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REShow: Dennis Allen - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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May 10, 2023 3:30 pm

REShow: Dennis Allen - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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May 10, 2023 3:30 pm

Saints Head Coach Dennis Allen tells Rich why he’s breathing a sigh of relief that his team won’t have to travel to Europe for a game this season, what former Raiders QB Derek Carr brings to New Orleans, what the team is expecting from WR Michael Thomas this season, how a possible suspension will impact Alvin Kamara’s contributions, breaks down the team’s NFL Draft class, the signing of TE Foster Moreau, and reflects back on Steve Gleason’s unforgettable punt block against the Atlanta Falcons in the Superdome’s first game after Hurricane Katrina.

Rich and the guys break down the NFL’s 2023 international games schedule and holiday games schedule and what the ramifications could be for the teams involved, and debate which team (Bills? Chargers? Broncos?) will be the opponent against the defending champion Chiefs in their home opener in Kansas City.

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We are very excited to be broadcasting to you live from the Rich Eisen Show Studio in Los Angeles. There are two guys who are afraid to watch Game 5. This is the Rich Eisen Show. Back out to Juela Beach, shooting a three, it's good! Like, your team has no shot?

What do you mean my team has no shot? The Rich Eisen Show. Take 4 belongs to the Heat. Earlier on the show, Yahoo! sports columnist Dan Wetzel. Still to come, Saints head coach Dennis Allen from Netflix's The Mother.

Actor Omari Hardwick. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Now, our number two of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. 844-204-RICH. Number to dial here on the program.

Lots of fun. We just chatted with the Falcons fan who got heckled at the draft. Vinny. Making Vinny. He said it was, if he had a guess, it was the Saints fan.

That's for you, that was my thought. Screaming 28-3. Yeah, because why were the Pats friends? Like he said. Oh, please. Yeah, but they got the ultimate win. Did you not hear this guy go on a rant at the top of the program about how everyone should be fired in Boston because they just lost Game 5 at home and then the series is over even though there's actually games to be played, potentially plural? Everybody fired. Okay, there you go. So that's why.

In this economy, Chris. The actor Omari Hardwick will be joining us in studio in hour number three. The NFL schedule is getting released on Thursday. I will be hosting that program all three hours from 8 to 11 o'clock at night. You stay busy, bro. Oh yeah, I got a tour day tomorrow. I got a tour day tomorrow.

And joining us right now to reveal the entire New Orleans Saints schedule for us in his second year as the head coach is Dennis Allen. How are you, coach? I'm doing great, Rich.

How are you? How's that for an introduction? Do you like that intro? Yeah, that was pretty interesting. You know, I get tied in with the Falcons heckler and all going on the schedule.

So yeah, I'm good to go. Hey man, I was saying earlier because we just had that fan on calling in that the Saints Falcons rivalry is the nastiest rivalry in the NFL that gets the fewest amount of pub. That's a serious rivalry, coach.

Yeah, no question. Both teams don't have a lot of love for each other. And yeah, it's been a great rivalry and certainly I've been a part of a lot of those. On both sides, actually. Oh, I'm sure. Yeah, I'm sure. When you were obviously with the Raiders and you spent tons of times with the Saints and obviously a season with the Broncos.

I mean, you've seen some really deep ties between teams that don't like each other. I have to sign a waiver before receiving the schedule, by the way. That's the first time that's ever happened for me this year. Have you received it yet? We have not.

Okay. No, we have not received the schedule yet. Look, there's a lot of nasty rumors out there that we were going to be going to Germany this year and we were kind of under the impression that we weren't.

But yet until you actually see it and it comes out, it came out today, obviously. So now we know we're not going to Germany. So that was a little bit of a relief. Because it is obviously a European trip is significant, is what you're saying, coach? Yeah, look, last year was interesting because we were the home team. So we knew we were going to London. We knew that the game was going to be in week four or five. Look, I felt like, man, that's early to have a bye week.

And so there's a few options you get. You get a chance to say, well, we don't want to play this team over there. We get an option to choose whether or not we want our bye after that game or want to take the bye later in the season. And knowing that we were going to be over there in week four, we decided, well, look, let's don't take the bye. I don't really want the bye after week four. I'd rather it be somewhere later in the season. And then when we get the schedule, the bye's in week 14.

It's just flip flops. So like, you know, but but yeah, that's it's look, it's it's I think it's good for the NFL in terms of expanding the brand. I do think it's difficult on on on the teams, not just the players, but coaches, staff, the equipment guys, the video guys, everybody that's got to worry about all the logistics of the travel that's involved in that. It's pretty significant. Yeah. And then, of course, there's the time zone difference as well.

You know, I've called a few of these games over there and it's it's it's a it's a bear to say the least. And so, you know, when I let me just ask this question, then obviously we'll get more on the Saints. Just generally, the idea I hear from fans all the time is maybe a team could be based over there. Do you think that could ever happen? Would would that be feasible?

Do you think? Well, look, I think I think there'd be a lot of logistics that would be involved in that that would be would be difficult in terms of, again, you know, the the travel from the states to Europe and dealing with that six hour time difference or whatever the case may be and the travel coming back. I just think that's challenging. And then with with the team that that would be based over there, I think there'd be a lot of logistics that you would have to have to deal with in terms of, you know, how many how many home games in a row are they going to have? And then the travel to the to the states, you know, and then how many how many weeks would they be away in the states? I just think there's a lot of logistics that would be involved in that that would make it difficult.

But yet, you know, I wouldn't be I wouldn't be shocked if if, you know, if we saw that somewhere in the future. Dennis Allen, Saints head coach here on the Rich Eisen Show. So when the schedule is placed in your hands, the first thing you look for is what do you look for? Who we open with.

Right. That would be number one. And then the second thing I want to look at is, all right, what are what are the potential weather games that we're going to be dealing with late in the season? I think those are two two things that that that you really look forward to see. OK, what you know, how who do we open with and and and and where are we opening?

And then what are the potential weather games that you're looking at late in the season that you'll have to deal with some of the cold weather deal like we did in Cleveland this past season? Dennis Allen, Saints head coach here on the Rich Eisen Show. What have you learned about Derek Carr that you didn't know already? Dennis?

Well, I don't know that I don't know that there's anything that I didn't that I didn't know already. I feel like, you know, I had a pretty good feel for both the person and the player. He's been outstanding in the building. You know, he's he's he's been here for the entire offseason program, actually got in here a little bit a little bit early so so that he could get settled in. He's been a great addition for us up to this point and really looking forward to, you know, having him as our quarterback. Well, I mean, when you when you have him there, obviously, you know, you you you would know him from back in the day. But just anything different about him now as a as a grown man in this league?

Dennis? We've got a lot more kids now than we did back when I drafted him with the with the Raiders. I just think you see a really a really mature individual. You know, he's a guy that really has all his all his ducks in a row. And just to see the way that he's the way that he's matured, both as as a player and and really as a as a as a family person off the field is pretty cool to see. It is pretty cool that you're back together again, though, right? Yeah, absolutely.

It's wild how this works out in this league sometimes. Yeah, I didn't get a chance. I didn't get a chance to work with him for a long time there in Oakland. But no, it was but was, you know, always followed his career. And really, he was the guy that, you know, when the season was over and we knew that there was going to be some some quarterbacks available on the market, he was a guy that we quickly identified as somebody that we thought fit our culture, that we thought fit the things that we want to be able to do schematically from an offensive standpoint. I think his his ability from a mental standpoint to control a lot of aspects of the game in terms of getting us in and out of the right place on the line of scrimmage in terms of making sure everybody's connected in terms of protection, that's something that we felt like, you know, he could add to our team. And he's been awesome.

Dennis Allen here on the Rich Eisen Show. What's the scoop with your top wide receiver can't guard Mike? What can you tell me about right now, coach? Yeah, so I would say right now he's still going through some of the rehab process. He had some hardware removed out of that foot that he had surgery on this past season. He's doing really well. He's working extremely hard. Our anticipation is that he'll be limited. He'll be limited throughout this offseason, but our anticipation is that when we get to training camp, that he'll be good to go. Now, when we get to training camp, we're going to make sure that we're smart with him in terms of, you know, getting him back in and getting him back into football shape. But look, you know, he came off really kind of two seasons of not really playing a lot and really had a really nice start to the season last year. It was unfortunate that he got injured when he did, because, you know, going back, you know, just the opener against Atlanta and our ability to throw, you know, contested ball throws to him in tough situations down there in the red zone, third down, things of that nature, not having him was a big loss to us last year. And so our expectations is that we're going to have him back and we're going to have him healthy, and we're looking forward to getting, you know, the Mike Thomas that you saw three years ago.

And then, you know, obviously I'm asking you potentially the most uncontrollable issue for you. What is the scoop with Alvin Kamara? What's your expectation level for him at the outside of training camp? You know, honestly, we don't know.

We haven't been given any indication from the league of, you know, where this might go. Certainly, we've got to prepare for the possibility that we might not have him, but yet until that shows itself, you know, look, we're going full speed ahead and are looking forward to, you know, getting him in here and getting going, and then we'll adjust to whatever we have to deal with. Let's talk about your draft a little bit, Dennis Allen. The story of Brian Brissie, the defensive tackle out of Clemson, who you chose at the end of the first round, is a remarkable one with his story, his family, and losing his sister, and then having an illness that had, one would think, an impact on a kid who was one of the top prospects, period, in the United States when he was coming out of high school. And just seeing him and the celebration in his household was awesome. What was it like from your end of the phone line when you spoke to him and invited him to be a New Orleans Saint coach?

Yeah, look, it was awesome. You know, this is a kid that, again, top player coming out when he came out of high school, had a productive freshman year, was really off to a pretty good start as a sophomore before he had an ACL injury, and then going through all the things that he and his family went through over the last, call it, 18 months, and certainly probably even more than that. But for a young kid to go through that much adversity and deal with that much and come out on the other side and really have an opportunity to realize a dream that he's had since he was a young kid was, it's cool to have a part in that. And so, look, we went and visited him at Clemson, had a chance to have dinner with him, had a chance to meet with him, had a chance to put him through a workout. He's a great kid. He works his tail off, and we really feel like there's a lot of upside to this player and we're excited about having him.

Tons of upside as well. I'm sure you believe in a lot of your draft choices. One that leaps out at me is Derek Carr is not the only Fresno State quarterback in your quarterback room now. What did you like about Jake Hayner and what do you see for him in this future that clearly, obviously, has Derek Carr in it? What do you make of him, this young prospect? Well, look, I think, so Ronald Curry and DJ Williams, two of our coaches, had an opportunity to both be the coordinator and the quarterback coach at the Senior Bowl, and Jake was on their team. So we had a lot of kind of insider information in terms of the type of person that he was, the type of leader that he is, the intelligence level that he has.

Those are all things that, from an intangible standpoint, that you look at, that we really like. And then when you watch the tape, you just see a guy that comes up big in big moments. He's never shied away from competition, and he throws the ball. He makes really good decisions, throws the ball with timing and accuracy, and those are the qualities that you look for in a quarterback. So in the few minutes I have left with you, Dennis Allen, just real quick, Derek Carr, does he have a chip on his shoulder here?

What do you got for me? The comment he made at the Pro Bowl at the Skills Challenge where he was lighting it up, and he's like, well, if I played here, I might still be here, you know, he definitely has an edge to him, we all know that. But it seems like he's got a chip on the way things ended in Vegas with the Raiders, and now he's there with you right now.

I think this, I think he's always kind of had a little bit of a chip on his shoulder, you know, basically coming out of Fresno State, and then, you know, I think he's a quarterback that has top level ability, and yet he hasn't been recognized in that way, and I think he's looking forward to getting the opportunity to come here to New Orleans to play in this offense, an offense that, you know, he's got, you know, I hate to get, I don't ever want to get into comparisons, you know, but there's some similarities between him and Drew, and Drew's had a lot of success in this offense, and so I think he's really excited about getting that opportunity to come here, play in a dome, play in front of this crowd at the Superdome, which is an unbelievable experience, and I think he's looking forward to a clean slate and getting a new start. And then the last thing here, then, you brought up the old days, obviously, with Brees and the Superdome, I got to be honest, NFL Network's turning 20 this fall, coach, and I will never forget, it's still top five for me, I'll never forget the reopening of the Superdome. You were there, you were part of the coaching staff, and, you know, the moment that's now memorialized by a statue out in front of your home building with Steve Gleason, can you walk me through where you were that moment, that night, your memories of all that? Well, so, it's interesting because, you know, I played in the Superdome several times, not played, but coached in the Superdome when I was with the Falcons, and we would come here and play, and you felt like, man, this is a pretty unique place, and yet, the first time I walked into that building and the reopening of the dome, it was, that game, that experience is probably the most emotional experience I've really had in the National Football League. More emotional than the NFC Championship game that we played in the Superdome, more emotional than the Superdome that we won, or the Super Bowl that we won in Miami. It's kind of hard to describe, and unless you've been a part of it, you don't really understand the unique bond that this team in this city has together, and I think, really, that moment really galvanized this team and this city together, and it was pretty special to see.

It was. Coach, I appreciate the time. I did notice just moments before you joined the news, Foster Moreau is a new contract with you and the Saints. How is he feeling? This is, obviously, an incredible contract for him. How is he doing?

Any update? Look, he's doing outstanding. You know, he got a really good, number one, I would say, I think, you know, a huge shout-out to our medical group, and particularly Dr. John Amos, for being able to identify this and making sure that we have the proper medical treatment for Foster. I think he's doing outstanding, and the type of treatment that he's doing that he's receiving, we don't anticipate that there's going to be really any limitations at all in terms of his ability to participate and perform and his ability to recover, and I think that's probably the most important thing.

He's got a three-year deal, man. That's what life in the NFL, I love stories like this, and I'm excited for him and for you, and I appreciate the time here. Coach, as always, thank you. Yeah, awesome, man. Appreciate it, Rich.

Thanks for having me on. Right back at you, that's Dennis Allen, the New Orleans Saints head coach right here on The Rich Eisen Show. I will never forget that night. I tell the story all the time, man.

I would do if I was there. That was year three of NFL Network. It wasn't our game. It was an ESPN Monday night game. Falcon Saints in the Superdome reopened after Katrina.

I'm getting goosebumps talking about it. I was there, Mooch was there, Marshall Faulk, we were all there doing our pregame show. September 6th, is that what you said? 2006. 2006.

Did I say that? 2006. And I'll never forget it. The place was just electric. You two and Green Day played?

Electric. It was amazing. The pregame was electric. Paul Tagliabue was there, the commissioner at the time, and it was like a Super Bowl. And the first set of downs belonged to the Falcons, and it was either second or third down, I forget which one, but Michael Vick, the quarterback of the Falcons, was scrambling, running free, and the ball was loose on the ground, and it rolled out of bounds, and the screech from the stands, when that ball was loose, that oh my God, the first possession of the game could be a turnover, a takeaway for the Saints defense, for that split moment, the scream, it's the loudest scream I'd heard in a stadium ever to that point, and then the ball rolled out of bounds. Eventually the punt unit comes out, and Steve Gleason blocks the punt. Come on. I just watched it.

September 25th, 2006. So the Falcons are forced to punt, like all right, let's see what the offense can do, and like okay, you thought just a mere fumble recovery would excite you. How does a blocked punt suit you? And that, as we all know, will forever be memorialized in a statue in front of the Superdome. Rebirth. Steve Gleason's gonna live forever. Well, and obviously his battle against ALS and how he battles it with love and openness.

It's awesome, man. I will never forget that. See, Rich, that's the moment you were asking.

You're not going to get that at the draft, right? But that's the kind of moment that all fans, I think, can sit back and go. You know, of course, no doubt.

Yeah. And then of course, Marshall Faulk, being with us, he is the native son. He sold popcorn, as he likes to mention all the time, popcorn, in the Superdome as a kid. And so being with Marshall on that night was particularly special for me. And then when Marshall said, you know, third quarter, hey, let's all go out afterwards. And I'm like, oh my gosh, I get to go out in New Orleans on a night like this with Marshall Faulk.

I'm in. I turned to Mooch. He's like, no, I'm tired. I'm going back to the hotel.

I'm like, Steve, Steve, Steve. So what? The next time this city's almost wiped off the map by a hurricane, we come back from the reopening. You'll do it then. You'll be a little more well rested. Come on. Was it a good night? You didn't. You went back to the hotel.

I'm saying for you. Oh yeah. I can hardly remember that.

Suddenly my memory gets very hazy. That night in New Orleans is a top five. That and the Munich game, by the way, I know we talked about how logistically that's a problem for teams to play at night. Totally get it. But that and the Munich game are top five.

The rest of the three might change for as long as I'm fortunate enough to still be with that network. Head referee that night? Ed Hockulie?

Hey, all right. Well, that was the only thing that wasn't extra large that night. His shirt. Correct. There's only one Smedium that night and Ed Hockulie was wearing it. Everything else was extra large.

Let's take a break right here on The Rich Eyes and Show. When we come back, I've got myself a power rankings of all the games I cannot wait to be revealed and the schedule release that's coming up. But that is the world of difference because we can choose our ideal comfort and support on our side of the bed and change it whenever we like and it helps us sleep so comfortably. You can see how well you slept too the next day along with personalized insights for even better sleep with your sleep IQ score. Sleep next level. Unlock your unique potential with a smart bed that can perform as well as you. And now save 50% on the sleep number limited edition smart bed plus special financing for a limited time only at Sleep Number stores or

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Call or just stop by. I know you wanted me to have a signing ceremony here on the program. I mean I gave you a pen and everything. Because I mentioned you know telling I guess a tale out of school is that they're they're so serious about this schedule release that they're making anybody there's a there's a two-page waiver on the on the first page they have the names of the people who are authorized to receive the schedule beforehand obviously Commissioner Roger Goodell's at the very top. Makes sense. And you know it's about I think like a dozen executives in the league office.

So not a whole lot of people. No so if you're receiving it beforehand you have to sign this saying you know you're not screen grabbing it you're not doing anything. So I signed it at home last night because they wanted it earlier today. You wanted me to have a signing ceremony with this quill pen.

I mean we still could have did it for TV purposes bro. Thank you very much. One more time. It's not a coronation. It's a schedule release.

That's why that's why I signed all my important paperwork with. But so there are some there are some people I think at the you know at the partnership level who have maybe signed their own waiver already because there are some games that got released today. Five of the international series games. There's three games in London and two in Germany both in Frankfurt.

They have been released already. The first three Sundays in October will all feature a third early window or fourth early window game. All you folks on the east coast who love waking up and having breakfast and watching football. You get to feel like we do out here on the west coast which is to wake up have breakfast and watch football.

Out here on the west coast it's an early rise but it's all good. And here's the interesting thing the first two games feature the Jaguars. So the second game it's the Falcons of the Jaguars first on October 1st at Wembley which is Sean Conn's home stadium and then at Tottenham Hotspur which is a great stadium. You were at that Chris right? You went to Tottenham.

The cage was in the oven when you went there from that. Jaguars bills. The bills are the home game in Tottenham Hotspur and hey I don't know where the bills are going to play the week before but the Jaguars will have the advantage of having a full complement of living on that time zone because I imagine they're not going back to Jacksonville. They'll go to the Conn's house I guess you know and then the following week the Jaguars are out of town but Tottenham Hotspur has a second consecutive game where the Ravens play the Titans. So could Sir Will of Levis be getting a little role there? What do you think? I think Lamar Jackson's going to London.

I think Will Levis is going to get the start after that. Interesting. You never know because sometimes you don't need that buy.

Folks just fly back. Never know. Two other international games the Germany games last year was in Munich now both games were in Frankfurt these are back-to-back games.

The second game Colts and Patriots. So it's going to be how do you say Zappi in German? I think it's Zappi. I think it's the same thing. Anthony Richardson's going to Germany or unless we get a little bit of Gardner Minshew to see the Germans. They'll both be there.

By the way Gardner Minshew playing in Germany will be the wildest American in Germany situation since the end of stripes I think. And then how about this one? This one surprised me. I know the Chiefs were playing on in Germany but Tyreek Hill taking on the Chiefs.

I mean that is a great bit of revenge for the Germans to feast on. So Tyreek will play against the Chiefs but not an Arrowhead. You surprised about that one? That you take Tyreek Hill against the Chiefs out of Arrowhead? Also you think that game is going to be a pretty big time shootout and oh well that's fine but I'm saying you put that revenge factor as well. I thought that would have been a Monday night, Sunday night. That's a pretty big game. Excuse me. Am I reading this right? I understand you're talking Sunday night and Monday night.

I get it but this is a pretty big spot too sir. The whole country watches this. And you want to give them a game like this? It'll be 8 30 in the morning in Kansas City. A lot of people in South Beach sleeping something off but I'll tell you what that is a huge game and that is an I mean that is a marquee game. Is that you?

It's on NFL Network. I don't know. I haven't received that piece of information yet. Show on the road next year? I'll get the Winnebago. I'll get the RV right? Let me hit it. Will we do stripes? Mike you're our big toe.

You're our big toe. I'll drive it. And let's road trip with Roku Charlie and Roku Joe man. You know they want to go with this. I'll run it up the flagpole. Just zip in and zip out. Come on.

What can happen? And then zappy. There's a P. Come on get zappy. Bringing the quick game to Germany huh?

Mac Jones is going to be really good this year and you guys are going to eat all these. Same intensity. Same intensity. All these zappy jokes. Your intensity towards me having fun with Rogers is going to just flop on Broadway like the biggest flop on Broadway since the producers and then you. Spider-Man. You. You. You want me to bring the same intensity. Same. When Bill O'Brien turns Matt Jones into the Brady 2.0 you all thought you had.

And Tae Kwon Thornton going deep. So those are the international games. Then we had a trio of holiday games. So as you know Amazon in addition to having Prime Video and Thursday Night Football you may I don't know if I'm breaking news here.

I didn't sign a waiver to break this news. But they also sell stuff. Oh. Yeah you can get stuff on Amazon. Oh no way.

I think that was the original intent. The bookstore. Yeah you can get stuff. So what's the busiest shopping day of the year? Day after Thanksgiving. I don't know why they call it Black Friday.

What is it? Just I don't know. I don't know. I don't know where that came from. Well at any rate here we go. They're having a game the day after Thanksgiving.

Move over Egg Bowl. Ole Miss and Mississippi State don't have that piece of real estate all to themselves anymore for football. Dolphins and Jets. Hey I guess Al's having Thanksgiving in New York.

They have steak houses there. Oh they do. Good one. So the origin of Black Friday comes from the 60s. Oh.

Later explained as a day when retailers accounts went from being in the red to being in the black. Okay. See now we get it. So Dolphins and Jets Aaron Rodgers nationally televised game.

You know what I take from that is. Fun game. Is Jets at Cowboys that will not be Thanksgiving day.

Will not. Sunday night. Sunday night. That's Sunday night opener. So everybody thought well Rogers at the Cowboys gotta be Thanksgiving. Well Rogers will be having Thanksgiving at home wherever that may be in the metropolitan area.

Kendall Roy apartment. Getting ready to bring in bringing the Dolphins in. That's a big AFC East rivalry game right there for everybody. Big game week 12. Stream it day after Thanksgiving.

You'll be seeing that right here on Roku. And then two other holiday games were mentioned. Christmas day and New Year's Eve.

Now this is interesting. First of all New York Giants at Philadelphia Christmas day and then New Year's Eve late window on CBS. It'll be Bengals at Chiefs so that will not be your season opener. Take the Bengals off the list. That reeked of possible AFC championship game rematch right off the bat.

That's not happening. And then Giants and Eagles two things come to mind. Christmas is a Monday. Now I have asked everybody in NFL Network this question. We haven't gotten the schedule yet either so nobody knows.

Is this a triple header? Remember Christmas day was on Sunday last year. Christmas Eve was the bulk of that week's activity on Saturday. The Saturday night game I did in Pittsburgh between the Raiders and the Steelers.

So nobody knows. This might this does appear to be the middle game of a Christmas day Monday triple header. Everything will be for the rest of the week. For the rest of the week on that Sunday it appears. And then three games on Christmas day with the Eagles hosting the Giants in the middle on Fox.

And I imagine ESPN will have their Monday night game and then maybe CBS has the first window on that day. We don't know. But the one thing we do know is that when the Giants hang their stockings up for Christmas the lump of coal will be named Boston Scott. That's all I'm in for two touchdowns right now? It's coming down the chimney for how many?

What's the over under on the Santa Boston Scott touchdowns? I'm gonna draft him just to have him for that one game. Pick him up for that week.

Pick him up for that week. Well that's Christmas day so that could be playoff semi-finals. And then New Year's Eve is a Sunday. So it looks like that's the late window CBS game just for your week 17 here. And so everything's done on Sunday. I don't know what Monday looks like because I looked it up thinking wait a minute so there's an NFL Sunday on New Year's Eve what's the college football playoffs gonna do? They're doing their semi-finals on January 1st with the Sugar Bowl and the Rose Bowl serving as the national semi-final games on the first. So I don't think there's gonna be a Monday night game that week. Again I asked this of the folks at NFL Network we're hosting the scheduled release show tomorrow and I got a bunch of we'll see and I've been told there are three more games scheduled to be released tomorrow by various partners. We don't know as of this sitting what they're gonna be and by whom because I guess everybody hasn't signed their waivers yet or I'm telling you they are really tramped. So the other the other thing we're waiting for is because of that international game the Chiefs hosting the Dolphins in Germany.

Mama Kelsey was half right. Do we get Eagles versus Chiefs week two as she said the Kansas City Star put in their newspaper. Which nobody can find.

I don't know it's a Hoskins look no no no it's a staff writer named Nostradamus. I don't know man those are your mysteries solved today. What will tomorrow bring?

The scheduled release. It's coming I'll be there I'm hosting interviewing Joe Namath. Black Friday I've got a promo code called cool my mink is half off for Black Friday it's called I'm so cool Joe Namath saying I'm a zine prime you can watch the game on Roku. All right we'll take a break you know. Jordan loves talking.

Oh fantastic I'm reading his lips saying thank god this is over. Can we get my mom better seats? Are they in Kansas City?

Probably not. All right we're going to take a break here we'll do phone calls and we'll do my we'll do the power ranking stuff actually what we'll do next we're going to try and guess what the uh the chief's home opener is now that we know it ain't the Bengals. They're home for chiefs this year.

Let's call my status she knows. Oh they are home for the chiefs this year? Home for the chief. Oh so my home's family is going to be sitting in the upper peninsula of Michigan.

Payback. That's next. The boys of summer are playing on the Believe Podcast. The product of baseball is much more watchable. Get your baseball fix from podcasts like Wake and Rake, Farm to Show, and Ring the Bell.

He's not really hitting ball through the screws. Plus local podcasts like Believe in Astros and Believe in the Bronx. All right we're going to take a break. We're going to take a break from the crews. Plus local podcasts like Believe in Astros and Believe in the Bronx. You're gonna have to get some more innings out of the rotation.

Just search BLEAV podcast wherever you listen. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show. Over under on how far from the field Patrick Mahomes' family seats will be in all the way up in Green Bay. Because if you remember Jordan Love made his one start in place of Rogers back in the day when and and he it was in Kansas City and they put Jordan Love's family in the top row. Remember that? The last row.

Yeah. Remember they're like we couldn't believe like there's Jordan Love's family and they widened out and it was the last row of Arrowhead. The top of the stadium.

What are we doing? So whatever the last row is in Lambeau Field will not be good enough I would think. They'll put them in one of the houses they rent next to the place. Poor Henry Winkler's gonna be sitting in Canada for that one. Like Fat Joe said Chris they'll be all the way up.

Nothing can stop. Yeah it's uh it's they they should they should do it as a joke and then be like okay here's your suite. I was told again is that certain seats for the road teams are in certain places and that's just yeah because season seconds I don't know here you gotta like I would just counsel the you know Mahomes' family just stay home for that one. Your seats will be much better.

Much better. It'll be much more high definition in your house than through your binoculars from where they're gonna seat you. So we found out that by the way Mama Kelsey said that the Chiefs will be playing the Bears in Germany. They're not they're playing the Dolphins in Germany.

So again don't blame her she said she read it in the newspaper. At any rate one thing we know now that the Chiefs are playing the Dolphins in Germany that's their home game and that CBS announced the Bengals are taking on the Chiefs on their network late window on New Year's Eve. New Year's Eve. Take those two out of the running for the home opener for the Kansas City Chiefs and I believe that that will be announced either tomorrow morning or will be revealed on the NFL network schedule release show. So you take a look at the Kansas City Chiefs home opponents now so take the Dolphins out of the mix.

Take the Bengals out of the mix. That leaves two teams jumping off the screen at you screaming to be the home opener for the Chiefs now then. If it's Buffalo the two teams are Buffalo and the Eagles obviously with all due respect to the Bears and the Lions that's not home opener first night of the season on NBC material it just isn't. Now the Raiders I don't think are either just by Jimmy Garoppolo versus Mahomes you could try and tie it in as a this is who Mahomes beat for his first Super Bowl victory I just don't think you know Jimmy Garoppolo versus Mahomes what you're talking about now Russ and Sean Payton's first game.

But the Russ in prime time last year didn't go so well. So I don't know if you could run that risk that leaves the Bills and the Eagles. Now Eagles there in night one I mean to have a Super Bowl rematch right off the bat. Chargers is fun.

But here's that could be it too. They always play the Chiefs really well. But it doesn't have the same sizzle as Bills the problem with that is is you're giving Buffalo that assignment for the second year in a row right where you're sending them your first game is to watch the banner get raised again in front of you and you got it those are that I don't know if they could do that. But they spanked the Rams last year. I understand what the result was. I understand what the result was but back-to-back years for that assignment is particularly particularly you know I think I'm betting Chargers right now because I don't think too early for Super Bowl rematch.

Correct. And then your point to the back-to-back for Buffalo I'm gonna say Chargers. Chargers divisional game right off the bat. Los Angeles versus Kansas City. Herbert's gonna have a new deal probably soon so star power at that position.

I'm gonna roll the dice and say it's the Broncos. Sean Payton's back. Let's see what it looks like with Russ. Russ for the second straight year will just be really this is how you're gonna treat me?

Zero chill. My first game as a Bronco was back at Seattle on a Monday night for the whole country to see and so now this time it'll be my first game with Sean Payton at Kansas City. I'm kind of thinking that's the way because I just don't know if they'll do it to the Bills a second. It's possible and there's no rules against it but I thought they would put the Bengals there until I heard that really.

I thought it was going to be Bengals versus Chiefs right away but instead that's way out into the distance. That could be for the one seed now at the end of the season. And that's going to be a fantasy final weekend right? Yeah that's week 17 New Year's Eve. Right.

That's fantasy championship. On the line. How many players are you gonna have? A million. A million.

A dozen at least? Yeah. Love it. I do like that.

I get it. Bills and Kansas City to say okay you got to go back there. Night one. All right I know what you did here in Los Angeles. You watched the Rams.

Whose house? Rams house. They quieted that place in like two seconds flat. And there were a ton of Bills fans there. And the bandwagon that the whole media was on saying the Bills are going to be the team to beat. We all felt pretty damn good just one game in. I just think Denver at Kansas City for the first one.

I would put my marker on that. Now that you know that the Dolphins aren't coming. The Dolphins wouldn't have been a bad way to start the season too.

Tyreek Hill in Kansas City first one off the bat. To a back. Yeah. Yeah. That would have been a good one. But that's going to be played in Germany. Which is by the way if I'm not mistaken that famed game that the Ace Man used to play.

Florida or Germany. Now you got that. A little Adam Carolla reference for you to keep you all up to speed here. Dancing to 50 Cent. It's my birthday. Stay in the corner. Give them Lala wherever you listen.
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