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RE Show: Steve Sarkisian, Steve Hutchinson - Hour 2 (8-3-2023)

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August 3, 2023 2:17 pm

RE Show: Steve Sarkisian, Steve Hutchinson - Hour 2 (8-3-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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August 3, 2023 2:17 pm

University of Texas Head Football Coach Steve Sarkisian and Rich discuss ‘Horns QB Quinn Ewers cutting off his famous mullet, his plans for 5-star QB Arch Manning, facing Nick Saban’s Alabama Crimson Tide early in the season, why Bijan Robinson will be a star in the NFL, his favorite Matthew McConaughey story, and reveals why Reggie Bush wasn’t on the field during USC’s infamous 4th down play vs Texas in the 2006 Rose Bowl.  

Pro Football Hall of Famer Steve Hutchinson and Rich discuss the HOF’s induction weekend, what it was like to finally put on the iconic gold jacket in Canton, Ohio, how Tom Brady changed his fortunes from a part-time starter for the Michigan Wolverines to becoming a 7-time Super Bowl champion in the NFL, and more.

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This is the Rich Eisen Show.

Talking about worse of first. Live from the Rich Eisen Show Studio in Los Angeles. AFC Jets 61% over the Browns. 17% Broncos 14%. Guess who I voted for in that poll? I mean you should have voted for the Jets.

I did not. I voted for the Browns. Earlier on the show, three-time Super Bowl champion Mark Schlereich. Coming up, University of Texas head coach Steve Sarkeesian. Pro football Hall of Famer Steve Hutchinson. Giants general manager Joe Shane. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Our number two of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. Great chat with Mark Schlereich and our number one, the three-time Super Bowl champion from back in the day with the Denver Broncos and also for Washington back in the day.

Three-time Super Bowl champ Mark Schlereich. Great chat. Will not be invited to the next running back zoom whatsoever.

Definitely not. So there's that. Steve Hutchinson because we're doubling our guard pleasure. He's gonna join us in about 20 minutes time. I'll be straight up because I'm heading to Kenton, Ohio tomorrow morning and I just need to get it get everything straight like what am I gonna do after hosting the jacket dinner in which I best not be trifled with when I get to the podium. There's a barrel last year and then two of them are coming back this year.

That's two straight Michigan wins. I'll be coming in to host the jacket dinner. Honestly, I need to know if Hutch has got the the post jacket dinner social order all set. Now is this just for Michigan men or Connecticut?

No, not at all. Last year it was the guys who we went into the Hall of Fame with in 2021. They're all like came back as returning Hall of Famers for the first time and just wanted to hang out and it was a great hang for me.

I was definitely a fly on the wall plus one. That's all. You're very popular at those things. I appreciate you saying that. Joe Shane the general manager of the New York Football Giants will join us in our number three but joining us to kick off our number two of this program is the head coach of University of Texas football Steve Sarkisian back on the program. How are you coach Sark? I'm great Rich.

Thanks for having me on buddy. First things first most important thing the Mrs. wanted me to say hello to you. Susie sends her best. It's her birthday today by the way so just wanted to tell her happy birthday. She was covering up at SE. She's 20 years ago man. She used to bring our rescue dog Hudson to practices coach if you remember that.

That's right. That's it so anyway she sends her best to you and I'm glad that I will pass right back at you. So practice just began yesterday if I'm not mistaken correct? Yesterday was day one we're back out this afternoon. Okay what have you gleaned about your team so far in the first 24 hours?

Anything? Well you know I think one of the biggest takeaways from yesterday I was I was impressed with our with our passing game you know which has been a point of emphasis of ours coming out of last season. I thought you know Quinn Ewers really was effective probably at one of his best practices he's had since he's been here with us but the receiving core played well you know I know we've we've all got you know high high expectations and for that group and I thought they played well and so you know the first couple days you know you're not in pads so you're hopeful that your passing game is clean and efficient and then that definitely showed up yesterday. Okay so everyone isn't it funny how things work in this world everyone's talking about your your quarterbacks haircut coach Ewers is no longer at a party in the back is that correct if I'm not mistaken?

Right. Business everywhere now. Okay I'll ask the question I don't care if it sounds silly does that indicate anything to you seriously like when you say all business what do you got for me on that front? Well I think the biggest thing is this you know you know perception has been proceeding Quinn some Quinn's a great guy he's an awesome teammate he's super coachable and I'll say I didn't find the mullet that was him that was that was you know him and just being one of the guys but but inevitably you know you have a mullet you have a beard and people think you don't take the job serious or something so I think he's you know changing perception and now people are probably taking them a little bit more seriously and they're actually getting to know him and they're finding out man he is a great guy he's a great teammate he's super coachable he does awesome stuff in our community but but more so I think that it signifies he's put in a lot of time and effort here over the last eight months and he's changed his body obviously year two in the system I think he's got a better understanding of what we're doing he's become a really good leader on our team if that you know if the haircut signifies all that then maybe I should have all my guys you know get the haircut. Exactly no I obviously it would be just a metaphor for something and how is he you know just taking on the leadership role with with with him being in year two of that coach? Well I think I think it's gone well you know he a year ago when he when he when he got here he was a transfer you know from Ohio State and so that that takes time when you're when you're getting in that locker room and he was in the midst of a quarterback battle with Hudson Card and which really went all the way into training camp up into the first game this year now he's been here for over a year I really feel like that's he feels and I feel like that's his locker room you know that those guys believe in him he's he's a much more apt to to step up when when things aren't going the way they should be going he's much more apt to motivate he's much more apt to do things outside of football with his teammates and that that just comes from confidence that comes from getting to know people so that that side of it I think is natural you know it always takes a little bit of time but he's really assumed that role and I think he's he's really earned the respect of his teammates and definitely in the locker room. Well you know how many times though do you get asked about Arch Manning though I mean when you're going around being coach?

Pretty much every interview. Okay no I'm just talking but I'm talking about going around town I mean you know what I mean and and and obviously Quinn has got a significant amount of talent you know and and and you have high expectations for him this year but how does he handle the whole Arch Manning of it all? He's handled it great you know I think one thing that we've really tried to do and we've tried to do everywhere we've been is you know focus on what you need to be working on and not worrying so much about what the other guy needs to be working on but yet still be a great teammate for the other guys and and support him on the things that we're asking him to work on because everybody's at a different stage and we've got a great quarterback room obviously Quinn is we think an elite player at the position Malik Murphy is a very talented young man Arch Manning is a really talented guy and going into year one with him so they're all different stages they all got their own you know strengths they all got some weaknesses that we're working on but in the end the rapport in that room I think is what's important you know their connectivity their support for one another that's that to me that that room has got that such good rapport that it's kind of permeated throughout our locker room that guys you know are working really hard and they're competing be if there's a lot of respect for for what other guys on the team are doing what is your plan for Arch Manning this year Steve get them to become the best player I can get him to become you know and you never know how seasons go with with with injuries and whatnot and so I just have to keep preparing them like I'd prepare every other player if his numbers called that he can go out there and help us win the goal for his career is that you know when that time comes for for him ultimately become the starting quarterback here that he's ready to play and not just ready to play but ready to play great football you know nobody wants to go out and be average so that's that's what we try to strive to do with with all of our guys especially at the quarterback position but you're preparing him to play this year and when you say in cases numbers called do you have any scenarios that you're willing to share on that front I hope I have no scenarios that means our guys didn't get hurt so the reality of it is focus on being the best player you can be and and keep working and keep grinding and like I said if your numbers called can you go out there and perform and perform at a high level to help us win you know that this is you know this is Quinn's team he's our starting quarterback and you know knock down wood that that that you know there's nothing that that would change that that means he's playing good football and he's healthy Steve Sarkisian head coach of Texas football here on the Rich Eisen show with all due respect to taking it one game at a time I'm gonna skip over week one your first opponent and with all due respect to Louisiana Louisiana Monroe then there's Alabama I mean when you've got such a significant opponent and one with whom you have history in week two how in the world do you get ready for something like that when it's it's it's a big first assignment in many ways for a lot of the kids out there well first we play rice actually week one okay you're not the first one though we played Monroe last year so but that's I think of the utmost important you're too kind I hit the wrong button right here okay my bad but go go for it we're when we're in training camp we've got to focus on the task at hand and we've got a lot of young players are gonna need that experience in week one to get ready for a week two if you'd ever really want to go play in Alabama and that's your first time you know jogging out of the tunnel and taking a snap or defending a poster out or whatever so that there's gonna be invaluable experience out of week one and then in week two you know a great challenge you know obviously as you know rich I mean I have the utmost respect for coach Saban he did so much for me and my career and my family and we had some great moments and some great wins together but in that time you learn a lot about that program and a lot about the kids in the program and a lot about coach Saban and so you you prepare for that game and you go into that game with the utmost respect knowing that we're gonna get their best shot because he's gonna have them prepared to play and we have to make sure that that they get our best shot and then hopefully we perform and we thought we proved we played well last year we came up short but we look at some things in that game to where then shoulda coulda woulda you know you get in the red area five times and the only score one touchdown you know that that's a recipe for losing a ballgame and so we think we can improve but you know going to Bryant Denny Stadium night game it's gonna be a great environment and I know we're all looking forward to okay so you know in the few minutes I have left with you here Steve Sarkeesian two people I want your favorite story about okay the first one is Bijan Robinson what's your favorite Bijan Robinson story it could be in the locker room could be on the field could be in any point in time of your connection with him as he's getting set to be a top ten running back chosen by the Falcons in this league so I kept getting asked this question throughout the the draft process from all the teams is this is this kid for real is this real really this nice is he really you know this genuine is he really this hard-working is he really this considerate of his teammates and supportive and all that I said I got to be honest with you I was on the job at Texas in was that 20 21 and I was about on the job for about a month maybe two months and I called him into my office and I told I told all the NFL teams this I asked him the exact same question straight to his face I said are you for real like are you this good of a kid every single day of your life and he just kind of smirked at me and they say coach I just damn who I am every day like he is an awesome human being it's good of a football player is he's a better person and so that's that's what yeah that's the funny story because it's like sometimes he's too good to be true well I and and I said I think the Falcons fans are hoping that this does translate to the NFL and obviously you'd know about making that that leap what are your two cents on that well I think he fits well in the NFL because he's a really versatile player you know he's a guy that can definitely run between the tackles that's great balance and body control one cut ability you know he can he can get the ball on the perimeter with the speed and loosenness and playing space but he's really good he's got tremendous hands he had the best hands on our team the last couple years and he's in he's a really good route runner and so you start combining all that into the modern day NFL football he's a three down back that can hurt you a variety of ways he's not one that just has to run between the tackles and they can take that pounding he's a guy that can do a lot of different things which you see nowadays no there's McCaffrey or Tamara those types of guys you know I think he falls into a similar mold in that style of play all right and then before I let you go your favorite story involving Texas's Minister of Culture himself Matthew McConaughey what do you have for me on that front Steve Sarkeesian? Well you know what was fun last year he called me the week we were playing OU he said coach would you mind if I if I came to the game this weekend I'm thinking yeah sure you know come on come on we'll be up you know up in Dallas the cotton balls gonna be hecking environment no I kind of want to come to the game with y'all I want to I want to travel with you guys so I said yes come on get on the plane with us and fly up so we sat together we flew up to the game and he's right there on the sidelines and you know if the game goes and it was a heck of a win and sometimes you forget like who's there what's going on and we get in the locker room and we got the golden hat we're celebrated and I turn around and there's Matthew McConaughey McConaughey wearing the golden hat dancing in the locker room with our team I said holy cow okay where we are we are really in Texas now baby we're rolling that is that is that is the best man he is he is again another guy who he is who he is right just like Bijan right yeah he's great he really is great man but that's that's what makes being it at places like this and being at the University of Texas like this special you know you like yesterday we go out for practice one and I turn around and the guy yells at me it kind of taps me on the shoulder I turn around and Vince Young's on the sidelines you know he's there and yeah only like Vince can he's running his mouth and he's talking crap to the players and but that's that's what these places like this have you know you have these awesome people that you get to interact with who are super successful on the field off the field and I think that that's that's what makes it fun and that's why it's such an attractive place oh my gosh that by you as you know Vince Young is a four-letter word to USC football fans you know that right I mean I bet I bet right you were there you know who's on staff here with me is Michael Huff look at you they were both Michael Huff made the tackle on fourth and two on Lindale White why wasn't Reggie on the field Stark come on now let's just get right into it why wasn't Reggie on the field they're not a heck of a game that night what a young remember yeah okay get a heck of a game in it and everyone's acting like you know Lindale was you know chopped liver got scored 59 touchdowns in three years mmm what a Rose Bowl that was coach let's go down more memory lane next time I have you on thanks for the time here let's let's let's chat during the season appreciate it thanks buddy all you all the best that is coach Steve Sarkeesian right here on the Rich Eisen show when we come back Steve Hutchinson Pro Football Hall of Famer we'll do a memory lane and talk about the party bus that I can tend to be on shortly next are you currently enjoying the show on the stitcher app then you need to know stitcher is going away on August 29th yep going away as in kaput gone dead rest in peace stitcher and thanks for 15 years of service to the podcast community so switch to another podcast app and follow this show there Apple Spotify or wherever you listen it's time for kickoff and the believe podcast will get you ready for the new season how do you live through this as a new sports fan believe has podcast covering all 32 professional teams and many of your favorite college teams to be solidified your defense you got better side light a sideline end zone to end zone you don't do those things then you're not even trying your hardest to win at football and I don't know what we're doing there was a lot of great players on those teams and I was fortunate to be part of search BL EAV podcasts wherever you listen you told a story about the genesis of all right all right yes all right here's where that comes from so daisy confused yes genius film I'm in the right bar the right time and a guy goes hey you ever done any acting you might be right just right for this part legendary casting director and producer Don Phillips I come back and they do what's called a makeup and wardrobe test meaning they're shooting another scene one night I'm just gonna show up directors gonna step off the set and come and look and go great I approve well he comes and looks he goes geez this is Wooderson it's great he goes listen you're not scheduled to work tonight but we're over here at the top-notch drive-thru and you think Wooderson might want to pick up on the redheaded intellectual sure and he goes wanna shoot it I'm like sure so I go get in the car but shoot my first scene ever in a film of your career of my career and I had been listened to a lot of 70s rock and roll at that time there was a certain live recording of a Jim Morrison concert in like Amsterdam or somewhere where he barks the crowd alright alright alright alright four times real aggressively though I'm not thinking about that but this comes back so I'm in the car and I'm like who's my man I'm nervous about to hear act who's my man who's worse and I said well I'm about my car and I go well I'm in my 70 Chevelle there's one I said I'm about getting high I said well Slater's riding shotgun you know he's got a do-boy rolled up there's two I said I'm about rock and roll I said well I got new June stranglehold in the eight-track man there's three and I hear action and I look up and in my mind I go and I'm about chicks I got three out of four let's go get the fourth all right all right all right love that guy love every single time he's been kind enough to come on this program it's all on our YouTube page for sure I'm back on the Rich Eisen show radio network along with our Roku channel live stream the Rich Eisen show desk I'm sitting at is furnished by Granger with supplies and solutions for every industry Granger has the right product for you call click or just stop by all right all right all right let's find out what I'm doing this weekend outside of hosting the jacket dinner in the NFL Network Saturday coverage he is none other than a pro football Hall of Famer and one of my favorites Steve Hutchinson back in the program how you doing Steve doing great doing great getting ready to head back to camp yeah hutch I gotta be honest with you this this segment I have an agenda I don't I'm not gonna lie it is essentially to try and plan my social time for the weekend that's basically what it is oh yeah cuz what did cuz it's hazy it's hazy for me cuz it was a long night who was in that party bus with us and who acquired the party bus last year this is last year right party bus was just a shuttle I think it was just a shuttle that that we commandeered for us I think we just commandeered it we said hey this is ours yeah and plus well we had protection right it's not what it wasn't just you Joji Kobe right yeah we had some serious muscle no we had Jimbo Covert Jimbo Covert and let's see who else was on their family that's right fanica we had some serious muscle up front we had some people but like you it was obviously I'm trying to I'm trying to jog my memory as to who the hell is on that on that bus so are we getting the band back together let's just be honest are we getting it back we've got you now right there's two things that have to happen in Canton every year it's now traditional one you have to insult the entire state of Ohio on Friday night for the gold jacket dinner check one and then two is we have to we have to leave there with some sort of story from the parties okay that we can we can talk about for a year all right so now here's the thing here's the thing here's the thing hutch I will guarantee the stories about the post jacket dinner revelry on Friday night or Saturday depending on on social situations I'll be honest with you I did not plan on insulting the entire state of Ohio last year I did not walk up to the podium with that agenda what's that what are you looking at TJ you're making a face here but here's the thing Steve they heckled me well first right I mean they heckled me and it's just like right and I I just my my my juices started flowing it kicked in like wait a minute did we did we not finally break that losing streak with wasn't the 40 burger applied you know aggressively you just you just stated facts that's the way I please you know a lot more facts to state this year so I don't intend to go up looking for trouble on Friday night I just wanted like to be known I'm not going I'm not looking for it but my head will be on a swivel that's for sure yeah yeah it will be there will be something tells me that you're gonna have to just make an obscure Michigan reference to entice the booing and then you'll go you'll go on from there just put a little just put a little piece of 40 burger in the water and see who bites you're saying oh my gosh they I'm just saying it's just I I don't usually say this before going in to host an event by the way that is not about me that is truly one of the greatest events that I'm honored to be hosting they best not mess with me I best I did that's all I'm saying it's cuz I well I mean if they learned their lesson last year I mean you could really lay it on you know after two years in a row here this year maybe it'll be maybe we'll just go through smooth and nobody will nobody will poke the bear a little bit you know did you hear the difference that's the new wrinkle to the jacket presentation and dinner have you heard about that no that starting this year they are letting the enshrinees choose someone from the gauntlet to place the jacket on them if they wanted to because apparently it was born out of Isaac Bruce saying hey I didn't know Marino was there if Marino was gonna be there I would have had him put the jacket on me because he was an idol of mine and it got and it got the Hall of Thinking and so they're gonna they're gonna they're gonna have some of the enshrinees are gonna have guys from the gauntlet come out of the gauntlet and put the jacket on well that's cool it is cool that's cool who would you diminishes the role of the presenter a little no hold on hold on the presenter will still be there and they'll also have a role on the Saturday I think right but they play the video yeah they're gonna they're gonna do that so I think that's cool who would you have chosen from the gauntlet or who when you were going to the gauntlet that you had like Oh God like oh for me I don't know if he was there that year that you know cuz you know even though like you said I went in on 20 it was kind of that right she was the post COVID year so it was two classes and I can't remember if but if dick buckets was there or not yeah but I would have had him put it out of that would have been cool I mean I grew up you know my mom's mom's from Chicago I grew up a Bears fan that went away quick once I got in the league but you know just you know monsters and midway old football old-school football the way it was meant to be played like I would have picked him for sure what's that like been for you again 2021 is when you you were enshrined 2020 you had a weight obviously due to COVID but what is that like for you to stroll around with your jacket on and mingle with your fellow gold jacket guys what's that it's a lot less stressful going back as in as a returning guy that is an incoming guy you know there's without getting into the whole thing I mean it's just like it's like planning a huge wedding right and for everybody out there married like you know you're it's it's for really for everybody else but yourself you know you're making sure the seats everybody's got a ticket and everybody's hotels are squared away and you know you know aunt so-and-so missed the flight or oh by the way Steve I got that sense on the party bus from you and everybody else that that's your first year returning you're like this is this is the life this is the way it goes I got that sense first couple buttons a little more casual oh yeah yeah it was so so yeah it was it was great going back and so so really honestly last year was the first year for for me to return as a returning guy along with the rest of the bus load that we had and you could see how relaxed and and loose we were on the bus bouncing from party to party but yeah no that's it's it's it's great because you get to you get to kind of for at least for me last year you know you kind of sit back a little bit you gotta you could kind of notice the things you didn't really notice while you're going through it the first time you get to notice the crowd in the stadium for what it is and all the different sections of fans and Friday night you get to see actually I really enjoyed that the Friday night gold jacket you know they they usher us in into like a long green room if you will hallway and we're sitting in there forever because it is a TV event and they've got to get everything timed up and so I'm sitting there you know talking to Larry Zaka and you know Steve Young and I mean we're just sitting there on folding chairs like like we're just sitting in some you know high school locker room ready for the rain to stop so we go out there and play it was great just the stories and the connections you make just from that half hour sitting there kind of killing time I mean that's the kind of stuff you never really got a chance to do the year before was like I said going in as an attorney that's so cool honestly it I I can't get enough of it just having been around it now this is my 20th year with NFL Network and only a couple summers of Canton I miss one for the birth of my oldest and obviously 2020 with COVID it doesn't it never ever gets old it really doesn't and it's the only Hall of Fame enshrinement where the past is celebrated to celebrate the present and future season it's awesome it's great they do a good job of bringing the the generations together and you know a lot of guys a lot of guys get to catch up and see each other really a lot of times for the only time during the year teammates and guys that you played against and then of course you know you've got the story that I'm sure you've told about Cliff Harris last year getting to you know get the the thing he regretted for how many decades of his life the fight on the field or somebody else got kicked out of the game and he wanted to go apologize you remember that yeah he said he went up because uh who got enshrined last year that they player somebody it was somebody from Kansas City where it was a kid oh it was Vermeil that's right Vermeil you're at Vermeil's party and there's a bunch of Kansas City guys there right I think this particular player played for Vermeil in Philly for the Eagles yeah in Philly right Philly and so it was a it was a division game and cliff and this guy were kind of getting mouthy and think cliff like kind of forearmed him to the helmet or something the rest didn't see it and this guy got up swung it cliff and he got kicked out of the game or something and you know cliff's telling that story he's like yeah we got to he's saying all day long hey we got to make sure we go to reveals and I'm like well we'll go hit him all but he wanted to go there first yeah and he made a beeline right for this guy because he knew he heard he was there and he wanted to apologize from him from something happened in 1970 yeah very a half century old hatchet I mean that I that's amazing do you have any Steve Hutchinson here for a couple more minutes left with the Hall of Famer anybody that's going in did you like go to the second level and meet Zach Thomas at any point in time again Zach I played against Zach when I in my younger days he was he was a few years older than me didn't play the Dolphins a ton when I was in Seattle right especially once we moved over into the NFC what about the Marcus the Marcus where Marcus they're funny story about the Marcus of the Marcus is a rookie we're playing the Cowboys in a preseason game it was I believe was a Monday Monday night preseason game and we're playing and Walter Jones my left tackle we in our when our scheme we had the option on certain pass plays whether we can what's called a fan where we can just kind of push out and block the two guys on however we wanted to handle it we could handle it there was another option where what would block down on defensive end and I could pop out and kind of in space block the outside linebacker if he came so you know we would always switch it up just to keep the defense honest well a couple times I started popping on this and there's this rookie out there named Marcus where nobody's ever heard of from Troy and and after a couple times of that I'm like hey well I'm not popping it you take him I did you that's your guy I'm like he's I'm not put messing around it's preseason this guy's too good so so yeah ran into the Marcus plenty of times over my career the first one is the one I remember the most kind of laughs about it now but no you know I'm actually looking forward to this year because you know obviously with Cleveland in the Jets playing in the game and you're gonna have you know you know Cleveland doesn't have much to celebrate you know for a long time so they're there I think they're gonna come out in full force for for Joe Thomas getting inducted and it should be pretty electric not that it isn't any other year but it should be it should be pretty crazy with the with the the home state of Ohio they're all for Joe yeah absolutely and then Darrell Rivas a longtime jet who won one with the Patriots and Joe klek oh remember of the New York Sac exchange going in there and if I'm not miss going in yeah if I'm not mistaken was he one of the stars of smoking in the band at two was Joe klek oh in that one I think yeah was it was it cannonball run one of those movies back in the day Joe klek oh was guys big Fiseman was cannonball it's cannonball run okay yeah I think klek oh was smoky in the band at one of them one of those two yeah what was it it was in both how about that wasn't both he wasn't both all right so uh just wrapping up the agenda here Friday night what we go post-jacket dinner go have some beverages back at the the goat the goat farm spot like right that was okay right I think that Chris that was the the spot where once upon a time Jim Kelly went behind the bar oh and he started serving drinks everyone yes exactly and then so many venues you can have so I would have assume over the years yes there's probably multiple stories you know from from each venue right you know and then Saturday Saturday you know I have an early flight Sunday but I think I could have my arm twisted to show up and get the band back together is that gonna happen yeah why that's the plan who's in charge of getting a commandeering the wheels you know I Jimbo sent out a text Jimbo sent out a group text yesterday about hey what's the deal what are we doing you know along those lines okay and so it looks like everybody involved responded one way or the other so we all we all know that everybody's uh in coming into town all that stuff so it should be pretty easy okay very good sounds great man I look forward to and I assume Landon your lovely wife will be there as well oh yeah yeah we'll be there full force okay very good so we'll be talking about it very good and let's just do her a solid living with Landon LA n dy n on Instagram right for all of her for her hard work I'm not gonna mention your Instagram we don't we don't need to know that okay but very good yeah all right very good everyone go yep let's go let's go the whole Hutchinson family let's roll literally and figuratively and I'll see you on Friday you'd be well all right all right that's hutch at hutch all right at hutch seven six oh you got rid of the poison pill handle huh that's gone yeah yeah yeah I went I went and you know change it up a little bit on that's her but but yeah you're keeping it classy is all you're saying you're keeping it classy now Steve I'm keeping a class oh by the way let's before we go geez I can't believe it's this like a Jewish goodbye now hey listen you so many people think Michigan's got a chance to win it all this year what do you think what do you think I think we're gonna be I think we're gonna be pretty good I mean you got a yeah pretty good offensive line I don't there's a school in the country that has two backs like we have and you got a you got a quarterback that's something special you know nobody gave us a chance last year saying well we lost so many guys on defense but you know you know the old saying you know Lloyd Lloyd had a Lloyd had a quote I'll stick by it says the expectations for the position not the player so if you if you're gonna go on the field and wear the winged helmet there's a standard you have to play up to and even though we lose guys I think Jim's doing a great job recruiting getting guys in there to replace these missing pieces that go on to the NFL or through graduation and I think I think this might be his stack squad yet now drink jinxing anything yes uh you know saw Blake quorum the other day looking healthy and happy so that's always good sign okay what was Lloyd's phrase give me that one again well it's afraid was the expectation was for the position meaning meaning you know it doesn't matter who it is if you're if you're called on to step in that role in this particular play or that that whatever that there's a standard you have to play to so you know it's that's kind of the mantra we always played as like if a guy steps in for somebody or somebody has to come play as a young guy because the senior graduated the year before well hey there's a standard you need to play to and you're held to that standard I think I think you know for whatever reason for a while that that was gotten away from and I think Jim's kind of reinstalling that mindset right I know I'm gonna follow up here what was Brady like when he when he was on the team with you he wasn't really there Tom Tom was used I see a lot of similarities with Tom now just have watching him as a fan and his demeanor and the huddle on the sidelines Tom was always intense but he just didn't have he didn't have that much of a vocal part of it because you know he was constantly fighting for splitting time and that was a that was a hard thing for both him and drew the last couple years because you know you're just trying to see if you're if you're playing this series or half or whatever and trying to take care of your business but I will tell you this there's nothing about Tom's career that surprised me and I don't know if there's anybody on the plan that could have predicted that he'd go down as probably the best football player to ever play but the leadership the dedication like all that stuff like that was that was always there in college you know and and you know he kind of had that that little old 90s part down the middle surfer cut thing going on California boy everybody kind of thought well maybe wasn't top well that that wasn't he's about us and we knew that in college he was as tough as it as they come so there's nothing about what he did post college shocked anybody that played with him yeah we had Greg Harden on the show the other day he's selling a book that's coming out in a couple of weeks he said that Brady the best thing that ever happened was drew Henson is yeah I said would you agree with that yeah I think so I think I think you know everybody has to find whatever it is that gets them up in the morning and makes them want to be great that day and for a lot of people there's a lot of different things so it might be might be a death in the family or some tragedy or or maybe it's just a simple as a goal that you want to achieve but somehow some way there's got to be something that gets you up every day and motivates you and I think Tom kind of form that chip on a shoulder with the whole quarterback you know what I don't know what I don't know what the word is competition I guess between him and drew and I think Tom never really really kind of put that to bed I think he went into the league and he said he's gonna do everything he can do to prove that there's there's no competition anywhere he goes he's gonna be the guy and and I tell you what for 20 years or whatever it at 20 however many years it that served him well yeah no I would agree that it definitely definitely served him well all right Steve safe journey up to Canton and do you guys do you visit your bust are you gonna go visit do you see it yeah yeah you know actually um yeah so we got a cool thing so so Saturday morning before the enshrined that yeah so we had there was a charity event earlier this summer in Ann Arbor it's called event on man it's a great great fundraiser for CS Mott Children's Hospital Ann Arbor beautiful spot and so you know Charles Woodson Brian greasy myself we've kind of we've had our golf tournament as you know you've been in years past so we're kind of we kind of jumped on and in teamed up with these event on Maine and so we do an auction on stage at the night of the lot at the live event and so we had auctioned off these wonderful pictures of the Michigan Stadium with a flyover and all that and there were different tiers a lot Charles and I got the idea how about we we set aside these two pictures and along with the picture and that you get a couple tickets complimentary on the Hall of Fame to go to the Friday night dinner or the Friday night gold jacket and Saturday enshrined that and along with that Saturday morning you get a tour of the Hall of Fame Museum prior to an opening to the public with Charles and I and so we had a couple very generous people donate some good money for the hospital and so to answer your question the long way yes I will be in there with just a couple other people Saturday morning early and I get to walk the halls without the crowd and so I'm sure we'll go in the bus room and and check it all out so I'm looking forward to that and visit with the lid the Hall of Fame bust okay well enjoy that enjoy your time getting there and I'll see you I'll see you Friday night you better use well the great Steve Hutchinson all right now we are done with our conversation with the Pro Football Hall of Famer here on the Rich Eisen show and speaking of Brian Griese you know where he is now 49ers quarterbacks coach he is apparently talking about the quarterback situation there and Trey Lance okay I wouldn't move if I were you that's coming up along with Joe Shane the GM of the New York Giants we'll do what's more likely today hey yeah we'll get that done should I have prepared that oh eight four four two oh four rich also the number to dial right here in the Rich Eisen show here on this very busy Thursday Jeff Schwartz is going to autograph the my copy of great Jews in sports amazing book go they starve David have you ever signed I've never give me the book and I'll hold it up right here you signed a toilet seat yet Oregon we had this like you know like the big day where everyone comes and signs things and and someone guy brought a toilet seat one year and they bought a toaster the next year okay oh yeah there you go do you do you know who the you and your brother were the first Jewish president in the NFL since you know the 1923 it's in my book in my shorts it's like the start of the book you know the name of the do you know their names yeah it was a it was a freak it was the Friedman brothers right no no no the many Friedman who by the way what University of Michigan father of the modern I should know this there I didn't I'll give you I'll give you a Ralph and Arnold yeah sure we poor with yeah I used to know I mean brother I used to that should know that it's in my book but yeah yeah that's that I do know Ralph was an all-american at Harvard oh his mother must have been so proud yes won the 1920 Rose Bowl played under the alias of Ralph McMahon an Irish name the whore wings in the book I just went to local Oregon jeez Arnold played four seasons for racing Chicago Cardinals to the brother let me look it up they had it better on a minute here we go here we go hold on a minute are they in here the whore wings are not only under the Irish name red holes we got to look under McMahon just in case they put the Irish alias in here you tube comm slash rich eyes and show and spoke to Mitchell Schwartz today he's going to the Hall of Fame as part of the Joe Thomas contingent oh yeah absolutely back here on our program 8 4 4 2 0 4 rich number to dial okay let's go to the phone lines hanging on who it just popped off my screen is there somebody who's not on my screen either right I'll have Adam pop that name back in in a second we've got coming up in our number three Joe Shane is back here on the program from the general manager of the New York Giants will be coming up in our number three what's more likely Brian greasy will have spoken here let's just pop the the kid up on on on the phone line right here oh right there is the caller there no who is this on the on the phone line right now hello okay call us I don't know where are my callers this is one of the many things we're working on on our on our staff here is to improve this here system so I don't know why there's Adam not listening to us right now he just got to put this screen that put the the name of the call he has a way to listen all right here he's out he's he's putting his feet up in Cincinnati is that right yeah okay Jerry in Cincinnati you're on the program you there Jerry rich can you hear me I can what's up sir all right thanks for taking my call what's going on so I called on July 20th last year outlining a reimagined model of college football all right and the essence of the model was to eliminate conferences set up a 72 team league set aside four games a year for rivalries have many tiers within the league and include promotion and relegation and also the scheduling would be done via a televised ping-pong ball draw so there are finer points to the model but I'm simply calling back one year later to see if you rich Eisen are finally ready to join me and advocate for abolishing conferences as the only reasonable solution to save college football you'll never abolish conferences you you you might be able to you know again create a conference SEC in one big ten in another you know ACC joins the SEC conference and then the conference between the big and then the big ten conference connects with the big twelve right because you know it's easier maybe for SEC to visit Atlantic Coast and easier from big ten to visit you know a big twelve throw some pac-12 in there as well obviously and you got yourself two conferences you split it up maybe if you want to have it 32 teams and 32 teams you said 72 you know you could split it up that way and then have a playoffs in a conference versus a conference and then a Super Bowl like you do it like the pros that is something that you could do but you never you'll never that that's that's too radical that's too crazy like they're there you know there's too many commissioners who have gigs too many television packages with too many conferences you're never going to just abolish the conferences like that you know yeah but you don't think that Michigan maybe thinks or Ohio State thinks you know we our programs hold all the value it's not the big ten it's us it's our rivalry games there's no obviously there there are some and thanks the call Jerry call back again hopefully not you know a year and three weeks later you know there there's always gonna be you know schools that drive the bus and rivalries that drive the the conference bus you know but you're just not you there there's too much money and too many contracts between conferences and television networks to just say conferences are over ping-pong balls are gonna be like you know as long as Michigan plays Ohio State Michigan State Penn State Wisconsin and the rest are all ping-pong balls and now Michigan's gonna have to travel to Wake Forest you know the ping-pong balls drop and all of a sudden George is playing the bottom tier teams because the ping-pong balls come out I mean I mean I like the way people are thinking out of the box but you know the way this is gonna go that conferences with schools that have like interests similar budgets same problems with NIL and poaching and same issues that that that they share as opposed to what 300 other member schools that aren't in the same area code as them but it's television figures it's ESPN it's Fox it's CBS they're kind of running things here with the way you know because of the money right and then there's there's also streamers that are gonna get in on this I mean Peacock has got NBC now has got more than just Notre Dame I mean you have to turn to Apple because they don't have a TV deal right now well I mean an Apple is becoming a bigger player now they got MLB they've got MLS I mean honestly Apple right now has Otani and Messi true Harrison Ford Ted lasso yeah you know I mean so and Oregon football and Washington football I mean they're they're they're a player then all of a sudden you know you turn you flip on your phone and you're watching Oregon vs. Washington unless of course you're one of those people who are in the text chain with a green bubble and you're out if you're the green dot what you're out doing you're out you're just messing with us but that that's the way this is all going so and then they all get together and they have their own NIL rules and they're not waiting for you know senator Tuberville to come up with his plan so Joe Shane of the Giants coming up in our number three and what's more likely and then Brian greasy on Trey Lance and how he's doing that's coming up at next on the rich eyes and showing our number three on this terrestrial radio affiliate Sirius XM Odyssey and more still here on Roku though he wouldn't see what I got yes oh you got some I got free stuff from one Justin James Watt I have the latest Burnley FC gear hey what do you think hold on I got a big cabeza very hot yeah it was very high hat yeah it's very high JJ's give me the high hat I'm gonna rip off the tag he's got a big big head too by the way I believe these hats and others are gonna be available and it goes to a local food bank for Burnley sweet there you go that fits better better right and all right kit got the kit nice there it is right there flip it around flip it around there it is name on the back Oh Oh 23 did he choose because you know that well that mattingly is my favorite no I think it's the year 20 okay didn't know if he just like he knows that research and donny baseball donny baseball or 23 there you go so thank you JJ and Brady just got into Birmingham that's serving them yeah they're in the level below the Premier League I was looking that up well done I think I have to cheer from them now right Burnley FC thanks for the gear JJ Watt appreciate it very cool it is pretty cool do I walk around and canton with this thing on sure I mean it's got your name on the back that's a little weird why is it weird yeah what's weird about that what's weird about that kind of looks like an 80s filly's Jersey for over three decades nobody has had a wrestling career like Arn Anderson Conrad Thompson gets all the stories with our after watching a W's double or nothing Amy wants to know what's this dinosaur tastes like it ain't chicken it's like biting into a sinewy charcoal briquette but chewy disgusting yes sure is check out on every week wherever you listen
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