in the 21st century way of saying that's wild.

No, it's ill. That's an illness. I said this all the time, man. I said this all the time. If, screw it, I'll just conflate the two.

Which it might be doing so by saying the word conflate. If Pete Rose had ever come out and done what Mickey Mantle did at the end of his life about alcoholism and parenting and saying I was a bad parent because I was an alcoholic and I am dying and don't be like me. And went on a tour, you know, of Oprah and whatever and basically was open about this is what happened to me. Don't be like me. I think if Pete Rose had ever done that about gambling, he'd be in the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown, New York right now.

A million percent. If he came out and said I had a gambling sickness, you damn right I bet on the Reds. That's why I signed that document and I would like back in and my way of being back in is this is a sickness. Gambling is a sickness. Do not be like me. I had the money.

I ended up losing it. Obviously, Phil has money. We think. We think. But this is a sickness. I view this and I'm not like that's wild, man. Oh gosh, Phil's a character.

No, I'm thinking he's got an illness. Shoot you straight. Straight up. That's the way I view it and I understand I'm not a gambler so by trade and by profession I can't be one. I like having a little action. Nine figure losses. I'm fine with the fantasy football with my buddies being the extra action, if you will.

I play little cards here and there but good God. There was a report. So you're betting $220,000 to just win $20,000 less than what you put on the table. That's how sure of a thing it is?

Is that the way? Yeah, I mean there's some things out there. He famously bet $20,000 on the Ravens to win the 2000 Super Bowl at 28 to 1. You know, he bet one day he bet 43 different baseball games. What? He bet a million dollars in a day on baseball, essentially.

Dude. I saw a game the other night in Anaheim where it was all buttoned up and then the sixth run ninth happens. Last night in baseball we saw Michael Lorenzen pitch a no-hitter in his first game as a Philly.

And we saw baseball land in the light of the green monster. So anything can happen. That's a ground-roll double, right?

In almost any sport. Yes, it is. Yeah, I mean. So does that answer your question as to what that story is, TJ? You're like, wait a minute, what story?

That's the story, don't you think? Well, whatever. Reportedly $100 million loss for Phil. Well, maybe. So if there's a group of individuals that he clearly, as he stated publicly, he finds disreputable and they say, we will give you X amount of dollars.

And then you look at your bank account over the span of all this time. I don't know if that put him in the red or not. We have no idea. Highly successful guy who, by the way, if he wanted to, without all this craziness, the last ever since he won the PGA championship. Crazy. You know, it's just been, yeah, when he's thumbs up in with his aviators like, hey, everybody, you know, and he became the darling of the United States for everybody.

It's been just nothing but down the rabbit hole. But he seems really happy. He looks great. None of this apparently seems to be affecting his physical or mental state. Maybe it's because his financial state is as good as it's ever been. Yeah, he's in the black again. 844-204-RICH number to dial right here on the Rich Eisen Show. Steve Mariucci, Moochie Man. He has been to Bill's Camp, Chief's Camp, Niner's Camp, and will talk to us about tonight's NFL Network Live double header.

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Yep, going away as in kaput, gone, dead. Rest in peace Stitcher and thanks for 15 years of service to the podcast community. So switch to another podcast app and follow this show there.

Apple, Spotify, or wherever you listen. After traveling around some camps and now I'm coming down this weekend to the network studios doing some pre-season stuff. It's been great. How about you? We're good. Brockman's Boy is now close to three, correct?

Three and a half. Taylor, my daughter, comes home from camp today. Coop and Xan have been home for a few days. TJ never leaves the house. And Del Tufo's dyed his hair completely jet black. It's so black now Mooch. And I've lost a ton of weight Mooch. He's lost a ton of weight.

He won't tell us how much because he doesn't get on a scale. Mooch. Really? I can't tell. That's exactly what I wanted.

That's the response. He's got a fresh coat of paint on the lid Mooch. He needs a little touch up. Now you went full Bob Barker. One day you walked in and you're completely grey Mooch. You did that. I was trying to do the TV thing and keep my hair darker to keep looking younger.

And then really when COVID hit Mooch I said heck with it. I'm just going to go all natural. And boom.

White or grey. And you got the thumbs up from Gail obviously. A couple of times she goes yeah maybe put a little bit back in there. Maybe a little bit. I love it.

Looks good on you. See I knew bringing Mooch in just before the radio audience would be the exact right thing to do. And I'm back on the Rich Eisen Show radio network sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger has the right product for you.

Call or just stop by. I love this man. He's worked at the NFL Network. We're turning 20. He joined in early 2006 right after the 2005 season was all over. I love this man Steve Mariucci back on the Rich Eisen Show.

Mooch. We've been together for a long time Richard. Just coming up will be my 19th Super Bowl with you guys. With us. Can't wait.

I know neither can I. Are you in your office right now? Home office. And is that the one with that photograph of you jumping in the air as young found T.O. in the end zone to beat the Packers in the playoffs?

Yeah I have that right here. How high in the air is it the highest you've ever jumped to? 43 inch vertical jump Rich at least. I was levitated. It's the weirdest looking picture because my son Tyler was on the sidelines and he was down there.

He's in the picture too looking. And I was like just up in the air like I don't know I was probably up 12 or 14 inches. It's the body language you used because you knew the ball had to go over the linebacker to get to T.O. and you knew that so you jumped in the air to get the ball levitating as high as it needed. It wasn't Steve Young it was you with your body language on that day. Yeah I was like controlling the ball like a remote control you know and he just had the up and over that was that's kind of a throw that these guys have to learn when they throw up inside up and over the linebackers and it was exactly that and it was Owens Owens Owens he got it he got it he got it.

That was that was pretty cool. All right let's jump let's jump into the Steve tonight two preseason games Texans Patriots and then of course the the Vikings and the Seahawks of course on NFL Network it's on our on our air this evening. What what what do you want to see tonight. Like what should we be looking for tonight out of these games. You know I think I think there's not I think I know there's a trend going on where guys don't play their starters much in the preseason anymore and it's kind of a it's a trend and it's it's headed that way even though there are there's one less preseason game they still a lot of starters just will play it no preseason snaps and so I'm always looking for the young kids you know I hope the CJ Strouds of the world will play for Houston and with it. Do we know if he's playing or he's starting he's going to be out there. Yeah they need it you know and kind of reminds me of when I was coaching the Hall of Fame game one year there's this kid that came in at the end you know we're Niners were playing the Patriots and this kid for the Patriots came in I can't remember his name I think was Tom something or other Tom Brady maybe and he drove his team down in that game for a touchdown and I went oh that's that's that Tom Brady kid.

And so it's always fun to see the rookies and the youngsters and the new kids on the block to see if you think they're going to contribute or not but they need it right. They need the preseason snaps, how did Giovanni come how's he look in that Hall of Fame game Steve. You know well he had a tough day at the office and so. The goat farmer, the goat, you got the, the pigeons got the goat and you got the.

Some producers just thought he would call him a goat farmer and that's so far from the truth. Let's get into who you've seen you were at the Niners camp what what insight do you have on the quarterback depth chart order when it's all said and done Steve. Brock Fritti was playing that day was practicing that day. And we had we had Kyle Shanahan on the set with us and I asked him because last year I was there at camp and it was so different because Jimmy Garoppolo was banned to the other practice field he wasn't even going to be on the team they were going to trade him as soon as they could. And then Trey Lance was taking every snap or you know in the in the ones and so much has changed in the last year right because now Brock pretty is the starter in college that he's he's healthy he's ready to go he has no limitations.

So there got him on a little bit of a pitch count which is smart every now and then they'll give him a practice off so he doesn't over tire his his his throwing arm or his elbow or store in the UCL. But he's the starter and so there is a battle for backup with Trey Lance who they drafted up to trade it up in the draft so much to go get him and he's battling for number two with Sam Darnold. It's really interesting they've got three quarterbacks that are very very capable I think and who knows they might end up trade trading Trey Lance.

That's the question about it Steve is but what's the sense you got there that you're willing to share because you know everybody talks once microphones come off or whatever but. The sense about the quarterback situation. About Lance about Lance the fact that he you know that's all you hear about him is how talented he is the upside is great huge ceiling and he just needs the reps he needs the time and it doesn't seem like he's going to get it again. Last year was the time for him to get it and he had a you know get on a cart in his second game and the rest is appears to be history. Is it is it a lack of snaps or ability best and for your ability I think lack of snaps is really really comes into play here because his last year in college.

Was a COVID here so he didn't do anything right then he comes to the pros as a youngster couldn't wasn't old enough to rent a car and he didn't do anything and so he's he's. So far behind in terms of playing in life situations and so they were so high on him last year which I couldn't believe that he was going to be the next Steve Young. And and it's been the injuries that gotten him it's it's you know his ankle is. And so the poor kid has been has had the injury bug. And if he stays healthy he's big enough strong enough athletic smart and all of it. It's just been he's been hurt and it's it's that simple but you got to be available like Joe Thomas. Ten thousand snaps in a row right to be available right and you can be you can be Joe Montana but if you miss if you miss most of the time you're not Joe Montana.

And so anyway that's his deal and you're going to see him. They're not going to play Brock pretty I don't think in the preseason. So you'll see Trey Lance quite a bit in the preseason with Sam Darnold.

Okay so then you'll you'll get a sense of things so then I'll ask you a game game warning type topic bar question that you then are then forced to answer. It's your best guess Sam Darnold was brought in for Purdy insurance or Lance insurance and you can't say both Steve. You cannot say pretty insurance pretty insurance. This is my guess I don't know for sure but I think if Trey Lance plays well in the preseason. Okay because they know I think they know what they have in Sam Darnold smart guy experienced guy he went four and two with the Panthers last year. I mean he's been around a little bit with your Jets and you know and he's he's he's he's okay he'd be a heck of a backup heck of a backup.

And he's he's a good mentor kind of guy doesn't rock the boat. If Trey Lance can show well in the preseason I think there were a lot of teams that liked him when he came out in the draft and had him graded as a first round guy. And so I think teams will say hey look at him he's back he's healthy and would be willing to give up a nice draft pick or two to go get him because you know there's such a premium on having a healthy quarterback and a guy that's capable. Maybe somebody gets hurt early in the season before October trade deadline. I think that might be they might be able to get some draft picks back. Steve Mariucci my colleague from NFL game day morning fresh off his inside training camp tour for NFL Network which has the live doubleheader of preseason action tonight starting with Texans and the Patriots seven Eastern time right here on the Rich Eisen show.

So what's the story of Bill's camp that you took out of your visit there to Western New York. First of all let's go back to the Niners. You know they that is such a talented team. Oh my God they've got blue chip players all over the place.

All right. A lot of these guys are we're the highest paid guy in the league at their position from Trent Williams to Kittle to Kyle Hughes check to Fred Warner. I mean he got Bosa.

Come on. He's not camp yet. So they think they can win the Super Bowl over the Bill's camp. They think they can win the Super Bowl.

That's a talented team. You're going to get guys you know they were 13 and 3 and lost to the Bengals. But Josh Allen's animal we all know that good receiving core and they added Dalton Kincaid from Utah that tight in the young tight end that is terrific and drafted another offensive lineman. And they're going to have guys coming back.

They were one of the best defenses in the league for sure. And Von Miller missed seven games and he is returning to the obvious white. He missed 11 games of all pro guy and he's returning. Mike Hyde missed the whole season. He's returning. DeMar Hamlin's returning.

Thank God. I mean they have they have a talented roster as well. So you know they've they've just got to they've just got to finish strong. They they've been making it to the playoffs and it's either been the Bengals or the Chiefs that knock them out right at the end. They're right there.

They're right there. They're a player two away from going to a Super Bowl and and that was a fun team to watch. Man they're they're talented. I still think it's their division to win and lose. You know I think it's their division you know and I know that we're hard knocks with the Jets and they do look incredibly talented.

Just add goat and they've done that with Rogers who looks really happy and content and healthy and ready to go. But I still think that's the Bills division. Yeah I think it is. It should be.

It should be. They've been there done that. They won it three times in a row now. And the Jets will definitely be better. Aaron Rodgers kind of kind of found the founding youth over there. He's got a young team to play with. And like you said he's having he's having a ball. It was seemed like and I'm a Packer fan right.

You know that. But it's it seems like he's really happy over there. The change of pace probably has done him some good mentally you know. And then Jets in Miami are going to be very very good. I can't imagine we're talking about predicting the Patriots fourth in that in that division after winning it so many times. But that's how it stacks up right now with the with the rosters.

Steve Maricci here on the Rich Eisen Show. And the Chiefs look as loaded as they come. Obviously Chris Jones isn't there. We're assuming he returns and we know what that means though. But what was your sense of Chiefs camp there Steve? Yeah they're they're another team that thinks they can go back to the Super Bowl.

Hasn't played in the last three out of four. And so Patrick Mahomes is as good as ever. You know so I asked him a question Rich because they've had so darn many changes with receivers coming and going over there. And they develop receivers and then they're off to another team you know and they've been drafting guys. And I said how do you bring them up with these receivers because you're still first in the league in passing. He says I bring him down to Texas well this summer.

I brought him down to Texas for a month and a half to work out. A month and a half Rich and I know they're not just throwing routes and running sprints and stuff. But they play a little golf and they have some good bonding time. But these guys these guys work man. He's such a leader and they do whatever he asks them to do and of course Kelsey's the man too. And this is a scary team for the rest of the league.

Why? They played 10 rookies in the Super Bowl. This is a really young team. They started four rookies and Isaiah Pacheco you know he's one of the reasons that the running backs get no respect. Because here's a seventh round pick that ends up starting for the champs and he's really a good player. And at running back and so they feel like hey we can do it again just kind of stay healthy.

And these 10 rookies will get better in their second year and will even be better than last year. Did Mahomes pick up the check for everyone to come to Texas for a month and a half Steve? Did he pick it up? You know what I didn't I didn't quite get to that. That's the follow up. We were doing the interview with Kimmy Chex and all of a sudden somebody put Sterling his daughter in his arms during the interview.

And it got you know it got cut off a little bit and Brittany was there and this and that. But he probably did. You know he probably put him up someplace and I don't know if he paid for all the beer or the lunches. I don't know or the golf but he said he even gave him golf lessons. Well I'm sure he can get a tee time.

I'm sure he can get a tee time. That's a long time though to get together in your offseason. Steve Mariucci here on the Rich Eisen Show. A couple of coaching stories I want to hit you on. First one up Sean Payton talking about Nathaniel Hackett's job that he that he took because of how poorly Nathaniel. I mean we all saw I mean how many times did we talk about it with the Broncos and Nathaniel Hackett and Russell Wilson on game day morning last year.

I lost track until the firing happened. What did you make of Sean Payton's comments Steve? Well first of all I we all saw it and was like what what did he just say. And then thankfully he apologized the next day. I think I think he felt bad like it's like what what did I just say with no filter just kind of talking to guys in the back room.

You know what I mean. You know what Rich in the coaching fraternity and Sean knows this he's a good guy good coach and all that. But in the coaching fraternity there's there's honor amongst these. I mean you just you just don't rip on any other coaches.

You just don't do that much. You know what I mean unless it's really personal or I don't know what would make you do that. But you know a lot of coaches have been fired and a lot of coaches you know win and lose and all of that.

But it's kind of an unwritten law that you just don't criticize. And he threw his front office under the bus. The team under the bus. And so I felt that that was a little and he felt he knew it. It was uncalled for and he regretted it right away. He said 40 minutes after I said it he said I gosh I can't believe I just said that. Because Nathaniel Hackett is a good coach and he is a good guy.

Of course Aaron Rodgers has his back big time right. And so that was that was something that took me by surprise and it was unlike Sean Payton. He's not usually like that.

And then the last story I want to hit you on before I send you on your Thursday. Eric Bienemie's coaching style. We all know it's gruff. It's tough.

It's old school 20th century however you want to put it. But that's now out there in the floor that Ron Rivera letting it loose. That some players have come up to him to say hey can you talk to coach. And he's like you talk to him you know he's just trying to coach you hard. And that folks think he's coaching players too hard.

What is your what's your assessment of it Steve. Yeah I've never coached with Eric but I've had coaching friends that have coached with him. Like Andy sure.

And you are exactly right. He coaches hard old school. Man when he coached Adrian Peterson over there at the Vikings.

He was on him like whoa you know. And that's just his style. And so do you tone it down.

I don't know. If you're a coach. You know ask Tom Coughlin to tone it down a little bit. That's different. That's not right.

That's DHC. Tom changes ways a little bit. Maybe Dick Vermeil did too to be a little bit more player friendly. But yeah that's that's one of the things that you know you kind of know that when you hire him. That he's he's not going to be that players coach. He's going to be like in your face. And say it like he feels. And so that's that's how he is.

They'll work it out. He's a good coach. Have you ever had somebody a team player come up to you and say hey Steve. Hey coach can you talk to your assistant for us because he's on us too too much. I mean how would you handle something like that if a player came up to you and did that.

You know I guess I have. Some coaches have their own language. Some coaches are you know just soft spoken. Some are crazy.

I mean there's all different kinds of teachers and professors and coaches OK. And they all have to be with their own style and personality. Yeah. One time I had to ask a guy to tone it down a bit. Which was no problem.

No problem. You know. And if players if I were Ron and Ron's a friend of mine and if players came to me. And if I were Ron and they say there's an issue.

I would I would have a conversation with Eric. Just say just tone it down a hair OK. We got we don't need we don't need confrontation before the season starts. Take it down from 11 because obviously when he hired him he had he knew this. I mean that's a secret. It's not it's not a secret amongst you know certain certainly amongst us and NFL Network. You referred to the Adrian Peterson coach and we saw that through a feature that we had on NFL game day morning at the time.

And so it's well known. So it'd be kind of tough for Ron to tell him to tone it down right because he he knew he was hiring. This is the guy you hire you know. You know but you can always can have a suggestion as your as the boss right.

I have a suggestion how this is going to work better. And so in Eric's a good coach he's very capable and competent. That's if he were if he was if he was a Magoo and he just didn't know the offense or couldn't very well that's another story. But he's very capable.

And so they're counting on him to run that offense and call it and game plan it. And so you know sometimes sometimes doctors have different bedside manners than others right. It's just you know you know maybe it's warrant it warrants a quick conversation. Magoo by the way. A great 70s cartoon reference right there out of you Mooch. I like it.

I like it very black and white right. I mean you know I miss the cartoons from Saturday mornings way back in the day. You know Popeye and Roadrunner and all those. Now we've got all this Spider-Man stuff like we dress up like superheroes. What's your have you dress up as a superhero. No no no.

That's you man Mooch. It's just that they're going to dress you up in a Spider-Man costume as many times as it possibly takes for you to understand where it closes up. Put it on backwards. I didn't have time to change it. He put he put. Oh well. The costume guys velcroed in the back and he threw it on with the velcroing in the front. So he had to take the mask and turn.

I don't know how the hell you put that on within the three minute commercial break. But look forward to more fun times. But you know I lost about 10 or 12 pounds Rich. You're going to be proud of me. Okay Mooch.

All right so. I'm just trying to do. I'm going great but I'm you know I'm getting skinnier. I hope I can keep this weight off.

In fact right after this call I'm going for a hike up the reservoir. Wow. Okay. So now do you want me to say something? If there's like a little bit of a snack and then you know like 7 30 in the morning snack.

You know like the blood sugar drops. You want me to say something so you don't need it? No that's what we'll do. You know. We got to talk about our trip to Israel don't we Rich?

Sure. My trip and your trip man. Yeah we both went. We didn't cross paths.

That was so unbelievable. Next year in Jerusalem Mooch we'll do that. Take care of yourself. We should do a show from over there. By the way.

A million percent. That sounds good to me. You be well. Take care. Love you Mooch. See you in a couple weeks. I said hello and give him a punch in the arm for me.

I'll see you soon. Love you buddy. Steve Mariucci everybody. Everybody. Steve Mariucci. There he goes. I'm gonna have him.

I'm gonna. Is he still on right there? Is he still on?

Is he still on? Still there. Mooch take a picture of that photograph on the wall of you jumping in the air. I want to show the audience what I'm talking about. Take a picture of it. Text it to me. I want to see it. Okay.

Thank you very much. Steve Mariucci. The audience had to go over the linebacker and he jumped in the air knowing the play that he called what Young had to do to complete the pass. And he used his body language.

I've never seen Mooch jump that high in my entire life. Steve Young slipped and fell. Almost got sacked. I know that. And then made the throw. I know.

Owens, Owens, Owens. He caught it. Caught it.

Caught it. The last time Mooch was in studio. Remember he told a story about like Bill Walsh had a picture hanging up of Bill Walsh kneeling. So he decided he wanted to recreate it without telling. Steve Young. Yeah. He called timeout and a blow out of a game. And remember we told Steve Young the story for the first time. He'd never heard that before. Mooch is literally one in a million mold broken. Really?

True. 844-204-rich. Number Don will take your phone calls here on the Rich Eisen Show. Ron Rivera has said a mea culpa. We'll discuss that still to come before Trent Balke, the GM of the Jacksonville Jaguars. It's time for kickoff. And the Believe Podcast will get you ready for the new season. How do you live through this as a different sports fan? Believe has podcasts covering all 32 professional teams and many of your favorite college teams too. You slid it by your defense.

You got better. Sideline to sideline. End zone to end zone. If you don't do those things, then you're not even trying your hardest to win at football. And I don't know what we're doing.

There was a lot of great players on those teams that I was fortunate to be part of. Search BLEAV Podcast wherever you listen. Mike Del Tufo. Remember there when Justin Hartley of This Is Us was here on Friday, he planks weights on his back. Okay. There he is putting plank after plan as a 45 pound.

He waves on more weight. See? Come on.

Let's get some more. Right. Del Tufo sees this and he goes, I could I could do that is what he said. And he said, no, he said, he said he would do 145. Now we took that. When you say when he can do 145, how much weight do you think that means?

Just on 145. Right. No. No.

One plate that makes 45 pounds. Get out of here. Get out of here.

How long do you say you can do that? A minute. Come on. All right. Here we go. Mike Del Tufo. Get off your knees.

45 pounds. Go. The right spot in your mind, buddy. Come on. Look at her.

All we see is the finish line. Always. Coach him up, Irv.

Coach him up. See? Victory is simple, baby. We got this, baby. We got this. We're going to show the world. That's what you're about. What do we got?

Show the world, baby. Don't worry about it. Don't worry about it. You got two blocks out.

All right. You got two blocks gone. Halfway home. You got two blocks gone.

Halfway home. Just see that finish line. Look at the glory. Look at the chest touching the tape.

Get your chest on that tape. Look at you, baby. 20 seconds to go.

Come here in 20 seconds, baby. Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on.

Arigato. Come on. Cool. Take three of those two blocks and then you going to get your lead, alright? Let's do that again. You God will love you.

You just used that line, by the way in that video Del Tufo grayer than a mooch and now look at that. Earl Scheib. Back here on the show, back here on the program, Sam in Indianapolis, you're on the Rich Eyes and Show, first and first up from our 844204rich number to dial to have a conversation, what's up Sam?

Hi Rich, first time caller, long time listener. I'm just now leaving training camp here in Indianapolis, quarterback situation is definitely looking interesting. Earlier this week they dropped the depth chart and it showed the first quarterback was Garner Minshew or Anthony Richardson and they just announced a day after practice that Richardson will be the starter for the first week of preseason. It's got me thinking Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson both sat out for a bit before actually starting, do you think it would be more beneficial at this point for Richardson to sit out and learn a little bit since he's kind of raw or should he start week one as our quarterback? He should absolutely start week one as your quarterback, Gardner Minshew is a Rich Eyes and Show favorite, I like what I see out of him, he is not going to get an opportunity in Indianapolis long term, he is a great guy to have if Anthony Richardson can't answer the bell one week, two weeks, three weeks, we saw him damn near beat the Cowboys last year, he can do it and obviously Shane Steichen knows exactly what he can do, we don't know what Richardson can do yet except take this team to where it needs to go and I appreciate the call. There's a guy who signs the checks, who once the willy that he's focused on right now gets freed in the Pacific Ocean, once Jimer say is off the whale rescue circuit, he will turn his full focus and attention back to the Indianapolis Colts, I'm assuming he can multitask and do both but I'm just pointing out here that he's got many interests in mind but one of the most significant interests, his main interest is the Indianapolis Colts and he is done with the old school, old veteran quarterbacks, he is done looking at the iron deer in the front lawn in the form of Philip Rivers, Matt Ryan and Nick Foles, he is done with that, he's done with it, finished and Sam Ellinger unfortunately your time to shine and get an opportunity and become the next Tom Brady when you least expect a generationally brilliant quarterback to trot off the bench when you need a burst, it wasn't him, it's this kid, he's going to start this preseason, he is going to start week one and this is just a progression that's it. The question when he had him, look the reason why Mahomes could sit is because Alex Smith was there and he could take the team to the playoffs and he did, he did take the Kansas City Chiefs to the playoffs, they had that benefit.

This is not that situation. They need to win now, the coach wants to, I mean the owner wants to win now, wants to see the kid, they drafted the kid fourth overall, they're not going to just say okay let's see what Gardner Minshew can do against Jacksonville, nuh-uh. You have Jacksonville and Trent Baalke's joining us in about 25 minutes time, you've got your generationally talented quarterback that you drafted first overall, we've got one fourth overall, this is the way it's going to go in the AFC South from now on, you bring Trevor Lawrence to our building, we will counter with Anthony Richardson.

Inevitable and I think this is also listening to the locker room, I think the locker room digs the kid and plus their best player is rehabbing off-site in the most bizarre fashion I've heard, you know, I'm leaving the team to go rehab my ankle. So what do you have to lose? Well what you have to lose is his ability to succeed because you're putting him in a spot that he's not ready to succeed and look at Zach Wilson. Look at Peyton Manning, worked out. I got it, in luck, but that's his point, our caller just, you know, made it an interesting point.

You don't buy a sports car to have it sit in the garage. That's the way it works in the NFL these days, you know, unless you've got the sports car in Rogers and you said Jordan Love, but you also drafted him, you know, in the back third of the first round, I still can't believe they did that and surprised Rogers with it. Nuts, nuts. I still can't believe that happened. Trent Baalke gonna call in from the Jaguars front office hour two, you know, and CJ Stroud is in a situation that's why I think was it Daniel Jeremiah or who said that this week that he thinks CJ Stroud's in the best position to succeed here because, you know, the Texans are nodding up, I mean, well that was you actually. They could easily have a top five pick next year, so the Texans, yeah, I think most are expecting them to.

So let's go out there and wing it around and have some fun, see what you got. I believe that pick belongs to the Arizona Cardinals. How about the Cardinals could have two in the top five. Caleb Williams and Marvin Harrison. Caleb Williams, Marvin Harrison, CJ Stroud or Willie Anderson.

Which one do you choose? I mean, give me some offense. I think so.

Yeah. And then Lincoln Riley is your new Cardinals coach, dude. They're gonna want, they're gonna, they're gonna Steve Wilkes, Jonathan Gannon is what you're saying. And they're gonna, and then they're gonna Josh Rosen, Kyler Murray, what are you saying?

When do you can get those three guys? Imagine that sound like business really works. Who cares? That's what happened.

What do you mean? He talks like most fans, man, and you know that that coach should be fired to get that guy out of there. Wherever Caleb William goes, Lincoln Riley will follow.

Unless he wants to just sit here in Southern California and coach big 10 football and make it as much money as a professional coach with no threat of being fired. Without Caleb Williams. Yeah. Hour two coming up. For over three decades, nobody has had a wrestling career like Arn Anderson.

Conrad Thompson gets all the stories with Arn. After watching AEW's Double or Nothing, Amy wants to know, what does dinosaur taste like? It ain't chicken. It's like biting into a sinewy charcoal briquette. But chewy. That's disgusting. It sure is. Check out Arn every week, wherever you listen.
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