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REShow: Bijan Robinson - Hour 1

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April 25, 2023 3:58 pm

REShow: Bijan Robinson - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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April 25, 2023 3:58 pm

Rich reacts to the New York Jets and Green Bay Packers finally coming to terms on the Aaron Rodgers trade and what it means for former 2nd-overall draft pick Zach Wilson.

Texas Longhorns RB Bijan Robinson tells Rich which teams he’s met with in the weeks leading up to the NFL Draft, why he’s out to prove wrong anyone who devalues the running back position in the NFL, and shares his favorite story about UT superfan Matthew McConaughey.

Rich weighs in on the danger that Aaron Rodgers’ stint with the Jets could end up in disappointment the way Brett Favre’s tenure in New York did.

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It's Rich Eisen. Yes, yes, yes.

That's all I have to say. By the way, it would be really weird if I came on the show and for three straight hours just went yes, yes, yes. Like it would be it would be a little bit repetitive, already is, but yes it's the edition of the Rich Eisen show that you've all been waiting for. I've been waiting for for quite some time and it's just two days before the draft. It's a day after two tremendous performances in the NBA playoffs, won by Jimmy Butler to put the Bucks in a significant hole in their playoff series with the Heat.

LeBron James with a first 20-20 performance in the playoffs for the Lakers since Shaquille O'Neal for crying out loud. Great stuff to talk about on this program and it's two days before the NFL draft. We have not only one but two former number one overall picks in a draft to talk.

Draft with you, their experiences this year. Carson Palmer is on this program. He made a bit of news by saying that Joe Burrow is more consistent than Patrick Mahomes. He said that a couple of weeks ago on his brother's pod. So Carson will be joining us.

Lots to talk about with him. Troy Aikman is on this program and then two top 10 picks in this year's draft. One surefire Will Anderson Jr. from Alabama could be the first defensive player called and I'm hearing it's possible the Texans can take him second overall down a Stroud and Will Anderson maybe in Houston. And then there's Bijan Robinson who's just so fascinating to me because you're talking about potentially four quarterbacks in the top 10 or not. Five quarterbacks in the top 15 or not.

You're talking about some terrific defensive players and then offensive linemen and then there's a running back in this quarterback driven league. Bijan Robinson is going to be first up 18 minutes on this show. Brockman and Del Tufo good day to you gents. Good morning Rich. Hey Rich.

CJ Jefferson good to see you sir. How are you in the corner? Very good.

You know Daniel Brian became a legend saying yes over and over in the WWE Rich so it could work for you. I had no idea. Yeah. So move over McAfee there's somebody else in the 12 to 3 slot.

So it could work for you. That might go top rope on people. Could you imagine if I did that? I would literally be in traction if I did anything that McAfee attempted to do from the top rope but that's for another day.

Yeah he's done dives off of steel cages bro you don't want that. For another day. The words I love to say into a microphone I told you so. Okay I knew this was going to happen. How many times oh my gosh this thing could go into the summer. This could go into the summer.

The 49ers might swoop in. Rogers might change his intentions. He might retire.

He might do this. He went oh no no no no no no. That wasn't on the table. The opposite of yes no and now we finally got yes. Yes. It was going to happen. It was going to happen before the draft and it has and it that watched pot finally boiled over about an hour and a half after we said goodbye yesterday and we say hello to the former number 12 of the Green Bay Packers and the apparent new number eight of the New York Jets because Aaron Rodgers is going back to school Thornton Mellon style little triple lindy wearing his old cow number diving into the New York Jets pool which as we all know is filled with riptides everywhere you have no idea and that's normally for the ocean but nothing ever makes sense with the Jets ever ever makes sense with the Jets and I was saying all along do not give up your first overall pick this year for Aaron Rodgers and the holdup apparently was that Woody Johnson wouldn't give up a first round pick next year unconditionally and word comes down here's the deal yeah fifth round pick comes to the Jets sixth round pick goes to the Packers whatever whatever the real information here although you can't say whatever I mean fifth and sixth round picks can turn into something uh somebody significant the Jets and Packers swap spots in the first round this year it's just two spots Jets move down to Packers move up to interestingly enough who's sandwiched in between the Patriots and then a second round pick this year 42nd overall interestingly enough the better of the two second round consecutive picks that the Jets have the one they got from Cleveland for the Elijah Moore trade and then the mother lode a second round pick next year that becomes a first round pick if Rodgers plays 65 percent of the snaps this season and I proffer to tell you this if he doesn't play 65 percent of the percent of the snaps this season there's something very wrong and you'll see too much Zach Wilson which is what this is all about I understand that's that is a that is a a nice chunk of draft capital and this does my eyes are wide open here this officially confirms the drafting of Zach Wilson was a disaster you don't choose somebody second overall in a draft and then two seasons later supplant him with somebody else now that somebody else is very significant obviously obviously but somebody who's pushing 40 that's one way to describe Aaron Rodgers I would say that's a negative way of describing his acquisition but when you're saying there's a former second overall pick who you're hoping to be the next Broadway Joe Zach's Fifth Avenue and it turns out to be yeah well that didn't work out at all and there's no way we're going into the season with this guy in year three because that's a barbarian at the gate called the Jets fans and they're not going to stand for it and that's the barbarian at the gate called the 2023 schedule that includes the AFC West the our division NFC East and also includes name it Mahomes all of it go down the list of all the other quarterbacks yeah you can't go in a season with Zach Wilson right there can't do that jailing hurts cowboys what the what can't do it won't do it Aaron Rodgers is available oh so we'll set the whole thing up for him with a receiver that will sign for him and the offensive coordinator the coordinator's last two MVP seasons oh and we've got the reigning offensive and defensive rookies of the year and Quinnen Williams who is so damn good Aaron Rodgers knows who he is because Quinnen Williams sat in his lap in Lambeau Field last year like Aaron Rodgers was a Santa Claus and a mall which is my point I don't care about the draft picks I don't care now you don't I don't care now you don't care no I don't care and I won't care later on either all right and I know what your point's going to be because we need to see what this trade looks like how the Jets are going to play and they've got to make the playoffs because the point of making this trade absolutely is the fact that I am sick and tired as is Woodie Johnson and anybody else who's in the Jets world of seeing one quarterback after another just flop last 10 seasons the quarterback with the best most starts is Sam Donald 13 and 25 he went Gino, Fitz, Zach, McCown, Flacco, Mike White, Bryce Petty get out of here and then on top of it on top of it the offense has been so terrible honestly last 10 seasons every metric points per game yards per game yards per play red zone touchdown percentage passer rating last guess what they won't be this year they won't be this year last guess what they won't be this year last their offense last year in the last parts of the season to keep using the word was so damn dark even Rogers's cave was lighter out gone see ya it's worth it it's worth it a big ass swing yeah you gotta take it when there's Mahomes and Burrow and Allen just to name three and we assume Lamar and there's Deshaun who's now gonna have a full season and there's also Russ with a new coach and Justin Herbert and Tua you gotta take your swing if you can and the Jets just did look at their schedule coming up this year they're gonna be on national television all over the place choose it choose it first week of the season Rogers at Dallas you want to go that way sure first week of the season Rogers welcoming in jail and hurts do it let's go Herbert Mahomes are all coming to New Jersey so is Allen could be CJ Stroud for the Texans the Giants are you kidding me Jets Giants this is exactly you got you got to show up in Denver Watson you got to go to Deshaun Watson again I bet you they won't put the elf on the field again or they'll just cover Corey Davis this time look I'm telling you this you got to take your swing because Zach Wilson wasn't cutting it the alternative wasn't good at all so Rogers Rogers this the floor is Favre's nine wins and all the other crap that went on off the field that assume Rogers ain't gonna do let's go I'm in I'm in you're in because you have no choice of course I have no choice just like you have no choice with your quarterback like let me tell you this Chris this isn't about me oh it is how this is about you suddenly thinking you're a Super Bowl team I don't think we're a Super Bowl team I think we are a playoff team that can contend for the Super Bowl if you don't make the AFC championship game is it utter disappointment I don't know it depends on how long Rogers plays then that's the other part of this thing too it's a total mystery it's a total crapshoot it is an absolute roll of the dice but all it is is what you cost yourself two slots in the first round this year a second rounder whatever that's Woody's money and then they've they converted into x y and z I read today it's what 13 million on the cap for this year there'll be a credit card down the road whatever whatever because facts you're going into this year with everybody that you got you're bringing them back it's a top five defense we can argue that and you got Alan Rogers hooked up with the coordinator who he adores he's got his receiver who they got just for him okay he's coming into a new spot and how long he plays hey Aaron you want to be in the same realm as Brady let's win a championship in New York City and you play till your you know early 40s significantly well stay in shape the ar-8 system let's go stick around because these kids are young and they are hungry and they are psyched for you to come let's roll the alternative was no bueno no bueno and in this AFC you need to have somebody who can compete and Rogers will he fall apart because he's pushing 40 I don't know willing to try and next year's first will it suck when I'm sitting on the clock and if the Rogers has already left or it was a an eight nine season or ten and seven season and all the things that were going wrong in Green Bay are now going wrong in New York and they own that and there's a big fat credit card bill coming and you know the Jets are sitting on the at home watching the Packers choose tenth overall with their pick that would suck worth it though worth it worth two spots in this year's draft in the first round and a second rounder you weren't going to really use anyway you caught you sent Elijah Moore away you made your bag with everybody else as you're receiving core you still got your second round pick right behind him you weren't going to use it anyway out the door worth the roll of the dice on behalf of a fan base that is so sick and tired of getting kicked in the Lebron James crown jewels like Dylan Brooks is flipping his hand at you done with it so let's ride let's go that's my opinion good luck no you don't now you don't believe it now you don't honestly would you rather be in my position or yours as an AFC East fan mine why because the list of people who have had successful seasons at over the age of 40 is two it's Tom Brady and Brett Favre that's it and the history of the NFL Aaron Rodgers didn't look good last year and I just don't think it's gonna go well okay new team new receivers he didn't even like having new receivers last season it took eight ten weeks to get on the same page with some of these guys I think the Jets receiving core this year is better than the one that he had last year yeah it's not a talent issue it's getting on the same page it's chemistry it's cohesion well at least they made the trade so they've got months to do it this won't be happening in the middle of the training camp season perhaps is he going to show up to OTAs and minicamps oh you will he'll be there I don't know how you could say that 100 you have no idea well it's you know what I don't know and I sure hope he does because this is a golden opportunity because there's a you are not the only human being on the planet saying what you just said and Rodgers needs to hear that I assume he's hearing that he hears everything that's said about him I think and I think he is definitely sensitive to subject matters that question his abilities and last year did not finish well for him his Packer career is now over he is now starting in a new spot and the Jets team that he inherits is way better coaching roster wise than the one that farve inherited and the the the Packers quarterback that the Jets are inheriting now way better and in better shape than the one that the Jets inherited in 2008 and that all of it so much better than the alternative which is well they just couldn't pull off the deal well Rodgers intentions changed well 49ers swooped in well it's Zach Wilson anyway against that schedule no thanks the schedule is very difficult but you're also fitting a guy who admittedly was 90 percent retired two months ago okay I know it's a danger but it's a better headspace to go from I'm retired to to eh maybe let's just keep playing because I want to spite this other team that tried to trade me and we'll find out we'll find out I sure hope he wants to sit there and play till like he's 40 41 42 get another contract finish up keep things going keep playing with the Jets I sure hope so and I sure hope that he you know you're right it's a very rare situation for somebody to be 40 plus and perform well at the quarterback position maybe he's the next one worth the swing absolutely worth the swing hugely worth the swing yeah you gotta take a chance you have to later on we're going to talk about the Packers side of this Troy Aikman's joining us in hour number three Carson Palmer hour number two Will Anderson out hour number two let's take a break Bijan Robinson's going to join us and oh what a happier it's my come at me mock draft hey all right 2023 I got the top 10 all mocked out let's go before I hit the door for Kansas City Bijan Robinson of Texas when we come back and joining us here a couple of days before he will hear his name in Kansas City on the first night of the NFL draft courtesy of Old Spice is none other than Bijan Robinson of Texas how are you Bijan oh yeah how you doing I'm doing good um you know I'm really happy to be here Old Spice you know to help guys you know just build confidence uh but yeah thanks for having me on the show I appreciate that and um you know my confidence is lagging a little bit um so I'm appreciative of you joining at this very very time when I need your your help um so let's just jump right into it Bijan uh how many teams have you visited with personally over the last couple of weeks what do you got for me though I visited uh two teams I visited the the Eagles and the Buccaneers those are the two teams that I that I went to that's it huh just two yeah just two was that your choice to visit just two teams Bijan um no no no no I was I was open to visit you know whoever wanted me to wanted me to go um but you know not a lot of teams I guess were were willing to to take me in they just kind of knew who I was already yes my game's down now I by the way just so you're aware I've done this 20 years Bijan um the fact that they don't bring you in um means nothing I mean um the Broncos once drafted Jay Cutler without talking to him ever so they a lot of teams try to cover their tracks with that sort of thing and others just don't particularly care or they are truly interested in getting more time with you what was your visit with the defending NFC champion Eagles like Bijan yeah it was it was amazing it was great I mean from from the staff to you know the GM to all the coaches to even the janitor I mean it was such an amazing visit just to meet you know all those great people uh met a couple met a couple of teammates that were there but yeah I had a great time you know it was it was something special that they got going on there for sure so you know it was good did you connect with Jaylen Hertz at all uh I did he was not there okay um but you know me and him have the same same agent so you know we'll connect you know through her uh but yeah Jaylen's a super solid dude so were you able to get any indication how real the interest from Philadelphia was towards you uh yeah I mean when I was there I mean it it felt it felt extremely real uh obviously like you just don't know until the draft uh but you built so many great relationships during the process uh even the Eagles and just you know with other people as well like you're always still confident about where you might end up but at the end of the day on Thursday it's all it's all a blur it's all about it is all a blur Tampa Bay uh what was your visit like with them walk me through that one same with Tampa I mean amazing people amazing coaches uh it was just an extremely great visit even just the city um you know Tampa's a great place to be at a great place to to live uh but I had a great time around the facility around uh the player development people um it was it was really it was really fun to get to get to really know them so you're those were your top 30 personal visits over the last couple of weeks Bijan Robinson here on the Rich Eisen Show uh what about other teams did you zoom with any other teams call or connect with any other teams this past month yeah so I had a I had one workout like one on-field workout with the with the Falcons just so they can you know see what I can do in different positions uh and it went it went really well really well got to eat with them got to talk to them um and then I zoomed with I zoomed with a couple teams um the Lions um the Chargers okay and that was that was pretty much it any connection any connection with the Patriots at all did you connect with the Patriots in any way shape or form yeah so the Patriots um they came to the facility um and they had me and me and Roshan they did it like a like a visit with me and him um like last month so it went really well as well so and even the Titans they came and visited the facility as well so okay I've been talking to those teams for sure so let me ask you this question Bijan Robinson here on the Rich Eisen Show what do you say to any NFL talent evaluator and there will be many of them they wouldn't maybe say it to your face sir but would say you know what we don't need to take Bijan Robinson in the first round we can get production at this position fifth sixth seventh round I'm sure you hear that all the time what do you say in response to that evaluation yeah man I mean I'll just like I've always said um not that I'm a guy that can you know be really versatile for an offense uh and I say like the game changer uh you know I don't want people just look at me as a running back uh but the guy that you know can can change the game and in any classes if you line me up at receiver at slot uh and I mean you can put me anywhere on an offense and be effective and I think that even just the the off the field um and what I can bring to bring to the table as well uh into a city and I mean even like just being a mentor to the kids to the families um and just everybody else that that looks at me as a as a role model I think that that's what is the difference maker and the teams uh they're looking for for sure well and I appreciate you saying that last part that is significant I mean that is uh let me dive into that a little bit more why do you why why do you bring that into the equation for yourself Bijan yeah I mean I think that just even being a mentor even just having me having mentors um like Kevin Washington like my like my family uh coaches along the way I think it's really important to you know to have that as a as a man as an athlete and I think that a lot of kids are missing that um for what they're trying to what they're trying to succeed so I think that you know for me um I think it's good to reach those those two potentials those two moments for kids and even like with me with all twice um you know I really I really encourage people to sign up uh to the old school slagger just because like it can really benefit them um and it can really you know see what they can do to help kids uh that aren't in my position you know try to get the best you know and do the best that they can for themselves yeah that that involves um making sure fewer and fewer kids drop out of high school is that what is that what this this program is about Bijan absolutely it is it is and I think that you know if you can help a kid you know even just graduate uh high school I think that's just such a big accomplishment and because a lot of kids you know there's about 30,000 kids that you know are on waiting lists to to get help um for big brothers big sisters and I think that it's just such a cool thing to really help a kid and then encouraging to graduate and and you know continuing all the education and life moving forward so that's just such a big piece in my heart that I want to that I wanted to share you know for sure slash school of swagger is how you can join old spice walmart Bijan Robinson and the big brothers big sisters in their commitment to making sure students don't drop out of high school due to a lack of confidence confidence you could be a mentor today Bijan Robinson a few minutes left with the Texas prospect here on the Rich Eisen show any sense at all where you're going in the draft on Thursday night man man I I wish I could actually tell you uh I feel like it's gonna be a surprise for everybody including myself I think it's gonna be like something that obviously God is gonna place me wherever I gotta be at but I don't know I don't know it's a lot of talk so you know that it can range from six to fifteen um so we just really don't know you don't know does that that would be the surprise is is how high you go or that someone's going to trade up to come grab you Bijan it could be it could be both I mean it could be I mean what people are saying where I can where I can end up or how high I can go or trades you know I feel like in my position uh you know it's it's really give or take you really don't know where exactly uh I'll be at but hopefully hopefully it's with the best team and with the best situation possible I'll tell you that so what what was your team growing up who were you rooting for growing up in uh I was I was a I was a player fan um you know my grandpa he was a Pac-10 official for 30 years okay and you know he really like didn't have a team so he he would tell me like he was like just love players um just like a player and I love the Benny and Thomason uh LaShawn McCoy like those are guys that I would like a lot um just to watch of but I never really had like a set team that I that I like so uh obviously when you say that the Chargers spoke to you and the Eagles then had you in I mean if that that would kind of I think uh give you some wind it was definitely cool to talk to them just because my favorite players definitely played on their team but you know that's just something I just I just can't control all right I'm gonna of course not I know that and I can I can sort of sense the uh the excitement and also uh yep soon to feel relief in your voice to be very honest with you Bijan it's it is for someone of your talent to wonder what's gonna happen and have such uh out of your control I can understand might be a little unnerving so let me take one last shot at this question with you do you have a Matthew McConaughey story that might be fun to hear do you have one yeah yeah you got one oh yeah so so I went I went to uh I went to his house um and like you telling me you kind of just like teaching me just the first part of like how to be a good actor okay you know you live your life everybody lives their life um wanting to be a great actor because we all live our life and if you put a camera in front of us then we'll be live our life the same um but just just seeing him like just be in that element and you know really you know understand what he was doing what he was teaching me like that was like amazing just to like see him in in that space so that's definitely a story like I'll never I'll never forget because I sat down on the chair and we just immediately started getting into it about acting or just about life both like how it both played into it like you know it we can we can live life in our regular form but if you put a camera in front of us can we can we live our life in that same exact same exact way or where we buckle you know so so how did so uh did he greet you at the door did did you ring the bell I mean how did how does one what he got yeah he just drove up drove up uh okay you know he obviously had a really nice house but just drove up in the driveway and then we just gave each other a long hug and you know I love that guy so you saw the bongos in the house is that what you're saying did you see him I didn't see no bongos very good I love that guy I mean he's all about UT he's all about Texas he is all about it absolutely he's amazing man he's the best he is the best well look Bijan um do you want to promote your mustard too I know you're here for Old Spice but man I I just love what he got from absolutely what do you got what do you got you know obviously you can go to but I think that that's the that's like going out to be the best condiment um that's that's out there it's definitely pretty good I think I think you'll love it um I'll try to find a way to send you some okay and you can let me know how it is okay I think I like it a lot okay um you I'm sure you've understood when you tell somebody in the media that you want to send them free stuff I mean I don't know if you've the answers of course sure we'll take it we'll take it we'll talk about it we'll help you absolutely we'll help you we'll help you and and uh hopefully this first of many times I've heard nothing but great things about you it's a delight to talk to you and I I hope you get only what you wish for and that will just uh of course and that will will continue uh conversing as you uh dominate the next level absolutely this is the start of a great relationship right here look at us it just starts with swagger and mustard and all sorts of nervousness and it's great and and this will all be over soon you'll you'll know soon you'll know soon absolutely we'll see you in Kansas City right we'll see you there yeah yep I'm here I'm here right now look forward to it I look forward I'll be out there tomorrow night I hope to run into you we'll see you soon thanks for the call okay yeah yeah I appreciate you you got it slash school of swagger to join Bijan Robinson and his campaign to make sure kids don't drop out of high school part of old spice and big brothers big sisters right here soon to be one half of the best back filled in with Ramondre Stevenson yeah wherever he goes right let's just do this he's not getting past eight hold on a second let's do this let's do this as that conversation from the combine of the draft is sponsored by noble noble is the official combine training partner of the NFL and the official on-field supplier of apparel and headwear for the NFL scouting combine where I saw Bijan Robinson work out and he's so damn good ton of good running backs ton of good running backs this guy's a difference maker and we'll find out how these these this is valued this is a fascinating I'm telling everybody in this year's draft quarterback quarterback to start the draft maybe probably who knows right all of that trade up to three if you if there's a quarterback sitting out there still that you love or the cardinals want to take our second hour guest will anderson unless the texans take him instead then you got the colts sitting there can they just hold like brave heart and get the quarterback they want anyway then there's seattle drafting that high what are they going to do will they take a quarterback because they don't intend to draft fifth overall anymore lions at six you heard that from bijan robinson you heard that that he he's spoken to him raiders at seven that doesn't seem like a fit they got josh jacobs but who the hell knows right the party would begin in chris brockman's household with sarah tiana just drinking her face off if the falcons go ahead and get bijan robinson at eight fact i i didn't i didn't tell a lie there nope nope nope nope does somebody trade up with the bears at nine or the bears take him do the bears just say we'll take him that's exactly the guy in 20 degree weather let's go the bears need protection for justin i got you another way to protect you know another way to protect justin fields let's get the ball out of his hand they're taking a tackle i think so too philadelphia philadelphia gets this guy i will warn the league i will warn the league i will warn you dj they can't get him we'll just bolster up our defense i will warn you oh my god and the rest of the national football league if bijan robinson wears green could you imagine the eagles they get kelsey to return that offensive line is still the offensive line that we saw last year if they remain healthy and that vertical pass game and the quick pass game with aj brown and devante smith is as good as last year and then they add bijan robinson to jail and hurts running this offense guys i don't have their depth chart here i'm not particularly familiar with the the nitty and the gritty of their running back room the eagles yeah stand by because we all know as miles sanders is now in carolina is boston scott still on the team i don't know they might just hire him to take on the giants because he's got 10 10 career touchdowns every quarter against the giants i'm warning the rest of the league don't let bijan robinson go to the philadelphia eagles don't they've ever shot penny oh that's right they sign him and still have boston scott and kenneth gainwell trey sermon from the 49ers they got some good running by the way i am but but they got some good bags yeah throw this kid in there although they like the line play they like the offensive and the defensive line there could be some good corners out there tennessee what do they do with derek henry i don't know seems like it's nothing so far well i mean they got a quarterback in tannehill that's potentially not going to be there much longer one would think do they choose a quarterback there the the the the receiving corps isn't very significant and then again like i said at the top of the show one of the reasons why i'm thrilled that the jets took that swing at aaron rogers mahomes burrow allen deshaun watson lamar jackson herbert tua russell wilson comma trevor lawrence i don't even mention him in the first hour in the afc you better have the dog at that position firepower otherwise you are significantly behind the eight ball do you go ahead and flip derek i don't know what they do right there where that's a fascinating roster build houston the packers i don't think would take him bro i think your patriots need to move up to go get him i don't think he's falling a 14 oh boy we have to go to seven then what a fascinating conversation with bijan robinson fascinating amidst the quarterback conversation and the defensive players that are out there jailing carter how far does he drop or at all good god and then there's somebody like bijan in the mix who's gonna go and take the running back that high oh baby eight four four two oh four rich number to dial here on the rich isin show let's talk about everything else carson palmer is going to join us shortly will anderson troy aikman hour three my mock draft come at me all ten and then we haven't hardly even scratched the nba playoff surface so much more to go on this fun tuesday show all right back here on the rich isin show eight four four two oh four rich number to dial jeff in detroit yeah we knew he had a year from jeffrey all right all right all right as we just heard on our on our stream what's up what's up jeff first of all your youtube appearance yesterday was wonderful you were actually glowing youtube still i'm like oh my goodness this is spectacular yeah it's called an instant reaction from the front seat of my car solving your problem yes sir solves a problem that i have had since 2005 i love to hate the guy but i hate that i love him and rogers has caused me to just i mean we all know how the the guy is but the one thing that i honestly can say and i'm thinking about this now that you know you and chris were having a discussion about you know his production he was kind of just interested with the team and we all know aaron rogers plays his best when he's pissed off or when he has something to prove and i honestly believe that he has something i can be a fan now because he's over in afc uh he has something to prove i honestly believe that this this is a home run for new york i mean in all honesty you can come in if you even sniff the super bowl i mean you could be the king of the town well i mean you come in and save new york yeah football you are going to be the man no and i i hear you uh and i i appreciate your call always jeff that's jeff in detroit celebrating rogers departure from the nfc north and we'll talk about the packer side of this later on look the rogers as i said earlier on he shows up he is a completely different ball of wax than anybody that's played the position for the jets since farve and i think he's better than farve when farve showed up in 2008 i think he's in better shape i think it's a better situation when farve show oh and farve showed up you know he had played a gajillion games in a row as we all know and long story short he looked terrific with minnesota but minnesota was a better situation for farv than new york was and i think farve had nothing but in his heart and a desire to go back into that division and stick it to green bay and i don't and i don't think rogers has any such intention to do that nor would the bears lions or vikings take him that's not what they're planning on doing like the vikings were set up to take him and need him so that same goal that farve had to use the jets as a way station because the packers would never on this green earth send him to the vikings so to use it as a transfer portal the jets were a transfer portal basically for farve and so that's not happening this time around my concern is is rogers in new york city and that's something that he's going to have to show he can handle and and what i mean by handle the the subject matters that rogers broaches on his social media and his media appearances outside of the world of football and what he says very rarely was he ever asked about what he said in those situations outside of the world of football when he was standing in front of his locker new york city is a different world what happens when that happens he won't be asked those questions i don't believe if the jets are four and oh five and one six and two but if they're two and four two and two three and four and rogers throws the pick to end the game which has happened in his career then he'll hear about it the question is what does he think what does he think of new york where will he live is he going to live in new york he can live out in new jersey what's he going to do how's he going to navigate all this i imagine when rogers went out to eat in in wisconsin there weren't you know there wasn't paparazzi so that's all that's all coming his way and i i hope he accepts it and is excited and reinvigorated by it because if he wins that i i don't know how many times i've ever said these words i'll say it the jets may wind up being the hottest ticket in town put up the jets home to schedule one more time if you don't mind mike hoskins when mahomes comes to town and herbert comes to town and alan comes to town and belicheck comes to town really could you imagine how hot that ticket's gonna be sunday night monday night thursday night come on late window cbs nance may need a pier-de-terre in the upper west side maybe spending so much time there in the afc package so hopefully he will ex he's you clearly rogers is used to playing under the lights so and you're going to be hard knocks i think so too i think so too because the jets can't can't they're eligible the jets are eligible and they can't they can't reject it can't really or they can basically say we're not interested it's the jets bears saints and commanders i mean there's no i mean please please there's no choice there's no there's no there's no there's one clear option bears ten percent oh no you need to see how derek kar's handled uh yeah you need to see that you need to see what dennis allen's cooking yeah all due respect anymore sam howell in my life oh come on you know what i mean like this is this is why the jets took the swing and hopefully rogers is ready for it because it's coming and it's set up and they got lazar they got nathaniel hoskins they're ready for it they're ready for it they're nathaniel hackett it's set up for them and the young turks have already won the award for the best rookies not like trying to figure out the system they're gonna all figure it out together i'm so i've taken two bites at that big apple in this first hour i will get to the packers part of it later on coming up next carson palmer chimes in on this subject and the draft and more troy aikman's coming up my mock draft is coming up more of your phone calls at 844-204-rich we just spoke to bijan robinson we've got will anderson holy cow
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