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REShow: Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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July 12, 2023 3:19 pm

REShow: Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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July 12, 2023 3:19 pm

Rich’s tennis coach calls in and puts to bed Rich’s dreams of being able to score one point off the world’s #1-ranked tennis player Carlos Alcaraz.

Yankees fan Rich reacts to the team selling uniform advertising rights for a shoulder patch on their hallowed pinstripe uniforms, and reacts to his beloved Jets being tabbed for this season of ‘Hard Knocks’ and lists the top 5 things he wants to see from his team on the HBO series.

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This is the Rich Eisen Show. Get ready.

Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Cowboys have a better quarterback. You're trolling. How many MVPs has that guy won? Rogers had an off year for an MVP quarterback.

The 30 year old guy over the 40 year old guy. Oh really, would you have said that when Brady was there? Earlier on the show, host of Nothing Personal Podcast, David Sampson, editorial director of No Laying Up, Kevin Van Valkenburg. Coming up, your phone calls, latest news and more. And now, it's Rich Eisen.

Yes indeed. Our number three of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. David Sampson, we talked with the former Marlins executive about the all star game last night and what would a trade for Otani look like. What are the Angels thinking?

What might Otani's agent be up to? Fascinating conversation in hour number one. In hour number two, we spoke to Kevin Van Valkenburg of the golf website and podcast media center, if you will.

No Laying Up and he interpreted for us everything that went down on Capitol Hill yesterday between United States Senators of both parties and the PGA Tour and the Live Tour and all that conversation. If you missed it, don't worry. At the end of this hour, we rear on the Roku channel every single day. It's free on all Roku devices.

Select Samsung smart TVs. It's free on Amazon Fire TV, free on the Roku app because the Roku channel is on it. The Roku as well.

There's our podcast, our YouTube page. You can't miss this is basically what I'm saying. In this hour, we'll talk about the Jets being selected, as Adam Schefter referred to it, for Hard Knocks.

Sounds like they were forced to do it, but we'll discuss it. I have a top five list of the top five things I want to see the most on a Jets edition of Hard Knocks. It's coming up.

On HBO later on this summer. We also had a great conversation because, again, what are we talking about today? And certainly because we're seeing Wimbledon and what a nice run we saw Christopher Eubanks make almost all the way into the semifinals. So close.

But Daniil Medvedev turned that carriage into a pumpkin pretty darn quick in the fourth and fifth sets. But at any rate, I was talking about, you know, on this day, could I get a point, a single point off of Carlos Alcaraz and Del Tufo, our audio executive, Mike Del Tufo. Fame is for lighting the lamp on a hat trick and a single shift back in Livingston, New Jersey, when you were a high school hockey player. JV.

JV, not even the varsity. Probably causing some poor goalie to retire on the spot at age 15. I retired right here too.

Very good. Just say, I can't stop this Del Tufo guy from scoring on me on a single shift like that. He's done. I guess he'll become an attorney.

The world needs jiggers, too. So at any rate, he said you could score a goal off of an NHL goalie in a play at a one on one shootout situation. You've already backed off that. I'm wondering, however, could I, I'm thinking around game three, second set down two games to none, down 0-2, right?

Love two, whatever. I might be able to time up one of his serves at that point in time, by that point in time. And we're actually going to get an expert opinion on this because this man, he doesn't just know my tennis game intimately. He's honed it. He's honing it into the game that it is today. My tennis coach and a man who, you know, is an ATP tennis.

I don't know, actually, his whole history with ATP tennis. But Kelly Gullit is here on The Rich Guys Show. How are you, Kelly? I'm doing great, Rich. Thanks for having me.

Kelly, I'm going to ask you this question point blank and I need a straight up answer. Could I get, could I get a point, a single point, and it's not, I'm not counting double faults, because I might be able to intimidate the number one tennis player in the world. You should count that. No, I'm not counting it.

I would have to get a point off of Carlos Alcaraz. Could I do it, Kelly? Yes or no? So is this like he's not about to pass out or retire from heat exhaustion? Correct. Okay. Top of his game.

Top of his game. Wow. Okay. I hope Susie isn't mad at me if she hears this, but absolutely not. Well, actually, she's probably in full support of what you just said, Kelly, as you know.

I do know, yes. Susie is probably like just shaking her head right now. It's like, Rich, I can't believe you asked him that question. But Kelly, seriously, you don't think second set, he's aged me about 50 straight times, right? No, no, no, no, no.

I can't even time one up? Sorry. No? Really? No.

I'm sorry to trust the hopes and dreams Rich has been on your show, but absolutely no way. Okay. By the way, we have a great headshot of you up. Your blue steel headshot, Kelly.

That's what I got. Oh, God. Yeah. You had to go there.

We did. Well, it's high res and you're a handsome man. But seriously. Thank you. So what if he serves one, goes off the top of the net, doesn't land in the service box and he's on a second serve now? Okay. He's on a second serve now. Well, because he's facing you.

I could see that happening, Rich. Okay. So would it be better for me to time up a first or a second serve?

What do you got? I'm saying second serve. I think you could catch them with the pace of your second or just the slowness of the pace. You might over hit that. So you don't think one serve I would be able to return off of Carlos Alcaraz? Not one single serve at all. I mean, in all honesty, these guys are hitting at such a high level, just floating off of their strings, off the ground. It's a completely different ball than most people will ever see in their life. And they don't realize just the action that's coming off towards them.

It's really remarkable what those guys are doing in today's game. Okay. All right. Kelly, real quick.

Sorry, Rich. I hope you still want to do tennis with me. Of course, Kelly. Come on, man. I've got to get to the level where I could return one Alcaraz serve. You know, maybe... Kelly, Chris Brockman, we've never met. Let's take our minds to a place where Rich could possibly return something and win a point.

Okay? What would be his best game strategy? Would it be to sit back on the baseline and try to hit with them? Or more of a serve and volley, try to make Alcaraz, like, why is this guy rushing the net?

And then he hits it wide or something. What do you think? What would be Rich's best strategy?

Well, here's the thing, I don't know if you know this, but Rich is actually pretty athletic on the tennis court when he wants to be. Wow. He wants to be. It's a want-to. It's a want-to. Kelly, it's a want-to. I love that.

Now, is he confusing tennis court with a pickleball court? No. Stop. No, no, no. I mean, I think this could be a future charity fundraiser event for you, Mr. Eisen.

When I want to be. Yeah. Sometimes it's a foot movement thing, but it's a disconnect.

It's a disconnect between heart and can. I agree. So I think if Rich hits that big serve out wide, and the Deuce court catches Alcaraz a little off guard and comes to the net and puts the volley away, there's your point right there. Rich Eisen for the win. Kelly Gullit, everybody. All right, Kelly, I'll see you on the court when... Thank you, Rich. All right, take care, Kelly. That's Kelly Gullit.

My tennis coach. That's tremendous. Okay. Thank you so much. Okay. So there is, you know, slim and none, dumb and dumber, there is a small possibility for you in this.

That was great. Nate in Colorado will take your call. What's up, Nate? What's going on? Good afternoon, gentlemen. How is everyone?

What's going on, Nate? Hey, while I was on hold, I did come up with a day for you. You need to have a Del Tufo day where you can just walk around and spout out the most outlandish thing you can think.

There's no consequences to it. Seems like that's every day. That's every day. What about you and your tennis coach burst your bubble?

That's okay. I knew that would be his answer because, again, he used to play on the tour and when he wants to just hit the ball past me and dot a corner and leave me flat-footed about three feet away from the ball because my feet don't move laterally very well or, you know, as you've seen, maybe running straight forward as well. Well, as he was describing it, all I could think was was a scene out of Mr.

Deeds. That's it? I like it. Look at you bringing the heat, Nate.

So what do you think? Well, Rich, I hate to burst your bubble again, but I have a son that plays professionally in Germany basketball in Europe and I played college basketball and I can play against him. I can't even put the ball on the deck. They say there's no defense left in basketball anymore. And those guys don't want to let you go somewhere.

They'll put you where you want to be. So you think a defense sags, I can't get a shot off. Not a single shot ever. He's 6'8".

He better sag back about 10 feet, otherwise he's going to get it from you. Wow. Nate in Colorado, thanks for the call. Thanks, brother. Bubble's bursting. Man. I mean, I tried to tell you guys. And you're the most confident one with a basketball in your hand.

Not even a shot up. By the way, in case anyone, if you've been listening from the second hour to the third, I did call Kelly in the commercial break, told him why we wanted him on. You guys overheard me say- He just immediately started laughing.

He started laughing. And then you were like, okay, say no more. We'll call you in five minutes. Say no more. We'll call you in five minutes. Immediately started laughing. Yeah. Yeah, we tried. Nick in Orange County, California will take your phone call.

What's up, Nick? Hey, I just want to say I think Del Duvo's definitely got a better shot because those pro tennis players, they're serving at like 130 miles an hour, Rich. I don't see you serving that back at all. Yeah, but he's got to skate and deke out an NHL goalie and try and wrist one pass because I don't think you're going to deke. I think, Del Duvo, you're going to have to approach, make a slight move, and then wrist shot top shelf biscuit and basket. That's going to be your only opportunity, I think. I think he'd be moving so slow that the goalie wouldn't expect that he'd over try to block in.

It would just kind of flutter in. Boom. See? See, Nick? I'm taking L's right now, man. Okay. What else is on your mind, Nick? I'm from Orange County, so I'm a diehard Angels fan.

I would much rather see Art not trade him and enjoy what I can have left of his greatness and have him have another MVP season with the Angels for the possible slight chance that maybe when he goes into the Hall of Fame, because he's going in, that he would go on with an A on his plaque, just like Vlad. Well, you could buy that, to be honest with you. Didn't Boggs go in with a Tampa Bay logo on his hat? Isn't that what he is on? Yeah, really?

Didn't he do that? I mean, I wouldn't... I don't know, though, man. I mean, you speak... This is a national radio show, as you know. We're on the mightier 1090. It's the original Rich Eisen Show radio affiliate, and we're thrilled to be on coast to coast, but all over California because of that signal.

Give voice to it. What does an Angel fan really think of watching all this stuff? You really just want to sit him and play out a string and bask in his MVP trophy and then maybe watch him walk for nothing?

Really? You'd be fine with that? After all the years of Art owning the team, until he sells, I don't see us ever going anywhere. It's sad that he's wasted six years of Otani in Trout's career, and it's going to suck seeing Otani go to the Dodgers and the Padres because he wants to stay to the West Coast.

He probably wants to be close to Japan, trying to make that flight from the East Coast. I doubt it, but my only hope for that the team to truly get better is actually enjoying Otani for what it is and seeing him go live his greatness somewhere else because, I mean, that's the respect I have for him. If Art's ever going to sell, I would think it would be next year after getting every single dime he can out of Otani because I was at a game when he pitched, and I sit in right field. I sit in what they call Troutland, and seeing his sweeping curve is the most unreal thing in the planet.

I mean, no one could touch it. He threw for another 12Ks that day or night, and it's unreal, and that night the stadium was packed. I was there for that July 1st game for the Diamondbacks, and the parking lot was so full.

We were all the way in the back. The stadium was completely full, and when Otani came over, all of a sudden we started having sponsors from Japan. Wherever Otani goes, I think those sponsors are going to follow, and I think they're going to leave Anaheim. Even when he played down the Padres the other day, all of a sudden there's Japanese advertisements behind home plate that you're seeing on live TV because he's playing there.

That's how much of a fan base he has from Japan, and we saw it in the World Classic as well. If Art's going to sell, it's going to be Otani saying, hey, I want to go play somewhere else. I think he does love the Angels and love the players and the team in the area, but he wants to go win a championship. If he leaves, I think those sponsors and everything's going to go with him, and I think Art's going to see that all that extra money is gone, and he's going to be like, all right, I got every dime I could out of it.

I guess I'll sell now. Because he wanted to last year. Yeah, and then reverse course. Nick, greatly appreciate your full-throated, full-hearted answer there to tell a national audience what it sounds like as an Angel fan to maybe lose Otani, and it was so heartfelt that I'm going to overlook. You think Dell 2 folk could score on an NHL goalie more than me getting a point off of Carlos Alcaraz. I'm going to just place that aside, Nick.

Thank you for the call. Hey, and you know, we're basically accusing Angels fans. Don't make it seem like it's a festival when he pitches.

Well, there you go. July 1st against the Arizona Diamondbacks. Place was full. The Yankees are here next week, and when they come, he's playing one of those games.

That stadium is going to be insane. Oh, yeah. I hear you. I hear you, but he's playing out of string here if he's staying. I am sorry, unless some of these kids that they have, you know, some of these kids that they have, and Otani just puts it on his back, and they start winning seven of nine and eight of 10 and nine of 12 without trout. And they're in the wild card mix, right? They're five out of the wild card right now. Without trout and his national stage, we're all talking about Seattle fans saying, you know, come to Seattle. They're chanting.

Mm hmm. You know, getting back to what Chris said yesterday about Hall of Fame stuff, I'm watching the All-Star game yesterday, and it did hit me like like the color just said for six years you've had two Hall of Fame players, arguably maybe the two great one protecting the other in the lineup, and you have nothing to show for that would be like if LeBron and Steph Curry played on the same team and didn't get it didn't even make it to an NBA finals. You know, like that, that's the type of talent level you're talking about. So I can understand if you're an Angels fan, you are frustrated. And I can remember, you know, with the Marcus Ware was my favorite cowboy for years. And I can remember at one point going, man, I hope he gets out of here and is able to win a championship because it's not going to happen. He went to Denver and he won. And I was so happy. What about my guy, Don Manning?

Yeah. Finally got to see him in a playoff game. And then any homered.

And then that was it. And then the Yankees win four of the next five World Series the next year. Just the timing with Tino Martinez at first. You know, it's a killer for Yankee fans. Almost as much as seeing star insurance on a Yankee uniform like Steinbrenner knee is out there on what, River Avenue with a friggin cup in his hand, shake with your mama. You know, I mean, we had David Sampson on before, former Marlin executive, and he's like, the Yankees are doing it because they can. And it's also one of the revenue streams that doesn't have to be shared with anybody else.

This is theirs. And I don't know, how much is it Hal? How much, how much money is it? What is the amount of money that allows for an insurance company to slap their logo on the most famous pinstripe, with all due respect to teams that wear pinstripes, uniforms on planet earth and the away grays that are world famous still for today, one of the few uniforms that doesn't have a name on the back. It's just the New York on the front and now the star industries on the side.

How much? Darren Revelle, who covers all this, sports business reporter, obviously. He said a $25 million a year for the Yankees on this.

Told there were higher offers according to his sources, but the Yankees were concerned about the right fit. Right fit? What does that mean? Star industries is a right fit, by the way, two stars. That's not with a Z, which I believe you can see right here on the road. It's not Kenneth Starr. That's not the star, right?

I don't think so. Well, what's the right fit? I don't understand what the right fit. Well, it depends on who the corporation is. I understand that, but so when.

Like Nathan's hot dogs. You know, again, it's what, it's not Chico bail bonds. I understand that.

I get it. But 25 million a year, so I mean, 25 million a year will allow them to maybe go over the luxury tax. All I want is if you're going to spend that money, let's get somebody who can put the ball in play and stay off the injured list.

How about that? You know, like, let's diversify the lineup if you're going to diversify your portfolio. Well, Richard, I understand I'm like a sign judge and and and now I'm upset that the team is going to start throwing star industries on the side, but they, you know, this is, this is the richest franchise maybe in North American sports. And I know what I'm saying. I'm talking about the Cowboys. You sure about that? Oh, yeah. Those are one might be one.

I get it. Let's see if the Yankees put themselves up for sale. What they get. Oh, be like, what the hell?

Star industries. Would you rather buy the Cowboys or the Yankees? Well, I mean, that's personal for me. So I would absolutely buy the New York Yankees. Are you kidding me? Hey, if I'm getting a point off of Carlos Alcaraz, I'm buying the Yankees. Well, you deserve it. I mean, that's on my best of all worlds list. At best. Would you hire me for the to work for the Yankees? Hell no. Manchurian general manager. Well, get out of here. I technically already do.

So I already and plus the job's not available. Brian Cashman has it for life. He's the Supreme Court justice. That's why you haven't won.

So none. Look, the guy. He was good for me. Good for me.

He was great. Good for me. Get out of here. Good. Great. Great. Great. But I mean.

So was my marriage. To look at to look at this team and say, I don't have a left fielder. I heard it. I don't have a left fielder, but we're cool without a left fielder. I'm good with this. Josh Donaldson. Let's run it back with him. And now I'm seeing star industries on the side, like both star insurance, insurance, pardon me, Vandalay. Say Vandalay. And you want to be my baseball team star insurance on the side of a Yankee uniform, star insurance import or export.

Which one would you think? And I'm sure if you read what they are on their website, it's probably some conglomerate world like it'll sound and look like I bet you their website looks like it would be the one on Michael Clayton. We know the industry since 1919.

There you go. What have they been doing since 1919? From our origins as the first American-owned insurance agency in Shanghai in 1919 to our current presence across six continents, they go star insurance companies has grown into an industry powerhouse. So they were they were back in 19. They're an American company. They were they were insuring the Dutton Ranch.

That's how American they are. It's possible. OK. Just win a game.

I just want them to win games, string them together. Let's. Rich, are you using one of your toes?

You could just donate them to what do you mean to Aaron Judge? Apparently no. Apparently he's coming back.

We'll get him back. Yeah. All right. Before the habit bone guy comes back, which is eight four four two or four rich number to dial jets run hard knocks, everybody speaking of New York teams that are near and dear to my heart. Called that yesterday. Oh, baby.

I've been called. I got a top five list. Top five.

Well, three four five most or most exciting things I want to see. I can't on a Jets edition of Heartland and then more of your phone calls eight four four two or four rich. Are you currently enjoying the show on the Stitcher app? Then you need to know Stitcher is going away on August twenty ninth.

Yep. Going away as in Kaput gone dead. Rest in peace, Stitcher. Thanks for 15 years of service to the podcast community. So switch to another podcast app and follow this show there.

Apple, Spotify or wherever you listen. Back here on the program, eight four four two or four rich number to dial. We will take your phone calls. We're having a fun day today talking about things that we think we can do for even just a split second against professional athletes and professional settings.

And every single time we're having our bubbles burst. I could get a point off of Carlos Alcaraz. I don't care what my own coach called in to say. Well, you have to believe it. That's the first step. Hey, I remember when I told Stuart Scott, I'm like, you know, you're going off to try and make the Jets.

You know, you went off to training camp, you can try to make the Jets. He's like, believe it. You have to believe it. I can see Stuart's name will be invoked many times tonight here in Los Angeles, California. It's the Esme night tonight, right? There's no hosts because there's no writers, right? And the actors may strike in the middle of it. Correct. Pretty much. There's a lot happening.

There's a lot happening in Los Angeles these days or soon, maybe not happening in this town. Hey, Robert Kraft is on the Hall of Fame semifinalist. Is he really? Well, who else is on the Hall of Fame semifinalist? A full list of semifinalists, stand by.

Oh. I just saw the Robert Kraft thing. Well, he's getting, you know, if he gets the finalist, that'll be Ken Anderson, Otis Anderson, Carl Banks, Maxie Bond, Larry Brown, Mark Clayton. Well, any other, any other contributors though, because that's the one that's who Robert Kraft would be.

Let's see. Yeah. Twenty nine semifinalists for the contributor list. Oh, boy. There's a lot.

Tom Adams, Rune Arledge, Tom Coughlin, Mike Holmgren, Bob Kraft, Rich McKay, Virginia McCaskey, Art Modell, Art Rooney Jr., Dan Reeves, Marty Schottenheimer. I'm weaving out a bunch. Rune Arledge. How's Rune Arledge not in already? Well, I mean, but it's a bust in the room.

That's a different story, pal. You know, I'm sure he got the Roselle award or whatever for media, but a bust in a room. 844-204 Rich, number to dial right here on the Rich Eisen Show, I'm sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk on the Rich Eisen Show radio network. The desk is furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger has the right product for you.

Call or just stop by. When you are a team that has a certain level of fascination surrounding it in the National Football League and you are eligible for hard knocks, meaning under the new rules of engagement set forth by the NFL years ago when teams began to view hard knocks as a distraction, as a detrack, detrack, not just distraction, but it will detract from your ability to win. If you are eligible for hard knocks, it means you stink, that you haven't been on it because you're not fascinating enough and you gotta be on it because you haven't won enough, leaving you eligible to be, as Adam Schefter put it today, selected for hard knocks. It has been clear, it has been made clear from Florham Park, New Jersey, where the Jets have their home base. They want no part of it. They've wanted no part of it. But they have been selected to serve as this year's team on the HBO hit series that fans love to watch hard knocks and the Jets report to training camp a week from today.

And it's gonna be rolling. And all I'm just saying to the Jets is I know you got a potential holdout in Quinnen Williams. I know you got your quarterback that you want to keep under bubble wrap and maybe away from the glare or whatever, and I understand that you're putting it all together. Zach Wilson, sure, you can be funny all you want, but the Patriots aren't being asked to be on here. Not eligible. They're not eligible, I understand.

I understand. But when you go out and make the splashiest splash of the non-playing season, Woody Johnson wanted to make a splash, he wanted to go and get a big time quarterback, he made that plainly obvious as soon as the calendar hit 2023, and they went ahead and did it. You're gonna get the spotlight and the glare and you might as well soak it in.

You might as well soak it in. Last time the Jets were on hard knocks, it was when Rex Ryan was their coach. To get a snack. Yeah. And they were fascinating and guess what happened? I think they made the playoffs, right? Made the playoffs and they damn near made the Super Bowl. So the Jets have overcome this, if you will, distraction or obstacle before. Now obviously it helped to have a coach who welcomed it and loved it and used it and maybe even basked in it, that's not Robert Sala. But I think the sooner they embrace it, and now that it is what it is and you can only control what you can control, they should call up Mike Mayock who absolutely cleansed the Raiders hard knocks in the Antonio Brown year with the helmet and the feet and all that sort of craziness. So I'm excited. I think they should just look forward to it and just get into it and embrace it. And in terms of being excited about the Jets being on hard knocks, I need NFL films music, or thank you very much for, I know you love the sprinkler noise, especially since people on the radio are wondering, what is that noise?

Is that a bug hitting my windshield? But any rate, here are the top five things I want to see on the Jets hard knocks. Some of this comes from being a 54 year old cheerleader for the team, right? And in that respect, number five on this list is I just want to see Quinnen Williams in uniform. I want to see it because the hard knocks back in the day, the Jets know it. Remember De'Rell Reavis was holding out and that is, what's the word for it?

That sucked. I want to see Quinnen in uniform. I don't care what he's doing. I don't care if he doesn't practice. I don't care what he's doing. I just want to see him in uniform because that means they gave him a contract that he's happy with. And I think the Jets will. You remember we had Robert Sala on during the spring and he wasn't concerned about that at all. I want to see Quinnen Williams in uniform. And then another thing, number four, another simple one. I want to see Makai Becton working out.

And that works in two different ways. I want to see him working out to see how he is faring from his incessant injury bug that's bitten him ever since the Jets chose him out of Louisville in the first round. And I also want to see him working out figuratively. I want to see it working out for him. Now that also plays into the ultimate question about the hopes and dreams of the 2023 New York Jets. Yes, Rogers and all the rest of it.

If he's not protected, this thing's going down the tubes real fast. So I need to see how this offensive line looks. And obviously, Dwayne Brown is the left tackle. One would think that there is a competition that I think Dwayne Brown will win.

Where does Becton land? Is he going to be a right tackle? Do we have Dwayne Brown on the left and Becton on the right?

What does this look like? I need to see Elijah Vera Tucker coming back from injury because if this line is really good and working out, the knocks won't be too damn hard for the Jets. It'll be hard knocks for the rest of the National Football League number three. I need to see Breece Hall's knee.

I got to see that too. You want the MRIs? I want to see it all. And I want to see Breece Hall looking like Breece Hall. And I know the Jets will probably hide Breece Hall. They don't want to show his knee. They want him to come fresh out of the box on that Monday night against the Buffalo Bills looking like Breece Hall and be like, oh, like that famous Big Ben jiff, like, oh, okay. I need to see his knee. Number two.

On the things I want to see on the Jets hard knocks list, number two, because if things do go south or begin to start heading in that direction or it begins to start going sideways, I need to see how many bars does Aaron Rodgers cell phone get in his New Jersey home? I want to know. Brilliant. No, I'm not going there. I'm not going Verizon. I'm going how many, what's his reception in that house? Because I don't need to hear, I can't, I haven't, you know, heard from Joe Douglas or Joe hasn't called. I don't want this to go in the go to Kunst bucket. I want this to be in the, you know, stay in the Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran going to the Tony's bucket, you know, Aaron Rodgers, happy go lucky, Aaron bucket. I don't want to know, like, well, should have FaceTime me because man, that reception in Caldwell, New Jersey, I don't know, I mean, that's probably too far, you know, what's a little bit more north, uh, Teen Neck, River Edge, that Route 4, a very nice 17, right around there. How's the cell reception?

You got to FaceTime on the contact. I want to see it. And then number one, the number one thing I want to see on the Jets, hard knocks episodes on HBO. It's gotta be the Gardner show. I just want it all at sauce, Gardner as Truman. It's like the Truman show, but I want to see sauce.

That's it. I want to see sauce, Gardner, like it's the Truman show. I want 24 seven, three 65, Ahmad sauce, Gardner, the, the jeweler that he brought up the guy from Jersey who makes his ice that he dropped his name on, uh, on, on our, uh, draft show on, on NFL networks draft coverage. I want to see him. I want to see his jeweler. I want to see everything about sauce, Gardner, all of it, because that'll make it really entertaining.

And that's my top five. Do you think we need one more while we're on the subject of jets, hard knocks, I got one more for you. You want to go to fireman Ed's house?

No, I'm already talking about one quarterbacks cell phone reception in his house, right? I want to see the other quarterback's phone. I don't want to see what the DMS looked like. Zach Wilson's DMS that's what I want to see on the jets, hard knocks, Zach Wilson's direct messages, who's sliding in and who's sliding out.

What age inappropriate or now I'm just, um, I don't, I just want to know what's in it. Thank you. I just want to see what's at Zach Wilson's direct messages. Can we get that on hard knocks please? Yeah. I like to see that.

That's one of the top five things I want to see on the jets, hard knocks on HBO. I know I can't play them. I mean, we all knew this was coming. What are they going to go? Commanders? Get out of here. Bears might've been interesting.

Really? What do you, what do you want to see? What do you want to see about the bears?

I want to see fields go prime time. Very good. And then what else? And then what? See you at 58 more minutes. What else? 58 more minutes.

I want to see the whole episode on one of these jets guys with someone who's going to get cut. What do you mean? Okay.

So I don't know, whatever hard knocks does its thing. You're following Lazard. You're following Garrett Wilson. You're following Aaron Rogers. You're following a breeze hall, Elijah, Vera Tucker, Ahmad Gardner.

You know, Nathaniel Hackett Johnson, huh? Do the jet schedule. When are we doing that?

I don't know. Um, I don't want you to force me in anything. I need to see how breeze hall looks on, but I'm not ready to do that yet. Post the preseason games. Um, mid August, I'll do the jet schedule before the season. I promise.

Well, that's mandatory. I know you got to do, you got to do Dallas. You've got to do the Patriots.

And we'll let you, will he act like he's really a Giants fan? I'll do the Rams. I'll do the Rams. I'll do the Rams for you. I'll do the Rams.

Ram Jam. I'm taking off Sundays to go to Rams games this year. You've been saying this for three years.

I have actually. He's right. You know, you'll do the Rams schedule and I will then rank a power ranking of the games that you are most likely to sell your tickets to.

Why don't you just put all of them at number one? No, he'll go to some. He'll go to more than Brockman.

Oh, come on. Brockman actually beat me by one last year. Mike doesn't go to the games. I went to two. You sell your tickets, your tickets more than Mike?

More than Chris? Yeah, because he's off on Sundays. I can only go to night games. You choose to work Sundays.

There's a big difference. I'll put up the Rams schedule real quick. I'll do this right now.

Then we'll take some calls to wrap up the show. I'll do it. You want to do it?

I'll do it. No, no, no. I don't want you to do that just yet. Oh, you want to look. Home for San Francisco.

Their home schedule is San Francisco, Philadelphia. Oh, Arizona. I mean, you're going to. But you can't.

You'll go to that because you're not going to be able to sell that. Now you're. Colt McCoy coming in.

Businessman. Oh, they've got Pittsburgh coming in? We have. Yeah, and Philly.

Oh, wow. We've got big money. Mike, that might pay for the whole season. That might pay for the whole season in a couple of games. Round two.

Yeah. We've got three games. Oh, they're in Saints. There are some serious fan bases. Oh, that's going to be a tough list. Don already wants my Saints tickets.

Guys, that's a tough list for me to figure out. Mike, we might make two X's here. We might. Yeah, this is a big year. Parking alone.

Wow. And the Saints is a Thursday night. So you know, Saints fans will be like, screw the traffic. I don't care.

I got the Saints coming here to Los Angeles. Oh, yeah. Whose house is it?

Who day? Right. They're coming in.

Although we'll see. In my pocket. We'll see if all those people who all those memory, did we get a did we get an email from a Saints fan in Temecula who thought the NFL went too woke if they were tapping out? Guess what? Go, go, go, go broke to say eight four four two four rich number to dial right here on the Rich Eisen Show.

You see those right. Those ratings have really taken a nosedive. If they got my ticket, I told you Chris eight four four two oh four rich number to dial on this edition of the Rich Eisen Show.

Hey, everybody, we're back. What are you laughing about now? This is one of the things you just leave it.

You don't even know. Don't touch it. He left leaving the break, as I would say, left in the break.

Don't touch it. Left in the break. Eyes in after dark. We could share it. All right, here we go. We got odds.

Where will Otani play after the deadline? What do you mean odds? For instance, the one of your little gambling sites? Yeah. Yeah. You're a little. OK. Angels.

Big favorite. So that's bet four seventy five to one hundred Dodgers five to one Mets six and a half to one Yankees eight to one Padres Giants Cardinals far off. I couldn't even imagine if the Yankees got that would look like it's just so it's it's I could tell you what it would look like.

Playoff disappointment. I don't know about that. I don't think Gary Cole, Otani, Rodone. I mean, Rodone. Yeah, he actually he's back and he actually pitched well. Yeah.

I'm serious. So no, Otani and Cole around Rodone and then maybe Severino is your fourth starter. You don't think they could win a playoff series with that? It's their hitting would be the issue.

I'm wondering, can you score enough runs? Of course. But I. Otani will be back.

Otani, Otani, Otani protecting judge, right? Come on. Well, of course, a tiny lefty hitting into that, you know, B.S. right field plays B.S. right field. There's something called Pesky's pole that literally is five feet in front of home plate in your stadium and that stupid ass wall that Wade Boggs flicked his wrists and got triples and doubles off and made his way to the Hall of Fame off of. Get out of here with your your ballpark nonsense. But seriously, come on. He's got a point.

Oh, get a huge porch that hangs into the outfield. I got it. I understand.

All right. Eight four four to a four inch number to dial right here on the Rich Eisen show Jose and Santa Barbara, California. You're here in the rich has shows just in the neck of the woods for a few days. Just beautiful. What's going on, Jose? Where'd you reach?

How are you, sir? What's going on? Hey, I can't believe you didn't see it, just like the Bengals named their stadium pay core to make money for Joe. Pay Joe stadium. That's why the Yankees are putting that insurance patch on their jersey so they could pay Oh, Tommy. Oh, OK. OK, Jose.

What do you think? There's a far less are saying all I'm saying is there's a forest in your spot and tree trees like a famed New York Yankee executive once did spot and dimes. Thank you for the call, Jose. Let me just say this. I despise this patch that the Yankees are putting on their.

If you will. Uniform of sanctity. Their world famous pinstripe uniform having star insurance, by the way, two hours for those scoring at home. However, if this is to pay, Oh, Tony, I love this patch. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, I should I need I need I need I need to amend I need to amend you could put a billboard. I absolutely adore this patch. I think it's the greatest patch of all time. Name patches.

Oh, Houlihan, right from Dodgeball, from Dodgeball, depending on you, son. Name patches. The one that's on the on the famous raider. Yeah. Buck in the logo.

Oh, yeah. Name a patch. Name patches. One-eyed Willie.

He had a one-eyed Willie. Always. That's nice. Yeah. Greatest patch ever. Nick Fury wears an eye patch.

That's true. All of it. Escape from New York. Yeah. Oh, please. Yes. Didn't Robin Williams have a movie? Yes. Dr. Patch. Patch Adams. Patch Adams. Yeah. Greatest patch ever.

Go get Ohtani. If that's where you got it. 20 million. Then how? How?

I'm sorry to question. That's like, you know, a third of the cost. A third of the cost? You know, you're cutting out right there.

Put a patch on it. That's half. Half. Boom. Maybe even half.

If you sell them on stuff. Add a patch on the other arm now. Fantastic. Love the patch.

Thank you, Jose, for pointing out. If the patch is for Ohtani, great. If it's not, I hate it. Guys, we're at a dead heat on the Twitter poll. I put it up.

Yeah, like literally. Over 3,000 votes now. I hit it. I don't know. Ooh, man. I hit it. Would you rather own the Cowboys or the Yankees?

You know, some of these responses are so ridiculous. How are you seeing it? I'm on the show Twitter. Oh. Cowboys, 50.4%.

Yankees, 49.6%. Can you put, by the way, polls on Threads yet? No idea. Because won't it be interesting to see if the results are different with the Threads audience and the Twitter audience? Yeah, maybe. It's like some of these people are like, I'd buy the Cowboys so I could run the team into the ground. Like, wait a minute. So let me get this straight. You're going to own a team and then what do you- Well, that's what Elon's doing with Twitter. Yeah, like you're going to run it into the, are you the Cleveland Indians owner from Major League? Good point, Rich. Good point.

Do I need to show you? By the way, everyone's talking about Elon, Steph, and people. We have not been, we're part of a program with Twitter. Chazen Show ads and whatever. We haven't been paid since April 1st. April Fools.

Correct. We haven't seen a dime. And as a matter of fact, they've stopped that whatever, they've stopped showing you how much money you were making. Like, you don't even know. We had to find out.

We had to call and find out. And it is since what we used to make. So don't sit here and say, somebody's going to buy the Cowboys just to ruin it.

Why would they do that? You could say Twitter was the Cowboys of social media apps. He paid a lot more for the Cowboys than the Yankees. You know? Combined. So I'm going to say that's crazy.

Somebody who's insanely rich and you know, known to be good in business will buy something just to destroy it. Never heard of that. The other poll is, we're in a dead heat.

What's that? More likely Del Tufo could score an NHL goalie penalty shot. Rich wins a single point against the number one men's tennis player, Carlos Alcaraz. Team Del Tufo has stormed ahead 52%. Let me say something.

Team Eisen 48. Hold on a second. Hold on. Hold on. Stop. Stop.

I love him. Hold on a minute. You know, I have no problem poking fun of myself on this program. You know that, okay? And you know I have no problem when people poke fun of my athletic abilities on this program. But right now, I'm offended. It seems like you can play some tennis. I'm offended that people think Mike Del Tufo, lace up, step on an NHL rink, and one on one score on a bonafide National Hockey League goalie. I love Mike Del Tufo. And that I would somehow be fortunate enough to find myself on the same court. And you know, Alcaraz can choose his surface. I just said those words.

And in a three set whitewashing, I'm sure, I couldn't get a single point. That offends me. I'm offended. You remember that guy who once tweeted out that he went to that hotel in Ann Arbor, what's the name of it? The Graduate Hotel there, where they give out keys with photographs of alums. We went there when we were... We did.

We stayed there. Did you get a Rich Eisen key when we were there? I did not get a Rich Eisen key. It was on your key? I forget.

Hold on. Let me see if I took a picture of it. Well, at any rate, I'll sometimes get people saying, I just went to this hotel. It's a photograph of me when I went to school there. It's my real signature and my real ID number that I had when I was at Michigan. Madonna also has one.

Madonna does have one strike. So somebody tweeted out that they got a Desmond Howard key and that he's a Buckeye fan, was that at this hotel. And he just said, I want a non-athlete. He gave the key back and told the person at the front desk, give me the key whose photograph includes that of a non-athlete. And they handed one to him of me on it. And I'm not an athlete. I get it professionally.

But, you know, I want somebody who's unathletic and they gave a photograph of me. I'm more offended now than I was then. Are you more offended by that than Brockman being labeled as a celebrity?

This is, we're in that, we're being, we are absolutely approaching that. I didn't take a picture of my key. And by the way, Chris may not know, but if SAG After goes on strike tonight, part of it is because he's been called an actor. Does that mean he can't come to work tomorrow?

It may not be at work tomorrow guys. They have put, they have put, they have put, they have put it out there. Is that part of the agreement? There needs to be, there's a side agreement that they're going to make with the studios that Chris Brockman may no longer be referred to as an actor anywhere. Even then with all of this, I'm still more offended by this. Thanks for watching this show, everybody.

Look at me, the Mili Lestasi. How wrestling really works and how you get the ratings, Eric Bischoff and Conrad Thompson explain on 83 weeks. Collision has been struggling a little bit out of the gate with these ticket sales. A little bit out of the gate. This was a major show announced on a major network with what everybody thought was this huge star, CM Punk. I said he was going to be the biggest financial flop in wrestling history and I think I'm being proven right every minute of the day. 93 weeks on YouTube or wherever you listen.
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