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REShow: Andy Reid - Hour 3 (5-1-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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May 1, 2023 3:30 pm

REShow: Andy Reid - Hour 3 (5-1-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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May 1, 2023 3:30 pm

Rich and the guys break down the Dallas Cowboys’, New England Patriots’ and New York Jets’ drafts and Aaron Rodgers getting out and about in New York with appearances at Rangers and Knicks playoff games.

Rich recaps the 2023 NFL Draft and reveals his list of teams that aced the process this year including the Eagles, Texans, Seahawks, Steelers, and Bengals.  

Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid tells Rich what physical skills and competitive edges make Patrick Mahomes the NFL’s best quarterback, how much longer he’ll be coaching on an NFL sideline, and if Travis Kelce really did spike the Lombardi Trophy in that viral video.

Boston fan Brockman reacts to the Bruins’ stunning upset in the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs after posting the greatest regular season in NHL history. 

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Yeah. And the collection is a spot for you to just watch whenever you want. And then we also re-air on channel 210 as soon as we're done. There's our YouTube page, slash Rich Eisen Show. Also our Twitter and Instagram handles at Rich Eisen Show. And there's our podcast.

Please listen to it. I got a lot of folks when I saw them in Kansas City say that they listened to us on podcast form, which I greatly appreciate because we worked very hard at that. And it's through our relationship with Westwood One, the Cumulus Podcast Network. I also got, and this I think shows how we're growing as a team and as a show TJ, I had somebody come up to me on Thursday night and ask me what you thought of Dallas, the Dallas first round draft choice. And I don't think it had much to do with whether you liked him or not. It was because he went to the University of Michigan and I think they wanted to know what our by-play was.

And I'm like, well, I'm not going to be back on the air till Monday. And now it's this very moment in time. The Dallas Cowboys, not only in the draft, chose a Michigan Wolverine once. They did it twice.

They did it twice. So you cool with that? Yeah, man.

Look, here's Dyl. And I said this last week to Kirk Morrison, who was Jesus and Chris, so many players go into this track. We're fans. We're normal fans. And it kind of cracked me up, Rich, when you read fans reactions on Twitter, right? When you're debating like an offensive lineman from a mid-major school that I know you never watch played and yet fans get on there debating and saying how they ranked the guy and how they didn't.

I'm not even going to pretend that I know enough, you know, to really have an opinion. Dan Quinn likes him. Micah Parsons likes him. So he went to a top notch Division one school in Michigan and he feels a need.

He feels that run stopper need that we really, really needed. So if those guys are cool with it, then I'm cool with it. But I'm not going to sit and be like a lot of these people and pretend that I've been, you know, have a bunch of notes on Mazzie and I know what he can bring.

I'm not really sure. So I leave it to the pros. And you got Luke Schoonmacher, the school marker tight end. There we go. So you went Michigan, Michigan to start now Marvion over show. Let me tell you, just watching this dude from Texas.

Holy cow. He looks like he's going to be a monster. And I can't wait to see him out there with Micah.

And the most heartwarming moment of the draft, Deuce Vaughn, all five foot five of them out of Kansas State picked in the sixth round. And his dad is part of the scouting, the evaluation department, the scouting department. They had him place the call to his son. And that was really awesome stuff. And that made it made all the rounds.

He asked him, do you want to come to work with him next? Yeah, I know. It's pretty cool. Makes you want to like the Dallas Cowboys. I mean, you should anyway.

Almost for some. Right. You probably already should. What do you think of the Patriots draft, Chris? What do you think of your Pats draft? By the way, Christian Gonzalez. Very happy about that.

You should be. And also what top 10 talent got him down to 17. That's what the Jets did is sit there and watch the Steelers hop in front of them to take Broderick Jones to tackle out of Georgia. Because the Patriots made a deal with the Steelers to get a fourth round selection. And interestingly enough, they flipped that fourth round selection that they got in the trade with the Steelers, preventing the Jets from getting the tackle that they wanted. They took that fourth round selection and gave it to the Jets later on. Because they moved up into the Jets spot and they had the Jets move back into the spot that they got from Pittsburgh.

Kind of rubbing their nose in it a little bit. And they moved up to take a kicker. Chris, what do you think of the kicker? A kicker and a punter.

I know. The last time a team did that was the Raiders who took Loechler and Sebas. And Sebastian Janikowski.

And it kind of worked out there. But Nita Lineman got a couple there with the Andrews and Sal. Loved Keyon White, edge rusher. Maybe had top 30 talent and got a mid-second round. This is the typical in Bill We Trust because nobody in New England has seen a lick of Sac State, Troy, or Eastern Michigan football. That is for sure. And Isaiah Bolden, the only HBCU player drafted in the draft, picked 245. And Deion's like, you've got to be kidding me. And I agree too.

I don't understand it. Nice to see the LSC wide receiver. He kind of fell too. I know. And that pick was made from Germany. The greatest bootay call I've ever heard. And by the way, if the Kraft family isn't already on creating a child snack called Patriots bootay, they're not doing it right. Honestly, give it out to kids when they stroll into Gillette Patriots bootay. Patriots bootay. Who doesn't want Patriots bootay? Falcons fans. It's still delicious.

It's still delicious. Look, it was a fill the need draft and they needed help on defense. They needed help on the offensive line.

Yes. Defensive line. That's what they did. You know, they added Juju and Guseki and free agency. Added Bill O'Brien. I think that's a free agency pickup too.

So we'll see how it goes. And then the Jets draft. Yeah, the Jets draft folks.

I don't know. I liked the Joe Tippmann pick. The center, apparently he's fantastic.

Carter Warren. So we didn't get the tackle we wanted because the Pittsburgh Steelers moved up to take him, but we took a kid from Pittsburgh who's apparently very good at that position. And then, you know, Israel Abanaconda, the running back from Pittsburgh is excellent as well. He's so good, man.

You're going to love this kid. And then Will McDonald IV, you know, in Iowa State we trust. Certainly worked out with the running back. A little bit early though, people said. I don't know.

You know what? The whole early this, that, the other thing, it doesn't really matter. If you want the guy, you take him. Because if you love him and you look at your board and that guy's here, you evaluate him there and so many other people are like, you know, too early. OK, too early for you. But for us, we're not picking until the second round. We're not picking for another 20, you know, what, 30 something picks to take him.

And plus, you know, it's all about the quarterback there anyway. And the question was, how's he going to do in New York City, right? That the question? That was your question.

That was my question. How's he going to do in New York City? Well, he's everywhere right now.

That's it. He's enjoying his life. Yeah, hard to miss him. And he's here.

That's what I want. I want him out. I want him out and about. And I want him at OTAs and I want him in the building.

And so far, so good. Some video of him throwing the ball. He is throwing it around. He is at organized team activities. He is working out and or he's at, you know, whatever practice they're doing, whatever they're allowed to do.

He's winging it around and he's looking good. And he's at Knicks. He went, he was at the Nick game. He's at the Ranger game. That's a Rangers game.

I was wondering if this is the first, it's the first time he's ever been in Madison Square Garden. And here's the crazy thing is, you know, this is the world we're in. Leave this photograph up. Is we're all freaking out. Aaron Rodgers and Allen Lazard and Breece Hall. There they are.

Okay. Rodgers is at a Ranger game. And Neil deGrasse Tyson is sitting behind him. Nobody notices. By the way, Neil, on behalf of this show, I'm thrilled you're allowed in that building because we talked about the Dolan wormhole with him.

And he told me scientifically, I'm saying it wrong. It's really a Dolan black hole, which I think by proxy of me talking about that with him, he could have been facially recognized and not been allowed in that building. What if Rodgers wasn't allowed?

What if Dolan, you're in zone five with Rapapart. But I like it. Rodgers is there. He's in the building and he's at Madison Square Garden. He's living a New York life.

I like it. Lazard sitting with Lazard. Is there a famous scientist behind him at the Nick game? I don't see one in the crowd. Is that Ed Norton over Lazard?

No, I don't think so. But I like it. I like it. Get out there, man. He's out there. It is. And it's just weird to me.

It's really weird to me when they put him up on the screen and he's Chiron as New York Jets quarterback. What is happening? What is happening? Did you get a jersey yet? An eight?

I'm not going to get an eight. I don't wear jerseys. Yeah, maybe for the kids. I don't.

Which kids? They don't. They're Patriots fans. They're not putting on a jet jersey.

It's OK. The script is flipped. The kids are going to have to learn. Learn what? Disappointment?

No, a world in which the Jets beat the Patriots. In what? Huh? In what? In what? In what? Football.

Oh. We'll see. We will see.

Won't we? When's the schedule? May 11th? Apparently it's May 11th. That's what I've been told about to X that off my schedule. So I did hear they were truly waiting for the Rogers shoe to drop and the Lamar shoe to drop.

Yeah, of course. And so that's why they kind of pushed it two weeks into May. Because normally it's before the draft.

Ah, this year they pushed it. They wanted to see. That's smart.

That's right. They also wanted to see if, you know, the Patriots are going to draft a quarterback. We didn't. I caught you by surprise on that one, huh? You know what, Mac Jones, Pro Bowler. Pro Bowler.

I got it. It was voted in the Pro Bowl. Or he made the Pro Bowl because 10 other guys said they were hurt. So he showed up and he did the gritty.

Pro Bowl and top 100 that year. I think Bill actually acknowledged Mac Jones's existence on the roster this week. Did he? Yeah. I saw that Zoom call. Kind of. By the way, I love Belichick old school.

He's suited and booted in the draft room. Always. I love that. I love it. And then he's trying to, that Zoom call, he's trying to make it seem like, well, I've acknowledged he's the guy the whole time.

Really? Have you, Bill? Come on. 844-204-RICH is the number to dial here on the Rich Eisen Show.

Let's sneak this in here. Sideline Mike in Atlanta. Always great to chat with him. What's up, Sideline Mike? Hey, man. It's been a while. How's everybody? We're missing a lot.

I miss y'all. I'm working hard, man. I'm about to be the first million dollar rep in my job. So just give me applause early.

I'm gonna make it by the end of the year. But hey, man. Rich.

Yes. Michael Parsons. And you go get a tight end. And then you get a six foot six, 330 pound Aaron Donald and you get a running back. Help me, Richard.

Help me. Running back is really special. You don't love the B-Shots, eh, Mike?

Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. You gotta get. He's special. He's special in the community, too.

And I know that might not matter. He's special. You're gonna really love him. You're gonna love him. You're gonna love him. This is what they're telling me.

He's gonna be the offensive rookie of the year. Okay. But you know what, guys? You know what? You know what? You know what I got this weekend? What do you got?

I got me a Philadelphia Eagles jersey this weekend. You know what it says on the back? You know what it says on the back when his name goes across the back? It says UGA North. That's what it says. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

That's what it says. And when they took Jameer Gibbs, I'm like, well, that means John Day Swift is about to paint. And guess where he landed? With the Philadelphia Eagles. I know.

I know. So you can root for the Eagles now, huh? Because they got all these Georgia players, huh? And wait a minute. They got the Alabama offense and they got the University of Georgia defense on the same team. Think about it.

Think about it. You know, that heartbreaker. When I came on that night working at FedEx and I sat down on my couch to watch that guy catch that touchdown pass on 3rd and 27th. Yeah, yeah. Great offense for them, too. All I got to say is I'm an Eagle fan and I'm getting ready to get on the web page and all of that. But you took a running ball over a generational Aaron Donald.

No, no, no. We need to see what Jalen Carter does here. And Bijan Robinson, thanks for the call.

Greatly appreciate it. Hey, look, if Carter, if you're in the building and you're like, and I'm not saying Arthur Blank said no, but if you have some questions about can Carter do the right thing and you got Bijan Robinson on the board, I mean, the end of that. I think I'm taking Carter's. It's the end of that. It's the end of that. Certainly, if the coach is like your offensive, you know, guru and he's like, let's take Bijan. Okay. Also, it's about buzz and excitement. Well, Jalen Carter would have given Georgia, Georgia, given them more excited, but don't sell tickets. I agree. Yeah. I mean, come on, jerseys and ticket sale. Come on. Right.

I mean, just look here in Los Angeles. I mean, Aaron Donald, I mean, how many ticket sales? He creates millions of them because you give your tickets away. So that moves tickets, that moves tickets. I don't. When he moves his secondary tickets to somebody else. I don't give them. No, I know. But you move tickets. All right.

You wouldn't ordinarily go and somebody else then does. That's what Aaron Donald does. That's in Bennett. Oh my God, this guy.

That's in Bennett. All right. Let's take a break here.

Andy Reid still to join here on the Rich Eisen Show. When we come back, my top five drafts, I'm going to do an evaluation. I'm evaluating.

Nobody move aside. I got evaluation. I can evaluate like anybody else.

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Buy new and improved dove men plus care antiperspirant wherever personal care products are sold. Andy Reid's getting off the practice field by the way. Practice?

Oh hey. It's phase two of their program. Phase two guys. For those scoring at home, phase two.

They're practicing right after the draft? That's how you win. There was phase one. That was phase one. That's phase two. Hey man, that's championship mentality.

He's out there on the field with these guys. That's how you win championships. You have phase one, then you have phase two. You know what's after phase two?

Phase three. Correct. It also helps when you have Patrick Mahomes.

That also helps quite a bit. By the way, I saw a lot of 15 jerseys in Kansas City. I could imagine you did. Isn't that a surprise?

87, 15, and 87. The dog who peed on Daniel Jeremiah was named Patrick. Okay.

And it wasn't after a Spongebob character. Hey, you know what? I've been around a while.

53. Tell us all the time. I'm about to do a top five list. You know what's so good about my top five list? It's because I know what I'm talking about. Top five drafts.

I'm an evaluator. Last year we would have done top five lists. Hey, hey, hey, hey. Now hold on a second.

True. Folks, let me set up my top five list this way. I love that you love top five lists now. My top five lists. Who asked you just to host?

What do you know? Who said that? Did you see what my Come At Me draft looked like when the first 10 picks actually hit? Remember I wrote down the odds? We would have made money if we bet your picks. I said it would be Stroud number one. Money. I said it was Young number one, Stroud two, Will Anderson three, and Anthony Richardson four.

I don't do it with trades. We would have made 10 bucks, DJ. Why did you bet?

You're always like, we should have bet and we never bet. I said Tyree Wilson would go five, Devin Witherspoon six, Paris Johnson seven, Bijan Robinson I said would go to the Falcons, Pierce Horonsky would go to the Bears. He wound up going to the Titans at 11 because the Eagles went up from 10 to 9 to take the guy that I said was going to fall to him, Jalen Carter.

When I made up my Come At Me mock draft I'm like, what would be the most Eagles result of the top 10? Jalen Carter going to the Eagles. What happened?

What happened? Did Bijan go to the Falcons? He did. Did Jalen Carter go to the Eagles? You have insider information, Rich. One, two, three, and four. I just hear things. Instead of it going Tyree Wilson, Devin Witherspoon, Paris Johnson, it went Devin, Paris, Tyree.

All right, I'm telling you, you listen to this show, you watch this show to be smarter. So here's my top five draft choices. Here's my top five choices for top five drafts.

In other words, it's a top five. Best drafts of 2023. Let's do it. I need music. I need NFL's films music to set it up.

Now, we just tried music. You heard Daniel Jeremiah earlier and you've been hearing this quite a bit. Everything that I'm telling you right here, this draft wasn't as deep. This draft will have third day picks struggling to make the roster. That's what this draft's going to be. So you saw a lot of people trading out and you saw a lot of people being aggressive in the first two rounds.

There's 16 trades on the second night. So that's why when you've got a shot at a blue chipper, you take it. And that's why the Texans are fifth on this draft list. Fifth best draft I'm going because they went Stroud and Will Anderson. Get out of here.

Get out of here. And they still have a first round pick next year. They use the first round pick to make this happen. And next year's draft, they still have one because of the Deshaun Watson trade. So you come away with Stroud and Will Anderson and you need a lot?

Check the box. There's a ton of other talented kids on the screen here from Henry Toto in Alabama in the fifth round. Juice Scruggs and Tank Dell. Hey, you need a little juice.

You need a tank to fill it up. So there you go. Tank Feller. I kind of did that draft. You go ahead and you make the picks for kids that you want and you'd be aggressive to get it done. Certainly if you don't think this draft is very deep. That's why I like the Texans draft.

Number four on my list of top five drafts. I like what the Bengals did. I like what the Bengals did.

Let's go. If we need to go after Deshaun Watson and Lamar Jackson in our division, we got to go after Mahomes and we got to go after Josh Allen. Let's go get an Edgerusher and Miles Murphy and Jordan Battle on the back end out of Alabama and to get some points. Maybe we got Charlie Jones out of Purdue and Chase Brown, the running back at Illinois. I could see him making plays and a Princeton Tiger playing for the Cincinnati Bengals kind of makes sense.

And then they went smart. They got two Michigan guys. They got the punter who's terrific. Brad Robinson, terrific punter. DJ Turner out of Michigan folks. He was introduced to a lot of people in the country.

As the fastest guy at the combine, he can cover. And again, the most important thing, I said it on the air. I'll say it here. If you are playing football in Cincinnati, the one thing you need is to get guys who know how to win in the state of Ohio. So you get two Michigan guys.

I'm living my best life. That Princeton kid, Rich, I got a good feel. I don't need your advice on the Princeton guy. Please.

He cracks himself up. Two guys who don't know how to win in state of Ohio. All right. Number three on this list. I like what the Seahawks did. I like what the Seahawks did. Devin Witherspoon is on the back end of a defense that already has Tarik Woullen. And guess who's coming back? The Prez. Jamal Adams is going to be there too.

They're going to lock that thing down on the back end, man. And he is a ball hawk. He's got Pete Carroll written all over him. And Jackson Smith and Jigba, he was the first wide receiver taken. He may be the best wide receiver that Ohio State had in the last several years, as Joel Klatt kept saying that Buckeye Brass was telling him when Garrett Wilson was on the field. And Olave was on the field talking about this kid. Derek Hall can rush the passer. And I know that they made a couple of eyebrows raised when they took two other running backs, including Zach Charbonnet in the second round. You need to keep on getting these kids and run the ball, which is what Pete likes to do. And then again, how smart are they, Seahawks?

They're a very smart organization. They took two Michigan guys too. Mike Morris, who, when he wasn't on the field, the Michigan defense didn't look nearly as stout.

And Olu Oluwatame, Olu Oluwatame, pardon me. He, he, he came, he was a transfer. He was a center who can mall.

He can mall and he's right in the front of that offensive line that won the Joe Moore award two years in a row for best offensive line. So you want a road grade, you get another running back and you get this kid from Michigan and then you get those other two to start. I really liked what they did. Number two, best draft. Hey, I really liked the Pittsburgh Steelers draft a lot. Broderick Jones, they should go up. They beat the jets to the punch for this kid, who was the last best top notch first round grade left tackle out there. So you get him, Najee Harris is going to love running behind him. Kenny Pickett's going to be protected by him. How about Joey Porter? How about bringing the legacy back for the top pick of the second round? They stayed put and they took the kid out of Penn State.

Long tall corner. They're going to love him. Keanu Benton is a mauler from Wisconsin, right in the middle of the defensive line. Stick him next to Cam Hayward. Darnell Washington, Nick Herbig. Those are guys are all so-called value picks. And then number one on the list. We all know it.

The whole country has been talking about it. It's the Philadelphia Eagles. Jalen Carter drops. Let's go get him.

Nolan Smith drops. Of course, they're going to take him. They get a tackle out of Alabama and Tyler Steen. Sydney Brown is a brick you know what house who's going to bring it defensively from Illinois. Keely Ringo, another Georgia Bulldog.

Get out of here. They had three more kids from the defense that won the championship last year. And the best thing they did too, they won a draft last year in retrospect by acquiring AJ Brown. I'm not saying DeAndre Swift is AJ Brown, but they were the only team, they were the first team last year to get a player in a draft and sign him. They got DeAndre Swift this year.

He's a kid from Philadelphia who they're adding to their running back room. And they, you know what, they coughed up a fifth round pick in the 2025 draft. They picked, they coughed up a pick in that draft.

Guess what happened? Guess what happens if he doesn't play for them? He's got one more year left. Guess what happens if they don't play for them? They're going to get a fifth round, they're going to get a fourth round compensation pick. Sorry, they gave up a fourth round pick in a future draft. They're going to get a comp pick for him. So if he leaves, they get the pick back that they just flipped for him and the rest of the league is sleeping. You don't need a DeAndre Swift. All you got to do is swap seventh round picks and get a and flip a future pick that you can replace with a comp pick if he leaves.

Three-dimensional. I mean, I know a lot of eyes are rolling around the rest of the league saying that the media is just going crazy over the Eagles draft, but for good reason. This is two years in a row.

That's my top five. Do you think we need one more? Oh, all right, we'll get one more. It's not a draft per se. It's a specific player. The 49ers are on this list because they took the best kicker Michigan's ever had. I have been watching Michigan football since 1986. Jake Moody is without a doubt the best kicker Michigan has put on the field since I've been watching them since my freshman year when Jim Harbaugh was in his senior year as a quarterback there.

He is that good. And let me just tell everybody out there that's just like, oh, they took a kicker 99th overall. What are they doing? They stink.

Why would they do that? Oh, because some linebacker or some defensive player that you've never heard of, some offensive player that you've hardly ever seen play has got to be rated better than a kicker. This guy's going to put a ton of points up. If Brock Purdy or whoever is your quarterback, Lance, Darnold, for some reason fizzles around the 35-yard line, you know who's going to come out for 52-yard field goal?

This kid. And he's going to split the freaking uprights about 90 to 95% of the time. He's going to put points on the board.

And what are you going to do in a draft where it's not that deep? You take guys that can make a difference. And I don't care what you say about kickers. This guy is a difference maker. Well done to the 49ers. And come at me after he wins about three games with his leg.

Feel free to come at me if he misses a kick too. It's what happens. Well done. That's my top five drafts for 2023. Joining us now on the phone line is the head coach of the world champion Kansas City Chiefs after Kansas City rolled out the red carpet, the Chiefs red carpet for everybody. A great weekend.

Andy Reed back here in the Rich Eisen Show. How you doing, coach? I'm doing good, Rich.

How are the hamstrings, man? You did good. I appreciate you saying that. I am in one piece, which is the second most important thing of my fundraiser.

Obviously, raising money is the most. I appreciate you saying that, though. I am in one piece. You do a great job with that. Thanks, Andy. I really appreciate that.

So let me just jump in with both feet here. What was your goal going into this draft this year coming off of another world championship? So we wanted to make sure, listen, we've got most of the guys coming back. So we want to make sure that we had depth and competition.

And I think that's what happened. We got a nice edge rusher, a couple of them, actually. And we got some secondary help, which will build good competition there. And then offensively, we got a receiver that we feel real good about and an offensive lineman that we feel good about. A tackle that has flex to play the guard spot, too.

So that's kind of where we're at. And I thought Brett did a nice job of navigating around it and making sure we picked these guys up. Is there a prototype that you and Brett Veach have concocted together that you place into play for a draft? I mean, you hit on so many picks last year. Two of them scored in the Super Bowl, for crying out loud. What is a Kansas City Chief?

Is there a general outlook that you have? Yeah, I think the thing that Brett does so well is he looks for redeeming qualities in the player. And as a coach, you try to exploit those the best you possibly can. So he identifies them, he communicates them what the coach is.

And then, can they get stronger in the other areas? And he and his guys kind of focus in on that and communicate that with the coaches. And then the coaches jump in on it.

It's kind of unique. So I'm not telling you there's one, we don't necessarily cram in a cookie cutter mold player for each position. That's not what we're doing. We're just, we're trying to find things that we can use, exploit, and then work on the other things and coach and teach them to get better at. When do you chime in on the process, Andy? You know what, he does a great job of keeping me abreast on it the whole way. So I'm fortunate that he does that. And I, listen, I don't do anything on it, Rich, really.

I'm watching. But he tells me the guys that we're looking at. He lets me get involved with the stacks and kind of sorting those out. But he and his guys, and our coaches, he includes those guys in. And I think they do a great job of working together and get good players. And obviously, you know, quarterback driven league, the latest, it's funny, the draft and the area in which the draft was held, your two Super Bowl parades were kind of a dry run for everybody in the NFL, you know, to get all the fans there in that spot where the draft hall was. And I saw the 15 jerseys around. And that's what you want when you're drafting a quarterback.

That's what everybody's dreaming of. And I know there's just one Mahomes. But I'm just wondering, as we're all trying to crack the code in the NFL and observers about why the quarterback position is so difficult to evaluate, why did you land on Mahomes all those years ago, now that we're seeing a record number of quarterbacks drafted in the draft?

I just want to unload that for a minute, Andy. What did you see in him that you thought that's the guy? Yeah, so Brett was responsible for looking at him. And he was a scout at the time. And he brought, from the first time he saw me, he brought Dorsey and I, the tape says, you got to see this kid. I mean, he's unbelievable. He's the best I've ever seen.

I mean, he literally said that. And he had that whole southeast region of the country. And so, you know, that's kind of the hotbed.

That's where there's so many good players that come out of that area. And so then he bombarded us with that for a couple of years with these tapes. And he just, by the time we brought him in and he had a chance to meet him, we felt like we already knew him.

And that was, I mean, it was just one of those deals. He saw him and liked him. And then Dorsey and I were both, John and I were both around Favre. And we saw some similarities there. I mean, the way he kind of plays like he's in the backyard.

And, you know, he just has fun doing it. And so there were some similarities there that way. And we were both attached to him.

John did all the work of moving up to get him. But, you know, I tell you, Brett was the one that had first eyes on. Do you think he would have turned into the guy he turned into if he had to play week one, day one, Andy? You know, he might have.

I mean, who knows? I've had so much luck with just working the guys, kind of easing them in and getting them used to some of the blitz game that these coordinators come up with. I mean, we've got so many smart guys on that defensive side that come up with all these different looks. And when they see a rookie man, they're drooling.

And so it gives you an opportunity just to buy a little time there to get him used to it. And we had Alex Smith. And Alex is a heck of a football player. And I just, listen, I thought it was best that we took our time with him.

Yeah. And clearly you see what he is now. So is there anything he can improve upon, Andy, for real? Like what?

Can you give me a full instance? It's funny because quarterbacks are like farmers. I mean, the work's never done. There's always something you can work on. And I mean, it's small stuff now, you know, whether it's dealing with footwork or ball placement or whatever.

I mean, there's always something to work on. And so he does that and he wants to do that. I mean, he wants to know what we see, what we can give him to make him even greater than he already is. Well, can you give me an example, Andy, from your perspective of his competitive level? You know, the conversation certainly coming off of this championship season places him on the Curry level. I mean, we just saw Steph with a 50-point game in a game seven. Another level that he's been equated to is Kobe or Jordan. I mean, up there, Tiger, that sort of competitive level.

And he just seems to be such a sweetheart that we don't see the red ass, right? Or that sort of competitive aspect. Did you got a good story on that? Where you had to deal with that on the sideline, Andy?

Yeah. Yeah, probably when I told him he had to go get his ankle X-rayed. I mean, he about wanted to kill me, but that, it was pretty red at that time.

You know what I'm saying, Rich? He was upset. But he's competitive. You saw him, John, with one of the players there on the other team.

And I'm going to come after you and all this bit. So he's competitive of everything he does. He's competitive in practice. He challenges guys. He's competitive with his own guys, with the defensive guys. They play these little games during training camp.

I mean, it could be shooting a small basketball, a mini basketball, and into a hoop stuck on the door. And he wants to win the thing. And he's just, that's how he's wired. He grew up in a locker room and that's his life.

I mean, that's how he goes about it. Andy Reed here, a few minutes left with the head coach of the world champion, Kansas City Chiefs. Let's just talk about you, if you don't mind, which I know is perhaps your least favorite subject. But you've pretty much done so much.

You're way up there in total wins and playoff wins and now winning a Super Bowl twice with Kansas City right now, Coach Reed. How much longer do you want to keep doing this? Very difficult job. Yeah. I mean, listen, I still enjoy it. I'm not sure. That's a tough question. I know I'm on the back end of the mountain.

I got it. And as far as years to coach, but I'm still enjoying it. And I've got good players here and I've got good management, good ownership. So I'm happy doing what I'm doing. I enjoy the work level. I mean, it is. It's a grinder, but it's a good grinder.

A good grinder. Well, I mean, so many coaches that I've been around when they've done it for as long as you have, Andy, the losses and the disappointment of it are just so much deeper and more intense than the victories lend enjoyment. Do you find that or you don't find that right now in your career? Yeah, losses, they rip your heart out.

I mean, that's how it goes. You spend so much time making sure that you don't put yourself in that position. And this is all coaches and that you don't put your players in that position. And nobody likes to lose. But there's things you can learn from it. And you've got 17 games to do that.

And so you try to keep it as even keeled as you can, but still have the urgency to make sure you come out on the winning side and learn from the losses. Andy, I really appreciate the time. And I don't know if you know the answer to this question that I'll ask as I send you out the door. Did Travis Kelsey really spike the Lombardi Trophy over the weekend? Did that really happen, coach? Yeah, it wasn't the Tiffany one though.

It was 10, but not probably the same grade as the Tiffany. Okay, so it's not a real Lombardi Trophy that he was shotgunning a beer off of and then spiking on the ground? No, no. Travis does it a little different. He's a great, great kid with a huge heart. I think you know that. Oh, I do. And he loves to have fun, but he would never spike the real one.

I think so. I mean, but people... You give him a fake one and it's going down, it looks like. I saw that I'm like, get out of here.

By the way, very incredible lifelike replica of what he spiked on the ground. That's for sure. Well, they make those.

They're out there. Patrick gave one away on their parade. So I mean, these Lombardians are floating around, man. I saw that too.

That was also somewhat infused moment, I think, when he just handed that. So okay, so that wasn't a real Lombardi that he handed off on the parade route either, is what you're saying? No, you know, it took us a long time to get back to the Super Bowl and to get that first one.

So somebody must have been making a killing on making these things. Everybody in town's got one at the same time. Well, coach, appreciate the time. The hometown crushed it. It was great this weekend. Well, I appreciate it.

You guys did too. Thank you. I appreciate that as well. Best to you and your family and we'll chat again soon. Thanks again. Thank you, Rich.

You bet. That's Andy Reid, head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs here on The Rich Eisen Show. Back end of the mountain, he's aware of that.

Pretty good mountain. By the way, you know what keeps you young and wanting to be playing? The quarterback and the tight end. And by the way, the defensive tackle is just as special. Chris Jones. He's pretty damn special too. He's on a path also to the state of Ohio.

The way that he's playing. So you got those difference makers for sure. All right, we'll take a break here on The Rich Eisen Show and we'll wrap up with a little bit of hockey. Sorry to bring it up to you Boston Bruin fans out there, but that was wild to say the least. So back with that to finish up this Super Monday edition. You're going to have to get some more innings out of the rotation.

Just search B-L-E-A-V podcast wherever you listen. Back here on The Rich Eisen Show. I am sorry to you and all the Boston Bruins fans out there, Chris. Win the president's trophy. Is it a cup or a trophy? President's trophy, right? Oh, the cup is the golf, right?

Yeah. Win the president's trophy for most points. Not just win the president's trophy.

I know. They had the greatest regular season ever in NHL history. So hockey, let's do that hockey. Let's do that hockey. We should do have a new segment saying let's do that hockey.

Yeah, major bummer. People are trying to be like, oh, what's the comparison? It's, you know, people, there is someone there bring up the Patriots. It's literally 73 and nine warriors lost in the first round or the undefeated Patriots lost in the first round. Yeah.

Right at home. I mean, the Bruins had a three one lead. They lose game five at home in overtime because the goalie, you know, misclears the puck and then give up seven goals in game six and then they bench the goalie and then have a three two lead and give up a goal with a minute to go. I know.

And then losing overtime, just gutting, gutting. It is there. There is no comparison. Yeah, there isn't.

There isn't. The curse strikes again. Well, speaking of, but it's not, it's not that, you know, curses don't last forever, as you know, for Red Sox.

And plus, I thought the Clippers fans, aren't the Leafs supposed to be cursed? Yes. Yes. Right. But they won.

They haven't won since the 50s though. And which lead, which led to the greatest sports headline of the year, of the year. Leafs fan arrested for public intoxication after slapping a horse is behind Saturday. That's the headline in Toronto Star. That gets you arrested?

Let me read the opening paragraph. I never got arrested for that. Amid the pandemonium that spread across Toronto Saturday night after the Maple Leafs eliminated the Tampa Bay Lightning in the NHL playoffs, including major TTC delays, one man was arrested after slapping a police horse on its hindquarters. First of all, it's a police horse. Secondly, if you slap a horse, you're going to get kicked in the face. Well, not just that, the horse can maybe start running out of control, right? And I'm not a horse expert. Yeah.

And I'm not a, you know. Also, hindquarters is only referred to when referencing a horse. I imagine.

That's not true. Really? That's how you described my tattoo that time. On hindquarters? I did.

Well, maybe he was trying to refer to you as a horse. All right. Hey now. Hey now. Look, hockey. How about that?

It's been a while. Got a game seven tonight. Is Aaron Rodgers going to Newark for that one?

For that one? Why not? He's showing up for game seven. He's been everywhere.

Definitely not. Use what Rodgers should do. He ain't going there. He should show up to this game seven with his face painted like putty. Because, hey, there's a lot of Jets fans who root for the Devils too.

Got to play both sides. Hey, in Wisconsin, there's just only one team. In the metropolitan area, there's three hockey teams. There's a lot of hockey to do. Good sports night.

Rangers, Devils, game seven, two NBA games. Yeah. And what else? Monday Night Raw. I was just saying those.

Big playoff games. No? Not into it?

I am into it. I'll be on a plane to New York as Susie just settled into the guest chair off camera. What's up, Sue? We're going on a plane.

Let's call her Sue. Yeah, I know. We're going to New York. We're going to New York for the Roku New Fronts. Hey. Trying to drum up business. See? Have you been up front before, Rich? Have you been doing up front before? I have.

The last one I went to was for Turner. Yeah. To... I shouldn't say it.

It's already out now. You don't have to say it. I will. You don't have to. I don't want to. I'm giving you an allergy. No, but I'll do it anyway because I started. Don't jinx it. Maybe it was just a...

It wasn't a me thing. Are you going to wear a purple tie? I was, but it was stained, so I went a different one.

They have stores in New York. I understand. The last one I was on for Turner for The Great Escape, which was one and done. So we're more than one and done. Yeah, so I wouldn't worry about that. I think we're good. We're not The Great Escape of programs.

Yeah, Roku Charlie and Roku Joe, I think they kind of dig us right now. I'm just saying, you know, you wore Ohio State colors for your run, so like purple at the tie. Excuse me. I wore the tie that was given to me by St. Jude. So raising money for kids.

You could have requested Maison. Doesn't matter. And that supersedes. It's not a me thing, Chris. It's a St. Jude thing.

Nice try, though. You love Lala Kent on Vanderpump Rules. Now get to know her on Give Them Lala. With her assistant Jess. What you did not see is when Raquel arrives and she wants to talk to me, I made her sit in a corner. Explain.

Sat in a corner booth all by herself in the dark. Waiting to talk to you. Waiting for me to finish dancing to 50 Cent. It's my birthday. Sit in a corner. Give Them Lala wherever you listen.
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