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REShow: David Cone - Hour 1

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July 14, 2023 3:10 pm

REShow: David Cone - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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July 14, 2023 3:10 pm

Rich weighs in on Aaron Rodgers “forced it down our throats” comments about the New York Jets appearing on ‘Hard Knocks’ this season.

ESPN Sunday Night Baseball analyst David Cone and Rich discuss a possible trade of Angels star Shohei Ohtani and what it would mean for baseball if he landed on the Yankees, which teams are looking the sharpest heading into the 2nd half of the season, his favorite recollections from the memorable 1999 MLB All-Star Game, and why his perfect game might be all the proof we need that baseball gods exist.

Rich and Brockman debate how much success the Patriots will have next season in what’s shaping up to be a very competitive AFC East.

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What is it about the running back position? This is the Rich Eisen Show. That seemingly fight for value in a way that other positions have not been forced to. Austin. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles.

Let's compare if I'm looking at some of the backup receivers out here that are still making more than me and I'm the starter, I get more carries, I touch the ball more, I have more of an impact, that's going to piss me off. Today's guests, five-time world series champion, David Cone. ESPN NFL analyst, Damian Woody. NFL Network insider, Tom Pelissero. And now, it's Rich Eisen.

Yes, everybody. Welcome to this Friday edition of the Rich Eisen Show. Three hours of sports talk on a day where other than Wimbledon there's not much going on.

How's that for a start of a show right here on the Roku channel? This Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio affiliate Sirius XM and so much more. Thrilled that you are with us today.

844-204-rich is a number for you to dial to have a chat with us here on this what's more likely Friday. Tom Pelissero, my colleague from the NFL media group. The day after the Jets signed Quinnen Williams to a monster contract that I'm sure Chris Long, I mean Chris Jones out there in Kansas City had quite a bit to look at on that one. We'll discuss everything that's going on in the NFL the week before training camps open. We are so close to finally getting what we want and what we need which is more football going down in the United States of America. We've got David Cone joining us in about 18 minutes time to kick off the second half or I guess throw off the ceremonial first pitch of the second half of the major league baseball season.

He's joining us on this program as well and so will you at 844-204-rich being that number for you to please dial right here on the program. How are we there Chris Brockman? How's it going over there? It's Friday and we're heading to Vegas this weekend.

Oh is that right? Wife is good. Who's we? Is that the royal we or what do you got over there?

We the fam. We're gonna hang out by the pool and check out some summer league tomorrow. Ah you were going who's playing in the summer league tomorrow? I don't know I think it's the uh it's a it's a tournament so there's the consolation rounds I think are going on tomorrow so we'll see who's in action. Maybe the Celtics are playing that would be fun but if you're in Vegas come say what's up.

DJ Mikey D is in D's nuts. How are you doing? Good good to see you.

You good over there? Fantastic. TJ Jefferson is the candle already lit?

The candles lit. Fantastic. It's Friday and we're let's get out of here. No we got three hours to do. Also can we just give it up a full week of Mike Del Tufo? I knew something seemed off Chris that's what it was. A full week of Del Tufo.

Something seemed weird. Enjoy because you only get two days next week. What's up next week? Uh Yankees Angels series for yes. But yes. Oh is that right?

Yes. Okay and how many of those are how many of those are first pitches between the hours of 9 a.m and noon pacific? I got to set up I mean I work early. Oh okay. It's got to set up. Each day not just set up one day because then it should be good for the whole series. Wouldn't you think so?

You would think if you do it right the first time then it would last right? Good to see you. Thank you. First pitch. So come on.

Uh so hey uh folks you know first piece don't get me started. Um so Damian Woodie's on this program right in the middle of this pro uh in hour number two he's right he's on this show uh ESPN football analyst former New York Jet. One of the many reasons why he's on.

One he's informative entertaining. Two he'll be talking about the entire national football league season coming up. But three he was on the last version of the Jets hard knocks and I'm we're gonna find out exactly from him how intrusive these cameras are because we were assuming it's like again the Truman show they're just gonna follow everybody around and nobody wants these cameras in their studios or in their I mean nobody wants them in in their facilities nobody wants them on their practice field nobody wants them in their cars in their homes and whatever and I could personally attest to you uh NFL films is white glove as much as white glove can go and they are partners with the teams and of course an arm of the national football league and it just really depends on what you're you're looking for um if you are somebody who contracts with NFL films to put something on the screen uh a a quick for instance okay Netflix wanted soup to nuts full-on complete access uh working blue or not national football league films coverage of three quarterbacks you see that quarterbacks documentary that is out right now I know TJ's watched a couple uh yeah it looks awesome and Patrick Mahomes as we all know face of the national football league and the Kansas City Chiefs as first class as first class can be first rate as first rate can be family man community man but when he gets on the field as you see in this quarterbacks documentary he loses his freaking mind I told you that Chris and he is the red ass of red asses the competitors of competitors you hear all the time from Chiefs players and colleagues of his that don't get in his grill do not engage Patrick Mahomes do not Mahomes do not engage with Patrick Mahomes do not doubt Patrick Mahomes do not get him started and all you need to see in this quarterback quarterbacks documentary I understand we're talking Kirk Cousins we're talking Marcus Mariota but Mahomes is the sequence with him against the Raiders where the Raiders took that 17-0 lead on the Chiefs on that Thursday night game if you recall and then they came back and him going up to Max Crosby who we've met and have stood next to he's a gigantic human being and I can't imagine how gigantic he is actually when he's in pads and a helmet and is coming for you the Condor is his nickname because he's got a wingspan of one he I believe mffed him over and over and over again after the Chiefs took the lead and obviously won the game but he went at him and they had to remove him from the field they had to remove Mahomes away like Andy Reid had to calm him down and you're like I don't know that about Patrick Mahomes out there so he's got the Jordan slash Tiger in him huh oh yeah he does and we as fans I eat that up and I appreciate Mahomes for I'm sure he's got one would think the editing control of this series that if something is been captured by NFL films and you might get like first cut final cut like all directors in Hollywood are looking for yeah Omaha productions Peyton Mannings is kind of the lead production company behind this but Patrick Mahomes own production company is involved in this which is why he's appearing there you go well also rich and if you're saying that he had the ability to take out any time he was cursing if he wanted to yeah then literally if you've watched enough of this all we would have would be shots of him holding his daughter because on the football field my man he says some stuff out there right he says some things it's shocking but appreciated yeah I'm glad he's like that appreciated he wants it and he had the cameras all over him distraction the cameras are supposed to be from NFL films he had one of the greatest years quarterbacking and one of the most successful years quarterbacking in the history of quarterbacking true so you hear distraction you hear this you hear that and I understand when you're trying to put together a season and there's a lot of pressure on the line as you're putting together the season you might want to just do it in private you don't have to have cameras around you don't have to feel like somebody is going to be on in quotes when you don't need them to be on you need to be on the line you need to be on the line you need to be on the stick you need to be in the playbook they don't need to be on to try and create a name for themselves or a brand at the expense of being all in that's the general sense about not wanting hard knocks and why the NFL has created a construct that if you haven't been on it for a while and you haven't been in the playoffs for a while you need to be on the line on it for a while and you haven't been in the playoffs for a while as they say back in the day in my summer camp days tough noogies another way to put it is it's being forced down your throat this was Aaron Rodgers yesterday in Lake Tahoe I believe the practice round right in Lake Tahoe yeah he's out there I believe with McAfee and AJ Hawk correct they're playing in the threesome today there we go but yesterday in the practice round Aaron Rodgers was approached by Vern Glenn of KPIX in San Francisco hit it you see that camera you're going to see a lot of them now hard knocks is coming your thoughts listen one of the only things I like about hard knocks is the voice of God who narrates it right Liev I hope I get to meet him but look you know I understand the appeal with us obviously there's a lot of eyes on me a lot of eyes on our team expectations for our squad so they force it down our throats and we got to deal with it I love it I love it here's the two things I take from that first of all I and Aaron probably knows this too I'm sure Liev Schreiber the long-time voice of of Hard Knocks one of a terrific actor in his own right what was he in Showtime what was the name of that show I'm sure Mike how nice is his at-home setup do you think to voice over Hard Knocks where he gets the script email to him in a pdf he's got to print it out or however he wants to do it maybe does it off his phone I don't know but I'm the last thing he's going to do is go walk into Florham Park and they've got a microphone there for him in the middle of the it depends on where he stays although Liev might want to meet Rodgers I don't know I could see him who knows but that's not happening I think the strike might affect whether Liev appears I don't know actually I don't know I never even thought about that we'll see can I voice Hard Knocks what are you going to cross the line on the picket line Mike you're a union that's right I'm in the I can't do it that's right long story short now that would be a hard knock you know long story short though he understands why the Jets are on Hard Knocks it's because of him if it's Zach Wilson they're if it's Zach Wilson they're like okay let's see what Sam Howell's up to in Washington DC Justin Fields yeah Justin the Bears would have absolutely been your Hard Knocks team if the Jets ran it back with Zach Wilson yeah so Rodgers knows everybody's trying to poke around him and he knows the Jets will have his back literally they're bending over backwards right now and appropriately so every egg has been placed in the number eight basket and if he wants to take the us against them approach us against the world mentality win the games and you could take whatever mentality you want and I am sure if Rodgers doesn't want the camera here or camera there they don't need the Jets to tell them not to do it NFL films will just back off they want Rodgers mic'd up for games they want Rodgers as happy as anybody else in the Jets organization and HBO knows what type of show they're buying and they may push back but at the end of the day they wanted I'm sure years ago Antonio Brown behind the scenes of him going absolutely nutty when things started to completely unravel with the Raiders and that never made air do you remember how we were all we had to see that on Antonio Brown's YouTube page correct so I would question how much we actually see Rodgers on right and meanwhile Netflix made a deal with Peyton Manning's Omaha productions and and Patrick Mahomes's production company and and then got I'm sure together and basically said hey we want to do this with your production companies but we want everything we want you be in yourselves and they were like we got it and again I'm sure there's some final cut but if you're Mahomes and it's Peyton Manning and Eli Manning saying we we want to do this and your production company can get a huge leg up on the business by putting this out there on Netflix and Mahomes is like sure put out there me calling Max Crosby and M.F. for five times in a row with Andy Reid having to restrain me or the moment where he was told by Reid go get your ankle x-rayed before halftime against the Jacksonville Jaguars and him dropping a major f-bomb and then his wife's upstairs in the box saying he's not angry at the at the coaches he's just angry that he's hurt that's exactly the behind the scenes stuff we as fans crave and want to get out of hard knocks and sometimes we don't it's just the straight stuff I understand teams don't want it they feel like we'd rather not have it like if we have to choose it and if Rodgers wants to take the us against the world mentality go Aaron Rodgers you go because I am sure there will there may be one moment or two right where Rodgers is like I'm uncomfortable with this do you think the NFL films is going to be like tough noogies Aaron we're rolling of course not of course not so I'm excited to see it again I wanted to see Quinnen Williams in uniform because I was concerned he was holding out he is not I can't wait for that so we'll talk about what that means for the Jets going into this season and in the locker room where they're like okay we ball out we get paid we stay and if you don't ball out we go ahead and get a future goat to take your spot I mean that's the way the message has been sent to that locker room and that's the way you win football games and you win a friggin Super Bowl before I die and I'm a 54 year old man all right uh Damien Woody on this program uh Tom Pelissero and our number three but when we come back let's talk some baseball let's do it with David Cone who 24 years ago last night took the ball in the all-star game in Fenway Park the minute after Pedro Martinez left the mound I can't wait to talk to him about all that Yankees Otani and so much more David Cone when we come back Stitcher and thanks for 15 years of service to the podcast community so switch to another podcast app and follow this show there Apple Spotify or wherever you listen okay back here on the program David Cone we are tracking him down right now tracking Yankees in Colorado Colorado Rocky Mountain they're starting Carlos Rodon tonight so he's back oh yeah he started against the Cubs right before the break right okay and he looked pretty good okay he looked really good obviously one of your huge uh free agency oh god they were supposed to have Frankie Montas he got hurt Ricky me is no that's in the middle the Yankees are in the middle right now of the American League I mean the AL East last place the Sox are a game behind the Yankees would be in first place in like half the other divisions don't get me started at least it's stacked don't get me started look at that Sox hottest team in baseball five in a row heading into the break heading into the break it's amazing that that would be flipped if we went back 20 years ago like literally yeah like five years ago five days right five that's right the Rays the Rays are still hey man they're still 23 up you know so they've played just a little bit under 500 since their what their their 30 games over 500 start right pretty much by the way I did the same thing like it went down be careful I know it's going around I just you know I move around in my chair so careful worried about you and then buster only said um Yankees would be the one team most motivated or highly motivated to trade for Otani at the trade deadline I forget what his wording was but it was Yankees trade Otani and it was those three oh and I saw there was like some and I think the talking yanks uh site put Otani in the pinstripes I got to be honest with you got me a little going a little going even with the Chico's bell bonds logo that's right that's right star industries welcome back to the rich eyes and show radio network I'm sitting at the rich eyes and show desk furnished by Granger with supplies and solutions for every industry Granger is the right product for you call click or just stop by he uh is one of the best pictures of his generation and a a terrific broadcaster uh yes network ESPN and more and he's got his own podcast on the John Boy media uh podcast network as well please welcome David Kohn back to the rich eyes and show how you doing David I'm doing good rich how are you I'm doing great man I am doing great where have I found you are you in are you in Colorado with the yanks now or where where are you right now where have I found you no I'm I'm going to join them out in Anaheim next week Sunday night baseball is in Anaheim too the Astros and angels on Sunday night and then the yankees come in for the week so I'll be there all week all right you'll be there please tip your waitress he'll be there all week try the try the veal okay David let's get into it uh Otani starts tonight against the Astros and then he will have a start against the yankees which will be a media circus to say the least uh trout as we all know is hurt what do you think um is going through showy Otani's mind right now David well I'm sure there's a lot of uncertainty um you know being in that position myself a couple of decades ago uh you know there's a lot of anxiety without a doubt because you just it's out of your control you don't know you know if you're going to be traded or not um if there's going to be an offer sometimes offers come in at the last minute to try to sign a long-term contract though I assume with Otani it'd be more complicated than a quick signing because he's gonna he's gonna break the bank and especially if he gets other teams involved but there's a lot of anxiety and he's pitching well I think the thing with Otani is is that this is the best we've ever seen him you know every year it's like oh my gosh this guy's doing things we've never seen but he's doing both now he's doing he's top level pitcher and a top level hitter at the same time in the same year and we don't really know how good this guy can get really have we seen the best of Otani yet and you've pitched in so many different environments including both teams in New York David and that's the question I have about Otani and we had Pedro on last week and he's he has spoken to Otani he has actually chopped it up with him and I asked him I'm like do you think he would want to play could he could he play in a big time environment and he's like this guy's been having cameras following him around since he's 14 nothing phases him and that's what I guess makes him more of a unicorn too where he he would actually I think he would succeed on a major stage like New York or Boston or Philly or or even Dodger Stadium don't you think David? I think those are great points without a doubt you know Pedro is dead on as far as Otani being followed around since childhood so I don't think the stage stage really is going to impact him all that much in terms of you know pressure or too big of a market I don't think that's the question I think he's in such a strong position that it really comes down to his preference where he wants to play you know who sells him on on their market or their team or their organization so you know if if I got a chance to get Otani you obviously try to do everything you can to get him but I'm not worried about the stage I think those are excellent points by you and Pedro that doesn't matter where this guy's this guy plays he's a superstar and the likes really we've never seen it's almost like we're still processing what we're watching with show hands like is this real is this going is this possible and can others do it following him up and in the major league draft this year I think organizations are more open to it there's some two-way players that were just recently drafted and organizations have talked about giving them a chance at least in the minor league to do both because of Otani. Well you know George M Steinbrenner III would be all over this right now right David I mean he would be he would all over it yeah right now George yeah George understood the battle for the back page he understood PR better than anybody he he went for it he always wanted to own the back page he wanted to have superstars in New York he knew that that sold that's what the fan base is come to expect and I think that's why some of the fan bases on the east coast namely the Yankees are probably pushing back a little bit is hey wait why didn't we sign Bryce Harper why didn't we sign Manny Machado George would have done this George would have done that and I think that's probably not going to go away for a while because that's the imprint that the boss left on on the city and the market. Well the question is David Cohen what about how what about the guy who's actually in charge of the Yankees right now don't you think they need this honestly and I understand you got to look down the road that's Cashman's gig to look down the road but right now with Sean Casey coming in as the new hitting coach the the change being made just before the all-star break judge being out for you know hopefully just the foreseeable future don't you think this is the move the Yankees actually need to make certainly since they're putting an insurance company's logo on their on their sleeves for 20 million a year like let's go what do you think David yes I see what you did there yeah that was pretty slick yeah you're right David it would be explosive if the Yankees landed Otani it would just light up the fan base it would light up major league baseball and to be able to potentially get Otani into postseason on that postseason stage is huge for major league baseball in and of itself really for for baseball all over the world it would be a tremendous asset to grow the game so yes does it need to be done can it be done of course of course it does but I think the question is is that with Hal Steinbrenner he runs the organization differently you know they're really married to the process you know what's the acquisition cost how does this play out over the long term he'd want to have everything spelled out he'd want everybody to have input and you know he would he would definitely go through the process that Brian Cashman has put into place and that that's the way they run that organization now it's not about George Steinbrenner overruling his general manager to make a trade and go ahead and trade away the farm that we saw many times in the 70s and 80s that's this let's not run that way so as important as that trade would be it would still have to go through the process that the Yankees have in place David Cohen right here on the Rich Eisen show ESPN Sunday Night Baseball analyst the best team you've seen in person David this year is which it's the Atlanta Braves and that's an easy answer right now they're loaded top to bottom their lineup is circular one through nine more than any other team in the big leagues right now and you know I have a feeling too that they're going to be active to try to add some pitching maybe some starting pitching at the deadline but they also have one of the best young power pitchers in Spencer Strider and Max Freed a young lefty is going to be back too in the second half and down the stretch line and and he's he's a good one too and and postseason tested so it's the race and it's probably not even close not even close okay so who would be second then a close second for you well you know I I think that there's kind of the rest of the fray so to speak I I believe that the Dodgers are underrated everybody thought this would be the year that they would fall down and fall back to to the pack but they still have Freddie Freeman they still have Mookie Betts they still have a great farm system that keeps feeding them players so you know I wouldn't I think the Dodgers are very underrated in that regard the Tampa Bay Rays were the darling of the first half but they've had their share of injuries and they've lost three really quality starting pitchers so I'm not sure how they finish up although their offense is really good as well so you know it the second place is kind of hard at this point to say I think it's as as yet to be determined in terms of who that's going to be but I know who number one is and they're down south in Atlanta. David Cone here on the Rich Eisen show we were talking earlier again we were talking to Pedro earlier this week David and yesterday was the 24 year anniversary of the 99 all-star game where the all-century team was announced by Kevin Costner and then Pedro took the mound and it was electric in that stadium and he pitched two innings and he struck out four of the six and everybody wanted him to come out for a third inning and he didn't and who took the mound instead that night David in that all-star? Yeah I followed up Pedro that's tough act to follow.

What was that like man what was that like to follow that act David? It was incredible it was because it was Senway Park and Ted Williams was in the middle of the diamond before the game yeah everybody circled him as he got they kind of wheeled him out in the wheelchair and he just lit up and the thing about Ted Williams was he knew everybody he was current he watched every game he knew people by their first name you know the first time I met Ted Williams he's like oh yeah you've got you've got a pretty good slider but I think I could hit you because you do this this and this wrong and you need to use a change up to pitch in more and I was always blown away that he had a scout report on me much less even know my name so that was Ted Williams and it was Senway Park it was tremendous it was 1999 you know there are songs written about partying in 1999 right yes it was just incredible it was an incredible feeling to have that game at Senway Park. Yeah right and then and the lineups that night too I just remember because I was behind home plate David I was the host of ESPN radio's coverage of major league baseball and it was my job to kind of describe what was happening in that pregame all century team moment especially because what as you pointed out as soon as Ted Williams threw out the first pitch ceremonially to Fisk I was standing behind Carlton Fisk and the place was going nuts all of the all-stars the American League and the National League that was lined up from the home plate to the corner bases and all of the all-century team just surrounded Ted Williams everybody went right to the middle of the diamond and it was my job to sort of describe everything and I just remember the PA announcer at Fenway Park basically telling you guys to break it up so they could start a game I'll never forget that ever. That is exactly right I mean the adoration that each and every all-star had for that man at that time during that game in that ballpark was like nothing I've ever seen before I mean we all just wanted to touch him we wanted to feel him we wanted to just get close to him I wanted to hear what Tony Gwynn was talking to him about you know or what Mark McGuire was talking to him about it was it was really surreal and you're right Rich I mean how do you describe that scene it was it was a scene I don't think we've ever seen before or may never see again it might have almost signified kind of the end of innocence in baseball at that point in time I mean shortly thereafter Moneyball came in on board right and now it's a whole different era of baseball now and power and the chase for power and analytics and a big change in the style of play it was almost like that was the last innocent moment in major league baseball there were Ted Williams in the middle of the mound and us not wanting to play a game just wanted to have a campfire and talk to Ted. Exactly that's what it was like and you're right too because some of the guys some of the guys you just showed a photograph David on the screen there obviously the steroid scandal has now tainted so many of those guys that I just saw on the screen too Dave and and so but but I do recall I did ask McGuire what did Ted Williams ask him or what did they talk about and he told me Ted Williams asked McGuire that when you hit a ball do you smell the wood burning from your bat is what he asked him because that's what happened with he would hit a baseball in a certain way with a certain speed of his bat he would smell that the the ball meeting the bat caused the smell of the wood burning and that took McGuire back like he wasn't expecting that question from I just it's incredible nobody's ever heard that before only Ted Williams something like that the guy who was a fighter pilot in the war that's right actually he actually flew fighter jets you know in the middle of a war so that's the type of talent and intellect that he had and even to this day occasionally I'll see a hitter foul one back and smell his bat down I mean that that's the impact that that moment had when Ted Williams finally brought that to to our lexicon so to speak and you know I will I'll see a guy swing a bat every now and then when I'm broadcasting the game and he'll bring the barrel of the bat right up to his nose to see if he can smell burnt wood Ted Williams was the first one to actually recognize that and talk about it. So what which pitchers did you meet that night was was Kofax, Kofax was out there right I mean there was a whole bunch of guys out there yes that night you know I you know Bob Gibson was huge for me you know I grew up in the midwest in Kansas City and he was a cardinal and my father was a huge fan of Bob Gibson and so yeah being able to meet him and talk to him Kofax obviously just incredible humble gracious elegant man and one of the greatest lefties maybe the greatest left-handed starter of all times you know and even the current guys you know I got a kick being around Pedro and watching him warm up and pitching that game and as you said I followed him up and what a tough act to follow but yeah I was I was enamored with the current stars too as well much less you know all the all century team that was there you know a big guy too was Robin Roberts was a big big favorite of mine too and a great guy to talk to as well. What about old-timer days in Yankee Stadium did you meet Whitey, Yogi you got a good story on that front David? All of them all of them were so good you know Hank Bauer and Moose Scowron were two of the nicest best guys to talk to and I remember Yogi and I was talking to them about all the World Series and did they ever feel sorry for the Brooklyn Dodgers and they were like hell no we hated those guys and I remember asking Hank Bauer about the Copacabana you know the big fight you had the off the field fight at the Copacabana and I said Hank was that you and he looked at me he said kid you ain't talking I didn't talk then and I ain't talking now. I couldn't get the famous Copacabana story out of Hank Bauer. You tried though. Even though people kind of think he was the guy. You tried I remember night two if you don't mind me going on memory lane a little bit here there was a baseball writers dinner and I was in the audience and you were up on I think it was you on the dais with Jeter and I think Clemens like the whole day and George and Tory and there was a comedian up there named Bill Sheft I don't know if you remember this moment but he went up there and he goes Chuck Knoblauch and obviously Chuck you know was having problems throwing a first base and he says he's got so many throwing problems we should send him to Cuba to overthrow Castro do you remember that line David I do remember that yeah but I remember sitting there I remember sitting there watching both sides of the podium on one side of the podium was George and Tory they weren't laughing at all and I looked at the other side I think it was like you and Wells and and Jeter whatever and you were trying not to laugh like in front of the substitute teacher yeah that was hard that was a great line too it was a really good line you remember that one sorry you got you got to give the comedian props comes up with a good one oh David great times chatting here I greatly appreciate it so based on your thoughts going into the second half of the season it's the it's the Braves world to or title to go lose basically based on their roster and the way that they're playing and what you've seen in the first half is that a fair assessment they absolutely have to be the favorite right now they clearly are the favorite they're the deepest team going right now they all you know they have tremendous resources in a new stadium down there they can be as active as they want during the trade deadline the trade deadline will be interesting this year I'm not sure if there'll be any big bangs unless Otani gets offered up by the Angels and you know but I think the Padres are still in it too I think they might get aggressive rather than sell you know Derek Jeter talked about maybe the Yankees going for Juan Soto I'm not sure that the Padres are going to do that I think they're going to they're going to continue to try to push forward and maybe even add so it might be a dud of a trade deadline you know with all this talk and if that happens that plays in the Braves favors that makes them even more of a number one handicap right now unless Otani moves I mean what's your what's your spidey sense on that if somebody who's been a deadline ace moved before David I have a hard time believing that the Angels have the mindset to do it I think they missed the window last year to potentially do it and get and give a team a year and a half of Otani and the return would have been much better Artie Moreno the owner is kind of waffled on whether to sell the franchise or not he's back in now saying he wants to recommit himself Perry Minaison the general manager's job is on the line he doesn't want to trade Otani Phil Nevin the manager doesn't want to trade Otani I don't know that they have the stomach to do that I don't I'm not sure that they can pull the trigger and and actually put Otani out there and get an offer that they can sell to their fan base and then last one for you David you know we just mentioned 24 year anniversary of the all-star game in 1999 that you were in and what a great night that was your first start after the all-star game the 24 year anniversary of that is was that the perfect game for you David first it was it absolutely was yes it was that Sunday the all-star game was Tuesday night and that following Sunday I started the game against the Montreal Expos on a Sunday and it was the beginning game of the series Montreal was I think in Baltimore the night before and we actually started a series on a Sunday which is very rare and Montreal was up late and got to New York late and they got to the ballpark and I'm not even sure they took batting practice and then during the game they swung at everything I threw up there they did huh they kept swinging and I was throwing sweepers before we called them sweepers and that's that's my story and I'm sticking to it so did you wake up no I'm feeling good or when did you kind of realize it David that this was going down or you could do this you know I think that you know probably when you get past five innings it starts to creep into your mind and then sixth and seventh inning when you get through seven it gets serious that's when Tim McCarver starts telling people to call call your friends and call your folks and and uh you know before the game it was Yogi Berra day and Don Larson threw out the first pitch of Yogi Berra Day at Yankee Stadium and before the game I was warming up I didn't even pay attention to warm ups I just got my arm loose and watched Yogi and Carmen Berra right around the ballpark in a convertible Thunderbird and just everybody was so happy that Yogi was back and and then at the end of the day I threw 88 pitches and Yogi's number was number eight so go figure if you believe in baseball gods or not or not I don't know I don't know what the hell I believe in but I know I I know I threw 88 pitches on Yogi Berra Day and Don Larson was there for crying out loud come on I forgot about that you know Don threw out the first pitch and then you went ahead and pitched a perfect game in Yankee Stadium holy cow yeah he threw out the first pitch to Yogi and Yogi was using Girardi's gloves and then Yogi sort of blessed Girardi's glove and handed it back to him and and uh that's then we took off and where's the baseball now you got that somewhere where's that uh hall of fame right you know the hall of cooperstown asked for it so the jersey and the ball went right to cooperstown fantastic David Cohen you're the best man thanks for the call let's do this more often look for more of my calls great hearing you on uh on Sunday nights and um and I greatly appreciate this as always anytime anytime for you rich we go way back we sure do David big fan of you thanks pal right back at you that's David Cohen of so many outlets and of course so many great memories right here on the ridge you don't think baseball gods exist after hearing those things I don't know what to tell you that's amazing I've forgotten I remember Don Larson was there imagine you throw a perfect game in Yankee pinstripes and Yankee Stadium with Don Larson in the building on Yogi Berraday and the glove that Yogi used to catch the ceremonial first pitch from Don Larson was the glove of the catcher who caught your perfect game with 88 pitches the exact first and second numbers matching Yogi's uniform yeah baseball gods exist if that happens if the baseball gods exist and you know the latest example of proof of that will be if Otani's a Yankee by the end of this month oh get out here so the baseball gods don't exist for anyone other than the Yankees they do for me they did in 1986 for the Mets come on for a second they haven't existed for New York for anything since 09 all right now you've ruined the moment you really did let's take a break eight four four two oh four rich number to tell let's get into this Ray Fosse set to at home plate one of the greatest home run hitters of all time you replaced in that all-star game in 1970 right you didn't start that 70 all-star game Pete you know I don't remember that rich all I know is the game was in Cincinnati and all I know is uh I was friends with Sudden Sam McDowie and I had dinner arrangements already made with Sudden Sam the night before and he called me about a week before and said they added Ray Fosse to the lineup could he go out to eat with us he was a rookie I said sure and we went out to eat we went back to my house and they stayed till about one o'clock and Ray asked me every question in the world about Johnny Bench because he was the next comment of Johnny Bench and if you watch the if you watch the tape I started to slide head first the ray had the plate blocked and I'm not going to break both my collarbones and you never slide if you can't reach the plate and I went over him and I tagged the plate with my right hand this is God's honest truth uh I guess my knee hit his shoulder I missed the next three games he didn't miss any and he went on to play nine more years so for all the people that said I ruined his career they don't know what the hell they're talking about so okay let's take this one at a time you dined with Ray Fosse the night before that's what you're saying I took him out to eat I took him to a place called Sycamore Shores which is a boat on the river down in Sailor Park where I went to grade school and you know to this day and I have no idea why Rich to this day Ray will not admit that he went out to eat with me and he will not admit that he went back to my house that's the truth and he won't do a card show with me really why really why do you think that is I don't know I don't know what because I've never bad about Ray Fosse because Ray Fosse was a was a good young player at the time and he's you know he's playing in the Buckeye State where I played all those years but I had to do what I had to do because my dad was in the stands if I just slide in and let him tag me we might be still playing that damn game I know Pete Rose and Ray Fosse meeting in the all-star game 53 years ago today right here on the program back here on the Rich Eisen show 844-204 Rich being the number to dial Damien Woody will be joining us from ESPN nice go down memory lane about him being on the last Jets hard knocks team get a little insight from what it's like to be on hard knocks I guess or what a Super Bowl with the Patriots that's true we can talk about that too okay fair and balanced like every jet that didn't in that era of note like Darrell Revis wait yes he's going on the hall of fame as a patriot right no he's not they don't go in the hall of fame as anyone Chris in the in the football world they just put it on there oh that's right oh I forgot I forgot about that they just put it with right on the plastic or what would we say the loose site thing I forgot about yeah the the the loose site yeah shelf on which their busts play for any other team all right no right oh you know what you're you're the king of who cares if you know you see something in practice who cares if something happens in NFL practice it doesn't matter you make a big deal of it some some 18 year old intern I love the no you know no you don't say you don't no you don't I do say you do but you don't you really don't you like making fun of it until Mac Jones throws a 70-yard pass on air you see that Super Bowl winner I saw it I saw it you know how I saw it you treated it into my timeline Chris Mac MVP season that's what I said 60 to one good odds do you think so huh I have no other choice yeah I mean what's he gonna do I have to believe that it's going to work that bill o'brien is gonna get it done it's gonna come in forget the crap that went on last year who's catching the ball there for him oh a lot of good players juju smith schuster that's right he's there now is there that's those are upgrades is back he was injured last year so my question for you is with mike guseki will will he be uh bronced up or will he be john oo smith milk carton great question great question that's what that's my question I've seen the skill set the ability is there he has made those type of Gronk light plays before yep uh you know hunter henry scored a lot of touchdowns last year john oo smith not sure where he went I mean I know he's in atlanta now but oh he he was he wasn't in atlanta the last two years I don't like it when they signed john oo smith from the titans I'm like this is baby right here we go poof kaiser sozay disappeared we'll see it's gonna be tough to score on the pats d top five defense incoming so last place last place or the field you finish one through three or four last place in the afcs oh no no whoa we'll be a playoff threatening team this year you do think so yeah so on the night is good enough on the night of the nba in-season tournament semi-final that's a big game december 7th week 14 kickoff amazon prime al michaels fresh off of a steak from whatever outstanding pittsburgh establishment has him pj best steakhouse in pittsburgh is come on i haven't lived there yes plus when he lived there he was he's dressed like a like a referee you couldn't afford a good steak in pittsburgh well that's not true my next story he was putting pumas on kids in the mall my next door neighbor played football for duke kane so he had to like bulk up and eat steaks every night so he was nice enough to cook an extra one for me while he was in three there you go thanks steve i appreciate you yeah that was just how old were you when you were working at the at the foot line okay right around then putting pro kids on the kids come on bro don't be disrespectful like that it was jordan's so you're saying oh my god week 14 that's steelers that's a playoff potential uh you know playoff what deciding factor seven seed yeah probably as the steelers fight to stay in first in their surprising afc north in their surprising season no i i would say probably loser of that week 14 game is out i don't know about that as after that you better win it because you're coming off of the chargers at home before you face schedule my homes on a monday night then you're at denver on christmas eve new year's eve at buffalo and then home for your hard knock jets that's a that's a last six that's that's quite a run of six games pats better start nine and one no i'm just asking whether you're home for philly brady will be there lfg then home on a sunday night against tua that's odd that the patriots get a nice little push with two home games from the schedule makers that's strange how that would happen i never oh yeah and then a sunday at the jets and then at dallas that's a five and one start five and one start home for new orleans as derek carr comes into the house at vegas you're gonna go to that game sunday yeah yes i think so five and one start four and two at the worst they better be four and two let's put it that way that's a schedule man hey but he's throwing 70 yards against air right now so that's good can aaron rogers throw it 70 yards i don't does it matter does it matter like does it matter at the golf course does it matter does that matter because it doesn't matter i don't like my quarterback to be able to throw the ball ask saints fans a couple years ago you know what aaron rogers can do from like just say the 50 yard line there were his own 45 throw it straight up like a chimney and have it come down in the hands of one of his receivers greatest hail mary thrower ever and you're asking me can he throw it deep it was the last time he completed a hail mary hail mary thrower ever ever the greatest let me just say it one more time the greatest hail mary thrower ever i mean aaron rogers and you're asking and you're at uh it's luck but it's also the ball has to come down at a certain angle and rogers has that thing he is good figured out he is good at that all right hail mary when you're inside your own you know it's a hail mary you're not finishing in last place this year are we going to make it interesting we should say i think we just are we going to make it interesting i think we have just disgusting are we i don't know what you mean by that i find damion woody coming up what's up that's only one you'll get one a day no come on man that's the one you know i'm only doing this for effect because you know i know that he does bill belicheck will do something defense is going to be tight that in the way that anybody ever complains about any all-time great because they haven't sub so-called done it just you wait just you wait you think it's tough you think it's been tough without brady you see the report you wait you see the report that bill's friends are worried about his job who's that who are his friends his friends close friends are worried about bill's job security do you know one thing that bill belicheck's probably not worried about job security that is you would put bill on that mike tomlin list of course he his phone you gave mike tomlin five seconds i mean he's 70 i don't know papa 71 and just got a five-year extension and they've been terrible last two years 74 i think if bill goes he's done yeah he might just he just might go he just might go on his boat i don't know the dog and him are going i know he wants to you know break shula's record but we got to make the playoffs this year bro you're doing it somewhere else this guy over there it's over there it's not me it's bob craft who has said it basically you think it's been tough without brady yeah let the next coach get in there let's see how that works i believe in geron i'm ready for that right i believe in mayo i'm ready for that in the same way that you want saquanna make a stand for week one let's sit out week one how wrestling really works and how you get the ratings eric bischoff and conrad thompson explain on 83 weeks collision has been struggling a little bit out of the gate with these ticket sales and a little bit out of the gate this was a major show announced on a major network with what everybody thought was this huge star cm punk i said he was going to be the biggest financial flop in wrestling history and i think i'm being proven right every minute of the day 83 weeks on youtube or wherever you listen
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