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The Rich Eisen Show Basketball Podcast S2 E14. NBA Playoffs Breakdown

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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May 12, 2023 6:53 pm

The Rich Eisen Show Basketball Podcast S2 E14. NBA Playoffs Breakdown

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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May 12, 2023 6:53 pm

The Rich Eisen Show's Chris Brockman, TJ Jefferson, and Adam Chudwin break down the latest from the NBA.

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Hey, what's up everybody? We're back.

It's the Rich Eisen Show Basketball Podcast. We're here on a Friday. A couple Fridays in a row. I kind of like that heading into the weekend because we got big basketball and we just have to start right away.

TJ, I'm sorry. We're getting game seven on Sunday. I mean, who's surprised by that?

I'm not surprised by that. This was destined to go seven. Well, if you watched the first 43 minutes, I think you'd be surprised that there's a game seven, considering I felt like Jon Snow. I felt like I got stabbed 48 times and then came back from the dead. That's how I felt with the last five minutes of the game. What a game.

I don't even know where to begin. Just someone else talk. Adam, what did you see? Well, Brockman, I was thinking about both of you guys, Brockman, you and TJ, because last night must have been so stressful for both of you because the whole game, I actually thought Philadelphia was going to win. We see Jason's had him playing horrible through three quarters.

He can't buy a bucket. He is playing good defense. So at the same time you have to get him the good credit for playing defense, you know, passing the ball.

He just couldn't hit his shot. And I just thought Philly had the game. And then Brock, when you were probably stressed out beyond belief, thinking the season was over, wanting to trade everybody, get rid of the coach and all of a sudden the fourth quarter, unfortunately, unfortunately with doc rivers led teams these past few years, they've had Epic collapses and the Philadelphia 76ers scored 13 points in the fourth quarter. Correct? Yeah.

Correct. 13 points in the fourth quarter. You are not going to win a game when you score 13 points in the fourth quarter. So that was, that was sad to see for Philadelphia considering it was their most important game since 2000, early 2000s, 2001 TJ, I thought for you, TJ, I want to know how you're feeling right now, mentally and how you felt during the game.

Honestly, it's like you shouldn't, you shouldn't care so much about something that you have no control over whatsoever. I can't go out there and hit a corner three. I mean, I could, but I can't like, I can't go out there and put any effort on defense. I mean, I could, but I can't, you know, and it's just, to me, the frustrating part came in like the last five minutes of that game when it seemed like the Sixers did not run a play.

It was just, let's just, you know, one-on-one to the hole. Let's I, I, I love Embiid. I sometimes don't understand his game because if I'm seven foot tall, if I'm 280 pounds, even though I do have the ability to shoot jumpers, you know what I want to do? I want to go pause. I'm going to go down there and pound somebody down low.

Okay. I want to get the ball down low near the basket. I want to put my shoulder in someone's sternum.

I want to make somebody feel my presence and I just want to cap on them. Right. And I just, I don't understand why we just don't do that. And then you got, you know, a guy who I said was a key to us winning Tobias Harris. I said, we need 18 a game. He gave us two points and 42 minutes. DeAnthony Melton, 24 minutes, zero points. I mean, it's just, it's really frustrating. James Harden went four for 16 from the field. Four for 16 from the field.

I mean, it's just, man, I don't know. And by the way, we're going to lose game seven. We're going to lose game seven because the Sixers are one and nine in the playoffs against the Celtics. We're going to be one in 10 in the, after this series and, and nothing's going to change.

And then I'm still going to revert back to the process being a failure to all the, like, Mikel Bridges should be on this Sixers team right now, but no, we traded them. You know, it's just like, it's frustrating. Being a fan is so frustrating and it's doubly, it's doubly frustrating for me because as you guys know, I have two teams that I wrote for justifiably, no matter what mouth breathers on YouTube have to say justifiably. And yet I picked, it was like, like I said last week, God was like, here, your favorite sport is basketball. I'm gonna let you root for two teams and I'm going to give you two teams who just will inexplicably lose games in series in the weirdest, strangest ways.

And it's just, it's frustrating, man. I am fresh traded as a fan. This game should have been over. The series should have been over. Now we're going to go to Boston. The leprechaun is going to come out, read our box is going to come out.

Somehow Larry Joe bird's going to shoot up and hit a couple of corner threes and we're going to lose. So there you have it. There's your headlines, Boston and seven TJ angry. I'm done. TJ, the thing that you have working for you, we don't have anything on relax. Relax. I can't relax.

You were me a couple of days ago. I totally understand. I'm trying to stay rational because I've watched this team play all year. I've watched them lose. I mean, they honestly should have won 68 games this year because they just gave away games against they lost to the Rockets. OK, that's all you need to know. They lose dumb home games in the last 16 home playoff games.

They're seven and nine. So going back to Boston for a home playoff game, it hasn't been a sure thing like it has in years past or with other teams. Maxie played out of his mind yesterday. That dude is such a great player. I love watching him play the energy, his baseline dunk late in the four in the fourth.

I thought I was going to, you know, clench it for you guys. Boston only played seven dudes, even when a minute and a half to go, Doc concedes and empties the bench. Joe Masula still left the starters out because just in case, Tatum. Ah, man, I just I just don't know what's going on with this dude in the last three first quarters. He's 0 for 19, 0 for 10 in the first half yesterday. He was doing it kind of on one end. He had seven rebounds, had six assists at halftime. He was, you know, kind of making up for it. He wasn't going to stop shooting.

You could tell there was there was a moment in the fourth quarter. I was like, take him out. Bench him.

He can't do anything. He's not driving to the hoop. He's not driving strong to the hoop. Every time he gets in the lane, he kind of does a little fade away. He just just looked off.

It was just one of those days it was off. And despite that, they're still up seven and a half because Marcus Smart. I mean, this guy is going to it's going to kill me. So he's going to be the death of me. It's like Obi Wan and Anakin and then the first star.

It's like you're going to be the death of me, dude. He played out of his mind in the first half. He was hitting everything. Malcolm Brogdon was awesome yesterday.

Four of six from three. Smart was three of eight, but I think he hit all three of those in the first quarter, if I'm not mistaken. I don't know what clicked for Tatum. That that three in the corner with 450 left over Embiid. I mean, I think I I think I hurt my hand. I punched the floor so hard. And then he hit the next one.

And I was like, where is this coming from? Because he's been M.I.A. for three games. Chris Humbly, he's one of the best basketball players in the world. And guess what? First team all NBA back to back. It only takes that one shot to get you going. And when he hit that corner three, you know what I heard? I heard a very heavy woman start to warm up.

That was the fat lady starting to sing because I knew I knew what was going to come. This dude's too good, right? He's too good. He's really good.

Twenty five years old. And I'm all about effort on the hoop court, right? I don't care. Like, I think it was Kobe made. It may have said this. I know Deon Waters said it once about how he'd rather go over 30 than over nine because over nine shows that you stopped. You can quit like eventually Jason Tams going to start making shots. But that didn't he didn't allow that to affect other aspects of the game. He still played. He still, you know, had nine boards, six times, two steals. He still like he was out in the floor.

Yeah. His shooting was horrific, but he didn't allow that to affect the other parts of his game, man. And it was just like the writing was on the wall. The second he hit that three, I went, oh, no, because I knew what was going to happen. The defensive effort was was was high for Boston the whole year at the Shawn Grandy, who does play by play for Boston on the radio.

He had this last night. The Celtics have played ninety four games this year, regular season and playoffs. Game six offense was point nine nine points per possession was 90th out of those ninety four games.

Yet they still won by nine. The defense allowing only point eight nine six points per possession was second. It was their second best defensive game the whole year. So while the shots weren't falling for Tatum, he was really good on defense. Al Horford, really good on defense.

They started Rob Williams last night. Really good on defense. You know, the perimeter guys were really good, smart. And Derek White were really good on defense. Malcolm Brogdon starting to annoy me, too, by the way. That's six men of the year.

He's getting on my nerves. And the thing is, that was. And remember, when they made that move in the off season, it was like, oh, they signed Galanari.

Huh? That's a guy who can hit some corner threes. They're going to need that in the playoffs.

Unfortunately, he got hurt playing euro. Then they make the trade for Brogdon like, oh, Brogdon, this could put. And then I think it was after that trade. Boston became the title favorite in the off season in Vegas. And, you know, it was kind of that way the whole year. They went back and forth in Milwaukee. So, you know, it's game seven.

It's funny. The Philly and Boston fan bases, you know, we both. We have the mindset of, you know, what's going to go wrong? How are we going to blow it?

And I think that's where we're both at right now. Going into game seven, we still have another two days. It's not till Sunday. I'm going to be a nervous wreck the whole weekend. Of course, I'm already nervous now. Like, I don't feel good. Like, my heart was beating regularly yesterday. Like, there's no reason for that to be happening sitting watching the game.

It's like I'm too into this man. It's great to be a Bulls fan because when you're not in it, you can't lose. How about the how about that point in the game where Jaylen Brown kind of has a fast break and he slips and falls and it looks like his knee went in 14 different places. Yeah, because on the court and they and then they didn't even stop the game.

He's pointing like, wait that up in the refs are like, OK, OK, cool, whatever. What was going on yesterday? I don't know, man.

It's just like I said, I don't know. I think this I think this series just goes the way James Harden plays. If if James Harden plays well, the Sixers win. They've won three games in all three of those games. Harden has been awesome, including two games where he scored 40 points or more.

Yeah. Yesterday in the other two losses, he was terrible. So I just believe in game seven. If James Harden wins, excuse me, if James Harden plays well, then the Sixers have a great chance of winning the game. If he doesn't play well, if he has one of these, you know, four for 17 type shooting nights, they don't win the game.

That's it. It seemed like Harden can get into the paint and take that little 12 footer whenever he wants, anytime he wants. But last night he wasn't he wasn't shooting it.

He would pump fake. And then he sometimes got got fouled. But other times he'd kind of turn around and look to kick it back out to the perimeter.

Same. I mean, not that indeed was really doing that. But indeed, it seems like he can get any shot he wants.

And it seems like he's going to make it 80 percent of the time, it feels like. But he was kind of missing in the last five minutes close to the basket. Boston really ranked up the D. Horford Tatum had a block there. But I don't know. You're right.

It does. The series does seem like it's kind of can Tatum get it going in the first half? She really hasn't done in any game. And what which James Harden is going to show up? That seems to be the deciding factor in these games right now. And here we are, three, three Boston. But I think I think before this series would we have been like, yeah, this is going seven games, right? Yeah, I thought so. Yeah. So so here we are where we knew it's like, so why are we why are we both so angry?

I don't know, because we know we'd probably be here. But man, it's just it's that's the like I said, that's the tough part about fandom, man. You wear this on your sleeve. And well, I get why you're so frustrated, TJ, because the Sixers had such a golden opportunity to win the series. Yeah. After winning game one. Yeah.

And then they're at home. It's game six. The best player on the Celtics is playing horribly, horribly. You have to make your shots when you see the three point shooting for the Sixers. It's a make or miss league.

You have been over to P.J. Tucker two for seven harden over six maxi three for nine. It just goes on and on. They could not hit open threes. So if you don't hit those shots, you don't win the games.

And I understand why you're frustrated. T.J., eight to thirty four from three. Oh, my God. Eight of thirty four. I mean, Boston, I think we've thirty fifteen for thirty five. I think they shot forty three percent.

And that's kind of in Boston's M.O. all year. They won't stop shooting threes. It doesn't matter if they've gone over their last 15. They're going to keep jacking them up. You saw that in game five.

They couldn't make anything. Just kept shooting them. And kind of last night, really hot start. First quarter, couldn't miss. Second quarter, first half of the beginning of the second quarter, couldn't miss. Got up by 16.

And then Philly was able to cut it to seven at the half. But still, Boston won't stop shooting threes. And, you know, there's no reason to think that's going to change in game seven. So it's who's going to make it?

Which harden shows up? Can Tatum make a few shots in the first quarter to get himself going? Will the crowd be behind him?

You know, Jalen Brown was like, hey, guys, let's go. Here we are game game seven. I want it as loud as I've ever heard it. I briefly toyed with the idea of flying back for game seven. If it wasn't Mother's Day weekend, one hundred percent I'd be at that game. But it's going to be nuts. I don't even want to watch.

Adam, just break the tie. Who's going to win? The Sixers have the best player overall in Embiid, but James Harden to me is too much of a wild card.

You just don't know what you're going to get, which is unfortunate because he's so good when he plays well. Find to put money on it. The home team. I just think the Celtics get it done. I think Tatum shows up. He steps up, has a big game. And yeah, I think it'll be pretty close. But I think the the Celtics pull away. Yeah.

We did have a close out game last night as well. Denver. Holy crap. It's scored eighty one in the first half.

Wow. They they look like the best team in the NBA right now. They will think that by far they should be the title favorites.

It seems like it's theirs to lose at this point. When you watch Jokic play. This dude is like, how do we describe him?

Is it like a maestro? Is it Patrick Mahomes? Is it is it when you're watching the Olympics and like a figure skater has it all working and they're hitting quadruple axles and he's like, is it like Michael Phelps? Like this dude is just kind of everything all into one. He's just so unbelievable.

It doesn't even look like he's trying hard. Yeah. He's like an executive chef at a three star Michelin restaurant where he's just, you know, he's doing a little pinch here, a little assist here, a little floater here. It feels great. Yes, chef. Then he whips it up and then there it is. And you're like, this is the greatest meal I've ever had in my life. Oh, here, would you like to try dessert?

I whipped up this dessert for you just now. The dude's incredible, man. It's really it's really fun to watch. And I wonder if we're talking more about his greatness today or the kind of the failure of the Phoenix Suns. I think the failure of the Suns is the story just because it's happened again to them, you know, and losing a decisive game by such a large margin. But again, you know, when when the report came out that the Andre Ayton wasn't going to play and really had he been playing the whole series anyway.

But when it came out that he would not be on the court, I text you guys and it was like, oh, they're done. Like, there's just no chance and there really wasn't, you know, two guys can't beat nine. And, you know, I got to be honest with you, I didn't expect the Suns to be a championship team, because, again, you can't bring someone brand new into the fold when you've got guys who've been battle tested together for the whole year and years and just, you know, kind of piece this team together and expect them to become a championship squad.

It just that just really doesn't happen. Not in the amount of time that they had to try to get it done. So I'm not surprised, but the way that they got beat was a little surprising. But again, there's only so much Booker and Durant can do. Yeah, they're playing a lot of minutes. They've played a lot of minutes. It's funny that they know Kevin Durant goes to Phoenix. They make the big trade well worth Super Bowl week. And suddenly, Phoenix has the second best odds to win the championship. You know, huh?

Interesting. Not a lot of games like last year when the Sixers acquired Harden, you know, twenty five or so. And you're wondering, is this going to work? Is it enough time to gel? Durant has that weird ankle turn in the warm ups and has to miss a few weeks.

And then from there, you're kind of like, oh, it's not going to be enough time. They're not going to figure this out. Adam, my question for you is. We made a lot about what Giannis said about how the season was not a failure. But, you know, in terms of basketball, it was because they were so good and one of the favorites. But which was the biggest failure, the buck season or the way the Suns finished their season? I'd have to say the Bucks. You're the number one seed you lose against the number eight seed.

Yeah. Giannis was out for it for a couple of games. But you have to you have to beat the eighth seed in the first round.

I mean, come on. The Bucks were the favorite from most NBA experts for most of the year. And so, yeah, to me, that was the way bigger disappointment. I did think that the sons would win the West at one point. I was on the hype train.

Yeah. A lot of talent there. But yeah, like you guys have said, it's Duran's coming in with not that many games. And I think I underestimated their lack of death.

Their bet, their bench is just not good. And all of a sudden you could see Monty Williams getting desperate. He's playing TJ Warren, he's playing Terrence Ross and they, he never really, really put those guys in before that.

And so he was just kind of grasping for straws. So they still won a round at least. The Bucks didn't even win a round. Yeah.

So to me, the the most disappointing team of the year by far has been the Bucks. That dude played for Phoenix last night. I honestly never heard of him. Which one?

Jock Londale. Oh, yeah. He's been the he's been in the back. Yeah, he's he's he's done, sir. He's been serviceable.

I understand. But but he's not the guy you want to start going up against a two time MVP. I mean, you know, like who this guy's going to do what against Jokic to defend him. He has been playing pretty hard the whole series. Like I've watched. He's been playing. He's making them work. Yeah, he's a he plays hard. But yeah, I'm sure when when he saw that, he's like, OK, barbecue chicken or whatever the delicacy is where he's from.

You get the knives and you're just like, OK, I'm just going to carve this dude up. I mean, I feel bad. Booker had such an amazing playoffs. Only 12 points last night. It just wasn't happening. But before then it was kind of, whoa, Devin Booker.

Holy holy smokes. Campaign. I mean, you're not going to win when campaigns are leading scorer. No, no, no. That's just the way it goes. All right. Let's quickly move off of that. What happens tonight? By the time you guys maybe listen to this, these games, these series might be over.

Do we have it? We know we got one game seven on Sunday, unfortunately. How many other game sevens? Well, give them your thoughts, Chris.

Give them your thoughts on what's going to happen with the next heat tonight because Scott Foster came tonight. Right. And he's the most famous ref. He's the most infamous ref because of the weird stats. There's obviously we know the Chris Paul thing and, you know, home teams.

He's the extender, whatever. But it's not good news for Miami. I mean, the last 10 games, Scott Foster's officiated the heater. Oh, and 10.

Wow. And he's in Miami tonight with the Knicks having a chance to force this to game seven. And you know, the NBA wants nothing more than a game seven in New York and square guard. Oh my gosh. MSG game seven. It's like Monday night. Now all the spotlight. I think that's super necessary is for a mass. What else?

It's super necessary. So I weirdly think I know Wiggins. He was we're recording this at almost one Pacific, but he did do the walk through this morning and then he went to go get some more treatment. He's going to do a pregame warm up and see how he feels. But LeBron is I mean, with all due respect, Dylan Brooks is right. LeBron is old.

He's got so many miles on him. He hasn't looked the same this series. I think we can admit that he's shooting under 20 percent from three. Ad is I know he's cleared. He's a he looked really woozy at the end of that game.

If Wiggins doesn't play, I still think this is a close game and they do still have Steph Curry. The key to me is Clay Thompson. Clay has been terrible the last couple of years. Yeah, he's been awful. Clay needs to step up and give Steph Curry some help. He has to get going early. He has to shoot some threes.

Same with Jordan Poole. Steph can't do this on it on his own. And you can't you cannot count on Draymond giving you another 20. Exactly. That's like someone scoring 35.

Draymond scoring 20. Right. Oh, for sure. It's just extra bonus.

Yes. The key is Clay and Jordan Poole. Both those guys need to hit their shots.

Just bottom line. And like Chris, we talked about this earlier before the show started. If I'm Draymond Green and Anthony Davis is playing, you've got to give them a little shot at the start of the game. Just see where he's at a little. Get in his head. You know what I mean?

Just. But where's the shot? You can't hit him in the head. No, but I mean like look. Just maybe bump him a little. Give him a little. Give him a hard foul. Yeah, but I don't think that's even a question.

He's probably going to do that anymore. No, I know. But maybe you put a little extra on there and like on his way down, give him a little shove. You know, nothing. You don't need to get teed up or anything.

But if you do, so be it. Just, hey, I'm here. You're here. I'm testing you. Are you built for this? Because I am. Are you?

And then we're going to find out. I mean, Anthony Davis has been really good in the playoffs. Oh yeah. He's been picking it up because he had 23 and nine last game. You know, I saw a stat on something on Twitter earlier today. You know, LeBron hasn't had a 30 point playoff game since the bubble. I think I did see that stat.

I know they missed the playoffs one of those years, but it's still been a little while. You could tell he's he's having good games, but his explosion isn't there. I think there's something still bothering with the foot injury.

Probably kind of annoyed it the other day. Yeah. Yeah. But I'm so fascinated tonight.

I have no idea what's going to happen in the other game. Nixon, Miami, the Scott Foster thing, whatever. I just like to play that up because it's funny. You know that my only hope, Chris, getting back to our series, not to jump back, but yesterday or two days ago in the big show, you threw out a stat that said the team that won game, I think five and went up or game six and went up three or game five, went up three to one 80 percent of the time. Is that what the stat was? I'm just I remember it was 80 percent of the team that won that went up three games to two wins 80 percent of the time.

So maybe. But of course, you'll get that 20 percent and you win that game. So you just just can't stop thinking about six years and what they did. He's like, we're talking about the Warriors.

He's like six or 80 percent. What is happening? Everything's collapsing. I need Dr. Melfi.

I need I need a session, please. Staples is going to be rocking tonight. Yeah, it is. It's going to be awesome. Yeah, it is.

I mean, it's like this. I mean, is Jack back in the building for this one? I think Jack's been in the last two games.

That's too late. Jack's back. That's Jack.

I heard all the stories. Oh, he's not doing well. It's been 18 months since we've seen him. Jack's like, no, I'm here. Jack was like, I'm just waiting for playoff ball.

I don't want to go watch this regular season. Me. His son's going to be next to him wearing some weird outfit. Yeah. And there will be next to him. Oh, Lou. I was great to see Lou back. Those guys have had season tickets. If you guys don't know, it's since the early 70s. Yeah, that's incredible. Fifty years they've been going to Laker games.

That short Asian lady, two seats down. It's going to be awesome. I don't know what's going to happen tonight.

And that's probably what's cool about it. We're rooting for games. Look, I'm rooting for game sevens just because I want more. I want to see more basketball. I don't want the basketball season to come to an end because when it's over, it's over for a little bit.

You know, I just say this. Unfortunately, it seems like everyone right now from what I've witnessed is playing for second place, though. I think it's the Nuggets title to lose. It's crazy. I mean, Alex English is sitting there scratching his head. Carmelo Anthony is like, what happened? You know, like it's like Michael Michael Adams. Michael Adams is like, why not?

When I was there, you know, Dan Issel is like, come on. I will say, though, that if the Lakers advance, they match up well, they do match up. Anthony Davis has been the best defensive player in the playoffs so far, by far. No one's stopping joke. Nobody's stopping him, but he can make it more difficult for him.

He can cause some disruption to yoke. It's not make it where he's getting a thirty five point triple double over again, which he literally averaged for the series. I think it was thirty five points again. Did you see the stat that he was the first person to have a thirty point triple double in the playoffs and win the game? So LeBron did it. Russell Westbrook did it, but they lost.

And Joker did it last night in a win for first guy ever. Yeah. Nuggets would be the title favorite. Yeah. The Lakers are have the depth, though, to compete with them.

Yeah. I mean, at least look, it's not like a situation with the Suns where you've got two or three players. I feel like Steph is going to have like 50 tonight. Look, there's a shot. They still might lose. They still could lose the other guys. Jordan Poole.

I don't know what is going on with this guy. I don't think at this point you can count on Poole. You can't count on what you said earlier. Clay is really the guy. Clay's got to. Clay's got to show and prove.

We need what? Game six. Clay is, they say. Game six.

All right. Here's Jordan Poole. His last four games in this series. So he played decent in game one.

He had twenty one in game one. Then he only played sixteen minutes, had six points, five fouls in game two. They won game three. They lost twenty two minutes, four turnovers, five points. Game four, ten minutes, no points. And then game five, eleven points and twenty three minutes for assist. We played a little bit better in game five that they won, but. Doesn't seem like you can count on that, dude.

No. Game six, Clay's got to show up. Has to. And I don't know what's going on with, with Kevon Looney, if he's still dealing with an illness or, or I don't know, they're not really playing him. And he was incredible in the first round against Sacramento. And so I don't know if he's not physically there right now, but he hasn't been playing the same in terms of production or minutes in this series. Clay has 15, nine and ten the last three games.

They need, they need a huge game. Thirty five percent shooting in game three. Twenty seven percent in game four. Twenty five percent shooting in game five from Koy.

Oh, baby. Clay always talks growing up in L.A. His dad played for the team. He's the announcer for the team. He's trying to show out in front of the L.A. crowd. Tonight's the night. Clay does show up big and big games, though, man.

What do we need? Sixty five from Clay and Steph tonight even to just have a chance if Clay can get. Minimum like low 20 is like 20, 22 points, then they have a chance. All right, let's see. All right. Prediction time. I know you said Celtics and seven Adam. Do we get seven games in either of these series tonight? Who wins?

Come on. I'm going to say taking home teams. I'm going to say the only game seven, unfortunately, will be between your two teams. Home teams close out tonight's close out. T.J., I think we see game seven at the Garden. And I think we see game seven in the Bay Area Bay Area. Two game sevens on Mother's Day.

Early Father's Day for me. I'm pulling for game sevens. Who knows?

Who knows? All right. We might have to do a podcast on Monday. To recap, the weekend is game seven in Boston on Sunday. T.J., good luck. I love you, buddy. Good luck, man. And hey, happy Mother's Day to any of you mothers out there watching.

Absolutely. Hope you guys enjoy your day. You deserve it. Enjoy your day. Enjoy the weekend.

Some great basketball on Friday. Enjoy game seven on Sunday. I'm not going to enjoy it.

I don't know. Enjoy no enjoyment whatsoever. I will. Adam, enjoy. All right. We'll see you guys next week. Thanks for listening. Thanks for watching. Peace out. Peace. Later.
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