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REShow: Jeff Darlington - Hour 1

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July 10, 2023 3:00 pm

REShow: Jeff Darlington - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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July 10, 2023 3:00 pm

Rich recaps Victor Wembanyama’s Las Vegas NBA Summer League debut that included a controversial run-in with former teen pop star Britney Spears in a Vegas casino.

ESPN NFL Reporter Jeff Darlington tells Rich what the timeline is for free agent RB Dalvin Cook signs with an NFL team, if Saquon Barkley and Josh Jacobs could be training camp holdouts for the New York Giants and Las Vegas Raiders, which teams make the most sense to sign All-Pro WR DeAndre Hopkins, if Bengals QB Joe Burrow or Chargers QB Justin Herbert sign their big extension first, if Tom Brady is truly done with his NFL playing career, if the Raiders could void Jimmy Garoppolo’s contract in the wake of his unexpected foot surgery, if Stefon Diggs and the Bills can mend fences, and if Brock Purdy can bounce back from elbow surgery to repeat his stellar rookie season.

Rich reacts to Reds IF Elly De La Cruz stealing 2nd, 3rd, and home in the same inning and makes the case for the rookie phenom to be in MLB’s All-Star Game in Seattle.

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And now back to The Rich Eisen Show. Live from The Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles, The Rich Eisen Show. He can't quit us and we can't quit you either. Today's guests ESPN NFL reporter Jeff Darlington, ESPN MLB insider Jeff Passan, senior writer for Sports Illustrated Chris Mannix, and now it's Rich Eisen.

Well yes it is, yes it is. Hey everybody, welcome to this edition of The Rich Eisen Show. We're back, we're in the light after our dark week.

We were off for all of July 4th week and we are relaxed and rested and ready to chat with you at 844-204-rich number to dial. We say hello once again to our Roku channel audience. The Roku channel is free on all Roku devices.

Select Samsung Smart TV. It is free on Amazon Fire TV. It is free on the Roku app because the Roku channel is on it. And the crazy thing is that's the way it was before the dark week. The dark week hasn't changed anything. We're still free. We're right here on this Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio affiliate Sirius XM Odyssey and more, our podcast. We are so thrilled to be talking to anybody who wants to listen to us whenever they darn well want to hear us. We are back here on The Rich Eisen Show and good to see you over there Christopher Brockman. What's going on bro?

Hey Rich, not a whole lot going on. Good to see you. Mike Del Tufo back all the way from the Gold Cup.

Yes, I traveled back on my private jet ride this morning. It's amazing. You were doing the Gold Cup. It's amazing.

I have honestly, I'll be honest with you, I have never heard penalty kicks get saved quite like the way I heard it last night. So congratulations. I, you know, it was, it was really intense action.

It was really intense action, but it sounded great. Thank you, Rich. So thank you for adding to the experience.

No, I don't. Good to see you over there TJ Jefferson. The candle is lit.

The candle is lit. It's good to be back. I just want to remind you guys that I'm not like this because I'm in Van Halen.

I'm in Van Halen because I'm like this. Okay. This guy dropping bear quotes. No, all I know is that you've been sitting on that for a week. Well done. Way to uncork it. Way to uncork it. Yes chef.

You know, I always shoot you straight here on this program and that's how I'm going to start this show. When we go dark, when we don't have a show on TV simulcast and we're not here for an entire week, um, you know, I, I, I wring my hands a little bit. I know we need a break.

I know the entire crew needs a break. I understand that we're, uh, we're, uh, we're all humans and we got to step away every now and then we appreciate you are listening and viewing audience understanding when we do that as well. Uh, but when I do that, I, I, I sometimes get a little nervous that a story's going to break and we're not in the chair and, and, and I lament not being in the chair.

So I'll be honest with you. I'm, I'm very, um, relieved, although I'm sure, uh, the Lillard family is not relieved. Um, and the, the Trailblazers are not relieved, um, that, that Lillard is still in play, that that story didn't, um, culminate while we were out of the chair. Um, so that's one thing, but there was one story that we were not in the chair for, we were not here for, and, um, and, and it's, it's always the stories you don't see coming. And, um, so when the most, uh, talented, one would say, uh, generationally talented first overall draft choices in the NBA, and also as Woj said, maybe team sports, okay, is out at the Summer League in Las Vegas, Nevada, um, and has a run-in with Britney Spears.

I'm sitting there thinking, why the hell are we not on the air? Can't plan for it. Can't plan for it because who would have thought that this was, this was the story of July 4th week, period. Name me a bigger story, with all due respect to the Gold Cup and those at Fox. Thank you, Wimbledon.

The bloodline had a civil war. Appreciate all of that. I appreciate all of that, but when Victor Wembunyama is strolling through the Aria Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, looking for a piece of fish, one would think, why else are you going in to catch, right? I mean, I don't know what else is, what else is to do in catch? It's just a place where you go, well, get a fish dinner, right? Get some steak there. I think so.

We post on Instagram about it for sure. Okay, so you go out there and I understand that's a shot in my direction, but it actually isn't. Okay, actually isn't.

Okay, I can be. Maybe I'm a little sensitive that I was out of the chair and Victor Wembunyama is just strolling about his business and up runs out of nowhere. Who'd have thought of all the people to approach Victor Wembunyama from his blind spot, which is huge, guy's seven foot five, it's a lot of blind spots. Very tall. Britney Spears and one would think security will not care who that is because they're on red alert walking through a Las Vegas casino with the most important, one would say, talented young man who's in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Definitely the tallest. On red alert. So what ends up happening, as we all know, is Britney, can't believe I'm starting the show with this, but it's Tom's story.

I mean, I've been sitting on this for 90 hours. She approaches him from a security says, get out of here. And it looks like they make contact with her. Okay. And it's kind of funny.

Oops, she did it again. That's one way to put it. That's another way to put it, because after further review, it looks like the Las Vegas authorities put on the what the green challenge light. They looked at the video. VAR.

You know, the dude in the bow tie is taking a look at it right on NBA TV. Take a look at it. And it looks like they didn't contact her. They contacted her arm and she did in fact hit her own baby one more time. She hit herself. Fantastic.

How are we not on the air for this sort of thing? It's like a mad lib. You can't come up with it. Proper name of French basketball star. Yeah. Walks through. Blank. Blank casino. In blank.

In blank. Well, it could be Atlantic City. Could be anywhere.

It could be anywhere now. Okay. And it has a run in with 80s female pop star. So 80s, 2000s, 2000s. Come on.

90s, aughts, whatever. I don't care. I'm just female pop star from back in the day.

Debbie Gibson. That's what I'm saying. Hold on a minute. I got it.

I've written some down. Oh, Frederick Vice walks through the Bellagio Hotel and has a run in with Debbie Gibson. Oh, yes. Hold on.

There's a way here. Frank Nalikina walks through the Mirage, gets tapped on the shoulder by Tiffany. Oh, I think we're alone.

Tony Parker is roaming through Paris. Monte Carlo. Monte, you know, we not circus, circus. And suddenly Belinda Carlisle can't believe who's there.

Heaven is a place on earth. Nice. Well done.

Shout out to the go-go. In between us learning that Brittany wasn't contacted by Victor Wembanyama's security staff and the fact that she did in fact get contacted by them, but she hit herself in the face. In between those two very important parts, Victor Wembanyama went from a bust to being the guy we all expected him to be in just two summer league games. Unbelievable. Because he was, after that first game and Brittany and him, right? And people, and the Brittany stands, did I get that right? On Twitter and threads. Okay. Brittany stands on threads. They're out there.

Okay. They were setting Victor Wembanyama's first summer league low lights to her music. Oh, were they really? Yes, I saw it because I'm in the know despite being on a dark week.

My finger's always on the pulse, guys. They went from that, you know, and people saying Wembanyama's a bust and, you know, the memes of Greg Popovich looking all sad, watching the game, even though he totally knows what he's got. That's why he's a 74-year-old man signing a five-year, $80 million contract extension. Everyone's saying, oh boy, he bought the goods, didn't he? And then of course, last night, double-double, three blocks, making threes, doing Wembanyama stuff.

He looks great. Exactly. And I can't believe about the saying, where are all the Brittany stands now? I just said those words. Free Brittany.

Hashtag free Brittany. I mean, I think the NBA this weekend went all NFL. They went all NFL, where you're overreacting.

It's an overreaction Monday. That's coming up later. I did.

I did. After his first game, after his first game, I did open up, open up a tab. Wembanyama's going to be a bust. And then hit, you know, hit save.

Oh my God, he's a bust. Guys, this whole Britney Spears thing. That's right. He couldn't even reach the whole situation was toxic. Nice. And crazy. Well done. Toxic.

Toxic is a Brittany song, Mike. So it's crazy. So hold on a minute, hold on a minute, hold on a minute. Nick Batum is walking through Excalibur and Kevin Federline approaches. Popo's out. Man, he just wants to go see Chris Angel.

Evan Fournier is walking through Circus Circus, right? And now we're talking. And then all of a sudden, Foxy Brown, Chaka Khan. I feel for you. Chaka Khan.

You know what I mean? Wow. Chaka Khan. Let me rock you. Let me rock you. Chaka Khan.

I mean, you could go full international like so. Patty Mills, right? He's walking. Yeah.

Dela Vadova is walking. All right. Elena. Holy crap. Oh, Matthew. So here's the thing.

One, sorry, we were off. Two, Victor one Banyama is gonna be just fine. Yes. Can we all just stop with the whole business of, uh oh, that was so we should have chosen Scoot. That was so ridiculous. Oh, and by the way, Brandon Miller was hot garbage too, right?

Yeah. For like his first. One of the Thompson twins got hurt. Oh, and the NBA is creating an in-season tournament. Chris Maddox is going to be on this program in hour three to discuss. Jeff Passon's on this program to discuss Major League Baseball on its All-Star break. Home Run Derby tonight. Actual home run hitters in Major League Baseball going to be in this.

This is great. It's a pretty big day. I know.

I mean, the polar bears back at it. Mookie Betts is going to be swinging. Hometown Kid, Jay Rod. Oh, yeah. Rose Arena. Here we go.

It's gonna be fun. That's this evening. Then tomorrow is the All-Star game. And so the Yankees fire their hitting coach because it's his fault. It's totally his fault. I blame him. Oh, the Yankees fired their hitting coach. Fire them all. Oh, absolutely.

I mean, how does Boone still have a job? Exactly. Well, first of all, when your entire offense is big toe is still, you know, throbbing.

One guy isn't going to make a difference as we see it in Anaheim. Yeah, I get it. Sergeant Halka is big toe. And oh, by the way, while we were out, Mike Trout breaks his hammock bone. The old hammock bone.

Never heard of it. Oh, it's in your hand and you don't want to break it. And Otani leaves the game after giving up back to back home runs for the first time in his career. He's got blisters on his fingers, to use the old Beatles phrase.

Blisters. And the Angels are suddenly falling apart. Oh, don't worry. I'm going to go all in on that. And the trade deadline is coming up on August 1st. Today is July 10th. By the way, we can always do the math for you.

That's 22 days from now. Hey. Jeff Passon will join us. But because we love talking football, we've got Jeff Darlington of ESPN who says Dalvin Cook has a contract offer from the Dolphins, which, by the way, Tom Pelosero said was on the table. He had multiple offers. We just assumed one of his Dolphins.

He has said it is, in fact, the Dolphins. But Dalvin wants to wait till training camp, meaning I don't think there's enough Stephen Ross dollars on the table. You know, I just think, you know, he wants to wait. What's the point? It's July 10th. You know, what else are you going to do except stroll through the what do we got here through the Metropolitan?

Well, you know, we could throw it. Hold on. We stroll the Resorts World.

That's okay. Resorts World. Oh, so that big spear. Yeah. Holy cow.

It looks incredible. So you're strolling through Resorts World. Yeah. And then, you know, all of a sudden, what do you got, Madonna?

Well, I think just all of heart comes up to all of heart. Yeah, that's a good one. I know we'll be playing. I got one for you, Mike. We're doing Dalvin Cook strolling through Resorts World and Starship.

Nice. Well, Jefferson Airplane Starship Starship. Nothing's going to stop us now, Chris.

The same band. We're back from the dark week. What the hell happened? I was seriously I thought to myself, I'm I'm so sad we're not in the chair for this. It's a mad lib.

It's a mad, mad, mad lib world. We're going on. Thank you, Jeff Darlington.

By the way, it sounds great. Jeff Darlington is here on the Rich Eisen Show. When we come back, we'll talk National Football League action.

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I guarantee you're fixing to say oink, oink. I'm just so happy I got more. Are you currently enjoying the show on the Stitcher app? Then you need to know Stitcher is going away on August 29th.

Yep. Going away as in kaput gone dead. Rest in peace Stitcher. And thanks for 15 years of service to the podcast community. So switch to another podcast app and follow this show there. Apple Spotify or wherever you listen.

Back here on the program, Jeff Darlington will join us in a couple minutes time when the radio audience returns. Rich, at least Britney stans were making Wendy out to be a criminal. Oh, he was doing. You can't fool around with Britney fans. I just need to know, do you now have her entire title list or greatest hits title list in front of you? Is that your fingertips or are you Googling? It was at my fingertips, yes. I don't believe that at first. Britney Spears hits.

I mean, every song we mention. She just wanted when me to give her more. Oh, stop. You can't do it.

You can't do it. When he's no womanizer. Oh, my God. He better work.

It was a circus, though, inside the casino. Oh, my God. How many times we do this?

I hope they don't. Oh, we could keep doing this. What he said. Are we out of are we out of French NBA stars?

Batoom, Fournier, Nellie Keena, Frederick Vice, Brown, the France Olympic, Victor Wimber, and Yama. One thing when be wasn't was overprotected. But what would what would Britney Spears is security guard do to somebody who approaches her from behind if she's strolling in the catch? The craziest thing like back in the early 2000s, my buddy Big Rob used to be Britney security. And if you would try to roll up on her, he would have rolled you up like an elf and smoked you. I think I think Britney thought her and Vic were boys. Is that a song?

Yeah, I'm just yeah. Britney was trying to break the ice, guys. Here's what I want. I want French stars because I think we I think we're out.

Maybe Vic is on Britney's radar. Oh, my God. Can you look up a French star for me? What have we got?

I was going on the French Olympic team. You want French music? No, I don't star. So Pepe Le Pew is walking through Excalibur and OK, back here in the Rich Eisen Show, the radio Rich Eisen Show radio network back on there. I'm sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grange with supplies and solutions for every industry.

Granger is the right product for you. Call click ranger dot com or just stop by Rudy Gobert. Come on. Oh, God. So Rudy Gobert is strolling through Excalibur and Cindy Lauper wants to talk.

She just wants to have fun. Time after time that happens. All right, everybody, I love this back here. I know it's it's tough.

It's tough to stop people. Eight, four, four, two or four. It's number two. I'll give us your favorite French basketball player, a Las Vegas casino and a pop star, female pop star. And I mean, I'll give you props. It's a fun game to play, everybody. You took me out with Chaka Conrad eight, four, four, two, four.

And by the way, that's not a metaphor for anything. I literally did that in the first segment. Joining us here on the Rich Eisen Show from the worldwide leader in sports. Let's talk football people, because training camp is just around the corner. Jeff Darlington back here on the Rich Eisen Show. How are you doing, Jeffrey? I've got thoughts too on this.

What do you got? Tony Parker, Tony Parker and Christina Aguilera at the Palm. There you go. The Palm. I mean, the Palm.

I mean, Palm's very 90s. Circa 2005. When was the last time you were in Vegas, Jeff?

When was the last time? Oh, it's been a minute. Okay. Yeah, I was there for covering the Raiders game and it was a pretty desperate scene. Which one? By the way, you got to be more specific than that. Which one was desperate, Jeff? I think it was during COVID, so I'm going to... Oh, okay. We'll leave it there, as they say in the news business. All right, let's just jump in here. What is the timing on Dalvin Cook and what's going on with him? Best you can tell, Jeff.

What do you got for me? You know, first of all, I think it's important. I keep having all these, you know, Dolphins fans freaking out in my Twitter timeline about, why doesn't Dalvin just sign? We should just move on from him. Like, it's July 10th. Like, GMs aren't even around.

Like, they're on vacation. This is not a time of year when players sign. I remember talking to a GM, actually, this past year about a player that he had signed last year. And he had a quarterback who was coming to him constantly to try to press him to sign a wide receiver.

And the GM finally had to tell him, let me do my job. If I sign him right now, it's going to cost us $15 million. If we wait three weeks, I can sign him for about six. So, I mean, I think that that sort of applies to what we're going through right now with Dalvin Cook.

Dalvin wants to see what his market is. The Dolphins, for instance, aren't going to want to, you know, just press to press and sign him just at a time when it doesn't matter. So, I think that we should sort of expect, maybe say Saquon or Josh Jacobs, get a deal done before July 17th and sort of reset the running back market. Maybe that happens and helps.

Maybe it doesn't. And Dalvin just has to ultimately make the decision himself. So, I would say just closer to training camp, maybe July 25th.

Did you just choose July 17th out of thin air or is there a deadline going on there? No, the deadline, the July 17th one is the Saquon is the deadline for the guys that are franchise tag to do a long-term deal. So, Saquon and Josh Jacobs have until July 17th. So, my thought is if they do a long-term deal, at least Dalvin will have a better understanding. Because right now, all these running backs are looking around at each other, whether it's Zeke or Leonard Fournette, Dalvin Cook or- Kareem Hunt. He's out there too.

Kareem Hunt. Yeah, they're all looking at each other like, what are we worth? Because everybody's telling us we're not worth much.

So, when do we find out what we're worth? And it's going to take somebody, and right now, July 17th being maybe the next marker, to do a deal to give anybody any sense of what these running backs are currently valued at. Fair to say it's more likely Saquon does that before July 17th and Josh Jacobs?

Yeah, the Josh Jacobs one feels a little sideways right now. I haven't really sensed that that was ever going to even happen since Josh McDaniels became the head coach. So, I would say Saquon, to me, seems like the guy Joe Shane wants him there.

They seem to be getting to a place where at least there's a good offer on the table. So, you know, we'll see what happens with Saquon, but I would say, yeah, that's the most likely. Well, let's just linger on Josh Jacobs a little bit, Jeff Darlington, because when you said that, you know, since McDaniels got there, things felt a little bit weird. And if I'm not mistaken, the preseason last year, you don't read too much in a preseason, but last year when the preseason hit and Jacobs wasn't really significantly used, the sense was it wasn't because they were saving him up like everybody does with their star running back, it was that they just didn't think much of them. And the reason why we thought that maybe is because they didn't pick up a 50-year option earlier in the spring, and then Josh Jacobs becomes the leading rusher of the National Football League. And the Prove-It deal, he's saying, I proved it, and the Prove-It deal hasn't hit the table. Is that a fair reading of everything of that?

That's exactly my assessment of it. And so that's where I'm saying, like, at least with Saquon, when things have kind of felt a little weird, it's because any negotiation can get a little funky. With Josh Jacobs, you've got all these, you know, chips on his shoulder now, he wasn't, like you said, he didn't have the option picked up, then he goes and has a career here.

So to me, I think that they've got a bigger, bigger, you know, gap to kind of, to fix here before July 17th. You know, and again, maybe, you know, Saquon gets his deal done in the day before, two days before, which is when these generally get done. Then maybe, maybe the Raiders and Josh Jacobs do a very similar deal.

You know, that can happen. But last year, there were four players at this deadline that also were trying to get their deal done, and none of them did. So while we'd like to have hope this time of year that someone will get a long-term deal done, it's not an absolute. Well, I mean, and then while we're, while we're lingering in the, is this a fair assessment world, Jeff, the McDaniel's tree, we all know, hails from the Belichick tree, and they don't pay running backs that, I mean, they have running backs by committee. I mean, and then they'll, they'll, they'll find the next, you know, Lawrence Maroney and the next Ramondre Stevenson and get a year or two out of them.

And let's, you know, that's why I'm, I'm kind of holding my breath to see if Dalvin Cook doesn't really, I mean, you hear Cook to the Patriots maybe, but, and we'll talk about DeAndre Hopkins in a second. I, I just don't know how the Jacobs thing works out. And then does, does he hold out if he doesn't get this deal?

Like that's the ultimate question is who actually pushes the pedal to the metal with whatever they have in their toolbox, Jeff. Yeah, same with Saquon too, right? Like, if either of these guys get their deal done, where are we headed? Because Josh Jacobs, I think has said himself, like, this isn't just about my deal. It's about future running backs. Like we're doing this for, you know, the position. So if that's true and all of a sudden this becomes one of these principle things, which can go away pretty quick. Are we suddenly talking about a Le'Veon Bell situation, which obviously did not work out well. I think we all agree on that. So that's, I mean, July 18th, if they don't get their deals done, Saquon and Josh, which one of those guys is going to sit there and say, I'm not playing. I tend to think they'll play. I just don't think from a business perspective, it's prudent.

But, you know, principle can be a powerful thing sometimes. Jeff Darlington from the Worldwide Leader in Sports, ESPN right here on the Rich Eisen Show. So what's the scoop with DeAndre Hopkins and the timing on that?

Is it similar? Because I don't know if there's any, you know, wide receiver franchise tag that he'd be waiting on. So what do you got for me there? No, his is straight up, straight up basically had good visits with the Titans and the Patriots and walked away from both hands. You know, there's again, like Dalvin, no incentive for me to sign at this moment.

You'll see, you know, the market can kind of create another bidder to get my money up. But yeah, I think that he would be ultimately okay playing for the Titans. He has a relationship with the offensive coordinator there from his time in Houston or the Patriots. We know Bill Belichick obviously has heaped praise on him. So I, you know, I could see either of those happening.

That being said, like, you know, this is not me reporting this or anything. This is me just like saying, what would it take to get another suitor? You know, say the Chiefs get a long term deal done with Chris Jones. Right now the Chiefs don't have the money. They get a deal done with him. All of a sudden that frees up 10, $15 million in salary cap space. Do they then become interested in the DeAndre Hopkins sweepstakes as well?

I mean, that would obviously be a pretty massive, massive situation. So I think if you're DeAndre, you're sitting there saying, I'm not going to sign with these two teams until I know exactly who my potential suitors are as we get closer to training camp. Well, if he's ring chasing, where's other people? I mean, did he price himself out of the ring chase market? Do you think? DeAndre?

Yeah. I mean, I got that sense with the Bills, for instance. My understanding with the Bills is like, yeah, they'd love DeAndre Hopkins, think he'd be a great addition, but they're not going to pay him. And if he wants a ring chase, there's a spot for him. But, you know, DeAndre came out and said the three things that he really wanted was an organization that had great structure.

He said he wanted a great quarterback and a great defense. So, I mean, that's a pretty impressive list of prerequisites for your team. Right.

The problem is if you want those three things, you're going to have to not get the fourth thing, which is money. So, you know, where is that in the priority list? That is to be determined.

Yeah. I mean, with all due respect to the structures or the quarterbacks or the defenses of the Titans and the Patriots, depending on how you, you know, everyone knows what I might be referring to when I say those two things and some would be strong in one and not as in the other. I don't think he's checked all three boxes at all with those two, which is again, why I'd be surprised why, you know, again, he wouldn't take less money to go somewhere, show he can still do it in a manner that is Hopkins-like.

One year, put a ring on his finger and then go find a new spot like that. That's what I would have thought. I would have thought it would have been similar, you know, to Randy Moss when he went to the Patriots.

Right. And I feel like the Chiefs are now sort of that team where we're starting to feel a little bit more with these, you know, last year MBS and Allen Lazard and you're starting to see these receivers say, I can go to the Chiefs, go prove it, get my ring and then get paid the next year. I actually, when DeAndre Hopkins first got his release, I thought that was a no-brainer, absolutely made the most sense in the world. But you know, clearly I'm not faulting Hopkins, but you know, we look at three things.

Again, I think that there's a fourth component to that and we know what that is. Jeff Darlington here on the Rich Eisen show. Who goes first, Burrow or Herbert? Joey doesn't seem too concerned about it. You know, he's white partying with Michael Rubin, you know, out on the Hamptons. By the way, that party, I mean, it looks a lovely time, but it also looked like just a lot of picture taking. Like it didn't look like, you know, there was no candidates of people having fun. Is that your take on it? Because, you know, who wasn't having fun?

Like Rubin posted like a movie trailer video of it. Let me tell you something. Wouldn't you, if you could? Yes. I would have a great time. I'd probably get kicked out for having too good of a time. Right. Like the only Leo at my party is my wife.

She's a Leo, you know, like that's about it. It's pretty good. Did you like that one? Not the party. I'm sure it was a great time.

They just didn't have to take pictures. Okay. Well, Jeff, look, I mean, if you wanted an invite, you don't have to be all, you know, down about it, you know. I shouldn't have been down. Brady's there.

It's a little jealousy. Brady was there. Yeah, Brady was there. Everybody was there. Everybody was there. Oh my gosh.

Everybody had a great time. All right. So who goes first, Burrow or Herbert?

What do you got for me? Oh, Burrow, Herbert. So the thing that's most interesting here for me is Burrow. I want to see, I'm curious about the structure of Burrow's deal.

Like Herbert, I think we could find out tomorrow. It's the same as Jalen Hurts' deal and its typical framework. To me, when Burrow made the comments that I have made clear to the organization what the structure of the contract I want, and I think that would be best for the team and myself moving forward.

To me, that says, I'm guessing here. I just think the tone of that, I'm curious to see if this winds up being more like a Patrick Mahomes deal. You know, the 10-year, half a bill situation where it's, you know, they can adjust each year. I feel like Burrow is the guy other than Mahomes that would do that. And if that's the case, you know, these deals aren't contingent on one another. And I could see the Herbert deal being less complicated and just, you know, any minute, any day, we see that one get done. So then which quarterback deal gets done first? I'll say Herbert. Okay, Herbert gets done first.

I was going to give you one more. Brady's deal with the Raiders for ownership. Brady's deal when he starts to play again?

No, no, no. I said ownership with the Raiders. What about that one?

Do you got anything? If he's ownership piece with the Raiders, it's apparently coming. Yeah, they're all set. That's set. It's done? It's approved? He's in? He's done?

Well, I guess it hasn't been approved by O'Shea, but the Raiders have announced it. Okay. I think. All right.

So is there a path to plan then? Were you being facetious or what? I'm trying to give Dove something to tweet about right now. Jeff, who is Dove?

Can we talk about this? No, here, first of all, it's Dove. Okay. I think I'm talking to two non-Jews here. Okay.

So, all right. Number one. Number two, if you're not here and I'm not here to get aggregated, then what the hell are we here for? That might be our fantasy team name.

What is that? Just here to get aggregated. Just here to get aggregated. That's all I'm here for. That's it. No. No, you're the one who said it.

You're like of your first playing career? I mean, that door is shut. I am going to change my profile on Twitter. It seems to get off the phone to say I'm just here to get aggregated. Then what else are we doing if we're not here to get aggregated? You understand? It's July 10th for crying out loud. No, but in all seriousness, I mean, he's done, right, Jeff? He's done. I get the sense he's done. He's done. For real.

Until someone calls. Yeah, he's doing the Miami thing, you know, having a nice time with his being a really devoted, dedicated father, which is actually very impressive to me. I agree.

But yeah, I think he's settled in. Okay. Last one for you then while we're... Like Rich, like you don't know. What? I mean, you're the closet Tom Brady guy. How many people call me the Tom Brady guy? I don't know. I don't know about that. I mean, I wasn't invited.

First of all, I wasn't about the... Yeah, I mean, I am going to go on TB12 for the 40. Right. He did tell me I've got a few more months left, so I am just eating chicken parm like it's going out of style. I tried to do his diet too. It's not for everybody.

I bet it's not for everybody. But no, I mean, I personally think the guy's done. I really do think he is done. It is 100% done unless, you know, unless something horrible happens in Miami and the greatest quarterback of all time is literally sitting there as an emergency quarterback in a geographically sound spot. Who the hell knows? Yeah, but then what would he do?

He'd have to sell his share in the Raiders? I mean... Just put it on hold. All right, Fox won't care.

That's for damn sure. They don't have any rules over there, right, Mike? There's no rules. We have rules. Okay, I had no idea.

But anyway, now we're just spinning here. So what do we know about Jimmy G's foot right now? I mean, that's a serious question. What do we know about this?

Yeah, I'm as curious as anyone on that one. We're close. And they've played it pretty close to the vest. And it's one of those things where everybody's dismissing it. You text many people within the organizations I want and they're all saying it's going to be fine. And, you know, no different than like with the Bills, with Diggs and Josh Allen. And I believe that the Bills and the Raiders think that things are going to be fine.

But that doesn't necessarily... We should not be keeping a great close eye on it. Because, you know, these situations like organizationally, they want to think Jimmy's going to be fine. But one hiccup and all of a sudden we're in a situation where that contract is written as such that, man, if they could back out of that, that would be... And I think they are committed to him. They obviously signed him and moved on from Derek Carr for him. And I believe that component of it. But until we see Jimmy out there on the field, healthy with that foot, passing a physical, I understand why the questions are being asked.

Of course. I mean, the two things that would concern me is, number one, that the Raiders redid the contractual language when it happened. So they were planning for the alternative. And then two, they signed Brian Hoyer. And you know the football gods want to see him play.

So you know he's going to get out there. Because they can't quit. They can't quit Brian Hoyer. But in all seriousness, I mean, you just mentioned Diggs and Allen. I would compare the Jimmy G thing maybe more to Brock Purdie's arm.

And that rubber is truly about to meet the road on that. Because that is just bones healing or scars healing or tendons healing. I mean, Diggs and Allen could totally handle it themselves if it is in fact that. And Josh Allen went on the busing pod recently and called out media members, and I'm sure I'm one of them, for overdoing it. But the coach was the one who said, I'm very concerned. So when he said that, but at least if it is between the two of them, two grown ass men who love each other can handle it.

You know what I mean? And I think Josh is definitely the type who can. And to that point, I just more mean like it's one of those things where we're always told by teams that it's going to be fine.

Sometimes it isn't. And I think Josh and Stefan, I think they can both handle this. But just like the Jimmy G situation, crazy things happen.

Weird things happen. And to your point about Brock Purdy though, I actually truly believe Kyle Shanahan when he says that he thinks that Brock Purdy will be ready for week one. And that Brock Purdy will be the starter.

Like that one, I do truly believe 100%. And then number two, who's second? Is it Darnold? Or is it going to be- Who cares? Well, hold on a minute. Did you just drop a who cares on me? Did you do that?

Because- It wasn't on you. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I mean, who cares means number one, you don't care about being aggregated. How dare you?

Number two- No, we do care about that. No, but- My thing is like, do we think that the 49ers are Super Bowl contenders with Trey Lance? Well, they were Super Bowl contenders with Brock Purdy. So yeah. I know, but that's what I'm saying. I think Brock Purdy might be the guy.

No, I know that. But they're a team that if any team has proven the depth chart is crucial, it's the Niners, right? So if Purdy's not ready to go, then who does get that shot? And if it's the guy that they just flipped one single draft choice for in the spring over the guy that they traded the farm for a couple of drafts ago, then that would be- I feel like the 49ers though have really gotten to the point too, where they recognize they can't think about the draft capital they spent on Trey Lance anymore.

They cannot let that dictate their decision. And me saying, who cares, just allows you to make a very valid good point. So you're welcome. Thank you. I'm sorry. I should have front loaded that with thank you. I should have. You're right.

It was rude of me to do that. But I guess it doesn't matter that they don't have to worry about the draft capital they spent on them because they got an owner who loves the GM and the coach. And the GM and the coach aren't going to have built a juggernaut outside of it where the quarterback can be inserted no matter who it is. And they got a shot to win it.

So it's a rarity. What happens right now if, and I love Kyle Shanahan, like known him forever. I think he is brilliant.

He is the guy and he will get his Super Bowl eventually. That's a hell of a wind up. What's the pitch?

What do you got? What happens, what happens if the Mr. Irrelevant last pick in the NFL draft does not turn out to be this actually really adequate, really good starter last year? They are, what kind of team do they end up being in the final second half of that season? And his ownership then looking at Kyle saying, and John saying, Trey Lance, you picked him. He's not the guy and we don't have anybody behind him.

I mean, talk about revisionist history. Like Brock Purdy really saved the 49ers organization from a really, really dramatic off season. Well, or that they would just go with Lance. Maybe the kid just needs the football in his hands and he is going to be the guy with the huge upside who can run it and throw it. Maybe he's that guy. He just has not had the chance, you know?

Yeah, I don't know. I trust that the 49ers organization has seen him more than any of us have. They're not exactly talking like he's about to take over the starting job while their other quarterback who was the last pick in the draft is in Jacksonville rehabbing an elbow injury. Jeff Darlington, I appreciate the time, man. Thanks again. Always appreciate chopping it up. Let's do it during training camp. I'm just here to be aggregated. Just say that over and over again, put it in your threads bio and we're good. Let me know if you're out here in LA.

We'll have you in. Okay, be well. That's Jeff Darlington, everybody. My colleague formerly of the NFL network now with ESPN right here on the Rich Eisen Show. Upset.

He was not invited to the Fanatics white party. So, Rich, you just basically told Jeff if he's in LA, he should come on over like Christina Aguilera. Oh my god, this guy's just gonna have to drop it. Come on over, baby. Come on over, baby.

You guys are genies in a bottle. Let's go. All right, we have to stop. Everybody spent the last 25 minutes googling and you're unloading. No, I was watching the Michael Rubin white party video on loop. Let's talk about that a little bit.

844-204-RICH number to dial right here on the Rich Eisen Show. Don't you dare move. We'll be getting ready for Jeff Pass and let's talk LA Dela Cruz, people. When we come back, our favorite baseball player. What is going on with you, Jim Brockmire and Brett Musburger?

This is my Musburger face. You know, you can't put that to bed, Rich. You know why you can't put it to bed? Okay. Because he's a punk.

That's why. Brett Musburger is a P-U-N-K punk. The man is a thief. Okay. Brett Musburger is a thief.

How so? Stole my line. What line was that? This is for all the tostitos. Remember that?

These are all the tostitos. Remember when he said that? Everybody in the business... No, it's not funny. Everybody in the business knows that was my line, but he went ahead and used... That's what I always yell when I climax inside of a woman. Or when I'm just... When I climax all by myself. And ever since then, now I have to yell out, the Ruffles have ridges.

It's not the same thing. Here is Brett Musburger. How are you, Brett? Hey, Rich. Rich, I'm great. Listen, I'm so proud of you guys for trying to help resurrect little Jimmy Brockmire's career. We all know the problems.

We all know the problems that he had in the past. He says that you stole all the tostitos from him, Brent, from back in the day? No, I got paid. I got paid by a company to drop the name. I got three tostitos for a week. What are you talking about?

Okay. You know, Rich, it's really interesting because as we started these in here in Las Vegas and Brockmire was having trouble getting a job. So he called our executives and our general manager.

He interviewed Brockmire and asked him about a three team parlay. And our boy, Jimmy, he thought that that was two hookers with him in a Morristown hotel room. You know, Jesus, we would have loved to help him out. But I wish him the best. He's so delusional.

And listen, let him go at it. We're all the tostitos, baby. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show radio network. What did we tell you about this kid, Elie Dela Cruz? What did we tell you? We told him, we told, by the way, he was top prospect in baseball.

We're acting like we personally went, right? We personally went to the Dominican to found him. We found him. We found him. We discovered him. But as soon as I started watching him play baseball, I'm like, who is this? You could see his minor week stats.

I picked him up a month before he got called up in fantasy just to stash him because you just had a feeling. It looks like he was created by artificial intelligence. He hits from both sides of the plate. If you were to create yourself on MLB The Show, this is who you would make. 99 speed, 99 power, 6 foot 5.

All of it. Switch hitter. Big arm, switch hitter.

And also the heart of a kid playing baseball for the first time in Little League. And I love it because he is just, screw it. I'm going to... Yeah, I'm doing it. I'm doing it. I'm doing it. I'm doing it. I'm doing it. Doing it well.

I'm doing it. Shout out to Stuart, really, as well. I was shouting out in a way, but I get it. It was Stuart doing LL back in the day. But so the kid comes up and he just damn near hits one out of the great American ballpark in his second game, right? And he had us at hello. Two weeks later, he hits for cycle. And he triples for the cycle, right? Runs from first to third in 10.8 seconds, like what, the freeze running in Atlanta, right?

Without the gimp outfit. And then what he did this weekend is truly unbelievable. The guy in a 5-5 game comes up with a two out base hit to give his team the lead, 6-5. And then he steals second base, two outs, steals second base.

Not supposed to do that, but you're Ellie freaking Dela Cruz. Not, he hasn't been thrown out this year. The one thing you're not supposed to do is make the last out at third base, right? And he steals that too. The announcer of the Reds, John Sadak, has been having so much fun calling this guy, and why not?

He's on our show tomorrow. This is what happened. He hits that base hit, then he steals second, and then unbelievable.

Go for it. He takes off again. Pitch down and in. Fame throw.

There's no chance. Two steals. Dela Cruz had already looked a couple of times at Brian Anderson, knowing that if he got a job, he's going home. The throw, he stole home. The most thrilling man in baseball stole second, third, and home. He steals for the cycle. He hits for the cycle, then he steals for the cycle. And again, it's in two pitches. So he takes off for second, and then the Brewers don't even cover third, and he's like, screw it, I'm going to steal third.

And that wasn't edited. So he's thinking as soon as he's on third, and this is what I mean the heart of a child, he's like, I'm taking home. Well, the pitcher was just kind of mad at himself because he gave up a winning hit, and then he got stolen off. Whatever it is, he just has the sense of, I don't care what the rules are, what I'm supposed to do. I'm just playing ball like it's my first game out here, and I'm having fun. And he steals home, and it's an old gen stat.

Yeah, for those who are long time fans of this show, we used to do this all the time. Elie de la Cruz is bringing back the old gen stat here on The Rich Eisen Show. Hit it.

Go for it. Old gen stats. You know, this is amazing. It was the Reds first straight steal of home since Brandon Phillips in 2009, but that's not old gen. Elie de la Cruz became the first Reds player to steal second, third, and home in the same inning since Greasy Neal did it in 1919. Greasy Neal. And that is your old gen stat here on The Rich Eisen Show. Old gen stats. According to OptiStats, de la Cruz became the only major league baseball player to steal second, third, and home with the same batter at the plate, and he did it in two pitches since in the last 50 years.

They can't even go further back. Rod Carew was the last one, right? Guy's amazing. Send him to the All-Star Game. There's a word star in it for a reason, and this guy is a bright shining star, to use a phrase of somebody used to work in Van Nuys, California, because he's doing the same thing as that guy. He's just putting it right on the table. I said those words. Is that a Boogie Nights reference?

It is indeed. He is a bright shining star, and Elie de la Cruz should be in Seattle. Baseball's got another day to figure that out.

Jeff Passan is going to be joining us. And again, to me, we should have the commissioner have a choice, and I understand leagues don't really matter anymore because everybody's playing everybody, you know. One in each league, the commissioner goes, that kid's coming. You could say that player doesn't have to be a certain age.

Like that player a few years ago would have been Bartolo Colon, right? Let's get him in the All-Star Game because everybody's fascinated at this big dude who can homer sometimes and throw the way that he's throwing. Anything to get eyeballs on the game. If this is supposed to be about showcasing the game, getting eyeballs to the game, showing how to play the game with fun players having fun, and that's what this is about in the 21st century when you got all different things you could do, different sports, different sports, different shows, different apps, different streams, different threads.

Now, you know, like you're trying to battle for eyeballs. The commissioner should have a choice to say this person is coming to the All-Star Game. I don't care when they came up. Everybody's talking about this player and it is my choice. They're coming.

Elie de la Cruz should be right in the National League lineup on Tuesday night and I would be watching. Let's go. Damn precedence and the torpedoes. Get him to Seattle.

You got 24 hours. I know that sounds like a threat. How wrestling really works and how you get the ratings. Eric Bischoff and Conrad Thompson explain on 83 weeks. Collision has been struggling a little bit out of the gate with these ticket sales. A little bit out of the gate. This was a major show announced on a major network with what everybody thought was this huge star, CM Punk. I said he was going to be the biggest financial flop in wrestling history and I think I'm being proven right every minute of the day. 83 weeks on YouTube or wherever you listen.
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