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REShow: Lane Johnson - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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May 24, 2023 4:11 pm

REShow: Lane Johnson - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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May 24, 2023 4:11 pm

Eagles All-Pro OT Lane Johnson tells Rich what it’s like being inside the huddle with QB Jalen Hurts, if last season’s NFC Championship Game was a fair fight after the 49ers lost all their quarterbacks to injury, and why the importance of mental health is often overlooked in sports.

Rich reacts to Aaron Rodgers suffering a calf injury during a Jets OTA warmup and says his enthusiasm for New York’s 2023 season outlook remains undeterred, and the guy's debate if MTV’s ‘Jersey Shore’ as an accurate representation of the Garden State’s residents. 

Rich and the guys react to golfer Michael Block’s feel-good story at the PGA Championship where the no-name club pro came out of nowhere to finish in the top 15 at Oak Hill Country Club and weighs in on the latest developments in the 49ers’ Brock Purdy-Trey Lance-Sam Darnold QB competition. 

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Call a Dell Technologies Advisor at 877-ASK-DEL. That's 877-ASK-DEL offered to business customers by Web Bank who determines qualifications for and terms of credit. Coming up, Eagles tackle Lane Johnson, Saints wide receiver Chris Olavi from the new film The Machine, actor Jimmy Tatro. And now it's Rich Eisen. Our number two of the Rich Eisen show is on the air. Great chat with Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated. And as always, when you talk to somebody for 40 minutes, as we did over a span of two segments, I want to bring to our radio audience here what he said going out the door in our Roku channel only segment. Again, we're live on the Roku channel and in between commercial breaks on our radio side, we just chit chat. Another benefit of watching us and getting Roku if you already don't and the Roku channel is free.

So once you get the Roku platform, you get us. We come with it like a side of fries, you know. He I asked him, I'm like, hey, every summer there's a whoa moment. Look down at my phone. I'm like, whoa. Were you texting or T.J., you text the group like, let's just have like we're like, whoa. And he identified as the world player of the summer is Damian Lillard of the Blazers.

Keep an eye out there. And as a Nick fan would tell you. T.J., a sixer fan or a clipper fan, hands off. And as you as a Philadelphia fan would look at me as a Nick fan or a Celtic fan, hands off. Damian Lillard would change fortunes of another team on the spot. And of course, everybody who's listening to us in the great state of Oregon is like, shut up.

They're like, back up. Do not speak that into existence. 844204 Rich number to dial Chris Olavia. The Saints is going to join us in our number three, Jimmy Tatro, who plays the young Bert Kreischer in The Machine. We had the actual Bert Kreischer last Friday.

The Machine is coming in a theater near you this Friday. Jimmy's going to be joining us in studio, but joining us right now is one of the best in the National Football League doing what he does. It is Mental Health Awareness Month that we are currently in and joining us courtesy of Cuth, a leading digital mental health platform. I would say the mastermind of the offensive line mastermind summit that's coming in July is none other than Philadelphia eagle. Lane Johnson. How you been, Lane?

And doing good. OTAs are ongoing and won't be too long. We'll be back in training camp. OK, so the team activities for you are currently organized, is what you're saying?

Yeah. What in the world does an organized team activity for the Philadelphia Eagles in late May look like? Lane, I'm getting a little bit back on the field, obviously hitting the weight room, but a lot of it is getting back in there and learning the offense over again and new guys coming in. Rookies get a chance to really learn the offense or defense and get ready for training camp.

That's kind of what the premise of it all is. You don't have to call them rookies. Just call them Georgia Bulldogs, Lane.

Just call them, yeah, you're right. Georgia Bulldogs. Yeah, the Georgia kids are coming in, you know, because that right.

You didn't draft anybody except Georgia Bulldogs last I checked. Right, Lane? Yeah. And Alabama, about it. Oh, that's right, too. I forgot about that.

That's right. I don't want to disrespect your new offensive line mate, Tyler Steen. So what when you're sitting there at home and you're watching the draft and you see Georgia kids go left and right, up and down, what are you what are you thinking, Lane?

The best best players from the best team in college, college football. I mean, it kind of makes sense a little bit. OK, so you're sitting there thinking, OK, these kids, do they do they come in? Georgia kids or kids at that level come in with a little bit better knowledge of how this works in the NFL? Or they're just like any other rookie from your perspective? I just think talent level and maybe the level of exposure they had is probably pretty similar to an NFL market or some NFL market.

So I feel like adapting to that and then obviously being talented. And yeah, I mean, I just think the physicality of the SEC always matched up pretty well in the NFL. Lane Johnson, three time All-Pro, four time Pro Bowler and Super Bowl 52 champion from the Philadelphia Eagles here on the Rich Eisen Show. What is it like being in a huddle with Jalen Hurts?

I mean, it's fun. You know, the thing about Jalen and I discussed this earlier, I just think it's present how he approaches everything. I feel like emotionally he doesn't get too high or too low. And so I felt like that calm demeanor kind of sets the tone for the football team. And then, yeah, just having him out there, he can he can obviously do things in the passing game and do things with his legs. I just think having a diverse guy like that and how he leads really is kind of the foundation of our football team. How does he lead?

With work. I mean, just how he approaches the weight room, how he goes in meetings. I just think everybody respects his work ethic and just his relationships with his teammates, you know, most of all. And you also had a front row seat to him gaining his opportunity, being removed from a game, which I still I can't wait to find out the real story behind that game 256 a couple of years ago, Lane.

And then getting the opportunity to be a full time starter and then making the most of it. I'm wondering what you've seen from him from that perspective, having a front row seat for the way he's handled his business on that. Did you ever see him get down in any way, shape or form, Lane?

The answer is yes. Oh, that was like Lane didn't care for. I honestly thought I honestly thought for a second that he he was really thinking very hard about. I think maybe he felt he's going to get too emotional to continue with. Oh, he's gone back. He's a professional, by the way.

You know how I feel like he goes back. Lane, was that a terrible question? So what happened? Yeah.

No, sorry about that. Can you repeat it? I said my question for you is, did you ever see Jalen get down at any point in time with the opportunity that he wasn't getting? And then he got me. I kind of had it taken away from him before he got it with a new coach and then becoming what he's become.

No, I just think from what do you experience in college? Obviously, that was a weird situation, but I feel like he handled it, you know, with a lot of grace and then just, you know, coming to the league. I think knowing his role, I feel like he understood his role. And then obviously, like we said, when the opportunity rose, you know, he really doubled down on it. But yeah, I mean, as far as his demeanor, his work ethic, that was always a day one thing. And then, you know, obviously as he got the starting position, things just kind of unfolded. But I just think progression is really the term to use with him is just, you know, every year he seemed to up his game and, you know, become even more of what he is.

Lane Johnson here on the Rich Eisen Show. You, sir, are you've been in the league since 2013, so this is year 11 coming up for you. You're 33 years old. How are you different now than when you first came in the league, Lane? I just take knowledge of the game. I feel like obviously physically I think I may be stronger and whatever I may have lost in speed, overall speed or quickness, you can make up with timing and strength. So it's just kind of an evolution of a player. But yeah, I mean, a lot of things goes down to mentally, you know, knowing your assignment and know how to execute it better. I feel like I've had obviously, you know, 10 years of reps, live reps, and it's hard to replace that.

And so I think just with the culmination of that, it's made me a smarter player. How are you physically? You know, there's a lot of conversation about how, and again, I know, you know, athletes certainly of your stature don't like talking about injuries because they sound like excuses potentially.

But how are you physically coming off a lesson? Yeah, I feel great. You know, besides the one playoff game, I really didn't feel too terrible, you know, with our run. And so, yeah, physically I feel loose and I feel strong. And so whatever setback I might have had, you know, the recovery from this injury is pretty quick. And the chance of re-injuring this is, I think, almost, you know, down to 1% from what the stats say. So, yeah, feeling good and, yeah, man, just blessed, you know, to be with one team for all these years and being fortunate to be a part of a good organization, you know, winning football games and, you know, it's hard to replicate.

Okay. And that one playoff game you're referring to, is that the one that San Francisco had only 10 guys on the field? Yeah, that was one of them. And the Giants game, I feel like I probably hurt the most.

You know, it's really my first return to action. What did you make of Debo's comments about the NFC Championship game? How has that rested within your locker room, Dwayne? Yeah, I mean, obviously, I mean, players should get motivated from that. But, I mean, from what he said, it's not too far off. I do think, you know, obviously, if the quarterback doesn't go down, it is a different game. I feel like, you know, they obviously weren't able to utilize the teams they were, you know, the majority of the second half.

So, yeah, I believe it would have been a more, a lot more competitive game. Well, I mean, it's not that Brock Purdy didn't just trip over his shoelace, right? Yeah, it was a major injury that he's still, you know, bouncing back from. No, my point is that Hassan Redick was the one who kind of was in his lap, right? I mean, it was affected, the moment was brought about by an actual defensive play that was repeated multiple times throughout the day. Yeah, no question. No, it was a weird predicament to be in.

But, no, I obviously know they were frustrated to have it go down to that. Okay, Lane Johnson here on the Rich Eisen Show. Tell me what you're doing with Couth, what it is, and the importance of it, Lane. Yeah, Couth is a free platform for kids, and the whole mission is to provide, you know, accessible and a space for the youth to achieve, you know, better mental health.

You know, ironically enough, it started out of Kansas City, and we're about to spread to California, but really it's a place for development and people to come, obviously better versions of themselves. And I feel like a lot of people could benefit from this. I feel like just players in general, not only NFL, but NBA, I feel like they've become more outspoken with this.

You know, Joe Burrow recently, Solomon Thomas, and I feel like they're creating, you know, a lot of good things for the young people. Well, how are you dealing with your mental health, Lane? You've definitely been open about it.

You talked about how once upon a time you were, what's the phrase for it, living in hell or with hell. So what can you tell folks about your journey on that front? I just think, you know, obviously maybe as hard as I may work in my profession, I think developing the person, you know, outside of this game is ideal. I think a lot of players, maybe in general, you know, maybe play a whole career in the NFL and don't really kind of adapt to what life after football might look, and sometimes it's a tough transition. So putting everything into perspective, I think with, you know, I work with a sports psychologist. You know, I'll talk to therapists and, you know, as reluctant as I was to try it in the beginning, I found out, you know, I was able to maybe fill back layers of myself and become a better, you know, father, become a better friend, become a better teammate. And at the end of the day, I think it helps out, you know, everybody kind of involved. Do you think the stigma of talking about it is better or worse in the NFL these days?

You know, I think it, you know, it was kind of in the negative light for a long time. And I think now, just the more vocal that players may be in other sports professions, I feel like Michael Phelps was kind of a pioneer, you know, being one of the more decorated people, you know, ever in sports. And him talking about his struggles, I feel like that kind of opened the gateway for lots of other athletes. So, Elaine Johnson, the first professional athlete ambassador for Cuth, you can go visit Again, May is Mental Health Awareness Month. It is a perfect time for you to maybe visit that and talk about it.

The platform is free for students. How's the Mastermind Summit looking in July for the offensive line? By the way, I love the name Masterminds. It's a great name.

I like it. It started, you know, with 26 people, I feel like last year it's around 250 people, obviously professionals, but a lot of the top college prospects are showing up. This year we have our guests, Will Shields is coming, Steve Hutchinson, Andrew Whitworth, Anthony Munoz. So, really getting some Hall of Fame type players, Hall of Famers to come discuss, you know, their time in the league, things that they learned, how they train, you know, stuff that they might have dealt with, challenges. And really I just feel like everybody involved is really cool for them to maybe hear this a month out from the season and kind of put them in a good spot to start the season and maybe develop their game and make them a better player. What about centers? Don't you think Kelcey would point out to you that the true mastermind is the center? Lane, wouldn't you say something? Yeah, really it comes down to having the office coordinator and the quarterback.

We think a lot of it. So, yeah, I'm sure we'll add a center in there. I'd like to have Mangold come in there.

There you go. You know, obviously the centers are one of the more intelligent people on the field. So, yeah, we're going to actually have Mike Pereira there for officiating and discuss some of the new stuff that, you know, we're presented with every year and try to make the game a little bit safer. So, is there a, I guess, part of the symposium where Pereira stands there and you teach the tackles how to raise their hands up in the air in a way that doesn't make it look like they really did get caught for holding?

Do you have those moments? There's one thing, it's like whenever we do hold, we do like to throw our hands up and cause a lot of unwanted attention to ourselves. Correct. That'll be discussed. You know, the headbutting, you know, I believe last year we started with the helmet coverings. I think that's going to kind of be a thing that we're going to have all year long, as goofy as it looks. But, yeah, there's going to be a lot of things discussed. Got to make sure. Don't throw your hands up so quickly because it makes it look like you were guilty. It really does. Maybe Pereira can help with that.

As part of the acting, yeah, you got to be a good actor. Before I let you go, Lane, give me your favorite Jason Kelsey story. What is it? Give it to me. It's got to be one. You've been around him forever.

What do you got? Yeah, probably when I hit his helmet under the garbage cans that we do drills on and we had to go to a team drill and he was trying to find his helmet for a long time. And he ran up to me and tried to punt me, essentially, and he hit his foot on my kneecap and had to leave practice to get an MRI. What do you mean he punted you?

What do you mean? He walked towards me. I didn't know if he was going to throw a fist. I was laughing. He was obviously mad. And he, yeah, I mean, looked like he had a football in his right hand and essentially tried to punt me. Yeah, in a not so good place. And he lifted my knee up and that's what he hit.

Okay, got it. So I guess, in a way, I'm glad he hit your knee. But he was fine, right? He didn't miss any games due to this, did he?

No, he didn't miss any games, but he wasn't there the rest of the practice. So that's a pretty funny story. And he never found the helmet, I'd imagine, also.

He found it eventually, but there was a lot of trash cans that were going around the practice facility. I love it. Thank you, Lane.

Really appreciate it. You know, Eagles fans are disappointed with the way last year finished, but the expectation level is sky high. What message do you have for them? Stay with us.

I think a lot of learning is going to come from last year and to make us a better football team this year. So, you know, we're reloading and be ready to rock and roll soon. Lane, let me just tell you, thank you again for coming on here as you have repeatedly.

Maybe reach out, let's connect before your Mastermind Summit in July. All right, appreciate you. Thanks again, Lane. You got it. That's Lane Johnson, Philadelphia Eagles tackle courtesy of Kooth.

Visit us.cooth, K-O-O-T-H, like tooth, but with a K, dot com. 844-204 Rich, number to dial here on the program. Darren Rogers has spoken and I cannot wait to ask Mike Del Tufo if what Rogers said is true or not. Oh, I mean, this is common. Mike would know. Mike. Oh, yes. Get ready. Mike is an expert on this subject matter and he truly is. It's not just saying that he is. I can confirm he is an expert on this subject.

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Just search BLEAV podcast wherever you listen. Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly, good to see you gentlemen right here. Very much. I'm very much good to see you too Rich. He's got it right back at you. Great to see everyone.

Not just you Rich. I have a friend who when he sees someone coming towards him like in a room that he's supposed to know, he can tell I'm supposed to know this person but I don't. He goes, there he is. There he is. How are you as a ref though? Strictly what's called an AR, Assistant Referee. So I'm the guy who runs on the sideline with the flag.

I thought AR meant ****hole ref. The shorts are pretty short too. I mean they're stocked in length right there. Look at that ample thigh. That's a ham hock right there.

Look at that. That's ready for market. You might want to smoke that for a couple days. You guys want a slice?

Put some hickory around it. You know what I would genuinely love for you as a second career if you ever decided you wanted a second career? Finally be a broadcaster. Be someone who's calling color.

Right? Rich, maybe you could give me a break. I mean that would boost ratings for whatever sport you were talking about.

What if I took over the Rich Eisen Show? Ron Burgundy did help announce the national curling finals in Ottawa, Canada. And they had all these ads for Tim Horton's coffee, which is a big coffee chain for our Canadian listeners. And I just kept saying, all the signage, I'm like, who the hell is Tim Horton?

Who does he think he is? Is there any possibility that we see a Step Brothers sequel? We haven't ever talked about this face-to-face in public. No, we haven't.

Let's break some ground here. Are we going to do Step Brothers 2? I don't think so. Yeah, I don't think it's going to happen either. That's what I thought. Put up the photoshop anyway.

You make sense in that world somehow, Rich. Happy birthday to John C. Reilly. Hey!

Ah, yes. Who the hell is Tim Horton? The Rich Eisen Show radio network back on the air, sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk, furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger has the right product for you.

Call or just stop by. Despite our foray into New York City leaving us empty-handed and the very, very long night waiting to get the bad news at the Sports Emmy Awards. Three plus hours waiting to get the news we didn't want to hear.

I had it timed at like three hours and nine minutes. Despite all of that, I'm still a very positive guy. I got the glass half full.

Certainly being back in New York with Suze and all of you, even though Mike wasn't there because he was too busy going to the Lakers game with a lady friend of his. It's all good. It's all good. I'm looking at the glass as half full. Perfect example. Aaron Rodgers appears to be all in, showing up at OTAs in a way that Packers fans are kind of like, well, what happened? What's going on? He's showing up. He's at one Jets drive. Full of work. He's showing up, helmet on.

Right next to my house. Helping install offense and being Mr. Chip's teaching. Mr. Chip. In a way that reminds me of like back in the day, you know, when Brady went to Tampa and Patriots fans were like, kind of like, where were you helping out everybody? Like what happened? Suddenly you're, you're a giver. And Rodgers is out there and. Look at that. Feels great. Then I get a text from Chris Brockman. Uh oh. That was the text actually in caps. Uh oh.

And I'm like, what's this about? And you tweeted, you put the tweet in our text exchange from Diana Rossini of ESPN. It was one of the many members of the media live tweeting the Jets OTA.

New Jersey president. That Diana Rossini saying that Rodgers had to leave the field and he's with trainers and something's wrong with his ankle. Uh oh. Chris, did I take the bait in our text exchange? No, I did not. I was kind of surprised.

I did not because this is exactly the sort of side. I'm getting ready. I'm getting up. This is my training camp season. This is my organized team activity season as well as a jet fan.

I will not take the cheese. I'm not going to go into this season saying the trap doors coming. It's going to be a total disaster. This whole Rodgers thing is going to be totally underwhelming. This thing is going to be, he's going to get hurt. It's going to be Zach Wilson in there. By the way, when Zach did get in there, apparently looked great. Got to love those tweets.

Got to love those tweets. Zach is winning me. Zach is winning me. All right. But I'm not taking the cheese. I'm not going to take it. I'm not going to be like, oh, the sky's falling. Typical Jets stuff. Rodgers is already on the side. Can't work out.

No, not going to go there. It's it's it's it's mid-May. It's like May. Come on.

So Rodgers showed up to his postgame press conference or post OTA press conference, workout, whatever you want to call it. Yes, it is minor. Whatever.

It's a calf. Whatever. I'll take that at face value. Whatever.

I'm fine. Zach, get your reps in. And what?

He's going to make his life hell in practice. Whatever that was. Great. Make all the double toothpicks you want, man. Great. Take the reps. Good. Love it.

This was Rodgers talking about how. The honeymoon that we're all feeling, it's in full bloom. With him, number eight in green for the Jets. Every day, I wake up excited about coming to the facility. Now, the commute being two minutes really helps because it's just rolling out of bed and heading to the facility is nice. But I have an excitement about coming down the Jets drive. It was surreal, for sure.

And strange to look at my locker and see a number eight or to be rocking Jets gear is a little bit strange, for sure. But every day there's been something that's kind of been a little special sign or synchronicity or just a cool moment that reminds me I'm in the right place. Synchronicity.

Oh, the police. By the way, great album. Phenomenal album. Eighty-four.

Eighty-three. That's what it is. Great signs. This guy. These are great signs. I'm loving it.

Every eye roll GIF combined. Great. He's good. He's fine. I'm not taking the bait. It's all going to be good.

And the coach, you know how I feel about Robert Sala. Talking about elephants in the room and answering them exactly the way he should. The high expectations. Because you know Hard Knocks is coming.

Oh, yeah. High expectations. Why hasn't that been announced yet? I don't know. What are we waiting for?

They're too busy sending the draft to where Rogers just left. Mike, please. Mike Sprinkles. So, yeah.

It's all working. I don't know. I don't want to. I'm not getting knocked off this perch.

This is Robert Sala. My opinion, I think 32 teams stand in front of their teams. Our 32 coaches stand in front of their teams every year. Talk about winning a championship. And then realistically, there's maybe six or eight teams that have an actual chance to do it.

And I do think we are one of those teams. But none of it matters unless we do it. We take care of it today. That's it. Yeah. Nothing matters unless we take care of it today.

You know who took care of it on that day? Zach Wilson. Looking great in OTAs. Stop it.

Because number eight was hurt. Already. I am not going to be deterred. I will not. I'm not going to do that.

I'm happy for you. Thank you. Stay that way. Stay that way.

Will you please? Sure. Because they are one of the six to eight teams that can win it all.

They are. Everything last year was set up if only the quarterback could actually... If Zach played like Trevor in year two, Jets would have made the playoffs.

Jets would have beaten Trevor on that dreadful Thursday night, which wound up being what I believe Zach Wilson's last start as a Jet, as we just take it one rep at a time right now. So that's the way I'm looking at this right now. Not going to be worried about a calf. I'm not going to worry about anything. Coach is right.

Roster's right. And it's me. And you're all right.

I am all right. I'm not going to be knocked down by a calf muscle or sports center winning best studio show daily. We're not going to be undeterred. You understand?

That was our Monday night calf strain. I'm deterred. No, don't. How dare you? How dare you?

Let me just talk about it in ways that you would understand. When Matt Jones wasn't doing well, who stepped in? Bailey Zappi.

That's true. You did great. You did great. Boom. There you go. How's that supposed to make us feel better?

I'm just trying to tell him, don't be so down when you think things are not great. Boom. Boom.

Calf muscle goes down. Zach looks great. He's not going to see the field. It's okay. We're good.

Now then. One other aspect of Aaron Rodgers press conference I would like to bring to the floor or if you will, the floor here. Aaron Rodgers being asked about transitioning to life in New Jersey. This is what he had to say on this subject matter.

Look, I'll be honest. The only Jersey I kind of knew about besides Teterboro was Jersey Shore and I was, I was assured that was not a proper representation of this great state, but I'm not saying I'm not a fan. I'm just, that's, that was the only lens I saw the Jersey through and I was walking out to practice today and we, you know, the media are here always doing little videos and different things and the video was some do your best Jersey Shore impression and I just, I just kind of laughed to it and then CJ Yuzama was walking next to me and he said he never watched a show. I said, how can you not watch a show? The greatest show is back when MTV used to actually have content on it. It's phenomenal. But no, I'm a fan of all of them. I actually went to a poly D a poly D set back in Vegas and like back when I used to go there a few times a year back in like 2011 or something.

So few things. First of all, for those across the United States, Teterboro is a private aviation facility that is about a 10 minute drive from George Washington, George Washington bridge gets you right into New York. If you want to fly private in New York, that's where you go in New Jersey. That's Teterboro.

Number one, number two, number two, he never watched the surprise. That surprises me because that's, that's, I mean, he's, Tony's, Tony's pulling tickets going back to New Jersey from New York through the turnpike oil tank, all that stuff. All right. But that's be that as it may, this is where we're going to land on this subject matter. Mike Del Tufo. Yes, Richard. Is the Jersey shore representative of the New Jersey people?

Yay or nay? Mike Del Tufo. They didn't even live in New Jersey. There was one person out of that group that lived in New Jersey.

I am the Jersey shore. Not those. Oh my.

You're the one who knocks. Okay. I DJ'd in seaside before those idiots were even born. They are not even remotely close. Not representative. No, they're morons.

That was fake. Mike, I'm from Staten Island. That's where they were from. Two of them were from Staten Island, just to go to show you. That's not Jersey.

It's New York. What pop culture is the most representative of New Jersey then, in your estimation? Anything in the Sopranos?

Sopranos, a hundred percent is really close. I'm trying to think of what else. There's gotta be something else that we're not thinking about. I don't know how many other Jersey things there are.

Bruce, obviously you think of Bruce Springsteen, when you think of New Jersey pop culture, you think of Springsteen, the Sopranos, all the big bosses, Tony Soprano, Bill Parcells. That's what you think of. I mean, Boardwalk Empire does.

Oh my God. That's early. AC is not part. AC is more. But they do show us some of the AC in the Sopranos. Sopranos is definitely. And we're not talking about the mob life either. We're talking about, you know, like there's a meet, Satrials, there's the Bing, there's Stugats. There's jumpsuits.

Right now, I'm re-watching the Sopranos right now. And I'm up to the part where Adriana gets her own club. There's a club life in New Jersey.

But that's... Yeah, he doesn't. So are you really saying there's no part of the Jersey Shore that was representative of New Jersey at all? The Shore.

The Shore is representative. That's it. And the club that my friend's family owned, Karma. That's it. There's nothing else in that show. Those are idiots. That house, it's like they set that house up. They brought those idiots from out of state to our state and made us look like a bunch of idiots. Well, we are actually.

But I mean, seriously, they made New Jersey look like a bunch of idiots. Copland? Was that... Copland, yes.

Representative? Yeah, Sylvester Stone's very similar to the way I was in my small town when I was a cop. That's what we were like. Wasn't he a bad cop?

Yes, because we had New York cops and stuff that moved to our town. Wasn't he a bad cop in Copland? No, Sylvester Stone's not bad. No, he's trying to be good.

I haven't seen that in a long time. He's trying to be good with De Niro. De Niro helps him out.

Trying to make the... The bad guys are a couple of the other guys. Okay. All right. Ray Liotta was a good guy. I knew this would be a good conversation to have. He's good.

This is nice. Copland is very... That's very. Because that's right across from New York. This is a two-minute commute, where does he live?

I'm betting he lives... Right around, I'm sure in some spot nearby the facility. Well, Foreign Park is beautiful where that facility is. Livingston's literally the next town over. You have... What if Rogers lives in Livingston? I would not be surprised if he lives in Livingston, because there is beautiful new options.

So what advice would you give Aaron Rodgers to living in Livingston or right in that area of this kind of commute? What advice would you give... A lot of great bagels. Oh my God. Pizza. Bagels.

Excuse me. Do you need a 29-year-old guy to go load up on carbs? You can't eat bagels? What do you mean?

What are you talking about? Bagels? I'm on gluten-free. That's how I'm losing weight. Gluten-free?

You don't eat bread? By the way, he could live... That's probably where he's... I'm not kidding. You're probably right, Chris. That's it. So he's not going... He didn't do the Brooklyn thing in commuting. He's in.

He's all in. He's got a two-minute commute. Two minutes. Because it would be two minutes. He's showing up at OTAs. Rocco's is my friend's restaurant that used to be there.

That's two, three minutes left. He's saying there is lots of things that happen every day that show him this is the right thing for him. Is Bedminster's not too far away? Fantastic.

It's great. And he'll learn that you say the Jersey Shore is not representative. If I see Aaron, I'm going to go right into his face, I'll be like, Aaron, not New Jersey.

I'm going to be like, Aaron, no. Well, you've said... I mean, everyone has told him it is not representative, but as he said, the great state of New Jersey. Well, it's not. It's just... Very good.

I'd be like, yeah. And then Green Bay. Did you see that?

I did. 2025 draft going to Green Bay. That's pretty awesome.

Nice. So next year, Detroit. And then, yeah. And then 25 Green Bay. And then one state over. And then, yeah.

That's going to be cool. Where do they do it? Then across the lake. Lambeau? I think we're going to have to be posted up there, Rich. What do you say?

I have no idea. That's too... I imagine the draft will be... It won't be inside Lambeau Field, will it? It could be. You can do it in front, that part.

No, why not? It's got big space. Have the draft hall in there and then... Yeah. The stadium, it's beautiful. And then you have all the... Everybody in the stands. Oh, that would actually be... They're like a football game. But have it be the draft.

That's a piece of history in here, Lambeau. I have no idea where they have it. Well, did you... What's the internal discussions been? I have not received any emails from my correspondents.

There's been no internal discussions? I will get that and I will let you guys know. Thanks for the heads up.

I'll bring you the email. I think you need to... I think you're being disrespected. You didn't get a heads up on this as an owner?

No, I do. I just kept quiet. I kept it quiet. I knew. I knew a couple weeks ago. Good chat.

844-204 Rich, number to dial here on the show. Chris Olavi of the Saints, Jimmy Tetreault of the Machine, still to come. But when we come back, the 49ers quarterback situation, one of the biggest mysteries of the season, unless it appears if you're Kyle Shanahan. That's coming up. So do you know who apparently won the Emmy trip to New York? That guy.

He won the Emmy trip? Oh, yeah. Anybody sing karaoke late at night?

Late into the night in New York? Anybody do that? Did you do that?

No, I am. I know you didn't go. I didn't do it. Did you do that? I mean, I did do that. You did do that. Where'd he do it? What happened, TJ? How does that make you win?

Some little spot on Lafayette Street. That's a win. That's a win.

That's a win. Well, you have to be good at singing. TJ, what'd you sing? Well, the thing is, I'm not good at singing, Chris.

That's the thing. But what I do do is I turn the party out, and I had a Golden Girls t-shirt on, which throughout the course of a day, multiple people just stopped me on the street just complimenting me on the shirt. So I got into the bar. Like eight people love my shirt, and I was getting ready to go sing 99 Problems by Jay-Z, and I decided... What'd you do instead?

Thank you for being a friend. I did the Golden Girls theme. The entire bar sang with me.

It was amazing. Who were you there with? My buddy, Gerald.

My buddy, Seth, who's in The Walking Dead. So we just met up with these guys. Cool. That's fun. Yeah. There you go.

That's a win. Thanks for the invite. Going to New York. I don't think you were in town yet. Yeah. I offered you guys a trip to see Pardon My Take in studio, which normally you guys would jump at. I would have. I wanted to, but I was dead to the world.

I don't really watch Pardon My Take, so I didn't... I got it. Yeah. I would think you would normally jump at that.

Yeah. For what I have, but I couldn't move. Too much acting as an actor. He'd spent all weekend as an actor, and his acting skills as an actor were so stretched then. That, and the golf, and the drinking.

He wasn't going to go to Pardon My Take. How many autographs did you sign? Too much acting.

Right? A lot. People were very, very nice.

A lot of people saying they enjoyed the show, and didn't want to bother me, but they had to tell me. It was very, very nice. Oh, that's so nice. Very good.

And they raised almost $2 million for St. Jude. That's amazing. Isn't that wonderful? That is great.

That's good. Back here on our radio show, along with the Roku Channel live stream, let's go to the phone lines. Allen Dallas. Let's get him on the phone line. I saw he just called in.

Let's get him. How you doing, Al? I'm disgusted. It's a travesty.

What is it? That you lost a sports center? That's ridiculous. It's not even in the same venue. I mean, a purview. It's stupid.

I can't believe it at all. Well, I mean, it's a daily studio show, and so are we, so. No, but you're a radio show. You're a talk show. You're a radio... You know what I mean?

If you lost to Stephen A. Smith or something like that, that's totally different, right? Sports center. It's all good. I mean, that's where I come from. That's my DNA. Oh, I'm not... Listen. I mean, but you've evolved. You've evolved. I appreciate that, Al. No, it's all good. It's all good. I'm mortified. So, the other... Dallas, by the way, if you haven't noticed, is the epicenter of the golfing world this weekend, where they're hosting two events, one being the Michael Block Open, and the other one being the PGA Senior Tour here in wonderful Frisco, Texas. So we're hosting it all, all in the same town, which is very, very bizarre.

What would happen... Thanks to the call, Al. Greatly appreciate it. And we appreciate your fandom and support. It's all good, honestly. What if Michael Block wins this week?

Oh my gosh, I mean, it's already a movie. This story, for people who don't know, this local PGA professional at a course down in Orange County... Charges $115 for lessons. Yeah, $150 for lessons. He made 300K. He finished 15th. He played in the final group with Rory. He has a hole-in-one in the final round, jarred it. It's one of the most amazing stories.

It's literally a Disney movie that took place. To help him get into the Byron Nelson. They gave him a... He got the last exemption, and they invited him.

He's gonna play in the Canadian Open. This guy's life is now completely changed. How wonderful. He said he had 2,000 text messages, and he had only been through a few hundred of them. Michael Jordan texted him. It's unbelievable.

It's so cool. We've seen him tear up, talking about it. He was out. He had 10 AM flights booked Saturday morning, him and his boys, because he didn't expect to make the cut. He was out partying Saturday night at local bars, just because he was living in the moment. Yeah.

This guy is an American golf dream. It's phenomenal. And it is a movie. It's a movie. It sounds like one. For sure.

It sounds like it. You can't make it up. To win this week, I don't know. Could you imagine if he wins this week?

He's a long shot to make the cut this week. Odds. Odds. Get out of here with odds. I know. But come on. It's awesome. It is really cool. 45, 46 years old. It's what we it's again, the latest reminder of why we watch sports for moments like this.

We have no idea who he is at all. And all of a sudden you learn his story. And the best part about sports is the trying and how it is it is the way that we as, you know, humans going about our business in the 21st century, sometimes learn about hard work paying off and how you see so many people succeed in this world when they're lying or you see them succeed in this world when they are taking instead of making. Not to go too serious here, but that's what sports can show you. It is an incredible manner in which we can be reminded to just keep grinding in our daily lives.

That's what Michael Block means. That's why I think everyone sees it and appreciates it. And it's just a fresh reminder, whatever you do in your life and how you're going about your business, just keep at it.

Because you never know when you will have an opportunity knocking and you answer the door and busted down. Honestly, you might miss the cut this weekend or. And that's what most sports movies are. You know, you know, rock spoiler alert, Rocky loses right in the first and the first.

You know, now we've got Creed three. But you know what I mean? Like, this is what this is why we watch sports. And I love it. I love it. It's so cool to see this guy get his moment. It's his 15 minutes.

It's great. Or it could be longer than that. I hope so.

It would be amazing. John Daly. We all thought he had only 15 minutes. He won a second major after that. I know. Yeah. The PGA Championship is what normally births a lot of these stories, too.

844-204-rich number to dial. Kyle Shanahan spoke on Tuesday. And when you're the San Francisco 49ers head coach, you talk about all your quarterbacks in the quarterbacks room now, forevermore, literally. And don't laugh when he mentions the fourth stringer. All right? I'll get it out.

Okay. Because once upon a time, the fourth stringer was Jimmy Garoppolo, right? Because they had to find a spot in a depth chart for whatever the hell he was at the time last summer. And then as we all know, the fourth stringer played in the NFC Championship game last year. Mr. Irrelevant. No, no, the fourth stringer came in for the Mr.

Irrelevant. He was the third stringer, Brock Purdy. So here was Kyle Shanahan talking about Trey Lance and Sam Darnold and Brock Purdy all sharing a quarterback room. We got two guys who are talented enough to be taken in the top five of the draft.

And we have another guy who played like it last year. So I like the three guys we got. And I've always been a fan of Brandon Allen, just watching him throughout his career. And to be able to get him in here also, I feel real fortunate with our four. Don't laugh when he's talking about, I really like Brandon Allen. Because of any coach that might look at him and say, we might have to meet him.

It's that one. You never know. Now what did I tell you last week, though?

You might have been in Jacksonville at the time, Chris. But to me, the best case scenario for San Francisco is to have Brock Purdy be the guy out of all of them. You know, we're all looking at Sam Darnold like this is finally his opportunity. He's got the spot. He's got the system. He's got the coach. He's got the stability.

He never had in New York and clearly not in Carolina. This is his moment. He's going to take it. Of course, you know how I feel about Trey Lance. I thought that was the guy they were going to take because I believe he's got the biggest upside. He can be the guy who can run it and run the system. He can be the guy, if he doesn't give it to McCaffrey, you better watch out because he might be coming at you downhill.

The other guys would be like, oh, OK, you have it. Good enough. I know you're throwing it. And I know Darnold can run it, too. But Lance is the one with the bigger upside physically and how he can make the offense diverse. But Purdy is the guy because he's the guy on a seventh round draft choice contract.

He's the guy that over the next three years or one would say two years, maybe you might have to give him a deal in his fourth and final year of his contract, the same way that Hertz just got one right now before his fourth and final year of his contract, because they don't have a fifth year of contractual control on him. But that means this year and next, they've got a way to beat you, win a championship with a guy making peanuts compared to what a quarterback of any other Super Bowl contender is kind of making. And I think you can hear that in Kyle Shanahan's voice when he talked about week one. We're hoping for week one, and I feel pretty optimistic about that. That's what we're hoping for. He'll be ready to play in week one, and usually that doesn't mean that's the day he comes back. Usually you've got to come before that to make that goal. And that's kind of the goal we're hoping for and don't have any reason to think differently. And you know who's starting to throw?

It's Purdy. I truly believe that the way that they are running, and Trey Lance to his credit yesterday got up there and said exactly what he said at the Super Bowl. I earn nothing. I will compete for it. I love being here.

I want to be nowhere else. But if Purdy starts throwing now, and he starts showing up, and he can go in training camp, and they're looking at him saying, oh, he looks just like the kid last year, and he's not sitting there with his arm in ice, and he does what he needs to do in training camp, and he does what he needs to do in the first preseason game, then he's your guy. And they're going to go ride with him. And they'll have Darnold and Lance sitting there as backups.

Unless somebody gets hurt elsewhere in training camp, and then all of a sudden they'll be taking calls again for Lance. That's the guy. That's the guy. Because he's the one with a 50-year option that's going to be through the roof. And if the Niners want to just send him somewhere else and not have to deal with that and have to make that decision based off of hardly seeing him, let somebody else deal with that. And Purdy's the guy. Because he can run it too.

I mean, you know, he was running in the end zone, but not like Lance. So this is why I'm saying Purdy is the best answer for the 49ers, because he's on a seventh round rookie contract. Yeah, what is he making? Like 600K or something? Well, I mean, he's got to be making the minimum, right?

750? Maybe a little bit more? Do they wet his beak a little bit after doing what he did last year? A little something for the effort?

I don't know. If I'm them, you don't. It's like you're coming off of surgery. We believe in you. We love you. But we'll take advantage of what you're making, because guess who we have to give it to? Pretty much everybody else on defense.

He's at 870. Let's just get out of here. Look at every other contender in the NFC, Philadelphia, Los Angeles. If you want to talk about the Rams, talk about Dallas. Talk about the Giants. What are those quarterbacks making?

It starts with a four or five with a bunch of zeros after it. So that's why I point at Purdy. And that's why I think they're saying week one, let's roll.

Still here getting ready for hour three. So that's why I'm that's why I said what I said, and I saw a few blogs saying Rich thinks Purdy is the best option. I think he is, because if he can play like he did, as Shanahan said, like he had top five in the draft talent, two number three overall choices sitting in the draft room with Mr.

Irrelevant, you got to choose Mr. Irrelevant because of what he's making right now and how you can build this team over the next two years as opposed to not giving him the shot, every shot possible, or maybe a little bit of a boost up while you're choosing to throw Trey Lance out there again, and then you've got to make a monster expensive decision for a year five option. But as always, anything with the 49ers, it's May, anything can happen the minute a football is put into play and a cart is on the field. And I mean, heaven forbid, but like how far away are we from a segment that we're doing top five trade spots for Trey Lance could be, you know, if anybody knows that they need to slow play this situation. It's the 49ers slow play all the way down to the last drop, because you don't know who you might need to have around and who you're going to start.

Chris Olave of the Saints coming up. You love Lala Kent on Vanderpump Rules, now get to know her on Give Them Lala with her assistant Jess. What you did not see is when Raquel arrives and she wants to talk to me, I made her sit in a corner, explain, sat in a corner booth all by herself in the dark, waiting for to talk to you, waiting for me to finish dancing to 50 Cent, it's my birthday, sit in a corner. Give Them Lala wherever you listen.
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