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REShow: Jared Padalecki - Hour 2

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April 27, 2023 3:32 pm

REShow: Jared Padalecki - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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April 27, 2023 3:32 pm

Guest host Kirk Morrison and the guys discuss their building anticipation for the NFL Draft.

Rich sits down with ‘Walker’ star Jared Padalecki to discuss his beloved Dallas Cowboys and Texas Longhorns and reveals how he was all set to enroll at UT until he landed his breakout roll on ‘Gilmore Girls.’

Brockman reveals his top 5 wish list for things he wants to see happen in the first round of the NFL Draft and FINALLY pays TJ for winning their Kenny Pickett bet from a year ago. 

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It's Kirk Morrison.

Our number two here on the Rich Eisen Show. Kirk Morrison filling in for Rich. Rich down in Kansas City getting ready for the NFL's off season extravaganza. The NFL draft. The crown jewel of the off season. The NFL draft.

So Rich down there. We catch up with Rich tomorrow. I can't wait to hear his thoughts on how round one shaped up. I'm looking forward to some of the trades. I'm looking forward to I guess the fanfare. Last year was my first actual draft experience being in Vegas. Being there and watching the picks and then you know interviewing the players afterwards.

So fun fun time and I'm glad that the NFL can keep this NFL draft moving. You know this year, Kansas City. Next year, Detroit. So we have Detroit back there.

They haven't been away. They had a Super Bowl back in 2006. So Jerome Bettis Bowl. Yeah, Jerome Bettis Bowl.

Yeah, so they'll have that. So 844-204-Rich. Watch us on the Roku channel. Channel 210. Listen on Sirius XM. Channel 218. XM Channel 202.

Stream free on the Odyssey app or on Instagram at Rich Eisen Show and also on Twitter at Rich Eisen Show. I put the number out there 844-204-Rich because with the NFL draft, everyone watches for different reasons. Some fans watch because you watch to see who your team's going to draft. Some people watch to see the new talent coming into the NFL.

Some people watch their favorite player who they've watched from high school to college to now to the pros. I know for me what I love about the NFL draft is because I always say it's about hope. The NFL draft is hope. You hope that your team drafts a player that can be a piece in getting you to a Super Bowl, getting your team to a Super Bowl or a team or your guy gets drafted that you can follow for many years to come. A lot of times it's about the quarterbacks. The NFL draft is built on quarterbacks because that position is the most important position in the National Football League. You've got the right quarterback.

You're doing pretty good for yourself. Just ask the folks down in Kansas City, right? You could take some chances and hit on some gems, right? Last year I talked to, you know, general manager Brett Veatch for the Kansas City Chiefs. When you've got Patrick Mahomes, you can hit on a Isaiah Pacheco in the seventh round or a Jalen Watson in the seventh round. You got two starters in the seventh round. We're talking about first rounders and they're hitting on late round picks because they've got the quarterback.

They don't have the glaring needs. And so that's why I always say tonight I watch with a different type of eye and that's why I know what do people watch when it comes to the NFL draft? Are you watching for your favorite player? Are you more intrigued about what your team is going to do? Are you more intrigued of where do the quarterbacks go? Why is Chris Brockman watching the NFL draft tonight?

Well, I'm watching to see what my team does. Obviously, first and foremost, the Patriots pick 14, so I'm really curious about what's going to happen there at 14. Do they stay at 14?

Do they stay at 14? See that? I think that's the intrigue too. A lot of rumors swirling.

I know. See the one yesterday that they're going to trade up and take Will Levitz. I saw that one. Where does that come from? What? Who says that? Where does that come from?

Yes. I saw the Ringer guys were talking about that. I could not believe that that is an actual positive. What was a bunch of picks in Mack Jones for the number two?

Yeah, I saw that. I don't know what I would do if that happened. But that's the intrigue though. So you're watching to see what your team does. I'm watching to see what my team does. Obviously, we're huge NFL fans here, so I'm looking at the new influx of talent that's coming into the league. A lot of big names, a lot of big stars from big star making college football programs, and they're going to teams that really need them.

Bryce Young, CJ Stroud. Obviously, obviously quarterbacks rule the world here, but Bijan Robinson is going to be a big star. Will Anderson is going to be a huge star.

So is Jalen Carter. And then there's obviously people we've never heard of that is going to come out of nowhere here in this first round of Brock parties. There will be people drafted in the first round today that are going to go. What? That guy like Cole strange last year, the Patriots pick. Never heard of the guy. First round pick had a really good rookie season. Okay.

This is what happens. I love that you said hope. Hope is the perfect word to describe the NFL draft because right now, TJ, every team is zero and zero. Every team has quote unquote an equal shot to win the Super Bowl next year to make the playoffs next year with the seven teams. Now we're in year three of the seven playoff teams. Every team's got a shot.

Hope Springs Eternal. And that's what the NFL draft is. And I love every second of it.

What about you, though, too? What do you watch the draft for? And don't say you start filling out the game that you'll be mixing come the end of the year. Look at this.

Look at this answer. Oh, how many games Carolina Panthers games will I have now? No, I just like the waiting, having mixed drafts and done a ton of them. Ben Adam. I like when you don't know and you don't know who's there.

Tonight's going to be crazy, right? Because really, we don't know. Yes. The first we really don't. We don't. We could think, you know, like Chris, I mean, we all kind of can guess, TJ, you, me and all. But what I like is that waiting because you're sitting there and you're waiting and all of a sudden they come out and you see the player and they're like, oh, my God.

And I like the fact that they don't like tip the picks as much as they used to. Right. Where you don't know what's going on. And that's the cool. I love that. And you see those kids and you're like, that's the last time he's a kid. He's a man who leaves that state. Once he throws a hat on. Yeah, you're right. You're a kid.

You're a man when you get off the stage. And that's what I love. I think that's the best. That's so special. I mean, it's great. I never thought about that. But they're like, they're kids in that green room.

Yeah. And all of a sudden they put on that hat. And once they put on that hat, it's like an instant, like, I felt that way last year with Aiden Hutchinson. Like Aiden Hutchinson was like this kid, you know, Detroit, he's exiled. He put that Lions hat on and all of a sudden, oh, he's a grown up.

You're a grown up now. Welcome to the National Football League. It changes that fast.

That fast. What about you, TJ? You're watching tonight, obviously, as a Cowboys fan.

What were the Cowboys pick at, by the way? Twenty six. Yeah. Yeah. For me, the draft is always this, because as I suggested in yesterday's show, I love stories. Like, I'd love to hear the background. I don't love mock draft season.

You know, I don't need 3.0, 4.0. I like when we get to know who these kids are as human beings, you know, their family situations, what they had to overcome. And you know, some of them had the luxury of having, you know, you know, like eight mile, you know, living in a home with both parents and their parents have a really nice marriage, you know, and some people have that, but they still had to work and grind. And you have other people who come from single parent households who came from the mud, who came from nothing and have their whole family on their back, their whole city on their back. And so for me, it's always kind of like the piggyback on Mike, that moment when they get those names announced, man, it's just like, I know that, like, I've never reached a professional sports level like you, obviously, but I spent hours upon hours in my room shooting little nerf shots, going to a park, you know, throwing a ball against the wall, shooting jumpers. So, and I did that on a very micro level. So you understand what it took, the amount of sacrifice that these kids had to make to skip the parties, to skip going to McDonald's, to like, no, I got to go to the gym. No, you go hang out.

I got to go work. So knowing everything it took for those guys to get their bodies in their minds, right. And to know that the second that their name escapes the commissioner's lips, their lives for better or for worse, or change forever, everything changes for them. And that to me is, you know, I get excited to know that, like, you have these young men who now, like, they have their whole lives, their whole futures ahead of them.

And the possibilities are endless. So like, that's why I love the hug with the commissioner. I just, I love the whole thing of like, now your life's about to start and there's going to be some great stuff and there's going to be some bad stuff, but this is the moment for you. So I just, it's an all encompassing thing, man. It kind of gets me emotional thinking about these guys who they sit there and they break down and cry because only them and their moms and their dads and their family knew what it took to get them up on that stage. And to me, that's the most beautiful thing about this whole situation.

Yeah. I mean, I, uh, all of that, like the one thing about the NFL too, is this influx of talent is all of these new stories, right? All of these new stories of players coming in, we'll get a chance to learn them.

I know I had a chance to talk to a beat reporter a while ago and I always said, you know, I know you love your job of what you do, but why is the draft so fun? And I remember she told, she says, well, it's fun because I know the players already on this team currently, but because every year I'm going to have to learn 30 new players in terms of the, the off season free agency, the NFL draft, and then the undrafted free agents. So these are new stories that I'm learning about this kid or that kid.

Like I liked, you know, meeting Will Anderson at the Combine and speaking with him a couple of times there and then in between. And then even yesterday, people don't know, he's the youngest of five with four older sisters. So you think like, here's Will Anderson, the baddest dude on the planet in terms of coming out of college and, you know, the defensive player, maybe the first defensive player taken, he's got four older sisters who used to pick on them.

And he was on our show the other day. He said he had four moms and that's exactly it. You're the youngest boy with four sisters. Yo, you got five moms in this section.

So they used to pick on them a little bit and they don't pick on me now because I'm a little bit bigger, but those like are the stories that you like, man. I bet you what his older sister can still get him to flinch. Oh yeah. 1000% she can still get him to flinch. I'm watching it now with my daughter and my youngest, you know what I'm saying? Like they still know how to, you know, to get underneath. You take your heart early, man.

It's hard to get it back. But like, it's just watching those parts of it that I'll be watching when it comes to the draft. The thing that intrigues me the most tonight is a specific player.

I had a chance to, when I first saw him at the combo, I had never seen him. You watch guys and like I do college football, right? You know, one of the things I love doing is before a game, I like to size guys up. You know, I'll take a little walk on the field just to see if this dude is real. Let me see how I tackle this dude if I had to.

I remember a year prior, did an Oregon game. Let me just see this Kayvon Thibodeau guy. I'm like, this dude's legit. He's like Kayvon Thibodeau, seeing him. I guess especially when you look at the linebacker, right?

Because you know what it takes. I look at the linebackers and, you know, the defensive ends. And I remember when Bradley Chubb first, when he was at North Carolina State and I walked down, I'm looking, I said, okay, that is a first round pick. Like, because there's like a list of guys. I'm like, okay, who's the draft eligible players that, you know, possibly could make noise in a 2023 NFL draft? So I have my list of guys and I'll go down and watch. And I remember this past season, getting a chance to see some of the, I think, saw Will Levis the year prior. And this is before all the big hype train came. I'm like, wow, man, this dude is, he's pretty, pretty, pretty built.

Like this could be like the guy, the guy. And so I'm watching like all of these players, but I had, had not done a Florida game. So everyone keeps telling me about the size of Anthony Richardson. He's just, I'm all right, whatever.

I'll see. I go to the combine. He comes to our set and I'm like, whoa, uh, defensive ends were yesterday, buddy. He's 6'6", chiseled, deep, you know, Barry White type voice, but he can be a leader, authoritative, hey, you know, like strong. And so he's a guy to me that I want to see where he goes in the draft because of the quarterbacks, he and Levis seem to be, I won't call them projects, but the guys who you can't really pin like, okay, he for sure is going to make it. I think we all say, hey, Bryce Young has proved enough in college that we believe that they'll be successful.

Bryce, I mean, CJ Stroud, same thing. We've seen enough in college that we think that he's going to go to a system and he can make all the throws well. But when it comes to Levis and Richardson, those are the two quarterbacks. And then no one's even talking about who's going to, who's the fifth quarterback? Who's the fifth quarterback in this draft? Is it Hendon Hooker, right? Kid out of Fresno State, Jacob Hayner, who I saw him demolish my college, San Diego State so many times in the Mountain West.

Is he a guy that can come in? Because now I'm looking at like the Brock Purdy situation in San Francisco, who nobody thought that Mr. Irrelevant last year would have opportunity. And yet Mr.

Irrelevant has made Mr. Number, what was it? Number three.

Yeah. Number three overall just a couple years ago. That they traded each other picks for. Think about Zach Wilson and Trey Lance aren't going to be starters in the NFL this year.

Think about that. Like they'll start if somebody's injured, but how quickly this thing is, how quickly it goes by. So that's why I'm watching tonight. I want to see where Anthony Richardson goes.

Obviously the team that drafted me, the Las Vegas Raiders, I would love what do the Raiders do at pick number seven. So all the trades, all of that coming up tonight, I can't, like I said, I'm excited. As soon as I get done with this show, like I'm going to pregame a little bit, you know, relax, you know, have a couple of dope beverages. Get your mind right. Do you stay off of Twitter or you stay on Twitter? Like what's the thing?

For NFL draft day, what do you do? I don't like being tipped. I'm with you, Mike. I don't want the pick tip.

Okay. So, but I still want to see what the chatter is on Twitter. So I try to stay five minutes behind. I want to watch, I want to watch the commissioner announce the pick, and then I want to see Rich and DJ and Joel Klatt and Charles Davis. I want to see everybody talk about it. I want to see the interviews with the kid. And then I want to go on Twitter and be, you know, five, 10 minutes behind to see what everyone else is saying about it. And then off Twitter, pick, rinse and repeat. That's kind of how I like to do NFL draft night. Because I don't want to be spoiled. I want to be like, oh, and then Albert Breer is like, oh, and the Cardinals are going to trade down and take so-and-so.

It's like, oh man, I want to see that. You're going to throw Albert Breer under the bus? I don't even know if Albert does that, but. Breer? Just throw Albert Breer under the bus.

I don't even know if he does it anymore, but I know that he used to. But you'll be on Celtics Twitter tonight, though. I'll be big time on Celtics. I'll be complaining about the officials on Celtics Twitter tonight. All right.

Make no mistake about that. We got Howard Beck coming up at the top of next hour. He's going to give us all our NBA information that we need because there is one NBA game today. So we'll talk to him about at the top of next hour, Mike Lombardi, the general manager, former general manager who drafted me. So see if we can squeeze a Kurt Morrison story out of Michael Lombardi next hour as well. And Chris Brockman's top five. We're going to do that at the end of this hour. Oh, I got a top five things I want to see tonight, baby.

Oh, okay. Top five things that he wants to see tonight. But coming up next, Rich, before he got out of here, before he got to Kansas City, he had a little interview with Jared Padalecki. And we'll have that interview for you coming up next here.

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New episodes air every single Thursday through the season finale on May 11th. Jared Padalecki good to see you sir. Good to see you back Rich. You just were kind enough to say that you would wear a suit running a 40-yard dash which is you know is the logo of this show. I've seen many of your 40s. I appreciate that and they look exactly like the logo of the show which is standing still.

Which is not moving. You broke six seconds. What was your what was your best? My best was five nine four.

Yeah I knew you broke six. What year was that Chris? I don't know it's not like you know. It was a little while ago but Michael Johnson was that was the year that he trained you.

Let me tell you something Jared. The number of people who have kindly offered to train me for this 40. Yeah. Who put their reputations on the line to train me for the 40.

No pressure. Who I wound up sorely disappointing by the end. I've lost track. Hey. But Michael Johnson is the pinnacle with all due respect to everybody else who's kindly.

He's credible. Yeah. And for me to let him down I had to make I when it was all over and I called him I just had to call him up and just think Michael. Well I'm so sorry. I'm sure he wasn't anticipating you running like Michael Johnson. Because no one can you know. So I don't think.

I should have looked at it that way but I just didn't have that perspective. It'd be like getting acting lessons from Daniel Day-Lewis or something. He's like I'll let you know you're not going to be me but I'll I'll tell you. I actually run my 40 like Daniel Day-Lewis in my left foot. It's terrible. I like that. Is that good? Look at me.

I'm kind of going all the whole circle here. I did just run it and the the the results of this the results of this year's run is showing up on Saturday's NFL Network draft coverage. I love it.

I'll be watching. So thank you. I appreciate you doing that. Hey I just heard something I'm sorry I'm I'm a I'm a lifelong Cowboys fan.

Go for it. Born and raised in San Antonio. Yes sir. I just heard I didn't hear the news until. Yes. I was in the green room about what was the press conference. The Cowboys had a press conference the other day and said that they were willing to maybe trade I mean they didn't say anything nobody says anything. Yeah.

But they did he did Jerry Jones did kind of make fun of Mike McCarthy walking out the door. Really? Yeah. Oh wow. He did.

You know the boss making a joke. Yeah. You know I don't know if we could can we re-rack that maybe in a second here let's see Mike Hoskins wasn't expecting to do this but I mean you know what if so who's the showrunner of Walker for instance. Walker is a show run by Anna Fricke.

Okay. And funny enough Anna Fricke I knew prior to Walker she's written for many shows she wrote Valor with Matt Barr before we worked together. So now you're gonna look at you all together.

Yeah but her husband Jeremy Carver had run a show I had done called Supernatural for about three or four of our 15 years. So she's the boss right? She's the boss. Okay let's just say there's a press conference.

Yeah. Okay you're sitting in between Anna Fricke and whoever's the second showrunner if there is one let's just say let's put it or whatever. It's a press conference and she makes a joke at your expense. This is basically do we have it now this is the the end of the press conference with Mike McCarthy. What's he supposed to do?

You read all the mock drafts you can see all the things that maybe were officially pulled quietly by other general managers. Would you look like Mike in the middle right there? I think so. If we say here's an opportunity. He's doing his best Belichick. We had quite a bit higher than where he's falling to now.

It might be worth considering giving up something. Well I made one on Manziel a few years ago and that didn't go so well. That's true. So he's making fun of himself here Johnny Manziel. Six, seven, eight picks out and you know we always ask the question what would it take up take to go up and get him? Does it take your bottom of the second round pick to go get him?

And you know we nine times out of ten we'll have that conversation. So drafting's not our problem. Coaching is. He's got to get everybody. Wow. There you go. And walks off with it.

It's a walk off. It only would have been better if you had grabbed the mic and just dropped it and walked off. Now what if your showrunner made for you'd have to sit there and take it right? Yeah I think I think my my general rapport is a bit lighter than Mr McCarthy.

So I often ask people to make fun of me. He was it literally looks like he was trying to do his best Bill Belichick. Well one thing for sure is he definitely didn't think he was about to take some shrapnel.

No no but maybe he knew maybe he was maybe he was kind of like it looked like he was dreading what was to come. So you're from San Antonio and you love the. I was a lifelong am Spurs Cowboys Longhorns. And then my my my commitment was kind of split between the Rangers and the Astros.

Okay. But I think I was kind of born into we probably watched more Rangers than Astros. You know it's three hours north to Dallas or three hours east to Houston and so we'd see games for both teams. And it was I was born 82 so it was a great time to be a Spurs Cowboys fan. You know we had the 90s and the Cowboys and we had the Spurs going we had you know Kerr and Twin Towers and Avery Johnson and Sean Elliott.

I got to beat a few of the games. Sure and everybody's now going to the Hall of Fame. Tony Parker. Oh yeah yeah Manu. And Pop now is going. Yeah he he deserves to be way up there. We were at the our buddy Chris Bosch who lives down in Austin.

He and his wife Adrienne and their kids were all friends and we got to go to last year's Hall of Fame induction as their guests. Damn. Yeah. So do we do we do we make this about us now right now Chris?

Should we do this about us? Okay. So Chris Bosch was on this program. When? Right before his induction.

A couple months before. Oh yeah yeah. So he told us how when he was recruited by Pat Riley. Yeah.

To come. He gave the speech in Miami. That Pat had a um crown royal bag filled with championship rings and gave one to Chris. You know one of his own personal rings. Yeah. Gave one to Chris to say hey you can get one of these when you come here. Yeah.

Chris had the ring and I told him wouldn't it be great if at the Hall of Fame ceremony you give it back. Yeah. Look at that.

That's what he did. Well done. Well done. See a story told by our guest about someone else made it about us now. That's our special magic that we pulled here Jared. That's amazing. Yeah it was an amazing speech as well. It's a special magic.

Yeah it's a special magic. Fantastic. So are you Longhorn because of where you're from or did you go? Yeah well I was enrolled to go to UT in 2000 when I graduated high school and then I got a role on a show called Gilmore Girls out here in LA. I've heard of that show. Yeah it was a good show. Yes it was. It was a good show. It's a good show. Had a nice run. It had a nice run.

I was initially hired to do four episodes just guest star and I ended up doing five years but I you know I had a few grants and a few scholarships to go to UT and then I went out to LA and did Gilmore Girls and this is a strange story maybe but I remember my first paycheck it was because it was one thousand two hundred thirty four dollars you know one two three four. Okay. And growing up pretty simple in San Antonio I was like I'm rich bitch you know like so so it's like you know UT's been there for over a hundred years I'm gonna I'm gonna stay here like make some ramen money and so. Ramen money ladies and gentlemen. I like it.

I can buy my own ramen now. Yes. No but I legitimately I thought you know I'll see how how far this goes and pay off my student loans you know and so UT has been there for a while I figured I'd still be there when my six month stint in LA finished and that was 23 years ago so I kind of stayed busy. Fantastic I love that that that numerology is something that you you saw. Yeah. I thought you were going to tell me a story that the check was like Colt McCoy's number followed by Ricky Williams number.

Well there was no Colt McCoy yeah that was three years ago. It was year 2000. Damn. Yeah. How old were you when you were on Gilmore Girls?

I was 17 when I shot the pilot I did it till I was 22. Wow. Yeah. Damn. Yep all right.

Your wife is sitting here so I can't ask any more stories about that. It would have been like Major Applewhite Money. Major Applewhite Money.

By the way write that down that's a great fantasy team name. Major Applewhite Money. Major Applewhite Money is a great fantasy team name.

Major Applewhite is a word that name I don't think we've ever seen. Oh one of the greatest comebacks. How much Gilmore Girls do you even get today? A ton still or are you just such a grown ass man now that you you're somewhat unrecognizable when it comes to that? You know what's funny is that I appreciate that.

You're welcome. I a lot when I was on Gilmore Girls it was you know pre whatever it's called not TiVo. Yeah. Pre you know we can record it and watch it and so I didn't see a lot of the episodes I just kind of went to work. Pre DVR or anything like that? DVR DVR.

Sure. There was no Netflix. I think that's Major Applewhite.

That's Major Applewhite yes exactly. Recording yes. Um right so I uh I didn't it wasn't really a big show at the time and I didn't see a lot of it. I was busy auditioning for other roles and this and that and so it was after I left Gilmore Girls that people would start coming up and saying oh my god Team Dean or Team Jess or whatever um I was like oh wow like I I think I got recognized a lot more and and since I think pandemic a lot of people been.

Oh definitely. Because it's such a family friendly show that if you're sitting there with your kids and you can either watch an animated show or something that you would also enjoy and so um I it's kind of made a return so it's it's been fun. That is pretty cool. What's who's the I guessed least expected fan of Gilmore Girls to reveal to you.

Oh gosh. I was a fan of Gilmore Girls. Okay I was at a ball uh I shot a movie in Richmond Virginia when it was a pretty dangerous spot this would have been 03.

Okay. And um there was a bunch of us we were all early 20s we were playing like prep school kids and it was a kind of horror thriller called uh Cry Wolf and we had very air like we had areas of like it was low budget so like hey don't go to this part of town don't go to Tobacco Row blah blah blah y'all should stay around here. Like yeah yeah yeah long story short we end up filming at a location that's near one of the dangerous spots but we're like hey it's almost closed let's just get a drink at a bar like it's gonna be fine there's six of us we walk in as soon as I walk in there's this big scary looking dude and he just immediately kind of latches on to me and I'm thinking to myself like oh god like they told us not to go here this is how it ends like this is how I die because he wouldn't stop staring at me and so I do the thing where you kind of like you look to see if you know like hey man like trying to be as you know meek as possible and we we go order our drinks and sit down at one of the tables and he's still kind of like just mad dogging me I'm like what do I do to the guy like man man and you know maybe 10 minutes passes and he gets up and he starts walking over towards me and my heart you know like I gotta change my underwear um and he kind of gets over and I'm like oh god I'm gonna get beat up and I would just run but there were like young ladies and this I was like I can't like leave them to get beat up he comes over and he kind of looks around and he looks really suspicious and he leans in and goes you want the gilmore girls yes sir and he goes oh I knew it it's him yeah so yeah I think I swiftly went to the bathroom through my underwear uh but uh that was probably one of the strangest but I've met a few and it's they kind of run together I love stories like that yeah there are a lot of big I think a lot of I think a lot of manly men yes uh types their spouses would watch it with their daughters and so just beyond the background and they maybe sit down and watch it and so this gilmore girls is not too bad look at that yeah it's coming around fantastic yeah it was good I have a similar story at the Super Bowl a few years ago between the Seahawks and the um and and Chris Brockman's Patriots that um that it was Katy Perry yeah during the halftime show my oldest son who's now 14 was about seven or eight and loves Katy Perry and that's you know I keep reminding him like hey you know you were at the Super Bowl where Malcolm Butler picked off yeah don't pass and it's one of the greatest one of the greatest depending on who you're a fan of true exactly but still it's like one of the like a top 10 moment in the history of the Super Bowl like you were there for that yeah and all he was remembers is Katy Perry anyway long story short is so um he was just dancing his head off like up and down the aisle going crazy the shark suit right the yeah the left shark the left shark one exactly that was a famous like the car like the car show oh my gosh so at any rate long story short is halftime's over I'm sitting in the stands with my my fam yeah and some patriot fan just up the aisle like looks at me I look at him and he calls me over and I'm like all right I'll go up to him and I say hey and he says to me hey your son is a heck of a dancer really I honestly I thought like it's gonna be like what do you think second half we're gonna do this or not no that's the same thing although I didn't I wasn't fearful of my life throughout the entire situation I gotta that's amazing I got a quick question on that note uh you're Pete Carroll yes sir what do you do second down you give it to Marshawn yeah yes over and over I think they made the right decision oh he's a fan exactly all right all right fair enough so I guess exactly depending on who you're a fan of CW's Walker is again airing tonight at 8 p.m eastern on the CW new episodes air every Thursday through the season finale on May 11th so Jared let me ask you this do you think we should get Arch Manning this fall or what because it doesn't look like you're gonna it looks like well we're what 27 years right there's no what they're talking about right now oh really yeah I've kind of I've been I don't say blissfully ignorant but it's okay but you got arch coming I mean yeah yeah I can't wait royalty's come that's awesome so are you like a big you know Bevo guy and just yeah yeah I am I and actually get Bevo on an episode of Walker oh my god yeah once we find out about next season maybe we have to go save Bevo we met uh speaking of bees um very different but uh our son we have two sons 11 and 9 our daughter is 6 and our son Tom uh he he was being coached by one of uh the Longhorn uh backup receivers yes and um Bijan came to a game and like it's just in a field by Austin high school and he second yes give me this story so our son was playing flag football yeah and he was probably 10 at the time okay uh he's 11 now yeah and uh Bijan showed up to come and like talk to the kids and give them little bits here and there and signing stuff and taking pictures and yeah he was like uh throwing the ball with the kids and running around this is what it's all about and I was talking about it earlier this week Jared is that this is a metric as far as I'm concerned whether you want to draft somebody yeah yeah we're playing football we're trying to win sure but it's also like you want somebody who's going to be out in the community yeah and that you when you're sitting there at two or you're sleeping at two in the morning the phone's not going to ring right right yeah that's like and I we had a few of those on the we had a few of the bad ones like you know T.O. in his later years I mean he's honestly uh I'm thrilled to hear that story that is so cool yeah sweetest and everything you got tons sure your kid still talks about it absolutely and um we gotta buy some of his mustard uh I haven't tried it yet but by the way great name Bijan mustard mustard it's good that's it that's what it's called but yeah just a class act and that's I mean you know being a cowboy fan lifelong um that's why I love like Dak you know yes of course absolutely and and I'll shout out to your boy Brady I know he went to Tampa Bay but um seems like a nice guy seems like yeah famous is all good but so uh congrats on the success of Walker thank you yeah you're welcome um and come back anytime I'd love to seriously I'd love to I'll bring Matt Barr back Matt absolutely bring him back uh he got married is what you said he got married uh last last weekend in Mexico so I think we're still detoxing destination wedding it was a destination wedding and it was a hell of a gang he's let me ask this question yeah I'm gonna go there all right now I know your your your wife is here she's beautiful what's your wife's name again Genevieve Genevieve um hey back off my wife and I go to a destination wedding yeah I say okay when she says you know we're gonna get him a gift um why oh yeah because I'm going to their wedding sure on a flight yeah and hotel hotel room all of that shouldn't my presence be my present that's good and that's a dad joke right there it's the truth though it's good it's the truth let me just put it this way we still got something off the registry I don't win this battle yeah are you thinking the same fan and what I don't mean to get in the middle of anything right here I would love to I don't think they have a registry they didn't they said no gifts there you go oh well I'll see you're off the hook I'm all about getting with the bars yeah what's about we'll do something for them well you know they they um they're both adults and very successful in their careers and I think they were I think they were saying you know like you could still use a plank or a fork or like I said you know like a fruit cake you still need it you still need to earn jesus that might be the wrong message I'm gonna earn message I'm not even sure what that means god bless you uh we'll send a big bottle of champagne or something they have a wedding website like everyone does now I'm on the registry page and it says we kindly and respectfully request no gifts no your journey to celebrate with us is more than we could ask for look at that see I love the bars not yeah these are good people how can you put it on me to say come come to our our our wedding yeah get a hotel room what about the effort on top of it come on what about like birthdays and like valentine's days how are you and your wife about gifts then we're good with gifts you're good with giving them or not giving them what to each other yeah because we kind of have a thing um december is a big month for us we have one of our kids birthdays christmas her birthday is in january and then our you know there's valentine's day in february and our anniversary is the end of february oh my god so december january february are pretty big and so we're always kind of like hey let's just get a bite to eat somewhere like let's let's take each other out for a date but then oh gosh we say that but then on our birthday she wakes up early and she's looking around like for no I'm just kidding she's not like that no no I made the huge mistake of the first holiday season after we got married yeah um my uh my wife needed a laptop and she was talking about it so I got her a laptop for the holidays it's very romantic yeah I haven't I haven't uh that's the wrong laptop did you go pc instead of mac or a mac said pc it didn't matter it wasn't the choice of laptop oh you should get our game I just got married what do I know I'm the idiot who says I'm not buying people for their wedding since they're making me get on a plane yeah so what am I talking presence is the present at jar pad on twitter right uh yes that sounds right okay at jared padalecki on instagram everybody check out a new episode of walker tonight 8 p.m eastern on the cw let's do this again soon sir absolutely right here on the rich isin show well listeners in case you didn't get enough sports today here's an ad break that'll tell you how to watch even more sports youtube is the new home of nfl sunday ticket and if you sign up now you'll get our lowest full season price of the year just go to pre-sale to get a hundred dollars off nfl sunday ticket watch your favorite 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to replace your car you want to pay for a wedding send your kids to college travel the world and one day retire but how and webby award-winning brown ambition with tiffany the budget nista eliche and personal finance expert mandy woodruff when i was crafting my resume in my career i wasn't thinking about the job i had i was always thinking like what's going to impress the person who has my next opportunity and make them want to have a conversation with me and yeah i think people are not thinking that far ahead that's why we'd be leading it to you career coach so as you look to improve your financial literacy follow stacking benjamin's afford anything and brown ambition wherever you listen all right man we gotta get to this top five let's do it because i'm ready to grow let's go to the top five let's do it let's get to it oh yeah we don't have any animation here we go all right breaking news guys breaking news the nfl first round draft is tonight oh it is breaking news yeah breaking news in kansas city okay so here are the top five things that i hope happened tonight that you hope have top five things i hope happen tonight number five five one reverse order tj i know you hate when we start with one we're going five first why do we have the list why even have the list number five i want trades yes there were nine in last year's first round including aj brown the shocker aj brown going from tennessee to philadelphia how'd that work out that was awesome last year yes i want tons of trades i want lots of movement you've already heard the rumor diana racini saying that tennessee is talking to arizona about moving up to three cj stroud is now the betting favorite to be the third overall pick is that the move is tennessee going to get cj stroud i want the patriots to move up kirk did you hear that crazy we talked about earlier yes did you hear how crazy that was i did patriots package a bunch of picks and mac jones to go to number two or will levis my head will explode like the tv show the boys okay that will be insane if that happens what are the raiders going to do could detroit or washington or move up well dallas tj are you guys going to move up what are the bills going to do i want trades i want movement i agree chaos tonight i might know but i ain't telling yeah that's number five i like that number four now i don't mean this like personally against any of these guys okay any of any of these five quarterbacks i got you there's nothing against them thank you hold on let me put my by the way we didn't mention you see how giant the honest his hands were when he put his head okay i hope one of these quarterbacks falls and i and i don't mean that personally against them but remember the drama when aaron rogers was just sitting in the green room the brady quinn johnny manzel everyone's just sitting in the green room geno smith had to change outfits for the next day literally had a suit on for day one and then in day two hit us with the carlton sweater he had the carlton sweater yeah aaron rogers like i want the drama building when we wait for one of these guys i don't know i don't care who it is is it levis is it anthony richardson it could be any any of these guys hendon hooker there's just a drama that builds around these quarterbacks because the draft is really all about them right them just sitting in the green room and then the speculation is this the big sister pick somebody got a trade-up that makes for really great tv and it makes for a fun night number three i want to pick from so far out in left field that rich and everybody on the on on the desk are utterly speechless remember a few years ago like mayock couldn't even get out a word on the desk because he was so shocked last year's coal strange pick yeah i want something like that something so outrageous that nobody saw coming yeah that everyone just looks at each other like joel clack just goes what what i don't even have this guy on my board you know what i mean like something wild like that that's like the biggest roast ever like i don't even have him on my board like this what i had this guy as a day three pick what 27 that's what i okay that's number three got you number two this is personal i want the patriots to do something fun just something fun i don't want coal strange i don't want a minivan type player and i really don't want to trade down we need to be moving up but there's bill and nike the bill needs to was it son of sam mike his neighbor's dog was talking to him yes start talking to bill take over and make some crazy is it is it trading all these picks and mac jones up for will leather great let's do it because that's fun it's this is a hope night kirk as you said yeah it is and i need to be inspired bill belicheck i'm talking to you bill i need to be inspired okay you're on the hot seat you're coaching for your job this year and it starts tonight do something we all saw bill belicheck's kitchen a couple years ago trust me that dude ain't nothing inspiring about that do something tonight at home the at-home draft and i had the cam and bill's house in nantucket i think that's the beach house this is a very uninspiring and your nike air monarchs and do something fun oh you said the monarchs number one all right number one number one number one okay where were you first draft night 2003 you remember what happened 20 years ago 20 years ago the vikings missed their pick mr pink they missed they didn't turn the card and then chaos ensued that's what i want tonight on the 20th anniversary of the vikings missing the pick i want it to happen again somebody misses a pick you only get 10 minutes that clock ticks down the brown the eagles didn't get the pick in what they didn't get the pick in and now the titans are on the clock yeah and then just chaos ensues someone to miss a pick hmm oh it hasn't happened in 20 years let's go don't let me down tonight somebody yeah i think we need one more okay get one more all right one more i'm your uh chaos well i i i went to piggy back on this stuff like that i'll make this quick last january we were talking about kenny pickett right yeah you don't know this kurt and brettman was convinced he was convinced upon just he just knew that kenny pickett was going to be a top 10 pick and me i know i didn't believe it because i i wanted him to go to the pittsburgh steelers stay in town so i made a i've made a bet with brock we made a bet together whether picket will go top 10 or not he went 20 i won the bet so one thing i would personally like to see happen maybe this year is brahman finally pays me for lectures i still got my 20 bucks dog like it's been over a year it's been over a year i wouldn't have to call up my samoan friends to go get the money but i at this point i don't know what else to do conspiracy theories paranormal ufos in the 1960s the united states and the soviet union started developing directed energy microwave devices and even to this day the united states government is still continuing its research into high power microwaves it is nothing compared to what china is doing theories of the third kind on youtube or wherever you listen
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