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REShow: Terry Fontenot - Hour 2 (5-9-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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May 9, 2023 3:25 pm

REShow: Terry Fontenot - Hour 2 (5-9-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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May 9, 2023 3:25 pm

Falcons GM Terry Fontenot tells Rich why he’s very invested in Rich improving his 40-yard dash time for next year’s RunRichRun, why the team went against the grain and selected Texas RB Bijan Robinson #8 overall in the NFL Draft, what he’s expecting out of 2nd-year QB Desmond Ridder after passing on Lamar Jackson and selecting a top QB in the draft, and his reaction to that Falcons superfan getting “28-3” heckled at the draft podium.

Rich reveals some big news about Joe Namath and predicts how many New York Jets games will be on national TV this season now that they have Aaron Rodgers.  

The guys review the Lakers-Warriors Game 4 that was officiated by controversial referee Scott Foster.

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This is the Rich Eisen Show. Only those who wish to listen may do so.

That's a thinker. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. What is your sense of Rogers participation in the spring? He's here, he's present, and when I say present, I mean he's fully engaged and it's really cool just to watch him operate from play to play and in the way he works. Earlier on the show, Chargers general manager Tom Telesco. Still to come, Falcons general manager Terry Fontenot. NBA on TNT analyst Kenny the Jet Smith. And now, it's Rich Eisen.

Hour number two of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. We just chatted with Tom Telesco, the general manager of the Los Angeles Chargers. In just a matter of seconds, I'll be saying hello to the general manager of the Atlanta Falcons, Terry Fontenot, and then at hour three, Kenny the Jet Smith will be joining us from the great city of Atlanta, where he will be getting set to head inside the NBA studios once again for not one but two game fives tonight that are pivotal, as we like to call them. They're either decisive as the Lakers at Warriors and Heat at Knicks maybe later on this week, but tonight's games are pivotal because this series pivots on it.

Somebody's going to go up three games to do and whoever does that has an 80% chance of winning their series. We'll talk about that with Kenny the Jet Smith who's got a new book out on his life. That's coming up. 844-204 Rich is the number to dial here on the Rich Eisen Show.

Chris Brockman and Mike Del Tufo in their spots, TJ Jefferson in his spot. Give us a call if you want this out. We've got some time for you. But joining us right now on our guest line is the general manager of the Atlanta Falcons, Terry Fontenot. How you doing, Terry? Rich, I'm great. Always appreciate you having me.

Look, speaking of Jet, I watched your run this year. Yes, sir. And first of all, it's really cool what you do for St. Jude. Thank you.

All the money you raise. Thank you. And with the kids that were on the video, that's really inspiring and so it's really awesome what you do. Thanks. Appreciate that. Now, as we get to the 40, yeah, there's a but, man.

There is. You're getting slower. I know. Right? Yep. Because you were, a couple years ago, you were sub-sick and I don't know if you have a running coach but your form, there's no gate.

It's like you're real tight in the hips and you don't really open up. So what are we doing to get better, man? Well, great question, Terry. Let me take this one at a time.

First of all, thank you about the fundraising. Secondly, you seem like a very smart, with it, individual. So do you think I've got a running coach?

Terry? You definitely have a running, you have to have a running coach. All right, let me write that down. No, I do not. And what am I going to do to get better? So you just, so you don't prepare, you just show up and run?

Yeah, that's what I do. You sound, by the way, you sound like my wife right now, okay? That's literally what my, she's constantly, Susie's constantly saying, you gotta train, you gotta do this, you gotta do that. Next year is my 20th run, my 20th. I'm gonna, trust me, next year you're gonna see me shooting up your draft board.

Next year. Let's get you, let's get you a running coach. Let's get you in some yoga, some flexibility. Okay. Let's open up that gate.

Let's try to improve, let's get your best time this year. How about that? I like it.

You're very, you know what needs to be done? Just get Arthur Smith on my case. He strikes me as somebody who's got some stick-to-itiveness, you know what I mean?

I'm gonna do that. He'll get after you. He'll get you going.

You know, I kind of felt like Peter Skowronski sometimes in my interviews with him. I feel like I'm boring him, Terry. You're never boring, man.

You never, I listen to a lot of your shows, you're never boring. With you and Arthur comes on, he's, you know, he kind of, he gets those zingers in there every now and then on me. Yeah, he gets after you.

He does get after me. Let's jump in about your draft. I love Bijan Robinson. I thought you should take him.

I'm glad that you did. Walk me through your process on taking a running back in this day and age in the top ten of an NFL draft. Terry Fonda, please. And really, the way we look at it, Rich, is when you're, we can have these rules or people can have these rules that you don't take a running back at a certain point or a guard at a certain point.

You have to take a premium position. But what we say is, tell me the player and who's the particular running back that's sitting there. And when it's a guy like Bijan Robinson who we don't even put in a running back box and when we talk about positionless football, he's an impact offensive player. And wherever he is, wherever you get him the ball, he's a playmaker, he's a touchdown maker, he's a home run hitter, and he's got the makeup. He's a better person than he is a player, so we know he's going to reach his ceiling.

So, we believe he is one of the better players in the draft, one of the better people in the draft. So, we're really excited to pull that card off the board. Now, when did you decide this? When was this sealed? Like, hey, if Bijan's there, we're taking him.

When did that happen? Well, what happens is you go through it and there's seven variables in front of us. And this was a more unpredictable draft than I can remember in that top ten. So, we really didn't know who was going to be there, who we were going to be staring at. So, what we have to do is we have to stack eight players and go through it. And the questions we ask ourselves are when we stack the players is, okay, if these three players are there, if these four players are there, how do we stack them?

So, that's what we did. And once we got our pick, he was the top guy for us and we're excited to take him. And the off-the-field demeanor as well for him, how does that factor into your equation? Man, unbelievable. Have you met him? I have. We've had him on the show and he's a delight.

And I've heard nothing but just great things about him, quite frankly. Yes. And that's so important because our goal here is, you know, my job description, Officer Smith's job description is to win championships and to have the same success. In order to do that, you have to have championship character. You have to have the right kind of players and the right kind of people. And so, we're really excited about a lot of players on our offense as we go through it with Drake London and Kyle Pitt and Tyler Algier and CP and Jonu and we can keep going through it.

We have a lot of players who are really excited about it, but the thing we love about our team is they're unselfish. And the only stat that matters is win. It's not about who gets the ball the most or who gets the most yards or who has the most touchdowns on this particular day. It's all about winning.

So, it is. The character is always going to be paramount when we're making any type of player decision. You look at the theme of our off-season, look at the free agents that we sign, and then as we get into the draft, we're always going to, when we're making a decision on a player, character is going to be the most important thing. And so, he is. He's a hell of a player, but he's also an unbelievable person. Well, you mentioned, Terry, about this draft being so unpredictable, one of the most unpredictable in recent memory.

And as somebody who's hosted this thing for a while, I'd agree with you on that front. One of the most unpredictable aspects about the draft that came out in the wash was two running backs chosen in the top 12, like it's a totally different century. So, I just had Tom Telesco on the phone, your colleague in Los Angeles, who's got one of the top touchdown makers this league has seen in the last couple of years wanting a new contract at the position.

And he has yet to receive that from the Chargers. You've now chosen one of the draft choices in the top 12 on a running back. Are we seeing, walk me through the way the running back position you think in this league is being evaluated right now, Terry.

It just depends on that team, Rich. It depends on the most important thing is for the players that you draft, the players that you acquire, whether you're talking about free agency or the draft, you have to have conviction on the players you're taking, and you have to have a clear vision for how you're going to utilize them. And so, when we're together, again, you know Arthur Smith and the type of person he is and how he sees the game. And so, we have a lot of smart people in this building, and when we sit down and go through it, we determine, okay, what's the vision for this player, whoever it is, what's the vision, how are they going to be utilized, and how are they going to fit into what we do. So, that's why you go through everyone's draft board. Everybody's draft board. You have 32 different draft boards because that team is going to take the best player for them. So, when we discuss it, again, we don't put him in a running back box.

We discuss him no different than Drake. We didn't take Drake because he was the best available receiver. We took him because he was the best player for us, and we had a clear vision of how we're going to use him, much like Cal Pitts a year ago. We're taking players who we're not thinking about position, we're thinking about the impact they're going to have for us, and we have a clear vision in how we're going to utilize them.

Terry Fontenot, General Manager, Atlanta Falcons, here on the Rich Isaac Show. Another way to help out a quarterback who's kind of new to the starting role, as yours is in Desmond Ritter, get him a run game, get him protected, and again, you used your second round choice on the offensive tackle, Matthew Bergeron, out of Syracuse, but you also get him a tight end, and you already have one of those, and what a decision that was to take Pitts where you've taken him, and you took a tight end top four, and now you've taken a running back top eight, and a quarterback in the second round, you're given a shot here. Walk me through your decision making on these being some of your tent pole guys and your expectation level here for the offense in year two for Desmond Ritter. We do believe that, hey, you build a team front to back, inside out, so you have to invest in the front, and that's always going to be the most important thing. We are going to invest in the front, and so we're talking about players that we drafted in the top 10 over the last three years, but we've also made major investments up front. We talked about it a couple years ago, extending our left tackle, Jake Matthews, and then extending Grady Jerr, our defensive tackle, a year ago, and this year to be able to make Chris Lindstrom the highest-paid guard in the league, and to be able to extend Caleb, and the investments we made as we go through our defensive line with Kaleis Campbell, Bud Dupree, David Anamata, bringing back Lorenzo Carter, so we believe that the most important thing is the front. We have to invest, whether it's draft capital, whether it's free agents, we need to invest because we believe the way you're going to really win games and have sustained success is establishing the line of scrimmage. We want to have tough, violent, physical fronts, and we believe in the identity that we have, and so we want to continue to add to that, but that being said, yes, when you can add offensive weapons that can help out, because we believe in our team. We believe in Desmond because of the person he is, the leader he is, the way he works. We believe he's going to get the most of his ability because of the person he is, and the way he's going to work, and we believe in our team, and it takes a total team, offensively, defensively.

You've got to have balance. You have to be able to run the ball. You have to have playmakers, and you have to be able to rush the quarterback and take the ball away on defense and stop the run, so we believe we want to continue to make the total team better, and that's going to help everyone. Well, what's Desmond Ritter's expectation level, then?

What do you got for me for this fall? We want him to, look, my office actually faces, or I can look right out my window and see the field, and man, whatever, every time I turn around, there's guys out there working, and they're doing their best to get better, and that's who Desmond is, and he's a worker, and you look at, he wasn't highly recruited coming out, and all he did was went to Cincinnati and became one of the winningest quarterbacks in college football, and no one will say that anything was given to him. He earned everything that he got, and we expect the same with him here, and he has that mindset. He's going to earn everything he gets, and we love our team.

We love the character and identity of our team, and he fits right in that. So then let me ask you this way, then. I mean, you had so many options. Arthur, when he was on last month, said, of course you guys talked about Lamar Jackson. You talk about everything, and then you made your decision, and then you kicked the tires, I'm sure, on a ton of kids in this year's draft at the quarterback position, had them in for visits and things of that nature.

Why did you eventually land on Desmond Ritter as your guy? Yeah, well, it's about just what you said. You have to weigh them out, and you have to go through that process with every, whether you're talking about draft picks, there are a lot of talented quarterbacks in this draft, and same thing through free agency. There are a lot of talented players, and you have to go through that process and weigh it out. You're always thinking about how you're going to affect the total team, and there are different blueprints to do this. Some teams can pay a lot of money to quarterback, and some teams can have a quarterback on the rookie contract or have a mid-tier. There's a lot of different blueprints, and teams have had success in every way, so it's our job to weigh everything out, and we do that, and we'll continue to do that. But for us, with where we are right now, we're very excited about, again, not just Desmond, but the total team.

And then the division, Brady's gone, it seems completely wide open for you to take. You could have even had it last year, if not for many things, obviously, but a roughing the passer penalty that took place in a game in Tampa. Did you guys weigh in on that subject matter at all, about having roughing the passer in any way, shape, or form reviewed?

Did you weigh in on that subject? We go through the process. There's a well-defined process through the league that you have to go through, and we did that.

We went through that whole process. But the way we look at it is, look, if you're one play away and you lose, sometimes you're going to get the coin flip, sometimes you're not. And so we can only control the things that we can control, and that's where we always focus. But we truly believe in our building, the mindset of our building, whether we're talking about the staff, the coaches, the players, we come in here every day and do the very best we can to get better. And so we really believe that last year, the year before, we worked as hard as we could to maximize, to fight and claw and scratch and try to win every single game we could. And we really believe in our staff and we believe in our team at this point, and I know we're going to do the same thing this year. We're going to show up. We're going to control what we can control.

We're going to try to win every day, and every time we go out there when they roll the ball out, I know we're going to fight and claw to the end. That's my bad. I didn't want to ask that question in a way where your answer might be construed as you're making excuses. Do you want passing or roughing the pass or reviewed as a member of the Atlanta Falcons organization? Terry Falcon or not? What do you think?

I got it. That's a great question. I mean, man, you always look at ways to... You never want to slow down the game and look, the referees, they have a hard enough job.

They have a really hard job to do. I haven't thought about it a lot, to be completely honest with you, I would say probably if it affects us in a positive way, then I'd want it to help us. Good answer, Terry Fontenot. Good answer.

Whatever helps us the most, that's all we care about. So did you catch the part of the NFL Network draft coverage when the Atlanta Falcons superfan Vinnie Dorsey stepped to the stage and announced, I believe your seventh round draft choice, right? Vinnie announced your seventh round draft choice. He welcomed Javon Gwynn to the NFL and then he got heckled. He got heckled. Did you catch that one?

And look how he handled it, man. Isn't he a stud? Yeah. Have you had him on your show yet? I need him.

I'll take him. You know. Get him on your show, man. That's impressive.

Do the video, right? Get him on your show on a video so he can wear that suit. That thing's outstanding.

I need to get a suit made like that. Yeah, I know. But you love that. Look, we do. We have a really, our fan base is, we have a really passionate fan base and that he kind of epitomizes like when he's up there and, okay, people can heckle and they can say whatever they want. But I love that, man. Because I feel like that's the type of thing we have to do.

We have a self aggressive team and we will challenge anybody at any point and it's cool to see them up there doing that, but you need to get them on your show. Yeah. I think that Arthur Smith would have responded the same way. Yeah. We never heard that one before.

But do we know, was it a Saint fan or Patriot fan who heckled him? Do we know the DNA of any of this, Terry? Do you know? I don't know. Okay, we got to find that out. Yeah, that's a good question.

Maybe you can find out. I'm on it. I'll be on that.

You've got other fish to fry. Thanks for the call, Terry. I greatly appreciate it. Let's do this more often. Say hi to my buddy Arthur for me, will you please? I will. And by the way. I always appreciate you. We need to get you a running coach.

I think it's a flexibility thing, I really do, but we can get you back sub six and you'll raise even more money. Okay. How about this? I'll get a running coach if you get Arthur Smith a smiling coach.

Can you do that for me? Well, how? A smile? Yeah, a smiling coach. Oh, man.

They teach them how to smile. I mean, the photograph at the owner's meeting of all the coaches, I mean, he just looked like he's got to tell his face to be happy. You know what I mean? I got to look at the picture. Was he angry in that picture? Well, I think it's just that I personally think, again, I don't know him all that well. I just think this is his default look, you know, which is just like he said he had things to do.

He didn't want to like, you know, what am I doing here? The sun's in his eyes. The sun's in his eyes.

He's in the third row because he's really tall. And he's just like, what's happening? You know, like that's what it seemed like to me. Okay. So he's an intense. He is. Yeah. Very smart.

Yes. But he's when you're around him and I mean, I'm sure you've been around him a little bit, but he's got a really good personality. He's actually funny and he's he's more laid back than you think. But he just he loves to win and and he wants to do everything he can. That's what I love about him. He wants to do anything he can to to win at every cost. And he is very like if someone, whether it's a he loves to coach our coaches, our staff, our players, and he wants to do the very best he can for them.

So he maybe that is his default, but I think so. He does smile because I did get the sense like, why am I taking a picture? How does that help me win like so that I believe like that's what's happening, which is why he needs a smiling coach. That's what I'm saying. I need a running coach. He needs a smiling coach. And I think that's probably what he was thinking, right?

Okay, exactly. I've got to take this picture. How does this help me win for the Atlanta Falcons? So I think that we've all come to a conclusion. I need a running coach.

He needs a smiling coach. So let's just like it. Thanks, Terry. Greatly appreciate it. You take care.

Talk to you soon. That's right. That's Terry Fontenot, everybody of the Atlanta Falcons right here on the Rich Eisen show. And it was a fun chat. I feel like he wanted to keep chatting, you know, the opposite of Tom Tolesco. But in all fairness, that interview was about 17 minutes. If this was another five minutes. You know what I mean?

Yeah, I feel you. Plus, you couldn't take that chance. I couldn't. No, I had to get out. This one had to get out early.

No, you couldn't. I have asked, by the way, I don't know if we've received this. Better to leave early than stay too late. What's coming back from the Rich Eisen show production staff is, in fact, the drop of Tom Tolesco saying, all right, Rich, you take care. All right, hey. Thanks, man. I want to hear that one more time.

We'll have that as a drop that you can play whenever you want. And so can Jay Felley whenever you think I've gone on too long. Tom Tolesco was like Tom Wamskans, kicking everyone out of his apartment. Oh, yeah, good night. Everybody, you got to go. Spoiler alert. I don't even know who that is. It's 48 hours.

Only 48 hours. Succession has been amazing. All right, we'll take a break. 844-204-Rich. Number to dial still to come on this program, Kenny, the Jetsmith, talking NBA playoffs and more.

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Granger is the right product for you. Call or just stop by great chats with the general managers of the chargers and the falcons, Tom Telesco and also Terry Fontenot. Terry Fontenot drafting a running back eighth overall and Tom Telesco having a contractual set to it appears with his veteran running back who means so much to the team and telling Austin Eckler a contract will be coming shortly somewhere else.

If he wants to go seek it. Which is a rough one to tell somebody like Austin Eckler and it seems there are some hard feelings for sure. So it's just a fascinating subject matter to me the running back position in the NFL and I don't honestly I just don't get it when you've got somebody like Eckler I'd want to keep him there for as long as possible you know but it must be the case where they have the metrics you see it all that you hit age 30 and it's a totally different story and why do you want to pay somebody when you can get similar close to numbers out of the draft and then you see somebody like the falcon say Bijan Robinson eighth overall even though we have a host of running backs that might have been available on fantasy waiver wires but has one of the more stout running attacks in the league you heard Terry Fontenot say positionless football Cordell Patterson might be the face of positionless football and so they make some serious hay with him and Kyle Pitts might be a tight end because he's so damn big but you know you can run him like a wide receiver outside the numbers and then there's a name that's still sitting out there right now here on the second Tuesday of May what about Ezekiel Elliott where's he going to play football this fall I have a feeling he's going to end up back with us here on the Rich Eisen show well that wouldn't be bad too we do need it when he means oh I don't know are you playing for the Cowboys now are we doing that now all of a sudden are we going to start doing okay cool by the way I wouldn't dispute that notion that he shows back up he can damn act together why wouldn't the Bears go get him I just think that at some point this summer I guess right wouldn't it have to be this summer on the outside of training but also middle of training camp he just can just stay in shape who the hell wants to go sit in some dormitory and share a cinder block room you know with a with a with a an air conditioner hanging out the window I just described a lot of training camp situations you're on a dorm on some college campus yeah why would you do that if you don't have to but when you don't have a job you might have to do what you got to do but Ezekiel Elliott is that the state of the running back position Austin Eckler 18 touchdowns last year 18 g did you hear the number I just said a lot that's a lot okay and in the last two years almost 40 all right he he was told go seek a trade he's still on the Chargers but they love him the Atlanta of course they do why wouldn't you because he's great human and great he's a red zone threat and a human being to the max he had 107 catches last year he is an amazing player with a huge role to play on this team they need him and they have him which is their point and then you've got another team that drafts are running back top 10 and Ezekiel Elliott's sitting at home you tell me I don't I don't I don't get it the running back position is weird and wild and the defending Super Bowl champs leading rush leading rusher last year was a seventh round rookie go figure the hell going on thank you apparently I heard Pacheco also played last year did you see his brought me like a torn peck or something during the Super Bowl he played injured also lost amongst the the last few weeks in the torn labrum sorry Jerick McKinnon returns to Kansas City how important was he down this he was incredible he had to have won people fantasy leagues he was incredible yeah what's this mean for Clyde then you think I don't know they can get his fifth option fifth year picked up so hey look there are a few teams that can easily survive the missing of the first round draft choice and the Kansas City Chiefs are one of them 49ers appear to be another you know so we'll see here's another we'll see two days from now we find out the schedule I just found out in a commercial break I'm just telling all tales out of school about the schedule release show did you get your release I have not signed my release so I can get the schedule release to me earlier than have the waiver in hand though I don't have a waiver I haven't read the fine print catch oh but you do have it you have seen two pages whoa whoa yeah it's not a game rich this is not a game it's not a game Donna Kelsey it's not practice either responded to us did she really yeah would you write on Twitter I posted the video oh she wrote back it was already out in the Kansas City Star on May 4th oh I'm not privy to anything oh I love mama Kelsey is she upset with us now no she laughed oh we got a haha and an lol great yeah I'll take it yeah we love the Kelsey's please she's very she's fine it's a Kelsey friendly program yes yes come on so um at any rate we love you Donna you know and so um here's another thing I found a schedule to appear on our schedule he showed one Joe Willie Namath who signed the waiver for the schedule why doesn't Aaron won number 12 why does the league have to lawyer up to give the schedule to their host are you allowed to say that I just did oh oh number eight looks weird I thought I'd take the 12 off my back I do know one thing the network's definitely know what's happening so here it's all right so somebody if they don't really know of course put the Jets schedule here we do the Jets will have every maximum of games that you can have you can have six if it's flexed into there will be five scheduled nationally televised Jets games this year they will get the full max I'm gonna do my best here to predict them right now give me NFL films music I don't know anything as you know and and and and and the proof of that is I have yet to sign my waiver because I don't know anything because I haven't signed my waiver yet and my mother does not subscribe to the Kansas City Star careful here we go here the five just for you TJ Jefferson we should all try put it up put it up here without a doubt Aaron Rodgers is the Dallas Cowboys is a nationally televised that is a nationally televised game I'm gonna take one of the two Patriot games it's gonna be nationally televised all right I will take one of the two bills games will be nationally televised that leaves me two more homes at Rogers is another nationally televised game and I'll go I'll go hurts at Rogers I like that clearly I like that and then we're gonna get a flex of some sort I like that gonna get we're gonna get a late December game maybe against no no no no no the Dolphins you're not gonna flex put it out one more time I'm gonna go a flex game because they're gonna put one in December that's gonna be right that's let's ride maybe one of them I'm sorry sitting what the game at Denver might be one of them I like the because you got to have a game that that that you'll flex into because you think it's gonna be worth something and a broadcaster won't protect their chip on it protecting it early on if that's still the way the rules changed left and right I might be giving you outdated rules I will say Rogers I like the Browns like a late late late season Browns or late season Giants although you can't do that because you're I've already put two NFC East games and two AFC East games in the in in the possibility of being flexed yeah maybe you throw Herbert in there but I think it I think it might be let's ride yes in Denver Rogers Russell Wilson there's NFC playoff history their championship game history if you remember the the one where the Packers had rust dead to rights and then the onside kick sorry to go down this memory lane for the Packers fans there what do you think I think you're on you got five games Jets the only question is will Jets at Cowboys be right out of the box Sunday night football week one or will it be the Thanksgiving game that's the only question it's ever played on Thanksgiving I'm sure they have I just don't remember the last time it happened we did a game wait a minute the butt fumble was on Thanksgiving I'm sorry I forgot my head was completely up my ass didn't we do it NFL Network a game that was getting that was the night game I completely forgot it was a Nike it was the NBC night game the Jets have never played on sweet there was the Giants I remember that I think the last game that I visited as a member of NFL Network for the Jets was Jets on a Thursday night in Denver where Tim Tebow I watched Tebow time materialize in person it's a real it was a real thing folks the Jets and the Broncos played a terrible game there was hardly any touchdowns Tebow looked like he was throwing it with his feet they were booing him I'm not kidding it was bad I remember you told me this literally looked like he was taking his foot and gripping the football and winging it with his foot it wasn't whatever his off foot was to not even his right foot his weak foot he was making weak footed throws that's how they were flying into the stands and people were booing him and then I swear to you with four minutes to go the guy became John Elway in front of my eyes they beat the Jets I remember I was there I Tim Tebow time was a was real people I saw it Steelers fans know too R.I.P.

De Maris Thomas that's correct that was the first game with the new overtime rules in the playoffs Jim Nance was barely finished telling you the new rules that a touchdown on the first possession wins and that ball went over the middle of the De Maris Thomas and he went the distance he took and of course of course of course as always that provided the Patriots with the break they wanted because instead of the Steelers going to visit him yeah and then Tebow came to visit him and the next week and did Brady speaking of breaking something off Brady and the Patriots broke something off significantly where I think it's still lost where they broke it off in in that game correct final score 45 to 10 oh it was snowing that day too it was a snow game yeah I watched I watched that at a Vegas casino trust me any jet fan will just recall the number of times the number of times the Patriots got some sort of a break but Chris they also memories are gonna be all you have man you got to give it up you had it they also had a cash them in though they cashed every last one and made that amazing Alex Smith Drew Brees playoff game yeah all 36 32 Niners that was amazing Alex Smith was terrific in that game by the way it's like the Owens catch take two yeah Alex Smith was terrific in that playoff game great game football is great yes you could say that again I say it rich I love it you don't have to sign a waiver I don't it's not two pages long eight four four two oh four rich number two dial here on the rich eyes and show we will take a break coming up in our number three Kenny the jet Smith is joining us to talk NBA playoffs we'll take a break we'll be back with more in a moment The Boys of Summer are playing on the Believe Podcast. The product of baseball is much more watchable. Get your baseball fix from podcasts like Wake and Rake, Farm to Show, and Ring the Bell. He's not really hitting balls through the screws. Plus local podcasts like Believe in Astros and Believe in the Bronx. You're gonna have to get some more innings out of the rotation. Just search BLEAV Podcast wherever you listen. Back here on the Rich Eyes and Show radio network we're experiencing technical difficulties with our phone lines there's a reason why we look down and we're not getting any phone calls right because you're if you're here it's the number that we've been giving out for eight plus years long time it's currently not working and it basically tells everybody and it makes it sound like I haven't paid my bills and I have I am I do I'm I'm an a member in good standing so we're working on it and maybe I may have an idea what'd you do Mike did you unplug it no I isn't like is it like the airplane where somebody unplugs it and Leon's getting larger just give out your number Mike what do you know they get enough calls I'm gonna check something in the back why don't you check something in the back I got a minute yeah go for it this just shows you folks shut your mic off there he's gonna go set something in the back tremendous and while Mike goes and fixes whatever might be happening right now you're jogging whatever he's happening right now we are now officially able to talk about Mike Del Tufo as if he's not here which is really by the way there's nothing wrong with the phone lines I just try to get money we could have talked about him while he was sitting yeah we're getting a bunch of tweets and we're getting text you're getting text from some regular yeah you know shout out to shout out to Alan Dallas like hey wondering what's happening so did I not sign the waiver for the phone award how many waivers we have this I don't have any waivers I'm signing a lot of stuff sign a lot of stuff okay when was the last time the Jets had four more nationally televised games in the New England Patriots because that's cool my gosh it's coming never when was the last time the only Patriots nationally televised game was against the Jets that might be this year I think it's coming unless for some I don't know though you you guys are insanely popular but something like this jerseys all over the place there's you know you guys you guys and gals I don't know maybe from the Patriots world are all over the country then might get flexed later on but we'll probably only have one scheduled right so while we're just waiting for Mike Del Tufo to handle all this stuff is a good question what happened with Scott Foster last night yeah cuz I'll tell you well hold on a second the NBA official who gets the most amount of grief as if he's doing things just for himself or he's doing things just to point out who he is and how important he is in the world and also how also you think he's taking directives from some murky figure in the league office who puts their finger on the scale for either television purposes or for any other purposes what what happened to Scott Foster last night you said that he was going to ensure that the Warriors and Lakers goes seven and last night he had many opportunities and instead what he did you know what he did he he reffed a pretty damn good basketball he did he did it was actually a really good game you can't out of here's the deal here's the thing Scott Foster can only do so much he's only one man with a whistle he needs some help on the other end like you know say a guy goes three of fourteen from three like clay or um or when another guy who you gave thirty million dollars to is oh for four in ten minutes Jordan Poole he can't really you know you can't work with it you can't work with that you know you gotta work you got ingredients and you got a final product you're going for and on the final jump ball that occurred I'm trying on the final jump ball that occurred at center course um LeBron could have easily been called for shoving Steph down onto the floor and Scott Foster was staring right at it and ate his whistle good he could have easily put Steph on the line Steph could have made the first purposely missed the second and who knows what happened with a with a ball popped up in the air and then suddenly we could have had overtime which is what by the way I wanted although it was a really late night for the eyes and household we had every all the kids wanted to stay up and watch overtime that game school night bad shooting night I mean look the Warriors were twelve of forty one from three the Lakers Lakers big free throw advantage made all twenty twenty for twenty they were great from the line big Austin Reeves night look the Lakers were just better last night plain and simple I don't think the officiating as much as I was kind of tongue-in-cheek in it yesterday with Chris Mannix I wouldn't have been a factor the Lakers were better was your tongue you were there I don't know that that was tongue-in-cheek tongue-in-cheek you were you were saying your chest actually I did really think all that was gonna happen I know that you thought for sure Anthony Davis would have two fouls after the first quarter and you had zero he played great 23-15 last night but like you said this is not an exact science right not an exact science sometimes you miss what were you able to do with the phone lines Mike anything no I reset let's double check no no no it's it's still we appreciate everybody's patience tweet us yeah at Rich Eisen show and we'll answer your questions on a tweet how about that yeah yeah we'll do it old school somebody send a question real quick send it yeah send up a flare wherever you are in the United States mailbag well we'll notice it see who's the first one who's gonna do this okay did you turn it off and turn it back on again cuz that's the way I handle that's how I was the first thing my car you did that first that was of course when Mike kind of I fixed it before like that so I was kind of like maybe that will work you fixed what before it's the number is disconnected it's no longer a working order at least they're admitting it used to work I'm sickened right now before somebody pulled the plug what's he doing back there then wait here's my question it just hit me if the phones haven't been working for two days what has he been doing he's been wondering why no one's called everybody I go back there and he goes I just I just don't know what he was calling I just thought we were gig you can't blame him now I'm not blaming him I'm joking well I'm just doing that we could blame him I mean you could you could you could wonder why an alarm wasn't raised within them is what I'm saying which is what maybe well wait a minute maybe the phone calls a day and now all of a sudden the phone hasn't rang in 48 hours pizzeria you're waiting for an order you're hanging out yeah and the phone's not ringing and you're like why is no one calling for pizzas by the way got it he just said the word very new jersey way it's pizzeria pizzeria pizzeria people around the country said oh man I wish I could call up and say it's called pizzeria no it's a pizzeria pizzeria you know us East Coasters that's how we think yeah one thing that Tom Telesco is not doing now is watching NFL Network they're replaying the wild card game no hey thanks for having me on when when when you've gone two questions too long this is what the guests hey thanks for having me on there you go hey thanks for having me on sorry folks that's when I knew in high school I had no shot with the girl I was calling when she'd say hey thanks for having me on that's what mom she didn't say that she would be like all right I'm gonna let you go oh yeah yeah that is wait a minute what is it do you ever do that on the phone I'll let you go that's what you know I haven't indicated I wish to be let go right but I have I did that yesterday or something so clearly I'm still wearing these scars of inviting you know people to the prom what was her name I'm not gonna go there oh she's probably watching right now people have Facebook accounts man I know that was page right now I draw the line at that so and I'll let you go that's what Tom Telesco did to me that's how that's how you should sign off on the show every day from now okay so Kenny the Jetsmith is gonna join us in our number three of this program he and the NBA on TNT crew tonight have not one but two game fives Sixers and Celtics oh baby we might not watch this game why watch because my heart was palpitating so hard that last game I'm like I don't think this is healthy for me so I don't think I'm gonna watch it if we have a 15-point lead we're gonna do some stupid and then it's gonna be a close game at the end I'm not gonna be able to tell me pacing around the house that would be mad cuz James Harden's gonna have like eight points today and I'm like what happened you might be bad these guys are mad their team they're gonna relevant Yankees suck right now and they're not even sniffing and this is a playoff game and he's talking about judges coming back tonight that's all about the judge I'm kind of an embarrassed even have Kenny the Jetsmith on with this attitude you love Lala Kent on Vanderpump Rules now get to know her on give them Lala with her assistant Jess what you did not see is when Raquel arrives and she wants to talk to me I made her sit in a corner explain sat in a corner booth all by herself in the dark waiting for to talk to you waiting for me to finish dancing to 50 Cent it's my birthday in the corner give them Lala wherever you listen
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