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RE Show: Ryan Poles - Hour 2

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July 31, 2023 2:06 pm

RE Show: Ryan Poles - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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July 31, 2023 2:06 pm

Bears GM Ryan Poles and Rich discuss rookie OT Darnell Wright holding his own when he accidentally worked out with the team’s speedy WR group, why they stuck with QB Justin Fields and traded away the #1 pick in this year’s draft, his perspective of the devalued running backs position in the NFL, the team’s 2023 outlook and more.

Rich and the guys debate the etiquette of bringing a gift to the home of a person hosting a party, and in ‘Overreaction Monday’ Rich weighs in on Joe Burrow’s calf injury, Jonathan Taylor and the Colts, Ezekiel Elliott and the Patriots, Kyler Murray and the Arizona Cardinals, Sean Payton and Aaron Rodgers, Shohei Ohtani’s playoff chances, and Justin Verlander’s Mets future.

Rich lauds Shohei Ohtani and the Angels’ hot streak and for going all-in at the MLB trade deadline.

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This is the Rich Eisen Show. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles.

It made me feel bad that someone who's accomplished a lot in the league is that insecure. I still had my fox hat on and not my coaching hat on. I thought I was way out of line and appropriate and I think he needs to keep my coach's names out of his mouth. The Rich Eisen Show. Earlier on the show, Vikings head coach Kevin O'Connell. Still to come, Bears general manager Ryan Polls, MLB insider Tom Verducci. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Our number two of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. We've got again Tom Verducci joining us in one hour from now. Set your clocks, folks, because one hour from now we'll talk about the impending baseball trade deadline.

Great chat with Kevin O'Connell of the Minnesota Vikings head coach there. Let's be fair and balanced, right? Let's be fair and balanced. Although, I guess it wouldn't be fair or balanced because we don't have anything from the Lions or the Packers on in this show.

True. We can do that tomorrow, I guess. There is tomorrow.

You've got a lot of runway. Right here on the Roku channel in this Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio affiliate. Smart enough to have us. And so joining us here on the program is the general manager of the Chicago Bears, Ryan Polls. How are you, sir? Doing well. How are you?

I'm good. Where have I found you? Where have I found you?

Where are you right now? At training camp. We just finished up practice. Good practice. Got the day off yesterday and excited about first padded practice tomorrow.

Okay. Let's just jump into the story that went viral over the weekend involving your rookie tackle, Ryan. Is it true that the kid that you drafted 10th overall out of Tennessee, a great institution of higher learning, prepared for a conditioning drill for wide receivers instead of tackles and then he crushed it because he's an offensive tackle that was preparing for a wide receiver drill? Did that actually happen, Darnell Wright? That actually happened. It actually happened.

So I got an idea of what's going to happen next year in terms of the program that it gets. Okay. And so how did this happen? What gives? Did he read the wrong PDF come in his inbox?

What happened? Ryan? Yeah. He must've looked at the wrong PDF, but I tell you what, the results were great. He was in shape. His weight was down. His lean mass was up. And I mean, that conditioning test was easy.

He barely broke a sweat, which was good to see. So did you know this happened prior to him actually admitting publicly that he prepared for the wrong conditioning test at all? No. I had no clue. No clue.

You learned it just like the rest of us. All right. So then this stands to reason, follow up question here. Is he now demanding a tackle eligible route to be added into the tree there in your offense, Ryan? Yeah.

I think, yeah, we gotta, we gotta think about it now. The beautiful thing is he moved so well. We might be able to, to pull it off. What'd you like about him that you drafted him?

You and I haven't spoken since the draft. What'd you like about him? Just there's, you know, that combination of size and athleticism, that's really hard to find. And then in terms of what we're trying to do upfront is just be a really tough unit. And you know, he's, he's got, he's a prick sometimes and he finishes, he's got the mean streak, which I absolutely love. So that's contagious as well.

So that whole five, that group of five should be playing at a different level. Okay. I like that. That's quite, that's quite a scouting report right there, Ryan. So let's walk through the biggest decision that was made by anyone in the nonplaying season. And that was you having the first overall pick gifted to you.

I'm hitting the way back machine here. You knew I was going to go here anyway. I'm sure when you knew I was looking for you to come on the show and you made the decision to stick with Justin Fields. Was that a decision you, you, you made immediately, never wavered from? Walk me through that one, because obviously that set up the rest of what you were going to do, not just this year, but for years to come. Yeah, no, we had to take our time with that decision.

You never want to be in that spot, but opportunities can present itself to improve your football team. We just had to figure out how we wanted to do that. So we went through the whole process. We had to look at all of the quarterbacks and then kind of see how can we impact our team in the biggest way. And I was really encouraged on the way Justin played in terms of making plays.

And I'm excited to see him take that next step as a pastor. And I really believe if, if we can get both things going, it can be a really dangerous combination and help our team get to the next level. And then at the same time, it's, it's as a decision maker and a team builder, it was a cool opportunity to improve our team today and this year, but also set us up for success, you know, with draft capital down the road as well. So we could do both things at the same time, which got us excited. And I thought it worked out really well.

No, I mean, my gosh, forget the draft capital, which obviously you're not going to, that's your job. The fact that you get to keep Justin Fields and get DJ Moore for him is what one would call a value add. So was that always part of the package with Carolina when you were going to go there? Just like you, you could, we'll take one of the best receivers that few people talk about and stick in the ear in Chicago, Ryan?

Yeah, there's a lot of different scenarios, but that was one that was, I was convicted about for sure. Um, which obviously well-documented there was, it was really hard for, for Carolina to, to get to that point. Um, but I was excited to get him in the, in the building. And I tell you what, if you're at training camp and you see the plays that he's making and the chemistry of him and Justin have built so far, um, you, you gotta be excited for what the season is going to look like.

Walk me through that chemistry part. Cause obviously that's something you have a front row seat to, uh, and we don't, what do you got for me there? Anytime you add, you know, a new receiver, you know, there's a timing element that that's gotta be put together and they got to know what yardage to get to in terms of the routes and also kind of understand the speed the receivers can give, how are they when they get out of their, the top of the route. And you can see that flow, you can see anticipation from Justin, which is really cool to see. And also trust.

This is a trust element. Can you just let it rip and let your guy go make a play. Um, and we've been able to see that from, from him so far in camp. And obviously we got a long ways to go before the season. So I think it's going to get better. So do you feel, um, it would be a plus if Justin Fields does not run for 1,143 yards this upcoming season. I'm serious. I know that sounds like a facetious question, but is that, is that the plan, you know, cause I know things are quite analytics driven, uh, numbers driven.

Is that, is that something you got on your, your drawing board there? I don't think it's ever the plan. Um, I do think with increased protection and, and, and more weapons to throw to, um, he won't need to, to run as much, but you sprinkled that in and obviously having the threat to do that, um, on occasion, maybe not at the same volume.

Um, again, it's going to be a hard thing for defense to prepare for. Okay. Ryan Polz, the general manager of the Chicago Bears here on the Rich Eisen show. Uh, I'm sure you get this question maybe when you're out and about. Uh, so let me, let me add to it. What is your stance, your take on the current state of the running back market in the national football league and why we're seeing what we're seeing right now? Yeah, that's a good question.

You know, it's interesting what's not talked about a whole lot. It's just, there is a salary cap and when other positions explode and expand fast in the market, it has to be, you know, taken from somewhere, maybe it's multiple positions. And I just think we've seen, you know, quarterback position, the defensive tackles, the pass rushers have exploded. So it is a pie that has to be adjusted as, as things move forward. So, um, it does affect different positions and I know the running backs are feeling that way. Um, and then strategically, those guys have to make a decision in terms of, you know, what's a good offer, what, what makes sense to them, um, for them and their careers and their families.

Um, it may not fit the stack that's been set up before them. Um, but it's an interesting thing to see. Um, we're fortunate right now, you know, with Herbert and Foreman, we don't have to worry about that at the moment. Well, I mean, so, but you're, you're one of the 32 general managers of the National Football League and, uh, you know, roster builders. Uh, so I'll ask you, is that position, uh, number one on the list of, of positions where it's easier to find somebody out of college to give you the same analytic or actual, uh, production on the field as, as a sixth, seventh year veteran who might want a heck of a lot more money?

Yeah, that's definitely, you know, a part of that process. There's been a lot of guys that were drafted and, and mid to late rounds that have done really well in the league. Um, but I say this, I think for the running back group, you know, the more personal that they can be. And I think that's why we kind of McCaffrey has been the last one to, to be done. He can do so much. So I think it's going to be so important for those guys to really, you know, expand the role and show that they can run routes and catch the ball and, and be a weapon out of the backfield.

Um, so I think that's going to help those guys kind of achieve what they're looking for. Well, cause again, I mean, uh, I bet you Barkley would have taken the contract. You just gave Cole commit your tight end. You know what I mean? And I, and I know I'm talking about somebody else on another team, but why did you feel, um, you know, comfortable giving a tight end, a four year deal, 50 million, 32 million guaranteed.

That sounds good for a running back right now. I'm trying. Yeah, no, Cole, we were excited to get that done. Um, he really reflects everything that we're looking for. Dependability, durability, toughness, leadership in the locker room. Um, he's part of this core group that's going to help us take that next step. Okay. So let me ask you this question.

I've been seeing out there in the old Twitter verse or X verse or whatever the heck is being called now. Um, I'll ask you, uh, as a GM in the NFL and somebody who's been around this for awhile, would you, if there's a kid at age 14, 15, 16 in high school with some significant ability, would you counsel him to stay at running back or change positions for longevity and success financially in the NFL? What advice would you give that person right now? Ryan polls, whatever that they're, whatever position that they're really good at, I would say, you know, stick with that. Like I wouldn't worry about changing, changing positions for all this. Um, again, I would definitely tell them to make sure that they can do more, you know, pass protection, catching the ball, all of those things. So, um, I wouldn't talk, be, be yourself in a position that you were born to play and let everything else kind of take care of itself.

Okay. And so even if it's running back, cause again, it just feels, uh, you know, like that is the topic du jour right now, Ryan. And, you know, it, it just seems that, um, the position is valued. If you're not someone like McCaffrey who's stands out, you're just not going to get the deal in the NFL right now. You know, so that's why I throw that out there. It's hard to speak on because, you know, and I don't know many people that are asking the question, I don't know what the teams have offered those players either. Right. You know, I think you kind of have to know that before, you know, we just say that there's no market for them or a deal can't get done. That's what, what were some of the teams willing to do?

I think that's kind of an important part of the equation. Um, and before I let you go, uh, Justin Fields apparently turned down the opportunity to appear in the, that Netflix series quarterback that a lot of folks are watching right now. Were you privity to some of his, his thought processes on that and willing to maybe share some of what you may, uh, know about his decision?

Ryan? Yeah, I think they asked him independently, uh, wasn't part of that decision. Um, but I know that it's always a balance, right? Like I think it's, there's a part of it that's obviously good for the game. It's access, um, which is really cool. But at the same time, it's, you know, it's invasive and there's guys that want to, you know, keep their private life to themselves and, uh, and go about their business and not worry about maybe some of the distractions that come with it.

So obviously he felt that way and, um, wants to keep doing this thing, you know, on his own with no cameras. So I respect that. And so how are you feeling on the outset of this season? What would you say to Bears fans around the world right now about this roster that you and Eber flus are putting together in your mold right now? What would you say?

Ryan? I'd say, uh, yeah, excited, really excited. Um, you can see the difference from year one to year two. Um, guys are starting to understand, you know, concepts and schemes and playing faster. Uh, the young guys are knowing what they're, what they're supposed to be doing. And then the additions that we've made, you can see those guys making plays on a daily basis, both on the offensive side of the defensive side. I've been stoked with, you know, DJ words and, and from it, Edmonds, um, on the defensive side additions.

And obviously, you know, chase clay pool, DJ more, um, Mooney, those guys been making plays for Justin as well. So it's, it's a fun time. We're getting better.

We're taking, taking that next step, um, which obviously should lead to more wins and eventually, you know, sustaining success and winning championships here in Chicago. Yeah, man. I mean, you definitely are faster. There's no question.

This roster is a faster team than the one you inherited. That's for damn sure. There's no question about it.

And that's by design. I imagine. Yes. I know that sounds ridiculous to ask, but I'll ask it anyway. Yeah.

Always trying to get bigger, longer, faster, constantly. Okay. Tell coach, uh, I said hi and then I'll be looking for him as well. And I appreciate your, your, your time during training camp. Appreciate it.

Well, good to, good to chat with you too. That's a Ryan polls, the general manager of the Chicago bears here on the rich Eisen show. What did you make of his comments in the running back market? Don't you see that? By the way, I, am I wrong? Don't you see that on the, the X verse out there?

Folks are like, you know, did you tell your kid not to be a running back in high school right now? So like you gotta, we gotta say that again. Don't call it X. If we keep calling it Twitter, the X thing will go away.

Is that right? Message to the national media out there. Just keep calling it Twitter.

Okay. So the Twitter verse now that we're through all that. Yeah, I totally agree.

I totally agree. Mama, don't let your babies grow up to be running backs. Used to be linemen. Now it's running backs.

Don't do it. That's the coach and general manager. Like the cap is real. It's exploding in the run, you know, in, in at all these other positions, it's got to come from somewhere and they're taking it from running backs because they feel that somebody from college, all right, we keep hitting this story. Could you imagine you're living in San Francisco and you've got this apartment and somebody places a huge, bright flashing X on top of their building across from you. And it's like your Kramer and the Kenny Rogers rolling roasters just lit up a sign right off right outside. Like a strobe light 24 hours.

How the hell does that happen? And is it being held up by sandbags? Did I see that photograph too? And they're not letting, they're not letting San Francisco and building inspectors on the roof. Did you see that?

I did not, but it does not surprise me given who we're dealing with. What in the heck is going on? Can't one of these aliens that landed on the planet take care of this guy?

I'm still bad for Max. I don't know what you're talking about. I think that guy's a kook too. You think so?

Kind of. All right. Uh, speaking of overreacting, it's overreaction Monday right here on the rich eyes and show you ready to hit that. Hey, okay, let's take a break.

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Yep, going away as in Kaput gone dead. Rest in peace Stitcher and thanks for 15 years of service to the podcast community. So switch to another podcast app and follow this show there.

Apple, Spotify or wherever you listen. Are you still playing fantasy football? You still doing it? Um, I not really No, I I'm in a league but I don't I don't control it when my buddies control it for me. Well, cuz I know we've had conversations about this before and that there are some interesting I guess tasks that the loser of this league must undertake. So are you if you lose even though you're not part of the day to day? Oh, yeah, they'll hold me to it.

Absolutely. I don't even know if I could tell you who's on my team right now. But if I were to lose they would they would absolutely hold me to it and we'd have to go take care of business. What are some of the fails that I guess that you have to go to some of the responsibilities of the losers of your league? What is last year? The loser had to go to Alaska for a day. What do you mean? Like for a day? Yeah.

Okay. They went to a place called Nome, Alaska. I did a rod it goes through there. So regardless of the geographic spot in the United States would have to for a day get on a plane and and prove per proof of purchase of the ticket and then take a photo like how do you yeah I mean there's there's tasks involved it was I think he went in March. Okay, but it was it was yeah it was the whole thing and that was just one year that was just last year's this year it'll be entirely different.

What other previous years any other examples because that's amazing you have to go to Nome, Alaska the year before the loser you know farce will sports does the rough and rowdy the boxing deal he fought in that at the Super Bowl the year we were there he was he was fighting in the in the boxing on Friday night before the game there. Oh my gosh this is you do not want to lose your fantasy league. No no that's why I try to I try to put a lot of faith in and my buddy at throne.

Check out our YouTube page for our almost nine years worth of archives I'm sitting at the Rich Eisen show desk on the Rich Eisen show radio network furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry Grainger has the right product for you call click or just stop by. It's tough to overreact to stuff in you know training camp when you see seven on sevens and 11 on 11s you know and you think hearing oh this guy's gonna be great that guy's gonna be great but you can't overreact enough to injuries. Tim Patrick who missed all last year with an ACL injury just got carted off non-contact in Denver training camp. Yeah Adam Schefter saying they're checking on his foot ankle area.

Boy he's working it. Schefter's at the Jim Harbaugh golf outing today. Oh where was our invite? I got invited. Oh I'm here. You didn't want to go? No no I'm here at this the desk you know I was out last Thursday and Friday you know one fewer day than you were out and I'm back here now. Or I might be out there.

Are you really? Yeah I'm going I'm taking a trip. Oh good.

Are we just now learning this? You take vacations. Yeah I'm taking a vacation. I take trips because I have children. Trips are with kids Mike.

Trips are for kids. Vacations you have a vacation. Tomorrow I got a big issue.

We could talk about it another time. You're not with children right? You're not taking any kids. Tomorrow I got a bigger issue we'll talk about later. When I got three kids that's a trip.

When you buy appliances. Even one's a trip. Oh really? So we're taking a backseat to a delivered refrigerator is that what you're saying? Because I'm solo. You could at least have other people. I mean you guys have other people to watch. What is happening?

I gotta be home. There's nobody in your world that can let somebody in your house. The trust. It's the trust factor. What about your neighbor? It's the trust factor. You got nobody? Doesn't talk to a neighbor.

You can trust like what? No I gotta be there. Somebody's gonna pinch one of your 20 Olafs is that what you're worried about? You're messing with my client. They let in a plumber and all of a sudden one of your 20 Olafs is missing?

And Emmy certificates. Apparently I messed up by not going on vacation this summer. That's a wide peep. I messed up. There's still a good month before the football season. Yeah but you know now prices are so high that uh. Actually they're cheap right now. Oh no they're not. Well what's cheap for one man is not as uh cheap for another.

This guy's got a boat too so. I don't. You're not the same. How did we get on this subject? I'm sorry. I have no idea.

All you guys just miss some work and not loving our fans. I got a question for you. This happened uh this past week. Okay. I'm gonna bring it up.

Uh oh. On my trip. On my vacation. We didn't have any kids. Yeah vacation vacation.

We didn't have any kids. Welcome to the vacation club. So uh we're.

I can't believe I'm gonna bring this up on the show but I'm going to. That's what we do here. So we were we we were um out in Long Island for a dear friend's birthday party. Okay. And one of the events of the birthday weekend was somebody uh had a dinner in her honor at their place. Okay.

Nice. Okay someone had a dinner. So so somebody who's friends mutual friends of of uh the guest of honor had a party. A party. Invited a bunch of people for for dinner at her her place.

And we were you know Susie and I had flown out to Long Island for the birthday weekend and one of the events is to go to this person's house for dinner. Okay. In honor of our friend. Okay. Whose house this not was not. Okay.

Does that make sense? So yeah not not the person whose birthday it was. The party was at their house before the birthday person. In honor of the birthday person. Great.

Okay. Susie who said we needed to bring a gift. For what? Can I take a guess what you brought? To the no for the person throwing the party. But it's not at their house and they're not the host. It was their spot their rental they were giving it to us for the night all of us they were throwing the party. She's like we got to bring a gift. You flew three thousand miles. I as you know my stance on destination weddings.

But I said we don't really need a brother bring a gift like where's the water's edge where do we stop on bringing gifts. The thank you for the thank you. The thank with the it somebody threw this beautiful dinner in an incredibly idyllic spot.

It was a beautiful night. I'm sure. Great. But I'm like wait a minute we have to bring a gift?

Eh I'm kind of like on the fence with this right now. And what would be the gift? I just want to say this. I want to say this. We were the only people who didn't. What?

Bring a gift. We were the outlier. So you won the argument. I didn't win anything. I'm saying you won. I didn't win a thing. The domestic dispute ungifting. No. No. I in fact lost it. What were the other gifts? Flowers, candles, something. Anybody bring a rye bread?

There was no marble rye. Come on. I don't even know if I'm treading in waters by bringing this up here. Like a line in the sand needs to be drawn about this ex-Twitter thing.

Keep calling it Twitter. We need to make a line about the gifts. Okay. But somebody was opening their house to us. It was nice.

Were you the people who traveled the furthest? Uh we're one of them but it's it's it's again. That's a big expense. It's my pleasure to do it. It's my pleasure to do it. Parties are a big expense.

My pleasure to do it. What is the gift adding to the gift? It's like you bring a gift to somebody's house.

You go to somebody's house you don't arrive empty-handed. And I and I was I was so dude I was so confident that I was right. And I turned out to be but to you know Suzy's coming here Friday. Have at it. Oh. Because you know I'll be in can't no can't no huh.

Suzy will be in this chair Friday. Have at it. Just no. Uh I I was just like one person after another brought in gift. I'm like oh now you're like yeah. I'm like she was giving you this death stare. No she was really cool about it.

Really? She was really cool about it. I thought like with each one I would feel the heat. I needed a heat shield.

Where is she? But each one I did get a look like 18k. Told you. You should have quit. She didn't beat you down about it. Like she's got a quick post made it something real quick. Post made some flowers or wine. Well I mean the idea was you know because the guys on the trip I was looking for them to say you're with me right you're with me.

And they're like nope. A couple of them were like you know what you should do is send something the next day. Ah then you're more memorable.

To say hey been thinking about that last night was so great here is that you know from from us. Did you do it? No I didn't. I didn't do it. That would take time and me having to go online. A couple clicks on your phone.

X and threads so you're already online on your phone and you could have did it. I don't know I'm like kind of. I have a feeling like I'm talking about Fight Club here a little bit.

Yep you've already talked. But you didn't name drop. No no there's no name dropping. It's just at the party.

I'm not nobody that's like no one you would know. Was Murph there? Murph was definitely not there. This was a Murph-less event pal.

This is a Murph-less event. I'm on the fence though. I'm as far east to the Hamptons he goes as Queens. Were you in Long Beach?

He'd be stopped at the he'd be stopped he's talking about a water's edge like right around like Long Beach. That's where I used to live. Long Beach Island LBI huh? Yep. Okay.

For a summer. Yep. LBI.

But I was so resolute I'm like will you really have to bring like a gift for the 60th birthday you know. Right. Celebrant. Absolutely. Totally get it. But for the person.

Stayed over at their house too for a night. Totally get it. Absolutely. Thank you. Thank you. I appreciate it. So the person that's hosting the party and the person that's having the party.

No no no. It was somebody who was kind enough to host a dinner as part of the weekend at her place. So separate from the actual party party. Correct. It's part of the weekend. Okay.

You know there was this on Friday night this on Saturday night this during the day Saturday this during the day Friday. Did you bring a gift to every different event? No.

No no no. This was the only one that was somebody hosted. Well actually there was an impromptu hosting on Saturday night and I'm like maybe we should send a gift. I promise. Like where does it end though right? Exactly. Where does it end? It's like Sunday morning has like a brunch you have to bring a gift to that then.

On Long Island you're close to the water. I am sure there are many people listening to this conversation and watching it saying what a total dumb jackass. We all are. I'm.

Or are we the guys just the guys who just don't have this gene in them. You definitely aren't bringing a gift. I don't get invited.

I might have. It's because nobody invites you because you don't make yourself available. I still want to be invited though. I'm not going to go. You TJ Jefferson more than any of us here.

Yep. When a celebrity guest comes in they either know you or remember you from knowing you. You are truly maybe the most popular person in this room and that includes Mr. I'll take a selfie of me driving myself to one of my 15 jobs.

Mike easy on the car selfies. Now it's no more. Honestly. I'm only popular with the people that come in not with the people that work here.

So just saying that out there. Alright. Alright somebody invited me to a party outcome.

Bring a gift. It goes without saying what the hell am I an animal? I'm the idiot. It's Monday. It's time to overreact to things. It's overreaction Monday.

Hit it. That was terrible. That was crap.

That was garbage. This place sucks. Overreaction Mondays. Alrighty. What do you got over there? What's up guys?

Oh boy. Everybody good? Chris what up though? Hey TJ. How's it going man? It's cracking. Great fight.

Ed Crawford. What's up? Oh man. You know what? We all got a big scare last week in Cincinnati. That Joe Burrow thing.

The video. Non contact. Pretty scary. But just in case. Maybe for some Burrow insurance the Bengals should trade for Trey Lance ASAP. No.

No. They should not. They should not trade for Trey Lance. What if Joe Burrow gets hurt? You gonna roll out Trevor Simeon when you're ready to win a Super Bowl? I know. As a jet fan I am a million percent totally on board with that. And I'm a Northwestern guy like Trevor Simeon.

It didn't work out and it's never worked out. That is not a 17 game 18 week A. Let's just hope he's Nick Foles, Jeff Hostetler rolled into one.

That is a tall order. I would think. But we don't know. That's the whole thing about this Burrow injury.

I put out there hey. Here's the first four weeks of the season for the Bengals just in case several weeks, which is what Zach Taylor referred to how long this injury will take to heal, suddenly bleeds into the first month of the season. And I got pushback from Bengals nation saying well six weeks from now is at Cleveland for the opener isn't it? I'm like well wouldn't it be a four to six week announced injury if it is just four to six weeks? You're putting several weeks out there just to keep what people guessing if he's gonna play week one or not? So Trey Lance needs a ton of reps and you're not just gonna bring him in and get him up to speed in a total new offense in your way of doing things right now in hopes of Burrow. And then what do you then you sit him? Then you sit him until you know when Burrow comes back?

I don't know. I think that's an overreaction at the moment. And because if if he blew his Achilles out then I'd have to sit here and think seriously about that. But he's also just as I mean Trevor Simeon is way more experienced than than Trey Lance. And Trey is a different quarterback than Burrow. A little more explosive than Trevor Simeon.

I get it but you have to also reconfigure the way you do things there. Maybe maybe not Joe Mixon. That's a tall order. T Higgins. What else Chris? Just gonna talk about the running back thing for a second. Jonathan Taylor I think the Colts should trade him right now while he still has value. No chance.

It's just never gonna happen. To who? For what? I mean.

Somebody a team that needs a running back? Why? Because he's gonna hold out? He's because he's not gonna play? He's gonna sit at home and forego you know and his contract will not toll and he's gonna be a restricted free agent next year instead of being unrestricted? No way. I mean and they know that.

That whole NFI stuff is just nuts. But that's just another way of saying you know the kid from Wisconsin needs a wake up call. You know that this is the leverage that you either play for us or not at all.

Which is why Jim Erce went with we could all die and when we all die you know the league will go on. Oh god. Cal Shanahan. Geez. I know.

They're not trading him. Not now and not in October exclamation point as Jim Erce texted Albert Breer who's on tomorrow's program. What else Chris?

This one might be a little spicy but I did notice over the weekend that Zeke Elliott was visiting New England. Yes indeed. Which was pretty interesting. Got me coming to raise some eyebrows. I was like oh okay. Thinking about it.

Talking myself into it. If he does sign with the Pats. Zeke Elliott more touchdowns this year than Tony Pollard. Gotta think of him in that Laguerre blunt red zone role. I know but Ramondre Stevenson what you're not gonna give it to him either? It's not gonna be some vulturing there either? I think we're gonna have a kind of a three-man backfield in New England. I'll say that's not an overreaction. I'll say that that is definitely I can't sit here and say that's impossible. Can't sit here and say that. You know Ramondre suddenly shows up as questionable on an injury report which happens every now and then in New England. Three TD's one day.

I hear you. Could be fun. I think Zeke in the hands of Belichick, Bill O'Brien would be a fantastic development for you and Patriots nation and also just an intriguing combination because you know that guy is as fundamentally sound as possible.

Belichick must look at him and just go I love this guy. Yeah. Pass protect. Oh my gosh.

Catch the ball out of backfield. Absolutely. The quick game wouldn't effing suck if that happens. So.

I gotta imagine the quick game is not gonna suck. Okay. Alright.

I'm kind of hoping. I don't know. Hey I was reading some stuff out of Arizona. Oh okay. Culture shock everybody saying. How bout that. The laissez-faire attitude of Cliff Kingsbury no more. Sitting there without his.

Jonathan Gannon. You're 30 seconds late. You're out. Door's shut. Fine.

I was like whoa. Someone said Kingsbury is just like be as late as you want? I guess. Is that what it was?

Or it's just kind of like hey whatever. It's all good. Okay sure. Okay. Arizona I know we all think they're gonna be the number one pick this year right?

Yes. They're gonna be the favorite. They are not gonna come in last in the NFC West. Okay. Dude just sell your Rams tickets. Just sell them. Sell them if you don't if you don't want to go and you don't believe in them. Just sell your tickets.

Sell them. I didn't say the Rams were coming in last. But who's coming in last? Seattle? They already have running back issues.

Oh get out of here. Who's carrying the ball? Zach Charbonnet shoulder injury. Kenneth Walker Groin he's out several weeks.

What's going on? Geno Smith is not gonna be what whatever he was last year. Amazing.

Yeah. Comeback player of the year from the bench. Seattle has no history of getting a third fourth stringer a thousand yards. None at all. You wanna introduce you to the Chris Carson of 2023 whoever that is?

Whatever it is they have them. I'm not worried about that. Arizona not last. Weird stuff happens every year man. Put the Cardinals schedule up. Weird stuff happens every year.

Will you please? And you know I'm you know. Colt McCoy magic.

For the first time. Kyler Murray's ready week one. Colt McCoy is somebody who can get you through six weeks.

I agree. The Cardinals schedule brother. You know they've got home games against the Giants and the Cowboys before they're at San Francisco. They start at Washington which is a total shrug emo like shrug emoji team. We don't know what that team's gonna be.

None at all. Maybe Burroughs back for week five? Cincinnati at home. At the Rams at Seattle home for Baltimore. These are very difficult games to win with your backup quarterback and I don't think they're gonna. What's more likely?

As you know I like to push back. Kyler Murray doesn't play at all this season and we're wondering about what the Cardinals do with Caleb Williams sitting out there? Or they finish third or better in their division? Okay.

Third or better? Let's move on. Kyler Murray's not gonna play all year? Not if they're one and six.

One and seven. Are we gonna rush him back? We'll rush him back.

Nine months is week one. Alright. What else? While it's awesome you know that seeing all the clips and the verbal barbs Sean Payton and Rodgers should probably stop talking. Well Sean Payton has.

Let's calm down. Sean Payton has and Rodgers said his piece once. I think that's gonna get replayed on hard knocks. I'm sure it will be. And Sean Payton said it and Eve said it was a mistake and he's not saying another word.

You know all I know is. What are they playing week five? With the Jets starting at the Bills.

I mean with the Jets starting home against the Bills at Dallas and then finishing up those first two with New England visiting and then Kansas City visiting and then that week six game with Philadelphia visiting before the bye. Their game at Denver was totally lost in the shuffle. And now it's. Not anymore. That game I imagine is gonna be a late window on CBS.

Nansen Romo might not have been there. They are now. And it'll be non-stop questions all week long and I'm sure Sean Payton is like guys you know asked and answered. I've moved on.

Maybe the Jets make Nathaniel Hackett available that week. I don't know. But they won't say another word. Both guys. You know. Maybe. I don't know.

I don't think so. I mean. You know as you know Sean Payton in front of the program. I mean you'll go on and Pat will ask and maybe you'll say one more thing on it. Or I said enough or he'll go in one more time.

Whatever Aaron wants. If both of these teams are one and three at that point do we care about this. Oh yeah.

Cuz the loser goes to one and four. Now it's on the train. Oh my gosh. I care more. Get out of here. I care more if they're one and three. TJ. This is a question. My gosh. It's like you've never been a Cowboy fan ever.

I've never been one and three. What? Like it's great if they win.

It's great if they lose for talking about it. You got one more item? Couple baseball things trade that line.

Very very very very close. Uh man sorry TJ your Mets have imploded. If the Astros get Verlander. Astros world series favorites? For getting there for the American League or winning it all? Winning the whole thing.

Dude. They get Verlander. They're hot. I got it.

Defending chance. Verlander goes home. Verlander's hot a little bit. Atlanta still plays baseball right? The Braves still play baseball? Yeah. Okay. Okay.

No no. They they they would be favorites out of the American League. Right.

Uh unless you know the Rays or the O's or Rangers Rangers. They might be without Haim. They're behind the plate for the rest of the year too.

They're gonna they're hoping two to three weeks of just uh rest will do what surgery might have to take care of. So sure it's not an overreaction to say that. What else? I was gonna troll you with the Yankees but I'm not gonna do it. Go ahead. I'm not going to.

I'm not going to. I think the Angels could win the AL. Angels could win the pennant. They're making moves.

They got Lucas Giolito. They got a couple of bats. They're making moves. They're showing Otani hey look.

Yeah. We're trying to win around you. Trout's coming back.

Why can't they get hot and go on a run? Why not? Agreed. Is it better for baseball if the Angels make the world series?

Of course it is. Is it better for baseball? Angels Braves world series.

Excuse me. How awesome is that? Is it better for baseball that Shoei Otani plays games that matter deep into October? Hell yeah. Hell yeah.

Mike Trout. Yeah. We need it. Yeah.

We need it. I'm pulling. I'm with you. That's not.

You can't say that it's an overreaction at all. Alright. Well done. We'll take a break. Uh set up shop with Tom Verducci before we do uh a uh fun conversation uh with all you uh on the Rich Eisen Show Radio Network and our number 3844204rich number to dial to have a chat with us. It's time for kickoff and the Believe Podcast will get you ready for the new season. How do you live through this as a Detroit sports fan? Believe has podcasts covering all 32 professional teams and many of your favorite college teams too. You solidified your defense.

You got better. Sideline to sideline. End zone to end zone. If you don't do those things, then you're not even trying your hardest to win at football and I don't know what we're doing.

There was a lot of great players on those teams that I was fortunate to be part of. Search BLEAV Podcast wherever you listen. Uh looks like Pee Wee Herman passed away. Paul Reubens, the actor. Yeah, looks like he was uh privately battling cancer. Oh.

That at age 70 last night. So sad. Oh man.

844204rich number to dial here on the program um and we've got um you know what I'm I want to do when the radio audience returns you that expand a little bit on uh Otani. A little bit here. Your Red Sox gonna make moves or what brother?

Man. Devers said Devers is like you know we're we're we're hot. We're coming on a little bit strong here and the front office should add some help. Would've been nice to win yesterday.

Got walked off two games in a row. Tough series in San Francisco but uh they've been the hottest team in July. Hottest team since the All-Star break. Right.

So be nice to see them do something. I haven't been paying attention too much to the Red Sox. Did they lose their best player to a toe injury for a month, get him back and then sit him? Did they do that? Uh no.

Was that just the Yankees? Nope. Nope. Okay. They didn't do that. They didn't do that. Just wondering.

We gave away our best player for nobody. That's true. Years ago. You did do that.

Yeah. We let him walk. We did that. And then did it similar. And then sort of just let our second best player walk. Yes.

Not even really make a competitive offer. You signed your. We did that. I saw you tweeted about Tristan Cassis, right?

I did. He's been on fire. He's 500 since the All-Star break. Did I tell you about him when I was doing the Tokyo Gold on Peacock?

Oh no. He was the first baseman for Team USA in the Olympics. He's a giant. He's a giant. Yes. He's a giant.

And he was one of their best players and they said he was a Red Sox prospect. There he is. Yep.

Finally. So he's been great. Justin Turner has been awesome. I was not expecting this much out of him when I picked him up. He's a freaking great baseball player. Yeah.

He's been great. Get out of here. Unbelievable.

Back here on our Rich Eisen Show radio stream along with our stream on the Roku channel. So I got to, you got to give it up to the Los Angeles Angels, bud. They come out of the All-Star break and have the Houston Astros beat them two out of three and rip their hearts out in the process. And then the Yankees come into town. And this guy, a friend of myself sits into this chair and goes, this is the time for the Yankees to just show Otani, come with us.

Right. We're going to end your season. You're without trout. You got no hope.

You got no nothing. And they sweep the Yanks. Sweep them. Shocking. And Otani doesn't pitch one of those games either. Right?

Yeah, because he's still got the booster thing. But then they, you know, finish up the home stand with Otani Homering in what is at the time folks were wondering, maybe his last game at home in Los Angeles, Anaheim, whatever you want to call it, Southern California. And he goes off to Detroit and get rained out. So it's now time for a doubleheader.

This happened while I was out of the chair. And he throws a one-hit shutout in the first game and then a half an hour after completing the one-hit shutout, he finishes off the company. He finishes off the Tigers, walks off the mound. I mean, you shower?

What do you do? You got a little treatment? A little treatment. A half hour in between games. And then he's batting second. Top of the first next game, home run. And then Homer's again in the game. Is it the greatest doubleheader performance ever?

I don't even need to look it up. So one-hit shutout in the first game and then a multi-home run performance in the second game. And the Angels start making trades. They get Lucas Gilito, who I know isn't having a terrific season for the White Sox, but he's, you know, from Southern California.

Welcome home. And then last night they get two terrific hitters from the Rockies. You know, Trout's going to come back.

They got my guy, Mickey Moniac, my guy. And you look at the standings and the Angels are a half game behind the rotting fetid New York Yankees who are absolutely not as good a team and absolutely don't have the momentum. And the Red Sox are two and a half games out of the playoffs. The Angels are four games out of the playoffs and they're going for it. And they're going for it. And you got to give it up to them. Yeah.

Good on them, man. You have to give it up. Trout gets hurt. All-Star break hits. Astros rip their hearts out. Yankees come to town and Phil Nevin and the Angels are like, we'll sweep them and we'll keep going. I don't even know how they're, they're still behind the Yankees in the standings. It makes no sense to me. That's how far back they were.

They were under 500. Got to give it up. Got to give it up to get Grichuk and CJ Crone who Angels fans know already.

Let's go. They're a better team than the Yankees right now because they're not going to sit Ohtani. Let's rest them. I cannot believe the Yankees last night, a starting pitcher gives up seven runs before recording it out. Luis Severino has been terrible this year. Terrible. And he's that guy that I'm no cash from was hoping to, you know, Cole and then Rodone if he didn't get hurt and then Severino. See you later.

You can't meet. He, this is as bad as the last time he's seen a pitcher pitch this bad for the Yankees was AJ Burnett. Remember him?

He was unusable. All right. This is about the Angels and Ohtani and them deciding we're not folding the tent and we're going to start winning games when people think we can't because Trout's out and then we're going to add two pitchers, two hitters and let's go. Well done.

Trout's back in a couple of weeks. Well done. Well done. And fans here in Southern California should reward them with their fannies in a seat. Right? Yeah.

Bring your rally monkeys and your thunder sticks. You know, like it's 2002 all over again. Cause you have the best player on planet earth playing this sport, maybe the best player of all time. And that is not anything out of the realm to call Shoei Ohtani that he is playing at the highest level I've ever seen anybody play, doing it all in the same day and personally keeping things afloat enough for them to bring in reinforcements and let's see how it goes. I'm rooting for him.

I want to see Ohtani out there in October. They still have a lot of work to do. It shows they're not wrapping it up. They're not phoning in. They're getting it done.

They're not. And you know, I think they will have help from in front of teams falling apart in front of them. Like the Mets. Well done with the Angels.

Well done. We're going to find out they have a crazy August, really hard schedule. What do you got? Three against the Braves starting tonight. Home for four against Seattle. Home for four against San Francisco. At Houston for three at Texas for three.

That's great. Home for Tampa. Home for the Red Hot Reds. And then they end the month at the Mets.

So that's probably a sweep, TJ. So no, I mean, you know, and then at Philly, I mean, that's tough. It is tough. They have a really tough August.

So we're going to find out what they're made of. Well, Chris, remember a few days ago, we wondered if he'd even still be on the team at this point. So that's true. Oh, there's no question. He's staying put.

Oh, absolutely. So, and they're going to make, but at least they're going to, they've made their run trying. They made moves.

Tom Verducci will join us in a matter of moments here to talk about it. Also, it looks like Tim Patrick that was an Achilles for Patrick. That's what Sean Payton said.

Back to back man. He's non contact and that's why I'm worried about borough. Yep. But if it was Achilles, they would have said it already. Cause what have, cause they call it a calf strain with Achilles. Don't you have to just wait till it swelling goes down, then you get surgery on it right away. Right. Well, that doesn't happen yet for borough. Correct.

So that's good news. Plus the calf was wrapped. He had a sleeve on it to start with. The way he just kicked his leg out like that. It looked like the one thing that was only good is that he didn't look down and behind like, like what did I just trip on? Which is what everybody does when their Achilles pops. It's just like, who kicked me?

He didn't do that. We're all doctors, doctor, and doctor. For over three decades, nobody has had a wrestling career like Arn Anderson.

Conrad Thompson gets all the stories with Arn. After watching AEW's Devil or Nothing, Amy wants to know what this dinosaur tastes like. Um, it ain't chicken. It's like biting into a sinewy charcoal briquette, but chewy. Oh, that's disgusting. It sure is. Check out Arn every week, wherever you listen.
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