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REShow: Andrew Whitworth - Hour 1

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May 12, 2023 1:36 pm

REShow: Andrew Whitworth - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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May 12, 2023 1:36 pm

Rich breaks down the top matchups coming in the NFL’s Week 1 schedule and reacts to the Jets’ 2023 schedule and season outlook with Aaron Rodgers at quarterback.   

Thursday Night Football NFL Analyst Andrew Whitworth tells Rich his reaction to the slate of NFL games on Amazon Prime this season, why Aaron Rodgers instantly makes the New York Jets legitimate contenders, how Dallas Cowboys LB Micah Parsons is hell bent on becoming the best defender in the NFL, why people shouldn’t sleep on the Los Angeles Rams this season, and why Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs shouldn’t take their Week 1 opponent, Dan Campbell’s Detroit Lions, lightly. 

Rich and the guys recap the Celtics vs 76ers Game 6 and why the Miami Heat should be worried that controversial referee Scott Foster will be calling their Game 6 vs the Knicks.

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And now, it's Rich Eyes.

Well, yes. Welcome to this edition of the Rich Eyes intro, live on the Roku Channel. Free on all Roku devices. Select Samsung Smart TV. Free on Amazon Fire TV and the

The Roku app has the Roku Channel inside it, so we're free there as well. It is a great day in this neighborhood here in Los Angeles, California. Big basketball game here tonight. Game six between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Golden State Warriors. You got also the Knicks and Heat playing in a game six. Knicks facing elimination. Warriors facing elimination.

Last night, the Celtics facing elimination. And that bum, Jason Tatum, did it for you, Chris. That bum. He was a bum for 44 minutes.

He was terrible. Did he know there was a game yesterday? Oh my gosh. Can we go to the arena early on Sunday for game seven? TJ, you want a hug over there? How you doing over there, TJ?

The Sixers. I try to gospel rise up speech at the end of the show yesterday. I'd be disappointed if I didn't already read this book before. You know, it's like a movie that you've already watched, but it's like a different movie. Like, you know how there were two Prefontaine movies? Yes, sir.

Yes, sir. You know, you saw the first one and the second one came out. I was like, this is sort of familiar. I know this was going. This is how I felt about this game.

It's like, I kind of already knew. The right, 4.50. That's what I'm going to say. Four minutes and 50 seconds left. In the game. And at that point I thought, maybe there's a tie game. I, you know, I looked down at my phone in the middle of the scheduled release show and, you know, it's a couple of those segments where we're on tape.

Colleen Wolf handled a few of those segments as well. And I was watching the game. And, and it was, it was a jump ball.

It's really a jump ball. Middle of the fourth quarter could have had gone either way. It could have reached on either way, but I knew it wouldn't.

Okay. I knew we saw you back. Are we back? I was like Jon Snow yesterday. I like died like a few times and then you're back. You undertake the Celtics and the Undertaker. What is happening? Tyson Fury getting an extra second.

Beric Dondarrion right over here, man. Just coming back from life. Whatever you want to catch, you're back. Congratulations. Except we're going home and we're like seven and nine in our last 16 home playoff game. I'm just going to congratulate you right now.

No, do not do that. I'm not watching this game. It's like fantasy football. It's like fantasy football.

Great job, man. You got me. I'm not, I'm not watching this game on Sunday. I'm going to go to the park. And there's five late window games to the left and then in the contest. A Sunday night game and a Monday night game.

You get that text. If any of my friends need a babysitter Sunday afternoon, hit me up. We may.

I'll come watch your kids for you. You only won two of the, two road playoff games in the series already. Like, come on, TJ. I'm hurt, dog.

I'm like Ed Reed. I'm hurt. It's a, uh, so we do have, um, we do have a game. Seven on tap. Got one. Do we get two more?

Well, we may, we may get two more tonight. One thing we're definitely not is getting a game seven in Denver. That thing was a wrap.

That wasn't even close. A 25 point loss that Kevin Durant called embarrassing. Devin Booker, uncharacteristically doesn't speak to the media out. See you later. No Chris Paul, no DeAndre Ayton, no shot.

Over. And the Nuggets move on and they are kicking back and rooting for the warriors tonight. Boy, would they love a game seven in that series. So the Nuggets are just showing everybody. They are the one seed in the supposed wide open West for a reason.

They are going to get either a six seed defending champion or a seven seed lookout because they're the Lakers. And that's your Western conference finals. After all of the Grizzlies and Dylan Brooks conversation, after all the beam lighting in Sacramento, after all the Durant's now joining the sun's lookout, after all that conversation, your Clippers, Kawhi and Paul George, they wound up in the toilets. Man. So that's where they wound up.

That's what's up. Mavs didn't even make it. This whole conversation about the Western conference, it's all the Nuggets sitting back to see how much the Warriors and the Lakers can beat each other up. We're expecting to see Anthony Davis tonight. Wiggins may not even play with a fractured rib cartilage. What?

Where the hell did that happen? Kind of kept eating out yesterday with something with his ribs. So that's tonight. That's what's up. That's that's what's up in the National Basketball Association.

What's up with that? Jalen Brunson may have to score as many points as minutes played tonight. What a game he had though. I don't think really talk. We didn't. Well, I know we did. You talked about it, Jim. Speaking of Jim, he's on the show. Jim Nance. Hey. Hello, friends.

We talked about it, Jim. Andrew Whitworth's about to come out here to talk about the Amazon Prime Video Football schedule. Thursday Night Football. You can see that right here on Roku. Roku. Prime Video right here on Roku. Watch Thursday Night Football. So you watch the Rich Eisen Show on Thursdays and don't change it.

Oh, I can't see. It's not a channel. Well, you have to change channel.

We're on channel 210. Yeah. Bottom line is it's all it's all in one spot and it's called Roku.

Just don't log out of Roku at all. No. Why would you ever? So, uh, Andrew Whitworth, Jim Nance, Ryan Polls, the Chicago Bears. Bear down.

Yes, indeed. You see who the Bears are opening up with? Put up that week one schedule.

Put it up. Yes. The Bears are opening up against the Packers. Late Window Fox, baby. Late Window Fox.

Oh, my God. Is that a bear? Is that a cocaine bear?

I was wondering what the hell that was. Packers and Bears. We'll find out if ownership of the Bears has in fact changed. Does that get transferred to Jordan Love? We'll find out.

We'll find out if, uh, if there's any sort of transference of ownership papers. Well, no, it's weird is that Aaron Rodgers, like you looked like he underlined Jordan Love, but he might have put his through it. You know what I mean? Oh, got it. Succession joke.

Good one. Um, put up the schedule one more time here. Um, Texans, CJ Stroud will open up in the bank. Lamar Jackson's first game as a Pizade quarterback will be against the rookie. How about Bengals-Browns to open up the season? Battle of Ohio. That's juicy.

Right there. No one's talking about the Browns right now. Bucks and Vikings. Baker Mayfield will be opening up in Minnesota.

You don't know that. Titans and Saints. Titans and Saints are going to be one of those sneaky good games for week one. Derrick Henry down in the bayou. Let me talk about the Saints.

Uh, I mean the Titans. Reveal. We'll show that later on.

We'll show that later on on the Roku channel. Oh, it's dynamite. It's incredible.

It's dynamite. The Titans social media team won the day yesterday. The Panthers. We're going to get, how about this one? Desmond Ritter, the newbie. You got it all coming up. Bryce Young.

Here we go, baby. For the Carolina Panthers. The Jaguars and the Colts opening up this year. Colts would be like, I mean, do you hear me? Trevor Lawrence, Anthony Richardson.

I don't know about that. How about the Niners opening up on the East coast? They seem to always be sent East to start the season Pittsburgh and the 49ers is a juicy week one game. Cardinals and commanders. Hey everybody.

Hey, wake up over there. It's a football game. It's week one.

Holy smokes. Sorry. Sorry. Do you want to start that football game for quarterback? Yeah, I got a few throws of me. I think so.

Okay. Holy crap. How about the Raiders and the Broncos opening up week one against each other. Sean Payton, welcome back to the national football league. Welcome to the AFC West. Here comes Jimmy G and the Raiders to Denver. How about Tua versus Herbert? Once again, here in Los Angeles, how about the two guys that went back to back in their draft against each other?

Tua V Herbert. Yeah. How about it? Yeah.

That's a good one. Tom Brady, the maybe potentially reported soon to be limited owner, partner, owner of the Las Vegas Raiders, but he'll still work for Fox because Fox will just say whatever you want, Tom. The Eagles in New England. But Tom, is Tom starting that game for us?

No, he's supposedly there as a guest of RKK. Crazy Train and all that, LFG. Let's go. How about the Rams in Seattle? Bobby Wagner, when we were talking about that with John Schneider yesterday, how it's going to be lit, as the kids say.

He called me a teenager. I said, so is your coach. Seattle opening up at home against the Rams, Bobby Wagner back. It's the Bobby Wagner bowl. How about the first Sunday night of the season being Dallas versus the Giants?

But move over, sir. There's a new varsity in town. They are called the New York Giants. As expected, the Jets are all over national television. Exclusive window is what it's called in the media. Exclusive window games. Exclusive. Because it's not a prime time game on Amazon Prime Video and the first ever Black Friday game, it's a three o'clock eastern kick, New Jersey time.

But that's exclusive window. Monday night against the Dallas, the Buffalo Bills, and then at the Dallas Cowboys, week two, and that's late window CBS. We'll talk about that with Nance, who I believe will most likely be in New Jersey the next week when Rogers v. Hoodie happens for the first time. And then against Kansas City, that one right there, NBC. NBC at Denver, home for Philadelphia, and this is exactly why they got Rogers. Look at those six games to start. Buffalo, Dallas, New England, Kansas City, at Denver, not an easy place to play, and we are assuming Sean Payton's gonna improve things over there.

I would think so. Home for Philadelphia, that would have been if Zach Wilson was your quarterback. A bye-bye week in week seven. Now, who knows?

Who knows? Because after that bye, put it up one more time, Mike Hoskins, I appreciate you want to pop me back on screen because I do like being on camera and I love the shirt I'm wearing today. Taking on the Giants in the battle of the hearts and minds of the metropolitan area after the bye week.

Then on a Monday night, here comes Herbert to town. Before on a Sunday night, it's the renewal of acquaintances between Aaron Rodgers and Devante Adams. Sure, they're not on the field together, but they're on the same field in the same field of play in the same building at Las Vegas before they're at Buffalo on a Sunday. Before they're at Buffalo on a Sunday, before the Black Friday game against Miami, holy cow.

That's a first 11 games that is quite the gauntlet. Before games that you would assume are easier, Atlanta could win that damn division. Who knows what Houston looks like at Miami. Home for Washington, short week at Cleveland, we'll talk about that with Andrew Whitworth in a moment because that's the final Amazon Prime video Thursday night football game of the year.

You can see you're on Roku and then at New England, TBD all the games in the final week of the season or TBD about where they are going to be on what channel they'll be playing at what time. This is exactly why they got Rodgers. Zach Wilson going into this season with that schedule based off of last season, could he have been vastly improved?

Absolutely. It's a you never know league, of course, but based off of what we saw at the end of last season, running it back, not getting Rodgers, not being able to get Rodgers, Rodgers being uninterested in coming. What a disaster that would have been with that schedule. And I'll tell you what, they wouldn't have filled up their exclusive window dance card with five prime time games on top of it if Zach Wilson was the quarterback. It's exactly, the schedule has proven exactly why Woody Johnson says I want to take a big swing, exactly why Joe Douglas gave up what he gave up, exactly why Robert Salas talking about how thoughtful a quarterback Aaron Rodgers is and all that stuff.

Because that schedule would be an unmitigated disaster if Aaron Rodgers wasn't the quarterback of the New York Jets. And as it stands, I'll tell you what, man, tell you what, man, tell you what, if they go three and three in the first six, hit that bye week, three and three, bills. Well, I mean, you could call that a win, but if the bills are five and one, that's what I'm saying. Bills are five and one. Let's say the bills come in and knock the Jets around because they're still trying to figure stuff out.

Light switches still need to be flipped. What if Josh Allen treats the Jets like, you know, he treated the Rams last year? Don't forget, last year, first Thursday of the season, Banner raised a ring that honestly looked like the Oculus in SoFi Stadium on the hands of every single Los Angeles Ram. And they put the bang thing on him.

So that's a hell of an opponent to come out. And then at Dallas, we're hoping that Jets fans will see the Rodgers Dallas treatment delivered. I know what you're saying, but you've seen Rodgers handle his business. I don't want that.

I understand that. What if New England does, you know, the seeing ghosts thing on a guy like Rodgers? You're assuming he won't. So what I'm saying is this is going to be a very tough row to hoe. And even if they are six and five through their first 11, five and six through their first 11, how will this all play out in the New York media? How will Rodgers handle it?

Now, if he goes nine and two, 10 and one like that, I'll tell you what, I will be cutting up pieces of paper with a scissor, getting ready to throw it in the canyon of frigging heroes. I'll tell you that. And then of course, we'll see if a trap door opens up. But they have the roster to navigate this schedule successfully. They have the coaching staff to do it. What now happens when toe meets ball will be fascinating because the whole damn country is going to see it. And I don't remember the last time the Jets entered a season like that.

It's been a long time. And I did ask Robert Sala on NFL Network schedule release coverage last night about hard knocks. And his answer was, I'll leave that to the higher ups. But he did also say coaches like to control distractions. I don't think they have a choice.

I don't think they do. I think that's coming. I think that's going to be all over your, uh, your TV screens. It's going to be all over your, your social media accounts in the palm of your hands.

It's going to be everywhere. And then they're going to play a Monday night game against the Bills. As expected, Jets are served up to all y'all. That's my reaction to that schedule.

It's tough. I would, you know, I would, would I have loved to see Houston week two? Yep. Washington week six. You know what?

Like, yeah. Again, that's the thing about strength of schedules coming in. It's based on last year. Last year doesn't happen anymore. It's this year, last year, there were six new playoff teams, six on average. It's about four.

There's a list in here in my multiple page, 60 page schedule release guide. The whole idea of, of strength of schedule is kind of fallacious. It's based on last year.

And they're going to always a changing of the guard. Six new teams in the playoffs last year that didn't make it from the year before. But would I have loved to seen a couple of those gimmes that you think, or easier games instead of Mahomes and Allen strolling in and having to go to Denver and seeing Hertz stroll in and get Belichick thrown in the lap the first month of the season? Of course. You got to play them.

And you play them with Aaron Rodgers. That's where they went. Andrew Whitworth is about to join us in studio. Jim Nance will join us an hour or two. Ryan polls bears, general manager and diehard Seahawks fan and a host of crime scene kitchen and his show animal control just got renewed for season two on Fox, which is where you can check out crime scene kitchen. The great hilarious, delightful Joel McHale will be here in studio. Let's take a break. When we come back, Andrew Whitworth in studio, let's talk about what's going on in the studio.

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Grainger is the right product for you. Call or just stop by just as Andrew Whitworth has here on the Rich Eisenfeld Show in studio from the Amazon Prime Video team. So we just kind of took a first brief look in our Roku channel segment at the Thursday Night Football schedule. Let's jump into the opener Vikings and Eagles.

That was a Monday night game last year, not much of a game. This time around the Eagles are, that's going to be their home opener taking on the Vikings. What do you, what do you make of that game for the defending NFC champs now? I think it's interesting you look at the Eagles that, you know, obviously you return a lot of great players are going to be really good and one of your favorites to end up in the championship game at the end of the season. But I think they are going to be a little younger on defense.

So you've got younger defensively. You look at the Vikings, this is a game last year that probably pretty embarrassing for them. They had a great year, but got embarrassed against this team.

So I think it's a little bit of a setup game. The Eagles handed them really well. That's kind of the mentality is that we can, we know we can beat this team and you're coming into a game where the Vikings probably feel like we have a lot to make up for from last season. Brian Flores is in there now as the defensive coordinator. How will they look? How will they be different?

So they're not going to know a lot about what he may do against them. So I think it's going to be a fun game really to see which team, you know, has the right mindset for that football game. It jumps out at me a game. It's your week six game, fifth of the season. If we want to put the schedule out one more time right here, it is the Broncos at the Chiefs.

That one jumps out at me. The Broncos open up at home against Vegas. This is their first road game in division and Sean Payton coming in with Russ into Kansas City.

That's a big one in my book. Yeah, that was one of the ones like when we saw the schedule last night, it was everyone was pretty excited in our crew for that one because I think Sean Payton and the Broncos, you know, here's our chance to go into Kansas City, face Andy Reid and let them know that, you know, we're in the division now and we're going to be here for good. And so I think this is really a chance for them to send a message in a big primetime game. And, you know, Sean Payton, I mean, the guy's a tremendous coach. And I really look forward to seeing what this Broncos team looks like under his leadership. And then, you know, the the Ravens taking on the Bengals on a Thursday night that it's the Thursday before Thanksgiving, a big week 11 game right there. How do you see Lamar and the Ravens looking? That's to me one of the bigger mysteries coming out of the draft and the talent evaluation portion of our calendar.

And now the fact that Lamar is signed with Odell, what do you think of that one? This is my game. This is the one I circle. We all had to pick our favorite that we saw on our schedule. Look at me picking that out for you.

You know what? Obviously, you know, I love the Bengals and, you know, spent a lot of time playing in this matchup right here, Bengals versus Ravens. But I just look at it because of Lamar Jackson. It's all the talk this offseason.

The deal gets done. But also they've added a lot of weapons. There's a new offensive coordinator and Todd Monken. And so now, you know, what does this team look like?

What do you think? And what are they going to be? Are they going to be more of an aerial attack? Are they going to throw the ball more or is there still going to be some of that physical nature?

You know, how do they really kind of keep all of that intact for them? So I think it's going to be fun because this is their chance. Joe Burrow, all his weapons, Lamar Jackson, you got some weapons now. What does this offense look like against each other?

I still think I give the nod to the Bengals just because I just honestly believe Joe Burrow is really that rare special quarterback who just for whatever reason finds ways to win games and big moments. So what do you think of the Ravens offense though, in terms of what they will look like? Is it entirely possible that they will retool completely and just come out four or five wide, maybe run it every now and then with Dobbins. Gus Edwards can spell them for a bit, but it is going to be Lamar spread wide winging it around and running through whatever lanes there are there because they have spread it wide.

What do you think about that? I think you look at their receiver options. You got some guys that really a lot of speed. You got a guy on Odell who's such a special guy one-on-one that they're going to have to create some of those type matchups, but I don't ever see the Baltimore Ravens getting away from Baltimore Baltimore Raven identity and they're going to run the football.

They got a big strong offensive line still. I think that's still going to be an emphasis for them because it just gives you what makes Lamar so special. You know, I just think you may see a little more of him throwing on the run some. Maybe they enter some of these boot play actions, some of these things that get him off the spot sitting in the middle and then you'll also see them, you know, drop back and throw the football more because he wants to. He's confident in it and he's showing the ability to do it. So I think you just may see a little more balance in that.

You just won't be such a power running attack. There'll be more balance because I don't think they're ever going to get away from the identity that's always been the Baltimore Raven way of playing physical football. Andrew Whitworth from Amazon Prime Video, long time professional football player of note including Walter Pate man of the year award winner from a couple years ago Super Bowl champion here on the Rich Eisen show. Dolphins Jets the Friday after Thanksgiving little Black Friday special. Are you going to be giving out promo codes in the pregame show?

What do you got for me? There's no telling what's going to happen in that game. We're looking forward to it. I think I saw Ryan Fitzpatrick's promo yesterday for the game. That was funny.

Hilarious. You know Ryan's a guy who's always entertaining. So I think we're really excited about that. First ever Black Friday game.

I mean I think it's going to be really cool to be a part of that and you know what I think it's something that Amazon's been really excited that was coming out this year and so being in New York and the Dolphins Jets I mean that division alone the matchups are going to happen in that game in those teams. Man it's unbelievable. Aaron Rogers here he is right? Last time I was here we were talking about we have no idea what he's going to do. He was in the darkness.

We didn't know what was going to happen. That is correct. He was in dark right? He was in the darkness. Now he's in the light. Now he's in the light.

He's back. We're all excited. Everybody's positive. I know you've probably had some conversations about the Jets.

A little bit. Prospects just a few. I look here here's the deal if you look at the Jets schedule and you know we kind of just did here but there's no doubt in my mind this is one of the worst Jets seasons ever if they go back and run it back with Zach Wilson. I know I'm saying this fully aware that the NFL is the ultimate you never know league maybe on planet earth right but I mean the first six games home Buffalo at Dallas, home New England, home Kansas City at Denver, home Philadelphia that would have been bye-bye week seven if Rogers wasn't there. Now it still could be a difficult road to hoe for sure with the Giants and Chargers and Vegas and Buffalo and Miami right after as well but I mean the question is how good can they be with this schedule and Rogers so quickly because there is a conversation about Super Bowl chances.

I don't know. I mean you look at them last year. I think they're going to be right there in that conversation.

I really do. I know some people have said they don't think this is going to work and it's not going to work out but to me you really look at let's take just Aaron Rogers out of it. You look at this Jets team last year how many games did they lose where they had any like decent quarterback play. If the quarterback played pretty good how many games did they lose and it's not many. I mean they literally if they just didn't turn the ball over and played pretty efficient at the quarterback position they want a lot of games doing it and so I think with him there you know what you're going to get. He's going to take care of the football. He's not a guy that's ever turned the ball over much so he's going to allow that defense to dominate and he's going to make special throws and I look for this relationship with him and Garrett Wilson to be a pretty special one.

You can tell he's already pretty excited about watching him in the off season and so I think man they're going to be really good. I think that that's going to be a tough team to beat because you're both sides of the football they could be really dominant. Well last two years Josh Allen and the Bills, Joe Burrow and your Bengals and Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs have made the final four in the AFC two years in a row and two years ago it was Tannehill that fourth seat and then last year it was Trevor Lawrence who had that fourth seat. You think Rogers and the Jets have that fourth seat? I think they have it. I think they're the team.

I think they can do it. I just think that when you look at what they have talent wise defensively a young talented defense that's going to get only better what a job solid does he's one of my favorites just the passion and energy he's always carrying with him and so to put somebody like Aaron on the other side to give that you know some calm and some just poise to that offense and just play efficient football you know Nathaniel Hackett probably has a little bit of chip on his shoulder after way last year went so you know you they've got a lot to prove and I think Aaron as well don't forget you know whatever you want to say it's an Indian of a relationship he's probably wanting to prove that he's still got it and he's still the man himself so I love the narrative of that because I think that they've got a lot of things to look as they they could be one of the dominant teams in AFC yeah you got the Jets on the Black Friday game in week 12 right after Thanksgiving you got the Jets at the Browns is the final Thursday night game of the year in week 17 Andrew Whitworth here on the Rich Eisen show let's talk Cowboys here because you do have the Dallas Cowboys on this schedule coming up let me get this right home against the Seahawks so you that's an annual tradition is the Cowboys play the week after Thanksgiving full compliment arrest the Seahawks are playing Thanksgiving night both teams have a full complement of rest to kick off the weekend uh the the weekend after Thanksgiving so let's talk Dallas it because you have some unique insight on one of their top players tell me where you just came from I just came down from Austin Texas I was down there in Austin uh getting a chance to go uh be around Micah Parsons for a few days and we had a chance to work together and this game right here is one of the ones I was excited about because uh you know Seahawks had some really good young tackles last year and Lucas and cross and so you know I think Charles Cross showed that he could be a left tackle to look at for the future is a really good player and a great pick for the Seahawks and he's gonna have his hands full with a guy like Micah Parsons for sure so it was really fun to get down there you don't think of an o-lineman and a d-lineman working together but it was it was fun for me well I mean TJ this one's for you okay why did you go what tell me tell him tell everyone how yeah wound up going there you know Micah and I have kind of uh just kind of kept up with each other over the last you know couple years once he got in the league we we had a you know a inner squad practice and stuff with uh interest squad practice and when I was with the Rams with the Cowboys went over to Oxnard and I got to go against him some when he was a young rookie just you know that kind of stuff so what he had yet to even take a snap in the league yeah and so he had a rush or two that we went against each other and really nothing to the play but just afterwards I kind of shared some feedback with him and so you know over the years we just kind of text here or tweet you know something DM or something each other like different things and he reached out this offseason and said man would you have any interest in coming down where I train and working with me and just you know I you know obviously you're gonna have d-line coaches you're gonna have things you're gonna learn from edge rush guys that you've been around he's like but I have the mentality I want to practice against somebody who's really elite at being my opponent and I want to get what's that feedback from that person and what is why why would he shoot his hands on this player why would he jump me in this scenario so we watched a lot of tape of situational football you know three step five step drop you know the different drops quarterbacks take and why the tackle takes a certain set or uses his hands a certain way and it was really fun it was really exciting for me I was still in Shawn McVay last night when I was coming back like I was full sweat I feel like coaching out there just having fun getting excited just talking ball man I love this game it's changed my life and I look forward to seeing how it changes other guys lives so to get to be a part of somebody like Micah Parsons journey and just do something to help him in any way I can it was fun for me how about the lion teaching huh because he likes to refer to me he's a lion I love this dude man it's rare it's rare to think that that's the way he thinks like hey I don't want to just listen to guys who've done what I do right I want to know what the guy who goes against me does and I think that that's really cool to think that his mind thinks that way like always trying to find another edge another thing that can make me a lead and great and part of that week that was one of the most enjoyable things is I get down there on Tuesday and Jamar Chase is there working out with him really watching these two guys and I think some guys have posted on social media and stuff but watching these two guys do agility drills the competition the trash talk you know they're trying to beat each other every single rep it's just unbelievable to see those two guys go out and Deuce Vaughn was there as well uh young Cowboys running back in the draft this year how does he look to you man you know he is he's a small guy but man his ability to bend was unbelievable I was talking to the trainer who was putting on the workout and we were just talking about just his knee flexion and how well he can stay low and change direction it's rare and he was winning I would give him credit he was winning the reps but Micah was right there with him and Jamar as well it was fun to watch those three guys just athletic freaks go at each other well it is rare to have a kid in the league say you know uh veteran type things like I want to learn from somebody who knows I don't know everything right that's a rarity sometimes in this league but particularly rare from somebody who's been so damn dominant the first two years like he could he could rest on laurels there's no question about what yeah I mean you think of a young player the success he's had his first couple years right to even be thinking like man I gotta polish things up I gotta clean it up I gotta find another edge I think most people would be like you don't need any other edges like you just keep being you and I think that you really look at the elite elite guys and in this sport and many others uh that's their story they were always trying to find you know that one percent uh that little edge that could just take them into hey I'm gonna keep growing and keep getting better and keep refining who I am and uh he is wound that way man he watching him work out every rep is a hundred miles an hour I mean never as a half rep it's it's full go full sprint trash talk competition every rep of his workouts it's it's fun to watch somebody do that Andrew Whitworth few minutes left with the amazon prime videos Andrew Whitworth here on the Rich Eisen show let's talk rams uh we had less need on the other day what was the phrase that he used Chris when I brought up the rebuild word with him he said something I love those pics pollsters he wants pollsters in the building he wants pollsters in the building to try and take polls and what they what people think they're actually attempting to do like he was very he was bristling he's just like how can we be rebuilding when we've got three of the best players at three of the most important positions in the national football league best at what they do and but the general sense again is Stafford um is on the back nine and last year might be indicative of what he's got left in the tank um you know cup obviously we can place aside he's a young buck but you know donald was already thinking maybe I don't want to be here anymore even though that could have been a contractual stance and the coach last year spent a few days you know in his own figurative darkness cave you know and so what do you make of the rams what do you make of the home team here yeah I think you know right now obviously there is some version of hey you know they've cut back and and released some players didn't sign some guys back in free agency um there's gonna be hey we're gonna be a young team they're gonna be playing a lot of young guys I mean I was up there a couple weeks ago and and I mean what is there like 45 people in the building before the draft and everything I mean it's crazy how low the numbers are but in some ways I think that's unique because it's it kind of creates that back against the wall we're gonna it's gonna come out scratch claw fight type mentality which I think that team needed a little bit after last year after success of the super bowl and then maybe having last year be a surprise uh that everybody's after you and you didn't play well and you were beat up but I think they they have a group that is still you know up front I look for them to be much better I think they're gonna be a lot better I love the kick the pick of the kid out of TCU I think that they've got some young linemen now that have played they'll be more experienced so I really look for them to be a little bit of a surprise do I think that they're still going to be limited in some of the talent they have and they're going to have some youth uh yes but the beginning of their schedule is tough they're they're beginning of the schedule is a rough start I mean there it is for sure at Seattle home San Francisco at Cincinnati on a Monday night they do get if you will uh fresh meat potentially a rookie quarterback I don't know if Anthony Richardson's going to be out there home for Philly Arizona everybody is expecting to have a a disastrous year certainly they're going to get Arizona there when Kyler Murray's definitely not back yet I think that's the challenge you look at it I mean really tough schedule young team a lot of inexperience even though you have some of these elite guys it's really going to come down to can those three guys you just named and a lot of the other the veteran guys that are left stay healthy because if they lose one or two of those guys it's going to get bad quickly and so that's really really the truth about their team but at the same time the beauty of the NFL is we sit here every year and that's my favorite to look at these schedules and not go what are the great games what are the games that I'm looking at going these guys this team doesn't matter and then in November we're going to be saying wow look at this team right now and how good they are because it happens every year where there's a team that everyone says no chance and they do it I look at even when I was in Cincinnati we lost Carson Palmer in the off season demand to trade we have this young Andy Dalton TCU quarterback everyone thinks we're not going to win a game we end up in the playoffs his rookie year with AJ Green and those guys and tons of young rookies I mean it happens in this league so what team will it be and I think the Rams when you look at the NFC who are the dominant teams that you say are going to be the good dominate and be in front of them. Hey man we were talking about this in the commercial break last night of the of the schedule release show when you take a look at the AFC teams and the quarterbacks of those teams and the NFC teams the quarterbacks of those teams I don't recall a bigger disparity of the bold face name front in my 20 years of doing this between the conferences I just don't remember and obviously things can happen I totally get it Bryce Young could be the next slice bread but my gosh I it is a total huge difference between the conferences. It's my favorite thing to do because obviously you know being in LA and being around here you know people will ask me about the Rams and I'll always say you know when they make some comment about there's gonna be a disaster of a year and I'll be like okay I hear what you're saying and all those things tell me the seven teams that you think are dominant in the NFC they're gonna for sure be in the playoffs you know and it's like you can argue six and seven all day I mean you're literally guessing because it is like the others the top three or four and then there's who are the other three. Well the top three Eagles Cowboys and I mean San Fran San Francisco I think if Purdy's back healthy right at the end of the year they're gonna be really really good again. And you get them in week two I mean week three your second week of games I mean you get them right off the bat against the Giants who are technically one of those teams. Yeah we think right but you know what there's there's that there's another question identity right you get Darren Waller in the offseason you pay Daniel Jones like we may throw it a little more we may try to be a little more diverse in offense and score more points but will that change who you are a little bit and you know what last last year you were smash people in the mouth play actions yes play defense you know you got to be careful when you do those kind of things because it changes the game the results of these games.

Then you get Lions Packers for you know Jared Goff baby I'm on the Jared Goff train I want Jared to have a huge year and this Lions team man I'm excited about them I think that Chiefs Lions game to start the season is going to be an interesting one. Last one for you on that that's the only other time Goff played Mahomes was the Monday night 105 point game you know and you were there for that or you weren't there? I was I was there yeah.

Was that your first year? That was second year that was the year I went to Super Bowl and lost to New England. What a night that was because again you were supposed to play that game in Mexico City.

In Mexico City and the turf wasn't approved and then you come back and you play that game in in in Los Angeles. No doubt and yeah I think this will be a really cool for these guys to go head to head again and who's more prepared than Dan Campbell to be the guy to say we're going into the champ's house everyone thinks we're there just to celebrate their trophy we're going to bite kneecaps hit them in the mouth and win this game I mean literally that they are built momentum energy confidence this is who they are go fight he's going to have these guys so riled up for this game to not be just the the ring holders for the Chiefs as they celebrate their Super Bowl Championship. I think this will be fun to watch the energy this Lions team comes out with.

Everybody thinks we're getting rolled. We're just there for them to celebrate he's going to be all camp long that's going to be the message. Love it you're the man Andrew Whitworth thanks for coming in here appreciate you always taking the time to chat with us the season looks like another blast for you. I can't wait man the NFL man. It's coming let's chat during training camp how does that sound?

Sounds great I'm in. Andrew Whitworth everybody check out prime videos Thursday Night Football when it plays and guess what right here on Roku is how you can watch Thursday Night Football. Still to come here on this program Ryan Polls of the Bears Jim Nantz will talk about the CBS schedule and Joel McHale in studio and your calls at 844-204-RICH. The boys of summer are playing on the Believe Podcast. The product of baseball is much more watchable. Get your baseball fix from podcasts like Wake and Rake, Farm to Show and Ring the Bell. He's not really hitting balls through the screws. Plus local podcasts like Believe in Astros and Believe in the Bronx.

You're gonna have to get some more innings out of the rotation. Just search BLEAV podcast wherever you listen. We're watching the titans video right there for the schedule release. Genius they just go down and I felt kind of so like you know the Chargers did this amazing anime video again which probably cost them I don't know thousands upon thousands of dollars lots of manpower and the titans were like cool let's go to broadway and interview drunk people on vacation. They also knew what the schedule was going to be in terms of who's playing where so they probably shot that over the last two weeks and just edited it together in order of the actual schedule. Yeah right it was well done very well and showing them the logo you know how good it is it's great you know how good it is because our radio audience just rejoined us we just saw the titans schedule release video where they just had people on broadway in nash vegas try and identify the logos.

Hilarious because they were just awful at it. It's not great for the human race but it's still great for the video and so you know it's good when other teams social media accounts react because the cowboys are not the Indianapolis Colts. They are not. And they are not the Colts official twitter account has now been renamed not the cowboys.

Funny. The falcons changed theirs to the red stallions. The red stallions I know my gosh. I saw the lightning mcqueen one yesterday it was out of context and I just laughed. Somebody on the streets of broadway in nash vegas decided it said that the lightning bolt was lightning mcqueen my god.

Lightning McQueen! Chester Cheeto guy that guy. And then of course you know not an actual logo for the jaguars that's a great way to dig at your defending champ in the division that beat you to prevent you from winning.

It's not an extra nice little dig. Playing football. The lions actually in their video they used madden. Madden games lions versus the opponent on their schedule whether home or away. Did you see what they had for the falcons? The score madden was 28 to 3. Oh imagine that.

The lions did that. They're feeling it. We'll talk about that in a minute. You just heard Dan Campbell top of the next hour. We'll play with Dan Campbell's reaction to being the opponent for the Chiefs to kick off the season.

It's good stuff. In the couple minutes we have left in this hour 844-204 rich number to Dom. We'll get to that shortly as well Jim Nance next hour. All right Chris um you still on the Scott Foster conspiracy theory bandwagon because you said 100% he was refereeing game four in Los Angeles between the Lakers and the Warriors to even the series at two games apiece and the Lakers want to make it 3-1 and like I said he either extends or ends a series and and so not perfect science I understand or he's a vessel into which you pour whichever conspiracy theory suits you. So tonight where's Scott Foster tonight? Oh baby Scott Foster is in South Beach. He is in South Beach.

Now is that good for a game? Oh this is bad news bad news for the Heat. Oh boy. The Heat have lost 10 straight games with Scott Foster officiating. This is good news for the Knicks for you and Ben Lyons and Knicks fans everywhere. Ben Stiller somewhere he's got a smile on his face he has no idea why.

He's like why is today such a good day? I was usually normally nervous about my Knicks but you say don't worry because Scott Foster's here to extend the series. He's gotten a note extend from something tonight some cabal in the whoever's running thing. NBA front offices they've they've made they've communicated this although they can't actually do that because if it's caught it would ruin everything.

Right right right. So they winked at him. Coach K went to winks for extend. Coach K went to a pay phone and had a 30 second phone call. You're roping in the new advisor to the NBA huh? How can you drag Coach K? Wow. 10 straight Heat losses.

How dare he besmirch Coach K? That's what I'm saying. Number 48 on the whistle.

Okay here we go. I mean if he says it enough eventually he's gonna get a game right where this happens you know. Another clock what the broken clocks right? Twice a day.

Twice a day. He hasn't been right yet though this broken clock. Probably coming. I don't know. So there's a game seven by the way that's Monday if I'm not mistaken. Yeah and then. Because there's a triple there's a double there was gonna be a triple header on Mother's Day now there's a it could just be one game. And if there's no games tomorrow. And if Warriors win tonight then that's the 330 Eastern game in Golden State.

On Mother's Day. And then Celtics Sixers is 8 p.m Eastern but Lakers wrap tonight Celtics 330 Eastern. So we're moving around.

Moving parts. The Suns are just hanging with mom. Suns are one one two three. The Nuggets are just kicking back hoping there's a game seven. Yep.

And then there's a game seven in Madison Square Garden on Monday if Scott Foster does his job tonight. Hey hey hey Scott. This guy. Hey hey hey. Okay Jim Nance coming up in hour number two. Joel McHale in hour number three.

And your phone call is 844-204-RICH. You loved Lala Kent on Vanderpump Rules. Now get to know her on Give Them Lala with her assistant Jess. What you did not see is when Raquel arrives and she wants to talk to me I made her sit in a corner. Explain. Sat in a corner booth all by herself in the dark. Waiting for to talk to you. Waiting for me to finish dancing to 50 Cent. It's my birthday. Sit in a corner. Give Them Lala wherever you listen.
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