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REShow: Stephen A. Smith - Hour 1 (6-2-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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June 2, 2023 1:15 pm

REShow: Stephen A. Smith - Hour 1 (6-2-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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June 2, 2023 1:15 pm

Rich reacts to the Denver Nuggets’ Game 1 win over the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals on the back of Nikola Jokic’s historic night, and comments on the latest news on Memphis Grizzlies guard Ja Morant who appears to be looking at a lengthy suspension after his latest social media gun video post.

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith tells Rich why Nikola Jokic and the Nuggets might be too much for the Heat to handle in the NBA Finals, what Miami can do (if anything) to steal Game 2 in Denver, his reaction to the Phoenix Suns hiring Frank Vogel and the Detroit Pistons hiring Monty Williams, and reveals that people close to embattled Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant fear his reckless lifestyle might end of with him dead in the next five years.

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This is The Rich Eisen Show. My God, he is so funny, but you know he is also so serious. Rich Eisen.

He's in charge of every detail. Live from The Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. The actual playing part, I'm definitely tired of getting hit.

My least favorite record is the amount of sacks that I've taken in my career. Today's cast is Stephen A. Smith, Jaguars head coach Doug Peterson, NHL on TNT analyst Paul Bissonnette, hosts of American Ninja Warrior, Matt Iseman, and Akbar Bajabiamila. And now, it's Rich Eisen.

Yes it is. Welcome to this Friday edition of The Rich Eisen Show NBA Finals, plural one game in, Stanley Cup Final beginning. And that's a singular, and that's how we're gonna be rolling into this Friday's show, talking about the NBA Finals, plural, with Stephen A. Smith, the singular talent. And then talking about the Stanley Cup Finals, singular, with Biz Nasty himself. Paul Bissonnette's gonna be on this program here today. That's how we're covering all of that stuff. Doug Peterson, head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars, will be on this program.

The AFC South champion, defending champion, Jacksonville Jaguars, he is on this program. And then the Ninja Warriors themselves, Matt Iseman and Akbar Bajabiamila together live. We've got microphones and chairs all set up, because that's how we roll when we have multiple guests. And then there's you, 844-204 Rich, number to dial. Hello Roku Channel audience. The Roku Channel is free on all Roku devices.

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Yeah, by the way, Chris, this just in. Our TikTok game, Xander Eisen, my eldest son saying, dad get on TikTok. So proud.

Our TikTok videos, since we started posting them in earnest in the last month, over a hundred thousand views for every video. That's how we roll. We talk to kids.

Right here on the Rich Eisen Show. Good to see you over there, Brockman. How are you? I'm great. I'm great. I'm single dad this weekend.

I feel great. That's right. Sarah's at the the Big Slick. Big Slick. Our friends in Kansas City, Mahomes and Kelsey, part of the crew that's playing charity softball at decay tonight, huh?

In Kansas City. Good to see you. Jay Felley, how are you? Hey, what's up Rich?

And TJ Jefferson. Candle's already lit. Good to see you. What's cracking? Okay, here's what's cracking. If I told you. What if I told you? If I had told you, going out the door yesterday, Nikola Jokic would have one shot attempt in the first quarter, three shots attempts through attempted through the first half, and five shots through the first three quarters.

If I had told you that that would be the case in game one, and it was, and I'd give you two choices, that though just knowing that alone, it would mean A, the Miami Heat were going to win a fourth consecutive game one in these playoffs. That is their MO. They come into your town and hit you in the mouth.

They take their A seed and slap you across the face with it. They did it to Milwaukee. They did it to New York.

They did it to Boston. And with Denver having a nine-day layoff after dispatching the Lakers, and the Heat coming off of an intense game seven against Boston that nobody saw coming, because they went up 3-0 and hit Boston in the mouth three consecutive times. If I told you that the Heat would win game one based on the fact that Jokic had one shot through the first quarter, three shots in the first half, and five through the first three quarters, or the other option is that Jokic would do that and have a triple-double anyway, and wind up as the leading scorer of the entire game that also featured not one but two players with 26-point nights.

Had I given you that choice, it would have been a toss-up, right? Yeah. I think if this was yesterday going into game one, it would have been a toss-up. And I'm sure that's why Nuggets fans get upset with national media types who overlook the greatness of the Denver Nuggets and focus on the opponents like Giannis and the Bucks and the Knicks. Oh, look what the Knicks are doing. Oh, the Celtics. They're going back to the finals again. Because of how good the Heat is. But the Denver Nuggets just had no problem with the Heat last night. No, yeah, the back door was open for you gamblers towards the end of that game.

We were Denver till we died, Rich. And the Heat made it a 10-point game with four minutes to go, but that's when Jokic made an eight-foot floater in the lane and then an eight-foot jumper fading away to wrap it up. On his way to a triple-double, joining Jason Kidd as the only humans in the history of the association to triple-double in their first ever game in the NBA Finals. And it was the seventh triple-double of the playoffs for Jokic who is now averaging a triple-double throughout these postseason that has the Nuggets three wins away from winning the NBA Finals. And how good are the Nuggets?

Go ahead. How good are they? The Nuggets are so good.

How good are they? I would say with more feeling, but I think we've made the point, okay, that Jokic just one shot in the first quarter and it came with 30 seconds left in the first quarter. He had six assists in that first quarter. And it was Aaron Gordon that took care of the first quarter because they were matchup problems that the Heat had on him. Oh, wait a minute.

So wait a minute. It's the Nuggets that could create matchup problems outside of their two-man game with Jokic and Jamal Murray who, by the way, was the one on the Nuggets who had a 26-point night. And Gordon went six of eight in the first quarter, 12 points first quarter. Okay, so Jokic is only one shot with 30 seconds left. I got this in scoring.

He's filling it up. We didn't need to shoot. And Jamal Murray, while Jokic took just three shots in the first half, he had 18 of his 26. He wound up four rebounds shy of a triple double himself.

He was 26, 10, and 6 in 44 minutes last night while Jokic went 27, 14, and 10. And by the way, by the way, the 14 assists by the Joker, the most assists in a first NBA Finals by anybody. Anybody. Anybody ever. Anybody ever.

So when you're throwing in like magic, keep going. The greatest point guards, the greatest ball distributors in the history of this incredible John Stockton Association. It will be a center who has the record for most assists in an NBA Finals debut. 14 of them.

And here's one last one for you. Jokic and Murray become the third set of teammates to have 20 or more points and 10 or more assists in the same NBA Finals game. The other two are magic and worthy and Jordan and Pippen.

And now it's Jokic and Murray joining that mix. And that's just first NBA Finals. We're talking about any NBA Finals game. Period.

End of story. That's how good the Nuggets are. Because I didn't mention Porter Jr. or KCP or their bench or their coach. So they just blew the doors off the heat who just didn't look at all like the team that comes in and puffs their chest out and shows you just their gumption or their their defense and how Spolstra can switch it up and confuse you.

I mean it did become a tight game ish in the fourth quarter. Were you ever worried? Not really.

And I don't want to be this guy. It's Friday. It's not Monday. But does it feel like it's over already? Well obviously it feels that way because of how dominant the the Nuggets looked. Here are the good if you want to have a silver lining because you got to hang your hat on something because the next game is Sunday. So we got two games to think about it.

Two things. One, Adebayo was terrific. He did. 26 points, 13 of 25 shooting. And so he definitely shot the ball well. You got to figure Max Struce ain't going 0 for 10 in the next one.

No. He had zero points and and that's obviously Butler he's got to come up big. Like he's got to be himmy. He's got to be the one who's got to say I got a 40 pointer in me. I'm just gonna I'm gonna fill it up.

You're not gonna stop me. Screw Jokic. Screw Murray. You know I've got it and obviously he has that ability to flip a switch or you know it's coming or stare into the mirror and stare a hole through it and then beat the crap out of you. He's he's done it before. He's got to do it again in game two. And then he said it after the game two. By two I mean as well in game one.

He said it. They've got to be more aggressive. They had two free throws. That's the lowest free throws ever by anybody. Not finals. NBA playoff team. Two free throws.

And they came from by the way Haywood Highsmith. Butler didn't go to the line. And that's the team that lives at the line. Butler lives at the line. That's the guy who lives at the line. He's the guy who can he's the guy who can score double digits just by shooting free throws. Yeah.

Sometimes. So they got to do that. They got to be aggressive.

And the stat rich too. It's it's Caleb Martin Duncan Robinson and Struths were a combined two for 23. Yeah that that you know I'm sure you as a Celtic fan like where were those guys? Where were that? Where were they? You know. Dwayne Wade was playing in this year.

What happened? So frustrating. And so the the good news also for the Heat is the Nuggets didn't score a buck 24. 104. Which is absolutely doable for Miami.

Yes. That's doable. That's doable. 104 is doable for Miami. But it's garbage time. Miami was in the 80s.

No I know that. I again we're just looking at the numbers here. Yeah. And if I'm my and I'm grasp that might be a straw I'm grasping at but you you said is it over? I can't sit here and say it's over and that's an overreaction and we're being overreactive in that. We'll ask Stephen A. Smith about that shortly. And then the other thing I will talk about with Stephen A. Smith is John Moran. Last we saw John Moran he was flashing a gun again on Instagram with a guy he's not supposed to be hanging with.

And that is an oversimplification of just setting up the sound bite you're about to hear. An investigation of John Moran is happening again. As we know he was with a firearm again after saying I've learned my lesson or I'm gonna learn my lesson or I might my suspension for flashing a firearm.

By the way in Denver and seeing it on on social media on Instagram live that you know he went somewhere to think about it and learn about it and whatever and he did clearly learn nothing. The investigation it appears to be complete. Adam Silver in his state of the state address with the media prior to the NBA Finals an annual tradition for the Commissioner of the NBA on Thursday was asked about the status of the investigation and gave an answer that took everyone back and including me by surprise. We've uncovered a fair amount of additional information I think since I was still asked about the situation. I would say we probably could have brought it to a head now but we made the decision and I and I believe the Players Association agrees with us that it would be unfair to these players and these teams in the middle of this series to announce the results of that investigation and given that we're of course in the offseason he is now been suspended by his by the Memphis Grizzlies indefinitely and so nothing is would have changed anyway in the next few weeks I it seemed better to park that at the moment at least any public announcement and my sense now is that shortly after the conclusion of the finals now we will announce the outcome of that investigation. Yeah there it is and so Chris you know caged three years old right okay my I've got a 14 a 12 and a 9 and you'll learn this one day Chris whenever one of our kids does something that he or she knows they shouldn't have done and I understand what Marant has done and what my children are doing totally different things but it is similar in this fact when they know they've done something and the answer to them is your mom and I are figuring out what the consequences and we'll tell it we'll just we'll tell it to you later we need to talk about it first drives them nuts needs to hate that and I am making this analogy because what Marant's behavior is because he hasn't thank God hurt anybody is so childish Barkley said it perfectly this is a multi-billion dollar business that is setting you up to make a billion yourself if you can keep playing and playing as well as you have played and being paid as well as you can be paid because of how well you play and you can't stay away from behavior that the league will never countenance ever then it's childish and what I just heard from the Commissioner just to boil it out all down is we'll see Marant in 2024 for sure now whether he's fortunate enough to be seen again in 2024 when they're still playing basketball in the 2023-24 season remains to be seen because we do not know what the other evidence is but if it's other evidence that is so significant that's gonna cause a suspension as significant as this one sounds to the point where they're like we don't want to take away from the NBA Finals we don't want the conversation to be about this so we're gonna wait till the finals are over and then obviously say it as soon as we can to get it as far away from the draft as we possibly can which is the 22nd and the NBA Players Association agrees this can't be anywhere in the realm of the usual drill for a suspension and then I can't wait to hear what the other investigation is or the information is from this investigation so I can figure out what is Marantz malfunction a little better and hope that he does come back because he is a brilliant player to watch and also outside of all this stuff seemingly a my good role model prior to all this I heard that yesterday I'm like oh that was my first and if I'm a rant it's like you know hey Commissioner can you just tell me now what like how bad is it maybe he's already been told it's entirely possible he's already been told and he's just has to keep it quiet maybe and you just think of precedent real quick remember Gilbert Arenas got 50 games for doing the finger guns during warm-ups well and that was after but that was right so it's not unfathom that this could be a year suspension Wow let's take a break Stephen a Smith will join us on the rich eyes and show before Doug Pearson of the Jaguars will join us Paul Bissonnette of the NHL on TNT to talk Stanley Cup final and Matt Iceman and Akbar baja be a Miller of American Ninja water new ninja warrior but the warrior of 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phone and then they finally let you go to your modeling job how many times did it happen once or twice it just seems like it wouldn't happen it happens yeah inside of you with Michael Rosen bomb wherever you listen the rich eyes and show radio network is back on the air sitting in the rich eyes and show desk furnished by Granger with supplies and solutions for every industry Granger has the right product for you call click Ranger calm or just stop by truly the best there and I I say that unreservedly because he does so much more than what we see on first take for the worldwide leader in sports we are now suddenly Steven A's world because we're just paying rent in his world Stephen A Smith kind enough to call back into the rich eyes and show one game into the NBA Finals good to chat with you Stephen a how are you sir my brother how are you man how's everything going we're good everything's good here you know and I was asking my guys here to kick off the show if I had told you yesterday that Jokic would have just one attempt through one quarter three through a half and five through three quarters would that be more indicative of heat winning game one or Jokic triple doubling anyway we would have probably chosen heat win game one but he triple doubled anyway you know not necessarily because when he doesn't take shots he's such a phenomenal passer it's usually because he's setting guys up they're doing their thing there's no way on earth that they'd be trailing or losing and he would have had that minimal amount of shots usually when that had transpires for him it's because other guys are hitting shots and he's just letting them get this shot because most of the time he knows it's reserved for himself so do you do is do we have anyone we can compare Jokic to or we're literally watching the birth of a unicorn here Stephen where we I think it's the birth of a unicorn I think when you consider I mean the guy you know he's a big tub of law can't jump onto a curb and you and you can't stop them it's just unbelievable too big too strong too mobile you know quick afoot footwork is exceptional passing ability is exceptional shooting touches exceptional you see the combination of all of those things he's certainly not going to stop too many people defensively even though Jimmy Butler was only one of nine from the field when Jokic was guarding him last night the bottom line is he's not known for his defense he's know for what he delivers offensively so when you consider his touches ability to shoot the ball his ability to pass the ball along with doing various other things you just as basketball IQ is off the charts you could call him a unicorn if you like I don't think anybody would argue in any superlatives cone in this direction because he is something special to be out and then Mari is just as special it appears to as a birth of his superstardom I understand again we're talking about a team that it performed very well in the bubble and almost made the NBA Finals if it weren't for the Lakers obviously that year but his 26 10 and 6 and 44 minutes and the way he played you know against the Lakers the two-man game is lethal Stephen well that's that's two-man game in basketball I mean we've looked at Jason Tatum Jaden Brown we looked at Kevin Durant Devin Booker we've looked at various others and right now they're the best they've certainly been the best this postseason and you got to take it to consideration the last time we sold Jamal Murray in the postseason well before he had that nasty ACL tear the last time we saw him in the postseason Denver Nuggets were in the conference finals in the bubble against the Los Angeles Lakers that one they ultimately lost but if you recall the first two playoff series for the Denver Nuggets Jamal Murray was religiously dropping 40 or 50 plus point games in the postseason so he put the world on notice how lethal he can be I think he's an upgraded version from a guy like Klay Thompson because he's a long-range sniper himself except he's had better ball handling skills and a better ability to create his own shot and get to the basket a bit better than the great Klay Thompson so I think when you look at Jamal Murray from that perspective his ability to hit precious shots to respond under pressurized situations averaging 32 in the conference finals 27.7 points game throughout the postseason considering the fact that the Denver Nuggets are undefeated this postseason when he shoots 40% or better from three-point range what can you say I mean the guy is just special there's no way around it and they are an elite team when he and Jokic are playing together which is why you see them in this position whatever hotel or whatever facility they might be in with Eric Spolster and the rest of his staff what are they thinking right now what do you think they're they're drawn up coming off a game one meeting obviously to take one in Denver a game to being their best chance it appears right now what do you think Stephen a well number one in the world of trouble that's what they're thinking they're praying a lot because divine intervention may be necessary in all of this that's number one number two the reason is also is because they have not they you know you don't have anything on the interior yeah BAM out of bio score 26 points and 25 shots but a lot of them were mid range they're willing to forfeit that in order to key on other guys to make sure that those undrafted players seven to be exact that out a lot of playing time in the postseason for Eric's motion in Miami Heat let's make sure there's a hand in their face there's a body in front of them let's make sure we can test them to remind them they were undrafted for a reason and there's levels to this and that's what they've done Dave Vincent had a decent shooting game shoot 50% last night but Caleb Caleb you know Martin shot one for seven max true shot over 10 Duncan Robinson shot one for six coming off the bench I mean that's two for 23 overall that's god-awful and there's no way in hell that you're gonna beat the Denver Nuggets if you're shooting the basketball like that particularly when it's coming from your perimeter shooters who are all averaging about combining the average about 56 points per game in this postseason and we're shooting pretty damn well from from beyond the arc they've got to hit perimeter shot they don't have anything in the interior there's no Shaq but then there's no Tim Duncan for them there's no Joel and B for them there's nobody for them BAM out of bio is not somebody to do something for you on the interior going up against a guy like Jokic they've got to be able to pay a perimeter shot and you got to be like the Golden State Warriors in effect in this regard push the ball up the floor we're gonna beat you with our perimeter game because we know we don't have much on the interior to offset what you're going to throw in our direction so their only hope to hit perimeter shot I don't see any other way that the Miami Heat can even make this a series let alone win the series unless they're shooting at an elite fashion and keep this in mind too rich the Boston Celtics were beating the Miami Heat in every single category second chance points fast break points you know all this other stuff they were doing shot you know their field goal percentage shooting Miami out shot them from three that's how they won the series it was pretty much the only category they had beaten Boston in shooting threes I don't know if they got I don't think they can do that against Denver but they need to try you all you you led me to the question I was gonna ask you and so I'll ask it Stephen A Smith is wherever the Celtics are sitting right now whether it's Tatum or Missoula or Brad Stevens who announced that Missoula's coming back what are they thinking after watching the Heat in Game 1 do you think stick to their stomach because they know they would have been a better matchup against Denver they you got to consider this Dave Vinson is relatively miniature Jimmy Butler is your star but he's undersized particularly when being guarded by Aaron Gordon and Jeff Green to let the degree to go to Jokic you look at these other role players their role players for a reason you look at them out of body civilian under sized against Jokic himself now you transition to Boston well Jason Tatum wouldn't be under sized Jalen Brown wouldn't be under sized Derek White wouldn't be under sized Malcolm Brogdon wouldn't be under sized and although Al Hoffman and Robin Williams would be under sized against Dakota Jokic it's not by that much and both of them live on defense and in Al Horfitz case he's got a set shot from the perimeter that would have pulled Nicole Jokic away from the basket or even an Aaron Gordon so they wouldn't have been able to reside in the paint neutralizing and nullifying anything you were going to throw in their direction from 10 feet and in Boston could have offset that Miami doesn't have the personnel to do it so Miami's only hope is to hit perimeter shots from the outside or get out of Denver with this high-altitude get to South Beach with that fresh air coming off the beach and run all day every day and try to exhaust the likes of Aaron Gordon and Nicole Jokic into getting into foul trouble and things of that nature you got to try to pull off something like that in order to win this series again it's a daunting task it's highly unlikely but it is a formula that you have available to you to at least try to give yourself some hope the great Stephen A Smith first take No Mercy podcast also Stephen A's world on the ever burgeoning ESPN Plus platform right here on the Rich Eisen show during our conversation Stephen A your ESPN colleague mine in the obviously the media world sports media world Adrian Wojnarowski or Wojbomb it's Frank Vogel's gig in Phoenix and I'd love to get your on-air first blush reaction to that Stephen A well a couple of things number one with my podcast No Mercy I changed the name Stephen A Smith show two weeks ago so I want to make sure you know that that's a future reference I want everybody to know that I changed it to my name because I'm more recognizable than No Mercy so I want you to know that um as it pertains to Frank as it pertains to Frank Vogel he's not a bad choice for the job he won a championship a few years ago more importantly preaches defense and so when you preach defense and you've got a championship to show for it I think that goes a long way was he the coach out there that everybody was looking at or clamoring for hell no um obviously you think about Monte Williams that somebody that still should have been there but there should be a one to go in a different direction that's not his guy and that's the way it goes in the case of Nick nurse he ended up signing with the Philadelphia 76ers do we believe he would have been a better choice to Frank Vogel sure but Frank Vogel can coach when he was coaching in Indiana years ago before he went to Orlando he was considered that elite defensive mind when he came to LA he certainly instituted a formula that elevated their level of play defensively that definitely bodes well for him so it's not a bad hire by any stretch and when you won the championship you definitely deserve an opportunity to come back and coach and show what your worth is I certainly am wishing him all the best luck I think he deserves the opportunity but was he the number one choice for the job no that was not the case and I mean how lucky are the Pistons right have Monte Williams go up there I mean what a what a what a great hire I thought that was obviously well listen he's the highest-paid coach ever obviously that's nothing to sneeze at 78 million dollars over six years that's going to open the floodgates for the Steve curves of the world and there and in various others because of what they bring to the table he's definitely opened up the market for coaches and props to him for that hasn't won a championship but got them to the finals a couple of years ago coaches defense knows what he's doing but the biggest reason he was hired at Detroit is because he's a leader of men of young men when you talk about a role model when you talk about somebody that knows how to do his job and pretty damn well but in the same breath really really knows how to act and has the support of the entire coaching fraternity and beyond considering the level of adversity that he's experienced in his life remember his wife passed away in that car accident awful years ago and stuff like that Monty Williams has been through a lot of Nova a lot of people don't take into account the fact that you know they have a number of kids and you know that were left behind because their mother passed away and that's been on his shoulders so you know he's had a lot on his shoulders and the manner in which he handled his life and his quality of life he just beats volumes about his character Detroit knows they've got a lot of young talent that needs to be led in the right direction not just how to perform but how to behave off the court as well so I think because of all of that they took that into consideration that's why he's the new head coach of the Detroit Pistons that's why they've made the investment in him that they have made last one for you Stephen a Smith the comments from Adam silver about John Marantz investigation being essentially wrapped up finding additional subject matters that were so I guess one would assume egregious that they decided to wait until the finals are over to announce a suspension from Iran out of respect for the finals and the players playing in it your thoughts on on that I think Java rants in some trouble there are certain things that we can speak on and there's certain things we can't what we can speak on is the fact that the incidences that he has found himself in getting into a fight with a high school allegedly coming out of his house with a gun to confront the high schooler having a friend of his in his company and they had an issue with some Indiana patience personnel and they saw some lead red laser dot pointing at somebody there was another incident in the club there was stuff in the strip club with him waving the gun and then there's another one where he's on Instagram live and one of his friends put him on Instagram live and you know again you see him waving a gun stuff like that Adam Silverfield's betrayed Adam Silverfield's like John Moran looked him in the face told him one thing and did another and all I could tell all I could say to John Moran is that he is very lucky that Adam Silver is the commission of the NBA and not the late great David Stern because had it been David Stern it wouldn't have been just an eight-game suspension of first go-round it would have been much different than that and had it been David Stern we might be looking at lawsuits and all of this other stuff because David Stern would have tried to turn around and to spend up for the entire season next year that's how David Stern rolls and you know I'm telling the truth about that Rich Eisen in the case of Adam Silver I don't suspect he'll go that far I don't think it'll be the entire season of course I don't think it'll even be half the season I anticipated to be 25 games and those 25 something around along those lines to send a message to try to provide a determinant for other players to engage in similar behavior but there are other things like I said we can't speak of in terms of John Moran's behavior off the court some of the things that he finds himself engaged in with the company that he keeps with the establishments that he visits things of that nature and obviously he feels compelled pretty much all the time to have a gun around them and so that brings into question all of those things that I just mentioned that again I'm not at liberty to speak on but I can tell you this I'm from the streets of New York City and a lot of players I know are from the streets period and I can tell you that people within the NBA community are not just concerned about John Moran playing basketball they're concerned about whether or not he's going to be alive in five years because of the environments that he finds himself around and the situations he finds himself confronted by it's a serious matter and it's something that I think that the NBA and everybody that knows anything about the kind of things that are going on with him find themselves concerned about wow that that's a jaw-dropper Stephen a I'm not gonna lie you know that I'm just I'm just telling you what I always tell you I tell you the truth as I know it I know Stephen a thanks for the time I really appreciate this again enjoy the rest of the finals I look forward to seeing you on on on the tube and then of course Steve Stephen a Smith show along with Stephen a's world and first take and so much more thanks again Stephen a greatly appreciate it right back at that right back at you what do you think about that TJ when you hear that from Stephen a that's kind of hard to take in right now you know you're asking me my thoughts ten seconds after he just yes it's like that's what we do I'm baffled by that you know you look at a kid who you seemingly think okay he's got both of his parents and it seemingly the parents were involved in his life so you assume that someone who had that maybe not have gone down that path but to hear what he just said the whole five years thing man that that's that's kind of shocking you know I first I looked at it as a kid you know just kind of acting up you get yourself some money you get yourself some fame you want to kind of like walk around in peacock a little and you make mistakes obviously not everyone does it but some people do mm-hmm which he clearly has done but but now they to hear him there with Stephen a just said man that just I think Chris and I both kind of just kind of like gasp at the same time I did too he's 23 years old so he's saying that by age 28 the concern he might he might not be a lot I think one thing that Stephen a said hit the hit it right on the head in terms of basketball he's very lucky it's Adam silver and not David Stern because he would be suspended for the whole season David Stern would suspend first and file briefs later yep it would have just been in eight games he would have been suspended for the rest of this year and then if what the investigation turned up what it appears or what it sounds like he'd be gone all of next year well again in the next evening I don't know what that investigation right yet so that's why it's hard to correct maybe when we hear it we could go oh okay well that makes sense but as of right now it's just like wow well obviously it's it's who he is surrounding himself with who are his circle who is he hanging out with what world is he living in is what he's saying that's what that's what he is saying and so again what what we've seen from Marant is the the Indiana Pacers incident that he's referring to it was a red dot that was you know flashed into their bus that made people think they were literally being targeted led to the team revoking from what I have read the privileges of a friend of his from being allowed at the game in Memphis and you and it was this it was this same friend who's Instagram live Marant was on sitting in the passenger seat of the car where we saw another gun flashed same guy that he's about that that was no longer allowed to be at Grizzlies home games because of that Pacers incident and if Marant told the commissioner what we assume he told the commissioner because it's what he told Jalen Rose on ESPN hey I get it clearly he hasn't and then if it is the the league wringing their hands over a star of the game associating in a world that might cause him to wind up dead holy smokes and then I'm the only thing I would push back then would be I too bad if they're concerned for his life then too bad if it overshadows game one of the NBA finals like act now there's something bigger right right hand like let's go right the fact is he's 23 so 23 you're hoping like learn from this yes like you have you this world life is so short ten years in yes sir this world is you know is your oyster right now bro you have everything to live for you have the opportunities that John Moran has to you know we talk about generational wealth and you know him being able to uplift kids that look like him and kids don't look like him you know just you're that guy man and trying to play a role that you're probably not suited to play that's the thing that does get people caught up in the mix and I tell you who doesn't like that rich or guys who are actually in that role guys who don't have a chance who are from the streets who had to grow up and fight they they don't like it when a dude who could take a left instead goes right and follows them and I just feel like he's got a chance to get himself back on track but it just depends on where his head's at I hope for his sake I hope for his friends and family's sake that he learns from this and and understands he's got a chance to be legendary so do that let's take a break right here on the Rich Eisen show 8 4 4 2 0 4 rich number to dial here on the program Doug Peterson of the Jacksonville Jaguars coming up at hour number two for decades Rolling Stone has set the bar for entertainment publications today Rolling Stone music now takes over in podcast form song writer and producer Jamie Hartman reacts to the Ed Sheeran verdict you need to create something new and of course you're gonna use traditional parts to get there are you gonna sue the Rolling Stones for making a samba out of sympathy for the devil you can assume Elvis Presley for writing bar so no but it's like saying you're not allowed to use a pencil to create a piece of art Rolling Stone music now wherever you listen back here in the Rich Eisen show we just showed up for our radio audience to our Roku audience me trying to get a nickname to Mahomes that at least is funny the natural I think is funny Patro's terrible maybe my worst idea ever natural stop being funny a decade ago where's Tyler hero where's Tyler you're I need a hero I need him coming back and then here's my mic my don't blow up the the heat for Giannis take oh my god it looks worse than ever it looks worse than ever because even a just went through what are the Miami Heat thinking right now they're looking for divine intervention because the roster ain't cutting it BAM out of bio at 26 points on 25 a 20 ton 25 shots a lot of a mid-range ain't cutting it they need they need a rain threes down on the nuggets and then nuggets are probably like okay you want to speed it up and rain threes I don't think that's fine with us cool cool we can do that because we got a seven-foot unicorn it can do it on the wrong foot yeah he's got like a Jamal Wilkes ball behind the head type jump shot sometimes right oh you see so he's old like this shot we have right here how are you blocking it's normal but that looks like a normal shot right sometimes he has both hands on the ball and it looks like he's doing a throw in in soccer that's like a dirt in the whiskey when you're seven foot tall and you're extending the ball over your head like that forget it now you're nine feet tall yeah like that's impossible impossible to stop so the nuggets will be like okay you want to you want to speed up rain threes okay okay great okay we have we have troops Robinson Vincent and you know see Caleb Martin sounds good we got Jokic Murray Porter KCP yeah Brown right yep good luck they got a brown and a brown brown my name is clay I'm calm clay come on here's the other thing about the nuggets right if you look at the nuggets team look at the very end of the bench and Pete the guy who's sitting in the last seat that's Reggie Jackson who like oh yeah by the way clipper former guy that we were calling mr. may you flipped him if that was in the bones Highland yeah Reggie Jackson I don't think has gotten in a game this entire play I mean he may have I don't remember he did he did I think it was a second round series they needed him they needed him for I forget what did KCP get hobbled or something like that and he made an appearance and it's just like okay yeah what one of one of the he he had like a very microwave type ability three minutes three minutes four minutes yeah he's at the end of the bench yeah and so is DeAndre Jordan and that's more understand like wait what DeAndre Jordan's at the end of the Nuggets bench Blake Griffin's at the end of the Celtics bench Chris Paul couldn't get off the bench for the end of the series for the Suns what might have been my mom by the way how about Frank Vogel's the coach there which means Doc's going to TV yeah Doc's kind of the odd man out man also how about and bootenholzer where's he gonna wind up that's true oh yeah I don't think I think all the jobs are filled now right I mean bootenholzer will just wind up on somebody's benches like the the coach whisperer somewhere right just take take Boston take a year off we need assistant coaches by the way that you need well obviously doc won't go there but you need like we need bench coaches Rajan Rondo's name is being thrown about yes let's go right Sam Cassell let's go let's bring it right that's sort of right that's sort of what we need Al Horford should probably just retire and have him be a coach let's go I mean you can't have Sam that's that's the Sixers he was with the Celtics before I mean who knows if I guess nurse is gonna keep that staff or not should get what she coach bud go back to the Spurs be a women Yama whisper I would be awesome for him and then just take over when pop retires right it's throwing stuff up against the wall wait and see what happens with Steve Kerr we didn't talk about this Monty Williams is making 13 million dollars a year as a head coach hey man pistons wanted him clearly that is insane and it's not like there was another job open for him to go use his leverage right Philly maybe that yeah that was that hadn't been a Nick nurse hadn't been announced yet so he's announced yesterday later on in next hour we got a good soundbite there welcome to Philadelphia Nick nurse yeah this ain't just Toronto sports media yeah yeah the question was that was that was that asking is that it was I don't know who said it tried to Trent Cram of Philadelphia sports the lasso way hmm and Doug Peterson's gonna be speaking of Philadelphia should we play him that stuff I didn't know Nick nurse remember these days you didn't answer the question Doug you ever get anything like that Jacksonville done now he's in Jacksonville pal who's sleeping on Calvin Ridley this year everybody I'll be able to sleep with everybody nobody's mentioning them as how far the job that's why you're like who could potentially make the Super Bowl out of the state of Florida in the AFC Jacksonville or Miami is your path the way we do we put that on our poll question yeah that's out let's see I just I think that's just about wrapping up our poll question from yesterday the 24-hour time I blew out Tom Brady I was kind of shocked there who might play down for the Raiders yeah Jaguars 57% I might have put the thumb on the scale there by saying often yeah and then you're a bigger cheerleader than I am now let's throw TJ in as a third candidate and see how it works please do that Doug Peterson coming conspiracy theories paranormal UFOs science teacher Andrew Greenwood stated that a child ran into his classroom and was hysterically screaming and talking about the flying saucer outside hundreds of children ran out of their classrooms to go outside and see this unidentified flying object that was just above the school just imagine bunch of kids running out of school most of them I just ran home theories of the third kind on YouTube or wherever you listen
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