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REShow: David Faber - Hour 1 (6-7-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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June 7, 2023 3:10 pm

REShow: David Faber - Hour 1 (6-7-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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June 7, 2023 3:10 pm

Rich weighs in on the resounding impact of the stunning PGA Tour-LIV Golf merger and the blatant hypocrisy shown by Tour commissioner Jay Monahan after months of railing against the Saudi-backed upstart.

CNBC’s ‘Squawk on the Street’ host David Faber tells Rich how soon the PGA Tour-LIV Golf merger could take place, how many billions the deal could be worth, and who will control the new entity once all the dotted lines have been signed.

Rich and the guys preview Game 3 of the Heat vs Nuggets.

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What happened today, Alan?

Absolute thunderbolt. This is The Rich Eisen Show. The Live Tour just merged with the PGA Tour. It stinks. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Are we serious? The Live Tour and the PGA Tour are merging.

How in the hell does that work? Today's guests CNBC journalist David Farber, pro football hall of famer Terrell Davis, actor Patty Considine, host of NBC's America's Got Talent, Terry Crews. And now, it's Rich Eisen.

Yes, indeed. Welcome to this edition of The Rich Eisen Show. Live from the Los Angeles studios of our program on the Roku channel. This terrestrial radio affiliate smart enough to have us also. We say hello to Sirius XM and Odyssey audiences around the world. We say hello to anybody who's listening to us later on on demand as is your right through our Cumulus Podcast Network. You can get all three hours in podcast form. You can also check us out every single day as soon as we're over on the Roku channel. We re-air throughout the day. All Roku devices have us for free because the Roku channel's on it. Select Samsung Smart TVs, Amazon Fire TVs.

The Roku app has the Roku channel on it, the 844-204-rich is the number to dial. Good to see you over there Christopher Brockman. How are you on this Wednesday?

Rich, what's happening my man? Good to see you, DJ Mikey D's and D's Nuts. How are you, sir? Good, good, good.

I gotta be honest with you. I did not introduce you as DJ Mikey D's and D's Nuts with Reggie Jackson sitting here yesterday. Because as you know, Doze Nuts are in the Reggie bar. In the Reggie bar, exactly. TJ Jefferson, how are you over there, sir?

What's going on, man? I'm good, Rich. Let's say RIP to the legendary Iron Sheik. Yeah, how about that? That happened just before the show aired. Hey, Bubba, respect to the Sheik.

And I think those are the only things we can say that's repeatable. Game three of the NBA Finals tonight. I almost forgot about that with everything that happened yesterday. They're taking two days off in between games, three days off.

I freaked out yesterday about like 6.30. I was like, oh, I missed a game. And I was like, oh, wait, everything that happened yesterday in the world of sports.

Oh, yeah, there's still basketball. Game threes tonight. And, you know, the Nuggets with a terrific game one trying to take one on the road or maybe both to try and wrap things up in five games. Or this will be a split or maybe just maybe the Miami Heat will continue to shock the world and play in game three, a game like game two.

And if they do that, their game will be good enough to sell to the Saudis. So you got that. What's wrong with you? Well, that's not the way it goes. And wow.

Look. Hey, man, day after. Here we are. The merger between the live tour and the PGA Tour that may not really be a merger. It might be killing off the live tour. See you later.

Gone. And then PGA Tour will just keep going on with just a new power structure that's owned by Saudi Arabia. Or we'll see the live tour on the PGA Tour and there'll be some sort of mishmash. But that won't be until next year because both tours are going to continue on as if this whole merger thing didn't happen.

Until the end of the 2023 season. And the question, I think that that that. Comes out of yesterday, a day later, it's a simple one.

How much? How much do we love golf? That'll be tested. How much we love golf, how much we love watching golf, how much we love the players who play golf. How much can we just not focus on the business arrangement that was made yesterday?

That stinks. How much hypocrisy can we swallow as sports fans? Then, of course, the ultimate question is how much money did Saudi Arabia and the PIF, the Public Investment Fund, put on the table? How much do I want to know the answer to that question to?

Big time. How much? We know it starts with a B. It's what multiple? Two, four. How many of the illians?

Yeah, how many? Let's take it one at a time here. How much do we love golf?

How much hypocrisy can we take? Because Jay Monahan, the commissioner of the PGA Tour, now the CEO of the new business side of things atop a board that the PGA Tour will have a majority of seats on. And so that's all well and good, right?

So it doesn't matter who is the owning entity. If the board has more seats on it from the PGA Tour, the live folks, Saudis, the PIF won't be able to just push people around, I think, or things will always go the PGA Tour's way. Just ask the Roy family how that worked out. So how much can we swallow from Jay Monahan, who had spent the last year plus talking about the composition of the live tour and who owns it and using the whole, using is the only word that could be used right now, based on the heel turn that occurred on Tuesday. 9-11 and the families of those who perished in 9-11 to say to the live tour players who took the money from the Saudis, how many times have you ever had to apologize for playing on the PGA Tour? 9-11 families are appropriately livid. Reading from a statement from 9-11 families united chair Terry Strada saying that Monahan talked last summer about apologizing for playing on the live tour and now players never had to apologize for being a member of the PGA Tour. Quote, they do now as does he. They should be ashamed of their hypocrisy and greed is what the families said. Jay Monahan, you're up.

He held a press conference at the Canadian Open on Tuesday. What about the hypocrisy, Jay? I recognize everything that I've said in the past and in my prior positions. I recognize that people are going to call me a hypocrite and anytime I've said anything, I said it with the information I had at that moment and I said it based on someone that's trying to compete for the PGA Tour and our players and so I accept those criticisms but circumstances do change and I think that, you know, in looking at the big picture and looking at it this way, that's what got us to this point. Oh my goodness gracious.

Word salad on the menu in the Canadian Open press area. At least Bryson DeChambeau actually spoke yesterday. I didn't see how many live tour players spoke yesterday but he appeared on CNN with Kaitlin Collins. Yeah, just a lot of tweets from guys yesterday. That's all I saw.

He spoke and, you know, his game is like artificial intelligence so it stands to reason that on this very subject about 9-11 and the Saudis, he would sound like a human GPT chat responder. Roll it. Well, I think we'll never be able to repay the families back for what exactly happened just over 20 years ago and what happened is definitely horrible and I think as time has gone on, 20 years has passed and we're in a place now where it's time to start trying to work together to make things better together as a whole. I have deep sympathy. I don't know exactly what they're feeling. I can't ever know what they feel but I have a huge amount of respect for their position and what they believe.

Nor do I ever want anything like that to ever occur again. I think as we move forward from that, we've got to look towards the pathway to peace, especially in forgiveness, especially if we're trying to mend the world and make it a better place. I think this is what they're trying to accomplish, Liv is trying to accomplish, the PIF is trying to accomplish, we're all trying to accomplish is a better world for everybody and a way to provide great entertainment for everybody around the world. At least he's speaking, right? I'll give him credit for that but you know. Those were words. He's talking like there needs to be a ceasefire from the media towards him and everybody else in this bag of poop that got put on the table yesterday.

How much, I want an answer, how much can we take as well? Rory McIlroy taking a high road. You know if I didn't take a half billion dollars in a venture and you know the commissioner of the venture was definitely using me and my name and good faith and reputation and credit as the standard bearer for the goodness of the PGA Tour against the badness of the Liv Tour and then that guy turns around and makes a monster business deal which is what's changed. You heard like there's things that have changed on the ground.

It's the change that was put on the table. I would have sounded a hell of a lot angrier than Rory McIlroy did at the Canadian Open when he was asked this question. Do you still have confidence in Jay Monahan as commissioner of the PGA? I do and look I've dealt with Jay a lot closer than a lot of those guys have and from where we were a couple of weeks ago to where we are today I think the future of the PGA Tour looks brighter as a whole as an entity. You know what that looks like for individual players in terms of keeping a tour card and you know bringing players back into the fold and then that you know sacrifices other people that's where the anger comes from right and I understand that and like I there still has to be consequences to actions you know the people that left the PGA Tour irreparably harmed this tour started litigation against it like we can't just welcome them back in like that's not going to happen and I think that was the one thing that Jay was trying to get across yesterday is like guys we're not just going to bring these guys back in and pretend like nothing's happened like that is not going to happen. Well I'd love to see how that does happen because I'll tell you what the how much has an answer that Monahan knows and if the ones who put the much on the table want the live players back in their new entity that they own guess what's going to happen and if Monahan stands in the way and there is a power structure led by the moneyed interests of people who want the live tour players back in the game the live tour players will be back in the game and anybody who stands in that way will be out of it. That's my read sitting here based on everything that has gone on that I can understand in the last 24 hours is that the money is talking and yeah the PGA Tour may be better for it the as Alan Shipnuck came on yesterday said he's kind of dug the team aspect of it watching live tour perhaps more than anybody I know who's watched the live tour he digs it he likes it you know he said that it was tedious 72 whole tournaments over and over and over again on the PGA Tour and that maybe people might be more interested and sure that's as a watchable product for the fans I've been a long time for aces fan rich I know that Chris you go way back way back you go way back back well you're a big CW fan too true because you get it here on Roku you know but what's next they bought this tour folks what's next to buy a major the Ryder Cup seriously because if you've got a business entity that you own what helps is adding more to the portfolio and controlling more and making sure that your partners pay a premium for premium events and if you're thinking that's never going to happen the PGA Tour has just changed its business model completely with a board and everything and the people who can control who invest in it are currently the exclusive investors in it what does that sell I mean seriously okay yeah we're gonna get the Aramco open and that's again how much it's like how much do you care as a fan how much do you care as somebody who cares about things other than sports the human rights of the world and and and I'm sorry and and I sit here fully knowing I used Uber yesterday who's the investor in over you know what I mean like oh we all have Apple phones seriously everybody needs to see the movie network from way back in the day I know I'm dating myself it's in 1976 Patty Chayefsky wrote the script in it foreshadowed everything in our media world as well as the real world that there are no more countries they're just corporations that was in the mid 70s this corporation happens to be a country that owns professional golf yeah and part of Formula One and that's it and how so how much do you care how much should we care how much will we care when say you know the new tour rolls around it's like I kind of like watching this stuff like we'll go higher register because it's gonna be like three four years ago when all the best players played against each other and all the big events and and would it be would it be better I guess if Bryson DeChambeau just said hey if somebody offers you 10x more for doing the thing you love would you take it regardless of who's giving it to you and I you know I I thought it was terrible what happened on 9-11 but I'm I'm a golfer right and I do what I do for a living and this is the way I do it not talking about making a world a better place through you know your albatross you know man my putter oh man my 350 yarder is really gonna bring people together you know like 9-11 is something let me just tell you this speaking is an American and a New Yorker hashtag too soon okay that's what I'm saying how much so somebody who may know the answer that question or give us an idea is the individual who broke the story on CNBC David Faber will be joining this program for the first time and and he's dynamite on CNBC very curious and he will be joining us on this program we also have to help us preview game three of the NBA Finals a man who got an earful in game two and I'm not talking about any of the officials I'm talking about the harried Pro Football Hall of Famer Terrell Davis poor TD who had two Florida women yelling at him he's had nightmares the last couple he'll join us top of our number two and then in our number three Terry Crews will be here from America's Got Talent and then an hour to we you know his Royal Highness from House of the Dragons House of the Dragon pardon me which I love watching now on max Patty Considine who plays King Viserys Targaryen will be here of it eight four four two oh four rich never to dial for anybody to chime in on the subject matter David Faber we're gonna squawk on this street when we come back right here on the Rich Eisen show men do you get distracted during the day thinking about your underarm sweating itching or emitting an odor do those thoughts keep you from showing care when it counts new and improved dove men plus care antiperspirant with 72 hours sweat and odor protection and one-quarter moisturizing cream helps you forget about your underarm so you can be present for the moments that matter don't let underarm insecurities keep you at arm's distance from the ones you care about by new and improved of men plus care antiperspirant wherever personal care products are sold get an inside look at Hollywood with Michael Rosenbaum actress Kristin Ritter your parents let you travel by yourself it was a different time they just put you on a train as a 15 year old girl you went to New York I went on a bus and I did get picked up at Port Authority they thought I was a runaway what would they do they detain you and like get people on the phone and then they finally let you go to your modeling job how many times did it happen once or twice it just seems like it wouldn't happen it happens yeah inside of you with Michael Rosenbaum wherever you listen back here on the rich eyes and show so Jay Monahan is currently talking on the golf channel by the way our radio audience is returning in about 90 seconds and that's when we'll bring in David Faber of CNBC who broke the story boy Jay Monahan's had a heck of a again I mean he knew this was coming up obviously so what's he saying on the golf channel what's he saying he's talking about tea times so he's talking about oh he's asked he was asked a new starter is there a 9-11 he understands the criticism you know around the hypocrisy that how much and his actions and the commentary of the last couple of years sir did add that he was asked about Rory and Tiger staying obviously they were they were offered large lump sums of cash yes their loyalty will be rewarded go unquote what does that mean I don't know they're just gonna park Brinks trucks in their driveway I don't know maybe a little they'll bring him the cup of chicken salad around the turn for lunch extra fireball shots or gear yeah well ship Nuck said that they're gonna give him franchises for the teams I don't know sir I do not know Rory just looks tired seeing that clip of him he just looks exhausted from all this I can't imagine what the last year of his life has been like now if he's gonna be exhausted I hope he's got a parking pass for the US Open here in Los Angeles cuz that is gonna be a hell of a spot to get into la country clubs like Foxboro there's one way in and one way out that's it you better show up early traffic and weather together here in Los Angeles California on the rich eyes and show terrible intersection anyway Wilshire and Santa Monica oh that's great the old Trader Vic's yes good place to get a happily added the Waldorf there so there's two giant hotel that'll be great on top of a within walking distance to watch the bumper to bumper traffic say rich eyes and show radio network back on the air I'm sitting at the rich eyes and show desk furnished by Granger with supplies and solutions for every industry Granger is the right product for you call click Granger calm or just stop by pleased to have here on the rich eyes and show is a man at the center of breaking this story on CNBC yesterday one of the anchors of CNBC of note for sure David Faber here on the rich eyes and show how you doing David I'm doing all right I'm doing all right thanks for having I appreciate you coming on sir so let's just jump into this what's the timeline on on this merger from your from your knowledge the time that's a really good question because I think some people may not have picked up on sort of some of the technicalities which is this is a memorandum of understanding it means hey we've got together we sort of have a framework for a deal but we don't have a definitive agreement we haven't signed anything so to speak and so they're going to try to get to that pretty quickly yesterday Yasser Alramani the the governor of the PIF the money behind obviously the live golf tour and the money behind what will be this new entity said weeks weeks to me sounds a little little quick I think some of his advisors in fact when they heard that during our interview probably said what but that is at least what they're aiming for you could imagine of course given all the different constituencies here you want to get something signed as quickly as you can so the memorandum of understanding aside are you saying they're still moving parts that might cause this to not go through whether it's the hue and cry from fans or as I'm reading right now David Capitol Hill many United States senators are saying they're going to quote unquote look into this what do you think there's always risk I mean listen there's risk to when you even announce a definitive agreement for example from antitrust review which could go to what you're kind of talking about even though senators don't technically have anything to do with that that's the Department of Justice or the FTC but there could be an antitrust review here that becomes problematic so there's that but there's also just risk yeah in terms of getting it all done right they've got to figure out a valuation here for both these entities live golf and the PGA the PGA the not-for-profit or at least it has been so I don't know two billion in revenues is what I've kind of heard but no profit and then you got live golf where it's probably taken in two billion dollars in capital but doesn't make any money coming up with a valuation that everybody's going to agree with on both of those entities so you can figure out then what the PIF has to put in its capital that may not be that easy and then all these other constituencies that are going to keep you know keep criticizing aspects of the deal as well so you never know David Faber of CNBC here on the Rich Eisen show was it weird for you to be sitting with two guys who would never have been caught in the same room with each other on planet earth over the last year sitting there and now it's all of a sudden kumbaya I know you've you've been in the middle of interviews where money is talked but what about yesterday yeah it was a little weird listen I'm not as much of a golf aficionado as plenty of my friends are who I think would have been sort of stunned by the whole idea of it for me it was a deal two guys you know two people who were behind a forming a transaction the way so many others have and obviously I've done so many of these kind of interviews where now in this case you don't have a buyer and a seller per se so it makes it a little more complex and as you said yesterday it's got a lot of ramifications far beyond the business world but for me it wasn't as strange I think as it might have been for others seeing these two guys who you know at one point certainly were not friends in any way but over a course of months seemed to have forged at least some sort of some sort of weird partnership so the way you just described it David here's what I'm confused about and you know do you the phrase that I like to say here is because I did much better on the verbal than the math part of my SAT back in the day David explain it to me like I'm five when you say that they have to figure out a valuation of each side before the PIF the public investment fund the Saudis decide to come up with a figure that they're putting on the table are you telling me Jay Monahan made a deal without knowing what that figure might be because to me that figure must be so damn astronomical Jay Monahan could not have refused this there's definitely a range that has been discussed no doubt okay or a number that has and by the way remember part of this is not just the initial capital that will come to sort of even out in some way the ownership but it's the it's the capital that's going to come in years to come to help fuel these growth initiatives that he's been talking a lot about and that he's sort of been pressing as the reason why he feels like he had to do this deal or or reversed himself completely and so it's not just the initial money but yeah I think your instincts are probably are right there's no doubt you you've got some idea they're not telling me they're just saying billions I would expect that they have a better idea of how many billions but the actual valuation work has has yet to really begun to begin so you know there is still some a lot of unanswered questions when it comes to the economics can you give me a guess of the neighborhood what neighborhood are we in with that number David I don't know I mean I would actually go to you and say you know what's the value of a worldwide golf entity that that well I mean it depends on how how important it was for these lawsuits to be dropped David I mean if you really want to put a brass tack on a table yeah so so what 10 billion 20 billion I mean I don't know right it could be I mean what do you compare it to is it similar to f1 is it you know again what's a what's a comparable is what we would typically ask in world and in the M&A world what is something else out there what is it worth I don't know I'll you know you're the expert on this stuff no I'm not an expert on you know putting a valuation on things at all but on the value of sports leagues and on you know what what one thing might be worth versus another a global sort of entity of this type it's kind of unlike anything but it's similar to some but that number I gave you is not outrageous in your estimation I don't think it is street you know it's not outrageous now again it gets back to alright but what you know you're contributing live golf what's that worth and then what is the PGA's current value those are gonna be all of it's gonna be kind of difficult but not impossible bankers are very creative people so give me the so what is the power structure here there's a board now and Jay Monahan is the CEO of it and from what I can read and understand the PGA Tour will have the majority of seats on this board how many people are on it what can you tell me about this you got it all right I mean they're and they're gonna keep stressing this that they have what we call governance they're in charge they're they have the majority of the seats on the board so did Kendall Roy so did Kendall Roy David right I'm not mistaken right until he didn't yeah but you know Kendall wasn't a serious person that's it I'm sorry I didn't mean to interrupt you but keep going no okay it's a great show I'm gonna miss it yeah they will have control of the board they say and they will also be the CEO so the executive in charge right that said PIS Yasser Armani is going to be the chairman of this thing that that comes with some influence no doubt but you know they're going to talk about the structure of it and the new company sort of sitting above everything else and that Jay will have be the CEO of that right so there's a new Co and then within it is PGA and live and everything else and so that's where the power is going to lie they will say even though the economics frankly may be that the Saudis actually owned the majority of it or all of it right I mean if you're the again you're you're you work for CNBC you said I'm the expert on on the sports I guess valuation part of it you're the business expert in this conversation David Faber of CNBC if I told you forget about live and PGA if I told you there is an entity that says they are the exclusive investor in something and also can have full and complete authority over who else invests would you not call that entity the owner of the entity correct I would yes now and I tried yesterday although not hard enough I didn't push the point you're saying it here it makes me think I should have pushed this harder in the interview but yes you're absolutely right okay so we'll only belt but again the answer is yeah but we don't have governance so that does happen sometimes but money talks doesn't it and so it's it may not be said but it doesn't need to be okay and then do I guess last one on the power structure of this and then we'll just talk about the future of it best you can tell David Faber of CNBC here can the PIF fire Jay Monahan I mean can they just go in and say you know what you're not doing what we wanted you to do so once the papers are signed you're out and you know Tom Wamsgans is in you know what I mean like seriously is that is that possible Tom Wamsgans is gonna take the CNN job maybe so maybe so way I love that we're mixing headlines here but in all seriousness can convey can can the PIF can even maybe his Royal Highness come in and tell Jay you're out no I mean they only have one vote as far as I'm aware they would only have the vote of those directors they control right they don't control the board so no the answer would be you would need a vote of the board in majority to say you're done and right now that board is controlled by members of the PGA no no the answer would be at least on paper that's not the case okay so what do you think there's a timeline from here you said there's a valuation period that has to happen and then through that valuation we will get an idea of the neighborhood of the billions that the PIF put on the table to make this happen like what do you got for me here yes I mean I think you know from my perspective as a somebody who still reports on deals I'll be trying to figure out okay what are these things being valued at and what's the actual capital commitment from the PIF going to be so that's what we should know perhaps as soon as weeks if they can follow the timeline that that all Romani indicated yesterday but certainly within a period of time and they you know they don't want to let time go by so that then you'll get a definitive agreement so we'll see it or at least we'll see some of it it's private it doesn't they don't have to tell us everything but right but they'll certainly share some things and we may be able to find them out anyway because they'll be bankers and lawyers around it and we'll know more than and then you then you start this period of getting approvals including potentially antitrust approval and then you close and it's done and then they you know do all the things they said they're gonna do I guess over time and then what about the nonprofit part of this can you help me figure out how that works so where the PGA Tour if they hear this interview or hear an opinion similar to what I've been saying now for 24 hours is that they sold golf to another nation that they could say you're wrong you're we're still in charge and we're still this is going to be better for everything what what do you think on that well I you know they are for profit and they're dropping all of their commercial enterprises and everything that basically earns money revenue generates revenue more or less into this new entity right so they're still maintaining that 501c6 I guess yes and that'll be funded somehow they'll have to I would assume come to some sort of arrangement in terms of how that gets funded or what percentage goes towards that to fund the not-for-profit things that it does but that's the extent of it as far as I'm aware I mean it's it's a for-profit entity that the PGA will control so to speak well because they have more board seats than anybody else on the board control from what we say governance right but from economics right from the economic point of view yeah from the point of view of who is putting the money in to invest and essentially I imagine to reap and and then decide who else can come in to invest that is the Saudi Arabian government public investment fund that's it right correct okay as I understand it that is the case okay so if I sit here and say Saudi Arabia just bought the PGA tour am I right I mean they'll dispute it because they'll say oh no you know we didn't and it's an entity and that the entities here and we're only a part of it but I think you're fine to say that okay David Faber I greatly appreciate it congrats on on the scoop you really knocked the world on its ass there's just no other way to put it we were just sitting there we my jaw is still hitting the floor a day later but this is a huge story and uh congrats on on breaking it I appreciate it thanks for having me anytime thank you that's all right you got it that's David Faber giving you the squawk on the street right here in the Rich Eisen show that's well done branding there rich okay wow what I tell you what I say yeah you did say that I also think it's it's fair to point out that we know one percent of the information oh sure so I'm just kind of you know as things trickle out and get hammered out and this is a framework deal nothing is set in stone but yeah if Jay Monahan says Jay Monahan says hey Rory will be what do you say about Rory and Tiger today they will be they will be rewarded for their for their loyalty yeah but what does that mean I build a Scrooge McDuck hut I don't know basically basically Rory and Tiger take a nap when you wake up if there's a million dollars in the case you'll know you have a partner if not you'll know you don't let's get them all let's hit them all now while we got them and I appreciate good movie right church wrong pew I know we don't have the Hyman Roth fight I know Frank Pantangeli same movie different line but I appreciate you getting it but honestly like it's it's money in a case and the question is though is how much and as David Faber just said we won't know until they go through the process of coming up with a valuation but that had to be part of this conversation and one would think part of this conversation would have to be some of these players who didn't take the money unless Jay Monahan is totally blind siding every single one of them but if I'm him I'm reading Rory into the situation which it sounds like he is with Tiger too yeah and if I'm the PIF I'd want them read into the situation because if I'm buying it I kind of want Tiger to you I know kind of yeah because I'm fine if I'm buying let's just say a great car company I want all the great cars yeah great because I bought it I want the top of the line I don't want the Edsel's because I bought it I want the top of the line great choice of a car that's at the bottom of the rung very 50s of you thank you for somebody who doesn't watch black and white movies that was very impressive you know but uh hey I want it all I want the top cars I want all the cars because you know why because I bought it and I get to decide who else gets to put money in to buy all these very nice things that I own they bought golf exclamation point let's take a break 844-204-rich number to dial right here on our program still to come Terrell Davis talking about getting an earful from Heat fans in Denver for decades Rolling Stone has set the bar for entertainment publications today Rolling Stone music now takes over in podcast form songwriter and producer Jamie Hartman reacts to the Ed Sheeran verdict you need to create something new and of course you're going to use traditional parts to get there are you going to sue the Rolling Stones for making a samba out of sympathy for the devil you can sue Elvis Presley for writing bar so no but it's like saying you're not allowed to use a pencil to create a piece of art Rolling Stone music now wherever you listen and the man who plays the king of the North Jon Snow kid Harrington here on the Rich Austin show thank you for coming thank you for having that you bet did you know at the time when that happened that you would be coming back to life I had a two week period where I was pretty silent for those two weeks after reading the script I didn't know I didn't know what was going to happen I didn't know whether I was going to I was out of a job you know I pretty much convinced myself I was out of a job I was like oh this was a good series you know this was a lot of fun you got some good money it was good for a while it's good run yeah yeah now you know do other things and then when they told me that I was I was coming back I couldn't have I couldn't have you know when you lie to yourself and you're like oh I'll be fine I'll be fine and then you get the news and you go yes thank god what examples from the past have have that you can lay out here is something that they've done for snow I've always commented on how short I am in life so they keep putting that into john snow you know being small having a tiny you know stuff like this it's just they just they just want to rip the piss out of it how do you consume shows I only watched them once and I wasn't on my own in a dark room and then I'm whooping and I'm enjoying it and I'm like but I'm on my own it's it's sad it's a sad thing do you need a hug right now okay would you like would you like to end with a hug yeah let's end with a hug here we go here we go bring it in this is great thank you very much that's kid harrington everybody here thanks for coming on yeah we've been all over game of thrones for uh for years in the latest interview from the game of thrones series patty constantine will be in studio coming up in our number two back here on the rich eisen show 844-204 rich number two dial all right i think uh we've covered the live tour with the pga tour like the proverbial glove but guess what um we do mike i think you you you found the soundbite here i'll set it up for you rich eisen show exclusive um which is why you check us out on the roku channel every day or radio serious xm terrestrial all that our podcast um is uh is we have exclusives we're in the know we're in on it you said j monahan speaking today uh on the golf channel said rory and tiger will be rewarded for their loyalty again no they didn't take the live money and now the pga tour has taken the live money and tiger and rory are kind of left out and they'll be fine you know they're not living check to check that's basically what i'm saying they're good but you know the other guys did take the money they didn't pga tour use their presence on the tour as a sign that they were the stronger organization then they turn around and took the live money themselves anyway long story short is we have exclusive sound this is the sound no yeah yeah we got it of uh rory is i can't tell if it's rory or tiger by the voice um there's no it's not an irish accent so it's probably tiger uh telling j monahan um about this arrangement uh to be made whole i'm going in to take a nap when i wake the money's on the table i'll know i have a partner if it isn't i'll know i don't very interesting the tiger sounds like uh an older jewish man who never lies about his age yeah it sounded like if i could it sound like the streets of cuba yes maybe tigers in havana i don't know maybe we shouldn't speculate oh you know we we really we really shouldn't speculate i forgot to ask david favor if they're going to call it pga tour plus is he still looking for a name or just golf plus just super golf plus yeah yeah golf plus yeah just super generic golf got a laugh instead of cry you know as our sports world is totally changing man gonna laugh through the pain miami heat tonight are they gonna do it tip off tonight in south florida more importantly will the fans show up on time for the first quarter you know what way through the first quarters that we're gonna have we cannot we cannot carp on fans who don't arrive on time if we you don't know the traffic patterns you have no idea the traffic patterns no idea the traffic what are people doing down there nobody works what do you what do you think they're they're just too busy ordering bottle service to get there on time is that what you're saying down there in miami service the linen clothes like what come on come on cafecitos are expensive i know right yeah i was getting hopped up off a cafecito when we were down there was here's here's what i mean stuff was amazing you know right here's here's what i'm enjoying about this is it's it's two teams okay it's two teams there's no super teaming here no not really no not no you know what i'm saying like it's two teams built from the ground freaking up you know a lot of role players and but superstars you know the world's best player right now and jokic yep okay hemmy butler and his band of undrafted merry friends i mean that's it for superstars right just one on each team and then jamal jamal merry jamal murray you know yeah he's on his way he's on a path if he let's just say he he he comes up with three more electric games it could be finals mvp entirely possible right i kind of dig it certainly in the news that you hear that kyrie's called up lebron and say how about you come to dallas to hang out with me and luka as if by the way you know i guess if lebron turns to the lakers and says i want out i don't be here anymore i got one more year left with you and then another year of my option and i'd like to turn that one year of mutual agreement into an option year for me and i opt out what do you think the lakers would do could they do nothing except send them yep and and all i'm just saying is like hey have we seen now have we passed up now on the super team era in the nba being over is this finals you know we always look at things as the watershed moment or the moment things changed in a copycat league or have we have we reached the point of like if lebron goes to play with kyrie and luka back in the day we'd be like game over dallas wins super teams are back if that happens if that does you know what maybe they don't win and then dame goes somewhere i don't know obviously maybe they don't win not every super team has won i mean the heat lost twice in the finals lebron was there but i i'm just like you're seeing denver built from the ground up miami built in the heat culture with these guys it's tough to do but you know when i heard that you know kyrie called lebron to say why don't you come here to dallas it's just like really that was a desperation move really also from him too to say don't speculate on me or talk about me and you shouldn't pay attention to me and anybody talks about me doesn't know a thing about me and how does shams find out about this what is he tapping lebron's phone apparently he's a mouthpiece for everything kyrie and the brooklyn nets be careful with the word mouthpiece that makes it sound like he's a puppet don't go there don't go there he's broken every nets kyrie related story or he's he's a trusted you know i don't know all right i'm i'm sensitive to that sort of conversation but clearly you know somebody so you're j mondahan i'll be aurora i'll take care of you for your loyalty thank you i don't know that whole thing stinks too i hope lebron stays put here look his son just enrolled at usc's other sons are smooth schools in the valley he's not he's not going anywhere he's not going anywhere i saw that i'm like you know what let me just dive back into this series where this is some good team basketball with some superstars at the forefront of it and they are just gonna bang it out and they are playing at high levels and and the miami heat they can't keep shooting 50 yes they can pal can they said every celtic fan they can all they got to do is three more games do it three more times give it to me three more times how hard it is to shoot 50 from three with max struce i told you he couldn't go for 10 anymore and then you sit him down and the second best shooter out of michigan to play for the miami heat duncan robinson lights it up you know where the other one is obviously of course just my way to see if del tufo is playing paying attention that i mentioned the 1989 wolverines it's too busy he's banking after hearing from cnbc he's doing his banking i already invested that portfolio like so you know uh i i tonight i can't wait to watch it i can't wait to see tonight's gonna be a blast i'm just so curious like are they gonna keep this up can they keep it up why not are we gonna get a really quintessential jimmy butler game why can't because we haven't seen it yet in the finals oh for two like you know and then what is denver gonna do jimmy did come up with two big possessions yes i just mean that 30 point plus yeah 15 free throws yeah in your face yeah you know doing all the little things like tonight's not your night it's my night right game of thrones not today type stuff and it seems like jokic needs to get a triple double for this team to win the recipe of let him score 40 don't get anyone else involved is bad for denver he needs 28 14 the facilitator he needs to be you know kind of magic johnson larry bird hybrid did you see spulster gave ramona shelburne an earful when she's like it's it looks like you turned him into a scorer tonight not a facilitator and he pushed back like like that's the craziest notion that he's one or the other i don't know he's just in the zone man he's in a finals zone right now record when he scores over 40 so they're oh and four yeah it's kind of proven so let him go for 40 exactly i think also when spoke like shot back at ramona i think it was more like shut up like this is i don't know about that terell davis is going to be joining us in the king the seras patty considine coming up i mean chris like don't give away my secret i mean is michael porter jr gonna actually make a shot yeah play some defense you know i hear you denver's got some question that's what the heat do and that's what you can you you have to do in the playoffs is find the one weakness and exploit it or take one person out they're so good at it i mean they are so good at it yeah this coaching staff with spulster is so good at identifying it and coming up with a plan and then they're just matrix like connected directly into the the zen of this team game two came out of nowhere steven a remember you said it with divine intervention i'm like what are the heat doing in their in their conference rooms or their hotel rooms right now they praying divine intervention well guess what the basketball gods showed up in game two if that's the case you know gabe vincent looking at brown yeah caleb martin can't hit a shot now but gabe vincent and struce now don't miss that's but that's it hey pal welcome to the world of watching your team derek white then all of a sudden the other williams the williams that gets in your face stupidest thing you know poking that bear grant williams the one who's making threes like yeah good teams have those guys all right let's go hour two coming up we've got the king himself not just terrell davis but patty considine of house of the dragon coming up conspiracy theories paranormal ufos science teacher andrew greenwood stated that a child ran into his classroom and was hysterically screaming and talking about the flying saucer outside hundreds of children ran out of their classrooms to go outside and see this unidentified flying object that was just above the school just imagine a bunch of kids running out of school most of them probably just ran home theories of the third kind on youtube or wherever you listen you
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