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RE Show: Joe Schoen - Hour 3 (8-3-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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August 3, 2023 3:07 pm

RE Show: Joe Schoen - Hour 3 (8-3-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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August 3, 2023 3:07 pm

Rich reacts to the latest in Jonathan Taylor’s contact standoff with the Indianapolis Colts.

In ‘What’s More Likely’ Rich weighs in on Ravens QB Lamar Jackson, Packers QB Jordan Love, Bears QB Justin Fields, Bills RB James Cook, Buccaneers RB Rachaad White, Saints WR Michael Thomas, Giants TE Darren Waller, Cowboys QB Dak Prescott, Jets QB Aaron Rodgers, and Jim Harbaugh’s future in coaching. 

New York Giants GM Joe Schoen and Rich discuss the team’s inability to reach a long-term deal with disgruntled RB Saquon Barkley, landing Pro Bowl TE Darren Waller in a trade with the Las Vegas Raiders, his expectations for speedy rookie WR Jalin Hyatt, his favorite Brian Daboll and Kayvon Thibodeaux stories, and more. 

Rich weighs in on the latest in the 49ers QB competition. 

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This is the Rich Eisen Show talking about worse the first live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. AFC Jets 61% over the Browns 17% Broncos 14% guess who I voted for in that poll? I mean you should have voted for the Jets.

I did not. I voted for the Browns. Earlier on the show, three-time Super Bowl champion Mark Schleren, University of Texas head coach Steve Sarkeesian, Pro Football Hall of Famer Steve Hutchinson. Coming up, Giants general manager Joe Shane. And now it's Rich Eisen.

That's correct. Hour number three of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. Great chats last hour with the Steves. Sarkeesian of Texas Football, Hutchinson of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. And then in hour number one, a fun chat to start our show with Mark Schlereth, three-time Super Bowl champ on what Sean Payton had to say about Nathaniel Hackett. His two cents on that, the running backs.

Oh my god. He's like, he basically said a running back should get off the zoom and get on the field and play because this is the collective bargaining agreement that they signed. He said he had zero sympathy for running backs right now that are not getting paid. What they feel that they have earned and one guy who I guess has taken his advice is Saquon Barkley who is on the practice field. He is out there and the general manager of the New York Giants who signed Saquon Barkley to that franchise plus deal.

Joe Shane's going to be joining us in about 18 minutes time right here on the program. Meanwhile Jonathan Taylor, there was a deep dive or deep-ish dive on today talking about how Jonathan Taylor showed up at camp in an angrier mood than the Colts expected him to and when they said they wanted him to show up a little early so they could take a look at his surgically repaired ankle he kind of got rankled by that and there they were caught flat-footed and it's like hey he's on a walk here. I don't understand when management like scratches their head and wonders like why in the world would an employee get upset when they're on the last year of their contract and either feels that they're not getting paid or we haven't signed them to a contract longer than this last year.

We don't understand. I'll tell you what you know I understand what I do for a living and you know what I do for a living is I do you know contract by contract. I don't have a contract for life at NFL Network. I'd love to work there the rest of my career but you know my contracts come up every now and then and if I'm in the final year of a contract and we haven't talked and we're and enough I'm in an ornery mood.

I've seen those firsthand. I'm not lying like if I want if I'm going to go into my final year and there hasn't been any conversation and it's just like we'll get to it when we get to it it's just like at what point will that we get to it when we get to it when we get to it come like can we can we not like after all this time you know go into that final I mean this is the sort of mindset I do have and you know so that was part of that uh article on I was kind of taking like so they're they're like wondering why why is Jonathan so you know why is Jonathan a little bit different well that's why and then they invite him on the bus and he wants to trade the man and that suddenly becomes public and man and it's again like you heard Steve Sarkeesian talk about Bijan Robinson and how the question he asked him is the question that all the teams asked Sarkeesian again Steve Sarkeesian said these are the questions that I was asked by teams so I asked this of Bijan Robinson once himself like are you for real like because you're nice you're engaging and engaged and great at what you do are you for real and he's answers like I am who I am that's yes so I am for real and all I could sit there and think during that story is like well three years four years from now he's going to be one pissed off hombre you know because if he balls out I mean Jonathan Taylor had almost 1200 yards in his rookie season and then set the record and then won the league's rushing title in year two last year was just a totally lost season for many reasons one of them was his injury that occurred in October on his ankle that he needed to get cleaned up surgically and now here he is in year four wanting more than just one more year and they're like no you're going to play and your trade demand goes nowhere by the way I am seeing in that article as well that Jim Erce said that the trade is not happening and he wants the trade and that there are teams that are interested in trading for him and it's not a completely out of the realm possibility from the front office of the Indianapolis Colts if they trade Jonathan Taylor then I have no idea what the hell is happening there if this kid gets traded because he is in the reality of the reality you have to play for us this year at four million plus which is less than what free agents are getting on the market who haven't had the rushing record on their resume at any point in time in their careers and that stinks I'm sorry but you're playing or not at all if they forfeit even that hardball position by trading him away when they've got a rookie coach and a rookie quarterback who needs this guy is their best offensive player with all due respect to Anthony Richardson we'll see if he can unseat Jonathan Taylor's that then I don't know what the hell's going on there I don't think they're trading him on any planet earth or fantasy or what have you so I don't know what the answer is there other than the fact that he's going to play and when we see the Colts open up the season at home against the defending defending division champion Jaguars they need Jonathan Taylor on that field they need to keep Trevor Lawrence off the field they need to put points on the board for their rookie quarterback that is facing a defense that is really sneaky good and might not be so damn sneaky anymore so I don't think he's getting traded Joe Shane the general manager of the New York Giants will be joining us shortly I am going to be in Canton Ohio tomorrow tomorrow night I've got the jacket dinner Suzy Schuster will be here in this chair I've got her best mom ever signed ready to supplant my best dad ever signed Amy Trask will be here in studio I've already bought apparently brought the ingredients for your mimosas tomorrow hey baby hey that's what I'm talking about last night never last night Susan and I went to Oppenheimer great date night where we're watching uh you know the creation of uh weapons of mass destruction great date night in advance of her birthday today kids are still gone yes nice two boys two boys return this weekend nice to have four hours free to watch that's right sneak in a little Oppenheimer but uh so we went uh shopping for the ingredients and she grabs a second bottle of Prosecco says usually they we you guys get into second bottle is that true well when Amy's here okay got it so it's a little looser when Suzy's here well I get it your ship is a little tighter Suzy gives us a little bit more free okay I have a little more than Del Tufo too okay good good enough well anyway we have uh and then hour three the logo is strolling in here oh baby Jerry West wow Suzy doesn't mess around I'm telling you what she's a monster that's a scheduled appearances in studio tomorrow so Oppenheimer thumbs up thumbs down from Belichick two enthusiastic thumbs up I mean Christopher Nolan if you're not first you're lost he is just uh I mean we were just we just yeah it looks great when it was over like how do you how do you write that how do you shoot that like written and directed by good god unbelievable spectacular so you definitely recommend it highly highly uh so I won't be here tomorrow our Friday staple what's more likely let's do it now hey hit it please what what's more likely never say never but never all right Christopher what do you have over there hey what's up guys everybody good what's up Chris hey we got football tonight breaking news yes sir you're gonna watch you're watching dude Kellen Mond and it's Suzy's birthday tonight what better way to say Suze guess what let's check out a little Kellen Mond well she's she's she's doing she's doing the show tomorrow so I think we will be watching the hall of fame game so I looked this up uh Lamar Jackson entering his sixth year in the NFL desert he has led the Ravens and rushing four straight years and in his rookie year he was about 30 yards behind uh Gus uh Gus Edwards so what's more likely Lamar throws for 4,000 yards for the first time or leads the Ravens and rushing for a fifth straight season I'll go 4,000 yards for the first time I agree that's what I'll go you know what's also happening is JK Dobbins having a hold in or something like that's kind of what prompted this uh Ravens topic um well that's what Melvin Gordon's there now I mean I I believe Odell's there for a reason and they're going to use him and he's a thousand yard receiver and that's a 4,000 yard passer more likely than than Lamar leads the team in rushing again that's what's more likely as you know that's one of the biggest mysteries of the season is what will the Ravens offense look like Lamar being pizade Odell is there his best receiver he's had since being in the pros come on now so what else over there Chris all right uh we we saw Justin Fields oh my god we're going to the private what was that oh my god I went to what was Sam Spence uh you know on the price okay what else uh Justin Fields in the Super Bowl we loved him he was delightful uh but I've been really into these Jordan Love uh camp videos yep making the rounds NFC North quarterback you trust more to make the leap this year Jordan Love or Justin Fields oh what a good question way to put me on the spot Christopher I'll take Justin Fields okay and the reason why is you use the word taking a leap leap and what's what's Jordan Field the Jordan Love leaping from well it's parents in the last row yeah exactly obviously I mean we we've seen what Fields can do and what Fields has done and what's the leap gonna look like and we know so he will take a leap and I look forward to that and I look forward to that but Jordan Love I'm kind of buying a little the love hey man yeah I just take Justin Fields in that regard but do not discount Jordan Love having a great rapport with these young receivers and having them all in a way that they weren't last year because Rogers was kind of at the end of the line there at the end of his figurative rope what else Chris we've talked to both of these guys uh recently like the cut of their jibs I think we would agree yes second year running back to break out in 2023 James Cook Rashad White huh I like that I will go with Rashad White because I think there's going to be a lot more sharing of the football up in Buffalo and I think Rashad White is perfectly placed for the moment the only thing that is more perfectly placed than Rashad White is the garbage can right behind my right shoulder for whatever reason in the three foot by three foot spot that that garbage can can be placed behind me on our thoroughfare behind me love that guy I cannot believe honestly like trash they have to do it on purpose I'm being taunted what else you got our security dog from security dog from twitter's barking right now I don't know what's happening right now yes the security dog on twitter yeah that dog's got your back I go just just just put the garbage can wherever you want sir what else you got over there Chris all right pass catcher more likely to have the bigger bounce back year Michael Thomas or Darren Waller oh I'll go I'll go Darren Waller pal I'll go Darren Waller Giants fans are gonna love Darren Waller he's gonna be on the field he's gonna be on the well I mean I guess you could say that about both of these guys that's kind of why I framed it this way Darren Waller is exactly the type of player Giants fans love are gonna love he catches the ball and he starts running past people Giants fans love big pass catching tight ends man so let's go I'll take Darren Waller all day not just because Joe Shane's calling in in about six minutes time too what else Chris all right I hit this one yesterday but it was kind of a off the cuff in the TV block let's just bring it back for the for the real segment more likely to be the higher total for the Cowboys wins or DAC interceptions I will go DAC interceptions that's what I'll go and that's not any I think they're both in double digits so how does that sound okay last year what was the Cowboys record last year 12 and 5 and how many interceptions did he throw okay I forget how many you know I don't really think about last year that's what I'm saying is last year they had a dozen wins and he had a ton of interceptions so that'll happen again and I think that'll be fine that'll be fine um I'm not concerned less than nine I am unconcerned but just less than nine well okay about what wins or interceptions which one you know what you're talking about you kind of uh okay uh as we mentioned game tonight Browns Jets get excited what's more likely we see more points combined tonight in the hall of fame game or Rogers touchdowns this season what's the higher total dude is this like a a gambling question dressed up like are you asking me how many points are being scored tonight in the hall of fame game is you legitimately asking that no I'm asking you what do you think is going to be the higher total points in the game tonight first of all Rogers touchdowns I am hoping Rogers throws 30 touchdowns this year at least okay that would be the under tonight so okay so all I'm saying is I'm giving you what I think Rogers is line of of you know I hope he throws more than 30 touchdowns this year that means he's healthy and he's throwing it around and it'll be a nice healthy number but hey pal like if you're asking me how many points are going to be scored in tonight's hall of fame game and you are going to use this potentially as are you betting on like are you betting on the hall of fame game tonight all I'm asking is do you think Rogers is going to throw more than 33 touchdowns or less I'm asking you a point blank question you're looking too deep what question are you really going to take your money yours and Sarah's money your cage's money your child's money he's not really earning anything and place it on a the first preseason game I mean I was where we're like we're like a third string quarterback versus a fourth string quarterback is going to go down tonight and guys who are definitely hoping to make a roster they're probably not going to make a roster trying to prove their worth that their practice squad worthy late in the fourth quarter could actually affect whether you earn money or lose money you're really going to do that tonight rich that's why it's called an addiction so under Rogers's touchdown total I refuse to answer because I will not support this uh you're out of your mind all right your mind is shining like a full moon all right last one uh what's more likely to happen first uh Harbaugh wins a naddy at Michigan or returns to the NFL all right he's he's gonna win a national championship and be quiet pipe down over there have a burger he'll buy it for you all right and scene let's take a break Joe Shane the general manager of the New York football giants he's like Coughlin he's calling him five minutes early he is a little fantastic all right I'm used to this I remember the Coughlin years man Joe Shane coming up are you currently enjoying the show on the Stitcher app then you need to know Stitcher is going away on August 29th yep going away as in kaput gone dead rest in peace Stitcher and thanks for 15 years of service to the podcast community so switch to another podcast app and follow this show there apple spotify or wherever you listen it's time for kickoff and the believe podcast will get you ready for the new season how do you live through this as a different sports family believe has podcasts covering all 32 professional teams and many of your favorite college teams too you solidify your defense you got better sideline to sideline end zone to end zone if you don't do those things then you're not even trying your hardest to win at football and I don't know what we're doing there was a lot of great players on those teams that I was fortunate to be part of search BLEAV podcasts wherever you listen back here on our program on our roku channel feed our radio audience will rejoin us in just a couple of minutes time I remember that story told you about Tom Coughlin when he went at an owner's meeting in Hawaii it was the owner's meeting in Hawaii that said goodbye to Paul Tagliabue his time he was finest one and uh final one and I uh I got a spa treatment yeah because I was about four hours before I had to be on the air I'm like screwed I'm gonna get a spa treatment I'm sitting there a terry cloth robe chilling yeah next to the the the uh the tiki tree or whatever listening to the music and what were you sipping on nothing oh really yeah I work later reading thumbing through a men's health magazine you know waiting for my treatment and in walks Tom Coughlin in a terry cloth robe and he goes what time is it rich I look up and I'm like it's a quarter two and he goes I think my massage is supposed to start now I'm like uh-oh this time masseuse that has shown up five minutes early and look who called in five minutes early or now I'm on time or a little late the gentleman you're giants I feel like I'm I feel like I'm back in the time machine Joe Shane here on the rich eyes and show how are you Joe I'm great guys thanks for having me I wasn't sure if I was odd or not I was gonna start laughing when you started telling that story that's the truth that's the truth I Joe I looked around I'm like is there anybody here you know to confirm can confirm it's just like and he got up and he got up to go to the front desk to find out why why his spa treatment didn't start five minutes early that legitimately happened man that uh that's awesome how did you get your start who gave you your start in the NFL Joe so I did a I went to DePaul University in Indiana it's a Division III school and played ball there and they have this program called the winter term where freshman year you stay on campus sophomore junior senior year you can do internships study abroad whatever it may be so I did an internship during that three-week period with the Carolina Panthers in the ticket office and the season was over there wasn't a lot going on it was a small department at the time yes sir and when I was getting ready to when I was getting ready to leave after that three-week internship they said hey you know if you're interested in being in football and you want to work training camp we'll get you in touch with our operations assistant his name is Brandon Bean oh boy you want to do that okay so reached out to Brandon Bean and uh you know whatever that is 22 years later we're still still great friends so that's uh that's how it worked out then I went to the summer internship with him in operations and then went back and finished my senior year of college and then you know right out of college started with the Panthers as a scouting assistant and then that's how you you know about eventually wound up in Buffalo assistant GM there and now the the general manager the New York Giants Joe Shane here on the Rich Eisen show our radio audience has returned so let me just jump into the obviously this the story of the day what is your relationship with Saquon Barkley right now Joe yeah relationship's good again we uh when we started negotiations we actually uh started during the bye week and you know I brought him up to my office and just said hey you know you've been in the league for five years you really haven't been through this this is the business part of it and that's exactly what it is this is business none of it is personal and you just have to understand um this is something you haven't been through and just always understand it's business and not personal so um anytime we talk throughout the process over the nine and a half months um you know I would remind him of that remember this and he understood it he's very mature he's a great teammate uh we're happy he's here we have a good relationship and again we we worked hard both sides try to get something done and we just couldn't you know find common ground in terms of the landing spot and that's okay you know there's a lot of times deals don't get done but our relationship's good he came in he's been a pro uh he wasn't this here this spring which is you know that's an optional time for the players and he came in an outstanding shape and he looked very good out there well I'm sure you're aware of the national conversation around running backs getting paid you're just you and Saquon we're just one general manager and terrific running back pairing of many that's seems to be at odds or in a standoff and obviously your standoff is complete at the moment in time but what is your philosophy on paying running backs and the general sense of it in the NFL right now Joe yeah and every team is different you know 31 other teams have their process we have our process and we came up with you know we we did a lot of deals this off season and and you know we're confident and you know our process now we come up with you know player contracts and values and and 31 other teams have different ways they do it and then you got the agencies you know the agents of the players they they have their process and each agency is different um whether it's rock nation caa athletes first whoever you're dealing with they have their different process how they come to uh values on players so um you know it's a diverse group of thought in terms of you know values on certain players and again we we went through the process with Saquon and you know again I said at my press conference we were at peace and um we just couldn't come to common ground and bridge the gap in our differences and you know I can't really speak on the rest of the league and and what they're doing but you know again I'm I'm confident in our process and you know how we come up with those comps okay and just a couple more questions on this because obviously there's more going on with your team than just your running back joe shane gm here on the rich isin show just from my seat and I've said it so I'll say to you now that you're on the phone here with me is I don't I don't understand what somebody of his stature and his his good nature and everything that he does for the team you know if it's just a couple million dollars here and there and I know it's not my money and I know I'm not in charge of a cap but I I just don't understand what what a couple of million dollars might might mean was it were it were you that close joe and this yeah no I mean that's that's funny you say a couple million dollars we you know I've been in this situation before where a player says that what's it what's a couple million dollars you know it means more to me than to the franchise what's the you know you got this big cap number and then um you know say fast forward a month later and there's a player that we'd like to sign that's two million dollars and we can't so you know every dollar you give somebody you can't give it somebody else and and that's not you know that's not necessarily the case here but um you do have to operate under a salary cap I've said it before I wish we didn't and you could pay everybody that would be that would be awesome but uh there's different rules that we have to operate under and you know you're you're it's not just about one player you're trying to build a team with with 53 and you know trying to manage that the best way you can and then just uh with with you and Saquon about moving forward here again what we're did you did you see when he was on a podcast I guess uh the week uh in which this all went down it was recorded uh days before and he was wondering if he's just not show up and hold out and it just seems so out of character for him and I'm just wondering what you as somebody who is in fact in the business deal seeing how personal he's taking it how you took that joe shane that yeah that that's a great question and I I didn't watch I didn't watch the whole thing I saw snippets of it um from a couple of people but really it you know this has been a long process and it's you know a lot of people have their opinions on the running back market Saquon myself the organization and you know what I found was most helpful is just tune out the outside noise and we had to do what's best for the organization and I have a I have a talented staff personnel staff football administration staff and you just tune out the the outside noise and that's why I didn't listen to the entire podcast because again these things can get emotional you know as long as they went on and it's it's personal in terms of what he wants to you know in terms of how he wants to do what's best for his family and you know I understand that so um yeah I didn't watch it and I kind of tuned out a lot of the outside noise and the rumors on you know what was offered what wasn't offered um because we knew the truth you know Saquon and I both went through it for the nine and a half months and his representatives and we knew what offers were out there we knew um where we moved to we knew what they wanted and you know again just for me it was tuning out the outside noise and sticking with you know my conviction. New York Giants General Manager Joe Shane here on the Rich Eisen Show and lost amongst this conversation is the fact that you acquired a big time play making tight end in Darren Waller who I love I mean his story is remarkable and obviously what he can bring to this equation. When did you first realize that you could acquire Darren Waller?

Joe walk me through that one. Yeah I um it was probably early March um had a talk with Dave Ziegler the GM of of the Raiders and we kind of talked through you know some guys that may be available and you know I asked about him and he said well I might might listen and we continued to communicate up until um you know the trade was consummated but yeah he was a guy that's you know getting that position he's talented he's he's almost a unicorn in terms of his size his athleticism you know he would be a you know one of the best receivers on a lot of a lot of teams um so yeah good addition for us he's been an outstanding person worker you know leader out there and you know he's he's strung together some pretty good days here at camp so far. So what is your expectation expectation level for him Joe the rest of your staff? Yeah I don't want to put it again he's still trying to pick up the offense and blend in with the group so we're going um you know day by day and still figuring out what his strengths are and how we want to utilize him but again I expect him to be a big part of the offense you know however the coaches decided to utilize him and um again he's showing some really good flashes out there so far so I'm excited to see him once we get into the regular season. And then uh let's talk about um the kids that you have on this team right now um the one that just jumps off at the screen at you is uh the kid Hyatt from Tennessee what how much do you think he's going to contribute in his first year there Joe? Yeah yeah he's uh he's strong together you know he's another guy that last three or four days has has really elevated his game and again these guys are young specifically the rookies and they have a lot to learn um learn how to be pros how we do things our process our culture so he's done a good job he's come a long way from the spring and we we expect him to you know to continue to mature and and learn the plays and get in the playbook so again he's continued to do that since he returned over the summer and you know I think as you know we've seen the returns on the field so again he's a vertical threat you know he can run routes he can stretch the field he's got excellent hands and you know we've seen all that in practice this far. Yeah and and you know obviously this this team um is is coming off of a playoff win what did that mean do you think? Obviously your your your coach that you hired and Brian Dable you go way back with it to to Buffalo winning coach of the year and Daniel Jones um winning a playoff game how does that in your estimation affect wins and losses potentially this year? Joe. Yes specifically for Dabes and I just when you're trying to implement you know a new new process and you know culture in terms of how you want to do things how we want to practice how we want to approach the game week to see positive returns early on you know I think that was important to say hey okay what we're doing here you know these guys are stressing and then we can see the results and we're able to get off a fast fast start because of that and then you know fast forward to the playoff game I think it was important for some of our younger players I mean it just they haven't won a lot around here you know before last season so I think it was important for those guys to play in big games meaningful games in December January and I think moving forward you know if we're fortunate enough to be in that situation again they've been there they've experienced it they've they've been on the road in a playoff game in a hostile environment and they know what that looks like and you know we've got several players that return from last year's team and if we're fortunate enough to be in that that position again I think it'll play dividends okay a couple more questions for Joe Shane the GM of the New York Giants here give me your favorite Kayvon Thibodeau story when you were kicking the tires on him thinking of drafting him going through the evaluation process maybe meeting with you and the staff there you got a good one for for Thibodeau yeah we flew out there too we were actually in the owners meetings I was down and they were in West Palm two years ago at the Breakers and he was having his pro day so you know I flew from there out to Eugene to work him out and sometimes when we do this we take players to dinner with hey you you pick the dinner you set everything up get the time the reservation that's part of the interview process can they do this stuff on their own as simple as that sounds and he took us to a Korean barbecue place which I had never been to Korean barbecue before so I thought that was a of all the places in Eugene Oregon that's where we decided to eat dinner so have you been I have not I've not been to Eugene that would have been an interesting choice right there for sure yeah so they bring out like the raw meat you cook it you cook it yourself right there and you know amongst the group and yeah it was it was a it was a fun experience I think you you you must learn a lot about a player around a Korean barbecue cooking your own meat you know on a on a rock there in Eugene Oregon I'd imagine you know yeah yeah we did it was uh it was a lot of fun he's quite the character he's quick yeah yeah he is he's a great kid he's a great kid he's got a big personality I love him right and then your favorite Dable story give me one of them too Joe do me that favor and I'll let you go for the rest of the day here Brian Dable's story that tells me something about him I might not know how does that sound Joe Shane what do you got for me about so many different directions here um maybe not such a great uh this is I would just say Mondays after our victories we as a staff coaching and personnel we find ourselves around 6 37 o'clock on Monday nights down in the cafeteria eating dinner and telling day ball stories about him basically blacking out on the headset and during the game time whether it's ripping a player ripping a staff member he just goes off and he's he's self-aware so he'll sit down there he'll laugh at himself the next day on some of the stuff that he says I mean that that would be the ultimate if you could you could mic our staff and have a reality show on the sideline of some of the stuff that goes on in conversations and and everything else it would be it'd be a good reality show or a good chance to mic those guys up it'd be entertaining for sure I think NFL films can accommodate you Joe you know yeah yeah and he won't do that there's a reason that's what your co-tenants are up to obviously or your your uh your neighbors um again I grew up in New York City um uh you know a long time New York sports guy Joe and it's rare to see the Jets kind of get more headlines than the Giants do you dig that do you like that you're under the radar a little bit even though you went to the playoffs I'm okay with that you are like I said like I said yeah we're just we're worried about getting better each day and you know taking care of ourselves and controlling what we can control and that that's what we're trying to do right now and we'll continue to play under the radar and you know just keep building good days together all right Joe I appreciate you taking the call and coming on here and chopping up you know the the conversation I've been having a lot here um there were in there times I sat at the mic saying I don't know what the Giants are doing I really don't know what they're doing so maybe I was some of the noise you were tuning out Joe you know yeah yeah yeah well hopefully you're not saying that too much more okay thanks again Joe appreciate it uh good luck against the Cowboys week one and we'll chat again soon thank you all right thanks you got it that's Joe Shane general manager of the New York Football Giants kind of him not to say uh hey yeah I was tuning you out which I never want to hear he knows the what we offered they know what we offered for nine months went on the bye week of last year I'm sure Jonathan Taylor wouldn't have mind if we reach out to the bye week last year stayed true to his conviction is what he said at the very end they got him in though he's there he signed and in they go on made a smart decision yeah he should have just sat out till this week too that'd have been nice bottom line is Saquon's there yeah josh shakives isn't Jonathan Taylor is but in body only jk dobbins is there but not doing anything I remember dobbins last year when we saw him in Cleveland and he sat down he was talking about how you know that he he hadn't gotten more than 15 carries in a game and it was time to give him the ball and let him do his thing yeah and you know he loved being there he loved the team he loved everything about it but you could tell he was bristling about not being the guy and then John Harbaugh came in and we kind of mentioned that to him and he's like yeah well he's coming off he's coming off a knee injury and we love him we know what he can do but he doesn't really have that burst yet and he was telling a story I think that dobbins like just give me a chance I got that burst and sure enough dobbins gets the ball in the game and he is running free throughout the gate on Cleveland and they caught him from behind and I looked at kurt during the commercial break and he's just like yep and so reason why I tell that story he's a very prideful guy but you just the problem is in this market in this world this is why schlereth is like get off the zoom and get on the field stop you know zooming with each other and talking about what the problem is and run and go for it and their pushback would be sounds good but we got to do something about it because if we run well if we do well that's used against us because we're going to now have a diminished return more likely than not and so when you look at dobbins it's like you're coming off of a knee injury same thing with Jonathan Terry you're coming off of an ankle injury and his pushback could be well you didn't treat it right you didn't help me get back on the field right I came back anyway I got hurt again so now it's time for you to pay me and they're like yeah well no and Saquon reads the tea leaves you know he's the first one to read the tea leaves first was Miles Sanders when he left the Eagles and he's just like well they're not going to pay me six seven million per I'm going to go get six seven million per what's more likely Miles Sanders or Dalvin Cook makes more this year Miles and I don't you think yeah don't you think I think the more players wait the less they're going to get just get in get in and get it yep like josh Jacobs sign your franchise tag and get there that's 10 million bucks guaranteed Florio keeps on pointing out like what would have happened like they could still remove the tag from him and just say you're a free agent bye and pick up Zeke and go with Leonard Fournette or go with guys get both of them for for less than what they're gonna pay him probably get Zeke and Fournette on one year five million total and Jacobs is a 10 million tag and you'd probably get the same amount of production that would be the hardest of hardball actually it's not true the hardest of hardball is telling Jonathan Taylor he's on the NFI he's on the non-football injury list or just trading well again that deep dive on ESPN says that that's not likely that they're going to do that yeah a trade though is still out there I think well the hardest of hardball would be telling Taylor that even if he was gone tomorrow the league would still go on could you imagine telling him that dude Chris if I died tomorrow yeah the league goes the league goes on well the league is I don't understand what that meant anyway either it's just like Tom Brady is the greatest ever right yes correct I mean you could say that but when we first started NFL Network excuse me the idea was Jerry Rice or Jim Brown yep more recent or a little more old school that's it those are your goats yep I think we might have done our first ever top 100 all-time or whatever when we first started the first ever edition of the top 100 was the all-time team right and then they started doing it your year by year but the all-time team you're not the NFL 100 all-time team it was another all-time it might have been like the 90th or something anniversary of it I don't know all I know is that there was a countdown and Jim Brown was one and Jerry was two and there's a little bit of an argument I think Warren Steara was three yeah right and now you throw Brady in that mix now Brady's one okay and so the league is still going on without him we get it we get it everybody retires yeah but there's a preseason the next year exactly like it happens yeah but what about paying me you know it's like cool what's that be you know right in the meantime while we're alive let's just live let's live let's live a little can I have my own luxury bus can I wet my beak let's live let's live a little and he's making four million this year which is obviously a very nice salary but he's sitting out there saying you know I think if he would have the Austin Eckler thing he's looking at third string if he would have not gotten hurt and had a good year last year he'd have a little more leverage Jonathan Taylor well what's the leverage what is the that's that that's the point of it the leverage is I'm durable I'm here I've produced three years in a row right but the leverage actually is held by the management team that has one year left on him no obligation to give him another contract now and absolutely his only other option is to not play and sit out like they own your rights for your services that's the way it goes it doesn't work out well for back it's so rare I mean it's so rare to to you know what Devante Adams right that's the rarity I'd like out oh okay sure we'll trade you even though we're keeping Rogers you know what's another one where it's just like I want out and they're like okay in the NFL it just doesn't happen yeah it's hard it does not happen a lot and so it that's the time that's what the reality is right now we'll take a break phone calls 844-204-rich number to dial Brian Greasy has chimed in on the 49ers quarterback front and it's on Trey Lance that's next this is the Rich Eisen show on a Thursday I do believe it was the first time that we met I'm going to bring this up it was in the city of Houston that's right it was the first ever Super Bowl the NFL Network had ever covered but you and the entire Manning family strolled into the Gatorade suite and who did you hear singing karaoke in the Gatorade suite that night it was a beautiful voice would you say like in terms of it was like an angel bringing us in and there we walk in and we see see Rich Eisen karaoke dominating to basically by the way nobody else in the room yeah just solo you get a little practice there was my me and my buddy there was nobody else what uh what song uh that's a good question Sinatra Sinatra I forget which one it was okay well I mean did you have to ask yeah seriously it was me and my buddy and I remember we walked in and uh yeah we joined but we joined right in did you you did sing right you guys all did get on the mic I think we got up there you know we can't turn that down no I know and it was honestly I was obviously like pre-cell phone like pre-cell phone but pre like no one had a camera you don't worry about anybody filming there's no video you saw karaoke you sing you don't think about you don't think twice it was just a moment yeah that's it you didn't have to memorialize it it was me my buddy Doug and then it was I think your entire family yeah probably the whole crew yeah your mom and your dad you and you and uh Peyton and Copper and Copper yeah exactly uh and um what do you have a go-to karaoke song do you like at all it's changed over the years obviously yeah you kind of go with the yeah you kind of go with the times uh you know Footloose has always been one you know just because you can kind of dance with it but now you know it's it's tough it's tough to do karaoke now you're just kind of worried you know people are filming all the time then they judge and you know I get judged enough I don't need to be judged on my singing ability that's you know that's that's fun yeah everybody's made it too serious fun stuff with Eli future hall of famer Eli Manning right here on the show with Chaz and show desk furnished by Granger with supplies and solutions for every industry Granger is the right product for you call or just stop by Alex in Long Island New York let's take your phone call what's up Alex you there Alex lying to there yeah you hear me hello what's up Alex nothing much uh first uh time caller long time listener very good good to follow up uh Eli Manning and Papa Joe Shane uh just wanted to basically say hello and um hello wanted to see what yeah I wanted to see what you guys thought about the Giants uh if you asked us last year uh I'd say we were kind of indifferent on Daniel Jones but I think this year we are defending him I love Darren Waller uh the uh Joe Shane has absolutely upgraded the weaponry uh Jalen Hyatt is really good man um you know everybody's obviously sleeps on their wide receivers because they're not um draftable many of them in fantasy like nobody who's going to draft Isaiah Hodgins exactly or Darius Slayton or Wandale Robinson Sterling Shepherd you know um so really I got it but that kid Hyatt you see him running running off the screen I mean on these on these uh he just he just burned our uh our future all pro uh safety and practice today he was double covered ran right by uh him and Darnay Holmes look at you pal yeah I mean look I uh they're a shrug emoji I have no idea they could be as good as last year or or is um you know troublesome as we thought they might be last year I I don't I don't know but I do like their coach and obviously I love Saquon and he'll be running angry this year thanks for the call that's Alex in Long Island very Uncle Leo like hello hello I just wanted to say hello call back Alex I like people just want to call and say hello thank you very much there you go there you go okay I have been taking some uh some uh slings and arrows on the uh on the old x machine what sorry twitter thank you you're welcome because I have just been you know here ear to the ground I don't have an in by the way in the San Francisco front office I mean I know I know I know John Lynch and I know Jed York Kyle Shannon and I have spoken on very rare occasions but I'm not I'm not like having somebody say something in my ear and it comes out of my mouth just because I'm a mouthpiece or I'm just not that guy but I I I hear that and I see that snap counts and I think that Brock Purdy if you have a guy who's on a seventh round last draft pick in the draft contract who plays like a top of the line first rounder you're going to start him you're going to start him so they're going to get Brock Purdy to run and then you bring in Sam Donald why are you doing that for Brock Purdy insurance or Trey Lance insurance how many people have I asked that question to over the last several weeks and months and the answer comes back we don't know there's only one guy who knows this is a guy who traded up for Trey Lance and he thought he was doing it for Mac Jones and he had Jimmy Garoppolo who apparently wanted Kirk Cousins all along anyway so I was saying if Lance is not getting if Brandon Allen's getting reps that Lance should get what what does that mean like I thought every rep is sacred for this guy is sacred for this guy so I said you know is it possible if you're giving all these reps to Brandon Allen that Lance could be the odd man out Albert Breer said no and I'm out like getting released if you're not going to hold on to four quarterbacks right oh my god the pushback I got from Niners Nation I do love the passionate fan base of Niners Nation they're very sensitive about the quarterback well I mean listen I understand they're very sensitive just everybody's sensitive so I was like is it possible Trey Lance loses his gig entirely and pops free Breer said that's unlikely Brian Greasy's the quarterback's coach and had this to say about Trey Lance and how he is faring in training camp it goes back to him starting to get healthy now being healthy it gives him a platform with which to find his natural rhythm to find his natural motion and to throw and to throw the ball like he did in college and so I'm really happy that he's at that point where he's healthy enough to do that and he's now putting work on top of that with his motion to give himself a chance to be more accurate so he looks a lot better there's no question and I'm excited about that and I'm excited about him getting into some of these preseason games and having the positive reinforcement that he can build confidence and continue to do that going forward okay he's a lot better and he's healthier than before preseason games man they're gonna really matter for him health is the most important thing I think when it comes down to him we just haven't seen him play a lot of football well when's he gonna get in right because everyone's gonna get in don't you think don't you think he's got us try I think Brock Purdy's not gonna play at all huh why would you why risk him re-injuring the arm because he's got to get in and fit like well the first the first action he's gonna see since playing a one-armed second half in the NFC Championship game is against the Pittsburgh Steelers and TJ Watt that's the first time he's gonna break a game sweat really if you know that he's about that you know that he's your guy anyway so put him in for put him in for a series and get him the hell out if that's what you're concerned about and then see what Trey Lance can do Darnold can do and if you really do love Brandon Allen and see it there well who goes in first Darnold these are all questions these are all questions for the coach they're coming up but I just wanted to have this say here because I'm getting you know taken to task for my terrible take that Trey Lance might get released and crazier things have happened like Jimmy Garoppolo going from fifth stringer to me not needing a playbook to please stay with us that was last year's about face just never know crazy things have happened that's all I'm saying that's it for this show Suze will be here I'll be in Canton tomorrow Amy Traskin studio Jerry Weston studio with Suzy Schuster we'll be back on Roku to finish this show up in a moment for over three decades nobody has had a wrestling career like Arn Anderson Conrad Thompson gets all the stories with our after watching AEW's double or nothing Amy wants to know what's this dinosaur tastes like it ain't chicken it's like biting into a sinewy charcoal briquette but chewy oh wow that's disgusting yes sure is check out Arn every week wherever you listen
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