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REShow: Carson Palmer & Will Anderson Jr. - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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April 25, 2023 4:00 pm

REShow: Carson Palmer & Will Anderson Jr. - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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April 25, 2023 4:00 pm

Former Pro Bowl QB Carson Palmer tells Rich why his NFL Draft night experience was anything but nervous and tense when he went first overall back in 2003, why he made those eyebrow-raising comments comparing Joe Burrow to Patrick Mahomes, and that Alabama QB Bryce Young is a slam dunk pick to go #1 in the draft although USC’s Caleb Williams would be the first player chosen if he were eligible this year.

Alabama All-American LB Will Anderson Jr. tells Rich how he’s prepping for the NFL Draft, if he’d be a good fit for Pete Carroll and the Seattle Seahawks if he falls to #5, what finally being drafted will mean for him and his family, and more.

Rich weighs in on the Packers life-after-Aaron-Rodgers with Green Bay handing the reins over to QB Jordan Love.

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I love that we talk about matters that are breaking news. And two days before an NFL draft in Kansas City, Missouri, I'll be hosting it on NFL Network coming up on Thursday night. Tomorrow night, we've got a couple of segments that we'll do in advance. And then all 250 million picks, I'll be sitting there and I'm prepped for it. I'm all prepped. You guys helped me with that prep and I greatly appreciate it.

You're welcome. And I just in our guest list today, we just hung up with Bijan Robinson. We're about to get Will Anderson of Alabama on the phone.

And we have not one but two first overall draft picks from back in their day. Troy Aikman, top of hour number three, and to kick off our second hour of this program, our longtime friend, three-time Pro Bowler, and courtesy joining us right now. Former Heisman Trophy winner, courtesy of Level Select OTC. Carson Palmer, back here on the program. How you been, Carson?

I'm great, Rich. Thanks for having me. 20 years ago, huh? You were the first overall pick. It's 20 years. You didn't need to make me feel that old. That's a long time ago.

No, no, no, no. But you were young when you were drafted, Carson. Now you're just- I was a young whippersnapper. You're just more aged now.

You're the fine wine. I understand that. I'm old because I remember when you got drafted. So what was that draft night like for you, Carson? Well, it was weird because I had already signed, prior to the draft, I'd already signed a contract with the Bengals. And so I knew I was going there. I walked into the green room and full of guys hoping to get drafted as high as possible.

A lot of stress, a lot of worry. And I remember, I was already signed. I'm done. I'm going to hang out. I'm going to enjoy this. We're going to celebrate. We're in New York City.

And then I'm going to fly off to Cincinnati. So I didn't have the stress of the green room that you see on these guys' faces and their family member's faces and their agent's faces. I had signed two or three days before the draft, and I already knew where I was headed. And that was back in the day when this was a negotiation though. I mean, was there any issues with your negotiation with- obviously you wound up signing, but what was that process like? After the evaluation, now there was a business aspect of it?

I mean, that's the way it used to be, you know? Oh man, the negotiations with the Bengals brass is always interesting and always challenging. But I had a great agent, and Dave Dunn of Athletes First, who has a number of high draft picks and number one draft picks from the Aaron Rodgers of the world. So I had a really skilled agent, and we were able to get a deal done. I mean, they were excited about it. I was excited about it, and we were able to get it done before the draft.

And like I said, it was a stress-free draft day for me. The part that was interesting was back when Paul Tagliabue was the commissioner. So he comes out, everybody in the audience, I think we were at Radio City Music Hall, everybody in the audience knew it was on every news line and news feed that I was going to the Bengals, number one, it was already a done deal. And so Tagliabue comes out the mic and he says, with the number one pick of the 2003 NFL draft, the Bengals are on the clock, and he turns around and walks away. And everybody in Radio City Music Hall booed, because they're like, let's get to pick number two, we already know who this is, who's at number one. But we sat there for like 10 minutes, and I was in the background like, I'm talking to my agent, I'm like, I've already signed the contract, right? Like they can't, what's going on? Why won't they just announce this? And I think it was just, you know, made for TV flair.

But everybody in Radio City Music Hall started booing. I was like, man, this is not off to a stellar start. Well, as somebody who's hosted every draft since the one that happened after your drafting, Carson, it's a TV show, man. We can't just like cut to the chase. No. Come on, man.

You gotta get some excitement in the room for sure. As I understand, you know, you're nervous, and all the draft picks are nervous, and the fans want things to move, but the bottom line is, I've got to get my airtime. Who the hell do they think they are? Honestly, you know?

Your face is too beautiful not to have in a big screen. You understand it. You do understand it.

You understand it. And plus, it's interesting that you said it's always interesting with a negotiation with the Bengals. I said the other day that the Bengals, if you had to rank the teams whose money is kept in a velcro wallet that you hear open for the rip every single time, they actually, it's the Bengals.

They're number one on the top of that list. And now it's time for Burrow to get paid. How do you think that's going to play out, Carson?

Well, it's been exciting. I think nobody's been more interested in the past two off seasons than Joe Burrow. You know, he was wanting to see, after that Super Bowl loss to the Rams, where the offensive linemen just were getting annihilated, he wanted to see what they were going to do. And really, for the first time in a long time, we saw the Bengals open up that velcro wallet and revamp that offensive line last offseason. And really, they paid, they, you know, re-upped 60% of that offensive line in free agency and did something that we typically don't see the Bengals do.

So, nobody was more curious and more interested to see if they were going to continue to improve their team. You know, after a year, they went to the Super Bowl and lost to the Rams and they absolutely did it. They opened up their checkbooks, they re-did and rebuilt that offensive line. The year prior to the Super Bowl year, they re-did that entire defense.

They went out and spent a ton of money in free agency on the defensive side of the ball. So, it's really good to have seen them open up the checkbook, make sure they protect Joe. And now, hopefully, they're in the middle of figuring out a way to get a long-term deal done with Joe. And Joe's got to feel really comfortable about signing that next contract with the way that they've revamped these last two offseason free agency-wise. Well, they also, you know, actually sold the naming rights to their stadium. I imagine that's part of the reason.

I mean, that has to be just putting two and two together. And the Bengals have built a team to last. And I love the coach too, man. I think he knows, and the coaching staff, unfortunately, for them, for their personal aspirations, but fortunate for the team and the roster, haven't been poached for some reason.

I don't get it. It's a great scenario. There's a lot to be excited about. And then, you factor in, I mean, for the last 10 or 15 years, the problem with the Bengals has been the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens. They've been so good. They've done such a great job in free agency. They've drafted so well.

And they were at the top of that conference and that division for a long time. Now, things are in turmoil. We're not quite sure what we have in Pittsburgh with Cody Pick at the quarterback. There's a ton of questions in Baltimore with Lamar. So, finally, the Bengals, and Cleveland's Cleveland, right? So, finally, the Bengals are sitting really at the top of that division with, really, everything is wide open in front of them. The problem is the other teams in the AFC. You've got, you still have Mahomes in Kansas City. You've got Herbert with the Chargers. I mean, there's a lot of really good, talented, young quarterbacks in the AFC.

That's the biggest issue. For the Bengals, it's no longer the Baltimore's and the Pittsburgh's of the world. Yeah, but they've got Burrow, and he's more consistent than Mahomes, right, Carson? I heard that. Who said that? I think so. Who said that?

I think so. Who said that, Carson? I said that. I need to defend myself. I got a lot of riffraff. You did? I didn't notice that.

I didn't notice. I got a little bit. I got a little bit of riffraff, but Joe's younger, and I was playing a game.

It was during the playoffs when the Bengals were still playing, and Patrick Mahomes hadn't beaten two teams with one leg back-to-back in the NFC Championship and the Super Bowl, so it was prior to that, but I was building my fantasy team. I was on my brother's podcast called The Room, and I said, I get to pick a quarterback, an X receiver, a Z receiver, and a tight end, and I picked almost all LSU with Joe Burrow, Justin Jefferson, Jamar Chase, and Travis Kelce, and if I got to be a GM for a day, those were my picks, and I took a little heat for that. Rich, did you stand up for me? No, I just let them pass. Please come on, Carson.

There's an eye in Rich, and I'm looking out for myself. No, I did actually say there had to be some reason for it, you know, because I guess his left, his one ankle wasn't as consistent as the other. I don't know, but so that's when you said it. You said it before Mahomes, you know, did what he did to wrap up the season.

Won the Super Bowl with one leg, yeah. Okay, so you made me eat my words, and you know what? Hats off, but at the end of the day, I was comparing a Lamborghini to a Ferrari. Yes, but it's sports talk radio, so you have to choose one over the other, Carson. You have to, right?

So who do you choose? Yeah, and if you say anything other than Patrick Mahomes is the greatest player in the history of players, you get roasted for it, and I got roasted. Deservedly so.

Like I said, he won a Super Bowl with one foot. Well, Carson, I said last March the Raiders were going to win the division and kept pounding that drum all the way up until their 0-3 start, and then I kind of quieted down a little bit, so I get it. I'm going to Kansas City, and despite me retracting my words and apologizing to Chief's Kingdom into this microphone that I'm currently talking to you through, they're going to let me hear it.

I'm prepped to get that, but I'm glad that's what happened. I just thought you were on some other plant-based product other than Level Select OTC when you said it, Carson. Only Level Select OTC, but I can't wait to watch you later this week. I always love watching you on draft week. Thank you. I appreciate that. Do you have any opinion of the quarterbacks available on this year's draft, Carson?

Not anything outside the ordinary. I mean, I think Bryce is the best quarterback in the draft. There's definitely some concerns, and I've spent a little time around him. He is not a huge human being. He is on the smaller side, but when you go back and watch his games against, really, NFL talent in the SEC, and you watch the way he played with that Georgia defense in his face harassing him every time he dropped back, what he doesn't have in size, you can just see it and sense it in heart.

I mean, the kid plays way bigger than his body. He's extremely tough. He doesn't ever make excuses.

He's got a great supporting cast around. I've spent a little time with him at different heights and things with his parents. He's got two parents that are in his corner that have raised him.

He's made sacrifices hearing his story in high school, commuting an hour and a half to the high school he went to at modern day. The kid is just a workhorse. He's got a huge heart. You know, you'd love it if he was 6'4", 225. I think he's more like 6'2", which isn't great, but there have been some quarterbacks at that size that have had success.

They've been outliers to the typical recipe of a big, physical quarterback like every other quarterback that's available on the draft behind Bryce. I just think, man, he's so savvy in the pocket. He's got all the arm talent you want. He's got all the velocity on the ball you want. He's extremely accurate underneath.

He's extremely accurate in the middle of the field and he can get to the outside edges of the field and really make defenses stretch and make defenses that are slow play catch up because he can really throw the ball at every level effectively, accurately with the velocity. I just think all of those things outweigh his lack of size. Well, and then Will Levis is supposedly shooting up boards where he could be second overall.

There's even a crazy rumor that Carolinas told him that they traded up for him. You have any opinion on him? I mean, he's rocked up. I mean, you talk about the way that he looks and throws. He has all of the arm strength and physical abilities and I think maybe folks are wondering, could they get the next Josh Allen with him, Carson? Yeah, if Bryce had that body, it would be unquestionable to be a wrap.

He'd sign tonight. You know, Bryce's film is just that good. He's got a bunch of NFL talent around him. On the defensive side of the ball as well.

I know you haven't. One of his teammates on the show later today and he's just surrounded with NFL talent, but the film is so good and Will's film is good at Kentucky and he's a show pony. He's the way you want a guy to look. He tested off the charts, but Bryce's film is that much better. I think Bryce is the surefire number one and I would say that of these four quarterbacks everybody's talking about two of them are going to get overdrafted.

I think you're going to look back and say, man, that was a stretch at four. He should have been 18 or 19 or 22 because of the potential, but Bryce is ready. Bryce can play week one. All these other quarterbacks, they're going to take some development.

They're going to take some time to mold and grow into successful NFL quarterbacks, but as far as the guy that's ready to play week one, it's Bryce. Do you have any connection with Caleb Williams? Have you spoken to him because that's the guy you could just throw in like the first overall pick in next year's draft right now with all due respect to Drake May and everyone else. What's your opinion on him? I think he'd be the number one pick in this draft unquestionably.

I think it'd be him and then Bryce and then one of the other guys. Caleb is the whole package. He's big enough big enough. He's fast enough.

He's quick enough. He's got so much velocity on the ball in the pocket. He's got even more velocity on the ball outside the pocket. He's mature beyond his years, and he's got a chance to go into next year's draft as a two-time Heisman winner, which hasn't been done since Archie Griffith and whatever year that was decades ago. I'm excited about Caleb's year, but I think from a pro NFL perspective, he has a chance to be one of the great ones to help. So many people compare him to Patrick Mahomes, which means he's really consistent. Carson, so consistent with his play. We almost saw Caleb do it on one leg when he tore his hamstring against Utah.

There are a lot of similarities between him and Patrick. See, I'm trying to help you out. Level select OCT. Tell me about it, sir.

What's going on? Yes, level select OTC. You can go online right now at You can find it in CVS pharmacies.

You can find it on Amazon. If you've got aches, pains, bumps, bruises, it is something that helps you continue to stay active, to stay outside and run around with your kids. Whatever it is, whatever activities you like doing, it takes that pain and that ache out, and I've got plenty of those from all my years of playing.

The level select OTC is something I use on a daily basis. Yeah, I mean, I'm 53, man. I feel it. Maybe I should hop on this thing too. You need some. I'll send you some.

Okay, again. This is great. If you go online right now and type in the promo code Karson20, you get 20% off everything on the site. Can you write that down for me, Chris? I don't have my pen right over here.

Karson20. Very good. Okay, and the 20 is because I get it. 20 years since you were drafted first overall.

20 years. Look at this. Well, that's why you have the level select OTC, right?

You can bring it all full circle. Hey, I don't know the answer to this, so forgive me for asking it. Did you get suspended from Twitter, Karson? Did your account get suspended yesterday?

I've never been on. I don't think I'm on Twitter. Am I on Twitter?

If I'm on Twitter, it's somebody else using my handle. There you go. We were talking about it. See you later to that person. That's why.

Okay, very good. So you're not on Twitter. You're just living your life.

You don't need this sort of... I'm too old for Twitter. So what does that make me at 53? A child? I'm a child.

But you look 23. Thank you, sir. I appreciate it. Best of your family. Susie sends her best.

She always says, what is Karson on? Okay, say hello. So there you go.

Please send my best. Right back to you. Karson, thanks for the time. Always appreciate it. Love chatting with you. That's Karson Palmer, everybody.

Karson20, pop that in there and you get 20% off of level select OTC products. I knew that had to be a reason. So my homes hadn't yet...

Played in those games. But that information didn't come out until after the games have been played and we're all like, what the hell is he talking about? Right.

That makes sense. But by the way, I can totally understand when you're, if you're caping for borough, I mean, there's no doubt in my mind, and oh God, I'm like, I know I'm on a plane to Kansas City, should I hold my tongue? But no, I'll just say it.

No, no, no, no, no. There's no question. You can't, even the Chiefs fans that are going to give me so much crap for last year cannot look me in the face and say the script will not be flipped next playoffs. And that's the beautiful thing about this rivalry. Borough got him two years ago. He got Borough this year. Next year, Borough may get him or my homes may get him again and then Borough can get him the year after. And then Josh Allen's going to raise his hand every now and then say, I'll get you.

Right? And now, you know, Lamar may come back and get you. And Herbert, maybe they put it all together. He's like, remember me? Because Trevor Lawrence was that fourth man in last year. Two straight years, Allen, Borough, my homes made the final four in the AFC. And this past year it was Trevor Lawrence raising his hand saying, remember me? I can do it. And it'll be great when this time around, it's Aaron Rodgers.

Oh yeah. Joe Douglas is talking right now. He's the general manager of the New York Jets. Don't do it. Don't do it. I'm the general manager of the New York Jets.

On a day like today, I got to hear John Isaac's voice in my head. This is why we traded Darryl Rivas, who's going to the Hall of Fame this year. As a Patriot. They don't go in as anything. Okay. Why?

You go in with the team you won your championship with. No, you don't. No, that's how that works. No, no, no, no, no.

And you know, that's not how it works. I thought it was. You know, it's going to be great this year. I'll tell you, it's going to be great this year. Oh, it's going to be so good. The schedule I'm told is coming out soon. The second week of May. I've been given a couple of dates to X off my schedule so I can be at NFL Network.

All right. You have a lot of primetime games. Those days are going to be awesome. Cowboys-Jets to open the season Sunday Night Football? That might be one of them.

Scene goes. Why not Mahomes at Rogers to kick off the season? Well, no. Mahomes is going to kick off Thursday. Why not? Why not Hurts at Rogers?

Oh, Hurts at Rogers? How about the Jets' first game is against the defending NFC champs? Yeah. How about that one?

What do you think? It's going to be fun. Yep. What about Giants-Jets? What about kicking off with Giants-Jets?

Oh yeah. Giants-Jets. Met life.

I don't know. On a Monday night? You wouldn't watch Giants-Jets Monday night? Giants doesn't do much for me.

All right. Eagles is good. Cowboys is good. Cowboys-Jets at Cowboys, where Rogers just sticks it to TJ's team one more time, but in his new spot.

Put Herbert out there. But the one that, you know what won't make it? Unfortunately is Jets-Patriots because you're just not ready for prime time. Great. That's fine. Let's fly under the radar all year.

Okay. Go 11 and six. Oh, so the Patriots, you're now taking the approach of, you know, the moxie filled team people are overlooking? Is that the Patriots now?

Yeah, we're massive. Vegas has it at seven and a half wins. That's two less than the Jets. Okay. Okay. With the biggest long shot to win that division.

I think over seven to one. Yeah. Yeah.

We're not supposed to do anything. The Patriots-Jets games, man. That's going to be great because you know what's gone? What's gone is the 63 hoping against hope. We just, well, it wasn't 63 because the Jets punted it down the middle of the field instead of out of bounds to the one guy who could might be take it to the house to beat Zach Wilson.

Those are bad games. That won't happen. Jets will score a touchdown. You think? Oh yeah. No, let's try. I'm gonna write this down.

I have no explanation for what happened. Oh God, it's going to be great. The Jets-Patriots games, plural, with Rogers will be a script flip and it'll be great. It'll be great. Well, I mean, they're all going to be. Brady comes back to Miami.

All of them. Put up the Jets schedule one more time if you don't mind. Honestly.

Seriously. No, because this is one of these games will be the first Sunday or Monday nighter of the year, I believe. Two win loss.

And, and no, hold on a minute. You look at this schedule. We don't know the order yet.

We just know the road opponents and the home opponents. Zach Wilson, that's four and 13, right? If Zach had to start all 17, four and 13, five and 12, six and 11 would be the high watermark with Rogers or Zach Wilson. Okay. With Aaron Rogers, it's a totally different ball of wax.

And that's part of the reason when there's a GM and a coach that the owner might look at and go, so what happened to this kid from BYU? And all of a sudden he's like, yeah, I'll fly us all out to Malibu. Let's go for it. I'll bring on a $60 million contract. I'll pay it. I'll do it.

Just make sure the draft compensation is something I can handle. So the ghosts of 2008 don't haunt me in the middle of the night. And we're all going to get back together again and let's ride with number eight at the controls. Yeah. We looked at that schedule one more time. You don't want to see Rogers anymore. Oh, here you go.

Only a matter of time. You know, can I get some credit for months and months ago when I first brought up the idea of Rogers going to the Jets and you poo-pooed it, you dismissed me. Because I was trying to believe in Zach. Remember tears ago when I said, are you sure you want to take Zach Wilson? And you again poo-pooed me because I was just saying, maybe if you listen to me, you know, because you were also saying, you know, Mike White's your guy. Chris, was I wrong? He was the guy.

Mike White was a good player. Guess what? Guess what? He's backing up Tua and the Jets have Aaron Rogers. Let's go. What happens if Tua gets hurt? I'm not wishing that. Tom Brady comes out of retirement. Mike White has to go play the Jets. Tua gets hurt. And then he went. Tua gets hurt.

Oh, let's hope that doesn't happen. There's a phone call made to a particular resident in Miami. And I'm not talking about Jimmy Butler. He's red hot right now. There will be a South Florida resident on speed dial to say, what's up?

It sounds like he wants that call to come. Because if Tua's out for a significant amount of time, they're not putting their eggs in the Mike White basket with all due respect to him. Yeah. Let's not put that in the universe.

No. We want to see Tua healthy. No, no, we do not. But if Brady comes back in this mix. Then you should be worried. Then somebody's flexing into Dolphins versus Jets. That's for sure.

Facts. 844-204 Rich number to dial Will Anderson Jr. When we come back on the Rich Eisen Show and with Troy Aikman still to come. I just learned Discover credit cards do something pretty awesome. At the end of your first year, they automatically double all the cash back you've earned. That's right. Everything you've earned doubled all the cash back from eating at your favorite soup dumpling restaurant doubled all the cash back from that trip where you sort of learn to snowboard also doubled. And the best part you don't have to do anything ridiculous to get it.

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For full important safety information visit Chatted with Bijan Robinson last hour now it's time to chat with the guy whose name may be the first defensive player drafted on Thursday night out of Alabama. We spoke to him during the playing season last year now he joins us two days before he will hear his name on Thursday night.

Also courtesy of Old Spice Will Anderson Jr. back on the Rich Hudson show. How are you Will? I've been doing good really just been you know working out spending time with my family traveling a little bit seeing teams so the process and everything I've been doing good. I mean it's so close to being over too Will you know doesn't it you've right is there like a relief that's going to come on Thursday night a little bit for you?

Yes yes a big relief it's like because it's like you know when you go to college you know you get to choose where you want to go now it's like it's like the roles are reversed you don't get to choose you know the team gets to choose you so it's going to be a big relief. Yeah I bet so so walk me through where you went can you just give me an idea who you personally saw in the last couple of weeks Will? Yes sir so my first visit was the Houston Texans and then I went to go see the Detroit Lions and then my last visit was the Seattle Seahawks. So that's it you just went to three you just visited three spots that's it?

Yes sir. Okay no Arizona you didn't chit chat with the Cardinals when was the last time you talked to them Will? I did a zone with them probably early April. Early April okay so just three weeks ago you zoomed with them you didn't go out to Arizona to go chit chat with them okay and then what about Indianapolis did you meet with them? Yes sir I did on zoom. Okay all right let me walk through it here Vegas did you chit chat with Vegas Will? Yes sir I did literally last week the defense line coach yes sir. Oh so you zoomed with them as well?

Yes sir. Okay so what did you what was the difference I guess from I can assume it but I'm asking it anyway the difference between the zoom meetings and then the ones where you went there the different you know any difference where you felt a little bit more at ease comfortable or you got a better sense because you physically went there anything like that Will? Yeah I mean just like being a person you always you know you you get to you know get like a different feeling just good you guys are in person yeah then over the phone but I mean every meeting I had it felt natural it felt good I was very comfortable just you know having that zoom experience and be able to you know talk with coaches and go over plays and go over playbooks and stuff like that and then and post in person kind of just doing the same thing so I'm not really just comfortable with both it was not where they were bad or anything the energy was bad all my meetings went great um super good you know what I'm saying so sure it really wasn't in a different feeling everything was good. What was it like chit chatting with Pete Carroll? Oh it was great it was it was like surreal because like you you see him on tv and then just sitting in his office as a prospect and you know he has so much personality and each way he's a good basketball player and everything like that so that was funny but he's a really great coach really get really great guy and I could tell that you know he loves his players and he's for the players and you know he's a really great coach and I know that he's going to do whatever he needs to do to bring the best out of you.

Because you know it just seems like a match I don't know and again I know you want to go as high as you want to go and Houston might it sounds like a good match too I mean obviously you're going to succeed wherever you go but how in the world did basketball come up with you and Pete? He has like a little he has a little basketball goal and like the front of his uh and he has one in the team room and he has one and like right before you walk into his office and he was just talking about ball and stuff like that so it was just funny. Well like a half court or like what but like what what what hoop what sort of hoop like this like over a trash can? Like why don't you hang on the wall like a little small one?

Sure okay yeah like you know like my kid has on the back of his door you know my 12 year old one of those? Yes. So did he did he dunk on you well is that what you're saying or did you? No. Didn't get to that it didn't get to that sort of level oh okay all right so do you have any idea where you're going do you think do you have a sense at all where you're going Will Anderson? Absolutely not.

Really? Absolutely not. Wow not like even like you don't have I'm not going to ask you which team but not even just in your in in in in your gut go you know I I felt like that's that's the one no nothing like that?

No. Okay man you can't wait for Kansas City I'm sure. Who's coming with you to Kansas City Will?

Walk me through Thursday night for you. So it's gonna be my mom my dad my five sisters um some of my coaches friends and cousins my coaches my uncle and my auntie there's gonna be a lot of us I have a really big family so it's gonna be very exciting they're all gonna be out here. So I'm just trying to uh guess here uh let me just confirm so you're one of six siblings and the other ones are all sisters you're the only son?

Yes the youngest. Wow all right Will what was that like growing up as the youngest son of with five older sisters walk me through that one? Yeah it's just like having five more moms they're just gonna boss you around and slap you and tell you what to do and snitch on you so. No but it'll still be a wonderful night Thursday right I mean what's it gonna be like when you get that phone call and you look down and you see it's a team's number and you get that phone call and what do you what do you what do you think that's gonna be like Thursday for you and your fam? It's gonna be the highlight of our lives you know what I'm saying but I I can't tell you like what emotion is gonna be because you just never know but I know it's gonna be a good emotion and it's just gonna be uh you know a sign that you know everything that you've been working for you know this will be like one of the biggest you know accomplishments in your life and it's just getting started this is just only the beginning. Is saving gonna be there too?

I believe so yes I think so. All right okay what are you doing for Old Spice what's your relationship yeah you know is this your first is this your first professional spokesman gig Will? Uh yes this is. Okay so here we go this is important Will this is important that you that you you stick this like a quarterback right you know legally into the turf this is important when I ask you this question and I'll give you the floor Will Anderson what are you doing with Old Spice? Yeah so the thing I'm doing with Old Spice is really fun um you know you can't count on people to tell you spell bad so at least you need to be confident in your deodorant but luckily with me you know Old Spice has me covered this week you know uh the swagger gives me you know the 24-7 lasting freshness so I can have confidence under the spotlight on Thursday night so I'm smelling good feeling good and I don't gotta worry about you know smelling bad in front of a whole bunch of people so I'm really excited about that. So it's swagger is what you is is what you're talking about? Yes sir. Old Spice swagger okay that's what you got going on Will. All right well listen best of luck to you and when you get you land in the NFL because I spoke to you last fall when you were at the Crimson Tide now here you are talking and we're talking two days before the draft so when you land uh let's let's let's keep it going I'd appreciate that.

Yes sir thank you I appreciate you. You bet last one as we go out the door Will Anderson Jr. what will a team get when they draft Will Anderson Jr. on Thursday night? They would get a complete person a complete player you know um a personal character respectful to everybody in the building what they do is best to uphold the culture that they have there and then just a player a player doesn't come in and do his job keep his head down work really hard a versatile player that brings people along with him and you know it's you know all about you know what program I'm going to be in and being all committed all that. With swagger?

With swagger. There you go take care of yourself Will you be well I'll see you in Kansas City good luck. Thank you I'll see you. Best of luck Will Anderson Jr. will he be the first defensive player called out of the green room on Thursday night right here on the Rich Anderson Show. Fun chat with Will. My mock draft and where Will goes coming up in hour number three and by the way there's no bank you should take this to honestly. Really?

Yeah. You're not you're not a conviction in these picks Rich? We're not going to move the betting lines like Will Levis's weird buddy? Oh yeah we won't be doing that. If I move a betting line there's a problem with the betting line.

Have you seen this story? That Will Levis is now what? You tell me about the betting lines. So Will Levis yesterday okay now he's the favorite to go number two whatever that means okay but he was 40 to one or whatever to go number one overall okay and then this weird thread on Reddit started going around that Levis is telling friends that the Panthers told him yes that they traded up yes and now he's four five to one to go number one okay and apparently I don't know if it's real but Will said it's like one of his friends just being crazy and like so hold on a second let me just see I think I understood what you just said and as you know I sometimes play the role of unfrozen caveman anchor when it comes to betting with the NFL and all that stuff but I'm being genuine about this sort of thing you just said there's a spot where somebody could put their hard-earned American dollars to wager if somebody's going to be the first overall pick in the draft okay yeah you can bet on actually every single that doesn't surprise me right you said that Will Levis in such a scenario prior to yesterday was what 40 to one is anywhere from 40 to 50 okay so somebody puts down one dollar they can make 40 or 50 right now you put down one dollar it would only make you four dollars yeah ish ish and that's because somebody put something on reddit there was a reddit thread going around last night that Will Levis told has been telling friends and family and that has affected whether somebody can wager in a certain way and make a certain amount of money back and somebody actually is going to maybe put money on it at four to one or whatever I don't know uh you're because somebody did something on reddit correct honestly I could I could say and I'm gonna be in Kansas City all week long around people you know drinking whatever uh it's a night after a game you have a red you know glass of red or whatever and you know you're a few fingers in or whatever absolutely I can come but when I'm back here on Monday show this still will be the dumbest thing I've heard of all week still be the dumbest thing I've heard all week there will be nothing dumber that is clubhouse leader of dumbest thing I've heard all week and I don't think anybody's going to knock that out of the clubhouse dumbest thing I could open my mouth rich Will Levis once upon a time long shot to be the first overall pick now not so much because of something somebody said on reddit dumb and anybody who's wagering on this sort of stuff no offense to you or anybody else you're dumb too sorry but not sorry you're all so dumb because it's something somebody said on reddit reddit's a good source of news of course it's like you you're the Walter Cronkite over there of reddit of just anything right in the world of your boat okay how's it been let's take a break you know what we're gonna do uh we're gonna talk about the packer side of things oh yeah why not and then Troy Hickman's gonna join us yeah and then I got my mock draft where you should come at me that's next right here on the Rich Eisen show don't go 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for you let's go to the phone lines here let's take uh ben in new york you're here on the rich house what's up benjamin rich how are you and let me first congratulate you on the rogers news i know you've been waiting for it thank you i feel like i've uh i feel like i've earned it i've done so much you have and shame on brockman for how he talked to you about it earlier today and he's disgusting by the way good words for it shame and disgusting i mean appropriate rich deserves at least between now and the end of the draft he has a big week of work coming up yeah just give him the honeymoon yeah and then we laugh at him for the rest of the you know there are two words no hold on a second no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no you're right ben two words that clearly you and brockman don't understand grace and period there's no such thing with brockman there's no grace period no then you're gonna make fun of me the rest of you how am i gonna how are you gonna make fun of me ben i'll bite on that how are you gonna make fun of me i think i think i think you need a preemptive uh strike right now rich and have a rogers free june no rogers talk during the month of june i don't think you can i don't think we can handle it i think you need to maybe take it you know a step away just like man tuck it walk the streets without talking about rogers think about it you know what what if he shows up at the mandatory otas for the jets i gotta talk about it he's gonna show up he's gonna talk i'm sorry ben i must reject that what are you a giant fan what are you a giant fan no i'm a commander's fan but oh all of a sudden from high on the mount ben what mount are you on i i'm on rich listen i let me echo what tj said i missed the rich that was saying we don't need this guy uh that's our guy this is all the noise and now it's it's new rich it's heisenberg broken bad and i miss you rich please please come back i'll be back don't you worry thanks for the call ben ben in new york all right do we rack him rack do we have a rack rack him uh ben you're right jets fans have so little we should give them this for a couple days thank you um and i say i missed that version of you i was just saying that you know let me say this let me say this we've been very um uh jets centric on the subject matter all day but let's not forget there's a team that just traded away they're arguably all-time best quarterback all due respect to bart farve and brett far bart star barf barf barf barf and brett star all due respect to them because everybody's focused on the jets and rightfully so i get it because we're all putting our eggs in a basket you know was in a darkness cave and was thinking of that basket was thinking 90 percent retirement and you know there's a lot that comes with the number 12 now number eight but uh what about the team that just flipped him to the jets brian gudekunst first and foremost did a great job he's now two spots higher up in the first round and he's jumped belicheck now and the patriots and they have some similar interests offensive line and pass catcher now 13th overall nice move you got a second round pick nice move you're basically getting a first next year that's phenomenal certainly if everybody keeps saying caleb williams and drake may are in next year and you need firepower to go up and get them and every single time i hear that i'm like well you're assuming there's gonna be somebody sitting at the top of the draft that's not interested in those guys also but nice move she kudos to kudekunst because he got a great deal for a guy pushing 40 who said i don't i have an intention to play somewhere else and i'm 90 retired and with whom he has no relationship as evidenced by the exchange with the media roll it have you talked to aaron at all or was this strictly done just through the agency yeah i have not talked to aaron um i have talked to they've done quite a bit um but i have not talked to aaron why is trading him the right thing for your team forget about him why is it the right thing for you guys yeah i think i think where our team is that obviously aaron's you know up there in age and has you know however many years he has i think he's got some really good football left in him but i think for us it was just uh as we got through the off season and started talking about where we wanted to go um this made a little bit of sense for us we wanted to get his input like i've told you guys in the past and would have loved to have that and kind of see where he sat with that um that didn't happen that was a little bit unfortunate and disappointing for me but at the same time um i just think you know as we move forward um you know we're really excited where jordan can go he needs to play and having him sit another year another year i think um would really delayed kind of you know where we're going and what we're trying to build that's right he's got to play what happens now guy who owns the bears is living in new york what happens now packers are gonna have to play a football game i know this is tough for green bay fans to handle you're gonna have to play a game in the nfl without a quarterback who you know is going to the hall of fame it's very very very rare for him dare i say what i said to you there forever dare i say what i said to you when brady went to tampa welcome to the rest of us maybe you're gonna have to go get a veteran quarterback because the kid that you're putting your eggs in the basket isn't ready for prime time i think jordan love is going to play well i do like what i see and i do think this is the right move for the packers how about that because we talked about farv maybe walking in to the locker room on occasion feeling like that steve buchemi meme from the what from the sandler film well how how are we doing today fellow youths he's kind of aged out of that locker room and he might feel like it's not his place anymore and he certainly didn't have a relationship with the front office and maybe not trust them anymore so i understand making this maneuver big time conspiracy theories paranormal ufos in the 1960s the united states and the soviet union started developing directed energy microwave devices and even to this day the united states government is still continuing its research into high power microwaves it is nothing compared to what china is doing theories of the third kind on youtube or wherever you listen
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