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REShow: Daniel Jeremiah - Hour 1

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April 24, 2023 3:53 pm

REShow: Daniel Jeremiah - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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April 24, 2023 3:53 pm

NFL Draft week is finally here and Rich lays out the growing intrigue surrounding the #1 overall pick, which QBs could slide or rise, and if Texas RB Bijan Robinson could be a top ten pick.

NFL Network Analyst Daniel Jeremiah tells Rich why Alabama QB Bryce Young will be the #1 overall pick in the NFL Draft by the Carolina Panthers, if the Houston Texans will pass on a quarterback with their #2 overall pick, if the Seahawks will go defense or QB with the 5th overall pick, his evaluation of talented-but-inexperienced Florida Gators QB Anthony Richardson, where Bijan Robinson and Hendon Hooker could land in the draft, and if the New York Jets and Green Bay Packers will consummate the Aaron Rodgers trade before Draft Day.

Rich and the guys react to Mike Tomlin’s comments on what the Steelers could do in this year’s NFL Draft where they will select 3 of the first 49 picks.

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It's the Rich Eisen Show everybody live here on the Roku channel and this terrestrial radio affiliate smart enough to have us.

Sirius, XM, Odyssey and more. It's draft week everybody. We're finally gonna get answers. The lying's gonna stop and the truth will take center stage.

Truth will take center stage. Thursday night I'm going to Kansas City. Kansas City here I come. Oh yes. No I'm not gonna finish the song. It's terrible.

It's terrible for a married man. Get me some as barbecue and actual draft choices. Get that brisket son. Let me tell you something Chris Brockman and Mike Del Tufo and TJ Jefferson. Hello to all y'all.

Good morning. I heard this about the NFL draft over the weekend. Everybody's talking about what they are hearing and there's one thing that I kind of know for sure other than the fact that there will be a draft um because there's everything's all over the map. This is what I've been told that the number of registrants for this draft to attend it as a fan in Kansas City is what we would say through the roof.

A record number of people registering to appear at this event in person on Thursday night in Kansas City. I have been told it will there the NFL is expecting this. I don't I don't know if this was something that I was cleared to say but I'll say it anyway. What are they going to do? Suspend me from working the draft? They could.

I guess they could. Don't poke that bear bro. Do not poke that man. Unless they're giving me 40.

Anyway uh I'll just say it. I'm told it's going to be a I don't think there's anything that's a big problem anyway. I've been told um they are expecting a larger crowd for the draft than the Super Bowl parade in Kansas City. This is what I've been told and it's going to be through the roof. I've been told what it looked like in Nashville. Remember what it looked like in Nashville and lower Broadway?

600,000. It's what's it's coming and I'm so excited. I am so excited to be there.

I'm so excited to talk about it because not only it might it be the most well-attended draft ever. I'm I'm in complete mystery. It's a total complete a it's a total complete mystery as to what in the world is going to happen on Thursday night and I know when the Bears made that trade with the Carolina Panthers to start things off with a huge trade so long ago and I said please Carolina keep us in the dark. I don't want to know until the words come out of Roger Goodell's mouth on Thursday night.

Let's go. Keep it to yourselves and it is now draft week. We are now here and we still don't know. We can only assume that we know.

We know what happens when people assume. However, what did appear to be Bryce Young's first overall pick to lose and then he didn't participate at the combine and CJ Stroud did and looked beyond impressive. The most impressive of all the quarterbacks who threw there and that included Anthony Richardson who blew the roof off of Lucas Oil with his performance at the combine and Will Leviss who said he was going to of course he was going to throw because he was bringing a cannon to the event.

How'd he get that on a plane or through security? He performed well as well and then the pro days happen and now we're here of draft week and the general consensus is it's Bryce Young first overall and then the Texans are on the clock and man are they keeping everything a mystery on that front more so than I think Carolina because the Texans second overall despite Chris do me a favor and call up the Texans depth chart at the moment at the quarterback position all right because it reads as if a team choosing second overall should choose a quarterback they have the only quarterback that they have available is Davis Mills there you go that's it they have no second no third no fourth quarterback listed now they do have a 12th overall selection and they could be saving their quarterback powder quarterback powder for that Hendon Hooker should be available at 12 and then who the heck knows might drop because you're hearing the Texans yeah we don't need a quarterback as a matter of fact it might not be Will Anderson that they take it could be take Tyree Wilson out of Texas Tech our guest last Wednesday or according to Chris Brockman's two favorite words Las Vegas no betting markets oh I think they say the desert betting markets the desert yeah Will Levis we're entering draft week where everybody believes the Kentucky quarterback Will Levis could be not only the second quarterback taken but the second overall pick taken and the crazy thing about this the crazy thing about this is that we all know we all know one thousand percent every person knows watching this listening to this the total number of live snaps that Will Levis has taken since the Kentucky season ended to this present to this present moment is zero zero now is that a combine a live snap is a pro day a live snap not really no nobody's coming to hunt that's a live snap if you're a quarterback zero and yet the evaluation has taken place or as Chris Brockman's two other favorite words lying season is taking place because guess what folks we might not take the quarterback but if we do it could be the one you want you love Will Levis so much somebody hears let's just say what it mean line season what does that mean let's just say somebody in the Texans organization knows somebody in the Raiders organization let's just pluck that one out of thin air let's just say there's some connective tissue since the general manager in Houston and the coach in Las Vegas both from the Patriots tree let's just say somebody knows a guy who knows the guy who knows the other guy to the guy the man sitting next to the man let's just say they have heard some information Vegas loves Will Levis loves him worked him out saw him kick the tires didn't mind at all that he eats bananas with a peel on I was waiting for that you know what they uh mayonnaise and the coffee so what do you see the cannon look at my guns look at that get out of here look how shredded I am you want to talk about pocket rockets in Las Vegas hey how about it wait a second now that those are two aces when you're playing poker hey what I'm trying to say is this let's just say the Texans think that Will Levis is the apple of the Raiders eye and everybody's sitting there thinking well CJ Stroud's gonna go and then Anthony Richardson's gonna go so we just stay here at seven to go get Will Levis unless somebody in Vegas is seeing a betting market saying okay we got to trade up to two and then all of a sudden the Texans moved down to seven and they got seven and twelve and they could figure something out to do with that a little better than just taking CJ Stroud maybe that's the way this is working we don't know what we don't know and I love it I love it this is what we call when you host a draft a big fat juicy steak of a meal this is great quarterbacks at the top of the draft or falling all the way down a mock draft Peter King's mock draft is his prediction is where Anthony Richardson winds up where Chris 23 to the Minnesota Vikings what the what this guy left the combine we're talking about first overall for this guy and just when you think that can't happen the trade that is still not yet happened between the Packers and the Jets involves a quarterback who's going to the hall of fame who was birthed into the league 24th overall to the Packers and Mike Mayock was on NFL total axis prior to that draft in 2004 saying guess where I think he's winding up 24th overall the pack everybody's like get the hell out of here who is this Mike Mayock fella it can happen god I can't wait we have no idea zero and then there's one fascinating figure in this draft his name is Bijan Robinson he's a running back and everybody thinks who cares running backs how special is this guy very what do we need him for running backs can they be special absolutely do we need to take one so damn high when the defending world champs who's hosting this year's draft their rushing attack was led by a seventh round draft choice Isaiah Pacheco he scored in the Super Bowl we got to take someone this high you can oh yeah that's out there too offensive linemen who can protect your quarterback and solidify a line for your running attack you already have there in this top 10 in the draft everybody's talking about the blue chips and they're a little bit less than not this year for me in the top 15 of this draft there are some serious players and I can't wait to find out where they go and we enter this draft week with Lamar Jackson still unsigned to either an offer sheet or a long-term deal or to his up tag sheet like and Aaron Rodgers is still a Green Bay Packer that's how we're entering this draft week Daniel Jeremiah's coming up on this program and then we've got two in-studio guests from the entertainment world man who plays George Foreman in the new film Big George Foreman Chris Davis will be in studio on hour number three and then the star of FX's class of 09 Kate Marrow will be here and she will tell us who the Giants and the Steelers are going to draft it's going to be amazing it's great inside info her father's side of the family owns the Giants her grandpa's name is on the football the NFL plays with and her mother's side of the family owns the Steelers that's it no big deal that's it my parents were school teachers my dad was in the Coast Guard there you go and Mike Del Tufo is not paying attention yes I was I was a sea scout there you go see it wasn't that wasn't the question I know Mike my dad was in construction what should I do I mean how are we even Emmy nominated when the guy in charge of the sound doesn't listen because it sounds good it sounds good that's my gig you guys know I don't know anything about sports NBA playoffs I think the NBA playoffs had its best day yesterday the Timberwolves averts elimination at the hands of the Nuggets the Celtics despite slipping up in game three reasserted their dominance against Atlanta you got yourself a dynamite series between the Kings and the Warriors as we all thought would develop Draymond Green comes off the bench yeah and the Knicks take a three games to one lead on the Cleveland Cavaliers how about that how about the Knicks having the same lead in the series as the Nuggets and the Celtics Sixers are already uh clear we're resting you're clear present although the question is when will Joe LMB return from action Doc Rivers had a fascinating sound bite about the current state of the NBA and players getting suspended Dylan Brooks hitting Lebron James the King James hit hit King James in the crown jewels hey and he's not suspended for that but he did get ejected as the Lakers as predicted told the Grizz where they can stick it despite Morant scoring the last 22 for his team and the curse of the Clippers has continued and the curse of the Clippers has continued that we will hit on all of that on this program also on this show my blue checkmark magically reappeared but you don't care so there's that oh boy oh baby I can't wait to talk about back on that Twitter yet nope you and Carson Palmer are in the same spot what he gets suspended what it is he's on tomorrow's show we'll ask him oh he is oh yeah oh we can congratulate Carson were you shooting the zone boxing video and placing it on on your phone putting it on your personal Twitter feeds the base that's why to jiggy got bounced Larry King knew that to jiggy should have been verified years ago there you go eight four four two oh four rich number to dial Daniel Jeremiah I will be spending an insane amount of time with him this week in Kansas City so why not start off the draft week with the best in the business at evaluating and talking about it love this man can't wait for him to join us in a moment right here on the rich eyes and show Daniel Jeremiah will be here don't you dare move that's next this is draft week let's go on the rich eyes and show and look who stopped by a guy I'll be spending a ton of time with in Kansas City this week I love doing the draft with him because he's the best at it I love doing the draft with he's the best at it Daniel Jeremiah back here on the rich eyes and show how are you DJ well rich I feel like we start this off on such a on such a bad note here why I mean we're 12 and 12 Machado's hitting 220 yeah Soto's hitting 198 yep I mean this is not gonna these guys have a long track records and uh and we're gonna get hot and we're gonna get rolling well Tatty's homeward he's back I mean he's back so you're good we're the Padres he's gonna yeah he's gonna be we're gonna be fine and the Dodgers aren't running away with it I mean you know you're you're you're fine I totally think you're fine don't worry yeah thank you I appreciate that you're welcome but draft week baby I'm in I'm in Kansas City it looks like it's brisk outside I always enjoy this when I get to the city and I'm all excited and I really I'm gonna go walk around I'm gonna go get a feel of it and inevitably the first time I step outside is Thursday won't we uh get out there that's right well I mean Wednesday's your draw your your mock draft show yeah Wednesday come on now DJ do I know your schedule better than you I mean what's going on here well I appreciate you uh kicking off your week here Daniel so uh you believe it's Bryce Young first overall as we enter draft week I do I do why why do you feel that way I've thought I've long thought he was the target when they traded up there I thought he was the best quarterback I thought he was the best player um and then everything that you you hear coming out of there and what matters to them and what they value at the position I think we got over I don't think that either of us did but I think there was a narrative of the type of player that uh that Frank Reich had coached in terms of a build and then that was the only thing that was being used to uh dissuade people from thinking it was going to be Bryce Young and I I pushed back on that just saying like look I don't know what smaller quarterbacks were options for him uh at those times he wasn't making those selections he wasn't choosing who the quarterbacks were on those teams um and this is a judgment based off what's available and right now the smaller quarterback is the best quarterback and then that's the direction I believe they're going to go okay and so then um the general consensus when we left the combine was that Stroud had such a remarkable uh workout and we all know what his tape looked like and we had the eye in the sky this and that and the Texans clearly need a quarterback and now we're hitting draft week and the general consensus is they may not take one and if they do as of right now Will Leviss is uh shooting up a lot of mock draft boards and that if they go non-quarterback it's not Will Anderson it could be Tyree Wilson what do you what do you think is going on with the Texans as we hit draft week Daniel well Rich I think there's obviously a ton of information swirling around uh on the Texans which makes it fun because nobody knows exactly the direction that they're going to go right I just think at some point in time we have to inject some common sense and I just the law firm of Mills Keenum and Perry is not I can't envision that that's how they're going to start the season and start the D'Amico Ryan's era I just I'm not buying that um so I'm of the opinion that one of their first two picks has to be a quarterback if they want to try and get cute and move around and maybe they trade back and maybe they trade up but when you look at it over the last four or five years rich like there isn't a lot of trades draft day inside the top 10 like we've seen a couple teams get to 10 but I think we you know we concoct all these different scenarios of oh they could do this and they could do that and at the end of the day they need a quarterback they need to pick a quarterback so while I hear all the you know there's buzz about okay well maybe it's going to be Will Levis and all the reasons for them not to take CJ Stroud maybe I'm taking crazy pills rich but I'm leaning towards just going right back to what I thought and trying to tune out all the noise and saying CJ Stroud is the second best quarterback and they have to take a quarterback so why do you think there's a Will Levis buzz going on right now and the number of live snaps he's taken since the Kentucky season then it is zero what's going on there do you think? Well you know he's an interesting evaluation because it's like two different players from 21 to 22 so I think as time has as we distance ourselves from the 2022 season which was not great for him I think it's brought back you know more of what he was and you go back and have time and you dig into what he was when he was healthy with no toe injury and no shoulder injury and a better supporting cast and you know he checks off all the you know the measurables you're looking for so there I mean I don't want to make it sound like I you know I think Will Levis is a bum I think Will Levis is a talented player I just I've never seen Will Levis play at the level that CJ Stroud played at on a college field that's why I'm sticking with the order I have it but I think the the time between the end of the season and now has been nothing but benefit Will Levis. So let's just say the draft does in fact go as we all thought quarterback quarterback you know we thought it would be Young then Stroud now it's Young and we thought number two would go whoever the panthers leave on the board for the Texans between Stroud and Young where do you think the rest of the quarterback field drops or winds up and how do you see that playing out as we hit draft week Daniel? Well you know I think you just kind of looking at who are the quarterback likely teams yes so for me for me I you know Seattle and I haven't got this concrete but there's lots of ways you can kind of track the visits and I have not seen them bringing in quarterbacks into Seattle they've done a bunch of they did a bunch of work at the combine obviously they showed up in a big way at the pro days but I don't really have Seattle pegged as a quarterback team Detroit I don't believe the quarterback team I think the quarterback teams are Indy at four and I think the next quarterback team is is Tennessee at 11. So again whether those teams you know I don't think Indy's going to move I think they're going to stick and pick I think they'll take a quarterback where they are at four and then that leaves Tennessee as an option you know do they are they comfortable maybe they're comfortable with a couple quarterbacks if Hendon Hooker gets thrown into the mix that they would be content to sit or do they get antsy and want to move up a little bit to secure somebody so those are you know those are the teams but in terms of connecting them to the actual players the most buzz is Indy with Levis that seems to be you know a connection and I would say Tennessee would be you know Stroud, Levis or Richardson you could connect them to any of those three guys. Well where why do you leave the Raiders off of a quarterback list? I personally I think you can make a strong argument for them to take a quarterback there is just no expectation from talking to teams around the league that they think they are in the quarterback that they're going to take a quarterback. Because Jimmy G just checks the box for a couple years and then they'll figure it out is that the way they yeah that's kind of what the sentiment seems to be there's a lot of veterans on that roster that's a that's a god-awful defense and needed some upgrades and that just seems to be the anticipation from everyone in the league is that the Raiders will go defense at seven. So then who do you think the Seattle Seahawks take at five? I mean we had Pete Carroll here about a month ago and he made it saying yeah they're in the quarterback market because despite signing Geno the way that they did they don't intend to choose top five for very often. So you what do you think is that a Jalen Carter spot which a lot of people think?

Yeah I would think that Stroud would be the the only one like if somehow Stroud were still there. You know I know that you know that would be the one I would say okay there's I know they haven't done everything on these guys but I think that would be the that would be the one where I would say it wouldn't say it's not you know 100 chance they're not taking one. But with Seattle it's it's Jalen Carter or no Jalen Carter and I can tell you in the last 24 hours Rich is you can truly appreciate I got a text from one general manager that said the Seahawks will not be scared of Jalen Carter and I got a text from another general manager that said the Seahawks will not take Jalen Carter.

What do I do with that? I don't know I don't know man I mean this is way up in the air Daniel Jeremiah and that's why you know I guess as we've hit draft week your analysis of Anthony Richardson and his ceiling and floor for Thursday night do you think is one? Yeah I mean I I wouldn't you know I think he would his his party would probably start at four with Indy as being in play there with Indy and I would say what makes him the most intriguing player in this entire draft is I could see him you know as low as 23 to Minnesota.

So what that's can you remember a time where we've had a range like that? Well I guess Aaron Rodgers you know in 04 where he could be number one overall if the Niners didn't choose Alex Smith then he dropped all the way down to 24 and we did leave you know we did leave Indianapolis I think we were chit chatting in the booth you know there were some chatter you heard it I heard it maybe Richardson could be number one overall that's how that's how talented he is with the ceiling that he has uh but now we're hitting draft week and uh the evaluation appears to be all over the map for him so walk me through your evaluation of Anthony Richardson eye in the sky pro day the whole bit entering this week if you don't mind Daniel. My my my biggest uh concern Rich is is quite honestly just the sample size you know uh everybody can talk about the the numbers they don't look great on paper but as we documented at the combine and showed the video of it you know you can't put that completion percentage on him completely when you look at some of the balls that he threw that that were dropped that not only in some cases dropped but you know conveniently turned into interceptions by some uh some poor receiver play around him he's got he's got the ability to navigate within the pocket I think he's got he's a really mechanically sound thrower like he's got a a great looking throwing motion he can drive the ball like nobody else in this draft can um he's uh he's somebody obviously as an athlete is is something like we've never seen before so there's lots of positives they're quite simply rich the biggest hang up is you're talking about 13 starts and there's the you know there's the presence of Trubisky who didn't start many games there's Dwayne Haskins who didn't start many games the guy who was the big hit who didn't start many games was Cam Newton who started only one more game than him but Cam Newton I mean gosh rich the guy went undefeated won the highest soviet national championship on the heels of having won a junior college national championship so he's not nearly as accomplished from that standpoint um so I think there's there is so much to work with there with him um but I would say you know and this not to sound harsh but I would say I maybe would trust seven or eight teams in this league to properly develop a player like Anthony Richardson really go to the right spot how about that that is uh that is do you got do you got you got a peg which teams do you think should wind up with him or he if you if you could wave a wand for him and say these are the teams that he should wind up with because you know the spot you know exactly what you said uh our colleague Joel Klatt Daniel that we're going to be hanging with for the first two nights he was on the Thursday show and I heard his analogy is a rubik's cube you just don't know how many times uh it would take to turn the cube to solve it for the player um and I pointed out how some teams in the same way you just said um need uh several more turns or those videos where they hand it to some kid and he just flips it three times in one hand and he solved it what do you got for me on that front with Richardson yeah I I we love analogies because I had used and me and Joel talked about this in the past and I had used kind of the lottery ticket analogy which was look if all these guys are at risk that you know which one has the biggest payout and that's uh Anthony Richardson so apparently we me and Joel had different hobbies as kids um but um by the way do you remember the keychain the rubik when they made the little mini cube that was also a keychain yeah yeah uh bring that let's bring that back those were easier to break apart and put back together to make it look like you solved it that's what I did back in the day yeah no question I mean when you look at teams to me and again this is me looking at where I would love to see him go and Seattle I don't think they're taking one but Seattle would be perfect but you know let him let him sit a little bit behind Gino I think Gino would be a great mentor for him I think you know they could really cut him loose up there eventually I love that I love that fit for him um you know even Indianapolis just selfishly I would like to see them unleash you know the the running attack of all running attacks with him and Jonathan Taylor in the background in the backfield can you imagine that I mean pick your poison as on a zone read with those two guys um so those would be the two I think would be great for him and I think they would um they would have a chance to to uh to really help him maximize his ability but um you've got to have the plan in place you've got to have the right people to develop him um and in some ways rich as we as these phone calls and texts keep flooding in over the last few days and we'll continue on till Thursday night the less I continue to hear about Anthony Richardson makes me think maybe there's something brewing in here that we're not ready for there you go Daniel Jeremiah dropping some hints a little breadcrumbs right here on the Rich Eisen show all right we've reached the quick hitter portion portion of our conversation okay uh the first defensive player off the board on Thursday night will be I'm gonna say it will be Will Anderson okay and you think Arizona at three Arizona correct all right the first offensive lineman off the board Thursday night will be I'm gonna say that will be Paris Johnson okay and you got him going where where do you think Paris Johnson I think begins in play haven't finalized it yet but I would say at pick number nine with Chicago is probably where that wow so they turn down Skoronsky I mean we were all penciling uh if not sharping the northwestern kid to the bears at nine but you think if they have their choice of linemen they choose Paris Johnson first from Ohio State I'm a Peter Skoronsky guy I have Skoronsky you know pretty pretty uh pretty good distance between the two but that seems to be the latest that I'm hearing okay now Bijan Robinson's fascinating to me I mean talk about a difference maker he's he's one of your top five overall talents number three number three right so what's his what's his deal a running back of significance available amongst this entire conversation we've just had amazing there's there's this is a fun draft one of the reasons why this is a fun draft which is because I you know we've got a lot of exceptions with players underside you don't have the right you know small offensive line maybe don't have the right arm length we've got corners that you know are light we've got 173 pound receivers like this is a this is a premier premier prototype player so that's why the whole running back value thing I think you've got to rethink that in this particular draft I have no clue where to put him I'm leaning towards putting him to Detroit which if Detroit got him with the second pick at 18 I mean I I think they win the draft at that point time and I also think Brad Holmes Brad Holmes being with the Rams watching Jared Goff play with a at the time young fresh Todd Gurley and what that offense looked like and now you get Brad Holmes and Jared Goff and they get their young fresh Todd Gurley here with Bijan Robinson why wouldn't Atlanta snag him and I'm trying I mean every Falcon fan I know is like let's go get him why not right why not well our in Arthur Smith is is knows what to do with a big time back coming from Tennessee yeah yeah no that I I can I can make a case of why that makes sense the only thing I would say is that there's a belief when it comes to running back position that getting a great running back on him on a below average team you're almost kind of wasting him if he's going to play for five or six years you want you know you want to build up your team and then drop your running back in as the last thing so you use all of his carries all of his carries that matter a little bit more that's the kind of a league philosophy when it comes to that position right now where's Hendon Hooker winding up and you want to talk about more fascinating you got a fifth quarterback in the equation who might be what if he was healthy second off the board at the quarterback spot or maybe third I mean but he's not healthy or he's recovering from an ACL where what happens with him do you think I think if you take out if you take the three factors with him that are going to impact him right are the offense he played in which is kind of that old Baylor offense it's the age a little bit older and then it's the injury if those you remove those three things Rich he'd be my third overall quarterback I think he'd be a lock to go on the top 10. So I've been told recently that Houston has done a lot of late work on him so one of you know one of the theories if Houston were to go with a defensive player the Hendon Hooker would would be their choice of 12 so I think that's where you know he starts coming into play at that point but then they start their the D'Amico Ryans era off with the same law firm you mentioned before what's that law firm again you said Mills Keenum and who Mills Keenum and Perry that's right Perry okay yeah then I don't know that law firm isn't I don't know how many uh cases they win you know well they oh yeah well the law firm that specializes in uh in uh in uh and turnovers I guess I don't know nice and then last one for you Daniel to just bring this whole draft into perspective about how unpredictable and fun it's gonna be what do you think we enter Friday night rounds two and three of the draft with Aaron Rodgers still a packer and then my year will be totally tuned to the podium announcing a trade right around pick 41-42 what do you got for me what do you think how's the Rodgers Packers Jets thing going to play out this week what do you got for me the fact the fact that they just uh brought back their center today and Connor McGovern um kind of removes the need to take a center in the second round um because they really didn't have one so you eliminate that need it seems like it frees up a second round pick rich I I know it does Daniel I get it it frees up a second round pick it's gonna get done it's gonna get done that's right I've been saying that I've been seeing it too it's gonna get done on Friday that's my guess Friday so you're saying Friday during the draft before do we go on the air front do we go on come on go inside information I know that I'll say it gets done before before we uh before we have uh the start of the second round okay so you man could you imagine Jets go on the clock at 42 overall seven minutes ticking down and and the trade still hasn't happened yet you and I and Joel and Charles Davis you're you're gonna keep staring at me that that's gonna be a long 14 minutes between both Jets pick it's gonna be maybe the best 14 minutes of television we've ever had together if the trade's not done oh it's gonna be on it's gonna be and then the Jets choose because you it's got to be the first of the two right unless the Jets pull you know uh and the Packers pull like an NBA trade where they they draft the player and then flip the player instead of the pick right I'm being serious I think it's gonna be done I think it's gonna be done I'll be shocked if it's not done before those picks come up okay it's gonna happen all right shocked he says write that down can you write that word down Chris this is shocked shock all right we'll see all right Daniel um do I bring a what what sort of coat do I bring what do I what do I got what do I need anything um it's a it looks a little cold outside so maybe a little thicker a little thicker coat thank you sir Daniel I look forward to it it's gonna be a great time thanks for the time greatly appreciate this as always see you soon see you soon it's Daniel Jeremiah at move the sticks he and Bucky Brooks a dynamite podcast called move the sticks right here on the Rich Eisen show it's gonna be Stroud second overall how about him saying he come on you have to inject some common sense into the equation we're talking about the Texans here what does that mean common sense doesn't apply why would you say that because they've been terrible for a while excuse me since they chose Nick Cassario to run the shop they they got a king's ransom for a guy with 24 civil lawsuits over hanging over him okay let's okay let's see what they do with it let's see what they do with it and they also blew a 24-point lead in the playoffs I like uh they've that's they've whiffed on the past clowny that was that was like come on that was the coach who's now your offensive coordinator who's fixing the quick game they've been bad they've been bad right they don't deserve the benefit of the doubt here it's a new regime and I think they're going to choose Stroud second overall as I'm putting together my come at me mock draft for tomorrow my annual mock draft where I ask you to come at me come at me bro I've been pretty good the last couple years this is a dartboard gents this year is a flat out dartboard yeah isn't every year a dartboard you know you know where a couple of darts are going to hit the bullseye going in we have no idea other than Bryce Young might be the only one we know and again it's a good thing we have the actress Kate Mara coming in our number two so she's going to tell us exactly where the giant she knows better come on she knows but she ain't gonna tell us or she's so well versed in the NFL business she's gonna lie absolutely lying season by the way a couple more days did she ever say that she told too much of the truth in house of cards yeah well and then would look what happened don't go down to the subway yeah please don't oh my goodness can I tell you I was hurt when that scene happened I was terrified I was in shock I was shocked I know that I mean it's like 10 years old yeah more isn't it look that up and I literally didn't want to finish watching Netflix on the map by the way yeah she'll put Netflix on a map oh man I'm just gonna be happy to see she's okay because you know she's scheduled to appear in about 40 minutes so we've got overreaction Monday as well coming up and I guess in honor of Kate being here the latest on the Steelers Mike Tomlin has chimed in on his draft choices where are they a man who as we know as uh zero filter let's see how he spins because you know he's gonna spin because it's high on my damn agenda thank you Peter King has them at an interesting spot at 19 right 17 17 well we'll talk about that don't go anywhere that's next this is the Rich Eisen Show what does Peter King say the Pittsburgh Steelers are going to do with their draft choice you had this one yeah because the Steelers held a press conference today and I didn't hear them say what Peter King said go for it Peter Smith has the Steelers taking our Friday guest Ohio statewide receiver Jackson Smith and Jigba wow Jackson Smith and Jigba drops to 17 which means they would have him to go along with the very physical George Pickens and Alan Robinson who they picked up Deontay Johnson still there with Najee Davenport that would be significant and don't forget that wide receiving core Najee Harris Najee Harris what do you see Najee Davenport oh god that would really be significant Najee Harris that would be particularly significant uh offensively for Kenny Pickett in his second year you want to surround your your your young quarterback with playmakers with playmakers so you can evaluate as well you gotta evaluate these kids early so you can see what you need or see if you've got what you thought you had so the Steelers in supplementing as well they have the 32nd overall pick now normally that's the last pick in the first round that goes to the world champs the Chiefs have the 31st overall pick because there's only 31 first round selections because the Miami Dolphins what did they do Chris they forfeited they forfeited voluntarily gave that up you gotta turn to a patriot fan for the language on that they're very well versed on having this you take their first round pick they forfeit yeah they're violent right they don't need it um but the Steelers have the 32nd overall pick the first pick of the second night that belonged to the Bears the Bears flipped them if you recall a second round pick for Chase Claypool so the Chase Claypool trade has the Steelers in a primo spot and that's what Tomlin like to talk about today as far as i can tell you've never had the first pick to start a day how advantageous is that 32nd man we're excited about it man we've been talking about it um look at his face i think the thing that that we're the thing that we're least familiar with about it is the amount of calls that we will be or could be getting and that's where we spend our time is just talking about how do we organize and how do we get prepared for the receiving of the amount of interest uh that that pick could could have and that's a good and exciting possibility there you go so phone lines are open phone lines are open in Pittsburgh everybody Chase Claypool leaving the Steelers in a neato spot i mean some good players there first pick of the second night is always his team sit there for 12 hours can make a lot of phone calls in 12 hours and plus again the one thing that totally has overshadowed anything with the Steelers is the fact that the Heinz ketchup bottle is back someone should call it sure the ketchup bottle taken down is in fact back how did nobody ask him about it i'm doing great hey coach Tomlin what about that ketchup bottle it's back did you see that they're back coach oh fantastic it's tipped perfectly so you just tap the 57 with this part of your hand
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