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RE Show: Deontay Wilder - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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July 28, 2023 2:12 pm

RE Show: Deontay Wilder - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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July 28, 2023 2:12 pm

Guest host Mike Hill explains why Sean Payton will drastically improve Russell Wilson and the Denver Broncos after a disastrous 2022 season under rookie head coach Nathaniel Hackett.

Former WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder tells Mike who he thinks will win this weekend’s huge welterweight showdown between Terence Crawford and Errol Spence, why he didn’t start boxing until the age of 21, when we can expect to see him back in the ring, and more.

In ‘What’s More Likely’ Mike weighs in on the Jets, Bills, Rams, Broncos, rookie quarterbacks, Kenny Pickett, Justin Herbert, Jaylen Brown’s record-setting Celtics contract, Saquon Barkley, Bijan Robinson, and more.

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This is the Rich Eisen Show.

Goats have home lives too. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Hertz hitting it and Lamar hitting it and Justin Herbert hitting it.

None of them have as many guaranteed dollars in their contracts as Deshaun Watson has. The Rich Eisen Show with guest host Mike Hill. Earlier on the show, Fox Sports college football analyst Brady Quinn.

Coming up, former heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder, comedian Tony Rock. And now sitting in for Rich, it's Mike Hill. Back, back, back again. Hour two of the Rich Eisen Show on the Rich Eisen Show Network. Mike Hill hanging out with you once again on this fun Friday, this freestyle Friday.

That's what we do. Freestyling, baby. T.J., can you rap?

Can you rap? I don't know. Just I don't. It's not a stereotype.

I'm not trying to stereotype. Because he's got he's got a bandana on and he's black. He can rap.

He automatically can rap. I can repeat. You can repeat. Yeah.

Who's your favorite artist? Can we get the camera shot here? Can you see? Oh, you can't see him. OK, see? Oh, where you go. OK, people.

So the greatest of all time. Oh, I mean, come on. See, I knew it. It's all right. Oh, yeah. Yes. You just laid out. I mean, big baby.

This is this is it for me, man. The greatest. In my opinion, Jay-Z now is the greatest rapper ever.

He's overtaken them for you because the longevity and because of what he's meant to the culture, his skills, obviously. But nobody had a better notorious big, bro. I put him and I know I'm on the West Coast and I know a lot of Tupac fans out here with nine.

I love to buy still top five, top five big. Then it's in the Jay-Z big Tupac. Then I go Eminem. Oh, I like that, though.

I like that. I love Eminem. I don't get his props, man. He doesn't think he does, though. No, no, I'm like, here's it depends on who you're talking to about hip hop, you know.

But the bottom line is if you get into a battle, that's the one dude you don't want to get into a battle with. Boy, is that like he's he's insane. He is.

He's insane. And then five is either Nas. Yeah, you got to put him up Nas or I love Kendrick Lamar, too. Now, you know, I've been listening to a lot of I'm an old school cat. So the newer guys I'm not into that much. But like, you know, I've just been obviously we know who he is. But rock him, man. Yeah.

Yeah. You go back and you listen to rock him. And it's just like you understand how he he was the blueprint for so many of these guys you have named as your favorites. And here's another guy who for some reason I never put in these top lists, but he he deserves it. And that's Weezy, man. Oh, baby, baby.

His work is just so insane and it's just like I just he has to be on your top list of greatest of all time. Ain't nobody said French Montana, but French Montana had one of the best lines out there that just got repeated yesterday by Robert Sala. You ain't got no haters. You ain't poppin.

We love that. Del Tuvo made a song. He clipped it. He got a call.

Did you do it? He was starting to put it together last night. Okay. All right.

We got Mike went back and I would have used that. Oh, my gosh, man. Next time I got to have that, bro.

That's going to be my intro music, man. You ain't got no haters. You ain't poppin, man.

Robinson. You ain't got no haters. You ain't poppin. You ain't got no haters. You ain't poppin.

You ain't poppin, baby. I mean, first of all, haters. And I love that. Robert Sala had that come back for what Sean Payton said.

We'll get into that in just a second. But here's the thing about having haters. You got to have something that haters want. Ain't nobody hating on the Jets, bro.

He said that he agrees with you. You got to have like, oh, ain't nobody hating on y'all, bro. You know, I have some money. Fire me. We hate no fire away. The best thing about y'all is your human mascot pretty much right now. M.E.S.S.

mess, mess, mess every single day. Just end the season. Oh, my God. That's the thing about haters, man. You got to have something like a hater ain't never, you know, you got to have something that a hater want, bro. I'm serious. If you're a hater, you're either somebody that's on top, that's concerned about somebody coming up and you're trying to keep them down.

Because you might be intimidated by them in a sense, or you might be threatened by them, or you're somebody who wants what somebody else has and you're trying to bring them down. Neither one applies to the Jets right now. I'm sorry. But what my man Sean Payton said yesterday or we the quotes and Jared Bell's article in USA Today was incredible. Talking about the culture, the environment that the Broncos had last season and believing in Russell Wilson, his quarterback and calling out Nathaniel Hackett, the former coach who's now the offensive coordinator for the New York Jets, which makes the week five matchup very, very tasty. Nobody was talking about the Jets in the Broncos matchup before yesterday.

People are talking about it right now. So here's the thing about this. I love Sean Payton. Sean Payton used to work with us over at Fox.

Sean Payton, true story, was the NFC championship game. I was working at Fox. I was doing backup just in case some things go down sometimes. That's my role over there, backup.

So just in case things went down on site, I was going to be in studio just to have the tossback studio. Sean Payton was going to be my analyst. So we were watching the NFC championship game together and he goes back into the green room, back and forth, whatever. He's talking to the Broncos at that time to get that job. And around that time is when he got the job, whatever. So he comes out and we're talking about we knew he was leaving. He kind of knew he's leaving. He was talking about the culture, how he's going to clean up things, how with with Russell Wilson, he saw the individualism in a sense and how things and he said he basically basically said there's going to be a new sheriff in town. And he's come out and he said that if we're going to be a team, it's not going to be about one person.

A lot of that outside distraction stuff, you're not going to see that anymore. Sean Payton is going to clean things up in Denver. And with Sean Payton did yesterday, Sean Payton basically said it's an us against them mentality. You never hear a coach say that about another. I've never in.

I never heard that. Never where somebody downright disrespectful said basically this dude was horrible as a head coach. Yes, horrible. Can't get the plays in or offense or defense. That's not a Russell Wilson problem. That's not a defense problem.

That is a coaching problem. And I've never heard a coach talk about another coach like that before. And Sean Payton did. But Sean Payton has earned the right to do that. Sean Payton has gone and won the Super Bowl. What was the New Orleans Saints before Sean Payton? Nothing. Bags on their heads.

Bags on their head. Sean Payton had think had like three or four losing seasons. And remember, three of those seasons came in the midst of the whole Bounty Gate situation being out for a year for a year or whatnot. Now, of course, it helps to have a guy like Drew Brees as quarterback. Don't hurt.

Doesn't hurt. But hey, Bill Belichick had the greatest quarterback of all time. And he gets credit. Sean Payton deserves a lot of the credit. So going into there with the Denver Broncos, he's going to go in there to clean up that culture.

Russell Wilson didn't just become a scrub, y'all. I hate this is what I hate about us in the media sometimes. We are a what have you done for me lately type of society. We are prisoners of the moment. We will see somebody and put them up on the highest pedestal possible.

But we can't wait to snatch him down. One bad season on the other side. You can have one great season.

And all of a sudden you're the greatest thing to ever live. Top five. Oh, Hall of Fame potential. Oh, he won the Super Bowl or whatever. Come on, man.

I like consistency. And one bad season doesn't tell me that Russell Wilson is washed. Russell Wilson came in, new system. He came in, new team, you know, big contract.

They gave up a lot for him. You know, we saw some of the antics on the sideline from some of his teammates, whatever. And I think sometimes we make a big deal out of that because when things are going wrong with a football team, we look for it.

And we so we over analyze and we put spotlights on it. It happens all the time on every NFL sideline. Well, wide receiver is going to look at his quarterback crazy. You know, look, look at what's happening with Stefan Diggs now. And Josh Allen in the off season.

And they're winning. It happens. Russell Wilson's not a bad quarterback. Russell Wilson's got a bad wife, bad. And when I say bad, I mean good. Not bad, mean bad, bad, bad, mean good. Good.

Sierra. He takes care of his kids. He's a good guy and he's going to be ready. He's going to be motivated. And I'm gonna tell you why the Denver Broncos, in my opinion, they won't win the NFC West. Another bold prediction. Why the Denver Broncos are going to go to the playoffs this year.

And they Herbert just got the contract. L.A. charges. They're going to finish second in the NFC West this year. Denver Broncos going to finish second in the NFC West.

Let me tell you why here. Broncos lost nine of their 12 games by one score or less last year. One score or less. One of those games was in overtime. Four of those games was by four points or less. Four of those games they lost by, no, four by less than three points, I should say. Four of those games. They won five games last year.

So you're talking about nine or 12 games they lost by one score or less. You mean to tell me that with the right coaching staff that Sean Payton over Nathaniel Hackett, he ain't worth at least 10, 12 more points. They scored what, 16 points a game last year? As an NFL team?

With Russell Wilson as your quarterback? Sean Payton is going to go in there and turn things around. The Denver Broncos defense was solid. It's going to be solid again this year.

They didn't lose that much. So not much has changed except the coaching staff. And Sean Payton is going in there cleaning up the coach once again.

It's us against them. And what he had to do is he inherited that and he came in and he looked around like, man, it's a mess. Yeah.

What the hell? The Walton family give me all this money to come in. I'm back off the sidelines. I'm not at Fox anymore. I'm back on the sidelines. I'm a future Hall of Famer. I'm coming in here to take this team back to the Super Bowl. And he said one thing he said in an article that he said it'd be a disappointment if they don't go to the playoffs this year. I love that. I love that.

Clean up that mindset. Back up your quarterback who you gave up a lot for. And you're giving big money to who's still very good in this in this league. Still, in my opinion, Russell Wilson still the top 10 quarterback in his in his league because of what he can do. He once again didn't just become a scrub and people. It got magnetized because Gino Smith went to Seattle and had a breakout season and came back or whatever. Then Russell faltered in Denver because of the team and the culture around him.

But you mean to tell me Sean Payton can't make up those 10 or 12 points a game that they were lacking last year? I say no. So here's what happens. It's almost like you ever had you ever had this situation where you go into a situation, right?

You're excited about it. You meet the girl of your dreams, right? And she's hurt because of the last person that was with her.

Right. She she she she's she's healing. The last boyfriend she had. And do you go in him like, man, she's damaged. And the same thing for guys, too.

Women come in. God could be me. You get damaged, man. It happens in relationships.

And when you saw it makes it tougher for the next person who comes in. Oh, yeah. And so Sean Payton's coming into this next relationship like he really hurt you.

Oh, my gosh. You need to look. He's terrible. So this is why he's lashing out in the thing. You're happy because he came in and then you hack it. Obviously, anyone just didn't hack because he called out basically the front office, called out everybody that was around. And he did that. But he's earned the right to do that.

And this is the reason why. Once again, another bold statement. Denver Broncos going to make the playoffs finish second in MC West. And Russell Wilson is going to be motivated.

Russell Wilson is going to be motivated. One of the reasons why I'm saying that Kirk Cousins is going to be in the top three in the MVP this year. Do you really believe it the way you're giggling?

I really believe it, man. And it's not far fetched because I believe Michael Irvin was talking about Kirk Cousins last year. Last year, yeah.

Saying that Kirk Cousins is a solid quarterback. Wasn't that Irv's MVP pick? I think it was. I think it was.

I think it was. But what convinced me what Kirk Cousins is, watching quarterback and just seeing the behind the scenes and seeing who this guy is, the fact that he sees a therapist all the time, that definitely helps him. And there was one thing that made me feel like this man is going to be super motivated. He played hurt.

If you watch the documentary, he has some ribs that were. He played through it all. Wouldn't come out the game.

This guy was a gamer. His teammates love him. Dalvin Cook talked about him, I believe earlier today, saying that Kirk Cousins is him.

Kirk Cousins. So he got the respect of the team and he's motivated as well. There is a I think the last episode on quarterback when they're doing the NFL honors. He got invited at the last minute. Yeah, that was a little disrespectful. That was that he got invited to the NFL honors at the lab and he talked about that. They wanted him to get he was upset. He was like, we had the biggest comeback in NFL history.

You know, we won 13, 13 games. Quarterback doesn't get invited. The coach doesn't get invited.

Yep. You know, he was disrespected. That's motivation, man. I think he's a nice guy and I think he really needs that much motivation. He wants to win playoff games. Obviously, he doesn't do well in the playoffs.

He's comeback Kirk. We know that what he can do. They won 13 games. A lot of those were close games.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying they're going to win 13 games this season, but they don't have to. I'm just saying that when he comes down to it, Kirk Cousins is going to be there.

The Minnesota Vikings going to be there and I'm going to say the same thing for the Denver Broncos this year. They're going to be there when it matters the most. They're going to be in the playoffs. They're going to show up. They're not going to win at all. I'm not saying that I'm not going to be that crazy. So Twitter don't blow me up on that. But I believe that Sean Payton is going to be the difference in this team this year.

And Russell Wilson is going to be back to his Pro Bowl level playing ability. Lock it in. Lock it in. I like it.

Lock it in. Big fight this weekend. Can't wait. Oh yeah. Can't wait.

Can't wait. Scott voice. Errol Spence.

Bud Crawford. Two of the best pound for pound fighting in their prime. There are boxing matches and then there are events. This this weekend. Tomorrow night is an event in Vegas is going down and we're going to talk to the former heavyweight champion of the world.

Deontay Wilder, who's obviously in Vegas for the big fight about coming up next on the rich as a show. Are you currently enjoying the show on the Stitcher app? Then you need to know Stitcher is going away on August 29th.

Yep. Going away as in kaput gone dead. Rest in peace, Stitcher. And thanks for 15 years of service to the podcast community. So switch to another podcast app and follow this show there.

Apple, Spotify or wherever you listen. You're six, seven, correct? Is that what you read? OK. And you're from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Born and raised. So did you ever try football?

Did anybody ever say throw you out there on the field and as a tight end or something like that or. Yes. Yes. Been been from Tuscaloosa, you know, it was, you know, we see football day in and day out. So as a child.

Yeah. You want to do what you see. And that was my goal and plans, you know, until I was in college and I had a daughter that was on the way that was born in Spina Bifida. So, you know, it's just like to say, like, for me, it's like sometimes we have plans because how God help other plans for you and those plans that I had set for myself.

He's seen it in another light, a different way. And I found one of my purpose, you know, at that point in time, my life coming up, having a child that was born with a disorder. You know, it was very tough. It was difficult being that you young yourself and you only pray for a healthy child. And then when you don't get that, you got to you got to you got to you got to set responsibilities and do what you got to do as a as a human being in general and as a father.

You know, I love being a father. You know, if it wasn't for her, I wouldn't be in boxing when, you know, I'll probably be, you know, in football or basketball or something like that. But having her, she changed my world completely. And and I'm forever grateful for it because I wouldn't be in this position.

I probably wouldn't be here. No, it's where I'd be, you know, without my children and their blessings. Many people say when you have kids and not playing that, you know, there's a mistake, but no child is a mistake, you know, and I just love it.

The father being the father is number one for me. You know, even my two year olds understand boxing. All my kids will be at the fight.

Yeah. And my two year olds say I want to go see Daddy Boom Boom. Waiting for Deontay Wilder to call in here on the Rich Eyes show. Welcome back to the Rich Eyes and Show Radio Network. I'm sitting at the Rich Eyes and Show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger has the right product for you.

Call click Grainger dot com or just stop by. Your soap opera voice. Yeah, that's a little voiceover.

Yeah. Mike Hill filling in for Rich Eyes and today, happy to be here talking about the big fight. Once again, Deontay Wilder, former heavyweight champion of the world. My homeboy from he's from Alabama. Yeah, he lives in Tuscaloosa, which I'm from. I grew up in went to high school in Bessemer, Alabama.

Down there they say Belmont Belmont. Isn't that the same hometown as Jameis Winston? Didn't you say that the same hometown is Jameis Winston? Same hometown is Bo Jackson. Same hometown is the Meeko Ryan. All of us came out. Carrie Rhodes played the NFL, also came out. So, yeah, man.

So I'm the only one that wasn't athletic, but I talked about it, you know, saying I can wake up in the morning and I can still walk. You know what I mean? So and once again, Deontay Wilder right down the road, Tuscaloosa is like 20 minutes away from Bessemer, Alabama, man. So looking forward to that. Also looking forward to this big event tomorrow.

Right. When people talk about that, they talk about the big fight. They talk about the big event when there's something with Sugar Ray Leonard fall, when Mike Tyson fall, when Tommy Hearns back in the day, even Sugar Ray Leonard or even Floyd Mayweather, when he fought, people had to find the fight. Who's going to watch the fight? Who's going to see the fight? Who's getting the fight? Who's having the party?

Who's having a party for the party? And I'm talking about non sports fans, non boxing fans. Right. Because in boxing, there's always a big fight going on in Vegas.

Right. But when it comes to non boxing fans, it's rare that they all get together and they want to watch the fight. And they are interested in who wins or who loses. Tomorrow, that is going to be the case. Bud Crawford, Errol Spence, welterweight titles on the line.

Fight of the year could be the fight of the century. And I'm happy to be talking to my guy, my homeboy, Deontay Wilder, former heavyweight champion of the world. Joining us right here on the Rich Isaac Network. What's up, champ? How you doing, man? I'm doing well. Doing very, very well. How about yourself? Man, I can't complain at all, man.

Let me ask you a question. What's it like for you being in Vegas? Fight weekend and you're not fighting. It's a feeling where you still get like you still get those. Well, I don't get nervous when I fight, but but you feel that intensity with the hype of the fight and the fans and, you know, all the training that they came along with it, the preparation. You know, you just want to do the right thing. So even when you ain't fighting as a fighter, you still feel that that somewhat of pressure.

No intensity. Get up in there and just want to get ready to feel the energy of the crowd. You know, I mean, you ready to do your thing, especially when, you know, you like, you know, the person and you got emotional ties to it. You know, you you still feel that, you know, feel nervousness for him and different things like that.

But overall, it's always excitement and drilling and running through the body. How does it affect your personal life, though, Deontay? It's almost like you're six, seven. You're a tall dude. And boxing fans know you.

They love you. Is it hard to navigate through the crowds when you're walking through the casinos? You got to stop. Everybody wants a picture.

You got drunk fans coming up. Maybe you were trying to want to challenge you or whatnot. How is that for you?

Yeah, it gets crazy for sure. With me, I think I have a different experience than some people. I can't I can't speak on all, but my spirit is always, you know, people always at first they're hesitant. You know, they know who I am.

They hesitate because of what I do. And they haven't seen me in the rams of outside of the ring. Every time they've seen me or or somewhere, either I've been in the ring, knock someone out or maybe I've been somewhere else and they've never been able to get so close to witness my personality outside of the ring. I'm different outside of the boxing atmosphere than when I'm in it, you know, still the same person.

But when I'm in a ring, I'm just a different beast now outside of the ring. You know, I'm a great guy. But, you know, you get a lot of people, you know, the standoff is a lot of people wait till others come up to me to see how I would react. One and then one, they see my personality with one, then they try to they come up and everyone else try to interact. And, you know, when they say, oh, man, he's cool.

Boom, boom, boom. You know, everybody running different things like that. But with me, you know, I always take my time off with people. I always even when I have security, you know, sometimes you be in a rush and you have to go to point A to point B. But with me, if I pass you, you want a picture, you know, I'm stepping out of my way. I'm telling security, no, let me, you know, take this picture.

And so forth and so on. I'm a type of person that I never meet strangers like my mother. You never know if I interact with a person, whether I know them or not, because, you know, just as well as you're happy to see me, I'm just as happy to see you. And that's how I treat people.

You do it to others that you want them to do it to you. I will say you are a nice guy, but it is smart as hell for people not to run up on you because they know what their right can do. You know, they know that you can knock their ass out if you need it to or whatever, man.

So you are a really good guy, man. Deontay Wilder joined us here on the Rich Isaac Show. So, so, Deontay, there are boxing matches, as you know, and then there are events like I was talking about. This is an event. Spencer Crawford is a huge fight where nonboxing fans are interested. What are you looking forward to the most out of tomorrow's fight? Tomorrow's fight, I'm just looking forward to the most of so many people all over the world. You know, whether it's the state side or whether it's countryside, you know, coming hand in hand and joining together just to have a great, great time. You know, great moment in time at this event. You know, it's so much chaos and corruption going on in the world. And, you know, I just want to see a whole bunch of people from different cultures to gather around and see, you know, it come from one to come to, you know, one special event to see a special fight occurred in history.

And everyone come out safely and everyone goes back home as well as the same way that they came. That's exactly what I want to see, you know, because the fight itself, you know, it's going to be a treat for for whether you're going for either side. I feel boxing wins. Overall, the fans wins overall.

So it's going to be a hell of a fight and I'm looking forward to it. But my prayer, most of all, is that everybody come with great spirit, great energy, you know, positive believing, positive speaking. And with all the positivity equals positive results. You know what I mean? And that's what I want ultimately. We're going to have you run for mayor of Tuscaloosa pretty soon to say, man, like you sound you sound like man, this kumbaya, man, his spirit.

I'm gonna have T.J. see some of his candles over there, man, because you got this good zing going on right now, man. But you know what? A lot of people like nonboxing fans, you know, you want to add boxing wants to add their fans, right? Boxing may not be what it used to be in the 80s, maybe the 70s, 80s and 90s when Tyson was there or whatnot. But we still have these big fights like your your showdowns with Fury, big fights, Floyd fights. That's always been a big fight.

This is a showdown. Right. So is there added pressure for Boxer to not only have a good bout to win the fight, but also put on a show when nonboxing fans are watching so that you can win them over in fights like this?

Yeah, I would say so. I would say it definitely added pressure, but depends on how experienced you have been at the top. It kind of ease it a little bit. You know, if you have done this many a time, you know, fighting for titles, you know, seeing different crowds going different countries and stuff like that, it becomes a little bit easier. But, you know, if this your first big rodeo, you know, and you don't know what to expect, it can be a bit of pressure because you want to do where you want to do everything that you've been preparing for. But it's very moment in time. And, you know, that the world is watching. So you don't want to let no one down, you know, especially your loved ones and the ones that's close to you.

And it definitely become added pressure to it. So, you know, that what makes it all that what makes it worth the while. You know, in the end, you know, when you when you when you become victorious and you look around and like, man, I accomplished everything. And it was a good time.

And even if you don't, you don't you don't your goals don't be met. You know, you can always say, man, we live to see another day. And it was a it was a great moment in time. And we've made history as well. So, you know, overall, it's a beautiful thing when you're the fighter and people come to see and witness your greatness. I always say we all have greatness in them.

It's only the time of our service. Absolutely. A fight of this magnitude.

You also want to live up to expectations. And a lot of people have high expectations on this fight because you got two of the best pound for pound, maybe the top two pound for pound out there right now. Undefeated welterweight champions on the line fighting in their prime right now.

So it seems divided. I can ask one person who they got. They'll see Errol Spence. But and the other person say Terrence.

But so is that not something that's just like all in on either fighter? So who you got and why? Yeah, I'm going with Spence.

I'm going with Errol. You know, that's my guy. He's a stable mate. You know, he's been supporting me since the beginning.

And I'm reciprocating the love right back to him. You know, both of them guys are great fighters. You know, you can't take that in front of them. And I'm glad that this fight is officially and finally happened happening.

You know, after all the years of waiting and the anticipation to be announced, what is to happen? So. But yeah, I got I got to go with my back. Most time I'm on the fence with certain fights and stuff like that. You know, not that I you know, sometimes I really don't really care about who wins. I just want to see a great fight.

And I want to see you guys leave and go home to their families at the end of the night. You know, as a fighter, you look at me and you know, we risk our lives for others entertainment. And people people brush that aside because they want to feed their flesh in need of they want to see someone get beat up or fight. But we risk our lives. And that's the ultimate price that we pay. And, you know, I appreciate all fighters that step across that ring.

Absolutely. And when you go and you give it your all, man, you are. Let me talk about you a little bit, too, because we expect big things out of Spence and Bud tomorrow. But for yourself, man, we'd like to see you in the ring, too, because you got that that one hitter quitter knockout power right there.

But I understand you. You got into boxing late where everybody else, you know, they start their boxing career when they basically come out of diapers. And they put boxing gloves on. They get into the ring. You didn't start boxing until you were 20.

Twenty one. What the hell were you doing up until what were you going to be doing before boxing? Well, you know, being in Alabama, you know, we always saw football, basketball, mostly football. And you want you want to follow the crowd. You know, you've seen the hype, the school, the school pride that people would bring all over. You know, when we're fighting for, you know, we're playing against rival teams and you want it. You always want as a child when you see all the hurrah and you see the excitement, you always want to be a part of greatness. You want to be a part of why people get excited and want to cheer for you and your name.

And represent your family and do it well. You know, so being in Bama, that was my that's what I was leaning towards. And my goal was the following. Until I had a daughter in college who was born with spina bifida and she just turned my life upside down. And she was the prime source of my life and the reason I lived.

And so I want I told her that that it would become a heavyweight champion and put her beyond her belief. And I haven't let her down. That's amazing.

That's amazing, man. And you haven't let anybody down, man. We're very proud of you, especially in Alabama, around the world and the Boston community. Man, once again, for everything you do, helping out your foundation with your beautiful fiance, Telly. And what you guys do with the Wags and not over there.

So we really appreciate everything you're doing. Growing up in Alabama, we're very proud of that as well. Tuscaloosa. But you went to Central High School. I just want to let you know I was in Bessemer. I used to live in Bessemer.

Once I just lived near high school, which is now Bessemer High School, you know, we used to whip your ass right in football. I'm just saying right. Big time rival. Yeah, you right about that, man.

As long as you can acknowledge that champ. That's all I want to hear. That's all I want to hear, man. Shout out to Bessemer. Shout out to Tuscaloosa. Shout out to you, man.

Enjoy this weekend. Before I let you go, you last fought last year. When are we going to see Deontay Wilder back in the ring? And are we going to see it against Anthony Joshua? Who are we going to see it against? Yeah, we were lining up for a fight for Andy Ruiz. We were actually going to announce it on this card. But Ruiz backed out, you know.

And so we sit and wait. Now it's Joshua. We'll fight Joshua. It's looking to be scheduled in January in Saudi Arabia.

So on the boxing trip of things, that's looking like that'll be the next fight. Saudi Arabia? Don't sound like somebody getting big payday over there, brah. Saudi Arabia just handed out money.

They give me busloads of money, brah. Deontay, man, appreciate your time, man. Enjoy Vegas this weekend. Have fun.

And we're looking forward to a great fight tomorrow night. Man, blessing, blessing. Likewise, fellas. I hope y'all have a beautiful rest of the day. And love, peace and God bless. All right. Love, peace and happiness to you, too, man. All right, bro.

Deontay Wilder. All right, man. I like that. Listen, love, peace, soul.

This is beautiful, right? Everybody wants... We just got a little Zen moment right here, man. Deontay. Feel that energy. Take a deep breath in. Blow out the negativity. Negativity.

Bye-bye. It's Friday. It's Friday. Your candles lighting up over there. Like I told you last week, I know you light other things besides a candle.

Oh, Darren. My mom's watching. Hey, man.

My mom smoked that, too. You ain't got no haters. You ain't poppin'.

Robert's ass full of glaucoma. You know what I'm saying? But that's no purposes. You know what I'm saying? I don't want you doing that. But let me get a little bit of that right there. You know what I'm saying?

You know, I'm hurt right now. My mom's right. This is kicking in. You know what I'm saying? Mama, you ain't kicked in. You ain't kicked in on this, mama.

We call this a little 20-20-10. We can't be talking about that on here. We stop, man. This is going to be my last appearance on this show. What are you smoking, bro?

Give me some. Like Steven Ayo, I say, stay off the weed. Although he did have Mike Tyson on his podcast recently. He was talking about the benefits of it or whatever and how some of it is upper and some of it is downer and all that type of stuff, man.

So yeah, not that I know. But that's what Mike Tyson, who's an expert, was talking about that. Yeah, Mike's got a pretty successful brand going right now. Very successful. The knockout, man.

He's got the farm. What boxer? Nope. None of them. Either nope or none of them. None of them?

How much? What was your question? I mean, like, you get in the ring, survive one minute. Ten million?

Ten million. You know, it's funny because a couple weeks ago- Andy Ruiz. Yeah.

A couple weeks ago. I can run away from that, dude. He'll kill you if he gets you, though. There was questions going around Twitter, like, you know, could you score from the five yard line? So would you take a million dollars or would you take ten if you thought you could get in to the end zone for five yards out? Or, you know, I said, if Otani threw you a hundred pitches, could you put one in the play?

Nope. Like, trust me, you can play basketball, you can play football. You do not play boxing. You don't want to- Andy Ruiz hits you once. You may think you can run away from him, Chris. That man touches you one time. You're putting your life at stake right there.

Even with the body shot. I believe, but you can dance around the ring, though, bro. The ring's kind of big.

Do you know how big the ring is? I know, I mean, but he could cut you off, but I'm like, OK, he's going to- Now, you're going to get tired, too. You got to think about that. But before I can survive, I'm thinking about that ten million for a minute. One minute?

Sixty seconds? I ain't that tired. And I can cover up and do this, man. You know what? I'm dead, bro. But I'm telling you, like, Mike, I wouldn't get in the ring with Mike.

No, not today. Because Mike ain't going to finish after a minute. Mike going to forget about that minute.

We all saw the hangover. He knocked him out. That's what I'm saying. Guys, like, and see, I love this new Zen from Deontay Wilder because, you know, he got a lot of controversy a couple of years ago when he was talking about killing somebody in the ring or whatever. He wants to do that or whatever.

So he's got this newfound effect. And I love people like him in boxing because we do come for the brutality of the sport. I hate to say it, but non-violence fans do. But I appreciate the art form of boxing. The sweet science.

The sweet science. That's why I like Floyd Mayweather in the ring. People talk about how his fights are born. He don't knock people out. Man, he's a boxer.

Sweet Pea Whitaker, same way. That's a boxer, man. You got to appreciate if you love boxing, you can appreciate guys like that.

The rap against Deontay was that he doesn't box. He's a brawler. He's a puncher. He's a puncher. But if he catches you, you're done. You know what I mean? If you can have that combination of both, man, then you're exceptional. Tomorrow, this fight is going to be incredible.

We'll talk a little bit more about that on the back end coming up right here on the Rich Ozzie Show. You ever meet Ali? Yeah. What was that like?

I was 1978 or 77. I'm locked up in the Spofford Juvenile Detention Center. And all of a sudden, we come down, we watch the movie The Graded. And then the next thing, you know, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, Ali walks in. Into your detention center?

Yes. What was that like? It was pandemonium. And I was only 11, maybe. I didn't really understand that. I heard my mother mentioned, called him Clay around the house.

Yeah, sure. I didn't know who he was. As time went on, I found out who he was from the show, of course.

And that was good inspiration. I started, after that, I got transferred to another place where it was a gentleman, Bobby Stewart, who was a former fighter who started teaching me how to fight and then he introduced me to the legendary trainer, Cus D'Amato. And then I saw Roberto Duran and Sugar Ray Leonard fight. And I wasn't sure what I was going to be fighting.

I was just happy to get out of that place. Sure. But when I saw them fight, I knew, oh, this is what I want to do in my life. When you saw Duran and Sugar Ray fight, that's when you said, that's what I want to do. How do you get into the mindset to go ahead and knock somebody like Marvis Frazier out in 30 seconds? You know.

Robert Collet in 37 seconds. It doesn't happen overnight. It happens when you're a kid and you have to be that person before you become that person. What do you mean by that? What do you mean by that?

I think I know what you mean, but I'd love to... It's a lifestyle. You have to live that lifestyle. At a young age, I just lived that lifestyle.

Never had girlfriends. I trained all day. I watched fight films all day. I read fight magazines all day. Every conversation I had with somebody, it was about a fighter or two. They would have won this and that.

Just like guys that love basketball or baseball. Who do you think would have won? Who do you think is the best? Kareem? Willie? Oscar Robinson? Sure.

Who do you think is the best? That's all I was. You think you could be him? You thought you'd be him.

Match the guys with the past, with the guys with the present, and this and that. That's all I thought about. Back on the Rich Ozzie Show. Mike, you're filling in for Rich on this fun Friday, this Freestyle Friday. You just saw Mike Tyson as a guest in 2015 on the TV side, sitting here talking about his knockout prowess here.

Mike's still a scary dude. Mike's almost, what, 60 now? In mid-50s now? Something like that? 58? 57? Something like that. Yeah, 57.

Wow. He's still a scary dude. He still can throw those punches, man. He's still got that knockout power. Yeah, Mike is a calmer person now, but still, I think that's that rage.

Remember, was it last year when he was on a plane and some idiot was messing with Mike Tyson on the plane? Yeah. What are you doing? Like, what are you doing?

Like, are you serious right now? Was it intimidating? Because, Brock, when you were here... I was here.

Got a picture with him. It was still kind of scary because Rich asked him if he could fight, if he thought he could get in the ring again, and Mike was like, I don't want to go to that place again. And we were just like, whoa. Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. Because that mindset, you got to shift. That's what Deontay was actually talking about, outside the ring, different person. In that ring, man, it's almost, it ain't kill to be killed mentality, but it's a hurt or be hurt mentality. Yeah.

It's like you, because he wants to hurt you, you got to hurt him. And you got to, so it's, yeah, the mentality of a boxer, man, is amazing. I met Mike one time. Mike follows me on Twitter.

I don't think he knows it, but he follows me on Twitter. And I met him at Fox one time and he came out and I was like, damn, champ. And I had my camera phone out and I said, man, I hesitantly asked, I say, can I take a picture?

Mike? He said, yeah, come on, come and take a picture real quick. So we took a picture. And when I saw the picture was blurry, I didn't ask Mike to take a picture. It was blurry. The picture was blurry. It was like, believe me, that's me and Mike Tyson somewhere.

But I wasn't like, hey, man, this came out blurry. You don't mind doing it again? No, I'm good.

I got him on a good date. I'm good. Good moment. I'm not trying to go the other way. But what's more likely to happen? Me knocking Mike Tyson out in the ring or me ever dating Halle Berry?

Daddy's a good. Hmm. Well, that's that's my number one on the bucket list item.

Might be quick for the graphics department. Hey, I like that thing. I like my eyes with Halle Berry. That's what you and I have to fight about.

Yeah. Oh, oh, oh. We can fight over Halle Berry. We had a moment.

Me and Halle Berry, I saw Halle Berry at a table one time and I looked at her, stared in her eyes, and she looked at my direction. We had a moment. She waved at me once. She waved at you?

Yeah. Was it you or somebody behind you? Well, she probably was. So I was at the Oscars red carpet with Ed Reed.

She probably was waving at Ed, but I was there, too. But you were there. Yeah. Yeah.

It's almost like if somebody spits, you know, try and spit on somebody to wink and hit and shift and you can get a piece of it, you can get some like, you know, I've had two Halle Berry meetings. One was early 90s. I was still living in Pittsburgh. I was working in the summer at Three Rivers Stadium for the Pirates.

She was married to Dave Justice at the time and the Pirates and the Braves had a four game series. And I'm in center field, you know, between innings, you do your drop, you kind of watch the crowd. And I'm right in front of the big screen and the cameraman's panning. And all of a sudden there's Halle Berry. And I got on my radio and I remember my captain was Kurt.

I was like, Kurt, did you see how he did? Like we're all on the radio talking, blah, blah, blah. You know, we're going crazy trying to figure out, OK, there she's sitting. And so I had a still frame, a boomerang, a press release picture of her and Eddie Murphy. And by game three, I took it with me and I got to meet her and she autographed it for me. And when I tell you it was the first time in my life that my knee shook, ooh, talking to some like I hurt my literally my knees were shaking.

Really? And I was like, like I said, early 90s, she was. And then a few years ago, I was in Hugo's in Santa Monica with two of my friends.

We go in there. How is there in these two girls I was with bum rushed the table and they took the seats facing her. So I had to sit to my back to her and I was so upset. And I didn't talk to those two girls. You should. You should.

You should never. Halle Berry is I was done with them still to do I'm who I know she's in a relationship now. So I shouldn't be disrespectful. I'm I'm giving the highest compliment I can give to somebody.

She is. Yeah, bro. You who over there? Is it a country music star or something?

I can't think of the guy's name. That matter. Yeah. What's more likely? Yeah. What's more likely? Yeah. It's that time. What?

What's more likely? Never say never. But never. All right, Mike. We're back.

You did it last week. Yeah. Now you got the hang of the game, right?

Yes, I do. All right. The East team most likely to reach the Super Bowl in the next two years, two years to air Rogers generously gave up 33 million dollars on a two year commitment next two years jets or bills. Oh, come on, man. Obviously, it's the bills, man. I mean, the Jets either. I don't think the Jets gonna make the playoffs this year.

I really don't think they're gonna make it like Brockman. You know, I feel about that man and Rogers coming in their news meet the New York media is man. You thought he didn't like Green Bay media, whatever. National media. Wait until the New York media gets a hold of and remember that schedule first six weeks of the season.

Just horrendous. So, yeah, it's gonna take some time. They'll be a playoff team next year, but the bill is definitely more likely to make the playoffs or the Super Bowl, let's just say than the Jets.

All right. So let's talk rookie quarterbacks. Houston Texans won't name a starter yet. CJ Stroud, obviously, down there, Davis Mills, Anthony Richardson, getting some first team reps with the Colts, but Gardner Minshew is there, obviously, a veteran starter. Rookie quarterback, most likely to be starting week one, Stroud, Richardson. I'm going to go with CJ Stroud. Yeah, I think CJ Stroud is a hell of a quarterback, Ohio State or whatever.

What's the sections got to lose, man, to be honest with you, go with them and see what you got right now. At least the Indian Apple School, it's more of a quarterback battle there. You know, a guy that I give some a little bit more respect to. CJ Richardson is still, I think, a developing guy coming out of Florida, didn't see a lot of greatness out of him, even though he has greatness in his potential.

I think he still needs time to grow and you don't want to mess up his confidence by putting him out there too early and ruin his career before it even gets started. CJ Stroud, I like that. I like that.

All right. I think I know where you're leaning here since we talked about them earlier, but five win team from last year, most likely to have the biggest improvement this season. Rams or Broncos already said, I think Sean Payton is going to be different there once again.

What, eight or nine or eight or the twelve games decided by seven points or less nine of the twelve games decided by seven points left. Sean Payton is already coming here trying to change their culture, calling out the former head coach. Russell Wilson is going to be motivated this year. I told you Denver Broncos is going to have a huge improvement this year. I don't see what the Rams did. I mean, I don't see what difference the Rams is going to make, especially in the NFC West with San Francisco being there and Seattle still going to be pretty tough. I mean, so Arizona is going to bounce back. So yeah, I don't see what the Rams did that's going to really make them improve from that five win team.

So I think it's definitely the Denver Broncos. Brock Purdy is back throwing the football, but no one's talking about the Pittsburgh Steelers. And second year quarterback, most likely to make the bigger leap in twenty twenty three.

Brock Purdy, Kenny Pickett. OK, well, I think it's going to be picket only because Purdy made a huge leap last year. He made a huge leap. I mean, but and coming back from that injury, we just don't know what he's going to bring to the table.

So he already kind of made a statement for himself as Mr. Irrelevant going in there leading San Francisco to the playoffs, at least if he, you know, didn't finish the job out because of the injury or whatnot. But I think Kenny Pickett is going to get the opportunity to man to show Pittsburgh what he has. So I think he'll make the biggest leap for Pittsburgh next year. Last one for the radio audience. We'll do a couple more in the TV only block player with the record breaking contract to most live up to it. Justin Herbert, Jalen Brown crossover. Oh, what's going on, bro?

Wow. I'll say Justin Herbert only because he's the quarterback of that team. He's star player at that football team. He's up and coming. Like I said, he's a top five quarterback behind Burrow, behind Patrick Mahomes. He'll definitely have the opportunity. Jalen Brown is the second best player on the scene.

You know what I mean? So he's going I know you're a Celtics fan, and I love Jalen Brown, highest paid player out there in the league. Jalen Brown's a hell of a player. I love it. I love what he's doing. Oh, yeah, absolutely. Yeah, I love what he's doing because he wants to bring black Wall Street to Boston.

That's very cool. That's what I'm talking about, man. So I root for Jalen Brown, people like that.

But I think as far as living up to the contract, I think it's definitely going to be Justin Herbert only because he's had the opportunity and still Jason Tatum still going to be the number one option on that team. We'll talk more about the big fight coming up in our number three. We're going to talk to comedian Tony Rock, who's going to join us. Of course, it's Chris's brother.

Talk to him about everything that's going on right now in the comedy world is coming up on the Rich Ozzie show. Yeah. Bonus. Two more. Here we go.

Let's keep it going. Who most likely would rather have I did not say that right back. You'd rather have most likely in fantasy this season, Saquon or Bijan.

Did you see that catch Bijan made going on Twitter today? Oh, baby. Who's who's the Falcons quarterback? Desmond Ritter.

Desmond Ritter. Yeah, that's what I'm saying. So it's Bijan is a hell of a player, man, Texas. I mean, you catch the ball out of the backfield, you can watch everything, man. It's like so good, fresh legs, but Saquon, I'm telling you, I told you when we had the crazy predictions, I said one of my crazy predictions was I thought Saquon could possibly be the NFL MVP this year because of the motivation that he has, because of the contract, because he's going to run the football, because he's on the day ball system for the second straight season. I think Saquon Barkley is going to what was the question? More likely. Yeah. In fantasy this year. Fantasy.

Oh, fantasy. Yeah. Yeah. Definitely. Saquon, because he's going to get the ball.

Real quick. We had the Kelsey brothers make the Super Bowl last year. Which set of brothers with the best chance to make it this year? The Kooks or the Diggses? I got to say, I got to say the Diggses. I said, Minnesota's going, right? The Kooks is unemployed. That's true.

One of them is. The Boyz and Rich Isaac Show coming up right after this. How wrestling really works and how you get the ratings.

Eric Bischoff and Conrad Thompson explain on 83 weeks. religion has been struggling a little bit out of the gate with these ticket sales and a little bit out of the gate. This was a major show announced on a major network with what everybody thought was this huge star. CM Punk. I said he was going to be the biggest financial flop in wrestling history, and I think I'm being proven right every minute of the day. 83 weeks on YouTube or wherever you listen.
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