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REShow: Todd Bowles - Hour 2

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May 15, 2023 3:20 pm

REShow: Todd Bowles - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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May 15, 2023 3:20 pm

Buccaneers Head Coach Todd Bowles tells Rich why he went back to school to get his college degree two decades after leaving Temple for the NFL, why Baker Mayfield is not guaranteed to be the Bucs’ starting QB when Week 1 rolls around, and his thoughts on the team’s 2023 schedule and draft class that includes WR Kade Warner, the son of Hall of Fame QB Kurt Warner.

Rich weighs in on the latest Instagram video of Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant brandishing a gun and what it means for his NBA future.

In ‘Overreaction Monday’ Rich weighs in on Bryce Young’s first time on the practice field for the Carolina Panthers, the AFC North’s chances to get three teams into the playoffs, and Falcons rookie RB Bijan Robinson and Texans’ rookie LB Will Anderson Jr’s chances to set NFL records next season.  

Rich and the guys hilariously react to Brockman being listed as an “actor” in an upcoming celebrity golf tournament he’s playing in.

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Tatum for a 50 piece. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. I got a special shout out to Rockman. You know, I want him to still answer my phone call. The Rich Eisen Show. Earlier on the show, co-host of ESPN's Pardon the Interruption, Michael Wilbon. Coming up, Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Todd Bowles.

Plus your phone calls, latest news and more. And now it's Rich Eisen. Our number two of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. What a conversation we just had with Michael Wilbon of ESPN, the NBA on ESPN and ABC and Pardon the Interruption. We hit him up on the Sixers collapse in game six and seven. The final five quarters, let's put it that way, of games six and seven of the Eastern Conference Semifinals Series. The de facto Eastern Conference Finals everybody thought going in. But now here come the heat after bouncing the Bucks and the Knicks. And so we talked about that with Michael about what the Sixers should do, what the Warriors should do now that the Lakers have bounced them. We discussed those subject matters along with the Suns bouncing Monty Williams, which I still don't understand.

And then of course Ja Morant. If you missed any of that, we'll rehash a little bit more of that in this and the following hour. And then of course we re-air on the Roku channel every single day between 12 and 3. We're live and then we re-air every single day and we're free on the Roku channel and all Roku devices.

Select Samsung Smart TV. We're free on Amazon Fire TV. We're free on the Roku app because the Roku channel's within it. And the for those out there on the internet tubes if you are at work and maybe watching us. We appreciate you sacrificing your, shall we say, viability as an employee.

Also on the little live TV tab on the Roku channel. We run in there the whole time. It's amazing. Joining us right now on our phone line is a head coach in the National Football League.

He is Todd Bowles, or should I say the graduate, is here on The Rich Eisen Show. How are you, coach? I'm good, Rich. How you doing? Congratulations.

Thank you. So walk us through you walking at Mount St. Mary's University for your bachelor's degree. Walk me through this story, coach. Oh, well, when I left Temple way back when to play ball, I switched majors so I didn't have the right core classes to finish up.

And, you know, once you start playing pro ball and family life happens, you kind of forget everything. And, you know, my mother got cancer in early 2000. She made it to 2009 and she's never said anything before. But before she passed, she just said she wanted me to do one thing. And I asked her what, she said, finish my degree. And that kind of stuck with me for a long time. And, you know, you try to get it from one university and you keep running the problem there. So I got into Mount St. Mary's and I started taking classes. Actually, I had classes the year we won the Super Bowl, I had classes. And to do that for her and for actually to see my three boys, see me walk across the stage and one's in college and one's getting ready to go to college and the other one's still growing up, you know, hopefully that's important.

It'll rub off to them. Wow. That's all I can say to start.

But let's do some follow up questions here. So you took classes during the pandemic year, you were zooming while you were also conducting your job as defensive coordinator of the eventual Super Bowl winning defense for the Buccaneers. Is that what you did? I did, yes. How did you split your time like that?

I mean, how did you walk me through that? I get up at 3, 3.15 in the morning and, you know, I can do about an hour and a half of work. And then I'll get right to my football stuff and kind of go from there and listen to some of the podcast notes on the way home. And, you know, you stay up and do some work that way as well.

And it just, it's something I just had to do. And then your mom, before she passed, she mentioned to you, she mentioned anything like that to you since you'd left Temple and played ball and got involved in the family? She never said a word. She never said one word. Until it just came out of her mouth before she passed?

Yes, it did. And she just, she said it very calmly and very peacefully. And, you know, that stuck with me. And, you know, she was happy with everything I was doing.

She just, she doesn't ask me for much. And for her to ask that of me, I had to at least do that. And so what does it mean do you think that you walked on Mother's Day weekend, Todd? It was bittersweet. I didn't think about it at the time.

But, you know, the fact that it was Mother's Day weekend and knowing she was down over there watching over me, you know, hopefully she smiled and, you know, it was very gratifying. Wow. Congratulations to you on all that. So you got your degree in, in what? Bachelor of Science in Youth and Development. Okay.

All right. So where's your diploma now? You hang it?

Where is it? It's in my office. I haven't hung it yet, but it's in my office at home. Come on, you gotta hang it. When are you going to hang it? Come on. I know you got mini camp and stuff like that, but let's, come on, coach.

Come on. Hopefully it doesn't take me as long to hang it as it did for me to get it. That's true.

That's a good one. So there's time. There's time. Well, congratulations on all that, coach. And that is wonderful to hear and well-deserved and hard work, obviously paying off.

So I appreciate you telling us that story. Let's get into your current job. Where are you?

What do you call this? Is this a phase two? Where are we for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers? You're in the middle of that. We just got through rookie camp this weekend. Okay. We have one more week of phase two before OTA starts. So it's kind of this walkthrough and meetings right now. Okay.

And so what are you installing? What are you doing essentially that you're willing to share, coach? We're going through the basics, you know, installing a new offense for the rookies, a new defense for the rookies, as well as the guys that are here, the veterans.

And we go out in the field and walk through just going through formation detail and communication and making sure everyone knows where everyone is and a lot of communication going on right now. And so in terms of the communication, let's talk about your quarterback. I mean, you want to talk about how you can't make stuff up in the NFL. Clearly, you know, you're head coach of the Jets back in the day. You wind up drafting Sam Darnold. Baker Mayfield gets chosen two picks in front of him. You're now with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and look who's in your camp. It's none other than Baker Mayfield. What was your evaluation of Baker when you were grinding tape with the Jets in that front office in that situation back in the day, coach? I thought he was a heck of a player. I had spent some time with him down there at Oklahoma.

We hit it off pretty good that way. I thought Baker was one of the few people that had the mental fortitude to actually coach in New York, you know, and you just can't, you can't play in New York, rather. You just can't have anybody play in New York. Certain people have to be tough-minded. I thought Baker was one of those guys. And, you know, I thought he was a great leader and I thought the system he had in college and when he came into the league, it was a great system for him. Obviously, when they changed coaches and it didn't work out, but I still think he's a heck of a player and between him and Trask competing each other, I still think he's got a lot of football left in him.

So, I know this is a question that's a bit rife, but I'll ask it point blank anyway. Had the Browns not chosen him number one overall, let's say they had chosen Darnold, would the Jets have snagged Baker third overall? Was that part of your draft board and draft plans, coach? That would have been a good discussion at the time, you know, it would have been a good discussion at the time. I can't say we would or wouldn't have, so there were a lot of things on the board at that time, so I don't know how the draft would have went if Baker wouldn't have went one.

If somebody wouldn't have grabbed him at two, I still wouldn't have known, so I honestly couldn't tell you that. All right, so then let's hit the current situation. You use the words compete with Kyle Trask. This is a competition, coach?

Yes, it is a competition. I mean, you know, I have a starter right now. We know Baker's played in games and Trask has not, but we've watched Trask over the years and we like some of the things he does and we're going to give him a chance to play and compete and see who comes out and, you know, we told Baker that he's coming in.

It's not anything new that he doesn't know. He's up for the challenge. I think those two work and help make each other better, so we'll make that decision when the time is right. So at Minnesota, week one, as we're sitting here middle of May, it's entirely possible that Kyle Trask is your starting quarterback on that day. If he beats him out, he's the star. So then what do you look for in terms of a competition for beating out, things of that nature, coach?

There'll be a lot of things. Obviously, the practice is important, the communications of the guys, the leadership and the huddle, accuracy. You got to make plays, of course, in this league to win ball games and who commands the huddle and who the team runs behind more.

They give you the best chance to win and that'll be sorted out over time. Okay, what did you think of your schedule? Week five is the bye. I can imagine what you think about that, but I'll ask it anyway.

What do you think? The bye is a little early for us, but we do get a Thursday night game in the middle where we can take a mini buy after that. I'm excited that we have a lot of one o'clock games. Night games take their toll traveling back, especially for us last year traveling to Germany, Arizona, San Francisco and Pittsburgh and Cleveland weren't any easy trips as well as Dallas.

So we put in a lot of models last year, so we don't have the models that we had last year. So hopefully that keeps us a little fresher. So you like the one o'clock Eastern kickoffs?

You like them? Anytime you can get in and get a game out of there, any coach and you can get in the next morning and still game plan and correct the mistakes and game plan the week ahead. Yeah, you kind of like the one o'clock game. Well, even if that is an indication in some way, shape and form, and I understand that this is talk outside buildings and things of that nature, but the concept is that the national television schedule does not include the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and that might be infused with the concept that you're not as good, coach, just to come straight through the front door.

How do you react to something like that, however? It's kind of like playing at Wimbledon. You're not going to be on center court every day, but if you win enough games, people will start looking and you'll get to the national stage. So we just worry about winning ball games and whether the cameras are on or off is not our problem.

If we win enough ball games, the cameras will come back, but we'll do it our way. Khaled, you can't see Todd Bowles. Let's move to the draft right now. Head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Let's talk about your first round draft choice. What'd you like out of this kid in Pittsburgh? He jumped out of the gym at the combine, that is for sure.

What do you think? He's very strong and he's very quick. He's been playing a position his whole life. He's not just quick, he's very strong and he takes on double teams well. He's got a never-ending motor.

He always has a lot to prove. He's a very smart player and we liked everything about him. He brings a lot of energy to us getting away from our typical big three down guys where we're kind of like 320 across the board. We thought we needed a little more quickness and he has that for us. So yeah, I mean I guess Vitevea is I guess bringing up the average weight at the position, although he's you know he I couldn't believe when he came in in Munich coach and he sat down and he said he was somewhere in the middle of three bills and I looked at him and I'm like where?

You know what I mean? Like he's huge but it doesn't he it's all muscle. That guy's unbelievable. That guy's unreal coach. He's a game stopper for us obviously and as big as he is he's very quick and he's very athletic and he uses his hands well.

So we're not saying Vitevea is slow by any means. He just looks that way but he's a load for us and we're happy you know we got to keep him healthy. What do you think? Where's Cody Mount going to go? Is he going inside on your line, your offensive line second round draft choice?

Yeah he'll go inside and play one of the guard positions and that's where we're practicing him at right now getting acclimated. What'd you what'd you think of him when you met him face to face? You know he seems like quite the character when I came across him at the combine. He's a very intelligent guy. He is a character and we got quite a few redheads down there between him Jensen and Cole Keith.

We have kind of three redheads like kind of looking the same and so it's just gonna be a little comical that way but he's a very good athlete, very intelligent player and very hard work and we just look forward to him getting better and better. All right and I got it you know this is this one's for me this one's for NFL network coach. You've got a kid in a rookie camp. His name is Cade Warner. He's Kurt's son you know and I kept saying to Kurt maybe maybe this is you know the the sequel to his movie. This may be this may be it another magic carpet ride not to put too much pressure but what do you think of Cade?

Coach? I like Cade and I know Kurt very well and I've talked to him briefly. Cade is going to make a name for himself. I think Cade is very tough. He's very polished. He's a coach's kid so he's going to be polished. Obviously Cade is 10 times faster than Kurt so he's wide receiver.

Kurt wasn't exactly a running quarterback although be it he was outstanding. He still is an outstanding guy. I like everything that Cade's done thus far. He's come in and put his head down and got to work and as we get in the past and he gets to prove himself I think he'll make a name for himself and doesn't want the sequel to his dad. I think he wants to start his own movie. I love it.

I love it. Look we can we can change the script however we wish but what's your relationship with Kurt? How far back do you go with with Kurt?

Coach? We go back you know when I was with the Cardinals and he used to come by all the time obviously knowing him as a player as well but you know we've kept in touch over the years and you know I think he's a very professional guy. He's a great person period and I have nothing but accolades to say for Kurt. He's always been great every time I've run across him. I don't have anything but nice things to say about him.

He's act of a guy. Okay very good. Thanks for the time coach. When are you going to get that graduate degree? When are we working on that?

When we got that guy? Another time? Yeah that'd be way down the line from now. I'm gonna let my kids have that one. Sounds good. Let's get that hammer.

Let's get that nail. Let's get that puppy on the wall and then do me this favor if you don't mind. Have your team's social media crew just take a photo of it. I think I'd love to see it. I'd love to see it. I will do that.

I think it would be great. So congratulations on your hard work and you showing your kids and showing your team about what it's all about. So I appreciate the time as always.

You know how I feel about you. Thank you coach. I appreciate it.

Right back at you. That's Todd Bowles, head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Fresh off of walking in the commencement ceremony earning his bachelor degree in science and youth BS in science of youth and community development at Mount Saint Mary's University. There you go.

That's a really cool story. Now you know a lot of coaches major in BS. Well done. But he does not.

He does not seem like the type. I liked his answer. You can't play at center court in Wimbledon all the time. Right. Oh yes. You're unless you're Roger Federer.

But I want to push back. Right. No but it's an interesting analogy right there. Then if you win on the outside courts you eventually get center court. Also they had a very famous person decide not to play with them anymore. So you know they're going to be a team that's under the radar kind of all season. So why not do it in the shadows and then hey look all of a sudden they're competing for the division title in December. No?

Yeah I think that's exactly why you know. Or they're tanking for Caleb. Look they're not tanking for Caleb I don't think. Sorry tanking in quotes. No what did we decide of it?

What's it called? Cratering for Caleb. Cratering for Caleb. That's what we came up with. See I'd like collapsing for Caleb.

Both work. Well collapsing for Caleb makes it sound like you're unintentionally doing it. Cratering for Caleb makes it sound like you're intentionally doing it.

Like tanking for whatever or sucking for luck. You know back in the day. But yeah I mean I would safely say looking at the schedule and who has nationally televised games and who does not. If you don't have nationally televised games then you're viewed as not being of national interest or you don't have a national following that shows up in cheese heads everywhere. Do you see the Packers at five games in prime time? Did that surprise you?

Why? Yeah. Because they're the Green Bay Packers. And that if they were if again one team moves on from its 12 another team loses its 12 when 12 moves on. Packers being the former and the Bucks being the latter. The Bucks have one nationally televised game.

One. And that is really early well two. Everybody plays a Thursday night football game. And then I should speak before you know that's it. They got one Thursday nighter at Buffalo and then they've got a week three home date with Philadelphia.

And that's it. The Green Bay Packers lose their 12 and the Packers have a Thursday nighter against Detroit. They have a Monday nighter at Vegas when they see Devante Adams.

I guess that's of interest. There's a Thanksgiving game at Detroit. There's a Sunday nighter home for Kansas City when they're going to stick Mahomes' family somewhere in the upper peninsula of Michigan because they stuck Jordan Love's family in the last row of the stadium when Jordan started in Arrowhead. There's a game at the Giants in week 14 and then Green Bay at Minnesota is a Sunday nighter that could obviously be flexed out. But that's all planned.

They really did them a solid too if you look at you know week four Thursday an extra day on the mini-buy and then a bye week after that in weeks four five six. Yeah. I mean obviously Tampa doesn't have the national following. That's what they're pointing out and and the I think the curiosity factor about what Jordan Love will look like and how this team can actually fare surpasses the curiosity factor of what Tampa looks like with Baker Mayfield. Even though I guess it's a wide open the NFC North is as wide open as the NFC South wouldn't you say?

Correct? Unless you you ascribe to the fact that the Vikings are going to be just as good and it's their division. I would push back on that. The Lions are the first road opponent of the season for a reason. The Bears have two nationally televised games. The Bears have more nationally televised games than the Buccaneers. I think that because they have more NFC North will be better than the NFC South. Yeah. You can't say that.

I mean Bryce Young could be terrific. Carolina as you all know almost won that division. Atlanta.

We don't know. That's big shrug emoji of a division. Atlanta. But I'm just pointing out how Tampa loses its 12 one nationally televised game. Green Bay loses its 12 and it's just like the good times are rolling.

Just like any old time. And you could say that you know one team has won a Super Bowl recently and Brady restored interest in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the first time in a long time. And the other one has a national following where people who hail from Livingston, New Jersey say they're a part owner of the team. Correct? Theoretically.

One share. And there's enough people like you around the country that you might be like, oh I'll watch the Packers. Yeah. Just to see how they're doing without Aaron Rodgers. Everyone's just assuming the Bucs without Tom Brady will be insignificant. That's why he's like keep playing on the outer courts we'll wind up on the center court.

We'll see how it goes. At Minnesota. Home for Chicago. Home for Philadelphia. At New Orleans.

Then a bye. That's a big at New Orleans game, man. Big. For them. Yeah.

Because everyone's assuming with Derek Carr that's the winner of that division. Let's take a break. We've got over Reaction Monday coming up and it comes from the man who very famously last week called Jason Tatum a fake superstar.

He said he was fugazi. So who better to overreact than this guy? That's next.

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Call or just stop by. Jeff in Detroit has been hanging on for uh for a while so let's take one of our favorites. How you doing Jeffrey? How you been? What's happening?

You guys were talking a little bit about that schedule and I mean out the gate. Talk about show me what you're made of. Lions and cheese. My goodness. This is uh show and prove.

You're gonna have to do what you're gonna have to do. I wanted to talk to you guys today a little bit about uh the job and rent situation. Sure. And it couldn't happen at a worse time because you figure like this. First of all you got vindication that it wasn't the bubble wasn't a fluke. All four teams that were in the bubble now. Then you have the coming of a young professional uh Jason Tatum and the old bull Lebron James. Lebron James. I mean the NBA is rolling right now and for this to just pop up out of the clear blue sky under at his own will and not only that you lied to I mean in my opinion you lied when you were talking to Jalen Rose. Oh it's not my gun and you started blinking. We don't we don't know if it was his gun or not but you pop up with another one. I mean dude you just got finished forfeiting 39 million dollars because you did not make the all NBA team and I guarantee you 26 points eight cents a game. That's what you that's what you get in a regular season. You would have gotten that money. You wouldn't have you would have gotten the nod from the writers but they kept you out because of the first gun charge.

I honestly believe that they're probably going to suspend them for maybe about half the season maybe a little bit less than that but he's going to have to work his way back because I mean with the way that gun violence is how can you be the face of the NBA? How can with the way that things are with gun violence you you you have to be do right man you have to we're hearing about shootings every day and you just are in front of the camera with a gun that's it's not cool not cool at all. Jeff you're the best thanks for calling appreciate it. Couldn't have said it better myself. Couldn't have said it better myself. There are foreign countries telling people be careful going to the United States you might die due to gun violence. That's happening right now. We all know what's happening in our world. We all know and you know how I feel about this subject matter. I have spoken about it constantly. For Ja Morant to be suspended for what he was suspended for and then to show up on an Instagram live video on the account of his friend who had been banned from his home games because of his friend's actions stepping on the court to confront Pacers players he had to be removed from the arena was banned from returning to the arena as a patron and then the Pacers reporting to the NBA and its security department that red lasers were were being flashed on its bus on the on their bus and they were wondering if this could have been something to do with this scenario this situation for him to show up on that guy's it kept for him to be hanging out with the guy after everything that hung that that happened and then to appear on his Instagram live feed and if you see the video his friend's phone just flashes and you see Morant you could you could freeze frame it you see Morant sitting in the passenger seat which is obviously how I'll refer to this with firearms involved he's sitting in the he's sitting in the passenger seat and a huge ass handgun I saw that I'm like get out of here and then I said the league has got to think that as well get out get out we gave you eight games and it was you know and we let you go down to the state of Florida and figure it out however you talked about it however you went through your process mentally and were allowed to return I don't know I honestly he clearly does not get it and what he can get is nine figures of money and fame and fortune and showing everyone how it's done he has that opportunity and what he's doing right now is he is flushing it down the toilet I don't get it I don't understand it I don't understand it it's a damn shame and the Grizzlies suspended him I think the league's gonna come in on top of it and they should they should because for him to say as Jeff and Detroit said to Jalen Rose wasn't my gun I need to make better decisions off the court and this is what he's doing this is the story on Mother's Day so I think the league is going to act and it's going to act very strongly and then we'll see what happens like he comes back and then and then what because the then what is what will lead his way to the path to fame and fortune well he's already infamous now and the hall of fame he's blown off someone's got someone who he respects and loves has got to sit him down and say you are blowing this pal and for what for what like you can't tell your friend we've got to separate right now we got to chill out yeah 844-204-rich number to dial here on the Rich Eisen show let's do it it's a Monday it's time to overreact and the man who is the king of overreacting calling Jason Tatum a Fagezzi superstar only to now root for him once again that's a gross mischaracterization okay even A said Kawhi is the biggest fake superstar no right now Tatum is the biggest fake superstar right now and right now we think it's over he's a real superstar and the Celtics are back then that's it's not over show up what are you doing he did thank you for watching the program Jason Jason Tatum number zero on your program once upon a time number zero in Chris Brockman's heart sorry you guys aren't real fans who better to return to overreaction Monday action than the man himself hit it please all right what do you got over there Christopher what's up guys what's going on we got a few football and then I got a kind of a mishmash afterward okay uh did you notice the video over the weekend from panthers camp did you see the new quarterback was out there yeah I saw Bryce Young's first snap of him of him taking the snap hold on rolling out and five million people watched it yeah and he'd even throw it yep you know what you know what else stuck out about that video right what Bryce Young looks really small out there that's some small yeah that's not an overreaction he looks no hold on rich look at me he looks really small so if you put that photograph up one more time it does look like josh mccown's saying wow he is small but is that what it looks like yeah his face wow he's little you know you know what you know the ins the twitter account in the last couple of years they would take players doing things and shrink them down and then they still have their giant helmets that's what Bryce Young looks like so you know what you need to do is I just gave you this whole entree this whole introduction about how you are the king of overreacting just walk through the front door Chris don't just be beat around the bush he looks really small out there he's going to be a massive bust now we're talking now I got out of him tj I got out of him he did not gonna be that's an overreaction trying to be nice I know what you're trying to do I don't understand why you're you're half stepping you're half measuring here can I just jump in and say this please the shortest lineman on the panthers is six feet four inches tall so we would all look small except for me but cj Stroud would kind of look look in their face is what his point is got you but I'm just saying those are gigantic men Anthony Richardson would be taller than that guy so his point is is that his height will eventually come home to roost and be a problem for the Carolina panthers how much of a problem was his height in the sec the supposed professional the supposed ninth professional uh division I forget how many the third professional conference how many titles did Bryce Young win okay okay Stetson Bennett he's such a big dude honestly I I need to see bigger than price I need to see how Frank Reich will employ him it is going to be fascinating this is why the Carolina panthers when you take a look at their schedule the panthers have a Monday nighter against New Orleans week two they're throwing Bryce Young in front of the national spotlight in the second Monday first Monday Night Football game of the year is Aaron Rodgers first game is a jet against Josh Allen the second Monday Night Football game of the year Carolina and New Orleans part of a double header on Monday Night Football in week two then you've got a full thanks and then and then Carolina at Chicago is a Thursday nighter so twice twice but honestly week two like what does Bryce Young look like here you go America we'll see but I think it's an overreaction it's a classic overreaction but what else you got over there Chris what else rich I'm looking at the divisions okay we were talking about the NFC north and the NFC south I think just one team probably makes the playoffs from those just who wins the division but a division we're not talking about enough the AFC north is going to get three playoff teams I don't think that's an over reaction at all uh I I think that that is possible look we have met let's just say it one more time look we have met let's just say it one more time here Allen Rodgers Tua you didn't even put picket up on the screen right there I put Mike Tom because you want to bet against Mike Tom got it so you've got Watson it's gonna be good Burrow Lamar you've got Trevor Lawrence Mahomes Wilson Jimmy G and Herbert I just mentioned a bunch of names here only seven are gonna make it right if a rookie quarterback pops through if Bailey Zappi can quick game his way same intensity okay if that happens then even more names that I just mentioned won't make the playoffs you can absolutely say Lamar Deshaun Watson and Burrow are making it you can absolutely say Burrow Lamar pickets making it you could absolutely say picket Watson and Burrows making it and Lamar doesn't or absolutely so that's not an overreaction it may be inaccurate but that's not an overreaction right there now an overreaction would be Richardson's gonna be amazing and so is Stroud and the AFC south gets three in oh absolutely yeah okay that's super hot so what else you got okay uh we'll get at some of these individual guys you see the video of Bijan Robinson over the weekend he's playing wide receiver he's lining up in the slot did you know rich that the rookie record for scrimmage yards in a year okay Eric Dickerson 40 years ago 2212 Bijan taking it down that's an overreaction but that's a big overreaction but I'm excited and and and this is why Bijan this is why Bijan was drafted eighth overall positionless football as I would believe Terry Fontenot the general manager of the Falcons called it last week right Jameer Gibbs is the same thing pal that's why he has a little ankle injury well I'm what once once he's healthy completely and it's not me that's what this is about that's why Eckler's really good too and this is what maybe the running back position is turning into is find yourself one of them and the fact that there were two of them in the top 12 this year goes to show you that maybe that's where this is heading towards now the overreaction that's one of them another one might be is that the running back position is about to be transformed by these two maybe let's see what college football keeps sending to the next level at this position because if these two kids turn out to be that dynamite let's just say the Lions and the Falcons bust through as two of the teams that missed the playoffs last year that make it this year you'll see more copycats or people trying to push those running backs up in the first round like that I was gonna just say 2,000 scrimmage yards by a rookie but Saquon just did it a few years ago so I went big I went for the record I appreciate you going big because you don't want to go home I don't want you home I got one more okay did you know that the rookie record for sacks in a year any guesses rookie record for the sacks in a year go for it persons Javon curse had 15 and a half in 1999 and did you hear the news over the weekend Will Anderson is gonna put his hand in the dirt love it gonna play some defensive ends the NFL pal D'Amico Ryans is gonna send him hunted Will Anderson's gonna set the rookie sacrifice all right that's another overreaction look at you man okay that'd be good so you just named the offensive and defensive rookies of the year in overreaction Monday on May 15th thank you Chris well done I'm here okay I like that he's putting his hand in the dirt and the Texans may be one of those teams that make the playoffs out of the blue huh because the coach is going to turn it around and Stroud is gonna make it who are their receivers could you imagine the the Jets and Texans go back to back having the offensive and defensive rookies of the year on the same team that would be a first I don't imagine that's ever happened back to back seasons I don't think it's ever happened that one team had both right so I don't know all I know is the Jets won Super Bowl Saturday if we just push it to start one more day you gotta crawl for you walk rich Thursday Super Bowl Thursday probably honors now on a Thursday I I should know since I live there so just push it three more days if you go from winning Super Bowl Thursday to Super Bowl Sunday makes the world a difference so I'll go that in overreaction you don't have any basketball idea I do but we should take a break we'll do it after 8 4 4 2 0 4 Rich number to dial right here on the Rich Eisen show don't go anywhere we've got tons of time and tons of real estate for you the rest of this program live on the Roku channel on this radio station back here on the Rich Eisen show we just found out that for the radio audience that Chris is playing in a celebrity tournament this weekend and he's being billed as an actor you're a celebrity actor it's like does that offend you as a celebrity no that friends me as an actor as you know I received I received many checks of 10 20 cents as an actor uh-huh like it doesn't offend me as a celebrity that offends me as an actor he ain't got no residual checks honestly I don't it's not a lie if you believe why would you be billed as an actor I'm not sure I gotta imagine like there are people clerical error there are people who watch us every day and if they meet you they'd be like oh hey hey it's Rockman from the Rich Eisen show so that's great you've gotten that at ballparks everywhere but has anybody ever come and go oh I saw you you know on day in the league yeah exactly in the league that one episode where if I blinked you were gone right am I reading this show exactly we were an episode season one of Dave you're an actor I'm an actor so that does not offend me as a celebrity who has been deemed a celebrity enough to play in these events it offends me as an actor yes it's like that line from Seinfeld where the anti-dentite does it offend you as a Jewish person no it offends me as a comedian that he's telling Jewish jokes and he's not Jewish yeah his jokes are terrible that's what offends me I'm done I'm offended can't breathe the whole point of this was I'm gonna try not to stink this weekend for my playing partner hey are you gonna take these Rich Eisen balls with you you want to no by the way Rich Eisen golf balls yeah be careful yeah my god like the author of that's the king of the that's what she said humor of the Rich Eisen show the number of times I'm in the middle of making a point and he chimes in with that's what she said humor I don't do anymore because you told me to stop I did and then you just said that you took away one of my tricks I'm like a three-trick pony over here you're not CJ you're a multiple trick pony if you want to refer to yourself as any pony at all if you would like if you would like Rich Eisen show logoed golf balls that's a mouthful hold on a minute you've got to say that if you would like to use those as you play as an actor actor I do need to know how good you've been playing because the last thing I want you to do is brain somebody and it's just like oh all the guy from the Rich Eisen show or you could just no that's what you do I was just playing the role of golfer I'm a bad actor also though rich he plays bad that's going to reflect negatively upon you so maybe you don't want him to well you're a bad actor playing the role of good golfer or you're an excellent actor playing the role of bad golfer thank you that's why you're the celebrity in the group you know what I'm a terrific bad golfer even though I'm a good golfer I'm acting thank you and seen as somebody is being hauled off in an ambulance because they got brained by a sliced Rich Eisen show logoed golf ball yeah not Rich Eisen's personal I'm not going to use the golf balls we want to save them for guests okay I understood it's inventory yes I understand but you could autograph them and give them out as a celebrity can't believe we got to get kevin rahm on here and decided again I'm not offended that you're being a celebrity I'm very happy I'm very happy this is like the Robin Harris joke about the piccolo player and as you know eventually if I keep talking it eventually come back to me okay or being about me that's all things are they calling you an actor because the Rich Eisen show isn't big enough to turn you as a celebrity from being here only rich would think of it that way come on that's what I said like long enough if I marinate and talk long enough it'll eventually come back to me and being something says you know if if if something happens that I I can't understand or it's not explainable I think it's a conspiracy understand like the same I'm viewing this the same way he views Scott Foster by the way uh Scott Foster refereed your game yesterday well did he get the no has been good for the south yesterday than I did MB like there was too much Scott Foster didn't get the memo to extend the Nick series either which I'm shocked at see and he ended both our seasons yeah sorry guys six so I got two words for Scott Foster but at any rate is it possible that's what it is somebody sat there and go I can't put him in as a Rich Eisen show guy he's an actor I looked up as IMDB page he's played himself twice so he's an actor maybe Bob Griffin III was in charge of this and since you guys acted together you know that's right that was that was his acting partner in the league I would say I'm firmly in the middle of the people who are going to be there so you know okay I'm you're bringing up the celebrity acting actors I was just saying in terms of people I recognized I was right in the middle okay good and so you recognize yourself I recognize okay I had a great headshot which is what he does every single time you're a headshot what headshot remember when you took some photos my friend my friend Cheryl Mann took our headshots remember oh I know that yes okay that's that's what are you like you're kidding me I can't even this is this is how bad it's even Mike Del Tufo thinks it's shameless that's how bad it is I mean you could call me like audio guy or whatever I act every day because I'm just being an idiot even Mike Del Tufo thinks that this is too shameless that's how bad it is and I think nothing I wasn't I didn't call myself an actor you're accepting it you didn't push back you didn't say well you know technically a second why don't you call me this exactly I got invited I'm not I don't want to step on any toes the first time I don't know
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