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REShow: Michelle Beadle - Hour 3

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June 26, 2023 4:13 pm

REShow: Michelle Beadle - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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June 26, 2023 4:13 pm

Spurs correspondent Michelle Beadle tells Rich why San Antonio’s close-knit culture that includes Hall of Famers like Tim Duncan and David Robinson offer Victor Wembanyama the ideal opportunity for the start of this NBA career, her takeaways from her sit-down interview with Wemby, and explains how landing the 7’5” phenom late in Gregg Popovich’s career is akin to Al Pacino having a baby at the age of 83.

Jets fan Rich weighs in on the possibility of Aaron Rodgers and company being forced by the NFL to be on HBO’s ‘Hard Knocks’ this season and lists his top juiciest Super Bowl matchups including Dolphins vs Eagles, Eagles vs 49ers, Colts vs Panthers, Broncos vs Seahawks, Jets vs Packers and Browns vs Buccaneers.

Rich recaps his home alone for an entire weekend away from wife Suzy Shuster and the kids where he left many unwashed dishes and clothes laying around the house.

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This is The Rich Eisen Show.

Get it together, bud. Live from The Rich Eisen Show Studio in Los Angeles. It's Major League. It's a movie come to life. Yes.

And, you know, the movie Major League is a comedy, and so are the open days. The Rich Eisen Show. Earlier on the show, ESPN senior NFL reporter Jeremy Fowler. Still to come. Spurs television analyst Michelle Beadle.

Plus, your phone calls, latest news, and more. And now, it's Rich Eisen. We're number three of The Rich Eisen Show. I'm here, live on the Roku Channel.

As soon as we are done with this hour, guess what? We re-air. You can't get rid of us is basically what I'm saying. We're everywhere. We are. We're on the Roku Channel. We're on Sirius XM Odyssey. We're on this Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio affiliate as well. We've got a podcast version of this program. Because people, you know what?

They have a right to listen to us whenever they want. Whenever? It's called On Demand. There's also a video on demand service as part of our Roku Channel relationship as well. It's called The Rich Eisen Show Collection.

Sounds very fancy. Okay. So we got that as well. Michelle Beadle's about to join us on this program. I believe she's on or she's not on. We're calling her back. Very good. She's on. So we're going to have Michelle Beadle in a second here on the program.

Based on the photograph that, to me, this was the top story of the weekend. We're waiting for the NFL season to begin and we obviously just finished with the NBA draft. But seeing this photograph of Victor Wambunyama with Tim Duncan and David Robinson and both of them looking like point guards because of how tall Victor Wambunyama is. Sean Elliott has not aged. And Manu Ginobili looks like he's a sommelier at the restaurant.

I'll be very honest with you. So Wambunyama is now a San Antonio Spur in more than just name only. He is part of their culture already. And somebody who is very well aware of this is a longtime fan of the team.

But now working as part of their broadcast from Amazon and FanDuel as well. My colleague from way back in the day on the World Wide Leader. Michelle Beadle back here on the Rich Eyes and Show. How are you doing, Michelle? What's up, my friend? How are you?

I'm great. Where was this restaurant? San Antonio, right?

What do we got for me? Yeah, San Antonio. It's a restaurant called Bliss. It's on the short list of Pop's faves. So, you know, that's very important. Pop was also there. He's just not in the picture. It was a pretty, pretty iconic dinner for a kid's first day at work. So walk me through what you know about this dinner, Michelle.

Walk me through. Yeah, I mean, he's been, as everybody knows that Watch the Draft has been paying attention. It's such a whirlwind. And this year, particularly so for Wambunyama. I mean, there's a number one pick every year.

It doesn't feel like this. And so he's been nonstop going at it. They flew him in. There were several hundred people waiting at the airport, which when I tell you it's hot here, that doesn't even do it justice.

It's disgustingly hot. And so to just wait out there for him. And then next thing you know, it's him. His family was all there. Two chef tables were set up. His family was at one. And then all the guys were at the other. And it's just, you know, getting him to come out is big. Sean, Sean's like three mil in wine.

He'll be there. That's me too. That's me too. Exactly, right? Yeah. If Pop's picking up the tab and he's picking the wine, no brainer. But it's just such a, you know, I'm not a very cheesy person when it comes to this stuff. But it is different here, I think, than 99% of teams because there were a lot of kids that were flown into the cities that they're going to now play for. And this was not happening.

They don't have legends that are still in town that are willing and able and want to sort of take you under their wings. And so it's a pretty, it's pretty cool. And Tony Parker will also be a part of this entire thing.

He's just more back and forth, I think, than most of the guys. I love it. It's a family thing, which if it was any other team, I'd probably tell you like, oh, get out of my face. And I get it. I get that we're going to get a lot of hate, but it's not. It's a team I love. And so it's quite fun to watch.

It is pretty neat, Michelle. And I'm sure, again, for this kid who obviously knew about the Spurs because, you know, Tony Parker signed his checks for a little bit. Boris Diao signed his checks last year and still signing checks, I imagine. And then you got just the general sense of him knowing who the Spurs are for him to suddenly get drafted by him. He knew it was going to happen, though, but I mean, to get drafted by him and then suddenly wind up at the dinner table with Greg Popovich, Tim Duncan, David Robinson, Manu Ginobili, Sean Elliott. For him, it's exactly what he had to have envisioned as a dream come true. I mean, I can't I think I can't even imagine. I'm sure like you must have had that moment. I had a moment like that in my career where it was just like a like a goose bumpy sort of tears. And then Zaza Pachulia murdered Kawhi Leonard in the Western Conference Finals and it was over.

But it was really good up until that point. And so I feel like for this kid, you have all of those things and you're 19. And yes, he's a he's a worldly 19 and he's been doing this for quite some time, but he's still 19. And I'm not going to forget that. And it's hard to forget it when you're sitting across looking at them. But both the guys, we've got two French guys in this job. You're the most international team. It's just so many languages being spoken.

I kind of love it. But it was crazy to think and I'd ask them about it is that they kind of grew up. I mean, they knew Tony Parker. Tony Parker is such a success story because when he came here, nobody knew who he was. He was just this 18 year old that was they took a flyer on and it worked out perfectly and Boris Dial. What I did notice, and I'm not even trying to be shady about it, but I left there the other day thinking no one mentioned Rudy Gobert.

And I thought it was crazy. These kids all grew up playing basketball, wanting to come over here and be in the NBA. And it was Boris Dial and Tony Parker and nothing about Rudy Gobert.

So I don't know. Somebody needs to get to Rudy Gobert and work on this. Well, I mean, if we're if we're on the subject of lost Frenchman, how about Evan Fournier, Frederick Weiss, you know, Frank Nilikina.

They're not getting their due. You know what? Oh, yeah, that could have been great. You know what I mean? I know it is. It's Boris Dial.

I love that Boris Dial. He's kind of like a GM. But he wasn't always.

I mean, he's mostly known for sailing around the world in his boat. So it's kind of cool that the French kids, it's such a weird connection to San Antonio and France. Like I would have met, if you told me that 25 years ago, I would have laughed. And here we are.

Michelle Beadle right here, Run It Back co-host in San Antonio Spurs, part of the broadcast team here on The Rich Eisen Show, my friend from ESPN from back in the day. Your interview with Victor Wembunyama. How'd you find this kid?

What'd you think? You know, I'm getting him at the end of basically four straight days. And even then, just to be as professional as because you could tell me, you know, he's sitting across from him and I could tell he was tired and exhausted. I actually felt guilty.

I was like, oh, we'll have other times to do this today. And it's just it's not stop. And I think, you know, you're in a new city. You now need to leave this sort of craziness of a press conference and all these people, you still have to figure out where you're going to live. Your family's here. They want to obviously get you settled as much as possible. They'll be doing the back and forth as well, because, you know, you've got two siblings that both play ball, so they can't just be here 24 seven. So there's a lot of juggling.

And it's, you know, it's it's it's quite the effort. He's got to go to Portland. I'm not sure yet what their plan is to do with Summer League today. Of course, it was announced he's not going to play for the French team, Viva. So that, I guess, buys him a little bit of rest, or at least a little less work than it would have been.

It's just it's nonstop. It's crazy, too, because the other guy that was drafted at 44 is just sort of like, I feel bad for Victor. I'll sort of feel like he's having a silly long three days, but I don't feel too bad.

He's already loved and he hasn't done anything yet. Yeah, but a good kid, right? I mean, like, how about that?

What do you got for me? Like very just sort of open and honest. I wanted to talk food and he was like, I'm afraid I'm going to not like the baguettes and croissants here. And I was like, yeah, you're not.

They're not even close. But we have other things that you're going to like. And so it'll be fun. And I know he's getting a lot of heat for how how thin he is and he is. But again, he's 19 and I think he's in the right hands. They got a nutritionist. They got a trainer.

They're going to do all the good stuff. He just happens to be a really skinny kid. It happens.

Bless his heart. Well, you know, a lot of the conversation about just how skinny is was based on you as well, Michelle. Right.

Are you aware of that part of this conversation over the last 48 hours? I was like, I that was my first time seeing him in person, too. First of all, I didn't know my arms were buff to like, by the way. I was shocked. Yeah.

Like pleasantly surprised. Michelle, come on. It wasn't an arm day for you that day. I mean, come on.

Wasn't it? It was an arm day. DM me your triceps workout. Yeah, seriously.

I know. It's literally yoga. I don't even do weights. I don't do like chaturangas in yoga, which I know I sound like a douche. No, you sound like somebody who is doing something healthy is what you sound like to me. Yeah.

Yeah. You know, I'll take I'll take him to some hot classes and he'll be he'll be good to go in no time. I can't imagine him in a hot class. No, I mean, so do please do walk me through what do you know about what their plan is for him on that front? I mean, he's got he's got people around him and he's going to have his own sort of separate side. And they do have he has a trainer, the nutritionist, because the spurs, I think, are kind of all over the place.

Some guys have their own. And again, remember, this team is average ages 20. So it's not your team of vets that are coming in with their own personal chefs like Chris Paul going somewhere. He's got somebody already.

He's had somebody. These are all kids that are kind of learning this as they go. So I think the spurs sort of having been entrenched in the way they've been for so long. This will also be a bit of a learning experience on the and that side of things. But I don't think he he will suffer in that department at the food part is fine. It's more about doing it in a healthy way. You know, you don't you don't bulk up as a basketball player. You just have to get stronger.

That's kind of the difference in what I think we all think of. And anyone else is just going to put your muscle on. But that's not really the goal here, is it? It's so that he can withstand whatever is thrown in him in the paint and anywhere else.

And so I think that is the goal here. You know, Zach Collins will probably get the brunt of trying to go up against him in practice again. There's no comparable size to throw at him.

There's just nothing. I mean, if you want to get Boban to come in here, I guess some practice, but he's just a he's a very unique person. And so I think there's going to be a lot of learning as we go. But the excitement level, when I tell you on Saturday, you know, you leave the season last year and nobody was depressed. It's just, you know, we know what you were with a bad record, young team fun, but also it's a long season. And then you fast forward to last Saturday and it was just like beaming faces. And here we go again. And there's just such hope in the air. So it's nice.

It's nice to feel that again. Michelle Beadle here on The Rich Eisen Show. Let's talk about Greg Popovich here. What how how I mean, how is he dealing with all that? I mean, I know. I mean, he's got to be out of his mind, right? Like ecstatic. It's crazy. It's like it's like when you're it's like Al Pacino having a baby at 82.

Great analogy, great analogy, you know, feels like to me. But but good. Good. It's you know, I love the fact that it's been reported, you know, he's got a three year deal waiting whenever he feels like finding it. Like that's just such a pop sentence to me because the joke's always been that there's going to be no heads up.

It's just going to be a text and he's done. And then this happens and sort of like a new lease on life and the fact that he has all of the guys from the team that he loved the most, they're all still around and they still I mean, most of them are part of the team. They do things with the team already. I think there's a renewed sense of coaching. There was already that with Jeremy Stohan last year. A lot of people, you know, I grant you people don't watch bird games, but he was already you could see him taking him under him, you know, arm and walking him off the court, teaching him, coaching him. There's like a love there. I think the fact that Jeremy is a unique guy on his own pop likes that.

And now we have this generational, hopefully once in a lifetime type player come in. Yeah. It makes the job fun. And I just think it's renewed time. And I think it's like that for everybody in the building, even PR, even Tom James, grumpy old Tom James looks like a happy guy. So I think it's going to be fun to watch, like a different vibe altogether.

Yeah. It's not just more runway maybe for him in his career if he wants it, Michelle. It's also that he will get a chance to set up shop for the Spurs after him. However he's, you know, however, I assume he chooses or sees fit because when Bunyama and is going to provide the dubs along with him together, where in the same way where Bruce Arians said, and obviously whatever was going on with Brady, that might be another piece of the iceberg we haven't talked about here. But Arians saying, I wanted to go out and set things up for my guy, you know, and how maybe Popovich will have a chance to do that.

You know, I don't know who the Todd Bowles of this equation is going to be, but, you know, I think this is a chance for the Spurs to set up post-pop and have him have a role in that, which is so rare as well. It's so rare because you know how fickle coaching is. I mean, you can be coach of the year one year, fire the next.

It's a tough gig and it's not for the weak hearted. So I think it's very cool. And look, unless something drastic were to happen, a new ownership, what have you, and things completely change, then we know that whoever comes next is going to be thought out, will be part of the pop tree. I mean, it could be Mike Bunholt, it could be anybody. And so I do like the idea that you've got these three years, if you want them, to sort of set things up and get things in the best case scenario.

And look, they're not going to come out next year and win 70 games. So for all we know, they keep being sort of near the bottom or in the mid and you keep kind of building and growing and going forward. It's a great position to be in. It's all part of his already pretty fabulous legacy, that the idea that now you will build, if this kid turns out to be everything people think he will be, you will be at the ground floor of that. And I mean, what else could you ask for as coach pop? Exactly.

Exactly. I mean, it's like Pacino choosing who the nanny is going to be when he's 90. Be careful, that man is fertile, everyone needs to slow down. You got a good pop of it, story you're willing to share.

What's your favorite one, Michelle? My favorite thing about pop is like, well, he scolds me a lot because I tend to eat not the way he probably, like for him, every meal is an event, right? He does not take meals for granted. He loves food. He loves wine, whatever.

Whereas I'm just like, when I'm alone, I'm just going to eat cheese and crackers and call it a night. Like it's not a big deal. I get scold a lot by him for that. He knows how much I love you. I love pop so much because he knows how much I love New York. He's always reaching out to me. Last year was such a, it was such a cool experience.

It was my second year, but it was my first year traveling because they had not been traveling. So to be on the plane and have pop sort of come back and throw a magazine at me and yell at me to read an article and then kind of come. I mean the other, the other crew is just like, what is going on?

I was like, guys, he's giving me advice about wine. Like I don't want to hear it. And it's so awesome because again, this is my favorite team. It's the only team I, I cheer for and root for for decades now. Uh, it's surreal at times to sort of be like our pop and I like we're hotel gym buddies.

We're always in the hotel gym at the same time. Like it's just a very surreal thing for a Spurs fan to have. And, and he's not a guy that, as we all know, he's prickly to a lot. So I do not take it for granted.

I, these are special times, however long they last. I'm loving it. What does he listen to when working out? What does he do? He, I think he's, he's kind of a chatty guy, like he sort of talks and then he makes little snide comments. Cause it'll be, usually, you know, there are a couple of coaches that'll be in there at the same time.

It's that team hotel thing. Um, yeah, he's more of a chatty guy. Like that's kind of his thing. Is he trying to get out of working out? Just as he's spending time, is that, that's why I chat between reps. He's definitely doing stuff. I see him working and then he's doing like little cyclings of things and I'm like, huh, what does he do?

He'll watch a movie or something on an elliptical and he'll come and see what I'm watching. I'm like, it's not that good. It just gets me through the 30 minutes.

How great is this, Michelle? I mean, you're gonna have a front row seat to Victor Wambunyama arriving for Popovich for the Spurs. I mean, this is it. Like this is like book material. This is, this is, this is it. This is, this is, you're at the front, I mean, today's the 20th anniversary of, today's the 20th anniversary of LeBron being drafted.

It would be basically if, if the Cavs had a, a legendary coach like Popovich at the end of his championship hall of fame reign getting LeBron. It's the only analogy, you know? It's incredible. I mean, that's, that's crazy to think about.

Yeah, you're right. It's like, it's crazy to think about. It's, I'm excited for the season to start. I bet. I'm nervous for Victor. I mean, there's, you know, as much as the feel good vibes are here, the rest of the league and fans are like, they want to take them down, rightfully so. It's going to be, it's going to be a long season, but I, I, you know, maybe I'm naive, maybe I'm crazy, but he really seems like a chill, chill kid.

And if that is what we're going to get a lot of, then, then he's in a great position to really sort of handle what is a very, very hot spotlight. Michelle Beadle, thank you for the time. It's funny. You said earlier in our conversation, when you were talking about the dinner that, that the photographs, you said something along the lines like, I would, meaning me, I would know what that meant, what that felt like or something like that. Cause that never, your career moment where you, you arrived, right? I mean, I certainly didn't have to do with a dinner at ESPN or lunch. No, God, no.

Oh my God. I thought that's what you meant because I'll tell you the story of John Walsh, the father of God, the Godfather of sports center, taking me to a lunch at some greasy spoon down the street from ESPN. And I thought to myself, I've arrived like I'm an ESPN executive is taking me for a meal. Like what a dream come true. And then I realized that for me to have him spend $10 from me on lunch, I'd have to keep reordering soda after soda.

And then the bill came and the big surprise was free refills. So yeah, they just didn't do it the same there. Did they? No.

My moment was getting to do the Western conference finals as the, as the NBA countdown person, like full circle. And it was, I cried a little bit. No, no, nobody bought me dinner at ESPN. Are you kidding? No, no.

No, no, it was, I think $7 and 75 cents was what, uh, you just go to the cafeteria and that was it. No, no. Yeah, I know. Exactly. Um, yeah, that was here. So pop picked up the check. He picked up the check. That that's confirmed. I have to imagine he did.

I have, I mean, look, there's, there's no shortage of wallets in that room, but I would have to think it was all pop because that is one of his favorite restaurants, top five. All right. Cause if this was the NFL, you know, when Boniyama would have been stuck with the bill with multiple screaming Eagles ordered by the, by the group, you know, that'd have been it. NFL guys. Don't play. That's one of the meanest hazing things that are just in for ridiculous the screaming Eagle bottles. That's not right.

Well, unless you're drinking for free. Um, thanks for the call, Michelle. Appreciate it.

Let's do this more often. Thanks guys. You got it. At Michelle D beetle on Twitter at Michelle dot beetle on Instagram right here on the rich eyes and show great analogy.

I was again, our analogy was Bella check getting Caleb Williams at this point. She goes Al Pacino having a baby. That was very good. Next level by beetle. That was good.

But seriously, think about it. What she's going to have a front row seat for pretty, pretty wild. And she said, people will be gunning. They will be gunning to shut, but who's dude, he's going to be seven, five dribbling in the top of the arc, right? He's going to be, he can defend the rim and then defend the closeout on a corner three on the same play.

Yeah, that's true. There was a picture that Hoskins popped up during the interview where he was dribbling. I don't know if you picked up on this. The basketball was in his palm as he dribbled, you still had about five inches of fingers hanging. Well, it is the basketball smaller or it's just his hand because he saw what he did to a baseball.

It's just his hand. Is the basketball smaller in France? No. No. It's not?

No. It's like if we were playing with one of those kids mini balls, that's what it's like for him. Us, seven foot hoop, mini ball, him, ten foot, real. So basically you've had a front row seat to what we might see with Cage last couple years with the little tykes? Yes, exactly. Isn't that what you're saying? Except I'm standing under there trying to block every shot. Okay, well that's what the NBA is going to do, try to do is what I'm saying. Yeah, they're just going to dunk all over. I mean, he's going to be a target every single night. Remember when everyone tried to dunk on Sean Bradley when he came into the league?

Minute, same deal. Also when you're like the high profile rookie, like you remember Lonzo's first game, Pat Beverly literally got inside of his jersey with him and just like how did this kid the entire game? Like people are going to want to test him, you know. Let's take a break. Hard Knocks News and the top five list as requested.

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Rolling Stone Music Now, wherever you listen. First up, Celebrity True or False with Bull Bond, true or false, you eat soup every single day. True.

Why is that? Yeah, because like it's a big deal in my country soup. And we eat soup every time. It's like when you're growing up to say, first you start your meal with the soup and after that you can eat whatever you like. Okay. It's not basically it's it's it's like how how we do liking you when you eat soup like basically you feel like you're healthy because like a little bit older stomach and not hungry too much.

So do you at some point during the day? Oh, you know what? I haven't eaten soup yet. I need to have my yes.

You have had that. Yes. Okay. What is your favorite soup? My favorite soup, mushroom soup, everything like, okay, have you thought about making your own line of soup? Boban soup?

Boban soup? You know, like this is a good idea. I will think about it. Let's pound that out. I will think about it. Very good. I will think about it. Next one for for Boban.

Celebrity True or False with Bull Bond, false. You do not like you do not like cake. You do not like cake. No cakes. Not big fan.

Why? What's wrong with cake? No cakes. I like I like like small desserts. If I eat something, I would like something like really like to enjoy because small. They're all small.

They're all small. So if I have you over for dinner soup Nutella crepe. Yes. Okay. That's the easy combination. That's very simple. This is like a couple bucks. Nothing more. Nothing too much. Last one for you. Boban.

True or false? You love to shake hands. But like to be honest, people more like to shake my hands and like you said, you know, every every time, you know, like every time, you know, like when somebody somebody come to me, I just I just come from the restroom.

I wash my hands. I read it. I read it.

I read it to eat food. And I was like I was like walking like this. I hope some somebody will shake my hands. And that I'm like somebody comes. Hey, how are you? And I was like, how are you?

That's when you go with the fist pound, right? Yeah, I know. I know. Fun stuff from back in the day, all on our YouTube page. Check it out. Back on the Rich Eisen Show radio network at the Rich Eisen Show desk, furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry, Grainger has the right product for you.

Call or just stop by. What is the hard knocks news? Christopher Brockman.

What do you got for me? Well, according to our good friend Mike Florio, the Jets are bracing themselves for a situation where they are forced into doing hard knocks this year. Bracing themselves. As you know, they're one of the four teams that are, you know, with the new parameters eligible. Jets, Saints, Bears, Commanders, pretty much all four have expressed that they don't want to do it. The commanders, according to Mike Florio, would do it if forced upon. But well, they all have to do it if forced upon.

I know. But they would kind of embrace it. Whereas every other team would just kind of be like, oh, you're here.

Kind of like, you know, Mike Mayock treated it. Sorry folks. But it seems like the Jets are called power sweeter at this. Yeah. That's going to happen. Yeah, it has to happen.

It should happen. I know they don't want to look coaches want to control the controllables. They don't want to have a camera crew, you know, in the building. And it's very it's it's it's as unobtrusive as intrusive can get. They're very good at this with NFL films. It's just the whole business of sneaking it, you know, past the goalie.

You pointed it out. Mayock was the goalie and he sticked aside everything. He stood on his head like he was Dominik Osik. He wasn't even in that season.

Right. It was when Antonio Brown was doing Antonio Brown things with his feet and his helmet and everything like that. And you remember the Raiders hard knocks. It was just tuning in to see what Brown was going to say. And then he hardly appeared in the episode. And we got no Josh Jacobs. Remember he barely was even in.

Yeah, it's kind of Jonathan Abram mostly. So Sauce Gardner, Garrett Wilson, seeing Breece Hall and whether he's coming back or not and on target. You know, I know that they want to lie low, but this is what happens when you go and swing for the fences and get Aaron Rodgers. Are you kidding me? And I'm sure they could just basically tell Aaron just, you know, we'll see you from afar.

And leave him alone. I mean, this is the way that they set it up, where teams that don't make the playoffs for a certain amount of time and haven't done it for a certain amount of time. And don't have a new coach. And don't have a new coach. You are eligible to say you're it. And I'm sure the league heard from the Jets they don't want it and have done everything that they can to try and find someone else to do it.

This is inevitable. I think the Jets are going to wind up doing it. Also Rich, the amount of eyes it brings, not only just the hard knocks, right, but like how invested are you after you've watched the season of hard knocks, you tend to pay attention to that team a little more as the season goes like, yeah, I was I watched more Lions last year, basically, because I felt like loved their season, you kind of, you know, you kind of get drawn in with their players.

So you tend to pay a little bit more attention to them too, so that just brings more eyes to you. And I welcome you aboard the Jets bandwagon. I never said bandwagon.

Well, I mean, you said that if there's a team that does hard knocks, it causes you to be more interested in root for them. So that would be great. That's not a band. Come on board. It just means I'll like, come on board.

The guy who's with the big Mike White fan like you were, I was, you were in his you were you were the founding member of the Mike White. I was just trying to club trying to I was trying to prepare you for where we're at right now that Zach was not going to be your quarterback and you want to hear it. So you know, so you're saying if the Jets do hard knocks, you're going to become more of a jet fan. No, no, that's you'll be more interested in the Jets. You'll be following them.

I'll, I'll pay. See how he's backtracking now that I pointed out like, oh, I was such a big lion fan. I didn't say it's great. That doesn't mean I'm going to jump on the bandwagon. It means I won't turn the channel when their games come.

There's only one bandwagon you're on. Yeah. The NFL season. Of course. That's it.

I get it. Last year watching the Lions. How many people took Amman Ross St. Brown earlier in their fantasy draft because they saw it on hard knocks and you fall in love with the story. You see his dad in the weight room with them like Jamal.

Jamal Williams. How are you not a fan of that? And I'm sure there are many members of the Jets. Many are unfamiliar with that would same deal follow up. Right. But with Rogers needing his space and the Jets wanting to give him his space because he's about to have more eyes on him than ever before with all due respect to Green Bay Packer fans and I understand how rabid cheesehead nation is and I get it.

I'm talking about local news coverage. It's going to be intense. So why do you need an extra four weeks of five weeks of intensity? I understand what they're trying to do. Everybody's trying to prepare under the radar. They're not asking to thump their chest.

Look at us. I understand they don't want that. There's going to be enough pressure. As I said, it's the most pressure packed situation I believe of any team in the NFL this year. The Jets have this year for Aaron Rodgers and maybe none other.

No other. This is their best team they've had in a long time that Rogers makes that much better. They want to be completely under the radar screen. I don't believe they will have that luxury because it's not just Rogers.

I want to know about Breece Hall. They also don't want a front row seat to Quinnen Williams. Maybe having to hold out or not, they got to get him done.

There's a lot for them to do without every single week HBO having the latest. You personally, as a Jets fan, take away your profession, as a Jets fan, would you want to see it? Absolutely. Yeah. Of course I would.

And I love Salah and I think Nathaniel Hackett, you know, the couple of times that I met him, he's a really outgoing guy. Absolutely. I want... You tell the Jets, tough. This is what's happening.

I mean, it's inevitable. I guess they were knocking on the other team's door saying, would you like to do it or the Lions to do it again? No way.

No way. They try to get volunteers. The reason why they set this situation up and the membership voted for it is because there were no longer volunteers. No one's raising their hand saying, we'll take hard knocks, 844-204-rich number to dial. And when you call this program and you give a good suggestion, we'll take it. That's what RES Consulting is all about. We're always up for it.

We're for the people. Bryan Cranston told a great story, that scene where he was Dr. Tim Watley on Seinfeld taking the laughing gas before administering it to Jerry Seinfeld in one of the funniest scenes he's ever been in. And Seinfeld said that idea came from an electrician on top of a ladder saying, hey, before you give Jerry the laughing gas, what would be funny is if you do it. He did it. Great idea. Very funny. And he said that taught him, best idea wins.

We have that mantra here. Best idea wins. And Dane in Washington last Friday called up and said, I want to see a top five list of the top five juiciest Super Bowl matchups. And I thought of it, came up over the weekend, here it is.

Top five list right here, hit it. Jason Feller, top five juiciest Super Bowl matchups. I tried to keep it in the realm of possibility.

This one is, I believe, the least possible, but I threw it out there because you never know. And it's entirely possible. Not one, but two rookie quarterbacks making the Super Bowl from this year, and it brings Frank Reich on the doorstep of denying the Indianapolis Colts a championship. Colts versus Panthers, Anthony Richardson versus Bryce Young, and it's Frank Reich one year after being bounced mid season by the Colts, bringing the Panthers back to the Super Bowl with Bryce Young and it's Anthony Richardson and the Colts. Do you think that'd be a juicy week in Las Vegas, Nevada? I do because the Colts are a hundred to one and the Panthers are 80 to one.

I'm just saying these are, it's a long shot. It's a long shot, but we're talking juicy here and one never knows in the NFL. Number four on this list, who would have thunk this could be possible, and it is. Back in the day, in a national championship night in Atlanta, when Alabama played Georgia and one kid gets benched for the other, and the kid wins a national championship in his one opportunity in the second half of the game. And then years later, Tuatunga Vailoa and the Miami Dolphins take on Jalen Hurts in the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl in Las Vegas, Nevada. Who could think that would have been possible on that night? Nick Saban comes out and flips the coin, you know, before the game.

And you know what? The Eagles won it last year and we all think they're as good as they get. And wouldn't it be amazing if it's a team filled with Georgia Bulldogs out there with Devante Smith as well on the field and Tua and the Miami Dolphins are in the Super Bowl as well.

That would be pretty juicy, don't you think? I like that one. All right. Number three, when you think of a team playing in their home stadium for the Super Bowl and winning it all, who do you think of? Tom Brady. Okay. With all due respect to Matthew Stafford.

Of course. Think about Tom Brady. Think about Tom Brady. What's a team that Tom Brady might take a piece of ownership of in time for the playing season? And who is the quarterback of that team?

We think. It's going to be. He's got the Jimmy G shirt on, don't you? How about the Raiders playing in their home stadium with Tom Brady in the owner's suite with Mark Davis and the team that they're taking on is Jimmy G's former team in the San Francisco 49ers.

That's pretty fun. How about Raiders, Niners, a little Bay Area battle, even though I understand one team's no longer in the Bay Area with Tom Brady in the Hill in the in the hissy in the building. That's not bad for the Las Vegas Raiders, who he owns a piece of with Jimmy Garoppolo. He once sent to the San Francisco 49ers reportedly, allegedly, and that team is back in the Super Bowl.

And it's Jimmy G where they're facing in Las Vegas, home of the Raiders. How juicy would that be? It's pretty juicy. Okay. Number two on this list. How am I doing so far?

Especially when Brady plays in the game. Okay. How am I doing so far? I'm pretty good. I like this so far.

Number two on the list. You could have had Miami Philly a little higher, I think. No, no, no. I kind of like Raiders in their hometown, Brady in the building, the 49ers.

Could have not had Philly in it at all. Okay. Very good. Sorry. You won't take the fact that the Cowboys aren't even on my list. Here's number two. Haters hate.

That's what they do. Russell Wilson shows you he's not only still got it, he's making the Super Bowl and the team he faces is the Seattle Seahawks. We've seen the Broncos and Seahawks play each other, have we not? In the Super Bowl. And Sean Payton is back in the Super Bowl. I thought to myself, do I put Sean Payton versus the Saints? Yeah, but that doesn't have as much juice as Sean Payton back in the Super Bowl himself taking on Pete Carroll. By the way, there have been some Saints, Seahawks playoff games, Russ versus Drew Brees, by the way. But Russ taking on Seattle in the Super Bowl? For Denver and Sean Payton against Pete Carroll in Las Vegas, Nevada, sign me up. That's pretty damn juicy.

All week long. And by the way, that would be, don't you think, potentially a seat at the table in Canton for the winning coach of that game? You want to talk about legacy? Second Super Bowl win for Pete Carroll? Second Super Bowl win for Sean Payton?

One and two each in a different spot? Winter Hall of Fame for sure. Okay. Number one on the list. It's a no brainer. You know it. Cowboys versus... I know it.

And the American people know it. Jets-Packers, baby. If Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers are in the Super Bowl against one another, Jordan Love versus Aaron Rodgers, that Aaron Rodgers does in fact take the Jets to the Super Bowl exactly as the Jets and all of their crazy-ass fans, including me, dreamt possible.

And the team he faced is Green Bay. Get out of here. Juiciest matchup. Period. End of story.

And that's my top five juiciest. Do you think we need one more? All right. We'll get one more.

I got one more. Wow. I'm not gonna flip out.

I don't think this is possible. But what if the Cleveland Browns make it and the team they see is Baker Mayfield's Tampa Bay Buccaneers? What if Baker Mayfield takes the Tampa Bay Buccaneers back to the Super Bowl like Tom Brady in his first year of the new spot, and the team they see is the Cleveland Browns who finally make it to a Super Bowl with Deshaun Watson, and the person they see in front of them is Baker Mayfield? Wouldn't that be juicy? We'd be so rich if this happens. What are you talking... You're looking at odds?

Is that what you're saying? I'm calculating the odds for all of these matchups right now. That's my list of juiciest Super Bowl matchups.

So I just couldn't... The one that I was matching up, I get Rogers with Mike McCarthy. I don't think fans would really care about that. The one that I thought that would be juicy would be Bill's Cowboys, just like back in the old days.

Like, the Cowboys are back, and the team they see is Buffalo. No, I get why you didn't do it, because your matchups are more like fantasy-based, whereas if you put the Cowboys on, that would be more like, this is a reality that could happen. Yes, okay. No, I just don't think... So I understand. No, the Cowboys are juicy to begin with, just because of who they are.

I will give you that, but I just couldn't really match them up with, what, Kansas City? Is that juicy? What just Lamar Hunt used to own the Dallas Texans, I mean, who cares when it comes to it? What, you raised your hand? You got something over there? No, Del Tufo's trying to get in. Del Tufo's outside right now.

Oh, is he really? He's trying to get in the door. He's trying to get in the door, but the badge doesn't work in between show hours.

During the show hours, okay, very good. Hey, let him in. Let him in, man.

Let him in. I'm thinking also just teams that have never been there before would be fun. I mean, Vikings, Browns, two kind of lovable losers, throw the Lions in there, maybe. No, I get it, but that's not juicy. That's not juicy.

That's not like, you know, red meat. And I understand that Raiders-Niners might not be, but those are two incredibly passionate fan bases as well. The Raiders get back to the Super Bowl, and it's in Vegas, and Jimmy G takes on his former team, and Brady, that's his childhood team, is the 49ers taking on the Raiders. That Brady's first year in ownership, just like everything else in his life, he makes the Super Bowl.

That's true. Like, you don't think we'd be talking about that? It's a little chalky, but I think a good one would be Cowboys-Bills. That's what I was thinking, but to me, that's not as, I think he got distracted with Del Tufo at the door, which I would as well, and he's trying to count his money that he's not going to really lay on the line in his head. All right, let's take a break. 844-204-RICH number to dial here on The Rich Ozzin Show. Don't go anywhere.

We'll set up the rest of the week in a moment. Get an inside look at Hollywood with Michael Rosenbaum, actress Kristin Ritter. Your parents let you travel by yourself. It was a different time. They just put you on a train. As a 15-year-old girl, you went to New York.

I went on a bus, and I did get picked up at Port Authority. They thought I was a runaway. What would they do?

They'd detain you and get people on the phone, and then they'd finally let you go to your modeling job. How many times did it happen? Once or twice. It just seems like it wouldn't happen. It happens, yeah.

Inside of you with Michael Rosenbaum, wherever you listen. All right, the Rams just took a 27-3 lead on the Buccaneers from the playoffs two years ago. Oh, man. On NFL Network. Man, what a game. See, if you want to watch that comeback, only to have Stafford go up top to Cup to win that game. The defense breaking down in that play. Oh, yeah. After Brady led the comeback? Yeah. Oh, my gosh. It's like, really?

What are you doing? Maybe cover Cooper Cupp. Oh, and as we all know, Al Michaels would then go on to call another playoff game in the state of Florida, but that comeback actually completed. What about Titans-Rams? Titans-Rams. Why?

Just because? A rematch of one of the great Super Bowls. And speaking of games that Al Michaels called? Two pretty big long shots. The Titans have the third-longest.

But that's not juicy. Like, what would we talk... outside of that rematch, what would we talk about? I'm just... You know, Colts-Panthers is... I just was trying to match teams up, one with another, and that one jumped out at me. As you know, we've never had two rookies go out at each other in the Super Bowl. You didn't like Jeremy Fowler's Jets-Cowboys? Jets-Cowboys, all that is is New York and Dallas, right? Well, it's Rogers. Rogers versus Dallas. It's good. It's Rogers versus Mike McCarthy. It's pretty juicy.

It's pretty juicy. I just didn't want to put two Jets on there, because I don't want to be accused of being a cheerleader for the team. Well, too late.

Which one would you take off? Raiders-Niners, you weren't into. Raiders-Niners. Well, the Tom Brady stuff, but it's not, you know, it's Tom Brady's hometown team. If Brady's playing in the game, I'm more into that. He's not playing in the game.

You don't know that. You can't say that for sure. When the season's over, then we'll say for sure that he didn't play in the game. He's not playing in the game. You can't roll that out. I'm telling you right now, he can't be playing in the game.

You can't roll that out. No. He's coming back.

Oh, good to know. Breaking news. Breaking news.

Back here on our program, Del Tufo just arrived. I guess he is going to be sitting in that seat for the rest of the week. Who knows? What about the soccer pre-World Cup thing? I don't know.

The Gold Cup? Where is he? I don't know. He's already gone. Oh, he's back there.

Okay. And at the same time that he gained access to the studio, Suzy just landed. So she's back. Oh, nice. Which means I have to stop putting dishes in the sink and put it right in the dishwasher.

That was great. Literally having the home to myself this weekend. Honestly, I left clothes on the floor. I put dishes. I left it in the sink. Did you drink? Oh, I just would take it. Guys, you want to talk about really cutting loose?

Wow. I would take a dish, put food on the dish. I would eat the food off the dish. I would then just leave the dish in rooms that had no business with the dish being in. Honestly, rooms that it would just be like if Suzy walked through it, she'd be like, what the hell is that doing here? I would leave it there.

Why is there a pretty pasta on the washing machine? I would leave it there. And I would leave it there thinking to myself, this is great. I'm going to leave a dish wherever I damn well please. But I better remember where you left it, where I left it, because I'm not going to leave it there. And so honestly, what I did today was like a tech team coming through, like the Bourne identity.

I went through place. Seriously. Did you drink out of a carton? Oh, no, no, no, no. Come on, man.

So basically, I have some self-esteem. Well, I'm just saying, no one else is going to be drinking out the middle for a while. No, no. But I would then take the dish and then sometimes I would just leave it in the sink.

I would take a knife and just leave it in the sink by itself, a lone knife in the sink. Do you understand what an issue that would be if Suzy was home? Really? Oh, gosh. So both of our bosses got back is what you're saying.

Yeah, Del Tufo and Suzy. Yeah, it wouldn't be a major, I don't want to paint like, you know, Warpath stuff. No, no, no, no, no. But it would be just like what I get the what's your malfunction? Plus, it'd also be like you're not you're not you're not showing the kids what should be done. So the kids weren't there. Suzy wasn't there.

Honestly, you did what you wanted. It was it was almost like Tom Cruise in Risky Business, except the fact, you know, I didn't, you know, I didn't blast music. And I don't look like Tom Cruise. And there was no Rebecca de Mornay. You're taller than Tom Cruise. I didn't I didn't I didn't have to pay to get the, you know, the furniture back.

Oh, okay. That's what I was paying for. You were more like a Macaulay Culkin at home alone. I was like that. Did you order a pizza this weekend? Oh, I did last night. The issue with that was is that Suzy gets the Postmates messages on her phone, too.

She was like, did you order a pizza on my account? I was running risks this weekend, you understand how risky I was this week? Do you understand how many risks I ran this weekend? What about Steelers Cowboys? I guess. It's a throwback to the 70s.

I understand that or the 90s, but not to sound like Kyler Murray, but who the hell are the Cowboys these days? You know what I mean? Oh, wow. Didn't he say that recently? Like, it's just like millennials don't get it. They don't get it. It's like Brandon Miller gets drafted second overall even though he thinks Paul George is the GOAT. Do you understand what I'm saying?

I'm just looking for other juicy matchups. What about cups? Did you just leave cups in the sink?

Oh, cups of all, like coffee mugs, wine cups, tall glasses, just everywhere. It was great. It was great. Oh, God. Oh, yeah. Did you leave towels? Towels, towels, wet towels, wet towels unhung. Are you kidding me?

Did you get lights on in the room when you left? Oh, no. I'm efficient.

I'm energy efficient. It doesn't matter. I don't need, you know, but I mean, seriously, some traps were taken off. What if we just ran back Chiefs-Eagles? You're still on this reason.

He doesn't want us to talk about you. That was a good game last year. I know. Is it juicier than Colts-Panthers? We got Mahomes going for number three. Suddenly he's tying Troy Aikman.

He's, you know, almost halfway to Brady. I get it. I get it. I get it. All right.

You really want to see, I don't think people want to see matchups, rematches in the Super Bowl. I don't think they do. Okay. You know, you've got to switch it up sometimes. Like when your wife isn't home and there's a sock on the floor, you walk past it. You walk past it. You leave it where it was. You leave it where it was.

Not like you don't hear somebody saying, did you just walk past that? You're not going to pick that up. How about Lions-Jaguars? It's amazing. Looking for my Eyes and Palooza drop. Eyes and Palooza.

Lions-Jaguars? Okay. That's a fun game.

Not as fun as leaving a sock on the floor instead of picking it up. Oh yeah. It's just great. And it's all over! Party's over! Game over, man.

Game over. Oh, man. Did you say no one cares about the Cowboys though? That's kind of disrespectful. I didn't say that.

That was disrespectful. I said Millennials do not sit here and go, oh, that's a great throwback game because it involves the Cowboys because didn't Carla Murray recently basically say who were the Cowboys? It was like four years ago. Didn't he say that? Yeah.

He said, hey, bro, I'm 23 years old. It's been 25 years since they've been in the team. Undefeated at the ATSC Stadium, right? I believe so. Thanks to Michelle Beadle.

Thank you. In her arms. To Jeremy Fowler of ESPN.

Tomorrow show, Lil Rel Howery will be here. And Tom Pelissero just earned himself a call because he says Brock Purdy's going down to Jacksonville to throw. To throw? Yes. Under the watchful eye of coaches and doctors.

He's going to start. Coaches and doctors. Yeah. It's watchful.

See, sometimes you got to do the right thing unless you live in by yourself. Conspiracy theories, paranormal UFOs, science teacher Andrew Greenwood stated that a child ran into his classroom and was hysterically screaming and talking about the flying saucer outside. Hundreds of children ran out of their classrooms to go outside and see this unidentified flying object that was just above the school. Just imagine a bunch of kids running out of school.

Most of them probably just ran home. Peace of the third kind on YouTube or wherever you listen.
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