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REShow: Tom Pelissero - Hour 3

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July 14, 2023 5:09 pm

REShow: Tom Pelissero - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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July 14, 2023 5:09 pm

NFL Insider Tom Pelissero and Rich discuss DT’s like the Jets Quinnen Williams inking huge contracts, if we’ll see training camp holdouts from the Giants Saquon Barkley and the Raiders Josh Jacobs, when we can expect Joe Burrow to sign his next contract extension, if the devaluation of NFL running backs is just a passing trend or here to stay as a business principle, and more.

Rich and the guys discuss if Baltimore Ravens WR Odell Beckham Jr, who hasn’t played an NFL Down in 20 months, deserves to be paid more next season than New York Giants RB Saquon Barkley. 

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What is it about the running back position? This is the Rich Eisen Show. That seemingly fight for value in a way that other positions have not been forced to.

Awesome. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Let's compare if I'm looking at some of the backup receivers out here that are still making more than me and I'm the starter I get more carries I touch the ball more I have more of an impact that's going to piss me off. Earlier on the show five-time World Series Champion David Cohen. ESPN NFL analyst Damian Woody. Coming up NFL Network insider Tom Pelissero.

And now it's Rich Eisen. Ah yes everybody welcome to hour number three of the Rich Eisen Show here on this Friday the final week before training camps begin to open. Next week the Jets report.

Yeah baby and so does Hard Knocks. The NFL films cameras will be there. It's gonna be great.

That's next week though. We've got ourselves a fun third hour to get to after two great conversations that we had Damian Woody of ESPN and hour number two talking about the old days the Jets Hard Knocks and obviously he had an interesting comment about who he thinks would be really good in the NFC that we're not talking about. He said the Packers. Hour number one we had David Cohen on the program. He didn't he didn't stutter when I said it's the best team you've seen all year long because he does Sunday night games and Yankee games for yes and he said it's the Braves.

He said there's not even a close second. How about them apples right there? They're really good.

Uh-huh. So if you missed any of that don't worry. Certainly if you're watching on Roku right now we re-air in as soon as this hour is over. Re-air throughout the rest of the weekend until we come back on on Monday.

So 844-204-rich number to dial here in hour number three joining us at the top of this third hour. Oh by the way we heard from Suze on the plane as she's getting ready to take off for the east coast. Elbow and people out the way. Yeah well she said people were elbowing her out of the way. Ain't nobody elbowing. Nobody has a people's elbow quite like my wife.

She's throwing them bows like ludicrous. Uh and uh so uh let's hear from another frequent guest host of this program my colleague from the NFL media group Tom Pelissaro. Tommy B. How you doing Tom? I'm doing great Rich. How are you? How are the fellas in the studio? Hey Tom! Hello Tom. What's up brother? It's like Norm. Norm walking into Cheers over here.

That's our man right there. Gotta wait for it. Tom when you go to training camps what's your schedule looking like?

What do you got? What's happening? Good question Rich. Maybe you can get me some answers on that. Wait a minute are you saying wait a minute are you saying there's communication are you saying there's communication are you saying there's communication problems within the NFL network?

That's like gambling going on in Casablanca. What? Okay all right.

I think it's I won't say communication issues Rich. I'll just say um I eagerly await to know what my schedule is going to be. What I do know is that uh back together weekend I will be in Cincinnati for the second straight year with the Bengals and I'm hoping to break one of I think it has to be one of the strangest NFL media greeks which will now be the third year of formerly back together Saturday now back together weekend and I am 0 for 2 on getting my big scheduled interview at the site I am at. Okay. Because two years ago I was with the Vikings we're supposed to get Kirk Cousins who tested positive for COVID that day over close contact I believe at that time close contact for COVID so he was out and then last year Joe Burrow he had the appendectomy that knocked him out as well so I'm not warning Joe Burrow that I'm coming back I'm hoping much like you don't talk to a picture in the middle of the no-hitter I'm just hoping we kind of coast through here and if it's Joe that's showing up that uh there's no medical issues and we're right well maybe uh the fact that you haven't gotten your schedule is just the NFL network uh communicating with the health and safety people at the NFL saying we're just not going to send Tom anywhere you know it could be just a health and safety issue that's what we're talking about right here Tom so I covered I covered all those memos a little bit too closely for everyone's comfort they're worried that I may spot something no I don't I don't think it's that but uh listen we're gonna from what I understand we're gonna be going you know all day like we have in the past two hosting sites and tons of great guests it'll be uh be a lot of fun okay uh second straight time we've had Tom Pelissero on the show driving around it appears uh is are are you uh are you gonna go play golf with uh with Garofolo and any in this or you know no we're where have I found you I'm actually I am stationary at the moment I'm sitting in a parking lot because I have a haircut immediately after this I want to make sure I'm you know like I can't be late for that okay so if you are stationary would you mind taking me off of bluetooth and just having a conversation through the phone is that possible can we do that I didn't realize we were having oh he's right next to us it's like he's back in the chair wow it's like he's back in the chair there we go all right now that we've established this man is hands-free all good um so uh what's the scoop and I know fans might not sort of care about the business of the NFL and contracts and things of that nature but it does play into the um you know readiness of a player to be all in focus and things like that and get there um how how did Chris Jones handle the Quinnen Williams news yesterday do you think Tom Pellisano I would imagine a great deal of celebration as there has been throughout this entire off season for defensive tackles because one after another they've gotten paid you know I was talking with this we're talking about this with someone earlier today when we're talking about so much on you know the running back being market being crushed and why that's occurring and why it can't seem to come back well the defensive tackle market is a perfect example of how much that we can talk philosophy we can talk football all those things but individual contract precedent is really important to how these things play out last year was the Rams had to convince Aaron Donald to not retire they gave him a monster contract at somewhere around 29 million dollars per year on his extension the next highest paid defensive tackle was significantly less than that and so one after another all these other you know really good detackles between Jeff Simmons and Deron Payne now Quinnen Williams there have been others through the course this off season they're all getting up in that 22 23 and Quinn Williams case 24 million dollar type of market it also simplified some things too when all those guys signed four-year extensions so that took the the length of the deal kind of out of the conversation with Quinnen Williams it was just a matter of was it going to get above Jeff Simmons contract it ended up doing that at 24 million dollars per year it's a big guarantee for Quinnen Williams and if he plays like he did last season rich your jets will be very happy with that investment absolutely so walk me through the franchise tag um drama that is setting up for this weekend here um and and how you see each one playing out if you don't mind Tom what do you got for me walk me through it here I would say right now and we're still what 74 hours roughly out from the deadline here currently say though at this moment in time I would be surprised if Tony Pollard has an extension by Monday I would be surprised if Josh Jacobs has an extension by Monday Evan Ingram the Jaguar's tight end that one could still go either way I mean the tight end market nobody talks about that everyone talks about the running back so the tight end market has been in rough shape too nobody got paid really in free agency and you know the the tag number keeps getting driven down where it becomes a little bit more team friendly to keep those guys but we'll see how that one plays out and then Saquon I think is you know in my mind it's a coin flip right now of the running backs he clearly has the best chance I believe to get something done because they've been negotiating for about nine months now on and off there have been different structures discussed there have been different types of guarantees incentives and everything else Saquon's going to have to make you know ultimately the decision here of whether he wants to at a position that as we all know to depreciates quickly go year to year and roll the dice or whether he takes the best offer that's on the table from the Giants from 4 p.m eastern time on Monday and remember the Daniel Jones contract went down to like 10 minutes before that deadline if any team is going to you know walk the line on that thing it's going to be the Giants they got to get it done a little bit sooner in this case because you know there's paperwork to be filed and things like that because there is a hard cutoff for the league at 4 p.m eastern time on Monday but that's the one that I think you know we'll certainly be watching through the course this weekend and into Monday I know the Giants don't want to lose them I know John Mera doesn't want to lose them I believe based on everything that I know that Saquon wants to be a giant the question is about the value at a position that increasingly has been getting devalued and again Saquon's going to have to make the ultimate decision is he willing to roll the dice make 10 million dollars this year or potentially not or you know with all the services which is the best leverage you have but you know the problem is the franchise tag players once you get past 4 p.m Monday you're not allowed to do a multi-year deal and so holding out into the season all that really accomplishes is you know taking about six seven hundred grand a week out of your pocket yeah because you can't sit there and say I'll come in from the cold if you give me the long-term deal I'm looking for and you're not able to based on the collectively bargain rules of the National Football League and earlier Tom you know we do our segment on Friday what's more likely Chris asked me what's more likely or who's more likely to be out there week one for their team Saquon or Josh Jacobs I said Saquon would you agree with that assessment right now right now I would agree with that that Saquon is more likely to be on the field than Josh Jacobs you know with Jacobs he's the NFL's leading rusher he played through a lot of injuries last season he's also a player the new regime with the Raiders last year declined his fifth year option you know he had to prove that he was worth keeping for 10 million dollars plus you also have to look at the structure that the Raiders have done on a lot of their contracts there have not been full guarantees even in the second year and so what does the long-term contract offer look like for Josh Jacobs in Las Vegas I don't I mean put it this way I don't know that it's even on the level of what Saquon Barkley is being offered which is not getting the deal done with the Giants and so you know with Jacobs I said it on this show whatever that was a few weeks ago I would do not expect him to show up for training camp and I don't know if he shows up for week one have to see how it plays out you mentioned those collective bargaining rules the one thing you can do and I'm really not aware of this happening but the one thing you can do after July 17th is negotiate a one-year deal for more money obviously if you start missing games it's hard to go back to the team and say okay now I want all the money but only for 14 games but that would be the one potential thing that could happen I just don't know if there's a lot of appetite for either of those teams we're talking about to do a deal like that Tom Pelissero my colleague from NFL Network NFL media group talking from his car before getting his very famous haircut right here on this Friday program um so the Burrow contract a lot of folks that I speak to think the Herbert contract is going to be somewhat conventional with terms dollars and whatever but Burrow's contract might be particularly inventive what are you hearing on that front here Tom as far as I know there's nothing imminent on Joe Burrow um I do think that just given how the Bengals have traditionally structured their contracts there's an acknowledgement they have to do some things differently whether that's selling naming rights to the stadium or reworking veteran contracts which they haven't done a whole lot or potentially you're you know making guarantees in the future years which is something they're one of the only teams along with the Steelers and most recently the Raiders who have not done full guarantees on most if not all contracts into the second year so you know with Joe Burrow he's never getting cut and so it's not about the guarantees it's about cash flow it's about money um so one way that you could potentially work around this is okay if we're not going to get a fully guaranteed contract for Joe Burrow which you know for a lot of organizations that would kind of be the starting point but this is the Bengals we're talking about here if we're not going to get a fully guaranteed contract then we just want more money over the life of the deal because he's going to get it anyway you know is that number 55 million dollars is that number 60 million dollars I don't know I'm not in those conversations but I would tell you it is going to be a sizable contract certainly I would anticipate he's got a very good and tough agent Brian Arol who I'm sure has explored everything in terms of different options and what's permissible here he's also you know an agent who will go to the wall on these things for his clients so you know this I don't know that it's going to be I wouldn't say a difficult negotiation but it's certainly not an easy one and I don't get any sense right now that we're going to you know wake up tomorrow and find out that Joe Burrow's time for the long haul Tom Pelissaro here on the Rich Eisen Show um time frame on Dalvin, Cook and DeAndre Hopkins is now rubber begins to meet road with opening training camps coming up next week and beyond I would think that DeAndre Hopkins is on a roster just my opinion I believe he'll be on a roster before the start of training camp he doesn't want to show up halfway through and try to microwave chemistry with a new quarterback and a new offense and just kind of figure it out even though he does that familiarity with the two places that have shown the most interest that he visited with Bill O'Brien in New England and Tim Kelly along with Mike Grable in Tennessee he knows that you know if this he's going to use this year to kind of you know vault his career after a couple of years marred by injuries and the suspension he's got to get the work in so I think the timeline for DeAndre Hopkins is probably prior to the start of training camp but Dalvin Cook I don't know that that same level of urgency exists I mean you talk about the teams that are in on him I think they're all pretty well documented I mean the Dolphins certainly would like him to end up back home in Miami the Jets I mean Dalvin and Woody Johnson follow each other on Twitter if that's not the most 2023 thing outside of saying they follow each other on threads I don't know what is so that's certainly a possibility the Patriots the Broncos depending on the price you know all those teams are potentially in on it here but I think that for all these running backs you know as well as some of those other guys who might be looking at extensions or trying to get something done before the start of the season when you're you're looking at a Jonathan Taylor in Indianapolis for instance it makes a lot of sense to see how things play out with all the franchise tag guys on Monday see if anybody gets a deal done see what the value of that contract is and then to sort of be able to react if necessary to the marketplace I think that the other thing Rich is we're just talking about the running back system in such a topic is you are getting to that point where because guys are not getting the top level contracts unless you're Christian McCaffrey and you know Dalvin Cook signed a really big contract three years ago so did Alvin Kamara but most running backs are kind of in the same neighborhood in terms of money you have to wonder if you're some of these second or third year guys and you might be banged up or you might be coming off an injury what's your incentive to play all 17 games what's your incentive to push yourself back out onto the field I mean take you know JK Dobbins for instance who was not at minicamp there were some questions about that it was attributed to a injury related issue JK Dobbins I want to say is do 1.3 million dollars this season he was as productive as any back in the NFL down the stretch last season and that was without Lamar Jackson as his quarterback if you're JK Dobbins and you get you know you twist your ankle in week one are you pushing yourself back out there knowing that even if you have a massive season in your contract year like Josh Jacobs and Saquon Barkley you're not getting top dollar I think that that business side of it really is going to play in and obviously some guys are going to be wired a little bit differently and they're going to push through anything because that's what they want to do because other guys are going to look at this as business people and say you know eventually when we get into the negotiation if I have not enough carries because I've been hurt you're going to use that against me but if I got too many carries you're going to say well you've got too much mileage on you it's a really delicate type of a balance here and I do think that that's going to be a topic of conversation among the running backs a lot of these guys work out together they stay in touch with one another if you're battling injuries you really have to wonder are these guys going to you know make sure that they're out there on Sundays knowing that even if they have the best year and the healthiest year in a contract year it still might not mean that they get paid top dollar spectacular point Tom because it sounds like running backs are getting desperate and and that's not a negative connotation I'm talking about they see the writing on the wall they are reading the room we had Austin Eckler on yesterday he's saying if I if I'm making less than the third you know the number three wide receiver it pisses me off and they do not see the way out they don't see the guy although they're hoping it's Saquon or Josh Jacobs that busts down the wall and pushes the market back north again they don't see somebody doing that they see more and more guys coming out of college and they see more and more guys kind of like Eckler used to be who can take the jobs of the veterans or deflate the market appropriately at the position so if somebody tries what you just put out there on the table I wouldn't I wouldn't be surprised or or you know criticize them for it Tom it's also about you know the proliferation of the outside zone scheme where you know with the success of guys like Sean McBain Kyle Shanahan more and more teams are running that style of offense which historically has been more about the scheme and the line than it's been about the back I mean you go back into the the 90s pre-Terrell Davis with the Broncos and that was always what it was which was just kind of plug and play different people and no matter who it was he's going to run from 1500 yards well why in that case then would you not just draft a couple guys every year hope one of them works out I mean look at the number of different running backs who have been productive for Kyle Shanahan through the years in San Francisco that's that's certainly a piece of it you know there have been backs in the past of course who historically have gotten paid I mean Adrian Peterson back in 2011 I want to say got like 12 million dollars a year and there's like three guys or two guys now who are even making that 12 years later in 2011 the highest paid player in the NFL was Aaron Rodgers at I believe 22 million dollars per year highest paid quarterbacks now are 50 plus the running back market has actually gone down in the past decade or so or 12 years since the 2011 collective bargaining agreement I mean I've heard some of the you know the creative types of ideas about making running backs eligible to sign earlier and and things like that realistically besides the fact that it's baked into the CBA how this works already but realistically they're not going to just carve something out for running backs here you just have to wonder have the days of a Derrick Henry style workforce who is going to be the focal point of the offense passed by a little bit because these things risk tend to be cyclical and as much as we look at it right now and it's oh man there's so much outside zone and teams use three different backs 10 years from now we might be all gapped back to gap scheme and power and it's the big 240 pound back again I mean it's possible that could swing that direction here but that doesn't help the guys right now who are trying to get paid and trust me they are all looking at one another they're all looking around at the marketplace here they don't know exactly what to do I would also say and this is you know listen I'm not going to criticize Le'Veon Bell but the one guy who tried this the one guy who turned out an offer that I reported at the time I mean think about this relative to what the numbers we're talking about now Le'Veon Bell on the deal he turned down and I want to say it was 2017 might have been 2018 because they did that a couple of times was 30 million over two about 42 million over three he wanted 17 million a year to get paid like in between the number two receiver and the starting running back he turned that down he sat out a year he you know played one year on the tag sat on another year got great he got like I want to say 30 million or so guaranteed from the Jets but then that was the end of his career and he was never quite the same player after taking that time off does Josh Jacobs or even a Saquon Barkley try it and just say I'm gonna be healthy I'm gonna take a year of mileage off my body and I'll sit out you want to tag me again next year go for it it's possible but there's a pretty recent cautionary tale on that that it might not ultimately be the best thing for your career your earning power of your life and it gave James Connor a chance and it showed like okay so the number two guy on the depth chart might be just as effective as the first and certainly more cost effective and fascinating stuff Tom send us a picture from from the the chair of your hair stylist if you if you don't mind if you want to share okay I'll do I'll do it before she starts trimming so we're not I don't have the iPhone covered in here okay very good very good be careful thanks for the call Tom greatly appreciate it great food for thought there you go there's Tom Pozzaro again you know we've been hunting and pecking for the answer here about what's going on with the running back market from Christian McCaffrey calling in a few weeks ago and Austin Eckler yesterday and Miles Sanders a couple of weeks ago and there's another piece of the puzzle right there the way that offenses are run makes running backs more fungible replaceable makes kids come out of college more effective and thus cost effective started with as he said the Broncos championship teams back in the 90s the Olandis garying of the NFL Mike Anderson remember that all those guys Clint Portis got in there too and Terrell Davis was the obvious bell cow and then he got hurt and they're like okay let's put this guy in let's put this guy in let's put this guy in let's put this guy in that's why whenever you know TD and I would get into a little pushback argument having some fun you know getting his goat calling him a system running back I think he once called me a system host in return one time I don't like it system host is pretty funny I'll take that Ruben drones Ruben drones I got great Ruben drones quickly quickly spell drones d r o u g h s and so close you were so so close put me on the spot you should have asked to use it in sentence yeah well I know that Ruben drones yeah I know Ruben so close you got the o u g h yeah you didn't think I would I didn't think that you wouldn't well I would have did d r o n f yeah this guy's like you know he's flying drones over over the Gulf of Oman yeah TD went 1500 1700 2000 then Oandis Gary had 1200 Mike Anderson had 1500 Terrell Davis came back had 700 then Clinton Portis went 1500 1600 Ruben drones had 1200 Mike Anderson had a thousand Tatum Bell had a thousand bell Selvin Young did he have a thousand that was the end of it Selvin Young had it and uh he had almost 800 that's it and it was over and now more and more people are running offenses like that you know Mike's son had a good 10-year run had a 10-year run where everyone was getting it yeah but interestingly enough which team employs the the guy who's the the guy who's making the most at the position Kyle Shannon he got McCaffrey they're paying McCaffrey if he's running the style of offense in which doesn't matter who's your running back he's got somebody who is paid the most so it does matter who's the running back doesn't it now we're wondering if in that system does it matter who's the quarterback right let's take a break 844-204 Rich number to dial I love talking ball right here on the Rich Hyzen show are you currently enjoying the show on the Stitcher app then you need to know Stitcher is going away on August 29th yep going away as in kaput gone dead rest in peace Stitcher and thanks for 15 years of service to the podcast community so switch to another podcast app and follow this show there apple spotify or wherever you listen is it true that you met Lorne Michaels as a vendor at yankee stadium the snl founder is that true for gate four and i was i was a kid and um he was the my friend so it doesn't go on michaels it came out of the player's gate and um i overcharged him for like three bats and some shirts some yankee shirts and then when i became a cast member i gave him back like 14 dollars and some cents and he said what's this for i said because i overcharge you for some items he started dying this is when you said game four like what the 96 world series is that what that was tracy uh what do you think it was it was a it was a no no no manningly i think manningly was played okay so that was probably like 95 or something like that okay so so you're so what were you doing out there you were selling stuff so we're stopping tickets i've scalped tickets tickets i've scalped tickets i've sold souvenirs and i've sold cocaine and that's what it was 21 dollars a gram i'm getting 45 regardless of how it go down for me so this is true because i live right up to hell so i had tickets i had cocaine and i had souvenirs you got it all that's what you're saying back in the day twenty dollars twenty one dollars a gram and so you sold hats and bats and stuff like that and that's how you met and they're not amazing don't forget the coat you got something that's rich tracy really was hustle man from martin back in the day he really was hustle man i was i was i worked souvenirs and i was tony montano on the side one of our greatest celebrity true or false moments ever with the brilliant tracy morgan apropos of nothing just playing it back here on the rich eisen show radio network i'm sitting at the rich eisen show desk furnished by granger with supplies and solutions for every industry granger is the right product for you call click or just stop by it's a great chat i mean he just he just he is just clearly he just like many other information uh men and women in our business are just talking to a ton of people and i'm sure that's what a lot of folks are talking about are these running backs and what is going on and if your kid is really good at the football have him play wide receiver right or flip him over defensive back running back ain't it look not anymore del beckham jr has not played since two super bowls ago when the ravens take the field on september the 10th home against houston oh boy i thought that cj stroud uh welcome to the national football league uh the bank is open in balmer and uh and that's lamar jackson on the field um oh and by the way uh that's the grown-ass uh man roquan smith um i know you almost beat georgia this year he used to play for them and um at any rate when o'dell takes the field it will have been what um let's figure this out um carry the 120 months yeah 500 plus days 20 months yeah since he's played a football game ravens gave him 15 million bucks crazy and the giants are like yeah do we give saquon barkley 15 million a year that's what they're thinking right now do we give is that what we're doing do we do that he wants 16 or he wanted 16 that's what makes no sense because to me barkley to the giants is just as important and i'll say that because you know how much i love o'dell beckham jr it's just as important that he's there and paid and happy for the success of the giants as it is for o'dell beckham and the ravens because o'dell don't forget stands for something more than just o'dell taking the top of the defense off for lamar he is by far and away the most decorated receiver that lamar is ever thrown to right because steve smith senior was long gone when lamar got there right okay so and baltimore as you know is the place where receivers go to die and i think steve smith senior has even said those things out loud so he stands for something more important than just 2023 for baltimore as more important than just 2023 for baltimore as they now have a new system with todd monk and speaking of georgia you know having him out there and showing everybody that hey everyone we're not just gonna take 15 plays to go down the field anymore but he's paid that ravens are like we're going for it you haven't played in 20 months how old is o'dell now is he 30 i think he's 30 now right not sure he is yeah he's 30 30 30 which is the as you know age of the failsafe line for running backs in the national football league so he's 30 ravens are like pay him 15 million let's go and the giants are we are assuming sitting there thinking do we really pay saquon parkley 15 million that's the crux for fans for fans we don't get that we don't get that yeah we got 15 million for a receiver that hasn't played in 20 months because we're paying for the guy who can not just change the game for us week to week but change the game for future wide receivers to consider us that and how the offense looks under the new offensive coordinator yeah greg roman's gone folks greg roman's gone that's what's so tough to understand you know cd lamb again when i heard i don't know if that's true or not 25 million a year right did you read the same report i read something that's where i got that number from can't remember what it was though again you can't believe everything you read or gets aggregated yeah true that unless it comes from as you know hey man cd lamb was on my fantasy team last year and his last six to eight weeks of the season he was really really good he was he's a really really good footballer man he's so good but he's one of the top what five receivers in football but his ability to put the ball in the end zone for the cowboys and his home run hitting ability that much 15 million dollars more better than tony pollard really i i i again you know i i'll just read off the the names of these guys here you know tyler tyler algere had a thousand yard dressing last year that's the point and guess what he's being replaced by bijan robbins and that's a that's an important role for bijan to be playing this year in this running back conversation as to who's going to fight to push the market in another direction jonathan taylor's one of those guys too yeah it didn't help that last year was such a complete disaster in indianapolis for him physically and the team success you know who else can just jump at me right here um cam acres you know even with everything last year almost ran for 800 yards last year the start of this year you know how about the kid uh kenneth walker right and they added they added zach charbonnet to the mix yeah in the second round right and that's going to be a split you know split situation correct and how much money do you know how much those guys are making collectively probably like what a fifth of what saquon wants oh yeah right eckler 915 yards rushing 18 touchdowns i don't even know what he did receiving had to be about 700 he had um 107 catches 722 yards and took it to the house five times and alexander madison this year how is he going to do if he runs for like 1200 yards and vikings don't skip a beat that's proven their point miles sanders ran for 1269 yards for philadelphia by the way their quarterback had 13 touchdowns okay yeah two more than him well they were the number one rushing no i know that i i understand that my point is others performed well he was the guy who was the most you know used and he's like i'm a free agent i'm taking 6 million right now to get a long-term deal and go somewhere else and be the guy there who led the league in touchdowns last year jamel williams lines just let him walk let him walk while they're getting this kid jamir gibbs too from alabama and the rumor coming out of kansas city in that draft is that they beat multiple teams to the punch multiple teams to the punch i even heard a rumor the jets were thinking of taking him and just saying screw it him and breeze hall let's go because you need multiple ones and the and the lions are the lions are like we'll just take david montgomery from the bears and the bears are like okay yeah indivision there's the door don't care see you i don't get it i don't i don't i mean i guess i do get it i understand where as i'm saying look at what seattle's done well and when the pats have done it for 20 years they sure have same thing you have three good backs at the cost of one there is some benefit to getting the juice in the building like if delvin cook goes to the patriots come on now him and remandre stevenson oh look out with mac jones and bill o'brien dialing it up and mel hunter henry and guseki and juju and devante parker and tae kwon and maybe deandre who knows right and you put it all together with the defense like that and the special team's doing what they always do yes fan base yes right and remove delvin from that then and put deandre in that mix and if you've got the cap room get them both why not get them both do you know how that would flip the script and i yes i do but that's but that's for you and me in this show and i don't think belicheck uses that as much of a a metric but what but what he does use is a metric is how it plays within the locker room and how that might jump juice everybody but devante parker is the one who said something that i think led to deandre tweeting out hey i'm a value add if i come to your receiver room you know i make i make you guys better i'm not taking balls away i'm making you guys better i remember he said that i think devante parker speaking up in new england saying something weren't they hanging out on the visit that some pictures i don't know i know that but didn't parker say something like you know we're we're good here but as damian woody pointed out and as i've been saying as well others robert craft is putting pressure on bill belicheck through the media this year that we've never really seen four years without a playoff win all right i think we're gonna get tommy current on the horn next week tommy i like it your cowboys need somebody too i'm serious right the rb spot uh yeah i think so i do believe so i i i think i love pollard and no one's a bigger tony pollard fan than you i'll just come out and say that but he's also coming off of a major leg injury z back so why wouldn't that work i don't well okay think about this i can attest to this sometimes you you you add a corporation and you work in there right and then you get let go and then they want to bring you back sometimes the ego remember that one conversation you and i once had when you said uh there was pride getting the best of me you know that's proud messing with your mind messing with my mind did i go pulp fiction you did you did so maybe that could have something to do with it maybe zeke could be like well i don't want to go back i mean i really don't know i don't know the situation all i know is for explosive and dynamic because i feel tony pollard is he is coming off of a major leg injury and they also must be seeing malik davis in practice yeah and saying we're good i don't know yeah that could be a two second year out of florida we comment a lot about these things but we're never at practices we don't know what's going on that's correct see these things i understand know what we see on sundays and they're also looking at their cap saying we love this kid malik he's going to be great he's just as good as pollard i think we got two young guys are going to go kill it crush it we're fine i'm not going to go we you know zeke maybe sure if he was the right price well you know they're not going to go get dalvin cook for seven eight million per one thing i'm concerned with rich is we know that zeke is tremendous when it comes to pass blocking that's something that you can't take for granted so now do i know three down back the minute the three down back the minute he was born yeah so i don't know if one of these guys can like pick up that mantle and there's all due respect to matt burrito i've seen him play i i if i'm the giants i figure this thing this thing out i mean as long as they do it by week two that's like well that's it eight four four two oh four rich number two phone calls and we'll get you uh set for the weekend that's how we're rolling into this break right here on the rich eisen show some good video view numbers on the harris and ford top five movies of all time that was fun a lot of people pushing back about clear and present danger instead of witness or regarding henry air force air force one that one people college he was the president blade runner blade runners i'm telling you it's not a five i'm just looking at the rewatch ability yeah okay witness heavy subject obviously not a lot of action amish country all due respect current present danger air force one i'm talking about stuff blowing up he's the president get off my plane like come on that's awesome you guys are missing another one hunt for red october for october oh no he's got so many he's what he he wasn't come on mike what are you doing oh no he was trying to back your play no he was in the one with the russian sub that gets the nuclear radiation on it he was amazing in that i got a present danger that's another one he's graded i'm gonna find it right now i'm sorry doesn't make the top five list you know what the ones i like i know it's just like out an outlier or outside looking in uh uh six days seven nights yeah that movie is fun i used to i would whimmer and hash rest in peace i watched that every time it was a movie very funny i've never i've never seen it you've never seen six days seven nights it's not great but it's just it's a remote drop he plays this like just hawaii guy who runs a private plane business okay back and forth between the islands k19 widow maker so he's a sub captain nuclear radiation on the air he's amazing you gotta look it up can't be on your top five lifts if you have to look it up that's a good point mike that's a good point it's that simple point i said air force one eisenhead out get off this is my plan i mean get off my plane get off my plane that's ami come on the end of that all right you guys are a little too low bro sometimes for my taste i think you're too high for our taste right back at you all right daddy didn't want to do it back here on the rich asin show eight four four two oh four rich number to dial tom post sarah sent a photograph oh yes let's see okay look at that head of lettuce man lettuce man why would you cut that why is he getting it clipped what's it's clipping a little side getting this little side trim oh it gets a side buzz all right looks like del tufo you might be on the next plane of minneapolis yeah i'm going yes i died does she die here too all right cut and die it's a cut and die it's a two-step operation uh while we're on the subject of um you know some visuals here yeah there's a uh is this a world championship mike oscons i don't know what level of but it's a it's called a championship event in uh norway oh finish pardon me what hobby horse is this people are being look at this look at this there are people like photographs and photographers and and and uh and and uh spectators people are just hopping around using hobby horses and i guess they're being judged by their ability to dance or move or prance or oh look at that very that's like dion high stepping right there here we go look at this is this real this is real this is in finland inside the circle right there so that's a charger is that a blocker at charge right there here we go oh we're jumping oh yes and she sees a fist pump the hell going on that's what i'm saying exactly what the hell going on i didn't see i watched the video yesterday i didn't see that big finish and that no i mean f i n i s h not not two ends you can go home now hobby horse you can be horse championship so again it's just again uh uh uh horses they got like a like a stuffed animal horse's head on a stick broomstick on a broomstick and and you just hop around on it jump around these guys jump around this is good form i imagine there is certain let's just like walking around that's the way like susie walks around the house without the hobby horse sometimes there you go this one's like a prance and then i like she changes the cadence here yeah to go full dion from the 30-yard line and hold it hold it up as he would say right there that's prime oh this one is i don't know what's happening here too far away like i said slow down very good and we're back to oh it's sideways it's a sideways okay very good oh yes what if she ate it that would have been great then she wouldn't win yeah but she's a champion take an l for that chris a championship i need some hobby horse outtakes yeah let's get those let's get the jumps they didn't make that's an actual thing by the way where's that finland finland wow beautiful country of finland beautiful hey maybe that's in a sport that you could be an elite yeah one is no never happened that could happen you could what if you that was some latent power that you had that you were just built into you that you had no idea it's like in my 50s i'm going to discover championship hobby horses on the website it's the 10th year that they've been doing this year a decade it's the largest hobby horse event in the world by the majesty only yeah organized by the finnish hobby horse association f f h h a over 1500 participants from both finland and abroad it's more than just a competition guys the lifestyle is it it's a celebration of passion creativity and the joy that hobby horses bring to people's lives is there a list of the different notable hobby horse no the different competitions like the different uh the dion yeah yeah yeah the dion oh disciplines okay dressage okay jumping and trail riding trail riding how-tos this is amazing trail riding is what happens when you follow del tufo after a bad meal hey i got exclusive sound from it ready ready crop dusting hello oh god stop mr you said crop dust this is incredible there's a whole website hobby horsing as a hobby that's kind of weird hey congrats to them that's very congrats to them um gene in florida let's take your call i got about 60 seconds for you gene you're gonna wrap up the week what's going on gene hey rich i was just wondering if you guys get some time i'd like to see a list of the asc east and asc north uh best to worst okay and i got a quick a quick prediction uh i believe who week one whoever wins the jets and the buffalo bills game the winner goes to the playoffs and the loser does not oh that's a lot riding gene gene i think there's more riding i think there's more look and thank you for the call gene i think there's more riding at the hobby horse championships than that week one game that stage um i don't think you know loser misses the playoffs i mean wow you got 17 more weeks of road that's a bold statement there one of my one of my hot takes going into the season rich but we will do our uh our season prediction soup to nuts top to bottom each division oh that's common guys everything we gotta we gotta slow our role yeah we got a lot of time but we don't we have a lot of runway we got a lot of time you just gotta be patient we're gonna get there old football season's coming it's coming oh we're so close ball season is upon us we're so close before then otona becomes a yankee so come on there's lots to talk about there yankees are highly motivated you like that that they're really motivated i will eat this latte larry cup if he's on the ink don't do that i want the latte i don't think we can get another plus if you find the hat went down bad by the way we when susie and i went up to wine country we passed by a a portion of i swear to you swear to you a portion of the 101 freeway that was sponsored by latte larry's no same exact logo we stopped we're like wait a minute yes well i gotta ask jeff shafer if he's active that's the real thing i told you guys two years ago for real my barber benny blades his shop was right by the spot where they filmed so the actual you go to i know you go to the spite barber the barber of spite it's a great opera how wrestling really works and how you get the ratings eric bischoff and conrad and conrad thompson explain on 83 weeks collision has been struggling a little bit out of the gate with these ticket sales and a little bit out of the gate this was a major show announced on a major network with what everybody thought was this huge star cm punk i said he was going to be the biggest financial flop in wrestling history and i think i'm being proven right every minute of the day 83 weeks on youtube or wherever you listen
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