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REShow: Tyrann Mathieu - Hour 2 (8-9-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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August 9, 2023 3:10 pm

REShow: Tyrann Mathieu - Hour 2 (8-9-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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August 9, 2023 3:10 pm

Rich and the guy's debate if Kirk Cousins will be playing for the Minnesota Vikings in 2024 or in the NFC West for the Rams or 49ers.

Saints All-Pro S Tyrann Mathieu and Rich discuss his storied 11-year NFL career, what he’s learned from Hall of Fame CB Deion Sanders over the years, what former Raiders QB Derek Carr brings to New Orleans, what it’s like to tackle the Titans freight train of a running back Derrick Henry, and more.

Rich and Brockman debate if the Saints, Buccaneers, Falcons or Panthers should be the favorite to win the NFC South this season.

Rich reacts to Baltimore fans’ “Free Kevin Brown” protests in the wake of the team’s controversial suspension of the play-by-play announcer.

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Ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen. They're GMs calling me going, he doesn't watch tape. This is the Rich Eisen Show.

Zero. The Rich Eisen Show. Eric Bienemy tells you what time it is.

Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Eric Bienemy is who he is. Eric Bienemy is a tough, hard-nosed coach. And I'm also their number one fan. Earlier on the show, Falcons quarterback Desmond Ritter, still to come.

Saints safety Tyran Matthew, Pro Football Hall of Famer Charles Woodson, Wrexham AFC Striker Paul Mullen. And now it's Rich Eisen. Our number two of our show on the air live on the Roku channel. Free on all Roku devices select Samsung Smart TVs.

It is free on Amazon Fire TV, the Roku app, and the Every single day you can check us out right there and if you want to see what we do as well. Our Reels game is up and at them on our Instagram page at Rich Eisen show. Same thing on our TikTok page at Rich Eisen show. We're up and at them on our Facebook page and every single day on Twitter. You bet you at Rich Eisen show. That one was just for you Chris Brockman. So not only because you post our videos on Twitter, but I'm calling it Twitter.

Because that's what it is Rich. I will never refresh my phone. It'll be insane. You know? Never. Never. Don't update your app if you haven't. Keep the blue bird.

Well that's not going to last very long is it Chris? At some point. Well because I'm desperate to get a new phone and then when I get the new phone it's just going to automatically be there. When did you give up your flip phone Mike?

How long ago did you have your flip phone? Were you early on the iPhone? Were you early on that?

Of course I was. Mike's early on that. Mike has Apple.

Are you kidding me? The Apple. The Apple. He had Apple stock when it was one cent. When it's a penny stock. It was literally.

You bought it from Jordan Belfort. But going back. Yeah. Flip phone.

I haven't had a flip phone and I can't even tell you when. Okay. Oh the Razor. The Razor. You had a Razor.

First car. The Wolf of Pico Boulevard. Right over there.

Well it was back then it was the Santa Monica Boulevard. How are you TJ? What's going on over there brother? How are you? You know just I just admiring Mike Del Tufo. I admire him as well. I do.

You have everything ready don't worry. I'm just sad like where I was on vacation is on fire right now. Where was that? In Maui. Oh I didn't know that.

Like literally. Oh gosh. My heart goes out to the people of Maui. Thank you for bringing that out. Thank you for bringing that up right here on The Rich Eisen Show.

844-204-RICH number to dial here on the program. Tyron Matthew calling in shortly. Just said goodbye to Desmond Ritter. Charles Woodson is going to join us top of the third hour. We'll talk a little college football with him and wonder what he thinks of the the big 20 that's coming at some point. I'm so confused by I'm gonna have to like seriously just take a crash course on these new conferences. Well get ready because Cal and Stanford are about to be in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

The Pacific Coast teams will be in the Atlantic Coast Conference. Pack four. Do you think the airlines are behind this because they know all the like they're gonna have to use their planes. It'll be down to pack two. It might be pack two. Yeah it's gonna be like two pack. All eyes on that. All eyes on pack two. Good odds on the winner next year. Pack two. It's a coin flip.

Oh we shouldn't laugh. Our ambitions as a conference. No. I mean they're gonna just merge with the Mountain West right and it's just gonna be. I hope so.

I hope so. Rebranded. Man oh man. 8 4 4 2 0 4 Rich uh number to dial here on the program. Justin in North Carolina.

Let's take your phone call right here on the phone. What's up Justin? Hey Rich what's going on? What do you got for me Justin?

Well Rich down here in Spartanburg just wrapped up uh joint Jets Panthers training camp. Uh you let our friend TJ Jefferson know that it is way more interesting than a Taylor Swift concert. Okay.

Okay. As he was wondering. Yeah I got to see uh I got to see Rogers uh do his thing. Uh they wrapped up with uh some nice 11 on 11 full team drills. Uh first uh first drill was Bryce Young leading the Panthers down for a field goal and the second drill was Rogers and it was a three and out. The third drill was Andy Dalton leading the Panthers for a field goal and the fourth was uh Zach Wilson driving the Jets and that one ended on a beautiful pass to uh Von Bell. So the good news is that you have Aaron Rogers.

Hold on a second. So uh he are you saying because this is by the way how great is this? This is inside man.

This is Justin giving us the uh the uh inside training camp Rich hasn't show ITC as they refer to it and uh back in my other shop. Um so you're saying um two field goals one from Bryce Young one from uh Andy Dalton uh a three not from Rogers and then an interception by Zach Wilson. Final score six nothing. Okay. Yeah.

All right so the Jets are in the crapper right now um based on the over. It's uh when they were doing the individual 11 on 11s every completion I saw I mean every time I saw Rogers throw the ball it looked like a completion. Did you see the hard knocks cameras? Yes I did. I saw the hard knocks cameras.

I saw the crew with the uh hard knocks on the back of their shirts. Okay very good. Uh looked like the cameras had a uh nice shot of Rogers meeting with uh all the guys in the red jerseys before uh training camp started so um and there was a boom mic over him so I'm real interested in what words of wisdom you have for my young quarterback. Oh yeah.

Okay yeah I guess his words of wisdom are like you're lucky you get to play game one I had to wait three years you know. Yeah yeah you know. Okay. You're lucky you have an offensive line. Well look man um I appreciate the update that's uh that that was an unexpected just an inside training case.

Nice. You want to overreact to it? What's what's your overreaction? You heard it was a field goal for Bryce Young against the Jets defense that bent did not break. Rogers didn't even get a first down.

That's what I mean. And then Andy Dalton maybe shows you it's a system quarterback for Bryce Young because he got three. How's that for an overreaction?

Uh Panthers are winning the south. That's right and Zach Wilson's gonna get cut. He's gonna get cut. He's useless.

He's useless. Zach Wilson will be on the 49ers in two years and uh can I tell you why Zach Wilson's not gonna be in the 49ers in two years? Because Kirk Cousins is gonna be their starting quarterback. Well as you remember Rich as Mike Florio pointed out a couple weeks ago we're gonna have a Cousins tug of war between McVeigh and Shanahan. McVeigh wins so Shanahan's gonna have a spot open. Well it's obvious that he's if you want to overreact to stuff too he will be available. You hear Mark Wilf um of the Minnesota Vikings brass talking about Kirk Cousins and his future because as you know the star of quarterbacks one of is in the old uh contract year.

Check it out. But we feel great about the quarterback situation. Kirk's an outstanding leader. Um he's led this team uh incredibly these past few years and uh we're looking for great things for him in 2023 and um I know there's discussions all the time on all these topics especially quarterback and I know Kwesi and Coach are always uh communicating with with Kirk and everybody but uh we're real happy to have him uh lead our team. We're just we'll leave that to Kwesi and Coach to work through those discussions.

There's always conversations that but our real focus is a hundred percent on 2023 and uh getting where we need to be and where I know we can be. So nothing. That's a big nothing burger.

A lot of words. Kirk Cousins 2020-14 Minnesota the field. You take? The field. Kirk Cousins the field. Let's break down the field. AFC or NFC?

Oh there's not a lot. AFC or NFC. There's not a lot of spots in the AFC for QBs. I'll say NFC. I'll say NFC too.

I agree. NFC west or the field? NFC west.

Okay okay because you know it's not Arizona. No it's it's San Francisco or the Rams depending on how Stetson Bennett looks. Again we had Andrew Whitworth here. The the sense of Matthew Stafford is he's toast. Last year showed you he's toast and he doesn't want to do it anymore. Like like he's made enough. He's got his ring. He lives in Los Angeles.

He's staring at the pacific coast. Dude that is the sense of Matthew Stafford and I cannot wait to see him come out and just show everybody he's still Matthew freaking Stafford. That would be awesome.

It would be wouldn't it? It seems unlikely. But that is that is the narrative about Matthew Stafford. And they are not the Niners are not getting Kirk Cousins if Purdy shows that he can do it again. Over. That means they've got two more years of contractual control on a seventh round contract when they got to pay everybody else who is incredibly talented.

No way are they going to pay. Honestly we need to look this up. The highest paid Minnesota twin and highest paid Minnesota Timberwolf. Well we know Carl Anthony Towns makes a ton of money. Is it more than Cousins? Is it is it just Carlin because Carlin Anthony Towns make 35 million dollars a year.

40 million bucks a year. Yeah he makes way more than that. Okay he makes 32. Okay but Cousins beats him I believe.

Let's see oh no you're right. Towns is at let's see 34 for this year. Okay and what is Cousins at this year?

Look it up. And Correa is 32 right. He's the highest paid twin. Cousins is at 35. There you go. Dude a quarterback in the NFL is the most is is paid like an NBA player and a major league all-star. Which Correa you know well people might push. I got it.

It was. Come on now. So that's why you think he'll take less? Daniel Jones just got 40 million on the market. Cousins wherever he goes he's gonna get 40 mil because he's gonna ball out with Justin Jefferson.

Again that's if the Minnesota Vikings don't just keep him. And I know you love you love Brock Purdy and it was a cool five game run. Okay. But Kirk Cousins is so much better than Brock Purdy it's not even funny. Okay. Here we go. Brock Purdy's gonna start for the San Francisco 49ers.

And that's fine. Is he going to finish? I think he will finish and I think you're gonna shove we're gonna have a different conversation about Brock Purdy at the end. You think he's better than Kirk Cousins? I think he is a better choice than Kirk Cousins yes. Only because of financials.

Damn Skippy. Doesn't mean he's a better player. Guess what? If he can get you to where you want to go and cost you like that and you can pay the rest of the team for two more years or another year I imagine if he balls out and takes him to the Super Bowl this year or close enough and then does something similar to that in year three he'll have to get paid and they'll lock him up and they'll make sure he's happy and live happily ever after with him there. I will be very surprised. And Cousins will have to find someone else to go. I will be very surprised if Brock Purdy is the 49ers starting quarterback in 2024. Well guess what?

I'll be the one around the corner with the cake when you're at least expecting it. And just to clarify, Correa is making 33.333. So again Cousins is getting paid like a Cy Young pitcher in Major League Baseball all guaranteed. So Cousins may not go in the Pro Football Hall of Fame but he's going in Andrew Brant's Business Hall of Fame.

You'll already be there no doubt. Also Rich just said he's got Steve Aoki made. Did you guys notice that? What? Throw a cake?

Throw a cake? I don't understand. So let me ask you guys what means more right?

Winning trophies or getting that much money because at the end of the day I think a lot of people will tell you Kurt Cousins is a winner because his bank account says so. Speaking of Minnesota, let's take this phone call from Ethan in Minnesota. I think he's been trying to ask me this question for a while.

We'll get this one in here before Tyron Matthew joins us. What's up Ethan? Hey Rich, how's it going? I'm fine.

What's going on with you? I was calling because you saw the messy free kick from a few nights ago right? I did sir. Yes sir. Unreal. It's great for any league to have the greatest of all time playing at the time in their league right? Correct.

The culture of American soccer has been terrible my entire life as someone who's grown up on the sport but I'm starting to see a shift with Messi and the coverage of it and I know that Beckham did it years ago but I'm just thinking obviously right now that 20, 30 years down the road do you guys think that the MLS could be bigger than the NHL or the MLB one day? I don't know. I mean how old are you Ethan? I'm 21 Rich. Okay so then it's on you man. It literally is on you and everyone your age to decide whether that's going to be the case 20 some odd years ago.

I'm still somebody that won't watch something on my phone because I would rather watch it on something on television so I'm the wrong guy that you're asking. I doubt it. I got to be honest with you. It just depends.

Again let me ask you this question Ethan. You know let's just say Messi was in Minnesota. Let's just say that right like in your area. Would you be locked in and following him once the Viking season starts? I'd be a season ticket holder over that any day of the week. You would go to Minnesota FC. Sorry I know I'm probably botching it and then instead of going to watch Justin Jefferson you'd rather see Messi rather than Justin Jefferson. A thousand percent.

I'd say the same thing if I grew up in Germany and Tom Brady came and played for the Swash and Born Unicorns and the German Arena Football League. I'm seeing the GOAT any day of the week. All right thanks for the call Ethan.

Greatly appreciate it. What do you think? Well does he know Brady is the GOAT though? No that's what he's saying. He would see the GOAT over somebody you know that's over anybody that's playing at Bayern Munich if he was living in Germany. I think that's what he was saying. I think he was saying he would go watch Messi as the GOAT over.

That's what he's saying. He would watch he would prefer to see the GOATs coming to his town. Brady is also the GOAT. Right which is why he's saying he would watch Brady and some team that isn't you know the main show in town which the Minnesota Vikings are. That's what I took him to see. I've done a ton of soccer. It's amazing.

I mean soccer live is insane. It's awesome. He's been there. I know that.

It's TJ you went too right? No. But in terms of in terms of becoming bigger. More popular than Major League Baseball. I mean if I gave you tickets to a Dodger game or an LAFC game which one would you choose? I guess it depends who's pitching. But I guess if Messi's coming out when is Messi coming to LAFC? Oh it's gonna be uh. When is that happening?

Wasn't he just up in San Francisco? Well the Legends Cup is going on right now. Legends is different than the actual league. Yeah the actual league itself. Okay. That's going on right now. That's LAFC is doing well right now. It's not till September.

Well actually that's in Miami. Well I gotta be honest with you like I would. It's September 3rd. Okay.

Labor Day weekend? Oh yeah sign me up. Okay. What day? Uh let's see hold on.

See I would definitely see Messi in Los Angeles. Yeah. You know um but not over you know going. Okay. Yankees are doing real well.

Yeah. Yankees are playing the Dodgers. I would go to Yankees and Dodgers but but not over if Messi played here. That's what I'm saying they're playing the regular game.

There is there is an interesting aspect of Messi but what he's talking about is that there be enough players and MLS good enough where the actual action would be something that would rival my eyeball or my dollar and cent to go check out over major league baseball. Not for me but again I'm a different I'm a different cat. Cheapest ticket for Inter Miami and LAFC on September 3rd. 700.

That's without fees. And you know I referred to myself as a cat with major league baseball. You know what I did that because last time I went to a game I learned. Chero. That there's a specific cat treat.

That's number one in Japan. Should I order a box of Chero for us just there it is. Thanks to Otani. By the way tonight.

I'm ordering one right now. For everybody Otani's pitching tonight. Yeah that's it.

I'm getting Chero. Here we go. Go back down. Coop want to go back down.

Oh yeah. Just so he could see that sign. And the cologne hat. He just loved that. He's just like dad what's with the cat treat? Honestly.

By the way when I saw that on the green screen behind home plate I lost in the truck. All right let's take a break. Tyron Matthey will be like why were you late? Because we were talking about Japan's number one cat treat Tyron. Tyron Matthew of the Saints next right here on the Rich Eisen Show. Let's talk about AG1 people.

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Apple, Spotify or wherever you listen. You listen. All right Christopher you just received an email that is highly important. Oh uh-oh. Because I received the same email. All right I get it.

From Joe LaTruleo. Yes that's going to be my guest. TJ are you ready? Because you didn't get it because you were you were not the team's email representative. We split a team last year. It is time for the what is it called is it a best ball? Is that what it is?

It's best ball so you just pick a team and then it automatically takes your highest scores. Wait is the draft starting? Is that what we're? Well the draft doesn't start until everybody opts in eight hours between picks and there's eight hours between picks and when you choose somebody and when you choose somebody they're yours for the rest of the year. Yeah. Now I'm gonna push back here like we shouldn't start until Dalvin Cook gets signed. I mean like this is too early fantasy football. This is way too early. You best draft late because right when is Dalvin gonna sign?

Yeah. When is Zeke gonna sign? He might not sign until the week. Kareem Hunt visited the Saints but he didn't sign there right? It was yesterday the report was expected to sign with Anthony Barr.

Do we get Tyler Mathew to break news when we return here and the radio audience returns shortly? I'm seeing Kareem Hunt will meet with the Colts today. Oh so Kareem Hunt did not. So Kareem Hunt visited the Colts? I just saw on the ticker here that Kareem Hunt to meet with the Colts. Okay well I mean he's he's I mean running backs are taking their time or trying to figure out where to go. The hell is going on? They're playing chess maybe not checkers.

I think the one's playing the three dimension the third dimension of the chess are these are the general managers of the National Football League who are like there's they're like there's a salary cap you know so we got to hold the line on running backs but hey when it comes to quarterbacks you got it like they're like Oprah look under your seat. Pay that man his money. Look under your seat. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show radio network I'm sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger is the right product for you.

Call or just stop by. This gent is one of our favorites and I'm not just saying that because he's on hold listening to me introduce him. I tell that to people when he's not listening unless this is like hard knocks I'll say things knowing I look good because people are hearing what I'm saying. Is that what you're saying Chris? I mean the people are pushing back on me for that are crazy. You should be good that means people are listening.

I live in reality. Okay like it. Tyron Matthew the New Orleans Saints back here in the Rich Eisen Show. How you doing Tyron? Rich how you doing man? I'm doing great. How's life? How's life? Life is great man truly blessed man so looking forward to year 11. That's what I was about to say is this year 11 for you? Yeah man it flew by.

It sure did. If I let's just put it this way if I had come up to you to the combine where you and Dion were down on the field and I was seeing Dion talking to you and things of that nature and if I had told you you'd play 11 years in this league you would have said what to me Tyron? Man you know what I would probably say how and how did I do?

Right. You know definitely blessed man definitely grateful and fortunate you know came in the league you know 10 years ago and you know it's been a hell of a ride since man. Well I tell you three-time all-pro safety three-time pro bowler and super bowl 54 champion I would have told you that on that field you said what there through 10 years?

Oh man I would have been I would have been grateful man obviously you know I've had a lot of great coaches you know throughout my years and I've had a lot of great defensive coaches as well too and I played with like some of the best players you know of this generation so from you know Patrick Peterson to you know JJ Watt and you know obviously Chris Jones so I've been blessed man. What did Dion say to you back then Tyron? Well I remember Dion visited me when I was in Florida training with Patrick Peterson's dad and you know he was always in support of me right like he was always encouraging and you know he would always give me these words of advice to you know just stay focused and you know stay committed to football and you know obviously keep God first and you know try your best to keep great people around you so I was always thankful for Dion and you know all the all the encouraging words you know that he gives me and he still gives me you know to this day. And a lot of folks are wondering you know with him about being real or just putting on an act and coaching is just another vehicle for him but this is another example of he's always been coaching it's just now he's doing it with just a whistle around his neck you know Tyron? Oh yeah yeah he's always been you know that kind of person you know obviously he's self-motivated right and I think we all kind of you know know that from from his playing days you know he always believes in himself and you know his abilities and what he can do and but I was always grateful because he always tried to pour that you know into me you know what I mean and so you know yeah man always was grateful you know to kind of hear his voice and you know like I said still to this day you know he's still one of those encouraging voices you know in my ear.

And you know I always tell truth with you and you with me and and that's why I love having you on as we have real conversations Tyron Matthew is when he was pouring it into you he was pouring it into you and a lot of people thought it was a waste of time to pour anything into you right Tyron? Yeah absolutely absolutely and you know I probably say you know Dion you know and you know along with Patrick Peterson you know I think both of those guys because I thought they really knew me right and you know whereas that you know you know on the outside you know I think a lot of people can you know get caught up in the moniker right the honey badger that you know you know maybe they you know saw me tweet something on twitter right or maybe they you know saw me playing a game and they kind of formed their own perspective of me whereas I think with those two guys you know we've had a lot of conversations right like we've been to a lot of dinners together you know we've shared a lot of family space so you know he definitely knew like the real Tyron right and I think that was encouraging for him to you know keep keep trying to motivate me. When did things turn for you that something like the way we started our interview 11th year in the league, Super Bowl ring, multiple pro bowls, multiple all pro lists, when did things turn for you to allow all of this to happen? Yeah well I think the the shift really for me was you know obviously not playing my last year you know at LSU in 2012 right and you know getting arrested right that fall right and you know having all these expectations right and you know obviously you know having to declare for the draft and you know having to move to Florida right to you know kind of start working out and training and you know be around pat pat p dad and so I probably say right around that time right like as the combines approaching you know I had a lot of tough interviews you know during the combine cycle right and you know for me to be able to kind of sit in that fire you know to be honest with myself to be honest with other people you know I think that was like the moment you know or the phase where you know things kind of really started to kind of turn a corner for me and you know I think once the Cardinals drafted me you know and then being able to kind of play with Pat you know and then being a locker room with you know Larry Fitzgerald you know Kaleis Campbell you know I think those were like the three big brothers you know I needed you know as a 20 year old so you know I give those guys a lot of credit for you know embracing me and you know teaching me the game you know outside the game. And now here you are again entering year 11 Tyron Matthew on the Rich Eisen show okay let's talk about the Saints and the expectation level let's talk about it what are they for you going into this division Brady's gone this just in and it does appear this is a wide open division for you guys to take Tyron your thoughts on that? Yeah I mean you know obviously you know I think we're a talented football team you know you know we've added some pieces oh yes you know to the team you know this off season with you know Derek Carr and you know Jamal Williams and you know even some defenders you know up front and so you know I think too you know we've added some great coaches too you know what I mean in the back end so the expectations are high you know I think they're always high you know especially for all 32 teams you know I think everybody's trying to you know punch their ticket you know to the playoffs and you know win their division and you know try to make a run for it but you know I think we're definitely excited you know we feel like we have all the right pieces you know we've been working really really hard you know all spring and even throughout training camp so you know it's all about this kind of you know using that momentum you know throughout the preseason throughout training camp and you know starting off fast you know this season and you know finishing strong. And obviously you had a front row seat Tyron to what the Bucks are kind of going through right now which is what happens next after the GOAT leaves the quarterback spot and it does appear that you've landed on Derek Carr now clearly and he's there what is he bringing to this equation on that front Tyron Matthew? Well well he's a great leader you know I think he's a great leader for our team you know he's a great leader for the offense you know a lot of those guys gravitate towards them you know you can see those guys before practice after practice you know even in the locker room right talking about routes and you know how they see things and so I think all those things are encouraging you know I think he's always been a pretty good quarterback you know in this league and you know I've had a chance to kind of play against him you know throughout my time in KC and you know he used to always give us headaches you know what I mean you know he's a guy that can definitely you know spin the ball and you know he's a guy too that he's going to find his playmakers you know and get those guys the ball and let those guys go to work. How is Michael Thomas looking on that front I mean it's been a minute for him. Yeah he's coming along you know and I think you know what's really encouraging is you know he's at practice every day right like he's one of the first guys out he's one of the last guys to leave off the field you know he's still super competitive and so you know he's still a threat I think anytime 13 is out there you know teams have to account for him teams have to respect him and uh so uh you know just wishing him to you know obviously stay healthy and you know do what he's always done in his league and you know which is you know really produced so I think we're all looking forward to you know having him back this season and uh you know him you know putting his hand in the pile and you know helping us win.

What's the size of the chip on Derek Carr's shoulder Tyron give me this I mean what the adjective you use for the size of the chip on his shoulder. I mean simply put you know I think it's I think it's pretty big you know um you know I can remember coming in you know in the spring right and like he was like the first one in the building uh you know he was working out with the dvs and wide receivers right uh I mean like he had a different you know spirit you know from one that I've seen in the past you know what I mean I've played against him you know a handful of times and uh but he has that look in his eye man so I think he's definitely ready to roll this year and you know I think he too knows you know he has a lot of playmakers around him you know he has a pretty good defense so um you know I think he's in a good spot right now. And Cam Jordan uh him signing and basically um writing his ticket to finish with the Saints and just play with the Saints what does he look I love having him on and I know he's got a great um you know voice and a great eye for the camera but can you take me behind the scenes as to what he does to lead for you guys to to take his example and and roll with it what does he do for you guys? Yeah man uh I mean he he's like a Saint throwing through yes he is yeah he's he I mean he embodies you know everything that it means to kind of be you know a Saints defender and you know uh you know a person that you know helps out a lot in the community right so uh you know and I think of Cam you know obviously he's you know the all-time you know SAC leader and you know the Saints history right I think we all know that but you know me being from New Orleans and uh you know growing up here uh you know you always appreciate guys that you know that come to the city and kind of adopt the city as their own right and so uh you know he's one of those guys man he means well you know he's a great teammate you know he's a great leader uh he's one of the hardest workers too you know on our team. Tyron Matthew of the New Orleans Saints couple minutes left with him here on the Rich Eisen show I'm going to take my shot here I don't know if you want to wade in on this but former coach Sean Payton what do you think of his comments about Nathaniel Hackett I know this is definitely not your table but you do know the coach what did you think about when you heard him say what he said about the guy he is replacing in Denver Tyron? I mean you know uh you know a lot of a lot of different things you know happened in this league um you know obviously it was you know probably you know unnecessary you know what I mean um you know I think you know you know coach Payton has won a lot in his league right he's won a ton of games um you know I think some things he probably could just you know leave alone and not kind of indulge in so um you know I'm sorry you know came back and apologized uh you know for what he said um so I'm pretty sure he he understands it right but it did it sound like something he would say does it seem familiar right he's got that red ass in him Tyron right oh yeah like I said man he's won a lot you know what I mean right won a ton of games in his league and um yeah I think him too you know probably has a chip on his shoulder too so uh you know so yeah all right now what about you what size chip shoulder uh shoulder chip do you have going into year 11 here and uh and looking down the road as you and I are talking in another training camp together yeah I mean I definitely have a chip on my shoulders here um you know uh definitely feel like you know I'm a part of a team that could you know definitely make a run for it this year you know so which is you know very very exciting um you know kind of got off to a slow start last year but you know found a way to kind of finish strong so you know I have some you know some motivation and some confidence in that so um you know just looking forward to it man just looking forward to having a great year this year you know healthy season and you know uh just making those plays that you know I'm used to making well and let's visualize it what's it going to be like a month from uh Thursday when uh you're in the Superdome Titans are in town week one another season another year for you year 11 what do you think it's going to be like looking around at your hometown stadium with you wearing the fleur-de-lis on the side of your yeah I mean you know it's going to be electric man you know anytime you get a chance to you know play in a Superdome uh you know with these fans man uh you know they're so spirited you know like they're all into it and so uh you know it's going to be fun man it's going to be great to you know play against Derek you know Henry and uh you know even you know DeAndre Hoffman so uh so you know we'll have our hands full that week but you know uh I think we'll all be geared up you know ready to roll yeah you you you stole my last question for you so it's really loud does it get real quiet when Derek Henry's in the second level coming at you then does it get real quiet for you yeah yeah yeah for sure you know he's one of those he's one of those guys man uh you know he's a special player uh you know uh you know obviously uh you know he's a big back that could you know bruise and you know punish a defense but you know I mean he's known to you know get in get in some space you know hit you with a stiff arm or outrun a few people so uh you know you just gotta be ready to roll man keep your pads low take the right angles uh and get all the 11 hats to the ball that Dion Dion Sanders did he teach you about business decisions back in the day when he was with you no he didn't he didn't know okay that's what he referred to as a business decision with Derek Henry coming at you I could hear his voice in my head right now Tyron thanks for the call I always I cherish our talks and I'm so excited for you in a year 11 that you're you're doing it and you're doing it for your team um that you you grew up watching it's so special enjoy it you be well uh thanks Rich I appreciate you as always that's Tyron Matthew at Matthew underscore era on Twitter and all the other socials right here on the program year 11 dude that's crazy without a doubt without a doubt at his combine if I looked at every evaluator that guy's gonna play an 11 season the NFL they'd be like yeah right yeah right zero percent I'm telling you at that combine we're in the booth I bet you it had to be it's obviously Mayock and I and we looked down Dion would go down to the field as part of our coverage and stroll into the group of cornerbacks and usually that would be about 50 to 60 every year and it still is at the combine and it would be like the it would be like the godfather strolling in and everyone would surround him and they wanted a piece of him and he kept telling us from down on the field do not sleep on Tyron Matthew somebody should give this kid a chance that's what he was saying on the broadcast all the time and you know obviously he had more flags than an amusement park and there was a lot of conversation about his talent and what he would do in the NFL and you trust him the Cardinals said yes and he strolls in that's Patrick Peterson whose dad he was working out with and Larry Fitzgerald and Kaleis Campbell Walter Payton men of the year in their own rights and um now look at him saints where are they in your little gambling sites I don't know what that means I take offense to that where are they are they the favorites to win this division because because because you know one team starting a rookie right one team we just had an hour number one Desmond Ritter talking about it sweetheart of a guy talking about haters you know that nobody believes he can do it and I believe nobody might be those who hop on little gambling sites and then uh hold on you believe Kyle Trask is starting by the way there is news on that Baker Mayfield starting the first preseason game Kyle Trask the second preseason game against the Jets which will be a hard knocks production so we'll be seeing some of that on HBO and max in a couple weeks right here on Roku and then you have the Saints have I tap dance long enough for you to collect the information I'm looking for oh yeah oh yeah uh Saints your favorite they're plus 130 uh Falcons what does that mean that means you bet a hundred dollar we'll bet ten dollars you'd win 13 if they win the division that doesn't sound very good a little more a little better than even okay I mean it's Falcons are uh plus 210 Panthers plus 360 bucks plus 750 or 800 depending on you shop around for a good price so who's in last place the box obviously why is that obvious to because they stink no they don't last year they stunk last year they well they didn't stink hey man I saw the team in Munich I don't understand it I I your teacher you're just too nice I'm not too nice you're too nice they stink hey you tell me you have no quarterback who has Todd Bowles is probably not going to be the coach in 2024 best wide receiver tandem in the NFC South go in the NFC South best wide receiver tandem in the NFC South go who cares if they can't get the ball which running backs in the NFC South did well last year Algier obviously you got Bijan Robinson okay right I mean Alan Kamara is gonna miss the first three games right still the best running back in that Miles Sanders is in Carolina that's not too bad he's gonna have a good season Rashad White see if he can carry the workload he was let's see if we can do it I'm I'm giving you the path here to them not being in dead DFL Devin White, Lavonte David, Shaq Barrett, Tristan Wurfs these are these aren't slouches pal these are super bowl ring wearing individuals so are lots of people that back end of that defense they didn't just disappear did they they didn't disappear did they the back end of that defense did not disappear in Tampa correct have you got it from Jets cheerleader to Bucks cheerleader no but I no I have not I'm I'm just pushing that there you know when you say obviously they're in last and and and those on the gambling sites concur now the Saints like Michael Thomas if if can't guard Mike is can't guard Mike and Kamara comes back with fresh legs and Derek Carr's got that massive chip on the shoulder saying I'll show you I mean Derek Carr is the best quarterback they should I think you could make the case that Derek Carr without a doubt is the best quarterback in that division certainly since you've got two first-time starters first two first-time week one starters you might have three if Kyle Trask in your mind beats out Baker eight four four two oh four rich number to dial hey this is what happens when you sideline a popular announcer for spitting facts unbelievable what happened last night in Candon yards that's next this is the rich Eisen show at Charles Woodson next on our guest list it's time for kickoff and the believe podcast will get you ready for the new season how do you live through this as a different sports fan believe has podcast covering all 32 professional teams and many of your favorite college teams too you solidify your defense you got better sideline to sideline end zone to end zone if you don't do those things then you're not even trying your hardest to win at football and you're not even trying your hardest to win at football and I don't know what we're doing there was a lot of great players on those teams that I was fortunate to be part of search BLEAV podcast wherever you listen real quick do you want to ask a method man before he goes your your question that you ask everybody you went about no no no no no no no I give you I give you grief okay look now when people say hey I'm going to visit New York City right they don't mean visit Staten Island so do you think Staten Island is really part of New York City you know what I just went through this with somebody I definitely went through this with somebody on Twitter and they were like you know that's not even really New York one of the five boroughs okay see you know it's not a vacation destination of New York City no one's going to Staten Island you know what I'm saying but if you check for one Staten Island is the highest point on the eastern seaboard first of all okay and second we have the most well let's put it this way date night Staten Island is tops to go for date night because we have the most restaurants in New York City that's right holler at your boy yes it's about food and love oh and football because uh Curtis warriors won the whole thing last year okay 12 and 0 went to the big one that's right won that game at Yankee Stadium brought the title home this New York City yes I stand corrected and I won my fantasy football yesterday oh really a lot congratulations what's the name of your fantasy football team supreme clientele okay yeah it's pretty it's pretty supreme clientele took it down um by the way that whole Staten Island chat could not have gone any better than the way I hollered holler at your boy that's my man right there said method man showing up on last night's hard knocks as well fantastic that was a lot of fun you looked good that you're young in that video right there Chris it was six years ago I know coming up you pre-baby back here on our show back here with our rich eisen show radio feed charles woodson's gonna be joining us shortly on the program uh we spoke at length yesterday about Orioles announcer kevin brown according to awful announcing and the athletic I think did a story on it and um um a lot of online social media confirmation and I say that obviously with the grain of salt that needs to be taken but it does appear that the Orioles suspended from television and then also now from radio uh for the time being and it does appear it's possible the time being ends this week that would be good for the Orioles put kevin brown back on the air because they apparently removed him from the broadcast booth because he was telling the truth about the history of the Orioles problems in recent years against the Tampa Bay Rays back on july the 23rd just talking about how the Orioles were 0-15-1 in their last 16 series against the Tampa Bay Rays and apparently somebody in management didn't like that and took him off the air because of it there but for the grace of god go any of us announcers any of us people who talk into a microphone upsetting someone in management because of it there but for the grace in management by telling a fact ridiculous and what they did for the moment for the moment because this won't be discussed in October when the Orioles make it and congratulations to the fans they're going to make it this won't be a discussion then but now it is and for the moment this renaissance season for the Orioles and their fans at this moment in time is about the fans fury at ownership this happened last night and it's funny were we did you say this did you say this tj are you Chris yesterday saying maybe they'll mention it on the tbs broadcast tonight because the Orioles and the Astros somebody called in about that the Orioles and the Astros played on tbs last night and the reason why is because the Astros coming into the season a lot of folks thought favorites to win the American League again and they look pretty damn good again as they came back on the all-star closer of the Orioles Felix Batista last night who blew the save Astros won the game in Baltimore but all everybody's talking about today is the fans having a moment chanting Kevin Brown's name during the broadcast last night to the point where Brian Anderson play-by-play man had to actually address it and the chance of free Kevin Brown raining down the Orioles television play-by-play announcer I love this fan base standing behind their announcer yeah and we folks who announce for a living appreciate that that means you appreciate the work that we men and women do remember how I flipped out when the oscars are like we don't need a host yeah hosts are people too you know we we we perform a role and um obviously I know we could all go jimmer say on it that these sports and the announcing and broadcasting world will go on after we are long gone but it means a lot it means a lot certainly if somebody is sat for telling the truth about just facts like and if you're not allowed to talk about the past or about you know players that used to play for the Orioles I mean does that mean Kevin Brown can't have Jim Palmer as his broadcast mate or though that was when the Orioles were good I'm sorry so now that the Orioles are good again like congratulations Orioles management you have done it you have provided the fan base with the team they wanted young good hungry up on framber Valdez six two in the seventh to go for your 71st win on the season and I know you didn't get it because of the bullpen but you're up by four on national television on the Astros and your fans can't revel in it because they're chanting about your stupid decision pig-headed decision so while you're winning and having a great moment we're talking about how bad you used to be because how bad you are in the present with the decision you made on your announcer congratulations great job two enthusiastic thumbs up that's sarcastic no Brady Anderson mentions rich no I can't do it no palmaro don't even bring up Kevin Mayer Jeffrey Mayer oh that's right yeah Cal Ripken no but but these are good things Jeffrey Mayer is not Kevin Mayer I don't know where I went with that one no you know Jeffrey Mayer no Jeffrey I mean honestly I don't I don't I don't get it so bring the guy back just end this nonsense this won't be an issue when the Orioles make the playoffs and they're good and they can play very well and they are good they can win the American League for sure they go in the World Series they win the World Series they win the World Series you know no Ben McDonald I mean they are currently three up in the loss on the Rays don't talk about how the Rays are good or what they've done against the Orioles in the past it's so moronic Angels won last night must be the cat food first time since the uh trade deadline isn't that credible they hold on to Motani go home well I mean did they lose and did they lose their last that's right they lost their last game in in Atlanta and then they lost everything up at home until right last night no Tony can you know pitch him to a second straight win so I mean right now I'm looking up Shapp has Al Michaels outside the lines talking about Kevin Brown and the Orioles amazing decision it's just how more can ownership shoot themselves in the foot the answer is look at Baltimore so ridiculous Reggie Jackson played for the Orioles yeah for a hot minute for a hot minute I'm just I just what is that what is that you're doing in the Immaculate Grid during the game during this during showtime obscure Baltimore Orioles since I was I just wanted to name guys Kevin Brown played for the Orioles different Kevin Brown honestly when this first happened and I just like Kevin Brown suspended I'm like is it the pitcher who's doing games for the Orioles no that's right the play-by-play guy named Kevin Brown I get it let me click on the video and then just I can't I feel for the guy that he must have stepped on stepped on a rake or worse said something that he's going to have to apologize for and hope he can come back from and all he talked about was facts numbers numbers and facts supported graphically by a production team that made a collective choice to talk about this and the this was the problems in the past about the Orioles and how they're about to come overcome them and somebody's sitting at home saying how why are we lingering on the negative like you're trying to erase the past of your inabilities to put a winning team on the field is it really about you I can't imagine somebody sitting at home and is just living in their echo chambers so significantly that they can't get past their own issues and make it now about an announcer telling the truth so they've got to suspend them all right Billy Ripken good one for over three decades nobody has had a wrestling career like Arn Anderson Conrad Thompson gets all the stories with Arn after watching AEW's Double or Nothing Amy wants to know what does dinosaur taste like um it ain't chicken it's like biting into a sinewy charcoal briquette ah but chewy oh that's disgusting yes sure is check out Arn every week wherever you listen
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