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REShow: Robert Saleh - Hour 1 (5-8-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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May 8, 2023 3:10 pm

REShow: Robert Saleh - Hour 1 (5-8-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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May 8, 2023 3:10 pm

Rich reacts to the controversial in-game run-in between Denver Nuggets C Nikola Jokic and Phoenix Suns owner Mat Ishbia during a bizarre sideline incident in their Game 4.

Jets Head Coach Robert Saleh tells Rich his impressions of a “fully engaged” Aaron Rodgers at the teams initial OTAs, updates the status of OL Mekhi Beckton, Quinnen Williams contract status, the return of RB Breece Hall from a torn ACL, the team’s 2023 draft class, and what the team’s expectations are for next season with Rodgers at quarterback.

Brockman predicts what controversial referee Scott Foster calling the Warriors vs Lakers means for the outcome of their Game 4.

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Find tech that's right for you by calling a Dell Technologies Advisor today at 877-ASK-DELL. New York Jets head coach Robert Sala, senior writer for Sports Illustrated, Chris Mannix. From Prime Videos, the marvelous Mrs. Maisel, actor Kevin Pollak. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Oh yes, it is time for the Rich Eisen Show here in the second week of May 2023. So much going on in the sports and real world Rich Eisen Show right here on the Roku Channel. We are live and free every day from 12 to 3 Eastern on all Roku devices.

We are free on select Samsung Smart TV, Amazon Fire TV, the Roku app, and the We say good Monday to all of those listening to us on the Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio network coast to coast. We've got tons of affiliates kind enough to hook up with us so you can listen to us. We're on Sirius XM Odyssey in our podcast. Check us out every single day.

Why don't you? Good to see you over there, Chris Brockman. How are you on this Monday?

Great. Good to see you. DJ Mikey D. Mike Del Tufo back on the show. And TJ Jefferson, the candle's lit. Good to see you here on this Monday, sir. Thanks to James Harden, I'm happy to be here.

Otherwise, I wouldn't have been. The Rich Eisen Show beard on the beard of Philadelphia, all of them together right here on the program. Hey, look, let's start with the NBA coming on the air on this. I love doing this show for so many reasons.

I say that a lot, but I love doing the show for so many reasons. Because you never know what's going to be the top story. You never know what's going to happen in our crazy mixed up sports world. You never know.

And figured all weekend long. Maybe I'll come on the air and I'll talk about the Lakers being up two games to one, blowing out the defending champion warriors in the downtown hoops dojo, bringing them into the crypto and bouncing them like they're some guy hanging in the Bahamas trying to avoid justice. Whoa.

Bounced him. And we're not talking about that. Could be talking about the Miami Heat taking care of business against the Knicks who get Jessica Alba's BFF Julius Randall back. And they took care of that business.

They did. They're up two games to one. They're trying to go up three games to one time. Same thing with the Lakers on the Warriors. Could be talking about that, but I'm not. Could be talking about James Harden, who you just mentioned, TJ. James Harden, dare I say, bailing out the MVP of the association. Easy.

Taking care of business, though, in overtime against the Celtics squad that is pushing the Sixers to the limit. And vice versa. And vice versa. I could say that. You could say that. You just did say that. We're not talking about that.

No, not to start with. Could be talking about Landry Shammett going from Mark Curry to Steph Curry. Boom. I could say Tim Curry to Steph Curry. Where the hell did that three-point shooting? Guy didn't play at all in Game 2. Shot the lights out in Game 3 when Devin Booker was shooting the lights out. Tim Curry. He turns into Steph Curry. To help the Suns, not the series, with the one-seeded Denver Nuggets at two games apiece.

Kind of talking about that, but we're not talking about that because all we're talking about is Nikola Jokic tangling it up with the Suns owner, Matt Ishpia. Only one T in Matt. A lot of zeros. A lot of zeros. A lot of commas. A lot of zeros. A lot of fingers. And Jokic is mixing it up with the owner of the Phoenix Suns.

Pardon me. Governor of the Phoenix Suns. And happened with two and a half to go in the first half. Ball in the stands. Jokic is trying to grab the ball to start the five-on-four break because Okogie's hanging out in the second row because he just launched himself in there trying to get that ball.

And there was a tie-up situation. There was a tie-up situation because the Suns owner thought he owned the basketball like he did the Suns. You mean doesn't he though? He owns the Suns. He doesn't own the basketball.

Maybe he thought he was back on the bench at Michigan State as the walk-on that he was in the 2000 championship team. Maybe he thought that there was a possession arrow pointing to the Suns. So he was grabbing onto that basketball.

He had some PTSD. Now I know Jokic did kind of give a little bit of the business, but Jokic after the game thought, who's this dude sitting in the front row not giving me the basketball back when I want to start a fast break? This was Jokic, two-time MVP of the NBA after the game. Nikola, what happened when you went out to get the ball on the side and what was the explanation they gave you for giving you that technical foul? He told me I was elbowing the fan, but the fan put a hand on me first. So I thought the league was supposed to protect us or whatever, but maybe I'm wrong.

So we will see. Did you happen to know who the fan was? He's a fan. I know who he is, but he's a fan, isn't he? Phoenix Suns owner. He's sitting on the court and he's a fan, isn't he?

That doesn't mean that whoever he is, he's a fan. He cannot influence the game by holding the ball. Do you worry that this may lead to a fine or suspension or anything like that?

Why? If the NBA official said that he thought you shoved him. But he's hands on me, so they're not going to protect me. They're going to protect the fan.

I mean, they can do whatever, of course, they don't care, but I think they're supposed to protect players. So Jokic calls the governor of the Suns a fan because for all he knows. He doesn't know who that is in real time.

Come on. I mean, if you polled the players of the association, if Travis Kelce doesn't know who 90 percent of the NFL coaches are, these players definitely don't know who 95 percent of the governors are. They'll notice Cuban. And they know their own.

And they know their own. Maybe. And would he be able to pick Stan Kroenke out of a lineup like our third hour guest Kevin Pollak from the Usual Suspects? I don't know. I'm assuming. And they'll know the they'll know the schmecke owner of the Knicks. Maybe. And maybe they know Ballmer. Maybe they know him because he's the crazy guy. Yeah, maybe.

I like three of them. He has no idea. Yeah.

I mean, that's his way of describing who he tangled up with. The Nuggets coach Michael Malone has another opinion. This is what Coach Malone had to say about this very subject matter after yesterday's loss. I'm still not really sure what happened. Haven't seen a video of it. I think it's crazy that Nicole got technical foul on that situation. He's going to get the ball and some some fan is holding on to the ball like he wants to be a part of the game.

Just just get the ball up, man. You mean? And, you know, they they deemed Nicole doing something that was excessive, I guess.

And they gave him the tech. But I still don't really understand it. I think the fans, the owner of the Suns made any difference. I don't give a s***. I mean, it's, you know, it's. I really don't care. That was Brockman's reaction on our text. So no surprise, no surprise that the governor of the Suns does not wish to be front and center of the NBA playoff conversation.

This very morning at MISHBIA 15. Great win for the Suns last night in an amazing series so far. Exclamation point. That should be and is the only story suspending or finding anyone over last night's incident would not be right. I have a lot of respect for Jokic and don't want to see anything like that. Excited for Game five. Go Suns. Two more exclamation points at the end of those sentences.

Now, let me say this. I don't know the governor of the Suns at all, but I do like him for two reasons. One, he's not Robert Sarver.

So that's number one. He's got that going for us. Plus, he's not Dolan, so there might be three reasons. I'm just talking about I'm just keeping it in the Sun.

He's not Robert Sarver. So that's a plus. And plus, he's got a feud with Dan Gilbert. Yeah, I like it. That's in the business world because they are both going at it in the business world. Interestingly enough, it's it's Spartan on Spartan violence.

As you know, Mr. Comic Sans of Cleveland is a big Spartan, which makes me kind of like him. Certainly sitting on it, certainly when he takes the Michigan head coach away from us and the basketball program and sticks him on his bench only to fire him within a matter of months. But that's just that's just me. So I kind of like Ishby if he doesn't like Gilbert, who, by the way, is the only governor who abstained in the vote to make Ishby the new owner of the Suns. So bringing his own business problems into the world of the NBA.

So I kind of I kind of I have a certain liking to this guy just right off the bat. OK, so let me just say this. He's in the room.

He is in the absolute wrong. Here. Because he grabs the basketball from Jokic, if he just gave the basketball up to Jokic, if he just gave it up to him. That's it. There's no shoving. It's over. There's no pushing. There's no elbow.

There's no nothing. Just give the basketball up. Look at that video, right?

Over and over again, look at the video. And all you'll see is a tie up situation. What about a jump ball? Just give the basketball up. You're the owner of the Suns, for crying out loud.

You're the owner of the Suns. End of story. So I'm sure he's coming out and saying, I don't want to be suspended, I don't want anybody fine from it because he doesn't want this thing to keep going on and on and on and on. I I proffer to say I can't wait to see where he's his seats are in Denver. So they do him like Jordan loves parents to stick him out in the rafters, put him in the last row. I like it.

I like it a lot. But that's my take on it. Very simple. Give up the basketball. Yeah, it's ridiculous. Give up possession.

What are you doing? So. My two cents on that matter. I think you agree. I 100 percent agree.

You don't, though, do you? You think Jokic was in the wrong? I don't know what I think, but after watching it, it's just to me, it's kind of like a no harm, no foul at this point.

Just reviewing it. Guy grabbed the ball. Jokic went to grab it. He didn't see who he was at first and then he saw it was him. So, yeah, the second time should have let it go.

I just find it funny when people say he flopped because trust me, when a 611, 275 pound Serbian guy puts his form in your chest when your legs already have a chair behind. Well, that's probably going to go back. But no harm, no foul. I think it's a non story. Let's just keep it.

Oh, it's definitely not a non story. It's the two time MVP of this league. Getting a technical foul in a playoff game. Don't those add up to technicals?

They do. And so he got teed in a playoff game because the governor of the opponent wouldn't relinquish the basketball. And he just definitely made contact.

And I'm with you, though, too. By the way, I have I have lost my balance because there is a folding chair seat directly behind the backs of my knees. And you can fall you can fall back easily, certainly when it's somebody of your size shoving you. By the way, never been shoved by someone that size also in my life at age 53.

So I can't speak to anybody's balance. But, you know, it made it worse because it looked like he was trying to make the situation worse for Jokic. Like, oh, my goodness, I'm a fan and I just got contacted by him. You should definitely tee him up, if not eject him. That's what that falling back if you think he's flopping communicates.

Gotcha. That's why it's a story today. And he's trying to stop it. And all he needed to do in the moment was relinquish the basketball because Jokic had a right to have it and hand it to the official. And then it's on the official as to whether the ball should be put in play. It shouldn't be placed in the hands of the governor of the Suns to determine when a ball should be placed into play.

That's the issue today that he is trying to put to bed with his tweet. It's now in the hands of the commissioner, who I'm sure is calling him up today to say, hey, welcome to the NBA. Give the basketball up when it's in your hands. And I'm sure he's calling up Jokic and saying, hey, don't extend your forearm if you think it's a fan.

OK, we'll handle that situation. And I don't know what you say to the officials. I think the officials were right to tee him up if they saw an actual and we have a still photograph. He is throwing the Ishbia with his left elbow at one point. That's because that dude's like 5'8". That's why I feel like a fine suspension.

No way. A fine is probably going to happen just because you can't have a player no matter what. Do that to a fan. But other than that, just saying touch the player like Jokic said, are you protecting me or not? And the fan and the fan is not giving up the basketball. He wants to get something going.

He's got a situational awareness that this guy's down. If we get the ball to the official and to me, we have a five on four. Let's go.

Let's go. I know in a really tight game and a hotly contested series. Correct. Right before the half. What is this guy doing?

Eight, four, four, two or four. Rich is the number to dial. First up on this program, Robert Sala of the New York Jets. Do I spend any of my real estate asking him if he knows who Jessica Albert is? Yes.

I mean, it's it's a conversation piece. I don't know if you know, there's a lot going on with the Jets. Their schedule comes out Thursday. Maybe. Oh, it's not happening Thursday. Peter King said it might not be ready. What?

How? I have been told to clear my one Thursday schedule and have not been told otherwise. OK. So this happens every year. Is it ready? Is it not ready? Stay tuned.

It's like waiting for a steak. I'd be surprised if it's if it's not happening Thursday. All right. I've been I've been cleared for takeoff, just like the Jets. Oh, see what I've done. Chris Maddox is coming in here in studio. So we'll shove him into the seat. Whoa. He's just back from from Mexico.

I didn't see the fight, did you? Yeah. Yeah.

OK. What the distance? There was a lot happening this weekend. I went on.

We got it all covered. Kevin Pollock is here. There was a coronation, by the way, not with Kevin. There was not with Kevin. But over and over.

I don't understand the royal family stuff. I just don't know if you want to crowd them. The crowd. Thank you very much. That was amazing. That was my favorite part of that was my favorite part of the car. Then he came back from that. Oh, God, is my favorite part of coronation.

Perfect. You know, and it's really odd. It was really odd when when when the coronation happened. And then they said that Matt Leinart would be next. Wait a minute. He's not. I thought it was. I thought it was Willie. I thought it was Willie coming. How is Matt Leinart next?

I thought Matt was from Southern California coming up. So there's that. Later on, we'll talk about which player in sports who's been waiting a long time to be crowned. Yes, we'll get crowned this playing season. Do you like that? Overreaction Monday, Kevin Pollock and more will take a break. So we're on time for the H.C. of the N.Y.J.

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Sleep next level. Unlock your unique potential with a smart bed that can perform as well as you. And now save 50 percent on the Sleep Number Limited Edition Smart Bed plus special financing for a limited time. Only at Sleep Number stores or See store for details. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show, 844-204-RICH is the number to dial. Robert Saul is about to join us from the New York Jets, the J-E-T-S.

Jets, Jets, Jets. Yeah, so following up what Peter King said, he said it's probably going to be done for Thursday at eight o'clock, but it may not be finished in time. They're still trying to hammer out the opening Thursday, Sunday, Monday, Thanksgiving. There's a Black Friday game this year. Obviously Christmas Eve and a triple header on Christmas that Monday. So, you know, Peter's source is saying it might go up until the 11th hour.

272 games. You know what? It's going to happen Thursday, I think. Just saying.

I think so. I mean, everyone's got plans for it. I have plans for it. I have plans. So, hey, I've got plans. Alright. Right, Mike?

Just saying. I love the schedule release show. You do, do you? I kind of, because it's Fox. The schedule release show was the first show we did on NFL Network where we made something out of nothing and did we get roasted for it. And then everybody did it. Roasted for it.

You did? We got roasted for it. Like, what are you doing? Who cares? Who cares if the schedule's out? We already know who's playing who and you're making something out of it. And you're making something out of nothing. And now everybody's doing it.

And they make it crazy. And now it's a whole big to do. I'm just worried if it's not done in time, what is Francesca going to do for program? Well, Francesca's not on the air anymore. And so we would, we would, we would, we would, honestly, it was omerta.

We couldn't say a word to anybody. And then the Jets and the Giants would leak their schedule to Francesca. Giants would be the one to do it. Yeah. Yeah.

All the time. But we'd be walking around the NFL network saying we're trying to create something here that everyone's making fun of. And then everyone. The pope is. What am I doing over here? Reading all the secrets.

Like when you tell us to go get our shine box? Honestly. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show, 844-204-RICH is the number to dial. Before we get to Robert Sala, I just want to say in my opening take about what's going on with the Suns and the owner's beef business wise with Dan Gilbert, I had no idea that Dan Gilbert's son had passed away over the weekend.

None. And I appreciate you guys letting me know that in the middle. So if any of my sports criticism of Gilbert was taken by you as being insensitive, I had no idea. So my condolences to the Gilbert family just wanted to say that. 844-204-RICH is the number to dial right here on the Rich Eisen Show. Joining us, one of my favorite people to have on the program. And and that's because I'm I like him very much.

And boy, am I rooting for him. I'm just straight up just straight up saying the head coach of the New York Jets, Robert Sala, back here on the Rich Eisen Show. How are you doing, coach?

How are you guys doing? Sounds like you got a pep in your step. I'm not going to lie.

I'm not going to lie. You know, any time the players are in the building, I get a little bit a little bit extra pep. OK, where are we? We call it we call phase two. What do we call this part of your year? Phase two. So we're on the grass, a lot of individual, no one on one, no team.

And just guys moving around and just executing technique. That's about it. OK. And so so much conversation about the quarterback, obviously, coach, and whether he's going to be there or not. What is your sense of Rogers participation of the spring this year for the Jets? What's he told you? Well, he's here, you know, and I know he's he's got a couple of things planned that he had planned prior to ever being traded.

So, you know, just be respectful to all our guys with regards to prior obligations and family stuff. So he's got some things going on. But he's here. He's present. And when I say present, I mean, he's fully engaged. And it's really cool just to watch him operate from play to play in this communication and and the way he works from position group to position group in terms of explaining things.

Like I said, he already knows the system. And so now it's just it's kind of trying to help everyone get on the same page, not only with him, but with the coordinator, the whole line. And it's been it's been fun. It's been it's been really a cool thing because we do have a we still have a young roster. But this this offseason, we've been able to add a lot of veterans.

So it's that little mixture is a pretty good combination. Well, I mean, the the adding of veterans on the roster, was that from the vaunted list or not? Coach, you know, you know what the list we got from the list? No, it's OK. Part of attack it to, you know, like, you know, whenever you bring in new coaches, I made mention of it the other day.

And I feel like sometimes we try to demonize demonize the quarterback when in actuality, it's it's very common. You know, you've got a new coordinator. He's he worked with Lazard. He worked with Billy Turner.

He took Billy Turner with him to Denver. You know, so he's got guys that he's comfortable with that he wants to continue working with. And the quarterback has some thoughts, too.

And I don't know. I mean, it's I think it'd be kind of silly if if your Hall of Fame quarterback has has a comfort level with somebody and you don't answer that that bell, you know, just I think it's counterproductive to what you're trying to get done. And and if we work, you know, there's an old saying, if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. And that's in communication.

If we're truly going to preach communication and being on the same page and we're going to listen to everything. Well, I just want you to know and I'm sure you guess this. I don't care. You get whoever you want. That makes him comfortable.

Honestly, I do not care one whit because you're you've got to do what you want to do and what you need to do. If it makes Rogers happy and it actually fits your system and your offensive coordinator, then go for it. But did did you I mean, again, was it ever written down on a piece of paper or did you ever have a conversation like, hey, who are you interested in? Joe Douglas ever tell you they had that conversation at all?

No, I think, you know, in all honesty, nothing's ever been written down. It's just commendable watching tape and suggestions are made and, you know, some of the things that he suggested had already been brought up from Hackett. You know, he'd already before all the trade talks were even talked about when we were doing free agency. When Hackett first got hired, he brought up guys that he would love to bring in to help accelerate the installation of the of the system. And and so there was a lot of overlap.

It was just very it was very easy to make these decisions. And some guys we haven't been able to bring in and some guys we have and and it's been it's been really good, transparent communication between coaching staff, front office players. And and I think we've because of it, we've been able to have a very productive offseason. And in terms of communication, while the Rogers conversation was being had between the general managers of both the Packers and the Jets, my my friend and colleague from Sports Illustrated, Albert Breer, wrote in his column that you and and Matt Lafleur, who go way back. Right. Best men at weddings and whatnot. You guys agreed to just not talk about this situation while it was happening.

Is that a true story? Yeah, absolutely. You know, I have such a high regard for Matt and his family. And, you know, just it was it was it's pointless. You know, it's you know, we just made the decision to let Joe and goodie do their thing. And and we just coach football teams. And, you know, we we you know, I lean on him.

You know, he leans on me once or we have such good, transparent dialogue with regards to head coaching and thoughts and things. It just wasn't worth allowing this transaction to kind of get in the way of that, if you will. And so it was just an agreement that we made.

And and that was it. So it was that like at the coach's meeting and a text on the phone, just like it was way, way before. You know, we're face time. We were face time each other all the time. We're talking as like both of us.

It was really like just in a very organic way. Just let's agree not to talk about this and let the GMs do their thing. OK, so it's like Fight Club. You said like let's that's Rogers became like Fight Club.

You don't talk about it. Well, and again, you've been around Rogers trying to stop him for for many years. And big, huge games. What have you learned, Coach Salah, about Rogers now that you've been around him as much as you have? And now that he is your guy, what have you learned so far about Aaron Rodgers that you might not know? You know, one of the one of the biggest things that we learned was actually two years ago when we went down to Green Bay and scrimmaged against him in practice. And just to watch how he practices and his and how vocal he is and his demand for perfection.

And so we can already knew that. But to have him here and just that veteran presence, because, you know, my in my career, you know, Matt Shaw was a fantastic quarterback at Houston. We go to Seattle.

Russell was still young. So I was there for the first couple of years of his career. We go to Jacksonville and Blake Bortles is early in his career.

We go to San Francisco. And Jimmy, technically, he was early in his career, even though he was a little bit more vocal because of what he learned from Tom. But he was so as a starter, just there for two years.

And, you know, he had an injury in there. And then this year and then we come here and Zach is early in his career. So to have a veteran quarterback kind of grab the reins and the communication and level at which he does it.

And it's it is a pretty cool thing because it's a new experience for me to just be transparent with regards to the experience of a quarterback, the experience that of that type of a quarterback to be in the same building. And so he's been he's been he's been fantastic. Now, again, it's it's the off season. So everyone's happy. There's no adversity. And so there's you know, there's a lot of padding on the back.

But right now, everything's been great. Yeah. And I'm sure you saw him. He's taken in Ranger games, Nick games, you know, and sauce sauces there. Lazard's there. Bryce Hall's there. I mean, Jessica Alba's there. I mean, this is I mean, this is this is this is totally different now, coach.

This has changed. No doubt about it. The whole business. He's a he's a big city guy at heart. I mean, he's and he's been good. I think he's one of those guys that can kind of take it all in. And it's not that's obviously it's not too big for him.

So he's been it's been good. OK. And have you gone up to sauce and said, well, how do you not know who Jessica Alba is? Have you done that yet, coach? No, I let them have their personal life is their personal life. I usually stay out of that. OK, there you go. All right.

Robert Sala of the New York Jets here on the Rich Eisen Show, a couple more minutes left with the with the HC. Is there something up with Makai Becton? He tweeted out he wants to be he is a left tackle and then he deletes it. And your response was go essentially earn it, if I'm not mistaken. Did I get that right?

No, you know, there's nothing to that. I mean, it's I love I love his competitive nature. I love that he wants to be a left tackle. I love that he wants to be that he's vocal about it. But at the same time, no different than anybody else on this roster.

We have to earn our keep every day. And if he if he keeps approaching the offseason the way he has and he keeps you know, he looks fantastic in everything about him. A big smile on his face is a good mental headspace. If he attacks it the way if he continues to attack the way he has.

I have no doubt that that he will earn it because he's a special, special talent. But the one thing about this league is it can humble you very quickly. And there's just a you have to have the mindset to not only earn your keep, but keep your keep. And and it's just something that he's he's been approaching every day. And and so there's there's nothing to that one.

It's just more just a subtle reminder, I guess, for all of us that it doesn't matter what we want if we're not we're not approaching every day to attack to attack and get what we want. Then we're just not we're really just kind of spinning our wheels. All right. And then again, I know this is not part of your flowchart, but where where are the Jets and Quinnen Williams right now on on signing him long term? Where's Joe Douglas on that front? You know, you'd have to ask Joe very confident that he'll get it done. Like, I'm not there's a I know reports are flying around this weekend, but he'll he'll get done. I'm not worried about that. Okay. And Breece Hall, what do we expect from him week one of this season?

I know I know it's the first week of May. I got some first. Sure. He looks good. It's almost like we have to slow him down because you want to make sure that when you're when you're you pace those things, you can't you don't want to repair him too quick. But he looks powerful.

It looks good. He's he's hitting good numbers. His GPS numbers when he's running. And so he's also in a really good head space. He's been here the entire time, obviously. He didn't go anywhere else to rehab.

You'd be up here, which is all which obviously I'm biased. So I think you're just the organization knows you better than anybody. And so they've been helping him through that. And so the he is on track to be ready for for week one. He must have been psyched that he got a college teammate as his new teammate. First round draft choice of the Jets.

I'd imagine. How could you not pass rushers, man? Take all of them. What do you like about him? A lot of the I mean, look, there's evaluations. You evaluated him.

And and and Joe Douglas evaluate him. And that that's all that really matters. But, you know, a couple people in my business were a little surprised that you took McDonald where you did. What do you got for me on that front?

You know what? It's it's all on what you value. You know, first and foremost, we're always going to take the best player available when it when it presents ourselves, presents itself. And I think what what surprised everybody is that, you know, you can make an argument that best available wasn't a need.

Well, it doesn't change what you do. It just for the last two years, everybody we've drafted seemed to be in need. You know, so as always, best available happened to fill a need.

So it seemed easy. Well, best available now doesn't necessarily mean you need it, but you never want to pass up somebody who you think can change a game for you. And when you look at pass rushers in this league, it's a passing league. And you look at a guy like Will who's got ridiculous length, ridiculous bend, a ridiculous get off. And as he continues to mature and develop, once he gains his power, gains power, he's going to be very, very, very hard to block. And he is every bit of when you look at him, just the Randy Gregory's, the Brian Burns. He just has this movement and the flexibility and all that to just be the elite.

And and there is nothing more. I've always made the argument that you could have a Hall of Fame back and corner safeties linebackers. They could be Hall of Famers. But if you're D line can't get to the quarterback, then you can be very average on defense at best. Well, on the flip side, though, on the flip side, you could have an average secondary in an elite D line and you're probably going to be elite on defense. So you're always just trying to make sure that that that we can come at you in waves and get the quarterback on the ground. And I know that's that's your philosophy.

And I and I and I love it. And I and I know my next question might might make it sound like you're not excited to have this kid. But, you know, a lot of us in the media thought you were going to go for Broderick Jones. And he was on the board right before you. And the Patriots let the Steelers go and cut the line. And as I'm hosting the draft in the back of my head, I'm like, of course they did. Of course, the Patriots let them go ahead and take the kid that the Jets was and I thought you were going to take. Were you thinking that, too, when the Patriots let the Steelers hop right in front of you? Is that the kind of the the the difference between 13 and 15 and the way the the everything shook out made no difference to us. OK, so you can throw that one.

All right. Is Tippmann going to be a day one starter, you think? The center is going to be day one competitor in terms of competing with West and Connor for that for that center spot. But he looked good in rookie minicamp. He's a big boy and he is.

So I'm excited to see those two because those three go at it. All right, coach, I got to be honest with you. I think I've done a pretty good job of not jumping out of my skin this entire conversation.

You want to evaluate me on this conversation? You're always fantastic. I appreciate that. I appreciate that. I mean, I'm just seeing these young Turks take to Rogers and him to them.

And I understand it's just the first two weeks and it's a new marriage and this is the honeymoon phase and we haven't played any games yet and things like that. But I'm seeing it. I see sauce. I see Garrett Wilson catching from Rogers and I'm just and everybody's telling me, well, they got to win the Super Bowl now. So I'll throw that in your lap. What do you say when you hear that sort of conversation about Rogers being there at age 38, pushing 39 and all of that? Because I don't know how to respond to that, but I'm jacked that this is entirely a possible thing.

What do you say to that, coach? You know. It's you acknowledge what you have in front of you. Right. And you acknowledge what you have for the future and you acknowledge expectations.

Those are all fantastic. And but really, there's a difference between acknowledging what you're capable of and then bringing yourself to the moment and dominating the moment so you can get to where you're to where you're to where you're capable of. That makes sense. And so it's always good to kind of look to understand what you're capable of. But you quickly have to have the discipline to bring yourself back to your where your shoes are, where your feet stand and and to know and ask yourself, what are you doing in the present to help you build to what people expect out of you? And and so that's what our focus is. And we don't have to win anything but this moment. And if we're winning this moment, then we'll trust for the ball in the next moment. The moment after that and the moment after that until it comes time to play football games. Because I mean, I assume that's your message to the team because when the schedule comes out, we're expecting to be Thursday. You're going to there's going to be lots of coast to coast. I mean, Rogers in Dallas, for crying out loud. I mean, that is you. I mean, I don't know if you're you're expecting to be away from home on Thanksgiving, but that that reeks of a Thanksgiving game or even the first Sunday nighter. My home's in your house and hurts in your house.

My God, Herbert and all them again. We got it's going to be I know for for TV and fans, it's fantastic. And we got a lot of really cool games coming up. And but none of it matters. None of it matters. You got to take care of your own, do your best and you trust that your best is good enough. Coach, really appreciate the time. As always, as you know, I appreciate you guys really appreciate you have me on any time. You be well, sir. And and say hi to sauce for me.

You know, he's he's he's my favorite. As you know, I'll do my big old hug for you. Will you do that? Well, be careful, because he's probably wearing that very, very shiny chain that says sauce might hurt you. Be careful. I don't want anybody to get hurt.

It's a first month, two Mondays in the mail. Take care of yourself. Appreciate it. You go right back at you. That's Robert. So head coach, the Jets right here on the Rich Eisen Show. Here you go.

Hey, Phil, feel good. I do. May 8th. You want to give me the time, the traffic and weather together.

It's still on the ones. I mean, is that what you want? I'm just here to remind you what day it is. I understand that. I didn't. I asked him the question you keep asking me. You got to win the Super Bowl now.

Huh? Well, what's he going to say? He's a coach and we're going to win each day. And when I know that I understand that. I understand that. But he knows what time it is.

Which is what? Got to win time. Oh, yeah.

You got this guy for one, maybe two years. Business. You know what? It's it's unbelievable that you're saying that.

What do you mean? Because if when Brady was 38 to 39, would you have said you only got one, maybe two more years out of him? No, because he still looked awesome in the playoffs. Right. Oh, God. You want him to play Billy's 50 Brockman.

Well, maybe he did. Can you put up the photograph of Aaron Rodgers? He's great. Honestly, I don't do something to his hair. They cut it right. And he and he's going to die situation.

No, not to die. I don't think he's I don't think he's J.F. Emming. I you know, I don't know. He's got the he's just got a number eight looks an elite hair situation. He's always had a weed hair. Yeah, no.

But I mean, I don't know. This guy looks like he's not going to fall apart. You know, and he also is enjoying the moment like he's not using the Jets as a transfer portal to somewhere else like Farf did.

True. And so he's also won the last two weeks. I mean, he's done everything right. He's everywhere. He's showing up. But to your point, we the next two weeks, we want him to win his weeks one and two of the NFL season. OK, so when you know, put up the schedule, you know, you know, or at least the opponents, you know, first two weeks of the Jets season is going to be a division game. They'll throw the bills on the mix and then it'll be it could be they could start them at home. They could start them at Dallas. They could start them in Kansas at home against Kansas City right off the bat. Rogers versus Mahomes.

Well, no, no. Kansas City's got to be week one. That could be week two. It could be their home opener. But throwing them to Dallas on the road to start Monday night week two. That's a tough schedule.

I mean, they could throw Amazon a little bit of throw them a frickin' boon. I don't know. Oh, first Thursday. I don't know.

I don't know. That would be pretty rude to do a short week. See Aaron throw some lasers. Chiefs would have a full week. They would. Yeah.

That would not be fair. And this is why Peter's like the schedule. It's all done with computers.

It's not like the the old with the board, the chips that they would put on the board, like the tags they put on the board. Concerts, events, cross reference. High holidays and stuff like that. Sukkot with Aaron. That doesn't happen in the fall, by the way. That was just I like Sukkot is funnier than Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippur's. There's nothing funny about that. So stop it.

I have no idea. I understand that. The Jews out there understand what I'm saying. Got it.

J. Phil is not here. All I'm saying, though, is why why can't Rogers play till he's forty five? That's the way I'm looking at it. One game at a time and hope for the best. Here we go.

Maybe Rogers is going to give Brady a run for his 40 money, his 40 something money. It's one or two years. Eight four four, two or four, rich number to dial here in the rich eyes. Just save it. Sorry, folks. Thank you. Save it. All right.

Eight four four, two or four. Oh, by the way, we have a new hell going on. Oh, that works. Yeah. It's close to your home, sir.

Oh, coming up next. I just learned discover credit cards do something pretty awesome. At the end of your first year, they automatically double all the cash back you've earned. That's right. Everything you've earned doubled all the cash back from eating at your favorite soup dumpling restaurant, doubled all the cash back from that trip where you sort of learn to snowboard, also doubled. And the best part, you don't have to do anything ridiculous to get it. Nope. Discover does it automatically.

Seriously, though, see terms and check it out for yourself at discover dot com slash match. The boys of summer are playing on the Believe podcast. The product of baseball is much more watchable. Get your baseball fix from podcasts like Wake and Rake, Farm to Show and Ring the Bell. He's not really hitting balls through the screws. Plus local podcasts like Believe in Astros and Believe in the Bronx. You're going to have to get some more innings out of the rotation.

Just search BLEAV podcast wherever you listen. Is it true your dad's a Jets fan? Yes. I mean, such a Jets fan that he has a Jets tattoo right here. Oh, my gosh. When did he get that ink? Was it was he inspired by Richard Todd's play in the 70s or was it Ray Lucas in the 90s that caused your dad to get that ink?

What was it? So the big thing about my dad and being a Jets fan and I was once a Jets fan. Now, definitely a Giants fan. 1969. I'm sorry. I grew up a Jets fan. Go on.

Yeah. 1969. The first AFC team won a Super Bowl.

The year my dad was born. Born in New York. Growing up, everyone loved the Giants probably a little bit more. So he kind of just went the other way being a Giants fan. He kind of passed it on to me.

So I grew up being a fan of Curtis Martin, Thomas Jones, Chad Pennington, the Mark Sanchez era with Rex Ryan and those guys. So I think he kind of got it probably maybe like when the Mark Sanchez era was going. I don't think he did it because of that. He always had a passion. He always wanted to do it.

And one day he just made up his mind. He said he's going to put a Jets tattoo right here. I don't know what I'm freaking out about more. The fact that you could be a Jet. You were living and dying with the Jets while I was living and dying with the Jets or that your dad and I were born in the same year. And you could be my son.

And I've got a 10, almost eight and a five at home. And this is not about me. It's about you. So was your dad disappointed that the Jets didn't take you? No, my dad was happy that, you know, he see his son living in or didn't get a chance to take you. Oh, yeah.

But he was happy, just like I'm saying, his son, he's him and my mother, very fortunate to have both parents in my life. You know, I've always went to them and told them what I want to do and what I'm passionate about. And it was give me great advice and try to show me the way what I got to do to get to my dream and live out my dream. All of our show sits on our YouTube page. Check it out. The Rich Eyes and Show Radio Network back here on our radio simulcast with the Rich Eyes and Show stream on Roku, sitting at the Rich Eyes and Show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry.

Grainger is the right product for you. Call or just stop by. Chris Maddox is going to join us in studio in person coming up next hour. Lots to talk about with him. And game for tonight here in Los Angeles, I'm sure he's going to Lakers hosting the Warriors in the downtown hoops dojo. And so he will be there, as will both teams. And Chris Brockman's favorite conspiracy theorist referee, Scott Foster, is there.

Now, I'm confused as to what his role is tonight. Will you help me? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Excuse me, because you are the king of he wants the best. Situation for the NBA now. Hold on a minute. The Lakers losing tonight to extend the series.

As you know, he's a professional extender. Hold on before you tell me what his role is tonight. The Warriors winning tonight to extend the series, which is what the NBA wants for its partners. But I believe you would think that the NBA would want the Lakers to make the finals. That would put things in jeopardy.

The Lakers would have to win another road game if they drop one tonight. So what is Scott Foster's role? Like what what has the the NBA told Scott Foster to do tonight? That's what you think is happening.

Chris, can you help me enter your beautiful mind and tell me what's happening? Let's go Windhorse real quick. Okay. Okay. Nice. Rare double win for the league tonight. How so?

Oh, of course. As you said, Rich, great for the league if the Lakers win this series. Great for the league if the Warriors win this series.

Scott Foster has one job and one job only. Hold on. Extend this, baby.

Extend. We want seven games of this. But why is it great for the Warriors? Warriors big tonight.

I don't understand. Why is it great for the league for the Warriors to go back to back when the Lakers winning make the Lakers going on a run for the ages that nobody saw coming. And LeBron, after a couple of years, absence wins it all in Los Angeles.

What's better for the league? Don't you think? Oh, also much. Oh, OK.

I don't understand. And that puts a Warriors win tonight puts that in extreme jeopardy. Totally understand your point. Also good for the league. Oh, Steph, back to back titles. Is he on Mount Rushmore over LeBron? Does he pass LeBron in the all time rankings? Stephen A. Smith said LeBron off of Mount Rushmore. Steph in. OK. If another title for the Warriors. So it's a win win. Scott Foster, though.

A lot of whistles tonight for the Warriors, for the Warriors. OK. Big tonight. OK. So I'm I'm I'm I'm glad I found this information out. You never knew, did you didn't.

I mean, I didn't know. And how is this communicated to Scott? Do they blink? Do they blink twice?

They say what they say. Three-eyed raven. It's a three-eyed raven. That's a good one.

Or do they write it on a piece of paper? Right. And then email him the coordinates. It's it's underneath a trash can out by a rest area in Rancho Cucamonga.

So he's got to spend an hour plus traffic time to go drive out there, look underneath the trash can and say, whistles for the Warriors tonight. Extend or just says extend and extend or end. Right.

It's not what it would be. Extend or end. Right.

So brief 30 second phone call on a pay phone. Catching up. That's it. Yes.

The crap report. Yes. So it's a pay phone. So many of those around. It's a Manila envelope in a parking garage. Yeah.

Across the street from crypto. That's too obvious. Too obvious.

OK. But when Anthony Davis has two fouls in the first quarter tonight, just tell me I told you so. This guy over there.

I've seen too many games. Whatever he wants to read. Scott Foster. Scott Foster is a tool of the NBA. Even though on the floor he seems to have a mind of his own. Right. He knows what the mind is.

Oh, my God. He knows what the number is. And he has those what his mind is.

You have to give him respect for the fact that he will. There's hills that this man will die on. And this is one of them. This is one of them. Yeah.

He's looking at us like we're crazy for not being of the same mind as him right now. Manix knows what I'm talking about. You know who won't say that? Chris Mannix.

Thank you. Rogue referee my ass. Our number two coming up right here on the Rich Eisen Show. More insanity from Chris Brockman and Chris Mannix on the program. Next year that's my fantasy basketball team's name. Rogue referee my ass.

And if you don't think the Knicks are winning tonight, you guys are crazy. So it has nothing to do with any like Jimmy. But how's Foster controlling that?

Exactly. He can't be two places at once. Who's there? Zach Zarba.

Is he on the take two or this guy? Whoa, those are your words. Allegedly. I don't know.

No, no, no. He's not. Hold on a second. He's not saying Scott Foster's on the take. He's saying he's in the tank for a group of individuals pulling the strings from the headquarters of the National Basketball Association. So essentially Scott Foster's Pinocchio and those people are Geppetto?

That's very good. You could say that. OK. You could say that LeBron is Kukla. Steph is Fran. Who's Ollie? And Scott Foster is Ollie.

Who runs the whole damn thing? You could say that. You could say that. You're saying this.

No, you could say that the Lakers are Cookie Monster and Scott Foster is the hand of Frank Oz. T is for tanking and that's good enough for me. F is for this guy. So again, I just don't understand Scott Foster. He got the message tonight. Extend, extend, extend, extend. Got it. It's my birthday. Give them Lala wherever you listen.
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