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REShow: Chris Mannix - Hour 3

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July 10, 2023 3:06 pm

REShow: Chris Mannix - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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July 10, 2023 3:06 pm

Sports Illustrated’s Chris Mannix tells Rich why Victor Wembanyama could be the NBA’s best defender as a rookie, what the Thunder can expect from Chet Holmgren after missing his entire rookie season with a foot injury, his thoughts on the NBA’s new mid-season “NBA Cup” tournament, the chances the Miami Heat land Damian Lillard in a trade, and what’s holding up a James Harden trade from the 76ers to the Clippers.

Rich weighs in on the Blazers options for trading Damian Lillard and says why it reminds him of Aaron Rodgers’ last days with the Green Bay Packers.

In ‘Overreaction Monday’ Rich weighs in on Trevor Lawrence, DeAndre Hopkins, the Denver Broncos, Victor Wembanyama, Shohei Ohtani, the slumping Tampa Bay Rays and more.

Rich and the guys reveal what they did in vacation during the show’s dark week.

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And now back to The Rich Eisen Show. Live from The Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles, The Rich Eisen Show.

He can't quit us and we can't quit you either. Earlier on the show, ESPN NFL reporter Jeff Darlington, ESPN MLB insider Jeff Passan. Still to come, senior writer for Sports Illustrated, Chris Mannix. And now it's Rich Eisen. All right, our number three, The Rich Eisen Show is on the air.

We're back from our dark week. Great chats. And now we're number one with Jeff Darlington and Jeff Passan of ESPN, both talking respectively the latest in the NFL and Major League Baseball, the latest on Dalvin Cook and also Joss Jacobs franchise tag out there in Las Vegas and also Saquon Barkley latest and DeAndre Hopkins latest in hour number one.

And then in hour number two, Shoei Ohtani, will he be on the trade block? He's talking in the next hour in Seattle right now at the All-Star Game. Great chat with Jeff Passan. If you missed any of that, we re-air on the Roku channel as soon as this hour is over.

There's our podcast where all podcasts are acquired. There's also our YouTube page slash Rich Eisen Show for all that good stuff once this show is over. Over Reaction Monday is coming up on this program as we're back from our dark week.

So there's lots to overreact to. And also this third hour kicks off with one of our favorites from Sports Illustrated out there in Las Vegas, Nevada. Just I guess one would think covering the scene there in Las Vegas, Nevada, hovering around the entrance to catch to see if Nicholas Batum is going to be stalked by Debbie Gibson is none other than our friend Chris Maddox. How are you, Chris? What's going on, Rich? I think I got maybe one of those references.

Okay. Did you have Wembunyama and Britney Spears on your summer league bingo card in any way shape or form coming into Las Vegas? I did not. That was a fairly wild story to emerge. And to have Victor Wembunyama have to be asked about that, you know, right after his first practice at summer league was was wild.

I mean, it became a global story. You know, the video, I'm sure TMZ paid a fortune for, you know, pretty crazy over the last couple of days. Did anybody have the temerity to ask this question of Greg Popovich for his reaction?

Anybody at all? Pop hasn't done any kind of formal media. And look, I've done interviews with Pop sometimes over the years, and I would not ask that question.

And I don't plan on someday asking that question. So we're just going to leave it there and just move on with the actual basketball that's going on there. And in terms of that, I mean, it was a very NFL overreaction type moment to see the way Wembunyama played in his first game and extrapolate that to anything. And then Sunday night, obviously, he looked more like the first overall pick in the draft.

How was that part of the conversation from your perspective over the weekend in Vegas, Chris? I mean, nobody that, you know, nobody that's been around the game reacted at all to Wembunyama's play in in the opener. In fact, most people kind of focused on the positives that they saw the obvious defensive presence. I mean, he had five blocks in that game. He blocked a three pointer. He blocked a bunch of shots at the rim.

He altered, you know, probably just as many at the rim. I mean, he is going to be, you know, maybe as soon as next season, an all defensive team player like he's that good. He's not vulnerable on pick and rolls in the way that most big men his size can be. And he's just a towering presence in the middle.

He's going to be great there. I also was impressed with his playmaking in that opener. I mean, you know, he played off the dribble a lot and he was just forcing shots. He was looking for teammates.

He had some nice shovel pass, did some nice things there that that opened my eyes a little bit. I mean, the rustiness, you know, you get the the getting used to the NBA game, playing a lifetime of basketball. You get, you know, what referees will allow in in today's in the NBA.

You're going to have to learn that on the fly. But, you know, anyone that thought that the game was, you know, the game will be too strong for him, like the guy played in the French leagues with, you know, 30 year old men like, you know, he came the same route that Tony Parker came. You know, he was playing at a young age.

So I'm not I'm not worried at all about Webunyama's, you know, ability not just to to settle in quickly, but to dominate, you know, very early in his pro career. Is this the first time you laid eyes on him in person, saw him in in the flesh, Chris? In the flesh, yeah. You know, I watched the game and the games he had in Vegas, of course, and I've seen a lot more. But yeah, he's look, he's he's impossibly long. I mean, that eight foot wingspan is is legit. He's he's just a physical specimen out there.

And to be able to do some of the things that he's able to do is is pretty remarkable. I mean, I think, you know, when when you get there are two things when you get into the NBA season that he's going to have to adjust to. One is, you know, guys are not going to challenge him softly, like they're going to drive into his chest, like they're going to make him be physical until he proves he can be, which may take a couple of years before his body starts to fill out. He's only 19 years old. And, you know, the other thing is that, you know, he has a little bit of flair to his game and likes to play off the dribble. That's fine in summer league.

And it was fine, certainly playing overseas. But I mean, that ball takes a long time, Rich, to hit the hit the ground when he's dribbling. He's just really tall. And you're going to see good defensive players able to reach in, do some things that that disrupt him and, you know, probably make him into something of a turnover machine, you know, early in his career. So he's going to have to figure out, you know, that he'll probably figure out early on that, you know, just collecting the ball at the top of the key and playing off the dribble, that that's going to be a challenge for someone his size. What do you make of the five-year deal Greg Popovich signed and was announced over the weekend as well? What's your thoughts there?

A little surprise the length of it. You know, my understanding too is that it doesn't necessarily mean he's going to be the coach for the next five years. He's also the president of basketball operations there and he could ascend into that front office role seemingly at any time. But, you know, everybody I talk to about Pop, they don't get any impression that he's in any rush to retire.

In fact, you know, last year you would think that it would be something of a draining experience. For Pop, it was kind of invigorating, you know, to coach young guys, not worry about wins and losses, and to just notice incremental improvement from the players that he was coaching. Now he gets his hands on, you know, the greatest prospect since LeBron, and according to some people the greatest prospect ever. And, you know, he's gonna have a chance to develop, you know, this next superstar. And, you know, you can't, you know, when you're Pop's age you can't predict anything, you know, as far as how if he's going to be able to, you know, do the things required of being an NBA coach, the rigors of being an NBA head coach. But for now, you know, Pop's out here in summer league.

He seems energetic. I don't get any sense that retirement is anywhere close for Greg Popovich. Well, seeing the five-year deal, I thought of again, because I'm so, you know, football-centric, Bruce Arians, when he retired, now there's always rumors that Brady and him weren't getting along, or all that sort of stuff, but he said the reason why he stepped away when he did is he got to set up, you know, the Buccaneers and the manner in which he felt comfortable, and he had his own guy picked out, right? And he, so the question is, I'm wondering if Popovich has that same thought process at some point, and who might get that golden ticket, even though you don't want to follow in a footsteps, you always want to be the guy after the guy, but if you've got Wembanyama and you've got the Popovich seal of approval, that's, you talk about what an incredible gig, what a job.

Who do you think, what do you got for me on that front as we're sitting here? Yeah, it's a wide open field for who would replace him. Now, for the last few years, four or five years, there have been some strong candidates on that bench, younger candidates on that bench. You saw Will Hardy, who is an excellent head coach now in Utah, he was on that Spurs bench. Ima Yudoka was on that Spurs bench.

Becky Hammond was on that Spurs bench. So you had some in-house people, you still do in San Antonio, but you know, Brett Brown is there. I don't know that he's looked at as the heir apparent necessarily to Greg Popovich.

I think if and when he retires, and again, there's no indication that's coming anytime soon, but if and when he retires, I think you'll see kind of a national search, which may bring back someone from that Spurs pipeline, but it won't necessarily just be someone on that Spurs bench right now. Chris Mannix, Sports Illustrated's Chris Mannix, the crossover podcast as well right here on the Rich Eisen Show. There's another first overall pick in the summer league.

Is there any conversation about Chet Holmgren? You want to talk about somebody who's grown into a body. What are you seeing there at the summer league as well? Yeah, put on about, I think, 13 pounds over since the last time he was at summer league.

It's pretty noticeable. He's got a long frame, so it's not like he's hulking up necessarily, but you can see much more definition to his body this year than you did last year. And even though he didn't play last year, you can see some confidence in his game too. I saw him play in, I think it was the Salt Lake Summer League last year, and he was still good and long, but he was pretty weak it seemed like, especially in the paint.

And you wondered how long it was going to take. This version of Chet Holmgren, you can see him being that rookie of the year mix right away. He's got skills. And if he's as aggressive in the NBA regular season as he's been at summer league, the Thunder might have something pretty early. And if you look at what Oklahoma City kind of needs to get to that next level, it's exactly what Chet Holmgren can potentially provide.

They need size. They need rim protection. They need kind of that co-star, big man co-star alongside Shea Guildis Alexander. They've got something already in Oklahoma City, and this version of Chet Holmgren, the things he can do with his physicality and how he's able to finish at the rim, and his defense as well, I think they've got a chance to be firmly entrenched in the playoffs next season. Well, I mean, we'll see if he can start strong, Chris. Maybe he can be the most improved player of the NBA in-season tournament, right?

Could be one of those guys. Oh, yeah, I'm psyched. I'm stoked for the in-season tournament, which I don't still fully understand.

I just saw the press release, and I got read it once, and I'm like, all right, we'll deal with this in a couple months, whenever it comes around. But look, in a way, I get it, the NBA wants to make the early season more relevant. The ratings reflect that people don't care in November and December.

It just is what it is, because football is king. Most people, if you ask them, they would like the NBA to start around Christmas. Some people think the NBA does start around Christmas. So this is a way to tap into something new and fresh and give people something to potentially care about. It's also a way to keep a toehold in Vegas. The NBA is pretty invested in what they're doing in Las Vegas now with the summer league, and the semifinals and finals of this in-season tournament will be in Vegas. So again, I don't have a firm grasp on exactly how all this is going to work, but it's been Adam Silver's dream for the better part of five or six years, and this is the year we see if it finally makes a difference. Well, I understand the appeal internationally, and I understand you want to talk about adding some buzz to the regular season. The question is, will they get buy-in from the teams and the players?

Because November and December are the times where you got a lot of, for the old school phrase, load management. Let's keep guys fresh for later in the season. And I know back-to-backs will be part of it, but the front end will be the game, not the back end, and I don't know what that would mean. I guess that's my question, is what's the buy-in from the teams here, from what you're hearing, first blush? I can say this.

Two things. One, it's good that the NBA is doing all this in November and early December, because load management doesn't really kick in until January, February. Those are the dog days of the season where teams really start.

When you have injured stars or older stars or even just guys that you want to manage, that's when teams really kind of focus on that. Early in the season, you're playing guys. Like November, that's the first two weeks of the regular season. You're playing guys out.

Early December, you're probably still playing guys out. The thing is, if this was a true postseason, right? If this was the conference finals or the finals, you would see guys play through ankle sprains and play through certain things that they wouldn't play through in the regular season.

I don't think this changes that. I don't think these games will be ultra competitive because some sort of title is on the line. I think guys will do it, and they'll play hard, and it'll be the equivalent of an intense regular season game, but I don't see this becoming akin to what we see in the postseason.

I just think we're miles away from that being the case. Last one for you, Chris Mannix, joining us here from Las Vegas. Summer league action right here on the Rich Eisen Show. Where does everything stand right now with Damian Lillard?

What do you got for me on that front? Well, the Blazers have a media availability in about an hour over at the arena, and that's more to introduce some of their recent signings and young guys and things like that. Of course, Joe Cronin will be asked about the Lillard stuff. My understanding is the Blazers really are nowhere with this. Miami wants him. Miami has made an offer, but I don't think the Blazers believe it is the best Miami can and will offer. Around the league, while there's been interest in Lillard, as far as I know, there haven't been any firm offers right now for Lillard, as teams look and see how this Miami situation is going to shake out and keep trying to figure out if Lillard really will be disgruntled if he winds up traded there. So, Miami, somewhat smartly, my belief is they're making some low ball offers to the Blazers, trying to get him for as little as possible.

We'll see. This is how these high-level negotiations ultimately go. The Blades are going to wait it out a little bit. They'll see if Miami ups its offer. They'll see if another team comes in with a strong offer, but my understanding of where we are now is that Miami is very much in the mix. They have made an offer to the Blades for Lillard, but the offer is not good enough, and the offers around the league have either been...

I mean, they've been mostly non-existent, I think. I have not heard of a firm, concrete offer from someone else for Damian Lillard. Wow. And that's because they know this marriage is over, and there's no way Lillard wants to be there anymore, so they think they've got Joe Cronin over a barrel? Is that what it is?

Well, I think it's a lot of things. I mean, look, Lillard's agent, and he said this publicly, has told teams, don't do it. Don't trade for my guy. Whether or not you believe that, it certainly is something for teams to digest, and this has all been happening relatively quickly over the last week, so I think teams are still trying to figure that out, sort through that. The Sixers, they have a James Harden situation to work on as well, so that sort of makes their position a little bit murky. So right now, there just aren't teams that are going all in, are really doing anything for Lillard. So at this point, you know, it's Miami and Portland kind of talking to each other, as far as I know, and those talks have not gone to a place that Portland believes is right to trade Damian Lillard for. So I think we're kind of at a bit of an impasse with Lillard and his situation. And so what's the deadline?

What do we have? Is it training camp? That doesn't matter? There is a deadline. I mean, he's got four years left in his deal, and you know, if you're Joe Cronin, you've got to be comfortable being uncomfortable. Like, if you bring Damian Lillard to camp, then obviously that's the story. You'll have more national media at Blazers Media Day than you would ever have before, and it would become, it would be a big deal, and it would be, you know, a distraction. But, you know, is it worth a distraction? Is it worth it not to have a distraction to take a below-market deal?

And I would say no. Like, this is a once-in-a-general manager's, you know, professional lifetime opportunity to make the kind of deal that will reshape your roster for years to come. Like, you can't get the Bradley Beal deal for Damian Lillard. You've got to get something closer to the Kevin Durant deal or the Paul George deal, because, you know, the Bradley Beal deal, that didn't do much except get Beal's contract off the books in Washington. The Kevin Durant deal, you know, that set up Brooklyn with the kind of draft capital that they can, you know, live off for years to come.

So, I think you've got to be patient with this, if you're Joe Cronin, to make sure you get this right. And what's the Harden holdup? I mean, is it a team of the Clippers? There's no real market for him at the moment. I mean, you know, he wants to play for the Clippers.

Everybody kind of knows that. The Clippers are in the same position as maybe Miami. It's like, well, we know Harden wants to play here. We believe there aren't many great offers, so you're not getting Terrence Mann. You're not getting our first-round picks. You can take expiring contracts if you want, like a pick swap or a protected pick. But, you know, these offers for both Lillard and Harden, I don't believe they're anywhere close to what the best the teams could offer in those types of deals. And I'm not sure they're going to get there. I mean, if you're L.A., like, why would you give the remaining of your draft capital, you know, for a guy that is both, you know, volatile, you know, and it's because of all the things that have happened over the last couple of years, in the last year of his contract that you can't extend, you know, why are you going all in with multiple draft picks to get a guy like that? Especially when you're not really hard-pressed to do it, and you're not entirely sure that the Sixers have any other, you know, options. So it's distinctly possible. I think, I mean, I think deals get done. We've got months to go with training camps.

But it certainly is possible that, you know, training camps open in late September, and James Harden's in Philly, and, and Damian Lillard's in Portland. And you're in Vegas. Thanks, Chris. Greatly appreciate it. Let me know when you're back in L.A., as always. Always appreciate it. You bet.

It's Chris Mannix. Love chatting with him right here on the Rich Eisen Show. I've got a thought about the Lillard deal that he just said. Let's take a break and then overreaction Monday, baby. Let's hit it.

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Apple, Spotify, or wherever you listen. Will Ferrell and John C. Riley. Good to see you gentlemen right here. Very much, very much. Good to see you too. Right back at you. Great to see everyone.

Well, I have a friend who, when he sees someone coming towards him, like in a room that he's supposed to know, he can tell I'm supposed to know this person, but I don't. He goes, there he is. There he is. How are you as a ref though? Strictly what's called an AR, assistant referee. So I'm the guy who runs on the sideline with the flag.

I thought AR meant ****hole ref. The shorts are pretty short too. I mean, they're stocked in length right there.

Look at that ample thigh. That's ready for heart. That's ready for market. So I want to smoke that for a couple of days. You guys want to slice?

Put some hickory around it. You know what I would genuinely love for you as a second career. If you ever decided you want a second career, finally be a broadcaster, be someone who's calling color, right? Rich, maybe you could give me a break. I mean, that would, that would boost ratings for whatever sport you were talking about. What if I took over the Rich Eisen show? Ron Burgundy did help announce the national curling finals in Ottawa, Canada, and they had all these ads for Tim Horton's coffee, which is a big coffee chain for our Canadian listeners.

And I just kept saying all the signage. I'm like, who the hell is Tim Horton? Who does he think he is? Is there any possibility that we see a stepbrother's sequel? We haven't never talked about this face-to-face in public. No, we haven't.

Let's break some ground here. Are we going to do stepbrothers too? I don't think so. Yeah, I don't think it's going to happen either. That's what I thought.

Put up the photoshop anyway. You make sense in that world somehow, Rich. Check out all of our archives coming up on nine years this fall of the Rich Eisen show on our YouTube page.

Who the hell is Tim Horton? Welcome back to the Rich Eisen show radio network. I'm sitting at the Rich Eisen show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry.

Grainger has the right product for you. Call or just stop by. Before we get to overreaction Monday, let's pause here for a moment and talk about a little bit more about what Chris Maddox just mentioned. Calling in from the summer league in Las Vegas, Nevada for the association. Where is the Damian Lillard trade? He says he wants out finally. He has identified Miami as the place he would like to go, and in the NBA that normally means he's in Miami by sundown next day, right?

Right. And here we are, what, about a week plus later? Almost coming up on a week and a half since he finally tapped his wrist to Portland and said, Dame, time's up here. I'm done. I want out. You know, one day of the new league year didn't, you know, Jeremy Grant's re-signing didn't move the needle for me.

I want out. So I think we're about day nine of his trade requests and nothing's happened. And Maddox just said, there's nothing going on right now, that Miami made an offer. Portland doesn't like it. Doesn't think it's fair market value for someone of Damian Lillard's age, talent, and one would say also Fanny's in the seats type excitement that he would lend to a franchise like Miami.

Team that did in fact win the conference again, but found itself shy of the championship once again. And Miami gave an offer and it wasn't to the liking of the team that knows the guy doesn't want in anymore. Has been told by the guy who doesn't want in anymore where he wants to go specifically and thinks and believes the team that is the only team he's ever played for and loved and the fans associate with this player, he's told him he wants out. He's going to the Hall of Fame based on his career in this one spot he's only played at, but he wants out and he's told the team where he wants to go.

And the initial trade that we're all expecting doesn't happen right away. Does this remind you of anything? Recent history? I'll tell you what it reminds me of. What's that Rich?

Aaron Rodgers, the Packers and the Jets. Interesting. Told the general manager I want out. Says I want I intend to play for this team. The whole world's like that's gonna happen and then all of a sudden she's like wait a minute why isn't it happening? And then what happens?

He winds up going anyway. Right. This trade's gonna happen. Feels like it. The whole question is when.

And Maddox is like they don't have to act fast. Season can begin. He could still be there. Training camp can happen.

He could still be there. Then the Packers basically say yeah we'll hold on to them. We'll hold on to them. Hold on to them. Sorry folks. We don't have to worry.

Yeah there's no rush. Didn't we hear the same thing? And it happened. Because the Jets boosted it a little bit.

Boosted. The swap first this year. Oh and they love pick swap. I mean we actually saw a pick swap in the NFL. That doesn't happen in the NFL. Happens all the time in the NBA. A lot of pick swaps.

And then also another first round selection next year if everything goes right this year which it's gonna. Right? Doesn't that happen? Doesn't this it just it reek it's the same thing. So if Lillard says he's going on a darkness retreat I don't know how great his reception is at the house. I don't know if Joe Cronin FaceTimes him or not. Oh yeah.

But other than that I mean this is this this is the same damn thing. Where players like you know. Where we're wondering like has Damian Lillard handcuffed the Blazers ability to get fair value for him because he has come out or or handcuffed his ability to get out because he's made a declaration of exactly where he wants to go. Remember that was a for a hot minute. Rogers went on McAfee's show and undercut his leverage and put the Packers in a spot because he said I want to go play for the Jets.

Same thing's happening right now. Don't you think Aaron had more leverage than Dame simply because Aaron at least did bring a trophy? I don't think so. I think it's the same damn thing and actually the NBA player's supposed to have more leverage than the NFL player. NBA player says I want out.

NBA player gets out. Well you think you think Harden's gonna still be in Philadelphia by the fall just because things aren't happening right now? I actually do. Really? No way.

I do. He's gonna I think when the season starts he's gonna be playing for the Sixers. I don't know about that. When the Clippers visit Philadelphia you know as starting next to Joe well I don't know. I think right now we're in the we don't have to do it right now. Clock hasn't struck midnight yet type thing even though we're used to and NBA players saying I want out I want to go there all of a sudden boom. That's exactly where you go. Well you know famed 20th century poet Mick Jagger once said you can't always get what you want what you want so he wants to go to Miami right as he's been told if I'm Portland I'm trying to pick that roster apart I'm trying to leave bones there so okay we'll send you there but we're taking bam taking hero they don't want Tyler apparently that's oh well not as the centerpiece you know so well bam isn't that where that that's what that's who Daniel wants to keep there so if I'm Portland I'm like sure we'll send you there give me bam back it's gonna happen I don't know I honestly I feel like it's a it's the same thing minus the darkness retreat in the odd FaceTime thing hello darkness it's the same thing 844-204-rich number to dial right here on the Rich Isaac show it's a Monday and we've been off for a week so there's a ton to overreact to let's do this hit it hit it that was terrible that was crap that was garbage this place sucks over reaction Mondays Monday what do you got over there all over the place we got a few football mike and then uh you know the rest of some hodgepodge so you say use those dj skills mike use some dj skills all right I've been thinking about this July 10th I'm aware thinking about some mvp nfl futures bets I might want to make uh-huh Trevor Lawrence sneaky 2023 mvp candidate yeah that's an overreaction what yeah what do you mean what what do you want me to tell you did you watch the second I did see the second half of the playoff game I think that's still an overreaction and I understand how that is something that Duvall County will be very upset about and I know Calvin Ridley's there and I know how they finished that's what I'm saying I get it I love Doug Peterson I think they're they they can they're the clear favorite in that division I pencil them in but they're still the same old same old guys now last year if you told me Jalen Hurts is a sneaky mvp pick out I told you the same thing so I get what you're I'm I'm picking up what you are placing down thank you sir um but I I would take the field if you're asking right now he's sixth in mvp odds right now who Trevor Lawrence is yeah okay you want to guess who's in front of him uh sure Burrow yes Mahomes yes Hurts yes um not Dak Prescott pal Josh Allen Josh Allen and one more and there's a fifth one right Micah is a he's a uh a quarterback he's a quarterback um he's got very beautiful hair as well um Herbert Justin Herbert yeah there you go see ya there you go um no Lamar Jackson huh I'd put Lamar Jackson head as uh yeah absolutely oh absolutely I think that Trevor Lawrence has better weapons I would say I would put Lamar Jackson as a better uh what did you call him sneaky I would say he's a better sneaky one what are his odds where does he stand on your your little gambling chart where does he stand in your little gambling chart uh let's see uh he's right after uh okay he's right after sounds he's seven okay what else you got over there Chris what else um here about the what was that just sitting around yeah no mystery team is coming to save this guy he's on the titans or the pats I would agree with that unless he lowers whatever his costs are it seems like you heard Jeff Darlington saying hour number one the bills would be all over him joining there absolutely he's a value add there's no question he's a value add but if he wants to be paid like Odell and I understand that Odell made 15 mil coming off of a a knee injury he didn't play you know I still can't believe he got I know so he's probably looking at that saying I can get one of them too and I don't know if the titans did the this is a crazy thing too is that do you think the Patriots are in that neighborhood no no the Patriots don't pay people like that right the Patriots are probably in the eight plus you know incentives right he's probably sitting around but I agree I don't believe anybody's out there that's gonna say all right I'll pay the 12 mil I'll come in the in the general direction of Odell you know um and they're anybody that's got a shot to win the Super Bowl that you would think right or anybody that was a a receiver would that he would join the receiving room of anybody that we just mentioned in front of Trevor Lawrence for MVP odds right preseason so I'm with you I think I don't think that's an overreaction at all you know I think Dalvin Cook will wind up having more suitors in his in his financial neighborhood than than DeAndre Hopkins he's only got one though right uh well that we know of yeah what else I think one big record's gonna be broken this year I don't know what it's gonna be what's the big record like a record's going down sacks receiving yards pass yards something like that is going down this year I think we're gonna have a record breaking season well since Mahomes last year set records I mean what do you mean he didn't send any records yeah I think like the most uh combined you know um total yards ever what does that mean what do you mean what does that mean that's not a real record sure it is I'm talking about sacks receiving yards passing yards touchdowns I don't know okay something's going down I'll buy that all right nothing all right I'm not feeling that moving on moving on okay I'm not gonna be as crazy as you last year about the Raiders yeah okay but I am gonna say the Broncos are winning 10 games this year and I think I'm alone on that on that island wow well he just mentioned the Raiders you don't have to keep playing Javonte Williams says he's feeling great coming back we got Tim Patrick back and healthy Russ is posted workout videos I know I see and he's got 14 bathrooms he looks awesome Sean Payton's there Broncos I'm not saying making I'm not playing playoffs I'm not saying division obviously can you put up the page put up the Broncos 10 games um can you put up the Broncos schedule I'm just calling my shot I understand it I want you to give me the 10 wins July 10 I want you to give me the 10 wins so the they start with Vegas then they're home for Washington that's why I want to know at Miami at Chicago home for the Jets on commanders to I'll give you three wins there at Kansas City home for Green Bay home for Kansas City bears are gonna be anything no no I gave you three wins into the front that three and two you're off to a good start three and two good start all right I'll give you one more win in the next three so that's four home for the Vikings four out of eight so so they have to do a little bit better than 500 the rest of the way there's a three-game win streak Vikings Browns Texans the Chargers are gonna it's that's gonna be a weird game so they're gonna split with them the Lions the everyone needs to slow down yeah everyone's gotta slow down slow and rolls there huh the past defense that might be a 10-7 game that's a coin the Raiders are gonna stink so I think they still have too many flaws I'll say it's an overreaction at the moment but you made me think about it what else you got I'm gonna make you think rich all right Mike you can switch music okay so game one when B plays I opened up a document and I would be I know it's gonna be a bus yeah right scoots gonna win rookie of the year then scoot gets hurt then when B dominates I'm gonna go in the other way oh remember what Yanis looked like when he came into the league okay okay so there's a blueprint for what he could look like yeah sure and he's already entering the league with a far superior skill set so he's gonna he's gonna win an MVP sooner than Yanis did win an MVP by 25 that's six years I'll I'll say that's not an overreaction to two summer leagues in two summer league games and Yanis is 25 when he went MVP okay I'll say he so he beats Yanis to an MVP okay I'm just I'll buy it he's got a more so he's got already a superior skill set I'll buy it I'll buy it I'll buy it out there how about how about Manic saying he could be a defensive player of the year candidate seems a little bit moral I mean he's blocking everything I know he's standing underneath the rim and blocking three pointers like he's honestly he's got he looks like he he belongs in the fantastic four he really does wide open three and he got blocked all right I'll buy that's a good overreaction all right I'll take it what else it was a cute story to start the major league baseball season oh the rays are so fun yeah they're not winning the AL East come on so who is I'll tell you who would who might win the AL East Baltimore I think it would be Baltimore too I just watched what they did to the Yankees they dropped the first two against the Yankees in a four game set and they had lost six of seven and they won the last five games I mean they lost six to seven just before the all-star break just when the kids are apparently thinking of what you're making their Cabo plans or whatever you know who that they're not in the all-star game and they won five in a row I like them they are gritty and gutty the number one pick for like no I I mean but they're getting it right and they're they're putting it together impressive yeah um so um I by the way if they don't win the division after starting like the 84 tigers that would be that'd be a shame I'll tell you what it ain't it's not it's either of our teams pal no no no although we're heating up a little bit yeah nice high register I heard it well we have a we're playing on a bad team so we should be winning uh look speaking of fun cute stories all right look I went to Anaheim during our week off it was great Trout and Otani and homers it was cool guess what they immediately got hurt it's time for a complete rebuild angels to trade both Trout and Otani wow my god both of them both no way I don't think Trout's ever leaving Southern California ever he will never play in a playoff game I I think that that's an overreaction I think that's an overreaction but I think it is they have to sit down Otani and say to him where do you want to go what is up what are you thinking yeah because look the handwriting's on the wall we are now one game under 500 Trout is hurt there is no way you are going to have at least a better sense of certainty by trading deadline that we're making the playoffs this year it's that simple you know guys love you we love you here is a contract that starts with a number seven okay this is what starts with a seven it starts with a seven that's a lot what is it 12 for seven whatever sure whatever you name it you you put the year in okay 10 12 whichever one you want to come for 10 70 million a year great 12 12 years or whatever we're fine whatever you want this is what we want and if he says no to it then you take every phone call on planet earth that's what the angels need to do and they got to look them in the face and say we want you here and this is how badly we want you here starts with a seven you want the Matterhorn take it that's it yeah you want you want the knocks and the berries and the farm it's right around the corner Adventureland take it you might enjoy it here it's nice the weather's I know and so he'll just chill here and be fine with it and grit his teeth and hope that they get it right at some point yeah make his money play baseball oh yeah that's that's the pacific ocean right there yeah yeah go home in the off season but the trout's never leaving uh-uh you uh-uh you got are you what you got to tell the fans who do show like we we got you rich i went to the game i hear you i know don't don't fans don't don't go there yankees are playing next all right last one summer vacation goat vacation it's a go to vacations summer vacation summer vacation oh i'm i'm i'm more beach than ski any day of the week as you know beach any day of the week whatever vacation is there a winter vacation of course thanksgiving break i don't know what's what's that i haven't had a thanksgiving break in 20 years what are you talking about thanksgiving vacations go to vacation i think that's the only way well here's what we're gonna do uh i agree that's not an overreaction uh we're gonna take a break and we're gonna show everybody what we did on our dark week oh nice even though as you know some people have already let fathers know what they did on their dark week just saying it's called an instagram life yeah you're living it i'm not i'm talking about one banyama what are you talking about britney spears i know what she's doing in her summer vacation she's going to catch she's going to catch back here i'm feeling great about myself susie just texted said said the shirt looks great yeah so it's now officially in the rotation it's in back i would just recommend you know if i could just offer something but don't wear jeans with that why because it looks like a canadian tuxedo a little bit sort of khakis yeah khaki sit oh you know what though i i got the invitation of the rich eyes and show blue party oh so i'm wearing blue oh nobody else got the is that right yeah just looking around i invited uh leo uh j you know tom j is in z tom tom invited tom emily yep was where were any cowboy did cowboys get the invite michael parson michael was there of course he's everywhere no dak people are souring on dak is working though i got one all right i already just making diamonds i already have a what's more likely for friday get ready so oh yes so wait a minute you give an eye roll because dak wasn't at a party if dak was at oh i think it's an indication that people are souring on down no if that was at the party then people have been talking trash about that press card should be working on this game that's his proxy rating is dropping no one cares about no q rating man we're trying to win on the field yeah try harder try harder i mean let me pack some back stats all country tuning in on sunday night football you better win that game you better win that game you better win that game we're gonna win all the games september 10th today's july 10th except the playoff games when it matters july 10th i hope two months from tonight two months from tonight can't wait cowboys g-men the whole country what about 59 days right thought i saw yesterday yesterday was 60 i think yeah i think tonight today's 59 guys what to uh the till the chiefs and then your your overreaction at the lions oh yeah get ready for get ready for some lion's takes coming up okay i'm with you on that one chris that's a problem for you back here on the rich isin show uh we had a great dark week uh when i say we i'm not just talking that's not the royal we i'm a i'm a team player no it is the royal no it's not not at all uh it's a we on the rich isin show oh we are the royalty yes uh i had uh um i believe every member of our um staff or most everyone uh provided a photograph of what they did on a dark week uh i think we start with uh sean mitchell you refer to it when you've heard of smitch smith our uh our digital coordinating producer is that him front right right there front right front left front left front right oh he's being covered by the splash of a white water rafting oh he had it worse than i thought oh he hate it right there there he is oh that is definitely not the way i spent my dark week at all look at the rapids okay well done uh jordan sharrow uh rich isin show editor he bought a new house look at that wow what am i paying people enough to get a mortgage holy cow all right there you go wow there we go well done the sharrow is beautiful can you put that up one more time right there look at that beautiful house there you go i like it and by the way uh enough for you for you to go i think in the pool mike look at that very nice beautifully appointed i like it thank you uh liz our core uh executive producer of this program she went to big bear beautiful big bear looks beautiful this time here very nice um adam chudwin our calls uh our screen uh a call screener uh he's a chicago guy look at uh behind us sits the stadium where the breakout star of 2023 justin fields will play his home game nice there he is is that his buddy who gets him his gummies gummy bears guys yeah we know what's the matter with you i mean california gummy by the way that's a i mean that's how far is he from soldier field right there well apparently there's a marina behind i know that's beautiful by the way chicago is a beautiful spot chicago is a great i'm glad he pointed out that was soldier field i have no idea well done uh all right uh mike hoskins our coordinating producer who's also shown all these photographs uh he went to uh his ninth birthday party of his niece emma happy birthday to emma there she is happy birthday best uncle ever nice he's gonna have that sign on his desk beautiful young lady wonderful cake he also got us a present apparently out by our coffee machine uh tim wortons there it is one of our favorite drops from will ferrell back in the day who the hell there it is tim horton the hell is tim horton there it is i like it we're gonna try it we're gonna try the coffee uh all right now we're entering our studio mike del tufo uh we know what you did because that's all we see you just driving around there's grog grogu in the back it's my guy aviota oh my gosh boy uh nice chiclets have your teeth gotten whiter they are yeah they are clean are you are you are you filtering you putting a filter on your teeth on instagram no i don't do that crap come on all right here's a filter this beauty um all right very nice um chris brockman hey i've heard you have multiple photos let's see let's see here we go oh there we go look at cage my sister was here my sister was here playing mini golf here we go that's us at the angels game that's it and then that we were watching some fourth of july fireworks beautiful love it far left what a beautiful family you were building thank you um i i uh i you know what i did i ate you ate food oh look at that my man yeah that's it that's the sy kitchen in beautiful santa santa ines on the left there's uh the animatized tavern in beautiful los olivos look at that breakfast look at that nails kitchen on the right oh baby tell me you tell me you wouldn't want a piece of what's on the screen i'm hungry coffee and red wine we went to sideways country i haven't eaten today amazing oh my god uh tj let's see what you did on your on your dark week let's see what tj did he submitted nothing oh come on that's what you said nothing although here's the great thing is you said um what you you stayed off of social media and everything right yeah it was great this is great so you know i joined threads i mean we all did right on the first day did you join threads i did hey this is great there you go twitter banned me so here i am very good and i got i i put i put i put my first one is this thing on was my first thread what are we doing here it's somebody responded this is amazing response this is like here's from well done the real big to i hope tj doesn't get banned from this platform is one of the first replies ever hey real big teal i'm gonna do my best by the way these are first threads we're putting on the air threads yeah you know my friend matt like 20 years ago we were sitting at our friend's house with the laurel canyon and he right when i moved here and he goes bro you realize something goes people save up for years to come here to vacation for a week and we live here so like i don't feel the need to ever go anywhere that's what we were up to you know that's what we're up to we're threatened and drinking now we're back now we're back we're back baby we'll see you tuesday how wrestling really works and how you get the ratings eric bischoff and conrad thompson explain on 83 weeks collision has been struggling a little bit out of the gate with these ticket sales and a little bit out of the gate this was a major show announced on a major network with what everybody thought was this huge star cm punk i said he was going to be the biggest financial flop in wrestling history and i think i'm being proven right every minute of the day 83 weeks on youtube or wherever you listen you
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