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RE Show: Brian Harman - Hour 1

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July 25, 2023 1:12 pm

RE Show: Brian Harman - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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July 25, 2023 1:12 pm

Rich reacts to Saquon Barkley avoiding a holdout by agreeing to a new 1-year deal with the New York Giants. 

Open Championship winner Brian Harman and Rich discuss his first major title at Royal Liverpool and how much fun he’s had toting the famed Claret Jug around the world, how the late comedian Norm Macdonald became a big fan is his while defending him on Twitter once, the potential PGA Tour-LIV Golf merger, the chances his Georgia Bulldogs win a 3rd-straight College Football Playoff, and more.

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This is the Rich Eisen Show.

Only those who wish to listen may do so. That's a thinker. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. I don't know if you've heard, but Naim Hines does appear to be out for the year. He's on your brother's team. Is that a possibility for you, Dalvin?

That'd be a science, but you know how's the picture for me to go play that with? Okay. Today's guest, Open Championship winner Brian Harmon, host of Pro Football Talk, Mike Florio, TCU head coach Sonny Dykes, comedian Jim Gaffigan. And now it's Rich Eisen. Yep. We're live in Los Angeles, California on this Tuesday, the 25th in 2023.

It is a, it's quite a day here in LA. 844-204 Rich, number to dial. You know, I just want to jump in just to start this program real quick with the news that broke about 45 minutes ago that kind of paused my entire morning.

Hit the pause button on that. Bronny James, the 18-year-old son of LeBron James, Savannah James, had a heart attack, it appears, during practice at USC basketball yesterday. It required him to be rushed to the hospital. He spent some time in ICU. He's in stable condition right now. But just to hear an 18-year-old kid having a heart attack in the middle of practice, and with so much promise, we can only hope that they find out the cause of what happened.

It's something that is fixable, and it is something that Bronny James can just go about his business of trying to be as great as he can be and keep the arrow going straight up. But I just can't believe what I heard, and I just wanted to start this program by sending all of our best to the way of the James family. Doesn't matter if he hears it or not. I just wanted to say that into a microphone and leave it at that, as opposed to all the speculation you see right now on X, whatever the hell they're calling it now, and everything else that you're reading about his future and things of that nature.

An 18-year-old who needed to be hospitalized, and who knows, potentially resuscitated a heart attack for Bronny James. Good Lord. So we're sending our best to him.

844-204-RICH is the number to dial right here on the program. Chris Brockman, once again, is out of his chair. So Mike Del Tufo is all by himself over there. Good to see you over there, DJ Mikey D. Good morning, Rich. And TJ Jefferson, the candle's already lit in your direction. Good to see you over there.

What's up, fellas? We've got four guests all over the map. We've got open championship winner Brian Harmon, who just is coming back from Royal Liverpool with the claret jug in hand. And we'll talk with him about his dominant performance from the second round of that tournament on and holding on to the claret jug and not giving up and winning by six strokes in Royal Liverpool. So we'll chat with him. Then in hour number three, in-studio guest Jim Gaffigan will be here.

He has a new comedy special out called Dark Pale available today on Prime Video. Jim Gaffigan, the conversation that I have with him in hour number three of this program. Before him, Sonny Dykes, the head coach of TCU football.

And enough time has passed between last New Year's Eve and now. I'm able to talk with him after he curb stomped my Wolverines on the way to going to the national championship game against Georgia. His first game that's coming up about a month plus from now against Deion Sanders and Colorado. And Sonny Dykes is a new quarterback. As we all know, Max Duggan is now a Los Angeles Charger. One of, let me get this correct, one of eight TCU Horned Frogs drafted. And of the eight, I guess he's going to be spending some time here if he wants to see some of his former players. Five of them drafted by a Los Angeles team. The Chargers and the Rams.

TCU West. And then Mike Florio will be first up here on this program from, pardon me, first up in hour number two on this program from Pro Football Talk. So he will be joining us to talk about the news involving Saquon Barkley today. We have been following the plight of running backs trying to get paid in a manner associated with their importance on the field. That is normally a way of paying players who are important for winning on the field. Getting paid elite top dollar, wide receivers, quarterbacks, left tackles, pass rushers. And when they perform on the field, when those guys perform on the field, and even if they are of advanced age and they're performing on the field to the tune of numbers, you would think are posted by a 20 year old quarterback like Aaron Rodgers pushing 40, looking great. You're like, I don't know how much longer he can play, but he can keep playing.

Let's pay him like he's an elite player. Wide receivers, somebody who's over the age of 30 and trying to do well, we're just sitting there thinking, OK. He's he's avoiding the the rigors of the NFL. He's got the fountain of youth dunny. Von Miller's got the fountain of youth dunny. So let's let's pay them like they're elite players, but not running backs. Those guys, when they put numbers up fifteen hundred, sixteen hundred, seventeen hundred yards, you're sitting there thinking about how much longer can they do it? We've got to go get a young guy.

And we're not paying them either. So the latest from today, Saquon Barkley. It does appear, swallowed his pride. And decided to come in.

From the cold. And report to Giants training camp. On time. And what was the deal sealer? Was the fact that the Giants decided to put a little something extra on top of his franchise tagged contract.

What is? A two million dollar signing bonus. So they decided to give him two of his ten in the form of a signing bonus.

You get it. You sign your contract and you get that money right here as opposed to having your money parceled out week to week throughout the season. And guess what? There is an incentive clause in there of about three nine hundred and nine thousand dollars. He gets three hundred and three thousand dollars if he reaches three different benchmarks for his season in rushing yards, touchdowns and catches. And you might sit there and think, OK. That's chump change compared to, again, what Saquon wanted and in all fairness to the Giants rejected. Apparently, a 13 million dollar contract per year was on the table and the Giants reportedly again, Mike Florio coming up in hour number two, said, if you reject this, we're not putting it back on the table. And it does appear that they were true to their word.

They didn't. Or didn't guarantee enough in the future years enough for Saquon to agree to it. And then the franchise tag, as we know, gets slapped. It's applied on players who don't mind and it's slapped on players who do.

And so. The Giants. Essentially give Saquon a little bit of something. And it's a rarity what they did the last time a player. Who could just have to play on the franchise tag, got a one year deal. Plus, a little something extra on top of it was when Edger and James got this deal from the Colts in 2005, they gave him an opportunity to make a little bit more. So this is something the Giants are putting together out of the Bill Polian playbook, it appears. And. To me, this has the feeling of. Saquon having to swallow his pride a little bit here.

Yeah. Because you look at the incentives, 1350 rushing yards, he's never reached that in his career. The closest he's come was last year, 1312. His rookie season, 1307. In between that, 1003 in his sophomore year, if you will, second year. And then the injury marred 2020.

And then the injury shortened 2021. 11 touchdowns. He's only done that once his rookie season. Last year he had 10. Those are the only multiple touchdown double digit touchdown seasons for him. 65 catches. The only time he's done it was once his rookie season. 91 receptions. That's it.

So he's got to have the best year of his career. Essentially. To get this.

And it just has the feeling again. Of having to swallow his pride to take this. Because the guy we saw on that podcast, the Money Matters podcast.

One week ago yesterday, when it came out and he said. On this pod. I could say, F it. F the team. F my teammates. And hold out.

That's an option for me. And it was just so out of character for him. The Walter Payton Man of the Year candidate for the Giants last year to say those words into a microphone. Today, you see the real Saquon. The guy who is a baller. Who doesn't want to sit at home.

Who is a football player and a teammate and somebody who wants to dominate. And if he gets a little extra cash. Little face saver coming in. He doesn't want to sit ATC at the crib. He wants to be with his teammates. He wants to be with the Giants when they open things up at East Rutherford today. He wants to be on time. He doesn't want to be a holdout. He doesn't want to have that on his resume.

That's the guy. And the Giants can say, hey, we did something nobody's done since 2005. We're going to let you wet your beak a little bit. But to use another Godfather phrase from Godfather Part 2. This kind of has the feel of one of the Rosado brothers giving Frank Pantangeli a hundred dollar bill to commemorate their meeting.

And Pantangeli told him, I don't like the C-Note Rosado. It's what it kind of feels like to me. Let's get them all.

Let's get them all now while we got the muscle. That's what it feels like to me. They gave him a C-Note. And he's like, I don't kind of like it, but I'll walk in. We all know what happened next. Spoiler alert, but. But.

Saquon's there. And general managers across the rest of the league, ownership across the rest of the league. Find out what type of cigar Joe Shane likes to smoke. If he does what red wine or white wine he likes to imbibe, if he does what beer he likes.

If he does partake in that and send it. To the Giants facility, because this guy held the line on the running back market with arguably the best running back in the league and a face of his franchise. And he's paying him one quarter of the amount, minus the incentives, if they are reached.

One quarter of the amount he gave to his quarterback, who did it only once now since being drafted out of Duke. And whose tremendous season, Daniel Jones. Can be ascribed to three people. Number one himself. He did it. He had it within him.

He had to find it. Number two, Brian Dable, the coach of the year who helped unlock it. And the guy who signed the contract, Daniel Jones, and the guy who is coach of the year also, because both of them succeeded with one another, couldn't have done it.

Without number 26 also. And he's the one who's got to eat it. It's a heck of a meal, though. Eleven million dollars if he does meet all the incentives.

It's a great meal. We would all sign for that. But when you compare it to the rest of the league, and players who are as good as Saquon Barkley on the field, and then of course in the community, it feels like the CINO.

And the high hat, to use another phrase from the movies, a little Miller's Crossing for you right there. This is something that the running backs, when they zoomed over the weekend, certainly didn't want to have developed two days later, is Saquon signing for this. But Saquon's got to do what's in his gut and in his heart, and that is to play football while he can. At the high level that he has.

But the Giants, one more phrase, to salute, we lift the glass in their direction. They held the line on the running back market. And again, the one guy who I believe can bust through on this is going to take a while. I mentioned yesterday, he's Derrick Henry. Derrick Henry is pushing 30. If he starts at age 30, when he turns it in January, right, and he's still now having potentially a humongous season for a team that everyone is overlooking and can take, thanks to, in large part, his production to the playoffs. And then do it again at age 31 and age 32, and then maybe sign somewhere else if the Titans think that's enough for him. And then go ahead and do it, like Frank Gore, deep into damn near his 40s, and somebody of his stature will then run to the Hall of Fame, where I think Frank Gore should go anyway. But this guy is the guy who can basically say, you need to pay me at age 30.

844-204-RICH is the number to dial. I'd love to know what your thoughts are. I mean, we've been pounding the table on this thing.

I mean, Josh Jacobs, what happens with him, and then, of course, what happens with Dalvin Cook, Zeke, and everyone else that's without a job at the running back position will put this thing to bed and start playing football, just like Saquon just did. Brian Harmon, the open championship winner, fresh back from Royal Liverpool, calling into this show. There is you as well. Mike Del Tufo brought some mail from home that I cannot wait to open up on the air. What?

That's called a tease. Hell yeah. I'm Mike Florio.

I've got the top five training camp storylines of 2023. We've got also Sonny Dykes of TCU football and the hilarious Jim Gaffigan on this Tuesday edition of The Rich Eisen Show, live on Roku, and this Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio affiliate Sirius XM and more. Are you currently enjoying the show on the Stitcher app? Then you need to know Stitcher is going away on August 29th.

Yep, going away, as in kaput, gone, dead. Rest in peace, Stitcher, and thanks for 15 years of service to the podcast community. So switch to another podcast app and follow this show there.

Apple, Spotify, or wherever you listen. Back here on The Rich Eisen Show, we're still here on our Roku feed for the moment. Our radio audience will turn in just a little bit less than two minutes time, and that's when we'll say hello to Brian Harmon, the open championship winner. Jerry is talking today with Steven Jones, Mike McCarthy. They're in Oxnard, pal. I know. They're up the road.

Not too far. Well, you know, all you got to do is just go to Nobu Malibu every night. You'll see them there. You have to go all the way up to Oxnard. Oh, you could split the difference.

Split the difference. You got to get into Nobu, though. You just have to get in.

That's the problem. I mean, there's a parking lot, you know, you could hang out. There's a parking lot in Nobu.

I got a nice long lens with a camera. I've never been to Nobu Malibu, actually. That's great. Phenomenal. You want to go? Of course. You have to leave your house, though.

Phenomenal. You know, I do occasionally leave the crib. Well, I mean, to come here outside of that, though, what do you do? He does things.

He just doesn't tell us. When's the last time you left your house not for this? Sunday. Yeah. You do realize it's Tuesday. So Monday you just came to work and then went home. I went home, yeah. Okay, that's a typical day. Yeah.

That's what I'm saying. But I went out Sunday. Are you going out tonight or are you going home? What's today, Tuesday? Yeah. What's Wednesday? I don't have any plans yet. Okay.

So then now we're on Wednesday. See what my point is? You've got to leave your home.

If I had something to do, Rich, I would leave. Oh, I see. Like, if you say, T.J., you want to come to Nobu Malibu with me, of course I'm going to be like, heck yeah, let's go. Nobu's good. Yeah, I can't do it tonight.

Oh, of course not. We should do a Nobu. We should?

We should do a Nobu. Will you pay for it? Yeah.

Were you really? 100%. I'd pay for it. What do you think?

T.J. knows. I thought you'd be like... No, no, no. He'd be like what? That alligator in the Geico commercial. No, no, no, no. That's this guy. That's this guy. A Prockman? Please, he has plus one, America's plus one on his legs. Remember he lost a bet in, like, the first year of this show, and was it Chris who bought the sports drink but went for, like, the $2 sports drink and a pissed-off Brockman? Back here in the Rich Eisen Show radio network, I'm sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk, furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger is the right product for you.

Call or just stop by. He just won the Open Championship, and he did it and crushed it, and we are thrilled to have here on the Rich Eisen Show a champion, fresh from Royal Liverpool for the first time on this show, Brian Harmon, on the Rich Eisen Show. How you doing, Brian? Fellas, how we doing, man? Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. So where have I found you? Where are you? I am in upstate New York at Skinny Atlas Lake.

Okay. My wife's from Syracuse, and she's been renting a lake house here the last few years, and every now and then I catch a year when I get to come and hang out with them for a little while, but I'm up here now, and I'm dunking it all in, man. Did you bring the... Dunking it in. Is the jug with you?

Is the jug there? It has been... I haven't let it get outside of arm's length since they handed it to me. So it's... Yeah, it's sitting right here next to me.

Is it really? Okay. I can sort of sense it, Brian. I can sort of feel it through the phone.

Yeah. It's got its own aura. Describe it for me. What does it look like to you? What is it?

Very shiny. The intricacies of the engraving are, until you get right up next to it, you can't really... It's hard to appreciate how much handiwork has gone into the thing. So... It's a real piece of art.

It's awesome. Is it like the Stanley Cup, where they replace the bands on it as the years go on? So what's the oldest name and year that's on the jug, Brian? Up here around the lip, I've seen an 1894, 1890... Yeah, 1890. Damn. Damn. That's pretty wild. Wow. 1890. Wow.

Fan... Hopefully, this is Georgia Redneck getting the first one to lose this trophy, God knows how many years. Have you taken a sip of anything out of it yet? Have you done anything like that? I sure have. It'll fit about four pints, we found out at the bar afterwards. It's four pints, but I got it here and we were gonna pour some beer in it last night and my wife looked at it and she's like, oh my gosh, it is so dirty in there, so we're gonna give her a scrubbing this afternoon and then I think we might get by a little bit more this afternoon. Okay.

Did the Royal and Ancient give you cleaning instructions for the claret jug? No, I almost had the same feeling, you know, when I had my first child and they let you leave, you're like, wait, wait, someone's not coming with me? I don't know what to do. They just handed me this case to take it on the airport and just, you know, baptism by fire. I love that. It's a great analogy. I've got three kids because they don't give you a manual when you leave the hospital with your firstborn, Brian.

They don't give it to you. No, and who practices putting, you know, the kid in the damn, in the car seat, you know, you got nurses and everyone's breathing over your neck like, I don't know how to do this. So does the jug have its own seat then?

Did you have to put one in the back of your car facing it away from the driver? I had to check it. I had to make two connections with the checked claret jug and you're just like, well, here we go. What? Wait a minute. You had to check the jug? That's not a carry on item? Come on.

Well, the first plane that I'm on is from Manchester to Amsterdam and it's a little bitty regional jet. There's nowhere to put it. You can't carry it on. The box they give you where the thing has got the, it's like, I think the Stanley cup's got its own carry case that they, I mean, you can't fit it, you can't fit it anywhere. You wouldn't know what it was.

Thank goodness. So then where did you, where did you land in America then? Where did you eventually land? So my route was Manchester, Amsterdam, Amsterdam to Detroit, Detroit to Syracuse.

Okay. So you're at the Syracuse airport standing at baggage claim, hoping the claret jug comes out. Is that what you were saying? Yep. I mean, now, you know, Delta, Delta's great with their bag.

I'm like, Hey, they made it onto the airplane. So I should be coming out here. That's true. Okay. Yeah, you did.

You do get an app update. The claret jug is off. Just sitting there sweating. Brian Harmon, this is amazing. This is amazing. And I think so many, you know, you land in Detroit and you gotta, you gotta get your bag. You gotta clear customs, get your bag. And they're like, Oh, you know, like, you know, are you bringing anything extra home? Like, yeah, I am. You declared the claret jug when you got back to America? So he said, you know, you just kind of, you get like, bring in, bring anything.

I'm like, man, if you only knew it was in the damn bag. Brian Harmon, open champion here on the Rich Eyes and Show. So that, that, that big second round for you, did you wake up feeling any different than any other day or you just, you just had some sort of clarity and obviously you're known for your putting Brian, but this was particularly special on that Friday.

Yeah. I mean, you've really been rounding in the form, you know, everyone sees when you're really successful, but you know, the success happens in the trenches, but I've been, I've been grinding. I've been working, been working my tail off last couple of years, trying to get my game as good as I can for as long as I can, you know, you get to this point in your career, you're like, now I'm 36, haven't won as much as I should have had a lot of top tens.

I've had a great career, but I have not done the things that I want to do. Like I just had like a conscious effort to really buckle down and, and to see what I could do. So I knew that my game was trending, especially the last month or so, um, then just been playing some really good golf. So that, that course, I really, I really enjoyed Hoy Lake.

It was my first open championship back in 2014 and I was really excited to get back this year. So I knew my game was in a good spot, but no, I don't ever wake up, you know, I don't ever wake up like, Oh, today's the day. And it's usually you just get done and you're like, damn, I played pretty good. Do you, do you have those moments in the middle of the round though, um, where you're like, uh, okay, this, the hole is, looks like the ocean right now.

Do you have those thoughts? You don't, it always just seems kind of to be like the by-product where you just, you kind of look up and you're like, well, yeah, I'm four or 500 through 12 holes. And, um, but usually the kiss of death is when you start realizing like how well you're playing. Like, Oh, it's kind of like if you're on a run, you know, in blackjack or something like that, I haven't lost a hand in a while, like, you know, when you guys, when y'all flashed or someone's lining up as an extra point, Oh, this guy missed an extra point in 90 something tries.

I mean, it's like, it's just a death, so it's just good to stay in the moment and execute. And I did a really good job of that last week. Uh, please tell me the story about the heckler on Saturday, uh, after you took that big lead you did the third world, lots of them walk me through that.

If you don't mind. What happened? Um, I played with Fleetwood, he's a local, local guy over there and Fleetwood's a nice Simmons cat here too. The nicest people that you'd ever want to meet, uh, his fans are brutal, man. They were, um, they were rooting him on and I'd make a bogey and they would cheer and, uh, I had guys all day Saturday, um, you know, what the one guy in particular told me, I didn't have the stones to do this, you know, you're, you're going to choke. I heard, I heard, you know, here comes Rory, you know, you're, you're, you're going to choke this, just, just stuff like that. And um, I wasn't overly surprised by it just because I know that, you know, their soccer football culture over there is a lot like our SBC football culture. So it's, they're very passionate, you know, and, uh, it was, it was, it was a tough environment, but I, I, I tried to treat it kind of like a road game, you know, hostile environment. And um, I knew that if I could withstand the, the, uh, the onslaught, you know, at some point, like this is just going to be about the golf and, um, it's going to be about my execution and that's all that matters. But did it kind of snap you into, um, a little bit more focus or, or what from that third round?

If they wanted me to play worse, they should have been really nice to me. I like it. You've been killing me with kindness.

I like it. Brian Harmon here on the Rich Eyes. All right, let's talk about fans of yours and one of whom, uh, I am a fan of or, or, and have been for a long time and was, he is now dearly departed, uh, Norm McDonald, the comedian, uh, a few years ago, Brian, um, tweeted about you and about how golf announcers frequently always have to talk about you, uh, mentioning your height. Have you noticed commentators cannot talk about Brian Harmon overdue to when he wrote parenthetically without mentioning height and then you wrote back not every day that a comedy legend sticks up for you. Thanks Norm. And then Norm, uh, a couple of days later, I guess finally saw that cause he tweeted about golf all the time. Like he was live tweeting golf nonstop. And then he responded to you saying he loves watching you. You have it all, you can hit it a mile, feather it around the greens, but what will win your majors.

The masters likely being your first is your easy perfection with the blade respect. He called you winning a major. Yeah. So, so cool. So my wife and I are huge standup Canadian fans. Whenever we're finding ourselves in New York, we always hit up comedy seller. Uh, we're always around the village under, I mean, we just, we love it.

Um, we, we go to several comedy shows every year. Um, so I, I knew Norm McDonald through his work and was very appreciative of his work. I didn't know he was a golf fan until someone pointed out like, Hey man, like get normal Donald's sticking up for you. You know, I think he was getting after a guy, this Robert Damron that was announcing and he was like, man, why are you guys always bringing up this guy's height?

What's he got to do? And it's like, damn, thanks bud. I appreciate that. It is annoying. It's like, uh, it's, it's, it's, it's an odd, um, it doesn't happen as much in other sports. You know, you hear about Altuve, but they never be like, well, five foot six, you know, shortstop Altuve. It's just, you know, Altuve, the shortstop, it's just, it's an odd, it's an odd dynamic that we have. Um, but I certainly appreciated that.

I appreciate Norm and, and, um, I know a lot of people have found a lot of his comedy after his passing, but man, what a, what a genius that guy was. No doubt, no doubt about it. Well now you're open champion Brian Harmon, so it doesn't matter. You know, I mean, that's how you, that's how you're measured by that open champion. No, that's, uh, I'll just leave it at open champions. So now that you've won the open, have the Saudis called you now, Brian, have they reached out to you?

No, no, I haven't, I haven't heard from them. Um, I just, man, I'm, I'm, I'm so happy I play golf for the, I play golf for the trophies. I don't, you know, I, I don't like that golf has been fractured. I hope that we can, you know, figure this thing out and I'll get back together. Uh, there's, it's, it's very nuanced, it's very intricate, it's very, very complicated. Um, and it just, what bums me out is that going forward, there are going to be, every time there's a negotiation or any store, there's always going to be winners and there's always going to be losers.

And I just hope that through all this, that more people win than lose. And that's, that's, that's, so did the live tour ever reach out to you at any point in time? No, never did.

I never talked to him. And then, you know, we're always, we're always wondering in the media, you know, how it plays amongst the players. Do you guys talk about it?

Like quiet moments in the locker room or out and about or on the range or just never at all? Yeah. Yeah. It's been a fascinating, uh, story in golf for the last couple of years. So yeah, I mean, we've, I've spoken, um, with countless tour players and countless live players that I played, played about six holes of Brooks Koepka last week. And everyone's got a different, a different taste and a different mindset about it. You know, there's, there's guys that turned down lots of money. There's guys that left, there's guys that stayed this and everyone's got their own unique, um, viewpoint on it. So I just think it's really important to, to just respect everyone's, you know, opinion. And yeah, I'll try to take, I've just tried to listen to everybody's opinions.

I've got my own opinions and, but I'm, I'm, I'm just trying to be as open-minded and, and, uh, hear everybody out as best I can. Brian Harmon here on the Rich Eisen Show. Okay. So, uh, it is safe to assume you are a Georgia Bulldog fan, Brian?

University of Georgia, 2009. Yes, sir. Okay. So what do you think about a possible three-peat here, Brian, what are you thinking? I think, I think that, I think they've got the team for it. I think it has come down to whether they can find the, these last two teams have been blessed with some upperclassmen that were incredible leaders that you're almost, you know, real coaches on the field. There was a lot of accountability and I think that's just, that's the way Kirby Smart built the team. And I think history is the best, you know, predictor of the future.

And if he can get those guys to play and buy in like they've done the last couple of years at, you know, who knows, you could have some special team somewhere that just comes out of, out of nowhere, has the perfect concoction of players, but I, I can surely say that Georgia will be a handful for whoever they play. I mean, they always are. There's no doubt about it. You know, I mean, does that make you a Philadelphia Eagle fan now since they, that's the path now, I mean, for them?

Yeah. I love the, I love the, I grew up a Falcons fan, I would say more of a college, more of a college fan, but I've got ties to a lot of teams now, all the dogs playing at Philly and then my wife is from up here at Syracuse, so, you know, kind of a Buffalo Bills kind of sneaky fan by proxy. I love their passion. I love the way that they get after it, so I'm more of a casual NFL fan. I watch a lot of games, but my, I guess, I guess my team loyalty is kind of up in, up in the air.

I've got a few teams I pull on. Okay. Beautiful. Hey, Brian, I think the reason why your, your championship has captured so many people is you just strike me as just a regular dude who's really good at golf and, and, and I think a lot of people feel that way and are, have just was thrilled to watch you go out there and crush it and have your moment and hope that there's more to come.

Like Norm Macdonald's used the word majors, plural. I hope that for you, truly. So congrats. Let's just roll with that. I like that.

Absolutely. And you know, let's, let's just not, let's not do this check bag thing anymore. You know what I mean?

Like that's, that's, that's the goal, I think. No more check bags. Why are you so nervous? Why are you so nervous, man? I wasn't nervous. I figured I'd get there. It's in a nondescript bag.

I mean, you would, you would have to go through every bag to find it. Okay. All right. I'm just, I'm glad. And so I guess it's not like it's, it's not like it's got like a big sign that says Eclair Jug. One of the most valuable pieces of, of I guess silver in the history of sports is right in there. So, and your name's on it. Congratulations.

It must be a mind blowing thing to see your name etched in it with something, you know, as old as you've just described. It's pretty cool, man. Congrats. Thank you so much. I appreciate y'all having me. Absolutely. Let's do this more often. Thank you.

Brian Harmon. We'll be, we'll be in touch. Congrats. Yes, sir. Thank you. You bet. That's Brian Harmon, open champion right here on the Rich Eisen Show.

How about that? I mean, he's not checking that thing, man. I'll be, I'll check the box, but I'll take the jug out, walk on there and I'll say, you know, fill it up, but his wife is looking in there and go, wait a minute, that's a cobweb from when Sam Snead was there.

Sam Snead. But alcohol clean most of the, you know, disinfect most of the stuff. I'm sure you, no, I'm not saying that you can't clean it, but. You know, that's fine. It's not in the shot that Jack couldn't, you know, blow in the Ray Floyd cobwebs out of it. I don't know.

I mean, I don't know if they won the open. I have no idea. Rich, I'm sitting there listening to it thinking that dude could go on and do like a one man show. That's funny.

He's a great, funny storyteller. Dude, just standing there at the, you know, we used to play the bag game. Oh, always.

Yeah. The bag game. When we were doing Thursday night.

Thursday Night Football was amazing. Put in a bean, you know, like you got about like eight bucks right there and whoever's bag came out first and people were like, but you know, you flew first class and they got that tag. It means nothing. Nope. It means nothing.

Priority tag. Nope. I've won that like two or three times.

I mean, Brockman and Feller when we were coming home from the Emmys at LAX, just like our whose bags coming out first. Did you do it? Did you do it?

Best. We said we were going to bet money, but you know, we didn't. The priority bagging changed out a little, Rich. Priority bagging in my United. It doesn't mean anything.

It means nothing. I come out quick. I come out quick. Well.

No. But just think, you're just, your heart's beating. Yeah, you're waiting. You're sweating. You're just waiting for it. The climate jug's in there. You know what I mean?

And it's just like, okay. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. So he said he flew from Manchester to Amsterdam. So that's one. One flight.

But he said that was like the smaller. Hold on a second. So that's two conveyor belts it went on. It went on a conveyor belt to get in the plane and then off the plane. And then a third conveyor belt to get on the plane to Detroit. And then a fourth conveyor belt to come off.

And then a fifth conveyor belt to get on from Detroit to Syracuse. Yeah, you got a lot of, you got margin error coming, like there's a lot of, yeah. That's a six shot hole.

Yeah. That's a double bogey. There's a great chance that you've never seen anything. You may never see anything.

That was the last time he'd taken six shots in one single hole. I wouldn't. That thing's coming with me. That's sitting between my legs. Well, you know you could check the box. The box. But I'm taking the jug out.

You can use a box. Who cares? That thing's sitting right in between my legs.

Right here. But I guess that's why he's good. He's got the cool of like standing over a putt. Oof. I'll jar it. I don't care. Check, check the jug. Check the jug.

Check the jug. That's what I told him. No more, no more check baggage. You know what that means. The three most beautiful letters in aviation, FBO. Yeah, I mean, if Phil had won and he wasn't checking bags through Amsterdam to Detroit to Syracuse.

No, no, no. Netjets. He's just hopping on the flying J or whatever the hell it's called he's doing right now with his capes. And also, wasn't he?

And he's flying, he's flying, he's flying straight in. At 36, isn't he like the oldest golfer to win his first major? Was that? I don't know.

You've got the Google machine right there. I believe that was the case. But man, he was.

There you go. That was a funny interview, man. Oh, it was fun. He's a funny guy. 844-204-RICH number to dial right here on the Rich Eisen Show. We'll set up shop for our friend Mike Florio coming up.

In between, I've got mail from Mike Del Tufo. Wait till you see what we're opening up live next on the Rich Eisen Show. Give me your favorite story, whether it involves Rodney Dangerfield or Ted Knight, who I think is a comic genius, anything that was ad-libbed with Chevy Chase, Bill Murray, obviously.

Give me your favorite story. You know, Bill was just taking off. He had just booked Saturday Night Live, Meatballs was in the can, it wasn't even out yet.

It was only a second film. None of his dialogue was written. So when he showed up and he did that Cinderella story about winning the Masters or looping for the Dalai Lama, he wrote it with Harold's kind of help editing right there on the spot. So his genius was evident even back then. Chevy had already done Fletch, which I loved, and I also saw him do National Lampoon's Lemmings down in the West Village when I was a kid, which was an amazing knockoff of Woodstock that National Lampoon did. Ted, like you, I was a huge fan of his from Mary Tyler Moore, and Rodney Dangerfield was my dad's favorite comedian. We used to watch him on Ed Sullivan. First day on the set, I go and I say hi to Rodney and I smile and say hello, and he goes, oh, kid, your teeth are terrible. My nephew's a dentist.

Maybe I can set you up and help you out. And I'm like, oh, thanks, Rodney. That's great. Let's go on camera together. So he kind of reads me and he goes, ah, don't worry about it. He goes, Florida, huh?

It's like a sauna with nets. Always on. Always on. Any, so did, anything else ad libbed from you or from? Oh, you know, that famous, you know, do you do drugs, Denny, every day? That was a, you know, that's made it onto a few t-shirts. That was definitely an ad lib.

Okay. Most of Chevy, like when Chevy did that knockoff of the $6 million man sound when he was making all those putts. I didn't even know what he was going to do until he started doing it.

So I just, you know, it was all I could do to keep a straight face. Happy 43rd anniversary to Caddyshack, 43 years ago today in 1980 in theaters near you. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show, 844-204-rich number to dial, Caddyshack turns 43 today. I've had a dollar for every time I've watched that movie.

That movie is like. When was the last time you've seen Caddyshack? In the last month for me.

Really? Yeah. Couple years. Oh, it's been a while. I watch, I probably watch Caddyshack four times a year minimum. It's a remote drop. It's one, yeah. It holds up, you know, there are some scenes that drag a little bit, you know, the moments with Lacey underalls, the. Her moments do not drag. Those were, I remember 1980, I was 11.

Okay. At this date, well, no, I was, yeah, at this day, I was 11 years old in 1980 and I just remember the first time I saw her on screen, I'm like, this is the greatest movie ever. How am I going to get to see it? And I finally got to see, I don't remember the first time I saw it. It's probably like on Wometco, WHD, the movie network, the box you'd flip a switch and you'd get to see there.

We had HBO and then, and then Wometco was the second one, WHD. So you seem like you were going to say you were disappointed once you know, no, no, no, no, no. But I, a lot of the jokes is as an 11 year old went straight over my head, you know?

Yeah. You know, like the, the Bill Murray, I just characterized that was just weird. And then I grew up and started to get the humor of it, start, you know, you'll get. And then honestly, my, my, I loved Rodney Dangerfield and, and he was my favorite character until later in life and the number of times I've watched it over and over and over again. Ted Knight is Judge Smales, just steals the movie.

Judge Smales steals the movie. The world needs ditch tickers too, like all of his lines. I want a cheeseburger. You'll get nothing and like it. It's easy to grin when your ship comes in and you've got the stock market, Pete. I mean all of it, Danny, do you stand for goodness or badness?

I'd like to come mow my lawn. I mean all of it. He is the best character in that movie. Hands down. I like Rodney. Rodney's my guy. I love Rodney.

When he's asking Ty when he's shot, he goes, I don't keep score. Well, how do you judge yourself against other golfers? By height. By height. So, you know, it, it stands up. It stands up.

I'd like to come over and mow my lawn. 33 years ago today and check out our YouTube page. We just showed in our Roku channel only segment.

Michael O'Keefe came on during the pandemic and he plays Danny Noonan. I've sentenced boys younger than you to the gas station. Exactly. It's just, oh my gosh. I want to do it.

I felt I owed it to them. Oh my gosh. Truly unbelievable.

And him and Rodney tangible, like anytime those two are just going to add it. It's just classic written by Harold Ramis as well, who folks will definitely know by face from Ghostbusters, you know, look what I have here, everybody in my hand, I'll cover it up. It is. It is.

I can confirm Mike Del Tufo's home address from here. You handed it to me unopened, unopened, rich, uh, no, no date by which, uh, you received this. It's past been a little, but what it is, it is your shareholders missive from the Green Bay Packers sees your ownership lock in your vote. So I guess you're voting for the board of directors.

Is that what it is? Yeah. I'm opening it now. I'm here. And for those on the radio, you can hear, I literally just opened it and I have opened it and it's got a letter, a letter comes with it and it's like, oh yeah, it's, it's, it's a ballot. Okay. Also it is a letter from, it's dated June, 2023 dear shareholders.

It's always from Mark H Murphy. Um, just saying, looking forward to hosting you, my invited yesterday, Monday, July 4th at Lambeau field, the meeting will take place rain or shine. Um, we know not every one of our nearly 540,000 share, I mean, wow, 540,000, it's a small group. It's not a small group. That's an insane amount of that. How much money did you spend on your membership? Why do I think they were two 50 a piece? Do the math to 50 do the math twice every NFL team, if they could do this, would do this.

Oh yeah. Can you just do the math for me, what two 50 times 540 is? Let's see. That's what the Packers are making off of their fans and you, you're not even a Packer fan. 540,000, but it's got with, to me it was a 540,000 times 250. My calculator just went to E like 3.37. I mean that's a nice chunk of change. That's that's like what, you know, I think it's more than that. Oh yeah. 540,000 times.

It's called a calculator. Hang on. I'm doing it rich.

135 million. Yes. Okay. There you go. And uh, here you are a date and place and time and voting by proxy, which you didn't do. No, I know.

I don't. You're out. You didn't even, your, your voice didn't even count. That's what they love about you. You're giving your 250 and then you don't do anything. You don't, you don't show up.

They don't have to feed you. Well, wait, wait, you had more than one share, so I paid 500 at least or yeah, three. So you paid. No, I had two. I never got the third one.

I didn't get the new one. So you don't even know, you don't even know. By the way, one of the nominees for the election of directors is Leroy, Leroy Butler, who's by the way, his occupation spokesman, Kroger slash pick and save. He's definitely come up with some picks. That's for sure. Um, okay.

Just looking at this list here. Continuing directors is a whole bunch of people. Oh, other matters to be acted upon at the meeting.

Yeah. They have like a whole agenda. They give you all my goodness, Mike, and you missed it, man.

What kind of team, if they had all you can eat cheese curds, I'd go, you know, they probably you wouldn't go care where Butler's bio suggests, say hall of fame. And then here's just the, the, the ballot. That doesn't mean anything. I'm holding a ballot. You missed a date, Mike. He did. He didn't even, I, you can even when I was busy, you can even phone in your vote.

Oh, you have no excuse. You're the king of phoning it in. Yeah. So this is what it is. Folks, when you're wondering what is it like to be a shareholder to the green Bay Packers, they send you this and you ignore it if you're Mike, and then you just leave it sitting there by your, your Olaf mugs and don't even go like, Oh, wait a minute.

There's this right here. Here's your tickets. You get four tickets, nothing. Is this how you treat your local election mail? Thank you for being a green Bay Packers shareholder exclamation point.

You don't do anything for nothing except give them your money. I did it for football. So you people come to your house and go, look, I've got that thing framed. It's on the wall.

It's awesome. Really have it framed. Yes. I'm sure he does.

Yeah. In your home office, in the home office, will you bring it here? I'll bring it in. I'll bring it in. Bring it in here.

We'll have it hanging up. I think it's better. I think it's better to be here than your home. If you don't mind.

I mean, you're here a lot. Yeah. It's a cool piece of, it's a cool piece of, cause it says the amount I paid. It has the price. We have a Packer fan in studio.

You know, actor, actress, whatever. Sign it. No, no, no. Sign it. Just take a look at it. And they'll be like, oh cool. And then hand it back to me.

There's 540,000. That's it. What do you get for it?

You get an annual invitation to something you don't go to in an envelope you don't open. Well done. And the Packers cash your check. Well done, Mike.

Unreal. Would you like this back or should I just throw it out? No, no, no, no. I'll take it.

I'll take it. Oh, they pay for it. By the way, they pay for the stamps.

He had no excuse. You don't have to. You don't even have to stamp it. There's nothing you have to do. You don't even have to stamp it. Just open it. Pen the paper.

I was busy when it came to my hand. I forgot. I normally send them back. No, you don't. I bet you he's never sent one back. The first year I got it. Oh, honesty.

The first year I got it. Which is? I don't know how many years ago.

She stopped voting. Yeah. This is suspect.

This whole story is suspect. No, I did it once. I did it once. Way back when Eddie Lacy was running free for his Packers.

Before that, Prep Farm was definitely running free. When was the last time? When did you become a shareholder? When did the first time they sold them?

Like within the last? You don't even know. You don't even know how long you've been a shareholder. It doesn't say shareholders. And by the way, it doesn't say how long you've been a shareholder. They don't even keep track.

The only thing they keep track of is your cash. Once. I did it once. I actually gave the gift. I gave one of them to a friend.

Here's a hint. Don Michalski was still quarterback when Mike bought in. So you don't have to renew every year? It's a one time?

No, one time. One and done. Okay. All right. So there you go. But it's a cool piece of like memorabilia.

I dude, there is no, I mean, I shouldn't say no greater because obviously people are biased. One of the most internationally known brands from a small, if you will, market team. The Green Bay Packers. I mean, world known, world renowned. You've got something on the wall.

Great airport. We've got a part owner. I just wish you would treat your membership responsibilities a little bit more stringent.

Spog and get your foot off the boat. How wrestling really works and how you get the ratings. Eric Bischoff and Conrad Thompson explain on 83 weeks. Collision has been struggling a little bit out of the gate with these ticket sales. A little bit out of the gate. This was a major show announced on a major network with what everybody thought was this huge star CM Punk. I said he was going to be the biggest financial flop in wrestling history and I think I'm being proven right every minute of the day. 93 weeks on YouTube or wherever you listen.
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