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REShow: DK Metcalf & Harold Perrineau - Hour 3 (6-8-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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June 8, 2023 3:56 pm

REShow: DK Metcalf & Harold Perrineau - Hour 3 (6-8-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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June 8, 2023 3:56 pm

Seahawks WR DK Metcalf tells Rich why he’s excited for the return of LB Bobby Wagner to Seattle, why he’s expecting no drop off from Geno Smith next season, recaps his MVP performance in the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game, and sets the record straight about whether or not that viral video where he leapt out of the building is 100% legit, which leads to heated debate with Brockman about the clip’s veracity.

Actor Harold Perrineau joins Rich in-studio to discuss his MGM+ horror series ‘From,’ how he got his start in acting, his memorable turn on HBO’s groundbreaking ‘Oz’ prison drama, if he shares some fans disappointment with the ending of ‘Lost,’ and offers up his review of TJ Jefferson’s recent karaoke performance.

In ‘What’s More Likely’ Rich weighs in on Josh Allen, AFC West QBs vs AFC North QBs, the Dallas Cowboys, Dalvin Cook, DeAndre Hopkins, Cooper Kupp, Michael Thomas, and the NBA Finals.

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This is the Rich Eisen Show. Yokel's for a triple. Money! Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles.

Pick out 3 Murray. Good! Nothing but net. High five. Across my face.

My wife's face. You're going to have better seats for Game 5? I hope that's the play. Earlier on the show, NFL Network insider Tom Pellicero, Golf Channel analyst Randall Chamblee, 20-year NBA veteran Jamal Crawford. Coming up, Seahawks wide receiver DK Metcalf, actor Harold Perrineau. And now, it's Rich Eisen.

Ah, yes. Hour number 3 of the Rich Eisen Show on the air. We're live on the Roku Channel. And that is free on all Roku devices like Samsung Smart TV, Amazon Fire TVs.

We're free on the Roku app, If you missed any of our first two hours of this program, we had a welfare check on Randall Chamblee of the Golf Channel. Talking about the latest of the Live and PGA Tour merger. A really deep, interesting, fascinating conversation. Hour number 2, we had Jamal Crawford on this program to talk about NBA Finals Game 3 with the Nuggets looking like a championship team like they did in game number 1. Triple doubles like Oprah giving away cars.

And so Jamal spoke about that and the future of Damian Lillard potentially. If you missed any of that, along with Tom Pelissero of NFL Network about why Dalvin Cook got released, I gave you my top 5 destinations. Those are the first two hours.

Jam-packed. If you missed it, we re-air right away on the Roku Channel, Channel 210 throughout the rest of the day. The actor Harold Perrineau, who I've known for many, many years and a big fan of his work from Oz, also from Lost, just to name a couple of shows.

You saw Mike Del Tufo the other day. Romeo and Juliet was on. Yes, it actually was on like late. I was like, oh my God, I forgot. I watched. You did. Great movie.

It is. And he was in that back in 1996 when I first started on SportsCenter. So Harold's been at it for a while. He's in the new season of From, currently in season two, airing Sundays 9 p.m. Eastern on MGM Plus, which you can get right here on Roku.

So lots of ways to follow. But we kick off hour number three with one of our favorites. He's a pro bowler. He's an all-pro.

And he's always a treat to have call into this program, as he is here top of June. Lots to talk about with Seattle Seahawks wide receiver DK Metcalf back here on the show. How are you doing, DK? I'm doing pretty good, man. How are you doing? I'm doing great. What's going on in your world? What's happening? Well, this is the second day of mini camp.

So I'm back up in Seattle right now. Offense is looking pretty good. Defense is looking damn good. Special teams, you know, they're kicking it around. And, you know, everything is going smooth around this time of year.

All right. I want you to be my Seattle Seahawks reporter for a moment, if you don't mind. How's 54 looking? Bobby Wagner back in the mix. How's he looking?

Oh, man. He's looking right where you need to be, man, in a Seahawks uniform and a Seahawks helmet. And he's leading everybody, you know, around the building. It's great to see a lot of young guys get to see him, learn from him, just to be around him, just to understand how to be a professional, you know, like I had the opportunity to do my first few years. That's interesting. Somebody who is technically new to the team can go here, can come in and say, I got this.

And everybody gets that right in and not even hiccup. Yeah. So what do you mean he's leading people? I know what it means, but what does it look like?

Tell me what it looks like. I mean, he doesn't say much, but when he does talk, people just listen. And just how he goes about his day. I mean, he works out at 7 in the morning and he's in meetings first with a notebook, notepad, pencil. He's just very, very attentive. And he's just a professional anytime he's on the field or whenever he's talking to coaches. And he's just in his 10th year, you know, 10-time Pro Bowler, 10-time All-Pro, and he's still able to listen to coaches and be coached. So I think this is something that the young guys can learn from.

That's awesome. I mean, he's going to have a jacket one day. You and I both know it as we're sitting here. I mean, so the Prez, how's the Prez doing? What's Jamal Adams looking like right now? Just to have him back over here, you can feel his energy. You can feel he wants to be back out there, but, you know, he's still rehabbing a little bit. So, you know, can't wait to get him back out there. He's looking, I mean, all smiles on his head. His rehab is going pretty good during the off-season.

So looking forward to going against him and, you know, having him back out there during training camp. It's like old-school vibes, even though it's still recent, right? I mean, the Prez is walking around and Bobby Wagner's walking around. And, you know, Lockett's walking around, you're walking around. Obviously, you've got your coach.

So the vibe has got to feel pretty damn good coming off of a season few expected you to do. D.K., right? Exactly.

Yes, sir. I know Pete's like a kid in the candy shop right now. He's got all his pieces, all his kids around the building. You know, we're all working hard. And, I mean, practice feels like a training camp practice right now without the hitting and, you know, everybody getting tangled up going after the ball. But, you know, guys are still out there competing. And you can feel it. You can tell that the young guys that they just drafted are coming in here to make a statement in their hunger. And then Gino, it's his team as opposed to last year at this point in time. And there's no disrespect to Drew Lockett who was also there in the competition. But this is his squad now.

And I'm wondering how that feels from your perspective. I mean, just to have him back for another year. You know, last year, how he, you know, had the season that he did and then coming back this year. And he's knowing that he's going to be the start of going into next year without, you know, too much, you know, gray area in the QB room. But, I mean, it's great to see him out here leading offense, leading the team, and getting up talking during offense and meetings and trying to lead us. You know, we're verbally communicating and communicating out on the field. And, you know, we still got a little learning curve to get over right now.

But, I mean, Gino's looking great out there. I mean, and again, I know it's June. But, you know, I'm already getting the sense here, certainly from my position, sitting in a seat like this, the one on NFL Network, it's a very 49er-centric conversation still in this division. And I'm wondering if you feel overlooked.

Do you feel you're properly looked at? What's your sense of that, DK Metcalf? Oh, man, that's not for us to decide.

You know, everybody has their opinions. Everybody, you know, has their predictions of what we're going to do this year. And my only response to that is to just keep letting them overlook us and you see what happened last year. So, you know, keep doing it. Okay, keep doing it.

DK Metcalf here on the Rich Eisen Show. Let's talk about you a little bit here. Did you dunk on anybody in the All-Star Game weekend? No, sir, all mine were breakaway ducks. Okay, none of that? No, sir.

None of that? No, no, no. I had to make sure, you know, Pete and Jay could sleep good that night. Okay, okay. Yes, sir. Understood. You just want to make sure that everything was copacetic there. Who'd you meet?

Exactly, yes, sir. This is the one out there who put in a little bit. Who'd you meet, DK? Who'd you meet at the All-Star weekend? I had a chance to get to meet Kevin Durant, Travis Scott, Janelle Monae, 21 Savage.

I mean, the list goes on and on. I had a great time while I was out there. I was out there the whole weekend and just took in, you know, the excitement, you know, starting from the All-Star Game up until the actual All-Star Game. And I just had a great time, you know, just meeting everybody out there. I was a big fan and a kid in the candy shop while I was out there. Yeah, I could see there. We're showing a photograph right here of you lifting a trophy, DK.

Yes, sir. That trophy actually got stolen. What? I was going to give it to my mom. What happened?

It got stolen from in transit to Mississippi, so who knows what happened. Hold on a second. Here's the deal. You know, I'm not saying we can make things happen all the time, but did you reach out to the NBA saying, give me another? Can I get another one? I mean, can we get you another one? No, I mean, I'm a football player, so I didn't feel right reaching out to the NBA.

You know, asking for another trophy. I didn't feel like that was my lane. What if I did it? What if I did it for you? What if I got in that lane for you?

What if I did that? I mean, you know, I can't tell you what to do, Rich. Okay. No, I understand that, nor would I tell you what to do, but we've got to replace this thing.

We've got to replace it. Yes, sir. You know, I don't know if this speaks to me and my shallowness or whatever. Of all the names that you mentioned, Janelle Monae is the one I want to follow up on. You know, what was your conversation with her like, DK? Oh, no, she just told me. So I walk in the locker room and she was like, okay, here's the deal. You look like the tallest on the team right now, so let's practice.

You lifted me up so I can dunk the ball. We can't do that right now. I'm not a cheerleader. We ain't going to do that.

Nobody gets hurt. Okay. So that was pretty much the talk of the conversation, but when we got out there she just congratulated me after we won and saw that I got the MVP and the night went on. Oh, yeah, and she wore Jordan's number because she's a GOAT. Is that why she wore Jordan's number? She wore 23? Yes, sir.

Okay, very good. I think she wore that because of Jordan, but it was kind of hard to see because she was like 5'1 or something like that. Calvin Johnson blocked that shot and everybody started booing. Oh, no, I didn't know that he did that. What? Calvin did that to her?

I mean, he didn't know how to turn it off. Easy. Oh, my God.

That was a very Jim Schwartz moment with you and Calvin Johnson. DK, I don't want to go in that direction because, you know. We're going to leave that way.

Let's leave that alone. Very good. I got DK Metcalf here on the Rich Eisen Show. What's the scoop with your acting? How's that going?

What's going on there? It's going pretty good right now. I had a chance to sit down with a few producers, Greg Silverman, this off-season and just been shadowing him over at his office and trying to learn and soak up as much knowledge as I can.

So how's my off-season been in that world? Yes, sir. I know him. I know Greg. DK, again, listen, you and I need to be in more constant contact because you'd already been starring in a movie by now and you'd have a replacement trophy. You know what I mean? Honestly, I just want to make your life better. So what do you mean? What have you picked up shadowing Greg and being around this town?

DK, what have you picked up? Well, my first time meeting him, I sat in his office and he took me over to his book shelf and he was showing off, I can tell, because of the movies that I was named in. My jaw kept dropping from 300 to Happy Feet to Malibu's Most Wanted. So I was like, oh, yes, you're a big dog in the industry. And then we got to talk about me and my accomplishments and what were my goals in the acting space. And he just told me that he was going to be a helping hand whenever I needed it.

And we had a couple Zoom calls of him just walking me through my next steps of what kind of movies do I want to go in and what does he have coming up for me to star in. So just be on the lookout for me coming up in a Greg Silverman movie. OK, very good. Very good.

You know, I'm excited to see what you want to do outside of football as you're dominating the sport. And so was it acting? There we go.

DK Metcalf. Was it acting or real, that video of you jumping in the air and snagging that ball where it looked like you jumped 10 feet in the air? Is that acting?

That was me. And that was real. That's not fake, because everyone's thinking that's got to be fake. Yeah, everybody's going to fake that, yeah. But no, that's actually me catching the ball.

How far did you get off the ground, do you think? Uh-huh? Hold on a minute. There was a guy asking me. No, I'm not signing nothing. No, it was a guy walking by asking me was I going to sign my stuff.

OK, no worries. No, that was actually me jumping up. I jumped up like six feet. Your vertical was six foot right there in that video. OK.

I have no idea. I didn't have a measuring tape or a vertical thing, but yeah, that was me. But that's real. So that wasn't acting. That was OK. No, that wasn't me acting, no. So what do you think when people are asking, wondering if that's real then, DK? What do you think? I mean, I'd leave it up to them, because I know the truth.

You know, if they want to continue to question me, then you know that's them. OK. All right, DK. I miss chatting with you. When you're in Los Angeles, let me know. Will you, please? You know? All right, yes, sir. I will. Let me know what's going on.

I'm going to get your number from Jeff. Let's do it. Let's do it. Let's do it. You take care of yourself, DK Metcalf. Thanks for the time.

You go be you, and we'll chat again soon down the line. All right, yes, sir. Appreciate you. You got it. That is the Pro Bowl.

All pro, pardon me, wide receiver, DK Metcalf from the Seattle Seahawks. I just love sharing my mind. All right, a couple things. What's your takeaways?

Number one, I need to know what someone was asking him to say. Yes. What was it that he was like, I'm not signing that. Was it was it some memorabilia for somebody? Was it I was signing for lunch. Like, I'm very confused. What?

No, I think it was an item. It's not signing for. It's not like somebody is walking up with a credit card or like, hey, hey, I need you to cover this. Can you just sign this real quick?

Like what? No, I'm not signing that. It was like one of those devices that they bring the bill to the table for you. No, right. No, I don't believe that's what's happening up there.

Maybe Pete is charging him Washington for pizza or something. No, I don't think so. No, it's just it's just an item. He didn't want to know. It was at the person that he didn't want to sign for was the item. Right. So many questions there.

Number two. I love DK. I don't want to say anything to get him mad at me. But who's he kidding? That video was doctored. I don't think so.

You think it was? He jumped eight feet off the ground. So what? That's literally setting the high jump right then he should be an Olympian.

Eight feet is like, OK, no, that's I mean, that's like maybe can be how so. So hold on a second. So I'm so we're aware. So we're all on the record right now. This is on the record, OK?

You are currently questioning a physical feat from DK Metcalf. You are current openly one that I did not see in person, openly live television. I'm I'm questioning a video that went viral. I know that. Yes.

And I understand that you think that that means it's fake. Yes. Remember when Steph Curry was throwing half court shots and made like five full court length and made like five in a row? You mean when when I when I once texted Drew Brees, I hope you're not dead. Exactly.

And then it took him all day to say, I'm fine after one person after another said they got a text from Drew saying, I'm OK, right? That guy. I'm saying, yeah, something went viral on the Internet.

Oh, man, we should 100 percent believe that. It said DK Metcalf physical feat. You are openly questioning the guy who Daniel Jeremiah once called the human batsuit.

Yes. I mean, can we zoom on me? He's like seven feet off the ground. So it's so rich that he should be an Olympian. He should not be playing football for Seattle. He should be representing the United States of America. Why he takes less in the summer Olympics. We want to cut his salary in half now. I want to win a gold medal if he can do this. I want him competing in the decathlon. Didn't he? By the way, didn't he hasn't he done something like that? He did try to qualify. Yes.

So 100 meters. OK, so that guy. Yeah, no, I saw it. Look how high he is off the ground. I could also be the optical illusion. You know, the way the cameras set in, right, you know, Mike, are you going to create a tie here? Because TJ and I say that's real. You say what? I DK Metcalf just said it's real. Yeah.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. He said he said I caught the ball. He said he didn't say it was him jumping. He said he caught the ball. He didn't say. Again, guys, language.

Language. All I know is I saw a decaf talk about 16 times in that celebrity game, and I know that rims 10 feet. He can do that. I think that's real. There you go. You guys are out of your mind.

I think that is real. DK's got some skills. I am the only one grounded in reality. Why are you so jaded? Why are you so jaded? I'm not jaded. I'm grounded in reality.

And you're so jaded, but not about the people you love. Yeah, he's got a point there. Rory McIlroy. Rounded in reality. Rory McIlroy, definitely.

Do we want to talk about this? He's untouchable. He's untouchable. He's untouchable. He's untouchable. He's untouchable. He's untouchable. He's untouchable. He's untouchable. He's untouchable. If Rory was in on it, like you are insinuating.

I'm not doing that. You are insinuating through your language that Rory was in on it. No, there are people that Rory's tight with that were in on it. He is the best actor of all time.

He should have multiple Academy Awards. All I know is that if I had a half billion dollar payday that I passed up on out of principle for a group of people that then turned around and took those folks' money, I would be livid. I would be livid. And he's like, yeah, no, don't get on the commissioner.

I would say he's too exhausted from carrying everything for a year and a half to be publicly upset. By the way, I'm not saying I'm just saying things. I'm just saying to you that you are jaded about everybody except people you love. I'm saying when something goes viral, there's a reason.

Okay. I'm saying DK Metcalf had a 40 and a half inch vertical at the combine. You were there. And that was like 70. Let's take a break and bring on Harold Perrineau. Harold's like, what's going on out there?

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Call or just stop by as Harold Perrineau has done. And we just saw a fascinating clip from your show. What do you got?

What do you got? You know what, man? That's the first time I've seen it, like, out of context.

Yes. And I'm like, it's a ballerina, bro. What are you so scared of? It's just a ballerina. It's just a nice little girl in a ballet dress.

That only you can see in a creepy forest. I'm just saying, as I was just looking at it, it made me laugh. And I was like, you know, I'm from Brooklyn, like, what are you scared of, man?

Wait a minute. You've never seen a ballerina just come out of, you know, back in the day, I used to be that ballerina. So I remember walking through the projects up there like I left.

I went to the Alvin Ailey school the first couple of times. I just wouldn't like I put all my clothes back on, but then you like going to school all the time. And sometimes you're just tired and like you just get back and you got tights on and you walking through and dudes are like, you all right? And I'm like, yeah, yeah, I know I got tights, I know, I know they weren't scared.

What happened? So that's so it's kind of a childhood memory we just brought back right here. It's kind of a childhood memory. It made me laugh.

That was really funny. From Brooklyn, New York. From Brooklyn, New York.

Cypress Hills. So so so what what should folks know about From if they are just seeing that clip for the first time? What do you got for me? OK, so I got this for you. Look, From is it's a it's a horror show. And so and the heart isn't ballerinas. Of course.

So just everybody should know that. So From is about a bunch of folks who are trapped in a town. And when you when you come across this tree, a downed tree in the road, you are already stuck in the town.

So you there's no all roads lead back to the town. And then at night, you're being hunted by, you know, these monsters. Nobody really knows what the monsters are, but they look like the ballerina. Innocuous, really.

A milk man, a ballerina, a farmer. And and once they entice you, they they get into your home and they tear your guts out. Are you a horror movie guy? Do you? I am not. Neither am I. Me? Yeah, no, no. Not my first choice either. Yeah, yeah, no.

I am. The thing that I love about this show in particular is that like we have all of those elements. So if you're a horror fan, like you've got it all there. But really, it's a suspense thriller. Like it's about the characters. It's about the people. It's about like these folks who are trapped in a desperate situation and then like, now, how do you deal with it?

What are you doing? And what I thought was cool about it when we first started doing it, it was just like toward the tail end of the pandemic, when we were all trapped in our house, worried about a monster that was out there that we couldn't figure out and there was nowhere to go. Yeah, it's exactly what this that's what the show and then how people deal with that. Some people are like, look, live like it's the end of like it's your last day and other people like their rules, let's follow the rules and we'll get through this together. And those those dynamics play out in the show.

So horror, but it's really, really interesting character. How old are your kids again? So my oldest Aurora is twenty eight now.

OK. My younger two, Winters, 15, she just turned 15 and holiday is 10. OK. And the reason why I ask is Mike Hoskins, can you put the poster for from up on the screen here one more time, because I see this all over town. OK, so MGM, MGM Plus is really pumping this out. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. And I see this and I know you.

The first time I saw this is I'm like, is that Harold and then this creepy dude? What do your kids think of when they they must invariably see this billboard all over town? Yeah. So my my youngest doesn't like to see it. That's the she doesn't like it at all. Yeah.

It's it. And and my older middle one, my oldest, she loves horror. So for her, OK, it's great. And so she she likes going to see it.

And I mean, if you see that and you see the other clip, you might think I'm just afraid of white people, you might think, oh, this dude is scared of white people, I'm not, I'm not. But yeah, they they they my my kids love it. My older two love it. Right. I guess for them, for the youngest, then maybe this could be a gateway to Oz, you know, like when she checks out your past work every now and then trapped in a horrifying situation. That's one way to put it.

They can't get out of it. That's one way to put it. Harold Pernod here on the Rich Eisen Show. So how did you get started? You mentioned how you were a kid from Brooklyn who got went to Alvin Ailey. I knew. Yeah. I mean, so how did you get started?

What was your deal? Yeah, I was like I had an aunt who went to a Long Island University, you know, this L.I.U. Yeah. Yeah. L.I.U.

in Brooklyn. And then she was there and they had a program at the time that was like government funded when those things were still happening and they had a program for kids to do theater. And so she took me and all of my cousins en masse to go to this like theater program called Of By and For. And and for me, it stuck. Like I got there and I was like, oh, yeah, this is this is it.

This is I'm home. This is the thing I love to do. And and so I just kept going.

I did that. Then I went to I went to college, this little college in Virginia called Shenandoah Conservatory. I stayed there for a couple of years. I got a little nervous about being there because I was like I was a little worried about a musical theater degree. Anyway, then I got a scholarship at the Alvin Ailey School. So I did the second half of my college year back in New York.

I'd come back. There are a bunch of people in Virginia who say, where are you from? I'm like, New York. And they're like, wait, you're doing theater in Virginia and you're from New York? Well, that's off, off, off, way off.

That's way off Broadway. Yeah. Yeah.

And for me, what was really actually it was one of the best things to ever happen to me because we are from where I was from in Brooklyn. Yes. Broadway was about as far as Virginia.

Like it felt that far away. Do you know what I mean? And so it actually took me going to Virginia to kind of realize, you know, all the things that were in New York that I had hadn't really been paying attention to yet.

Yes. You know what I mean? And so it was actually a great a great segue for me to get back and get back. What was your first big break then? What was your big break? Man, I don't even know what we'd call a big break anymore, like, you know, like, I remember the first time I was on The Cosby Show or like I was like, I did every law and order that, you know, every iteration of law and order you can. What's the worst thing you did on Law and Order? The worst thing I did, I think the last time I was in Law and Order, like I was an old rapist who was in a wheelchair or something. Oh my God.

I know it's terrible. Is that what they put you in Oz for? No, no, I got the job. Because I had done Oz. Oh, is that right? Yeah. You were on Law and Order while you were doing Oz?

No, no, no, no. So it was the last time I was on Law and Order, but I've been on it a million times. So I would guess my first sort of big, big break was I did Romeo and Juliet, right?

Yes. We were talking about that before. Oh, were you? Yeah, with Baz Luhrmann. And and so that sort of helped when Tom Fontana was casting Oz, they were looking for somebody who was kind of wacky and crazy. And, you know, it was the first time there were any dramatic cable shows on on on television. It was HBO, wasn't even TV. And so we had the show that took place in a takes place in a prison. And all this terrible stuff happens and there's no break. And so they hired me kind of as the commercial break in between. So like I wound up being the narrator in the show because I had to break the action sometimes. And so because just terrible things happen in prison. I know. And then the show as well. I mean, you were your character, Harold Perrineau, here in the Rochester, one of the few rootable characters like on Oz, where we can root for you. Yeah.

Wanted you to succeed, wanted you to get out, wanted you to survive. And you see what happens. You still get shanked. Spoiler alert.

I know. Did you ever, when you were shooting Oz, just need a break, like take a minute from some of those scenes? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. One of the really fantastic things is we had a bunch of really amazing New York actors who are there and really committed to the craft of acting and mixed with a lot of people who weren't actors. We had actual gang members. We had these guys that were in the really early part of the UFC. They were our stunt guys who would do all the fighting and stuff like that.

Is that right? Yeah, yeah. There were a bunch of dudes. The Shamrocks came and they were, if you go back and look, you'll see Frank Shamrock and his brother. They were some of the early guys who were fighting in our thing. Our buddy Gerald, TJ, Gerald would come by and he would do some stunts and fight and stuff like that.

Chuck Zito. All these guys that aren't actors, but they were really, really willing to try crazy stuff. And so, but because we would try such crazy stuff, sometimes you just had to go and like, you know, let your brain, you know, calm down because it's just so much aggression.

Because it was on 10 o'clock at night on HBO, sometimes, Susie, you know who, you know, you know my wife. We would sometimes not watch it live. We'd have to watch it earlier in the night because we couldn't just watch it and go to sleep. We couldn't. We couldn't. We would just be so stunned by what we saw and never would want to, I don't know what, it just worked as a program to just make you think, make you pause, make you reviled, you know, and feel terrible about the human condition sometimes.

And so you couldn't just be like, okay, good night, just snap the light off. It was, it's really one of those things that really made you think about prison and reform and what we were actually doing in the country. Are we, you know, is it retribution?

Are we reforming people? Are we, you know, what's actually happening there? And you realize that we just haven't really answered that question with prison. And you think prison is like, oh, it's locked away and it doesn't have anything to do with the rest of society, but that's not true.

You know what I mean? People in prison still have contacts outside of prison and it just, and you start talking about who runs prisons and who goes to prison and it's just such a big, difficult thing to figure out. And that's what the show actually talks a lot about. It's not just like, it's not as easy as some people think.

You do something bad, you go to prison. So much more to think about. And so much, the acting, your fellow cast members, you and your fellow cast members Rita Moreno, Ernie Hudson, who we just saw as well. He's been on this program. Same thing with J.K. Simmons.

Everything about his character was not his kind of tempo, you know, I mean, Schillinger, oh my God. Terrible character. Yeah. And then there was you, you know, we were just. You're right. There's kind of the only, yeah.

Rootable one. And Rita Moreno, her character as well, rooting for her, you've been, you were in a ton of scenes with her. I mean, we're talking about a legend. I, you know, like I said, I'm a musical theater dude, so I remember meeting Rita Moreno.

She had the EGOT way before she did Oz, you know. I remember we had a closing night party and I walked into this club and I was pretty young and somebody goes, Harold! And I look over and it's Rita Moreno screaming my name in a club in New York.

You're like, wow, what? I was like, we're here and you must have watched The Electric Company as a kid, too. I watched The Electric Company, one of my favorite musicals ever was West Side Story. I mean, like all, I just, when she was dating Marlon Brando, like, I just love Rita Moreno. I just, I don't know what to say.

And so, yeah, Electric Company. Did you ask her about Marlon Brando? I did. I won't tell anybody.

I don't want to tell anybody. But you did? Yeah. Bitch. She called my name in a club.

They gave me, like, ask away, ask away. And you went there, huh? Not that night. It felt like we were friends.

Very good. And Harold Perrineau here on The Rich Eisen Show. When you were shooting Lost, did they have any idea where Season 2 or anything was going at all? Look, they were saying all the time that they did.

And it turns out maybe they didn't. But you know, they had a lot of ideas, but you know, it was really at the time they could be so wild and really at the end of the day, that's really what the fun of Lost was. They could just like write the wildest things and make it all work and be super, super creative. And so for me, I know lots of people like upset with the way it ended and things like that. But for me, it was always the journey. The journey was always like, this is the thing that's fun.

Now, people keep comparing our show from to Lost because we have, you know, myself, Jack Bender, who's the director, who was in Lost, Jeff Pinkner. But these guys actually do have an ending. I don't know what the ending is. I purposefully don't know what the ending is.

Yeah, I don't want to play anything before, you know, I should. So I don't know what it is, but I do know that there's a giant place that they're trying to get to and they really know this is how this ends. So sitting here in season two, no, they know how it ends whenever, whenever they knew it when they started.

OK. They knew that they were going from here to here. They keep phrasing it like, look, you're taking a trip from L.A. to New York. We're going to get to New York. That's where we're going. We might take a detour in Arizona.

We might take a, you know, a little turnaround in Mississippi. But we're going here. Sure. So they know where it's so we do know where it's going. So fans get a little scared because they think a loss kind of left them out. Right.

Well, I just saw you with a hatch and a ballerina. It's scary. It's kind of that's the only thing missing was the smoke monster. Exactly right. Exactly right. Harold Pernod here on the Rich Eisen Show. So last one for you here, Harold, is, you know, your your bona fides in terms of musical theater and performances have been established. If I'm not mistaken, you have had placed in front of you on your phone a certain musical performance by one of the members of this program that occurred in New York City recently. And that would be T.J. Yeah.

OK. Yeah. And this was his karaoke and his karaoke in New York City. Gerald sent you a clip. The clip is him singing.

Thank you for being my friend or whatever. The Golden Girls and remixing it. He was he was singing that and he threw in some biggie. I had to do it. Just like it. Who's that? Houdini. Houdini. Just like Estelle Getty would have.

Exactly right. I told you the song was longer than I anticipated. So I had to throw some other stuff in there just to keep the crowd moving.

Yeah. How would you rate it? How would you rate it? Look, I thought it was amazing.

I thought it was brilliant. Look, look, look. Singing wise, my man. But the creativity. It's the performance, Harold. It's the performance. You had the crowd rockin'.

How can I move the crowd, right? That's exactly what he did. If you can sing, you shouldn't be doing karaoke. That's true. You should not be doing it.

If only if only the rest of the human race had that sensibility, we'd all be better off for it. But I put it on the show, Rich, is what I did. You know that's what T.J. does, is put on a show, sometimes to his own detriment, because he... Oh, boy. I don't know where we're gonna go there. Oh, boy. I don't have time for this.

Excuse me. I don't know if you're aware, because you're a busy man, T.J. was on The Price is Right. What? Oh, yes. T.J.? Yeah. How did I know that about you? T.J. was on The Price. I don't know.

I keep things to the rest. Where's your price tag? Where is that?

Did it fall off somewhere already on it? It's over here somewhere. Okay. For real. Oh, for real. I love it. For real.

T.J. got up there. I love it. I did. And I think, try to be too entertaining to focus on the pricing game, wound up with a ping-pong table.

You don't want to give me credit. I made it the whole way to the showcase showdown. You did? You did? What did you walk away with? Ping-pong table.

Ping-pong table. Everyone laughed, it was fun, Harold. You were entertaining, my friend. That's what I did. That's what you do. I love it.

Good job, T.J. I love it here, man. This is it, this whole show is entertaining. Thank you, sir.

You guys, this is fun. There it is. That is the... That's it. That's it. Does that say it all? Does that say it all? And of course, we have now had our fun for two plus years. We just removed trips, motorcycles, and put anything we want under the word over for him just like that. It's respectful, Harold.

It's like the greatest meme ever. You guys got to send me that for my phone as well. Yes. I need... Send that to Gerald. Thanks.

I need to send exactly to send it to Gerald. Hey, Harold, real quick. One of your earliest things you did was one of my favorite movies, The King of New York. Oh, yeah. So that means you got to work in a scene, one of the best scenes in the movie, where you try to rob Christopher Walken. Yeah, man. It doesn't go the way you thought it would, but you still walked away with some cash. Exactly.

And a new job. Everyone's got a Christopher Walken story. So tell us, Harold, do you have one of these? Frank White.

Look at that. He's an editor. So do you have a good Christopher Walken story? My only great Christopher Walken story is just like... It's not even a great story, and I don't do a good Christopher Walken story, so I won't do any of that. My character is one of the first jobs I had. His name was Thug Leader Number One. Big role, you guys.

Relax. And so because I had that character name and I knew it was going to be quick, I just thought he was not going to be interested in doing the scene with me. But he was so there and focused and interested. Like I was like, oh, oh, OK, I got to, OK, I'm actually going to get to work with Christopher Walken, and I really did. That was one of my first jobs, and he really was there to do the work. He actually influenced the way that I work all the time, because I've been on sets where guys, they're goofing off, they're not paying attention or whatever. But Walken, straight professionals, so generous, so courteous, and so like, let's get it done.

That's my great Walken story. OK, so there you go. So he calls you to respect future Thug Leader Number One. What's your character name, kid? You know, it doesn't matter where you are on the call shoot.

It doesn't matter at all. No, Thug Leader Number Two, you can do that. At Harold Perrineau on Instagram. Everyone check out new episodes of From Sundays at 9 p.m. Eastern Time on MGM Plus, currently in season two.

And you can catch it right here on Roku anytime. It's been too long. Hey, Rich, it's been too long.

Great to see you. Have you got it back here to wrap up the show in a moment. For decades, Rolling Stone has set the bar for entertainment publications today, Rolling Stone music now takes over in podcast form, songwriter and producer Jamie Hartman reacts to the Ed Sheeran verdict. You need to create something new.

And of course, you're going to use traditional parts to get there. Are you going to sue the Rolling Stones for making a samba out of sympathy for the devil? You can sue Elvis Presley for writing Bart Zunova.

It's like saying you're not allowed to use a pencil to create a piece of art. Rolling Stone music now, wherever you listen. There you are, you're clapping. Oh, he's sweating. Wait a minute. So he made it out of contestants' row? Yes. He made it out of contestants' row.

Yes, he made it out of contestants' row, a car, a car, yes, T.J. can win a car, let's go. All right, Master Key is the game. Master Key is the game. This is going to take a while. OK, here we go. Oh, popcorn machine. Oh, I'll take that if you want that, T.J. By the way, you've got to bring in this popcorn machine if you want it.

I want this popcorn. Oh, $741. $41. $41. It's not $71.

$41. That's one key. That's one key. Grab the key. Take the middle key. Take the middle key. There's five keys.

Yes. The T.J. takes the middle key. No, he's not looking. He takes the second to the right key. I didn't look.

I didn't look. Here's another key. Here's a basket. $584. That's a $58 basket. It's not an $84 basket.

No way. What's in it? Oh, you've got to get what's in it, too. Oh, it's an $84 basket. It's an $84 basket. $84 basket. $84 basket. $84 basket. $84 basket. $84 basket. $84 basket. $84 basket. That's an $84 basket.

Here's where I messed up. I listened to the people. That's an $84 basket.

I listened to the people. Come on, T.J. $84. No.

It's $58. No. Oh, no. T.J. Oh, he only has one key. We need to find a friend. Oh, my gosh.

Come on, T.J. It's an $84 key. Uh-oh. Master G. Does it unlock the...

Does it unlock? Does it? Okay. It does not... Coffee maker. No coffee maker. No coffee maker. No coffee maker.

No coffee maker. Okay. Okay.

He's gonna unlock the electric bike. No, no, no, no, no. Okay. All right. All right. Does it unlock the car?

Oh, my gosh. Does it unlock the car? Let's go. Does it unlock the car? Does it unlock the car? Does it unlock the car? He's turning the key!

No! Oh, T.J. Oh, it's still in the British government. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show, we just showed the Price is Right appearance.

You know what's funny about that? It's on my DVR. To this day, I have not watched that episode. By the way, I have it on my DVR, too. I've never watched it.

In the same way I'll never watch that episode of Succession again, it was too tough to watch. Why don't you watch that? All right. Let's do it. Hit it. Hit it. With a little Watch More Likely out the door. What? What's more likely?

Never say never, but never. All right, Christopher. What do you got?

What do you got? First up, hey, did you see he was on the cover of Madden? Yeah. It's Josh Allen. You know who led the NFL in interceptions last year? It's Josh Allen. More likely that Josh Allen wins the MVP or repeats as interceptions leader.

He's more likely to be the MVP. I'm telling you, the mistakes of him trying to do too much in the red zone, the Bills know it. They identified it. Allen knows it.

He has identified it himself. I think he will be better at it just because he is better at everything. Every year, he's come back to the Bills, which is every year. And Dalton Kincaid and that running game that they have gotten a battering ram and Latavious Murray and they have gotten a battering ram and Damian Harris. He's more likely to be the MVP than to repeat his interception champion.

What else you got over there? Let's stick with the AFC quarterbacks. What are the division in the AFC to have two Pro Bowl quarterbacks, the North or the West?

Great one, Chris. Because you know Burrow and Mahomes are in, so is it Lamar or Herbert? Or is it Kenny Pickett or Russell Wilson? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah. I'll go West. I'll go West.

I'll go West, young man. Deshaun Watson. Yeah. Or Brady, as you point out for the Raiders, right? Yeah. Yeah. I'll go West.

He's still not retired. I'll go West. I'm beginning to coalesce around the Chargers as having a better year. Coalesce. I'm beginning to coalesce. Stiffing around that? I'm beginning to coalesce.

Terrible album name. What else you got? Hey, the last couple of years, you know who's had a really good offense? The Dallas Cowboys. They're averaging 29 points per game.

That's Kellen Moore going to the Chargers. The last couple of years. Right? Yeah.

Yeah. Here comes Brian Schottenheimer, son of Marty. And guess what?

They booed him. Now it's Mike McCarthy calling the plays. So what's more likely? The Cowboys' offense averages more or less than 29 with McCarthy at the helm. Less. Less. He's going to run it more. And if Pollard is not going to be the home run hitter from running it, I think it'll be less. I think it'll be less.

And then Dalvin Cook will be the guy. Well, no. Then it'll be more.

Yeah. I'll go West. I'll go West. I'll go West. I'll go West just for you know what's in giggles. I'm going to go more.

We're averaging like 40 a game this year. There you go. He's chiming in. He didn't chime in on the other two, did he?

I had nothing to say. Didn't care, did he? Pollard! Speaking of Dalvin Cook. That's good. By the way, you caught me on that one. I didn't see that punch coming.

Actually, listening. Speaking of Dalvin Cook, he's available. Did you guys hear that? Who's more likely to be on a playoff team this year?

DeAndre Hopkins or Dalvin Cook? Ooh. Good one. Good one. Good one. Good one. Good one. Good one.

I'll go on. I mean, they're not on their teams yet, so what am I basing it on? You're guessing? This is like, honestly, like we're playing war.

We have no idea what cards are coming out of the deck. We know the teams that are interested. No, we don't. Yes, we do.

All right. I'll go Dalvin Cook. You literally just did a top five about it, and we know what teams are interested in Dehop. I will go Dalvin Cook out of all due respect. Dehop, we know he's definitely visiting Tennessee. That's the only team name we know, and I don't know if Tennessee's going to be a playoff team compared to who Dalvin Cook is going to be associated with. I'll go Dalvin Cook. Look, Dehop is rumored Buffalo, Kansas City. Great.

Same thing with, I'm sure neither of those teams will be interested in the right price for Dalvin Cook. What else? All right.

All right. Some wide receivers are coming back from injury this year. They look pretty good so far, OTAs. Who's more likely to be back to their old form, Cooper Cupp or Mike T? Can't count Mike. I'll go Cooper Cupp, man. Mike T, it's been two years.

Cupp is... Come on, man. And Derek Carr is new there. Matthew Stapp, stop it. Move on. Honestly, they should remove your season tickets.

They should strip you of your season tickets. You don't even know whose house it is. Come on, Chris. Whose house? Visitor's house. Chris, whose house? Say it.

Say it for Brock. Whose house? Ben Franklin's house. Ben Franklin's house?

How tough is it? Ben Franklin's house. Ben Franklin's house. Ben Franklin's house. I didn't want to talk over you guys. House plus.

Big Face 20's house. What else? I mean, I'm like the piff, whatever the cost is. Mike, you can switch music. More like going to be NBA Finals MVP, Joker, Murray, or anybody else. Oh, come on. Oh, I'll go Joker. That's pretty much it. Come on. Yeah. I'll go Joker.

I like what Murray's doing. I'll go Joker. All right. Last NBA Finals won. Nuggets win in five or any other result. Well, I said Nuggets in six, so I'll go any other result. You're sticking with six? Yeah.

I think the Heat take game four maybe, and then the Nuggets take the next two. No chance to eat. Thanks for playing. Is that what you were saying? Pretty much. I'm saying Nuggets in five. Thanks for playing, everybody.

Much appreciated. My family on a vacation. Conspiracy theories, paranormal, UFOs. Science teacher Andrew Greenwood stated that a child ran into his classroom and was hysterically screaming and talking about the flying saucer outside. Hundreds of children ran out of their classrooms to go outside and see this unidentified flying object that was just above the school. Just imagine a bunch of kids running out of school.

Most of them probably just ran home. Police of the third kind on YouTube or wherever you listen.
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