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REShow: Sam Amick - Hour 3

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May 16, 2023 3:12 pm

REShow: Sam Amick - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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May 16, 2023 3:12 pm

The Athletic’s Sam Amick tells Rich why the Philadelphia 76ers and Phoenix Suns parted ways with Doc Rivers and Monty Williams, what’s next for the Warriors following their roller coaster ride of a season, how hard the NBA will come down on Ja Morant after his latest gun video, and why the Mami Heat reaching the Eastern Conference Finals is even more impressive than the Lakers getting to the Western Conference Finals.

Rich and the guys perform their very own NBA Draft Lottery to predict which team will win the right to draft 7’4” Euro superstar Victor Wembanyama. 

Rich reacts to Joe Burrow’s latest comments about his forthcoming contract extension from the Cincinnati Bengals. 

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As the Stanley Cup playoffs continue on ESPN, anything is possible. So, the decorations could get a little out of hand.

And a city could get a new landmark. Could a Kraken arise? Could the storm surge? Could it happen for the first time? Could it happen again?

Yeah, that could happen. That is playoff hockey. The breakup playoffs continue on ESPN. Coming up, senior NBA writer for The Athletic, Sam Amick.

Plus, your phone calls, latest news, and more. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Yes. Our number three of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. We've had a lot of fun so far. If you missed any of the first two hours where Lewis Riddick joined us to talk some football, I also gave a top five likeliest new NFL playoff teams in 2023 list. We also chopped up Aaron Judge looking askance into the Yankee dugout last night. Again, a lot of people think that maybe he was looking for a sign or maybe he's cheating. All he was doing was he heard some chirping from the dugout is what he said. And apparently the chirping was the Yankees were talking about how Chris Brockman was identified as an actor in Kevin Rahm's Celebrity Golf Tournament booklet.

Maybe that's what they were chirping about. Anyway, if you missed any of it, we re-air right here on the Roku channel. There's also our podcast. There's all of our social media feeds. It's dangerous.

You can go down a wormhole. Lots of videos come at you fast, and we greatly appreciate everyone's patronage, subscriptions, and sharing, and all that good stuff. Joining us here now, atop of our number three, is we get set for a Western Conference Finals tonight between the Lakers and the Nuggets, the Celtics and the Heat go at it tomorrow night. So much happening off the court in the NBA as well to help us make heads or tails of it all. Senior NBA writer from the Athletics, Sam Amick, back here on the Rich Hudson Show. How are you doing, Sam? Rich, doing great. Thank you for having me.

Thank you for coming on. Let's jump right into what happened in Philadelphia. Why did Doc Rivers get bounced? Sam?

Well, I mean, you got, to me, two layers to it. You've got the incredibly disappointing season that it felt for the first time in a little while in the Joel Embiid era that they might have what it took to take this thing a little deeper. Game six, heartache.

You're up late. You lose the game like that. That can get any coach fired when you lose game seven the way that they did. But I think the more nuanced story here is all the questions that they now face in the summertime, James Harden specifically with his free agency. I definitely thought it went into this summer that unless they won a title, the idea of James coming back and wanting to play for Doc was unlikely. So I think that is playing a part. And then you also have to remember, you go back to when Daryl Morey was hired by Philly in late October of 2020, he got hired 25 days after Doc got hired. And it was always a little strange, the timing of it.

And they made it work during their time together and it seemed to be a good relationship. But, you know, Daryl never hired his own coach and now Daryl doesn't want to lose James Harden. So you think this is a keep Harden maneuver and thus what? Does that inform us about the next coach, do you think?

It could. I don't have total clarity on what direction they're going to go. But, you know, the threat of James going to Houston is very real in free agency. And, you know, the idea that you then, you know, you have to take every attempt to give him what he wants to keep him.

I think that's part of the calculus. Now, the natural counter to that is, wait a minute, you have the reigning MVP on your team. Like this is not the old Houston Rockets days where you set everything up the way James wants it. And that's where I, you know, if I'm handicapping it, I probably don't think that James is back. I don't know if it'll be Houston.

I think it very possibly could be. We'll see what happens. Sam Amick of the Athletic here on the Rich Eisen Show. Obviously, also what could lead to everything that happened in Philadelphia is the fact that there's a ton of coaching candidates that are out there and they might already be talking to other teams.

So if you're thinking of doing it, you might as well do it quickly as Philadelphia did. Monty Williams is part of this mix. Why is Monty Williams even out there?

Let me just give you a simple question. Why did the Suns do what they did with Monty Williams, Sam? I mean, Rich, to me, it's crazy. I don't remember a time when we saw owners just coming in flexing like they have in recent NBA history. And I think that's the biggest reason that Monty is on the market now. Matt Isby advised the Suns, said all the right things in his early press conferences about trusting his people and not taking over. And that didn't last very long.

He's taken over. And he came in and I'm not sure what James Jones' future in that front office holds. But with Monty, two terrible endings to the last two playoffs and an owner who clearly just wants to put his stamp on this group.

I'm surprised because I thought the relationship between Monty and Kevin Durant would hold more weight. That was a major reason that Kevin wanted to come to Phoenix. But, you know, we saw this with the Timberwolves. When they got bought by a new ownership group, they went out and traded with Rudy Robert because you want to do something flashy, you know, Milwaukee, as a change in part of their ownership. And they are suddenly firing Mike Boonholzer.

There's a lot of this going around right now. Yeah, I mean, my gosh, the three teams with the most wins over the last three years, Bucks and Sixers and Suns, just all fired their coaches. Frank Vogel's in the mix for a Philadelphia job, or as he's mentioned to be. We all know he won the bubble year as the head coach of the Lakers. Nick Nurse won with the Raptors.

He's free now. He might be in this mix for all these jobs. Why do you think we're seeing all this, Sam? You know, it's funny because we debate the value of the regular season, partly because of load management, partly because of ring culture. And I don't know, I think that's part of it, is the idea that all of a sudden, owners specifically are, you know, like, they are looking at the playoffs and they're looking at the ultimate goal at the end of the all. And in a weird sort of way, it might be a testament to the talent level within the league, where you have so many programs where they feel so confident about the level of talent of their players that they think they should be raising that trophy at the end of the year. They seem to forget that it's, you know, one out of 30 every single time.

And when they fall short, the heads roll. It is crazy to see this many high-caliber coaches on the market. You know, it's kind of a field day for any team in the vacancy right now. Well, I just don't, it's so rare, Sam Amick of the Athletic here, normally when a coach gets fired, you know, they're in the lottery, right?

I mean, like, that's the way it would go. Or any other sport, coach gets fired, it's because they need a quarterback. Manager gets fired in baseball. It's because the team has just been stinking.

That usually is the case. But in the NBA, one, the job just opened today has the reigning MVP. One opened last week has another MVP. And one opened in between them has Kevin Durant, who's got, you know, all the accolades and MVPs in the finals galore. And Booker, I mean, these are some serious gigs here.

Which do you think is going to wind up being the most desirable in your estimation? Well, to finish real briefly, Rich, your son's point, you know, you get fired as Monty Williams. You didn't have your Hall of Fame point guard. You didn't have, you know, your impactful big man. Yeah, he had all kinds of reasons to feel fine about losing that series, and he's still on the outs. As far as the vacancies and most attractive, you know, I'm tempted to say inevitably going to come with questions about Jonathan's future in Milwaukee. So, you know, he's got a decent runway there, a couple years left on his deal, but extension possibilities nearing. But, you know, as far as attaching yourself to a guy who is as great as they come, I think that's a pretty good recruiting chip. The son situation is tricky because Devin Booker is elite.

He's become one of those guys, and Kevin Durant is Kevin Durant, but he's still not a young man, and he's still close to Achilles Kevin Durant, and you have to figure out what to do with Chris Paul, whose contract is only half guaranteed for next season. And more, you know, kind of holistically, they don't have a lot of avenues to add depth this summer. So that job, to me, would be a little bit worrisome in that regard. You know, Philly is going to be, to me, you know, I talked to somebody earlier today about the Mikey and Tony possibilities, and I just think it's going to have, it's going to have, you know, Daryl Morey's fingerprints all over it, and I don't know if it's going to be as open as they make it appear, and we'll see what happens there.

But, yeah, a lot of good jobs with a ton of expectations that come with them. Sam Amick, the senior NBA writer from the athletic couple more minutes left with him. Crystal Ball, what happens in Golden State now?

What happens there? I'm a little surprised, Rich. They, I didn't think we'd have this much clarity this quickly in the offseason about the way they were going to take things. I mean, they're clearly going to run it back with their core, and they have gone from trying to operate on two timelines and have the old and the young meet at the perfect, you know, pitch point to make it work, and that plan fell apart. James Wiseman gets traded. Jordan Poole is struggling. Jonathan Kminger can't get on the floor. You know, some good minutes from Moses Moody, but by and large, they've swung and missed on a lot of their gun players, and then they look at the old heads, Steph and Klay and Draymond, and they feel pretty good about the state of their respective games.

I don't know. To me, their ceiling, even if they do this, their ceiling is definitely lower than it was before. I think they can still win a lot of games. I think they need to do something in the summer if they want to truly be title contenders again. But, you know, Draymond has got a player option this summer, and both sides are making it seem somewhat inevitable that they find a middle ground on a multi-year deal. Klay Thompson can have an extension this summer. He's got one year left on his deal. You know, he's not going to get the max that he certainly wants, probably not even close to it, but I think something probably gets done there, and, you know, the Dynasty core is going to keep seeing that they can do it. And then, Crystal Ball, for me, what happens with Morant, John Morant, and the Grizzlies have said that he's suspended at the moment, but I imagine the league is going to step in, and potentially soon. They might not want to stomp on their NBA Finals, but something's got to get done, I would think, sooner rather than later, but maybe I'm wrong.

I'll give you the floor, Sam. Yeah, I'm not sure about the timing. I do think they might have a window here where they would be excused for taking their time, partly for business purposes, like you said, keep the focus on the playoffs also, because there's just no pressing issue about regular season games just yet. I'd be pretty stunned if they didn't come down pretty hard on this one, and I feel like this is one of those where, hopefully, this parallel lands. But, you know, when Draymond Green, during that game against the Kings in the first round, stomped on Sabonis' chest and then had a lot of antics with the crowd, he did that with Adam Silver in the audience in Sacramento, and I always felt like that was risky business, because from a human standpoint, you've got to be careful to not embarrass the commissioner. Adam, I don't know if that's what happened, but that was my read of it, potentially. Now, if you look at Ja, this feels like if you're Adam Silver, you kind of put your neck out for Ja before. You gave him a pretty light discipline on the first Instagram Live gun video, eight games, but it was really two by the time the verdict came down, pretty soft, and then in less than two months you're doing the same thing again, and I think making Adam in the league look really bad in the process. I wrote a column yesterday, pretty tough on Ja, pretty tough on the league, pretty tough on the Grizzlies.

It's always telling to me when you write something like that and you don't get any pushback at all. I think they know how serious this is, and I think the decision, discipline-wise, is going to reflect that. Well, just I guess to tag team on top of your analogy to the Draymond Green suspension, and obviously we're talking about apples and oranges in regards to the reasons for the suspension, but he, in the statement from the NBA, just called it up, they said the suspension was based in part of Green's history of unsportsmanlike acts. So if history is being brought into it, the recent history of him getting suspended for a similar offense and a similar way of being caught with a gun, although that one was in the public domain in Colorado with different gun laws, I imagine, that he gets suspended for that and he may have called us to Jalen Rose and also to, I imagine, the league, and then this happens now. That has to factor into the league's thinking about what their punishment might be, Sam, I would say.

100 percent, absolutely, Rich. And the thing is, too, and these are, to be very fair from a legal standpoint, these are allegations, but as you know, you're also talking about several other instances where the presence of a gun was alleged. The fight that he got into at his house with the 17-year-old basketball player who was there to play a pickup game and he's been sued, and that situation, you have the shoe store incident where his mother had a hard time with somebody at the store and John and some other people allegedly showed up and threatened that man. For the NBA's purposes, it's just bad business. It's headline after headline with a guy who was the number one up-and-coming kind of American-born star, making them looked at at every turn. That context, to your point, is going to factor in.

Last one for you, Sam. Let's talk about the Final Four here. The conference finals that begin tonight in Denver and then tomorrow in Boston.

So many great stories about their journeys to this spot. Celtics with a head coaching change that shocked everybody. The Heat being the eighth seed and then technically being lucky to even be that. The Lakers are clearly a story unto themselves for many reasons. And then you've got the Nuggets being the one seed in the West actually doing what they did to get there by dispatching the Suns with Durant. Which one do you think could spike a basketball, if you will? I know you don't hang banners at this point. But which one do you think can hold their chest out the most to say this was an incredible result to get to this point? Sam. To get to this point or to get the job done all the way?

I got to get to this point even, just like right now, to get here. I think it's close between Miami and the Lakers. The Nuggets are doing what they're supposed to do. And same thing for the Celtics. I think that the Lakers can puff their chest. But the unique part of their story, of course, is that you really revamped your team at the trade deadline and good on you for doing it.

They've worked fantastically. But it's a different group. What strikes me about the Heat is you hear all the time about Heat culture and sometimes people roll their eyes at it because it's tired and talked about so often. But they're showing, again, how real it is to win the types of series and the games that they have with Tyler Herro being out losing guys left and right. This is a Heat team that underwhelmed all regular season long. I remember I caught up with them early in the regular season. I think they were funny.

And I actually had really enjoyable conversations with all their people. Jimmy, all of money, Tyler too. And Jimmy that night, because he's Jimmy and this is how he rolls, had said, I'm paraphrasing, but basically, we're winning the F-ing championship. We are. And I just walked away that night going, this guy's something else. It doesn't matter how bad it looks. He's always wired that way.

And you can call him crazy at the moment. And now I don't think they're going to win the chip. But to get to the conference finals is remarkable.

And it's all born out of the way they compete, the way they train, the way they run their whole operation. So for me, it'd probably be Miami. And then butterflies tonight, huh? With the lottery. This is it. This is it. Yeah. Right. It'll be fun, man. Yeah, absolutely. I mean, we didn't see tanking that we thought we would see. And, you know, and we still have all these scenarios in play where, you know, teams that didn't sell out to get the guy might get them. It'll be fun.

It's been a long time since we had a player like this on the edge of joining the league that was going to make such an impact. Well, Sam, I've got a bag full of ping pong balls here. I don't know if you can hear it in the microphone. We're about to do our own lottery. I'll let you know the result. If you want to break that news, you know, I'll let you know.

Okay? We'll do that. Here we go. The NBA got us. As you know.

The ghost of David Stern. You can take it down. As you know, I was literally 10 seconds before to say goodbye. Like, if I didn't make the joke with the ping pong balls, I could just say goodbye and I'd be out.

As you know. You want to text Sam right now and say you're sorry? I'm going to text Sam. I got to have closure.

Call him back. Feel free when Susie's sitting in this chair tomorrow when I go through. What is the genesis of this with you? What is?

With the needing closure or the accidental hang up and whatnot. I don't know. Okay. I just need closure. Like, this is... It's not clean.

It's not a clean break. I mean, you made it 17 minutes. I didn't. Trust me. Yeah, exactly. We were getting to it. I was just being cheeky. And instead, it cost me.

It cost me. He's driving around Denver, you know, trying to get lunch. I just wanted to say goodbye to Rich, too. Or is he just like, eh?

Eh. Thanks for having me on. You just Tom Tolescoed? Yeah, you got Tolescoed. I was like... Hey, thanks for having me on. Thank you very much. It's now called being Tolescoed.

Tolescoed. Hey, thanks for having me on. The verb. That went too long. All right. It's my fault.

Now, this segment's going on too long because of that happening. All right. Here's what's happening. Set up. Set up the rest of the hour. Yeah. I've got ping pong balls.

That's the point here. Right now, it sounds like ping pong balls. When you shoot it the first time, it's like, come on. We're going to do the lottery. I mean, I have codes. You've got codes. I've got ping pong balls.

And we are going to run the lottery. Del Tufo's got music. He's so excited for that. He actually did work. That's coming up.

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For every industry, Grainger is the right product for you. Call or just stop by. Okay, we're about to set you up for tonight's draft lottery. Oh yeah. All right, hold on a second. We're going to give you soup to nuts how to get ready for tonight's draft lottery.

I believe eight Eastern Time on the worldwide leader in sports before game one of the Western Conference Finals between the Nuggets and the Lakers. Now first things first, we need to get the name of a kid that everybody is hoping to win the rights to draft tonight. Okay. His name is Victor Wembanyama. The thing that really is getting people confused is there's an M, there's an N, and then there's an M at the end. So you're hearing the Wembanyana, you're hearing a lot of stuff. It's Wembanyama. You can say everyone knows it's Wemby. He's Wemby, dammit.

He is tall and seeming very live, flexible. Wembanyama. That's how you pronounce his name, Wembanyama.

I think the bond is what kind of gets people here. Because you think that that could be the M or it's Wembanyana. Like you know what I mean?

Like you're mixing it all up. No, it's Wembanyama. And it's just like, can't it be a Jack Smith who's first overall here? There's an Antenokumpo, MB, there's two I's and MB, Yokich, you know.

Now it's, yeah, that helped. Zion, I'm going to say Zion Williamson, now it's easy. One name, Zion. Well, this is Wembanyama. Okay.

That's the way it is. All right, let's go. It's number one. Hold on. Number two.

Number two. Excited. There are people who are representing the teams.

You know, I'm into this sort of thing. We just showed radio audience to our Roku Channel crowd, a video of Jamie Gertz appearing on this program after she was a surprise representative on behalf of the Hawks. Her husband is a part owner of the Hawks.

Her mother, Mallory Edens, showed up, the daughter of Wes Edens. Who's that? Okay. Okay.

Okay. As if you didn't follow her on Instagram the night she appeared on behalf of the Milwaukee Bucks. Don't know what you're talking about. And so, you never know who's showing up to represent the teams. And the thing is, they used to be there as the envelopes were revealed, okay?

This was back in the day when they had envelopes. They took out, David Stern would sit there and smile like Vanna White, you know? And here's number eight. Team number eight. It's a big smile on his face.

It was a very rabbinical way of doing things. I can say that. You can't. So let me just... So I've got the list here. Detroit Pistons will be represented tonight by Ben Wallace. Big Ben Wallace. All in favor. The Rockets getting right in with Emei Yudoka. Throw him right out there.

Why not? Good thing the Celtics aren't in the lottery for many reasons. You know who's representing the Spurs? The team owner, Peter J. Holt. He's like... Peter J. Holt.

Sounds like he owns a mansion and a yacht. I want to greet this kid. Right?

If we win. Right? Elmer J. Fudd, a millionaire. Right, Mike? Elmer J. Fudd owns a mansion and a yacht. Focus, Mike. Focus.

I know where you're going. Charlotte Hornets are sending the rookie guard, Mark Williams, up there. Former All-Star Brandon Roy is representing the Blazers.

Nice. Logan Roy? Jamal Mosley, the head coach of the Magic. Sticking him out there. Representing the Indiana Pacers, Tyrese Halliburton, an All-Star. The Wizards head coach, Wes Unseld Jr. will represent the Wizards, the Jazz, who tanked by half measure this year.

Didn't go all the way. Collin Sexton, their guard, will be there. Dallas Mavericks general manager, Nico Harrison, zooming in on his face as somebody comes up from 11, 12, 13, or 14 to win a lottery spot so the Knicks get his first round draft choice. Zoom right in on his face.

Tanks for nothing. That's part of tonight's drama, by the way. Rookie guard, Dale and Terry will represent the Chicago Bulls. Nick Collison. Hey. Do you know he's a current scout of the Oklahoma City Thunder?

Nice. He'll be there. I thought he was still playing. Toronto Raptors general manager, Bobby Webster, and the Pelicans. Good luck horseshoe himself. Vice President David Griffin. Half a percent. If there's anybody that's going to win Victor Wembanyama with half a percent, it's David Griffin. You and I both know that. Half a percent, man. Chip in a chair. So he's got a chip in a chair. That's the information you need to know prior to tonight's draft lottery and prior to the Rich Eisen show mock draft lottery.

Get ready, Mike. Please understand this. What I do is not the real draft lottery. I don't want to hear from the NBA or ESPN like, hey, Rich, what are you doing? So understand if you're watching on the Roku channel or you're listening wherever you're listening, what you're about to witness is not the real NBA draft lottery, although we have set it up in similar fashion.

By what I mean by similar. I've got ping pong balls. Yes, we've got your it on.

I hear the audio executive was stomping on my own natural sound. Yes, I like that. Now I got it. Now I can use that. Good phone. Right.

That's a good foley. It's in a bag. We hear you talk. Could you imagine?

Could you imagine if the NBA actually had like a could you just do it once with silence in the room, a focaccia bag, rich like this. All right. So we've got ping pong balls, 14 of them because there are 14 teams involved. And they're numbered one through 14. I will draw four of them. I will draw four of them. Hold on. I got pieces of paper around here.

Oh, my. I will draw four of them. Four. And there are 1001 possible four number combinations. Set me up with music now, Mike. Now I need the music.

This is dramatic. This is the 1001 four number combinations. Each combination has been assigned to a team based on their designated odds of winning the first overall pick.

And there they are up on the screen. The Pistons, Rockets and Spurs are in the spots with the most impressive odds. Fourteen percent chance of winning the draft lottery by getting fourth day at 14 percent of the four number combination.

So, you know, about 140 each. The Hornets, twelve and a half percent of the combinations, ten and a half percent of the combinations go to the Trailblazers Magic nine percent and so on and so forth. I will say that we did rehearse this prior to the show and Mike Hoskins, who bought the ping pong balls and numbered them and gave Chris Brockman about a 10 page booklet of all the combinations and printed out the logos of all 14 teams involved.

He ran this last night. The Trailblazers won both of our rehearsals. Now it's time though. Ready?

Now I need better music. Oh man, this is going to determine my fandom for the next decade and a half. Get ready, TJ. Is that TJ who's sick of the Clippers and Sixers ripping his hearts out. You tonight will now become a newfound fan of the team that drafts first overall and takes big Vic from Paris.

I've been on his bandwagon for two years now. Here we go. I'm going to shake him up one more time.

Shake him up, shake him up, shake him up, shake him up. Wow. We didn't even rehearse that.

It would be great if Mark Tatum did that tonight with a smile on his face. It just happened. All right. The first number.

Come on, Rich. Seven. Seven. Lucky number seven. Seven. Seven eleven. Seven out. Let me pull this back right here so you can see it on the desk. Heads up, seven up.

By the way, do you think that the NBA will use something with duct tape tonight? Next number is five. Five.

Jackson five. Oh, wait a minute. Next number is five. Hold on a minute. Let me stick it there. Let me get to the five page just in case. There you go.

It's falling apart. Next number is thirteen. Thirteen. Lucky number thirteen. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, here we go. Next number, final number is...

This is important. Eleven. Eleven. So five, seven, eleven, and thirteen are the numbers.

Chris Brockman, do you have the corresponding team? Five. Five. Seven. Eleven. Thirteen.

You have the code. Who wins the Rich Eisen Show Mock NBA Draft Lottery? TJ's new team. We have a new team for TJ Jefferson to root for and the team that will... With the first overall pick.

Yes. In the 2023 NBA Draft, the Washington Wizards. The Wizards. Select Victor Wambanyama.

And how many, what percentage do they have? Put that up on the screen if you don't mind once again. The Wizards.

The Wizards had a, what, five percent, six point seven percent chance of winning the draft lottery and you just saw us do that. Wow. Very scientifically. On the Rich Eisen Show. So hey. All right. You know, you heard about an American in Paris. Rich Eisen's coming to the American capital. Yeah. All right.

According to our mock draft, Victor Wambanyama is... Look how high I'm up. Here we go. He gets to go to D.C. and see how this country's run.

And the first thing he's going to do when he gets to D.C., if he gets to D.C. is say, I've got to change the commander's name. That's ridiculous. Okay.

What kind of food is this going to be? The Wizards are 12 to 1 to have the number one pick tonight. Wow.

12 to 1. All right. There you go. That shows you how it's done. You choose the ping pong ball. Now, what they do is they first pick the ping pong balls for the first round pick, then the first second overall pick, then the third overall pick. Then they, I think, tell everybody, go back out of the room. We're going to look at the corresponding codes and we'll let you know.

Ernst and Young. I don't know. Then they reveal it three, two, and one, right? Then they take a break. Are they going to do this tonight?

No. They're going to go 14. They go 14 first. Then they start at the bottom.

Then because they know- When somebody's out of order, you know that they've popped up to the- You know the predictive order. When someone who's ever picking 10th is suddenly not at 10th, they've got a top three pick. If that happens, again, beneath the Mavericks, then the Knicks get the Mavericks first round pick because it's only top 10 protected.

Then they sat everybody and created the big to-do for nothing in the final weekend of the season. Wow. Yep. Imagine if the Knicks can't get Wenby?

Well- I mean- Can you imagine? I don't think the Knicks are- The Knicks aren't in the mix to get Wenby. Oh, it's protected.

Yes. Yeah, they have to give that up. Yeah, then they would just be- They'd pick 11th, 12th, 13th, or 14th overall. The Knicks can't get Wenby. They can't just come back in. There's no ex post facto tanking. Got it.

You got to tank in real time. So there you have it. Bradley Bill's dancing right now.

He's happy. I will say though, we've run it three times now and none of the 14% teams that had the top three worst records in the NBA won this lottery. Can we do it again? Let's do it again real quick. All right. What else we got to do?

What else we got to do? Let's get the music ready. Let's do it again. Blazers twice and now Wizards.

The Wizards. This is fun. All right. Here we go. I'm going to mix up the ping pong balls one more time.

Mike Hoskins and I went from- Okay, here we go. First number again. Let's just run it one more time. Run it one more time.

Run it one more time. Here we go. First number is four. Four.

Of course, this means nothing to us until we can- Four. But you just find the page. It's a four page. Four page. Four page. Fantastic four. The fucking four plus one more. Four. Also the number that Chris Brockman will be screaming at the unsuspecting crowd watching him play golf.

You know how terrified I am of hitting someone? The ROM Invitational. Here we go. Next number is 10. Ooh, 10. Ooh, 10. Ooh, 10. Ooh, 10. Ooh, 20. Ooh, 10.

Ooh. Well, this is a bad system. I'm sorry.

Hoskins is doing this whole thing and I'm screwing it up. Yeah, come on. Okay, next number. Next number is 11. Ooh. Ooh, 10, 11. Ooh. 10, 11. Okay. I'm going in actual order here. Ooh.

Oh my goodness. Four, 10, 11. 12. Let's just take 12. Oh, Chris. This seems like next number is five. Oh god. Four, five, 10, 11.

Ooh. Four, five, 10, and 11. Four, five, 10, 11. Four, five, 10, 11.

Can I take out the cards? Can I take a guess? Can I take a guess? Yeah, you can.

Go ahead. What's your guess? I'm gonna say the Orlando Magic. Four, five, 10, 11.

Oh. The first pick. The first overall pick, the Indiana Pacers. The Pacers. We have run this four times.

Select Victor Wembignon. We've run this four times. I know.

And it still hasn't been. Let's go. One more time. Oh no, we lost a ball. Stray ball.

I thought this segment was going on. 10 over board. I mean. Well, what percentage was the Pacers?

Hoskins, just say it in my ear real quick. The bag stuck on the chair. 6.8%. This is wild.

Pacers 12 to 1. It's literally stuck on the chair wheel. All right, here we go. Next one. I'm not cheating. I'm kidding. I'm kidding. All right, here we go.

This is so good. Last one. Six.

Dr. J's number. It's the way it's done, by the way. They're gonna choose ping pong balls or they're gonna come out.

The bag won't be janky and stuck to the chair of the wheel. I guess you went over it. Won't roll off the table either. You know. Mark Tatum's not gonna chase off to the 10th ping pong ball that just rolled up to 14 is the next number. What, 14? 14. Six, 14. One.

One? One. So it's one, six, 10, 14. 10 again. One, six, 10, 14. One. One, six, 10, 14. Again, this is the fifth time we've done this.

Two rehearsals, three now on the air. Not once have the Spurs or... Trailblazer. Not one of the... The Rockets? The Spurs, Rockets, Blower, or the Pistons. Gone ahead and won.

One, six, 10, 14. Not one of the three teams with the best odds won it yet. I think that's gonna change. With the first overall pick, Adam Chudwood and the Chicago Bulls! They're like a 1% chance or something like that. Put that one up. Put up the odds one more time there. A 1.8%... Folks, I'm telling you, a 1.8% chance winning team just won the draft lottery on the Rich Eyes notebook. Same as your chance.

Sorry. By the way, that would give the Knicks the Mavericks pick. Yeah, because the Bulls jump. Oh my goodness. And the Bulls pick goes to the Magic if it's not in the top four. Bulls go from 11 to 1. Wow. That would be a major moment tonight. Wow.

And again, you just saw how it's done. There's 14 ping pong balls, four come out of the chute, and that code corresponds to something that's been attached to a team. And 1.4% of the possible out of 1,001 codes attached to the Bulls. And if it comes up 1-6-10-14 tonight, Victor Wembunyama is going to Chicago.

Bulls 45 to 1 to get the number one. That just happened. That's nuts. Good stuff, guys.

Wow. Well done. Great segment. Great job, Hoskins. By the way, Hoskins is staying up all night with his Sharpie and ping pong balls and codes, arts and crafting, team logos. Well done, Hoskins. That's Emmy.

Emmy. That's it. This is why we're going to New York.

Now, somebody got to come over here and help get this bag off the wheel of my chair because it's stuck. Wow. We'll take a break. Joe Burrow has spoken about his contract. Let's hit that as we go out of the gate.

And Del Tufo found new music for the show, he's psyched. How am I doing, by the way, today? With? Just in general. Oh.

Just as a host? I'm on a liquid diet. Oh. I'm prepping. Got it.

I don't care. I'll share this. I'm a man of 53 years old. You've got to get a colonoscopy.

You've got to make sure that you are healthy. And that's what I am doing tomorrow. That is why Susie will be sitting here, I believe, for her guests. Deshaun Foster in studio. She covered him when he was at UCLA prior to him becoming a Carolina Panthers Super Bowl participant. And he's coming in studio. Shaquille O'Neal will be calling into tomorrow's program, scheduled to appear. And I will be scheduled to appear somewhere else.

Moon River. Dude. I am, I mean, it's going to be, I haven't eaten anything in a while. So I think I'm doing pretty well. Good job. You're doing pretty well.

Thank you. So that's tomorrow's show. That's tomorrow. But let's, let's, to play us out today. Play us out. Look, Jalen Hurts hit it, contractually hit it. And we said at the time, right, Eric DaCosta, the general manager of the Baltimore Ravens trying to figure out what's going on with Lamar Jackson, Rick Daltonshiff. There it is. Pointing at the screen.

Looking Once Upon a Time on Hollywood. That's it. That's the contract. That's the answer.

Give me that one. Within what, 10 days? Lamar signed that contract plus a little bit more? Pretty much the same deal, yeah.

Just plus it up a little bit? Yeah, I think there were guarantees for injury and whatnot. Whatever. Different strokes, different teams, different strokes.

Different pen strokes. So that's why going first helps. Remember we had Tom Telesco on? Helps for the team. Last, well, it helps for the team. Yeah. Yeah. And later, not so much.

Take your time. See who else is going. Patrick Mahomes' deal looks great for the Chiefs. That's why Tom Telesco of the Chargers came on the program and said, we'd like to get it done sooner, but didn't want to call out his quarterback, Justin Herbert, because that's the other guy that's left.

Herbert and Burrow. Don't forget the Cincinnati Bengals were one of the last teams to sell the naming rights to this stadium. Yeah, they knew. Mike Brown knew. They knew the core because they had to pay Joe.

And so the question is, how much? Lamar's contract is that's now the floor, right? Daniel Jones ain't the floor. It's Lamar's contract that's the floor. So Joe Burrow, who's, by the way, showed up to training camp yoked, right? Yeah.

He spoke today about his contract situation. You know, I'm involved. And it's in the works. That's not really something that I like to play out in the media. That's something, just the way I think they want to do business.

I want to do business. We prefer to keep that between us. OK, involved in the works. He's getting done soon. He's getting paid.

Question is, does he go before Herbert or does Herbert go before him? And he is, is he the perfect Bengal or what? He's from Ohio. He's changed the culture. He's changing the culture. He's a leader. He's just, you know, I want to keep it quiet.

The Bengals are like the ultimate. Keep it quiet. You know, their owner shows up to all these owner meetings, keeps it quiet. He abstains most of the time, like Al Davis used to do. He keeps it quiet. So keeps it quiet until it's time to play. Then he kind of keeps it quiet as well and then lets his play do the talking and it's played as a talking very loudly. So he's like Swayze and Roadhouse.

It'd be nice until it's time to not be. And he's just a great guy. You remember during his Heisman Trophy speech, he talked about his charity and raising money for hungry kids and whatever. He just announced recently that his foundation, they were taking applications for mental health and families who needed it. They couldn't decide on one, so they just decided to pay for all 20. They received 20 applications. It's Mental Health Awareness Month.

Yeah. They received 20 applications from families who needed help. They couldn't decide on one family, decided to give it to all 20.

He's just the best dude. A dream come true for the Cincinnati Bengals. This is what you hope for when you draft somebody and then you just got to pay for him and that'll get done. It'll get done. It's going to get done. The question is, is how will the AFC be undone by Joe Burrow?

Unbelievable. I said they're going to dance on the Elfman in week one in Cleveland. That caught the attention of some people in that part of Ohio. You know what? It's one of the beautiful mysteries when division opponents face one another, that they've had Burrow's number. Well, Burrow's searching for his number with his team right now and it will get done. I like it that he says he's involved. That's I don't know. I'd stay out of it. Last thing you want to hear is, well, Joe, that one time where you missed a receiver in week four, that first year.

I don't know. I don't think he even made it to week four. My point is I'm always high on the Bengals and the fact that you and I both know as long as the most true statement that people thought was braggadociousness of last year, the window's always open as long as I'm here, is what Joe Burrow said about the Cincinnati Bengals. And I, you know, with all due respect to Boomer Sizem, I don't remember ever Cincinnati Bengal quarterback saying that. And we're all like, oh, you're right. Yeah, you're right.

Carson, same thing. Good show. Congratulations to the Chicago Bulls, Indiana Pacers, and Washington Wizards. They all won the mock Rich Eisen show. What if that is some order of the top three? Of the draft lottery? What if we hit all three teams? What we did was we actually that's the way it's done is that they're going to they're going to pick the top three, right? Like that could be could be the top three we chose.

We did three times and not once did the teams with the best odds win it. So that's going to happen tonight. We'll talk about it on tomorrow's show. Susie will be here. I will be making sure I'm a healthy man so I can be back here for many, many moons to come.

Go get them. What am I getting? Oh, I know what I'm getting. The heck of a night. You love Lala Kent on Vanderpump Rules. Now get to know her on Give Them Lala with her assistant Jess. What you did not see is when Raquel arrives and she wants to talk to me. I made her sit in a corner, explain, sat in a corner booth all by herself in the dark waiting for to talk to you, waiting for me to finish dancing to 50 Cent. It's my birthday! Sit in a corner! Give Them Lala wherever you listen.
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